In the aftermath of the incident at the Sword of Akasha, the Emperor goes missing. Nunnally and her officials are privy to this information, but they worry about what would happen if word of it got out. Miss Romeyer makes it a point to put responsibility for dealing with this on Nunnally since she’s the Governor-General, but Gino sees what she’s doing and calls her out on it. Thinking to himself, Suzaku notes that the absence of the Emperor means that Nunnally’s life isn’t in danger. He then visits Kallen to apologize to her, but she’s really pissed off and beats him up. Once she’s done hitting him, she claims that she’s ready for him to kill her now, and when Suzaku refuses because he’s the one who was wrong, she says that she hates him. Lelouch meanwhile deduces that – based on Britannia’s movements – the Emperor is absent, and though he worries about what the Emperor had said, he’s happy that Nunnally is safe. For the time being, he has to deal with C.C. who thinks she’s a slave girl and Cornelia who questions what he wants by using his Geass power. Lelouch’s answer to Cornelia is simply that he wants to save his little sister. Elsewhere on the Ikaruga, Asahina asks one of the soldiers about the previous operation, but Rolo butts in to say that it’s a secret. Rolo goes on to assert that individual value in the Black Knights is based on how much a person has gained Zero’s trust, and hearing that doesn’t make Asahina very happy.

Sometime later, Zero holds a conference to declare the birth of a union of nations large enough to rival the Britannian Empire: the United Federation of Nations. Since several exiled governments from colonized areas have committed to joining, Diethard thinks that they now have justification for a war of liberation. Xingke suggests that if they can succeed in their upcoming operation to recapture Japan, then the other powers who have been waiting will start joining them in rapid succession. Once the meeting is over, Zero returns to his room and brings a pizza for C.C. to eat. She’s still afraid of him, but her hunger draws her to the pizza, and she starts scarfing it down. Back in Area 11, Anya captures Suzaku looking troubled on camera, and he explains that he’s feeling this way even though he decided on his way of life eight years ago. When Anya wonders if he believes in the person he was back then, Suzaku questions back if she’s implying that determination from the past is foolish. This causes her to assert that memories are unclear and are thus not worth believing in, and as an example, she reveals that she has a diary from nine years ago that she has no memory of. The fact that she has a lot of such differences between her memories and her data makes Suzaku think that the Emperor might have used his Geass power on her, but Suzaku doesn’t know why.

When a dagger suddenly comes flying towards him, Suzaku catches it with one hand and is met by the sight of the Knight of Ten, Luciano Brandley. Not holding back, Luciano immediately brings up the person he refers to as the massacre princess, and this almost causes Suzaku to challenge him to a duel for their honor. Before a fight can break out though, the Knight of One’s Galahad Knightmare Frame lands between them, and Bismarck stops the two. Because he knows that the Black Knights will attack, Bismarck has come here to Area 11 with the Valkyrie squadron and the Gareth Knightmare Frames, and they’re all under Schneizel’s command. Without Suzaku to pick on, Luciano decides instead to pay a visit to Kallen’s holding room where she’s currently chatting with Nunnally. Kallen recognizes Luciano as the Vampire of Britannia and thinks that he’s here to take her to Britannia, but Luciano reveals that she’ll stay here as a hostage. He knows, however, that the only thing needed for her to be a hostage is for her to stay alive, and so he plans to make use of her body. Fortunately for Kallen, Gino arrives on the scene and stops Luciano from doing anything by questioning his pride. Suzaku meanwhile learns that the Lancelot will be equipped with the Freya weapon that Nina developed, though Lloyd reveals that he had actually intended for Suzaku to use the Guren which he and Cecile have been tinkering with. Regardless, despite the fact that Suzaku would have to use the weapon against his own people, Nina specifically wants to entrust the Freya with him because he was Euphemia’s knight. In response to this, Lloyd warns Nina that this contradiction will kill not only Suzaku, but her as well.

By now, preparations are well underway on Penglai Island for the televised ratification ceremony of the United Federation of Nations Charter. One such preparation is Chiba Nagisa helping to put makeup on Toudou, and she uses the chance to confess that she has something to tell him after the fighting ends. This is uncomfortable for Toudou, and so when Ougi arrives late, Toudou uses the chance to go talk to him. As they watch the official ceremony begin on television in Area 11, the Knights of Round discuss how there will be a lack of coordination between the different countries’ forces, but Schneizel thinks that there is one thing the new federation can do. As Schneizel expects, Kaguya announces that each member country will give up their military forces forever, and in exchange, they’ll be protected by the Black Knights. Kaguya herself then brings forward the first motion: dispatch the Black Knights to get rid of the unjust occupiers of the United States of Japan. After all representatives present at the ceremony vote to approve this, Zero formally directs the Black Knights towards Japan. Unfortunately, right at this point, the Emperor hijacks the television broadcast. He admires how Zero has basically separated the world into Britannia and not-Britannia, meaning that the side that wins will obtain the world. The Emperor welcomes the challenge, and he thinks that having everything on the line is how conflict should be.

With the Emperor rallying his forces with chants of “All hail Britannia”, the Black Knights respond with their own banzai cheer. Amidst all this, Lelouch retreats to his own room to rethink his options now that the Emperor has reappeared because he’s worried about Nunnally. He’s frustrated because he doesn’t know what to do, and when C.C. tries to present him with a slice of pizza, he snaps and slaps her away. Seeing that she cut her hand on the broken shards of the plate, Lelouch immediately realizes what he did and tries to help her. C.C. claims that she’s fine, and based on her past experiences, she explains that being hurt on the outside is better than being hurt on the inside. This prompts Lelouch to ask her what she does when she’s hurt on the inside, and when C.C. suggests that having friends makes it better, Lelouch realizes what he has to do. After bandaging her finger, he phones Suzaku, and the two start by talking about the current events and how Area 11 will become a battlefield again. Suzaku quickly cuts to the chase by asking if Lelouch is Zero, and after Lelouch admits that he is, he asks Suzaku to save Nunnally. He knows that Suzaku won’t readily accept his request, but Lelouch has no one else to turn to and begs Suzaku to do it. Suzaku eventually agrees, but he has a condition: he wants to meet Lelouch alone at the Kururugi Shrine.


This episode has all the trappings of a set-up episode, which is another way of saying that there were a lot of little things touched on in advance of next week’s battle. For one, Chiba Nagisa saying that she has something to tell Toudou after all the fighting is over sounds to me like an indication that she’ll die before that happens – the proverbial death flag. Given all the plot twists in CODE GEASS though, I don’t put as much faith in that as I would in other cases. There’s also Lloyd suggesting that Nina will meet her end for insisting that Suzaku use the Lancelot, and while I think that Nina will indeed eventually die, Lloyd was probably just trying to make the point that using Euphemia’s knight for mass slaughter undermines the ideals that Nina holds for Euphemia.

That does, however, open up the question of if Suzaku would actually use such a weapon of mass destruction. He’s shown that he has a conscience (he certainly felt bad enough to let Kallen kick his ass), and I just don’t see how any event pushes him to use it. Perhaps he would have if he had it in the direct aftermath of Euphemia’s death, however he doesn’t have that kind of relationship with anyone anymore and isn’t going through such grief. I suspect that he’ll be stuck between his orders/duty and his conscience, and there’s no good way out of that. Perhaps the bigger question mark though is what Suzaku intends to do in his meeting with Lelouch, and the preview indicates that the topic of Euphemia will come up. Since Lelouch has now admitted that he’s Zero and appears to have realized the importance of friends, maybe he’ll also come clean about all the Geass effects and problems that Suzaku doesn’t know about, and that could lead to a better understanding between the two. Or perhaps I’m being too optimistic, and the two will just yell at each other before facing off in battle.

The biggest omission this week was about what ended up happening between Villetta and Ougi. Since Ougi appears to be fine (and that’s not Sayoko in disguise since she’s with Rolo), Villetta probably got hurt, and I can imagine a scenario where she lost her memories and/or he’s hiding her again. The problem is that with everyone thing else that’s about to happen, the writers may not return to that subplot for a while. As for the others, I found it interesting that Jeremiah called up Guilford. It was probably to tell Guilford that Cornelia is back, and that may effect what Guilford does in the upcoming battle. Speaking of Jeremiah, a friend pointed out to me that if Lelouch and Suzaku ended up cooperating, they could try to use Jeremiah’s Geass Canceller on Anya and find out how her memories got changed. That could also happen sometime during the battle if Jeremiah and Anya’s Knightmare Frames cross paths. Regardless, assuming the Emperor is responsible, I would guess that Emperor did it because Anya has some connection with Marianne. I think of it as an example of how there’s always another layer to the CODE GEASS story, and this particular one might be integral to whatever other surprises lay in store concerning Marianne.


  1. lets see code geass is like rock, paper + scissor:

    Karen makes Suzaku cry, Suzaku makes Lelouch cry, Lelouch makes Karen cry… if Lelouch would make Karen his woman – he would never cry again…well except karen makes him cry ^^

  2. lol, Suzaku was bitchslapped, punched and totally pwned by Kallen. Aww, C.C is still cute, but I still want the old one back…wait, Chiba blushing? Wanna watch this soon XD

  3. I can’t believe people are enjoying Suzaku getting his ass kicked when he isn’t even fighting at all. Gloat over it if Suzaku’s serious.

    But then again, anyone not named Toudou will die in mere seconds if Suzaku really went seriously at them.

  4. Lulu begged for Suzaku to save Nunnaly from the emperor.. WTH… But well if its for Nunnaly then its fine…. Lulu will surely do anything and everything for Nunnally.

  5. Gee, I like Suzaku, but even I think it’s kinda fair that Kallen got to pay him back for scaring her like that with the stupid Refrain. I like Kallen too after all…

  6. My lord after 15 minutes im still not tired of watching Suzaku get beat down. And pertaining to Miko-Chan’s statement… I doubt Lelouch will ever really make anyone “his woman”. He’s just not that kinda guy, and they’ve alreayd emphasized over and over that Geass will isolate him. Then again, he already used his Geass on Kallen once so I guess it doesn’t matter =D

  7. @T_I: Say what now? They didn’t raise anything, they simply kept Gino’s character true to his… character. He walks in and makes fun of Luciano for picking on a woman. How is that a flag? By your logic Gino has a flag with every girl in the show.

  8. Is the Knight of One’s left eye sewn up because… he has an uncontrollable Geass already?

    Hmm, and this show also seems to be fond of manipulated memories too. Might be like the Matrix… which is real after all?

    Chino F
  9. Kallen! ^w^ <33333 <3 <3
    That was awesome~~!!7hit combo!


    Served Suzaku right!

    Random thought: Lelouch should learn not to trust Suzaku. That meeting is probably going to lead to more doom.
    But well, everyone does need friends. Except Suzaku maybe.

  10. I’m not sure if everyone’s blind by the fact that he wasn’t even trying or are too stupid to realize it considering that Suzaku took her down with one punch the last episode, now that was pwnage, this doesn’t come close

  11. So did Suzaku let her beat on him? It seemed like he didn’t care about getting beat around at least from the expression on his face.

    Exactly but everyone here just wants someone to kick his ass even if he’s not gonna try so who cares the circumstances at least he was man enough to confront on what he did and took his beatings

  12. Can’t… stop… watching… gif…
    Please do more of that, Kallen. He’s had it a long time coming.

    And can someone make a 100×100 gif of that? 😀 Would so love to use that as an avatar.

  13. Suzaku let himself get pwn. He can pwn her anytime he wants to as demonstrated when she was crying from him trying to refrain her the previous episode. The is the guy who dodges bullets! Empty beating. I think Suzaku liked it. Doesn’t he have a death a wish. Yep I think he likes getting punished. 😡

  14. Karen should end up with Lelouch and both of them should kick Suzaku’s A$$! This would make the people so happy that they would even buy a CD with only that scene. Also it would make a blockbuster movie!
    Code Geass: The Beating of Suzaku *strong language* *violent scenes* *sexual scenes concerning anal*

    I hope i didnt go too far! If so then delete my message please!

  15. Karen should end up with Lelouch and both of them should kick Suzaku’s A$$! This would make the people so happy that they would even buy a CD with only that scene. Also it would make a blockbuster movie!
    Code Geass: The Beating of Suzaku *strong language* *violent scenes* *sexual scenes concerning anal*

    I hope i didnt go too far! If so then delete my message please!

    Sadly that would probably be the BEST SELLING DRAMA CD OF ALL TIME given its fanbase but I guess for a said few it was a pleasure seeing Suzaku get his ass kicked even if he allowed himself to and he doesn’t seem all that phased about it anyhow, now if only Lelouch would get his ass kicked I wonder how fans would respond to that

  16. Only because he secretly likes to take it! Don’t forget that in this episode he caught a dagger thrown straight at him like it was nothing! Suzaku-esque

    If he was serious he would probe both of them : 3

  17. well, the story looks more complicate and complicater in every chapter -*-
    it’s such a stress situation that everything can happen in this story T^T and it made me cry when ever the story turn up side down.

    Wanna watch next chap.

  18. We all know that Suzaku wants to die, in a sense. He acts recklessly and headfirst when going into combat for a reason. We also know he’s insane for killing his father. He contradicts himself and reasoning, but hey, a lot of people do. I haven’t seen this episode yet, so forgive me, but in the .gif it looks like he is somewhat letting Kallen(Karen?) have her way with him.

    C.C. with her Pizza is always kawaii. I didn’t notice a geass on Lelouch in the pics/preview, and I didn’t notice the Code on C.C. Did Charles take her Code, or does Lelouch have it somewhere? Cause if he has it, he should no longer have his geass, but should be immortal. Forgive me, it’s 6:38 and I was up all night so some of this might be off.

  19. That also brings up the point about memories and geass. When Lelouch didn’t have his memories, he didn’t have a geass. When he got his memories back, his geass appeared again. I guess the same could have happened to C.C., but with her “Code”.

  20. Haha, no matter how great it that was, wouldn’t it be better if Kallen could kick his ass when he is actually fighting back instead of just standing there and intentionally taking the abuse?

  21. Haha, no matter how great it that was, wouldn’t it be better if Kallen could kick his ass when he is actually fighting back instead of just standing there and intentionally taking the abuse?

    Its a Win Lose situation
    Win=by getting his ass kicked
    Lose=not fighting back

  22. lolz suzaku getting punched by Kallen was hilarious in the gif file. its kinda like playing kof to me…

    “stomach punch + uppercut + hammer chop + hand slap + forehand slap + stomach punch + uppercut”

    if this were boxing kallen would have earn a full 100 by every judge. 2 times uppercut = tko

    i ahvent watch the raw yet but its kinda shocked me that lelouch would cry on the phone speaking with suzaku… unless his father did something in the back about nunnally…

  23. Is that the cheese roll crust with 2 topping pizza? That’s one of the pizza serve in Pizza Hut. No PH logo in this episode. Somehow, I think this will boost its sales this evening…

    C.C. just turn into a kitten. Obedient and cute. OMG… Did anyone catch what Chiba said? “Damn, he got away.” Haha…

  24. Personally, I hope the ‘new’ C.C. will coax the humanity out of Lelouch because that would build up the C.C.xLelouch relationship. But I wonder how his subordinates will react if they found out that C.C. lost her memories, hopefully things will not get out of control for Lelouch~

  25. The interesting thing is Suzaku LET Kallen punch him because he thinks he was wrong.
    and Eventhough with all those punches, Suzaku took it like it was nothing.

    I kinda like the love-hate relationship, Suzaku x Kallen isn’t that far off really.

  26. @ Nanaya, you can’t believe that people enjoy watching the most hated character in anime history get his ass whooped? What’re you, new? No one cares if he’s fighting back. It’s not about fair combat, it’s about him getting his fair share of pain compared to what hes done to his father/country/Lelouch/Nunnaly. Fuck Suzaku. I hope he lays down on a railroad track and dies.

  27. I REALLY REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY dun like de look on de chess pieces… can some 1 bring it up to sunrise and dunno…. let this forshadow not be true…..

  28. Heh, I guess this is the last bit all the Suzaku haters will get now since after this it’s typical Sunrise with them joining forces to fight the big bad immortal emperor and maybe Schniezel but we’ll see what he’ll do.

  29. I don’t see any screencaps of C.C after the “Bloody Black King” part. hope it is not her blood. can someone tell me what is it? I haven’t watch the raw yet. =(

  30. Kallen punching Suzaku served no other purpose but to show that’s she’s just a dumb brute idiot girl who can’t think of anyting better but to fight someone who apologises. And if you think that’s the right action to do, you’re clearly and uncivilized moron.

  31. @Emissary

    Oh please, Kallen is just as stupid in her way of thinking as everyone else in the show. You could call her a hypocrit nationalist. She’s not even 100% Japanese to start off with. The whole “I hate britannia” crap is out of hate for her father tossing out her biological japanese mother like trash. It’s got crap to do about Japan. She was probably living happy as hell before that and before her older brother decided to play freedom fighter and die.

    Every damn character is doing something for their own selfish reasons. She’s got her own daddy issues just like Lulu who has with his father, and also Suzaku who offed his and thus also has some daddy issues.

    Point is, she doesn’t care about Japan, like others it’s an excuse to let out her anger at something her father likes.

  32. GP: Her father loves her mother and her… so your logic just falls short… by a wide margin. You can call her a hypocrit more for the fact that her reasons are becoming more and more selfish. At first it was her mother and Japan, but after S1, its changed to her mother and because Lelouch is there. She seems to have lost the whole Japan thing somewhere for the entire Lelouch ordeal.

  33. @Lost

    Her father probably loves her, but how does that equal her liking him for treating her real mother like he did? My logic doesn’t fall short at all, because of the way her mother was/is treated she grows hate for her father and thus brittannia.

  34. GP: I don’t recall Kallen ever saying she hated her father, especially not after Ep.9 of S1. She hates Britannia for ruining her family, because it is their fault for her family’s current state. Her father, on the other hand, has done everything to keep his daughter safe (as she’s a half-blood), keep his family together (hiring your lover is not a safe move), and marying a woman he doesn’t seem to give a damn about just to keep up appearances.

  35. @lester: You make me laugh. Have you forgotten that Suzaku threatened to drug Kallen with something she’s seen destroy her mother? Yeah, so he didn’t in the end, but the fact remains that he was half an inch away from doing it, and the reappearance of Refrain over any other drug is especially significant in Kallen’s case.

    And hey, if something threatened to drug me, and later allowed me to beat them up, I’d do it. Sometimes an apology isn’t enough, *especially* when you’ve been threatened with something you hate so much.

    Oh, and by the way- ‘nothing better to do’? What else can she do in there, may I ask? I’d say beating Suzaku up is a hell of a lot better than wallowing.

    Props to Suzaku for seeing the errors of his way and actually apologising, and then letting Kallen beat him up. he’s by no means my favourite character, but he’s edging his way up.

  36. @lost

    It’s misguided hate or w/e you want to call it for giving in and doing what he did. The point is I’m not questioning her father at all. She hates what he did regardless, and thus brittannia by extension.

    And that whole lulu bit between her and him, well, I don’t see that going anywhere. It’s run it’s course now. The show beats home the point that lulu is doomed to be alone over and over. So if he’s not with CC at the end he’s going to be alone and or dead.

  37. GP: I’m pretty sure she hates Britannia for what it is, not just by extension through her father bending to its whims. Her father isn’t at fault for her biggest drive, which is her brother’s death, which she blames solely on Britannia. She is no different from Lelouch, they both have reasons to hate it by extension, but they hate the very core of system as well.

    I’m pretty sure they’ve been building up Kallen for exactly that reason, that Lelouch won’t be left alone in the end. Last Season she left him, this season I don’t see how she would. They don’t just throw those moments between her and Nunally/Lelouch in there for shits and giggles. If they had done it for maybe two episodes, sure, but when its the entirety of the season? I’m sorry but there’s an underlying reason for that. C.C. brought Kallen back by informing her about everything, and I’m pretty sure the point of that was so that Lelouch wouldn’t be all alone. C.C. made it a point that she did not want Lelouch to suffer the same fate as every other Geass user in the past.

    So if/when Lelouch loses everything, there will be three people at his side: Tne-year old C.C., Kallen, and Jeremiah. There are people that won’t let him be alone. And even if Kallen does somehow leave him, Jeremiah won’t.

  38. @Lost

    I don’t see it that way at all, but to each his own I suppose. To me it’s going to be either CC or no one. And that stuff with Nunnaly and kallen we’ve seen, I believe will be used for something else.

    Just wait for CC to get her memories back later on.

  39. astrantia you make me laugh.Have you forgotten she tried to kill him numerous times and yet he didn’t punish her as he should? She’s a brute anyway you look at it and throwing punches is all she can do.

  40. LOLOLOL @ the people acting like Kallen owned Suzaku, he was punishing himself, it’s not as if she won in fair hand to hand combat, he wanted to be beaten. And Suzaku can perfectly take a girl if he wants to, he did kick Lelouch’s ass, didn’t he?

  41. – Kallen beat the crap out of Suzaku… check
    – Suzaku did not retailated… check
    – He was sorry AND he knew he was wrong back then and thus apologized… check
    – Kallen OFFICIALLY hates him… check

    People were expecting… no… demanding a good whack to Suzaku’s head since the first season. Running on the walls, reacting to a gun in less than a half-second, dodging bullets, acting like Mr. I’m-holier-than-thou, trying to get himself killed so he can repent…

    After the refrain incident, I wouldn’t expected less from Kallen. He tried to inject the very thing that Kallen detests to the core and nearly did her mother for good. He may have no knowledge of her past with the drug but still forcing your beliefs on someone using something just to confirm your own so-called-justice is called a brutish act. Sometimes an act of violence is not physical but mental also. In the end, I’m surprised she was satisfied with this mere 7-hit combo, she could’ve gone for his blood.

    Best thing is that, we know now SUZAKU CAN BE BEATEN ZOMG!!1!

    Anyway, my two cents…

  42. I wonder how Milly Ashford will feel when she learns that Lelouch is Zero? She’ll most likely to be very shocked, at first. But will become very supportive towards his cause. Besides, Milly was secretly a huge fan of Zero, to begin with. But unless we see some serious interactions between Milly and Lelouch in the next uncoming episodes, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a Milly x Lelouch private moment. And it looks like the Korean spoilers are certainly true that Lelouch will never return to Ashford Academy. So I have no choice but to abandon the possible Milly x Lelouch relationship because there is no support for it, due to the lack of personal interactions and screen time between them. Shirley has had more screen time around Lelouch than Milly ever did. And yet, Shirley was killed off while Milly left to become a Weathergirl.

    I don’t understand why the writers even bother to say that Milly was secretly in love with Lelouch, only to provide a lack of any screen time around them? It makes no sense to me because Milly has the potential to become an interesting character. But with the upcoming episodes, there is no indication that we’ll ever see that revealation that Milly will share her secret love with Lelouch.

    Also, I can’t understand why the writers haven’t talked about the other Ashford family members and their involvement with everything that is going on in the background. But with only a few remaining episodes left, it is going to be interesting on how they’ll pull it off.

    I certainly wish that the projected episodes of this season was around 50 instead of 25. Not enough time to cover everything.

  43. Nice to see I am not the only one whom looks at the gif, and go like ….okay, he doesn’t seem to be trying to fight back.

    I am waiting for the subs to find out why he let her do it, but knowing him it’s because he has the balls to apologize for what he did. Zero/Lelouche never did to Shirley, and he killed her father and is still a saint. The fact that it says Lelouche will beg Suzuka to save Nunnelly is hilarious in it’s own wat. This is the same guy whom killed someone he dearly cared about in front of him, and gets him pretty much treated like a traitor by everyone else. Now, he is the one asking for a favor. HAHAHHAHAHA, that is hilarious. Anyway, on the next episode, I am pretty much guessing that Suzaku is going to ask the one question he should ask …”Why did you kill Eurphy?”

    Lelouche’s answer will determine if Suzaku will join him or fight against him.

  44. @astrantia
    Well honestly Suzaku had no way of knowing it ruined Kalen’s mother’s life. And she is a prisoner of war, interrogation using a truth serum is actually one of the most humane ways to get information. She is not being tortured, she has warm food, clean (and seemingly expensive) clothes, the only constraint on her is the limits of the glass room.

    Not to defend Suzaku, but making a prisoner take a truth serum (which is Refrain in this case) would be entirely humane and the best course of action for Brittania as a whole. Not to mention that she is the person who has killed hundreds of soldiers and caused major destruction to both civilian and military complexes. Hell if Geass had any shred of realistic military behavior she would have been put through some sort of court system and most likely sentenced to death for the crimes she has committed. Using a highly unstable radioactive weapon for one, and unless the world of Geass changed how radiation works every area she has used it in is contaminated with radiation no matter how small.

    tl;dr: She is a prisoner of war and using the fastest way to get information would have been already done if the one in charge of her wasn’t a “friend” from school.

  45. @XVP

    You are kind of wasting your breath on that one.

    I mention that back on episode 14 when it was a preview, and still Suzaku is seen as being evil reborn. Kind of how, Suzaku is evil for taking Lelouche to the emporer when considering it’s a battle field, he could have killed him, and no one would have been able to contest his death. I mean to kill the leader in the midst of a fight isn’t that uncommon, and considering he tried to blow Suzaku’s head off the man had the right to do it. Yet, Suzaku only disarm him, and Maybe, it was to gain an higher status, but still, Lelouche was brought in alive …even when Suzaku was in the heat of rage.

    Pretty darn good restraint level, unlike, Lelouche whom when he gets pissed off enough destroy an entire laboratory killing unarmed people by the dozen.

    I wrote this once, but it didn’t come up.

    For some strange reason, Lelouche is treated with kid gloves throughout the series and it kind of pisses me off a bit.I mean he starts a rebellion and the worst that happens to him when he gets caught is that his memory is wipe? Even if they had plans of capturing C.C. sending him back to school like that was kind of stupid. They simply could have announced Zero’s execution, and set it up so that it would be a trap for C.C and if done right ..two birds with one stone.

    Lelouche is an enemy of the government, if you plan to be in charge of a rebellion then you should be prepare to accept the consequences for starting one. Right or wrong, that is something that must be acknowledge, but, if you aren’t willing to do that ….then really …you shouldn’t get involved. When Suzaku took him in, it wasn’t his fault for doing so, but his responsiblity. What happen to Lelouche afterwards wasn’t for him to decide, and to be quite frank, isn’t anyone’s fault …not even the emporeor in that situation. Lelouche decided on his course of action, and as expected there was an consequence for it when he was caught. Hell, even if Lelouche’s plan is successful, he won’t escape that fact.There are millions of people whom lost love ones because of that rebellion, and not all just on the Britianna side. Depending on how they see things, Zero/Lelouche will be thier enemies and other rebellion groups will form after it’s all over.

  46. @xvp
    I believe that once Lelouch reveals to Suzako why he killed Eurphy, he would try to forgive him. It was an accident that was caused by the geass. Thus he killed her because once she had from the geass, Eurphy would have been very devastated by what she had done under the geass. In addition, there was the strong possiblity the she would have committed suicide.

    Therefore, Lelouch did his sister a very big favor by taking her own life so that she wouldn’t see the tragedy that was involuntary caused be his geass. In this case, Eurphy would have forgiven Lelouch. I hope that Suzako would do the same.

  47. STIFF@

    I am with Suzakuforever on that one, letting yourself get beaten up isn’t exactly the same as actually being beaten. That’s like throwing the game, it doesn’t make it clear which team is better because the other team decided to lose.

  48. Geneva accords ban such methods. Only thing Kallen has to do is give name rank and serial number.

    Of course, they don’t have POW rights treaties in Geass probably, but the use of a drug which will render a person into a mindless idiot isn’t exactly anyone will be happy about taking.

    Refrain is entirely different from a truth serum (which is highly inaccurate in the real world, and causes many false positives).

    Also, previously BK was treated as a terrorist organization, and so the entire leadership was led out to be executed. But now, with Nunally as governor, she probably doesn’t want to do something that inflames the populace, and instead is willing to treat captives as POWs and/or civilly.

  49. Max@

    That is a stupid theory.

    IF someone hypnotized you and made you murder people, you would blame yourself for the murder? I guess, I could see an emotional breakdown, and maybe a attempted suicide. Though to say, I will kill you so you won’t hate yourself …is kind of a huge leap don’t you think?

    I will kill you so you won’t sucicide. No, her death happen because Lelouche was trying to salvage something from the event, really. IF they were going to hate Britianna for it,anyway, he might as well make them love him instead.

  50. Kami@

    True, I don’t quite know how Refrain was to be used, but this show doesn’t always fit logic. Kind of like the fact, Kellen was captured in China, she was out of Japanese borders, and thus, Nunnelly has no right to say what happens to the prisoner.

    Suzaku took her home. EVIL GUY!

  51. @Silentveil
    Lelouch knows his Eurphy better than anybody. It wasn’t just a symbol to kill his sister to the Japanese people to rebel against Britainia, but to privately kill Eurphy to make her believe that she died doing the right thing instead of seeing what she had done. But believe what you will. Zero unintentionally geassed her into killing the civilians. The original intention was for Zero to geassed Eurphy into killing him.

  52. Lelouche didn’t konw jack.

    How old was Lelouche when he left 7 or 10? He killed Clovis in cold blood, and that dude was his brother who idolized him and his mother. If you think, Zero’s original intention was to geass Eurphy and have her kill him …then you think she would have taken killing her own brother less than killing the Japanese people? That still would have caused her sucicide.

    No, her death wasn’t for her own good.
    Waitaminute, How in the hell can you think someone’s death can be for their own good?

    It was to further his ambitions once he realized that things have spiral out of his control. He simply took what he could salvage, and now that I think about it …maybe to try and keep his identity a secret. Eurphy was out of her mind, if you don’t remember. She was kind of rambling at the end, and even started to call out Lelouche’s name when he confronted her in the knightmare and even when she picked up the gun. Zero was the one person in that entire rebel army she wouldn’t shoot at.

    Still, intentional or not, it’s kind of cold to kill someone for your own mistake.

  53. Max@

    Sorry I am going to double post, because I sent the other one too soon.

    Though private, you think Eurphy was killed in private? He shoot her during a bloody rampage for pity sake. There was no privacy involved in the shooting, because anyone who wasn’t ducking for cover could see it when he shot her.

    Reason why Suzaku saw it.

  54. @Silentveil

    Speaking of which I would want to know Cornelia’s view on the whole deal with Lelouch will she join him because if she wants to clear Euphie’s name siding with the very man that killed her and stained her reputation in front of the whole world is something she won’t look too lightly on like Jeremiah did and automatically join his side

  55. Haven’t had a chance to read other comments yet, but I’d like to put out that “Ougi” maybe Sayako in disguise if no one’s already said so yet. Of course, this would rely on Diethard knowing Sayako is a Transformer – Robot in Disguise.

  56. @SuzakuForever

    I doubt Cornelia will take anyones side actually. She got rid of geass more or less like she wanted to, VV is dead now. She’ll be with Schniezel for the most part until we see what or if Schniezel is evil like his dad or not. I still don’t know if he is. That being said the final boss still seems to be the emperor, now if it switches to being the emperor AND Schniezel then things get more interesting.

    And this whole Suzaku and Kallen bit, srsly guys, it’s clear he let her do whatever to make up for it. She’s all tsundere for him anyways, and just doesn’t wanna admit it. 🙂

    As for Kallen and lulu end, sorry but I just don’t see it. CC losing her memories and being mortal are now a clear sign to me that it’ll be CCxLulu if they don’t die. Sunrise is good about not killing main characters though so I don’t think they will. And before anyone jumps in on the memory bit, remember back in r1, and last weeks episode, CC shared her memories with Lulu. First was a mistake, 2nd was on purpose. Just like how he got his back from her she’ll get hers back from him later on. It’s just the way they’ve been reusing things over and over.

    As for kallen and what her role will finally be, I just see her as another fighter in the frontlines, but more on her own or with Nunnaly than with the black knights who I think will splinter off and kick Zero out. All the Nunnaly and kallen talking we’ve gotten is probably to get her to come over to Nunnalys view/side of things later on. And we need someone else to protect her since Suzaku can’t be there 24/7 the way things are now.

  57. So most of the EU has joined the United Federation of Nations? I thought they made some strategic deal with Shneizel? Or was that only France?
    Australia seems to be Neutral, and a huge chunk of Central and Eastern Africa (including Congo) have joined the UFN. If the dark orange symbolises the UFN, I wonder what the light orange means? The EU?
    The human geography in Geass makes me smile. Also, Burkina Faso has randomly joined the UFN. Considering that they’re surrounded by the Brittanian Empire and are pretty far from any ally nations – that was a pretty dumb decision I think…
    But yeah, yay for African inclusion in animes! It sorta sucks to be ignored all the time.

  58. @GP

    Yup, I say it’ll be CCxLulu so long as neither dies. As for her memories, I’m guessing she’ll recall everything at the end when Lelouch calls her name (and we get to hear it, dammit) and confesses that he is moe for CC.

  59. I dont know why people keep telling that suzaku let kallen do whatever she wants. We know that and it is as clear as day. All I want is to see that Mr S gets slap, upper cut and combot punches. It is time he gets what he deserves and I would say that it comes qutie late. If only kalleb grabs that chair behind her and uses it. It would epic lol.

  60. @Silentveil

    Actually, Lelouche knew plenty about Euphy. Dont forget, Euphy was perhap his first love as he stated. Although he was young when he was use as a tool to trade, he still remember much about Cornellia an Schieznel. Do not forget Lelouche is after all, a genius.

    Killing someone for their own good is possible. Example, someone doing something regretful in their life and only suffer as they continue to survive, especially someone as kind as Euphy. I’m saying it is true in Euphy’s case.

    When Lelouche gave out the order, he cried. That is the magnitude of his feelings. He did used the opportunity to kill Euphy as his advantage, but he also felt that if he stop, all lives that lost in the war will be in vain.

    It is very unlikely for Lelouche to kill Euphy just to keep his identity consider how he reacted to Euphy’s death.

  61. @no

    We know why he killed her, but that’s just us. Because the viewers know the details behind it doesn’t mean the rest of the characters do. From Suzaku’s point of view without knowing it was an accident it looks like lulu geassed her on purpose and then killed her to get more japanese on his side.

    Seriously you have to look at it from the point of an outsider who doesn’t know all the details even if we the viewers actually do.

  62. No@

    Tears or no tears, he still gave the order. He still commited the crime, and I still think it’s stupid to claim I kill someone for thier own good. You might have done it for your own good, but not for theirs. Even as gentle as Eurphy was, it was her life to decide what to do with, and not Lelouche’s to decide it was too hard for her to deal with and kill her. It’s wasn’t his decision to make.

    If he truily felt bad for the lives lost, then he should have come clean about the entire event. He didn’t, because that would be the end of everything, and he would be taking responsiblity for his actions.

    Something that Lelouche doesn’t do the entire series, which, is the biggest differences between him and Suzaku to me. Suzaku admits his evil, and tries to fix it. Lelouche blames everyone else for thier evil, and completely ignores[[acknowledges it, but justify it, to be more correct]] his own.

    Eurphy’s death is just one case of this.


    What kinda mutant slice is this? It’s like the love child of a pizza pie and sushi roll (or pig in a blanket). Though speaking from experience, the Japanese put the weirdest stuff on their pizza, like corn or broccoli. Not that it’s bad (I still ate it), just odd. Then again, I like pineapple on my pizza.

    Oh, and Cecile is a way hotter when she’s just being herself (and without having practically spilling out of a dress with ridiculous-sized breasts as previously shown).

    And this made me laugh:

    Wonder if Chiba and Toudou are an “item.”

  64. Silentveil@

    Remember that Suzaku is not the brightest kid but rather a instinctual genius (which also applies to Kallen to a degree) and a suicidal hero too, so, unlike Lelouch, who is better with words, he chose himself to get “beaten up” by Kallen so he can repent for what he tried to do in episode 14. He PROBABLY knew what kind of damage she can inflict. Besides, Suzaku just got a couple of scratches and a mere bitten lip after those two uppercuts. This just shows he is stronger than Kallen. That’s why I used “beaten up”.
    Though, I would be using “thrashed” if the damage inflicted was severe and he was calling for his papa like a broken record.

    After re-watching some highlights I would like mention:
    -Kallen is getting a direct feed of information about Lelouch by Nunnaly little by little. If you put C.C’s situation aside, Kallen’s the only one left with a possible “deeper” involment with Lelouch.
    Questions, questions…
    -Vampire vs. Red Queen… coming soon XD
    -Toudou is aware but too shy. ROFL XD
    -Chiba: Ran away… LOL
    -What happened to Viletta???

  65. StiFF@

    Okay, where the intelligences thing is coming from …is kind of losing me a bit. I don’t quite understand what the point of your comment is. WE know Lelouche is smarter, but I wouldn’t call Suzaku a dummy either. He was rated high enough to get his own Knightmare even though he is an eleven, and smart enough to ask for the position of knight of the round when Lelouche was captured. He isn’t just some flunky, so intelligents due to instincts isn’t just all that is to him. The nunnelly kidnapping should have shown that fact.

    It’s understood that Suzaku let her beat him up, and Lelouche would have used his words to defuse it. But really, it just would have been manipulation, while Suzaku is more honest. He will take his beating like a man, becuase, he did wrong. NOt try to turn it around so that the victim feel bad about being victimalized. Better yet, Lelouche would have just Geass it away.

  66. As far as Kallen beating up Suzaku goes, I know he apologized and all but let’s just face it, in this case, a simple apology isn’t going to cut it. Not just what he did to Kallen, but he betrayed all his best friends and let their memories get altered, and he’s basically (in a sense) holding Nunnally hostage for the Emperor and lying to her the whole time. Kallen was friends with all these people too, so of course she would be upset. Kallen can be a very kind person, but let’s just face it, feelings of resentment have a tendency to come to the surface faster than forgiveness; that’s just human nature. Maybe now that she’s got it out of her system, she’ll be a little more willing to let things go…but maybe not.

  67. @StiFF

    I just don’t believe that “deeper” involvement is there to begin with. At best it’s a bit one sided from her part to an extent. In the last episode Lulu made it pretty clear he still only thinks about Nunnaly after he thought he killed his dad. And then later on his need for CC was the single biggest emotional cry to any female so far (Nunnaly stuff aside).

    I just don’t see Kallen as having a bigger role than she has till now. The OP also makes it clear that she’s not in the mix of “main” characters. Those being Lulu, Nunnaly, CC, Suzaku, the emperor and Schniezel. I place Kallen at around the same level as Cornelia really. I’m sure the die-hard fans and shippers want romance but this show just doesn’t have that really. It’ll be either him and CC, him with Nunnaly in some form, or him alone/dead.

  68. Silentveil thank you, you seem to be the only one to look beyond that scene while the majority of the fanbase seem to think that Kallen dominated him without a fight infact Suzaku didn’t have to apologize to her in the first place he could of never seen her again after that incident with the Refrain but instead he decided to face up to what he did and took his beating like a man granted if it were Lelouch he would use his words to calm her down (it worked in episode 2 and it’ll work again if the spoilers have anything to add) and spared him his inevitable ass kicking

  69. Kallen was being held in Area 11. Thus, Nunally did have a right to decide what happened to her.

    Also, Suzaky is Nunally’s subordinate.

    No one really cares that Suzaku allowed Kallen to beat him up. At least he was still man enough to realize that he deserved his ass kicking. People just liked seeing it happen. It was funny.

  70. @GF

    Exactly sucks for Kalulu fans but her role (while not diminished) can’t quite live up to the expectation of what’s about to happen but really as long as she pilots hernew Gurren fans will still be happy

  71. Younde@

    [b]As far as Kallen beating up Suzaku goes, I know he apologized and all but let’s just face it, in this case, a simple apology isn’t going to cut it.[b]

    That’s funny, she almost have more to apologize to Suzaku for than he does to her. How many people were killed by her actions and support of Lelouche? She tried to kill Suzaku at one point, because he was doing so well in the military. Though Suzaku didn’t know it, she was going to stab him to death. Refrain [attempt] vs. Murder [attempt] geesh, which one is worst.

    [b]Not just what he did to Kallen, but he betrayed all his best friends and let their memories get altered, and he’s basically (in a sense) holding Nunnally hostage for the Emperor and lying to her the whole time.[b]

    The same could be said of Kallen. After finding out about lelouche, how many people did she allow him to Geass? Lelouche afterall, alter the will of his closest friends as well, and as for Nunnelly being held as hostage …you have to wonder against who? Him or is it, Lelouche, because Suzaku just wants to keep her safe as well.

    [b]Kallen was friends with all these people too, so of course she would be upset. Kallen can be a very kind person, but let’s just face it, feelings of resentment have a tendency to come to the surface faster than forgiveness; that’s just human nature. Maybe now that she’s got it out of her system, she’ll be a little more willing to let things go…but maybe not.[b]

    Kind, you can call her kind if you like, but I deem her more of the blind follower type. She doesn’t think more than she has to about any giving situation, check out her issue with her mother, and Lelouche’s perferences for that group in the beginning. Her treatement to her mother is just as cold as her fathers, and it’s only until she finds out why her mother does refrain tha ther attitude changes. [[If she followed Suzaka’s doctrine, she would have been kind to her mother despite her father. She would have worked to get her father to change his opinion of her mother. Instead she blamed her father, and blamed her mother.]] She doesn’t come off as a kind character to me, but more of a spoiled one.

    She had a lot in common with Lelouche in that category.

    IF she forgives Suzaku or not, it won’t change thier paths, because Suzaku has given her blood for intention …not results. I believe he let her beat him up …more for himself than for her.

  72. I find it very funny that so many of the usual suspects are going “ZOMG, Suzaku got pwned by Kallen!!!111, when it was clear he let himself be beat up to atone for what he almost did last episode.

    Three minutes later he casually catches a sneak attack throwing dagger, so he certainly wasn´t beat up because Kallen was somehow superior, people.

  73. UGH!!! @__@

    I cannot tell you how much I want to look at the spoiler-ish pics.

    but (as I learned from the last episode) it just kinda ruined the episode for me…

    so I’ll come back here after I watch the ep. =D

    thank you Omni-samaaa

  74. wow. Hypocrisy abounds in here methinks. The Suzakuhaters and the Suzakuswimfans. Both accuse the other of being pandering little fangirls all the while making excuses to justify why a character acts the way they do. Why not simply sit back and enjoy the show?

    As to Suzaku getting slapped around by Kallen? Yes, I know Suzaku let himself get pwnzerfaced. I also know that in a real hand to hand fight, he would have the upper hand by a large margin due to the fact that he’s had a large part of his life dedicated to getting super powers.

    Does that mean I enjoy it any less? No. I loved the scene, and that gif is truly mesmerizing to watch. Will I try to use it as justification that Suzaku could beat him hand to hand? No. Kallen’s skills are as a KF Pilot, where its been recognized that she is Suzu’s equal.

    I digress. Suzakufans and Haters need to chill out and stop declaring that people need to die. it only makes your outlook on the serious look rather shallow.

  75. ok, make a use of her body? hurting from the inside? that is so weird. Maybe he means beat her up and when C.C. said hurt from the inside means hurt in her heart? people do get the wrong idea in her. you know.


    So is Anya Lelouch’s sister then? =O!!!!!!!

    Wtf happened to Viletta? Sayako and Ogi are both fine

    What could’ve happened between Giulford and Orange?! (this is rly bugging meh)

  77. That’s not Ougi……….. probably some companion of Sayako she asked to disguise as Ougi. I assume the real Ougi and Villeta are hiding and taking shelter somewhere.

  78. @arigatou
    Or they died. Those rocks didn’t really look that soft. Unless Sayako used her ninja moves to save them or something. But in any case, I agree that isn’t Ougi. It could be Sayako herself, too, unless she was already there and I didn’t see her.

  79. Anyone else notice that Tamaki’s official title is “Internal Cleaning Spare Officer?” Is that a fancy way of saying he’s the Black Knight’s janitor/go-for boy? LOL

    Valkyrie units; I thought Macross had the trademark cornered for those mecha. 😛

    And where the heck is Viletta?!

  80. could ougi be the ninja maid in disguise?

    and jeremiah talked with guilford on the phone. maybe about cornelia as hostage?

    then the next episode. lelouch can’t use the geass on suzaku…

    Mahhh, I can’t wait XDDD

  81. Yeah! good for Kallen!
    Please people dont get so worked up, this is a payback for hitting her in chap 15 and more for make her vulnerable and afraid… I would do that to someone that makes me cry even if he apologizes Ill at least slap him, Its a natural response…
    And for who cares about Kallen? the thousand of fans around the world, and the ones that are rooting for her here!!
    Ja ne!! Enjoy the chap!!

  82. Hmm, interesting.

    My take on Kallen beating up suzaku is more or less the same as Xeros: Suzaku deserved it since he was the one who is/was at fault here to begin with. But since he did acknowledge it as being his fault, it’s a small victory for him as things stand.

    Suzaku and Lelouch’s reunion will be quite interesting to see, indeed…

  83. ROFL! Suzaku gets beat up by Kallen,that just made my day!
    *saves gif*
    Rollo looks cute in glasses too..<3

    Though Suzaku got Lelouch to confess?Damn..come on Lulu!!

  84. Lelouch is way tooo dam soft! After all that Suzaku did to him, he still considers him as a friend and even trusts him that much. While that fukin Suzaku: hated, betrayed, imprisoned, and even swore to kill Lelouch. Man for crying out loud, what will take Lelouch to finally get serious in his words?

    Well, on the bright side this still truly shows how humane Lelouch is, that he would even abandon his own pride, and begged to Suzaku (he is a frikin prince, but he still is a lot modest than that Suzaku who acts all superior). Ah man, Lelouch is still way too gentle of a person, just like C.C. said. You can admire it since he isn’t a total bastard or a jerk (light Light in DN), but in this case you can also hate him for it (for he kept getting angry to Suzaku, but he never wanted to get rid of him, though I suppose by now most people just want him to do so).

    BTW, does Lelouch still address to C.C. the same? Would she even understand who he is referring to? Since her memories at this time, would be before she met that nun named C.C. whom she also adopted her name.


  86. @GP: I never said that. Lelouch is far from a Saint, heck it’s opposite, he is dam evil. BUT despite that fact, why can’t he accept that Suzaku is NOT his friend anymore? It’s obvious from this point that he is no longer he’s friend. This still means that despite Lelouch being so dam evil, he still is way too dam soft for his own good, risking his life, for a friend that he thought he could count on.

    Put yourself on Lulu’s shoes, of all the crap that ur best friend did to you and even him swearing that he will kill you personally. Will you still consider him as a friend? Would you still beg him for help? Do you still think that he will even help you? It’s quite obvious that his case that the answer is clearly: NO, he is no longer his friend; that he can’t trust him anymore.

    Would you still trust your friend after he said seriously that he will personally kill you? I sure as hell wont, but if you still do, then I recommend a phone call to your shrink ASAP.

  87. @X

    Because I think you’re wrong about it. Sure they’ve hated each other and are fighting, friends do that, maybe not to the extent in anime but yeah, this is fiction. You talk about looking at it from Lulu side, and yeah he was sold out to the emperor but was he killed? No, in the end for all the “hate” they have for each other no one has actually tried to kill the other. Well lulu did shoot at him so I suppose he tried to kill Suzaku first.

    I don’t see why Suzaku hating Lulu seems odd even if they’re friends with all the evil (like you said) that he’s done. But that stuff aside the main thing is the Euphie incident. Once that is cleared the hatred is gone really.

    But whatever, really this is what sunrise was aiming for. They’ve done it before in their other shows so it’s nothing new to me anyways.

    But on a serious note, i’ve fought with my childhood best friend often, we’ve even come to blows before when we were around the same teenage age like Lulu and Suxaku off of some silly shit, that’s just how it goes really. But we’re still best friends even after a few fights 🙂

  88. I have a somewhat random guess that Anya’s memory was erased by the Emperor because she was the one who killed Marianne. That might explain the Geass reaction when she was near C.C. a couple a episodes ago.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  89. Great great episode.

    Just when Lulu takes 2 major steps forward he gets kicked 3 major steps back. It sucks. He really does not have any friends, no one he can reply on because his identity is hidden. And, as he said, even if he does announce his identity, who would believe in him now? No one…he really is alone. He is doing this all for Nunnally, but if Nunnally is killed, what would this have all been for. :/ *sigh* I know the ending of this series won’t be jolly but please…make it something worth while Sunrise.

    It seems as if, C.C is not immortal anymore. :] She was quite adorable in this episode.
    I like the intro. of the 2 Knights. Very interesting.

    O man did i enjoy when Kallen was beating Suzaku. Really made my day. :] I do not want to touch on the whole Suzaku Lulu issue today. I am sure they’ll be more talks of it in next weeks episode. I am looking forward to it then.

  90. Wow if the next episode has a scene with Suzaku kicking Lelouch’s ass that would make my day I could imagine the lash of fanboys going crazy with anger, that would be something

  91. while you guys went ranting about Kallen bitch slapping Suzaku….I just to warn you about the Korean spoilers and 4chan may or may not actually be true….such as (warning: read it at your own risk)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Well, some went true like:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And others are post from 4chan, anyway I’ll just give the link:

  92. Definitely too many similarities going on between CG characters right now.

    Hell, Lulu will probably lose everything in a tragic Romeo-and-Juliet-esque style =( He’s already lost his hot accomplice C.C., (I would expect soon) his identity as Zero, poor innocent Shirley, so everything seems to point that there’s more to lose.

    The message between Orange and Guilford seems to be pretty obvious in my mind: “We have cookies, I mean Cornelia. Join us.” And then Lelouch will Geass both of them, and send them off to wander into space…

    I wonder what Bismarc meant when he said to Lucian to save his tricks for the battlefield. Vampire Knightmare Frame anyone?

    And I bet you Sayoko and Diethard have taken Viletta hostage, and won’t kill her if Ohgi cooperates. This shady thing will probably be exposed by someone soon enough, and the whole OoTBK will come crumbling down.

    The Charles scene was perfect. Random interruption, followed by maniacal madman speech. Insults not included. Schneizel freaked out, so I think we can all safely assume he wants to be the top dog.

  93. oh yeah, if that spoiler becomes true,Show Spoiler ▼

    I say:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Note: Like i said, they may not be true but some went true and some idiot from the staff must have blabbled it…

  94. I actually feel sorry for Rivalz – he’s all alone now. Lulu and Rolo have disappeared to who knows where, Suzaku, Gino, and Anya are off to battle, Kallen’s a prisoner of war, Shirley’s dead, and Milly is rising the corporate media ladder. He doesn’t even have Arthur for company anymore.

  95. oh yeah, regarding this episode:
    *Suzaku got pwned….Nice (2 thumbs up)
    *C.C. still loves pizza
    *Anya’s past….Anya, who the hell are you?
    *Emperor….still Hitler

    Oh yeah, regarding the spoilers posted by the Korean blog and 4chan, like i said (READ IT AT YOUR OWN FUCKING RISK)

  96. Well at any rate its about time Lelouch and Suzaku had a talk. Everything that has happened on both sides with I expect Euphy to be a highlight of it. Question I have is how will Suzaku protect Nunnally? I expect Lelouch to mention that the Emperor knows he has regained his memories. So now she is in serious trouble and a solution will need to be found.

    I think Kallen knocking Suzaku around is fine. He certainly expected it when he went in there. I’m sure it was frustrating for her that he wouldn’t fight back. Though if he did then she probably would have lost. Good thing that Gino showed up since that Knight of 10 is hardly a friendly guy. Would love to see the GinoxKallen talks and how people would be against it :). Honestly though he’s a good guy.

  97. Wow, the degeneration of fans has dramatically worsened with each episode. The highlight of an episode revolves around one miniscule event? And I thought all the obsession over a jailbait like Kaguya was bad…

  98. hm, im kinda disappointed in lelouchs intelligence since he missed the obvoius plan to rescue nunally and kallen, though i guess its necessary plotwise that he asks suzaku.
    still i wonder whatll happen to gino and anya, i mean lelouch cant have missed that golden opportunity to have geassed them
    anyone else can think of what command he might have given them (a triggered command probably so it might activate during the battle for japan)

  99. @Juvyniled, of course everyone’s fixated on whether or no Suzaku deserved a beatdown. Sure there’s plenty of other plot elements in the episode but Code Geass in the end comes down to one thing: who’s in the right, Lelouch of Suzaku. Hench the debates regarding it. (Btw, Lulu wins, Suzaku loses. Always.)

  100. Anya being lelouch’s real sister could actually be true, but i really doubt that.

    Also, NINAS DEATH HAS BEEN FORSHADOWED, with the comment lloyd made

    and as to suzaku’s demand to see lelouch at the shrine, isnt that where he killed his dad to STOP a war? Could he do it again and kill lelouch in order to stop this war? (highly likley) but suzaku could
    A. stop before killing him
    B. Use refrain
    C. Shoot lelouch but figure out hes immortal if C.C gave him her mark

    Seeing as we have 10 eps left, 1 and 2 are unlikley but 3 could give the show more plot twisting(as if we dont have enough cliff hangers)

  101. >hm, im kinda disappointed in lelouchs intelligence since he missed the obvoius plan to >rescue nunally and kallen, though i guess its necessary plotwise that he asks suzaku.

    well, yes. A character isn’t simply intelligent because the autors say so. Lulu’s actions this week didn’t correspond at all to his supposed high intelligence … you can almost call that another plothole to bring him an Suzaku back together. Because he didn’t really have a reason to drop his guard and assume that the emperor wouldn’t come back, since he himself came back as well. With Nunnally’s life at sake, now that he revealed his true identity, usually Lelouch would have prioritized her rescue, just in case of the emperor coming back. But considering how shocked he was at the end, he really didn’t expect that to happen at all … which is very unlike a genius.

    And just great how Lulu screamed “protect Nunnally, protect Nunnally” at the end. Imagine Suzaku asking “and what about Kallen?” – “who’s that again?”

    And I also don’t feel that Kallen is in any position to lecture another person about which things are ok to be done and which aren’t XD

  102. Hope someone kill luciano , that bastard has to go after what he almost tried to do to Kallen. Hell, he makes Suzaku look good in comparison to what he tried in Turn 14, plus you have to hand it to Gino, he’s a pretty good guy after all I guess.

  103. Well I don’t think its that dumb for Lelouch to talk to Suzaku about protecting Nunnally. Right now Britannia is seriously moving in the firepower to Area 11. Without army support he can’t save Nunnally or Kallen right now. The bulk of his forces are making preperations to attack and so its not like he has anything to spare. A rescue attempt for those two is in the plans, but he needs a short term fix.

    Right now the Emperor knows that he is Zero which puts Nunnally in danger right now. Besides I’m sure its being put in there for other reasons. Its a good chance to get some answers to Suzaku and even set things up for them to not be bitter enemies at some point in the future.

  104. @kenkon:

    Milly’s position as a weathergirl was only a stepping stone. She will rise to the level of a serious news Journalist. From there nothing will stop her from getting what she wants. If news about Lelouch identity being Zero, she will be all over that story before anyone else. In fact, she might use that information to seek out Lelouch. It would seem that Milly will strick around til the end of the series.

  105. So how is this prediction for the rest of the story….

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  106. @X: I agree with you, even with all the crap that Suzaku did to him, he still treats him as a friend. If it was me, I would’ve beaten the crap out of Suzaku, if he makes all that crazy moves, I’ll do godly moves to beat the crap out of him lol – Kallen already did that for me though, but I still want someone to pummel him when he is fighting back (Cuz I don’t want to satisfy a masochist like Suzaku).

    In any case, is it only me who thinks or clearly sees that Suzaku will betray or backstab Lelouch AGAIN! If the Korean spoiler blogs was right, then I wouldn’t be surprised seeing Suzaku’s expression at the end of this episode, unlike Lelouch who will for sure honor the deal to come alone. Suzaku clearly won’t, he will use this as an advantage, what a dirty trick, since he can’t outsmart Lelouch then he might as well step on his integrity and make him “taste earth”.

    Why dies Lelouch ask Suzaku of this? Why not just forcefully take Nunnally, that way he can secure her safety a lot better than him trusting a backstabbing son and friend (and I mean that literally, well for the father part anyway). I know he said so in the preview, and that it was dangerous, but that was the only option left. It’s clear that Suzaku would be occupied from fighting rather than protecting Nunnally. He would rather follow his orders than protect Nunnally.

    Harima Kenji
  107. About the comment that Anya could be his sister, though that’s quite interesting, IMO I believe that it was mentioned before in the specials or was it in the magazine that Lelouch and Nunnally are blood related and are real siblings, though they are orphans and that they only become royalty was because Marriane adopted them and she herself was married to the Emperor. Note that Marriane was also just a Britannian commoner.

  108. It kinda makes sense if Anya is related to all the princes and princesses, i mean why else would she so happen to have a pic of lelouch as a kid?? Schneizel does keep her under his command, but wouldnt he notice she was a princess? So does this mean that the emperor used geass on all the kids??

  109. anya can be Leluch’s sister when cc used her powers on her she was shown memory of Lelouch’s childhood along with a girl (nunnaly??) but whenever cc uses her power only memory of some tragic times of the person on which it is used is shown to him/her.

    One thing is for sure Anya holds the key to murder of marianne

    And hate this fukin bitch Nina man she is trying to nuke Japan givin Euphemia as a reason

    Man if Euphemia was alive she would have slapped this bitch and threw her in hell

  110. Of all the Britannian characters, Lloyd is who I admire most, because of his insight and understanding, shown many times in the series, and despite working for the evil empire, he has a sense of what’s straight and what’s crooked. And with more Knights of Rounds coming, they sure consider the Black Knights a serious threat.

    While Suzaku may be hated by most, I would not consider him the most to be hated… that would still be the Emperor. He is still the ultimate evil, as implied in his speech against helping the weak in an earlier episode intro. Wow, he can do a TV hijack, though not in the way the Joker did in the 1989 Batman, hehe.

    Next ep might be a confrontation between Lelouch and Suzaku (why do I keep thinking Fushigi Yuugi?), and they’ll probably settle differences.

    Chino F
  111. I never thought I’d see Zero beg (has he begged before, though?). One of his many faults is his pride, even Schneizel exploited that before (remember the chess game?).
    That Knight of Ten seems to enjoy murder. No wonder not too many knights are friends with him.
    Suzaku tries to make amends by letting Kallen kick his ass. That gesture’s good enough, I guess.

    crash & burn
  112. Just finished watching the subs.
    1. Godamnit if there is someone to hate its definitely Nina. The bitch.
    2. Knight of Ten sure likes to trash talk. He is as good as dead.
    3. Is Deithard using Viletta to control Ougi?

    Last. From the previews. Next ep Jeremiah is piloting the Shen-Hu? If true makes sense as being a cyborg he is the only one who can use it at 100% efficiency!

  113. Glad to see you also share my opinion, that Suzaku will clearly backstab Lelouch again, and what you said is something he would do without a thought. Since he can never become a knight of one from his skills alone, he can only do this by betraying and backstabbing people. Looks like he will do it to Lelouch next episode, and in the future to Gino seeing as in the opening credits with the close up of the characters that showed their smiles (even Anya) but only one character was shown opposite: Gino, started with a smile and turned to a frown (lol), you can see Gino always with a frown in the OP, quite contrary to his current cheerful self.

    So how would he possibly get into such a state? IMO It’s a best friend’s betrayal, since it looks like Gino truly treats Anya and Suzaku (more so for the latter) as a true friend. Also because Gino is born into a rich noble family, he is quite naive, he knows Suzaku betrayed his own kind or people yet he doesn’t think that Suzaku would betray him. Most likely, if Suzaku can’t properly capture Lelouch or doesn’t get his reward, then he will probably use other means necessary to do so – like betraying Gino perhaps?

    Harima Kenji
  114. AMAZING episode. Hopefully the conversation between Suzaku and Lelouch will reveal some truth between the two. Even though I don’t like Suzaku, I would prolly like him if he joined forces with Lelouch. Also, doesn’t the emperor know Zero’s identity? Why wouldn’t he destroy the infrastructure of the Black Knight by revealing his identity through the broadcast? He could have made a devastating move right there. Hmmmmm

  115. Think about it this way: While the emperor COULD reveal Zero’s identity… but that would only highlight the weakness of the royal Britannian family. There are undoubtedly Britannian sympathizers, but recognizing them as rebels is not that noteworthy as compared to knowing that a former son of the Emperor is assisting people that are supposedly inferior to them (Britannian people).

    Such a revelation only serves to undermine confidence in and support of Britannian authroity.

  116. Something to note about Gino:

    He has not shown interest in the actual Kallen. In the entirety of the season he has never used her name, he has only refered to her by titles such as ‘pilot of the guren’ or ‘ace of the black knights’. Even though he does know her name, everyone does. Meaning, his interest is not in her as a person or woman, but as a pilot and rival. His interest was sparked when she ‘defeated’ him, and from then he’s gone on about ‘unfinished buisness’.

    Simply, he’s interested in his rematch, not her. As for his actions in Ep.9, that fits into his character of flirting with everything that has breasts and legs.

  117. Well, this episode sure seems to have gotten some flaming going in both directions. Everyone (well, a lot of people anyway) seems to be arguing over Kallen beating up Suzaku and how scummy one or the is. It seems like a rather pointless argument to me. There was something in this episode for both the Suzaku haters and the Suzaku supporters.

    Suzaku Haters: The got to see Kallen beat up Suzaku. Granted he didn’t fight back, so it really isn’t like she “pwned” him (in a fair fight he’d almost certainly win since he’s had more training, he’s bigger, and he’s a guy – which tends to mean that he’s stronger physically), but if you don’t like Suzaku, then seeing him get punched a bunch of times is fun.

    Suzaku Supporters: Suzaku apologized for threatening to use refrain on Kallen and even lets her beat him up as punishment, further supporting that he’s at least trying to be honorable. Knight of 10 showed himself to be way nastier than Suzaku. It makes Suzaku look that much more honorable.

    Though honestly, taken completely out of context, not caring who was right and who was wrong, or even caring about who’s beating up who – in fact not caring who the characters even are – but looking at what’s happening visually, seeing Kallen beat up Suzaku was pretty cool.

  118. As for Viletta and Ougi, per the Korean spoilers (and for the Korean spoilers, this is a mild one):

    Show Spoiler ▼

  119. I have a huge suspicion that Anya is related to Lulu or was his fiancee or something in the past, and everyone had their memories altered. It;s just she had a pic of Lulu as a prince, and she has pink hair and eyes. The pink reminds me of Euphie and Cornelia, and even Nunnally. Maybe Anya is Lulu’s long lost little sister.

    Loco Cookie
  120. What makes me wonder about Anya is the fact that Lelouch does not appear to have recognized Anya. Granted, he hasn’t had a lot of contact with her (during the show), but since she had a picture of him as a prince, you think that he would have said something about who she was (in his mind if to no one else). The indications are that Anya’s mind has been wiped of all memories related to Lelouch. Her diary is likely her only connection to him at this point, but since it’s potentially proof that her diary is correct, I would guess that finding out about Lelouch would be important to her.

    But as for Lelouch, either for some reason he didn’t think about his memories of her, he forgot about her (aside from the emperor’s meddling), the emperor erased memories of her from his mind, she’s changed too much for him to recognize her, or she isn’t the same person that she was when he knew her.

    I suppose that Lelouch may realize who she is and it’s just never come up in a scene anywhere, but you’d think that it would have been a big enough deal that if he remembered her, we’d have found out about it. It would seem pretty pathetic of Lelouch to forget her, but he’s not perfect. It’s conceivable that emperor would have erased memories of her from Lelouch’s mind, but I don’t know why he would have bothered. He exiled Lelouch. If anyone needed to forget anything, it was the other people who needed to forget about Lelouch, not the other way around. Still, assuming that the emperor’s geass was not restricted to a single use per person (and we have no way of knowing at this point if it was), then the emperor could have wiped her from Lelouch’s mind. Though, on second thought, if he had done that, I would have thought that when C.C. released his other memories that all such blocked memories would have been released, so I find it highly unlikely that the emperor erased Anya from Lelouch’s mind, but we can’t say for sure.

    It’s possible that Anya just changed too much, but considering how diminutive she is to begin with, I would think that she’d be quite recognizable. The last possibility is the one way out in left field and that would be that she is somehow someone other than she was when Lelouch knew her – that is to say that she used to be Marianne. If that were the case, then Marianne would have had to have become younger rather than dying or somesuch and not only does that seem crazy, but you’d think that Anya would notice if her diary seemed to indicate that she was a mother rather than a little girl (on top of their hair colors being different in spite of how similar they look). It would explain why Lelouch didn’t recognize her, but it’s really far out there and doesn’t really make much sense.

    My bet is that Lelouch was just being lame and couldn’t remember her, but it’s certainly food for thought.

  121. This episode did appear to shed some light on one of the Korean spoilers that didn’t actually occur in this episode.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  122. I HAVE RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kallen LOL!

    Suzaku supporters : You still exist???
    Bradley: Will die just for being Bradley obv
    Chiba: Obviously gonna die otherwise no one would care if she got with todou or not!
    Lelouch: retard for persuading instead of tricking suzaku into saving nunally considering he was already gonna do it!
    Everything: Going acording to unofficial spoilers discussed a while bck (ones which were forced to be taken down)!
    Anya: Bastard child of Marriane and some pimp-daddy Which is why emperor let her die or had her killed (IT MAKES THE MOST SENSE)
    Suzaku: provind that regardless of everyone else he is still the biggest retard of the show! “I know i betrayed you and am currently looking after Your only real family even though we are supposed to be freinds and i know i told you that you would loose eerything and i would look after nunally from now on at the end of season one but why should i saer her now???”
    seriously there are still suzaku supporters??
    Schniziel: LOL at trying to be suzaku (i.e. pretending to have morals then being a d**k to everyone) THIER GAME LOL Schnieziels game involves genocide?!?!?!

    Nina: She OBviously has a remote detonator

    Bismark: The second most frightful characer in geass (emperor= 1st)

    Lloyd: WHATS WRONG with mounting a strategic weapon on a tactical one?!?!? those are the best kinds of weapon!!! (e.g Wing Zero [sortof) Freedom, Justice, Goku, Freiza [counted because of the end result!!! lol I KNOW THERE ARE OTHERS!!! TUT] All the rubbish mobile suits/armours which launched nukes throughout Seed,Seed Destiny and many more…

    Unfortunate gist: LelouchxC.C KallenXSuzaku seriously it looks like a long shot now but thats precisely my point! if this ends up being true i will be ANNOYED!!!!!

    Amusing Twist: toudou seing one of the ikarugas bridge officers (how funny would that be!!!


    WingZero zxt
  123. @WingZero zxt
    Of course, there are still people out there who support Suzaku. They’ve probably just been more inclined to talk without you around to bash their heads in for giving their opinions on the matter. 😉

    Though I do have to admit that the scene with Kallen pounding Suzaku has gotten a surprising amount of argument from both sides. From how the discussions usually go around here, I would have expected 99.99% off the people to cheer for joy over that one.

  124. Yeah, we know that there still Suzaku supporters out there ( i has wondering why this time now not the other episodes where it shows that Suzaku is a dumbass) .Though i don’t know if the Korean spoilers are true like
    Show Spoiler ▼

    and the probability that Show Spoiler ▼

    so….anyway, i wonder how will they (suzaku supporters) react about that if it becomes true….of course they’ll blame the rascist bitch Nina but Suzaku is at fault here and pretty sure he’ll go EMOOOOOOOO again 🙂

  125. Personally, at this point, I think that the Korean spoilers are generally spot on. They’re tend to be very specific and not the kind of thing that you could readily predict, and yet a number of them have come true and none of them have turned out to be wrong thus far. It’s possible that some of them are off slightly because the original poster misunderstand something or they were translated slightly off, but thus far, they really look to be correct. I’m not sure that I’d recommend that anyone read them – they are some major spoilers after all – but I believe them to be correct.

    Among the items correctly predicted thus far are:

    1. Cornelia is captured by Lelouch at the Geass Cult.
    2. The United Nations is made up of China and the remains of the EU.
    3. C.C. loses her memory as C.C. and becomes an ordinary girl.
    4. Lelouch and Suzaku meet at the Kururugi Shrine.
    5. Nina puts her bomb on the Lancelot.
    6. The weakness of Rolo’s Geass is that it strains his weak heart.
    7. Freya is the name of Nina’s bomb.
    8. Lloyd upgrades the Guren.

    There are quite a few other spoilers besides these and most of the spoilers that I listed are only portions of the entire spoiler for the given item (.e.g. more details about the Guren’s upgrade are given). These spoilers came out weeks ago – long before most of the events that the spoilers describe came even close to happening.

    Given the contents of the spoilers, I think that most of them will come true by the end of episode 20 (given the summaries that we have through episode 20) and after that we’re back to more or less normal spoiler levels (as in summaries of episodes and the like), but I really think that the Korean spoilers are actual spoilers and not speculation. Whoever leaked them in Sunrise is likely to be in a heap of trouble if they get caught. After all, they leaked many of the major plot points from approximately episodes 14 to 20.

  126. if this will be on the news, i say it will be just like the Harry Potter 7 leaks 🙂

    regarding the next episode, this is what i imagine:
    Suzaku: Why did you kill Euphy?
    Lelouch: It’s an accident….My geass went berserk… and BTW, the emperor is immortal
    Suzaku: *o*

    and this is what i imagine when Jeremiah called up Guildford:
    Guildford: Orange?
    Orange: Yes, and stop calling me Orange or I’ll squish you into Orange juice…and BTW, Cornelia is ALIVE…
    Guilford: *o*

  127. The spoilers were off about the ‘ring put on C.C.’s ring finger by Lelouch”. Seems they mistook the band-aid for a ring. This opens up some more possibilities for future events.

    There is one thing I’m thinking about. This isn’t in the spoilers. Just my own guess. I’m starting to think more and more that Kallen will possibly escape prison during the big battle that you know will be coming. Either Nunnally will get her out or the trains Lelouch had made will give Kallen and opening to escape. With the power down in the city she might be able to escape. It would be funny to see her pilot the Guren in a fight while wearing that dress.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  128. @Remmell
    I was wondering about the ring thing too, but Show Spoiler ▼

    As for Kallen, it would certainly be interesting to see her in the Guren in that dress. As ill-dressed as she was when piloting it in the bunny suit, at least it was designed in such a way that such movement wasn’t a problem. The dress might be a different matter however. In either case, it’ll be interesting to see what she’s wearing when she escapes. I’m betting that it’ll be in episode 18, but it might be at the tail end of 17. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. In either case, we’re almost certainly getting close.

  129. Why oh why are they still wasting braincells on the waste of flesh Nina? Her entire character from her inception was a waste of space and thought. And the fact that they continue to try and build pathos for her only make the scar worse. ‘Oh the burdens of being a racist bigot, woe is me. Having to breathe the same air as these filthy elevens.’ And that was before she became a creepy stalker for Euphie.

    in conclusion. go kill yourself Nina you big sack of fail.

  130. Personally, I feel somewhat sorry for Nina. She’s seriously messed up. I’m all for her living if she could get unmessed up, but that really doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Maybe will get lucky and if she manages to kill a lot of people with her bomb she’ll come to her senses and realize that not only is this not the kind of thing that Euphemia would want but that it’s just plain wrong. It’s certainly about the only thing short of Euphemia coming back from the dead and scolding her that I can see that would have any chance of fixing her.

    Now, given that Nina is so messed up that there’s almost no help for her, I’m all for having her die. Presumably, the main reason that she’s in the show is to create Freya and make things go boom. It’s probably too much to hope that the horror of Freya will fix her or – baring that – that she will get killed by it. Still, we can hope. Or perhaps it would be better for the Japanese to take over the world and make her live among them and get over her issues (or just get tortured by them) that way….

  131. I’m pretty curious about Anya and am looking forward to more as it is revealed. Having her memories messed around with so much that she only trusts data. Do feel for her and hopefully things turn out alright for her in the end.

    The Freya situation is one that you can’t get a good feeling from. Weapons like that don’t just get left on the shelf. Its obviously going to be put into use and very likely during that battle for Japan. Now what doesn’t make sense is why Suzaku would ever fire the thing willingly. He wanted to reach Knight of One so he could take Area 11 and work to improve things. Annihilating the people he wants to help will hardly go with that. Makes a promise to protect the people staying in Area 11 and just isn’t the kind of person that uses a weapon that will definitely kill a lot of innocent bystanders.

    My only guess is the live geass and some kind of remote trigger like WingZero mentioned. If the only way to survive is to use it then he might really fire it. But here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that. But damn Nina really needs to die. Just glad that Lelouch and Suzaku will finally get a chance to clear everything up. Euphy’s death has been left sitting for far too long. Shirley will be a topic without a doubt and overall just curious on how it turns out.

    I’m sure Kallen will escape in the next couple episodes. Is possible Lelouch could be blackmailing Guilford with Cornelia so he would help out in that regard. Or Rolo and Sayoko could be playing a role in the rescue. With a big battle coming can activate the train plan and just need to get her to the newly improved Guren for an escape.

  132. I see only three reasons that Suzaku would use Freya:

    1. He just plain doesn’t understand how powerful it is.
    2. The “Live” Geass effect forces him to use it.
    3. He just totally loses it.

    I would expect that Suzaku has at least some clue how powerful Freya is. While he almost certainly underestimates its power, I would think that he’d have enough sense to avoid using it in populated areas. Suzaku hasn’t really lost it since Euphemia died at the end of season 1, so unless his talk with Lelouch goes really poorly, I don’t think that he’s going to just plain lose control again. The most likely reason is the “Live” Geass effect. He may be backed into a corner (probably by either Zero or Kallen) and end up using it to save his life. IIRC, the director or lead writer or somesuch stated at the beginning of the season that the “Live” Geass would make Suzaku do something that he’d regret and I don’t think that he’s really done that yet, so using Freya in a populated area would be a good candidate and I would think that the odds are that the fight is going to be in a populated area since the OotBK is going to have to take out the Britannian HQ and the like if they want to win.

  133. As for Jeremiah calling Guilford, maybe he’s trying to exchange Cornelia for Kallen. Given that Lelouch doesn’t think that he can really use Cornelia as a hostage, trying to trade her for Kallen would probably make sense. Whether that’s how Kallen gets free is an entirely different matter, but it’s certainly a possibility. Jeremiah must have had some reason for calling Cornelia (other than informing Guilford of her current good looks as WingZero zxt suggested).

  134. Does Nina really seem like the type who would care if countless Japanese were killed? She’s a complete racist. Just odd that out of all the Knights Nina wants Suzaku to use it.
    It’s funny in a way. The two characters who claim they are driven by Euphimia seem to use actioned to honor her by doing things she’s never approve of. Building a bomb that could slaughter millions in a single blow, and Suzaku selling out Lelouch and putting Nunnally in danger. Neither are actions she would ever approve of being done for in her name. You don’t honor the dead by taking actions that contradict their will.
    Lloyd was right on this one. If Suzaku uses that bomb it will kill the ideals they claim to stand for.
    I doubt Nina would be killed in this bombing, if Suzaku was to use it on Tokyo. She’s a person who knows very well what it could do. If you made a bomb that powerful would you stay withing it’s possible blast radius. I’m betting she’s sticking close to Schneizel.

    Anya’s memory wipe kind of confuses me. Why would they alter her memories, but not destroy or alter the diary? She always has that thing on her, and a diary would be one of the first things you look for when altering a memories.

    The “Survive” Geass effect only ever seems to force Suzaku to evade a dangerous situation. We’ve only seem him dodge and evade attacks under the influence. I don’t think it’s ever prompted his body to attack. I’ve thought it more likely to be some kind of blind rage moment. I’m not sure he could claim he can’t be aware of how powerful it is. Even if he didn’t, how could you justify dropping it ON Tokyo. Nina does describe the effect the bomb will have and he’s made aware it will massacre Japanese if used.

    Kallen’s Escape:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  135. As much as I think that Suzaku has been a fool in his choices, I suspect that without him, Zero would not win. It’s a little hard to say for sure without having the whole series and without seeing how it would have gone without him, but

    1. I’m guessing that Suzaku is going to do something key later on which will be key to taking the emperor down. He won’t necessarily pull a Darth Vader and kill the emperor himself (if nothing else, it’s kind of hard to kill someone who is immortal), but he could very well to something key that makes it possible for Lelouch to win.

    2. Given the emperor’s Geass if nothing else, I’m not sure that things would have gone at all well had Zero actually succeeded in his plans at the end of season 1. Thanks to Suzaku’s interference, those plans didn’t succeed. So now, instead of having a large “terrorist” group taking over Tokyo and forcing the emperor to come and see him, he has half the world under his control to take Britannia on. He knows more about Geass now and he appears to have eliminated everyone with any Geass-related powers other than Rolo, himself, and the emperor. As undesirable as it was for him to lose before, his position is much more powerful now.

    Now, Suzaku has messed up his plans so many times that we don’t know where Zero would be now if he’d never interfered – his actions have had a huge impact on the series – but I suspect that his actions are going to play a key role in Lelouch winning in the end.

  136. @Remmell
    As for Kallen’s escape, given the spoilers,
    Show Spoiler ▼

  137. Regarding Kallens escape: Its sed in the unofficial supposedly force removed spoilers way bck that Schniziel has someone follow suzaku and arrest lelouch when he admits hes Zero an then somehow tels the world annoying the blackknights making them disown him however its not official. That being said everything in it has come true so far and im using its being unofficial as an excuse not to use spoiler tags!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  138. @Remmell
    As for Anya’s diary, it’s conceivable that the emperor thought that he needed to erase her memories but didn’t know her well enough to know that she’d have the diary (or he was just stupid and didn’t think about it). Not knowing quite who she is makes it kind of hard to know if the emperor knew her very well or even why her memories were messed with. The best guess at this point is that the emperor wanted to erase her memories of Lelouch, but given that he doesn’t appear to have erased anyone else’s memories of Lelouch, it’s kind of hard to see why he’d do that to her.

  139. @WingZero zxt
    It would be a good idea not to say anything from those “unofficial” spoilers without spoiler tags (leaks would be more like it). They’ve come up enough here, that I would think that most people who haven’t read them yet (they’re at ) probably don’t want to and don’t want to be spoiled about it. They’re huge spoilers. At this point, those spoilers are almost certainly true for the most part – if not completely – and I’m sure that there are plenty of people here who would be very irritated (maybe even mad) to have them spoiled at this point. Please be courteous to the other posters here and don’t post anything from the Korean spoilers without spoiler tags.

  140. Is it just me or do the writers have something planned for the Knight of Three?

    I have no concrete proof and all of this is mostly just speculation. In the 2nd opening (World End) you see the Tristan using what appears to be the Black Knights version of the Float System along with some other smaller changes to the Knightmare. Also, towards the end of the opening, he also appears as the last character in that flood of characters shown so I can only guess he’s more important to the storyline than initially let on.


  141. @norest
    I think that it’s fairly clear that they’re planning something for Gino. If nothing else, as you pointed out, he has a major place in the opening. However, anything in the opening with regards to similar knightmare technologies doesn’t really mean much. Because Lloyd has the Guren, he’ll have been able to swipe any of Rakshata’s tech that was in it. As such, things like the OotBK’s float system could easily have been swiped. Certainly, the fact that the Guren’s new float system matches that of the Lancelot is because of Lloyd’s tampering. I see no reason to think that any difference with the other Britannian knightmares’ float systems wouldn’t be for the same reason.

    Now, it’s certainly conceivable that Gino would do something like change sides, but we really don’t know all that much about him other than he comes from a noble family, he likes having fun, and he has enough honor to treat ladies kindly (unlike the knight of 10). What could possibly make him change sides – if anything – I have no clue. He’s likely to have a big place in the plot somewhere, but I don’t think that we really have any solid clues as to what that might be. There’s every possibility that he’ll play an important role in the plot somewhere without even considering joining the OotBK.

    Gino appears to be a good guy in the sense that he seems to want to do the right thing, but Suzaku’s always trying to do the right thing and he’s caused a lot of trouble that way. So, unfortunately, I think that we’ll just have to wait and see.

  142. OK ThEn from now on and Sorry
    regarding Gino: Thats not the black knights version of the float system ! its a random Anti-colour co-ordinated version of LLoyds float system similar to the one the lancelot had/has the remaining upgrades are possibly from the tech he gained from the Guren! ITs Definatetly not a Blakc Knights Float system based on the information we currently have!

    I would be less hateful about the gino Kallen idea compared to SuzakuxKallen

    WingZero zxt
  143. random theory: I reckon Chiba will get taken out protecting toudou from Bismaark or at very least Bradley! and i would love to see suzaku fight Bradley!!! i would be terribly conflicted!

    Me, “Go likely rapis.. er.. Go randomly traitorous scum.. er.. GO lelouch !!!! use thier battle as a diversionary tactic sneak in rescue nunally and Kallen then borrow ninas remote and fire the freya when suzaku flies high enough!!!!! *phew* got there in the end”

    WingZero zxt
  144. “Death Squadron form up.. Target: Lilly” ohwell lilly as long as its not because you agree with him siding with rasicm and injustice then its fine the lancelot was/ (then wasnt) is about to be reasonably cool!

    WingZero zxt
  145. Does anyone else find it worrying that Lelouch still feels perfectly comfortable cruising around most likely non-immortal C.C. with his permanent, uncontrollable Geass eye exposed? I sense a possible “Oh Shit!” moment coming sometime down the road. Better hope he has Orange-kun on speed dial or things could get pretty messy. Or he might tell her to “Stay in this room and eat pizza” and C.C. will be back to normal.

    And to the earlier comment about Lelouch killing Euphemia. I know it’s probably a dead horse by now, but the decision to kill Euphemia instead of capturing was the most logical choice at the time. As far as Lelouch knew, his Geass’s effects were permanent. They didn’t introduce the idea of a Geass-canceller until R2. What do you think would happen if he captured Euphemia?(Assuming he could even capture her with freaking Amuro Ray there) He would have to keep her imprisoned indefinitely(again Geass canceller did not exist back then) and if she ever did get loose she would use whatever influence she had to cause a massacre in Japan bordering on genocide, which the Brittanian military would have no problem with regarding their behavior thus far in the ghettos plus in episode 22-23 of season 1. In fact, they seemed almost happy to do it. Much more humane to kill her, and to do it himself because it was his sin that already killed the Euphemia that everyone loved, leaving behind an unrelenting massacre princess whose very existence would probably cause Euphemia to go insane with guilt and shame had she been aware.

    Psycho Euphemia murdering Suzaku would have been funny, though. Hmm, thinking about that scene would probably have Suzaku’s Geass activating right before his last breath and killing Euphemia in self defense. Then having him executed for killing a member of the royal family. On second thought, maybe Lelouch should have just let Suzaku save her…

    Even though it was a mistake of the worst sort, it is not unforgivable. He didn’t mean to do it, it wasn’t anywhere in his plans, he probably never even entertained the idea. The original plan was supposed to be for her to shoot him and be publicly shamed by it, but with absolutely no harm coming to her physically. She would be disgraced and sent back to Brittania and away from the revolution that would shortly take place. However, Lelouch takes all of his mistakes very personally, especially those that hurt innocent people. He doesn’t justify it to anyone, he just takes the blame for it and tries to atone for it to the best of his ability. A very admirable quality in my mind, though it sure makes for one seriously emo guy.

    Don’t think the Suzaku/Lelouch boy band will get back together that easily though. I suspect Suzaku will deliver an ultimatum, “tell me why you killed Euphemia or I will not protect Nunnally”, or something to that effect. Lelouch will spill the beans(crying like a little girl), Suzaku will forgive Lelouch but still resolve to stop Zero and save Japan his way(a way for the life of me can’t understand), Suzaku will initiate plan “whoop Lelouch’s ass and bring him back to the Emperor for another promotion”, they’ll find out that both of them were followed secretly, everything will go to hell, shit will blow up, new misunderstandings will occur, both will feel betrayed, the invasion will happen, and Ashford academy is going to be nuked. I mean, Lelouch can’t go back there anyway might as well use that as a emo plot device. “Oh my god, you killed Rivalz! You bastard!”. I don’t see any use for him otherwise and he’s not hot like Milly, who I hope they keep alive, though they did kill Shirley, so the thought does frighten me somewhat. O_O

  146. shirley ded so that everyone would hate rolo currently the most useless characters are mia and Rivals meaning they will definately hook up!!! 😛 i also agree with almost everything SJiwon sed

    WingZero zxt
  147. I’m having a probable ending about R2:

    1. Lelouch wins with the help of Cornelia, Suzaku and other characters who see Charles as a shit ass. The empire has fallen. The emperor is gone. (an ending which supposed to happen if Euphy didn’t have to die)
    2. Lelouch wins but he lost everything. But still maintains a friendship with Suzaku. (a likely ending)
    3. Charles wins. The UFN was crushed. The next thing you know, Sunrise will be receiving death threats and homemade bombs from fans.
    4. Lelouch wins but dies as he kill Charles. The ending will be like V for Vendetta.

  148. That C.C. is no longer immortal raises a huge question to why that is. Her losing her memories I can understand, but where did the curse go? Did it end up passing to Lelouch? Or is the power of immortality somehow linked to the part of her brain that contained her memories?

    I feel that the chance of Suzaku asking the question about Euphie will go astray…even if the producers did remember that Suzaku meant to ask it, I don’t believe it will be answered in a satisfactory manner.

    I don’t think either Nina or Suzaku are as hypocritical as you perceive. Nina is not trying to honor her–she’s trying to avenge her. In that sense, she is doing a good job of making her vengeance possible (Nina never cared for Elevens like Euphie did anyway and clearly didn’t even bother to think on this). Suzaku never explicitly states that he’s honoring her, but it seems (from that I am Zero! episode) that he still believes in her way. That said, Suzaku selling out Lelouch is not applicable–I think if someone had first controlled Suzaku to make him slaughter Britannians and then shot him point blank, Euphie wouldn’t have just blown it off either. As far as putting Nunnally in danger, you forget that Suzaku has nothing to do with V.V. taking Nunnally, so that’s completely irrelevant (in fact, Suzaku is also clearly unhappy with that situation). In that scene, Lloyd is reminding Nina what exactly Euphie’s ideals are, and stopping Suzaku from letting guilt for Euphie’s death overpower his clear understanding of Euphie’s goals.

    @bobofet: If Suzaku never existed, Lelouch would be dead or insane because Mao killed Nunnally..

  149. For me I want the ending to be completely different George. I want there to be one final glorious battle and in the end have the emperor kill Zero. As a result the rest of the world revolts against him and Brittania and crushes them. Then in a last scene you see Lelouch living in a cottage somewhere with Nunnally and C.C., Suzaku comes to visit and somehow Suzaku is honoring Euphemia’s memory and Lelouch is honoring Shirley’s. I don’t want either Suzaku or Lelouch to die int he end but I am ok with Lelouch making it look like zero died.

  150. What the hell?

    Why do everyone think that Suzaku is going to nuke Japan? That goes so much against his character that it’s a complete 360. If something like that happen, I can see it more being that his entire knightmare crashes and blows up …killing everyone. He was even shaking slightly when he was told that such weapons were put on his knightmare. I am figuring more that he is going to see if someone can rig it where those things won’t go off ever, or he would have some moment of indecision before blasting it into the sea. Besides, wouldn’t he kill Nunnelly if he shot off the bomb? So, I really doubt he would do that, especially since Lelouche is going to beg Suzaku to save her.

    Humph, I am guessing the next episode is going to be pretty boring. Mostly flashbacks, since the two main characters are going to get together and talk and crap. Anyway, I am glad to see that at least a few people aren’t shouting …kill Suzaku. Though the bomb thing is just as bad. No way he would do that …not now and not every.

  151. @Silentveil. Remember Suzaku’s Geass, the “I must survive at all costs” Geass? I’m thinking that one is going to have a bad result. Like maybe, “Holy crap I’m outnumbered and all my weapons are disabled EXCEPT FOR THE HUGE BFG STRAPPED TO MY BACK”. He’s never done anything harmful to anyone yet besides an over the shoulder throw, but if it’s his only chance to survive, who knows what his Geass could make him do. Of course he will still be able to blame that one on Lelouch because technically it would be his fault even though no one could have predicted such a situation could occur. But if such a situation did occur, it might break him again. But yes, normally there is no way Suzaku would fire that thing off where it might kill a whole mess of Japanese people. At an approaching mass of OotBK warships off the coast of Japan well away from land? Hmm, possibilities…though I’m going to go with him going all Geass and nuking a city, or at least having part of Tokyo being engulfed in the explosion. Or maybe Penlai island. “If you wanted me to protect the civilians I saved in episode 8, why the hell did you nuke them?!”.

  152. OMG, if Lelou and Suzaku do have a face off I can’t see Lelou coming out of it unharmed, I mean come on, the guy couldn’t even out run Milly in a dress! He’s not built for fighting, Lelou’s built for thinking and planning but not fighting. Certainly anything but a physical confrontation has to be able to solve this little problem of ours right? If it comes down to a battle I’d say Suzaku has Lelouch beat . . . no why can he actually pull something out his ass now, unless that’s Sayoko meeting Suzaku for him. Which I highly doubt.
    Suzaku got what he deserved from Kallen! And I must thank you for that loop of Kallen beating the crap out of Suzaku – that has released some of my tension concerning Suzaku’s Character ^_^ I can finally begin to forgive that double-crossing . . . op never mind, it’s back again . . . DEATH TO THE BRITANIAN LAP DOG SUZAKU!

  153. SuperJiwon@

    Ummm…wouldn’t the Geass simply make him surrender then? I mean wouldn’t the bomb kill him as well …if it’s a nuke? I still don’t get the entire …Suzaku is going to bomb everyone thing. I know he got missiles, but more than likely he will take it ot he Black Knight’s home base and denonated the thing.

  154. perhaps the deal orange makes would be more about nunnally than kallen. He most likely does care for her as she is royalty and related to marianne like lelouch. Also that would help set up some way for her to survive the incoming nuke blast while being presumed dead/missing. Guilford would have moved her somewhere in preparation for the trade or whatever deal they made

  155. @RQ

    Honestly don’t think whatever Orange is up to has to do with Nunnally. A rescue for her would have to be something passed by Lelouch first and not his own personal plan. If it had gone through Lelouch then he wouldn’t be in a panic and willing to go and meet with Suzaku. Either it has to do with a Kallen rescue or its a personal call. Both are men who care a lot about members of the royal family. Could just be relieving his concern about Cornelia’s status. That she’s alive since being held by Zero wouldn’t be a relief :).

  156. My guess stored for the next episodes…
    *Lelouch or Suzaku, one of them will die for sure, but probably it will happen that Lelouch is immortal now, but where whould be the Geass Code be on his body now…, and now the odd, will Lelouch’s right eye will have the geass symbol, soo that means Lelouch isnt immortal, he doesnt still have the maximus Geass level, of the characters revealed that had certain level are C.C., Charles and Mao…
    *C.C. will regain her memory maybe, and perhaps her true name will be revealed…
    *The origins of Charles and V.V. will be revealed, how did V.V obtained his Geass Code…
    *Rolo probably will die, but, instead saving Lelouch, probably Nunally, accepting her as sister, knowing his own Geass can kill him…
    *Kallen and Gino may develop a love interest, and one of them will kill the knight of 10.
    *If the knight of 9 appears, Cornellia will fight her perhaps.
    *Chiva and Todou will die when she confesses her love to him, same perhaps with Villeta and Ougi, and Jeremiah maybe will die too, fighting Bismark
    *Were is Marianne’s corpes, Schizel take her body by Charle’s command like Cornellia reveals Lelouch, what is going on, does Anya may be involved with her dead, or knows something, remember wher C.C. fights her there are memories revealed of Lelouch and Nunally’s childhood, just like Suzaku when he encounters her on season 1 twice, but the rare thing is that with Suzaku there were images of his father and Marianne, and C.C. asks him a question “are you?”. C.C. was like a Geass Canceller, remember she restores Lelouchs memory back.
    Well, all I can say for now… any other options.

  157. @Silentveil
    Hmm, perhaps the entire country of France has a “live” Geass on them…

    Well, for the most part they introduced the nuke, and I thought “where would be the absolute worst place for both Lelouch and Suzaku to drop a nuke” and I combined that with “And how is this going to be all Lelouch’s fault and mess up Lelouch/Suzaku even more”. And that’s how I figure it’s going to be Suzaku, under the “live” Geass, in Tokyo where Ashford Academy(and Rivalz that useless twat) is, with the monkey’s paw killing Doctor Lucky/Rivalz. (Er, reference to Kill Doctor Lucky by Cheapass Games btw, not sure if anyone actually knows this one. Or cares. Whatever.)

  158. Hmmm, actually the absolute worst place would be somewhere where Nunnally eats it, but I honestly don’t think either Suzaku or Lelouch would be able to recover from that. Bad End, so to speak. But I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen…yet. Milly is technically also fair game, but I’m rooting for her to pull through this trainwreck. 😛 (Because Milly’s hot! In an anime not-attractive-to-a-healthy-human-male-like-me way, of course…)

  159. SuperJiwon@

    Oh …whew, I was scared that was actually going to happen for a second. I saw a entire convensation on the subject. Hehehehe, then my bet is on him using it on that really big ship that I guess someone donated to Black Knights.

    You know, how in the hell do they keep getting donations like that? I mean they just send it to them, which means someone knows thier address or something? Which is really weird, because couldn’t Britianna get that address? You know, the amazing super ninja nanny …where exactly did she come from? She is kind of a random variable …like Rolo, and I am wondering if she is going to turn on Lelouche in the end. I mean, she has known about Lelouche since the beginning, and lelouche wasn’t even freaked out when he found out she was some sort of secret ninja.

    That would have freaked me out, because, it was like someone already knew what path Lelouche had plans of following.

  160. Know what’s funny, I’ve always wondered what they would do about Lelouch being the son of the emperor. In this episode he was being put in check by the emperor because of that fact.

    What I’ve heard?

    Suzaku confesses at some point that he is Zero, saving the alliance and also getting punished (death). Lelouch and Nunally lives happily ever after. (Also Suzaku never uses the bomb on the japanese)
    It could be true since if people find out that Lelouch is the son the Black Knights will fall apart. Also Suzaku is an eleven (of the Prime Minister that was killed- though he did it) so having him as Zero would make sense. (he isn’t really but that’ll be his sacrifice.

    Oh well we’ll see.

  161. Well, I’m not about to say that Suzaku’s definitely going to set off Freya, but he does have it on his knightmare now and I don’t see a lot of point in it even existing if it doesn’t get used. I’d be very surprised if Suzaku doesn’t use it within the next few episodes. It is conceivable that it goes off by accident or somesuch but it’s bound to go off one way or another.

    As for where, if you think about it, what’s the most likely location for Suzaku to have the opportunity to use Freya if he were to use it within the next few episodes? Aside from SuperJiwon’s logic of Tokyo being the worst place, therefore it must be there (which given Code Geass’ history isn’t necessarily bad logic), I still think that Tokyo makes the most sense.

    If Suzaku’s going to use it anytime soon, it’s bound to be while fighting the OotBK. The OotBK is currently at Penglai Island and will soon be leaving there to attack Japan. That would indicate that whatever battle Freya is set off in would be in Japan. Where in Japan would depend on where the OotBK attacks. As Suzaku said, it’s up to Lelouch whether Tokyo’s in danger or not. However, given that the head of the government is there and that Lelouch’s fancy trains are there, and the fact that Zero has a history of going after the commander (how many times did he try and capture Cornelia in season 1?), I would expect that his target would be Tokyo. Certainly if he wants to eliminate Brittanians control of Japan, that’s where he’ll need to go.

    In any case, if the OotBK were to attack Tokyo – as would seem likely – then that’s where the battle would take place (either there or near Tokyo) and, therefore, that’s where Freya is likely to be set off.

    Now, how or why Freya would be set off in such a place isn’t clear. It is clear that if Suzaku is in his right mind and in control of Freya, he’s not about to set it off in Tokyo. That would potentially kill millions of civilians. Regardless of what you think of Suzaku, you have to admit that he doesn’t like killing civilians. He’ll even likely go to extremes to avoid it.

  162. Now, if Suzaku wouldn’t normally set off Freya, how would Freya get set off? Well, I see a few possibilities:

    1. Suzaku’s “Live” Geass effect causes him to use it. This seems plausible, but rather unlikely since it’s a little hard for setting of an enormous bomb to be a better chance of survival than just simply running away – even if it’s the only weapon that he has left. This is especially true when he’s going to be at the epicenter of the blast unless he throws it really far. I suppose that his live Geass effect could cause him to throw the bomb away to get it away from him if he were to at all perceive an immediate danger from it, but all in all, it seems to be stretching it a bit to say that the will drive to live is going to make him set off an enormous bomb.

    2. Nina has a remote detonator. She sets it off. While this is certainly possible, I don’t buy it. If nothing else, she said that she put it in Suzaku’s hands because he was princess Euphemia’s knight. She seems to trust that Suzaku cares more about Euphemia than he does about “Elevens.” It’s certainly a possibility that Nina would set it off remotely, but unless she’s specifically trying to get Suzaku killed (which I see no sign of), this just doesn’t seem likely to me.

    3. Suzaku loses it. Something happens to put him in such a total rage that he uses Freya without thinking about the consequences. The only time thus far that he’s been anything like this would be at the end of season 1 when Euphemia died. He was absolutely freaking out when he’s first looking for Zero and then confronting him in his knightmare. Other than that, he’s generally been fairly composed. He gets angry from time to time, but not normally on that level. And without another Euphemia to kill off, I don’t see him freaking out like that again anytime soon, so it doesn’t seem terribly likely that Suzaku’s just going to lose it and set off the bomb.

    4. The bomb gets set off by accident. We have no idea how fragile this bomb is or isn’t. Could it be that if the Lancelot got hit in the right (or wrong) place would set it off? Lelouch has those gefjun disturbers on the trains and he’s bound to use them. IIRC, Freya has sakuradite in it and the gefjun disturbers mess with sakuradite. Assuming that the disturbers don’t stop the bomb from working, depending on how the bomb works, maybe they’d set it off. It would be really dumb, but it’s conceivable that Suzaku could even bump the switch for the bomb and set it off by accident. There are a number ways that Freya might be able to go off without Suzaku actually meaning to set it off.

    If it weren’t for the fact that setting off Freya accidently would probably be look really dumb, it would probably be the most likely way for Freya to be set off. I also really don’t think that Nina is going to set it off. That being the case, I’m tempted to say that it’ll be because of the “Live” Geass command, but setting off such a large bomb and living seem rather contradictory, so I don’t know. It’s really not at all clear why Suzaku would set off Freya. I think that about the only thing that’s clear is that it’s highly likely that Freya will be used sometime soon and that Suzaku is the one who has it.

  163. IIRC, someone posted earlier wondering why have a strategic weapon on a tactical weapon was such a bad idea. It relates to what I’ve just posted on, so I’ll touch on it. The situation is muddled a bit because there are both strategic nuclear weapons and tactical nuclear weapons (in addition, it’s not clear that Freya is even a nuke). Basically, what I take it that Lloyd means is that you don’t usually put a highly destructive bomb on unit which is going to be fighting up close and personal with the enemy (dogfights, tank fights, hand to hand, knightmare to knightmare, or whatever that involves fighting the enemy at close range). Basically, if we were talking about planes, you use bombers to drop bombs, not fighters. You not only risk having the big bomb go boom on you if you’re in a fighter and in the middle of fighting other fighters, but it’s not necessarily the case that you can deploy the bomb in a manner that will allow you to escape. Knightmares are effectively a combination of tanks and fighter planes – depending on how they’re used and how you look at them.

    Large bombs are normally dropped from planes or shot on missiles or released in some other manner that allows for the person using it to avoid getting killed. Putting a highly destructive bomb on a knightmare is lunacy. How on earth is the devicer going to escape? If he’s lucky, he can throw the bomb just far enough, be just fast enough at running away, and have proper shields to protect himself that he might get away. But usually when you’re talking about weapons that are anything along the lines of nukes, you likely can’t run fast enough to get away if you throw the bomb. Maybe if you left the bomb with a timer, it would work, but then you have no guarantee that the enemy doesn’t run away too – or grab it put it among your forces for that matter.

    All in all, putting Freya on the Lancelot is completely stupid. Only Nina would come up with a plan like that.

  164. Yes Nina is certifiably crazy and her intelligence lies more in making shit that explodes rather than figuring how to use them. Also, she thought it was a good idea to set off a nuke with her practically in it without even confirming her target was anywhere nearby at the end of the first season. I’m hoping that she at least had the foresight to include a launching apparatus that can get the device far enough away from Lancelot BEFORE it explodes but again, she is batshit insane. I’m thinking her logic seems to follow “You’re Euphemia’s knight, her revenge is your duty, you will find and engage Zero, and you better use my bomb to blow him all the way to hell. Whether you live through my revenge or not is not really my concern. You’re the one that failed in the first place anyway.” If we look at the bomb it’ll probably have shit like “Death to Zero” or “Euphemia’s Revenge” or “Death to Elevens” scratched all over it with a rusty razer blade with the outfit she borrowed from Euphemia draped over it or something. If she could, she’d probably have a seat mounted on it for her so she can flick Zero the bird before it hits him.
    Heh, slandering Nina is fun!

  165. Actually, I think that bomb isn’t going to come into play until the very end. Since the emporer is pretty much immortal …how do you kill him? WEll, I figure blowing him into small little bitty pieces might do it. That is my guess on how the Freya bomb or whatever it’s call will be used.

    That is if Suzaku and Lelouche can work together.

  166. Well, given what Nina said about Freya and what Lloyd’s VA said (see ) about it, it sounds like it destroys things on the atomic level – which is definitely more destructive than a nuke, though given how the explosion appeared to collapse in on itself during the test, it might be better contained. In either case, I do think that it’s the best bet for killing off the emperor at this point (it would certainly be a good reason for it to have been created in the first place). If you can’t kill him with that, you’ll need some more Geass hocus pocus to pull it off and it’s not as if Lelouch is going to grant his wish.

    Still, the fact that Freya has been put on the Lancelot right before a major battle implies that it will be used in that battle. There’s no guarantee of it to be sure, but it seems likely. And even if it is used in the upcoming battle, that doesn’t preclude another one being used on the emperor later.

  167. @Kalessin
    If you think about it setting up Freya in Tokyo and killing millions of people could be the final push to Susaku to join Lulu’s ranks. Being a traitor and being a killer are very different things.

    Something interesting I have read before, If rolo dies is because lulu is in fact betrayed by the OoBK, right? Otherwise how could you kill rolo?

  168. @Malcriado
    There are quite a few ways that Rolo could conceivably die. Lelouch was going to blow him up before. He could be defeated in battle. It’s not like he’s invincible – especially in a knightmare. In addition, V.V. talked about how Rolo had a weak heart. As such, a heart attack could kill him. Lelouch could even have Jeremiah kill him if he really wanted to. There are many, many ways in which Rolo could die. Or he could beat the odds and survive the show. Anything on his fate at this point is either pure speculation or spoilers.

    It’s fine to post your speculation or the speculation of others, but if you read anything anywhere that wasn’t the speculation of someone, then please put spoiler tags on it when posting about it. If you don’t know whether it was spoilers or speculation, then you should play it safe and use spoiler tags. And, of course, if you know that it’s a spoiler for future episodes, then use spoiler tags. I know that there are plenty of people around here that don’t want to see anything that even seems like a spoiler, let alone actual spoilers. Speculation is one thing. Potential spoilers is another.

    Now, if you’re looking for spoilers, then is the best place that I know of to go. It has official summaries of upcoming episodes, interviews from some of the voice actors, and pretty much anything Code Geass-related that ends up in a magazine. In addition, it has the “Korean Spoilers” that some Korean blogger posted over a month ago which appear to be leaks of major events from approximately episodes 14 – 20. We don’t know for sure that there’ll all 100% correct, but thus far, they’ve been quite accurate. If you want to know more about what happens to Rolo in the upcoming episodes, you can read it there. However, be warned that these are major spoilers and give away many of the major plot points in the next few episodes.

  169. Given how Suzaku has acted thus far, if he were to actually set off Freya in a populated area and thus kill thousands if not millions of civilians, there’s a high chance that he’d blame it on Lelouch one way or another. This is especially true if he sets of Freya due to the “Live” Geass command. If that’s not why it gets sets off, then the simple fact that Suzaku set it off in the middle of a fight with the OotBK means that if the OotBK – which Zero not only controls but created in the first place – means that Lelouch is responsible in the sense that if Lelouch had not done what he’d done, the battle would never have taken place and Freya would never have been used.

    Just about anything negative from Suzaku’s point of view thus far has been blamed on Zero/Lelouch – whether it’s justified or not. It’s usually at least partially justified, but you can bet that he’ll blame Lelouch on some level for Freya going off.

    Of course, this being Suzaku, he already hates himself plenty and even if he blames Lelouch, he’ll still hate himself for having set Freya off. For that matter, if he sets Freya off, that might be enough for him to want to actually go so far as to commit suicide. If so, Lelouch will once again be in his way because the “Live” Geass command will prevent it.

    Regadless, Suzaku will – understandably – not be a happy fellow if he sets off a bomb that kills millions of civilians. It would be by far the worst massacre of the series thus far if it were to happen.

    On a side note, I find it rather interesting that Lelouch has only ever told two people to live: Suzaku and Shirley. He’s told quite a few people to die, but not many to live. Of course, there really isn’t much point in telling people to live normally. People usually try their best to do that anyway. He’s told plenty of enemies to die, but he’s always had more enemies than friends, so it does make sense for him to tell people to die more often than to live. Come to think of it, I wonder how good or bad it would probably be to Geass the entire OotBK to “Live.” Given the potential side effects, it would probably be a bad idea, but it might make it more likely that more if its members would live to fight another day. Still, I’d advise against it. In either case, enough rambling for now.

  170. oh yeah, i’ll add more but they are NOT mine, okay?

    this was from

    from 4chan:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    from korean blog:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    george from the empire of the rising sun
  171. @george from the empire of the rising sun
    I can just about guarantee that Silentveil isn’t going to read any of those spoilers – certainly not the Korean ones. He (She?) was complaining last episode that too many of the posts near the end of the thread were entirely made up of discussions spoilers and were thus covered by spoiler tags. I don’t think that he’s interested in spoilers at all. Many people aren’t I think and certainly the Korean spoilers are something to be feared by anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled.

    The Korean spoilers that you list there are far from the complete list at , so if you want them all, you’ll have to check them out there. As for the 4chan ones, I have to wonder about a few of them. They mostly coincide with the Korean spoilers, but some of them definitely go farther. Some of those related to Suzaku make a lot of sense – at least where Nunnally is involved. Others seem to be stretching things a bit. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess, but given the number of stray “spoilers” around, I’m becoming increasingly skeptical of posted spoilers when they don’t have an actual source. One spoiler that was circulating around claimed that Suzaku was going to end up getting refrained instead of Kallen due to a struggle, but that was totally bogus. The Korean spoilers have shown themselves to be accurate thus far and supposedly Sunrise tried to get the blogger who originally posted them to remove them from his blog, so I trust them to some extent at this point. But when they first came out, they certainly seemed to be stretching things big time. As for the 4chan spoilers, I don’t know anything about where they come from (or what 4chan is for that matter) and many of them are in the Korean spoilers as well (where they could have been copied from), so I’m holding judgment on them until some of them which aren’t in the Korean spoilers come true.

    In any case, we know that interesting stuff is on its way whether it happens quite as the various “spoilers” that are floating around claim its going to or not.

  172. Kalessin@

    Just for the record, I am a girl, and you are right. I don’t want to look at the spoilers, because, they will pretty much spoil the show. What’s the point of looking at it if I already know what going to happen? But, that’s just my philosophy on things, so don’t mind me.

    If Suzaku kills a whole bunch of people, it would set him off the deep end. He might not die, but going insane isn’t the same things is it? THe live Geass only seem to take place whenever his life is in threat of death, but it doesn’t seem to stop him from being in a predictament that might cause his death. What I mean by this? When Lelouche went over the building to save Shirley they were both dangling over the ground, and easily enough Suzaku could have been pulled over with them. So, the fact that he still latched on means that he can still put himself in danger, but if he felt himself slipping …or the situation looked like he would die by holding onto them …he might let go.

    So, he can be in a dangerous situation [[piloting a knightmare]] but when it comes close to a situation of death, he will do what necassary to survival if there is a way out. Thus, he could still commit suicide, but he would have to think hard on how to accomplish it. No escapes …like poison …could possible do it, or he could surrender to the black knights and let them do what they need to him. Though, if they do anything but kill him from a distances or use poison …they might actually have a pretty violent fight on their hands.

  173. Trying to kill Suzaku from a distance would probably not work at all. Suzaku picked that dagger out of the air in 16 like it was just an annoyance, and in a Knightmare Frame he’s like freaking Amuro Ray. If they needed to kill him, they would have to probably need to do what the Chinese did in the first season. Take out his flight unit, surround, and make him waste his energy. Though how much Lancelot been upgraded since then would be a definite pain. Or just smack him with a Geass Cancellor and let him go on to kill himself somewhere down the line. However, I’m pretty sure killing Suzaku is not going to be anywhere in Lelouch’s plans. That is, unless Suzaku kills Nunnally or blatantly lets her die, but I really don’t see that happening. Also, on a related note, Suzaku’s “Live” geass seems to kick in when Suzaku’s feeling suicidal(like when that Eleven tried to kill him in R2 calling him a traitor), or when he thinks he’s definitely going to die(season 1 against the Chinese, though tying in with the first one, the situation was hopeless so he seemed to be giving into the idea of him dying so the geass activated. Hence suicidal thoughts or resignation to death feelings). Though in the second example I’m pretty sure he would have died anyway, geass or not if Lelouch didn’t come to save him. Maybe that’s why his geass was flickering in and out, it kept making him want to live but he couldn’t find any way to make that happen so the geass kept failing. Kind of like what happened to Shirley, it kept making her want to live but since it was impossible, the geass failed each time.

  174. Superjiwon@

    I was thinking automatic gun fire ….like a firing squad, because, Suzaku could always catch the knife and throw it back. I figure if everyone shoots at the same time, even Suzaku can’t avoid that many bullets.

    As for that time on chineese ship, maybe Suzaku was fighting it. Remember, when he was originally Geass, he shouted out that he didn’t want to die & then moved to try and do something about it. That wouldn’t have been how he wanted to go out, so maybe, he was fighting the impulse to do the same that time. Because, even though he was out of energy couldn’t he have had always ejected out of the knightmare. Not that it would have saved him, but, it would have been some attempt at escaping his fate. A desperate move to try and survive. It’s know that the Geass can be fought. It could have been like with Euphemia she was fighting hers at first, so, it’s possible to fight the geass, but, it’s a losing battle. Though, how long do you need to actually slit your own throat or take a short walk off a ledge?

    I have to look at that episode again, but I don’t think it flicker with Shirley. She was Geass, but the Geass couldn’t do anything to save her life.

  175. @Silentveil
    The Lancelot had no eject system in season 1 and it has never been mentioned in R2 as to whether one has been added. I do recall Cecile complaining to Lloyd near the end of season 1 that he still hadn’t added one (it might even have been in the episode where the Chinese attacked – which is episode 20 I think). So, ejecting is not an option for Suzaku. If he’s going to run, he either has to jump out of his knightmare or run in his knightmare. He can’t eject.

    I don’t know whether Suzaku was fighting the “Live” Geass command in that episode or not (it’s been too long since I’ve seen it), but I certainly don’t recall Shirley fighting her “Live” Geass command. She just couldn’t follow it because she was too close to death. She would have loved to have survived – particularly when Lelouch was showing so much feeling for her. If anything flickered, it was her life.

    As for Suzaku killing himself, while the actual act of committing suicide might be quick enough that if it were to be done out of nowhere with no thought he might be able to pull it off, if he actually thinks about it ahead of time (like he’s bound to do), then the Geass command would stop him. And really, when it comes down to it, while Suzaku does seem to have a death wish on some level, I don’t think that he’s actually willing to kill himself. If he were, he would have done it ages ago.

    Personally, I’d be very surprised if Suzaku died with the “Live” command in effect unless he was just so totally overwhelmed – be it by enemy forces or by a huge weapon that he couldn’t avoid – that he had no chance of survival.

  176. Do you think that the Lancelot ever got an ejection seat? Not that he ever needed to eject since. Hmm, now that I think about it, the time with the Chinese it actually didn’t kick in until Euphemia told him to not die. Not sure how that works now, I suppose it kicks in whenever the hell Sunrise wants it to. And the fact that it was flickering then, does that mean Suzaku really, really, with all his being, wanted to die instead of live? Or was he trying to forcefully activate it in a situation where he really didn’t feel like he was going to die?(outnumbered, out of batteries, no problem. Wait, you’re saying I should be worried Euphemia?) I suppose Shirley could have been wanting to fight the geass when she was dying too? Like “Oh shit this hurts let me die”.

  177. @Kalessin

    Yeah just rewatched those scenes. There was definite flicker in them. The one with the Chinese seemed like it was having a hard time turning on and the flicker was really noticable, with Euphemia it only flickered out once before she collapsed to the ground, and with Shirley it only flickered right before she was about to die. Or close her eyes so we couldn’t see it anymore, since it probably took her a while more to die. Though a Shirley with wide, dead, geass eyes is pretty damn creepy so maybe that’s why they took it out.

  178. SuperJiwon@

    Wow, never thought about that one, that Suzaku could have actually tried to activate his own Geass then, but, I don’t believe he even knows he had it then. I wonder if he knows he has it even now? Oh well, it’s hard to figure out what exactly trigger it, because, at one time I thought it was code word, live/die. Yet, after he flip that guy with the knife, I just can’t figure it out anymore either.

    It’s not the first time they took amazing liberaties …for instances, the entire army that Lelouche has. Where in the world do they keep getting those toys, and why can’t anyone track them? I mean … a huge train load full of Knightmares traveling around should be noticable, and how do they always know where to send them? It’s not like the donors aren’t people outside of the Black knights, and the entire signing up to join the Black Knights. Britianna didn’t slip a spy into thier network because……

  179. regarding the spoilers, still i don’t know if someone from the staff manage to blab it on the internet….if this will be on the news, i say Sunrise will delay the last few episodes to rewrite the story and of course, they can not say that this is an “accident”…

    george from the empire of the rising sun
  180. I believe that Suzaku has wanted to die, but not by his own hand. He wants to be punished for his sins. He was ready to die, but Lelouch gave him the command to “Survive”. It’s the same as with other attacks on Suzaku. It’s like his mind, deep down, wants to die; but the Geass forces his body to move and protect himself.
    I think this is where Suzaku’s conflict stems from with Lelouch. He knows Lelouch used his Geass to save Suzaku, but this same Lelouch killed Euphy. He doesn’t understand, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lelouch doesn’t get the chance to explain to him. This series is infamous for cutting off important conversations.

    I think Freya is different then the way Nina originally designed. Before it was a bulky bomb. I think now it’s been more weaponized, like a warhead. I’m thinking that ‘something’ will happen and Suzaku will launch the bomb in the battle. Though I have no idea, with a bomb like that, Suzaku wont wipe out his target. From what we have heard only one of the semi well known Black Knights will die in this attack. How does he miss wiping them all out? Does seem odd how Suzaku could launch such a weapon and survive without knowing it’s abilities before.
    When Lloyd was pushing Nina I don’t think he meant they would literally die. I think he more meant who they both thought they were would die. It would kill the ideals that Suzaku claimed he was fighting for. His, “I joined the army to stop people from dying.”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nina was trying to get Suzaku killed. I noticed how she asked him if he’s still wishes to associate himself with the “Elevens”.

    I think no matter how much Suzaku may want to die now he can’t take his own life. The Geass would prevent it.

    Show Spoiler ▼

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