To commemorate Animax‘s ten year anniversary, they’ve been airing a weekly program throughout July about why anime is interesting. The theme of last night’s program happened to be music, and Nakajima Megumi made an appearance to sing Seikan Hikou from Macross Frontier. She does a pretty good job singing live, but I think it’s even more impressive when you compare how well her singing and dancing match up with the choreography video that was posted on the official site a while back. That must have taken a lot of practice. I’ve put them side-by-side above for easier viewing – it may require a small amount of manual syncing to get the two videos to line up perfectly, but I think it’s worth it because it’s a fun watch. This is arguably better than May’n’s live Diamond Crevasse performance.


  1. My technique for synching is

    1. Fully load both
    2. Play first video then pause before Megumi sings “ooooh oooh oooh yeah”
    3. Play second video, when it reaches before the “oooh oooh oooh yeah” part, play the first video.

    Works like a charm, it’s so cute 🙂

  2. I love her boots.

    That was totally cute. I remember those cutesy dancesteps in episode 12 lol I can’t blame Alto for being a moe-con. The cute attack was just devastating. Ranka can take care of the Zentradis, Megumi can take care of RL fanboys.

  3. Er, am I the only one that liked May’n’s performance more? This song isn’t particularly difficult to sing, unlike Diamond Crevasse, which requires more vocal prowess, and if Westlo’s correct, then her dancing wasn’t that impressive either, since the choreography was pretty simple. Not to say she isn’t good, her voice is really cute and nice to listen to, I just don’t think this performance was particularly impressive.

  4. @Asuka
    Comparing the two live performances, I would say that Megumi’s was more polished, but I definitely agree that Diamond Crevasse requires more vocal prowess, and May’n pulled it off well.

  5. darn.. i’ve watched this video so many times now, but i just can’t enough of her!!! i knew that nakajima megumi was pretty, but in this performance, she’s so adorable and way too cute!! awwww.. i wanna hug her… megumi-chan!!! =3

  6. love the song its amazing how she can follow ranka’s steps!
    really practiced so darn well!
    i found out in wikipedia she’s a half pilipino and now
    that makes me proud to be a pilipino 😀


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