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ED: 「Heart All Green」 by 栗林みな実 (Kuribayashi Minami)
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-As you can tell, they didn’t go light on the fanservice.

-For the middle episode of a three-episode series, this was understandably heavy on plot and light on action (until the final few minutes). It didn’t have the wow factor of the first episode, but at the same time it’s hard to call it boring because there still were a number of interesting things: Reito, Miyu (and how she brought the Blue Sky Sapphire/Souten no Seigyoku to Rena), the HiME symbol, and more.

-It was frustrating though to watch John Smith succeed in making Sifr feel betrayed long enough (about Bruce not telling her the truth about her and her father) for him to enact his plan. That’s two straight episodes now where the bad guy essentially wins at the end.

-It was also probably a bad idea for me to watch this right after Macross Frontier. All I could think of whenever Rena opened her mouth was Sheryl Nome (both are voiced by Endou Aya). It was also kind of odd seeing Rena be portrayed as such a vulnerable person since she tends to always be shown as strong…or at least that’s how I remember it – it’s been a long time since Mai-Otome or even the first episode of S.ifr.

-On that note, unfortunately the third and final episode isn’t due out for another four months on November 21st.



  1. RE: Endo Aya

    Hehe, I have been experiencing the opposite response: I keep thinking of Rena when I hear Sheryl. Rena has been the featured character of only the last two episodes of this, thus far, 58 episode franchise; and yet, after the first episode of this three-parter, she has become my favorite of all the girls (she managed to bump the great yuri queen, Shizuru, off the top of my list!). She is also the prettiest looking character in the franchise.

    I checked out Frontier only because I wanted to see what Aya was going to be up to in the long hiatus between episodes; how could I have known that Frontier would turn out to be such a fun cartoon? 😀

    I suppose, however, that no one has been thinking of Nina Wong while watching Blan Sifr using her Horo, the naked wolf girl, voice…kekeke. :p

    The Hand of Guren
  2. Interesting, I just watched the first episode of S.ifr again and I noticed a bit of trivia from the production that may seem cute to Otome fans: Rena saves both Blan and Nina from a fall off a hotel balcony many stories high. Except, the Nina of this series is a cat whose ears are shaped like Nina’s and Chun Mei’s (in Hime) trademark bunched hairstyle. Both Nina from the first two Otome series and Blan from this third Otome series are voiced by Koshuimizu Ami.

    The Hand of Guren
  3. Pretty good episode. M-9’s upgrade (the official website calls it M9-R apparently) was fascinating to watch – it really makes her feel even more mechanical than Miyu.

    If only we had Kajiura Yuki’s BGM’s to accompany this 🙁 I don’t understand why SUNRISE didn’t just reuse the ones in otome and zwei…

  4. @tau-tau
    ugh, i agree with you! needs kajiura’s music T-T seems more dead without it, like last episode.
    however, im really liking the s.ifr series so far 😀 i’ve liked rena since episode one of otome lol. well i thought her to be “cool” and the flashbacks of her, ive liked her character designs, and now that there’s the prequel, i can’t complain ^__^
    but WOW next ep looks jampacked with action o_o or something lol. rena as full pwnage mode as the azure sapphire? wooo!!
    and can’t wait till this is subbed =p ooo blusning rena lol, kawaii… and how come shes got wings in pic one? =O and she always appears to have wings in the ED songs too, ahhhh X3 rena is kakkoi, kawaii and kireiiiiiiii~ ♥ xD the three k’s lol.

  5. taking they time with these eps huh..wow lotta people disappointed, i’m sure they have they reasons but i dont see why it would take 4 months, this aint gunbuster

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. Shiro has GOT to be arika’s father… No kidding. But doesn’t that mean that Reito is Arika’s uncle? Furthermore, wasn’t it Reito that killed Rena in the opening sequence of Zwei? That would mean he killed his sister-in-law.

  7. I have trouble believing that Miyu was so easily defeated by M9. In the original series she was able to do battle with Nina, although Nina was powered up by the Harmonium. I wonder what happened? Somehow M9 has gained the powers of Rena’s old gem. How did that happen? In my opinion there needs to be more episodes!

  8. First yes in order to understand this S.ifr series you have to watch Mai Otome. If you don’t, I believe some parts will be confusing or make you feel empty.
    Secondly, opening sequence of Zwei… there were no such scene that Reito was killing Rena in Zwei. It started with the meteor incident. However Mai Otome itself started with the killing of Rena or in other words, the incident that resulted in Rena’s death.

    Thirdly, as it is explained in this episode, M9 has an ability to gain the ability of the Otome she fights. (Before getting Rena’s Kokou no Benihisui (Lofty Crimson Jade) powers, it is stated that she was using Shinso-sama’s powers.) Moreover, Miyu was able to fight with Harmonium-ed Nina because as M9 improves itself, Miyu can improve herself too. These S.ifr series are the past. So maybe she made herself improved during the time and was able to fight with Nina which is possible since M9 and Miyu are coming from the same origins (it is also said in this episode by Miyu.

    Lastly, yes I also agree that Shiro is Arika’s father since he said : My Grandma used to say it… which is the same sequence of words that Arika was saying always in Mai Otome.Also he resembles her with the hair and everything 😀

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