Having arrived on the Chinese Hourai Island, the Black Knights are welcomed by Xingke and the eunuchs, and they start to settle in. The group has gotten a new shipment of Knightmares, and they also have a new warship, the Ikaruga, which uses the Gawain’s systems. Rakshata explains that the Shinkirou, a new Knightmare, also uses the Gawain’s systems since the Gawain was a mess when they pulled it out of the sea. As for the Siegfried that sank with the Gawain, Rakshata had searched for it but never found it. Diethard and Zero meanwhile put together an administrative unit, and though Kallen still isn’t sure if they can trust Diethard, Lelouch feels that it’s hard to get a man of his talent for information manipulation. Seeing Lelouch strategizing makes Kallen think that he’s okay again, though she then gets lost in thought and accidentally falls on top of him. While in this position, Lelouch asks Kallen if she’ll return to Ashford with him once this is all over, but he’s interrupted by C.C. who is looking for some Tabasco sauce for her pizza.

The three are then summoned by Kaguya to the Ikaruga because she has important news: the Chinese Empress is going to enter into a political marriage with Odysseus, the first prince of Britannia. Zero thinks of it as the worst case and suspects that there’s someone else behind this. At this very moment, Xingke is watching as Schneizel and Kanon arrive in the Chinese Federation, and he feels that the Empress is being sold off to Britannia. That night, a reception banquet is held for Odysseus and the young Empress, and two of those in attendance are Suzaku and Cecile. When Suzaku wonders if the Empress consents, Cecile notes that they can only believe what the other side says and that this is part of the road to peace. Gino and Anya are here as well, as are Lloyd and his fiancée Milly. What gets everyone talking though is the arrival of Schneizel with Nina, and since Nina is nervous, Schneizel reminds her that Euphemia was always regal. The three Knight of Rounds have been directed by the Emperor to follow Schneizel while they’re here, and when Nina asks Suzaku if everyone at Ashford is well, he points her to Milly.

While this party is going on, Xingke’s aide Zhou Xianglin is explaining to him at an undisclosed location that a secret agreement has already been arranged between the eunuchs and Schneizel. According to her, the eunuchs are getting Britannian nobility titles in exchange for the marriage and ceding of territory. Xingke’s men want to put an end to the wedding, but Xianglin points out that a coup d’état here would lead to war with Britannia. As he considers the options, Xingke recalls how he had once been captured for showing mercy to a prisoner and how the Empress had spoken up for him. Sometime after that, Xingke had decided to enter a military academy, and when he told the Empress, she revealed that she wanted to go see the outside world too. Because of this, Xingke had vowed to take her outside some day and had pinky-swore on it with her. He is thus conflicted now between protecting her or letting the alliance for peace go forward. Back at the party, everyone is shocked when Kaguya suddenly shows up with Kallen and Zero, and seeing Schneizel confirms Lelouch’s suspicions that he was the one pulling the strings.

Unaware of what’s happening in the main room, Milly and Nina are out on a balcony, and Milly is glad to see that Nina is doing well. She offers advice if Nina ever needs it, but Nina reacts by saying that she hates superficial women. Nina remembers how Euphemia hadn’t run away and had risked her life to save her, and she doesn’t want to hear just sympathy from Milly. She then accuses Milly of always playing around and using Ashford as a shield if she is troubled, like she’s doing with the engagement to Lloyd. Nina also feels that Milly is always looking down on her, and she thinks that although Milly pretends to be like a parent or guardian, she’s soaked in hypocrisy. Nina finally demands that Milly acknowledge her, leaving Milly at a loss for words. Meanwhile, back in the main reception room, the young Empress learns that the eunuchs planned to give the Black Knights as a tribute to Britannia. Guards surround Zero, Kallen, and Kaguya, but Schneizel instead proposes a temporary stop to the fighting because today is a festive occasion.

Knowing that Zero might try something against Schneizel, Suzaku steps in between them, and Kaguya tries to diffuse the situation by asking Suzaku if he remembers her since she’s his cousin. She also reminds Suzaku that Zero had saved him once before and questions if Suzaku would carry out capital punishment for such a person. Zero then challenges Schneizel to a game of chess, and if he wins, he wants Schneizel to hand over Suzaku to Kaguya. He knows that as long as Suzaku isn’t around, he’s free to use his Geass power on everyone at the party. Schneizel’s condition, however, is that if he wins instead of Zero, then Zero has to remove his mask. Zero accepts, and so the two begin playing. The chess match is tough for even Lelouch, and he decides to make a play using his King, but Schneizel responds with his own King piece. The two get close to a threefold repetition, but instead of letting that happen, Schneizel moves his King forward to the space right in front of Zero’s King. Zero views taking this as surrender, but he can’t accept such a disgraceful move, so he moves his King back. Seeing this, Schneizel comments that the Emperor wouldn’t have hesitated to take the enemy King, and he feels that he now understands a little what kind of person Zero is.

Just as Lelouch is getting really pissed off at Schneizel, Nina attempts to attack him with a knife. When Suzaku holds her back from trying to avenge Euphemia, she questions why he’s doing so and reminds him that he was Euphemia’s knight. Realizing that she’s right, Suzaku loosens his grip on Nina enough for her to free herself, however Kallen then stops and disarms her. Nina thinks that Kallen should understand because she’s half-Britannian, but Kallen asserts that she’s Japanese, and this leads to Nina calling Kallen an Eleven and demanding her goddess Euphemia back. As Nina falls to the ground in tears, Suzaku concludes that she’s another tragedy that Zero caused. Lelouch, on the other hand, feels that he can’t turn back. With the incident over, Schneizel brings things to a close by asking Zero not to attend the ceremony tomorrow. Over at the main table, the young Empress realizes that after the marriage ceremony, she’ll be able to leave the palace, but it’ll be going to Britannia as a prisoner, and she won’t be able to come back.

The young Empress heads into the wedding ceremony the following day with this on her mind, and she’s shocked when Xingke suddenly bursts into the chapel to put a stop to everything. As he fights through the waves of guards, Xingke realizes that though he wishes for the starved people to be saved, he’s thinking about the Empress now. He doesn’t know if him doing this is in line with what she personally wants, and he thinks that she probably doesn’t remember what happened six years ago, but he had sworn to bring her to the outside world, and so that’s what he’s doing. To Xingke’s surprise, the Empress suddenly starts calling out to him and waving her pinking in the air, signaling to him that she does remember. Before he can reach her though, Zero suddenly appears beside her and thanks Xingke for making it easier for him to make his move. He points a gun to the Empress’ head to prevent Xingke from approaching, and though he goal was to stop the wedding like Xingke wanted, Zero intends to take the bride. Xingke calling him evil only causes Zero to start laughing evilly.

Meanwhile, in a desert somewhere, V.V. and Jeremiah are discussing Zero’s true goal, and V.V.’s made some arrangements for him. Jeremiah feels that as long as the adjustments are completed, then C.C. and Lelouch are no match as enemies, and he promises to do his utmost to live up to expectations.


You know, it’s only been two weeks, but I really missed watching CODE GEASS. This series has a knack for filling its episodes with exciting moments, from the KallenXLelouch tease to Nina going crazy again to the crashing of the wedding. And I certainly didn’t expect to see Lelouch capture the Chinese Empress like that, though it makes sense now why Xingke was opposing Zero in the preview for episode 10 that aired last week. In any case, my gut reaction was that it’s kind of stupid for Zero to pull this kind of maneuver. He could theoretically have Xingke’s faction on his side if he hadn’t, and they could have worked together to take down the eunuchs and Britannia, but now he’s everyone’s enemy. I think part of this reaction stems from how much of the episode was spent portraying Xingke as a lolicon an honorable guy, and so Zero’s move alienates him and paints Zero as, well, evil.

They of course saved the best for last (or the fan favorite anyway) with Jeremiah’s reappearance. Him being with V.V. is as dangerous a combo as having him under Schneizel’s scientists, perhaps even more so since it appears that V.V. has told him everything and has improved him with a new mask and all. I thought Jeremiah’s appearance at the end of the first season bordered a bit too much on the fanservice side, and I hope that he’s better utilized as a character this time around. This end-of-episode cap, by the way, is too amusing not to mention.

Next week looks to be one big battle between the Black Knights, the Britannians, and Xingke’s faction. The preview indicates that the match-ups will be Kallen vs. Xingke (in his new Knightmare) and Toudou vs. Suzaku. Maybe we’ll get to see some of the new hardware that Rakshata was talking about too. I suspect Xingke won’t be finished off so easily, but I really have no idea how this’ll get resolved, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.


  1. I hate to say it guys, but it’s just going to be a tease I think. If it would’ve happened it would’ve by now. And I somehow think that Lulu just doesn’t care about that stuff anyways.

  2. who was playing against zero in chess? who won? i don’t think zero would take the “princess?” hostage with out reason or maybe its all some kind of conspiracy

  3. Wohoo! Code Geass! I feel sorry for Empress Tianzi… such a small child and already being manipulated by the adult work.

    O.o, Why is orange-kun there! She should have died because of the sheer pressure of the water when CC drowned him.

    Redemption's Geass
  4. haha i’m giving my support to xing ke for next episode
    somehow i understand why lelouch sabotage the wedding though.

    with orange-kun back i personally think we need another super star pilot to help equal the balance. now its like toudou n kallen vs suzaku , dino , anya & now orange-kun.
    i doubt kallen is be able to fight 3 knights of round & orange-kun all together.
    how about making c.c. as the new pilot for the new knightmare in that scene?

  5. @jeffng9

    Lelouch does get a new knightmare, and then you forgot about the other BK ace… dun dun dun… Rollo/Rolo! With his geass + the vincent, even the knights would be hard pressed to win.

    Redemption's Geass
  6. ORANGE-KUN!!! Yay, you’re back with….is dat a orange half-mask? O.o I still luv him, anyway. Err, is it me or is Lelouch more sinister at the end?
    Emrpress Tianzi MAJOR CUTE:Check
    Kaguya CUTE: Check
    Cute/protective Li Xingke although-I-think-its-sexy:Check
    Crazy Nina:…Check

    C.C is eating pizza while holding cheese-kun again!

  7. OOH Haha okay.

    But anyway Lelouch is just an average knightmare pilot, and besides, a commander should not be at the frontlines of battle at all. Just look at Schneizel man. Still think the odds are pretty unbalanced, unless the Guren becone truly godlike, which is unlikely, seeing how the Lancelot seems to have infinite upgrades. 🙁

  8. i guess everyone would agree c.c. + pizza = win!
    i seriously wonder if lelouch made the correct move in pointing a gun at the empress head…
    sabotaging the wedding is fine with me but pointing the gun at the empress of china might be a big mistake…

    @Redemption’s Geass
    yeah i totally forgot about rollo because he isn’t in Black knights yet…
    he is justa mere helper for now maybe he will be stage in important acts later

  9. It’s Lelouch new nightmare yeah, and his name is something as…shinkirou…>.< Well I don’t remember but in english it means mirage =)

    Only colours looks like Gawain’s one, this nightmare has a single place, not two (no CC 😀 ) and is piloting by a keyboard; his design looks like Gurren’s one

    Kallen x Lulu all the way ! This episode was pretty good, every part of it and the best moment was certainly The little empress who was yelling “Xingqe” with her promise finger up :'(
    Lelouch what have you done <_<

  10. It’s Lelouch new knightmare yeah, and his name is something as…shinkirou…>.< Well I don’t remember but in english it means mirage =)

    Only colours looks like Gawain’s one, this knightmare has a single place, not two (no CC 😀 ) and is piloting by a keyboard; his design looks like Gurren’s one

    Kallen x Lulu all the way ! This episode was pretty good, every part of it and the best moment was certainly The little empress who was yelling “Xingqe” with her promise finger up :'(
    Lelouch what have you done <_<

  11. Finally and man wasn’t it worth the wait. Apparently Lelouch seems intent on setting entire world aflame- not that i mind.

    @Redemption’s Geass
    True, but Rollo’s a psycho which could make him a bit difficult to handle… then again the same could be said about Orange-kun so i guess it’s alright

  12. @Redemption’s Geass
    i don’t think lelouch plan to kill the empress >.>
    he just don’t want to see the empress married to a britania royalty.

    my sympathy for Empress Tian Zi in this episode to be the caught in the center of conflict between britania and black knights…

  13. What the hell was that move from Schneizel? I don’t know much about chess but even I know that move is forbidden.

    Someone should free Nina from her misery and kill she’s totally getting on my nerves with her antics.

    I wonder why Zero did it. Xing Ke overthrowing the government would have been in his favor, what does he think he can gain by taking the empress hostage apart from getting Sakuya a playmate to distract her from bugging him?

    Kallen X Lulu FTW

    I demand a loli death match between Chibi KleinKlein, the empress and Murasaki.

  14. Rolo is completely within Lelouch’s power now. Orange-kun, likewise, was sent to rehab by the emperor under V.V.’s command so their both to their fullest

    Redemption's Geass
  15. I don’t know where all this “double episode” ideas came from, but it’s not. You’ll get ep10 next week like normal.

    And as for Kallen vs Suzaku piloting wise, yeah kallen is good, but take away her element of surprise with new flashy weapons and Suzaku is the better pilot.

  16. This seems good, now I just need the subs. And there was a critical blow to the Lelouch x Anyone camp! Score! You gotta have your crazed mastermind kinda figures alone, that’s how you do it.

  17. @BaphometClass

    Heh, Like I said, lelouch x anyone is a tease to keep the fangirls happy. It’s been 35 episodes (taking s1 into account), if there was going to be anything it would’ve been started by now. I’m thinking all this Kallen stuff will probably come into play later as to what she might do, but as for any relationships, I doubt it. If anything you’d have to figure he’d go with CC. But even that isn’t showing anything.

    I guess at this point it’s just the fans being teased to keep them happy.

  18. looking at lelouch new knightframe i kinda miss gawain a lot

    kallen vs suzaku.
    its hard to say who is better in my opinion because kallen isn’t losing in anywhere.
    if we compare old guren vs lancelot i would say kallen would have been a better pilot.
    why is say so is because guren is consider a total melee unit compare to suzaku’s lancelot. so i give my vote to kallen

  19. @L

    The flashy weapons came into play this season. If you wanna go back to last season Kallen had the better weapon and what happend in the final episode? If you go back and watch I do beleave he pwned her in like 5sec flat and then went off to chase Zero.

    But my point is that the element of surprise with new weapons is what more or less gives her the advantage at this point. The Lancelot has it’s long range gun, uhh ok? That’s easy to counter. While Kallens mech got 3 upgrades in one episode!

  20. @jeffng9

    I don’t see how it being pure melee before shows she’s a better pilot, The Lancelot up until now with it’s long range gun was a close range, mostly Melee type unit also.

    Sure it’s hard to tell with all the upgrade one-upping that sunrise likes to do. But we’ll see how future fights go. Either way I figure fans will say “meh, it’s cuz of the better mech!” when one or the other wins/loses.

  21. Okay okay maybe you are right. But talking about last season, I feel that Guren was behind Lancelot in terms of technology. Besides Jeffng9’s good point that the Guren is a melee unit, the Guren only had one Fukushahadō, and nothing else really. The Lancelot on the other hand has tons of cool weapons, including 4 Harken Boosters, 2 Maser Vibration Swords, and the VARIS rifle, out of which I disagree that the VARIS is easy to counter. Even Kallen’s Fukushahadō couldn’t stop it entirely. She could take out his swords, but his rifle was always there to damage her Fukushahadō. Maybe you are right, but personally I feel Kallen has always been disadvantaged. Her piloting skills are not necessarily worse than Suzaku’s.

  22. @L

    Well, look, the last thing I wanna come off as saying is that she sucks or anything. So I don’t want the kallen fans to get mad ok. 🙂 But like you point out, it’s due to weapons that give one or the other the advantage. Like her upgrades gave her the last time they fought. Which is what my point was as well. That aside, I’m sure the show will reach a point where the two units are matched up perfectly and then it’ll just be a fight between piloting skills.

    Though you know, the Lancelots guns and swords don’t work against the Garen’s Fukushahado or w/e. It acts as a shield as well, that’s why the Lancelot got that new rifle now. So, ok the Lancelot does have more weapons number wise, but when most of those don’t work against the Garen anyways then I wouldn’t really count them.

    I like kallen as well, less when she’s being all emo about what she should do and so on, though that also plays a roll in the story as well, along with the rest of the main group of characters.

  23. when will kallenXlulu become canon??*gets shot by an angry mob of CC fans*
    AHHHH.. the (?) is back… She does look different. and Odysseus is a weak srupid paedophilic(no such word) moron who is easily manipulated (but kinda cute)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~BANZAI for ORANGE-KUN!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  24. @cy-kun

    I just don’t think it’ll happen. If you’ll notice there is this whole 2nd part (the main part) of the plot we haven’t went into yet but it’s been hinted at/shown in almost every episode so far. That being the Emper+VV and CC part of the story, and the whole kill a god on Jupiter bit.

    This whole mini-chinese arc, for me anyways, doesn’t seem to have any ties into the main story. At least I don’t see any yet. And likewise, when we do finally get into the “main story” kallen will once again be kicked to the back seat by CC. I think all this near kiss stuff is just there to push and fully developer her character so she can play her final part in the bigger picture. But as for a final where we get Lulu x Kallen together? I really doubt it at this point.

  25. Well, im a kallen fan too, but i’d say suzaku is still better than her. Not to mention that zero used his Geass on suzaku and ordered him to live, and it seems that it is still on effect right? So even if they both fight with equal knightmare strengths, suzaku will probably win.

  26. guess we should open up a vote session on who would be the likely princess for lelouch after he bring down britania? 😛
    i can see a lot of c.c. , kallen and kaguya-sama fans out there drooling and supporting thier favourites to be with lelouch thus it might even be a harem for lelouch since kaguya didn’t mind zero having c.c. and kallen as his mistress. the main thing is where the hell kaguya got the idea of zero is her husband.

    flashback to the s1.
    lelouch did mention he don’t need a godddess of victory (kaguya) to support him because he have bound a contract with the devil (c.c.)

  27. I admire Millay and Kallen for still being nice to Nina, who is still the mad racist as ever. Even though Nina called Millay a good-only-on-the-outside woman, and Kallen and Suzaku only-a-(lowly)-Eleven. She even regards Euphy as the only one who saved her and nicely pointed out that Millay never helped her at all. Now something like that seriously hurts your feelings but Millay still smiled (sadly) when she saw Kallen apologize to Nina. Is there a way to help this crazy girl? Suzaku’s still blaming everything on Zero as usual too. Idiom of the day: “Some people never change.”

    Kaguya being cute while diplomatic was cute too.

    I loved the Kallen-Lulu moment! ^_^ Was C.C. jealous cutting in that scene asking for Tabasco? Aw— *needs more Lulu x Kallen!!*

    I have no idea why Zero had to act more evil than necessary in the end. There wasn’t a need to laugh like that!(rather confused) personally, I don’t think making an enemy out of Shinkuu is a good idea. Why? Why?!?

    Lastly, Orange, SIGH. Aw man.. can’t he stay dead? He should’ve died since Kallen raidiated him at Narita. He keeps becoming a bigger nuisance. Well, well, atleast we know V.V. is truly against Lulu and C.C. now. From the big geass sign as the Kuro no Kishidan symbol on all the ships, I’ve a feeling perhaps the big showdown between the geass users will become the battle of Ragnarok after all.

  28. zero – wtf are you doing with the cute little empress
    empress – wtf marrying a pedophile?!?! poor girl :'(
    Kallen – no comment, cool as ever
    gino – he looks hungry XD
    milly – wtf is that dress?!?!?
    li xingke – looking cute with little empress <33
    nina – even crazier than before T__________T
    orange-kun – you’re BACK <333 wtf is with his eye??

    can’t wait untill its subbed ^^

  29. @cy-kun yeah but is Nina really a woman?

    that second pic was the old-school code geass, the one that was unpredictable and tried to shock ya (remember the masturbation scene?) I can’t explain it well, but all the episodes after 23 have an OVA feel to them, similar to how GSD felt compared to GS. You know what I mean? It’s based on the same characters and story, but just doesn’t have the same edge as it used to.

  30. I just don’t see this show ending with lulu as any type of emperor or king. If you’ve noticed he’s pretty much made himself “zero” a symbol and not just some masked man. Doing this later on leaves the door open for him to exit stage left when it’s all said and done. Then he can have his normal peaceful life with Nunnaly etc.

    Sure it’ll be a good ride but if we where just going to play this geopolitical-rebellion plot till the end then we wouldn’t have all this god killing weapon and Jupiter stuff. So I’m actually expecting this series to shift towards the end into something different than what we’ve been used to.

    Just wait for the big plot twist when we find out his mom isn’t dead. Or maybe CC can talk to ghosts? 😛

  31. @GP
    I am not a Kallen fan and did think that Suzaku have always been better than Kallen. But now that you guys put that discussion and look at the facts, Kallen never had a better machine than Suzaku and was fighting par with him. Until last battle where Suzaku got an even upgraded machine and powned Kallen in 5 secs and then Kallen got a better machine and powned him and the other 3 back! So Kallen is getting better and might become better than him. (I know the sexism thinking of a rare situation of a female pilot better than a male one. I was thinking the same way too. But i am just looking at facts and maybe Suzaku got rusty because of all the luxury)

    Back to a question that is still unanswered. Why did Zero take the empress hostage? I read the part to tease female viewer (i can image them kyaing now) but how are they going to get out of this mess. And how is lulu planning to make himself not hatred by them? >.>

  32. yeah ‘kidnapping’ the empress is very unbecoming of him. i have always been a lelouch fan, but what he is doing now is not really any different from what happened in season 1 against the japanese rebellion front(before his declaration of the formation of the Order). Quite disappointed actually

  33. @GP
    I have to agree that I can’t see Lulu as emperor at the end because even in this episode I think Lulu told Kallen that after all this is finished he wants her to return with him back to Ashford Academy.

  34. the gawain like suit goes to lelouch, its based on the gawain (obviously) but apparently can transform and its supposed to be better underwater, i saw a full pic on 4chan, its a thin knightmare but the flight backpack thing is really bulky. i wonder how it transforms?

  35. @Yukiruchan
    nice idiom. well lelouch has a habit of beings evil if he isn’t laughing he isn’t lelouch just like the final episode in s1 he was laughing when things r going his way.

    finally, ORANGE NEVER DIES! i don’t know why but i’m quiet happy to see ORANGE is still alive even though i hate him. XD


  36. The eeason being happy because the orange is alive – he is funny
    like when he beg zero in s1 “I beg you!!! Please die”
    The Shinkiro looks very much like Gawain other than it can transform
    the backpack / flight pack looks like tristan’s & mordred’s
    does it have same weaponry as gawain? (Hadron cannon)

  37. I predicted the whole Nina blowout scene to a T. When she was up on the terrace speaking with Milly, I was all like “Wow, she had better not have a knife, or anything, ’cause she’s gonna be pretty pissed when she comes back down and finds out about their little unexpected guest.”

    Sure enough. “I’LL AVENGE EUPHEMIA!! AARRRGGHHH!!”, before we can even find out if Lelouch could really beat Schneizel with those long odds. Too bad, really.

  38. I would like to summit my own $.02
    kallen is definitely the better pilot , she has always outpowered the lancelot and the only time the lancelot can claim a victory on her is because a long range weapon was used
    when you say?
    both times he blows up her radiation wave surge arm with the varis/varis+hadron
    also kallen’s unit is mainly melee and in the first season and up until recently completely ground based and the lancelot up until now keeps getting uber l33t ZOMG upgrades and his jesus wanabee actitude….
    lets compare units first season and now
    Lancelot vs Guren 1st season
    flight:lancelot has guren doesnt
    radiation wave surge arm:lancelot doesnt have guren does
    ultimate jesus shields on the arms:only lancelot(talking about MSV and no the fukshato doesnt count)
    slash harkens:both have but lancelot has 3 more….
    swords that can aparently cut trough anything:only lancelot
    pityful arm mounted gun:guren has lancelot doesnt

    so yeah….first season advantage goes to lancelot by a longshot

    second season round:
    lancelot has:
    a freaking force field
    varis + hadron and new rifle
    maser vibration swords
    permanent flight
    still has 4 harkens..

    guren has:
    Armor-piercing Bombardment-type Fukushahadō Kikou × 1 (輻射波動, Fukushahadō Kikou × 1? lit. radiation surge)
    Slash Harken × 1 (スラッシュハーケン, Surasshuhāken?)
    Custom Hand Gun × 1 (専用ハンドガン, Sen’yō handogan?)
    Short-Barreled Cannon × 1
    Fork Knife × 1
    Gefjun Net × 1 (Gefjun Net Unit × 12)
    and flight
    (on a note the hand gun and the canon are the smae thing only the munition type varies)

    so what does the guren get?
    the ability to fly and shoot?
    so wait that evens it out with the lancelot except the fact that the lancelot gained a freaking full body forcefield while keeping everything it already had, not to mention its inmune to gentjunt net…

    so Kallen is always at a disadvantage but manages to fight lancelot to a draw or beat it so yeah

  39. ROFL! If anyone noticed [might be just me and my silly ideas] but Nina’s dress is a bit similar to Euphemia’s princess dress. ROFL Obsessed, anyone?

    Hate Nina with a passion. She should really die. The world is really much better without her.

  40. Xingke is the hottest person in this show! Why can’t they just get along?! I really want him to be Zero’s ally. That would be so intense. I think he will evencually but all this stuff is making me nervous. I can’t wait for the next episode. So excited! 🙂

  41. ORANGE-KUN! yay. I missed him so much haha. I hope he’ll eventually side with the OoBK or really die this time. Orange! Orange! Orange!

    As much as I hate to compare shows, this image: looks a bit like GSD. I’m not complaining or anything, just stating my opinion. I do enjoy both series, Geass more of course. It’s probably why Omni posted that screenshot in the first place.

  42. yet another great code geass ep! hehe i loved the zeroxkallen scene…in spite of my initial luv for zeroxcc i think i like zero with kallen better…oh and i luved lelouch’s evil laugh at the end…honestly i think jun fukuyama is one of the best vas out there ^~^

  43. Kyaaa,that scene was such a teaser!!
    I really want Lelouch to end up with Kallen if with anybody..
    C.C x Lelouch makes me gag,don’t know why many find find her or that appealing. D:
    I can’t wait to see this episode ~ Currently it’s Chihiro that has released this episode.
    I’m waiting for Eclipse.

  44. Yeah, really hate Nina as well…I mean…it’s not even her obsession over Euphemia…

    She lashed out at Milly for playing around? Is playing around a serious offense? ‘Cause I don’t really think so.

    If I remember correctly, in Season 1, Nina was the one who built a nuclear weapon (which failed, like everything else in her life), and with it she tried to take revenge against Zero while blowing up everything else within the Tokyo settlement… What’s worse is that the moron pressed the detonation button without even knowing where Zero was (halfway to Kaminejima epiclulz)

  45. i don’t understand why zero decided to take tianzi, when xingke was already on their side… when zero decided to capture her, it only broke then alliance the black knights had with xingke… right?? im confused!! i dont get why zero did that!! >_<!!

  46. Umm… I don’t know if anyone else here play chess, but Schneizel moved his king INTO a check and declares checkmate… and Lulouch moved his king back when he has a perfectly good pawn to take the white king… I know the writer are trying to show that both characters have an iron pair in their pants, but what they did here is highly illegal in the rules of chess.

  47. I wonder why Zero did that… or if that Zero was Lulu… perhaps it’s a matter of acting in a way that doesn’t implicate Xingke… though the man is clearly not amused by the guesture.

  48. Nina = psycho = DIE! seriously, she’s messed up. i hated her before and i hate her even more now, badmouthing milly and all that.

    anyways, i’ll probably get killed saying this but, the empress is in good hands and lelouch made another brilliant move, what with sorta kidnapping her and all. pity, pointing a gun at a cute little kid can easily be interpreted the wrong way . .. heck, that’s just wrong!

    anyone else thinks toudou is screwed next episode? i hope not but that’s because i hate suzaku. facts are, however, suzaku is a better pilot than toudou and has the better knightmare frame . . . yep, he’s screwed.

    And did lelouch beat schneizel in chess?! and milly is wearing hawt stuff!

    lastly, Lelouch piloting a knightmare frame, solo?! this i gotta see!

  49. After reading the summary, it hit me. This is entirely speculation mind you so read on if you like.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  50. @Nette
    In my opinion, Xingke’s way of forcing himself through the ceremony was a bad idea. I mean, doesn’t he have TB or cancer or whatever illness? He can’t run away forever with the little kid and he sure as hell can’t fight pursuers forever. and, since he did interrupt the wedding, britannia can declare open war on china. . .which is probably what schneizel was planning, what with three knights of the round so close. . .and also psycho-nina who might be carrying a portable nuke XP with Lelouch’s method, at least it’s easier since the order really hates britannia, anyways.

    zion’s right, the little empress is in good hands with the order. sorta. i doubt kaguya will allow her to be mistreated. the little girl will just have to deal with the trauma of having a gun pointed at her head for the rest of her life. no biggie. i mean, she doesn’t look that scared. >_<

    then again, i can never guess correctly what lelouch is thinking so he might do something really odd next episode . . .

  51. evreything will always turn out ok for lulu…. he has the favor of the gods…… (writers and hordes of fans willing to kill the writers if they mess up)…lol

  52. I have a feeling this all was pre planned by Zero…That he contacted Xingke before…I can’t think that Zero had no other motives other than to bring the Chinese Federation to its knees in front of him.

  53. i think that the only reason that xiengli (whatever his name is)helped the black knights was for this purpose… so im thinking along the lines of a staged act….

  54. it’s interesting how Lulu’s older brother from the previews (from last week) is in risk of being captured…. I can’t wait what infomation he may have hidden. He’s seems so much like a nice guy, could he REALLY who Lulu is after? He almost lost his normal calmness slightly during the recent wedding crash… I wonder if he’s aware of Orange-kun, and learned more about Geass than from season 1….

    In my opinion, Lelouch is not acting rationally. I understand the part when he “helped” Xingke stop the wedding, but I don’t get the part when he intends to take the bride AFTER Xingke reminded he did him and the Black knights a BIG favor. I know Lelouch will do every thing to overthrow Britianna, but doing this to someone who is a formidible ally like Xingke is unacceptable. Let alone, the Chinese Federation most likely will be in a civil battle, so the high eunuchs are primary targets to be killed. However, at the same time, the Princess importance will be drastically undermined for the most part. SO why take the bride and have TWO superpowers after you? Wasn’t the whole reasons was to have her in their grasp to aid them (most likely with Geass?) I trust Lelouch, but it was still daresay idiotic of him to ignore what he owes Xingke. In my opinion, it’s a decision that he’ll later regret like when he joked around with Euphemia.

  55. I don’t know about you, guys, but to me the wedding seemed like some fantasy the Empress was having and I half-expected her to get back to reality and find herself still at the party with her pinky in the air and screaming for Xingke.

    I have absolutely no idea what Lelouch is thinking by kidnapping the Empress. This way he’s turning the Chinese Federation against him… I wonder what sort of plan he came up with…

    Seeing Orange-kun was the LAST thing I expected. In any case ever since ep 6 I’ve been wondering if perhaps Orange has become one of the Knights of Rounds (maybe even the Knight of One). Now there’s a pretty good chance of that being the case.

  56. We have found another of Lelouche’s weakness.
    His first was Nunnally
    His second is his pride.

    If he took the checkmate in the chess game, as Lelouche says
    Suzuka would be taken out of his obstacles and he would be able
    to use his Geass on 3 Knights of Round, The Schnezle guy, All the
    Eunchs and the empress of the Chinese Federation.

    Lelouche also gave his weakness away in the chess game and his Pride
    will bite him back in the end.

  57. good one lurker

    If lelouch had a slogan however i beleive it would be this,
    ‘ Lelouch, Laughing in the face of danger even when its quite clearly inappropriate’
    Man that surely was done for comical effect

    WingZero zxt
  58. Wow, these writers don’t know jack about western chess… you can’t move your king into check, nor can you capture kings, you ignoramuses. It isn’t shougi. 😛

  59. ehm… I thought that move in chess was forbidden… and if it wasn’t zero could just have taken the king of that other dude… even with his pion…

    maybe the subs will clear this mistake up…

  60. This episode was great!!! After waiting two weeks for this….I think I really needed a double episode, but this episode just made me want 10 even more!!! 🙂 can’t wait!

    haha so true! but it made the scene more amusing! 😛


    Mann~ I am happy to see one of my fav charc. alive and kicking, and what aligned with V.V. Geass You do it again! WTF does this mean? I can’t even predict this one. Well..what about the Emperor?

    And Lulu was definitely amusing. Love that evil laugh. And i think its clear his bro. knows his identity by now with that little chess game of theirs. During CG episodes, its always the ending thats the most exciting. :] Ill gladly await next weeks episode.

    Btw: Was anyone else freaked about by Nina. She scares me, honestly <.<

  62. @Fabi,
    Well, one explanation could be about Schneizel trust of Nina, which seem to be misplaced, at least, I don’t buy the whole “she is Princess Euphemia di Britinia #1 Fan”, Nina needs to get ganged upon by some raging eleven and drown > . >

  63. correction to my earlier post since the new model is the gawaiin re designed?
    it should be lelouch’s/C.C. again although i dig the earlier look more

    and Nina scares me everytime she pops out….
    then again I hate her voice more than anything like when she was screaming this episode I was cringing like crazy ugh just want her to die already

    then there’s lelouch…… oh lelouch… did he lose his brain?
    Xing-ke and his mates are pretty damn reliable if he worked with Xing-ke he could’ve took over china which makes it easier to defeat britannia but no…. he loses his head this episode and takes the loli hostage… I don’t know what he’s planning but it’s beyond me
    oh and if Sunrise pulls another Euphie on me this early in the show I’m gonna go to akihabara and start stabbing otakus eating pizza huts

  64. LOLOLOLOLOL Hitler all over again ahhahahahahahaha

    Hey lelouche Learn from the ultimate villain Hitler, it’s not a good idea to start a battle on both sides when ur in between and especially right after u relationship with china too

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG it is WW2 all over

  65. Another great episode !
    That was so awesome, i think Nina’s still such a MAD woman. She seriously do nothing else than being mad in this show.-.-;
    Lelouche just pointing the gun at the Chinese’s Princess WTF did he do …
    Can’t wait for next Episode.

  66. My thought on the episode is that Zero saved Xingke (who attacked the guards) and also saving the Empress. It well conducted Zero will look like the evil one and Xingke. If he was found out then surely Britiania would attach China. The Next episode again I believe is a decleration of protection. After that Nunnaly, Lulu has changed and with every episode we know this had something to do with another like a puzzle or chess game it lead to a new game.

  67. We can only hope Zero has a sound reason for his plan- the only defence I can think of for him is that allowing Xing-Ke to save the empress would not allow Zero to use her as he wishes. Xing-Ke has never really been on the side of the Order, this being justified since his factions have their own wishes as well. But it is interesting how it turns out because I doubt Xing-Ke’s factions would work with the Chinese Federation (represented by the Eunuchs) and Britannia, seeing how his plans unwittingly helped Zero. It is pretty much a fight between Britannia and the Order to control the Chinese Federation now. Also, I have a bad hunch that the Empress will die in the end. She has all the perfect characteristics of a tragic character. Maybe Xing-Ke will do another Suzaku on Lelouch, who knows. One more point is that after all we have debated about Lelouch being similar to his father and what not, Schneizel pointed out that they are very different, in reference to their respective tastes for the kind of victories they achieve. Lastly, I think this episode kinda reminded us how useful Lelouch’s Geass remained. Imagine if Suzaku was not there, Schneizel would have become under his control totally. Get Suzaku out of the way and I think Lelouch has a very good, albeit unfairly achieved chance of winning.

  68. Oh yeah, speaking of Nunnally, WHERE IS SHE? Haha it seems that Lelouch has gotten her out of the picture perfectly, at least for now. She shouldnt be caught up in any crossfire, I guess. And Orange-kun’s return is just another manifestation of fan-service. I felt he was being an annoying but formidable pest at the end of CG1. And to have survived that plunge into the deep he must be superhuman by now.

  69. everyone has to remember that lelouche plan’s to take control of the federation which might have also resulted in capturing the empress some time along the way. But now we might get see a battle of the minds between lelouche and his brotheron the battlefield.

  70. DAMNIT ALL!!!! HOW DARE ORANGE LIVE!!!!! There, now I’ve vented my anger. And tho all those who think he’ll shift the tide of battles, I don’t. I mean, C.C. almost took him down! And from episode 1 of Code Geass R2, you can tell she’s not a very good pilot… Besides, Kellen can take on three Knight of Rounds evenly, so if she had some (non-noob) backup, she might be able to win.

  71. He is not an exceptional pilot or anything, but he is superhuman now, with all those experiments done on his body, so he must be a formidable foe. And he has a crazy obsession with Lelouch, but he is really redundant to the whole story. The producers should stop involving him merely because the fans liked him, if he is involved for that reason at all.

  72. The fact that he knows lelouch is Zero puts a tint on things because if your saw the picture book youll know that he was one of the guarss when Marriane was murdered and apparently he blames himself which is why he choose the Japanese assignment or somthing…

    Obviously his obbesesion with Zero has out done his anguish over his failiure with lelouches mum (Thats right i AM a Brittanian what of it ?!?!?!?) maybe he knows the truth about that day and will tell him it in a rather Uchiha madara-like way (to those of you hwho have read the last few chapters of naruto) #

    One things fr sure i REALLY HOPE the story doesnt end up with lelouch playing on the wrong side and fighting against the right choice by accident a story whereby once you find out the so called villains motives it turns out he was doing the main character and for that matter the rest of the world a favour I would HATE THAT at this point theyve made to much of an issue of the emperors evil and higlighted so much that if we found out that it was all to stop the world being consumed or somthing at this point the world being consumed would be an almost equal bad option

    WingZero zxt
  73. I thought i hated zero before when he killed Euphemia and dirty her name… now i hate him more for putting a gun on that loli… errr i mean princess… damn why is he a chick magnet and steal all the lolies!!! why!!!???

  74. So, Jeremiah’s with VV, has been given modifications, and has an eyepiece. There’s no reason for him to be with VV unless he was given a Geass, and his eyepiece suggests that he was.

  75. I’m just wondering shouldn’t Lelouch be @ ashford this whole time? I mean since the exhile im pretty sure he hasn’t been at school the whole time. Unless it is assumed that Rolo and Villetta been covering up for his disappearance.

  76. ye i dont understand why lelouch had to take tian zi as hostage either, as you said, once the wedding was prevented everything that we know of would just fall into place, hopefully theres a good twist to it, coz i like xing ke lol

  77. Just out of curiosity, why do so many people like Orange-kun/Jerimiah? I don’t hate or like him, I just find him unnecessary. I think it would’ve been better if his character is omitted. Though that’s just my opinion. I just didn’t even realize how much people like the guy, he disappeared for like half the series and he isn’t a major character (well not according to WIKI anyway), so why so much support lol? I think they should focus the series more into the knights of rounds, V.V. and the emperor, Schneizel, chinese federation, EU, and the black knights.

  78. I despise characters that seem to die and yet come back to life soooo many times, the best example is Naraku from Inuyasha series, man I just got tired after seeing Naraku revived like for the infinite times. So seeing Orange revive for so many times, just makes it tiring to watch for me, and especially because he isn’t an important character against Lelouch/Zero, unlike Suzaku, V.V., Emperor, Schneizel, and the rest of the rounds of knights.

  79. Explain to me how suzaku didnt realize that lelouch is not at ashford anymore. I dont think viletta and Rolo can back him up as much. And poor Rolo, after eps 5/6 he became some minor character despite all the R2 trailers surrounding him. I was hopeing to see some more development on his character aswell.

  80. It is quite funny to find myself undergoing change in affection toward Lelouch. This time, I think his method is too much, pointing a gun at a little girl even though we know he will never kill her. False bluff is Zero’s tactics like the incident with the gas to rescue Suzaku in season 1. Episode 7-8 increase my affection for him, but episode 9 reduced it down even more than episode 4 when he said he wanted to use Rolo then throw him away. By the way, Jeremiah is back, now it seems that Lelouch and C.C. might be backed into a corner like last time. It might be possible that Jeremiah got the geass from V.V. Maybe…

  81. Hey, just being curious- is there anyone out there who likes/sympathizes with Nina? Code Geass characters have the uncanny knack of dividing opinion, Suzaku and Zero being the most obvious examples, but Nina seems to inspire universal contempt.

  82. @L yes, she does inspire universal contempt 😀 she’s annoying, she’s obsessed, and she’s got stalker tendencies. what’s more, she insulted milly, who had been looking after her for a long time (well, i think for a long time. do any of you think shirley would actively approach this quiet person with no distinguishing features?)! sure milly made two mistakes against her but, what has nina done for milly? try to nuke her school with milly in it? i can just feel the friensdhip nina feels for her . . . XP

    who were the ones who helped Zero? Xingke and his faction or Xingke, his faction, AND the eunuchs? coz, remember, the eunuchs were planning to also give the black knights as an offering to britannia in order to become britannian nobles, too.

    anyways, i highly doubt lelouch and xingke had a previous arrangement where lelouch kindaps the princess and gives her back to xingke in the end.

    a o t s u k i
  83. about the chess game, schneizel most likely did that move to test lelouch’s character. they both knew where the game was heading (threefold repetition). neither would settle for a draw, so schneizel moved his piece in a way that leaves him out in the open. lelouch not accepting the move shows his pride, which schneizel took note of. because of this, i have a feeling schneizel will start taking a more active role in capturing the black knights.

    in the end, lelouch lost the match, in my opinion. schneizel gained insight in lelouch’s character while lelouch didn’t gain anything. damn schneizel is good. makes you wonder if he took the match seriously . . .

    like someone pointed out, shcneizel most likely knows who zero is so, why bother with the “taking off the mask” deal? that may not have been his true purpose in the game. . .

  84. Orange-kun most likely got transported by V.V.’s Geass/Power, just like he did for Suzaku, Lelouch, and Kallen in season one. It’s a mystery, however, that he is able to use Geass while C.C. can’t.

    Kelbek- Lulu has special contacts provided by C.C. to keep this Geass hidden, unless he wants to use it. However, it’s odd–even though it’s technically logical–that he perfers to have his Geass on the whole time he’s dressed as Zero. Ready for anything I guess.

    People have read my mind on the Lelouch and Ashford part; I spoke about it last episode (8); Suzaku must not have suspected Lelouch enough to check after the Exile incident. Rollo and Villeta are making fake logs as we speak, so it’s unlikely anyone to check any further except maybe the Emperor, V.V., or even Orange-Kun. So it’s not to much of a “hole” story-wise. I wouldn’t be surprised it bites him though. I have a STRONG feeling he’s going to be revealed as being Zero again before the final episodes.

  85. Agreed 2 weeks is a bit long. i was kinda lost for the first few minutes of the episode.

    In any case it looks like the shows back up and ready to go were it left off before the break. I think somthing else is gonna come from Lelouch’s actions at the end maybe theres an alterior motive behind it.

    This is a bit off, but has any one noticed that Kallen attire seems to be getting more and more revieling?

  86. show me the moeny for next week i hope they show lelouch new knightframe on action a little next week~! that would be a half winner~! it will be strange that only suzaku and xing-ke to fight the black knights, anya and dino is sitting on the side lines to cheer for both of them rather than joining the action?

  87. Xing-ke must have been having an off day, there was apparently very little forethought into his intrusion on the wedding, at the same time Zero really did save him a lot of problems too. I guess he must have had suspicions that he couldnt ask Zero for help either, as that would have been the best way for him to act, though Zero still would have betrayed him in the end.

    You have to love Zero’s entrances, he’s quite the flashy guy. But is simply kidnapping the empress enough for him to gain control of the chinese federation?? Though the actions of the eunochs suggest it might be.

    Orange’s new mask really reminds me of Kazuma from s-CRY-ed.

    All Orange’s talk of adjustments and the Emporer having Geass in both eyes really makes me wonder if well see any growth in Lelouch’s powers??

  88. Ahhh!!! That’s right!! Where is Rolo?!? OMG.. I absolutely forgot about him in this episode.

    Also, since V.V. has turned to Orenji and Orenji said he’s now the only true enemy to Lelouch and C.C.; means that they already know Rolo has betrayed them!? Uh oh.

  89. Characters i think will die this series

    Suzaku : Right before they try and makeus like him by reconciling him with lelouch/ or not like they did with Ryan schapel in 24 (quite successfully)

    Villeta: Saving Ougi from Jeremiah or in battle with Jerimiah

    Anya/Gino: Because anya is emotionally distant and either her or her best freind always die in anime with the following line. After all he/she has done for me i cant beleive hes/shes gone” or words to that effect

    Jerimiah: Against Villeta

    Nina: Because shes craz and the crazy girls in mecha anime always die in the end (Meer cambell, Frey, Stella etc…

    Odyseus: Because as lelouch apparently put it he is dim witted nd lelouch will prob kill him like he did all the other second rate royals/governor generals

    Nunally: To make lelouch wound up enough to kill suzaku should the afore mentioned suzaku death not happen

    WingZero zxt
  90. There’s something that is not consistent here in Code geass. Pase several episodes indicate that the Philippines is under Britanian Empire and invaded Japan. But here in episode 9, it seems that the Philippines is colored red. Does it mean that it is under the Chinese Federation? Anyway, I just noticed it now. ^_^

  91. who wants to bet schneizel put his older brother there to marry the empress so that zero will kill the latter and he will become the immediate successor to the throne muahaha what an evil guyyy, truly zero’s greatest foe

  92. come to think about it , VV got the power of teleport…juz how he kidnap nunally and suddenly appear behind suzaku during euphy death.. and to forget in game appear wit rollo at the end of the game.. it kinda MAKE SENSE NOW

  93. I missed Rolo sitting with Shirley and Rivalz back in Ashford student council room in the first 2 times I watched this turn. I feel so bad for forgetting him.

    Something I’d like to point out:
    Rhen the berserk Nina starts going “Give her back! I need her! She’s my goddess…” There are a flash shot of everybody in the student council and Rolo. Rolo. Not Nunnally. Followed by a closer shot of Nina’s eyes behind her notebook which indicate these memories are Kallen’s.

    Big question: How in the world did Kallen get her memories changed?!? I thought she never returned to Ashford and was always with the OotBK.

  94. Awesome episode! Keep ’em coming, Sunrise! I think Lulu has something up his sleeve….but he might just be bluffing. That’s whats so entertaining (but also human) about him. He is not the pefect villain/hero. And Nina….hmmm, I felt a bit sorry for her. She is not that bad if you look beyond the racisim, psychosis and histronic emo-USODA-ness. I am also impressed by Xingke’s loyalty and I can see that to some extent, his emotions are conflicting between loyalty towards the citizens and loyalty towards the Empress. These are two different things after all. I think killing of these Castrato a la Eunuch Generals will help the Chinese Federation immensely….

    And last but not least, Orange… I only one that is hoping he’s got an actual Geass this time?

  95. @Konata-chan
    i’m 100% behind ur statement on lelouch will have something up in his sleeve.
    its obvious kidnapping the empress doesn’t bring benefits for black knights.
    Its like making china his mutual enemy and they would have the deal with both britania and china which is not a good move at all.

    My vote for Xing-Ke’s loyalty and braveness for Empress Tian Zi.
    My vote for Zero’s on the motif behind kidnapping Empress Tian Zi.

  96. @someguyfromphilippineshehe

    a year had passed since the events in season one maybe the Chinese Fedration was able to acquire our country during that period… just a speculation

  97. hmmm have you guys ever wondered what would have happened if lulu stayed a prince went a go for the throne? lulu vs shnizel who would win?

    maybe could turn orange-kun to his side like he did with rolo, by playing with his psychosis and guilt for the death of marian

  98. Ok, I’m not an expert at chess, only a beginner who knows the basic rules, so can anyone enlighten me on how Schneizel managed to do that MOVE??? It is an invalid move! He cannot move his king to a space where it would be checked, even if it is likely to go through a three fold repetition. Thought it might just be me, but I keep looking it up and yes the rule stands and that he shouldn’t have been able to make that move in the first place.

  99. Did no one else notice that they keep hinting that schneiznel knows more than he let’s on.
    If you remember when lelouch/zero first got gawain on that island schneizel said “so he’s zero”
    Than in this episode when zero appears he raises his glass covering his right eye,therefore only leaving his left eye showing……very similar to lelouch with his geass being only in his left eye.Hmmmm me thinks the writers are hinting at something.

  100. Another thing is the Kallen and Lelouch moment, lol nice timing by C.C.! Do you guys really think she was just out there looking for pizza sauce? When she was already sitting down and interrupted them at the right moment lol. That’s C.C. for you, she knows if other girls make move on him, and she’s there to stop them right away. Remember in the first season, she was spying on shirley and lelouch’s date and even kept teasing Lelouch about the kiss with shirley. Also she likes to brag about it towards Kallen, ep.3 in R2 was a good example of it.

  101. @Heero are we sure that pawn on the right of lelouch king was actually a pawn for the design of the chess pieces might of been different? (But generally i genuinely do agree that move was blatently illegal. Shame on you writers!!

    WingZero zxt
  102. Did you guys notice that Lelouch said “Suazaku-san” when he was thinking to himself that after Suzaku is gone, he could geass everyone, after he challenged Schneizel to a match.

  103. After watching this episode, all I can say is that Lelouch help turned the situation in neither HIS favor nor that of any other belligerent parties (Britannia) but that of the Chinese Federation, the loli empress and Xing Ke; By letting the Black Knights take responsibility for the kidnapping, Britannia can’t openly engage the Chinese Federation and this situation will have to become the affairs of an internal operation, leaving Xing Ke to hunt him down as we can see in the preview.

  104. If I am not too horribly wrong, Zero plans to control the Empress from behind the scenes initially. Now that Schneizel forced his hand, he can only use the Empress as a bargaining tool, but I am not sure how he will act from now on. If he intends to use the Chinese Federation as an ally against Britannia, there is no way now that that could happen, unless he returns the Empress back to Xing-Ke’s faction soon, whilst the latter succeeds in staging their coup d’état. But even then, there is no guarantee that Xing-Ke will agree to aid him, given how events have unfolded. Absolutely no idea how Lelouch will unravel his plans now, but hopefully is not via some cheapo geass method, but another show of his intelligent abilities.

  105. I read in a magazine about this

    The evil princesses:
    the 1st Princess Guinevere. She likes spending money. Likes glorious buildings. She seems to be plotting something with the 1st Prince Odyssus U Britannia and gang.
    the 5th Princess Karine. She is at the same age as Nunnally. But she is cruel since childhood. She loves war and violence, and despises the peace-lover Nunnally

  106. Yes! Lelouch did it!
    Great to see Lelouch going into his evil berserk state. It showed he’s more determined than ever, just as in ep 23xS01, and just in time I must say, now that Schneizel proved still be better than Zero in whatever they’ve played.
    And about why he kidnapped the girl, I think, it is a wonderful plan to take advantage of all parties going wild at the moment.
    The OoBK is now an enemy of everyone, but to think of China as a monster without brain, along with Britannia fighting Xinqe’s faction, just to be stolen the main price, Tian Zi, at the last moment by Zero, was great. Now OoBK just have to resist this 3 powers while they themselves kill each other, and fight the 3 just to kill the boredom.
    So Tian Zi is taken to Kaguya, negociate her for something of valuable power in China maybe the country itself,-don’t really know-, an OoBK take over the Chinese Federation because of the Xinqe/TianZi thing. And anyway he can still call Xinqe to come for Tianzi anytime and geass him or whatever and take China aganist Britannia! (EVIL)LOL.

    I’ve just remembered I’m a Nina-hater. SHINE!!!
    Milley… You’re as perfect as usual, luv u….
    Is Suzaku more retarded than usual?, someone shoot him please.
    KarenXLulu for fun!
    Orange-Kun… You look soo cool with that orenji-mask, but, could you please die!

    B. Prince
  107. it looks simple to me. not sure why everyone makes a big deal of lulu capturing tianzi. its all part of his plan. the evil laugh. its all an act to to lure Li Xingke to lulu’s side through tianzi. i think i remember lulu originally wanted to reach tianzi before the britanians so he can use his geass on her to take control of the chinese federation and prevent the political marriage being set up by britania. however since Schneizel and company got to tianzi first, that became a problem. so lulu devised a chess match to rid himself of suzaku leaving tianzi, Schneizel, and anyone else vulnerable to his geass. since the chess match ended without a clear winner, zero was advised, no rather warned not to show up at the ceremony tomorrow. so what does lulu do? he poses as to kidnap lulu in order to take advantage of the coup de tat led by Li Xingke. that explains why lulu suggested that Li Xingke made his job easier. So this also means that lulu might not even have to use his geass on tianzi to take control of the chinese federation. like a game of chess, in one single move, as lulu claims in the episode 10 preview, he will take the chinese federation. the nature of his words suggest coup de tat lead by Li Xingke. so now lulu will have “almost” enough power to stop Britania.

    to those complaining about the chess match and the illegal movements Schneizel made with his king piece. yeah. you’re right. however thats not the point of Schneizel’s actions. he is trying to profile zero through a game of chess. if lulu lost the match he’d have to reveal is idenity to all in the room. since they were going to end up in a 3 round repetition where each would not concede to the other, the game itself ended as a draw, but all that was left was a philosophical debate between kings on a battlefeild. this likely symbolizes the motifs behind each king.. in other words the hostile doctrines and malicious social hierarchy of britania representing the white chess peices with Schneizel himself as the white king and all of the japanese and the order of the black nights lead by zero who represents the black king fighting for independence, justice, and revenge. where as Schneizel’s white king was aggressive and confrontational by moving forward to face off with the black king, zero in turn instead of taking the bait in attacking the white king head off, moved his black king behind his supporters and followers, behind the love and admiration of his army. so in reality Schneizel was able to learn a little bit about zero’s nature and lulu was able to come one step closer to finding the truth about his mother. afterall the man who knows the truth of his mother is standing before him. neither of them won the match, but they didn’t lose either. however i give the overall advantage to lulu simply because because he can utilize both his idenity as himself and as zero, that alone increases his ability to effectively design and work his strategems. not to mention the next day was the ceremony, during the confusion brought by the coup de tat, Zero’s job was “made easier” by Li Xingke’s actions.

    as far as Nina goes… omg please die. shut the hell up. i don’t see anyway to help you. its sad, but you’re annoying and simply insane. yes. i did notice she looks more like euphemia too which is scary. her goddess huh. wow. i’d love to see kallen’s Guren mech use that radioactive move. sorry i’m not to up to speed with so many of the names of moves and parts and mechs. other than the hadron cannon, guren, and lancelot, float systems, thats all i can easlity recognize and refer to.

    i’m going to go out here and say that C.C. is a goddess and V.V. is a god. they’re both immortal. cc tries to live in human world gets persecuted as a witch, finds herself alone in the flow of time. V.V. probably takes role of the truly evil god who for all intents and purposes wants to kill all of the other gods using the only available means, the atkashas sword… thus using and taking advantage of lulu’s father, charles’ lust for power v.v. makes a contract with him to “likely” recover the various shrine/locations around the world….. whatever we saw on that island where suzaku, kallen, and lulu fell and landed infront of Schneizel, i think that place was one of those shrines. looking back again, c.c. was captured and had experiments done on her, i think she had a purpose more than simply to ‘live among humans’ might have wanted to protect various shrines and/or destroy the means as to which that will activate the atkashas sword. my main point is that c.c. might be seen as a witch to most humans, she might actually be one of the gods v.v. talks about even though he doesn’t seem to openly reveal that to charles. they might want c.c. because they think she can reveal the locations of these other shrines and also to use her and nunally as hostage against zero whose force begins push back britania and i’m talking zero’s direct power and influence on a global scale, not sure how the EU would weigh in, they’d probably work with zero.

    okay i hope and pray that C.C. does not die. i love that girl. a lot of people might like her because of her interaction with lulu. shes cruel, cold with other people, especially lulu and she likes to tease him a lot. her very persona underlies a womanly and devilish charm that makes lulu signifigantly reliant on her support as zero’s ally, but causes lulu to become emotionally attached to her through and towards the end of season one. especially after euphemia’s death. lulu was shaken and crying, but she suddenly stopped, walked over in front of him and cajoled, comforted him in his times of frustration and despair. basically saying, “do not worry, no matter what happens, even if the worlds turns against you, i will always be at your side,” so by this time C.C. herself had become attached to lulu just as mao was to her. at the beginning of everything, lulu obtained the geass through a contract with c.c. in that lulu would grant her greatest wish… then later on rooftop at sunset, lulu makes his own contract with C.C. in that she would help him and zero create a better world, that she would stay at his side. then towards the end of the season they hit that geass trap at the shrine on the island and lulu learned a bit more of c.c. past and emotional state. interestingly enough she confided in him that she was all alone by herself in flow of time and lulu stopped her by saying she wasn’t alone and that he would be with her always. as she is a witch, he will be warlock. then she kissed him before they were to part ways in order to save nunally. then haha wow, season 2 comes and c.c. and kallen both come to save him.

    as for the other girls who love lulu. sherri represents the possible love if lulu kept to his secluded normal life in the ashford academy. however as the reality sets in she’ll likely remain good close friends with lulu.

    euphemia – was very kind and also lulu’s first love. however as reality set in and euphemia wanted to bring back the past where as zero as lulu was working with eyes set on the future cause these 2 potential lovers to part ways as euphemia took a liking to suzaku’s way of thinking. ironically she was doing so she could be with lulu and nunaly like they used too, and suzaku and company. it didn’t come out and would not have worked out that way due to the power and influence of the totalitarian britanian hierarchy.

    kallen – I LOVE KALLEN. anyways, she is the lover ‘wether she admits it or not’, who represents and works under zero’s command and with lulu himself. though upset at lulu’s dishonesty and general failure to confide in her and believe in her, she seems to secretly harbor intense feelings for not only zero, but lulu himself despite his dishonesty in season 1, infact i believe as a result of lulu and zero being one and the same and also her passion to support zero, her emotional need to feel close to lulu has signifigantly deepened their bond. haha, thus prevoking the playful teasing brought about by c.c..

    kaguya – well hm. i don’t know. yeah she is the ”goddess of victory”, however, lulu did say he didn’t need a goddess of victory because he made a deal with the ‘devil’. kaguya thinks of lulu as her groom to be and doesn’t mind that kallen and c.c.’s subconsciously obvious affections. really, i wasn’t sure about kaguya at first when i saw her, but she seems very likable despite being a bit younger. shes definately older than tianzi and shes pretty smart too, being diplomatic to cover for lulu in front of suzaku and schneizel. she did name herself, kallen, and c.c. as lulu’s pillars, or guardians or maidens, i’m sure of the exact reference. i thought she said something about dolls. anyways all three of them are stuck to lulu like glue. aside from kaguya herself since she doesn’t know lulu is zero, however i suspect she would be even happier if it was him.

    i just want to say about suzaku. hes a real bastard. i was really irritated watching him restrain lulu while his father werote his memories. bastard. also i know the reason they didn’t kill lulu. it was all to see if c.c. would try to make contact with him, where if she did they could kill lulu and take c.c. yet because they chose not to kill him i believe will lead to charles and v.v. ultimate downfall. especially suzaku since he is a traitor, i’d like him to do something to redeem himself. something that would clearly contrast his arrogance with lulu and his ignorance of those fighting under zero. his own countrymen and possibly others who can and will fight.

    jerimiah. why…. why.. does he still live. i liked the comment about him being like team rockey comedy relief. not sure of the accuracy of that, but i laughed anyways.

    the one thing that concerns me about lulu. he really is going against the world, or rather he’s going against britania and he in c.c.’s words, “holds the weight of the world on his shoulders,”. there seems to be so many personalities and faces that are against lulu/zero. suzaku, the knight of rounds, we only know the details on few of them, not sure if they’ll all play prominent roles. also jerimiah, schneizel, guilfords knights, v.v., charles. as for potenial allies, i can see suzaku…. not sure of him, but there is the issue of the disappearance of cornellia. it might be that she decided to investigate once more the scenario and conditions behind lulu’s death. it could be thought that she would and will return fighting for lulu, ultimately reuniting with her guilford knights who in turn fight for lulu in order to protect nunally who would by this probably be in real danger because sooner or later the fact that zero is a britanian prince will get out. i have no idea how that will affect zero’s officers and army, even kallen who still doesn’t realise that lulu is actually a britanian prince. im sure it would make her stop and bitch lulu out, but she’d still stick with him. i’m sure the black knights would stand with zero as well considering hes brought them this far. or it might not get out at all. but i think kallen will know eventually if she doesn’t already know of lulu’s past history and trama.

    im thinking wow, its all just a battle of the gods fought on earth, basically. its symbolic if you look at the ending theme screenshots from season 2. kallen, cc. lulu are all dark themed with black wings and torn clothing. britanians are dressed in white with angel wings being held down by those golden chains. especially suzaku who is wearing black but obviously wearing the marks both him both as a traitor and constantly conflicted with how to do things while hiding and running from his past.

  108. i forgot… lol i’m not writing a story don’t worry. ^^

    Villetta Nu will likey join zero’s side with her ‘new understanding of elevens/japanese’ and her im suspecting cherished time with Ougi.

    This time Lulu will be fighting with the goddess of victory, the devil god c.c., the black knights against the britanian tyranny and evil god v.v. with the whole geass power as tool used by both sides to make things interesting.

  109. Well this show DOES take place in an alternate timeline that began diverging hundreds of years prior. Maybe the rules of chess are different for them, and Schneizel’s move was allowed.

  110. @ MH regardless of that did you realise that lelouch went from having few pieces to having more (or is it other way round) refer to my post on page 10???? personally somehow i feel they botched this ep a little bit!

    WingZero zxt
  111. ORANGE-KUN!!!! HE’S BACK…and how come his eye is like that and he knew about C.C. and Lelouch….

    …Tianzi is so cute..reminds me of Tomoyo

    ..I’m getting to like Xingke….he’s now one of my new fave characters next to Lelouch….

    …btw, do you notice that the colors of the eunuchs are so gay?

    …and Nina…she’s suffering a acute mental disorder known as “euphemia-itis” (obesess of Euphy) which is why she tried to kill Zero….hope it’s not contagious

    …suzaku, still disoriented and misguided as ever…

    …btw, Todo’s new knightmare is Zangetsu…sounds like Ichigo’s zanpakuto….Todo, kick Suzaku’s ass and use your bankai— I mean, your new Knightmare…

  112. BTW, title for the incoming episodes:

    *The Power of Wills (June 22, 2008)
    -no idea

    *Love Attack! (June 29, 2008)
    -no idea also

    *The Assassin from the Past (July 6, 2008)
    -maybe about Rolo?

    *Geass Hunt (July 13, 2008)
    -no idea but the title looks pretty obvious

  113. thats another possibility mh, one i think a lot of people wouldn’t think of. there are so many rules of play in that universe we can only speculate as we compare it to our reality. ^_^ wait i’m thinking… even if the timelines diverged hundreds of years prior, the rules of chess i think would stay mostly the same if not, untouched. of course i’m saying that knowing full well that the rules of chess have been changed and its peices have changed since greco roman times. i’m not sure when the last major revision to the game was, but what might be even more interesting is how a timeline such as that would have come to play. thats going off track, but its all certainly interesting to think about.

    oh right. yeah i know. at the rate we’re going there will at least be another arc… so if we end season 2 at 25 episodes, would that be safe to assume the whole series might span 75 – 80 episodes?

    i hope anyone didn’t mind my epic post. got taken away by it. luluxkallenxcc ftw :d

  114. Xingke is supposed to be as tactical as Lelouch, I doubt he has not planned things further. Lelouch is not necessarily the only one who would own people by tactics. Given that they dont have any intellectual match before, I doubt Lelouch knows his rivial could be on the same par with him, and would easily underestimate Xingke

  115. well i think orange kun wouldnt be a problem to lelouch , wanna know y ??
    simple the answers lies in suzaku!! remember that lelouch cast a geass on susaku “to live no matter what” till now still have the effect. so i predict that orange will lelouch and cc pass through this time coz in episode 3 season 1, lelouch cast a geass on orange “please let us go through safety with all your might”. i beg that geass will still work ^^, but the thing i dunno whether vv got the power to cancel it, if he does, OMG lulu !! u are in big trouble…………

    and now , the black knight have to take down the current general Schneizel , thne his other sibling before he can get to his father and vv.ohya not to forget the knight of the round table too

  116. Xingke is supposedly as tactical as Lulu and as strong as Suzaku. however lulu still holds the advantage because he is also zero. even so lulu had tianzi, he can geass her. i would think Xingke to have more back up, yet no one expected zero to kidnap tianzi. zeros goal is to take over the chinese federation. Xingke’s goal is to take over the chinese federation. Xingke doesn’t trust zero now, but they both have a common enemy in britania. if push comes to shove lulu can also geass him. i suspect lulu will want to take the capitol the forbidden kingdom, yet he won’t fight Xingke’s forces. yeah they’re going to fight episode 10 because zero kidnapping tianzi and also luring Xingke out to give chase. the battle for the capitol will come through Xingke’s coup de tat with assistance from zero to hold off britania from influencing the battle. the battle for the capitol will be Xingke finishing off the eunich generals and with tianzi geassed or not with her support of him, it will effectively give zero what he wants. a new ally and most of the power he needs to stop britania.

    Xingke’s illness. ah i can’t even speculate there isn’t enough to go on. this leads me to believe that Xingke will become a faithful ally to lulu because it would appear that he would ultimately be limited by his illness. heres an idea. zero amasses his army to attack britania, Xingke’s force would act as a wall to blockade britanian ports and to restrain movement by britanian forces and prevent reinforcements. the eu would act as both a dirversion and serve to confuse britannian officers. while zero and his army move to attack the britanian capitol off the mainland where his father is.

    i definitely think cornelia will return on zero’s side after discovering the truth about marianne – and use her glaston knights to protect nunally so Zero/Lulu will not be distracted like he was at the flashpoint of the Black Rebellion 1 year previously. also villeta nu will switch sides like rolo has done and they will protect the school / student council from becoming hostages. i’m thinking suzaku would do something dramatic to save nunally, not sure of the pretexts, he still might be a bastard until the very end. no he’ll betray britania i know it. why? cause they’re going out of they’re way to tell you that lulu’s geass still has effect on him, to live. besides cornelia would also serve as a brilliant commander should zero for some reason have to leave the battlefield wether to find nunnally, cc if shes captured, and/or to confront his father.

    oh god lol, i have a great feeling the confrontation with lulu and jerimiah will favor jerimiah, however lulu will probably in the end make use of his geass power on him and win.

    something else that was hinted was the idea that lulu’s geass could become even stronger, then the contact lulu wears would become useless. i think this will come into effect as well.

    oddyseus is a tool and will likely be taken out with zero’s aqquistion of the chinese federation. schneizal will likely be the final britanian hierachy lulu must deal with. along with several of the knights of rounds including suzaku. then finally jerimiah… eh he has to be the knight of one, and v.v. and charles.

    like i said before so many personalities and faces lulu has to take on, can he face them all?

  117. just to clarify, no matter what happens, Xingke, Cornelia, Todo, all are formidable commanders. might i add kallen is also proving herself as a body guard. i mean look she even tackled him to the floor. <3 well she fell on him, haha. c.c. is just irritated cause she never tried anything like that. ^_^

  118. YAY another essay on R2! lol as you can guess i have nothing else to do than read R2. you have a good point there dragon. i doubt anyone remember the geass casted onto jerimiah but i do agree it would play a major part somewhere in the middle to the series. If Cornelia comes back and assist Lelouch than there might be a possibility that Guilford will support her cause as you recall he woulf follow her will and word no matter what. kinda funny to me if Guilford align himself with zero when from the beginning he was out to kill him.

  119. @dragon & shamaticgirl
    i will have to strongly disagree with ur statement on cornelia will ever switch side to lelouch. there might be a possible for suzaku to switch side during action though if u ask me due to some important points, like he wants to know why lelouch kill euphy and why he cast the geass of wanting him to stay alive on him.

    cornelia switching sides after learning truth? i doubt that even after learning the truth.
    it will be a cold day in hell for her to forgive him killing her most precious and important euphy. its definately white vs black like chess in this series there won’t be any changing sides from either character other than rollo , viletta & possible suzaku, the chances are low though. she might have care for lelouch and nunnally after thier mother’s death but her hatred to avenge for euphy is more than wanting to help lelouch support the fact of why cornelia wouldn’t join lelouch is if cornelia were to forgive lelouch and help him she would not have make suzaku a knight and order him to chase after zero in season 1. cornelia as well did mention that she has nothing to talk about anymore with lelouch at the end of s1.

    if u wan to damn the person who makes it impossible to see cornelia helping lelouch out, u got to blame it on lelouch for using geass on euphy and killing her. you can as well blame lelouch for being so blinded that he doesn’t even know who he should have faith in thier big family tree. its basically his mistake for making cornelia helping him impossible.

    so its totally impossible to see Cornelia switch sides.

  120. It’s impossible for Cornelia to join Lelouch/Zero even if she learn the truth about marianne’s death. Remember that Lelouch/Zero is the one that kill her dear Euphy. The Glaston knights also hate zero for murdering Andreas Darlton in S1 ep24/25 and their brothers (Alfred & Bart) in S2 ep4. Guilford, nah, I doubt he will join Zero.

    For those who want to see Shinkiro (Lelouch’s new Knightmare Frame) in action must watch ep10, if you watch the preview for ep10 in ep9, you’ll recognize the arm that almost pierce Shen Hu’s (Xing Ke’s Knightmare Frame) head is “NOT” Guren’s. It’s black, and OoBK’s new knightmare frame that black colored are Zangetsu & Shinkiro, Zangetsu is busy with Lancelot, so that leaves only Shinkiro.

    For those who think Toudoh is not a good pilot, you’re mistaken. Remember that Suzaku never win from him (in S1 got his cockpit slashed open). In S2 was defeated by Guilford through surprise attack and difference in unit’s capabilities (flight & non-flight), and in the preview cut Lancelot’s flight pack (after all he’s Suzaku’s mentor).

  121. even though it was his mistake on that part i will still watch this series because of his brilliance in tactics , mind games and his evil sinister laughes. if this was like a normal gundam series i would have given up by half way,

    All hail Lelouch!!!

  122. @jeffng9
    Lelouch didn’t intentionally activate his geass on Euphy it just happened on it own. he never wanted to geass her from the beginning. If Cornelia finds out the truth about the geass than there might be some chance she could forgive him.

    But if something were to happened to Cornelia the Glaston Knights would protect her since they sworn to do so. If she does join Lelouch than theres the possibility the Glaston Knight would refuse to join but Guilford might. He’s extremely dedicated to Cornelia anyway.

  123. Glaston knights are a useless bunch. Two got wiped out at once during the rescue, the other two could not even take one Tristan down, and Guilford himself got taken out in one shot by Kallen. Totally rubbish.

  124. you have a point about cornelia even if “i’ve learned the truth” comes into play. however i suspect that she will do the whole “i’ve learned the truth” PLUS >>> “i won’t forgive zero, but i will fight for lulu and nunally” routine. then she’d have to ask herself, “what would euphemia and nunally do? they were/are ready to forgive zero. so i think its plausible at very least a possibility she would join is side.

    Also, you have ask yourself, “why did Cornelia disappear in first place?”. Afterall, the black night rebellion was defeated, its top members captured, zero dead(she knows hes still alive- just think lulu’s memories were reprogrammed, so what is the whole point of disappearing from her role and position as the govenor general(i think thats right) of area 11? simple. to investigate further the incident surrounding lulu’s mother. i suspect that in the end, she will forgive zero and put the blame on charles/schzeinel and company for creating the reason nessessary for zero’s existence. she isn’t going to return to britania, if she does it will be at face value only. look at all the new faces in britania and all the personalities introduced, all of them playing prominent roles. look at guilford himself, playing the “i’ll protect you no matter what”, meaning he and the glaston knights will follow her. they are not the dispicable element of britanian hierarchy. there goes the saying, yesterdays enemy is tomorrows friend.

    also i’ve found some insight from another forum on the chess issue. this might also serve to clarify and enhance some of the points i was trying to get across. thanks to the users james and Machdude, from the site

    The symbolism behind the move I think, was that Schneizel was willing to sacrifice the king. Usually in chess, the king is a representation of self. However, it seems that Schneizel’s implying that he doesn’t view himself as the king, and so is willing to sacrifice it, meaning he’s willing to sacrifice the Emperor his father.

    I think I see the symbolism behind the chess move. Schneizel seemed to be really pushing for a psychological impact on Zero/Lulu. While the symbol itself may be apparent (he is willing to sacrifice the king in order to achieve his ulterior motives), this also applies literally to the situation at hand as well. If you noticed the bet, it would be apparent that the situation in the game is also apparent in real life. By giving up the “king” the representation (Suzaku) would also be given up. But that was the bait. It was almost as if he was urging Lelouch to take it. On the other hand, Lelouch knew that Schneizel is really testing him. By the rules of chess, a stalemate is the end of the game but if he took the king, then he would be by courtesy’s rules, taking Schneizel’s charity. In that regard, he knew that it would not be a true victory against Schneizel because Schneizel would have intentionally lost that one.

    This brings us to my conclusion, Schneizel was testing Zero’s resolve. He basically deduced that unlike his father, Zero was someone who wants the victory by recognition rather than a victory by default.

  125. That’s a very interesting insight there. It actually clear things up a bit. I like James symbolism the most. Didn’t Charles say only Suzaku know about the geass? so why are some people saying Schneizel knows about it too? O.o or maybe i’m missing something here….answer please?

  126. oh plus i forgot. cornelia would have to realise that lulu moved his rebellion out of japan because nunally was govenor and he wanted to protect her and keep her safe. well thats another detail i think might not make it to cornelia if and when she likely reappears. of course theres a probablity of cornelia ‘somehow’ watching all of zeros actions on tv or through contacts and she would know that way. eitherway that detail about nunally would translate to euphemia because they both wanted that special administrative area of japan and their willingness to forgive zero…. damn it im tired or writing. and also take it as her responsibility to protect that established zone on behalf of her late sister, that was also created and secured by zero/lulu and suzaku’s nobile actions during the mass exile of one million zeros.

  127. i’m sorry i’m not too good on the details regarding your questions, but i think charles say that suzaku is the only one who knows about geass. about schneizel, i think people are speculating because of one of hand gestures over his face when zero makes his appearance at the celebration hall. aside from that i’m almost betting that schneizel would have knowledge of geass considering he is plotting to challenge his father charles. infact i’m sure charles’ leinancy towards schneizel is the reason he knows anything about geass. hes probably encouraging his son to challenge him knowing that lulu/zero and schneizel are going to fight. two princes and two brothers will fight. not sure what the purpose of this would be, but i think that in chales’ eyes if schneizel wins britania wins, if lulu/zero wins charles himself wins. reason being, i wouldn’t put it past charles to use nunally as tool to convert lulu into a vengence seeking monster. haha suzaku might pull off a darth vader stunt to save lulu and die in the process.

  128. did i mistype something? hm i don’t think i ever said guilford was dead, though we know 2 of the glaston knights were killed. i did see guilford injured in bandages in a hospital bed though. ^^

    sorry i didn’t clarify my thought. ^_^ hes alive and kicking, well injured but yeah cecils food will get him kicking 😉

  129. ah…. wow. wow. okay so something just occurred to me. i just watched episode 22 of season 1 and i’ve notice something. if you have access watch the scene in the 2nd part of the episode where lulu gets back in the mech and is talking with cc. the drama continues with his father laughing, proclaiming, “he really did it!”. this leads me to 90 % believe that his father is somehow grooming lulu to become a monster. this would be another reason he didn’t kill lulu at the end of season 1. wow. there is always an ulterior motive. it will be up to lulu to not become that monster, because if he does charles will win. so goes the theory anyway. ^^

  130. I watched the ep a second time earlier today and I too believe those were Nina’s memories, which means her memory was also rewritten. I wonder why? In any case I’ll be really happy when the crazy lesbian finally dies – of all the lesbians I have seen in anime she’s the only one I can’t stand and want to see dead.

  131. dragon: i think his father is grooming lulu to be the next emperor. imo, the people with the most potential to be the next emperor atm would probably be lulu and Schneizel. maybe the emperor was the one who plotted the murder of lulu’s mother and making him go through hell is just to test if he is good enough to be the next in line. i am speculating the finale will be the emperor telling lulu all he has been through is all planned with his mom years ago. thats why she ordered the removal of the security detail in the day she was murdered.

  132. maybe he knows, he doesn’t want to realise it and brushes it aside. lulu obviously knows his fathers cruelty and hates him for casting his kind mother aside as “weak”. not sure exactly when that scene you spoke of was.

    yeah it certainly seems i mean with all the subtleties that in their own way appear blatantly obvious that that is the case. actually you know what. based on the whole chess match analysis i suspect that the white king schneizel is willing to sacrifice(charles) makes a void. there would be no king. so charles’ intention would be lulu himself base on the fact that he didn’t kill him in the end of season 1. that fact also serves to keep up with the pact charles creates with v.v. that is to destroy the gods using atkasha’s sword which obviously is connected with c.c. in some way. on a side note, i think it was noted that charles could care less about marianne and even cast away his own son and daughter when lulu questioned him about his mother. schneizel also plays a role in charles plan not to succeed charles but to ultimately fail. charles is counting on lulu to win against schneizel in hopes that lulu will be screwed up enough to become the next emperor of britania. not sure how plausible the whole scenario is, but it certainly looks like it would be heading in that general direction. not saying it will happen with 100 percent accuracy but the subtleties are noticeable.

    another thing that i found again while watching my favorite cc comforting seducing lulu scenes is in episode 23 of season 1. during the 2nd part c.c. is standing in a hall way, seems shes talking to herself aloud. she says, “thats not true. I’m glad. Yes. I’d forgotten how to be kind, Marianne,”. this of course all happened after she comforted lulu after the rally at the beginning of the 2nd part of the episode, where she lulu breaks down and she says, i’ll always be at your side. so does that mean c.c. herself had contact with lulu’s mother, marriane? not sure if this was hinted at earlier in the season, but it might be a clue that i suspect is vastly overlooked by most people.

    okay heres yet another bit i’ve noticed was that in the opening to season 1, there is an image that zooms by really quickly that depicts what look like a large group of people with geass symbols on their forheads. so that likely calls into question my earlier assumption that c.c. and v.v. were in fact gods. no that is actually not the case. i’m going to now refer to c.c. and those like her to be protectors or guardians… say of the gods. c.c. is referred to as a witch by human people in the past for being ageless and she can’t die, thats why i originally thought of her as a god. but infact i overlooked the notion that lulu saw her as a devil he made a contract with, then when she confided in him about being alone, he said if she was a witch than he would be a warlock, promising to stay with her as accomplices. she even kissed him too.

  133. eh… um. just now noticed the disclaimer about the spoiler tags. oh god -_- after i wrote like a friggin book on everything. well maybe not considering most people who would read this would have watched the fist season and are up to speed in the 2nd season. just being cautious. 😉

  134. Why do people keep saying Kallen vs Suzaku, when it more appears it will be Xingke and Kallen in battle. Looks more like Toudo will be the pilot in that scene slicing off Suzaku’s wing. I don’t see how Suzaku can win against Toudo if his wing is sliced off. His mobility would be nothing compared to Toudo’s flying unit. I doubt Toudo would lose in his big battle in this new upgraded Knightmare Frame. That wouldn’t be very dramatic.

    I have a theory that Lelouch is making Zero look evil so Xingke can rescue the Empress from the Black Knights and make him appear more of a hero then a revolutionary. He would be the man who rescued the Empress from the EVIL Black Knights while the Eunuch Generals were selling her off for political status.

  135. @Remmell

    I would like to think that Zero and Xing-ke has some tacit cooperation going on, but making Zero evil isn’t really the Lelouch way. I mean, weren’t the Order of the Black Knights supposed to be ‘allies of justice’? It is very inconsistent.

  136. But even Lelouch admitted that he would be evil to destroy the greater Evil. I doubt Xing-ke was in on this plan. He’s also not backing away from Xing-ke being called a fiend. In fact at the end he seems to embrace that. Laughing the way he does.
    If He didn’t want the Black Knights to appear evil then I doubt he would of put a gun to a child’s head so publicly. He has the Geass power and could of set up others to do these things. He instead chose to do it himself.

  137. That is why I said it was inconsistent. I mean being evil to destroy evil is just what it really is. But what he shows the public should be something different. I mean a facade. This time round he didnt even bother doing it, which was what disappoints me. He isn’t going to garner any support from anyone doing it this way. It was dirty. At least, it was obviously dirty. He should be more discreet. What he is doing is no different from any other terrorist. Very different from the Zero in CG1 if you ask me.

  138. @ shamaticgrl
    the only ones who knows it is lelouch himself. lelouch will keep euphy death in mind till he drop to hell. he won’t tell cornelia that its because of the geass got auto activated thats why he have to kill her so that her hands won’t be tainted anymore? besides telling cornelia would be an excuse for him because it doesn’t change the fact that its his fault.

    seriously if u switch back to another situation where u have kill a person would a simple “sorry” or “i see now i have known the truth” will stop u from vengeance? even though its a accident for him to activate the command but its still lelouch fault that euphy is dead anyhow.

    here is a rather simple example
    if i have geass. i accidentally activated geass on ur bf and he started killing ppl madly under my false command and i have to kill him for the sake of stopping him. after that i come and tell u its because the geass auto activated and i have to kill him to stop him. would u accept my apology? hell you would u would shoot me in the head if u have a gun in ur hand.

  139. @L
    remember the Eunuch told them to cut the live telecast when xing ke charge in? so basically the public doesn’t know zero kidnap the empress but it was the coup d’etat who charge into play first. so no trace of zero being recorded in the video. 🙂

  140. @jeffng9

    All right, I will grant you that point. But my next attack on Zero would be, what happens if the eunuchs were too stunned to do anything? That is, what happens if his ‘kidnapping’ was broadcast worldwide? There is no confirmation that that would not happen. It is very un-Zero, with such lack of planning, and heavy dependence on fate, and evolving circumstances. Not only was the kidnapping a cowardly act, it was not well-planned as well, neither being trademarks of Zero’s way of acting. It seemed to reek more of desperation than anything else. Of course, all of these could very well be reversed, if we are to find out that he tacitly cooperated with Xing-ke- then that would very well prove to be more of a ‘Zero-move’. But yet again, the latter’s reactions and the preview for next week’s episode make this very unlikely.

  141. @L
    Why don’t you wait and see what Zero’s plan is before commenting on it? Yes, the kidnapping does seem un-Zero-like, but for all we know that may be his intention.

    Just one possible plan Zero could use in that situation:
    He “kidnaps” the empress and in the following confusion Xingke’s faction manages to take out all of the remaining Eunuchs. Then it is “revealed” that the Eunuchs were planning to kill Schneizel and make it look like it was the work of Zero and Xingke, thus getting rid of three men they consider too dangerous. So Zero kidnapped the empress in order to buy Xingke’s faction the time they needed to arrest the traitors. This way Xingke will look like a hero and it would also appear as if Zero actually helped save Schneizel, leaving Britania with no excuse to attack the Black Knights or the Chinese Federation.

    Of course, this is probably light years away from the truth, just like all of my guesses about ep 8, but it is a possibility.

  142. @L
    we don’t call him zero the man of impossible for nothing. he must have calculated everything including cutting the live broadcast by the eunuchs and xing ke coup d’etat. Besides that the eunuchs will definately stop the broadcast because rebellion within isn’t a nice thing to showcase to the whole world.
    well kidnapping the empress is definately not a good move and he underestimate xing ke for sure in this episode. it surely doesn’t seems like he plan it out with xing-ke but this move might actually be planned to get xing-ke out of the accusation of coup d’etat so that he will join him in the later stage~
    well next week is intense battle and some mind games in the middle of battlefield maybe~~!!

  143. Seriously, Nina needs to die. Easily the worst character on this show.

    Lulu is just getting more and more like Light Yagami it seems. I don’t see why he would do that though, He coulda allied with Xing Ke to make freeing japan much easier. At least this might make India independent. It just bugs me so much, even if it’s ficitional, that China took over India. India just doesn’t belong, much like Japan doesn’t belong to Brittania.

  144. just want to say, cornelia doesn’t have to forgive zero or lulu. its a possibility. she might not join him either, but case in point it is likely that we will see her again. it might have been lulu’s fault she died… well no i’m going to be technical it was just wrong think to say at the wrong time, it wasn’t lulu’s fault at all she died. in effect lulu was forced to stop euphemia from killing any more people. he gave the order to kill her with a tear in his eye, he stopped kallen from killing euphemia so he could take responsibility for his geass that had gone out of control and shoots his first love. towards the end he walks past her and she asks about creating the specially administative area of japan with lulu/zero to comfort her because he knows he has to kill her, lulu agrees with her saying that is what he wanted to do. ==== this can be compared to when she lay dying with suzaku by her side, she asks if ceremony was a success and suzaku says yes, and euphemia asks if the japanese are happy and suzaku also says yes, because suzaku doesn’t want to bring her more pain and also he realises that she is going to die. to be honest with you i think lulu is harder hit by euphemia’s death than suzaku and even nina. also c.c. also knows the truth, not just lulu, they are accomplices remember?

    also remember it was only because zero gave in to euphemia’s plan that the SAJ was going to succeed. so later on in season 2 when the SAJ is proposed a 2nd time by nunally, lulu agrees to it, as both a means to both relocate his army and thus the fighting, but also to pay tribute to euphemia’s wish. suzaku comments on lulu/zero’s order ”to live” and wonders that lulu could never bring himself to kill euphemia (even thought he physically shot her, but by the time lulus geass went out of control she was already dead). there is also a point where suzaku and nunally are paying tribute, mourning for euphemia by placing her name on a lit candle and setting it on the water. suzaku also notices and says to nunally that someone was also mourning for euphemia. nunally said she was glad. also in season 1, lulu breaks down and cries at her death, he is comforted by c.c. who knows the truth, she even says she stay by him always. so i don’t blame lulu for what happened to euphemia, for he does bear the weight of the world on his shoulders, as said by the immortal witch, c.c.

    as for cornelia. its ultimately unpredictable what she will do if/when we see her again. but truth be told, the glaston knights would follow her no matter what she chose to do.

    also…. about the glaston knights>>>>

    actually cornelia isn’t dead. she is thought to have died i believe. however the guilford and the glaston knights believe she disappeared and will wait for her to return.

    heres something interesting. if you remember back to the duel zero had with guilford, zero says, “Let me ask you something, Lord Gilford. If there is evil that justice can never win over, what will you do? Will you dirty yourself by going evil against evil? Or will you follow justice, following your beliefs until the end?” i’ll try to break down what i think is a possible hint.

    zero’s first asks guilford if there is evil justice can never win over, what will he do? this might imply since guilford isn’t evil, that he is justice. since guilford is justice, why is he fighting for evil?

    zero then asks if guilford would dirty himself by going evil against evil? this would imply zero being evil against britania being evil. zero is essentialy asking guilford, won’t you join my fight against evil?

    zero’s last question asks if guilford will follow justice to the very end. implying that if guilford would fight for britania to the very end.

    interestingly enough, guilford’s response is ,”My justice is to live with my princess!” This already says something about guilford and his commitment to britania is only thinly veiled. his true loyalty and of the glaston knights is to cornelia. this leads me to suspect that cornelia will return as a surprise ally of zero prompting guilford to switch sides. of course it might not happen that way. she might still hate zero and go off on her own to confront schneizel or chales and get pwnd. -_-

    also to note is zero’s response to guilford, “I see. If it’s me, I will become evil to destroy evil!” meaning insteading of bringing simply justice to himself, fighting just for nunally and to avenge his dead mother, lulu/zero will become evil so he can destroy evil = charles representation of britania. = he would fight for sake of the area colonies of britania, and japan.

    anyways one more thing i’d like to point out is during the opening sequence we see lulu riding on a horse to hill over looking a city,town,settlement, and he turns his horse to the side. not sure if anyone might see it, but the reference of lulu riding the horse was not only a symbol of zero’s desire to protect and conquer, and to fight, and liberate. it was also a historical reference to ghengis kahn on his horse riding to a hill over a persian city that he tried to make peace with and whose persian govenor insulted his peace offer, killed his merchant missionaries, and stole his treasure. so ghengis kahn rode on his horse on a hill over looking the city. i dont know too much of the details.

  145. i think light is to kira as lulu is to zero… but there are some major differences between them even though they seem to act the same are both capable and intelligent. just want to say that light loses his soul humanity to kira and the death note after a long time even though his goals remained noble, he became ruthless. all lulu could think about was revenge and his sister nunally, not realising the pain of others especially kallen, thats why lulu lost in the first season and to his past. but now he’s recovered his self, gained a new cause to fight for, has the love of hell i dont know how many girls…. kallen, kaguya, c.c. hah, yes her too. which is a lot more than what kira was ever able to do. so in effect zero/lulu has on his side, a goddess of victory, a devil he made a contract with, and with kallen representing lulu’s new reason for fighting, not just for nunally, but the future. this time, it will be suzaku who looses to his past, and lulu will make a huge impact on the world.

  146. Woah! It took me two days to read all the comments and the toughest ones were Dragon’s one. z0mg, you wrote essays, dude ¬_¬
    I praise your first (long) comment, but you lost to your analisys and tried to predict simply too much. Cornelia’s return may be at hand, but she’d hardly join Zero. It’s not her char to do so. Sukazu’s too can’t join zero anymore after Euph’s incident. It’s total war between the two of them.

    Given the actual military power balance we have Zero with Kallen and Toudou on the black side.
    As for the white side we have Guilfor’d knights (and Cornelia), The 12 Round Table Knights, with the Top Ace Suzaku (may he die once for all) and the Mastermind Schneizel at their command, Orenji-kun (oh that man can’t he stay dead for once!!) and VV + the King of course.
    There’s pretty unbalance for the white side, and given one white defeated at episode we haven’t enough episodes to get rid of them all. That’s not good. It implies the check to Charles will happen with too many enemy forces still to battle with! Sure the last battle will be an epic mess.

    As for the next Zero move, i’d also like to handle the crystall ball and attempt a prediction.
    Given that Zero needs China’s military power to balance Britannia, we left Zero kidnapping the loli Empress. That may seem a bad move, but what about use her to get rid of eunucuses and gain Xing’s ally in one single shot? Zero gets rid of the Eunucus and gives back Tsiang and the power over China to Xing’s faction in change of help against Britannia.
    And what about Geass Tsiang as if Xing betrays Zero she commite suicide? It could be a nice assurance, given Xiang can’t trust Zero so much? What do you think about it?

  147. Woah! It took me two days to read all the comments and the toughest ones were Dragon’s one. z0mg, you wrote essays, dude. I praise your first (long) comment, but you lost to your analisys and tried to predict simply too much. Cornelia’s return may be at hand, but she’d hardly join Zero. It’s not her char to do so. Sukazu’s too can’t join zero anymore after Euph’s incident. It’s total war between the two of them.

    Given the actual military power balance we have Zero with Kallen and Toudou on the black side.
    As for the white side we have Guilfor’d knights (and Cornelia), The 12 Round Table Knights, with the Top Ace Suzaku (may he die once for all) and the Mastermind Schneizel at their command, Orenji-kun (oh that man can’t he stay dead for once!!) and VV + the King of course.
    There’s pretty unbalance for the white side, and given one white defeated at episode we haven’t enough episodes to get rid of them all. That’s not good. It implies the check to Charles will happen with too many enemy forces still to battle with! Sure the last battle will be an epic mess.

    As for the next Zero move, i’d also like to handle the crystall ball and attempt a prediction.
    Given that Zero needs China’s military power to balance Britannia, we left Zero kidnapping the loli Empress. That may seem a bad move, but what about use her to get rid of eunucuses and gain Xing’s ally in one single shot? Zero gets rid of the Eunucus and gives back Tsiang and the power over China to Xing’s faction in change of help against Britannia.
    And what about Geass Tsiang as if Xing betrays Zero she commite suicide? It could be a nice assurance, given Xiang can’t trust Zero so much? What do you think about it?

  148. @dragon

    Think you gave Zero more credit than he deserved.

    Firstly, it is just wrong to compare Zero with Suzaku on the issue of Euphemia’s death. Be it for noble reasons or not, fact remains that Euphemia died because of Zero. Yes, Zero deserved some sympathy for being a victim to his own power. But the issue of attributing moral responsibility remains very ambiguous. It is not really black and white. You could say that a person is morally responsible for his act only if he did it out of his own free will. In this case, Zero would not be morally responsible for Euphemia’s death. But yet again, if you think about it, C.C. had warned him before of the possible negative consequences that could come with the use of his power. Remember Mao? And Zero swore proudly that he would never be the same. But he did. Euphemia’s death could then be seen as a indirect consequence of his own pride, and therefore he deserves responsibility. Like or hate Suzaku. with regards and only with regards to Euphemia’s death, his actions are totally justified. He had no hand in her death whatsoever. I honestly don’t give a damn if Lelouch was harder hit than anybody. The fact is Euphemia died because of him, and he knows it. Therefore, my bottom-line is, simple regret or individual pain is not enough to justify Lelouch’s actions. Yeah, he did Euphemia a favour by killing her, doubtlessly. But I think people often forget, in the spur of the moment, that the reason why Euphemia had to be killed was Zero himself. Can you honestly say that it was not his fault Euphemia died?

    True enough, the SAZ of Japan could only work with Zero’s cooperation. But to say that the second SAZ is a tribute to Euphemia or for peace reasons is also pretty far-fetched to me. Zero’s motivations are pretty ambiguous to me. I have defended him on the issue of the reallocation on this blog in previous episodes against people who accused him of being selfish. I still believe he was not being so. However, my point here is, we are not really given a good glimpse into his own psyche. There is a conceivable possibility that he did the reallocation merely because he did not want Nunnally to be dragged into the fighting. I can give him credit for wanting to avoid a Euphemia with Nunnally, but is that really that surprising? After all, Nunnally was much closer to him than Euphemia ever was, and the former herself was the reason for his machinations. He would kill the latter to achieve his goals for the former, but the former himself was where his goals are directed at. Lelouch bears the weight of the world on his shoulders, I agree. But how did he came about to be doing it? He chose it himself. How did Euphemia die? As an indirect result of him choosing it. Can you still say it was not his fault she died?

    It is one thing to say that he did not intend Euphemia’s death, it is another to say that he was not responsible for her death. Like I have argued, he might not have meant for her to die, but she died because of his actions. Depending on your own personal concept of moral responsibility, Zero deserves to be judged, and I do feel he does not fare too fairly.

    On the point of the Glaston Knights, it is pretty obvious that Guilford’s loyalty is to his own princess. No sane person would be blindly loyal to a cruel empire. They are loyal to their immediate superior, for their own personal, emotional reasons. Suzaku is probably an exception, but yet again, he did not have much of a brain to begin with.

    My second point is, I am quite sure Cornelia isn’t dead as well. And I do not doubt that if she chose to help Zero, her knights would follow. But then, what use are these knights? Cornelia would be helpful, but her knights are useless. Kallen could kill all of them with one blow if she wished. They are just pawns waiting to be killed by Zero if he truly wanted to. You know, those pest-type characters? Not even important enough for Zero to sweat much over. The way he outwitted them during the rescue of the POWs just by himself showed how useless they were. It was almost ridiculous to see their lack of ability. Gino and his Tristan did not break any sweat playing with them either. We would think Guilford and his new Vincent would be some thing. But the way he got wiped out in one shot by Kallen really meant his position as a pilot is not at the level of Kallen, or the other Knights of Rounds. Therefore seriously, I doubt they would be much help even if Cornelia were to return on Zero’s side.

    Next, with regards to your previous posts (one of them), I think there is a higher possibility that Zero was mistaken, rather than Cornelia, with regards to the death of Marianne. There are hints, with her personally removing her protection being one of the most obvious. Cornelia represents the epitome of Britannia’s cruelty in method in a way- she has no qualms killing anyone who stands in her way. The only situation she was soft was only when Euphemia was involved. (Think Season 1 in the hostage incident) And who was responsible for Euphemia’s death? There you have it. She would not forgive Zero. Suzaku’s reaction to Zero is quite a mirror of how Cornelia would have behaved. Like I have argued, fact remains Zero is responsible for Euphemia’s death, directly or indirectly, depending on how you want to view it. To Cornelia, Euphemia was probably the most important thing in her life. Euphemia was her weakness, but it was also the symbol of her humanity. Zero took that away; how the hell will she help someone, even if she knew it was Lelouch, even if she knew he regretted doing it, even if she knew he did it on a mistaken view that doing so would make Nunnally happy eventually, who was the source of her beloved sister’s death?

    Another point, I doubt Marianne was as important to Cornelia as she was to Lelouch. He would bring down Britannia just to know the truth of her death. What will the former do? In Season 1, it was said that she was ‘investigating’. That is probably it. Marianne was not even her birth mother, why the hell would she go to great lengths like how Lelouch did? Therefore, looking at her personal motivations, it is pretty inconceivable if you asked me that she would help Zero. My guess is that she lost her memory for some reason or another, thereby explaining her disappearance. If she were to regain her memory, I feel she would pretty much behave like another Orange-kun.

    ‘Being evil to conquer evil’ is pretty much a play on words if you asked me. Just like how Hitler used to craft his awe-inspiring speeches. You can give Lelouch credit for his intelligence, for his care and concern for his sister, and now, his renewed concern for his friends. You can give him credit for being an active character, trying to change the world. But you cannot say (not that you did) he deserves some blame for what has happened. Like what I said, I do not believe moral responsibility is black and white. There is no such thing as if A is not responsible, than B must be. They could all be, for different reasons. There is much to be liked about Zero, but much to be despised, as well. And I do not feel that his renewed reason for fighting removes much of what I dislike about him. Therefore, I do feel you give him too much credit, more than what he deserves.

  149. c.c. is also a factor as well. theres still too much we dont know. cant wait til sunday ^_^

    hm i dont think i lost to my analysis so much as i brought up so many different combinations and possibilities. i think it would be more accurate to say that i’m trying to predict too far ahead which is not a bad thing ^_^ because i wouldn’t bring up anything if i didn’t think it wasn’t plausible. yeah cornelia probably wont join zero but i’d like to think she disappeared for a reason. no matter what she does the glaston knights will be on her side. i’m not sure what to make of her disappearance so you can only go on what information you can find and trust me -_- ugh i’ve been searching frame by frame by frame trying looking at each situation and each character in this entire series. i spent like 48 hours on and off watching all the episodes available for code geass,

    it looks like xiang and zero might possibly… i’m guessing they might have some sort of friendly rivalry being that hes smart like lulu. thats just another hypothetical possiblity i have nothing to back that up except for the favors they keep doing each other. this might be another one of zeros favors to xiang for rescuing tianzi from the marriage. surely zero will take advantage of xiangs coup de tat. ultimately they will side together because they are both leaders of masss movements that long for peace and independence and better lives. with this zero will really have gained momentum.

    here are a few characters i think would turn sides… or they probably wont turn sides… but lets just call them characters where it would be plausible for them to switch but they wont, they just remain conflicted about their roles.

    cornelia…. i dont want to talk about her anymore lol….. read above

    giulford… same with cornelia… he’ll follow cornelia…

    viletta – simple – ogui

    rolo – conflict between mission and family. there is also a danger here because if rolo does switch that puts c.c. in real danger.

    oh yeah its kind of funny cause as i write this im thinking about my ancestry my cousin recently found out i was a royal blood of ireland. and i had an uncle named sir francis drake -_- wow. but you dont have to believe me on that -_^

  150. i’m not blaming him because he blames himself so much already. if i was one of his suboordinates in his inner circle i wouldn’t want to cause him anymore trouble than he has blood on his hands. in other words i wouldn’t be vengeance seeking. sure he takes some of the blame but all of our hands are dirty in the end. thats what i mean.

    plus at least to me i think i can relate to lulu in some ways so thats why i try so hard to defend him. light yagami on the other hand is noble, but indefensible. the least i can do is stand up for lulu ^_^

    haha in some ways even though our anlysis and debates are so detailed and may split paths frequently, its all based on our personal feelings and biases. thats how we humans are. we’re always trying to figure out THE truth when in reality its a game that is eternally played in vain. not to say it isn’t fruitless, its just sometimes when we search for what we call truth, it isn’t always what we had imagined.

    cant wait to see next episode.

  151. i was going to say, the whole play words with guilford might be so. i’d like to think there was a hint of something other wise. its ultimately up to the writes though and how they feel things would go. usually when you create a story you have point A and point B. then you make up everything as you go to get there.

    pretty scary when you think about real life but its all worth it though. ^_^

  152. we still don’t know if Cornelia will change sides or not….the probable reason why she mysteriously disappeared after the Black Rebellion is maybe because she wants to investigate Marianne’s death, probably she will also learn about Geass…….since Marianne might have something to do with the Geass… I mean, she’s the one in charge on investigating Marianne’s death ….and Euphy said that Cornelia really admired Marianne…

    ….of course, she must really know the reason why Zero/Lelouch killed Euphy…she also must understand about Lelouch’s feelings to Euphy since Lelouch regret for killing Euphy…

    …and also I don’t why Suzaku feels pretty bad for Nina…I mean, what if he finds out that Nina is humping over his dead girlfriend’s picture?

  153. its like if nina is to be ‘saved’ from going insane she’d need the aid of a truth seeker like cornelia. of course. her disappearance could very well support that.

    suzaku was standing there as a bodyguard for schneizel, though he stopped nina from going at zero then nina screamed at him, and suzaku loosened his grip. like well we know that was suzaku’s first reaction was to protect zero. oddly enough, its like he forgot who he was for a second. another conflicted person who refuses to see things any other way. at least lulu is adaptable to change and is able to change. thats what makes him so dynamic.

  154. Well, really why does Cornillia have to changed sides. Who’s to say she can’t just make her own side and not be on anyone else’s. I hope to see Cornillia soon. I wasn’t too fond of her at first, but I started to like her more when I found out that she had been investigating Lelouch’s mother’s death.

  155. her own side? oh yeah i mentioned that too semi briefly in the book i wrote the last few pages. ^^;; no one is saying she has to join a side i mean she could as well remain neutral but that doesn’t seem very exciting at all. well, if she was then she’d probably stay low profile waiting to pounce. i like cornelia myself she reminds me for some reason of beliza an admiral from skies of arcadia. ^^ yeah. ah lets hope she doesn’t pull a jerimiah and appear near the last episodes.

  156. im just thinking, c.c. likes to tease kallen a lot about lulu. she does it more than anyone. of course kaguya, ougi, the other bk with the short red hair, as well. not to mention some of the comments lulu made himself in the chinese embassy and the babel tower. of course episode 9 comfirmed shes got it bad for him by a long shot. ^_^

  157. i personally don’t think she would turn to like orange-kun. sry seriously i wouldn’t wanna see cornelia acting like orange-kun in the final episode of s1. so please don’t bring nightmares into this show. 1 orange-kun is enuf pls not another, even though i don’t hate orange i still don’t wanna see cornelia like that. >.>

  158. Looks like all the new post is about cornelia joining lelouch/zero or not.
    I wonder where the idea that cornelia investigate the case about marianne comes from?
    Also, it seems there are many lelouch/zero hater here that discuss his way of doing things, his statement to support the weak, & etc.
    For those that debating about why he do things like taking the empress/Tian Zi as hostage, pick a fight with Xing Ke, & etc, just wait & watch the next ep.

  159. The idea of Cornillia investigating Marinanne death came from Cornillia herself. She said as much when Lelouch was interrogating her. Cornillia admired Marianne and cared for Lelouch and Nunnally. The reason she hated Japanese is because she blamed them for lelouch and Nunnally’s death.

  160. i’d place my bet on cornelia remembering bits and pieces over a long period of time, or maybe it came back all at once, just like viletta did. i agree with you. i’m sure though since viletta regained her memories, that cornelia will also regain her memories. if she discovers about marianne and were to remember lulu and make the connection between him and zero. in reality her reason for hating japanese is nonexistant. it was a fake reason, i lie told to her by the crown hierarchy. its a tough call to make. on the other hand her reason for hating zero is there, yet how would she feel about zero and lulu being one and the same? since lulu was one of her reasons for fighting so hard – quite possibly causing her faith in the britania hierarchy to greatly intensify. but strategically if you take away those reasons for hate you might be able to in a sense bring more balance to the odds that are against you.

    one idea she might have disappeared in the first place is that she felt betrayed by the britanian crown for lying to her about lulu. now shes asks herself, is nunally still alive too? train of thought next coming to marianne and the events surrounding her death. she was lied to and fought meaningless battles all for the sake of who charles, no not him, but the sake of crowning a new heir to the britanian throne. i know sure as damn well i would bet to say that she would not continue to fight for britania. or at least to that end – the one charles has in mind.

    at the same time. she still blames zero for her sister euphemia’s death. of course who wouldn’t be ticked off and upset? to this end, she wants to find the whole truth. that is what led me to believe she is investigating in the first place. she wont fight for charles or zero, she can however help lalouch on his way to the truth about his mother.
    besides she just ”disappeared”? all i’ll say is that its likely that her disappearance is related to the conversation her and lulu had.

    wait. another idea. what exactly was lulu’s command when he used geass on her? just came to mind, could lulu’s inquiry still be active on cornelia? i would think that since cornelia wanted in her heart to know the truth behind marianne since she saw lulu alive, that when she was geassed and given the same command – she was asked about it, she wasnt’ told but point is she already has the thoughts deep in her mind so that in theory might have enhanced the effect. afterall in the moments before you die, you have flashbacks, regrets, things go by real quick, even during those last moments you long to live on, just a little bit longer. so it would be just like when lalouch used his geass to command suzaku to ‘live on’ back on the island. as we’re seeing it still has effect on him. might be the same for cornelia. for now i’ll be leaning towards the other theory.

    in an effort to talk about other things ^_^ i started watching season 1 episodes again. frame…. by frame… sooo i noticed that C.C. may possibly have a connection to lulu’s mother marianne. just from some of the scenes where she watches suzaku and lulu playing together on a small hill – patch of earth. then i saw a picture of what i thought was her at the time of the britanian attack. can’t remember if that was her. it looked like her. anyways not just that, there was some of cc’s statements early on suggest some kind of relationship to the past. she first sets eyes on him in episode 1 season 1 and says something to the effect of, ‘its you, finally i have found my…’ during the chase scene at the beginning. so does that make lulu her, target?

    i do remember scenes from cc’s past… as she was living through the flow of time… i think there were shots of crosses… maybe from gravestones or no, churches. people were yelling, “witch,”. perhaps c.c. made a friend in marianne. i have theory. the whole explanation for mariannes death… i think there were 3 seperate stories told. there was the 1st being terrorists killed her. this was told to the general public. most people wouldn’t give it a 2nd thought and swallow it whole. then 2nd story comes to those who are ”insiders” and viral gossip going on between the high nobility and elites. this story detailed that it might have been an assassination by someone from within the crown. yet these people are ignorant and laugh it off as nothing unusual. after all it was because of the whole deal with the ashford family rising to prominence. i think infact that this 2nd story is nothing but a half truth. the assassination was real, but the part about the ashford family rising to prominence… it probably wasn’t a lie, but more of a scapegoat to blame to advance the crown’s political agenda. in other words that part was a cover story for an added measure of security. now as for that 3rd story, all the details aren’t clear, but i suspect that whatever relationship marianne had with c.c. was a problem with charles. the emporess marianne probably went against charles wishes…. his wishes were to fufill the contract with v.v. and destroy the gods using atasha’s sword. so this could explain why they’re looking for c.c. so badly. because they need her to activate this weapon. anyways, marianne likely refused charles plan preferring kindness and love equality etc, and she knew she was condemmed to die. i also heard somewhere i can’t remember where exactly, but that day-week she was killed, she sent cornelia and her unit elsewhere – they’d been tasked before with guarding marianne. i’m going to say that since marianne knew or felt she was going to die, she sent her guard away in order to protect them. from what we’ve seen, it looks like she was killed in her sleep, as shes dying we see her eyes open as if she awoke to her own death. and nunally being traumatized by this – and being shot in the legs. so i’m thinking marianne would have told c.c. to keep her son safe, don’t let him die, find him. to that effect. cause i can put together that lulu wasn’t immediately around at the time of his mothers death because otherwise he’d have died too. thats why he waltzed into charles court about his mother. so charles sent him and his sister off to japan as political tools for play in the ashford academy. so c.c. looks for lalouch… so she makes it to japan and finds him…. it just so happens she gets caught up in the britanian attack on japan and gets captured. so clovis starts doing experiments on her. then 7 years later, a japanese resistance group steals ”medical equipment”, which is reported to local authorities and the public as toxic gas. the resistance think this too, except that lalouch finds c.c. first and before he would have died, she gives him geass. the power of absolute obedience – the power of the king. code geass begins..

    so what could c.c.’s promise be from lalouche? i’m pretty sure she never actually told him yet. likely cause it relates to his mom, or no rather because it relates to a world that his mother marianne wanted to protect. anyway, as for cc., she is very zealous to not let lalouch die; and insists them to, ‘both be in this together,’ and ‘accomplices’. she says to him when he comes home, walking into where nunally is making paper cranes, she says, ‘welcome home, lalouche,’ and ‘he made a promise about our future together, right?’ lol the last quote was funny i thought cause she was talking to nunally who doesn’t know anything about whats going on and to further comfirm herself to lalouche. so what is that promise? anyone want to take a shot at this?

  161. Cornillia had enough time to speak to Lelouch for a bit. If I remember right Lelouch never got the chance to tell Cornillia to forget anything. He was interrupted before he could do anything else. Only thinkg she shouldn’t remember is the time spent under control of the Geass.

    Even Shirley was able to regain memories just from reading the note. Seems like Lelouch’s Geass isn’t absolute. Lelouch also regained his memory with the help of C.C.

    Cornillia’s status is something that I’m really looking forward to. I just don’t want it to be a last minute reveal. Makes you wonder where she could be hiding. If she was with Britannia there is no reason her Knights wouldn’t know about her. Gilford seemed to think that catching Zero would get him information on Cornillia. For a while I thought she would be the one taking care of Nunnally, but that doesn’t work now that Nunnally is out and no sign of Cornillia.

  162. i forgot about shirley it would be the same with her memories. hm i think i can point out something related but also different. though i’d think memories that are rewritten by charles’ geass have the effect of being permenant or at least a lot stronger cause that is charles’ geass’ power. only being reversed or negated by c.c. so memories altered and forgetting are too different things.

    to to reflect back on the episode, i wonder if everything could be fit into this season? lulu seems to be getting power a lot more quickly than he did in the first season. i’m sure everything will come to light in due time.

  163. Dragon you think too much. Just wait and watch 🙂

    PS: Neither Villetta regained her memories while the Geass had effect, nor Shirley did. Villetta discovered Zero’s identity at the dock, and was shot by Shirley herself. That injury caused her amnesia. On the other hand Shirley found out her note with the written truth, and she’s still wondering when and how she could have written it.

  164. Actually, Viletta remembered seeing Lelouch and wondered if that student had a connection to Zero. Later she saw Lelouch’s photo and recognized him, so she went after him in the hope that he would lead her to Zero. She was quite surprised that Lelouch IS Zero. Later, between the two seasons she was told about Lelouch, Zero and geass, so she probably figured out what happened.

    As for Cornelia – there has been no hint what happened to her, but since Guilford and his men don’t know where she is I think it’s safe to say that she left and went into hiding on her own (at least that’s what seems most likely to have happened). Since Cornelia saw Zero without his mask and learned that he is in fact Lelouch there’s a pretty good chance that she might remember this fact (in fact, she may already have remembered it during the past year). Let’s wait and see, shall we? 🙂

  165. I rewatched the part where Cornelia tells Suzaku that Zero is headed for Kaminejima. She remembers what she heard after the eye contact was broken and she was no longer under the effect of geass. However she also had trouble remembering something (or so she said) and Suzaku SAID: “Geass?” He said it aloud, so Cornelia probably heard him even though she did not say anything about it. More importantly, however, Lelouch walked to Cornelia with his mask off. Based on how much time passed before he used his geass there’s a pretty good chance that Cornelia will (if she hasn’t already) remember who Zero is. But even if she does doubt we would get to her before ep 15.

    13 The Assassin from the Past
    14 Geass Hunt

    My first thought after reading these two titles was that Jeremiah would be going after Lelouch. Or maybe he would be going after Rollo instead. Or both. Or – most likely – my guesses are completely off. In any case in the first season eps 13 – 16 are where Lelouch had to deal with another Geass, and it seems like it will be like that in R2 as well. Even both titles mention geass (in season 1 ep 14 was called ‘Geass Versus Geass’, in case someone has forgotten).

  166. interesting thought you guys have there….sadly there were too many replies that i forgotten my own opinions on them…dang. oh well i’ll wait til the next episode. nice essays btw.

  167. 13 and 14 are those the names of episodes for season 2? i thought it was only listed until 12 love attack? is there a more complete list?

    not sure what’ll happen with jerimiah but shortly i’ll throw this. he’ll probably fight zero and …idk c.c. as well. and almost win. except zero out smarts him with his geass command with i would assume still has effect.

    i agree about cornelia. got to go! thunderstorm!!

  168. like lulu said to kallen, your heart is yours, you chose me, lol

    anyways i was thinking what we think of as lulu’s power of ‘absolute obedience is not absolute by conventional means maybe by sheer force of will. the real weakness of the power of the king is not that lulu can use it only once on a person, but that it cannot control the power of the heart. thats why we saw euphi struggle before and then kallen who wanted to make sure she wasn’t following zero/lulu through force of will, but as lulu comfirmed through her heart.

    which brings me to my next qeuestion. it was mentioned in episode 2 that lulu’s geass could become stronger than it currently is later at some point. my question is how?

  169. Think Power of the King refers to any Geass abilities in general, though it is much more applicable to Lelouch than anyone else (maybe his dad as well?). Absolute obedience refers to the inability of a person to refuse an order given by Lelouch. Euphemia probably came close, but she succumbed to it in the end, inevitably, as well. The weakness of the Power of the King is that the user cannot control it totally. Think Mao, and then Lelouch. That was what C.C. meant by possible consumption by the power. It was not a reference to real tangible weaknesses, but rather the dangers of using it on the user himself.

  170. Hey dragon, I was reading your comments on the symbolism at the end of the ending sequence, and I thought you were very right about Suzaku. Kalessin raised a very good point about Cornelia as well.

    From it, we could see that Zero, Kallen and C.C. are unequivocally dressed in black-themed costumes, whilst Cornelia, Euphemia, V.V. and Charles are their respective counterparts in white. If we are to follow through with all the symbolism, it pretty much follows that Cornelia should remain loyal to the Britannian empire, no matter what her fate or circumstance had evolved to be. Also, Suzaku, being dressed in black, whilst putting on a white outer coat as well as being attached to white wings, could symbolize his betrayal, or also the fact that he, a Japanese, is working for the Britannians. Black on the inside, white on the inside, if we take Black to mean Order of the Black Knights/Japan and White to mean Britannia. Large white wings could also mean his total inclination towards Britannia, or rather an emphasis of his betrayal. These are all points raised already.

    I would like to add more, regarding Rollo, Nunnally and Gino. If you looked closer, Rollo was in white shirt with black trousers. He had a top half of white wings, and a bottom half of black wings. From what I see, the fluttering white feathers shows that his white wings are disintegrating. Following through on the symbolism again, it could mean his continually eroding loyalty to Britannia and a strengthening one towards Zero/Lelouch/OftBK.

    Nunnally, meanwhile had nothing to show for it, i.e. no obvious inclination towards either side, a pretty just symbol of her character so far- she is obviously caught in between, as a pawn or side character or a motivation for Zero… simply with no tendency to sway to either side.

    The most interesting one, but also the one I am most unsure about, is Gino. He was obviously dressed in black and green trousers, when he appeared with Anya. Anya was in white, with white wings, and I could not discern clearly from the pictures if Gino had white wings as well, or the latter belonged solely to Anya. If the second is the case, then it could virtually mean a betrayal of Britannia by Gino. This is not inconceivable, if you consider his hots for Kallen growing beyond reasonable proportions. Also, if you consider the traditional Arthurian legend, the knight Sir Tristan (also the name of Gino’s Knightmare Frame) was probably famous for his love affair with Iseult. While I would not read too much into that, it probably could signify how love is probably going to play a big part for his character.

    Speaking of Arthurian legend, and I have spoken on this before, Sir Mordred is the epitome of betrayal. I would love for Anya to betrayal Britannia and join Zero. It wouldn’t hurt to have another loli by his side, would it? But I doubt that would happen. A last point is about the motivations of Anya and Gino. Why are they fighting for Britannia? It is not really specified. As in, for Gino, yes he is born a Britannian noble and what not, but that is not as strong a motivation as say Suzaku’s laughable wish of trying to change the superpower from within. Anya, meanwhile seems to be always blogging about her life- a very normal teenager if you ask me. They do not seem to suffer from any traumatising events like say Lelouch, Suzaku, Kallen or Cornelia. Or rather, not that we know of, at this point in time. Therefore their potential for switching sides is not zero.

  171. Dang it L beat me to it. I was about to comment on Rollo’s behalf after rewatching R2 ep 1 again. But you do have a good point on Gino. I would like to see him betray Britannia it’ll make the series even more enjoyable. And to answer your question on whether Gino has wings or not…he in fact does not have any. 😀 interesting

  172. There was talk about who is Knight of one i’m not sure but i was told that if you watch R2 ep 2 around 19:19 the second guy to the right (the one standing with long purple hair) is Knight of one. His name is Bismarck Waldstein. 😀

  173. i was watching episode 5, noticed arthur, the black cat with a white feather. if cats were to chase birds and birds have feathers. not sure if its possible to explain, but another symbolism? birds can have both white and black feathers… arthur also seems to bite suzaku even though he likes cats its another symbolism of the inner conflict suzaku faces!

    <> his white shirt is completely torn to shreds. he is also wearing a thick and heavy black cloak lined with gold. he is completely black on the wings. my thoughts are that his torn white shirt represent his past, the black wings and cloak represent what he has become, the hold chain around his wrist, no he seems to be holding one end of the golden chain that overwhelms every other character shown right now to cc. the gold chain also represents the fact that lalouche is bound to the contract he made with cc. that fact that shes at the end of the sequence, in reality shes at the other end of the chain, a way of saying they are bound together as accomplices.

    also what in the world is that golden trinket around lalouches finger? i’ll give a strawberry to anyone who figures that one out. ^^

    nunally plays the role of innocence. though she always holds her brother with high marks. and also suzaku being that him and lalouche are friends. also she doesn’t have any wings and is not affected by the gold chains.

    also with rolo, see the gold chain wrapped around his leg? rolo starts off on white side but becomes closer to lalouche and as a result is bound to zero because thats become part of who lalouche is.
    >> just found another one!! ending sequence, rolo feels jealous of nunally. if you look he is also in nunally’s shadow. ^_^

    hey at the next screenshot. you see cornelia watching over euphemia with the sword? but do you see the golden bird pirched on cornelia’s hand? what ever could that mean?

    as far as gino goes, i like his character a whole lot. for being a knight of rounds he sure does represent a gentleness and kindness. i’m sure hes good at heart. he does have a black shirt and a black cape. one thing to note is that he does not have wings at all. if we were to assume to green ribbon on nunally suggested innocence, than can we assume it is the same for the green on gino’s cape as well?

    just realised. the gold etchings on gino’s shirt and lalouche’s cloak might mean they’ve come from nobility/royalty. as much as i can see into gino, i would think his ideas of equality and peace and compassion are very different from that of charles. that alone makes him more likely to sympathize with lalouche. he also seems to lend some essence of humanity to suzaku. not sure how it will effect suzaku though.
    >>> he seems to show an interest in kallen, but so also does anya. of course who knows what shes thinking. someone steal her blog! -:_^

    not sure what to make of vv. and charles… except they’re both the ultimate enemy.

    i love kallen….. god…. anyways her clothing seems to be ripped a little, maybe that stems from feeling a little betrayed by lalouche not trusting her, with his self as zero and about geass. wow. shes in love with him. ^_^ you see shes holding that black coat that zero covered her with while she has a grip on that golden chain, as if to say i’m hurt but i’m still holding on to my heart. the positioning and percieved movement of her black wings suggests that her feelings towards lalouche are growing and her drive to follow zero intensifies. to cite a similar circumstance, think of death note. think that misa amane loves light with all her heart. she greats respects and supports kira. her love and devote only become more defined when she learns that light and kira are one and the same. i believe the same to be the case with kallen in relation to the fact that lalouche and zero are one and the same.

    suzaku continues to struggle with his past even now… if he continues on like he is, he will loose to his past, like lalouche once did.

    i have no idea what the broken egg and the egg shells mean. it just seems that cc is at the center of everything.

    Thank you L, oh well this always fun. ^_^

    oh right. does anyone get the idea that Laloche in his royal attire, look very much like Laharl from disgaea? what a striking resemblance.

  174. ah – 2nd paragraph i was talking about lalouch with the black cloak jacket. sorry i didn’t clarify.

    also when exactly does the next episode air in japan? reason being i dont want to risk writing some long thing only see everyone talking on the episode 10 page, when its reviewed. ^_^

  175. thank you. i’m in the united states EST time zone. to be honest i’m really excited to see what happens next. i just absorbed so much in the last 166 hours with code geass season 1 and 2 marathon -_^ and frame by frame analysis of each of the main characters. so i always find it fun to point things out and where they can go. sort of like putting together pieces of a puzzle. oh what the — lightning again. got to go.

    what did you think of my anlysis? did i miss anything?

    room just lit up.

    can’t wait for tomorrow night/morning!

  176. WOOT! Essay on symbolism yet again! Go Eastern Time! Another idea for the broken egg is maybe something about C.C will be revealed. I just love Kallen’s and C.C outfits. Looks like Anya won’t be switching sides if your theory on Colors is correct since she is covered completely in white attire. I wonder what would the next ending them be.

  177. oh did i say anya was to switch sides? i might have typed something wrong. hm never said that one ^_^ might have been someone else?

    there’s is still a lot we dont know about cc. i can’t even reach my hand into the future enough to predict too much with her. there is just so much we dont know. so there is a lot to be revealed about her. shes not human obviously, shes immortal, you can say shes a witch. what her wish be? to be make mortal as a human? to die since from being immortal and alone? nah, could it be related to lulu? it has to be related somehow to lulu. otherwise she wouldn’t care so much about him not dying. of course add all the human elements and she becomes attached herself to him. who knows.

    kallen x cc + lalouche = epic win. ^_^

  178. @dragon

    Did you just pick up the series? 166 hours oh my, how many times did you repeat watching it? I think I just found a more hardcore fan than me.

    Anyway, about your literature-like analysis, I thought the Arthur (cat) one was pretty forced. Also to refine your point better, Lelouch’s ‘white on the inside, black on the outside’ is basically an inverse of what Suzaku’s is. So if you put it that way, you cannot help but notice just as it is for Suzaku, Lelouch is as much a traitor as the latter is.

    I like the point about the chain a lot. Starting with Lelouch, ending with C.C., with all other characters caught up in between. Their contract of Geass was the whole thing that started the entire affair, and all the other characters have no choice but to become victim to this. And I would like to think so as well- it would mean these two would prove ultimately victorious.

    Also, on C.C., if you look closer, she is not wearing anything. There are only black wings superimposed on her body. It could mean how she was originally neutral, or rather only concerned about her own benefit, i.e. making Lelouch stay alive, but now she has evolved to another OftBk member, who is becoming increasingly concerned about the survival of the Order and the success of Zero’s rebellion.

    The point about Kallen, I didn’t really like your comparison of her with Misa. Firstly, personally I don’t like Misa, while I LOVE Kallen. Misa is some Kira-crazy jealous girl, while Kallen is different. She was probably Zero-crazy in Season 1, but in a respectable way comparable to Kiyomi Takada. Also, to Misa, discovering that Kira was Light was probably a bonus; to Kallen, however, she did not like Lelouch too much prior to her discovering him as Zero. Thirdly, Misa was definitely another pawn- but I would like to think that Kallen is not. Maybe she was in Season 1, but her discovery of Lelouch as Zero, saving of Zero, aiding in the return of his memories, and now joining C.C. in his circle of his most trusted lieutenants, and last but not least, her seeing Lelouch at his weakest and that pseudo-pep-talk given to him, all cumulated in her rising status as an important pivotal character in the show.

    I do think she is no longer manipulated in this season. Like I have said, she now knows how Lelouch feels, what is important to him, his initial motivations, etc. She probably has growing feelings for Lelouch, but it kind of sways towards admiration and respect, rather than love. She for one, has a very strong sense of where to stand, and where her loyalties should lie. In this regard, she is the anti-thesis of Suzaku, pretty much mirrored in the countless Guren vs. Lancelot battles we have seen so far. Anything which or anyone who, is the anti-thesis to Suzaku, deserves some kind of respect. My enemy’s enemy is my friend. I don’t really care for Kallen X Lelouch, and I do not really want her to fall in love with him. Love is usually a woman’s weakness (or even men, for that matter). Seeing her own Suzaku (and the other Britannian pilots) totally is the only thing I hope for. I was so happy watching Turn 6, man.

  179. On the topic of Karen: Her code name is (and has been from the start) ‘Q1’. Wanna bet that ‘Q’ is short for ‘Queen’? The most powerful and second most important piece in chess (second in importance only to the King piece)? So she’s most definitely NOT like Misa from Death Note (who was just another tool for Kira).

  180. i agree, i know the misa reference wasn’t the best one. haven’t really thought of kiyomi. sorry twas a bad example. ^^ actually thanks for pointing it out, blah that was bad. misa is nothing like kallen. i took in so much recently between all my posts on here as im watching, so it was hard to think. its like writing an essay, but then you have other people proofread it for you, you can see things in a new light.

    i’m the same, about kallen. except that i’m for her x lalouche. guess we’re polar opposites on that. respect and admiration are facets of love; prerequisites. i also want to point out that there seem to be quite a few girls who take to lalouch. on so many different levels too. there was shirley, euphemia to name two. the reason i think they’re getting closer is the fact that lalouch is no longer fighting for just himself. that also allows kallen to pivotly increase her role. there is also the matter with cc with many of her actions, people seem to like to tease kallen about her feelings, especially cc. even lalouch teases her. even in the babel tower she was ticked off but lulu said that her heart was her own and that she chose him. not just in a zero sense but as we’ve been seeing i think that the signs are there. basically the idea that she is no longer being manipulated and the idea lalouche is not just fighting for himself anymore begs into question some of these feelings as respect and admiration. asside from cc, kallen is the only one who knows his idenity and who knows him outside of school. plus it was kallen who went to see him at his darkest hour in episode 7, where she slapped him when he almost kissed her in his depressed state. lalouche meeting up with milly, rivals, and shirley was also seperate. in episode 9, zero takes off his mask and she is talking to lalouche and she actually thinks back to when he was going to kiss her and ends up falling on top of him. she asks him why he came back, and says her by name asking her to go back to ashford academy with him when the fighting is over. to back out of their universe just a bit, i think that there are situations in other drama situations from other japanimation, even live movies that focus on drama. so i think that whole situation is served to point out development between their human characters, not just the relationship between bodyguard/subordinate/follower and zero.

    Q1….. i completely missed that. i love it. i think that works really well, especially considering q1 is not a coordinate on a chess board… queen and king huh. too bad misa amane was a tool…

    long live kallen, lalouche, and the pizza girl! ^_^

  181. i misread in your post, about how you hope kallen wasn’t like misa. when i said we were polar opposites. i’ve become a strong advocate of lulu’s inner circle so yeah looks like we’re both hardcore kallen fans ^_^ i started to like pizza girl too, XD kallen is definitely the QUEEN. -_^ she gets upset too when lalouch tells cc things and not her. haha like about the urabe pilot issue and lalouch counters about their ‘relationship’ i thought that was funny. then when cc and lalouch switched places when they took the chinese consulate and kallen was all smiles thinking she was talking to lalouch after hearing that long speech. hah, she even asked why they were hiding things from us and cc pointed countered by asking if it was more like “me” instead of ‘us’.

    i don’t think the feeling of traitor fully applies to lalouche when it comes to suzaku. i think it does when you look at the relationship between just the two of them, but technically suzaku is more of a traitor to japan and for selling out his friend to the emperor. lalouche has no country so hes going to create his own 😀 the united states of Japan! ^_^

    this is fun, so many ways to look at everything. its like a universal looking glass. no matter how you look into it, its never the same and you always see something new.

  182. got to love the victory music that plays when lalouche ”clears the objective”. like what plays after they first reach the chinese federation. also i liked the 1st episode, conveying the whole ”we’ve come for you, lalouche” feeling when the bk attack the tower.
    he says, “it was not i who was at fault, but the world! i world must be changed, i will change it” just as kallen and urabe crash through the roof, and with the dramatic music its like , lord zero, please issue your orders,”. pretty damn cool, huh.

    when i think of code geass i’m reminded of the drama and sequencing of the game final fantasy tactics.

  183. just last week… exactly. i started off watching it on adult swim after bleach and death note which i am really into. so i thought. hey whats this. i watched the first episode and was bought in my the simple fact that this guy just got this power and he ordered enemy soldiers to kill himself by his royal name… -_- wow. then i keep watching nothing changes just keep watching through the next month. by the 2nd episode he was commanding people like a king does on a chess board. i immediately thought light yagami, and wow this guy lalouche is freaking tough as hell. so yeah lalouch is awesome, and i like kallen and cc, their personalities are attractive and it just so happens that my favorite colors are red and green. emotion in the voices is exceptional. so just this last week i watched episode 7 on adult swim and i just had to see what happens next so i came online all sunday morning and monday watching all the way up to episode 9 in the 2nd season. so yeah i absolutely fell in love with the ace of elevens and pizza girl. not to mention my older cousin likes to do research on our family last name, i don’t know any details, but from what i’ve heard supposedly i’m of royal blood of ireland, that we have castles still standing in poland, sweden, who knows what else and i had an uncle named sir francis drake. oh one i learned a few months ago some of my ancestors came here on the santa maria- one of the ships that traveled with the mayflower. -_- so yeah. so code geass is really amazing. i think its cool as hell. ^^

    too bad i can’t meet a witch… if only haha Xd

    and you?

  184. Well that explains it. Because people usually do not make so long comments on the show as a whole, if they have been watching it all along, since they would have probably stated their points long ago. So I was guessing you picked up the show only recently. So US just started airing it recently on Adult Swim dubbed, which made you like it so much that you began to watch it subbed? Subbed episodes are nicer, personally. The Japanese voice actors give so much life to the characters.

    I only started watching a few months back, actually, so I did not suffer from having to wait for the one hr finale of the first season, and before I knew it, the second season was already out.

  185. yeah thats basically it. except that even if i had been following since the very first episode i still believe in talking about different points. its like continously sharpening your blade so it will never become dull. i’m passionate, thats just the kind of guy i am.

    now we have to wait like everyone else. its going to be fun. as for the subbed, i know what you mean. dubbed also has the advantage of mental and vocal clarity where as the subb serves to sort out any details left out. i think the emotions are there as a whole, but its always nice to watch both. especially if you’re going to absorb yourself with something like code geass or death note. i like to explore new ideas and possibilities and see how i can shape those emotions into real life. like ethics and morals, philosophy and the human element itself. i try to draw all the possitive aspects that i can so that my vision of the future remains clear. of course most people don’t give a 2nd thought and move forward too quickly, not stopping so much as the world around them becomes a blur and they’ll never see anything but what they’re own emotions build in place of ideas and possibilities.

    anyways i make a point of defending all and get trampled for it, someone has to keep their head up and find discovery. its not nessessarlly the truth i would seek in my analysis of anything but rather discovering and exploring and establishing. so i can really immerse myself into dubbed or subbed and come away with the same emotions. most people aren’t able to do that much ^_^ its just how i am, if i listen to a song i can listen to it 30 times over before i get tired of it or watch something on a screen and take as much as i can from it. i try to look not at the stars from earth but at the earth from the stars, so to speak.

  186. O.O so much to read! I hate working >.> Just wondering who got you into Code Geass L? Dragon was watching it on Adult Swim what about you? I got into it in my school club a friend of mine brought in the DVD and I the only Junoir in the class would not stop talking about it. lol I finally got my sister to watch it with me too. lol just realize theres two royal blood here not including Lelouch XD. time to eat

  187. Personally I like watching the subs better than the dubs. At times they pick the worst voice actors for the characters and it ruins the character feature. I did some research and the guy that does Lelouch voice used to be the Green Power Rangers and that totally ticke dme off so I decided not to watch the dubbed. I don’t think it’s bad to be analytical, I don’t see any problem with that but most people do and it’s said cause they’re missing out on a lot of insight.

  188. i haven’t been this involved in a series since xenosaga. ^^ 3rd opening is epic win. it really comes out at you. especially if you like the music its earth stopping. 😛 i especially like how the characters split apart – artistically. its really a testament to lulu, kallen, and the rest of the main characters getting pulled in different directions.

    still thinking of the c.c. theory. cannot wait to see this next episode. episode 12 will also be fun, its called love attack 0_o

  189. i know what you mean shamaticgrl, i know a lot of dubbs are not that great quality wise. maybe it doesn’t phase me as much as others. the english va of lalouche was the green ranger? you mean the original, one who played tommy? mm lol like i said that fact passed me right by, didn’t phase me ^_^ overall i think the dub is pretty good, each of the characters va seem to fit well for american. if it means anything, i’m not complaining either lol i’m not a purist say like … viletta… or jerimiah ^^ orange

    its funny cause everytime i watch the opening on season 2, and i hear I CONTINUE TO FIGHT and i see jerimiah walking on the beach i just can’t help but laugh. hes misunderstood the whole series, you can wonder what he will do next.

  190. If Jeremiah were to walk up to me I’d say “Look Lelouch! Now go Jeremiah Hulk!” I wait waiting for the next episode cause I’m impatient and eventually that leads to me snapping at my parents.

    The first asian power ranger is Lelouch voice, lol.

    I’m just glad i have their soundtracks WOOT! I haven’t been into any other series since they finished Shaman King and that’s about 2 or 3 years now.

  191. oh yeah, wasn’t that adam? he was the black ranger lol so changed careers huh ^_- you have the code geass soundtracks? the music is pretty amazing. there are few songs that i really like. other than wings in my eyes, there is stories, strange girl, masquerade, and some tracks on the ost i’ll have to find somewhere. there is one song that plays in the first episode right when kallen gets in her guran to chase after lalouche. it sounds like xenosaga music to me.

    one thing that i’ve noticed recently is that cc talks to herself. i wonder if that is supposed to have any meaning. i’ve checked her profile on wiki, it seems to suggest that she is talking to marianne like i thought. theres nothing else beyond that however.

    just finished watching cg episode 8 dub on adult swim. black knights are formed! -_! listening to 0’s song now… LOL you never whats going to happen when that music starts to play, just fear the words, ”the conditions have been cleared”, i feel like there is a caption saying that on my screen and that i’ve just completed an stage on Final Fantasy Tactics -_- hah. cool. haha nightmare is another just the same ^_^ maybe representing zero’s ruthlessness. ;^^

    i remember shaman king. didn’t see the last what 2 episodes, cause that main villain got more powerful when they tried sealing him with 1000 beads and he said they needed 100 million now or something. i forgot about it after that. it was fun to watch.

    okay while im thinking about it, i didn’t like kallen’s english voice at first…… at first…. then after hearing both her act in school, and her real self. i just have to say not bad at all. pretty good i must say,

    lol i remember reading a comment earlier about jerimiah being comedic effect, that hes like team rocket ……. haha

  192. heh i have to completely agree with the points kalessen made with the sub/dub issue. theres no solving it unfortunately, thats just how we humans are. ^_; yeah i noticed lulu’s va was also vash from trigun. it was decent, too much dessert though. i hate super hot places. beach is okay though. ^^ as for todou i listened to him talk briefly tonight as i watched episode 8, i thought the same thing. his voice is a little high. its okay though as long as the actor keeps the emotion there, i’ll get used to it and forget about and probably like it. if anyone knows, like nick bass did the voice for sephiroth in the first kingdom hearts game. most people complain and say he has to have a deep voice argh!!! i’m just like ‘No,’. doesn’t matter if you like the guy or not, he is a professional vocalist and since sephiroth appears to be young enough i thought nick bass’ voice along with the character were surperb in their execution. unfortunately people whined about it cause they’re ignorant fools (haha) and we got a “d-eee-per” voiced sephiroth. -_- good thing i got out of final fantasy 7 when i did…

    actually i watched death note and bleach not too long ago and after my rush experience with code geass as i watched the other 2 animes and i’m like this isn’t exciting at all! lol

    i was actually wondering about how Lalouche’s geass will become stronger. anyone any ideas? i could go into a whole host of things. suffice to say if lalouche were to go out of control through his father somehow or get tricked into issuing himself an order through his own geass, what would happen. would anyone save him. i doubt cc could help him, she might be captured or occupied with v.v. and lets face it kallen would be at a disadvantage. keep in mind this is all hypothetical based on current information. how would kallen be placed.. im thinking about the nature of lalouche’s power. the power of the king that influences the mind through absolute obedience. Q1, Kallen by herself would be severely limited in what she could do, so add in the fact shes lulu’s bodyguard and faithful follower, it would be interesting entertain the notion of kallen getting a geass herself, from cc who lets say is unable to help/ thus save lalouche. if it were to be conceived, i’d think that Q1, Kallen,…. idk for all intents and purposes think of the series and lalouche’s plans and strategies and tactics have themes and rules that are remarkebly similar to the game of chess. it sounds corny but anyways, she’d get the power of the queen – in keeping with the chess theme lalouche works with. so what would her geass be able to do? simple, instead of having power like lalouche does over the mind, she would hold the same power over the heart. so she’d pull this off somehow near the end and save lalouche. just thinking since the queen in the game of chess is the most powerful peice on the board, and also you could say in the game of chess that the queen acts at the kings personal bodyguard. its all looking way too far ahead, but its interesting to think about.

    before anyone says anything about rolo, i’m going to predict that he dies in order to save nunally, a sister that he feels jealousy and envy towards. reason being that academy isnt going to cover lalouche forever and so v.v. might do something to influence rolo. anything could happen really.

  193. oh i remember that comment! common sense is something suzaku lacks, seriously. idiot. i’m on the verge of wanting him to just… die. i know hes good and all, but like… if he keeps being a jerk… thats putting it lightly, there was to be something to change his mind. because all he’s been doing is ignoring just that, common sense.

  194. yes. indeed. predict wasn’t the best word. i wasn’t sure how to word it. its another idea based on little information but for what we have. so its still fun to make predictions. i think intuition betrays our sense of perception. so i try to make use of it the best i can. ^^ its fun

    i see. i dont want them to die either. it’d be sad if lulu and cc died, imagine kallen how she would feel. wow. i’m also getting the notion that lalouch is vastly out numbered and could be overwhelmed by all the various personalities who are trying to kill him.

    not only that, i feel as if even with rolo’s geass and the power it has, it just wont be enough to stop vv and charles and jerimiah. unless lalouche can somehow use schneizel to his advantage. after all we do know that charles’ the emperor’s children are fighting for the throne… so what truth could we hear from schneizel? i dont think it will be anything that we might expect. point is zero really needs more allies. not sure if he does for certain. its all so complicated really.

  195. if there was a way we could narrow down what might be c.c.’s wish in the contract might help a whole lot.

    hey did you ever see my c.c. theory? its a few pages back. i think it was between 12 and 15. i have it saved. i’ll paste it. i want to hear your insight on this. also i was reading some of her profile on wiki, and it said something about how she talks to herself a lot, like shes talking to marianne or someone. also i have a suspicion that atasha’s sword isn’t just used to kill gods, anyways here is my c.c. analysis and theory.

    “””in an effort to talk about other things ^_^ i started watching season 1 episodes again. frame…. by frame… sooo i noticed that C.C. may possibly have a connection to lulu’s mother marianne. just from some of the scenes where she watches suzaku and lulu playing together on a small hill – patch of earth. then i saw a picture of what i thought was her at the time of the britanian attack. can’t remember if that was her. it looked like her. anyways not just that, there was some of cc’s statements early on suggest some kind of relationship to the past. she first sets eyes on him in episode 1 season 1 and says something to the effect of, ‘its you, finally i have found my…’ during the chase scene at the beginning. so does that make lulu her, target?

    i do remember scenes from cc’s past… as she was living through the flow of time… i think there were shots of crosses… maybe from gravestones or no, churches. people were yelling, “witch,”. perhaps c.c. made a friend in marianne. i have theory. the whole explanation for mariannes death… i think there were 3 seperate stories told. there was the 1st being terrorists killed her. this was told to the general public. most people wouldn’t give it a 2nd thought and swallow it whole. then 2nd story comes to those who are ”insiders” and viral gossip going on between the high nobility and elites. this story detailed that it might have been an assassination by someone from within the crown. yet these people are ignorant and laugh it off as nothing unusual. after all it was because of the whole deal with the ashford family rising to prominence. i think infact that this 2nd story is nothing but a half truth. the assassination was real, but the part about the ashford family rising to prominence… it probably wasn’t a lie, but more of a scapegoat to blame to advance the crown’s political agenda. in other words that part was a cover story for an added measure of security. now as for that 3rd story, all the details aren’t clear, but i suspect that whatever relationship marianne had with c.c. was a problem with charles. the emporess marianne probably went against charles wishes…. his wishes were to fufill the contract with v.v. and destroy the gods using atasha’s sword. so this could explain why they’re looking for c.c. so badly. because they need her to activate this weapon. anyways, marianne likely refused charles plan preferring kindness and love equality etc, and she knew she was condemmed to die. i also heard somewhere i can’t remember where exactly, but that day-week she was killed, she sent cornelia and her unit elsewhere – they’d been tasked before with guarding marianne. i’m going to say that since marianne knew or felt she was going to die, she sent her guard away in order to protect them. from what we’ve seen, it looks like she was killed in her sleep, as shes dying we see her eyes open as if she awoke to her own death. and nunally being traumatized by this – and being shot in the legs. so i’m thinking marianne would have told c.c. to keep her son safe, don’t let him die, find him. to that effect. cause i can put together that lulu wasn’t immediately around at the time of his mothers death because otherwise he’d have died too. thats why he waltzed into charles court about his mother. so charles sent him and his sister off to japan as political tools for play in the ashford academy. so c.c. looks for lalouch… so she makes it to japan and finds him…. it just so happens she gets caught up in the britanian attack on japan and gets captured. so clovis starts doing experiments on her. then 7 years later, a japanese resistance group steals ”medical equipment”, which is reported to local authorities and the public as toxic gas. the resistance think this too, except that lalouch finds c.c. first and before he would have died, she gives him geass. the power of absolute obedience – the power of the king. code geass begins..

    so what could c.c.’s promise be from lalouche? i’m pretty sure she never actually told him yet- maybe she did and we dont know it. likely cause it relates to his mom, or no rather because it relates to a world that his mother marianne wanted to protect- or maybe she wants to die or become mortal? anyway, as for cc., she is very zealous to not let lalouch die; and insists them to, ‘both be in this together,’ and ‘accomplices’. she says to him when he comes home, walking into where nunally is making paper cranes, she says, ‘welcome home, lalouche,’ and ‘he made a promise about our future together, right?’ lol the last quote was funny i thought cause she was talking to nunally who doesn’t know anything about whats going on and to further comfirm herself to lalouche. so what is that promise? anyone want to take a shot at this?”””

  196. I live in London, so there is no Adult Swim or TV Tokyo to let me watch my anime on TV. So I either watch them streamed online or I download them. Speaking of subs leaving certain things out, that might be true, but you should download the good quality ones. Certain fansubbing groups go a much more serious job than others, and they go all out to explain certain terms. Also, if subs have the problem of leaving certain things out, dubs have the same problem as well. Because of linguistic differences, it is simply different to translate some Japanese terms to English. E.g. ‘shinigami’ probably holds greater impact, than say ‘soul reaper’. To admit, I did not watch the dubbed version of CG. I have been following the subs all along, and it was only that the dubs came out. I mean Fukuyama Jun is so awesome voicing his epic speeches, I wouldn’t want to hear anything else. I would watch raws if I could, but my Japanese is not too proficient.

    Oh I picked up Code Geass on myself, with no introduction from anybody whatsoever. Just saw a summary and the screencaps of an episode on some anime blog and thought this looks like one cool show- downloaded it and finished it in 2 days. But the cliffhanger ending was pretty turn-off, but typical Sunrise. Then before I know it, Omni blogged the first episode of R2 and here we goes.

    I did not dislike Suzaku in the first season, but after the first two episodes of the second, I simply LOATHED him. I did not like the Zero in Season 1 either, but Zero this time round is proving to become more of an hero than he was in the pilot season. I loved Kallen right from the first episode, when I first saw her fighting in the knightmare frame. Did not think much of C.C., until the start of the second season. Besides, C.C. dressed in Black Knight outfit is just pure win.

    And episode 10 is airing now in Japan as I speak! But we would have to wait a few hours for Omni summary, and a few more for the subs to be out ):

  197. i know. now that you say that, i’m thinking at how much information of the plot is put into each episode. there is a lot that happens from start to finish. i was really omg when suzaku came up to lalouche at the academy and put him on the phone with his sister. then the next episode it gets resolved as easily as it started, with rolo. that scene was also a good way to show rolo’s increasing loyalty and trust in his brother/zero.

    so nunally’s caretaker, sayoko? the maid. lalouche revealed himself to her on the iceberg ship. not sure if there is any signifigance to that. so lalouch wants to take louyang, he has tianzi right now. so he’ll have almost enough power to stop britania. so what are your thoughts on cornelia and cc?

    that is true, zero is known for miracles. its interesting about zero’s name. britania takes over its colonies and replaces their names with “Area’s and numbers”. Lalouch was abandoned by his country, so he doesnt have a country. it might be that reason he named himself zero. or possibly area 0… if there was such a place would be the britanian mainland. or maybe 0 because he wants to free all the area colonies from britania.

    its 4 in the morning eastern time, i’m going to get some sleep. looking forward to tomorrow, or well no, later today.

  198. i feel the same about suzaku. i hate him. i’ve always loved kallen and pizza girl right from the start. they got better and better each episode. the drama in the 2nd part of the 1st episode in R2 was great. Lalouche is really starting to shine. then he had his lapse with nunally then he found himself again and his reason for fighting was not just for nunally anymore. the symbolism in the outro of season two is also epic. love kallen in devil wings… and holding lalouche’s jacket.

  199. eclipse is pretty good i’ve found after watching all the r2 episodes so far. they sound good.

    i think suzaku will switch sides at a critical moment. he seems to talk with charles a bit. imagine if he knew some of the things charles talked about when he wasn’t there. i really think he will. im almost waiting for it. still an idiot. about zero acting evil in his schemes, i dont mind so much i just think thats part of his character and his alias.

    jerimiah im with you there. he should have stayed dead. of course its not horrible hes still alive either. he is like a wild card on the enemies side. who knows there could always be room for a show down of villetta who may or may not switch sides cause of ogi and they face off.

  200. Kalessin, you are probably in the minority since the reason why the producers brought him back was fanservice. I for one, thought he was quite amusing, but when he became too much of a pest, and a powerful one at that, then the producers had done more than they should. I mean, in terms of plot driving, this is pretty much a redundant character that does no progression for the show, but simply add another layer of obstacle that must be overcome. Besides, a character that is simply driven by pure revenge is simply too simple as a character to like. There is nothing complex about him whatsoever. Basically, Zero caused his life to break up, and so he became pissed, and that is it. Boring.

    I do not really care if Suzaku changed sides, actually. He should just get killed by Kallen or Kaguya-sama. I mean, the way he showed no remorse whatsoever when the latter said the Six Houses of Kyoto were eliminated was just.. disgusting. Talk about forgetting your roots, huh. Either that, or Zero should manipulate him, then that would be fun. I do not like Kira personally and I like L, but a scene where Zero does a Kira-face when Suzaku (like L) lies dying helplessly, knowing that he had been betrayed but not being able to do anything, will give me ultimate satisfaction in the world. A typical Zero-evil-laugh would cement it totally then. Ah, what fantasy.

  201. suzaku is… i despise him. i understand him, but hes .. gone too far. selling out his friend, so charles can rewrite his memories and those of his friends, killing his father, all while lalouch still believes in him. that last thread of hope lulu has with suzaku is that promise. of course he might live. -_…….

    kaguya seemed to be able to deal with suzaku at the party quite well, too bad like she says, that you can’t kill with just words. in a way i find that expression scary.

    jerimiah – i’m sort of neutral with the whole thing. he might end up serving as some well hidden and random point that somehow connects to cc and lalouche.

  202. so many ways to look at everything. ah well, its like we come up with certain details and we proofread each others works as if they are essays. all in good sport. fun ^_^

  203. L i just noticed you said about the episode airing, its over now, but yeah i cant wait for the new summary. they are pretty good here as well.

    that kind of power would be too powerful i think, for a geass anyway. its interesting to note that because lalouche’s geass seems to have so many restrictions on its use that if it became more powerful maybe some of those restrictions would disappear. of course how could you control anything if lalouche were to experience the geass runaway effect, like what happened with mao.

  204. oh thanks kalessin. lol i’m falling asleep at my desk! -_^ lelouch. thats intersting. ladle .. hm ^^ we see that he’s good at cooking and maybe he stirs the pot? in other words he’d have an effect on the era. possibly. shady and suspicious sound right too.

    well think of our own names. all names have some meaning or another, just as all words have a meaning. i remember playing zelda for n64 a long time ago and wondering, i’ve never heard of the name zelda before… i know its a real name, but often times artists and producers want to give their creations some sort of uniqueness sometimes through mixing names together, something that can symbolize them or make them stand out. or it could be just like you said, as nothing which it might also be.

  205. lol I like the naming of Lelouch lol ladle XD who would of guessed.

    Someone was talking about what possibility of Lelouch Geass will get stronger and I’m guessing it can go to longer range. IN season 1 he did state his Geass only affect an individual at a certain distance.

    I don’t think i like the fact that if Kallen would get a Geass. For me I think there’s too many characters….(so hard to think of the characters as just characters and not human) has geass.

    Looks like everyone loves Kallen and C.C! Who wouldn’t? They’re so awesome and I just adore C.C new outfit. Once I go to Otakon I’m gonna buy that Outfit and hang it in my room. O.O I probably won’t be able to reply to anything else since it’s fathers day and I have to go somewhere with my family but can’t wait for ep 10.

    keep up with the incredible essay!

  206. oh hey happy fathers day. ^^

    the kallen geass was hypothetical, if it was to happen at all, it likely would be near the very end or close to it. its neat idea considering the ongoing chess theme of the series,

    also remember, there seems to be or at least have been in the past many of those like cc and vv, those who can give geass. it was vv who gave rolo his geass afterall and cc who gave mao his geass. also got to be mindful of britania’s research on cc and also vv’s influence. i know they’re just games in an alternate universe in the anime, but in lost colors it seems to imply that people can be either given geass, or about to be given cells from cc to obtain geass like powers. i know what you mean, and i agree partly, but its also not inconceivable. besides shes part of lelouch’s inner circle. since she is the leader of zero’s personal unit i’d think that she’d want to play more than just pilot when lelouch confronts the final boss. i could see lelouch going out of control and cc would have a problem on her hands, so thats why i believe with geass or not she needs to be there too. shes trying to get closer to lelouch as well.

    also mao’s plot was simply to advance the underlying plot, about cc and geass. i can see where it was great when only lelouch had geass, but from what i’ve seen from mao, to rolo, and britanian research its not inconceivable. maybe nothing will happen in the series, but i’d say its a definite possibility within the code geass universe itself.

    also heard there would be a new opening ending starting episode 13, ^_^

  207. i know it is sort of late to mentioned here, but nina is so far the only anime character that truely piss me off with her personality. i just hope she will just disappear in my favourite anime series (although i know she didnt die at the end of r2)

  208. What the hell was up with Schnizel, or whatever his name is, with moving his king next to the opposing king?

    Doesn’t he know that in chess that is an illegal move? You cannot put your own king in check/danger. No matter what he would have been forced to move his king back and move his king somewhere else.

    If his king had no moves then he’d have to move another piece. The fact that Lulu doesn’t mention it as an illegal move or no else even watch says something is crazy.

    On a brighter note all girls were hot in this ep, especially Millay and Kallen on top of Zero. xD

  209. nina is the one and only person in this anime that i hate from the bottom of my heart.
    she is ugly, mean, stupid (ok…in moral terms) in every way possible.
    btw, did i see 13-year-old empress tianzi with curves?


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