In the aftermath of Otome withering the magical sakura tree, Yoshiyuki wakes up to find himself still alive. Otome had already left for school by the time he gets up, so Yume is the only one around to accompany him for breakfast, and she tries to cheer him up when she sees that he’s looking down. The talk around town is all about the withered tree, but it’s not until he gets to school that Yoshiyuki sees the first effects of it. Anzu’s memory, which had previously been perfect, is now faltering, and she doesn’t remember that they have a math quiz today. Later that day, Yoshiyuki runs into Otome and Mayuki, and although Otome still can’t face him, what’s really surprising is that Mayuki doesn’t recognize him. This leads Yoshiyuki to quickly realize that disappearing means that he’ll disappear from everyone’s memories. For the time being though, everyone around him still knows who he is, and Yume invites him to the rooftop for lunch. While they’re eating, Yume proposes making a bento for him, but she accidentally lets it slip that she knows that time is running out.

The next morning, Yoshiyuki gets up thinking about how there’ll be no one left living in the house once both he and Sakura have disappeared. The first person he runs into at school is Nanaka, and though it looks like she forgot him, she eventually recalls who he is. The only people in his class who still recognize him now are his close friends, and for that Yoshiyuki is very grateful. Otome meanwhile is at the library researching to find a way to keep him from disappearing. Yume eventually comes by and, after seeing what Otome is doing, she suggests having nabe that night with Yoshiyuki. When Otome turns down the offer because she’s going to be busy, Yume suggests that Otome will regret it, and Yume personally doesn’t want any regrets. As for Yoshiyuki, he finds out by the end of the day that Maya, Akane, and even Anzu have now forgotten about him. The one person he runs into who clearly still knows him is Yume, and she clings to him as they head home together.

Dinner that night is nabe as Yume had planned, and she wants to have nabe every night since it’s family dining. The happy mood is ruined when Yoshiyuki says that she’ll regret staying with him, however Yume thinks that it’s natural for them to be together since they’re siblings, and she vows to be by his side no matter what happens. At school the next day, Yoshiyuki finds out that everyone else has now forgotten about him, including Wataru, Koko, and Suginami. Because of this, he decides to leave school and says one last goodbye to everyone before walking off.


Well it figures…Yoshiyuki doesn’t get the luxury of disappearing immediately – it has to be a long and drawn out process where gradually everyone forgets him. Since it appears the people who have the strongest bonds with him remember him the longest, it seems fairly obvious that the final person who will still remember him will be Yume (that’s probably what that foreshadowing dream of the school rooftop scene from a few episodes ago was about). The question is if he truly disappears at the end of all this or if some miracle happens. I kept thinking throughout this episode though that they can’t have it both ways. After all that anguish and tears over the decision to wither the tree and live with Yoshiyuki disappearing, I’m not sure how happy I’d be with the story if everything magically returns to normal. On the other hand, I don’t think a good ending is possible if Yoshiyuki does disappear, so there has to be some way they’re going to keep him alive, with Yume likely being the key. We’ll find out soon enough…


  1. “What about Anzu’s wish disappearing? How’s that going to play?….”
    – Kit-Tsukasa

    That was the first consequence that was mentioned in this episode, as a sort of pre-cursor to everyone else losing their memories of Yoshiyuki. Anzu’s “perfect memory” is gone. Whether that’s all they say about it or not, we’ll see. Probably, I’m thinking, but might not be (with next episode’s title being what it is).

    “I really hope they make a third season with nanaka as the main female lead.”
    – kagebutsu

    Be careful what you wish for? ^^; In case it isn’t obvious (again), they’ve made it clear that Yoshiyuki had no feelings for Nanaka beyond just being a friend. You know, just in case history repeats itself and all…

  2. Don’t forget, Aisia (probably 50-60yrs old in this timeline).. she has powers too though I don’t know if she is still young as Sakura. She is probably the key to bring the Sakura Tree back to life and purify it so that Yoshiyuki wouldn’t disappear anymore.

  3. apparently by an amazing plot twist
    Show Spoiler ▼

    this was in the game so we need some foreshadowing cause were lacking details on whose route will follow chances are already yume’s and otome’s but who knows
    and about the rooftop.. well apparently thats where yume’s route end (its the setting)
    hmm so there were some editing done from the actual story but what the heck

  4. The plot story really far better than the 1st season for this DC II.
    I hope this will ended with happy ending like DaCapo 1st series.

    lets just wait for the next eps
    2 more to go…

  5. This episode was a heart breaker. To sit back and slowly watch everyone he has ever known slowly forget his existance must have been torture for him. Can’t wait to see the rest.


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