With the defeat of Soul, Medusa encourages Chrona to kill Maka and eat her soul. However, right as Chrona is about to finish Maka off, a scythe blade pierces through the door and through Chrona’s chest. The door then breaks courtesy of a certain person’s foot, and it also knocks Chrona across the room. That foot belongs to Dr. Stein, and this makes Maka realize that the scythe blade is none other than her father. The two had been sent here because Shinigami-sama didn’t want another Kishin (demon god) to be born. At the urging of Medusa and Ragnarok, Chrona charges at Stein, but Stein blocks all of Chrona’s attacks and throws Chrona to the ground when Ragnarok starts vibrating. He then uses his Kon-i attack to directly damage Chrona, but before he can do it again, he gets stabbed by some of Chrona’s blood. Stein quickly realizes that all of Chrona’s blood is actually a weapon – Ragnarok – and he is barely able to get out of the way in time when each blob of blood shoots a spike at him. When Stein tries to look at Chrona’s soul, he sees Chrona’s introverted personality imprisoned in his bullying weapon and realizes that it’d be dangerous if Chrona’s personality gets completely swallowed up. Stein also notices a strange snake wrapped around the soul, but since he can’t figure it out, he attacks and knocks Chrona out of the church while avoiding all the spikes from the blood.

Ragnarok manages to knock off Stein’s glasses by striking at Stein’s face, but that just gets Stein even more excited. He and Maka’s father summon a spirit body to protect them from more of Ragnarok’s spikes, and Stein then delivers a kick to Chrona’s head. Stein finishes Chrona off with a double-palmed Kon-i attack, and this leads to Chrona having a rejection reaction that causes Ragnarok to spike out randomly in all directions. Seeing this, Medusa cancels her soul protect spell, and this allows Maka and Stein to sense her soul. Medusa then uses her Vector Arrow attack on Stein, but he and Maka’s father enter into a Resonance of Souls and cut through all the arrows with the Witch Hunt blade. Instead of continuing the fight, Medusa decides to grab Chrona and leave even though she claims to want to play for a little longer, and Stein decides not to chase after her because of Soul’s injury. After the group returns to the school, Stein operates on Soul, and though it’s successful, what Stein doesn’t tell Maka is that Ragnarok’s black blood got mixed with Soul’s blood. Regardless, Maka stays by Soul’s bedside and starts crying as she recalls how he had protected her. She vows to get strong like him, but her tears are interrupted when Black*Star suddenly bursts into the room and makes a big fuss over his injured friend.

Medusa then walks into the room, but neither Maka and Black*Star are aware of her real identity and know her as a teacher instead. Even Maka’s father doesn’t recognize her and clings to her leg because he’s attracted to her, causing Maka to smack him on the head with her book. Since Maka is depressed about Soul, Medusa cheers her up and expresses her confidence that Maka will get stronger. When Maka isn’t looking though, Medusa allows some of her magic to seep out of her mouth, forming a snake.


So while I wasn’t too happy that the preview for last week was so spoilerish, it’s more understandable now that I know Stein shows up pretty early in the episode. The big surprise ended up not being his appearance, but rather the fact that Medusa is actually a teacher/nurse – and a very nice/caring one at that. A good example perhaps of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Now, it doesn’t shock me that Maka or even her father don’t recognize Medusa, but you’d think that someone as perceptive/powerful as Stein would recognize her if he ever ran into her at school. And how exactly does someone like her become a teacher/nurse in the first place? Wouldn’t Shinigami-sama have noticed that she was a witch or something?

In any case, I’m glad to see that we’ve got a true antagonist now who’s going to be around for more than just a couple of episodes, and plus Chrona and Ragnarok are still out there. I would have liked to see how Medusa would have fared against Stein, but I guess they can’t put all the good stuff into just one episode. I also assume there’s a lot more to the whole Kishin (demon god) thing than we’re being told, so it’ll be interesting to see where the story goes with that. Next week, however, appears to move the focus to Kidd, Black*Star, and the Excalibur sword.


  1. Yep. I do prefer the chair fighting style too. Besides, i thought there were going to be a lot of explosions but there were not. Maybe it was because soul was hurt in the first place that stain did not go all out.

  2. As expected, Stein was just awesome and kicked ass! As erod pointed out, I loved the Jazz like tune that kicked in once they got outside the church and I hope we hear more of it in the future.

    I wonder though, why they decided to go for what I think is a lesser sinister look for Medusa when they close in on her face, I think the manga portraided her evilness better. Ah well…


  3. ” Now, tt doesn’t shock me that Maka or even her father don’t recognize Medusa, but you’d think that someone as perceptive/powerful as Stein would recognize her if he ever ran into her at school”

    You are so right on the spot, because he WILL have doubts on her and play with her if they follow the manga.

    “Wouldn’t Shinigami-sama have noticed that she was a witch or something?”

    Shinigami-sama probably doesn’t check every newcomer in person.

  4. omg, I LOVE Houko Kuwashima’s voice! Kuro + Shiro Medusa’s voice is so amazing!!!!

    btw, this episode is made of win. Really cool fighting actions, and while I still think some of the comedic moments were kinda forced, I think I’m getting used to it now, which makes the show even more enjoyable!!

    Darn… if only I did not read the english manga translation, then the chinese translation, then the latest japanese raws….argggh… but this series (anime and manga) really REALLY suits me, and I love it lots.

  5. @SoulCaster
    I totally agree that the last scene of Medusa look MUCH MORE evil in the manga. (May have to do with the fact that it is a still image of black and white?)

  6. No Soul and Maka next week?!! ‘sigh’. Can’t wait for the episode when Soul finally wakes up from his injuries and Maka is there with him. It’s one the moments in the manga that I can’t wait to see animated.

  7. LOL Excalibur omg if u read the manga that u know y i would be laughing like hell right now HHHAHAHAHAHHAhHAHAHHAHHA
    and dont worry poster we well see a better fight with stien YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh thats if the go all the way there hehe

  8. I guess, its ok to explain since it doesn’t spoil anything, just one of the ways witches get around easily. Explanation for Broolyn Otaku and Omni 😛

    Witches have something called Soul Protect, or SOul Protection don’t quite remember. Basically this protection hides a witches identity, which means people won’t be able to detect that ones a witch/has a witch soul. This soul protect normally turns off once the witch starts using magic (however witches do their spells, not sure how Medusa letting magic/magical energy seep through her mouth counts as using magic/a magic spell) which means that Witches have to plan carefully if they want to kill someone as their Identity will be revealed the second to any body with the ability to sense soul (Maka, Shinigami, Death the kid, etc.)

    Only a few special individuals have the ability to percieve past Soul Protect which Shibusen does not currently have.

    Sora no Kaze
  9. We should all know that Excalibur was actually not the sword from the stone, it was actually Caliburn but it broke. Excalibur was actually from the Lady of the Lake. Thought that was a little hints up.

  10. exciting ep over all…i enjoyed seeing stien fight as well as deathsythe…this ep made me think of quite a few things in the future that i am looking forward too…

    first; soul has been infected with that blood or whatever and it seems to be a big deal and we have yet to know of the consequences, but i think that there may be a clue in the op…(soul has a big scar in one shot)

    second; medusa is a teacher/nurse?~!

    well i am looking forward to next week, because pretty much anything that has to do with kid is funny considering his ocd, and i am looking forward to seeing how soul fares after being wounded and how he and maka work things out…one thing i really love about maka/soul is how completey loyal soul is to maka and how maka really cares about soul.


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