Since she had heard that Saito was no longer Louise’s familiar, Siesta considers him free and decides to join him on his journey. She convinces Louise and Agnès to let her come along by playing up the fact that she can cook for them, but Louise doesn’t like seeing her cling to Saito. Siesta thinks that it shouldn’t matter now that Saito doesn’t belong to anyone anymore, and she tempts Saito by pressing her chest against his arm. Louise responds by whipping Saito, and she then tells Siesta that they’re not out to have fun but are actually on an important secret mission. That night, Louise is still bothered by how Saito is no longer her familiar, and Derflinger explains to Saito that Louise doesn’t want to do another summoning because she doesn’t know what’d happen. Seeing Saito looking troubled, Agnès reminds him that he had decided to protect Louise and questions his self-confidence. Saito denies that he’s lacking that, so Agnès challenges him to a sparring match to determine how much his skills have deteriorated. Fortunately, Saito still does remember some of his fighting skills, and after Agnès concludes the practice, she points out how Louise had been watching them from the coach because she was worried.

The following day, the group is riding through the woods when Saito suddenly sees a girl in the distance. He recognizes and runs after her, and when Tiffania realizes who he is, she jumps onto him. The first thing both Louise and Siesta notice about her is her enormous bust size. Louise is incredibly pissed off to see the two embracing because she doesn’t realize who Tiffania is, but even after Saito clears things up, she still bullies the girl. When Saito eventually steps in and stands up for Tiffania, Louise storms out into the woods by herself. Siesta goes after her and raises Louise’s spirits by proposing joining forces with her against Tiffania, but before they can do anything, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by magical wolves. The culprit is Sheffield, and she urges Louise to call for help so that the other Void user who’s in the area will come, however Louise doesn’t know who she’s talking about. Sheffield attacks with her wolves, and with some help from Siesta in getting her wand back, Louise casts a spell that blows up the area. This only buys her a little time though and doesn’t actually eliminate any of the wolves. Louise is left with no other option but to cast a summoning spell in hopes of getting Saito there.

Much to Sheffield’s surprise, Saito does indeed appear from the green bubble that Louise summons. After Sheffield decides to withdraw for now, Saito affirms that he’s willing to become Louise’s familiar again. The two re-enter into a contract through a kiss, and doing so brings back the rune on Saito’s left hand. Unfortunately, the their moment is short-lived because Siesta pushes Louise aside so that she can hug Saito. Regardless, Saito is happy to be Louise’s familiar again, and he barks for her when she calls him a dog after they return to Tiffania’s house.


Well that was concluded pretty quickly. Never mind the fact that the group immediately found Tiffania without any trouble at all, I thought the writers would spend more time on Saito not having the rune on his hand, but one dangerous situation later and it’s all resolved. On one hand, I think I should be applauding them for not wasting too much time (only two episodes in and the re-summoning conundrum was already getting tiresome, so I’ve glad it’s over with), but on the other hand, I suspect they skipped a lot of stuff to get to that point. In fact, for being someone so important, Tiffania was hardly in this episode, and all the scenes she was in involved her breasts in some way.

On that note, I should mention that there was censoring this episode in the form of black fog and several close-up shots in what was clearly not a close-up scene (the quality was fuzzy in those shots, and when they zoomed out immediately after it ended, things returned to normal quality). I didn’t think that was the kind of scene that required censoring (it’s not like it’s a gun or anything), especially not for a series that has a fair degree of fanservice like Zero no Tsukaima already does. Of course it could also just be a ploy to get people to buy the DVDs. Having said all that, this was still a pretty minor thing and probably won’t take away much from the overall enjoyment of the episode.


  1. things just keep getting more and more interesting – saito and louise are being so kawaii! ^^”
    tiffania seems like a nice character, but is she trying to captivate saito on purpose? -_-

  2. I’m curious at Guiche’s reaction when he sees Tiff. I mean she did save his life as well. Also, putting into consideration his playboy habbits…think he’ll hit on her?

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  3. The way they solved the familiar problem kinda gives it an anti-climatic feel to it.Although it did follow the novel in general, it was more or less toned down in terms of emotions and the circumstances really differ.It kinda made it pointless for them to even search for Tiffania when Louise could have re-summoned him to start with.I just wished they could have followed the novel more but then again with how season 2 ended, it would have been impossible.

  4. This anime is a total waste of time, the ending is so clear to everyone that is pointless to keep watching. We all know Saito is goner end up with Louisin the end, personally I think he is a f@#king retard for picking her when you have all these wonderful ladies thats 10 times better. But still the writer make it so clear that Louise is the only one he goner end up with no matter what, no point in keep watch when we know the ending already.
    Don’t argue with me that oh we never know, or the writer might pull a surprise on us or something that kind of BS. For other anime maybe but for Zero no Tsukaima I bet anyone 1000 US dollar that he goner end up with Louise and I am serious.
    I don’t mind loosing the bet, but I really hope for them to pull a Ichigo 100% or shuffle ending on us.

  5. to mike: you can say the same about almost all half action half romance anime except for a few titles and games… the ending is not about which girl he chooses……. his harems there for fun…. zero no tsukaima is a half adventure theres a story besides romance to it….. if u say its poinless then else its pointless to keep watching shana or kanokon or etc by your standards….

  6. the censorship was totally used for viewers to buy dvd every1 knew that, but there were alot of anime shows showing tits b4 so why did they have to black it out. Is it for a general audience?

    we might c more girls on the saito harem.

  7. @date
    for most Harem anime sometimes is clear but somestimes is 50/50 on which girl the main character end up with, not goner name them all but getting back to what you say for Shana it was never really about romance thou is more of the fighting and storyline I say or at most is 50/50 romance and storyline, Kanokon is a whole different matter sure Kouta end up with the Chizuru in the end but Chizuru also allow Nozomu to become his mistress which is something new. But in Zero no Tsukaima you think Lousie goner allow Saito to have mistresses, which I doubt so that leaves us with an ending thats crystal clear to everyone who he goner end up with in the end.
    I don’t wanna hate Zero no Tsukaima but if the writer actually does a better job with the storyline showing us Saito fool around left and right and make us all thinking hmmmmmmmmm I wonder who he goner end up with in the end. That would definitely make this anime a whole lot more interesting instead of an ending that is 100% known.

  8. @Mike, 99% of the time in comedy harems, the main guy ends up with the main girl or with nobody, and everyone knows it at the start. No point getting emo over nothing, especially since harem shows by nature have crappy writing/stories.

  9. @ratattack

    I agree. In harem series, it’s almost a certainty that the main character will end up with either the main female lead or if they don’t officially hook up, it’s understood. And even in the end when the two main characters have gotten together, the other female characters are still all over the main protagonist. That’s what makes it a harem series. LOL

    Harem series are not typically known for their great writing or mind-blowing twist endings. That’s like criticizing hentai anime for having crappy storylines.

  10. @ Mike

    Who knows, it’s not uncommon for short novels to pull a sad ending… There’s always a chance that Saito might die or end up being sent back… but then they’ll probably do an anime exclusive “happy” ending for this.

  11. @ratattack

    Not true, just name a feel harem anime with ending thats surprising
    Shuffle, Ichigo 100%, Kanakon, To Hearts 2, Canvas 2, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~, and many more but you get the picture. So not all Harem anime has a 100% crystal clear ending which girl the main character goner end up with in the end. Zero no Tsukaima is like watching a sports game on tv, the enjoyment is 90% gone if you were already told about the final score and which teams goner win beforehand.

  12. this show aint pointless at all. Its worthy to watch if u wanna enjoy ur time at home expecially during this season when u have nothing else to do. Its good for relaxation and theres nothing serious bout this show no serious drama, plots, whatsoever just a fun ride to bring us fans some smiles on our faces…On the other hand, people who prefer a more worthy anime than this should just stop watching it and stop commenting that it sucks…If you dont wanna watch it dont watch it because if u do ur gonna hate it and start bitchin bout it and people who love it will tell u otherwise and ull get more pissed and the world will have more pissed people to hold…

  13. See…what I don’t get is that they traveled all this way to find Tiffania in order to fix the problem with Saito’s runes…and yet as far as we know, Tiffania said nothing important this episode and they just happen to fix it by re-summoning…so they pretty much have done all this for nothing except add another character in their ranks, unless it turns out Tiffania is the other Void user…hmm…

  14. The absolute butchering of the novels’ plot really showed in this episode. It was always going to be utterly predictable that Louise would resummon Saito, but the circumstances surrounding it make the difference between a meaningful climax and a boring flop.

    They painted themselves into a real corner by not having the guts to end Season 2 on a cliffhanger, and now they’re paying for it.

  15. @Guppy: completely agree. they changed alot in season 2 from novels and now they are desperately trying to fit bits and pieces from novels into season 3 generating a story that doesnt make much sense.
    @Mike: what about the novel-readers? who know exactly what is going to happen every episode just from the preview? who cares that much about the finish when the way till there is enjoyable?(i’m not impling that the 2 episodes till now are great). and in ZnT its not really about harems. this is just used for the comedy.

  16. I was kind of disappointed that Saito became a familiar again so quickly. I thought for certain that Louise would summon something else. In matter of fact, I still think that Louise managed to summon something else (a fairy perhaps?) that she missed because Saito came at the exact same time. No proof though, and doesn’t make much sense with Saito regaining the rune on his hand.

    I liked the idea of Saito protecting and loving Louise as a normal human, seems much more challenging than relying upon the powers of Gandalf.

  17. It’s not true Zero no Tsukaima doesn’t have any plot. It has much of it, as it’s clear stated by those who read the novels. I wonder why is it not possible to animate better what’s already avaible. It’s the third season that they mess up with Zero no Tsukaima. It’s a shame to watch to such an anime you know it could have been great, but it turned out the bad copy of itself.

    The problem is that thus having good material to animate, the anime companies don’t use it. They’d rather like mess up good stories and produce crappy anime like this. Do they think fanservice can really save such an anime?
    There are countless anime which were ruined by crappy adaptations. Allison to Lilia, Monster Princess, Negima to name some!

  18. I agree with you guys about an animation company (producers,directors,scriptwriters… you name it) to be faithful to the manga as a source for their project. We’ve been through that crap already, especially Love Hina, where the Xebec staff noticed the angst of the loyal fans of the manga to be faithful to the manga counterpart, thus Love Hina Again was their answer.

    But ZnT was different for me since from 1st season to the current ep of the 3rd season, I was really entertained, not only bcoz of the popularity of the manga, the story, & the quality of animation… but the seiyuu (voice actors/actresses) themselves who portray their roles well, especially Rie Kugimiya which I think she carried her role splendidly (the last ep of the 2nd season was IMO the best voice acting she did). I almost carried away by the emotion Rie has put thought on carrying her role. Same as Satohi Hino.

    Well, we do have different tastes in watching a show, but I think this show is enough for me to keep entertained.

    Just my 2 cents. 😀

  19. Meh, I still prefer Siesta over Louise! And I agree that they should have given Saito more non-familiar time before returning to the obvious. It would’ve added a few more laughs along the way. Or maybe I just dislike Louise’s constant treatment of Saito (especially when he wasn’t a familiar…) -_-‘ Oh well, good ep! xD


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