After what happened in the infirmary, Louise makes Saito read a confession detailing what he did despite his attempts to explain what actually happened. She doesn’t believe that Tiffania asked him to touch her breasts and forces Saito say that he doesn’t like big breasts, but when she tries to get him to swear by it with his signature, he refuses. As he walks out, Saito comments on how it’s pointless for him to be with someone who doesn’t even trust her own familiar. Saito’s thoughts go from Louise to Colbert as he walks past Colbert’s old shack in the courtyard, and he remembers how Colbert was the only one who believed him. Saito feels that he still has a lot of things he wants to say to Colbert, and he falls asleep briefly inside the shack. After waking back up, Saito goes by the Ondine Knights headquarters and finds a mountain of presents there, given by various girls who were impressed from the skirmish with Beatrice’s men. It seems that every guy in the group is doing well romantically except for him, and Saito later finds himself eating dinner alone in the kitchen. Since Tabitha’s familiar Sylphid is hungry as well, Saito ends up feeding the dragon too. The other members of the Ondine Knights see him like this and take pity on him, so they decide to do something for him.

Their plan to cheer him up involves digging a tunnel under the school all the way to the girls’ bath and letting Saito peek in through a peephole they create. As it turns out, both Louise and Tiffania are in the bath at that very moment, and Louise is having a hard time dealing with the size of Tiffania’s breasts. Tiffania thinks that Louise doesn’t want to be friends with a girl who has such strange breasts and eventually just asks to touch Louise’s breasts because she wants to know what true breasts feel like. After the two do so, Louise tells Tiffania that she shouldn’t worry, and Tiffania then reveals that she had asked Saito to touch them as well. This causes Louise to realize that Saito had told her the truth, and she feels guilty about not believing him. The peeping boys meanwhile see all of this, and when Saito realizes that the others are seeing Louise naked as well as Tiffania, he tries to stop them. Unfortunately, his voice is heard by all the girls and they subsequently notice the peeping hole. Guiche and the other guys try to escape, leaving Saito behind inside the tunnel, but each of them soon gets caught. Saito is spared from the girls’ wrath only because a mysterious twister carries him out of the tunnel and into the main hall.

The person responsible for the twister was Tabitha, and she saved Saito to thank him for feeding Sylphid earlier. Despite being naked because she had also been in the bath, Tabitha hides Saito when Montmorency comes searching for Guiche. Montmorency eventually leaves, but Tabitha doesn’t let go of Saito because she suddenly hears something that sounds like a ghost. Tabitha faints because of her fear, and Saito discovers afterwards that the noises are coming from a small army of dolls dancing magically on their own. This reminds Saito of how Louise had once said that she trusted him when they had danced together in the past. His thoughts are interrupted when Louise appears and explains that the dolls dance here every night. She knows that Saito had been down the tunnel with the other guys, and when he claims that he didn’t know that it was to peep into the girls’ bathroom, she decides to believe him. She also now believes what he said happened with Tiffania in the infirmary, and Saito apologizes and promises not to touch any other girl’s breasts. He then hugs Louise from behind, and when he refuses to let go, she asks him for a kiss. Unfortunately, their lips never meet because Tabitha suddenly wakes up, and Louise gets angry at Saito because Tabitha is naked. In the aftermath, Louise makes Saito sign a document saying that he doesn’t like girls with breasts smaller than hers and that he won’t touch another girl’s breasts again.


I guess they weren’t kidding when they said that the themes this season would be love and ero. The problem is that this leaves a lot to be desired in terms of actual substance. The Tabitha parts of this episode were somewhat interesting because of how little screen time she’s gotten so far, but the rest was pretty much fluff. Haven’t Louise and Saito gone through enough trust-building so that they don’t need to spend another entire episode on it? This ends on another reset too (in fact, it ended almost exactly like it started), so I’m not convinced the two have made any real progress in their relationship. And when are the writers going to get back to the main plot? Next week unfortunately doesn’t look too promising either with the MontmorencyXLouise kissing and the magic medicine – another love potion perhaps?


  1. Whats the point of this show now?

    I guess that the plot was too weak on its own so a lot of filler is needed to make it to the end of the season. What else can they do to it now?
    – Throw in an android.
    – His sister shows up? Although he will not know its his sister but falls in love with and runs off with
    – Swimsuit beach or hot springs episode (wait.. that just happened)
    – Has Yumi or Sakura showed up yet.

  2. This show needs to upgrade from “girls fawning over a single guy for extremely weak reasons”.

    Not that I’m a fan of that kind of setup, but if there’s an established couple it’s even further unnecessary. It’s a pity because the characters have potential.

  3. I wish they would focus more on saito’s abilities like from the first season. That was what made me really like the anime in the first place. Guy goes to new world, gets powers, kicks ass and takes names. But ever since second season they’ve made Saito into a perverted useless piece of shit. (; . ;)!

  4. it’s a very interesting show but i kinda wish they would go back to the main plot^^
    but in the first place i was never interested in the whole, “ecchi” thing either^^
    i believe that ecchi adds flavor to a story not take it over.^^

  5. Akiha, yes, from what I know, a lot of this happens in the novels, but the problem everyone has is that they cut the epic action and drama that also happens in the novels. Look at what a joke they made of the battle of 70,000 last season.

  6. There was a good story line in that battle of 70,000. That one part alone could have been an episode in itself; we only get the 20 second summary that he is killed while fighting.

  7. SoraOfTheSky the reason peopl have stopped subbing this series was because Osu! and SS-Eclipse pretty much claimed this series to sub. Static Subs are higher in quality but Osu! was very fast, but Static Subs-Eclipse became obsessed with Slayers latly (and who can blame them it’s like someone making a new sailor moon season for us older fans lol) and Osu! started having serious real life personal problems. Osu dropped most of its subbing work because they just couldn’t sub much anymore and are waiting for translators etc. for help. Later AniRena seemed to have noticed that it wasn’t getting subbed and they are now subbing the series with haste.

    So it’s not that they were tired of it. just that the two subbing groups that claimed dips on subbing it suddenly weren’t able to anymore.


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