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OP: 「Plenty of grit 」 by 林原めぐみ (Hayashibara Megumi)
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Far out on the open seas, a pirate fleet comes under attack by a small boat manned by one Lina Inverse and one Gourry Gabriev. They plow into the lead pirate ship, and though they announce themselves, the pirates initially have no idea who the two are. It’s not until a mermaid being held hostage recognizes Lina and tells the pirates how horrible she is that everyone realizes who they’re dealing with. In light of this, the pirates surrender, but a fleet of bigger ships then arrive and start shelling the pirate ships. The person in charge of this new fleet is none other than Amelia Seyruun, and she’s accompanied by Zelgadis Greywords. While Lina is talking with those two, the pirates try to make their escape and end up pissing Lina off by commenting on her chest size, so she capsizes their rowboats with her magic. Once they return to port, Lina and Gourry meet with Amelia and Zelgadis at a tavern, and the latter two are followed by a special investigator named Weiser Freyon from the country of Ruvina Gard.

To everyone’s surprise – especially Amelia – Weiser attempts to arrest Lina on the charges of being Lina Inverse. In anticipation of her resistance, Weiser is backed up by an entire army, but Lina charges them all the same and defeats most of the men with a single spell. The group then tries to escape, but they are blocked at the city gates by a giant tank. They figure out that the tank has limited mobility because of its turtle shape, however running the other way turns out not to be an option because the rest of the armed forces have now regrouped. What ultimately defeats the tank is Lina and Amelia working together to expose its unprotected belly, but Amelia’s kick is so powerful that it causes the tank to spin out of control, wrecking much of the city in the process. Before Lina and company can proceed any further, they notice a creature chanting an incantation at the top of a nearby clock tower. This creature then casts a massive Dragon Slave spell that levels the entire city, leaving only a giant crater. Lina cares less about that though and more about the fact that her big scene was taken from her.

ED Sequence

ED: 「Revolution」 by 林原めぐみ (Hayashibara Megumi)
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Well, I suspect if you liked Slayers and/or Hayashibara Megumi music in the past, you’ll love these opening and ending themes, but I haven’t been particularly big on either, so I thought they were merely okay.

Well, the good news is that I think I won’t need too much past Slayers knowledge if I want to continue blogging this (something I had been worried about coming into this). It was fairly easy to follow since I’m familiar enough with the main characters, and they didn’t make too many references to past series – at least not that I noticed – that made it unwatchable. The animation quality was also fairly good, especially considering that J.C.Staff managed to retain that classic 90s feel. The downside is that pretty much all of the comedy was a miss for me. Now, that’s not enough for me to stop me from watching this series, but none of the good things or the story so far (which up until the final minute is general action mixed with getting reacquainted with the characters) makes me really excited about it either. Divine told me he had lots of feelings of nostalgia watching this, and that’s probably what I was missing from my experience with the first episode. Having said that, I’ll likely watch a few more episodes to see if the story draws me in any further.


  1. Damn, everything is just so colorful and bright! I don’t particularly like the use of CG this time around because it makes the show look too flat and sharp. I always loved the gritty hand drawn approach from the early series and movies/ovas, but that’s to be expected after Slayers Premium, which was obviously a test of the new technology on this series. Still, as a Slayers fan, I’m sure to love this.

  2. I actually liked the Slayers Premium character design (although it did differ considerably from the original trilogy of animes and made the characters more slender). I appreciate JC Staff in their detailed elimination of Gaav and Phibrizzo’s symbols from the mazoku’s relationship chart in the ED – it really gives a sense that this is technically a sequel to TRY (or at least Slayers NEXT).

    Lots of nostalgic moments. I have to agree with Omni that some of the comedic moments felt a bit “off” although its fun to see the old jokes about Lina’s aliases/reputation and her having “no bust” like in the beginning. It’s a pity the episode was nowhere near as hilarious as some of the gag episodes in the original series/OVA or even the drama CD’s, but it’s the first episode so we’ll see.

    Lina’s hissy-fit to not be the one blasting the Dragu Slave = priceless ^^b

  3. Yeah lot of nostalgia with this episode. Just reminds you of the first episodes in the other series. You know its back and should be a fun ride. Didn’t think there was anyone stupid enough to try and capture Lina. Sure run her out of town or what’s left of it, but never that far. Of course they suffer the consequences and the city is destroyed.

    Just really enjoyed the episode and will be following the series closely.

  4. People who never watched Slayers simply won’t understand that it’s like a miracle that the show even exists.

    That said, Slayers ALWAYS starts out pretty slow and with cliche comedy then builds up. That’s where the true charm of the series comes in. It’s really like an anime from the 90’s.

  5. lol, it is an anime from the 1990’s and its appeal will only be nostalgia at best, today’s modern anime fan are ‘born’ from pokemon/dragonball/naruto/deathnote era, I simply don’t see the possibility of it catching on with the current anime fans.

  6. @nobody important

    I don’t even understand why this zaeris person is even comparing it with Naruto of all things to begin with. At least bring better criticisms with you if you dislike a show rather than dismissing how long it last aired.

  7. >I don’t even understand why this zaeris person is even comparing it with Naruto of all things to begin with.

    Because he’s a troll, and because comparing Anime X to Naruto is a trolling technique just like saying that Battletoads is better than Game X.

  8. @nobody important
    lol, I wonder If I lack clarity in my writing skills or people who lack comprehension skills. Well first of all you’re missing the point and I do like Slayer as well since I’ve seen all the series + movie . I’m going to have to ask you to explain to me how this is considered trolling.

    First to clear up some misunderstanding.

    In sense it’s a comparison between varies anime but not exactly, what I explicitly stated were how today’s anime fan who emerge from watching shounen series would feel about slayer. I agree that Slayer isn’t comparable to the shounen series airing in today’s era but that exactly what I’m trying to say. The appeal in slayer (past) and the attraction with the current anime fandom (present) varies in many ways. I am only stating that today’s fan will find slayer attractive in some area but not enough to hold their attention, while anime fans who grew up watching slayer will have a sense of nostalgia when watching it.
    Slayer is a very popular series in past but will it have the same effect with today’s viewer? you might need to understanding that interest in anime has grown over the years, it doesn’t just include past anime fans but also new one.

    Just to rehash what I’m saying I simply doubt that its appeal would be mainstream but rather presents a sense of nostalgia that works for older fans, to me those who watch the previous slayer series will find it enjoyable.
    But who knows I could be wrong and slayer could be popular with the masses. Care to prove me wrong.

  9. “The downside is that pretty much all of the comedy was a miss for me.”
    I think one of the biggest issues with the humor in this episode was the way it was paced. Some moments like Gourry forgetting people’s names and then calling that detective guy “John” were utterly hilarious when you read it in the manga. In the manga at least, there’s some insinuation that there’s a little pause for the guy to get angry and then have his little outburst. In this episode the same joke is delivered lickety-split and you completely lose track of what happened. Similar things happen to a lot of jokes throughout the episode. They’re carried out with little sense of timing.

  10. I can’t wait for subs… this was one of the first anime I’ve been really obsessed about. I still can’t believe they really made a new series. It’y like a dream come true 🙂

  11. @ chaosdemon6

    I always imagined Zelas to look different since in Next her shadow shot in the opening indicated she had blond flowing hair and Luna to have rather Xellosish looking hair in both style and purple color (though her’s was lighter). If they are indeed Luna and Zelas then I do like the change in Luna’s design but not so much for Zelas. It would be very nice to be able to meet these characters though. And perhaps Deep Sea too.

  12. @chaosdemon6: The shots that forum link has is not Zelas (or Luna). Zelas only appears in the final shots of the OPening – the ass shot behind Xellos in the character stills in the end of the OPening.

  13. @Zaeris

    Peace man.:) It was not me who said you were trolling.

    All I wanted to get across was that concluding that Slayers will not be enjoyed by newer anime fans by comparing 1 EPISODE of Slayers Revolution with countless seasons of Pokemon/Dragonball/Naruto/Deathnote – which are very very different genres – is quite unfair.

    Old-school doesn’t neccessarily mean it won’t catch on with the kids. look at Gundam which has a habit of regurgitating the same plot with a twist lol, and The Simpsons is still going strong, enough for that Simpsons movie a couple of years back.

    Slayers Revolution may with time stink to high heaven, or spawn a new generation of Lina Inverse cosplayers. We just don’t know at this point. After 1 episode IMHO it is simply far too early for anyone to conclude anything – including whether the so called ‘Pokemon generation’ will give a rat’s ass about Slayers.

    nobody important
  14. For the person who said that todays anime fan was “born” from pokemon/dragonball etc and won’t watch this… Uhhh, Dragonball and Pokemon are from the 90’s as well.

    Slayers has influenced a lot of anime directly and indirectly over the years. As a long time fan, I’m grateful that there is finally another series. I still can’t believe that people haven’t seen any of the previous 3 seasons. Of course, I also thought that about people watching Macross.

  15. @Miner

    Won’t watch and appeal are two different things, you could easily watch anything but the main factors are the appeal of the series.

    While pokemon and dragonball are from the 1990’s, slayer is by far older. But when you consider when it was license in north America pokemon/dragon an anime series around the year 2000, memory failing me. Still I would consider the slayer series old school compare to recent shounen series airing in the states. And as I said the current Shounen series in general have different appeal compare to slayer. To some extent Slayer would be consider a shounen series although questionable, someone can correct me on this.

    It’s a simple statement which doesn’t ask alot, just reasonably questioning today’s fan if they would find slayer appealing to them, so go ask a friend who hasn’t seen the slayer series and simple ask did you enjoy slayers revolution.

  16. Hey people! I am a big fan of Slayers and Megumi’s voice. Was waiting for this anime for months ever since it was announced. =D

    Unfortunately, I also agree that the newer fans probably will not ‘get it’. The animation is very 90s with zero(arguably) fanservice and a bratty, small-boobed, fully clothed girl as the lead character.

    What attracted me to Slayers was very much the voice acting and the inane plots that I am sure would follow in Revolution.

    The 1st episode follows the formula of the older series and is very much a tribute to them. It has gotten Slayers fans like me going “OMFG!!! Slayers is back!!!”. As with all 1st episodes of Slayers, it is an introductory episode with the exception of the twist at the end with the ‘celery-looking poke-digi-mon’ that probably only existing fans would really appreciate.

    What want to say to the newer fans is: “Do check out 1-2 episodes more. If this is done right, its going to get a lot nuttier. It’s different from animes nowadays, but there is a reason y the older fans still think Slayers is one of the greatest animes ever made.”

  17. Oh, shush Zaeris. Slayers was one of THE most popular titles of the 90’s and it was a gateway anime for most people in the time because how easy it was to get started on anime by it. Same with something like Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z at the time.

    The actual content of the show really doesn’t matter a damn. It’s freakin’ Slayers.

    And another thing about Slayers is that it always is cheesy comedy to start, then the comedy and action builds up. Hopefully the action becomes DEAD SERIOUS like they always have.

  18. Been listening to the other Slayers songs since Megumix came out and just finished watching the sub of this episode. I enjoyed it so much that I had a smile on my face at the end. Welcome back, Lina and Megumi!!! I missed you both.

    The ratings of the first episode was pretty decent in Japan from what I read in the animesuki forum. If that keeps up, current anime fans may get into Slayers more than we believe. Also, Megumi is doing very good selling the Slayers cds so far. It’s best not to judged this series yet until it ends.

  19. Slayer has been and always will be one of the best anime of all time in my heart. Is like that first puppy that we all have when we were young, in the long run that puppy will grow old and pass on and we will get a new puppy, but you know what even with the new puppy you will always feel that something is missing in your heart that first puppy has given you that none of these new puppis can ever replace.
    The same with Slayers no matter how long time has pass there will always be something about slayers that new anime can never replaces.

  20. Like when i heard that Slayers was goona make a new season i said to myself that i have to watch the prior season so i can catch up with it so i can know what it was about and i bought all 3 season within a 6month span until it premired. So i finished the last ep of season 3 like 3 weeks ago and all i had to do was wait for this season to premire and enjoy. I liked Slayers alot. Its a very nice series. And it was totally worth buying the box sets of the first three seasons.

  21. @Sadamitsu. She probably won’t make it, which is a bit of a pity for me, because Naga has to be one of my favorite gag characters in anime ever (especially her laugh!).

    @strawberryheaven. I saw that post too – according to 2chan it even had a higher rating than D.Gray-Man and almost tied with Bleach despite its midnight timeslot and the fact that it has far less potential to reach a mainstream audience.

  22. I loved this episode of Slayers, and I’m really happy that a new season has finally been produced =) I grew up on Slayers and it was one of the BEST anime series I’ve seen in my life. The main appeal for me with Slayers was the nice even mix of comedy, action, and a nice straight-forward story that doesn’t make you second guess what the hell happened in the plot line (ex:Evangelion)

    Oh did anyone somewhat feel that the fish woman was connected to the fish guy who died all the way back in season 1? I thought it was pretty funny, and also Gourry constantly fixing his sword XD

  23. ya this episode was great, name one anime episode you watched 3 times in one week? Not many. Slayers was one of them. The way they threw hints for us long time fans in the opening and stuff was great. Ugh I cant wait for next week. I’ll watch the raw and the subtitled version. Omg btw you notice 4 sub groups picked this up now?! Thats nuts! More then freaking Naruto or Bleach before they where lic lol.

    If you havent seen seasons 1 2 and 3 please catch up. This season doesnt look like it will throw you off too much if u miss them but why would you? Slayers is a awasome anime! I’m so gald its back!

  24. I loved the first episode! And I do agree, I got this nostalgic feeling watching the 1st episode. But I got such a high seeing those old faces again. Slayers <3 <3 <3

  25. Great ep, except for that Pokemon-like creature casting Dragon Slave at the end. Slayers isn’t one of those shows that needs a small furry sidekick, whether it be for serious matters or for comic relief.

  26. Slayers might not have the same impact as it did in the 90’s simply because this new generation of anime fans are more influenced with series like Naruto and Bleach (both with good story lines but overwhelmed with fillers), more focused in fast-paced action and quick story development.

    The same thing happened with Saint Seiya in Latin America… when I was a kid that was THE anime that every kid in school was talking about. However, when they put back the entire series a couple of years later (I was already in College by that time and my little brother was more or less of my age when it was first broadcasted) it was not the same thing for him, and he simply prefered other shows. Same thing with Hades and its following seasons: they were aimed to us, the fans that enjoyed Saint Seiya back in the days.

    Those of us that enjoyed the adventures of Lina and Gourry from the very beginning will watch this series, hoping that it would be as good as the previous ones. 🙂

  27. I was astounded when I watched it. Everything–the art, the music, the voice cast, the humor–was pure Slayers. It it weren’t for the more polished animation and the use of CG, this could easily be straight from the 90’s.

    I wonder when the OP and ED singles will be coming out.

  28. Aw man, this made me so happy, I got a bit teary eyed. Kudos to whoever said it was like a miracle. Ha, I remember I used to pray as a kid for more slayers anime… XD

  29. Wow. Indeed it was very nostalgic from the music, to the animation, to the jokes. Regardless if the jokes were off or not, I loved every minute of it. I’m a big fan of the show and I’m pleased to see that they actually made a 4th installment to the series. I’m looking forward to it. After watching this, I feel like watching the whole series again… anyways, one last thing. Slayers FTW!!


  30. Hi guys! I’m girl from Poland and I’ am otaku, if you know what I mean 😉 Specially, I like Slayers! My favourite character is Zelgadis – of course! ^^ I’m very excited about this new season of Slayers. It’s not like first seasons but it’s still quite good ;] When Pokota and Lina quarrel it’s the best xD I like your article and it’s amazing because I understand it! xD I hope it will be long revolution ^^


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