OP Sequence

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Haunted by the memories of how she shot Villetta and how Lelouch is Zero, Shirley wonders what’s real and what’s fake in regard to her friends’ identities. This prompts her to call Suzaku out for a meeting, but when she first sees him, she almost runs away until he stops her. By chance, the two then run into Lelouch who had been out making some preparations for a special train. Back at Ashford, Villetta finds Rolo alone and gets the chance to question why he betrayed them, but before he can really respond, the alarms inside the secret base go off. The reason is that Jeremiah has arrived on the school grounds looking for Lelouch and has attacked some of the guards. Sayoko tries to stop him, but she has a hard time hitting him because of his metallic body. Meanwhile, at the Geass ruins, Bartley is telling Cornelia that the people who brought him there want to kill the gods. Cornelia doesn’t believe that gods exist, and to her surprise, V.V. suddenly appears behind them and agrees that there aren’t any goddesses with wings or old men with beards. Cornelia reacts by tossing a knife at V.V.’s forehead because she doesn’t know what Geass he uses, however V.V. remains relatively unfazed and asserts that his kind swore to kill the gods who pit people against each other.

The fight back at Ashford between Sayoko and Jeremiah continues until Rolo arrives and uses his Geass. Unfortunately, Jeremiah counters with his Geass Canceller, knocks out Sayoko, and then forces Rolo onto the ground. What finally gets Jeremiah to leave is Villetta coming and telling him where Lelouch went, though Rolo isn’t happy that she wants Jeremiah to free her too. Afterwards however, Villetta tries to redeem herself in Rolo’s eyes by telling him to contact Lelouch and work with him to attack Jeremiah from two sides. At that moment, Shirley is with both Suzaku and Lelouch and is conflicted about what to say because she feels that she has to tell Suzaku about Lelouch being Zero. She starts second guessing herself though by wondering if Suzaku and Lelouch are actually accomplices, and she gets so afraid of them that she climbs onto the ledge of the building they’re on in order to get away from the two. When Shirley loses her footing and falls off the ledge, Lelouch manages to grab her arm, and Suzaku grabs Lelouch’s leg. Shirley at first wants Lelouch to let go, but he refuses because he doesn’t want to lose anyone else and convinces her to let them pull her back up.

Once the three are back safely on the rooftop, Shirley points out that what just happened is similar to what happened back when Lelouch and Suzaku tried to catch Arthur. This causes the two guys to start to speak like old friends about the incident, however Suzaku quickly stops himself from smiling because he remembers that Lelouch was the one who killed Euphemia. Lelouch then gets a phone call from Rolo informing him that Jeremiah is coming to kill him, but Lelouch has a hard time acting on this because Suzaku is around. Luckily for him, he’s able to remind Suzaku and Shirley that they were supposed to meet each other and not him, and Shirley then drags Suzaku off. With Shirley under Suzaku’s care, Lelouch sets up a trap for Jeremiah by using his Geass on some security guards, and this lets him observe Jeremiah employ the Geass Canceller to wipe away the Geass effect. Armed with this knowledge, Lelouch uses himself to lure Jeremiah to the train platform above. Meanwhile outside, Shirley declares that she likes Lelouch and asks if Suzaku hates him. When Suzaku claims that he had liked Lelouch until Lelouch had done some something unforgivable, Shirley responds by saying that nothing is unforgivable and that it’s just Suzaku who doesn’t want to forgive. Using herself as an example, Shirley reveals that she had forgiven Lelouch a long time ago.

Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of an explosion from inside the train station, and when Suzaku decides to take charge of the situation, he leaves Shirley in the care of the police. Worried about Lelouch, Shirley ends up running away from her escort and entering the building, picking up a gun from some fallen guards along the way. By now, Lelouch has lured Jeremiah to the special train he had prepared earlier and activates its Gefjun Disturbers. Since Jeremiah’s body uses Sakuradite, he stops dead in his tracks as Lelouch proceeds to explain that he intends to bring Tokyo to a standstill with this. Lelouch then demands to know the location of the group Jeremiah is working for, but Jeremiah feels that Lelouch should be the one who’s talking. Walking slowly forward despite the effect of the Gefjun Disturbers, Jeremiah questions why Lelouch plays the part of Zero and made enemies of both his motherland Britannia and his father. Lelouch surprise Jeremiah by revealing that it’s because he’s Lelouch Vi Britannia and because his father let his mother get killed, thus depriving Nunnally of her eyes and legs and depriving her and himself of their futures. Jeremiah already knew about this because he had been there as a guard on his first mission but had failed at protecting Marianne. He surprises Lelouch by suggesting that Lelouch had become Zero for Marianne’s sake, and this leads Lelouch to realize that Jeremiah isn’t here to kill him. After Jeremiah reveals that his master isn’t V.V. but was rather Marianne, Lelouch turns off the Gefjun Disturbers, rushes to Jeremiah’s side, and gets Jeremiah to confirm his loyalty isn’t over yet, which Jeremiah happily does.

Elsewhere in the train station, Shirley runs into Rolo and asks him if he likes Lelouch. Shirley wants to join Rolo in helping protect Lelouch and in recovering Lelouch’s happiness, but when she mentions Nunnally, Rolo activates his Geass power. A short while later, after sending Jeremiah off, Lelouch finds Shirley in a pool of blood with a wound above her stomach. She’s still conscious and is glad to see Lelouch at the end, and she stops him from calling for help. Instead, she talks about how she had been scared after regaining her memories because of how it felt like the entire world was watching her. She thinks that Lelouch was fighting all by himself, and amidst all the lies, she wanted to become his truth. Shirley couldn’t hate Lelouch despite what happened with her father, and even after he made her forget everything, she fell in love with him again. Seeing Shirley’s eyes start to close as she nears death, Lelouch activates his Geass to try to stop it, but Shirley just keeps saying that no matter how many times she’s reborn, she’ll fall in love with him again. Those are Shirley’s final words, and after her arm falls limp, Lelouch can do nothing but cry out from his loss.

ED Sequence

ED: ????????? ? (Waga Routashi Aku no Hana) by ALI PROJECT
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Both new songs are pretty good (though all ALI PROJECT songs sound the same to me), but what’s really exciting is all the new stuff shown in the OP. There’s so much to talk about with it – heck, I could fill an entire post just analyzing the OP – but some of the bigger things include how it looks like the story might be going to space after all, and the Lancelot and Guren are getting at least one more upgrade (Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice anyone?). Sayoko is also apparently going to become an Otome or something…


If there were a scene that made me yell in frustration, the ending here was it. It’s frustrating because Shirley didn’t die protecting Lelouch or standing up for what she believed in, she died because she just said the wrong thing in front of emotionally unstable Rolo. Any number of things could have gone differently (Suzaku not letting her out of his sight, Shirley not running into Rolo, Shirley not mentioning Nunnally), and she’s still be alive. And now that Shirley is dead, I can throw out all my theories about her playing a bigger part later in the story. In fact, in retrospect, I bet they showed her more in the past episodes just to get her closer to Lelouch so that the loss would be even more devastating to him. Shirley is the first of his Ashford friends to die, and since Lelouch has shown that he has feelings for her, losing her might only be a few steps removed from losing Nunnally. The question now is what kind of immediate impact her death will have – i.e. who does Lelouch blame? I also suspect that what she said about forgiveness to Suzaku might come into play again later.

What happened with Shirley heavily overshadowed what happened with Jeremiah, but Jeremiah is still important since it appears that there’s been a 180-degree turn in his character culminating in his joining Lelouch’s side. It’s not completely unprecedented given how he’s acted emotionally about the subject of Marianne before (see: Stage 4.33 – Picture Drama 05), but after all that he’s done to oppose Lelouch, it’s still pretty surprising. I’m wary of a ploy by V.V. or the Emperor, however since Jeremiah also didn’t kill Lelouch when he had the chance, he appears to be at least personally sincere. Given his past incompetence (and bad luck) though, it’ll be interesting to see what difference he can make, if any. From the preview for next week, it seems that he’ll lead Lelouch and the Black Knights to V.V., and V.V. looks like he might completely lose it.


  1. During the episode I was like “Heh, Shirley must die to make things interesting..” then she did. I didnt expect it to be in the same ep or that Rolo would be the one to kill her. I was hoping that Rolo would some what turn good by heart and that Lelouch would accept him but ow that looks very hard. …Jeremiah arc done then..? So now he’s a valuable clue and perhaps an ally?! Cornelia looks soo young… I like her look better in S1.

  2. I’m guessing the white masks are supposed to be symbolic. Like we are seeing them from Shirley’s POV and it’s characters that who’s true colours have been hidden from her for the past 20 or so episodes. I just remembered she had that encounter with Viletta who she shot. Viletta has always sort of seemed to especially hate Shirley during her spying stint at school. It’s hinted at in episode 05 even where the hatred seems to run deeper then just the whole swim club thing.

  3. i’m sad
    y does shirley have to die… she is such an interesting character in the series and u might even say the most innocent character in geass series all along… Rolo! U SUCKED! U STUPID BRO COMPLEX!!

    the last 2 screen cap… did lelouch geass shirley for a last time to give her a sweet dream before she die?

  4. Although the death is probably supposed to be a part of the storyline and drama I still can’t help but feel that the lack of episodes available had a lot to do with Shirley’s sudden ‘pointless’ death.

    I look foward to see how the rather sudden death is justified in the anime.

  5. And the new Guren doesn’t look anything remotely like the Destiny Gundam, but people’s desperation to make barely tangible comparisons will rule the day again I’m sure. So hello dumb Destiny Gundam comparisons everywhere. I mean we’ve already got the not at all like the Shinn/Stella scene but going to claim it anyway comparison going now. Like those circumstances were even remotely similar or you know meaningful. You people, I swear…..sometimes…..

  6. glad shes dead. is it just me are is there not an ashford academy gonna be left for lelouch to go back to from the promise sequence earlier in the season. milli and crazy-chick left, his sister is governor/hostage and shirley died, karen is incarcerated(she prolly will be back tho). rivalz is his only real friend there left. everyone else there is more or less lelouch’s enemy?

  7. Why God Why!? Why did Shirley have to die! I haven’t been this sad since Euphie die! Why Rolo Why, how could you do that to Shirley!!! No i can’t believe it, i don’t want to believe it! SHIRLEY!!!!!

    (Goes running at a corner & cries)

    A dramatic fanboy
  8. Wow, that came unexpected – and too sudden for my taste. She’s such a tragic character..
    Now I guess we can hook off the Shirley x Lulu ending. Not that I think there’ll be any as Lulu will die in the end anyways (pretty sure of that).

  9. I’m glad Shirley is gone, she was an annoying side character that always kept the school comedy- romance part going. Her lines this episode were stupid as well. “You can forgive him for what he did (killing the love of your life), you just don’t want to” Yea sure >..< This episode did have some nice scenes.

    Also we don’t know if Rolo really killed her. We didn’t see it, and since this is Sunrise you never know – maybe they just want us to think that he did.

  10. KILL Rolo just when Shirley say she was about to help Lelouch, she just said Nunnally’s name Rolo acted to kill her DAMN him. And why did Lelouch have to cast Geass on her, this makes it seem like a contrast to when Suzaku was witnessing Euphy’s death. DIE ROLO DIE!!!!

  11. Ups, post got cut:

    I’m glad Shirley is gone, she was an annoying side character that always kept the school comedy- romance part going. Her lines this episode were stupid as well. “You can forgive him for what he did (killing the love of your life), you just don’t want to” Yea sure.

    Personally, in Suzaku’s place I wouldn’t -want- to forgive him either. You don’t simply forgive somebody for killing a friend – even if that person is a friend as well … especially considering *why* Lulu killed Euphie, which was for nothing but selfishness and completely unnecessary – especially now with the Geass Canceler, she really died for nothing.

    Well, at least now Lulu knows how Suzaku felt … even if Suzaku was probably quite a bit closer to Euphie than Lulu to Shirley.

    I’m shocked how Sunrise seems to chose the “forgiveness”-road … but at least with this, the second season moved on from “teenies playing rebellion” to the more serious part. Hope it stays this way, maybe the series can still make up for all the ridiculousness they added. Like ninja Sayoko … damn, why, just why do they need to add stuff like this…

  12. Well, we knew Rolo was going to do this sooner or later. He can’t really help it because of his upbringing, but his devotion to Lulu surpasses obsession and is in the area of “manic.” Let’s face it, he’s a ticking time bomb, and if Lulu won’t be careful, he might hatch a plan to kill Nunnaly or something…and then god knows what will happen. lol. Basically, anyone that might take away Lulu from him = Rolo will try to kill. Sigh. (and Shirley made a big mistake by mentioning Nunnaly in Rolo’s face too, although it’s not her fault).

    Lol @ Sayoko being an otome. Her action scenes today seemed to cement that. o.O Her and Suzaku defy the law of physics and common sense in the world of Geass.

    I suppose there is a very *very* small chance someone else killed Shirley (since Suzaku didn’t appear at all during the second half of the episode after all), but Rolo and his crazed devotion to Lulu probably makes him the killer anyway.

    BTW, I really had to laugh at Tamaki’s “stats” concerning his combat ability, intelligence, loyalty, and charisma (he seems to have a bit of loyalty to Zero tho…oh well). I’m somewhat shocked Kallen’s intelligence stats are so low…eek…

  13. /insert Darth Vader voice

    Lulu’ll probably open the gates of hell from now on.
    And Schneizel looks damn evil in the OP. Guess he’ll take the spotlight here on.
    Also, do I see Rolo’s end will be REAL messy?

  14. Rolo will probably sacrifice himself for Lulu in the end, since Lulu has become his raison d’etre. He’s a complete maniac, but he will always protect Lulu … unless Lulu betrays him.

  15. @Miniku
    um killing her for nothing? If stopping a person from committing genocide is regarded as nothing then i’m not sure what anything is.
    Also if Euphie was left alive till the point of when the geass cancel-thing existed which is about a year or more, how many japenese do you think would have been exterminated?

  16. @Minikui

    I see that betrayal coming in the form of Lelouch picking Nunnaly over him. Lulu might have developed a bond with Rolo (whether he wanted to or not), but for him, Nunnaly is still his top priority. But honestly, who knows. I did not expect Jeremiah to Show Spoiler ▼


  17. Am I the only one happy that Rolo did this?

    He is solely motivated by the love and acceptance he wants from Lelouch. Anyone that threatens to take that away from him will die. It’s very interesting to note that he **only** killed Shirley after she started talking about Lulu’s true memories/Nunnally.

    I seem to forget that both Lelouch and Rolo are using each other. Thus, this stuff is bound to happen.

    The preview for an episode said that Lelouch got the information out of Rolo.. as to where VV was. Wonder if Lelouch finds out that Rolo did it? 🙂 The only problem is that Lelouch cannot geass Rolo. Hmmmm!!!

  18. >If stopping a person from committing genocide is regarded as nothing then i’m not sure >what anything is.

    “stopping” doesn’t involve “killing”. He could have stopped her otherwise, it wouldn’t have been very funny for her, but at least she wouldn’t be dead. Even one year in prison f.ex. is better than being dead. It was his fault anyway so he should have taken responsibility for what he did. Instead he used her as much as he could to get supporters … he even said so himself.

  19. So the Anime got shity ratings, hard to watch episodes and boring story and to compensate that they’re going on a killing-main-characters spree? Shouldn’t they be doing this at the end of the series?


  20. @Patapon

    Oh, who cares about the ratings. Geass is probably the most talked about anime right now for us and in the Japanese anime community. If ratings were everything, then the Pokemon anime will have “better episodes and story.” NOT.

  21. This series has a Hamlet-esque “in the end, almost every major and supporting character croaks” kind of feel to it.

    Yes, I just compared anime to Shakespeare.

  22. @Minikui: Actually if those were her lines then they are in sync with a running theme that’s been going on in this season, the whole redemption/forgiveness for past crimes/mistakes thing. Nunally tried to tell him the same thing too. Essentially that’s the only thing that’s really gotten between Lelouch and Suzaku this much. They probably would have been allies otherwise.

    Her death is also in sync with the idea that there is no easy escape from the crimes that the characters carry with them and tried to gloss over (Suzaku with words, Lelouch with his Geass). Suzaku’s pennance is to not actually be able to face the death he desires at the hand of one of his own for the betrayal he subconciously knows he’s comitted, and Lelouch’s is to have his past with Shirley come back to haunt him. If anything I hope it should prove good for their character development.

    I hope anything I’m saying is sinking in with at least some people.

  23. @minikui
    How was he suppose to stop her? Shes a princess incharge of secondary citizens. The japanese surely wouldnt want her alive.
    How would he be able to put her in jail when the whole system belongs to Britannia, yes it was his fault in the first place, he did say it himself, but he had to look at the bigger picture and he took the lemons he was handed and made lemonade.

  24. Kaioshin: Yes that is quite a nice analysis, but it isn’t handled in a very convincing way to me. At least Shirley wasn’t. But yep, maybe you are right and the series really wants to show that revenge just ends in an endless spiral of hate and tragedy. That’s quite nice. But I don’t like “forgiveness” to be presented as the key and solution to everything, because that doesn’t work. At one point the person who commits a crime – at least if it’s something horrible as murder – needs to be punished for his acts as well. But ok, we’ll see how that will develop from now on, since there is still the truth behind Marianne’s death to be discovered – maybe Lulu has been acting for nothing as well, because she wasn’t really killed the way he believes.

  25. @ aida

    But I thought Lelouch could Geass Rollo? What stopped him before was Rollo using his own Geass to turn the tables on Lelouch, but if he can figure out a plan where Rollo won’t be able to stop time, I think he should be able to Geass him.

    @ Minikui

    As much as I love Euphie, I have to agree with Ex. Once Lelouch had gotten himself and Euphie into that situation, he really had no other choice than killing her. And he tried to take responsibility as much as he could, I think, but he couldn’t very well tell the Japanese, “Sorry about that, the whole thing was actually my fault, not Euphemia’s.”

    In my opinion, if he had done that, it would have been almost like letting her death be meaningless. The way I see it, Euphie was an accidental sacrifice in order to strengthen Lelouch’s cause.

  26. Guys, forget the whole “he could’ve stopped Euphie without killing her” arguments, that’s a done deal already.

    The fact of the matter is that this ep mirrors the Euphie x Suzaku death and for good reason. All those who say Shirleys death is pointless are basically missing the point heh. Sunrise will use this as a means to start the Lelouch and Suxaku “forgiveness” path, like they always do between friends in their other shows.

    Fact is now Lulu knows exactly how it feels to lose someone he probably actually did love, unlike all the pawns/tools he’s been using and tossing aside without regard.

    As for Rollo, did people actually believe he’d be all good and stay on Lulu’s side till the end? He’s going to die, and I say good, I never liked his character from the start.

  27. >How was he suppose to stop her?

    It’s his mess and he is supposed to be uber intelligent. Don’t tell me he couldn’t have come up with a solution. He could, but he didn’t want to and he said so.
    For example, shot her in the leg so she’s unable to move (or just capture her like this, she’s probably not the strongest person out there) and hand her back to Suzaku, who would have realized that she has a little “problem” and Britannia could have taken care of her. Like getting her out of the country and feeding her false information on how all Japanese people have been killed by the Britannian army. Sounds worth trying to me at least, instead of killing her on the spot.

    >The japanese surely wouldnt want her alive.

    No, they wouldn’t. That’s why he killed her, to get their full support. Giving her back to Britannia would have made the Japanese doubt him. So he acted only for his selfish reasons and didn’t care for his friends and even less Euphie.

  28. @Minikui: It’s still very likely going to be a long complicated path towards any sort of reconciliation between the two. If it were so simple then Suzaku would have just listened to Nunally right out of hand and jumped on the ship with Lelouch. Considering Nunally seems to have this voice of god (Bene Gesserit?) effect on characters where everyone just sort of does whatever she says because she’s a bit of a mary sue, I’d say Suzaku is still a long way from doing anything like that based on the fact it hasn’t happened already.

    Maybe seeing Lelouch suffering the same as he did could be a start towards mutual understanding at the very least should he find out about Shirley (Or maybe he does, still haven’t seen the episode subbed). Then again he still doesn’t even seem to know he’s Zero again so that’s an even longer road. To him he’s still just memoriless Lelouch Lamperouge the guy that goes to school with him.

  29. Kaioshin: I agree. But that “long complicated path towards any sort of reconciliation” will be 12 episodes only from now, and the whole Geass part of the story also needs “reconciliation”. I feel like they wasted too much time on school comedy and mecha upgrades, instead of the good and interesting stuff. It’s really a pity imho. Especially since the OP looks like “we’re going to space and will be getting even more mecha”, I’m a bit scared of how this will turn out v.v

  30. @GP: If iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia had a forgiveness ending for Haruka and Yukiho then it was one of the most messed up ones ever. Yukiho: “I’m sorry”, Haruka: “…..” *Ditches her while Turivita fortress collapses*. Next time we see Yukiho if I recall she looks half dead in a hospital bed crying her eyes out. It seems like they would make up if they ever met again, but we don’t see it so it’s kind of not the case. I’m seeing a quiet acceptance but never quiet the same kind of scenario from Lelouch and Suzaku personally.

    They’ll probably work together, but only towards their own ends and then go their seperate ways near the end. And yes, I totally see Shirley’s death used as a sort of ice-breaker towards them reconciling a little, but it will probably take a little more than that since both are stubborn as F***.

  31. T.T I just watched the raw. I really like Shirley in this episode. Stupid Rollo, Shirley was so willingly to help Lelouch despite everything he has done to her and Rollo just snaps after her saying “Nunally” like that and killed her?!! She’s so dedicated to him…poor Lelouch, it’s going to be few episodes to fix himself up ):<


    LULU GO WASTE BRITANNIA!!!!….well now geass turns out to be X goes Gundam goes Darker than black….w00t…this show OWNZ MY HEART O_o

  33. Damn…I can’t believe some people actually happy because Shirley die. Let me see.. the reason is she is annoying??? might take Lelouch from your CC and kallen??? You guys are just sad and maybe plain evil. If you actually think someone like shirley deserves to die, then you need to go see a counselor. Cuz shiet, people like you deserves to die.

  34. THAT’S IT! Next week, I’m not looking for another fucking shit damn SPOILERS! I love the plot twists, but these spoilers… AGH! I thought I liked them…

    Well, whether I want spoiler or not isn’t my choice rly, next week, I won’t be near a pc that can download anime or anything at all…

  35. When a main character die it must be for a good purpose and believable circumstances.
    Euphie death was such a botched job and shirley’s death seems questionable too. It’s as if the director had a dream and woke up and said lets kill shirley today.

  36. wait a minute guren and lancelot having the same type of wings attached… does this mean that karen will join nunnally side?

    this is a very sad episode indeed with shirley died in the end…. while orange-kun join lelouch… its sad to see her ended like that…

  37. Hahahaha, well I guess it just goes to show that the whole “Sunrise doesn’t kill characters that are popular” idea that has been repeated so many times is a load of crock. I’ve tried to explain that to people that anyone is fair game in their series so I’m a little bemused that people are so surprised. Especially considering the warning flags and the situation she was in once she regained her memories. If the dirty look Rolo was giving her in episode 11 wasn’t enough to hint that he was just edging for a reason to off her as a rival for Lelouch’s attention then I don’t know what was.

    Lelouch really only has himself to blame for keeping a ticking timebomb assassin (The title “Assassin From The Past” refers to several characters in this episode I think and not just him) around who has never gone all that long without doing the only thing he’s ever known. His cockiness for believing Rolo could be controlled is what caused her death.

  38. RIP shirley, i will miss you a lot seriously it has been a fun episode everytime she appears on scene. I still cannot accept shirley to die just like that, i really like her a lot… (cries…)

  39. Truth to be told, although I never liked Shirley much myself, I don’t think she deserves to die.
    And I don’t actually think that Rollo was the one who killed her. One of you mentioned that it is a very small chance that it is someone else, but hello? This is sunrise, and you should never use logic to understand sunrise animations. For all we know it could be some weird new side character never before mentioned.
    If it was Rollo, though,then i wonder what was his motivation. He should understand that by doing this he is alienating himself from the one person who has shown him kindness in his life. Or maybe he is dumb and he doesn’t, so that’s the end of that conversation

  40. @Ans i know i have seen the raw. Lelouch casting geass on shirley several times to prevent her from dying. i’m touch at his action but its just wasn’t enough… T.T

    Today’s theme song would be “Masquerade” from s1 since shirley died… T.T

    kallen joining suzaku to fight lelouch? >.< thier wing units r the same now…

  41. This series has so much inconsistancy, if lelouch is a good strategist why wouldn’t he keep such a unpredictable digit as roro on a tight leesh. Any shmuck would know to have roro tailed so tight that he can’t p*ss without you knowing about it.

  42. @Anime-is-my-life: Okay, look….. First of all that whole not using logic thing is really just a cop out people use when they realize they might actually have to think about the anime they are watching. Sunrise anime almost always (with the exception of a few series like Gundam Seed Destiny and some early 80’s franchises they did) make sense within their own context (usually mecha) just as any anime does and they are also no less logical then your average anime either. It’s just that people either have your attitude a lot of the time or just don’t want to go back and find all the plot points that make things fit, which is a borderline requirment when watching their mecha anime.

    Besides if the issue is about who killed Shirley (If one somehow believes it wasn’t Rolo)then the key factor isn’t one of logic, but of the reality of the situation. Methinks though that you really just wanted to say the line even though it doesn’t fit the situation. What is it with people and trying to use one-liners wherever possible. It’s really starting to get on my nerves lately. Seriously if I had a dime for every time I read somebody say something like what you just did…..

  43. Shirley’s britanian, so how is crushing britania going to revenge shirley’s death.
    Shirley X Lelouche cauldn’t happen if lelouche is to kick britania out of area 11, but it’s done so poorly that I wish sunrise keep it simple like the gundam series. They obviously lack the talent to create a maldramatic heroin death.

  44. Wow, didn’t expect Rollo to be so gay. I really really hate him now >_<!
    It’s sad that Shirley had to die, I only hope that Lelouch will realise the consequences of death now and make less evil decisions. Here’s hoping Suzaku and Lelouch make up soon.

  45. lelouch>> poor dude he lost a friend again
    shirley>> ok, I didn’t like her but she didn’t have to die this way
    kallen>> WHERE’S KALLEN IN THE ED?! why does she look so sad in the intro with gino?!
    gino>> he didn’t laugh once in the OP what’s wrong o.0?
    sayoko>> girl can fight like hell
    C.C.>> again no pizza-girl
    nina>> I swear she looks weird in the ED

  46. To say th throught i think it’s better for Shirley to die than to keep up to all this. I liked her but meyby it’s better that way. And it looks like Orange will probalby join Lelouch.

  47. Shirley dying was a shock and a load of crap, like how Suzaku would betray Lelouch, they give us a reason to hate Suzaku and so now its Rolo’s turn.
    Code Geass R2 is more and more becoming like Gundam Seed Destiny sequel storyline.
    inconsistent and slowly.. but maybe not surely losing its brilliance…

    i-wana-go-to garden
  48. The question now is what happen now that nunnally found out who zero is from kallen.
    How to deal with Rolo who certainly aim to end Nunnally. He ain’t easy to kill with that geass of his.

  49. I wouldn’t say Shirley was an ‘important’ character, story wise (=in the whole ‘bringing down Britannia’/’revenge’/’who killed Lulu’s mom?’/’who is CC?’ etc… business): she was the pure and naive female character who kept a bit of normality in CG, bringing up a school/love life to both the anime and Lelouch because all the others characters are…not so innocent ^^;;

    I wasn’t familiar with her enough and her character wasn’t either developed that much in the anime to the point of making me feel deeply attached to her. So if a comparison must be made, I would say Euphemia disappearance touched me more. I didn’t see this episode yet though, since I’m waiting for the subs, so this POV of mine might change ^^
    That said, I wouldn’t say she ‘deserved to die’, nor that I am ‘happy’ she died. This is pushing it really too far!! But I confess I was a bit annoyed in the previous ep when she and Lelouch became a couple, something seemed totally off…it was not in the ‘spirit’ of CG?
    She is killed in episode13 out of 26 episodes…no offense to the deceased but the future events in the next 13eps will get our mind off her pretty fast, even taking in count the fact we will certainly have references to her as the now gone cherished girl.

    If Rolo is the murderer, then we will witness one hell of an ugly confrontation between him and Lelouch in the future…which is a bit unfortunate since I was kind of hoping those 2 would, somehow, have an ‘ok’ relationship. But thinking about it now, since the very start Lulu only saw him as a chess piece in his plans, and he planned to get rid of him as soon as he could…he paid a nasty price by keeping Rolo by his side, whose world resolve around him, and who gets jealous at all the girls getting anywhere near his ‘brother’…

    Now, many people says Lelouch is fated to die in the end, this is not what I call a ‘bad ending’: if Lelouch is left alone and that all the ones he wanted to protect/loved are gone but, for whatever reason, he must live on by himself, THAT is a truly bad ending…

  50. >If it was Rollo, though,then i wonder what was his motivation. He should understand that >by doing this he is alienating himself from the one person who has shown him kindness in >his life. Or maybe he is dumb and he doesn’t, so that’s the end of that conversation

    Because he is a freak. He was raised only to kill and now he doesn’t want to lose what he found in Lulu, so he “protects” his place by Lulu’s side by all means. He probably can’t control himself and can’t stay calm in such a situation … and he also had to act really fast. If it was him, that is.

    Kaioshin: I thought about what you said and I realized that if the series really wants to show that nothing good comes from revenge … it doesn’t make his viewers feel that way at all or purposely makes them say things just as stupid only to show them the results in the end:

    Look at all the Suzaku-hate everywhere, he’s against Lelouch so he has to die, that’s all. And now this:

    >And Rolo was the one who killed her, that bastard. Rolo must die now too.

    That’s just exactly the same “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” kind of thinking that leads to all the tragedy. Kinda sad in fact that very few people, be it the fanboys or those criticizing, take the time to think about the this series as profoundly as you do.

    The message you found doesn’t seem to reach the viewers at all.

  51. the picture of lelouch and suzaku at the end of the new ending sequence reminds me a lot of X, the style and picture really look like a parallel of kamui and fuma no?

  52. it was obviously rolo . He goes crazy whenever someone mentions nunally.
    Lelouch: ‘Dont die dont die dont die’
    Shirley: Unable to comply dieing in progress

    WingZero zxt
    what?! did i miss somthing more shocking then sayako getting injured?!?!?

    WingZero zxt
  54. I know I say it often, but it never ceases to amaze me how so many people have all these stock “this series is crap” comments that I see over and over again on RC but nothing to prove for them. They pretty much never have any sense behind them and it just makes the people who post them look like attention seekers. There’s a place for that kind of stuff and it’s called 4chan.

  55. I had a feeling that Shirley might die, but I never though it would be by Rolo.
    Rolo’s death is pretty much certain that it will happen. Now that he killed Shirley, it will surely speed up his execution.

  56. At a business standpoint killing shirley in the middle of the second season is going to hurt ratings. All those lelouche x shirley fans will be so turn off that they might abandon watching the show, afterall the scene in the library basement last episode fed hope of shirley x lelouche for many fans.

  57. @Dh19440113 People who hoped for lelouchxshirley were always gonna be wrong for two reasons
    1. Romance aint allowed in code geass (as fisherman and i have put it)
    2. Lelouch never wanted shirley ot be part of his conquest meaning she would never get to know him properly.

    Also regarding the guren and lancelot upgrades anyone else notice that both are amalgams of one another! Two scenarios either lloyd totally rips off the guren then upgrades both on nunallys order or somwehow thers a collaboration between lloyd and rakshata! im gonna say second one because the first option seems to obvious! Also did anyone else notice inthe op the computer say area 11 lost!!

    WingZero zxt
  58. @Minikui: Heh….thank you very much, as long as one other person is considering what others have to say instead of just reading their own comments then I guess I can put a feather in my cap. That’s just the problem though, many people have such a single minded way of thinking about things that we get just one result “ROLO MUST DIE GRARAHGAGHRH!” Nobody actually seems to have stopped to think about why he might have done it. Though when you frequently have what amounts to people shouting in others ears anytime they might try to to “not think about it because this is a Sunrise series and logic has no place” then I guess one can’t be surprised with these results.

    It’s really nothing short of a self-fulfilling prophecy. As long as one insists on looking at something in a very narrow and specific way, one will always find the same results. It’s only when you can set aside your first instinct and look at the bigger picture before making up your mind that you can see that there’s more to this story then meets the eye and if people aren’t willing to do that then it’s their own damn fault if they end up confused about the logic of a scene and not Sunrise’s, Goro Taniguchi’s or the writers.

    For example I think very few people are going to understand the purpose of the masks in this episode and will probably take it literally and “lol” at it. Nor will they likely comprehend the inhibitions that would cause Rolo to murder Shirley in cold blood, or even how Lelouch is all but responsible for it himself (based on his first season interactions with Shirley and his interactions with Rolo this season) and shares as much or more of the blame than Rolo. There will be no justice for Shirley regardless of whether Rolo or even Lelouch dies. That’s the real tragedy that people are probably going to miss.

    For those that do comprehend the above, give yourselves a pat on the back because you deserve it. If you don’t, but would like understand then give yourselves a pat on the back anyway for at least trying. If you don’t because you think that “using logic and looking in depth into the series is stupid because Sunrise doesn’t do things that way” then do me this favour. Grab the nearest pen you can find and insert it between the knuckle joint of your ring and middle finger and press them together as hard as you can. That will be your punishment for being a closed-minded ingrate.

  59. Hrm.

    Given the new look of the Guren being similar to the new look of the Lancelot and Nunally visiting Karen last ep… perhaps Nunally will appoint Karen Stadtfeld as her Knight.

  60. N-n-no! Shirley…that’s j-just too cruel *squeaks*!!! Although I’m not a fan of ShirleyxLulu, it was such a touching moment. My view on Shirley changed by this episode, Shirley is now of my fav characters but she’s killed off…but that doesn’t mean flashbacks won’t appear!

    O.o? What’s with ppl and Kallen? The focus of Code Geass is on Shirley/Lelouch/vengence/Geass cult/Orange for now. Kallen will probably get back her screentime later, but Shirley and her impact on Lelouch is now. Be patient.

  61. Q. what happens when u combine 2 megalomanics, a cult, several different millitary organisations, a borderline psychopath a psycopath, a lesbian psychopath, a traitor, mechs, sunrise, china, jpan , america,Euprope, great britain, breasts, love stories, high school, war, princesses , a blind cripple, 3 prince’s , an evil laugh,super powers, amnesia, and the colour purple!

    A. the BEST ANIME EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  62. Kaioshin: I thought that the masks where part of the good parts of this episodes, I liked the symbolism (but I don’t think it’s very hard to understand, is it o.o ), eventhough they overdid it a bit maybe … also the dream sequence with Viletta was very well done, it showed nicely how confused Shirley was. But on the other side the life-rescuing-scene was just over the top and way too dramatic again … and yea, ninja Sayoko was ridiculous. Such things lessen the enjoyment of CG for me v.v (sorry, gotta go to work and can’t write more now, bye ^^ )

  63. I really like the OP!, the ending is ok…. but i like the images especially the LelouchXC.C.=love;P, Lelouch, and Shirley.

    But what an episode…Shirley….and Lulu’s scream at the end:(…ah what have you done Rollo…

  64. hmm… when looking at the frame where the new guren is shown, look at lancelot at the back, he is facing the same way as guren… anyoone find it weird… if it will be anything like kallen going to the side of britania, i think the order will be significantly weakened… unless there is another twist in that twist… =)

  65. I like ninja maids.

    The whole thing with Shirley does feel like a retread of R1, and I guess they needed another death (mirroring Euphie’s) to shake things up this season.

    The new OP and ED takes CG full circle to the original OP and ED, though I still dislike Ali Project’s disjointed cat-scratch music. FLOW, however, rules.

  66. NOOOO!!! She died!!! T___T She was my fav girl character!! Even though I saw it coming, and still can’t believe it happened!
    To think Rollo killed her! *fangirl RAGE*

  67. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Shirley can’t be dead, she’ll miraculously survive through a side effect of geass or something, please don’t die.

    Rollo will die.

    rollo's executioner
  68. @wingzero
    by looking at the OP
    i think there is a high chance… guren and lancelot using the same wing units is seriously opening a topic of suzaku x kallen

    its poor shirley and her mom as well having lost of her daughter and husband i doubt she can continue her normal lifestyle… its such a big impct on her mother losing both of her family member but the main point is shirley don’t deserve to die just because of stupid rolo brother complex issue. She already told him she would like to support lelouch. U stupid brother complex rolo! GIVE ME BACK MY CUTE AND INNOCENT SHIRLEY!!!!!

  69. awww. how sad. when shirley was geass-canceled, i was sure she was going to die. but not like this. not in the hands of rolo. that’s just… ugh. i don’t know what to think anymore!!

    so geass-canceler will make lelouch able to geass a person more than once… he has a good ally in orange-kun.

    i thought lelouch would geass shirley into telling him who shot her, but wow, she geassed her to not die.

    i guess with milly and shirley out of the way, can i say Geass Arc?

  70. my final thoughts:

    Anya joins Lelouch. (the opening: Mordrid is on Lelouch’s team)

    Zino turns into a badass… or just an ass… (the opening: he’s frowning!)

    oh and ALI PROJECT doesn’t always sound the same. xD

    watch the Wish (special) on youtube. ALI PROJECT sounds so much more… normal.

  71. WTF!@

    1) Shirley dies
    2) Jeremiah betrays
    WTF!@ I can’t love any anime better, I don’t think anyone on earth could’ve predicted such twists, honestly, though it is pretty sad.

    BTW, in the OP when the Guren is posing like destiny, and the lancelot behind it. Somehow that scene makes me think they’re on the same side now, Kallen gets geass’ed by the emperor and dies too eventually? Looks more than possible now.

  72. Love ninja maids, go Sayako!!
    Looks like the Geass canceler undoes the brain damage that the Geass causes and allows Lelouch to use Geass again.
    Also, is Lelouch wearing his school uniform under the zero cape in the opening?

  73. Lellouch would probably win in the end…. but may pay the price of losing everyone that he holds dear to him.

    Really feel for Shirley, though. She deserved better…. much better.

  74. I think it’s a bit funny to make Lelouch’s action “responsbile” for Shirley’s dead.
    Who could’ve known Shirley is there at this time, or what Rolo did etc. etc.

    I think if CG wants to show one thing, then that Lulu is also not more than a human. How can Lulu know what’ll happen in the future? You can predict things, but you cannot fortel them.


    Oh, no, no, no. No. No.
    You can’t do that. You have no right.

    That would hardly be the first time I see a character I love die a very undeserved death, but… why does it hurt that much? every single time?

    And still, I love my anime sad. Guess I’m a maso, after all.

  76. I just watched the opening and it’s really difficult to tell on which side Kalen is. On the one hand you see her and Suzakus Mech with the same Wing and fighting together(?), on the other hand you see Kalen still with the usual group at the end of the opening, hmm.

    I guess the next few episodes will be either rescuing Kalen or some Rolo-Lulu drama.

  77. Well, who knows about Rolo, I love him as like I like Shirley (RIP), perhaps Rolo had to kill her in order to save Lelouch, remember she now wanted revenge for her father’s death, but still, to bad she had to die, Lelouch is now loosing all his loved ones, poor guy, if this had to happen, then this means there are now 12 episodes left for the show, hope no third season, hope CGR2 is the end, no more Code Geass, perhaps this is a sign that the show is coming to an END…

  78. WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! WTF?!?!?!

    I’m not sure on the details, since I’m going to have to wait for the subbed version or Onmi’s summary (which will most likely come first)… but I was starting to like Rolo and hopped that everything worked out for them all in the end… but now… that SOB better die and soon!

    Seriously, is this some kinda WTF?! week or something?! First Macross F and now Code Geass R2 (CGR2 being the obvious winner here…)

    Argh…. in such frustration right now!!! Anyway… from the new Opening (which I must say I am liking), I hope that doesn’t mean that Kallen will be joining Brittianna… not sure if my heart could take anymore WTF?! moments right now…

    Also, anyone annoyed that those three female members that joined the Order of the Black Knights a few episode back are showing up in the Opening like they are really important characters, but we haven’t learned a thing about them or seen them properly joining the OoBK?

    Argh… so much Frustration!!


    I also saw the Lancelot in that line-up, so unless Suzaku joins the Black Knights, this probably means nothing :-/.


  79. It’s kind of ironic

    how Geass Canceler could’ve saved Euphie’s life because of Lelouch’s Geass

    and how Geass Canceler practically marked Shirley good as dead because it canceled Lelouch’s Geass.

    So I guess this means Rolo isn’t going to become a member of the Black Knights? I was so looking forward to his uniform…

    I wonder when they’ll get back to Karen? Will she actually switch sides?! I’m not sure what to make of the Guren-Lancelot pairing in the OP, with their big, big wings.

  80. i definately wanna see how lelouch betray rolo in the end now. XD
    with Orange-kun switching side he is indeed a good weapon to kill rolo !!!

  81. I liked Shirley and all, so this isn’t exactly where I wanted the show to go, but it could be good for the story, now that this direction has been chosen, if the staff doesn’t screw up. Not looking back.

  82. Karen? switch sides? where would you get that idea?

    I think that, once that which Cornelia is uncovering (as “the greatest crime in history”) will be made “public”, then there will be a schism in Britannia between the decent guys (Cornelia, Suzaku, possibly even Schneizel) and the nutcases (Charles, V.V., probably some of the Rounds).
    And then, naturally, Zero will ally himself with the decent side, on the reason that “we must avert another tragedy like Euphy’s”. And *then*, Karen X Suzaku will come to pass!

    Yay for Karen and Suzaku!

  83. Rolo MUST DIE!!!

    Well, leaving that aside (note: i was serious) isn’t it ironic that first Lelouch killed Euphy and now Rolo killed Shirley, they both have sins carrying, and even though is kind of contradictory, maybe those two will get closer (note: maybe i say, because if it really happens will be kind of disgusting). Hope that Rolo at least will see the error (Blasphemy!!) he made and suffer even more than Lelouch is with Euphie’s and now Shirley’s deads.

  84. Wasn’t a big fan of Shirley since the beginning and hell, I could care less whether she died or not, but I have to admit Rolo did ‘grew up on me’ since the R2 start, and it’s a rarely tragic turn of events. On a side note, I really hope Kallen doesn’t get brainwashed by teh Emperor to fight alongside Britannia against Lelouch. LelouchxKallen all the way ^_^

  85. Hot girl died waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
    I over it now.

    I hope that rolo didn’t kill her mabye it was a stray bullet from suzaku because he is inn there.
    I hate suzaku so i hope it is suzaku so i can hate him more!

    Look on the brightside lulu still has kallen. Who will give it up at anytime.

    321 Death
  86. Thanks to Rollo’s brother complex, Lelouch loses Shirley… AGAIN. Without Shirley keeping him in normalcy, I think Lelouch might just snap and never show humanity again. Me thinks Lelouch will die at the end of the series.
    Damn Rollo… I’m too depressed over Shirley’s death for words.

  87. Yes I certainly can’t wait till Lelouch make Rolo into an eunuch and execute him @.@

    Wtf! I’ve just begin to like him and now he killed my Shirley. Yes, in R1 Shirley is somehow vague and I don’t pay much attention to her. But I really like her in R2. Look who gave Lelouch precious advices. And she cared 4 him so much that she’s the only one left at Ashford who noticed he had been acting strangely. I love the way she cares 4 others (Lelouch gotta realize that it’s her who taught Nunally to fold origami and also its meaning) Though my ideal coup is CC-Lulu, I think that Shirley is the one he truly loves (many many hints form R1 to R2 point this). And they scenes in ep12 are so lovely that it actually gave me a bad feeling (consider how Sunrise love its way XD) Now when the person who taught him “Love is power” died, what will be expected of Lelouch? Obviously…


  88. Man I always wanted Shirley to die but wtf was that…
    I thought that Nia would go insane and blow up Ashford and end up killing Milly, Shirley, and Rivalz
    But with Shirley regaining her memory and still siding with Lelocuh and getting killed by Loli?
    I can’t accept it

  89. Speaking of which I’m getting sick from not hearing from mai waifus for so long
    I mean Kallens getting raped by a loli
    and C.C. is eating pizza hut

    @hked same here mate Kallen going Britannia doesn’t make any sense at all and it better not happen

    However if Zino converts because he likes Kallen and all that would be nice
    same with Anya who seems to share a connection with Lelouch 😛

    Another thing that got me was Jeremiah switching side is this total BS or what?

    Oh and someone needs to shoot Suzaku in the face for letting 2 extras look over Shirley

  90. OMG, WTF! THis episode made a lot of people angry -_-. Shirley is up there with Nunnaly in being able to keep Lelouch “sane” to some degree. Without her, he’ll probably snap. And at this point, i’m ready to see Lelouch go berserk and just kill everyone. How dare that Rolo bastard kill my favorite character of the series.

    This is the first person that’s really close to Lelouch that died so far isn’t it? He didn’t even make this much of a scene when he killed what’s her face.

  91. Shirley…..dead?
    O man…….this is really twisted change of events……
    And from Shirley, it is proofed that Lelouch’s Geass can still effect the one whose already canceled by Jeremiah’s Geass Cancellor.

    Lelouch’s Geass + Jeremiah’s Geass Cancellor = Infinite Absolute Command!!!!!!!??????

  92. I’m done with this series. I enjoyed it until now. Luckily I didn’t have to watch this, being on vacation and away from a source to watch this. Shirley was my favorite in this series, and is my favorite character of all time. I could relate to her. She kept the series moving for me. She made me enjoy the series, especially R2 (HD Shirley <3) and especially with R2’s great production but over population of characters. Oh Shirley… I hope the reaction to this is negative enough to bring her back like that retard Orange (sorry but I hate him… not as much as Rolo or Suzaku though). Sorry for the rant but yeah it’s how I feel.

    Not really manly of me, but I want to cry now.

  93. Oh noes…I really liked the idea of Shirley joining with Lelouch, in some form. To be honest, I wasn’t having high hopes of her surviving this series if she grew even just a little more important, but man, I really wished she lived longer >...<

  94. Not to mention Lelouch is pretty vengeful, so if Rolo can get away with it, with his life even…I think he will need a miracle.
    And Rolo liked his school life and wanted to preserve that..this is not the way to keep it going Rolo >..< Killing Shirley was just nasty.

  95. I was waiting and waiting for Shirley to die…To me, she just got in the way. I hope Lelouch doesn’t get all depressed over her death and decide to give up his fight….

    Peachy Zutto
  96. For some reason, I can only post in chunks o_O
    He probably knows no other way to deal with a situation like this, in which a person most likely knows more about something that she shouldn’t. Rolo could be doing this for Lelouch…but could also be doing this for Britannia, if he is still on their side and even for himself. If Shirley would tell people, he might loose his “brother” after all. However, she did not want to expose Lelouch and showed no indication that she would oppose him.

  97. same even though i didnt like shirley all that much i agree with those who say that she didnt have too die this way. but then again it might represent another future change in lelouch since shirley represented his normal life in ashford achcmy but what i really h8 about this epi was the way they put shirley died she SURE AS HELL didnt have too die like that.made me real unhappy too watch it

  98. 2 Knights of Round switch side? Well i dunno….op just make me confused as ever….

    Well, Guren’s wings is still pink as the Black Knights, and Lancelot’s wing is green, just as fellow Britannia

  99. also its true tat rolo would need one hell of a miracle too get away with killing shirley(if he did) since as mentioned lulu is very vengeful against pple would killed his loved ones

  100. It seems like both sides(Lelouch and Suzaku’s)will be teaming up soon (though the question is will it be against the emperor or the so called god they keep talking about).

    And that they’ll also gain some valuable information of the Gurren current design to implement a system similar to the Destiny’s and Strike Freedoms Wings of Light…making Code Geass R2 seem even more like Code Geass Destiny.

    Also Shirley dying should have happened last season when Lulu Geassed her instead of now. She didn’t really add anything to the story and she didn’t do anything but be another girl in Lelouches Harem. While it’s sad to see her go like that it’s long overdue.

  101. Man Kallen got owned by Lelou’s power rankings. Like the second lowest charisma?? and he gives Kaguya full marks?? Such a loli-lover. And shes only smarter then tamaki? ouch.

  102. I WANT TO CRY T__T
    I really do. I loved how Shirley loved Lelouch..
    and I can’t even be the least bit angry at Rolo
    Poor LuluT__T

    The more I get over this shock the more I want to cry

    After that there’s still a ton of new data overload..
    New OP ED Oranges…

    Apart from that, this is the most serious episode of Geass I’ve ever watched.
    I honestly thought Sayoko had died too and Rolo would be in serious trouble. Strange Ornage let him go so easily after seeing Viletta. I’m tired and sad now.

  103. Wait, the scene did not show Rolo actually killing Shirley. So it’s easy to assume Rolo did it, as that is the obvious cut-scene effect. But are we to be further surprised by what’s going to happen in the next episode?

    Now how’s Ashford Academy going to account for a dead student?

    Chino F
  104. Marianne is turning out to be even more like the the center of the story now. More and more seems to be connected to her. Now I’m even more interested in her.

    I think in the near future Lelouch and Zusaku will be having a little talk about the latter abandoning Shirley.

    On another note Ninja maids ftw lol. I’m starting to like Sayako more and more now, ever since she started standing in for Lelouch.

    Shirley is a nice character, she’s rather similar to Sakura from Wagaya no Oinari-sama imo. Though Shirley is less funny….

    I’m kind of disappointed by how they dealt with Jeremiah… after all that bringing him back from the dead and all that. Geass canceler seems like such a waste now.

  105. rolo is a really messed up mental bastard! He’s obsessed with lelouch and to think everyone hated Shirley because they thought she looked mental yah she’s reallly mental now isn’t she!

  106. I guessed before this episode that Lelouch and Jeremiah finally confront then Jeremiah switch side, but Shirley’s death is something inconceivable. She has to die after she regain her memories. It goes without saying that when you gain something you lose something. Finally, Lelouch and Jeremiah comes to an understanding since we know from season 1 that he always regret not able to protect Queen Marianne. I know you guys cry for revenge, but think about it, Lelouch still have some uses for Rolo, plus poor Shirley does not know Rolo is very sensitive when protecting his brother and she mentions something that causes his jealousy toward Nunnally. Rolo is still pretty much unstable so Lelouch needs to discipline him a little more. This is the first time in while that he kill somebody despite Lelouch telling him not to.

  107. Well that’s a shock….. the matter of Rollo acting up, Orange joining Lulu… still that’s shocking

    btw I thinkg about that graph pic I think Kallen’s Charmisa would be boosted by the bunny girl outfit.

  108. Is Kallen in ED Sequence?

    I don’t see Kallen in the ED Sequence pictures. I have been worried that Kallen might die ever since she was captured. I would lose a lot of interest in Code Geass if she died.

  109. @Loliu,
    Comeon Brah/Sis/Mon/Jah/w.e, she’s dead. Plot device, Lulu either become more determined to destroy britannia, or more determined to protect his ‘friends’ and closed ones, might even help to bring him closer to Suzaku. Whether people hated her (yeah, am one of those who didn’t feel she should get any closer to Lelouch than just another school friend), or liked her (now, why would we really like her? She loved Lulu despise the fact that he took the most important thing in her life, hell, she even saved Lulu multiple times, once from Viletta even from Mao (quote “weird couple these two”)).

    Let her soul rest in peace, because the other side (dem haters ;)), could care less.

  110. very good episode overall. again a tribute to lelouch’s intelligence. he clearly disabled someone who was prepared just to assassinate him, managed to beat sayako and rollo.

    anyone else notice the last scene of the ending song with lelouch sitting on the throne with susaku as his knight. and shirley told him to forgive lelouch this episode. i feel like its a big foreshadow. it also feels liek cornilia will probably join up with lelouch at this point as well. looking from the preview shes imprisoned by v.v.

    On another note this episode made it clear the cult belongs to the emperor for all those who thought otherwise.

  111. OMG!!!!!!!!!! The guy with a mask came out XD Strike Freedom and Destiny is commin out………….Stella died XD, but where’s Infinite Justice and Legend……..

  112. I just saw the sub and like Lulu have to cry out my frustration. Some commenters say Shirley was just a side character but that just isn’t true. She gave this show life, she motivated Lulu and she loved him so much that no other girl on earth would’ve deserved him than she. And then being killed off in such a cowardish act – just sad.

  113. I actually do not think Rolo killed Shirley.

    It is too “easy” an answer. Much like at the end of season 1, when Lulu and Suzaku shot at each other. We were left wondering, did one of them die. And in the end, neither died.

    Truth be told, I suspect that EITHER the Sayoko killed Shirley, or possibly Villetta.
    Why? Sayoko in order to protect Lulu’s true identity (we know Sayoko does not have common sense), or Villetta to protect her own betrayal.

    Honestly, my money is on Sayoko.

    It is possible that Rolo used his geass to try to save Shirley from being hit by Sayoko’s knives. And, as we know, Rolo cannot use his geass to prevent a flying weapon from hitting.

    Rolo knows that Shirley’s death would cause Lulu pain. And I think, with his adoration towards Lulu, Rolo would not have killed Shirley.

    Just my thought. I am probably wrong, but I feel like Rolo being the murdered is Sunrise’s red herring.


  114. @Kokoro
    Rollo does NOT know anything. DO not try to apply logic thinking to the psychotic person. He saw Shirley as a danger to which he would looose Lulu, thus he did what he did all his life:)

    Sayoko could not do it – even though she is AS CLUELESS AND DENSE as only Suzaku can get, she still has feelings, and, unlike Rolo, still cares about other people around there.

    Villeta – IN NO WAY POSSIBLE. AT THAT fucken time she was on the phone in the middle of a lot of people, angsting over Ohgi. -.-

  115. Sayako noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! shirley meh! rollo CERAZYYYYY. If only someone had taught sayako orochimaru’s infamous edo tensei! ten she wouldnt have had a problem!

    Sayako: Kuchiose EDO TENSEI!!! hitosu (clovis pops out) HITOTSU! (euphie pops out), ni-tsu (marianne pops out) together they all linch jeremiah giving him a good talking to! unable to harm his old masters he runs off crying. The day is saved!!!

    WingZero zxt
  116. I knew it. From the moment this episode started, I just knew it, Shirley was going to die.

    But by Rollos Hands, now that was shocking. lol Rollo, bugged the hell out, and just when i thought hmm maybe Lulu is going to forget his hate towards him and start to like him but…no fuckin’ way know. He better pray Lulu doesn’t find out it was him.

    EPIC EPISODE. I MEAN ORANGE YOU NO WANT TO KILL LULU U WANT TO TEAM UP WITH HIM. lol We were all caught on the surprise wagon with that one.

    Well, Shirley’s dead, can you imagine Suzakus reaction(?). That will be great if shown next episode.

  117. ALI Project RuleZ how dare u GG lol! rolo has definately sealed his fate. And to all you who sed when lelouch said he was gonna toss him away, ‘i actually like suzaku more now’ I PITY DA FOOL!
    i reckon lelouch upon finding out rolo killed shirley will try and kill him and miss forcing rolo to go sniveling bck to britannia in a by then totally outdated vincent! jeremiah will then totally own him after he crashes due to the combined force of guren mark 3 and lancelot ignightor (yes considering its previous names it will be that lame)

    WingZero zxt
  118. Damn it. Rolo. Seems like the raid on V.V is gonna start next week. I feel like Jeremiah is a sleeper agent just to get close to Lelouch I don’t know. But if he is on the good side hopefully he supports all the way then. Rolo what the hell?! Wonder what Lelouch is going to do to him. Time for the rebellion to start from 13 to 26…

  119. i dont think rolo killed her. i think suzaku did. he found out that she knew lelouch was zero from first season and he killed her to get back at lelouch for killing euphy. rolo just used he geass on her and thought bout killing her but decided against it and left. suzaku came in and she said something by mistake and suzaku killed her. we all know suzaku is capable of murder and hates lelouch. just a theory.

  120. what a grand way to die in front of stain glass window reminds me of the place shino dissapeared in .hack//roots! if sunrise reborn her unconvinvingly (as in in the MU LA FLAGA lohengrin miracle way i mean for goodness skae people we saw his helmet floating in a VACUM!!!!!) then this series will go from a 15 to a 12 out of ten. if they reborn anoyone else in an unconvincing aythen it will go from a 15 to a 9/10! NO REBORNING ITS SUPER LAME! it will screw ratings far worse then leaving them dead! shirleys dead SCORE atleast she died stylishly compared to Cararres and clovis and Euphie! best death in all of Code Geass award goes to Shirley! i hope suzaku tops it though hewont because sunrise seem to like him (let HIM get hit by a positron cannon please!!! PLEAAAAASE!) i wonder if lelouch will blame suzaku. i doubt it !

    Heres what i want to happen!

    Lelouch cradling shirley *CRYING etc……* [Rings Jeremiah] ‘
    Jery: Sup Denka!
    Lelouch: did you kill a ginger girl on your way in?
    Jery: No i knocked out 6 gurads of yours but noone one else why?
    Lelouch: ARE YOU SURE
    Jery: yes i promise a a member of the Gotwald Fam…
    Lelouch: Fine *hangs up*
    *Rolo misterously come running from upstairs*
    Rolo: Nii san i came as fast as i could
    Lelouch: [How long has he been here???] Rolo what happened here
    Rolo: Erm well you see i was on my way to help you and she confronted me and she found out everything so i had no choice. its alright right? it was only this once!
    Lelouch: *Seaths* fine then *pretends his eye throbs then clutches it* brother i think i have somthing in my eye
    Rolo: really lemme see
    Lelouch: *Removes contact* DIE HORRIBLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAINFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  121. OK, regard about my last comment, my mistake, but poor Shirley, responsible of her death specially is V.V. and Jeremiah, because both of them make her recover her memory, she had two geass on her, Lelouch’s geass to forget him, and Charle’s geas to forget about some of the events of the Black Rebellion and Nunally… but Rolo, the one I never imagine, killed her with his knife, Rolo kill her, no one else… besides he kill her because she recover her memory back, and saw it as a threath, but doesnt justify killing, just when she mentioned Nunally’s name it became her death sentence, poor girl, and Lelouch too, and Suzaku too, she was his responsability, but Shirley, ah with girls, but well, at least her death will somehow be essential to the plot, specially for Lelouch ans Suzaku, my guess is that both of the will die, Rolo I dont know, he still has a mistery, like, has the locket Lelouch give him has a picture, it has been shown lately dont you agree, even expaline why he is like he is… he still doesnt know about right and wrong, for him the only think he wants is to be with Lelouch and he will do anything to be the things like they are, but he is a weird one, because he said that he would be for Nunally’s sake too, perhaps the true reason killed Shirley is to protect Lelouch, because if she rebeals it Lelouch would be in trouble… but still, I loved her character, she was of the funniest ones, hope R2 is the last of Code Geass, hope there isnt any third season…

    Many will hate Rolo, I understand, Is hard when your fav characters die, I get it, but for a reason this had to happen, for something the writers take this kind of risks, but in the future Rolo will be a character that we will understand, it just like Blood+, when Diva kills Riku, and many hated her for that, but then in her end many feel sorry for Diva because of her true intentions in having a family, and for killing Riku that became her death sentence… I just hope if Rolo dies, he dies protecting Lelouch, and not Lelouch killing him, one motive could be that Rolo wants to kill Nunally because of jealuss, and Lelouch kills him in order to save his real sister… or misteriusly will happen that Rolo is trully his real brother in the end, this is SUNRISE, many surprises.

  122. wow…shirley’s death scene was extremely sad…i def wasn’t expecting her to die this early..although i was expecting her to die sooner than later…jerimiah was def unexpected tho…i didn’t expect him to be marianne’s guard…nor that he would join sides with lelouch…he looked pretty close to dying tho in this ep so i am surprised at how healthy he looks in the preview…i can’t wait to see how shirley’s death effects lelouch..

  123. is anyone else confused at this part. when orange asked lelouch about betraying his country and his father did he mean father as the emperor or just whoever lelouch lamperouge’s brittanian father maybe. he seemed aweful suprised when lelouch said vi britannia. since he was with v.v. im guessing he did know he was the prince but why the huge shock.

  124. okay i know this probably been said before but i don’t think rolo killed shirley.

    Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t suprise me if he did but all the peices arn’t adding up. Rolo was mad and he was going to use his geass, but they never showed him using it or shirley’s death. Not only that but she was shot! And if rolo killed her he wouldn’t just leave her there alive, HE KILLS PEOPLE FOR A LIVING, i think he would be smarter and it’s just not his style. i don’t know, i think there’s more to this then they’re letting us know.

    oh and where the hell was suzaku? He went into the building then we never see him again?
    makes you wonder

  125. Ugh…this episode brought me to tears. T_T I didn’t want to see Shirley die, even though I knew it was going to happen. A bullet wound to the chest…T_T Also, if you pause the opening just right, you can see Charles Vi Brittania, Marianne, and what looks like V.V standing on a cliff side watching an old castle. WTF is with that?

    Lulu FTW
  126. also is sayako wolverine. she definately got slashed in the back with massive blood spraying out. and she went back into action like 10mins later and doesnt seem hurt.

  127. hmmm what kokoro says has some possibility…. looking at the injured marks it looks like sayako’s shuriken knife which makes the wounds… but there is also a possibility of rolo using sayako’s shuriken knife to do the wound and make it look like sayako did it…
    note: sayako has no reason to kill shirley even if she were to regain part of her memories. so i will still say rolo is the killer rather than sayako…

    poor shirley. RIP

  128. important point overlooked in this episode: after the geass cancelor they can be geassed again. as evident by lulu geassing shirley at the end (tho doesnt really matter now orange is on their team) but could be useful to null previous geasses and do new ones if lelouch needs to geass someone he already has before. saaaay susaku for example.

  129. 1. It looks like they’re setting up to pull the kira/athrun if we join forces we will be unstoppable. There were also hints in season 1. And it is sunrise’s style. To many people’s dismay this probably will happen. The ED sequence pictures and colors hint at this too.
    2. Now that it looks like lelouch might save cornellia from captivity she might have another reason to join his side.
    3.It’s troubling that some say that they’re glad shirley is dead (if she really is). The only reason i can come up with is that they want lelouch to end up with another girl or they found her emotional spurts annoying. She has had the most difficult time with everyone lying to her. There are other characters who have had their emotional breakdowns. Her character had so much impact on lelouch’s character and others. For someone to dislike her solely because she was getting in the way of the main plot or another girl from lelouch’s harem is sad.
    4. Villeta’s position might be solidified now that jeremiah seems to have joined lelouch. Plus the Oogi thing. She waivered a bit there but only because she thought jeremiah was comming to stop lelouch.
    5. From Kokoro’s prediction – That wound really might be from one of sayako’s dart things. We can rule anyone out since we didnt see. It is good writing to have people assume its the obvious and then throw a twist on who really did it.

  130. The extended preview is already out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy9SGX1oJXU
    This is what I observe about this recent episode and from this extended preview.
    Cornillia- I’ve noticed that she doesn’t seem to use her left arm at all. It’s like it’s harnessed to her outfit too. Seems like she’s till healing.
    Jeremiah- Marianne must have been one incredible woman to illicit such loyalty and devotion into so many people.
    Shirley- Isn’t Lelouch going to wonder who could of shot her? It isn’t like there were a lot of people running around with guns. It will also be interesting to see who Suzaku blames. Will he blame himself for not looking after her better, or Lelouch for some reason. What sucks is she was willing to help Lelouch. If it wasn’t for Rolo being so touchy about the topic of Nunnally.

    About the preview- I’m positive that girl in the fancy dress held behind the golden force field is Kallen. I recognize the dress from some design sketches of Kallen. I’d know that cleavage anywhere. Since she’s in a cell still that means she’s no helping the Britannian’s. Just moved to a more comfortable cell by Nunnally no doubt. Though now she is in a literal gilded cage. We know pretty much from that opening that she wont betray the Black Knights since she’s always shown in Black Knights garb. It will be interesting in that scene next week if they talk about Lelouch.

    There is a hand shown to be holding the controller for the right hand of the Guren. It’s hard to tell who, but it almost looks like Lelouch’s jacket sleeve. It does seem like he’s forcing his own hand on the controller.

    OP- It’s hard to tell at first glance, but it looks like the Tristan and Mordrid are using the same float system as the Black Knights, with the four wing design. If you look closely thought the Black Knight models wings have a red glow, but the Britannian models are glowing green. This probably means that the Britannian’s hijacked the Black Knights float system designs. You’d think though that using that system would make it hard for the Tristan to transform.
    It is odd that the Guren and Lancelot have those ‘wing’ designs, but different wing shape and color. The Knightares and becoming more and more Gundamized. Looks like they are even going into space soon.
    EN- Is it odd that we don’t see Kallen in any of those images?

  131. @ Quik
    I don’t think she went back into action that fast. If you notice while they are flying, she’s definatly taxing her body since she’s sweating quite a bit.

    Lulu FTW
  132. nooooooooooooo, why did Shirley have to die…:'(
    I was so hoping for Shirley x Lelouch…
    Die Rollo!
    Anyways, it seems that Marianne plays a big roll is all this. Perhaps the empror ordered her assassination? It seems like she was the leading resistance against Charles and VV. We might see more of her, in flashback mode.
    Let’s hope that Kallen gets saved soon. It might be Kallen x Lelouch?
    But CC x Lelouch seems quite promising from this pic: http://img.muri.se:8080/CODE%20GEASS/CODE%20GEASS%20R2%20-%20ED2%20-%20Large%2001.jpg
    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  133. oh! I just realized!
    Lelouch geased Shriley again! This means,with Orange’s anti-geass, Lelouch can geass everyone more than once. Even Suzaku!
    hm…thinking of the possibilities…

  134. Aww just when I was starting to… want Rolo to permanently join the Lulu Party.

    Poor Shirley. Unless she “reborn” as a Major-esque character, I might miss her after all that’s happened with her.

  135. Rest in peace…Shirley Fenette….

    BTW, do you notice that Code Geass is becoming like Gundam (in the OP, there’s a ship above the earth, probably the battle will extend in space) and like Naruto (Sayako VS. Jeremiah except no chakra)

    And also, I noticed in the last part of the OP, the map behind Charles, Schneizel and Zero looks like the map used in Gundam 00….seriously!

  136. After analyzing the OP and the current events this is my theory:

    Thought this part of the series lulu changed from what he used to be in the first season. Those that say that shirley was not an important character are mistaken. It was due to her that lulu finally understood what he is fighting for. At this point I can’t see lulu fighting for revenge. It seems that he is now fighting for redemption (watch the subbed preview) and to create a better world for nunnaly to live in.

    Now ever since the first OP (since season 1), lulu has always been shown activating his geass. In this season he uses his contact lenses, and takes it of during the first OP, but (if you have seen the new OP) at the end of the new OP he Covers it with the contact. Does this mean he is ready to get rid of the geass (at least stop realing on it).

    Thought out much of this series all the main characters have been trying to gain power, yet in the last few episodes the idea of relying on your own power has come up. Perhaps the only way to gain control over the geass is by relying on one’s inner power rather than that of the geass.

    Also another thing, remember that no one knows who killed lulu’s mother. Could Rolo been the one to do it? It just a theory, but with his geass he could of done it without anyone knowing it was him.

    That’s all for know.

  137. Personally, I don’t know how to react when I saw shirley dead. It was like… poof…huh?

    And I didn’t like the new wings the knightmares are getting — the “feathers” are not arranged and shaped nicely enough. =P but that’s just me.

  138. Lulz,Oh well.Rollo,please die terribly though i’m not a fan of LelouchxShirley,after seeing this,I say Lelouch should die in this season or perhaps end up single.

  139. Omg, i guess the commedy is (finally) over now… but this episode also implies something else: I’d like to be proven wrong, but Ashford company being destroyed like this means Leoluche old good days will never come back and that a dark future awaits him. This anime is running to a real tragedy imho!
    Only Kallen, Rivalz and Nunnaly remain. Kallen is temporairly out of the game. I dunno how they’ll get rid of Rivalz, but what about if Rolo took care of Nunnaly? After all she’s the real relative of Leoluche he’ll never really be, the only obstacle to his “beloved brother” ^*,..,*^.

    PS: I’m sad it was Shirley, good girl, to be got ridden first, but it was time to get rid of all the annoying subplots and prepare the field for the final battle. There are too little episodes and too many enemies yet to kill, so i suspect Geass wil turn into a murder fest now! I wonder who will die next *______*

  140. lets just hope in the opening they had a mecha swap so anya has the guren and kallen has the mordred, if kallen is on suzaku’s side suzaku deserves more torture than death, its just not enough. lets hope for a mecha swap as an explanation for the opening

  141. It makes me wonder who will get the ax next? Rolo stepping on a banana peel and broke his neck. lol Nanally killed to give lelouche misery.

    I like the new cornelia, hope she doesn’t get axed.

  142. LOL here is my theory, rolo geassed shirley, he was about to kill her, suzaku comes along tries to shoot rolo but shoots shirley instead??? i know its not true but hey, its better than rollo killing her.

  143. noooooo shirleyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    damn Geass keeps becoming better and better!
    Trully this series is so close to become(even better)succesful as Death Note itself!

  144. Mixed feelings about this one. If stupid Viletta didn’t send Rolo to go help, Shirley wouldn’t have died. And the new Guren looks like the Justice Gundam, Destiny was white and blue…

    Lelouch will probably keep Rolo around for his piloting though, probably stick him on the frontlines next episode or something.

  145. Wow! AWESOME OP AND ED! AWESOME EP! Anyway, am I the only one that thinks that Rollo might not have killed Shirley? He might be unstable, but the fact that the director decided to omit the scene where she actually gets killed might allude to a red herring. I doubt that they left that scene out because it would have been too violent, I mean with all the massacring. Euphy, anyone? I might be seriously wrong, but there is a chance Suzaku killed her. The episode hinted a lot at his determination to get rid of Lelouch and maybe overhearing the conversation between Shirley and Rollo (Shirley saying that she wants to help Lelouch etc) might have tipped him over the edge. Rollo could easily have escaped with his Geass. I wouldn’t refute the fact that Rollo might have tried to kill her (unless he was going to use his Geass for something else), but….oh, well, we shall see anyway. I am sure the director is going to surprise us all!

  146. Shirley’s death scene regarding her speech on loving Lulu when she’s reborn reminded me of Inoue Orihime a bit from Bleach. I don’t know why, haha.

    Other than that, cheers for the tragedy that is now unfolding for Lelouch as a downside for having the “power of Kings”.

    Yes, either Lelouch dies in the end or he remains alone forever. Maybe not? Sounds a little bit like Macbeth to me.

  147. I still thinks ‘Colors’ the best but totally love the new opening song!!! Go Freedom and Justice!!! XD
    Kind of prefer ‘Shiawase Neiro’ more than the new ending but it does hints us a little on what’s happening or might be happening if we pay attention to the lyrics.
    And OMG!!! Shirley’s DEAD!!!
    Cool Idea Kurogane!! If it was Suzaku who killed Shirley, I guess I could think of a reason why but at moment it’s very mysterious. Then again when I was watching epi 13 the second time with eng subs.
    The scene when Shirley dies reminds me of when ‘Euphy dies and Suzaku beside her’
    Lulu would want to kill Suzaku because Lulu has lost a loved one Like Suzaku lost Euphy. I REALLY HOPE THIS ISN’T THE CASE >__< but if it is. FIGHT! FREEDOM AND DESTINY!!! XD
    Maybe the creator hasn’t made a final decision on who’s the killer and will be decided this week.
    They do have a scene where Suzaku and Shirley talks and seemed like Shirley may have made Suzaku realize something so Rolo has a higher possibility of killing Shirley. Could the fallen mask, at the scene Lolo activates his Geass, be a hint? I reckon the series will still turn up great either way!!

    Akira Kun
  148. hahahahaaaaaaaaaa *crazy lulu laugh*
    if its me i shall become evil to conquer and evil greater still (shirley wasting our fucking time with those ashford episodes)

    nah serious, that one was as much obvious as needed to give lulu back some drive.
    the real shocker to me was jeremiah(he shall have back his rightful name since he changed sides and i even love him being the first to recognize the (hopefully) final truth by calling lelouch majesty and not just highness)
    i had thought he wouldve been the one to kill shirley, not rollo, but then this show never fails to suprise me.
    im pretty sure rollo killed her, jeremiah was with lelouch, and suzaku and sayako wouldnt have killed even if they found out, but there is one bit that supports the sayako=killer idea. anyone noticed that shes standing in a sea of blood at the ed? maybe she did it by accident.

    two more things on an off-episode topic:
    1. i somehow feel that there will be a traitor to the bk, most likely tamaki. though i rather like him, he seems to be the person most suitable for that, hes always aching for his status and seeing how this is the third time in a row that were reminded of that plus the fact that zero outright ignored him, it just seems like the way to build up a traitor.

    2.id like to know your opinions on schneizel. of all the royal famalie he intrieges me most. he SEEMS to be anice guy, always talking about the people, but notice that all those “good” things (like approving of the SAZ in r1) are just done because theyre effective, not because theyre good. he almost made me believe he was a good guy when he retreated in ep 11 with all the what would the emp have done talk. but when i thought about it after ep 12 it seems like it again was just the effective choice. trying to conquer china with just his ships and the three rounds is just not possible and while he might have killed zero, that would have meant killing the tianzi too, not a very good start for getting china(+i think he likes zero as an opponent after all, as shown in the new op btw, he zero and the emp are the most capable/imporatnt players of politics, theres nothing better then to finally have a worthy opponent, because all the other fights are too easy and boring)
    there are two more things that convince me hes one of the bad guys. first of all hes the obvious choice of the emp for a heir, seeing how the 1. prince is incompetent plus the emp chose him to be involved in mariannes death.
    and second there is nina, u dont go ahead to research nukes if ure a good guy(unless u want to use it against hitler maybe) and it makes plotwise no sense at all to give a nuke into the hands of a person that doesnt at leat threten to use it.

    id be grateful for responses.

    ps. ppl keep talking about an R3, but has this ever been officialy confirmed, if so somene pls post a link

  149. Wow, I’m intruiged as to what Lelouch had/has planned for the train??

    I’m not gonna argue that Rollo didn’t kill her as currently available evidence points to him, none more so than the final mask that drops, as we the viewers are more than aware of what Rollo hides beneath his mask.

    At the same time I also hope that he didn’t as there is still room for him to have not killed her, which makes for a more interesting (imo) story. I mean the real inconsistency we have with Rollo killing Shirley, is that he didn’t kill Villetta earlier in the episode. From where he was sitting Viletta had just betrayed Lelouch, yet he waited till they were back in the command centre to even ask her about it?? From Rollos POV shouldnt that have been an act worthy of instant death??

  150. @ Mukkya
    “Wow, I’m intrigued as to what Lelouch had/has planned for the train??”

    – He mentioned something about using the device that messed up with Orange Sakuradite, to put Tokyo to a halt since it appears that the city uses Sakuradite tech for almost everything.

  151. what are you refering to regarding what rolo hides beneath his mask? the fact that hes not lelouch real brother also regarding shirley dieing (still makes me cuckle a little great last words and epic scenery though) i think that if rolo did do it. its possibl he did it as a knee jerk reaction to shirley knowing to much information! rather than because he has a brother complex! atleast thats the excuse he will give lelouch anyway!

    Also ALI PROJECT ROCK its hard to beleive shes almost 50!

    WingZero zxt
  152. Oh damn it.. Out of everything I predicted.. I did nor see that ending coing at all.. I can’t beeive that even though I was jokeing about Jeremiah joining Lulu it acually happened.. lol weird..

  153. I hope that Shirley is reborn due to Lulu’s geass, remember at the end of season one we were told that it was supposed to get stronger. I’d like to see an undying Shirley. Oh and Rolo can have a nice grave right beside Suzaku.

  154. The series keeps getting more and more interesting. And I kinda hope that some more main characters die because i am sick of the Gundam SEED and Destiny endings where almost everyone on the good side keeps living. Its refreshing and in some ways more realistic to see some deaths, after all Lulu is in a state of war. Even though I love Lelouch as a character I kinda hope that Lelouch wins but loses a lot on his side (like Nunnally). Perhaps just Lelouch and Suzaku surviving at end with Lelouch losing his other significants.

  155. LMAO I agree with BladXian.. Rolo and Suzaku just really need to die.. Although I think even if Lulu finds out Rolo did it he should continue to use him till he is of no more use muahaha..

  156. In all honesty, this was the most exciting episode in all of Code Geass r2. The others had it going pretty predictable. Geh. The twist wasn’t that Shirley was gonna die [it was inevitable, with all the heavy ‘I-now-remember’ and those masks when the episode began], but rather, Jeremiah’s easy submission to Lelouch. It seems fishy and suspicious… Way too suspicious.

    Aaaand I’m not going to be in the ‘I-love-Shirley-screw-Sunrise-for-killing-her’ ship, or the ‘I-hate-Rolo-kill-him-plx’ ship, really. I appreciate that they killed off Shirley, actually. I liked her as a character [and I do NOT believe that she’s a Mary-Sue], but in a show like Code Geass, I don’t expect a cheery character like her to fit in and ‘protect’ Lelouch, like she would have wanted to. She’s an admirable character, yes, but of course, her role in the story’s been fulfilled: to be some sort of bitter memory for Lelouch to become more ‘human’ again.

    As for Rolo, I don’t believe that he deserves to die by Lelouch’s hand [though I imagine that to happen soon], primarily because this certain reaction of his only deepens the character development of this dude. I mean, come on. He has a twisted mind and a need for a brother. The name ‘Nunally’ makes him go all ‘i shall keelz joo’. I would like to see what comes off Rolo before he dies.

    Another theory: Rolo might NOT have killed Shirley [although it is a TINY possibility – the only basis I have on this one is that they didn’t actually have a shot of Rolo shooting the gun as he has since he was a child. I can’t think of anyone to kill Shirley besides him, though, without a good reason].

    Anyway, I suspect that Suzaku will find it suspicious that Shirley is dead after the incident, when before that, Shirley had wanted to ask Suzaku a question. I really liked Shirley’s little speech to Suzaku about forgiveness and stuff.

    Code Geass suddenly became livelier and ‘smarter’ again! The next episode looks like something to look forward to.

  157. PPL who whined about Rolo being so nice and all… IN UR FACE! It was obvious that a little kid used in one hundert and eleven assasinations will not become a normal, caring and loving his ‘good bro’ teenager. He is mental and, even if he didn’t kill Shirley, become berserk when some1 says something that wounds his imagined connection with Lulu. And that is the presona of Nunnaly.

    And why not kill Viletta ? Well if Lulu is his big brother, a guide and leader, she might be a bit like mother to him? Yes, he would kill her for Lulu. He’s mind is like of a child (mental one). He doesn’t know anything but a role of little brother and how to use his Geass to kill people. And if left without a guide he does that. He needs guidiance. I guess he thought or was explained by Viletta that Zero still had some power over and use for her.

  158. Well Shirley is dead and Lelouch needs a new love interest. Wonder who it will be. And I think Karren or at least the Guren is on Britain’s side. And Rolo may not of killed Shirley, there are many of things that could have happened.

  159. I’m definite that Rollo killed off Shirley.. next to that I think Shirley played an important role in the main plot.. She got through to Sazuka (when she’s talking to him about forgiving)and from his suprised response I’d like to suggest that he knew she wasn’t under geass anymore (you could she from his subtle response and the look on his face)… how this will play out I don’t know we’ll just see.. My guess is that Suzaku now knows that Lelouch is Zero.

    And for any romance between lelouch and kallen or c.c. as many are hoping for. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. As said earlier by someone else, subtle hints in season one and two hinted out that Shirley is the one Lelouch would be with (for a fact she has been the only one that hasn’t on purpose been put in harms way by Lelouch, as opposed to kallen and c.c.). Next to that in the episode previous to this one she said that some day she would make him love her. I think we have just reached that point the moment Shirley died. My guess is we’ll get to see Lelouch and Shirley at the end of the show, maybe not literally, but more in a spiritual way.. or there will be no couple at all.

    The writers even said the show would have a fitting ending, which makes me presume it won’t be an ending where everyone will be happy.. from how the show has been progessing an ending where lelouch would be together with kallen or c.c. just doesn’t seem like it fits the line of thinking in which this show was produced..

    But that’s just my opinion many will probably tell me otherwise… But I’m definitely looking forward to the interaction between Lelouch and Suzaki from now on. The way they see eachother will change, due to things Shirley said this episode I’m certain of that.

  160. @Omni: To your question about who Lelouch will blame, isn’t it quite obvious from the preview? Lelouch will blame no one but himself. Lelouch may not have known who killed Shirley, but he could at least piece together that Shirley recovering her memories was because of Jeremiah’s geass canceller, and Jeremiah going there was because of Lelouch. In any case, from the preview, Lelouch was asking how he would atone for that. So just like Euphy’s death, Lelouch will keep blaming himself for Shirley’s death.

    Which is why I think that he will most likely be vicious in the next episode, unlike he had ever been in the past episodes, I believe even worst when he killed Euphy, since looking from the preview Show Spoiler ▼

  161. Well….that was faster than expected. I figured Shirley would have to die, especially since she regained her memories. Think about it:there were three ways Sunrise could have gone with this: have Shirley join Zero, have her support Brittania or kill her off. However, I did not expect her to be killed off so fast…thought she would survive a little bit longer…hmm…pity.

  162. Well someone has probably already thought of this idea, but I was just thinking that the death of Marianne had to involve a Geass user. I mean with all those people on guard including Jeremiah with the fact that no one seems to remember exactly what happened that day. I feel like the assassin was definitely a Geass user which leaves the cult or the emperor at fault. We already knew this, but it all just clicked in my mind haha. 😛

  163. Personally from seeing this episode and seing Rollo kill Shirley I think he has the potential to try and kill Nunally in the story because Rollo considered Shirley to be a friend and if he killed his friend he surely will try to kill Nunally so he can have Lelouch to himself.

  164. I squealed in joy when I first heard of Shirley dieing!LOL.
    This would have happened sooner or later,no two doubts about it.
    She will just eventually get in way..it’s so obvious by her annoying nature and feelings.
    I didn’t really like how Lelouch reacted so badly to it though..did he seriously like her?Ugh. Those who say Lelouch is cold seriously don’t know his character.
    In many aspects,I see him as soft..even weak. *hugs Lulu*
    Muahaha,Lelouch blame Suzaku! He did leave her even though Lelouch was almost 100% certain that she’ll be safe with Suzaku.
    The thing is that if it really is Rolo(even if it really seems so you can’t be sure yet)
    what if Lelouch finds out?! He shouldn’t have done that,not because of Shirley,but what will happen to him? I love Rolo!;_;
    Orange-kun always struck me as annoying but with this twist I actually like him!
    All in all,this was an exciting/advancing episode compared to last week’s.

  165. @WingZero zxt: I know that the combined forces of Suzaku and Kallen might indeed be scary, but not if its against the new combined forces of Lelouch, C.C., Anya, Gino, Toudou, and Rollo. Surely even with Kallen and Suzaku combined wont stand a chance. Heck with Lelouch’s new knightmare alone will prove to be troublesome for Suzaku.

    Although I dont believe that Kallen would fight for Britannia, but maybe forced to it or at least doing so as a front/facade.

    The scariest thing is far from the combination of Suzaku and Kallen, and their new knightmare frames, but Lelouch’s new determination or personality due to Shirley’s death. Imagine if Lelouch would disregard the wellbeing of all people but care for only himself? Lelouch has been too soft to most of his enemies due to his still “humane” side intact, but given the right set of circumstances and that he will lose it. I believe even Lelouch will be far more powerful than the Emperor, enough to even scare the carp out of V.V. Although that would make Lelouch far less justifiable.

    Also is V.V. and Charles’ goals for real? It is sooo frikin stupid! They blamed “gods” for piting humans fight each other? I dont want to bring in religion as part of the debate or argument seeing as there are many views about it, but IMO humans fight each other because they have their own free will to do so and because of their indifferences. If there is anyone to blame, blame oneself, and not blame to others. Especially not to God.

    I keep getting reminded of “Bruce Almighty” movie where Bruce was an unlucky man who kept blaming God for everything bad that has happened to him. So it’s the very same for these two idiots.

  166. Reasons why I think Rolo killed Shirley:

    1.) Rolo is the most obvious person, as he was the only one seen with Shirley.
    2.) Rolo is very psycho when it comes to Lulu, and might kill anyone who is a reminder that Lulu and Rolo are not brothers (other than the obvious few who knew beforehand).

    Reasons why I think Rolo did not kill Shirley:
    1.) Rolo is TOO obvious a suspect. Writers like tricking viewers.
    2.) Rolo used his Geass power. He’s a trained soldier, typically armed with a concealed gun even when he is in his student uniform. He does not need his Geass to kill a civilian girl like Shirley.
    3.) Shirley’s wounds are more consistant with stabbing/slashing weapons (something Sayoko uses), rather than gun shot (which I believe is more likely for Rolo).
    4.) Rolo is aware that Lulu would be hurt by Shirley’s death. I think Rolo is fanatical enough about Lulu to not want to bring pain to Lulu.
    5.) Shirley is a Brittanian woman, not Japanese. I think Sayoko would not really hesitate to kill a Brittanian woman, aside from Milly Ashford.
    6.) If Rolo did kill Shirley, I think Shirley would have at least mentioned something to Lulu. A warning perhaps not to trust him Rolo, or something. She cares enough about Lulu to want him to avoid danger.

    I could be wrong. I often am. But I cannot help but feel like Sunrise is trying to trick us into pointing fingers at Rolo. And believe me, I am no Rolo fan. But Rolo just seems too convenient to me.

  167. Why does people keep comparing Code geass to other animes? I know it is your opinion but stop belittling this show because of it. Especially the Gundam Seed Destiny comparison, they are completely different animes! Gundam Seed Destiny in my opinion was okay, but Shinn just made it sooo frikin horrible. Their mech comparisons, who the hell cares? The mechs in GSD are the most godly, heck Strike Freedom can beat the crap of all kightmares in Code Geass. So what if their poses, actions, designs are similar? Who really gives a dam? The plot and the characters are the most important after all.

    I especially hate the Stella death scene comparison to Shirley’s death, it is far too different. In GSD, WTF? Shinn hardly knew her!!! In this case, Lelouch knew Shirley far more longer than Shinn ever knew Stella! Also in this case, Shirley has a more deeper connection, band, and understanding to Lelouch compared to Stella who is just drugged and is mentally unstable just finding relief to another mentally unstable pyschopath Shinn.

    That’s the end of that comparison, I dont want to become a hypocrite like Suzaku.

  168. one more thing I realized….

    If Sayoko from a distance saw Rolo in front of an armed Shirley (Shirley had a gun), what would Sayoko think?

    Shirley having a gun is normally very out-of-character for her.

    If Sayoko thought this, perhaps she might have concluded that Shirley was either…
    1.) a Brittanian spy out to kill Lulu.
    2.) a Brittanian spy out to kill Rolo
    3.) under a geass to kill Lulu or Rolo

    Considering I think Sayoko is more of a “shoot first, ask questions later” sort of person, she might very well have thrown her weapons at Shirley, without realizing that Shirley wanted to help Lulu.

    So, rather than Shirley having been murdered, it could have been more an accident/misunderstanding. And Code Geass does like perpetuating misunderstandings (Euphie’s massacre of Japanese people, anyone?).

  169. one of the saddest anime scenes ive ever seen. Emotionally deep. If Code Geass qualifies to receive the oscars, i wouldnt be suprise if they do win something.

    Lulu Vi Britannia
  170. It’s quite sad for this to happen to Lelouch, since just as Omni pointed out Lelouch has feelings for Shirley, in the previous ep. turn 12, was quite obvious, I mean for the first time in the whole series: Lelouch blushed lol! Lelouch hasn’t even done that when C.C. kissed him and Kallen was on top of him.

    Also Shirley was always the emotional support for Lelouch, it was her that he asked regarding personal questions. Shirley wanted to join his side to be his truth for him, despite him living a life of lies. This line alone shows Shirley’s true love and loyalty, this truly was impact to Lelouch. Now that his pillar of support his gone, Lelouch will go mad. Just like someone pointed out, Lelouch would change so much more than he ever did compared to his past tragedies, due to Shirley’s death. Looking at that preview screenshot shows how intimidating Lelouch will be after Shirley’s death.

    Shirley was perhaps the one he truly cared most for, even more so than C.C. and Kallen, since Shirley represented his “normal” or “ideal” life, just having fun in school and have troubles now and then. Just as most of the fans commented about, now there would be no point of Lelouch to continue his school life, since Rival will be the only one there left (he wont get too close to him for his sake). He will most likely just be in the underground secret agency center as oppose to actually attending the school.

    My theory:

    This will be quite interesting as how he would possibly recruited the knights of rounds to fight in his side and go against Britannia. I understand the possibility of Anya joining since even though she is loyal to Britannia (due to her tattoo) but it seems that it was because of Lelouch or maybe it was only Lelouch Vi Britannia that she was loyal on the whole time.

    Although in Gino’s case would be hard to analyze, how or for what reason would he possibly have to go against Britannia by joining the Black Knights? I doubt that it is for Lelouch, but in my theory it could be due to Suzaku, perhaps Suzaku betrayed Gino as well??? Seeing as Gino truly cares and treats Suzaku as a true friend, then he would be devastated if Suzaku would betray him, and I truly think that such a possibility is HIGH! If Suzaku can betray Lelouch and kill his own father, then he can might as well have a high probability of betraying and killing anyone!

    Suzaku’s reasons for betraying maybe because he wants to move up from the ranks, especially since those 2 or higher ranks than him, by betraying them, he can easily usurp their ranks far more faster than him proving himself in order to be promoted. So this would cause Gino to join them, and thus as u see in the OP Gino wont be just a smiling and cheerful jest or fool (that’s Tamaki’s role already). Though the cause of Gino’s disbelief towards Suzaku might start when Anya will switch sides and Suzaku would most likely treat her a traitor right away and have her prosecuted (as oppose to Gino’s view, of having her questioned for her reasons). Thus is the start of Gino doubting Suzaku.

  171. @X: True, the Kallen and Suzaku combined forces (although just as u mentioned, I doubt this, since did anyone even consider the possibility that Kallen isnt the one piloting the new improved/upgraded Guren?) Even so, with their combined forces they dont stand a chance against the new combined forces of the Black Knights. You forgot X, Xing Ke in the list, he was also part of the line up it was as sequence: Lelouch, Xing Ke, Gino, C.C. (It’s the Akatsuki I think or it couldve been Asahina/Chiba), Toudou, Anya, and Rollo.

    Type 0
  172. Why does every presume that because the guren and the lancelot have the same upgrade say that karen might of switch sides it to simple plus karen ideal differ from suzaku. I can understand if she protecting nunnaly for lelouch by cooperating with them. Also its about time for lelouch to take contol of area 11. The monorail system Gefjun Disturbers shows that he will be making his move soon.

  173. My thoughts:

    Hey, did Lelouch have his contact in while Geassing Shirley? If so, does that mean his Geass runaway has gotten stronger and overcome the contact like C.C. said?

    Also, I wonder if Lulu will blame Suzaku for this, as Suzaku was supposed to be watching her and Lelouch might think that he did it.

    What will Suzaku’s reaction be? Will there be elements of “serves him right” because of Euphy incident misgivings? Will he be sad for Shirley because of their school friendship. Will he be reminded of Euphemia and have additional grief.

    As someone brought up, Rolo might not have done it since they didn’t show the incident…

  174. i hope this makes Lelouch go ape shit over Britannia. Honestly with each episode I hate Britannia even more. I just want to see a full out attack on the capital, even if it is a suicide mission. I am tired of seeing all of the “good” characters dying, let’s kill off one of the bad ones soon please. Like one of Lelouch’s annoying siblings.

  175. The new OP seems too “happy” to suggest a “bad ending” (in quotes, because this term is highly relative; a bad ending in my opinion would be for Lelouch to die and his campaign a failure). What do you guys think?

    Joe Stan
  176. This seemed a little too sudden for my taste, but I guess now that the Chinese arc is over, they need to move on and find a new thing to do.

    Poor Shirley, all she did was shoot Viletta lol. Nothing worth a cruel death.
    But hear me out, it is within the realm of possibility that Shirley committed -SUICIDE-. Since her love for Lulu seems to be unrequited and that Zero killed her father, perhaps her mixed feelings makes her feel like it would be the only way?

    Now that Lelouch has Jeremiah, Rolo doesn’t really serve a purpose anymore does he? They’re both assassins, but Orange-kun is a cyborg. C’mon Orange-kun, exceute that son of a gun ^.^

    And the whole V.V. thing freaks me out, he’s like Orange-kun. Won’t stay down for long. Cyborg? God? Geass-user? There is much left to the imagination. Still, Cornelia and Kallen ftw. Both imprisoned and still hawt as ever =D

  177. In regards to Lancelot and Guren having the same wings… there didn’t really seem to be any indication that Kallen will leave the OoBK at any point in either the opening or ending… which leads me to think that, as we know Lloyd was studying the Guren, that he’ll make modifications to it at the same time as Lancelot, while Kallen is still captured, but she’ll escape with it afterwards.. somehow.

    Some other thoughts on the OP, sorry if they’ve been mentioned already:

    Looks like Schneizel is finally going become more of a major character, what with his being shown near the beginning with Suzaku, C.C., and Nunnally, and near the end between the Emperor and Lelouch. Not unexpected though, really.

    Two(three?) unexpected characters look to be gaining importance, however:

    First we have Nina, who is shown with Kallen, Anya, and Gino, indicating she might get her own KMF of some sort.
    Second, Gino, who in that above scene is shown before Kallen, and then when we see all the characters fly past is shown on his own, last. The last character is always significant in some way.
    Sayoko’s placement in that was also strange, coming right before Gino, with, yeah, what looked like an Otome outfit. She was also featured rather more prominently than I would expect in the ending.

    Lotsa interesting stuff. And what the hell is the Zangetsu launching towards?

  178. zangetsu is launching towards a big a battle IMO
    Gino is looking pretty evil in the op anyones thoughts on that?
    Personally what is the connection with anya if you saw at the start of the last ep on her report there were ALOT of black lines
    sayokos a ninja and o course anime ninjas must wear funny outfits
    nina most likely will play a bigger part in it i think… hopeully
    I put own five bucks for these 2 things be true
    1. Kallen will be working for nunally
    2. her maid has geass
    shirley dead wasnt much of a shock to me (sucks to be shirleys mom, husband AND daughter dead sad) but i dont think rollo did it but hey im probably wrong on that. stoy wise it should be interesting to see how milly and the school reacts to her being dead. Anyone noticed any girl lulu starts to rlly like ends of dead

  179. i was just thinkin’ rollo’s being great for once… but then he kills shirley !!! WTF?! and the part about Lelouch trying to put up his geass on her was so touching ! i almost cry. Even if Shirley wasn’t often in this show i still like her character T_T
    And Orange-kun being Zero’s ally is pretty too much for me. I.d like to think that the geass Lulu put on shirley has work.. it seems that this is not going to happen… anyway, Kallen has been here like 3 sec of the show… i miss her in the show.

  180. mm… I also thought that about Gino. Forgot to mention it. There’s definitely more to him than we’ve seen so far… seems like he’s going to be taking more of an antagonist role, while Anya might be doing a little side-switching.

    Also, loved Tamaki’s abysmal stats in Lelouch’s ratings system.

  181. We can see Kallen is in the “extended” preview of episode fourteen. While she is in a Britannian style dress she is still being held within a cell. Nunnally can be seen talking to her. It’s more likely Nunnally had her moved to a nicer cell with nicer clothes.
    If you look at the new opening you can see Kallen is shown in Black Knights clothes. I know is that one scene Kallen looks sad, but so does everyone else in that clip. Gino, Anya, and even Nina.

    f you watch the preview you can clearly see someone grabbing the right hand control to the Guren. Judging from the jacket sleeve it looks like Lelouch.

  182. Know what i heard?
    It’s a possibility Suzaku killed her. First they didn’t show Rolo killing her and next Suzaku was nowhere to be found in that whole mess. I guess we’ll find out soon, either way she’s dead and I’m glad for some reason. Though I liked the Shirley x Lulu, but since she’s dead that’s not happening.

    On another note OH Yes!! Shirley is gone!!! Once she regained her memories I was wondering what they were going to do with her in the anime, now i know. I now feel at piece somewhat. Zero will not be with anyone at the end, cept for Nunnally. Suzaku will die. Rolo will die? Kallen will live. CC? dead maybe, depends on what the conditions she asked Lulu.

  183. hey guys, i went to the official website of the series and i found out that the upgraded Guren is still on the Black Knights’ side so it means that Kallen won’t be joining Britannia but how she manage to rejoin them again is not yet revealed…..
    ….if you don’t believe me check this out:

    and also it is already confirmed that V.V. is Charles’ twin….

    and also here’s the extended epi 14 preview:

  184. OMG NOOO SHIRLEY! Her death was more sad than Euphy since she was shot. Shirley got shanked by Rolo makeshift shanker so it was more dramatic. -_- Hopefully Rolo gets his “justed deserts” later on and have Lelouche sacrifice him.

  185. I want to propose a theory that Rolo could be innocent.
    Now I am not a Rolo fan myself but I think that bashing on him already is kinda early.

    Here Goes:
    1. We definately did no see Rolo actually shoot Shirley.
    2. Rolo did not have a gun with him at the encounter.
    3. Shirley did however, but when lelouch came, shirley was laying there STILL holding the gun, STILL somewhat alive.

    If Rolo really did shoot Shirley why bother giving her back her gun. Even if he did, Shirley was still alive at the time, why would she still hold on to it and not thrown it away or shot him back. It is questionable why Rolo ran off, but could it be to try to capture the one actually responsible?

    End. Watcha guys think?

  186. “If Rolo really did shoot Shirley why bother giving her back her gun.”
    Rolo is an assassin, he knows how to use a knife, so he must have killed her with a knife…

  187. In the scene with them talking she was HOLDING the gun tightly but when she started to talk with Rolo and ask him if he likes lelu he said yes, then she removed her finger from the trigger giving rolo the opportunity to geass her then get the gun. As EvilDevil said “Rolo is an assassin” once she was geassed with her finger off the trigger he could easily take the gun shoot her, with her holding it so there is no finger print….if you think about it there is no possibility that someone else shot her while he was there geassing her because they would’ve been geassed too. Its highly more believable that he shot her, maby he panicked then ran away after realising(rather than him chasing someone who should’ve been geassed too. Another thing comes to mind Why would he geass her in the first place if he did not intend to kill her? only other person i see overhearing the convo and sneeking in and killing her is suzaku for some weird reason.

  188. Guys, big big news….here are the upcoming titles after episode 14:

    15 “The World of C” July 20, 2008
    Show Spoiler ▼

    16 “Super United Nations Resolution Number 1” July 27, 2008
    Show Spoiler ▼

    17 “The Taste of Dirt” August 3, 2008
    Show Spoiler ▼

  189. @ grss1982
    in the OP at 0.34
    sorry don’t have a pic of it :’)
    but you see first gino, kallen, anya and then nina
    there’s the part where she looks kinda sad

  190. None of them look happy in that scene, but later on when they are showing everyone again. Kallen is the first of the Black Knights shown, she’s in her Black Knights flight gear and looking quite happy.

  191. OMG, I can’t wait to see the true personnality of Gino. It is clear that he hides something, but what ? But, I don’t think that he will betray Britannia. He seems to be quite a bastard on the opening.

    will credit pochisu

  193. Did anyone notice that Tristan’s (Gino’s knightmare frame) head changed and it wields a gunblade like weapon? Also how Zangetsu flies with its seidoutou?
    If we go according the opening, then there is a possibility that gino and anya will join lelouch.

  194. I noticed that in this new opening the Toristan and the Mordrid have the Black Knight style float system . Though the Britannian models wing tips glow green, while the Black Knight frames wing tips glow red. Much like the difference between the wings we see on the upgraded Guren and Lancelot.
    Not to mention on the Code Geass’ official Japanese web site the Guren, with these new upgrades, is listed still with the Black Knights.

  195. This is what i heard: (I heard)

    Suzaku walks in among Rolo and Shirley. (does he hear about Lulu I don’t know)
    Shirley turns the gun on Suzaku and asks “Do you love Lulu?”
    Suzaku doesn’t answer.
    Shirley is about to kill him.
    Lulu’s previous Geass makes Suzaku protect himself.
    Shirley = Dead.

    (that’s what i heard)

    Anyways I would like to know if this anime is ending in the second season? There are still at least 10 episodes left so it’s definitely possible.

  196. Wow… I never expected there to be soo much Shirley fans… Everyone wanted her dead in the first season, but I kinda understand why they would reconsider since she did sorta redeemed herself.
    Well I can’t say I’m one of Shirley’s fans and I can’t say that I didn’t want her to die either because I did since the first season.. something just didn’t feel right about her.
    And for those people (Rebellion) that think that she just interferes with the C.C or Kallen X Lelouch relationships, that’s not the reason on why I hated her.
    First of all in the first season, she was sorta screwed up in the head to begin with. I mean one thing is to shoot Lelou because he killed her father but to have a sudden change in mind and start crying because she shot him is another. I mean could there be more WTF moments with Shirley?
    Second of all if she really did have a strong sense of passion like some people are saying, then she should have stuck with either hating Lelou because he killed her father and lied to her or she could’ve stuck with believing in Lelouch no matter what had happened. In this case she took one opinion halfway and the other the other half. Which is not the definition of what you would call passion since if she was she would have stuck with believing in one thing and sticking by it the whole way sorta like Euphie I guess (she was a psychopath but at least she had her beliefs).
    Lastly she is always soo needy!!! I mean honestly just cause something horrible happened to her she thinks she is given an excuse to run rampage and start manipulating Lelouch?! This was probably the best reason why I hated her soo badly… She is soo manipulating! She wanted Lelou to fall in love with her using her father’s own death as a chance to get close to him! I mean what a b*ich.
    I can’t say that I’m overjoyed that she’s dead now, but I’m kinda content that she’s out of the way without a hassle because she could’ve stayed in Lelouch’s way and could’ve caused more damage even though she doesn’t mean to ( I mean she was already planning to join forced with Lelouch even though he doesn’t want her in his way but knowing his soft side with his friends, Lulu would’ve probably took in her request and she could result into more problems later on the series. Which is why her death is sort of the best for this moment).
    I’m sorta disappointed that Kallen wasn’t shown at all during this episode. It’s been about 2 episodes now and Zero still hasn’t pursued action to rescue her, I fear this would result in to something bad. Since she might think that Zero has abandoned her. But hopefully the next episode will somewhat get back into the battlefield plot line and rescuing her before Suzaku tries to hypnotize her with his stupid egotistical lies gets her. I just don’t want Kallen to be on the same side as Suzaku or for sure I’m going down to Japan to stab Suzaku’s character blueprint.

  197. If you watch enough Gundam, you can almost guess which character is going to die next. Personally, I hated Orange more than Shirley. Though only the master can say “What a twist.” That Orange was only using V.V to find out who killed Lulu’s mother.

  198. Shirley’s death made this alot more interesting. I thought Geass would end as some happy anime where everyone is happy and has a happy ending! Good thing this episode changed that.

    Llednar Twem
  199. Actually i blame villetta for sending rollo out… not only was rollo technically “useless” (in terms of “helping” lulu, he killed shirley. That useless bastard.

  200. Rollo has a new nickname from me:

    That nickname must be spelled in caps every time to bring across its tone. I seriously hoped before that Rollo would be one of the few characters to survive at the end of the show. I just felt bad for him.

    Now I’m kind of torn. I’m not sure if Rollo really did it. It would be so typical for that quick cutaway to mean it was really someone else, but… I think it was just drama in the moment. I think Rollo did it.

    Now I’m anxious to see what Lelouch will do to him when he finds out (if he did it). Lelouch would probably butter him up with some “brother” rant then Geass him to some ironic death.

  201. We don’t actually see Shirley get wounded. I see two possible reasons for this:

    1. The writers are attempting to disguise who actually killed her. They made it look like Rolo but somehow it was someone else.
    2. They wanted more dramatic impact when Lelouch finds her. After all, as long as you hadn’t read spoilers about it, you didn’t know for sure that she was going to die. Until you saw her lying in a pool of her own blood there was always the possibility that Rolo hadn’t actually harmed her.

    Personally, I’m going for number 2. I think that Rolo really did kill her – probably because she was close to Lelouch and not only knew about Nunnally, but wanted to help Lelouch get her back – something that would threaten Rolo’s ideal life at this point. For it to be someone other than Rolo, there would have to be someone else with a reason to kill her who was ready and willing to do so. Also, they would likely have had to have been able to take Rolo on since he wasn’t there when Lelouch found Shirley.

    The only 2 people in the area who we actually know by name and were unattended were Sayoko and Suzaku. Sayoko was injured and – as far as it shows in the episode – stayed in the helicopter. I don’t even know why she came along – injured as she was. Regardless, I can’t believe that she’d kill Shirley. She’s too nice and knows that Lelouch cares about her. I would expect her to subdue Shirley and take her to Lelouch if she thought that Shirley was actually a threat.

    As for Suzaku, I can’t believe that he’d harm Shirley. His honor wouldn’t let him. His honor may lead him to do stupid things, but he absolutely refuses to kill innocent people. He doesn’t even seem to be found of killing guilty ones – especially if he knows them (he hasn’t really harmed Kallen in either season after all) – so I can’t see him harming Shirley. He might get information about Lelouch out of her if he realized that she had some, and he might even arrest her if he thought it necessary, bit I can’t believe that he’d kill her.

    Also, what about the fact that Rolo was missing when Lelouch arrived? We know that he carries his cellphone with him. If he was really worried about saving Shirley, then he’d have called for help. I suppose that he might have chased after Shirley’s killer, leaving her there to die, but wouldn’t he just use his geass on them? Neither Suzaku nor Sayoko could escape Rolo if he didn’t want them to. In either case, he definitely used his geass and the only reason that evident in that scene for why he would do that is to freeze Shirley because he doesn’t like what she’s saying and wants to harm her.

    I think that Rolo really did kill Shirley and that it’s another example of the continuing theme that past choices have unforeseen consequences on the present situation whether you like it or not. Lelouch used Rolo in order to solve certain problems early in R2, but one of the unforeseen consequences is that Rolo kills Shirley now.

  202. Anyone could have killed Shirley, it might even have been an accident from rolo fighting with someone else.

    What we see:
    -Shirley Still Holding the Gun
    -Theres some blood splatter Forward of Shirley’s Feet while lying on the ground.
    -Shirley Fell Backwards onto her Back
    -Pool of Blood Under her body (which might indicate the stomach wound is a thru and thru) so she might be bleeding out her back also. So she could have been attacked from the rear.
    -Dont assume the wound is a gunshot (because she’s holding a gun) you cant tell what caused it.
    -didn’t implicate who or how she was hurt. she probably would have said something if it was rolo.

    Obvious killer
    activated geass (cannot stop objects)
    didnt have gun (when he fought jeremiah he didnt use one, unless he brought one along afterward)
    probably has a knife
    motive: anti nunnaly, jealousy
    Rolo is a skilled assasin he would not leave his target half alive, especially if she could tell lelouch he did it.

    Suzaku- overheard shirley/rolo conversation thus maybe thought shirley called him out so lelouch/shirley can kill him. Will know nwo that Rolo is on lelouch’s side and has been lying.
    -Has gun
    -super athletic skills
    -not seen after he goes into the station, but definately inside.
    -motive: revenge for lelouch killing euphie, or protecting himself

    -has throwing knives
    -lacks some judgement and observation of character skills
    -was milly’s maid knows milly has a thing for lelouch
    -is at the station though she is injured

    Im gonna throw jeremiah in here you know why?
    Shirley was already injured when lelouch was running up the stairway on the phone telling someone not to fight jeremiah, so jeremiah was not with lelouch for alittle. How much time has taken place when jeremiah left lelouch and lelouch runs into shirley. lelouch might have been doing some final preperations on the train alittle more after gaining jeremiah’s loyalty, there was a reason he went to the station.
    -has geass canceler
    -has a sword
    -motive (well he instantly killed lelouch’s geassed guards at school even though he just wanted to talk?) so hes not too concerned about not hurting lelouch’s allies.

    -Villeta she should be back at school in the command center

    So lets say Rolo/Shirley meets Jeremiah. And before finding out he switched sides
    Or Rolo/Shirley meets Suzaku. Suzaku does know about Rolo’s geass power I think.
    The better explain what really happened next episode so we can all end this discussion.

  203. It’s been days and I’ve watched the episode atleast 6 times but I still can’t get the whole episode out of my mind. Especially about Shirley and Lelouch facing his third loss by death of a beloved one. T_T Sigh!
    It’s heart-wrenching!

    Lots of Rolo hate here lately. I just wanna say Rolo has nowhere near the level of hypocrisy Suzaku possesses, the kid has never known love before nor had a normal life nor does he know that life is the most valuable thing. He’s been raised up to kill all his life. All he wants is to protect his place with Lelouch, and Shirley saying that she wanted to bring Lelouch’s happiness (=Nunnally) back to him, naturally Rolo wouldn’t allow that. Nunnally will take his place. He thinks like that because he was brought up to think that way so I don’t think he deserves a slow painful death, he really is just a poor little child.

    I’m also in love with Jeremiah now! Long live Orange!! ^_^

    Plot like this (no one’s right or wrong at such an extreme level) is why I totally love Code Geass and Lelouch.
    Sigh! *is overfilled with love*

  204. watching it again and again its soo sad how she died even though i wanted her dead a long time ago but not in that way… T_T it’s too horrible. poor Lelouch.

    it looks like the fight for Japan will be in episode 17 in August 3rd….too long T_T

  205. Hey, now don’t go hating Rolo… it’s not for sure that he killed her, for all we know, he could’ve seen something behind her, and tried to freeze time to save her, but instead she got hit and he might’ve been wounded and wandered off. You never know, until it’s been clarified next episode. Come on, bring her back! ^^

  206. @relina
    I don’t think Kallen joined Suzaku’s force with her own will, there has to be some sorta reason why she is on his side. This is probably cause she found out that Nunally is there, and knows how much Nunally means to Lelouch. So she probably stuck around so that she could protect her or obtain information. Either way I can’t see Kallen betraying Zero. But I do know that for sure she will be on Britania’s side for the time being. Hopefully there’s a legitamite reason for this though.

  207. @Vertigo

    Hell I’m hoping so she coming back too. Judging from the ED graphics, as shes the only one with angel wings (actually ON her), shes still gonna play some role in the plot.
    OR We could also interpret those angel wings as being ‘dead’… but I have doubts; as in the previous ED graphics, they had a few characters with those wings so would they die as well?

    Maybe these ‘Gods’ mentioned in this ep will revive Euphy and Shirley or something across those lines…

  208. People….
    Seriously, I keep mentioning this time and again when people talking about Kallen switching sides. There is nothing concrete that says anything of the sort will happen. Look further back into these comments. I posted a link to the EXTENDED preview for episode 14. In it while you do see Kallen wearing a Britannian styled dress she is also being held in a cell. Nunnally can be seen talking with her. If she was cooperating with Britannia they wouldn’t be keeping her in a cell. It just looks that Nunnally had Kallen moved to a nice cell.
    Let’s also not forget that in the regular preview of for episode 14 you can clearly see someone grabbing the right hand control for the Guren. Judging from the jacket sleeve it looks like Lelouch. I don’t see why he would get the Gurne and not her as well.

    Let us also not forget that in this latest opening Kallen is shown twice in her Black Knight outfits. People keep pointing to that first shot saying she looks sad. None of the people in that short section of the opening look happy. The second time you see Kallen in the opening not only is she in her Black Knights flight suit, but she’s the first of the Black Knights you see and she looks very happy.

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the fact the Guren has similar wings to the Lancelot. In the one shot showing many Knightmare Frames the Tristan and the Mordrid have Black Knight style wings, but look closers.
    The Black Knight wing tips are red and the Britannian’s are green. Its the same difference with the wings on the Guren and Lancelot. the wing styles and colors are different.
    To bolster my argument even more. Go to the official Japanese website. The Guren, with these new upgrades, is clearly shown in the Black Knights section.

  209. For those people who hoped or wished that Shirley might still be alive. Even I thought of the possibility before, I mean not just the fact that this is an anime and anything can happen, but the fact that two characters lived after experiencing a near impossible event to escape with your life.

    These two characters are Jeremiah and Mao.

    Mao lived after having “hailed” with bullets from all directions -_-, because Lelouch did not order the police to “Kill him” but instead only ordered to “Fire at him/Shoot him”, and Mao also said it was due to the advance medical science.

    Jeremiah lived after having been burnt or exposed by the radiation field of Guren, but was experimented on. He lived again after C.C. dumped his knightmare in the ocean. He still managed to survive recently, even after he was close to death due to his body malfunctuning because of Lelouch’s trap.

    HOWEVER, in Shirley’s case, it is impossible for her to be still alive unfortunately. The reason? Simple. It is Lelouch’s geass command on Shirley, “Don’t Die”, even after Lelouch repeatedly commanded Shirley not to, in the end it was still futile. For her to die, despite the absolute obedience command, so this means that there is no way for her to be still alive.

  210. I’d just like to say that I concur with Remmell. There’s no evidence for Kallen joining Britannia or working with them in any way. And even if the Guren was definitely on the side of the Britannians, I think that it would be more likely for it to be used by one of the Britannians than Kallen. I mean, honestly, would they ever trust her to fight against the OotBK? It would require the emperor to mess with her mind for that to happen and if they were to do that, it would pretty much require that a number of Britannians know about the emperor’s geass powers – including the other Knights of Rounds – since they wouldn’t agree to fight alongside Kallen otherwise. Besides, if the Emperor was going to do that, I would have expected him to do it already. Really, it doesn’t make much sense for Kallen to fight for Britannia and there’s no evidence for it.

    Now, as for Kallen being saved, given the episode summaries currently posted at http://koshimizu.livejournal.com/ , I’d be somewhat surprised to see Kallen saved before episode 16 (though I certainly hope that it happens). If it does happen in episode 14, it’ll pretty much have to happen in the first half and it looks like there’s no way that it’ll be happening in 15. The only place Kallen is mentioned anywhere states that a meeting with Nunnally and Suzaku is going to challenge her determination – whatever that means exactly. There is certainly no sign of an episode that is Kallen-centric and we have summaries through episode 17. Hopefully she’s saved near the beginning of the next episode. I don’t know if the hand seen in the Guren is Lelouch’s, but the fact that there is a hand in the Guren is rather promising. Interesting to note is that the left hand of that person is holding their right wrist as if their arm were injured.

    On a side note, the summaries for episodes 16 and 17 along with the title for episode 18 sure make it look to me like we’re actually going to see the end of Code Geass this season. Big stuff is on its way.

  211. Thanks Kalessin. Glad to see someone read that finally. You should check out my Code Geass 4komas on my devArt page. You might like them.

    Part of me that thinks that Kallen could be rescued is that train Lelouch was working on in the previous episode. He said the field the train will emit will shut down Tokyo. I keep thinking about why would Lelouch do that now? As Zero he was pardoned and exiled. What is in Tokyo right now that he wants? Only thing I can think of is Kallen and the Guren.

    I know because of the style in art it’s hard to tell the difference between make and female hands. I thought the same thing about how this person is moving their own hand to the control.
    I just assumed that was Lelouch’s hand because that jacket sleeve reminds me of the sleeve of Lelouch’s dark jacket. Like the one he wore when he was caught almost using Refrain. Also when Lelouch was trying to sneak past Shirley in the previous episode.
    Just seems odd that he would get the Guren and not Kallen as well.

  212. @Remmell
    I actually found your 4komas a while back before I even found this site when I was looking for good Code Geass wallpapers at deviantart. I was surprised to find out that you were the ones who did them. They tend to have more sex-related humor than I generally go for, but overall, they’re quite good. I’m impressed that you found something funny about episode 13. It was one big depress-fest after all (okay, not all of it was depressing, but very little of it was funny).

    I hate to say it, but the hand in the guren might be Suzaku’s. I’d have to take another look at the jacket that he was wearing in this last episode, but it might be that jacket – though why Suzaku would pilot it while injured, I don’t know (and I don’t know why else the person would be holding their right wrist with their other hand). I’d prefer for it to be Lelouch however. The hands look too masculine to be Kallen’s in either case.

    The fact that Lelouch was looking at the trains in episode 13 is promising in addition to the Guren screenshot. Given what he was saying, I would have expected him to use the trains when taking back Japan, but it looks like Lelouch is going to be trying to take back Japan in episode 17 and we don’t usually see pieces of Lelouch’s plans more than maybe an episode before they happen – if that – so the fact that we see them now means that there’s a good chance that they’ll be used in the next episode and since he’s not taking back Japan right now, the most likely reason would be to save Kallen.

  213. Yeah, normally I like doing more sexual themed jokes, but I like doing others. I just thought it was funny how Cornillia cut him off while he was talking. I went with that.

    Yeah, why would Suzaku pilot the Guren when he has the Lancelot. As an artist I don’t see much of a difference between the male and female hands. At least when it comes to the age range of characters like Lelouch. They all have rather long, thin fingers.

    I wouldn’t think that Lelouch would used that disruptor field on his attack on Japan that looks to happen in later episodes. It would effect his Knightmare frames as well. Even with counter measures it slows them down. We noticed that the last time it was used on the Lancelot. I also doubt the less advanced frames would have such countermeasures. As we also know the field is only effects it’s targets while active. Once it’s lifted things go back to normal.
    Only problem I see is that the Guren shot is shown before Kallen talking with Nunnally, but I’m not sure everything shown in previews is in the order it will appear.
    There is still Shirley’s funeral for the start of the episode.

  214. @Kalessin
    I’m just not sure if Lelouch would use a major card like the trains until he was planning on retaking Japan. After all if he uses it then its been shown and may not be available the next time. Rescuing Kallen would require some major undertaking and I’m not sure if he’s ready to officially go back on his ‘exile’ just yet. Though he did reuse the strategy of using the settlements set up twice which leads credence to using the trains to rescue Kallen and also showing cards more than an episode in advance.

    Just seems liek 14 might be too soon for a Kallen rescue. Haev the aftermath of Shirley’s death coming for a variety of characters. Also seems like Lelouch will be making his move against the Geass cult.Might be a bit too much to also rescue Kallen on top of it all. But we can’t ignore what seemed to be the Guren in the screenshot. I’m just not sure.

    At any rate I don’t think its Suzaku. Looking at the jacket he was wearing it seemed opposite. The cuff is dark and the jacket is a lighter colour which seems to be the opposite of the hand we saw in the preview. Hmm doesn’t seem like the jacket Lelouch was wearing from episode 7 either. Though honestly anyone could just put on a jacket that fits the description so sadly we’ve got little to work with there.

    Episode 13 certainly had some major depressing moments. But there was also hope shown there. Can only keep faith that the messages Shirley gave to characters like Lelouch and Suzaku won’t be lost.

  215. I seriously wonder whether Kallen is going to be saved in the next episode – primarily because I question that there’s enough time to do it. Lelouch is going to be attacking the cult and that’s likely to make him a very busy man. If saving Kallen is very involved at all, it could easily take up an entire episode. There is no episode in sight in which Lelouch would have an entire episode to spend on saving Kallen. The only episode in the foreseeable future that might fit the bill is episode 16. The summaries for it appear to give more of a summary of the overall political situation rather than what happens in the episode – though that’s probably a sign that it’s going to be an episode where people do a lot of sitting around and talking rather than actual fighting or other major events.

    I’m also not sure why the writers would bother putting Kallen in a new, fancy cell just to have her saved minutes later (in screen time at least). The fact that we seen a screenshot of someone piloting the Guren who is obviously not in a Britannian uniform and the fact that we say Lelouch’s trains – when we rarely see much of Lelouch’s plans prior to their fulfillment – imply that we may actually end up with Kallen being saved in the next episode. Again, I question that there’s time for it but those two facts are enough to make you wonder.

    Of course, after seeing Zero’s helmet in the preview for episode 12, there was some hope that that meant that he was going to save Kallen then and there was a much more mundane explanation for it, so I don’t think that we can really derive a whole lot from the screenshots, but it’s enough to make you wonder and it’s certainly enough to make you hope.

  216. I’ve viewed the important characters or items on lelouch’s side and britannia’s side like trading cards.
    It always has to be somewhat even. Either by trading sides or something being lost.
    almost every episode in R2 has been swapping cards.
    If lelouch is to lose kallen , someone has to be turned to lelouch’s side like ie:anya or britannia has to lose something.

  217. Guess one of the questions is where is the Guren being stored? Might be a stupid move by Britannia to keep the pilot and the machine in nearby locations. Possible they could regain it if its in a more accessible location. Long as Kallen is still in Japan then she should be safe. He knows Nunnally won’t condone anything drastic happening, thus the move to a nicer(?) cell. If they moved to transfer her out to Britannia that would be the red flag to make a move. Or if they somehow made a move over Nunnally to execute her would make it a big affair to try and lure in Zero. Though I don’t think Suzaku would support an execution either. He wasn’t able to write it down for some random person who came for his head. While I’m sure Lelouch would want her back at the moment its probably alright to leave her there.

    With what happened to Shirley and his feelings about the Geass would want to strike down that facility first. Not to mention if he finds out Rollo is responsible will have another thing to consider. I guess we’ll see what Lelouch decides to do when the episode airs.

  218. I actually like how he’d been trading off his closest friends or the people that trust him the most. [Nunnely for Rolo, Kallen for Xing-Ke, and now Shirley for Orange] Next up is either Ohgi for Villetta or maybe even V.V. for C.C. though I doubt it will happen. It definitly supports how he’s doing this on his own and yet with allies. How else can this be possible unless you surround yourself with previous enemies.

  219. Well, doesn’t the battle at the Order get cut off in the middle from what we read about the next episode. I believe it said something about in the middle of the battle Lelouch is sent to the “World of C”. The first act will most likely involved Shirley’s funeral. The third act will be the battle. That leaves for something to happen in the second act.
    Like I stated earlier. Those disruptor nets traps wouldn’t be of great use in a large scale battle.
    They only work while they are on and would most likely disrupt the Black Knights frames as well. In your lesser frames this would work to shut them down, but more advanced frames they would slow down. Though countermeasures only make the frames slower.
    Who’s to even say that the Britannian’s would even figure where that effect was coming from if Lelouch was to use it to rescue Kallen. When it turns on everything using Sakuradite shuts down.
    Only other tactic would be to activate that net and attack the city from outside the range on the Ikaruga, but what motive does Lelouch have to try and level Tokyo? That isn’t Lelouch’s style. I’ve never seen a full scale attack he’s done that has “targeted” civilians, and that kind of attack would endanger Nunnally.

    I can’t wait for Kallen to be rescued. All these ideas she will betray them are starting to get annoying.

  220. Who’s to say that with all this time Rakshata hasn’t come up with a way to keep their units moving through that net? With her being an expert on it I wouldn’t put it past her. Even if it was just to have regular units be slowed that would be huge enough of an advantage. Not to mention even Britannia found a way to keep Lancelot moving so the Gefjun Disturbers are hardly perfect. We haven’t even seen them used against the Black Knights since Kallen ran right into one early in season 1.

    He could still use the trains to rescue Kallen, but that could still happen at a later date. Besides how long would it have taken to set up the system in the trains? Force has been in China and I didn’t see a huge team come back with him. So possible it was set up before the Black Rebellion even happened. Meaning he had a reason for it more than just to rescue someone from a kidnapping he didn’t even know was going to happen.

    Time wise I just don’t think it fits into the next episode. Episode is only about 24 minutes long. The funeral will take some time, then you have Lelouch in disarray about what happened and his feelings concerning the Geass. Could also have issues surrounding other characters that would also take up time. Much as I’d love to get Kallen back quickly might some more time.

  221. u kno, i’m personally thinking that the end of the series would probably result in a super-climactic battle as he emperor tries to “destroy” god and Lelouch goes and prevents him. I mean, if you look at the OP, they show some kind of immense battle in space when Toudou was flying with his Akatsuki.
    And the thing with the Guren/Lancelot lookalikes is probably going to show up at the end. Kallen wouldn’t betray Lelouch, cuz its not her style. Suzaku would probably forgive Lelouch, especially since Shirley told him that she already has. Then, it’ll be one godly battle at the end.

  222. I was of the thought that if a countermeasure that was that effective was even possible Lloyd would of created one by now. Especially after the Lancelot was trapped in it twice in the fist season.

    I don’t know. How long did they take for Shirley’s father’s funeral? Maybe a minute or two. I mean that wont take up the first act. The previous episode had about three acts. First was Shirley’s struggle with her renewed memories, and Jeremiah’s attack on the school. Second act was Shirley trying to figure out who to trust, and Jeremiah’s chase of Lelouch. The third and final act was Jeremiah confrontation, and Shirley’s death.
    They could probably fit the entire funeral for Shirley before the opening. Must like they did with her dream sequence. It is nice that it looks like Villetta will be there at Shirley’s funeral. Would be nice to know if she expresses any regret for treating her harshly. Though I doubt it would get that deep. Will be interesting to see who Suzaku tries to blame.

  223. Ah, just one question that I’d really one to ask: DOES MILLY-CHAN LOVE LELOUCH? I’ve seen many people say this thing as though it’s obvious, but I haven’t spotted any clues (or may have missed them) in the series. Can somebody answer me please?

  224. @F_chan
    Rewatch episode 12 of R2. I think that they make it fairly clear that she has at least some feelings for him. Sayoko even suggests that Milly was at least somewhat serious in wanting to get Lelouch’s hat and thus get together with him. Milly admits that she was at least somewhat serious. It’s also pretty clear that she when she tells the school to get Lelouch’s hat for her that she had to think about it first as if she really wanted to but wasn’t sure she had the courage to.

    Beyond episode 12 of R2, there are likely hints here and there, but Milly is pretty good about hiding her feelings and while she may like him, she seems to care enough for Shirley that she wants Shirley to be with him. I’d say that she certainly likes him but that she’s basically resigned to never get him.

  225. I had wondered about that as well, but from what I hear there was an audio drama that showed that when Milly first met Lelouch that she fell in love with him. Sayako knew about this. That’s why in that previous episode she talks about how she would like to let Milly catch her, but she knows the importance of her mission. She also teases Milly at the end by saying how he was probably a little serious about that idea.

    You know with Shirley dead and Milly graduated. This makes Rivalz the only stable member of the student counsel. If Rolo goes into the battle I don’t see how they could keep up Lelouch’s charade of not having his memories back.
    The Rounds don’t count, because they often have to leave for military reasons.

  226. It is clear that VV and Orange-kun knew that Lelouch has his memories back, so maybe Charles knew that too. So I think that the truth will rapidly be revealed.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  227. HUH????? you do realise that Milly and Lelouch are like first cousins dont u???? im not sure if that was mentioned or not all i know is i open this up just to find you saying Milly wanted lelouch? thats a little disturbing.
    Ohyeh my point! Which one of you said kallen was an important character? LOL shes been in a loose captivity now for coming up to 4 episodes! and theres no prospect of her being released anytime soon! this seems like a, ‘watch how we blow this up in your face’ ploy by the writers (shirley was a bigger one though so we missed it!)kallen will obviously be bck later though even if just to die .
    LOL at shirleys last words? Ive aways found the whole last words thing to be amusing even when the character says somthing heartwarming or profound right before they die! I mean COMON!!!! it amuses me that the first thing that she said was all that (admittedly trajic) romantic drivel(although well written) and not, ‘OMG why am i bleeding to death on the second story of a shopping mall in front of a stained glass window?’.
    @zxn666 im fairly certain that was not in space with the buildings all about and also the clouds and the fact that the FLOAT *ehem* system still works (although the second point can be circumvented by about three seconds of science fiction drivel from any of the main characters) also can someone give me a link to the spoilers page again please
    @X whilst its true that shirley is definately dead your reasons arent entirely accurate! just because someone looses a lot of blood and falls unconscious doesnt mean theyre dissobeying lelouch’s geass!
    Also as regards storing the guren its probably not too! stupid storting a mech with no battery in the same place as the pilot with a straight jacket on! (yes i know they would have had to power it up atleast once to get the fulltech specs but i doubt they left the power in!) Also now nunallys got her sh prob wont try to escape specially since lelouch told her not to!
    Q. is the sigfried MAN-TANK er i mean Bismark’s KMF? apparently that shows up in ep 14

    WingZero zxt
  228. I was thinking about it. We see someone taking the control of the Guren’s right hand. What’s the point of stealing the Guren back if you don’t get Kallen as well. Who would pilot the Guren? All the more important pilots have their own Knightmare Frames. Even Lelouch has his own personal Frame.
    Even the opening shows her importance to the story. Her frame is shown so prominently and always been the balance against Lancelot. Really, she’s one of the only few girls who hasn’t kissed Lelouch yet. Always come close, but not quite gone there yet.

  229. I haven’t seen anything that says the Milly and Lelouch are first cousins. I’ve only seen that the Ashford family were big supporters of Marianne. For Milly to be a first cousin that would mean that either Milly’s mother or father would have to be the brother or sister of Marianne. Now that I think about it more. Marianne’s maiden name was Lamperouge. That would mean Milly’s mother would of had to of been Marianne’s sister to make them first cousin.

    I didn’t really count Kaguya. While she is utterly devoted to Zero, she has never seen his face. Though she may know him. She is Suzaku’s cousin and did seen Lelouch and Nunnally.
    I just find it more interesting that with Kallen several times we have come so close to these intimate moments only to have something cut them off. We also know that Kallen hasn’t even had her first kiss. The fact there has always been a little distance between them almost seems to give her a better chance in the end.

    I’m surprised on wikipedia there is so little information about the Audio Dramas and Picture Dramas. It would be nice if someone wrote summaries of those.
    I also heard that there are “Light Novels” that talk more about Marianne’s youthful adventures. Speaking about her riding a horse into the Great Hall, and challenging the other imperial wives to a fight. I’ve read those are being translated into English. Those sound like they would make for a good read.

  230. Good point although if you only vount the girls who have kissed him + kallen then obv theres gonna abe a slanted statistic LOL
    Is anyone else worried about the whole britannia thing being legit as in C.C being rogue and pointlessly evil an mnipulating lelouch for her nefarious plot? because whenever i think about thefact that suzakus still a traitor for a very weak reason and here the emperor say things like only fools go to war it makes me think they arent as evil as we were initially lead to beleive also V.V. saying that ‘the Gods’ are the ones who needlessly pit humanity against one another so they must be stoppd at all costs. it seems like some of what theyre doing seems legit! I HATE stories where the bad guy turns out to be the good guy in the end!
    A millyxlelouch I HOPE NOT because its lame and that would mean milly dying!!! (if u think about it!)
    Im also a strong proponent of the whole suzaku getting his comeupants because so far h has still gone almost completely (if not FULLY) unpunished for betraying japan and betraying his best friend
    Also did anyone note lelouch word slip right in forn of suzaku somthing like ,’ i dont want to loose anyone ever again’
    Please notify me of the light novels becoming avail in english

    WingZero zxt
  231. …And yet, Bartley mentioned something about the “worst crime in history” if their hypothesis is correct. Since their guess was about V.V. and the Emperor trying to kill the gods (and, as we know, it is correct)…

  232. I’ve been thinking… I’m not very convinced that re-Geassing a Geass-canceled person actually works. I mean, when Lelouch was re-Geassing Shirley to not die, the modification of neural patterns was unlike the first time she was Geass-ed. Instead, it looked rather distorted to me, like her brain is all mangled up. Any ideas about that?