Everyone at Ashford is relieved to hear that Milly is okay, and Lelouch offers Shirley a handkerchief because she had been so worried. Rolo then takes Lelouch to the underground base via the secret entrance in the library and scolds him for getting carried away. This Lelouch is worried about keeping the real Lelouch’s personal relationships smooth while he’s gone, but Rolo feels that it’d be a problem if the double does too much. Removing the Lelouch mask, Sayoko claims that she understands, and both she and Rolo are subsequently worried to hear from Villetta that Schneizel has entered into the standoff scene in the Chinese Federation. Around this time, the Chinese Federation starts bombing of the mountain where the Black Knights are holed up, and Zero realizes that this means that the Eunuchs have forsaken the Empress. Li Xingke tries to stop the attack, and he’s furious when the Eunuchs reveal that they intend to bury the current Empress here and use a new one. He’s not able to strike against the Eunuchs though because Gino and the Tristan gets in his way.

Toudou, Asahina, and Chiba Nagisa then enter the battle in their respective Knightmare Frames, and C.C. joins in an Akatsuki as well, with Lelouch warning her to escape if things became unfavorable. When they start taking on the assault forces, Suzaku flies in on the Lancelot to face them, and down below, Anya uses the Mordred against what she considers to be the rebel Chinese forces. Onboard the Avalon, Nina observes that if Anya used the Mordred’s Stark Hadron cannon, then she could destroy the mountain tomb in one shot, but the others point out that they don’t want to be the ones directly responsible for killing the Empress. In the midst of all this, Zero contacts the Eunuchs to try to get them to stop the attack because the Empress will die, but the Eunuchs claim that she’s easily replaceable. Zero makes sure to bring up how the Eunuchs are ceding territory and the unequal treaty they’re entering into, but the Eunuchs don’t care about betraying their people because they’ll be Britannian nobles. They call Zero an idealist and feel that there will always be plenty of people since people are like insects, and this disgusts Zero because of what he calls the noble obligation.

The young Empress herself eventually has had enough of all this and emerges on the deck of the Ikaruga to yell for everyone to stop fighting. Reacting quickly, Xingke flies towards her and reaches her before the Chinese forces can kill her, even as the Tristan tries to get in his way. He’s able to protect her with the Shenhu and tells her to run away, however she doesn’t want to leave without him. With the Shenhu now taking hit after hit, Xingke wonders if he can save her and thinks about how everything he had prepared for the past six years was for her sake. In desperation, he calls for someone to save the Empress, and to his surprise, Zero answers the call in the brand new Shinkirou Knightmare Frame. The Shinkirou uses the Gawain’s Druid System and has the world’s best defense with its absolute protection field. It also has a significant amount of offensive capability via a special crystal that it can shoot out of its chest which allows it to reflect a devastating energy blast in all directions. Schneizel, however, is less concerned about the immediate threat and more interested in why Zero chose this timing to come out.

Zero uses a lull in the battle to call Xingke pitiful for being betrayed by his countrymen and not being able to save a single person, but he thinks that Xingke should now understand that only they can join forces. Though Zero appeals to Xingke’s ability to lead a country, Xingke has doubts about Zero being able to change the tide of the war with just the Shinkirou. This causes Zero to assert that the tide of the war is controlled not by tactics but by strategy, and at that very moment, the Eunuchs get word that an uprising has started in Shanghai. It’s not just in Shanghai either – this has simultaneously occurred in 14 other locations including Beijing and Islamabad – and it’s all because the earlier communications between Zero and the Eunuchs had been leaked. Xingke is shocked to realize that Zero talked to them because he knew that they’d betray their citizens, and Schneizel concludes that, given how fast things are going, Zero was using a plan that had already existed. Indeed, Zero, with the help of Diethard, had sparked a civilian uprising to match the coup d’รฉtat.

C.C. and Nagisa meanwhile attack Anya, and as the two Akatsukis clash with the Mordred, the Geass marking on C.C.’s forehead suddenly reacts. It causes her to experience flashbacks of Marianne and young Lelouch, and Anya feels something too. All this gives Asahina an opening to slash at the Mordred, and he succeeds in cutting off a wing and sending the Knightmare crashing into the ground. The rest of the Black Knight ground forces then emerge from the mountain, and although the others advise Schneizel to try to win by bombing the Black Knights from the air, Schneizel decides to retreat instead. He reasons that a country is made up of its people, and since the Eunuchs have lost public support, they aren’t qualified to enter Britannia as representatives of the Chinese Federation. Upon hearing of the retreat, Lelouch thinks to himself that he knew that his brother would do this, but he suspects that his father might have done differently. He then heads to the main Chinese vessel – where Xingke is now executing Eunuchs – so that he can get Kallen back, but Xianglin reveals that Kallen was handed over to the Knight of Seven, Suzaku. This frustrates Lelouch because it appears like Suzaku is trying to take everything from him, but he refuses to let that happen and vows to get Kallen back.

While all this has been going on, over in a desert land, Bartley and his men find themselves in front of V.V. and Jeremiah. V.V. had gathered them here because they were the ones who reconstructed Jeremiah in an attempt to reproduce C.C.’s power, and Jeremiah thinks that it’s an honor for someone to make the final adjustments to him. The following day, back on the Ikaruga, Xingke is reunited with the young Empress and vows to protect her through all eternity. Diethard feels the annulment of the Empress’s wedding needs to be trumpeted across the world, and he suggests that it’d be a good plan to have her marry someone Japanese instead. Kaguya, however, voices her vehement opposition because she sees this as an issue of love rather than politics, and it doesn’t help that C.C. agrees with her. Zero is able to avoid addressing the issue because Tamaki has come looking for him, though in the end, he takes a phone call from Shirley instead of listening to Tamaki. Shirley wants to talk about Milly’s graduation event, but Lelouch quickly changes the subject to how he can break up a couple who doesn’t want to be broken up.

Speaking from experience, Shirley talks about how love is power and how you think about the person you love every day, and she makes Lelouch realize that he has someone like that: Nunnally. Because of this, Zero decides to tell the young Empress that her future belongs to herself, and when Diethard protests, Zero asserts that the heart is the source of their power. Feeling that he understands Zero a little now, Xingke shakes his former opponent’s hand in an agreement to move forward. Meanwhile, at the Ashford library, Shirley is thinking about how Lelouch has been acting weird recently when she runs into Sayoko disguised as him. Sayoko panics because she doesn’t want Shirley to see the exposed secret entrance to the underground base, so she kisses her. The real Lelouch is at this moment telling C.C that he’ll be returning to Area 11 for the time being, and he isn’t too concerned about the Chinese Federation situation now that the people have risen. At any rate, he can now turn to their original goal involving the religious organization that creates and researches Geass users because controlling this organization would allow him to surpass the Emperor in the Geass aspect.

C.C., however, points out that this organization has been carefully concealed from the human world, and whenever its head changes, its location does as well. She had learned from the head who came after her – V.V. – that the current location is inside the Chinese Federation, but she notes that the country is huge and that even Rolo doesn’t know the exact location. Lelouch thinks that there must be traces of its existence via things like power supply or communication records, and C.C. guesses that he intends to find it using the power of the country. Regardless, he appoints her to remain there and wants her to contact him as soon as they get information on the organization. Upon his return to Japan, Lelouch is met by Rolo and Sayoko, and Sayoko tells him that she’s written everything that’s happened in his absence into a file. In talking strategy with Rolo, Lelouch reveals that he needs to figure out some countermeasures against the Knight of Rounds since he now has to face the Tristan and the Mordred as well as the Lancelot. When he arrives back at Ashford, one of the first people he runs into is Shirley who is looking despondent and wants to talk about what happened yesterday between them. Their conversation, however, is interrupted by the appearance of Anya and Gino, both of whom have decided to start attending the school.


So the question of who’s Lelouch’s double turned out to be not really a big deal at all since they revealed the answer first thing this episode. More interesting is the fact that Sayoko appeared to have kissed Shirley, and Lelouch doesn’t know. It probably means that Shirley will be a key figure again, at least in the short term, and that’s good news if you’re a Shirley fan. It also makes me wonder again if the resilience of her as a potential love interest will ultimately mean anything (i.e. Lelouch ends up with her). He’s always had a soft spot for her, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened.

The other significant plot development this week (aside from all the Chinese Federation stuff) was the conversation between C.C. and Lelouch about the religious organization/cult. Assuming this is related to C.C.’s powers and maybe the whole Jupiter thing, it finally feels like the story is starting to delve into some of the background topics that we’ve been waiting so long to hear about. They didn’t, however, really explain what happened between C.C. and Anya during the battle, or what C.C. appeared to realize from that.

Speaking of Anya, there’s the interesting angle developing where she knows Lelouch’s royal identity, but may or may not have told anyone else. Given that she’s now enrolled at Ashford, chances are pretty good that she’ll ask him about it, especially since it appears that we’re headed for another Ashford-centric episode next week. On that note, I do question what the purpose of next episode is since it feels like they’d be better served either trying to get Kallen back or searching for that secret organization. We’re already about halfway through R2, so I hope there’s no more dallying around with another Arthur-chase type episode. Having said that, the preview had this brief shot that really caught my attention. At first I thought it looked like Cornelia, and the fact that she’s holding a sword seems to support that, but then I remembered that Miyake Hitomi is supposed to make her debut voicing a character named Meeya I. Hillmick next week. It’s hard to tell from the preview who it really is, however it does make me very curious about who’s going to show up next week.


  1. omgomgomgmg XD what happened to anya on pic 14? but bum it was sayoko x3 and oooo the new girl looks interesting O_O;; compare that from the preview to the profile one and yeah XD

  2. Hoping they pull a Cornelia return at end of episode the same way Suzaku made his presence known at the end of the last school one.

    Nothing like a Lelouch OMGWTFBBQ in meeting Cornelia face to face…

    especially if SHE starts talking to like he’s Zero or if she’s been doing something in the background that’ll really mess with Lelouch

  3. F..Flying Lelouch!?!?!?
    Next episode preview feels so out of world.

    Man! I’m so pissed off at Suzaku for being so mean to Kallen.
    He made that face again, the “Hmph! You’re my friend but I’m still going to do this to you coz you’re wrong and deserve it AKA our friendship means nothing” one.

  4. Too bad they couldn’t go after Kallen, with Suzaku in Avalon along with Gino they can’t really keep up with them in their current state ie, just recently fought a heavy battle.

    I’m wondering when Suzaku will confront Lelouch or when he’ll confirm from Kallen that Zero really is Lelouch again.

  5. I loved this episode!!^_^ *happy*

    Random thoughts (only some)
    -Anya has suddenly become 100 times more interesting. I’m dying to know what’s up with her.
    -Sayoko! You’re a girl for heaven’s sake! How could you distract a girl by kissing her?? Poor poor poor Shirley. She’s been kissed by a girl.T_T On top of that she though it was Lelouch.
    -This is the first time I thought Tenshi was cute. She was adorable.
    -Zero and Shinku shaking hands!Yes!!The masterminds are on the same side now!^__^*very happy*
    -Shinku,Shenhu,Tenshi vs Zero,Shinkirou,Kaguya. Nice symmetric scene.
    -Shinku disposing of the Eunuchs = WAHAHAHAHAHA!
    -Kyoudai (Lulu and Rolo) reunite. Rolo seemed happy. *is happy too*

    *still very very happy ^__^ *
    I am so looking forward to next week!

  6. I loved this episode!!^_^ *happy*

    Random thoughts (only some)
    -Anya has suddenly become 100 times more interesting. I’m dying to know what’s up with her.
    -Sayoko! You’re a girl for heaven’s sake! How could you distract a girl by kissing her?? Poor poor poor Shirley. She’s been kissed by a girl.T_T On top of that she thought it was Lelouch.
    -This is the first time I thought Tenshi was cute. She was adorable.
    -Zero and Shinku shaking hands!Yes!!The masterminds are on the same side now!^__^*very happy*
    -Shinku,Shenhu,Tenshi vs Zero,Shinkirou,Kaguya. Nice symmetric scene.
    -Shinku disposing of the Eunuchs = WAHAHAHAHAHA!
    -Kyoudai (Lulu and Rolo) reunite. Rolo seemed happy. *is happy too*

    *still very very happy ^__^ *
    I am so looking forward to next week!

  7. Why do I have a feeling Lelouch is going to save Kallen, and in the mean time steal several of their top secret Knightmare frames….

    Maybe because I just rewatched Gundam o.o;

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  8. kallen is my favorite character, sucks they didnt save her this episode. Lulu better focus on saving her in the next few episodes. And hope she gets mad payback on ass Suzaku once shes free!!

  9. I have a STRONG feeling that Kallen is going to get brainwashed by the Emperor to do go against the Black Knights… I wonder if his Geass allows him to read minds as well… If so, Lelouch’s cover is blown.

  10. Things don’t look well for Lulu. Gurren in enemies hands as well as Kallen, C.C. weakened and on the top of that things in school didn’t get easier either.

    Hope they won’t make Kallen the tragic, brainwashed character – however I have a strong feeling they will..

  11. Eeek! Very angry Shirley – I wonder which guy is guilty of peeking? (given her state of underess)

    Two Lelouch’s!? (so that’s how he pulled that trick last episode of suddenly being in Ashford even while being in that major fight just moments earlier) And what kinds hats are those!?

    Sailor Enlil
  12. Oh snap, C.C is weaker here than the last season ๐Ÿ™ Another Ashford episode? Kinda interesting,,,, though that arobatic Lelouch isn’t really a nice picture to look at -.- I hope they get to the Geass plot soon.

  13. next episode is love attack !! dont tell me that is concern about shirly, anya,lelouch and cc and plus the new girl meeya.. haiz………. to think that they make a goof of the coming episode while kallen still hold capture by britania

  14. Oh, no, another Ashford episode (complete with dumb hats) when there are so many more interesting aspects of the show to explore? And with Kallen and the Guren in Britannian hands? Seriously?

    I hope at the very least there’s some kind of plot twist at the end, rather like Turn 5, to save Turn 12 from being a waste of an episode. I’m kind of disgusted that there’s about fourteen or so episodes left, and they’re focusing on another festival. There’s no time for filler material, not if everything’s to be wrapped up satisfactorily in fourteen episodes!

  15. LOL ahh so thats why kallen shows up at scholl next ep! to draw out Zero just proves my point about how love stories never have happy endings in code geass. This one seems over before it even begun! she prob goes to school as Suzakus date in that dress to pee off lelouch!

    WingZero zxt

    I think we may already have seen Miya in last week’s episode, even if she didn’t get a speaking part— Anya’s picture of Viletta standing by the pool had a buxom, pink-haired student just to her left who looks just like Miya (*Hountoni sou omou?* blog had a screencap!)

    Meanwhile, the Miya character design shows her with what looks like amber eyes and short forelocks. The leaping lady from next week seems to have gray, blue or purple eyes and long forelocks.

    I think its Cornelia!

    I don’t doubt Guilford will be as insanely excited as Diethard was when Zero returned. But I wonder whose side she will be on.

  17. About Kallen..
    Her memory has already been modified once, like the school council, to remember Rolo as Lelouch’s sibling instead of Nunnally.(She thought about the student council when Nina said she was an Eleven in the face of a friend.Rolo was there.)
    If she gets brainwashed or something, that’ll mean the emporer can geass multiple times on the same person or someone else did the student council memory modifications. I hope she doesn’t get brainwashed though.
    I guess Lelouch couldn’t think of an idea to save her so he went back to Ashford. (Come to think of it, it’ll be a perfect chance to geass Gino or Anya or both, they’d be helpful.)

  18. Is betting that the next episode contains at most 5 minutes of goofy wacky antics filler and the rest revolves around important plot points and resolving the Ashford story. Besides they still need to reveal how exactly the student councils memories got altered to exclude Nunally and include Rolo.

    Though I must say I’m impressed that people can apparently tell the entire contents of the next episode from roughly 15 seconds of preview. Next episode looks horrible from what we’ve been shown of it, but then again I said the same thing about episode 05 and it turned out to be mostly about Suzaku coming back to Japan and catching up a bit with the old Ashford crew and then maybe 5 minutes of cat chasing, some dancing and celebration and then the long awaited reintroduction of Nunally. Pretty plot heavy episode for what I and almost everyone else though was a for sure filler episode eh?

    Whatever the next episode turns out, I prefer to cross that bridge when I actually get to see it for myself rather then prejudge it and end up completely wrong. So people can just take that ultra cliche and tiresome :facepalm that they think makes them oh so extra clever when they end a post with it (it doesn’t because everyone and their mother does it these days) and turn it into a :mouthcup(.jpg) until the proper time comes to open up and sound off on episode 12, that being once it’s aired. Haha!

  19. RE: Yukarichan

    Kallen’s memory wasn’t modified. Remember in S2 ep1 or 2 when lulu asks kallen about Nannaly she says that they’re looking. If she had been mind wiped this would have all been forgotten about. The emperor could only mindwipe the people who he could (easily) get hold of, like all the Brittanian students at the school.

    Therefore, she’s a prime candidate for brain-washing. Hope they don’t though. Whilst Suzaku could attempt to justify handing lulu over for brainwashing, he has no reason to let the same happen to Kallen. Otherwise how can he retain any pretense that his methods are better than Zero’s if he lets the emperor use almost identical methods to control people.

  20. Awesome cornelias bck!!!!! she seems younger and erm bigger!! suzaku will prob end up brainwashing her then bringing her bck to school saying she was being used by Zero!
    @Kamui Suzakus methods arent better then lelouches OBVIOUSLY suzaku isnt so naive as to think the emperor hanst used his geass on other people!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHY SUZAKU IS A HUGE MONUMENTAL INTER-DIMENSIONAL TENGEN TOPPA DAIBU RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  21. This episode was made of so much WIN…
    -Li-kun pwned the Eunuchs HELL YES
    -return of ore!Suzaku <3333
    -clone!Lelouch being a pimp XD;;;
    -Anya=Marianne?! OMG the fandom predictions were right!!! O____o
    -Rolo being adorable and waiting for his brother <333
    -Gino and Anya attending Ashford LOL poor Lelouch and Rolo XD;;;

    …and I love the fact that this episode had MOAR ROLO. Can’t wait until next week when I get to see Rolo fight for his brother’shand in marriage ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ I approve Sunrise. I approve.

  22. That HAS to be Cornelia! It seems that she’s going downwards to Lelouch’s underground facility? Even though her actor can be playing a new ashford girl, it wouldn’t be surprising if she plays as two characters; I’ve seen it done before, and it doesn’t seem likely there will be a scenario that both are present in the same scene….

    I hope she brings a lot of plot twists in what seems to be a ashford episode like Sakaku did in the previous Ashford episode. I hope she blows Lelouch cover and brings the end of life in ashford for Lelouch (and the sake of episode space, lol).

  23. Heheh, WingZero’s theory would be incredibly fun, if true—

    Cornelia camping out as an Ashford student? It would make Viletta-as-gym-teacher seem sensible. I hope they mention where she has been and what she has been doing for the past year, in any case. If Guilford had no idea where she was, she might have somehow gone out on her own.

  24. Finally! lol is it just me or does cornelias bust look bigger (i cant beleive omni was wrong) Must be the effect of gravity or maybe shes not as old as we though and is still growing or maybe they decided to partially redesign her character due to her popularity and is it me or do the blackknight pilot uniforms Excentuate the bust!!! its worse then Seven of Nine in her spandex!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  25. has anyone else noticed that toudo seems awefully sure of himself in the zangestu! talk about concieted i def think hes gonna die in the series! theyere setting him and or chiba up for a fall!

    WingZero zxt
  26. Hi I am new here. I think Lelouch will try everything to save Kallen, since she know about him anc CC and the Geass and that is dangerous for him. Maybe he used Rollo and Vitella in a rescue.

  27. I doubt that Viletta and all who knows Orange-kun is alive, so it’s unlikely that they know if Cornelia is alive. She, like Orange-kun may be directly in contact with V.V. and the emperor. Remember, the emperor stated to Sukaku, or rather hinted to Sukaku, that very few knows that Lelouch is zero or that he got brainwashed (also knows that he has Geass). Orange-kun knows because of V.V., Villeta was promoted before she got black-mailed, and etc. Basically, all who knows of Lelouch and other dangerous things are in a different division or completely opposite division than the normal Brittian hierachy. Sukaku is in the Knights of Rounds, Villetta was in a top secret team in charge of monitoring the (then) brain-washed Lelouch, and etc. It wouldn’t be surprising if Cornelia had similar duries (meaning special duties) that did not allow her to get in touch with her Knights. Or she could be a renegade who sees her opportunity. Either way, she is DEFINIETELY a key character moving on to the second part of the season…

  28. Lelouch is SOL; Cornelia’s can’t be geassed, Whatever’s Orange-kun is cooking up won’t be finished, and the acrobatic Lelouch thing is bound to potentially blow his cover. Kallen in the Second Prince’s flying ship=impossible to save and she would be used to weed him out anyway. C.C. is going to reveal what she saw in Anya’s mind and Lelouch might be tempted to Geass her, or remember she was a childhood friend. I have a strong feeling that she has all kinds of secrets in her portable phone camera of hers….. I just hope Cornelia is the climax of the episode and she brings a whole bunch of juicy details.

  29. @WingZero zxt
    Just to clear things up, I dont think Suzaku is any better than Zero, Zero is at least honest with himself. What I meant is although he almost certainly believes the Emperor has used his Geass on others, he could not justify handing Kallen over to the Emperor in the same way he could (revenge) when he handed Lulu over.

    Anyway, gotta agree with some of the comments earlier that its looking like there’s gonna be a rush at the end of the season, with half a season gone, and not much progress towards winding up any of the S1 plot ends. Still struggle to see Zero killing Suzaku at the end of the season but we can hope…

  30. edit: What Orange-kun seems to be almost finished… did the preview just reveal like a underground city? Is that like a Geass Haven :O Lol. Seriously, for those who’ve seen the preview in the raw (when will the subs come out?), it seems that there’s a underground or underwater city… It would be interesting if it’s the Geass people that are in many of C.C.’s flashbacks in season 1 (or where they once lived).

  31. @kamui there wont be a rush because apparently theres gonnna be a S3 (omni apparently sed ages ago) which will deal more thith C.C. and her problems and tie up all the mysticalness lose ends

    WingZero zxt
  32. This is bad. Zero have turned real incest.

    Well the part i liked was that every girl was against the new proposed arranged marriage.
    And lulu was completely clueless. XD

  33. @Kamui85
    I don’t agree with you about Suzaku not sending Karen to brainwash. Suzaku have fallen into a worse position than Zero. He is just a Britain dog at the moment –he just listens orders and even used Nanali for the king’s benefit.

    And also, i think that there is a big possibility that the kind did not brainwash the people at school. There are more than on geass users and brainwashing can be done without geass.

  34. Fanservice??? Kallen tied up thats streching it a bit dont u think (obviously not lol ๐Ÿ˜› )
    I really want a gunsword like cornelias Battles in starwars would hve been a lot more amusing to watch if every jedi had a blaster mounted to the hilt of his/her lightsaber!!!

    WingZero zxt
  35. @Kamui85

    “Kallenโ€™s memory wasnโ€™t modified. Remember in S2 ep1 or 2 when lulu asks kallen about Nannaly she says that theyโ€™re looking. If she had been mind wiped this would have all been forgotten about.”

    Please explain Kallen’s memories having Rolo in them then.(Ep.9 Nina/Kallen scene)
    And in Ep.2 the person Lulu asked where Nunnally was, was C.C. not Kallen.

  36. Kallens memories havent been falsified because she wasnt captured unless they care to elaborate on that later and the memories were probably ninas although they are presented lke theyre kallens and nunallys not in any of them! either theyre kallnes and she was captured as a double agent and released (then captured again for some reason which is why suzakus retrieved her!!!! (hartowing thought) or the memories are ninas!! personally id rather they not be kallens memories but if they are well then lelouch should have been more careful!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  37. @WingZero zxt Hadn’t heard about an S3, if so thats great! (unless they make us wait another 6 month after the end of this… which will happen cus of Gundam00). I agree with youre point about Nina’s memories getting wiped. The Emperor has only Suzaku (and probably V.V.) knowning Zero’s abilities and identity. Nina would ask awkward questions about Lulu after Nunnaly becoming governor if her memories were left in place.

    @Banzemanga I didn’t say he wouldn’t, merely that it would be very bad from his stated point of view to do it… it would fit perfectly with his actions though ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Yukarichan my ep2 was the chihiro sub… which may explain discrepencies. My main point stands though, how would the Emperor have got hold of Kallen prior to S2 Ep1, and if he had why wouldn’t he just lock her up with the rest of the OotBK. As he’s looking for C.C the idea that she would aid in finding C.C would appeal except that C.C. and Kallen are acting together to get Lulu back at the start of Ep1 so if the Emperor could have got hold of Kallen surely he could have got hold of C.C.

  38. Actually I considered that they were Nina’s.
    But since Nina apparently doesn’t care about anyone other than Euphy, I doubt that she’d think of the council in that situation. It’s weird for someone to think of her own eyes too.

  39. IIRC
    – Xinke would be used by Lelouch to gather more countries to rally with the Order of the Black Knight
    – Lelouch was not afraid of Karen exposing him, just that he’s pissed that it was Suzaku who taken her. Might be because he is now becoming more comfortable with Karen more than anyone else (we see more scene of him and Karen than him and C.C. during the last few eps)
    – Sayoko just screwed Lelouch big time lol

  40. it looks like the character in the preview is cornelia, zooming in on here eyes reveals that they are of a purple hue, while the new character has red eyes. still curious as to how they’re going to fit what looks to be a rather serious scene with a flippant lelouch with wings…

  41. I find it hilarious that some people think Lelouch landing a bunch of new key allies, an over 1 million strong group of supporters being drummed up, and him landing the support and resources of a super power to challenge Britannia’s a lack of progress. All of that in just 11 episodes. Seems like a pretty eventful season so far to me.

  42. I’ve seen the character design for the new character and that is definitely not it. Plus the new character is totally just a one-shot deal for fan-service. Not important to the plot at all. That picture in the preview is Cornelia through and through in my book.

  43. to all who want quality sub but at same time want it early i found out how to video with su doucument that way u wont have to rely on speed subs if u wanna know how (its SUPER EASY ) send me an email or add me at !
    regarding pic it is DEFINATELY CORNELIA for 3 reasons
    1. She carries GUN SWORD
    2.Her hair is different
    3.She wears royalish clothes it aint mia!!!!! unless she owns replica gun sword!!! which i want!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  44. i know that but people stil are discussing it ^above^ ive already posted about it once!!! if your talkin about the speed subbing bit the reason y i say it although ive known for about 2-3years its because people make comments here based on shoddy speed subs!

    WingZero zxt
  45. has anyone else just managed to get bck after some kind of downtime? also whats the Romanji for what the chinese response to an order is IT SOUNDS QUALITY! 2best 1 liner so far!!!

    WingZero zxt
  46. btw everyone THE OINK gloves which everyone seems to have forgotten about were in actual fact Anyas its just they probably used early made footage and forgot to change it U can tell because the cockpit was mordreds

    WingZero zxt
  47. @lotuskonoa i sure hope not she will probably be brainwashed the only reason y she can set foot in ashford academy! also did anyone else notice todou usin the Zangetsus HAIR to defend against suzaku’s (shield energgry powered) kick! CERAZY

    WingZero zxt
  48. What What What Cornelia appears in episode 12? well according to what you guys wrote this: Having said that, the preview had this brief shot that really caught my attention. At first I thought it looked like Cornelia, and the fact that sheโ€™s holding a sword seems to support that, but then I remembered that Miyake Hitomi is supposed to make her debut voicing a character named Meeya I. Hillmick next week. Itโ€™s hard to tell from the preview who it really is, however it does make me very curious about whoโ€™s going to show up next week.

    Well I took some snapshots and It looks like it is Cornelia ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope it will make things more interesting [url][/url] but you be the judge of that ๐Ÿ˜€ I think it is cornelia.

  49. this episode made me realize just how many characters there are. im kind of sad toudou of miracles plays such a small role. next episode is prolly less battles and more school ashford stuff so thats cool i geuss.

  50. Sorry but i think Suzaku will be kind toward her.
    He better not die cause there would not be any symmetry. (Zero killed his girl)
    On another note
    I bet it’ll be Zero x Shirley (since she helps him out and basically always liked him)
    Shirley may die???? (I personally hope so. Yes I want Zero to pay for killing “in not even going to say her name”)

  51. Code Geass R2 reminds me a bit of Gundam 00, must be because they’re both made my Sunrise.
    few things that resemble each other are listed. Nonetheless, I enjoy Geass as much as anyone else would.
    Mordred = Virtue
    Tristan = Kyrios
    Lancelot = Exia
    Black Knights = Celestial Being (As a vagabond group that wants to change the world)
    Human Reform League = Chinese Federation
    Union = Britannia
    European League = AEU

  52. I should also add that Suzaku had to tie Kallen up.

    What else can they do to Suzaku? He’s got nothing but his will to do things the correct way.

    And another that episode was full of some fan service shots of Shirley, CC (wtf r your clothes off), and even Kallen (if you are into that).

  53. Aww man now that i think about it, I think Suzaku will die at the end. Not from Zero but he may sacrifice himself (despite the fact that he may still bee geassed)
    The way the story is going now, it may just be another season. (THAT WOULD SUCK!!!)

  54. well, code geass has a knack for making humongous and strangely conclusive plot twists, and i really don’t think the series would have a third season. They might step up the pace a little as the story really gets rolling. At least now it looks like there won’t be global warfare, since that alone will take an entire season.

  55. After all that Zero goes and gets Xingke on his side!?!? So Kallen was captured for nothing then!!

    I think zero’s only hope is that someone defects and brings back Kallen with them. Even if she is brainwashed C.C should be able to break it so that shouldn’t be a problem.

    And Zero is so theatrical, every entrance, he’s right there at the centre of the battlefield and still manages to show up fashionably late. His new KNF kinda suits him i hope it will allow him to fight equally with the Knights of rounds but his control method seems a lil inefficient. Its a shame the writers didnt give him better piloting skills especially considering how legendary his mother supposedly was and am sure his Dad is no slouch, and even Nunally is apparently uber in her story, but at the same time given his piloting skills i think it means a little more when he’s out there on the battlefield leading from the front than if he was an amazing pilot.

    Also wasn’t C.C implying she was a previous master of the order and was succeeded by V.V???

  56. It’s totally Cornelia. Much easier to see in Wargummi’s screenshot. Her arm is strapped, because she has an injury exactly where Cornelia was hurt by Dalton in the r1 finale. Has to be. YES!

  57. I’m pretty excited for Cornelia to make her re-appearance, and for things regarding Marianne’s situation to be cleared up. Speaking of which, anyone have any speculations for the up coming Miya character? She seems rather erm…non-essential to the plotline, judging by her design, but then again, you never know I with CG’s writers…gah…anyone else wish they had a time machine so that we wouldnt have to wait each week?

  58. CC reminds me of Nena of Gundam 00 with her clothes (Looks hot). Some crazy stuff happened between Anya and CC wonder what’s up. Anya is probably part of the tribe can’t wait to see. (Maybe Nena will make an appearance, support Lelouch and blow everyone up with her Gundam Drei LOL)

  59. what was that weird triangular/daimond thing lelouch picked up when he took off his mask in the room with CC in the end? Was that a hanger? cuz if so, thats one wicked looking hanger lol

  60. wow a lot of unanswered questions this week…i am most curious about what happened between cc and the pink haired knightmare user and how they are going to rescue kallen now that she is with suzuku and gang..also i wonder if they will torture here for info on who zero is? after all she knew that lelouch was zero before and suzuku might try to use her in this direction…

  61. looks like just when we think we might see black knights overpowering britania it turns out to be a set back.
    now that guren is currently in britania’s hand they will surely come out with somethign to overcome the power of guren and every oobk knightmares power shield. sad indeed to see it that way but i think it will be more interesting if oobk win against britania even though they knew of thier knightframe weakness.
    shinkiro appearance was a nice one. i was impress with its aoe attacking skill it kinda reminded me of prism attack in those strategy games…
    again xing-ke impress me with his loyalty to tian zi. both of them look cute to me ๐Ÿ˜› Three cheers for both of them.
    a sad episode for kallen fans maybe? because she is currently on britania’s hand. lelouch looks like he is still cool with kallen got capture even though he said he will and must saved kallen no matter what. So now with kallen gone only left toudo as zero’s bodyguard? or will we see c.c. becoming his personal bodyguard now.
    C.C. is definately sexy in many ways. ๐Ÿ˜› (how i wish i was the cheese-kun) With those scene could we say that c.c. is the actual wife that lelouch would choose among all the other girls? i would definately wanna see a c.c. x lelouch. Looks like c.c. is a good pilot as well.
    things just gotten heated up with now anya coming into play. i’m sure we will turn into anya fans in no time, i for one is starting to like her even more now. looks like anya is related with lelouch in many ways.

  62. With regards to whose memories were being shown in episode 9 and the debate as to whether they were Nina’s or Kallen. I think that they were Milly’s actually. As someone pointed out, it would be rather odd for them to be Nina’s given her obsession over Euphemia and not school. The way they were shown implied that they were Kallen’s, but since Kallen wasn’t captured there would have been no chance to alter her memories. On the other hand, Milly was obviously thinking about how things were when Kallen was with them at school and how Kallen hadn’t changed. So, other than the poor timing, it makes sense for it to be Milly’s thoughts rather than Kallen’s or Nina’s. I suppose that the other option is that they screwed up and used a shot with Rolo instead of one with Nunnally, but they have plenty of shots from season 1 to use, so I find that rather unlikely.

  63. With regards to Cornelia, the preview image looks like her and yet it doesn’t. I don’t think that it looks quite like either Cornellia or Mia. I think that it looks wrong for both. Of course, it’s a horrible angle really. I don’t think that you’ll find any shots of Cornellia in a similar shot to compare this one with. Between Cornelia and Mia, Cornelia is the more likely and would certainly be more interesting, but since it doesn’t look quite like her, I do wonder if perhaps it’s another one of the princesses. However, given the clothes and the fact that she does look similar to Cornelia, it’s probably Cornelia but looks off due to the odd angle.

  64. Huh, so Lelouch managed to get Xingke on his side and won the battle for now. I definitely hate the way Britannia have their ways even more! (including Gino’s comment to Xingke) Argh! Well, next episodes another filler, but I hope it’ll focus on a bit on the plot at least. C.C and Kallen (I’m a C.C. fan) might have less screentime next epi, especially C.C since she’ll contact him if she’ll find info about the cult thing (which could take a LONG time).

    The truce between Zero and Xingke kinda irked me. Nonetheless, Lelouch in his VERY dense ways with the political marriage. >.> Guess gotta wait till Episode 13 to have more plot developement, unless the next has some hints.
    On a side note: C.C is beautiful in her R2 outfit. However…in any case: C.C is so damn sexy.

  65. Also, while the next episode threatens to be rather filler-full, notice that they managed to line up a whole lot of non-filler issues that will likely be involved with it.

    1. Zino and Anya are now at Ashford and there’s a decent chance that Anya will want to talk to Lelouch about his past or at least try and figure out if he’s the Lelouch that she knows.
    2. You have 2 Lelouchs and there are obviously going to be issues with Lelouch hiding that fact with Sayoko running around faster than Suzaku (well, really fast and nimbly at least).
    3. Between the conversation that the real Lelouch had with Shirley and the fact that Sayoko/Lelouch kissed Shirley, Shirley is bound to think that Lelouch really likes her or at least be really confused about the issue. There’s a high chance that stuff will be happening there and there’s a definite risk that she’s going to figure out that there’s something up with Lelouch and figure out that there are two of him.
    4. I don’t know why folks have mentioned Kallen coming to the party at Ashford, but if she did (which i really doubt), that would certainly have major plot implications.
    5. If that’s really Cornelia, then we’re talking about potentially huge stuff happening plot-wise. We have no idea where she’s been, whose side she’s on now, whether she knows that Lelouch’s memory was altered, or anything about what she’s planning on doing.
    6. Just because the majority of the story will undoubtedly be taking place at Ashford does not mean that we won’t be getting major plot events elsewhere. The fact that Lelouch is obviously heading down (or returning from – we can’t tell which given that there are two of him) to the secret base underneath Ashford implies that he’s going to talk to C.C. which could mean big stuff. And of course there’s still Kallen. If she doesn’t show up at Ashford (and she almost certainly won’t), then we may see some of what Britannia is doing to here and the Gurren.

    So, there are plenty of reasons to think that episode 12 will have some major plot developments. No, we’re not going to see a major battle, but there’s going to be plenty going on just the same. Besides, we just had two episodes in a row with major battles. It makes sense to have an episode with other types of plot developments now.

  66. I’d just like to say that it was very funny seeing Lelouch is a typical Sayoko posture – that is with his hands clasped in front of him and his head somewhat down. That mask that she was using was pretty cool. They probably were able to get one like that thanks to the fact that Viletta and Rolo are in the intelligence agency. I guess that Sayoko is taking advantage of the somewhat baggy school uniform and using major surgical tape or something in order to hide her ample bosom. I certainly prefer her using a mask and the like to be Lelouch’s doppelganger rather than using a geass, but it does stretch believability a bit. Still, it appears to be a good way for the show’s creators to allow Lelouch to continue to live the double life in spite of so many people knowing who he is.

    By the way, am I the only one who finds it odd that all of the intelligence agency people disappeared after Zero saved his comrades in episode 4? There seemed to be quite a few of them before then and ever since episode 4, they all seem to have disappeared without explanation. Sure, it’s working out great for Lelouch, but it seems a bit odd.

    You know, it’s kind of like Lelouch is Code Geass’ version of batman or something. He frequently runs around in a mask; his butler is helping to hide his identity; and he has secret facilities under where he lives….

  67. Nice episode… Finally the whole things get into one piece… But why CC only get a few screentimes!? It really bothers me… She is one of the keys to the series… I like Kallen too, but the fact that Lelouch is closer with her than with CC bothers me very much T.T

  68. @KGFJ
    Mou, I like C.C and also want her to get more screentime as well. I think she’ll get more screentime when it really focuses on the Geass plot. C.C is close to Lelouch (they are comfortable with each other’s prescence…unless C.C goes in public-unlikely) and they’re just making Kallen’s development since the last season didn’t have as much. So probably more C.C for the next episodes after the filler and Kallen rescue. I like C.CxLelouch ^^

  69. Definitely the best episode by far. This episode almost has it all! The battles are awesome, lulu’s new knightmare, c.c.’s battling, XingKe’s reunion with the empress vice versa, and especially now we know the reason why Lulu kidnapped the empress in the first place. It was because that way, he can use the empress as a bait to expose the Eunuch’s true nature/intentions to the people, thus forming a revolt. While if XingKe would’ve taken the empress, then he will be merely seen as a traitor or a rebel. This way it all works for both Zero and Xing Ke. WOW! That is Zero/Lelouch for you!!!

    Also I gotta love how Lulu showed himself in the frontline surprising everyone else with his kickass kightmare frame, especially when he asked his enemies if they are sure they want to fight with him, zero that is. Such a cool scene. The knightmare frame is quite befitting to Zero, after all he needs that defense and attack power. Too bad though, since this means C.C. and Lelouch wont be in the same unit but separately now. Oh well, C.C. can still back up Lulu.

    It’s quite interesting how Lulu got pissed off at Suzaku for taking Kallen, and regarding Kallen as his “possession” lol or taking everything away from him. It’s cool how he vowed to save her. Too bad he wouldn’t be able to do so easily; after all, not only does he have to act out as a normal student, but also he would need to find Kallen’s location in the first place. If Kallen is still in Japan, then we can expect her being saved by zero in the next couple of episodes. But if she is in the homeland of Britannia, then man, we probably won’t see her in the next couple of eps. – and that would suck!

    My theory with Anya is that she might’ve seen the flash of memories that C.C. had about Lelouch and Marriane. I believe that Anya did meet Lelouch before, maybe as a playmate or maybe they were betrothed. Look at that screenshot – that’s a girl head over heels to Lelouch lol:

    Anya even approached him, greeting him even, not only taking his picture, but even video recording him. Man, i hope a certain stalker wont be pissed off at a new potential stalker/love rival lol. Though overall this makes Anya far more interesting. Though Gino still remains to be a clown, well i guess he’s the comic relief together with Tamaki – they should do tsukkomi.

    On another note: man did Shirley do all those things she mentioned? She’s a more hardcore to Lelouch than I thought; so, i agree with Omni’s opinion that she might be key figure for the major love interest of Lelouch. After all, despite her being just a student and no involvement, she helped Lelouch in the first season.

    Awww, is C.C. disapointed and lonely to hear Lelouch will take off again?

  70. I am a huge Kallen fan, and man I was hoping Lelouch wouldve saved Kallen since he won the battle and even XingKe’s support. But noooo, that dam fuker Suzaku had to take custody of her. That fuking guy!

    Just Like Kallen’s expression here, which shows how much hatred she has of Suzaku, I bet she hates him more than Lelouch. I hope this eliminates fans of SuzakuXKallen – I shudder in thought of such a possibility, which frankly only sparked a bit in the single ep. in the first season. Now with this expression:

    I believe, no, I hope that Kallen will kill Suzaku. I think it would be great for Lelouch to do this but it may not happen seeing as Nunnally is attached to Suzaku and he himself can’t betray or do such a thing to a friend (he’s still a softie – he had waaaay to many chances to get rid of the guy). Oh well, I hope kallen does this instead.

    I loved how Lelouch considered Kallen to be his and pissed off at how Suzaku is taking everything precious from him. I can’t wait till Lelouch saves Kallen, at the same time, making Suzaku look like a fool just like in ep.7.

    Lelouch X Kallen FTW!!!

    Kallen Fan
  71. A third series would not suck it would actually be awesome!!!
    I hope suzaku wil die by having the guren pick him up with its right hand
    @X kallens at school in next ep appar or in ep 13 (it was a spoiler given!!)[i wonder if i should tag this?!?]
    Shirley annoys me cant they just kill her off and get it over with!
    I genuinely cant beleive i ahve to post this each page but as far as im concerned its Def cornelia because she has different hair AND the GUN SWORD who else carries a gun sword!!!!
    Sayako is now my favorite C list miscellaneous character
    Gino is an RTARD i hate him he annoys me to no end
    Anyas plot at this point is stil very thing she was prob at the palace on the day marriane was shot or somthing and saw the guys outside who did it!
    @Kallen Fan Suzaku makes himself look like a fool and i am currently (as im sure many others are) very willing to have the Why suzaku is a retard argument with anyone who supports him i bet those people are all to scared to respond! (all the people who said the prefered him after lelouch said hed throw rolo away which now might not even happen)
    I will be moderately suprised if kallen doesnt die this season since no love story in this show ever is completed i will be SUPER suprised however if Lelouch manages to save her for the same reason!!!
    WingZero custom despite its comparitively primitive design is still the Best mech ive ever seen !!!! (Yes it is because of the wings and the ratb**t**d blaster)

    WingZero zxt
  72. What’s so annoying is how people are posting about KallenxLelouch. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay for them to support but with all the possibilities, it’s seems that Lelouch WILL save Kallen. Enough already with that, at this point, Kallen does recieve the romantic end (even if she stupidly charged in battle and overconfident) and will probably develop. C.C seems to be comfortable in his prescence as well as him to her since they just dress/act/look the way they without caring. Though this episode implied that Shirley gives him emotional support.

    Anyways, Sayoko is invovled next episode and can’t wait for her stunts and Lelouch’s reaction. It does seemt that Cornelia is back in that milisecond footage but who knows.

  73. @WingZero zxt

    Well, if Kallen shows up at school that could be both a curse and blessing – particularly if it’s in episodes 12 or 13. Unless Lelouch manages to send someone to save Kallen rather than saving her himself (or maybe that’s why he’s heading downstairs in the previews?), then it’s unlikely that she will be saved in the next two episodes since it seems they are going to take place at the school which means that she shows up at the school because Suzaku brings her.

    The first problem with Suzaku bringing her of course is that that just about guarantees that the Gurren is going to stay in enemy hands since I highly doubt that Suzaku would bring her mech along with her.

    The second problem is that if he brings her along, then there’s a decent chance that that means that the Emperor has screwed with her mind – which would obviously be really bad and could actually make her anti-Black Knights (maybe even a Knight of the Rounds given her skill). If he just brings her along as a prisoner, then he’s really going to have to be careful about her escaping (though I suppose that he could bring her along in the C.C. straight jacket which would seriously reduce her chances of getting away). In either case, if he brings her to the school, then it’s likely to be another attempt to expose Lelouch.

    While Kallen might very well do an excellent job of not giving Lelouch away, if he does attempt to save her in any manner while she’s at the school, then it’s likely to give him away (though maybe it would be a great chance to have Zero and Lelouch side by side!). If he doesn’t try and save her, Kallen isn’t going to be terribly happy about it and who knows what would happen to her after that, but Lelouch isn’t likely to pass up such an opportunity to save her if he could get away with it. In either case, having Suzaku bring Kallen to the school instead of keeping her prisoner is worrisome with regards to what they might do to Kallen beforehand.

    Of course, from the looks of things we’re going to have Cornelia, Zino, Anya, Show Spoiler ▼

    , and possibly Suzaku at Ashford over the next couple of episodes along with 2 Lelouchs. Kallen or no Kallen, things threaten to get heated up pretty fast. It’s going to be hard for Lelouch not to give anything away (particuraly with Sayoko being overathletic and kissing poor Shirley) and there are likely to be multiple people there that know that he was Zero who may or may not know that he’s currently Zero and will likely be trying to figure out for sure whether he is. Things are likely to get interesting to say the least….

    I’m just hoping that Kallen gets out of this relatively unscathed without having her mind messed or anything and preferably with the Gurren.

  74. @X
    u only started to believe after this episode that anya has some relation to lelouch?? -.-||| sry but i have got to say man,u r slow pal. even in the previous episode its already certain she has relation with lelouch as of till how deep we wouldn’t know but it should be head over toes. For anya who always say boring to all the stuff, to keep a picture of prince lelouch means there is a definately certain degree of love for him.

  75. Sorry I don’t have the screenshort, but if you watch the third “flashback-image” when the geass of CC reacts, you can see (Lelouch and Nanally playing) and at the background we can see Charles (!?). I don’t know if it is very important but I think that it is very strange. I didn’t saw Charles as someone how take care of his children, he has so many and he uses them for his own power. So ?

  76. @WingZero zxt

    By the way, where did you read that Kallen was supposedly showing up at school in either episode 12 or 13? I found a site that did have a spoiler from the director stating that she was going to be captured by Suzaku in the China arc ( ) and it does have a link to an image of Kallen in a dress, but that information certainly isn’t enough to come to the conclusion that she’s ending up at the school anytime soon.

    Given the fact that the next couple of episodes appear to be school-centric and the fact that Kallen was not freed at the end of the last battle, I would expect her to stay captured for a while and that it would be a major mission of some kind in the future that would get her back. I wouldn’t necessarily expect her to be stay captured for the rest of the season, but they’re obviously making a big deal about it, so I’d expect it to take a little while to free her.

    Is there any chance that you could give us the source for your info that she’s going to be at the school soon. It just doesn’t seem very likely given the current situation.

  77. Lelouch should Geass the two knights muahahahaa, 1) to kill suzaku, 2) to have a spies inside the britannia army 3) to save kallen, Lelouch should also geass milly the president( to capture that frigging earl), then he can geass the earl to help with the indian inventor to improve their weapons…

    Should have geassed the chinese princess/queen to be in love with zero…..

    With all that power of geass he really don use it much lol, go into the china army and geass their devotion to zero!

    on a side note special request geass that friggin NINA like the hoe that she is lol

    GEASS GEASS GEASS DAMMIT!!!! Such a powerful power he barely geasses anyone in so many episodes…

  78. @ Slade:
    lol XD Maybe Lelouch has a regular sized head with just…really big hair? ๐Ÿ˜›

    @ Kamion:
    I like Rolo too. My maternal instinct kicks in when I see that cute puppy face of him ^^ I feel like cuddling and adopting him as little brother or something. Oh yes, I got it bad >.<

    I liked to see Zero rule the battlefield again. Again I noticed how Kallen looks like she has major breast implants. Xing Ke has a lot of hair in his ponytail and C.C. is being pretty smexy with her Cheese-kun. It does show how comfortable Lelouch and C.C. are around each other. I hope that not a lot of random people with the Geass will show up.

    Also, Rolo has had the Geass for a longer time than Lelouch has. I wonder if his Geass’ power grew and if it ever went out of control. I wonder the same with the emperor. I suppose it depends on how often you use it. But Lelouch used it less than let’s say Rolo and Mao couldn’t even control it. It would be nice if they told a bit more about that.

  79. I’m soooo confused here… Is that Kallen or Cornelia that comes in the previews of ep. 12?

    I’d thought that Cornelia died a long time ago, seeing as that she was never shown in R2, and the last we ever saw of her was ep. 24 or 25 of the first season of C.G.

    Why is the next episode trailing off track!!! C.G. is near halfway done already and Lelouch still hasn’t saved Kallen! Didn’t he say that saving her was top priority?
    Then why would he go back to Area 11 when he knows that Sayoko is taking care of his appearance over there.

    And if he hadn’t returned, then this whole Shirley thing won’t be much of a problem to Lulu because he wouldn’t know of the whole “accident” that happened and his feelings or emotions won’t get the better of him like last time when Shirley went all physco and kissed him… for all we know this time she could rape him!!! xD (And I as one of the top Lulu fangirls shall not stand for this! >D)

    Oh and why was Suzaku eying Kallen? Is he that desperate? Geez…. I knew Suzaku would be the one that would be in charge of holding Kallen in captive but he didn’t have to be a little bastard over it. Honestly, Kallen is or was one of his classmates, so shouldn’t he have the least bit of decency to treat her like a human being and not like a dog?

    For example the Chinese princess/queen was a prisoner to Zero, since she was held captive. BUT did he ever tie her down with metal clips to a metal board? Did he ever strip her down and made her wear a straight jacket with a muffle? He didn’t even watch over her and instead used Kanna knowing very well that Kanna could just let her go.

    But we see Kallen, strapped down to a metal board with a lot of metal holders. And then she is made to wear a straight jacket (that hurts like hell when you move btw) with a mouth covering but she is given a food tray (WTF? how is she suppose to eat anyways? She can’t move nor use her mouth)

    For being the superiority class, Brittania or the knight of the table, sure is an asstard.

  80. @Al i struglled with reading to be honest! lol maybe its just me rephrase anyway please! (already with that, at this point, Kallen does recieve the romantic end (even if she stupidly charged in battle and overconfident) and will probably develop.)**
    @Kal its quite possible that i mistook a jist for solid evidence! maybe i took somthing said on here as fact (cant be bothered to look bck at last ps blog!) i did have a thought
    that kallen will be brainwashed through some means and asa result of it will be forced to btray lelouch as some kind of poetic justice and lelouch will shoot her or he wont which will wind up suzaku and his holier than thou reasoning which in turn will lead up to the final confrontation between the two!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  81. @Miyazawa lol unless you actually see someone expire (and sometimes not even then) there not dead in anime!!! (dragonball/Z/GT is super lame example of this and so is Gundam Seed/Destiny MU death OMGoodness) The reason why episodes in CG trail off track is
    1. to stop people becoming so invested in the violence they end up inacting it
    2. To make it balanced so it dont become stale
    3. To make the main character seem human(ish)
    4. To be reasonably funny
    5. Because there will be (i hope) season three [SO SAY WE ALL *repeat after me*]

    suzaku really is the lamest character ever created made only valid by the lancelot and his relationship with the main character (which in actuality invalidates his stance completely) HE is even worse then he who should not be named! (Kazuki from dragonaut though harry potter in its entirety sucks ass too!
    regardless of how obvious your point is i totally agree with you!!!

    to repeat: There will be a season three *SO SAY WE ALL* [repeat after me]

    WingZero zxt
  82. @WingZero zxt:

    lmao I know I know, I figured she was still alive.. I mean if Orange-kun is why should she?

    Oh wow I just thought of that! A 3rd season is definitely needed! Well there still could be a chance of this happening seeing as the producers are putting off a lot time into trivial matters. This could be a slight chance of a new season! Not to mention a lot of animes are making their 3rd seasons as well (Higurashi, and Tsukaima). You’re right WingZero zxt…

    There will be a season three! [monotonous voice]
    There will be a season three! [monotonous voice]
    There will be a season three! [monotonous voice]

  83. 1. This is the second time in as many episodes that lelouch did not follow deithard’s advice; his retreat suggestion was correct. But i didnt agree with his marriage arrangement because they would end up being just like what the chinesefed/britannia deal. But I think deithard is going to be fed up in the future with being ignored and hated upon by the other BK members.

    2. this episode makes me more of a shirley fan because of her whole speech to lelouch. This guy was indirectly responsible for her fathers death, geassed to forget her love, and had her memory erased, but somehow she still backs lelouch up. Not taking anything away from kallen, but when kallen discovered lelouch was zero and what did kallen do? she ran away while suzaku had a gun pointed at lelouch. When shirley found out she shot and unarmed britannian for him. This is why shirley gets my vote.

    3. Having a 3rd season would seem a good move since this show is so popular, but I do want to see how it would end.

    4. I hope they don’t pull a kira/athrun with lelouch/suzaku, since they stated and hinted it in the first season. But the whole VV Jeremiah thing might get outta control and force some teaming up. Seeing that how Jeremiah is going to be powerful and he is Nina-like when he sees zero.

  84. @marinelzen how do u mean kira athurn u mean like how kira killed nicol and athurun killed tolle?
    Deithardt is trying to make Zero into a God but i doubt much will come of his being ignored unless it happens in a big way! or he goes crazy and starts thinking of himself as Zero!
    I REALLY HATE SUZAKU i reckon if kallen does appear she will come as suzakus date to the ball spouting some trask like she was brainwashed by zero or somthing thats the only way i can see them warranting the dress for the moment unless shes rescued then marries Zero when kaguya randomly gets shot (HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE)
    Zero: “Aragatou suzaku, u have just removed the most annoying voice of all the blackKnights
    Demo, i still very much want you dead”

    WingZero zxt
  85. @WingZerozxt
    While it is ture that Anya does take alot of pictures, it is the fact she has had that picture of Lelouch as a prince for who know how many years that makes it seem like she is in love with Lelouch.

    As for the history of Anya, maybe she has the power to give geass to people as well and gave one to Lelouch as a kid but was then captured by Lelouch’s father and forced to work for him. Now that they have a chance to get to know each other, Lelouch may awaken the second geass if Anya could and did give him one. Then he would have the advantage against his father.

  86. @Miyazawa

    I won’t claim that Suzaku is being the nicest fellow with regards to Kallen, but remember that she is a highly skilled enemy soldier – worse, a terrorist – not a cute, little girl. In addition, in the case of the empress, on some level Lelouch was “saving” here, and regardless, he wanted her support, so he wasn’t about to treat her poorly. The captured Black Knights in the beginning of R2 were all wearing straight jackets.

    Now, the straight jacket that Kallen’s wearing is different. It’s like the one that C.C. was wearing in season 1 that seems like it comes from fetish land or something given how revealing the leggings are and the fact that she’s gagged. I suppose that it could make sense to gag her, but that outfit just looks like it’s trying to be a stylish in a weird – if not disturbing – way. For that matter, why did C.C. keep on wearing it in season 1 instead of just wearing Lelouch’s clothes more often or buying some new ones….

    So, Suzaku is definitely treating Kallen like a hostile enemy, and is therefore treating her hostilely. Really, if she wasn’t so important – be it plot-wise from the writer’s perspective or information-wise, bait-wise, or leverage-wise within the story – then she’d likely be executed fairly quickly. I mean, would they keep someone like Tamaki alive at this point if they captured him? Maybe, but the less important you are, the more likely they’ll just kill you for terrorism. In spite of the fact that he’s treating rather poorly, the fact that Suzaku knows her means that she’s probably got a better chance of getting out of this in one piece. The real risk that I see is that the emperor may do something to her mind. Other than that, it’s not pleasant, but she should be alright eventually.

    Of course, that brings up the question of which is worse: putting up with that straight jacket or putting up with Suzaku lecturing you on the error of your ways. Poor Kallen’s likely to have to do both.

  87. You know, I had thought that the parallels with season 1 had more or less ended with episode 4, but if you think about it, that’s really not the case.

    Episode 1: The overall layout of the two is almost identical. Lelouch goes to play chess, he gets caught up in a terrorist attack, ends up with C.C. giving him/restoring his geass.

    Episode 2: Both have battles with the Britannia army. In both Lelouch pretty much pwns them and kills the governor. In the process, an irregular unit shows up and screws things up. The main difference is that the actual governer killing in season 1 was at the beginning of episode 3 and that in season 2.

    Episode 3: A catch-up episode of sorts. Not a lot of action, but the story moves along with regards to the situations that the characters are in. Also, for some reason when get Kallen taking a shower in both….

    Episode 4: Lelouch saves hostage(s) from the Britannians in a brilliant plan, making the Britannians look like fools once again.

    Episode 5: Fillerish, but overall, the episodes are rather different. I suppose the fact that we find out about the new governor is the biggest similarity. Also, we get Suzaku showing up at school at more or less the same time period in both seasons – just an episode off.

    Episode 6: Again, rather different. Season 1 has cat chasing and season 2 has cool knightmare stuff going on.

    Episode 7: The episode where things go poorly for Lelouch. Season 1 he gets pwned by Cornelia because he’s overconfident and lacks a real organization/army. Season 2, he gets really depressed about Nunnally and makes a fool of himself. In both, it’s at least partially the help of one of his potential love interests that he gets out of it, but in season 2 we also get to see him win spectacularly once he’s gotten things together.

    Episode 8: They’re fairly different, but in both Zero makes a big announcement which messes with the Britannians big time.

    Episode 9: They’re fairly different overall, but we do have Kallen getting closer to someone in both and both feature the Black Knights fairly prominently.

    Episode 10: We have the beginning of a major conflict in both, though the battles in R2 are more distinct as opposed to one, long battle in season 1. We get to see Zero and the gurren doing cool things though in R2 we get Kallen being captured which isn’t so cool….

    Episode 11: The battle or battles continue. In both, Zero does quite well, but it’s more of a good goes to bad situation in season 1 thanks to Suzaku and a bad goes to good in season 2 thanks to Zero being Zero and Suzaku not doing anything special. Also, in both, we get stuff revealed about C.C./geass. For some reason we also get C.C. stripped down in both…. In addition, we get a Shirley/Lelouch kiss. It’s actually in episode 12 of season 1 and episode 11 of season 2, but they’re placed at more or less the same point in the season.

    Given this abundance of parallels and the fact that Show Spoiler ▼

    is supposed to be showing up at Ashford in episode 13, it looks like Show Spoiler ▼

    is going to play the part of Mao this season. Also, if it weren’t for the fact that Lelouch can only geass someone once, Shirley would be ripe for another round coming up soon given the events of this last episode and what she risks finding out about Lelouch soon. I mean, even the timing of her finding out that Lelouch is Zero is set up to be similar if she does indeed find out in the next episode or 2.

    There are of course other parallels – like Schneizel being the Cornelia of season 2 and Zero getting the support of a major group (Kyoto in season 1 and China in season 2) – but my post is already way long, so I won’t try and list anymore.

    Of course, it should be noted that in spite of all these parallels, the actual events of each episode manage to be new, fresh, and quite surprising with plenty of things happening that have no real parallel with season 1 – like Kallen’s capture (unless you equate her capture with Jeremiah being picked up by the scientists in season 1, but that’s a scary thought….).

  88. @magixii what are you basing that on!?? i dunno how u got from anya and C.C. interfacing (for want of a better word) to anya being a controling (as oppsed to recieving like lelouch and rolo) member of the cult
    @kal yeh i agree i cant stand how after everything suzaku thinks hes in the right IT ANNOYS ME if i were lelouch i would have ended suzaku on his first day bck at school! (used rolo one last time!)

    WingZero zxt
  89. About Suzaku, I think that it should be noted that as nasty as he’s been at times this season and how just about everyone here hates him, he really hasn’t done much this season. Typically in season 1, Zero would be at a major disadvantage, then he’d pull a miracle out of his hat, pwning the Britannians, and then Suzaku would show up, forcing Zero to retreat and making the overall battle more of a draw than a Black Knight victory.

    In season 2, honestly, what has Suzaku done? We see that turned in Lelouch post season 1; he tried to use Nunnally against Lelouch; he “saved” Nunnally from Zero; and he’s been determined to stop Zero. But other than that, what has he really done (I suppose that you could add putting Kallen in a straight jacket to the list now). He’s been a bit of a nuisance, but Suzaku hasn’t really stopped Zero even once. It was Rolo that messed him up in episode 2 of R2 and Xing-ke in episode 10. The only time that you could argue that Suzaku won/stopped Zero was when he grabbed Nunnally in episode 6, but since Zero wasn’t going to take her against her will and she wasn’t going to go, what was he going to do anyway?

    As annoying as Suzaku can be, he’s gone from constantly messing up Zero’s plans to be an irritant. Overall, Zero’s plans have been working this season better than season 1, and when they don’t it’s someone other than Suzaku who messes them up.

  90. OMG!!!! what a cool episode!!!
    Just wanna add some stuff i’ve noticed:

    I think what really left us WTF!!!! in this episode was the Anya/C.C scene, what’s the relation between Anya,Lelouch,Nunally,Marianne and the Emperor? She could be one of Lelouch’s sisters (he must have a lot!!! considering nunally is the 97th heir to the throne xD), or maybe on a more crazy theory a Marianne/Geass Cultist character. But what i wanted to point out is that the scene with all the white and colorful flashes around Anya are almost identical to the scene between C.C and Suzaku in Season 1 (I dont remember the episode number, but it was the one when Euphie was geassed), it’s also a lot like the one in Kaminejima on episode 25 of Season1. What does that mean? Will C.C keep having these psicodelic reactions with every character on the series? On the other side, remember that Suzaku (and it seems like Anya as well) had a close relation with Lelouch when he was a kid. Did something kEY happened back then? Could it be about the time when the Emperor got his Geass (or both of them xD)?.

    The plot is getting more and more exciting ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait to see what Anya’s role ‘ll turn out to be.

    —- Maybe my english isn’t the best, im peruvian xD

  91. @magixii im not trying to be rude or anything and forgive me if i come across that way its just the guess didnt really seem to be based on anything.
    @^_^ Yes shirley does indeed suck
    The fact that anya has had interface session with C.C. pretty much solidifies her as a main chaacter meaning Gino will probably (hopefully) wind up dead
    I just finished watching last ep of druaga Neeba has clearly joined suzakus fan club man ui hate traitors in anime and in life!!
    @yes he is he can just be a little misguided sometimes in how he shows it (his method appears evil but actually works out to the benefit of the world i.e. The tianzi was kidnapped by him and he held a gun to her head but if Xing ke had got her without the sheer defensive power of the ikaruga and the Shinkirou they would have lost her almost instantly!

    WingZero zxt
  92. Personally, I fell sorry for Shirley. She’s head over heals for a guy that will likely never feel that way for her. Sure, Lelouch cares about her, but not on that level. And as much as she likes Lelouch, I question that she can really feel that way about Zero. C.C. knew that they were 1 person from the start. Kallen basically fell for Zero in season 1 and between seasons she had to deal with the fact that he was Lelouch and decide what she was going to do about. She appears to have gotten over that by now though and seems to be more or less head over heals for him as both Zero and Lelouch. Both of them are involved in the Black Knights. Both of them have reasons to be anti-Britannia. Both of them have reasons to be anti-Britannia whether the Black Knights existed or not.

    Shirley is a Brittanian student. Her father was killed by the Black Knights. She may not hate them at this point, but if she were to find out that Lelouch was Zero she would have to deal with that all over again – and Lelouch can’t geass her this time. Granted, Mao isn’t going to show up, but who knows what Show Spoiler ▼

    is going to do. As much as she likes Lelouch, I think that it would be really hard on her to deal with Lelouch being Zero and having to hide that fact – even if she could accept the fact that Lelouch and Zero were one and the same. Dealing with 2 Lelouchs is already causing her enough problems.

    So, Shirley is in an unenviable position . I feel sorry for her. Now, I’m not a Lelouch X Shirley fan, but still….

  93. @Kal regarding your point about suzaku i agree that he hasnt done much other then EXIST yeh i know a little irrational but its his displayed attitude which most gets on my tits (i dont have tits btw its just a figure of speech ,british i think!) I just cannnot fathom the fact that the emperor is clearly evil yet everyone who fights for him thinks theyrr doing a good thing??? theres Suzaku who we know is just a traitorous WORM, then theres cornelia who beleived (atleast in season one) that only those who are prepared to fight have the right to rule! (which is a pointless and morally void reasoning because wheher you fight for good or evil is totally overlooked) And now we have schneizel who was quite prepared to let the Eunuchs sell out thier country and kill a little girl for nobility and nor being killed but then changed his mind just because what? the populace suddenly changed there minds about brittanian rule?!?!? ofcourse bloody not! their whole system, their entire strength is based on deliberate hypocrisy! im still trying to figure out their angle because i just cant comprehend how you could create or even pass of characters so genuinely flawed as human! thier moral void is on a level that isnt even human to the point that lelouch actually when i put it this way is the most morally accurate perso in this show (besides Euphie and the Student council ๐Ÿ˜› )

    COMON SUZAKU FANS SPEAK UP I WONT SLAP U DOWN (there are atleast 20 others who will and actually i will also because i think its fun ๐Ÿ˜› so nevermind! )

    WingZero zxt
  94. Hey all,

    This is my first time posting here, so go easy on me, but I just noticed that alot of people seem to think the memories of the student council in episode 9 with Rolo are Kallen’s not Nina’s. I’ve seen valid arguements both ways, but if Kallen ever had her memory tampered with, wouldn’t C.C. have just restored them like she did with Lelouch. (Yes, I know she did it with a kiss, but other episodes have shown C.C. using her powers using other physical contact, or even through Knightmares. Sorry yuri fans.) Knowing that, it doesn’t make sense that Kallen would be having those memories.

    On a related note, if C.C. was able to negate the Emperor’s Geass effect on Lelouch, why didn’t she bring that up when Euphie was on her rampage (other than progression of the plot). The only thing I can think of is that C.C. can counter Geass given by other people (like V.V.) but can’t counter Geass given by herself (or she just had a MAJOR brain fart).

    One last thing, has anyone noticed this oddity. All the members of the student council remember Kallen, so presumably Lelouch did as well (except his memories of Kallen as Zero). So why is it in Babel Tower did he not recognize her until after his memories were restored? Just curious.

  95. @youngde welcome! (although since its not my blog i havent rele got the right to say that lol) erm yeh apparently it has been established by one revious post that the memories were millys (apparently) whch would make sense. also regarding the Euphie situation nothing seems to have been ssaid on the matter so it seems that C.C genuinely id have a brain fart as you put it. though from a tactical standpoint you could argue that her death after the accidental geassing (his weapon misfired meaning the manufacturers to blame not the user for all those who still blame lelouch for that!) was totally neccesary and couldnt have been avoided (though it has beensaid that had lelouch known he would have done everything in his power to save her even if it meant hiding her away somewhere). Futhermore if lelouchs memories of kallen as zero were erased hed have comparitively few of them since in his mind he only ever thought of her as his knight and therefore not remember her at all (compared to the student council who havent got the perspective of being leader of the rebellion)

    WingZero zxt
  96. Actually i think we all misread that sotrytelling device ompletely! they were no ones memories 9or everyones (except kallens and suzakus) depending on how you look at it! it was just a random flashback to compare nina then to now .

    WingZero zxt
  97. lol im to awake!
    Also suzaku suprised to see Zero on the front lines? just goes to show he is actually a moron since in season one he was almost always on the front lines!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  98. Thanks for the reply WingZero. I just read the post about the memories being Milly’s and I guess that makes sense, and I suppose it’s possible that Euphie’s death couldn’t have been avoided given the circumstances. Still, the fact that C.C. didn’t even bring up the possibility suggests she either couldn’t do it or didn’t know how to do it at the time. Oh well, maybe the writers just wrote themselves into a corner.

    However, Lelouch not recognizing Kallen still bugs me. He did encounter often enough in the class setting that his memories of his class life should have included her. He even recognized her when he first saw her getting into the Glasgow in season 1 (though he couldn’t remember from where). Even in R2, episode 8, when the other council members are asking Suzaku to help Kallen, he brings her up as if he has remembered her the whole time (which would have raised some eyebrows if he hadn’t). Not only that, but she is a wanted member of the Black Knights; according to Gino there’s even a wanted poster of her. It just doesn’t make sense that he didn’t recognize her face to me. Oh well, maybe the writers were just lazy.

    On a completely different topic, there’s alot Suzaku hate on this blog, which I totally understand. His treatment of Kallen still gives me the red ass (don’t ask me what that means because I don’t know). Still, I do hold out some hope that Suzaku will see the light for three reasons: 1) When defeating Mao in the first season, Lelouch makes special mention that there is nothing the two of them can’t do together, which seems to be a major foreshadowing line. 2) When Suzaku wonders if Lelouch has gotten his memories back, he thinks he would like to ask him why he killed Euphie, indicating that while he has been informed that Lelouch Geassed and then killed her, he doesn’t know that it was an accident or the anguish it caused Lelouch. It’s possible that if he learned the truth, it may change him significantly since Euphie’s death seems to be his main motivation at the moment. 3) During the end credits of R2, people are dressed in while or black depending on their alligence; however, Suzaku appears with white clothes that are being ripped off (which is a little disturbing, but oh well) to reveal black clothes underneath. This also appears to be a foreshadow device IMO. (You’ll also notice Rolo has one black wing and one white wing. Weird.) Anyway, I’m one of those guys that would rather see them make up, because it’s sad when two friends fights (especially since they have similar goals, just very different methods. It would be nice if they met in the middle).

  99. Cornelia had better not hurt cutie Sayoko while she is pretending to be Lelouch -_-

    @Youngde: Hello. ๐Ÿ˜€ Just want to say 2 things:
    1) There is no rational argument supporting that that image is Kallen’s; that would make no sense at all ^-^; You say that C.C. could have restored her memory. But that would mean that C.C. would have done so after chapter 9, since you are proposing that Kallen’s memory is still corrupt at that time. Yet, Kallen knows everything we know she knows about Lelouch at the beginning of R2, so there can be no rational reason why the only memory of hers that is corrupt still by episode 9 is that Rolo is Lelouch’s brother. Consider, especially, the case of Shirley, who realizes at the end of the first series that she had once known Lelouch and that she had known that he is Zero. In R2, she once again forgets that Lelouch is Zero…Finally, pretty much everyone above you has already pointed out that Kallen has not been in Britannian custody during the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2. This point alone should kill all doubts whose memory that was. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2) I hadn’t thought about your last point. Good observation! ๐Ÿ˜€ I suppose that when Lelouch forgot that he is Zero, he forgot everything related to being Zero and of the Black Knights, including who its members are…and that may have resulted in the unpredicted–and absurd–effect of his not remembering a longtime classmate, who happens to be a member of the Black Knights. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The Hand of Guren
  100. As long as I’m here, I’m also going to make my completely random, totally unfounded plot prediction that my brother and I came up with: Rolo is NOT Lelouch’s false brother, he is his real brother and Nunally’s twin. He was taken from Marianne when he was born be the Emperor.

    I am basing this on nothing but the fact that he and Nunally are about the same age, bear a slight family resemblence (certainly more than Nunally and Lelouch) and it just seems like the kind a cheap-ass bastard trick that the Emperor would do to Lelouch.

  101. @youngde well thats incredibly compassionate of you (and quite rational considering this is just a tv show) but in all apsects of my life including my television i cannot stand traitors yuo could be a murderer a rapist a con-artist a thief a terrorist etc.. and i will pity your overwhelming misguidedness or at the very least your behavior will be so foreign from my reasoning it will disgust me! but the seocnd you become a traitor even in small things youve turned watever nigly (or huge) personal problems you have into a vendetaa against a person whom you are sposed to care about and who cares about you! thats y i hate it.
    War is War gentlemen lets not make it personal!
    In regards the kallen memory situation lets not forget what she was wearing and the fact that his memories as zero were erased as i said before from the second he became aware that it was kallen in the knightmare frame all his memories looking at her would have been looking at her through Zeros eyes not the eyes of a mere school student which is evident in how he treats her throughout all of season 1!!

    WingZero zxt
  102. @The Hand of Guren
    Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear. I do believe the memory is Nina’s not Kallen’s. My point was that if Kallen had had her memory corrupted during the year between Season 1 and 2, C.C. would have restored it right away. I mean, presumbably, C.C. and Kallen have been together running the Black Knights for a year before Season 2; it’s safe to assume they’ve gotten fairly close and would help each other out. (Indeed, they do seem to have a bit of an older/younger sister relationship. Sure, there’s some teasing, but they do seem to genuinely get along in their more serious moments.) Anyway, since C.C. could, in theory, restore Kallen’s memory at any time, the memory in question should not be Kallen’s, but it could be Nina’s or Milly’s. I guess the way I wrote it was confusing.

    And as long as I’m mentioning Kallen and C.C. during their year holding together the Black Knights, has anyone noticed this. In R2 episode 4, Kallen mentions that the Chinease Federation apparently betraying them reminds her of another place (Can’t remember the name is Aoi-something). C.C. comments that at least this time, everyone has their clothes on. Is this something that occured between Season 1 and 2, because it doesn’t seem to be referring to any of Kallen’s other, shall we say, wardrobe malfunctions, that occured at Ashford Academy, at Kaminejima Island or at the Chinese Embassy? If so, man, Kallen needs to be more careful when taking a shower, seriously. Have you ever noticed that most (like 80%) of the REALLY embarrassing things in this show happen to Kallen?

  103. Hi to you all ^^
    Im also new and just happened to read the Lelouch/Kallen issue,
    just wanna add some crazy theory xD:
    What if Lelouch DID recognize Kallen but he was just pretending not to because he knew (assuming he had the same memories as the Student Council) she was a former terrorist member of the Black Knights and it would seriously put her in trouble (there were a lot of britannians around after all). As I said it’s just a crazy theory (or maybe what the writers could say xD). There is nothing on the episode supporting this theory, however there is also nothing supporting this couldn’t be the real case.

    If that is not the case, i think (as youngde said xD)that the writers were lazy:P

    PD: forgive my bad english T_T

  104. @WingZero,
    Again, I apologize if I’m not being clear. My point is that Lelouch did not seem to have any recollection of Kallen at all when he met her in Babel Tower. If indeed, all of his memories of her were associated with Zero, this makes perfect sense. However, the other Council Members clearly DO remember Kallen and (other than Nina) remember her quite fondly. It is not unreasonable to assume that they have discussed her in the year between seasons, but if that were so, and Lelouch didn’t remember her, he would just be like, “Who?” and everyone would think he’s being a jerk (not a big stretch). However, in episode 8 of R2, he expresses concern for her, which if he HAD been ‘pretending’ not to know Kallen for the past year, would have garnered more attention than it did. This would indicate that he DID have some memories of Kallen during that year, yet he did NOT remember her face. My point is that either this is just a ‘whoops’ on the account of the writers or the Emperor’s Geass had some kind of major hiccup.

  105. @youngde

    With regards to Lelouch not recognizing Kallen, the two simplest solutions are:

    1. Because he had not seen Kallen recently, because all his memories of her would now be school memories and thus far fewer than he would have had normally (possibly still a lot, but no one near as many), and because he she was wearing a rather abnormal outfit for her, he did not recognize her.

    2. The writer’s screwed up. They assumed that Lelouch wouldn’t recognize her because he didn’t remember being Zero and forgot about the fact that he’d have to remember her from school or the rest of the student council would think it odd.

    Personally, I’m guessing that it’s the second one. As good as the writer’s of Code Geass are, they’re not perfect. As good as the writer’s of Code Geass are, they’re not perfect. I think that any other explanation is stretching it a bit.

  106. As for C.C. not fixing Euphemia, there are 6 possible explanations that I see:

    1. For some reason, she didn’t bring up that she could fix Euphemia. I find this somewhat unlikely. She is rather close-mouthed in general, but she tends to tell Lelouch stuff when it really matters to him – or at least she seems a bit more open in such situations.

    2. C.C. is incapable of undoing a geass’ effects on anyone other than someone that she’s given a geass to. Given that she already had a connection with Lelouch having given him his geass previously and that whatever the emperor did not only locked away his memories but also his geass, and that C.C. was effectively giving him his geass back, this does seem plausible.

    3. She can only undo geasses given by other geass giving people. There’s no suppart for this one way or the other, but it’s a possibility.

    4. C.C. can undo memory-related geasses only. Her powers do seem to relate to memories since it’s memories that get stirred up when she comes into contact with people like Suzaku or Anya, but other than that, there’s really no support one way or the other.

    5. C.C. figured out a way to undo the effects of a geass – at least the effects of the emperor’s geass – over the year that she was separated from Lelouch. This might explain why it took her so long to come for him, but she was busy keeping the Black Knights together and who knows how or where she would have learned such a thing since she does not appear to be associated with the order of geass folks anymore. Also, given how old she appears to me, unless it was coming up with how to defeat the emperor’s geass specifically as opposed to geasses in general, you’d think that she’d have figured that sort of out ages ago were it possible. So, it’s possible, but necessarily likely.

    6. The writers screwed up. It worked best for the plot in season 1 to have Euphemia die, but when they needed a way to fix Lelouch’s memories and unlock his geass for season 2, it made the most sense for C.C. to do it. Either they did not see the potential discrepancy or they didn’t really care (or didn’t have a good alternative) and just went with it.

    Not knowing exactly what C.C. is capable of, it’s hard to know whether or not the fact that she fixed Lelouch but not Euphemia is actually a discrepancy or mistake on the writer’s part. I’d be surprised if it was a case of C.C. just choosing not to bring up the possibility of fixing Euphemia, but it is possible. I find it most likely that the writer’s simply needed a way to fix Lelouch but didn’t realize that that might conflict with what they’d done with Euphemia. However, if Kallen does indeed get messed with by the emperor like some of us fear, then we may get to see whether C.C. can undo it and at that point we might find out why C.C. was able to fix Lelouch but not Euphemia.

  107. @Kal lol calling the writers of Code Geass imperfect twice isnt that too obvious’ an irony?
    as i have previously stated i agree with kal first point in regards the kallen memory situation lets not forget what she was wearing and the fact that his memories as zero were erased as i said before from the second he became aware that it was kallen in the knightmare frame all his memories looking at her would have been looking at her through Zeros eyes not the eyes of a mere school student which is evident in how he treats her throughout all of season 1!! i restated because it seems to have been overlooked Basically in lelouches mind his interactions with kallen were predominantly as zero and THEREFORE deleting all his memories of him as Zero would mean him almost completely forgetting Kallen!!!!
    Whilst its true that the writers do screw up (the chess game is a prime example) i doubt (hope) they would(nt) of screwed up on somthing so important and intrinsic to the storyline

    WingZero zxt
  108. @Kal (again) with Euphie ican see how the writers may have screwed up partially because lelouch felt he had to do it! in that sense that was the writers excuse for killing her off (im glad she was a pain) but if C.C had the power then at best it was a weak one her her dying instead of being simply removed. on the other hand your number 2 option seems to fit best because nothing contradicts it. although if kallen is geassed she may need to be given a geass power of her own in order for her to have the effects of it removed from her. We wont know which one fits best until the series either ends or they tell us or i arrive in the office tomorow morning and look at my notes for season 3 (THATS RIGHT YOU HEARD ME :P)

    WingZero zxt
  109. @WingZero zxt

    I’m sorry to report that the writers have denied your request to write season 3, so your notes are no longer valid. LOL.

    Of course, even if you did have such notes, they wouldn’t tell you what happened in season 2 so you probably still wouldn’t know.

  110. Why does everyone hate Suzaku? I would like to know the reasoning, sure it’s not called Suzaku’s of the Rebellion, but still. He’s saved millions of Japanese and he didn’t kill Euffie.

    Also how do you know that Suzaku tied her up?
    The Generals gave her to him, maybe they tied her up. I think Suzaku may protect her and she’s probably in good hands. Heck maybe it’ll be Kallen x Suzaku?

  111. the i-hate-suzaku is coming back to me again and damn it, if Suzaku attempts to bring Kallen to the emperor himself and modify her memory (like what he did to Lulu), I really going to kill him….

    @kayne001: watch R2 from beginning up to the this episode then you’ll understand…

  112. ??
    I have, I’ve seen every episode.
    He’s trying to do things his way, and not Lelouch’s. I guess no one really cared about
    Euphie x Suzaku and that Lelouch this supposed genius couldn’t think of a plan and capture her and wait for the Geass to wear off.
    Suzaku saved 1 million Japanese.
    I guess we’ll see how things go, since Suzaku has basically nothing and Lelouch is no longer his friend, I suppose he’ll be written off? maybe at the end?

  113. @kayne001

    Lelouch’s geass has no known time limit. He ran some experiments on that in season 1 (in particular by having one of the girls at school scratch a mark on the wall every day) and there was no indication that it ever wore off. If the command has no time limit, then it appears to last forever. For instance, telling Suzaku to live had no apparent time limit. He’ll be forced to do his best to stay alive for as long as he’s alive. The command to Euphemia to kill all Japanese would likely have worn off as soon as she’d killed every Japanese (including Suzaku) on the face of the planet. Once there were no more to kill, then the command would be complete. The effects of Lelouch’s geass lasts the duration required to fulfill the command.

    Now, Rolo‘s geass has a time limit. He made that clear to Lelouch. He can only freeze a person for some number of seconds after which he’d have to use his geass again. What other limits his geass might have are unknown. The emperor’s geass is likely permanent in more or less the same manner as Lelouch’s. Mao’s on the other hand really didn’t work in a manner that a time limit makes sense. He was simply able to read the thoughts of anyone within a certain range and unable to read those of people outside that range.

    So, whether time has any effect on a geass depends on the geass. In the case of Euphemia, locking her up would not have been enough because the geass’ effects would last until all the Japanese were dead.

  114. omg someones done it someones actually done it youve opened up the hate box now !!!!
    i know its a bit presumtious but WE ALL HATE SUZAKU BECAUSE
    1.He killed his father (irrelavent of the reason) making it super easy for britannia to invade
    2.He joined britannia even though he wanst born britannian therefore making his (betrayal) circle complete
    3.Hes a massive hypocrite claiming zeros methods are wrong but then joining a rasisct government and helping them overthrow the rest of the comparitively free world
    4.He has escaped every single one of the negative consequences of his actions 9except perhaps his own countrymen hating him)
    5. How has he saved anyone? Anyone he fought and didnt kill he made up for by killing everyone (except kallen) in episode 24/25
    6.He serves a rasisct malevolent emperor and because the emperors name isnt Darth sideous its not cool ๐Ÿ˜›
    7.In r2 he wanted his countrymen to become slaves for britannia in the special administrative zone
    8. In R2 he betrayed his freind to his father
    9. knowing full well that Euphies death was an accident most of us dont hate lelouch for it (we dont disregard suzakus hatred for him though either we arent totally unbalanced)
    10.Hes self righteous and beleives the system works even though it doesnt hes totally naive
    11. He played lelouchs sister as a card against him (though apparently its what she wanted)
    12. He changes his stance on things when it suits him i.e. “killing during war makes me a murderer”, becomes “MOVE OUTTA THE WAY IM GONNA KILL ZERO and anyone in between”
    13 His plan to save japan is flawed and short sighted (unless ofcourse his knowing about the emperor and thecult connections will give him a right hand man position)
    14. He thinks hes right and has done so from the begining even though he serves the anime equivelent of hitler
    15. he continually inflicts his ideals upon his former nation even though they clearly have rejected him (also shows again why schniziels point about the people in ep 11 is also hypocritical the reality is they hold onto japan because it apparently produces 70% of the worlds sakuradite a material needed for producing knightmare frames and other stuff!)

    im gonna save this for the next person who asks in 5 eps

    WingZero zxt
  115. seriously kayne im sure your familiar with America and im sure youve atleast heard of (historically) the brittish empire and nazi germany i also cant imagine how u would be unfamiliar with the term racism and what the writers of this show have done is they combined the Capitalisation and territories of america with the racist policies of nazi germany and the historical (partially) dominance of the brittish empire to create an UNHOLY SUPER STATE! then they created a character who despite NOT being born into this Proto Nazi britannia still wants to serve them! and JUST because of the way hes prsented himself (he speaks kindly) your sticking up for him.
    Without being rude i dunno what to say to that to be honest!

    WingZero zxt
  116. @kayne001

    Unfortunately, Lelouch’s Geass has no time limit. Once he has corrupted a will, the target will carry out that will everytime the right context appears. Suzaku will try to “live” everytime his life is endangered. And that poor girl who marks the school wall everyday–she will be affected by the urge to mark that wall even when she is an old woman… ๐Ÿ™

    Also, Suzaku deserves scorn for too many countless reasons. Certainly, Lelouch deserves our scorn for murdering many innocent people (most notably, Euphie) and, generally, treating lives cavalierly, but Lelouch gets a “pass” from viewers because of his sheer likeability. In a story like this one, where the hero is villainous, Lelouch is made likeable if he is charismatic (here, by virtue of his good looks, cleverness, various weaknesses, megalomania, competence, and his devotion to likeable Nunnaly) and also the party he struggles against is also villainous.

    By contrast, we are constantly shown that Suzaku is heroic in nature; nevertheless, he deserves our scorn for several reasons. The most notable of these reasons is his opposition to all resistance movements and his willingness to follow almost all commands handed to him by his superiors, no matter how brutal or illegal, such as when he murders his own father or when he continues to snipe Japanese Liberation Front members after they have declared their surrender. There is no doubt that he would have executed both Todou and little Kaguya if he been told to do so. (Interestingly, his only disobedience comes in the very first episode, where he refuses to shoot his just discovered friend, Lelouch; but the reason he does so turns out to be because he has a death wish). With the murder of his father, he effectively ended an effective resistance during the war of his nation’s conquest. And then, he opposes any who continues to resist. And almost like the eunuchs, he desires peerage or rank, but only so that he can influence Britannian policy. In other words, he is a great poodle. He has from the first seen himself as Britannian, even as he once walked past a killing field of Japanese citizens when he was a child. And thus, all his heroism cannot overcome the estimation in most viewer’s eyes that he is nothing but a poodle.

    The Hand of Guren
  117. 1.He killed his father (irrelavent of the reason) making it super easy for britannia to invade

    From what i get out of the story he killed his father so the war wouldn’t have been long and alot of people would die.

    2.He joined britannia even though he wanst born britannian therefore making his (betrayal) circle complete

    Umm he has said he will use to system and do it the right way. He’s now a Knight and yet everyone knows he’s an 11, I thin ksomething is working.

    3.Hes a massive hypocrite claiming zeros methods are wrong but then joining a rasisct government and helping them overthrow the rest of the comparitively free world.

    Refer back to the system, I should note that I don’t think the government is racist, maybe some people in it.

    4.He has escaped every single one of the negative consequences of his actions (except perhaps his own countrymen hating him)

    Killing his father to save people?

    5. How has he saved anyone? Anyone he fought and didnt kill he made up for by killing everyone (except kallen) in episode 24/25

    I should note maybe you should go back to the episode 8 where everyone dresses up as zero then say he hasn’t saved anyone. I should also note that Zero has killed people in battle as did Suzaku.

    6.He serves a rasisct malevolent emperor and because the emperors name isnt Darth sideous its not cool ๐Ÿ˜›

    He serves him for now, if what he was doing (using the system) wasn’t working then other Japanese wouldn’t look up to him. If i remember correctly many people believe in what he’s doing, as does many people believe in what zero is doing.

    7.In r2 he wanted his countrymen to become slaves for britannia in the special administrative zone

    Huh, I gotta find that episode, which one was it?

    8. In R2 he betrayed his freind to his father

    Umm he just killed this father’s daugther, let alone his friend and Suzaku’s special someone, I think he deserved it.

    9. knowing full well that Euphies death was an accident most of us dont hate lelouch for it (we dont disregard suzakus hatred for him though either we arent totally unbalanced)

    Not his fault.

    10.Hes self righteous and beleives the system works even though it doesnt hes totally naive

    As I’ve said he’s an 11 and a knight of the round. I should also note you keep repeating somethings over and over so I’ll just refer you to the above.

    11. He played lelouchs sister as a card against him (though apparently its what she wanted)

    Not his fault.

    12. He changes his stance on things when it suits him i.e. โ€œkilling during war makes me a murdererโ€, becomes โ€œMOVE OUTTA THE WAY IM GONNA KILL ZERO and anyone in betweenโ€

    Yeah his whole world is now shattered. This is actually Zero’s fault. I should also note wtf would you even say Kill all Japanese when he knows that his geass can become unstable. (remember that guy who like CC)

    Forget about the rest.

  118. erm im not sure about him always seeing imself as japanese and can someone please explain to me how suzaku saved 1million japanese i missed that unless ofcourse kayne is reffering to how lelouch based a plan and manipulated suzaku into exiling 1 million people!!!

    WingZero zxt
  119. explain to me how suzaku saved 1million japanese i missed that unless ofcourse kayne is reffering to how lelouch based a plan and manipulated suzaku into exiling 1 million people!!!

    Yes I’m talking about that. If he was a dog of the nation, he wouldn’t have done that. Heck that proves Zero know what Suzaku is trying to do.

  120. ..
    explain to me how suzaku saved 1million japanese i missed that unless ofcourse kayne is refering to how lelouch based a plan and manipulated suzaku into exiling 1 million people!!!

    Yes I’m talking about that. If he was a dog of the nation, he wouldn’t have done that. Heck that proves Zero know what Suzaku is trying to do.

  121. Also if we take into consideration the fact that lelouches weapon (geass) misfired then euphies death was no his fault and he still took responsibity for it by shooting her himself instead of letting kallen do it with the guren (though i would have leoved to have seen suzakus reaction to that!)

    WingZero zxt
  122. @kayne Doing things britannias way ISNT doing THINGS RIGHT though is it!!!The fact that he wants to do things britannias way is what makes him STUPID beyond all human capability. and its his failure to see that *subtle* fact which makes him the MOST RETARDED CHARACTER EVER!!! hes just coping out by sitting in his coushy job with his confortable life riding in the avalon whilst britannia make his people slaves.

    WingZero zxt
  123. The reality is in a situation where you ad just killed your father at age 10 and pludged your country into hell the best thing suzaku couldve done (til Zero) was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

    WingZero zxt
  124. Uh, you seem to forget what his real motivation was to joining the Britannian army. He pretty much admitted to it. The whole, “change form the inside” was just his public motivation. His real motivation was for punishment and to die. He would of died many times over if it hadn’t been for Lelouch.
    Yes, Lelouch has killed people in battle, but The Black Knights don’t target innocent people. While Britannia has many times slaughtered innocent Japanese. You can not name me ONE innocent person that Lelouch or the Black Knights have ‘targeted’. While I can name you tons of times the Britanian forces has targeted them.

    Even recently Suzaku was helping in the assistance of the assassination of the Chinese empress and didn’t voice one complaint to that tactic. He was helping to kill an innocent child for political purposes. Not one of the Britannians voiced a single complaint to that, and Suzaku was out on the battlefield trying to help. I wonder what Euphy would think of that?

    Suzaku sold out Lelouch in order to obtain higher social status to get what he wanted. In other words. The ends justify the means. That’s the very tactic that he disapproved of when talking with Zero. In that battle the Britannians were going to railroad him for a crime he couldn’t have committed with fake evidence. Lelouch got him his freedom without a single death on any side.
    He claims he’s taking actions for Euphy and Nunnally, but Euphy would never of approved selling out Lelouch to the Emperor and having his mind wiped like that removing his memories of his sister and mother. You don’t honor the dead by taking actions they wouldn’t approve.

    Also Suzaku didn’t save those 1 million Japanese. If he hadn’t let them go he would of stained Nunnally as another bloody princess and the Japanese citizens possibly would of revolted.
    This plan for the special administration of Japan is a joke. It’s not real freedom. If the emperor wanted he could revoke all those rights without giving any reason. The same if another governor came. Why do you think they don’t oppose it? It’s not real freedom. It’s like giving a starving man candy.

    We should also not forget that he used Nunnally in his trap for Lelouch. Leading her on to think she could finally talk to her brother. Remember that fr a year they have been apart and she’s had no idea where he is. If he had caught Lelouch that would most likely lead to Lelouch’s death or thrown in prison for the rest of his life. That could also hurt Nunnally.

    Let’s also not forget that the he’s in league in the Emperor’s plan to “Destory GOD”.
    As Zero, Lelouch has done far more for the people then Suzaku has accomplished.

  125. like i’ve said before zero is a smart person, right, that’s one of his main strengths. He could’ve subdued her and taken her to CC or maybe even trick the bad guys. However it was pretty easy for him to kill his friend.
    I should note that i went back to episode 5 and it did not say his Geass had a limit OR no limit. Still if he knew of that other guy that went crazy and wondered if it would happen to him, he should’ve been more careful.

    As for Episode 8:
    I should note these lines.

    “So they plan on LEGALLY escaping”. (zero’s plan to use Suzaku cause he knows Suzaku is trying to do what’s right)

    “And you Kururugi Suzaku? Can you save them?…. “-Zero
    “That is why I have become a solider” – Suzaku

    “The one million people that Suzaku saved, No one will thank him for that, right?”

    Yes Suzaku saved those people. Yes Zero used him, but if he was a dog he wouldn’t have. In fact it’s Suzaku ideals that saved those people also he said that it’s your heart that makes you something, and he also kept his word. I don’t know how he’s ending up to be the bad guy.
    I guess since everyone sees everything from zero’s point they think anything he does it right. Like I’ve said before Brittania is bad, but Suzaku is good. If it was the Emperor he would’ve killed them. And he have heard statement’s like this from the brother, “But what would have the Emperor done”.

  126. I also forgot to mention that Suzaku goes on and on about how Zero is a criminal. Yet Suzaku’s crimes have yet to come to light. Whatever his motivations he murdered his own father. You can’t be so self righteous against people who commit crimes when you are hiding your own crimes from the light of day. It’s the whole ‘people in glass houses’ deal.
    Suzaku is just one big hypocrite.

  127. @ Remmell whilst everything you say is true ive never understood the popular phrase people in glas houses…. please explain it to me

    Also in regards to kayne001 i will be on msn ready and able to finish this pointless (though VERY AMUSING) discussion should u desire to at

    (its amusing because you’re quite clearly wrong)

    WingZero zxt
  128. Crud, I need to be more careful around the ENTER key on this blog…I neither finished my thought nor edited it… ๐Ÿ™

    (cont from above)…

    Anyway, what I was going to say next is that Suzaku has a convoluted philosophy on how to save “his” people. But that philosophy as we know it–that in the face of an overwhelming foreign power, it is better to submit to it and work with it to influence its policy–convinces nobody because Suzaku is then put into situations where he has to destroy everyone who opposes Britannia–not just Japanese, but everyone everywhere. In effect, Suzaku is fighting, not for his own people, but to help Britannia strengthen its hegemonic position throughout the world. The problem with this is that we see countless times how brutal Britannia is towards everyone. The end result is obvious. Even if Suzaku can help Britannia conquer the world, he will never get either the conquerer or the conquered to try to build a harmonious relationship with each other. Actually, the absolute effectiveness of Suzaku’s warmongering would only deepen the divide between Britannia and everyone else. The Britannians would feel moreso that they are truly the greatest people in the world. Everyone else would feel total resentment towards Britannia.

    This is human nature. The errors of Suzaku’s judgement makes him dangerously foolish and, in most viewers’ eyes, he seems less human than Lelouch because of this. We see that Lelouch has made many blunders that have needlessly cost lives. But we see his decisions as extensions of human desire–for good and for evil. Suzaku, on the other hand, seems intent on ignoring human nature, and so, he cannot come to realistic conclusions regarding how he will be able to change the world. And the fact that he applies his underlying heroic nature towards helping an evil become stronger, thinking he can later change its nature, makes him obviously misguided to most of us and unworthy of our sympathy.

    The Hand of Guren
  129. You can only point to what happened to Euphy has one thing against Zero. But remember that what started that was just an accident. I criticizes Lelouch for not trying harder to save Euphy, but also think about this. Do you think Euphy could of lived with herself knowing what she had done to all those innocent people. It would of torn her apart emotionally. She might of even tried to kill herself at some point.
    The Geass only works once so they couldn’t erase her memory. Even if they had it was on the news. You couldn’t of hidden it from her. Suzaku may have loved her, but that was Lelouch’s own sister. Maybe the only member of his family, aside from Nunnally, that he really loved.

    Yet, I state again. Suzaku was knowingly and willingly helping in the plan to kill a child, the Chinese Empress, for political purposes.

    Lelouch has shown empathy and remorse when his actions hurts people. Suzaku only gets upset of things involving himself. I’ve yet to see Suzaku show so much caring for how he’s hurt others.

  130. @ WingZero
    Sorry, I thought that was a better known statement. I didn’t use the whole quote. The whole saying is, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”.
    Basically, I means that you shouldn’t go around attacking or mocking others for doing something that you yourself do, or if you aren’t some innocent person. It means you shouldn’t throw stones because someone could easily throw stones back at you. With a house that is made of glass it could destroy your home. Get it now?

    Really I think this saying derives from a story in the bible. A woman in the bible was to be stoned to death. Where a wild crowd throws heavy stones at a person until they are dead. Jesus steps in and say, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”. Jesus was saying that you shouldn’t kill or mock others for sinning when you yourself has sinned as well. While I’m not a religious man I’ve always liked that part.

  131. btw, the music video of Code Geass R2 ending theme is released:

    I watch the PV and you know what, it kind of reminds of watching Korean, Chinese and even Japanese soap operas and the song is emo to me….

    now my comment for epi 11:
    *Seriously, I’ll kill Suzaku if he dare to bring Kallen to the emperor and have her memory modified…>:(

    *XingkexTianzi is cute and all most especially the symbolism of this pic:

  132. Sorry bout that guys, seems like I hit the submit button twice or something? (Firefox RC3?)
    Anyways I’ll let the writer’s handle this.
    Suzaku is not perfect he did do some bad things. However he’s isn’t bad, and if he was given the trigger to kill the girl, I’m sure he wouldn’t have. Suzaku DID save those people.

    for Episode 8:
    I should note these lines.

    “So they plan on LEGALLY escaping”. (zero’s plan to use Suzaku cause he knows Suzaku is trying to do what’s right)

    “And you Kururugi Suzaku? Can you save them?…. “-Zero
    “That is why I have become a solider” – Suzaku

    “The one million people that Suzaku saved, No one will thank him for that, right?”

    Yes Suzaku saved those people. Yes Zero used him, but if he was a dog he wouldn’t have. In fact it’s Suzaku ideals that saved those people also he said that it’s your heart that makes you something, and he also kept his word. I don’t know how he’s ending up to be the bad guy.
    I guess since everyone sees everything from zero’s point they think anything he does it right. Like I’ve said before Brittania is bad, but Suzaku is good. If it was the Emperor he would’ve killed them. And he have heard statement’s like this from the brother, “But what would have the Emperor done”.

  133. Maybe if Suzaku was ordered to pull the trigger against the Empress he would of refused. You know what would of happened. He would of violated a direct order, lost his status, and been thrown in jail. he is willingly part of a group that would throw him in jail, maybe execute him for not killing an innocent person. Hell, he was shot once before for not killing an innocent person. Only reason he survived the first time was because of his father’s watch.
    Let us not forget. Suzaku may not of pulled the trigger against the Empress, but he didn’t voice any complaint either. In fact, he was HELPING in the plot.
    The only reasons the Britannian’s didn’t fire on her was because it would look better if they Eunuch generals did it.
    Suzaku is helping no one but himself and his own desires. Due to Lelouch’s actions the Empress is free and safe, and the people of China and other areas are free from oppression as well. All the while Suzaku is helping Britannia enslave the rest of the world.
    You can only bark up the tree of those people and that oen event for Suzaku’s defense while I can show you lots of time Lelouch has helped people. They aren’t even near equal.

  134. @kayne seriously!!!!!!! Zeros plan was based on suzaku knowing nunally not on suzakus own moral conscious (which as we know he just doesnt have!!!) ANd yes HE is bad as noted by kaguyas questioning of him during the chess match ep. He plays ignorant to problems he helps a RACIST try to rule the world !!! JUST FOLLOWING OORDERS is not an excuse for nazi POWs and and neither is following some of the bad orders some of the time!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  135. @Kayne Bottom line ive used this illustration before: Lets say your 10 years old and you break your fathers favorite cup. what do you do? do you
    1. Clean up the mess and vow never to make the same mistake twice
    2. Deem that it was a neccessary mistake because your father has a slight caffeine addiction. then in order to stop him from drinking coffee continue (for the next 8 years) to destroy every cup he owns then in the entire house because you feel that with out cups they will stop drinking coffee and they will be better people. Even though they will hate you for it
    3. Nothing hoping your folly will be overlooked as an accident
    obviously the answer is 1 because regardless of their problems you have NO RIGHT to tell them that they cant have FREEDOM to drink coffee being that you are only 10 or even 18

    The important words are in capitals!!!

    WingZero zxt
  136. LOL
    I sorry I just don’t get why people want Suzaku to die. Sure he is not perfect, he isn’t a dog of the military cause if he was those

    1 million people would’ve been DEAD, heck LELOUCH WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD in the beginning.

    Looking at how the anime is going Suzaku is not a bad guy. I don’t get why people are going into the bible and talking about Nazi’s. He’s going to change them from the inside. As I said before if he was a dog Lelouch wouldn’t be alive.

    I guess people hate him for turning Zero in. Sure I hate that that happened, but seriously the killing of Euphie was tramatizing, his attitude towards Lelouch has changed because of that (so yeah it may seem a double standard but it’s zero’s fault in the first place). However he is not against the Japanese people. If you wanna bring the real world into this let’s put a broad topic on the floor.

    There was a movie called Hero that came out recently. I don’t know if you seen it but it also shows that there are different sides to every conflict and each side may be right in their own ways.

    Suzaku did kill his father, ok. But like people give justification for Zero killing people, why can’t Suzaku also get it? Cause he’s not the main character, with special power nonetheless. Suzaku doesn’t even have that.

    Now regarding freedom and stuff I don’t know what you are talking about, I guess Brittania? If so I don’t care about Brittania. I should also note that KILLING IS KILLING. Maybe Vash the Stampede should rain on everyone’s parade. (cept for that one time)

    Oh and I’ve repeat this again:
    for Episode 8:
    I should note these lines.

    โ€œSo they plan on LEGALLY escapingโ€. (zeroโ€™s plan to use Suzaku cause he knows Suzaku is trying to do whatโ€™s right)

    โ€œAnd you Kururugi Suzaku? Can you save them?โ€ฆ. โ€œ-Zero
    โ€œThat is why I have become a soliderโ€ – Suzaku

    โ€œThe one million people that Suzaku saved, No one will thank him for that, right?โ€

    Yes Suzaku saved those people. – Me

  137. LOL you have the AUDACITY to claim he lsaved lelouches life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omgoodness are actually that naieve !!! the point in zeros plans is that you are trapped with no alternative it wasnt suzakus idea therefore suzakus NOT responsible ask you do THEY SEE IT THAT WAY?????????????????
    suzaku cannot recieve justification for killing his father at AGE 10 he had no right the and no right now!!!! he is FORCING HIS BELIEFS ON PEOPLE and will pay for it!!!!
    And you dont get it do you Supporting suzaku IS SUPPORTING BRITANNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  138. I think that WingZero zxt is trying to win an award for being the biggest Suzaku hater here….

    In many ways, the core difference between Lelouch and Suzaku (initially at least) is highlighted in episode 5 of season 1. They both want to change the world for the better, but Lelouch has a plan and Suzaku has no clue how he’s going to accomplish it. He just intends to keep trying until he finds a way.

    Also, Lelouch sees the system as being totally corrupt and in need of being taken down to fix the problem. He, therefore, advocates total rebellion. Suzaku seems to believe that breaking the law is something that should never been done for any reason, so if you’re going to change the law – or the system of law – you need to get in a position where you can legally change that system.

    As such, Lelouch created the Order of the Black Knights and is taking on Britania. There have been good and bad results from his actions, but he is making obvious progress. Suzaku, on the other hand, is attempting to get in a position within Britannia which would allow him to change Britannia from the inside. Doing so requires doing all the nasty, dirty work that the Britannians require. This obviously has had negative effects, though given that many Elevens support him, the effects aren’t all bad.

    So, both Lelouch and Suzaku are doing potentially nasty stuff in an effort to achieve the same goal. However, while Lelouch is doing what he deems necessary to achieve his goal without doing any extraneous nasty stuff along the way, Suzaku’s path forces him to do lots of nasty stuff to achieve his goal.

    Lelouch is the main character, so he’s naturally better-liked. In addition, the nasty stuff that he’s done (like killing Euphemia) can easily be explained away as an accident or as something that he had no choice doing.

    Suzaku, on the other hand, continually ends up doing things that go against his code of honor because if he doesn’t, he’ll never get anywhere. In addition, his choices keep helping out the bad guys and he’s willing to do just about anything that the bad guys might require of him – including selling out his friend.

    The end result is that in many ways, Lelouch preaches that the end justifies the means while doing his best to avoid nasty means, while Suzaku preaches that the end never justifies the means and yet continually does nasty stuff to achieve his ends. Lelouch has a plan and is making progress towards it. Suzaku keeps going with the flow in the vain hope of someday being in a position where he can change the world for the better.

  139. Because Lelouch doesn’t hide and try to reason away killing people. He has admitted the people he has killed. He’s shown deep remorse for harming innocents.
    Suzaku is hiding from his crime for murdering his father and making it look like suicide.

    You keep barking up that tree of letting those people go, but doing ONE thing doesn’t excuse all the other sins he commits. I can point to plenty of things that Zero does that helps far more people. Like the billions in the China region.
    I never said I want Suzaku to die. I’m just saying that when you compare Suzaku’s actions to Lelouch’s there is no balance at all. Suzaku is clearly on the wrong side of this story. Lelouch is fighting the bad guys and Suzaku is helping them in their plans. Even to the point of killing children.
    Lelouch’s side avoids innocent deaths. Suzaku’s causes innocent deaths. Yet he goes on and on about how Lelouch’s side is in the wrong.
    Suzaku just has no right to be so upset at Zero when he does worse to people. If you were in an army that would try to kill you for not killing an innocent person, wouldn’t that tell you that you might be on the wrong side?

  140. @Remmell

    Lelouch has committed other sins:

    1) He destroys half of Narita–this event I think points to one of those things that has generally been kept in the background, which is that the show suggests that there is a lot of “collateral damage” being suffered in the fighting between the Black Knights and Britannia. We see many shots of smoke arising within densely populated areas as being the result of Black Knights based or inspired terrorist attacks. Oftentimes, we see civilian Britannians having been Geassed who goes around killing other Britannians, like those engineers working at the Tokyo settlement’s raised platform controls. And when major chunks of the city is brought down, there are many deaths involving Japanese and Britannians alike.

    2) He wages war with his siblings, based on ill-formed conclusions about their nature, and realizes only in episode 25 that they likely had nothing to do with Nunally’s condition and his mother’s death. Rather, by now, it is apparent that they all loved him and adored his mother. By the way, it is interesting to note the possibility that Cornelia’s bloody entrance–especially her first attempt to entrap Zero–may be modeled after Marianne’s style of strategizing.

    3) As much as he hated having his and his friends’ memories corrupted by his father, he has no reluctance himself when it comes to corrupting the wills and memories of others–most notably Shirley’s.

    4) By blowing up their escape cargo vessel, he killed many JLF members’ lives as a mere diversionary tactic during his third attempt to capture Cornelia.

    5) And on his first attempt to capture Cornelia, he used a terrorist as sacrificial bait to see how Cornelia would respond. Many people have placed their lives in his hands, but throughout the first season, he treats them as useful pawns and not as people. For instance, when a Black knight cell is exposed, what happens to those captured? It does not seem as if Lelouch is concerned about them. And of course in the great Battle of Tokyo Settlement, Lelouch chooses to leave the Black Knights to save his sister. These acts are understandable and we readily excuse him of all crimes, except for the corruption of Shirley’s memories and the murder of Euphie. But we do not excuse him because these acts are just; we excuse him mostly because we root for Lelouch and almost nobody else.

    Generally, in the first series, with the exception towards his friends and Nunally, Lelouch treats the lives of others cavalierly. But with almost half of R2 finished, Lelouch seems much mellowed now, likely as a result of his experiences with Shirley and Euphie; from the revelation he gains from Cornelia; and, most importantly, from the revelation that Nunally is against Zero’s acts of violence. He is still a self-absorbed megalomaniac who I would not trust to rule the world, but he seems more invested in the condition of his Black Knights and less interested in using his subordinates and others as sacrificial bait. ;p

    I think at this point, however, the only revelation that may redeem Suzaku in our eyes is if we later learn that he had been Geassed long before when he murdered his father…but who knows what will be revealed. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The Hand of Guren
  141. Ok last post tonight.

    Please go to the first episode (OF R1)
    Suzaku was ordered to like Lelouch and CC, I’m sure you remember that right?

    He is hiding the fact that he killed his father, however he is trying to make ammends.
    I’m not saying Lelouch is wrong, however I will say this strongly, Suzaku IS NOT WRONG IN HIS WAYS. To change them from the inside, wouldn’t that have been the best way without that much bloodshed? How did Rome fall fall? From the inside.

  142. Rome was already crumbling suzakus plan sucks because it relies on him being alive SUZAKU IS WRONG BECAUSE YOU CAN TELL THAT FROM THE END RESULT!!!!!!!! HE HAS FAILED SO FAR!!!! and the system he works for hates him! and brittannia wont fall just because he becomes knight of 1 for japan which hates him. to change the system hed have to ecome emperor!!!!! and since thats NEVER Going to happen HE HAS FAILED COMPLETELY

    WingZero zxt
  143. you are standing up for someone who has nothing but low self worth and glorified stockholm syndrome and to be honest you havent made a counter point to every argument made for his demise on my list of 15 let alone remel and others and the points u did make were weak at best! you are telling me that morally as opossed to doing nothing youd work with nazi germany trying to change it from inside?????? ask yourself!?

    WingZero zxt
  144. yeah hes trying to make amends by counteracting his previous error like you would normally or by going with it and continuing to kill the armies and rulers of free countries SPARE ME i dont know you as a person kayne but your apparent lack of moral descernment has… dissapointed me!

    WingZero zxt
  145. I must say, WingZero zxt, you’re making it rather hard to listen to you at all – let alone agree – with you ranting like that. It’s one thing to express your opinion with well thought out points (which you definitely do), but it’s an entirely different thing to basically yell at someone and call them an idiot for having the opinion that they have and what you’re doing at the moment tends to come across that way, regardless of what you intend.

  146. yeah i noticed that i apologise its just when people say things like that it honestly (not being sarcastic) frightens me! i think to myself “i cant trust anyone with reasoning like that annd it scares me into berrating and brow beating also it might be because whilts its just getting to 2 in moring for you im 5 hours ahead here in england and due to sumer heat i haent slept properly in 4 days and am developing a sort of heat induced insomnia

    WingZero zxt
  147. @kayne001

    Rome did not fall because some ancient Suzaku influenced policy on behalf of enslaved nations to effect her decline during the height of Rome’s power. This makes no sense. Rome fell for reasons not well understood, and while we know that she experienced political instability and the decline in economic power, it is ludicrous to ignore the insurmountable pressures she must have felt from outside forces, especially from the foreign invasions that resulted in the sackings of the City of Rome partly due to the simultaneous decline of the usefulness of the legion as a dominant fighting unit and the rise of mounted units to dominance all across Eurasia.

    Rome gained all that land because they had their own knightmare frames–the legion–the unit nobody could match. But as with the Greeks, once their primary fighting force was superceded by a more powerful foreign unit, they could no longer compete as a hegemonic power.

    The Hand of Guren
  148. Personally, I don’t hate Suzaku. I think that he’s being foolish and that he’ll never really get what he wants doing what he’s doing, but at least his intentions are good, even if his way of going about it is totally wrong. If you think about it, Suzaku’s basic idea isn’t all that bad. The problem is that he’s dealing with Britannia.

    Take any democratic country that you like – be it the US, England, France, whatever – and imagine that the government has become corrupt (which arguably isn’t much of a stretch to imagine). How do you solve it? Do you create a rebellion, try and destroy the old government, and then build a new one? Or do you take steps to change the government – from the inside so to speak – by encouraging people to vote in a manner that will make positive changes, or perhaps becoming a government official yourself? I’d say that the second choice makes more sense.

    The problem in Code Geass is that the Britannian system is majorly messed up and not democratic in the least. Getting people to vote for something doesn’t work because they can’t vote. Becoming a government official will only do so much because you’re forced to do whatever the corrupt officials above you want. And since there’s an emperor at the head of it all, it’s not like you could ever get the top and really change things unless you’re in line for the throne.

    Suzaku has somehow come to the conclusion – presumably from having killed his father – that doing anything that goes against the law is wrong – even if the system is totally corrupt. He, therefore, refuses to take Zero’s route and attempts to change things from the inside. If you believe that going against the system is wrong, then you really have no other way.

    Naturally, his way isn’t working. He’s managed some positive things (after all, do you really believe that Zero would have gotten away with those million Japanese in Zero costumes without a blood bath if anyone else had been in charge?), but due to the nature of Britannia, he’s forced to do all kind of nasty stuff. As Lloyd put it when Suzaku told him that he became a soldier in order to save lives, that contradiction is going to kill him. It’s that contradiction that results in him constantly doing nasty stuff for Britannia. That contradiction is one of the major reasons that most people label him as a hypocrite.

    Suzaku’s ideals are good, but he’s had to do lots of nasty stuff in his quest to achieve them and continues to put up with it in spite of it all being so nasty – probably because he believes that there’s no other way due to his apparent belief that going against the law is always wrong.

    I don’t think that Suzaku is evil, but as nice sounding as his beliefs may be, they’re sending him down a rather nasty path. In addition, his grief over the loss of Euphemia seems to rob him of whatever common sense he has – kind of like Zero has a tendency to do stupid things when Nunnally is involved.

    Personally, I think that in the end Suzaku’s decision to be on the side of Britannia is going to have positive effects. There are already cases – albeit few – where his presence has had a positive effect (the million Zeroes incident would probably be the best example). I think that Kallen is more likely to avoid death and other nasty treatment because Suzaku is there. That’s not to say that Suzaku is going to be nice or that Kallen’s situation is going to be good, but Suzaku is more likely to treat her decently than many of the Britannians would. Additionally, the fact that he’s so close to the inner workings of things – so close to the emperor – puts him in a position where he could play a role like that which Darth Vader played in Return of the Jedi, turning on the emperor and thus helping to save the day.

    There’s no question that Suzaku has done nasty things and will continue to do so. There’s no question that he’s helping out the bad guys. There’s no question that his actions end up clashing with his beliefs due to how narrow he is in his thinking. However, I suspect that in the end, Zero may succeed in part because Suzaku is where he is.

  149. Most of Narita was evacuated of civilians BEFORE Cornillia’s forces moved in. Most of those death were soldiers who died in their frames. I seem to remember that there was a van roaming the street for civilians to leave the area.
    Yet I mention this. That attack wasn’t ‘targeted’ at civilians. Lelouch commented on it being more destructive then he initially thought. Cornillia on the other hand target’s civilians.

    Lelouch is fighting his siblings. Remember that with the exception of Euphy most of them ordered the slaughter of innocent Japanese.

    About altering Shirley’s memories. Did you not actually watch that scene? What Lelouch did was try to help her, because what she was going through was ripping her apart. He felt complete remorse when he realized his actions killed her father. He told her to lay her sins upon him.
    I don’t see Suzaku all upset about the student counsel’s minds being altered. Lelouch is remorseful he got them pulled into this.
    Lelouch doesn’t just change people’s wills on a whim. If he did why not just use it to make the Empress do what he wants. Along with Xingke and the other Eunuch generals. He could of used it on Xingke and the Empress at any time.

    I thought the trap of the JLF forces was pretty low, but then again. They are soldiers who died in battle. Not innocent civilians that Britannia kills with ease.

    About that first attack on Cornillia. One, that guy wasn’t some innocent civilian. Two, he tried to save him when Lelouch realized it was a trap, but they all refused to listen to his orders and most of them got themselves killed.
    I study strategy. Chess and real world battle history. There is a saying in war. If you try to keep everyone from getting killed. You could wind up getting everyone killed. It’s the sick fact of war and battle.

    Lelouch doesn’t sacrifice others. He wouldn’t just abandon Urabe who willingly sacrificed himself. Though Lelouch called out for him not to kill himself. He hardly even knew that man. He said that to take down Britannian you can’t just cast away people. He’s also vowed to get Kallen back with his own hands. He’s told C.C. to be careful despite knowing she can’t die.
    Those are not the actions of a megalomaniac. As a character Lelouch is getting better while Suzaku is getting worse. He’s being corrupted by the very government he’s vowed to change from the inside.

    I doubt that Suzaku killed his father under the power of Geass. For one. When did the Emperor get the chance? Two, most of the time your actions under effect of the Geass often leaves gaps in your memory. You don’t quite understand what you did or why you did it. Suzaku knows what he did and why he did it.

  150. WingZero No need to apologize to me at least.I totally agree with just about every point you made.Suzaku needs to die a very painful and bloody death for all his naive senseless crap, he spews on changing from the inside a evil muderous nation that hates him and his people.Whoops he no longer has any people because he is a betrayer… I honestly cant understand what Suzaku thinks when he does so many evil and dispicable things, then thinks that zero ways are so wrong. Please for the love of god just Kill suzaku kallen. I hope suzaku beats her or even fondles her a little, thus driving up her rage and tears we seen on the intro. Leading to an invincable kallen who rapes him on the battlefield!!!

  151. RE: Suzaku’s patricide

    I am no anime expert, but I would guess that even in shock-violence-full anime, a thoughtful, morally conscious, non-psycho child murdering his father is rare. Suzaku’s patricide would make sense to me if only it turns out that he has been influenced by Geass somehow. There are several things odd about his abilities. For instance, he has an abnormal fitness to be a knightmare frame devicer. And then, he has the ability to dodge machine gun fire. Finally, he is only the second person, after Lelouch, to locate C.C. by her green light show phenomenon.

    There is also the question of why V.V. or whoever, sent Suzaku, along with Euphie, Lelouch, and Kallen to Kaminejima and, more curiously, why and how the four of them activate the discovery there with their movements.

    I don’t hate Suzaku; but I think, as we have seen him, he does not deserve our sympathy. But I am waiting for more secrets to be revealed. My guess is that most of how we feel and what we believe is true will be overturned by future revelations. Turns, after all have been a staple of this show. And among these turns will likely be revelations related to the incident involving the death of Suzaku’s father.

    The Hand of Guren
  152. @Remmell

    1) The Narita Battle is a surprise attack by Britannian forces. It would make no sense to evacuate the civilians there, who are all living within the JLF sphere of influence, prior to the battle and risk tipping off the JLF. Moreover, all roads linking Narita and the outside are closed off at the battle’s commencement. When the trucks drive by ordering evacuation, the likely meaning of this is that Britannian forces want civilians to go to their nearby designated evacuation shelters–like to local schools, athletic facilities, places of worship, hotels, and hospitals–not leave the city. I do not believe Shirley’s father is a soldier. Rather, he seems to be a rich business man.

    At Narita, Cornelia’s strategy is to not antagonize the locals there because she doesn’t want them to assist the JLF there. She does target civilians earlier, when she sets her trap to catch Zero. But Lelouch has no problems killing civilians either when he topples the platforms in the Battle of Tokyo Settlement. Lelouch does not care whether civilians die or not. In fact, when he realizes that the landslide was larger than he predicted, he jokes about it. If he cared about civilians, he could take precautions, but he does not. Their lives are not important to him. For him, if people die, then people die, oh well. He only cares about his schoolmates and Nanally.

    2) Lelouch wages war on his siblings, but only because he thought they had conspired to murder his mom. But now it is apparent to him that the siblings had nothing to do with her death. He has been so consumed with revenge that he has failed to assess who his proper targets should be. And, of course, Lelouch has no problems killing Britannian civilians–like those engineers I wrote about.

    3) Lelouch has no problems corrupting the wills of most others. He only ever resists with Suzaku. But he Geassed one girl just to test how long his Geass works. He geassed a faculty member just to get off campus. He geassed a boy in case he needs a diversion to escape his school. When he geasses Shirley, he feels remorse, but he is not doing her any favors. In fact, by episode 24, you can see how violated she feels when she confronts Kallen and Lelouch. Actually, he benefits the incident more than she does, because then Shirley cannot identify him as Zero anymore. You may be fine with people forcibly taking away other people’s bad memories, but you would be in the minority. Given the choice, I think most people would choose to keep all their memories. Many others may like to have bad memories erased–this is a technology that may soon be developed in any event. Still, nobody would choose to have any of their memories forcibly corrupted.

    4) The JLF members fleeing by cargo ships were not soldiers who died in battle–they are surrendering soldiers being murdered by Britannian forces, who were finished off by Lelouch. And the reason they were murdered by Lelouch is because he needed a diversion to catch Cornelia with a surprise maneuver.

    5) Actually, you are wrong about lelouch trying to help the bait. He wanted to see how the bait would die. The people he did warn are the people he sent in to ambush Guilford, afterward. You may know a lot more about chess and battle than I do, but I think there is a difference between throwing away a man as sacrificial bait just to locate the enemy’s movements and guage his intentions, and, say, ordering soldiers to seize a heavily protected artillery unit, commanding a superior position on your flank and bombarding your center. I think there is also a difference between asking for volunteers for a suicidal mission and tricking a man into a suicidal mission.

    6) Actually, the Urabe point seems to have been made specifically to address the concerns others have of Lelouch, which is that he seems to have a cavalier attitude towards the lives of men. I was wrong about one thing, which is that Lelouch has not sacrificed members of the Black Knights. Yet, the Black knights have a legitimate concern–based on what happened with the JLF. That is why Urabe even thinks to question him. Urabe would never have questioned Todou in that instance, for example. Rather, he would have wondered what was going wrong. Lelouch’s reply to urabe in this instance only tels us that he realizes that he cannot win a war of attrition against an empire containing a third of the world’s population.

    And regarding his attachment to Kallen and C.C., I thought I already mentioned that the only lives he cares about are those of his friends at school and his sister.

    7) Lelouch is a megalomaniac because he will do anything to take over the world. You don’t think a man who wants to destroy in order to create (episode 24) a world in which he rules all is not a megalomaniac? But I agree with one point, Lelouch seems to be getting better. I made this point in an earlier post above. His devastating experiences with Shirley and Euphie in the first series, the revelation that his siblings did not conspire to murder his mom, and the crisis borne from his realization that Nunally is against his acts of violence seems to have mellowed him.

    8) Who knows what was going on with Suzaku when he killed his father. But the incident makes no sense. You have a father, who seems to have been an honorable man, who was not attacking Suzaku. It is hard to imagine a morally upright child murdering his father over philosophical differences. The issue with the Geass is being kept very secretive by the writers. And I never said that the Emperor had anything to do with it.

    The Hand of Guren
  153. goodness, i flubbed when i listed evacuation centers…i should have listed places like underground bunkers and subway stations–basically, underground shelters…bad places to be when the slide hits. I am no geologist, but the sense I got was that this slide was a wet event due to the mix of water–a mudslide. :/

    and that shadey face is really “8” + “)”

    The Hand of Guren
  154. since V.V. and C.C seem to know of suzaku before they got older ( i only mentione V.V because he traced suzaku down im not rele basing it on much) its feasable that the whole plan especially reagrding suzakus father was implemented by a geass user! imagine that! suzakus entire raison’d’etre based on the fact that someone else manipulated him from the start that would surely destroy any shreds of validity he desperately tries to cling on to (but like lelouch he wouldnt turn bck)
    Memory erasing technology where did you hear about that?
    i apreciate the siding darkloco but i was apologising for questioning kayne001 morality not saying suzaku should die!
    Megalomaniac is one of my favorite words because of the way it rolls off the tongue
    I agree with your siblig point especially since lelouch prior to geassing cornelia wouldnt of hesitated to take out schniziel though i think he will reserve his borther hatred for killing odyseus later in the series (characters who seem incompetent have a high attrition rate (they die most like carrares and everyone who has decided to talk to lelouch instead of shoot him when they had the chance)
    Yeh thanks for the update George but i thik it was pretty well decided that it was cornelia also no one responded to this lastime but i repeat the pink gloves we were all curious about were definately anyas (the makers made a mistake and posted an early made preview or somthing) because you can tell that the cockpit is the mordreds right before she fires the cerazy wor blasters mounted on every surface of the mordred!
    I DO agree with lelouch getting better which is ironic because hes gone from saying (to suzaku) “hmph if you want moral victories ill give them to you”[s1ep2] ,to “Kallen ill definately safe you no matter what!!!” i mean hes come along way since the guy who would quite willingly shoot at a bulding potentially with people in to escape! its ironic because suzakus gone from “im in the army so that people wont die”, to “i know we just invaded your continent of europe people of the EEU but surrender and i wont harm you!” REALLY!
    @kalessin regardless of wether suzaku helps in the end im not sure lelouch will be able to forgive him i mean we are talking about a guy who managed to hold onto a grudge over his mothers death and his sisters crippling for 7/8years! hopeully in the end suzaku will give his life to save lelouch like he should have in ep 1

    WingZero zxt
  155. RE: bad memory eraser

    Heh, I was being flippant. But what researchers seem to be working on right now is not a memory eraser so much as drug that disassociates bad emotions from bad memories.

    You can google and be your own judge…
    or try this bare snippet of an article:

    Basically, in one test, rape victims administered one drug for a period of time eventually experienced less emotional stress afterward than victims administered placebos.

    In another test, mice were taught to associate two different musical tones with a mild shock. After that, researchers gave half the mice another drug while associating only one of the two tones with pain. Afterward, the mice in the variable group did not associate that tone with pain; whereas, with the other tone, they continued to associate it with pain. This suggests that this drug can help weaken if not disassociate a specific memory from pain while leaving other similar memories unaffected.

    Basically, I suppose the result is supposed to be that if a memory is not associated with strong emotional response, then your brain will not find it interesting to remember it strongly, and it will just kind of hide there in your brain with all your other forgotten memories. They won’t be erased, maybe just…forgotten. who knows…:/

    At any rate, episode 1 shows C.C. observing Suzaku and Lelouch as children during the Britannian invasion of Japan.

    We also know that the emperor has only invaded those lands he knows contains the Geass-related structures. We also are given hints that the emperor believes that Lelouch has a role in initiating and continuing some great prophecy, even though he seems not to care whether Lelouch survives. Suzaku must figure in there somewhere. It is just too convenient to lop off the head of government during the initial phase of the invasion, not to have been Geass related.

    But who knows. What I want to know is why Anya freaks out C.C. with visions in R2 episode 11, as Suzaku did in s1 episode 22. It may be that whatever Suzaku is or was affected by is what Anya is or affected by, also.

    The Hand of Guren
  156. Suzaku know about the brain wash, because he know how the Britannia change the memory of Milly and the others so he have no problem in erase or change the memory of Kallen. I really hope that don`t happen. Other possibility is: the Brittania use Kallen as a bait.

  157. I can no longer tell whether I am being blocked by the spam filter. If none of these posts register within 10 hours, this will be it for me here. Love this blog by the way. ๐Ÿ˜€


    RE: Saving Kallen

    Wanting to save Kallen does not violate Lelouch’s character. Lelouch has always tried to protect his classmates–especially, because they are also Nanally’s friends. Still, it is obvious his affection for Kallen has grown since he first met her, though I wouldn’t call his feelings for her, “love,” at this point. But I thought it ridiculous that Diethard would violate his own argument from episode 19–when he argued against Todou that saving Zero was more important than the risk of losing many because Zero’s talents were not only irreplaceable, but necessary to their cause. I think it should be obvious to Diethard by now that their military effectiveness is clearly crippled without Kallen and that, without her, Zero may not achieve future military objectives so necessary to their organization’s functioning. It is important to note that at the time, they did not have Xing Ke onboard as an ally.

    RE: Geassing the Chinese.

    He originally does intend to Geass the Chinese; actually, he briefly decides to marry off the little girl to resident idiot, Tamaki, and Geassing the Chinese to make them accept this ridiculous arrangement. He only reconsiders because Kaguya and C.C. and the other women object. And when Shirley helps him realize what force that strong attachments, such as love and adoration, play in building power and gaining allies, he resorts to natural human sentiment rather than forcible corruption of will in this case to gain the loyalty of Xing Ke–basically, Lelouch realizes that one is far more useful than the other in this situation. Otherwise, I don’t see why he wouldn’t have Geassed them all on the spot, even as Xing Ke was holding his sword hand threateningly close to his sword’s hilt.

    The Hand of Guren
  158. I agree with Rosi also lelouch had an interface session with suzaku through C.C also! whats annoying me is that the characters know way more then thier letting on but they aint telling us. I mean the fact the lelouch real onbjective was the cult didnt even come into my head til he said so i didnt realise C.C had explained to him about it! Also she apparently used to be its leader before V.V took over and now for that reason they are at loggerheads?!? we also dont know what the contract C.C signed with lelouch actually involves for what he does on his part (although logically you could assume it involves stoping V.V and the emperor from killing the Gods!!!) the suspence is part of the thrill (for want of a better word) but its also killing me and annoying me because C.C obviously knows the full details yet shes hiding hal of them from lelouch and of the details he does know we (as the audience) werent privy to that conversation!
    I went through the entire firt series thinking that C.C was almost entirely clueless until ep 24/25 where it becomes obvious to the point it can no longer be denied thats shes hiding somthing

    WingZero zxt
  159. on to the suzaku debate:

    the problem with suzaku and euphie ( and maybe a bit with nunally as well in r2) isnt about morality. they honestly try to do “good” things.
    the problem ist their stupidity/naivity. as kallesin mentioned above the main difference between suzaku and lelouch is highlighted in ep5 of R1, when suzaku says he doesnt know how to achieve such a world. one ep ahead when he leaves zero after he got rescued he admits being an idiot. as for euphemia, she says she wants to change the policy of the empire, but only then realizes(by being told by cornelia) that that would mean becoming empress, which is clearly impossible for her.
    lelouch knows that brit. can only change by being destoryed or someone else becoming emperor (and i still hope that lulu will end up being emp of brit.)
    furthermore about the “the end justifies the means ” thing. YES THEY DO. if someone (oh i wish it will still happen) had killed nina so she cant explode a nuke in the center of tokyo u wouldnt run around crying MURDER. the ends include everything at the end, sacrifices as well as things that changed for the better, so obviously u look whats the best possible ending and if the way to achieve that includes sacrifice and violence its still the right thing to do.
    here suzakus stupidity strikes again, he cant see/calculate the end, while lulu can.
    i dont hate him, its not his fault that the heavens didnt give him the gift of intelligence but he really needs to reflect a bit on himself. in german there is a saying im not sure how to translate correctly, it goes somewhat like:
    “selfrecognicion ist the first step to better oneself”. he has already admitted that hes an idiot now he only needs to realize that this means he should leave the thinking to lulu and just follow his orders and then theyll be unstoppable.

  160. @org translated i imaginge that would be “the first step to fixing a problem is recognising you have one! although u didnt do a bad job !
    Also is it me or has kayne not responded at all

    WingZero zxt
  161. Ah, they post! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now that the show seems to be on the verge of revealing details of the secrets of Geass, I am getting nervous because if this is handled poorly, then… I don’t know. I was pretty disappointed by three of the last four animes I saw that centered around a great mystery, “Shakugan no Shana II” “Eureka Seven,” and “Scrapped Princess”–especially after the major revelation is revealed. (I enjoyed “Seirei no Moribito,” on the other hand.)

    I found the explanation of the Coral life form and the “limit of life” and the nature of reality in the world of “Eureka” too arbitrary. Though I did not find the explanation for magic and the secret behind the girl in “Scrapped” as ridiculous, I found the explanation had a quality that left me feeling less enthused about the show. “Shakugan II,” however, was just thoroughly boring. I didn’t find the lack of true conflict in the mystery quest storyline of “Seirei” as an insurmountable negative as I normally would have with other stories because Balsa is just too kick ass and I loved just following her around and seeing what she would do.

    But Code Geass has been more often than not such an entertaining product that my expectations have been raised a bit high. And so, it would sicken me to find that the whole purpose of the events of what we had seen was for something completely ridiculous.

    To me, the biggest question is why the emperor wants large numbers of people and some of his most beloved family members to be murdered. This question is related to the curious revelation that at least Marianne and Clovis seem to be faring well, wherever they may be, despite their violent deaths. And why does V.V. want to work against C.C., and not with her? They don’t seem to be inherent enemies, since it was V.V. himself who had hinted to C.C. the location of his new Order, which he now seems to regret in telling. I just can’t come up with non-ridiculously arbitrary completely made-up reasons for why such things would be the case. I’m just not smart enough, I guess… :p

    Writers! Don’t fail me. And don’t you dare mess with my Kallen, like you did poor Euphie! You get one free pass! That is all!!! >(

    The Hand of Guren
  162. A quick reaction to the time limit of Lelouch’ geass.
    They showed in one episode that the girl who was carving the wall had stopped at just one line, instead of adding another one to make a cross. I think that was meant to imply that the effect of the geass command had stopped. My memory of this is a bit vague, so if anyone knows the episode, it is much appreciated (I will go try to find the epi, when I have time). I think it is either end first season or beginning second..I think it’s in R2, because I believe I thought the effect had lasted for approx. a year for her (he used it on her pretty soon after he got the geass, making the effect on her stop sooner than the effect on, let’s say Suzaku, if I am at all right).

    Don’t quote me on this, for all I know my mind is playing tricks on me. I’ll go rewatch epi’s in the weekend or something.

  163. what annoys me most about suzaku isnt that he tries to do the right thig then gets it wrong ! but instead that he tries to do his thing (thinking its right) gets it wrong then REFUSES to back down! then when someone else does it with either less finese and more tactics and succeeds he claims that thier methos were wrong! surely the wrongest method of all is the one that fails miserably! its said that one of the devis greatest tricks (i heard this first on scrubs in refference to doc kelso ๐Ÿ˜› ) is convincing the world he doesnt exist! and thats true of suzaku because whilst he hasnt fooled many of us there are some who due to his lack of an evil laugh and his self righteous demeanor have been duped.

    WingZero zxt
  164. @teeh i missed that completely that adds a whole new dimension to things if acuarate though i think if the line did stop it was because all the other students except the student council members were moved or moved on! so obviously if she wasnt there she couldnt of done the lines!

    WingZero zxt
  165. Yeah… so I find myself coming back 2 days after the episode aired to read the comments…

    Kinda noticed that starting from about page 6 to now, half the posts belonged to WingZero zxt and he’s (or her, w/e) been calling people out on their opinions and going as far as saying “YOU’RE CLEARLY WRONG ON THIS”. There’s no “clear wrong” about Remmell calling Suzaku a hypocrite since Suzaku IS still talking about how you should achieve results using the correct method AFTER he killed his own father.

    I also find it hilarious when he called out one person on their grammar and bad sentence structure or w/e and that he couldn’t read their post… when I see misspellings and incorrect uses of punctuation all over his posts.

    Oh, and feel free to flame me or curse me or w/e >__> I’m anon for a reason you know.

  166. lol im free your free we are all free FREEDOM!!!! i never called remmell wrong?(i dont remeber him being wrong) and i genuinely couldnt understand what was said on one post (maybe its just me)

    WingZero zxt
  167. @org

    The end may justify the means at some time–not all–just as the means may justify the end at some time and not all. For instance, the Vietnam War introduced us to the paradox: “It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.” Do you really really think the end justifies the means in such cases?

    The Hand of Guren
  168. About the Suzaku debate, I think the main problem with Suzaku isn’t that he’s bad, but because he’s horribly naive and consumed with rage at Zero, which clouds all of his actions. He’s naive because he believes that bad systems can be changed from within. Stay with me for a moment as a use a bit of a complex analogy, but this is my medical background talking (I’ll try to make it as simple as possible). If an organ has supperficial damage, then yes, if one provides it the correct support, it will heal itself. However, if the damage is so extensive that severe inflamation and scarring, resulting in loss of the basic framework of the organ, no amount of health care is going to bring it back. The only option is to rip it out and replace via transplant.

    Suzaku doesn’t seem to realize that the system he is a part of is so corrupt that it is beyond saving; it needs to be cast off and replaced. The only way to get to position of power in the system is to become corrupted enought that you don’t want to change it anymore. The fact that Suzaku doesn’t see this just shows how corrupt he has become. (As an example of how corrupted it has made him, compare his treatment of Kallen in season 1, episode 19 with how he regarded her in the last episode). He naivete led him ito a situation that has corrupted him severely, although there are signs that it hasn’t completely taken over his nature (his desire to learn the whole story of what happened to Euphie by Lelouch and his unwillingness to kill a million people and he still is protective of Nunally). Nonetheless, the fact that he accuses Zero of being manipulative and sly without putting himself at risk and manipulatinng people with Geass does make it hard to swallow that Suzaku then immediately joins with a man who is manipulative and sly without putting himself at risk and manipulating people with Geass.

    His other problem is his hatred of Zero, which is understandible. He learned from V.V. that Zero has the power to make people do whatever he wants. Euphie after meeting with Zero suddenly becomes psycho-killer and proceeds to kill many Japanese, after which, Zero kills her making him a hero to the Japanese people and sparking a major rebellion. He has no way of knowing that Zero was actually going to join Euphie OR that her being Geassed was basically the biggest ‘oops, my bad’ in history. Then, on top of all that he finds out that this person is, in fact, his best friend. I’m pretty sure that would be hard for anyone to swallow, and you’ll notice that his sudden reversal of not believing that ends justify means comes AFTER Euphie’s death. Basically, I think Suzaku isn’t so much bad as majorly sick in the head after Euphie’s death. It seems to me that sooner or later, he will learn the truth of Euphie’s death, and when he does, he’s going to have a major moral conflict to work out. What happens after that, I don’t know, but I do hold out some hope that Lelouch and Suzaku will reconcile in some way.

  169. NICE i like youngde explenation!! after saying it would be complex he simplifies it making atleast me feel clever

    (can u tell im a part time worker from the amount free time ive got!!!)

    WingZero zxt
  170. uhh . . . crap, does this mean Kallen’s going to fight Lelouch? i mean, suzaku DID turn over lelouch to the emperor to get mind-raped, who’s to say he won’t do the same now that he has kallen AND the guren? i wonder how Lelouch’s going to take it . . .

    anya at the academy, woah! did NOT expect that . . . i’m hoping lelouch will be saving kallen soon but i doubt it. suzaku wasn’t at the academy meaning that he’s prolly sending her to the emperor by now. . .

  171. Related to my recent post, most people seem to want Suzaku to die. Now while Suzaku isn’t my favorite character (He’s not even in my top five: Lelouch/Kallen, C.C., Xingke, Rolo and Schnizel), I don’t really hate him. I’ve already written a post earlier about why I think ultimately Suzaku will make a complete turn around, but another reason that occured to me this morning is something that people have been pointing out all of Season 2 and that’s it symmetry with season 1.

    Now while I will acknowledge that there have been many 1-for-1 substitutions in Season 2, there have also been several instances the exact OPPOSITE of what happened in Season 1 happening in Season 2. In fact, as the season is progressing things happening the opposite of Season 1 have been increasing. Lelouch is the most obvious examples of this, at the start of Season 2, he has much as he was at the end of Season 1, totally focused on creating a world for his sister and not particularly caring about the means; however, in episode 7, his mind set changes and he realizes that his task isn’t just for Nunally anymore. He also has stopped achieving his ends by any means: he was willing to sacrifice his goal to save Kallen AND he (eventually) chose not to use the Empress as a political tool (notice that he disagreed with Diethard, who still prefers Ends over Means, both times). In addition, there are signs that Lelouch’s damnable pride is starting to die down a little. In the first season, he arrogantly stated he would master his Geass and not become like Mao, only to (sure enough) become like Mao at the point when it was the most critical. This is mirrored in the second season during his chess game with Schnizel, which he could have won if he didn’t have so much pride. This seems to indicate that in order to win, Lelouch has to throw that pride away, again taking the opposite course of the first season.

    My point in all this is that Season 2 is in many ways a photo negative of Season 1, with things being opposite of each other. That being said, Season 1 started with Lelouch and Suzaku as best friends with similar goals but differnt means, that ultimately bring them into conflict and hatred of each other. Season 2 starts with them hating each other. Suzaku has taken on Ends over Means stance that Lelouch once had and Lelouch has shown that there are some means that aren’t worth the end. This reversal seems to me to indicate that if the mirror image continues, the two will ultimately find reconcilliation again.

  172. @Kyoushirou101
    Yeah, it sucks that Kallen’s captured and may be Geassed, but part of me wonders just how many plot problems that would open up. I mean, in the preview for episode 12, Lelouch is concerned that Gino and Anya will discover his identity and put Nunally in danger; however, if the Emperor Geassed Kallen and made her think she was a double agent or something, what would be the point in have Gino and Anya at Ashford. Kallen knows Lelouch is Zero, they could just storm in and take him. The only thing I could think of is that they would use Kallen to draw out C.C. like that did with Lelouch since C.C. can apparently restore memories. This would make sense since I do believe C.C. would risk herself for Kallen; slight name calling aside, the two do seem to have come to have a fairly close, sisterly bond.

    Now it has been pointed out that maybe C.C. could only restore the memories of Lelouch, which would be a problem for Kallen if she gets Geassed. However, lets keep in mind that Geass powers are apparently not absolute. Euphie did fight the Geass initially and when she was talking to Suzaku in the clinic. Also, Lelouch mentions when he gets his memory back that he always felt that something was wrong with the past year, but he couldn’t quite figure it out. Therefore, it’s likely that with a little couching from Lelouch, Kallen could get her memory back herself.

    Also note, I think that if Kallen does get Geassed, Rolo will be instrumental in getting her back. As I said before, if Kallen were Geassed, the Emperor would know everything she knows, but in R2, episode 5, they specifically draw attention to the fact that Kallen is NOT told about Rolo. Therefore, she wouldn’t know that Rolo (and presumably Vitella and Sayako) are currently working with Lelouch at the Academy. Just my take on situation.

  173. @TeeTee

    I believe that the reason that the girl who was marking up the wall in season 1 stopped in season 2 is because pretty much all of the students other than the student council returned to Britannia after the events of season 1. The majority of the students are new. If the girl is in Britannia, then she can’t mark up the wall anymore. As evidenced by Cornelia at the end of season 1, even under the influence of Lelouch’s geass, you can’t do something that your incapable of doing. either Lelouch’s geass’ effects broke after the girl was out of range or she isn’t affected by it until she’s in range of the school (at which point she’d go back to marking up the wall if she returned to the school).

    Overall, from what we’ve seen, the effects of Lelouch’s geass last as long as the command has not been completed. Commands such as being asked questions are quickly fulfilled and the geass released. Other commands – such as telling Suzaku to live – have no obvious time limit and the person will likely continue to follow the command as long as they are able. Suzaku is certainly still affected by Lelouch’s command to live. In the case of the girl scraping the wall, Lelouch appears to have specifically told her to do it every day and perhaps at a certain time every day. She continued to do so for an extended period of time and the command itself would never be fulfilled, but as I suggested a moment ago, it’s likely that once a command can no longer be carried out the person geassed, either the geass wears off or it just doesn’t affect them until they’re able to carry it out (though I’d bet the former).

  174. @ WingZero & Kalessin

    I was thinking that maybe the girl couldn’t continue her markings because she died or was evacuated, but if most of the students are new (I missed that part or forgot), it would explain why she couldn’t finish what she was doing. If they just showed that the marking wasn’t finished for the purpose of emphasizing that things have changed at the school, after the failed Black Rebellion, it makes sense.

    To add my opinion of Suzaku:
    I don’t think he’s a bad. But I feel most of the time pretty frustrated with him. He doesn’t seem to make any progress besides getting promoted. I suppose you can say that is progress, but in Suzaku’s case it just means that he does the same old stuff he always did. He either can’t or doesn’t think of using his position to try get information or try to make subtle changes. He doesn’t even try to think what he can do and tries to do it. Compared to Zero, he is pretty inactive to conceiving his ideal to change things from within. He is too hung up on following the rules and is too naive.

  175. O_O!!! I just checked out this link that was posted earlier:

    and Show Spoiler ▼

    Not only that, but evidently Show Spoiler ▼

    There are some other new characters that you can take a look at, as well as the young appearances of Charles, Marianne, etc, etc. Fairly mind-boggling, along with up to episode 14 spoilers.

  176. Oh. They updated that site since I went there last. Last time there was basically no information on episode 14 and the other episodes had less info. Show Spoiler ▼

    Poor Lelouch, it looks like he’s going to be having a rather hectic time in episode 12 thanks to Sayoko….

    Show Spoiler ▼

  177. @WingZero zxt

    The page mentioned by NigelDamas lists the voice actress for Kallen as being one of the cast for episode 12 – which presumably means that Kallen is in episode 12. However, there is no mention of her being at school. Perhaps you read that information and thought that that meant that she would be at Ashford since episode 12 seems to mainly take place there (or someone else read it, came to that conclusion, and you read a post from them saying so). That’s probably where you got the idea that Kallen was going to be at Ashford in episode 12. She may or may not actually be there, but we’ll probably just see a bit of what’s happening to her in captivity and that’s why she’s listed as being in it.

  178. Suzaku… He’s… He sold out his friends. He wiped out their memories. Lied to Nunally. All in the name of changing something from within. What he doesn’t understand is that he is being used as a tool. He also is ignorant of the goings on around him and he uses Euphie’s death as an excuse to justify… justify what? anything he can think of, he can justify it with something like, “this is what euphie would have wanted”. He did show some redeeming qualities in episode 8 when he made a promise to zero to protect the japanese who still remained. He still values his friendship with Lelouch and the student council – even Nunally. However he killed his own father and he constantly lives with that fact. He is also pretty ignorant when it comes to his own feelings of those around him like lelouch pleading for him to value friendship and family more than power. Suzaku even acknowledges himself as a sinner, so I think that makes him still human. Yet he has a long way to go before being redeemed. I hope he does, we’re going to hate him so much more before this is all over.

    As for my speculation: I’ll just post this.

    In the extended episode 12 preview Shirley looked like she was upset – yelling right before it blacked out. I have a feeling that that kiss from Lelouch(Sayoko) in the library stirred some of her memories. I can bet Shirley would get even more emotional than Lelouch when it comes to having your memories altered. I would argue that Shirley has been the victim most hard hit when it comes to memory alteration. In and on the same level as Lelouch in many respects.

    Milly has a unique relationship with both Kallen and Nina. Another problem for her is the end of her school days and her pending marriage to someone I would suspect that she does not love. Kallen being a good friend, Milly sees that she hasn’t changed even after being a Black Knight(Kallen drops to her knees to console Nina). Nina who makes Milly stop and think about her friends and not her status further serves to conflict her. It ultimately comes down to answering the question, “What is more important to Milly?” Her friends or her namesake? Love or tradition? I can imagine that at the root Milly would be asking herself some of these questions.

    Switching back to Shirley, after having her memories possibly stirred(this would greatly increase her mental stress), she becomes suspicious of the other members of the student council. Imagine living in a world(environment) with memories that only “you” remember and everyone else acts like everything is normal. For instance, Shirley could remember who taught her how to make paper cranes(origami), that she learned it from Nunally. However nobody remembers Nunally because their memories were tampered with. Other memories such as the letter could also surface. The incident with Mao on the rail line and with Lelouch at her fathers grave. Kallen as Black Knight. Her growing frustration with Lelouch may ultimately turn to Suzaku who she calls out. If she were to remember about Nunally and how all of their memories(including Lelouch) were altered and tampered with, I can only stress all hell would break loose. I suspect episode 12 and 13 to be a defining moment within the Ashford plot development. Lelouch would have no way to keep his cover intact and would be in effect forced to reveal himself to “at least” the student council. I also believe that in such an event, the student council will lean towards Lelouch(This includes both Shirley and Milly). It is not known with certainty how Gino and Anya will play into the circumstances at Ashford. Because I suspect them to be at Ashford not just for “surveillance” but in order to mix their personalities directly with Lelouch Lamperouge in some way. In any case, provided the student council would give their blessing that would mean Lelouch can keep up his cover at Ashford while fighting as Zero of the Black Knights. I’d imagine they would want Kallen to be safe. At this point Nina is currently ‘safe’, but her flighty nature makes her a variable since we don’t yet know about how or if she can redeem herself.

    That being said, Jerimiah’s lurking around Ashford could serve as yet another ‘boost’ to Shirley recovering her lost memories. Perhaps to even the other members of the student council. I don’t think he’ll do anything violent at Ashford. I could imagine him simply “visiting” Ashford. In other words, to send a message to Lelouch saying “Hey, Zero! I’m alive and well! What are you going to do now?”. Lelouch and Rolo’s geass would also likely be rendered ineffective in some proximity to Jerimiah himself. Another variable is how Vileta will act seeing Jerimiah alive. I’d imagine her feelings for Ogi would keep her from ratting out Lelouch. They would still have to hide Vincent and Shinkirou.

    As for Cornelia, I no longer see her has an enemy to Lelouch or Zero, however I don’t think she would see herself as an ally to them either.

    As for Schneizel I have no idea. He’ll probably take advantage of whatever chaos Odysseus might create and take responsibility(use it as an excuse to usurp power from his father). Possibly by taking direct control of all of the Knights of Rounds. On a side note, Nina seems to be close to Schneizel in proximity. I’d imagine the whole sub plot with her would have to be resolved before or around the time Schneizel were to loose his battle with Lelouch.

  179. Well, given the information from the site mentioned a few posts back, Show Spoiler ▼

    I really doubt that that kiss alone will stir up memories. It’s more likely that the events in episode 13 will do that. As for her being upset in episode 12, it looks rather like someone is looking in on her when she’s in the shower or changing or something which would readily explain her being upset. Also, it appears that Show Spoiler ▼

    What the effects of that will be and how extensive it will be, who knows, but it would give Shirley additional reasons to be mad – especially after that kiss. Having someone run around as you, doing things that you wouldn’t do, can have some really nasty side-effects….

  180. As for Milly, I won’t claim that she’s in love with Lloyd, but I think that her behavior when asking Suzaku about him in episode 5 and then asking him about whether they were still engaged in episode 9 imply that she’s interested in him on some level. At minimum, she seemed disappointed in episode 5 that her engagement might be off, and in episode 9 she seemed worried that it might be. So, I get the impression that while Milly might not be in love with Lloyd, she’s at least interested in marrying him. Besides, their personalities do kind of go well together….

  181. Shirley looks like someone is pestering her in the bath. My guess would be Milley. Maybe asking her why she’s been so despondent recently.
    Shirley has never really grabbed my attention much. I’m far more interested in knowing what will happen with Kallen. Seeing how Lelouch is sort of Tagging Off with Sayako I’m hoping that means that Lelouch is going off to rescue Kallen.
    Listing to him talk in episode eleven it sounded like he came to Japan in order to rescue her. I hope she decks Diethard when she seems him next.
    I feel bad for Milley now. If she’s graduating that means she’s going to have to marry Lloyd. It’s obvious she was passively tying to ruin the arranged marriage. I always kind of liked Llyod in a way, but I’m disgusted with him now. After I saw him cowering behind Milley during the attack at the wedding. That’s just disgusting. I knew he was goofy, but now I know he’s a coward.

  182. Hm. I wonder if Milly is marrying lloyd for her families sake, and not love? Sure she might get along with him well, but that would imply shes worrying more about her families status than anything. Rival also seems have a strong admiration of her too.

    As for lloyd i can see him with cecil, that is if he can take his mind away from machines. ^^ besides lloyd isn’t a bad guy, i don’t think. maybe thats another reason they seem to get along well. of course then lloyd might also want access to the kmf at ashford.

  183. @Remmell

    Actually, I don’t think that Lloyd was cowering behind Milly at all. Milly, Lloyd, and Nina all instinctively ducked down when Toudou crashing down, covering their faces. Lloyd happened to be behind Milly, so in ducking down, he ended up ducking behind her. I don’t think that it was a case of using her as a shield or anything like that. I strikes me as being very much against Lloyd’s nature to hide behind someone like that. I suppose that there’s no way to know for sure, but it’s not like Lloyd was the only one ducking down or as if he’d specifically gotten behind Milly to duck. He just ducked down where he was just like Milly and Nina were doing.

    As for Milly trying to break up the marriage, I’ve seen no evidence of that. The reason that I’ve always seen given for Milly not graduating was so that she could stay with her friends longer. Also, the way she talked about her engagement to Lloyd with Suzaku in episode 5 sounded like she was worried that the engagement might be off that she was disappointed about it.

  184. You can clearly see that he is ducking down before the smoke from Toudo’s frame comes crashing in. She is standing and he is behind her, ducking, holding at her waist. That’s cowering behind her.
    It’s obvious Milley wanted to passively cancel the wedding, but she was hoping that he would do it. She just never counted on Lloyd on being such an odd person. She never wanted to do this arranged marriage. She said as much in the the very episode her mother talked her into it. Listening to Suzaku and Shirley talk about love. She wanted to marry for love, but out of obligation to her mother and family. She is going through with it. All to get status back for the family name.
    The evidence is in that fact that she purposely didn’t graduate. I believe her hope was that Lloyd wouldn’t want to wait and cancel it on his own. It’s in the fact that the marriage was delayed, because she didn’t graduate. She couldn’t disappoint her mother so she was trying to make it look like it was him. She would be off the hook. Even in China she seemed surprised that the marriage would still be on.
    There will probably be more to come in the next episode. I’m doubting she will seem all that thrilled with graduating.

  185. @Remell

    There is no point at the end of episode 9 that you see Lloyd standing. Pretty much all the attention of the scene at that point is on Zero and Xing-ke. At the beginning of episode 10, you first see Lloyd, Milly, and Nina as they duck down right after Toudou crashes in. It’s true that they duck before the smoke arrives “on screen” so to speak, but they would have clearly been able to see the smoke coming at them as soon as Toudou crashed in and would have ducked then. It just so happens that the angle that we’re seeing them at doesn’t show the smoke arrive at their location until after they duck.

    It’s not as if they specifically say that Lloyd hid behind Milly or that he definitely did not, but personally, I really think that it looks like he’s simply ducking in reaction to Toudou crashing in and all the smoke and debris flying at them.

    As for Milly not graduating to avoid the marriage, I see no evidence of that. From everything that I’ve read and from what I can see, it looks like she avoided graduating so that she could stay with here friends. According to the R2 Primer on this site, “Rumors abound that she flunked on purpose to keep from leaving her friends. Rumors abound that she flunked on purpose to keep from leaving her friends.” I’m thinking that that might have been stated within the show as well, but I’d have to check.

    I can certainly understand Milly not wanting to marry Lloyd – it is an arranged marriage after all. There’s no question that it was originally arranged in order to improve the Ashford family’s standing and that Lloyd went along with it in order to get his hands on the Ganymede. However, what I see in episodes 5 and 9 is that Milly is worried that the engagement has been canceled. She certainly seems disappointed at the prospect in episode 5. In episode 9, it’s obvious that she’s worried about Lloyd’s response to her question about the engagement being canceled, but we don’t get to see her reaction, so you can’t really say whether or not she was happy with his response. Also, in season 1, as I recall, she was disappointed to find out that the main reason that Lloyd agreed to the marriage was because he wanted the Ganymede. That certainly gives the impression that she was at least hopeful about the marriage prior to that.

    Personally, I’ve gotten the impression that Milly wants to marry Lloyd. I’m making no claim that she loves him, but she appears to want to marry him. If you don’t see that, then I’m afraid that we’re just going to have to agree to disagree and see how it turns out later.

  186. Milley and Nina aren’t ducking in that scene. I just watched it. Lloyd is the only one ducking. It’s behind Milley. Though I was wrong about him grabbing at her waist. He was grabbing at her shoulders. Either way. he’s hiding behind her.
    Why are you so determined to defend him from what he’s obviously doing?
    I can say a lot of things from people’s reactions. I talk on a forum about this series with other people about what could happen and so far most of my theories have been spot on. I’ve predicted Rolo’s weakness there along with many outcomes of the strategy in the series. This series isn’t too hard to predict.
    I even predicted exactly what Lelouch was planning when he took the Empress hostage. All I went on was how he was acting so openly evil. Just form that action I knew he was going to set up the Eunuch generals to attack, film it for the people to see, turn the people against them, and make Xingke a hero to the people. My theory can be read on those forums right now and it was out far before this recent episode aired and the one before it. Post #162
    My impression is that Milley really doesn’t want to marry Lloyd. Not at all. She tried to sabotage it, but has failed. She’s will most likely go through with it anyways out of obligation to her family. Providing something doesn’t happen to either of the parties in the next few episodes. I’m wondering if Lloyd may get injured when Lelouch goes to get Kallen and the Guren back. I say injured, because I doubt they would kill him off.

  187. Like I said, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I don’t get the same impressions that you do from watching Milly and Lloyd. I won’t claim that Milly is in love with Lloyd or that she’s jumping for joy over the marriage, but from what I see, it looks like she was worried that it wouldn’t happen, not that it would. As to her reasons, that’s purely a matter of speculation. The marriage was obviously forced on her originally and it could be that she’s going with it at this point purely to improve her family’s status, but I get the impression that she wants to marry Lloyd – or at least that she’s worried that Lloyd isn’t actually interested in her. If you get a different impression from those same scenes, then I don’t see as how we can do anything but agree to disagree.

    As for the ducking scene, all three of them are ducking. It just so happens that Lloyd is ducking the most and that he’s behind Milly. It’s quite possible that he’s hiding behind Milly as opposed to just ducking down, but since no one within the show specifically stated it one way or the other, all we have is the scene itself which shows them ducking in response to the smoke and debris coming their way. Whether or not Lloyd is ducking or just hiding is a matter of interpretation at this point. Personally, when watching it, I did not get the impression that he was hiding behind Milly and it strikes me as being out of character for him to do so, but maybe he was. You could be right. I could be right. There’s no way to know. You could be right. I could be right. There’s no way to know.

  188. Now, after what happened with Anya in this episode, I think that I’m going to have to examine what the deal is with C.C. and her memory reactions or whatever you want to call them. We keep having similar situations that are each quite separate really. My apologies for the length of the post.

    1 – The first time that we see her do anything with memories is in episode 1 of season 1 when she grabs Lelouch’s hand and gives him his geass. We get to see an outline of Lelouch bouncing around on a white backgrond. We get to see some fancy lines on a blue background that’s probably supposed to represent the brain or something. They’re similar to what we see whenever Lelouch geasses someone. We also get to see outlines of C.C. on a white background. We get to see what looks like one planet hanging above another planet, or perhaps just giant globes – one hanging above the other. We get to see a bunch of people with the geass symbol on their heads. We get to see Jupiter. For some reason we get to see the emperor talking about Ragnarok. Out of all these events, that’s the only time that that happens. After all that, Lelouch has his geass. It’s unclear how much of this Lelouch is seeing and how much of it C.C. is seeing, but it seems likely that at minimum Lelouch is seeing all of this since he’s reacting to it.

    2 – In episode 11 of season 1, C.C. “attacks” Suzaku through his knightmare. Again, we get to see the brain lines, the two planets/globes, the geass people, and Jupiter. This time, we get to see Suzaku’s outline on a white background. The new bit is that we get to see some of Suzaku’s memories in black and white. Towards the end, we see walking shadow people and clouds of skulls. Unlike the first time, there are no outlines of C.C. on a white background.

    2.5 – The next time is part of the 2nd time, but I separate it out because it’s at least somewhat separate. While C.C. is touching Suzaku’s knightmare, Lelouch touches her. This is the first time that the memory stuff happens without C.C. initiating it. Presumably it occurs because of what she’s doing to Suzaku since normally nothing happens when Lelouch touches her. Certainly, she told him not to touch her, but was too slow to stop him. This is also the first time that C.C. herself seems to flash when the memory stuff comes. That effect seems to happen most of the times that it’s not her initiating the memory stuff. We get the brain lines again, but mainly we get C.C.’s memories. It’s obvious that Lelouch sees them and probable that C.C. does since she says that she feels open. Towards the end of this, it looks like Lelouch and Suzaku see each other, but since neither of them remembers doing so, either they don’t actually see each other, don’t recognize each other, or forget about it. Noticeably, we don’t see the planets, the geass people, Jupiter, or an outline of Lelouch in this portion. There is no outline of C.C. either.

    3 – The next time is when Suzaku touches C.C. in episode 22 after she collapses when Lelouch’s geass threatens to go into permanent mode. We don’t get any of C.C. flashing this time. We do however get the brain lines, the globes, the geass people, and Jupiter. The only other piece is a black and white picture of Marianne that we zoom in on. This is odd since most of the memories in these events appear to be in color and static. Suzaku’s images of his father were similar however. It also pretty much has to be C.C.’s memory since Suzaku didn’t know Marianne.

    3.5 – Right after Suzaku falls down from touching C.C. (something which did not happen to Lelouch any of the previous times or to Suzaku in episode 11), the other guards touch C.C. Her geass forehead symbol lights up like it does every time (except perhaps the first time, but we didn’t see her forhead then) and then the eyes of the guards look like people’s eyes do when Lelouch geasses them and it appears that they see the skulls of smoke. Presumably they collapse to, but we don’t get to see it. We also don’t see anything else that they see, though it’s cut off, so there might have been more.

    4 – The final time in season 1 is when C.C. and Lelouch go to Kaminejima Island in episode 25. Here, it isn’t C.C. that initiates it, but a trap that was presumably set by V.V. after episode 19. In either case, we get to take a tour through C.C.’s memories again. The memories that we see are far more extensive than any of the other times and they’re mostly video instead of static images. We even get audio with some of them. Both C.C. and Lelouch go flashy like C.C. did when Lelouch touched her in episode 11. We get the brain lines and the globes again. We also get to see Jupiter – though this time it’s a close up – but for some reason we don’t see any geass people. We get to see the moving outline of C.C. on white this time, but no Lelouch. However, we get to see C.C. and Lelouch in black in white mode. However, unlike having Suzaku yelling at the image of his father as in episode 11, this time we get to see Lelouch and C.C. having a conversation.

    5 – The next time that we get any weird memory stuff is in episode 1 of R2 when C.C. releases Lelouch’s geass. Once again, we get the brain lines. We get a close up of Jupiter. We get a moving outline of Lelouch, but no outline of C.C. We get the geass people (though this time in black and white). We get to see a flying C.C. We see various of Lelouch’s memories. As with the time in episode 25, we actually get to see some moving ones with sound as well. Once again, we see the globes, but this time Lelouch is floating between them.

    6 – The most recent time that we’ve gotten any memory weirdness is in episode 11 of R2 with Anya. C.C. did not initiate it this time. Not only that, but she didn’t even touch Anya’s knightmare. She was in her own knightmare. Now, perhaps the fact that her knightmare touched the shields of Anya’s knightmare did something, but this appears to be the first time that no contact was made between C.C. herself and either the other person involved or their knightmare (other than the trap which was a group of energy lines that attacked them). This is one of the shorter ones. C.C. goes flashy and it looks like C.C. sees some of Anya’s memories. It’s unclear whether Anya sees the same, but she appears to see the her outline on a white background. There are no geass people, or Jupiter, or anything like that.

    So, while there are differences between each time, they’re mostly the same images. The main differences are whose outline we get to see (which is usually that of the person touching C.C.) and whose memories we see (which are usually those of the person touching C.C.)

    We have 2 times where C.C. is doing something geass related to Lelouch. C.C. initiated those. The first time with Suzaku, she initiated it, but she did not initiate it when Lelouch touched her at the same time. It likely happened because she’d already initiated it with Suzaku. She did not initiate it at the stadium with either Suzaku or the guards, but it likely happened because of her reaction to Lelouch’s geass going haywire.

    The trap was obviously not initiated by her. In fact, it’s the only wacky memory incident that wasn’t caused by her at all and shows that the whole memory thing relates to the geass people in general (or at least V.V. as well as her) and not just her.

    Anya is the weird case. C.C. didn’t initiate it and she wasn’t using her powers in any way or being affected by Lelouch’s geass doing something when the memory thing happened. This really brings up questions as to what the deal with Anya is. Anya is the only one that she’s reacted that way. It will be interesting to see whether or not she’s able to see the image of C.C. in the air like Lelouch and Suzaku did since we don’t even know why they were able to do that.

    In either case, sorry for the long post, but given what just happened to Anya, I felt compelled to lay all of those out and compare them. It certainly showed Anya’s case to be at least somewhat unique.

  189. Milley in that scene is slightly bent forward once the dust flows in. Nina is slightly hunched over, while Lloyd’s head is at level if not a little below Milley’s shoulders. Seeing how Lloyd is much taller then Milley. That would be him ducking behind a much smaller girl.
    As seen here Lloyd is almost a head taller then Milley. If he wasn’t a step ahead of her he would probably even appear slightly even taller
    In episode 10, at 2:37 in, Lloyd’s head is at or below Milley’s shoulders. He can be seen clearly bending far at the waist. He was at that position even before the dust and rubble comes blowing in. That’s cowering. What Milley and Nina are doing is reacting. He’s more of a girl then the two of them.

  190. ok weve estabilished the possibility that lloyd might be cowering (it seems mute and by no means meant to be the focus of our attention hence the differing views) Regarding Anya and C.C. it seemed like C.C (man typing C.C is annoying to type from now on it just be c2) gained memoriesd of lelouch from anyas child hood or possibly if theres some kind of generational reincarnation effect going on (similar to aquarion but not as lame!) [and i say this because people keep saying anya and young marriane look alike!] that anya maybe in someway a rebirth of marriane or possibily marriane was sleeping around and thats why the emperor had her eliminated because when it was discovered that anya was actually lelouch’s half sister (when they undoubtedly did dna testing when the resemblance was obvious or if anya was betrothed to lelouch it became clear! and maybe what we were seeing was C.C ability to leech (albeit on random occasions and unwillingly) others memories regarding the raison’d’etre (man i love that word!!) of the person shes contracted with! because she said , “oh thats how it was!” meaning she may just o found out a key piece of info

    WingZero zxt
  191. To bolster my argument that hiding behind women is within his character go watch episode R2 09. At 17:21 minutes in, during Nina’s attack on Zero, Lloyd can be seen hiding behind Cecil, head down and holding at her shoulders just like with Milley.
    I know I’m really nailing the point home here. I’m just confused by such denial in the face of absolute proof of his character.

    Anya and Gino will be interesting. Anya seems to have some kind of history with Lelouch. My initial guess may be she was part of some arranged marriage to Lelouch. Though I’m not working off much on that. It’s just her picture of young Lelouch is different then most of her other pictures. Mostly she seems to do candid shots. Lelouch looks prepared for the picture. Posing for it in a rather Clovis fashion with the flower.
    I don’t believe that Anya and Gino were ever told that Lelouch was the original Zero. That seems to be a closely guarded secret. The fact that Anya has insight to Lelouch’s past in some way could be very interesting. I doubt we will see much revelation of this twist in the next episode. She’s hardly the most expressive character in the series.

  192. Fine. LLoyd may very well be cowering behind Milly, but that’s not the impression that I got when I first watched it and it’s not what I would have expected him to do. Closer inspection shows that that may very well be what he’s doing. It does look like he’s probably hiding behind Cecil in episode 9. However, it’s not as if Lloyd is exactly the most manly man ever. If he’s hiding behind women like that, that isn’t exactly an endearing trait, but I see no reason to think that he’s scum. He’s just plain weird when it comes down to it and appears to have no concept of how you’re supposed to treat anyone anyway – let alone women.

    As for Anya or Zino knowing about Zero, we know from episode 2 from when Suzaku was talking with the emperor that as of episode 2, on Knight of the Rounds other than Suzaku knew about Zero’s identity. So, unless Suzaku has told them since – which I find unlikely – then they don’t know. The fact that Lelouch is actually Vi Britannia and not Lelouch is what Anya is likely aware of – or at least suspects – but that comes with it’s own set of problems – particularly since that’s on the list of memories that the emperor locked up.

    As for there having been an arranged marriage, maybe. All we have to go in is that photo of Lelouch with a rose which seems potentially romantic – though we need to remember that he would have been at most 10 when that photo was taken. And Anya would have been 6 if he were 10 since she’s apparently 14 now. Certainly given that photo and the images of Lelouch, Marianne, etc. from her memories in episode 11, she knew Lelouch when he was younger. It seems probable that they were at least somewhat close, but other than that, there’s really not anything to go on. It bay be a great opportunity, however, to get Anya out of her shell and show some emotion.

  193. Hey All,

    I was just wondering, what is the purpose of Gino and Anya at Ashford. A few episodes ago when V.V. and Orange-kun were talking, they mention Lelouch and C.C. by name, so it would seem that the very top of the Britainian Empire already knows that Lelouch is Zero again. In which case, it seems kinda dangerous to send two of your best people into a place where they could get Geassed. The only thing I can think of is that they actually want Lelouch to Geass them into helping him save Kallen in order to set up some sort of ellaborate trap for C.C., like they did with Lelouch at the start of the second season. Anyway just curious.

    Also, completely off topic, was there any reason to restrain Kallen quite so completely in the last episode (other than fanservice and/or generate audience symphathy). Seriously, last time I checked, Kallen doesn’t have super powers (although that would be pretty damn cool).

  194. @youngde iwas under the impression that gino and anya are mere pawns in this completely replaceable (due to thier lack of knowledge about geass) and that they genuinely decided on thier own using thier knight of rounds powers to go to school! (milly could end up with GINo how amusing would that be!! and it would work cos Ginos got status!!!)

    WingZero zxt
  195. @WingZero zxt

    You really don’t like pink haired girls, do you? What’s a character’s hair color got to do with anything? Granted, anime artists seem somewhat more inclined to give insanely nice, potentially naive girls pink hair, but there are plenty of counter examples. There’s even at least one in Code Geass: Cornelia. And really, I wouldn’t have put Anya in that camp either.

    And I really need to proofread more. “bay be”….

  196. nothing against pink haired girls its just theres already a precedent set! (a weak one but one nevertheless) And Cornelias hair AINT PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! its quite distinctly purple!

    WingZero zxt
  197. Okay. Maybe her hair isn’t pink. I haven’t paid much attention to her hair color it I recall it looking rather pink – albeit a darker pink – in the preview for episode 12. But if it’s purple, it’s purple. Still, the hair does not a girl make.

  198. I don’t think Kallen’s specific bondage doesn’t seem too odd. Suzaku was in a similar outfit when he was arrested and held. I think that’s just standard prison garb for dangerous prisoners. Like how the Chinese have the blue bindings and ‘ball gags’ for some creepy reason.
    It is pretty sick to set food out for someone with their mouth gaged and hands tied behind their back.
    I’m pretty sure the woman we see falling in the tunnel is Cornillia. It’s the fact that the woman is carrying Cornillia’s rather unique and elaborate sword. It’s the same one she brandished against Zero when he went into that hotel to rescue Euphy and the others.

  199. @Kal Wel that may be so maybe there are few discrepancies reagarding hair colour! all i know is that i read somewhere that for each anime (individually) hair colour and tone (same with eye colour to a degree) is chosen on the basis of the way they want the character to be percieved in relation to the others (e.g. in early preview drawings shirleys hair was black! ut now shes a ginger [soz i british i cant help hating gingers… its what we do ๐Ÿ˜› lol i joke i joke !]) when you consider this and then try to test it as a theory you see how the characters hair colour and tone (e.g. how light or dark it is) relates to thier personality

    Lelouch: Pitch black hair: Determined dark character (purple eyes as a secondary point)
    Euphie: superpink hair: girly girl but really nice
    Cornelia: PURPLE *ehem* (lol) :The colour associated with strength in this anime for some reason?!?
    Suzaku: rough Hazel hair: desgined like a hero which is part of the reason why he annoys us so much , because he doesnt/hasnt lived up to our initial perception of him!!! (green eyes)
    Kallen: red hair(blue eyes): Stron willed determined but pure character

    Dont get me wrong i know its not a perfect theory/ideal and the entire basis of it gets more fluid further down the chain of importance! (where other aspects of a characters design come into play!)

    All im saying is that anyas emotional weakness combined with her young age AND her pink hair make her a PRIME TARGET for pink haired syndrome just like Euphie and her overwhelming niceness to the poiint where as soon as she came on to the scene we (or at least i) thought shes deeeeeaaaaaaad!!!!! then thought aww i hope she doesnt die then after she announced her plan remembered theres a second series and then thought shes definately dead!!! (then finally thought, ‘i cant beleive lelouch would do the obvious but evil thing to her and geass her!’ only to have him do it by accident by the end!!!

    With anya its, ‘She seems emotionaly distant and therefore a totally non worthwhile character… maybe she’ll be turned (to the dark side!!! :P) …hmm Gino seems to dote on her’, to ,’Hang about she knows about lelouch as a child! this warrants further investigation!!!’, to ,’Whats this C.C. has just had some random interfacing session with her where she found somthing out’ (U WILL ALL CALL IT THIS FROM NOW ON ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ), to ,’i read on that Awesome blog that i post on that shes only 14. Poor emotionally distant 14 year old girl who knew lelouch as a child and may be his friend from then! and might be a signal of hope for lelouch or someone he can trust in the future (based on freindly picture!)’ to {finally}, ‘Hmm i just noticed she has pink hair! considering the parrallels from season one, the (uncalculated) ratio of differences and her characters behavior (e.g. emotionally distant/bored) shes a prime candidate for death! right after she comes out of her shell and gains a small form of happiness!

    Whilst i may not be right! (i dont care either way to be honest i currently -nothing- her as a character) her seeming overstated (but ultimately lack of) importance suggests to me that she will die! How who knows maybe suzaku will do it if she allies with lelouch (which might mean we get to keep kallen !huzaa!) maybe kallen will do it as a wierd sense of jealous irony (i hate using the word irony because its often used wrongly i apologise if this is the case here!)maybe SHE WONT DIE all i know is that she meets all the criteria (including piloting the mordered which due to its low manuverability in itself is a liability) for a somewhat Euphie-esc (someone tell me how to type this suffix properly please!) i.e. trajic demise

    WingZero zxt
  200. Well, Euphemia suspected that Lelouch was Zero after episode 8 of season 1. As of episode 11 of R2, Anya likely suspects that Lelouch Lamperouge is Lelouch Vi Britannia. Perhaps this is another one of those parallels. However, pink hair or no pink hair, I certainly don’t expect her to end up in a situation anything like Euphemia’s. That was too wacked out to be repeated. However, like most of the other characters, there’s every possibility that she could die. How likely it is, I can’t say, but her connection to Lelouch will likely make he important at least temporarily, and if she finds out too much, that likely does put her at a high risk of dying.

  201. @ kal indeed, oh what a coincidence she has pink hair!!!! and as for wacked out to be repeated I SINCERELY AGREE!!!!! thatwas the first time ever!! that i wasnt upset over any one indiidual death of an important character but was truly truly HORRIFIED over the deaths of so many and the way the handled it! if i ever show this to my friends (none of them like anime) ill turn episode 22 into a written monologue (taken mostly from the summary written here!) no one should have to watch that!

    WingZero zxt
  202. Actually, Euphemia’s death and its nasty aftermath are the entire reason that my brother doesn’t intend to ever pick up the DVD’s. It nearly ruined the series for him.

  203. true i dunno if my memory of it is dulling (i hope so) but it wasnt the number of people that died it was the very real way in which they died!!! i mean there have been slightly worse mass killings in anime (full metal alchemist for one.. this series was a bitter dissapointment is the manga still going does anyone know? and was the anime a animted version or a tweaked adaptation because frankly it was dissapointingly traji how it ended if anyone can answer please do so i may read the manga! depending on how little its like the anime and whether or not it finishes there!!!)
    (also gundam seed when ships exploded and when they let off the GIANT emp device!)
    but nevertheless i am still troubled by the sight of Euphie with the equivelent of a P90 (i think! it looks like the main gun of SG1 after all) gunning down japnese people! and all the blood exploding and bursting everywhere!

    WingZero zxt
  204. Myself, I didn’t particularly like either the fact that Euphemia was geassed and died or the horrible massacre that resulted, but given what Euphemia knew and where things were going at that point, something drastic had to happen. So, it’s really nasty and unpleasant, but it has definite effects on the plot that are potentially positive. In the short term, it majorly changes the rebellion potential of the Black Knights for the end of season one. In the long term, its most obvious effects are what it did to Suzaku – it’s really a defining event for him for better or worse – but there are lots of things that would be very different at this point if it had never happened.

  205. they could however make somthing almost as horrifying by having the mordered vaporise a whole bunch of people! and having them explode! (like when blonde girl from gundam 00 had her family killed but worse with lots more people!)

    WingZero zxt
  206. As for FMA, it’s similar up to about the point that Dante shows up and Greed dies. Dante doesn’t exist in the manga. As I understand it, the manga artist didn’t want the anime to have the same ending as the manga because then you’d just get the same thing in both and it wouldn’t be as interesting for manga fans to watch the anime or anime fans to read the manga. The latter portion of the anime was created wholly by the anime folks. The manga is currently ongoing and is definitely going in a different direction.

  207. in hind sight you can say that somthing drastic had to happen but at the time i had Absolutely no idea that they were gonna play the ‘question your own morality for watching this death’ card! i had an idea (as afore mentioned) that Euphie for the sake of storyline had to be removed! (one way or THE other!!) bur i had genuinely no idea that the writers were capable of that! ofcourse without using hind sight you could see that from lelouches point of view that would have been the most obvious and logical way to handle things but he tried his best not too (probably because it was euphie who would have done it) even going so far as to suggest he get shot! (non fatally) for it then to be the result of an accident ! the silence when she killed the first one and the way she killed all of them! (and how all the troops stationed there obidiently obeyed) I (due to a basic instinctive human naivity which thanks to that is now almost completely gone!) COULD NOT HAVE SEEN IT COMING!

    WingZero zxt
  208. hmm Dante is the woman who is basically the final boss in the anime right? (the one who orchestrated pretty much everything along with Eds father?) and greed is the first haumoculous who Ed defeated right? (its bin so long i only watched it in english in Britain! )
    hmm certainly warrants a look! (anythings better then ed being trapped on the other sie of the gate then coming bck then leaving again to a world without alchemy with his brother!!!! i mean comon he didnt even get with Winry!!) Enough of that FMA drivel (unless you’re confirming or correcting me at the top!)
    thinking bck i can certanly see why people (understandibly ) blindly hate lelouch i mean if that were my friend or relative i would blindly hate the person who did that too!
    but because im on the outside looking in and can see the full circumstances i honestly beleive that lelouch was almost as much a victim in it! (which is not an entirely justified opinion; i understand this!) i often use the illustration of a weapon misfiring! since you guys are in america (some of you) you might be able to relate to that possibility a little mroe then i can being in britain (having only ever seen a gun on a police officer though i so know that people in britain have them cos i watch the news! im not naieve like a certain character!)

    WingZero zxt
  209. FMA “Drivel”: Yes, Dante is the “final boss” so to speak. I would have said something more along the lines of enemy mastermind or the main bad guy or something, but whatever. Greed was indeed the first homunculus that Ed killed (though he’s not actually the one who does him in in the manga). The gate is in both, but it’s not a gate between worlds in the same way as the anime. There is no “real world,” so it really wouldn’t make any sense for that to happen in the manga.

  210. As for foreseeing the events with Euphemia, given that he actions risked to pretty much ruin Zero and the Black Knights, it was fairly obvious that something had to happen to get Zero and company out of the situation. However, the whole massacre bit – and even Euphemia’s death – weren’t at all obvious. Euphemia’s death was the more foreseeable of the two, but even that was far from sure.

    As for the guns thing, I doubt that I’ve see many more guns than you have. There are places where you can shoot 22’s and the like – particularly if you’re a Boy Scout or somesuch – but unless you’re going to actually be a police officer, or go hunting, or live in a really bad part of Los Angeles or something, you’re not likely to see guns very often. It’s not like everyone in America is toting guns around. I’d guess that you’ve seen guns in real life about as often as the average American.

  211. @Kal ive only seen them once (because ive only bin to london once during the day since the bus bombings! just because im british dont mean im londonish lol :P) but yes unfortunately (for you) due to your constitution, your NRA, every documentary in the last 5 years!(MICHAEL MOORE WAS NOT A DOCUMENTARY to biased appar.!) and the way that the media has portrayed you for the last 100 years the stereotype is that, ‘guns dont kill people Americans do!’ trajic i know!

    Regarding the whole situation with Euphie i know im repeating myself a bit ( a lot) but as soon as the gawain showed up i thought to myself hes not gonna be that evil and geass her to kill everyone! then when he suggested she shoot him and the pleasant convo that followed i thought fine! then the accident and i was like, ‘he’ll stop her surely’ ,then the gun shot and all hell breaks lose!!! OMGoodness i sat silently for a good half hour after that!

    WingZero zxt
  212. I, unfortunately, had accidentally read about the incident before seeing the episode, so I could see it coming. As such, perhaps my take on the situation and how foreseeable it was isn’t as unbiased as it should be, but just the same, if I hadn’t read about it, there’s certainly no way that I would have expected anything anywhere near that bad – particularly considering that it was Euphemia that we were dealing with.

  213. GEASS Mechanics part 2 (part one untitled)

    the whole ep brings up a valid point though during in it Suzaku and C2 ha an interfacing session ( SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS WILL BE WHAT ITS CALLED FROM NOW ON I ORDER U :P) but prior to this she said, ‘he can see me.. is this a result from the incident at kamenijima or is he also…’ since when ever a phrase like this is uttered its pretty rarely (ive never known it happen) that the coincidence is what happened then the whole incident add credibility to my geass gene/chosen one theory whereby if you want geass you have to have some sort of predisposition to be able to! this adda the possibility that suzaku could be given geass (due to V2 taking an even greater intrest in him or lelouch getting c2 to give him power out of some form of pity for a now reformed and living up to expectation (as afore mentioned suzaku!) IM gona start titling my posts because i like to refference them from now on !

    GEASS Mechanics part 2 (part one untitled)

    WingZero zxt
  214. Hey again,

    @WingZero, I actually tried to respond to your reply to me earlier, but for some reason, my computer stopped letting me post, so I had to wait and try again. My point was that even if Anya and Gino decided to join Ashford on their own, they still report directly to the Emperor. The Emperor presumably knows that Lelouch is Zero since V.V. and Jerimaiah seem to know, so it just seems a bit odd that he would let two of his best people just walk into a ‘Geass-able’ situation like that.

    Incidentally, I read on another message board that the second R2 drama CD has a skit which stars Lelouch, Rolo, C.C., Anya and Gino, which seems odd that those five would be together. Either Anya and Gino are unaware of C.C. (probably more likely) or they’ve been Geassed.

    Also, anyone notice that Lelouch is returning to Japan, because of the Kallen ‘situation’, implying that he believes Kallen would be taken to Japan (which makes sense since most of her ‘crimes’ would have been done in that juristiction). However, if she is taken there, it couldn’t take long for Nunally to find out about, and she certainly wouldn’t treat one of her friends like Suzaku, even if she was a ‘terrorist.’ If this happens, I’d imagine she’d be pretty pissed at Suzaku for treating her so poorly. (How cool would that be. A pissed off Nunally.) Note that this all assumes that Nunally hasn’t had any memory replacements, which I assume since the Emperor’s Geass appears to require eye contact to work, which obviously wouldn’t work on Nunally.

  215. If Suzaku isn’t telling Nunnally where her brother is what makes you think she’s going to keep Nunnally up date date of all the prisoners comings and goings? I would doubt that he will say anything to her about it. I imagine if Suzaku says anything about capturing her to the student counsel the counsel will try and plead her case.
    Technically, Britannia doesn’t have much of a right to legally hold Kallen. All her crimes against Britannia were in the Area 11 district and Nunnally pardoned all her crimes in place of a suspended sentence.
    The crimes that she was currently captured for were against the Chinese Federation. Somehow I doubt they would still be pressing any charges.
    Sadly, Nunnally has quickly becomes a puppet governor. I doubt she could do much about this even if she was told Kallen was in jail. Here’s hoping Lelouch gets her out next episode and whether Nunnally even knows would becomes a mute point. My hope is that when Lelouch is tagging off with Sayako he’s moving to get her back.

  216. Offenses were reduced and executions stayed in the deal that Nunnally’s advisers made with Zero. No one was pardoned. And even if they were, do you really think that Britannia is the sort of place where they worry much about law if it inconveniences them? They obviously have laws that they follow on some level (they were bothering with a trial for Suzaku in season 1 after all), but when you’re talking about a known terrorist involved in numerous incidents and who is a citizen of a “Remedial Territory” (or whatever they call it) which isn’t even a full area anymore, I really don’t think that they’re going to care much about the law. It’s not as if the courts have any clue that they have her and Britannia strikes me as the kind of country where if the emperor – or maybe even a prince such as Schneizel – says that the law should be waved or ignored, then it will be. So, I wouldn’t expect Kallen to be in a situation any better than that of the Black Knights who were held captive at the beginning of the season. Given that she’s wearing a C.C. style straight jacket, her situation may be worse.

    As for her being saved, I fear that we may have to wait a while. From everything that I’ve read about the next couple of episodes, they’re likely to be jam-packed with Ashford stuff. I certainly have found no spoilers of any kind that mention Kallen. As far as we know, Lelouch has no clue where Kallen is. If he really did, he’d likely be hatching a plan to save her rather than returning to school. His main concerns at this point appear to be waiting for C.C. to find information on the location of the cult/order and figuring out how to counter 3 Knights of Round instead of just one. I don’t think that he made any mention of saving Kallen at the end of episode 11.

    That’s not to say that Lelouch won’t find something out and/or come up with something to get Kallen back amongst all the Ashford activities, but I suspect that they’re going to make a big enough deal about rescuing her that that would be the main focus of whatever episode it happens in and it’s fairly certain that that would not be the case until episode 15 at the earliest.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Unless we end up with Kallen being brought to Ashford (be it as a prisoner or after having her head messed with by the emperor) in the next couple of episodes, I find it unlikely that we’ll see her free anytime soon. I’d certainly like to see her free, and we can definitely hope that the reason that Lelouch is switching off with Sayoko in order to go save Kallen, but it seems far more likely to me that Kallen’s going to be stuck for a while and her release will have to do with major plot developments later on in the season.

    Of course, Kallen’s capture means that Britannia has a hostage that they can use against Zero regardless of whether he’s Lelouch, so regardless of what they can or can’t get out of her and regardless of what Lelouch loses by not having her around, her capture could really hinder him depending on what Britannia decides to do. Let’s hope that we don’t end up with a situation similar to that at the end of season 1 where Zero runs off to save Nunnally but in this case decides to stay instead of running off to save Kallen. He’d want to save Kallen, but after seeing what running off got him in season 1, he’ll be hard pressed to do it again and in such a situation, not doing it could mean the end of Kallen….

  217. i still think the best *guess* so far is that she shows up at school at the end of ep 12! i dont think that suzaku has been told all of the emperors plans regardless of wether h found out about geass or not!! And since all her friends were asking after her (including lelouch who to him seems normal!) its possibe that as a facour to *ehem* her she will be brainwashed and sent bck to school! (we are all desperately avoiding the possibility that she will go back willingly as a suzaku puppet!! after realising that lelouch wont(cant) save her! )

    WingZero zxt
  218. ^favour^

    to clarify the point i was amking about suzaku not knowing about all the emperors plans is that quite simply he is totally unaware of Jeremiahs current situation! Notice he said in the battle in ep 6 ‘becareul this pilot defeated jeremiah!’ which means he and they had no idea about jeremiah not being dead!

    WingZero zxt
  219. Code Geass doesn’t really have any true “filler.” Every episode counts for something. Sure, there are small events in episodes that don’t matter much overall, but anything much bigger than that has an impact on the story – be it because it has an effect on the characters themselves or the plot. As such, it’s doubtful that Kallen is simply going to be rescued at some point soon and then things will go back to “normal.” There pretty much has to be a lasting effect from her capture – be it some major character development of some kind or a something that affects the overall plot.

    The fact that the Guren was captured along with her means that she could conceivably be saved soon without much in terms of lasting effects other than not getting the Guren back and all that means (not being able to fight with it, Lloyd studying it and figuring out how to copy or counter their tech, etc). However, other than that possibility, any other major plot or character changes would almost certainly involve nasty things happening with regards to Kallen herself. I suppose that the major change could be some big change in Suzaku or Lelouch (or even Kallen herself), but more likely, either information will be leaked of some kind, Lelouch’s actions will be adversely affected (like if they used her as leverage), or they’re going to have fun messing around with her head (which would probably include sending her back to Ashford or getting her to fight against the Black Knights – maybe even in the Guren).

    You know, I could totally believe that they were setting up Kallen to have to be killed like Euphemia because a geass just totally screwed with her and there was no other choice. I sure hope that that doesn’t happen, but depending on how interested the writers are in actual having her have an actual, lasting romantic relationship with Lelouch and how interested they’re in making parallels with season 1, she could be in serious danger of having something nasty like that happen to her.

    Regardless, my point is that I find it very hard to believe that they’re simply going to waltz in and rescue her at some point – soon or otherwise. I find it somewhat hard to believe that they’ll even have an episode where they manage to go in and rescue her with much difficulty but little other bad stuff happening. There have to be some kind of lasting effects from her capture. What those effects are, we can really only guess at at this point – and honestly, most of my guesses aren’t pleasant – but I seriously doubt that this is going to be a simple case of finding out where she is, rushing out the back door to grab her and the Guren, and then returning to your normally scheduled programming as if nothing had happened.

  220. Jeremiah disappeared after being defeated by Kallen in episode 11 of season 1. After that, Clovis’ scientists were messing with him and they were almost certainly just about the only ones who knew that he was alive. He next appears in public at the end of season 1 to fight Zero and C.C. in his new, wacked out knightmare. I don’t think that much of anyone else saw his knightmare fighting Zero, let alone knew who was piloting it. In the end of that fight, C.C. drags him down to the ocean floor. C.C. and the Gawain are crushed. C.C. – being C.C. – survives to collect the remnants of the Black Knights and eventually save Lelouch at the beginning of season 2. At some point between seasons, Lakshata and her team fetched the remains of the Gawain in order to use it to build some of their current tech. They also looked for Jeremiah’s knightmare, but didn’t find it. This would at most mean that they might suspect that he was alive, but it’s unclear that they suspect anything like that at all.

    The next time anyone sees Jeremiah – as for as we know – is at the end of episode 9 when he’s with V.V. I’d venture a guess that very few people beyond V.V. and the emperor knew that he was alive at that point. It’s likely that either V.V. saved him and/or his modifications made it so that he could survive being crushed by the ocean pressure like C.C. did (though the fact that his knightmare seemed to be gone as well implies that he was saved by someone). It’s quite conceivable that someone like Suzaku would know that he was alive, but there’s really no reason to think that he would necessarily know. It’s not like V.V. and the emperor are big on revealing things to anyone. Also, the fact that Suzaku talks of about the Guren defeating Jeremiah implies that he does not know.

    In either case, when Jeremiah shows up it’s likely going to be a surprise to just about anyone who has any clue who he is. He gets to play the wildcard that comes out of nowhere.

  221. Hey again,

    Alot of people seem to be thinking that Kallen’s going to die before the end of the series. While I acknowledge this possibility, there are several reasons that I don’t think it will happen.

    One, while many actions in R2 mirror season 1 others are occuring exactly oppositely. Lelouch has realized that his mission isn’t just for his sister anymore and has realized that ends don’t always justify means. Meanwhile, Suzaku has become obsessed with the end of ‘changing the world from the inside’ regardless of means. My point is that even if Kallen gets Geassed in a situation like Euphie, in contrast to the first season, I think Lelouch will find a way to stop her without killing her.

    Two, Kallen seems to be involved with too many of the lighthearted moments in the series for her to be a tragic character. If you rewatch much of the series, Kallen is involved in ALOT of awkward or embarresing situations (even more if you count the picture dramas and drama CDs). As a general rule, it’s a bad idea to kill off a character that is involved in so many comic moments, as it would make re-watching the series a real downer, which would tank DVD sales. In contrast, Euphie wasn’t involved in many humorous situations (and even in the ones she was in, it usually wasn’t her being funny).

    Finally, keep in mind that this is a show that brought and incidental character back to life and promoted him to secondary player purely because fans liked him. From what I can tell from message boards, after Lelouch and maybe C.C., Kallen is just about the most popular character on the show. Kiler her would strike me as being unwise.

    Still, I’m saying it’s impossible that Kallen will die before the end of the series, I just doubt it. (Still, it will seriously honk me off if she does).

  222. I’m mainly worried about the possibility of Kallen’s death rather than necessarily expecting it to happen. I think that the Code Geass writers have shown themselves to be perfectly ready and willing to kill off characters when they deem it to be good for the plot. As such, Kallen is certainly at risk. However, it’s not like they’ve been killing off major characters left and right. There are some characters halfway between minor and major that have died – like a couple of the Holy Swords – but there really aren’t very many major characters that have been killed off. Off the top of my head, I can list 2 or 3 depending on how you count them. Clovis died fairly early on – but it was so early on that he just about doesn’t count as a main character. Kirihara was executed between seasons 1 and 2, but while he was important, he wasn’t really a major character in the plot. In fact, the only really major character to die at this point is Euphemia.

    When you look at it that way, it seems fairly likely that Kallen will survive. Of course, they’re more likely to kill off major characters towards the end of the series, but considering that while they have killed quite a few characters, the major characters at least have generally survived, then I think that unless they’re looking to make a major tragedy out of Kallen, she’s not going to die any time soon and hopefully not at all.

  223. Seeing how Lelouch knows that Kallen was handed over to Suzaku it doesn’t seem out of the question that Suzaku would bring her back to Japan along with the Guren.
    Lelouch is very upset that Suzaku has her. He had sworn to get her back with his own hands. In episode 11 he talks about Kallen and the need to go back to Japan. he talks about those things as they are entering the room. The whole cult isn’t even mentioned until after Lelouch has removed his helmet and cape.
    That shows that he’s gone to Japan in order to rescue Kallen. As to where she’s being held. If Suzaku isn’t tricked into mentioning it. Providing he says something to the student counsel about how they captured her. They will probably ask a whole lot of questions about her. If he slips up and mentions her location that would tell Lelouch where to go. If Suzaku doesn’t make that mistake Lelouch could just have Villetta get that information through the intelligence agency. If neither of these happen Lelouch could just sneak out to some high profile prison, Geass someone, and ask if a high profile prisoner was brought in recently. Odds are good she’s being held in the same prison Ougi and Toudo were held at. That could give Lelouch his first lead.
    Seeing how in the first preview, attached to episode 11, we see a drawer opening to reveal the Zero helmet. Providing someone else didn’t stumble upon the helmet I think that’s when Lelouch is going out to save Kallen.

  224. @Remmell

    Well, I obviously missed that part of the conversation when I looked at the end of episode 11 last night to see whether he’d mentioned Kallen. I’ll have to rewatch it when I get home. You do bring up a very good point with the Zero helmet and you have some very good ideas with regards to how Lelouch could find out about where she was being held. That still leaves the issue of how it will fit in time-wise however which is really the main reason that I question whether she’s going to be saved so soon. My guess would be that if he’s about to save Kallen, he’ll find out where she is in episode 12 and then actually save her in episode 13. Depending on what Show Spoiler ▼

    is up to in episode 13, there may very well be time to fit it in in that episode.

    Of course, I think that my point is still valid that it’s not as if Lelouch is just going to save her and things will go back to normal. There are going to have be other consequences from her being captured. Those consequences don’t necessarily have to mean anything bad for Kallen, but at minimum, there’s going to have to be an effect on the main plot as a result of her capture – be it that one side is going to find out something potentially critical about the other, or that Lelouch isn’t going to be somewhere else where he might be needed because he’s saving Kallen, or any number of other possible effects that her capture might have. Something is going to have to come out of this – be it positive or negative for the Black Knights – which has a definite affect on the overall story.

    You know, it just occurred to me, that one reason to think that she may be saved soon is that there tends to be a tendency in Code Geass to solve problems rather quickly unless they’re major over-arcing plot problems – like getting rid of Suzaku, or defeating Britannia, etc. It’s quite typical for one problem to pop up right after another one, or for a new problem to arise from their solution of a previous problem, but I think that it’s atypical to have a problem pop up that takes quite a few episodes to actually solve.

  225. I can’t believe that I said “there tends to be a tendency.” And I thought that I proofread that post… I should probably have said “there seems to be a tendency” or something similar.

  226. Kallen – The ideal vs the Reality

    explain the term atypical to me. since leaving school i can no longer remember certain basics of english! Also please note that we have yet to see kallen wearing the dress!! i think it would make sense for her to show up at school ( on suzaku or jeremiahs leesh[prob spelt it wrong]) if for no other reason then shes wearing that dress and not a japanese number suggesting that its not a post victory gathering for the black knights! the point regarding the plot regarding kallen being solved quickly is valid however the writers (due to kallens importance) could stretch this out into a full blown arc in its own right kallen not bein returned until a decisive battle (seeing her on the Britannian side maybe) allowing her to be saved albeit somewhat costly (probably) by lelouch! having a favourite character like her kidnapped and experience even more loss in the show would not be a strecth of the storryline based on precidents set so far.
    If we consider the extreme los situation being Euphie its possibile that suzaku losing his queen (in the most tragic disturing way ever anime-ated) gives ample excuse for lelocuh to loose his (though u could argue that euphie was as/more important to lelouch as/than suzaku though you could argue again that Kallen is way more important to lelouch then she is to suzaku!)
    Also if there is a season 3 (which im desperatly hoping for since this is by a long stretch the best anime ive EVER seen in all my 4 years of watchin anime (which doesnt neccesarily mean ive watched less then some of you!) it could mean that kallen is captive and in trouble for a long long time (however much i doubt it its possible)
    That being said i whilst doubt she will be capitve for more than a few eps (saved by ep 14 at earliest!) it would make no sense for her to be rescued without her incuring some kind of loss![or hating suzaku more than we already do!] (maybe lelouch moves on romantically and thats why shes crying in the current OP… i dunno its difficult/pointless to base guesses on an OP ) ONE thing is certain and thats just as kalessin sed and thats there will be consequences for kallens capture. the obvious is that shes turned to the dark side or britannia (but too obvious maybe?)

    WingZero zxt
  227. Thanks. I am pretty good at analyzing things.
    I doubt it would take a whole episode to figure out where Kallen is being held. Especially if he gets the information from Villetta. Finding time to do it wouldn’t be too hard either. He puts in an appearance at the big party, tags off with Sayako, and moves in to rescue Kallen why Suzaku and two other Rounds are busy at the party. Better still while Zero is out rescuing Kallen. Lelouch was spotted by those same three Rounds as well as most of the student body.
    I wonder if there will be another attempt at the giant pizza?

  228. @WingZero zxt
    atypical is the opposite of typical. That is, something that is atypical is not typical.

    As for the giant pizza, I’m guessing not. It seems to exist primarily in order to have C.C.-related humor and she’s currently in China.

    As for taking the whole episode to find out where Kallen is being held… Well, I agree that it certainly wouldn’t need to take the whole episode to figure that out, but there seem to be a lot of things going on in episode 12 and even if most of that is Sayoko, there’s only so much time in the episode to have things happen. Additionally, it seems to me that using the events surrounding Kallen’s release as a cliffhanger might make sense. However, the most likely cliffhanger at this point would be Show Spoiler ▼

    , so they probably have that covered without needing to bring Kallen into it.

    I’d love to see Kallen freed in the next episode, but given everything else that’s likely to be going on and the fact that there was nothing in the preview that related directly to Kallen implies that she’s not going to be saved. Still, it could certainly happen. I could also see Suzaku bringing Kallen to the school in an attempt to once again determine whether Lelouch is Zero, but given that she didn’t end up in the preview at all, I kind of doubt it. Besides, there’s no way that she’s going to be wearing a dress or anything like that like in the sketch on the site mentioned a number of posts back since Suzaku is bound to want to restrain her since otherwise she’d try to escape – unless she got geassed by the emperor which we’re all hoping doesn’t happen.

    In any case, it’s certainly possible that Kallen will be saved in the next episode, but I question whether there’s really enough time for it given that the focus of the episode appears to be on the school activities.

  229. @ Kalessin using the spoilers mentioned on koshimizus blog whilst offering no concrete information my best guess is that she will NOT be saved next episode! there seems to be to much else going on as afore mentioned and plus suzaku has her meaning showing her to the student council as reformed might be desirable atleast to him! also the fact that kallen did end up in the preview dosnt mean she wont show up right at the end before jeremiah (man i cant stand him the gimmicks gotten old fast!) also we have cornelia sayakos demonstrating lelouchs athletic ability and the whole anya thing (which prob wont be covered next ep!) so im thinking atleast ep 14 till we see kallen in lelouches arms again! (for the first time.. err i meant mentally, YES i was using a metaphor! ๐Ÿ˜› )

    WingZero zxt
  230. also no one responded to my *ehem* article entitled GEASS mechanics part 2

    God my genius is becoming a burden – get back to me :Dr Cox, Scrubs GENIUS!!!

    WingZero zxt
  231. @WingZero zxt

    Well, as for your geass mechanics post….

    Okay, first off, given the diversity of the geass users that we’ve seen, a genetic connection is not impossible, but not necessarily likely. The emperor, Lelouch, Rolo, and Show Spoiler ▼

    are all Britannian. However, the only two who we know are in the royal line are the emperor and Lelouch. The other two are Britannians, but that alone can’t do the trick because then all Britannians would be able to have a geass. And honestly, the fact that Rolo seems to be an orphan and since Show Spoiler ▼

    , I find the idea that it’s a family/gene thing to be rather unlikely. But it’s always possible that Rolo and Show Spoiler ▼

    just so happened to have it.

    The main issue, of course, would be Mao. He’s of Chinese descent – not Britannian – and C.C. seems to have picked him primarily because she pitied him. It could be that he just so happened to have the necessary gene as well – after all, with your Stargate analogy, the genes go so far back that a mixture of pretty much all races have them as I recall – but that does seem to me like it’s stretching things.

    So, it could be that there is a geass gene of some kind, but I don’t think that that’s necessarily the case. We have seen a small number of people with geasses but little evidence for how they’re chosen. It’s true that C.C. needs Lelouch for something, but it’s not at all clear that he actually needs a geass to do it. He may very well need one, but considering that C.C. “died” for Lelouch prior to giving him his geass and that she was excited to have found him when he arrived at the trailer with her in it in season 1, episode 1, I think that it’s Lelouch himself that matters. So, the gene thing is possible, but I don’t see much evidence for it really.

    As for Suzaku and Lelouch seeing the glowing image of C.C. or whatever it was that appeared in the air near the trailer in episode 1 and near the Gawain in episode 22, I don’t think that it necessarily has anything to do with geass at all. I find it more likely that it comes from having been in contact with C.C. previously or having something else happen to you to connect you to her. It’s evident from episode 1 of season 1, that C.C. at least saw them when they were younger. Whether she really had any contact with them is unknown, but she was at least near them. No one else has seen the glowing C.C. image thus far, so that implies that there’s probably something similar between them that no one else thus far has had in common with them.

    Now, it’s quite possible that they both saw it because they were potential geass users, but the fact that when C.C.’s first reaction when she found out that Suzaku could see her was wondering whether her previous contact with him or what happened with V.V. at the island allowed him to see her instead of thinking “oh, he’s someone who could have a geass” implies that it’s not a simple case of people who can have geasses can see C.C. through objects. The two may be connected, but I’m not sure that there’s really any evidence that they are.

    So, there’s obviously something special about Suzaku, and it’s obvious that that specialness is somehow related to at least some of the ways in which Lelouch is special since they both saw the glowing C.C. image and no one else has, but what it is that they both have that made that happen is not at all clear. My vote would be that it has something to do with something that happened to them both in the past and which is probably related to contact with C.C. in the past.

  232. Well, if we want an idea about the theme of the whole episode or the most important part of that episode we need look no further then the episode’s title. It’s been the key indicator to what the episode is mainly about. We can see that from the past.
    R2 Episode 7: The Discarded Mask. This episode was about Lelouch contemplating giving up being Zero.
    R2 Episode 8: A Million Miracles. The biggest event of the episode was the million Zeros.
    R2 Episode 9: The Bride of the Forbidden City. About the Empress being married off.
    This is the pattern of just a couple episodes. Now this coming episode is called “Love Attack”. This is a bit more open to interpretation. A Love Attack could be Shirley making some kind of romantic move. It could be Cornillia attacking out of vengeance for her sister. It could possibly be about Lelouch’s rescue of Kallen. All three seem just as unlikely.
    I mention Shirley, because in the past she would often make a play for Lelouch’s affections. Seems odd when it pays off she would become so upset and unsure.
    I don’t think I would refer to Lelouch attacking to get Kallen back would be considered an act of love. Just doesn’t seem like Lelouch to be that emotional. Though his outburst about coming for her was surprising. I’d think differently if we were talking about Nunnally here.
    Cornillia, because it looks like she’s possibly inside the school. At least in the underground sections. I doubt her being in there would be uneventful at the least.
    I’m very interested into seeing where Cornillia will stand. I see no reason she would be willing to help Lelouch, but if she was on the side of Britannia why is it no one seems to know where she’s been. Even her most loyal knight. If she was with Britannia why was she in hiding?

  233. GEASS mechanics – part 3

    @Kal the thing which gets me is the fact that atleast according the the GG subs C.C. says,
    ‘Looks like he can see me, Is it due to the influence of the close contact and the incident at kamenijima? or is this guy also…? if thats the case…’ ! The bit i was basing my point on was the bit where she says or, ‘is this guy also’! because the ways she said it (or atleast the way its translated though i have no reason to doubt gg subs) seems like there is somthing special about them whch extends beyond merely having contact with her which is why Jeremiah was only able to recieve geass by having C.C. blood as part of him! is possible to erm postulate( that jeremiah couldnt of had geass before he was tampered with! Also with mao we have no reason that he and rolo couldnt of seen the pixelated image of C.C (or one of the other cult members) prior to what we know about them! the point i made about the sentance also still stands because when ever a sentance is spoken with a question and two possible answers one conservative and reasonable OR unlikely and one special and unique OR the worst case scenario ,in that order then you usually pick the second one! e.g. ‘whats THAT!!! the statue of liberties HEAD!!!? how did it get there! maybe there was a weather crisis or a boat hit it OR i couldnt possibly be that a 150 storey high monster had somthing to do with it?!? ‘ (adapted based on cloverfield!)
    Now in the example we are all hoping for somthing normal (unless your in the cinema in which case u say that its a monster for a joke only to then be proved right and everyone hate u for spoiling it! i mean come ON who could have seen it coming!) but because of the way ive said it you now think its a possibility if not a certainty that a monster easily 3 times larger than the last incarnation of Godzilla has just torn off the statue of liberties head and thrown it into downtown manhattan (i think that was where u yanks would call downtown correct me if im wrong) now using that! Whilst C.C. sentance still werent finish its unlikely that suzaku seeing her had much if anything to do with contact at kamemijima (and if you reffer to why this didnt happen when he went to retrieve the poison u could argue that he was too close and it has only happened in ways where it would be difficult to really beleive it was happening!) more likely it was the last part of the sentance which couldve been, ‘or is thi guy also.. a chosen one’, or ‘is this guy also someone i came into contact with as a child’ or ‘is this guy also able to take to be contracted!. its possible that age has somthing to do with it since all geass users (excpet jeremiah who is discounted for reasons previously mentioned) have had contact with one of the cultist or had thier geass since child hood (thouh you could argue that just because C.C. was mysteriously in thier childhoods by no means accounts for contact!)
    i do however agree with you saying the lelouch and suzaku are in someway important (beyond thier potential for power maybe) and i look forward to finding out why!

    WingZero zxt
  234. @WingZero xzt’s geass mechanics 3

    Well, I certainly don’t dispute that there could be a geass gene, or that the reason that Suzaku and Lelouch could seen the glowing C.C. image could be because they were able to get a geass, or that Rolo, Mao, etc. might have been able to see the glowing C.C. image. I just don’t think that there’s really much support for it.

    As I said, the group of geass users is diverse enough and we know so little about how they got their geasses (we don’t even know why C.C. chose Lelouch) that it seems a little far-fetched to conclude that there is something genetic or family-related that allows them to receive a geass. It’s quite possible that there was something special about them that allowed them to receive a geass, but even if that’s the case, it could have been a strong desire for something that made it possible as opposed to anything that they were born with. Lelouch wanted to change the world, Mao probably wanted to not be lonely anymore, and the emperor wanted to take it over – or “destroy the gods at least” (whatever that means). Rolo is the main hold up in that idea since I’m not quite sure what he wanted when he got his geass and he’s a pretty unemotional guy overall. Certainly at this point, he doesn’t want things to change – he wants a brother, friends, etc.

    Actually, it’s possible that a person’s geass power relates to what they want. Lelouch wanted to change the world; he now has the power to force change on people. Mao wanted to not be lonely; he gained the power to always hear everyone’s thoughts. If you take Rolo as wanting things not to change (which may or may not have been what he wanted at the time), then being able to effectively freeze people in place goes with that. The emperor’s ability to rewrite people’s memories may go with a desire to force people to think what he wants them to think. Perhaps, connecting a person’s geass power with their desires is stretching things a bit, but there are some similarities at least.

    We can’t say much about Jeremiah at this point since about all we know about his geass is that Show Spoiler ▼

    . Your idea that he was able to get a geass thanks to the scientists trying to make him like C.C. is an interesting one. It’s certainly a possibility. I question it primarily because they were trying to make him like C.C. who gives geasses rather than like a geass user, but it’s certainly food for thought. In either case, it appears that he has a geass from V.V. and not from what the scientists did. If the geass was gene-related, however, I’d find it more likely that Jeremiah – being nobility if not royalty – would be have the gene required than either Rolo or Mao. So, again, the gene thing is certainly a possibility, but I don’t see any real need for it or necessarily any support for it.

    As for the glowing C.C., only Suzkaku and Lelouch have seen her thus far. C.C. obviously didn’t know why Suzaku could. Her first guesses were because of his contact with her in episode 11 and/or due to the stuff that happened to him on geass island (that’s a lot easier to remember that island’s actual name….). In the Shinsen subs she says: “He can see me. Is it because of my invasion of his mind and the Kaminejima incident? Or is he… If so then…” She then gets out of the Gawain and asks him, “Answer me this; are you-.” After that, Zero’s eye affects her, Suzaku touches her, etc.

    The way she says it implies that she thought that perhaps both the invasion of his mind and what happened at geass island – probably what happened in the cave in particular – both added up to make it so that he could see her. However, she does appear to come up with a third possibility about him being something. What she doesn’t say. In the GG subs, she says “or is this guy also” (emphasis added) while she says nothing of “also” in the Shinsen subs. Also, in the GG subs, she wonders if it was due to the influence of the “close contact” while the Shinsen subs specifically mention the incident when she invaded his mind in episode 11 (maybe the Shinsen sub folks made an assumption about the “close contact.” I don’t know). For what it’s worth, there are definitely other places in season 1 where the Shinsen subs are obviously better than the GG subs, but I don’t know if that’s always the case.

    In either case, the possibility that C.C. puts forth is that Suzaku is something – which she does not explain. What that is, we don’t know, but I don’t think that it was a potential geass user. The fact that she may have said “also” (hard to say given that it’s only in one of those two translations) implies that she’s wondering if he’s “also” the same as someone else in some manner – probably Lelouch. However, note that she gets down to ask him something about what he is: “are you-.” It seems doubtful to me that she was about to ask him whether he was a potential geass user. How would he know? He doesn’t even know about geass at that point.

    Now, the fact that she gets cut off implies to me that whatever she thinks he might be is the more likely explanation (the writer’s are going for some suspense and mystery with regards to her question after all). But what is it that she thinks he might be? I don’t see how we can even reasonably guess at this point.

    It’s interesting to note that Suzaku saw an image of the wall on geass island followed by the brain lines in his mind, then he sensed C.C., turned around, and then saw her. So, it’s not a simple matter of being able to see her. He sensed her presence first and there’s obviously a connection to the geass stuff even if it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being able to receive a geass. Also note that Lelouch and Suzaku have each seen the glowing C.C. once only. Lelouch saw her in the beginning when he looked at the crashed trailer in episode 1, but never since – not later in that episode prior to receiving his geass and never after having received it. He also couldn’t really sense her or see her inside her container. He just saw the image from the side of the road where he was and then heard her in his mind when he got close – at which point she sensed him and recognized him somehow in spite of being trapped. Suzaku on the other hand, never saw the glowing image prior to episode 22. He didn’t have a lot of opportunities to see C.C. prior to that, but he had a few. He’s also had a few opportunities since then but hasn’t seen her (imagine the mess if he’d seen her in the tomato container in episode 5 of R2). So, whatever the glowing image and see-through thing is, it appears to only happen once per person or only under certain conditions.

    In either case, what makes it so that a particular person is chosen to receive a geass is not at all clear at this point (it could simply be the whim of the geass giver) and it’s unclear whether or not anyone and everyone could receive geasses if the cult/order decided to do so. For that matter, we don’t even know if all the cult people can give geasses or whether they are the same as C.C. in any way at all – in particular the immortality bit. Given the images we keep seeing of a bunch of people lined up with geass symbols on their heads are probably them however, so they aren’t likely to be normal people who simply happen to be experimenting with geass stuff. We don’t even know if V.V. is the same as C.C. except that he’s obviously older than he looks, has powers of some kind, and can give geasses to people – and he may not have had those powers prior to becoming the leader of the cult. The geass givers are at least as much a mystery as the geass users. It’s conceivable that only certain people can receive geasses and that a gene determines it, but I see no reason to support that and I don’t think that it’s the case.

    Also, sensing/seeing the glowing C.C. has only happened to 2 people – only 1 of which has since received a geass – and there is no obvious connection between the glowing C.C. and receiving a geass. There’s obviously a connection between the geass stuff in general and seeing C.C., but not necessarily with being able to receive a geass. It seems evident that C.C. thinks that there might be something special about Suzaku, but what it is we don’t know. She obviously thought that that there was something special about Lelouch from the very beginning but whether the specialness of Lelouch that made her give him a geass and the specialness of Suzaku that allowed him to see her have anything to do with each other is unclear.

  235. the story so far
    Having the gene at this point doesnt mean your in some way related to royalty what i mean is quite frankly you HAVE the GENE! basic genetic diversity is reason enough for it to spread outside of the royal family (let alone the fact that parts of the royal family can come and go due to political manipulation(s) and attrition over the course of say i dunno C.C. entire life at least! (and we know how long that is!) in a similar way to he stargate theory whereby having the gene meant you decended from a long gone (therefore un able to predict) race of aliens (ancient humans in case some of you want to pull me up on my stargate knowledge (QUIT MISSING THE POINT ignore this bracket ๐Ÿ˜› ) having the gene meant your a decendant of one of the cultists who say 300 or 400 years ago decided to have children maybe! (on a side note did anyone get any of the video magazines of code geass translated they shed some historical light on the history of the empire but i cant fully comprehend it ‘cos i dont speak japanese) also regarding your point about rolo not wanting somthing thats not accuarate since in ep 8 (miracle or a million! with ZERO’s as main star ep!) hes talking to lelouch in their secret staff room (not the underground one/ might even be lelouch and rolos dorm room) and Rolos saying that he will help lelouch because he has somthing he wants to protect!
    Regarding your other points they are all quite correct – what we are doing is nothing more than speculation at this point and given that episode 12 seems like its there just to space out the gaps between us hating suzaku so that japanese fans dont get to annoyed and storm sunrise i doubt we will find out much of anything til ep 13/14 that being said the way this second series is made (staying deliberately parrallel to S1 so that when somethig does change we are caught unaware) it wouldnt be suprising to me if it were more informative than it looks (cornelia is in it for atleast 0.33 secs after all)
    Perhaps the ‘gene’ theory was a bit too specific and therefore unlikely (i might be back tracking as i think deeper!) but nevertheless there is somthing that ties together the likes of Mao, Leouch, Rolo, Emperor (AND it CANT BE that they ALL have purple eyes although….. no nevermind rolos eyes even are a slightly diferent shade of purple to the rest so that we could tell he wasnt lelouch real brother from the start although… if thats true then it would mean that when C.C. (the writers) hinted at another reason for Suzaku being able to see her it was a deliberate false hint! (truly an evil design by the writers!)
    I have also made the point in previous posts (GEASS mechanics part 2&3 i beleive) that seeing C.C. pixelated is perhaps not a requirement (point not made before) and by no means if it is a requirement, is it somthing that didnt happen to the other geass obtainers! in other words C.C. being seen in that manner and us not knowing that it happened to the others is not mutually exclusive!)

    Since im not sure where i am (in my thought process after having written this ) ill just leave it here before i talk myslef into circles (plus dinners ready)

    WingZero zxt
  236. That’s why I like to keep my comments fairly brief unless the topic requires me to be more in depth.
    If you enjoy Code Geass themed art and comedy you might like my Code Geass 4koma. I make a new one once a week based on the latest episodes.
    Be sure to read the comments on the second link. I will help you understand the joke better if you haven’t seen my art before.

    I caught the extended preview of episode 12. Normally those show more scenes from the episode. This one was different. It just shows an extended scene of of Shirley talking to a very upset Milley. I don’t think I have ever seen her look so distracted.

  237. *eyes popping out* Holy Crow! that’s one big post! I don’t think I have the time to catch up from where i left off so I’ll start posting on the next episode once I download it and watch it. and hopefully i have time to reply. @_@ see you all on the next episode. I’m just happy those enunch killed amwahahahahahha….poor kallen.

  238. hey everyone.! i forgot the url for this place. -_- its been 3 days. i typed in code geass summary in google and this was the first link. 0_o Anyways it was good episode.
    Can’t wait to see the next one ๐Ÿ˜€ 12 more hours! ^^

  239. Just go to sleep. When you wake up, it’ll be like Xmas you can watch the new code geass episode. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m still trying to decide wether I want to go to sleep or stay up all night. I might spend all night thinking about it too! ^_^

  240. Asking him what took so long sounds enough like a complaint that I don’t see her asking that unless he doesn’t save her until episode 15 or 16 or something. Slapping him would be even ruder – especially since he came to save her, so I wouldn’t expect that. The only times that she’s slapped him thus far, he pretty much deserved it.

    I’m betting that if she hugs him, she’s probably crying too. Lelouch isn’t exactly the most huggable guy and their relationship isn’t such that she’d hug him normally, so she’d probably have to be pretty caught up in emotion to hug him. And if she’s that caught up emotionally, she’s likely to be crying too. However, she’s not exactly a weepy girl, so she isn’t likely to cry easily. Still, she did cry and hug Ougi when he and the others were saved in episode 4 and being saved could very well be enough to make her cry.

    I’d vote crying to be the most likely, though I wouldn’t be all that surprised if none of the above occurred.

  241. Anya such a damn brat.. pretending to be detached about everything… Was a pleasure to see her fall in her Mordred, but I’m sure she’s gonna mess things up now.


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