Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty have arrived at a recently attacked coastal town and find that half the place is completely gone, as if consumed. The surviving villagers only speak of a fog and the appearance of something called the Kokuryuu (black dragon), and the trio encounters this very fog when they row out into the ocean. When they discover a large ship in the fog, Kid thinks that this is the Kokuryuu and observes that the vessel is named the Nidhogg. Liz is afraid of boarding, but Patty is very gung-ho and rows them straight into the side of the boat. Once they eventually get on, they find no one around and decide to go below decks, not realizing that the ships captain is lurking around. Kid manages to find the room containing all of the human souls that had been gathered, but before he can do anything, the captain attacks. Kid manages to avoid the bullet and calls for Liz and Patty, however the captain doesn’t wait around for the two girls to transform and instead orders the ship to swallow Liz up. Although concerned about Liz, Kid turns back to the captain and questions what he intends to do with all these souls. In response, the captain reveals that it’s for a Kishin, but he’s talking about someone close to Kid, not Ragnarok.

Liz meanwhile finds herself alone in the bowels of the ship and decides to find her way back to Kid and Patty, in the process trying to talk through her fears with memories of her past. When a ghost girl appears and offers to lead Liz to her friends, Liz is too panicked to do anything until the girl gets angry and forces her to come along. Following a long path of ghosts pointing her in the right direction, Liz eventually emerges back onto the deck of the ship, and she arrives just as Kid and Patty burst through the floorboards. Kid had refused to use Patty without Liz since he had originally chosen them for their symmetry, but now that they’re reunited, he can finally fight back. However, before Kid can engage the ship’s captain, a sword suddenly rains down from the sky and cleaves off the top of the captain’s head. This sword is Ragnarok, and with Chrona here as well, the captain promptly gets finished off. Chrona then uses an ability which involves screeching with Ragnarok, and this summons all of the human souls above deck. Ragnarok consumes all of the souls at once, and this allows Ragnarok’s humanoid form to emerge from Chrona more powerful than ever. Seeing the wings that Ragnarok sprouts, Kid realizes that this is the true Kokuryuu, and he decides to go into the Shinigami Taijutsu Stance of Sin to combat it.


Well, this episode felt like a set-up episode, and it was. The Nidhogg captain’s purpose was to set the stage and to hint at some nefarious things (like who he was gathering the souls for), but the main event, as hinted in last week’s preview, is clearly Chrona/Ragnarok vs. Kid/Thompson Sisters. It’s just a shame that we didn’t really get to see any of it this week. Of course it was good to see more development about Kid and the sisters’ past, and I found it interesting that Kid could wear a Shinigami outfit just like his father. It makes me wonder what Shinigami-sama looks like underneath the mask (I had originally assumed that he was a spirit or something who had no physical body). Regardless, for the time being, I’m curious to see more of Kid’s abilities and how he deals with Chrona compared to how Stein did – hopefully it’ll be an exciting battle.


  1. So they did keep these as two separate episodes. Glad to see they’re taking their time on this encounter, but I am impatient for them to get to the big event that’s going to start very soon.

  2. Hmmmm.. anyone who have caught up with the manga:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. @beramodk

    I don’t think so xD
    If you wanna compare something to Harry potter, go watch Zero no Tsukaima. (lol)
    @ Kei chan
    But still, it would be okay if you were in a fight with a team, but if you were going on a one vs one fight, that would be very inconvenient. But maybe it could that the anime makes it seem like a long time to charge for a dramatic scene when really it would take a few seconds, I dunno.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. BANGIN! to see this manga animated ,cant wait for next ep to see kids movements aka=Gat-fu, and talk about making brooklyn look even MO grimy “if the scanlation i peeped was accurate” WAY to put the ratchet to da face, liz you sexy stick-up kid you!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. @Tryptomine
    <spoiler I thought it was before then… xD This makes me wanna go back and read it. Who was he fighting? Maybe that will make me remember. Was it the butler looking guy?

  6. Judging from the preview images, it seems Kid is gonna have the upper-hand. Or maybe they’re just showing those image because he won’t, or are they tricking us into believing that, or maybe that’s how they expect use to think……so then……*headache*. Oh well, can’t wait to see him kick some butt. Maybe I should go read the manga.

  7. Well, I’ve never read the Harry Potter books, but something to keep in mind, true originality is very hard to come by. I know you can read some other books in the same genre that HP is in and say it’s just like that. It seems HP is becoming just like the Simpsons (which I like mind you) in that people say “Simpsons did it first” regardless of when the respective shows aired originally.

    Since so much of SE seems dependent on Norse mythology you could find many references to gods changing into animals to avoid their fate (particularly Loki).


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