「呼ぶ声」 (Yobu Koe)
“Voice that Calls Out”

Episode at a Glance:
With Kumohira bearing all responsiblity and taking a sudden leave from school, Raimei expresses how helpless she feels and wonders what Miharu will do now. Strolling through the city, Yoite is frustrated that Miharu doesn’t know where Kumohira might go, which makes Miharu think that his teacher probably regrets pledging to him. Elsewhere at a hall where Hattori is about to give a speech, Yukimi apologizes to the Kairoushuu leader about Kumohira’s sudden disappearance, prompting him to ask if Yoite got involved. While Hattori accepts his lie that he didn’t, he orders the retrieval of the Engetsurin and questions whether he should’ve left Yoite in his care. On a similar insinuating note, Ichiki adds that being influenced by children will get an adult corrupted.

Meanwhile, Miharu has brought Yoite back to the medical treatment center, where Kazuho explains his ever degrading condition, which includes chronic pneumonia, degredation of respiratory organs, malnutrition, and degradation of regenerative abilities. Realizing that Yoite’s just been taking the heart medication, she claims that she can only try to slow down the rate that the Kira is consuming him. Wondering what even keeps Yoite going at this point, Kazuho is surprised to hear Miharu worry about the lack of progress in the hijutsu research. She easily figures it’s for Yoite’s sake though, but tells Miharu that they won’t make it in time. Awakened from his nightmare about his parents wishing he had died, Yoite leaves his room and overhears Kazuho telling Miharu that he only has a month to live.

In another room, Raikou is visiting Gau, who Kazuho believes should’ve regained consciousness by now. On his way out, Raikou runs into Yoite and expresses how it’s unusual that Miharu’s not with him. Stating that he’s envious of how they met in the Nabari world, Raikou adds that they’re unlike him and Gau, who he feels won’t wake up because he blames him. Hearing his depressed train of thought, Yoite angrily tells Raikou that he should save him if he can and suggests using Daya. Despite having decided that he’d do anything to save Gau, Raikou says using the Daya is forbidden and doing so would only hurt Gau emotionally, so Yoite tells him he’s better off killing Gau himself then. After receiving a slap in the face and accusations that he hates everything about the world, Yoite tells Raikou he doesn’t have anything important in this world and lives only for a desire. He then offers to kill Gau for him, so he knocks Raikou out with his Kira before entering Gau’s room and using it on him as well.

Reminded of how he only has a month to live, Yoite then wanders out of the medical center, leaving behind a mess for Kazuho to clean up. Walking through the streets, Yoite recalls surviving from a fall that the news suspected was a suicide attempt, and quietly asks to be erased. During this time, Miharu is frantically searching for him, feeling how selfish Yoite’s acting when he had already promised to help him. After seeing a dead cat being cried over by a kitten in the alley, Miharu recalls how Yoite said he didn’t want to die and hurries along. Back at the center, Raikou wakes up and finds that Gau has as well, which the doctor suspects might be because of the Kira. Unable to find Yoite, Miharu tries pleading to the Shinrabanshou for help, but soon discovers a trail of blood that leads him to him.

In an erractic state haunted by his nightmares, Yoite exclaims how everything is mistaken: how there’s no one named “Sora”, how he was here before he knew it, how there was no home, and how he had no name for sixteen years. While Yoite feels like a make-believe character to everyone, Miharu reassures him that he exists here and now. In tears, Yoite asks Miharu to save him and make him disappear as if he never existed to begin with. Hearing this, Miharu says that he understands and it’s what he promised to do to begin with, but thinks to himself how he doesn’t want Yoite to disappear.


Next Episode:
「死神の横顔」 (Shinigami no Yokogao)
“Profile of a Death God”

This was a surprisingly touching episode, as the scene at the end between Miharu and Yoite tugged on my emotional strings a fair bit. (Much more than expected anyway.) While it didn’t at first, I got absorbed into the whole thought of Yoite being on his death bed with only a month to live and constantly haunted about a fall/suicide attempt that his father and step-mother wished he died from. His erratic voice about not wanting to die and wanting to disappear instead echoed the culmination of the Yoite-themed plot we’ve seen thus far. The flashbacks in particular helped emphasize this, as did the foreshadowing of a dead cat and seeing how his body is decaying from head to toe, which continue to remind me of how much emphasis is placed on character development and plot rather than action in this series. i.e. A very nice change from your typical shounen ninja shows.

In addition, the scene between Raikou and Yoite arguing on differing standpoints of what should be done about Gau felt like a very fragile conservation that was just bound to erupt (which it did). While Yoite’s “use any means to save him or you may as well kill him” philosophy didn’t quite sit well with Raikou, he didn’t seem intent on killing Gau even after saying he would, so I’m glad to see Yoite show everyone that there’s more to him than a mere death god. Given how the theme of the series lately seems to be “struggles”, I’m finding the ending song a lot more suited, especially when I hear it start playing after a scene like this.


– Rokujou Miharu (六条 壬晴) / Kugimiya Rie (釘宮 理恵)
– Yoite (宵風) / Saiga Mitsuki (斎賀 みつき)
– Kumohira Thobari Durandal (雲平・帷・デュランダル) / Namikawa Daisuke (浪川 大輔)
– Aizawa Kouichi (相澤 虹一) / Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)
– Shimizu Raimei (清水 雷鳴) / Fujimura Ayumi (藤村 歩)
– Yukimi Kazuhiko (雪見 和彦) / Tsuda Kenjirou (津田 健次郎)
– Hattori Toujuurou (服部 柊十郎) / Nakata Jouji (中田 譲治)
– Shimizu Raikou (清水 雷光) / Suwabe Junichi (諏訪部 順一)
– Amatatsu Kazuho (天立 和穂) / Kano Yui (鹿野 優以)
– Ichiki (一季) / Amano Yuri (天野 由梨)
– Yoite’s step mother (宵風の義母) / Kouda Naoko (幸田 直子)
– Yoite’s father (宵風の父) / Koyatsu Hisanori (小谷津 央典)
– Nurse (看護士) / Subeo Kana (須部和 佳奈)
– Nurse (看護士) / Sakuma Kumi (佐久間 紅美)


  1. Wow,I heard about this episode yesterday.
    This is certainly one that just reading about it tugs my heartstrings.
    I love Yoite and Miharu’s relationship,it’s very touching.
    Yoite must seriously survive at all costs,he deserves a second chance at life.

  2. I totally agree with the summary! Despite reinterpreting the manga, it matched and even—in some ways, surpassed the original material. Though I have to be honest and say that I’m not into shounen-ai, I absolutely love the interactions between Miharu and Yoite. I love how Nabari no Ou pays so much attention to its characters. It’s one of the reasons that Nabari has become my current favorite manga and anime. I also like the the creators seem intent to skirt the line and give shounen-ai hints without completely crossing the line. It’s a comfortable compromise, and I really like it.

  3. This show is so sad. But so amazingly good. Who can seriously watch this show and not feel bad for Yoite? I loved this episode, it was amazing. I wonder if something like this is going to happen in the manga too? Anyway, really good episode, bery touching, and thanks for the blog. 🙂

  4. Hey, you don’t make fun of romance series for having too much fluff, and you don’t make fun of action series for having too much fighting, so why make fun of this BL series for having too much gay? -shot-

    I’m actually pretty satisfied with the way J.C. Staff is handling Nabari now. After the poor adaptation of the Alya arc, I had little hope left, but they’re pulling through now. I just hope that they keep this up through to the end of the series(the quality, not the BL).

    The scene with the cat made me so sad. :[

  5. This just became one of my favourite episodes. I always love the character interactions & development in this series which is why I keep on watching it. I think that Miharu will eventually convince Yoite to keep on living and he may even be successful in getting Thobari to help save him but it will probably come at a cost.

  6. @ Wang @Feai

    …. so what if it is “gay” for your standars? Nabari no Ou is just plain amazing, the way the develop their characters and the way the approach things is new and refreshing, it’s not a complete “fight the whole time” show, it has a grand balance between character development, action, drama, and pace….

    It is really a pity people like you try to antagonize and degrade such an amazing series just because of a factor that you don’t like I’d suggest you to have a more of a critic mind… but then again you might misunderstand my advice so I’ll just leave it like that

    Oh and btw, for the record, I totaly loathe yaoi but that doesn’t mean I cannot see and like this series for the way it is (yes including the BL-content in there)

    This episode was touching, and the way Yoite acts and feels about himself right now is almost unbearably anguish you just have to fall in love with his character more and more as the serie evolves…. I just hope he can find a new chance of atonnemet with himself before all ends (that or that Miharu actually does something about that)

    a lone Thought
  7. I actually hope they are gay, after reading how marginalized gay relationships are in Japanese media.

    I understand not wanting to watch BL, as I don’t particularily care for yuri myself. If Yoite and Miharu were both girls I would still love this show however. (Just not quite as much, lol)

  8. Aww, well, everyone has the right to love what they love. XD

    And I’m totally in love with this show, whatever it may be. It’s sad that some people are put off by a certain element that leaves them unable to enjoy the rest of the series. Lol, the shounen-ai tones are kind of strong at times, but I can’t think of any series, manga or anime, that I’m currently looking forward to more than this one.

  9. I’m convincing myself that miharu and yoite are showing affection in a brotherly way. I’ve watched it this far, I can’t stop now. As long as it doesn’t go to the point of kissing… DX

    Sorry for sounding like a homophobe…

  10. @Dango: no i dont watch naruto and that doesnt change the fact that people are saying this is the best show out of the spring 2008 anime when its just about 2 gay ninjas and a bunch of talking lolololol 26episode…..,

  11. @ Kaori
    O_O that just proves how little you know about Nabari, I wonder if you’re not a bashful spammer… but then again this isn’t a forum so *rolls eyes*

    About this being the best show out of Spring season 2008 some might differ, Nabari No Ou might not be the best (some might say is Macross, Code Geass, Soul Eater or whatever)I myself like Nabari no Ou a lot and I consider it one of the best shows that came out of The Spring Season 2008…. but that doesn’t mean I have to bash a show just because for some people’s point of view this Nabari no Ou is the best show out of Spring Season 2008 and you don’t Share their opinion.

    If you’re about to complain to my post I’ll answer you that Yes. You were bashing this show without even knowing a single thing about it, the prove? It lays above my post “its just about 2 gay ninjas and a bunch of talking lolololol 26episode…..,” I do not believe we need to extend this topic further. I believe we’re both mature people (although at which level of maturity you post was is questionable) I just hope the next time you try to bash a series for no reason at all (YES the BL-content is not a valid argument, especially if you’re so adamant to even accept a hug between two men) try at least to expose your point with a solid back up and do it with a better writing that does not give off the image of a stubborn brat (who I doubt you are)

    I’d give you some more advice, but it seems my little sister (A lone Thought) got ahead of me so I’d recommend you to read her post; it might help you in the future when you graduate from school.

  12. In my book this IS the best show out this season. Soul Eater is visually interesting, but more style than substance. Code Gease is a smart show with attractive characters, but it’s heart is stone cold and I just can’t bring myself to keep watching it.

    People will like what they like but this show isn’t really for people who don’t appreciate subtlety.

  13. Sigh I kinda like how things are working cos its more touching and enjoyable to watch this type of story rather than fight fight fight.

    I don’t particularly care if it involves 2 male char with a close relationship. It’s not affecting me so why would I care if they want to be together. Some people just take things to far and irrationally as well.

  14. I like the series, wouldn’t say “I love it” – like I did some other shows – but still, it’s a good show.
    Unfortunately I will just have to pretend episode 18 was never made!
    Way too dramatic for my taste and really bordering the homosexual, which is something that turns me away from show – unfortunately I am not as open minded as some of you can be, sorry.

    I am not homophobic towards gay people in my everyday life, it’s ust an opinion, I believe I should evaluate the show according to what appeals to me personally that’s the point of having different people commenting on it.


  15. I personally love this show! It’s really great and simply touching. I really don’t mind if this is a gay show or not, because I don’t want to be racist about gay people or such and such. I like yaoi, sometimes. Only if it doesn’t go to far. Oh, *spoilers here*, and I read on wikipedia that in the manga, that Yoite is neither female or male. Anyone think that or read about that? It’s weird, I’ll say. I love Yoite and Miharu! They’re so alike in many ways.

  16. ppl who hate this just because there are “shounenai moments” are idiots. why is it that when ppl see guys seeking each other for comfort immediately raise the red flag that its a too gay to watch? >.> there are ranges of emotions displayed,character development, action, surprise..wats not to like?

    stuck without a paddle

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