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OP: 「星間飛行」 (Seikan Hikou) by 中島愛 (Nakajima Megumi)
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By now, Seikan Hikou isn’t really anything new, and I’ve listened to it quite a bit, so I don’t have much else to say about the song itself. The animation sequence that accompanies it here is amusing and very colorful, and I’m hoping that its relatively simplicity means that the upcoming Lion OP will be really impressive to watch.


As he loads his gun and stares at the promotional flier for Ranka’s concert, Ozma recalls the day he had first brought her to their current home. Since she was still traumatized, he had tried making her a pineapple cake, and although she didn’t think it was delicious, she had finally started talking and showing her feelings to him. Back in the present, Mikhail is still worried about Sheryl and asks Kuran to introduce him to someone she knows who is studying pharmaceutical sciences. Kuran starts to get mad at him, but something else suddenly catches Mikhail’s attention: across the street, Luca is getting into a limousine guarded by men in dark suits. At around the same time, Ozma and Cathy are discussing how someone with an implant is involved in all this, and they suspect something is up with the Galaxy and Leon. Ozma is especially concerned about why Ranka needs to be used when they can already fight the Vajra with their current reactive warheads, and he thinks that the keys are in the Vajra and the 117th Research Fleet. As he walks out of the room, he asks Cathy if she still remembers how to make pineapple cake and comments on how he misses it. This leaves Cathy thinking about how she and Ozma once almost had a passionate night together, but it had been cut short by an urgent phone call.

Over at Ozma and Ranka’s house, Alto sneaks past the guards and into Ranka’s room. While she’s getting him a drink, he notices some pictures of her and Ozma as well as a bamboo container labeled Ai-kun. When he tries to see what’s inside, the creature Ranka adopted jumps out and onto his face. After Ranka returns and clears things up about Ai-kun, she explains that she wanted to talk to him about the experiment involving her. Alto reveals that the others in the S.M.S are happy that the fighting will get easier, but when Ranka asks about how he personally feels, he states that expanding and improving are basic desires of all living things. Competition and strife are born when two or more different groups have those desires, and Alto thinks that it applies to the current case. Since Alto doesn’t oppose her singing to fight the Vajra, Ranka hopes to help everyone and vows to do her best. Meanwhile, Luca brings a suitcase of Fold Quartz to the government building. Leon notes that these are created only inside the bodies of the Vajra and declines to tell Luca about the gems’ power, but Luca already suspects that this all has to do with Richard Birla’s plan. Luca knows that Birla originally made a name for himself in the transportation industry, and his escort organization was the beginning of the SMS. He thinks that the idea is to monopolize distribution and communication on a galactic level – equivalent to ruling the galaxy – but Leon and Grace reveal that they have a different plan.

By now, Ozma has left the S.M.S base and has arrived at the alien creature research laboratory with the intent of investigating what’s happening to the Vajra corpses. He tries to sneak in through the sewers, but he’s caught by Brera who had been following him. Brera knocks out the lights in the sewers and attacks with his knives, but Ozma is able to hold him at bay and demands to know what Brera and the others are plotting. Specifically, he wants to know why they’re using Ranka’s dream as a tool, so Brera reveals that it’s necessary in order to protect her. When Ozma asserts that things are different from 11 years ago since they have enough power now to protect Ranka on their own, Brera counters by saying that this only applies to right now. Ozma then notices the necklace Brera is wearing and realizes who Brera really is, but their conversation is interrupted by a call informing Brera of an impending Vajra attack. Because of this, the two pilots quickly return to base and launch in their respective Valkyries, and Ozma’s group is authorized to use reactive warheads. Much to their surprise though, the warheads have no effect on these Vajra who simply shed their current carapaces and harden new ones. One of the large red Vajra then charges straight at the Macross Quarter and fires a shot aimed at the bridge. Fortunately, Ozma protects everyone by shielding them with his Valkyrie.

Since his Valkyrie is mostly still intact, Ozma goes on to struggle with his opponent in close quarters combat. What ultimately destroys this particular Vajra is a shot from Brera’s quantum beam rifle, and Brera reveals that the old weapons won’t work anymore because the Vajra are always evolving. Brera knows that even his beam rifle will become ineffective sooner or later, and he makes the point to Ozma that this is why they need Ranka’s song. Ozma, however, refuses to accept this and declares that he’ll fight with whatever he has, for as long as he has the will to fight. He then charges a Vajra and cuts through it with the Valkyrie’s knife, and despite his wounds, he feels that he wouldn’t be a man if he couldn’t protect his little sister and the woman he loves. Following Ozma’s lead, the others draw their knives and quickly finish the fight. In the aftermath, everyone attends Ranka’s concert, and Ozma both enjoys the song Seikan Hikou and observes how much Ranka has grown from being a crybaby. He loses consciousness soon afterwards, and Cathy panics when she notices that he has actually been bleeding profusely. They rush him to the hospital, and although everyone is worried, Ozma gets treatment and survives. Meanwhile, Sheryl confronts Grace and says that they need to have a talk.


So much for Ozma dying. I counted at least four separate times that I thought he’d bite the dust, but it looks like the writers were just toying with us. I should have suspected that something was off when the preview last week was hinting so strongly at it – too strongly. I like Ozma’s character though, and he gave a nice speech during the battle, so I’m not exactly sad that he made it out alive. Of course, given how they did this, I probably won’t be shocked now if the writers killed off Ozma when we least expected it. Actually, now that I think about it, that scene where Ozma protected the Macross Quarter was rather reminiscent of a certain scene from Gundam SEED, except replace Mu La Flaga with Ozma and Murrue with Cathy. And no fake-death-only-to-return-in-the-sequel-as-the-masked-man either.

Aside from Ozma, there are a lot of smaller things going on that deserve some attention. For starters, seeing Ai-kun tear up Alto’s paper airplane was a little unsettling in the bad omen sort of way. I still suspect that Ai-kun will play a not-insignificant role in the near future. There’s also how Nanase might be joining the dark side, or at the very least, it’s highly likely that Grace will manipulate her to influence Ranka. On top of that, I get the feeling that Luca might eventually get blackmailed by Leon and/or Grace, and even if that doesn’t happen, continuing to associate with them isn’t going to lead to anything good. Similarly, I’m a little worried that Mikhail will tread treacherous waters trying to investigate the pills that Grace was giving Sheryl, and that could get him killed if things take a dark turn. Given how she appears to be connected to everything, Grace is clearly still the central figure here, and I’m curious to see what happens between her and Sheryl. The preview suggests that Sheryl is going to be in for some more depression, but I’m hoping she’ll somehow be able to rid herself of Grace forever and settle on her own path.


  1. lol at Ozma not dying

    almost everyone was preparing for tissues and words of consolation XD well, we can always hang on to the tissues in case the writers take back their decision and kill Ozma next episode XD

    too many foreboding scenes in this episode.. i’m sensing a major sheryl x alto comforting scene next episode…. i hope they don’t kiss. >_<

    nice bgm selection! can’t wait for lion next episode!

  2. Ozma is made of awesome, so glad he made it through.

    Was Ranka mute or something after the incident ten years ago? I’m pretty sure it was just memory loss. Or was Ozma’s pineapple cake so bad that she spoke? D:

  3. Ozma lives! Why can’t all episodes be like this? C l a s s i c! The sight of Alto climbing two storeys high just to get to Ranka’s room. That’s love.

    Ironic you mentioned Sheryl. I forgot she existed again. Her name’s missing in the ED credits…oh wait, I see it, it’s right with the minor characters HAHAHA

  4. ranka experienced trauma from the vajra incident so she didn’t talk. that’s why ozma was so happy when ranka criticized his cake. (at least she talked ^^;)

    i want next thursday to come soon!!!

  5. >> that scene where Ozma protected the Macross Quarter reminded me a lot of a similar scene from Gundam SEED, except replace Mu La Flaga with Ozma and Murrue with Cathy. And no fake-death-only-to-return-in-the-sequel-as-the-masked-man either.

    That scene (img 23) remembers me a scene in “MACROSS-Do You Remember Love?” Movie, where a Zentradi in power suit was about to atack the main deck in Macross and Hikaru defended, but instead being thanked he was scorned by Misa Hayase.

    Gilberto I.S.
  6. Ranka was traumatized because of the vajra incident but I think it was more because she called him “oniisan” and yeah, because she talked and became a bit more alive than being zombie-like after the vajra incident And does anyone think that Ai-kun is actually a really young vajra? From the egg scene, it looks similar to Ai-kun. And yeah, are those eggs on Macross? Does anyone think so as well?

    And Alto climbing up to visit Ranka, lol, is it just me or does Romeo & Juliet scenes come into your mind as well when you saw that scene with Alto & Ranka?

    A play with words… (Just a game, okay?)
    Ranma SAOTOME (Ranma 1/2) => Alto SAOTOME
    RANKA Saotome (Ranma 1/2) => RANKA Lee
    See any connection? xP

  7. @Sugarblossoms: Ranka turns into a man when you dump hot water on her? I always wondered what that “protrusion” was in episode 7. 😉

    Juliet was only 13, so I guess she had that loli vibe going too.

  8. If Kawamori is going to kill anyone.. he will do so in an unexpected and non spectacular way…

    He did this a long time ago just randomly killing off main characters as easily as you find people dying in war… one second here.. the next gone…

    If Ozma will die, it’ll be some stray shot that ricochets off some reactive armor and pierces through an exposed spot on the Macross before he gets into his fighter or something…

  9. Yeah, that bloody lap was very Focker-like.. and didn’t that happen around this time of the original series? Episode 18 or so? Mind you, at least Ozma got some nookie here… and Cathy looks a LOT more concerned about Ozma than she is about Leon. I guess she knows which one really wants her, and which one just likes to use her as a convenient affair.

  10. @yohkoyamamoto, that OP is just a temp one…the actual new one is suppose to premiere next week i.e. if I’m not mistaken.

    Happy to see more focus on Ozma and yay, he didn’t die. I love seeing Cathy & Ozma together. Lol @ Michel & Alto’s punishment.

  11. nah, singing better suits sheryl. I think she’ll still sing even after learning the cruel truth behind her career. She was the one who said “You sing/fly because you can’t help not to.” so I think she won’t go against her own words. She’ll just have a phase then she’ll stand up again.

  12. New OP = Seikan Hikou = WHAT?!? Where’s my Lion already?!?
    Now that’s a MAJOR disappointment. Not only is Seikan Hikou my least favorite song, (frankly wiggling Ranka and the stars make me feel sick =_=”’) but it’s old too.
    They should’ve put Nakajima dancing in it like Northern Cross – which I love now btw.

    Good that Ozma didn’t die. Overall not so exciting episode. Eps 1-7 and the Macross Zero episode were much better.

    @nobody important
    Agrees. I hate Luca even more than Ranka. Even though he is voiced by my beloved Fukuyama Jun.

  13. Poor poor Sheryl… Dumped by Grace. It mean, most of singer’s fame are depend on their manager…? Well, we can put Ranka in exception since her manager does…”minor thing”, ahahahaha….

  14. @famfiel: I had to watch ep7 to see what you were referring to. Lol, is that why she was wearing a scarf? xP

    I love it that things are going well for Ranka (on her career) but Sheryl’s a strong woman. She wouldn’t let herself be thrown away, even by her manager. She loves to sing so I’m sure she wouldn’t stop that but she wouldn’t make a good pilot. She’s strong and brave but she’s more suitable as a singer than being a pilot.

  15. It’s been said a few times, but this ISN”T THE NEW OP!

    Ranka fans would like to think it is though. It’s a temp promo OP to push the new single iirc. Next week is the real 2nd OP so calm down people.

    Also lol to everyone who just jumped the Ozma gun thinking he’s Fokker 2.0. Seriously I told you people to not assume things weeks ago didn’t I? Ozma =/= Fokker, hell they’re NOTHING alike. It’s good to see how the writers pulled everyones (or mostly everyones) chain along this whole episode only to keep him alive and laugh at everyones shocked reactions.

  16. Oh and guys, come on, if anything Sheryl isn’t a one hit wonder like Ranka. Don’t forget that Sheryl doesn’t just sing, she writes her own songs as well. She can probably even produce just fine. If anything now that Grace looks like she’ll leave her alone things should be even better for her once she’s over this slump.

  17. Sheryl fans should have more faith in Sheryl. She may be down in the dumps right now but this only means she’ll come back strongly later. Well, at least that’s the vibe I’m getting.

  18. I can’t see Sheryl writing songs for others to sing. Singing for her is personal. It’s her passion. She wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. That’s how admirable she is.

    For me, I know this episode’s OP is not the official one but I don’t think Ranka’s a one-hit wonder. She just starting, but I can see her personality is as strongly as Sheryl’s. Give her time to be independent and put a decent song into her hands and she can belt it out just as strongly as Sheryl.

  19. @Sugarblossoms

    Ranka staying as a one hit wonder or not mostly depends on how the anime will end. If this was real life with a good manager and producer sure with time she could get up there, but this is anime so anything within the macross plot/universe can happen. Sorry to burst the Ranka fans bubble but she might not even be around at the end for all we know.

    8 episodes to go.

  20. @GP

    Regarding this anything can happen in an anime show, that’s true. Just as the probability of Ranka being a one-hit wonder. Remember, Sheryl acknowlegdes that Ranka has the talent to sing and sing well. I doubt she would support someone she thinks is lacking the skills to stay in the business. If she did, that would mean she has the poor eye to spot which are talented people.

  21. @diva: Funny you should say that… I thought the scene conveyed very much how a.) Ranka is still a child ( look at her room! ) and b.) how Alto is *not* romantically interested in her. Sure, he climbed up to her window, but nothing, and I mean *nothing* from him afterwards which translates to any romantic interest. Only some blushing from Ranka, but, again, nothing from Alto.

    Alto is very determined to protect Ranka, as has been seen in about every episode in which she gets into danger, but after episode 12, nothing at all has come from him getting affected by her singing.

    I´d say he has adopted the “older brother” role very much. If Ozma should still bite it, Alto would be there to take over for him.

  22. The cd sales for Interstellar Flight are way behind Diamond Crevasse and Triangler, they probably used this episode as one last push before the May’n and Megumi’s Lion premieres next week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dvd/blueray version of episode 17 has Triangler as the OP again and this OP as an extra.

    As for why no Lion yet… I’m assuming the OP has spoilerific scenes in it and since next episodes preview says Grace tells Sheryl the truth… I’m expecting.. the last words before the OP next episode to be..

    Grace – You’re a failure, you’re a (insert whatever she is, clone or modified human or whatever). Sheryl’s eyes go wide in shock, cue new OP!

    “Ironic you mentioned Sheryl. I forgot she existed again. Her name’s missing in the ED credits…oh wait, I see it, it’s right with the minor characters HAHAHA”

    Diva I get the feeling you won’t be posting much for the next 3 weeks 😉 Considering 18 seems to be a major Sheryl character episode, 19 has uhh.. well you will see 😉 And episode 20 needs to promote the new May’n cd single for Lion/Nothern Cross… and guess who NC is aimed at!

  23. @SheTan :Ranka’s old manager will be Sheryl’s new manager 🙂 It could be funny but unlikely if she wants to stop singing.

    @browniekat: Sheryl fans should have more faith in Sheryl. She may be down in the dumps right now but this only means she’ll come back strongly later. Well, at least that’s the vibe I’m getting.

    I think so too, they can’t pushed her aside like that ,she has a role in the plot but even with that, the ” being a clone” possibility is just too much for a win win situation at the end.

    @magnus: Alto is very determined to protect Ranka, but after episode 12, nothing at all has come from him getting affected by her singing.
    I´d say he has adopted the “older brother” role very much. If Ozma should still bite it, Alto would be there to take over for him.

    The older brother argument is irrelevant here. He was already affected by her singing in episode 3 with aimo and it’s not like he is just affected by her voice/singing, he already said in the 13, he can be impressed with her unexpected pluck. It seems he was more than just the role of a brother in the 14 when sheryl asked him to return alive 🙂
    I can also say sheryl has adopted the big sister or good friend role so much that he hold her as such.

  24. I also had the feeling that Seikan Hikou didn’t sell as well as the other CDs, so it needed a push from within the animation. I personally thought that it looked forced to put it as an OP, it looked unplanned and used mostly (if not all) recycled footage, some from the choppy flash animation even.

    But of course, the Ranka concert was in pretty good quality, so all that’s forgiven. 😛

  25. Well as is often the case the OP/ED and the concerts in MacF are all there to sell the CDs, this is also true for every anime when it comes to OP/EDs. MacF just takes this a few steps farther then most with all the music in the eps themselves.

  26. @mai

    It was probably put together last minute and thus looks like that. If it’s just around for this episode only that’s what I take from it. And it looks like ep18 is the real new OP so yeah.

  27. Episode Titles and one line synopsis for 19-21

    Show Spoiler ▼

  28. This was a feast for Macross fans, with pinneapple cake (if it was salad, Ozma would be dead by now, thats what saved him) and everyone that know the original Macross spending the whole episode just waiting for the inevitable. Fortunatelly, Frontier’s health care service seems to be better than the one on SDF-1, cause this time Ozma survives. Being a fan of Ozma i was actually relieved when they said he would survive but i spent the entire episode just waiting for him to die. Come on, with a title like “Goodbye Sister” and constant references to pinneapples it was almost a givven. Thank God it didn’t happen… at least yet.

  29. It’s really similar to Roy Focker’s Death scene from Macross(TV)

    PS.Ozma is Skullleader with Yellow Valkyrie like Roy Focker.

    It’s Dejavu! again.

    youtube.com/watch?v=wjQtYMJ1HA4 roy’s scene

  30. @westfall

    Like I said, people shouldn’t be so quick to jump to the conclusion that Ozma would die. This ep was just the writers pulling everyones chain along right till the end. They’re probably laughing at everyone who was so sure he’d die in this ep.

    But that aside, hell, this is 2059, a little blood lose can be fixed!

  31. Crazy theory: Being dumped by Grace, Sheryl is shut out of the normal channels an entertainer needs to go through. Alto, seeing the injustice in the whole thing, willingly gets back into the entertainment business through his previous contacts and his father, although not with ease nor pleasure. Once back in, he helps Sheryl back to her feet, getting her access to musical performance venues again. The catch is that he has to utilize his previous talents as a kabuki actor and must become Sheryl’s singing mate dressed up as a woman. 😀

  32. @Magnus Kei: I guess that scene in the Macross Quarter last episode was very “sibling”-like for you, then? Sorry, you´re on the wrong track here. Sheryl ganbatte! 🙂

    You’re right here,it wasn’t a sibling like scene but more a misunderstanding one.
    Have you seen how he grasped her head ? He was just thinking about the earring and Sheryl was imagining things 🙂 Can’t blame her,though
    The most telltale sign is when she asks him why he was worried… What’s with that question ? Alto is a dense character but I can’t blame him for being in bewilderment.
    I know she will make a come back in the main plot and a Supra move for Alto but I hope she will do it like in star date she was herself but recently she is too …shy (maybe this is her clone lol) And Ranka & Klan : fighting!!!

    @Cyyaw :”Ai-kun is a baby vajra queen” which will turn into a huge monster !!!

    Ozma sure is a lucky guy I hope he won’t be killed by Leon…Cathy! What a lady-killer ^-^

  33. Pinapple cake saves lives

    Pinnaple salad takes lives

    I feel bad for Sherly, but I have faith in her!!!

    I am nor surprised VF-25’s have the pin point barrier system

    I am waiting for the subs 🙂

  34. I have to say that the very fact he survived brought these series down quite a lot for me.

    It would have been better for the plot and setup that he would die. I jus thope that it won’t turn into another shitfest where everyone survives…

  35. As soon as i saw the “Pineapple Cake” scene I thought it was going to be th new “Pineapple Salad” for sure. Especially when they showed the mechancics looking into SKULL 01-JUST like SDF Macross. But now..I think that if anyone were to die (which I’m starting to doubt) it’ll be the bad guys and/or…Sheryl. I think it was called “Goodbye Sister” to either fool the viewer, or to show how Ozma sees Ranka as a woman now. Also-who else enjoyed the FIRE BOMBER music this episode? It was a nice change from hearing “Interstellar Flight” again. It is getting as annoying as “My Boyfriend Is A Pilot” did in SDF Macross.

  36. Seriously, this show keeps giving me what I want. Ozma didn’t die afterall. ^_^ But you can kinda tell by the end when Ozma started acting like Roy Fokker that it’s not going to turn out the same way. Fantastic episode~

    LOL@Alto climbing Ranka’s room. That scene was just so adorable. If there’s a will, there’s a way, huh? To think that Alto would go THAT far and act like it’s no big deal. Not even Brera could stop these two from seeing each other. The Piggy back, the hair tying, the glomping, and now this. The staff never runs out of ideas. They’re just so pure together.

    And unfortunately, Brera got served here. Not just by Alto, but by Ozma and Michael too. Tsk tsk…

  37. @Res

    I think everyone can pretty much conclude now that Ai-kun is a baby Vajra and is growing. The only important think now is if he’ll have any role later on or just be there to fill space.

    I’m personally hoping he snaps and goes killer Vajra and they have to kill him. Would make for some very good d0rama. Oh, it’d also be nice if he took Nanase out in the process kthx.

  38. Here’s another way to look at the “Alto-climbing-the-wall-to-get-to-Ranka” scene: It was meant to show how isolated Ranka has become – even her closest people aren’t allowed to see her (in addition to no longer living in her old home with her brother). And Alto was lucky that Brera wasn’t there, or else he would probably climb the wall only to end up face-to-face with Brera, and fall down from surprise. LOL Now that would’ve been fun.

    Klan’s reaction when Michael told her why he wanted to see her was so much fun, especially after seeing her fix her hair so she would look good. Looks like Alto isn’t the only guy who’s clueless about girls liking him. lol

    In any case I hope we see a bit more of Sheryl next ep – this week she was almost completely absent. Which was a bit surprising – I didn’t think she would get away this easily after getting involved in a secret operation she wasn’t supposed to know about. I’m getting a bit sick of watching Ranka (and some Ranka “fans” making comments like:
    “diva at 9:28 pm on July 31st, 2008

    Ozma lives! Why can’t all episodes be like this? C l a s s i c! The sight of Alto climbing two storeys high just to get to Ranka’s room. That’s love.

    Ironic you mentioned Sheryl. I forgot she existed again. Her name’s missing in the ED credits…oh wait, I see it, it’s right with the minor characters HAHAHA”
    Isn’t helping any…)

  39. Brera is no doubt cool but he’s an ass sometimes!

    Thank goodness, Ozma survived! I’ve been expecting the worse! He’s one of the reasons why I enjoy watching this show.

    ~ Eri ~

  40. Aimo (Ai-kun) is definitely a baby vajra. In the scene where Leon is speaking with Luca in his office there’s a computer displaying vajra data…you can see an Ai-kun in the lower-right corner of the computer screen. Not to mention the other scene in this episode when the vajra egg started to open.

    Michael’s words after the scene where Ozma was having “that time of the month” had me ROFL especially considering Ozma coud’ve died like 5 times in this episode. I just hope Kathy doesn’t also have a recipe for pineapple salad!

    Just a thought: the battle is in this episode was basically set up to have heavy losses from the get-go in order to trick the vajra into a false sense of superiority so that they’ll bring a much stronger force into the next sortie…which is when Ranka will likely return to the scene and sway the tide of the battle.

    As much as I dislike Grace I love discovering more about her plans…here’s hoping for some big reveals concering Sheryl next week ie. Grace to Sheryl: “your whole existance is a lie”

  41. The first half of the series has Sheryl on the big, successful, kissing Alto, and the likes. Now it’s Ranka’s turn.
    If they stick to the conventional dramatic structure, the next couple of episodes will be Sheryl’s Oscar winning time.
    Sheryl is now in her second act, her depression, lose everything to Ranka.
    Of course that makes her accession back to the light more heartfelt.

    Michael Bay

    Michael Bay
  42. I’m curious, are no Ranka fans at all annoyed at how Ranka has completely ignored that she could communicate with the Varja? Or how that her valid worries about her use were washed away by a few simple sentences from Alto? If Leon asked her to she’ll probably work at a strip joint if Alto said it was okay…

    ” I’m getting a bit sick of watching Ranka (and some Ranka “fans” making comments like:

    Isn’t helping any…)”

    Don’t worry Shadowblack, I get the feeling diva will be quiet for a few episodes 😉

  43. Really enjoyed the focus on the older characters this time around. Interesting to note that while Alto, Ranka and Sheryl are grappling to understand their place in the scheme of things, both Ozma and Cathy are trying to find out what’s really going on at the same pace that we are.

    I honestly think Macross F is handling its conspiracy in a style worthy of the X-Files – perhaps even better, since it’ll be resolved at the end of the series (unlike the X-Files Alien colonization plot). I think Grace and Leon want to use Ranka to enslave the Vajra, and then harvest the Fold Quartz from them. The theory doesn’t quite hold water though – because it still doesn’t explain the multiple unnamed figures we saw in ep 15.

  44. I don’t think anyone in Macross thinks that Ranka can communicate with the Varja. They just knew that her song has the ability to affect, not to communicate but to affect Varja’s actions. And Sheryl wouldn’t be depress if Grace were to reveal that she’s a “failure.” If anything more, I’d bet that that would only fuel Sheryl’s anger and she’d fight back (not physically). She would prove to anyone, especially to Grace, who Sheryl is. From the preview, she looks like she had prepared herself for the worse that she might hear. She has this determined look that she would be trampled on by anyone.

    If Sheryl is a clone (I don’t think that she is), then wouldn’t that make Ranka a clone too? For that matter, wouldn’t there be any other clones? from 117th Research Fleet? Anyone knows what the 117th Research Fleet is actually researching on? Sorry, I haven’t visited the comments before in previous episodes so this might have already been discussed.

    If the 117th Reasearch Fleet is actually researching on Vajra, that might be a reason as to why Ranka’s voice can affect the Vajra. Then does that mean Sheryl was on the 117th Research Fleet too? or maybe in another similar research fleet?

  45. She has this determined look that she would be trampled on by anyone. ==> should have been “She has this determined look that she wouldn’t be trampled on by anyone.”

  46. Too true Gp.

    “I don’t think anyone in Macross thinks that Ranka can communicate with the Varja.”

    Of course they don’t think that, the only person who knows is Ranka and she’s too busy glomping Alto, singing against/with sheryl for alto, going BRERA-SAN to tell anyone that she can.

    And yes Sheryl is a strong woman and she may have prepared for the worst but as pic shows it affects her.


    Her entire life to date itself is about to come under attack.

  47. @GP

    I suppose so but isn’t that technically also true with die-hard Sheryl fans; they only care about the SherylxAlto? I dunno… for me, it’s preferable that Alto ends up with Sheryl but I’m not going to kill anyone if he ends up with Ranka…

    And this may offend the Ranka fans out there (I apologize in advance) but I laughed so hard when I read this:

    “Who would f*#k this alien abortion green haired ugly piece of sh*t anyway?” ~a certain fansub group

  48. @Res

    Yeah, some die-hard Sheryl fans also do the same. But then many Sheryl sided viewers also talk about the other stuff going on. Some Ranka sided fans also but notice that I use Sheryl/Ranka “sided fans” and not fanboys/girls or die-hards. There is a distinction.

  49. “Who would f*#k this alien abortion green haired ugly piece of sh*t anyway?”

    Alto and Brera. What a dumb question. Add those crazy otakus around my area too. Hontou, Ranka summoning Alto in her room with Alto complying like a sucker, didn’t know there this kinky!

  50. Ok guys seriously! This series need to bring up the speed up a bit! I mean its the 17th episode and we still havent seen anything dramatic. Its mostly about the relationships between the people in there and STILL that is not executed well.
    We still havent seen the 2 girls fighting for Alto that much! We need more action SOON and more romance development!

  51. @Westlo-“If Leon asked her to she’ll probably work at a strip joint if Alto said it was okay…”

    Alto will probably rip Leon’s hair till his head comes off first before that happens. ^_^ Ranka’s already having a gut instinct that what she’s doing to the Vajra is wrong, it’s just that her adviser Alto is as naive as her. Both are naive, so both think they’re doing a good job.

    By the way, when Ozma said “it’s different 11 years ago, we can keep Ranka safe now”, I suddenly have a bad feeling that Ranka is someone who isn’t supposed to live a normal life. I can’t wait to see the story flesh this drama out. And it looks like Ranka’s voice nurtures the Vajra more than anything. Were those Vajra eggs hatching in the concert hall? I still go by Leon’s words in 11 about Cinderella. =/

  52. That scene where Ozma blocks the cannon also can be referenced to Macross: DYRTL where Hikaru in the first dog fight destroys a enemy before hitting the bridge. Klan is soooo cute… But I am wondering what happened to the other zentradi girl she hangs out with and did she even care about the maybe death of the red hair girl.

    But just form the previews Sheryl looks to be in a slump, but who knows what the directors have in mind. But it wouldn’t be surprising if someone died in a non dramatic manner, as they has how Macross has usually been.

    Back a few episodes I am starting to think maybe ranka will mutate into a vajra herself, because back when she was held by the queen she was implanted with something. This is just speculation but her mother may have been the queen before, and thank god ozma didn’t die and hats off to them for teasing us like maybe 4-5 times in the episode, now i think about it if he died next episode it would be a complete wtf.

  53. Actually, the references to the pineapple cake w/ ozma and cathy are throwbacks to Roy Focker, a pilot with the same callsign (Skull 1/ skull leader) as Ozma and a similarly schemed valkry from the original Super dimensional fortress macross and from Macross zero. In the original macross, Focker left his fighter to spend time with his girl, who made a cake (i think it was pineapple too). The techies found blood in the cockpit too. The main difference being, Focker died, ozma didn’t.

  54. “Alto will probably rip Leon’s hair till his head comes off first before that happens. ^_^ Ranka’s already having a gut instinct that what she’s doing to the Vajra is wrong, it’s just that her adviser Alto is as naive as her. Both are naive, so both think they’re doing a good job.”

    Considering Alto’s track record in fist fights I would expect Leon to knock him out.

  55. ^It’s the thought that counts.

    And Ai-kun IS a baby vajra. That much is confirmed.:) They said fold quartz grow inside the Vajra’s bodies, but Ranka has those inside of her. If she’s the Little Queen, then she can turn out to be part Vajra. I guess we can say that technically. If you notice, the Vajra queen in 14 also bears the same hairstyle as her, she’s like an older version of Ranka. If Ranka realizes that she can talk to the Vajra, she can tell the Vajra to leave Frontier alone, or even go find Galaxy and smite them. Then everyone will live happily ever after. I don’t think MF is as dark as I thought. As for Raramia, she probably ejected herself at the last minute and is just really badly hurt. Klan looks too happy to look like she’s mourning. =/

  56. cheers folks,

    lots of familiar scenes this episode, got me going ‘woahh, woahh,…’ each time . not least since the same script writer also handled My HiME franchise, the SEED franchise and now he does the ‘Pine Salad/Cake’ & ‘Mue shields Murrue/Arch Angel’ incidents all in one episode. no copyright infringement here as its all under the Bandai umbrella… de culture

    the Research Fleet is termed ‘Hyaku Nana Jyu’ – 170th , or so i keep hearing Ozma repeating…

    As for Raramia Reremia, although some full size Zentradi can survive for extended periods of time in Space environs , even unprotected, in her case, she may have been critically injured in the explosion following that shot from the Vajra. tho chances are almost nil she survived the fire fight raging all around her and was out of the path of that eventual Macross Cannon blast, there are still some of us rooting for her, even in Japan. so i dun know. (her name i extracted from NewType July issue, where she appeared under the topic Cosmic Girls , with Nene, Kuran and Raramia mimicking Ranka’s ‘Kira***’ move like she does in Seikan Hikou)

  57. Cris, you may be closer to the truth then you think, heh. the real Max and Miria however, were often squabbling over ditty little things on Macross 7 (the fleet, not the series alone), which got them staying apart… tho they eventually got back to cuddling terms.

    the first Macross series was slated for 48 eps , got axed to 27 then got stretched to 36. so certain issues were rushed and stayed that way, probably Fokker’s death was one of those not originally meant to happen so fast. lots of things appeared rushed.
    this time round, the guys got good time to make a good show. make a good brew, some say. so like in John Woo’s film ‘A Better Tomorrow’ the gangster shoots his younger brother, a cop, to regain the trust of other gangsters. the cop survives that time. but not in the second movie. here’s hoping things will blossom for Ozma and Cathy.

    the ‘Vajra’ evolved to their present state… so there may be other forms that are non-aggresive, or even human-like (ie ‘Grace’ ?)

  58. I’m shocked Ozma survived. It all screamed like a reimaging of Pineapple Salad from the original Macross. Ozma already comes off as an analog of Roy to me as it is. The pineapple cake, the increased air time and emphasis on his relationships, the suddenly keeling over in a casual setting, the hidden severe bleeding: pretty much identical to how Roy went out. But I’m glad he’s survived for now, though I still have him marked for death for later. Mikhail and/or Kuran are moving up on my death list too- going to learn some things they shouldn’t have and at least one will get killed for it.

  59. Can somebody tell me what is the title of the song and the singer’s name during the battle where Ozma is protecting the Macross Quarter, it’s very amazing, I love it 😀
    Thanks ^^

  60. Mabo,
    I think the songs are both from Macross 7. According to the end credits, the name of the song is ‘Try Again’ by Fire Bomber. The other (used at the beginning) is ‘My Soul For You’. Since Ozma would’ve adopted Ranka only a few years after the events of Macross 7 – using Fire Bomber’s music was a nice touch.

  61. If Ozma really were to die then that would just make him another Roy Focker. Well played, Kawamori. The scene of Alto raiding Ranka’s room made me spill my coffee.XO I even knew someone that pulled the same stunt. Boy I’m so amused. Looks like the truth is bound to hurt Sheryl next episode. Sheryl and Alto getting together in the end is nearly impossible, but I’d like to see Sheryl find her inner strength to stand up to Grace and correct her doing regardless. She would more likely feel responsible that she and Grace led the Vajra to Frontier. But most of all, I’d like to see Sheryl become the Songstress of the Galaxy till the very end. I’m rooting for success in her career.

  62. I dun care about Ozma. You watch Ranka fanz! Next episode 18 will be equivalent of episode 12 for Sheryl! Ya sheryl looks down but she’ll have it coming to Ranka! Alto will find her in the rain serve her some hot tea and realize he cares for Sheryl more than RANKA. You heard it from fochoxy first kukukuku It’s gonna happen! Sheryl will come on top to get Alto back. Ranka will be doomed to be with the Vajra and save the Frontier with no Alto. It’s a turnaround!! ‘-,-‘

  63. to the person above me-LMFAO! Desperate aren’tcha? There’s only 8 episodes left. Capiche? The show is almost over and Galaxy and Vajra are running amok, your deluded if you think it’ll be Alto who will find Sheryl. WHat is this episode 16 repeat? The damn guy will be fighting outer space with Ozma and SMS. Stupid shipper….

    I’m convinced the whole Frontier can get wiped out and Ozma will still crawl out of it alive. The guy just can’t die huh? I’m going to laugh so hard if Ozma bites it randomly in the future episodes. PINECAKE!

  64. I also think Mikhail will be in danger if he keeps doing the sherlock Holmes role and may take Ozma place for the pineapple cake.
    Leon is such a fool character that I expect him to be tricked by Grace at the end and leaved like a garbage in the streets…

    puchuchan You’re right when you say that it can’t be Alto who finds Sheryl because it was already done in episode 16.

    sia Sheryl’s biased fan… aren’t you ?
    I think you should respect other people blog and shy of treated people because they’re not writing everywhere Sheryl will get Alto at the end .

    It’s pretty obvious where the story wants to leads us and every fair people out there know, now, that it’s going to be Ranka who will win Alto heart.
    You should go somwhere else if this blog attracts too much morons 🙂

  65. the look-alike older version of ranka is probably her mom.

    considering that alto took a risk climbing ranka’s apt, he pretty much cares for his friend. hope it turns into romantic love. *keeping my fingers crossed* it’s not wrong to hope, isn’t it?

  66. the look-alike older version of ranka is probably her mom.

    considering that alto took a risk climbing ranka’s apt, he pretty much cares for his friend. hope it turns into romantic love. *keeping my fingers crossed* it’s not wrong to hope, is it?

  67. @ sia ” Omni’s blog attract morons from EVERYWHERE” Like always none of your agument are convincing :)Don’t forget to be here the last episode, : it’s worse than what I supposed it would be for Sheryl …
    Sheryl is not a clone but indeed a girl who was supposed to die. Grace picked her, injected her a virus named her Sheryl Nome ( if she was speaking about her name and fame..)she was the centerpiece of the fairy 9 project who failed.
    Looks like she is dying too…
    Love Ranka more and more!!
    The new opening is awesome !


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