With the Gefjun Disturbers disabling all fifth-generation and older Nightmares, Lelouch orders the Black Knights to finish off the rest of the defenses before Schneizel’s main unit arrives. Schneizel is already directing the Britannian forces, and he wants the Lancelot to first take out the Gefjun Disturbers. The question, however, is if Suzaku will pilot it. At that moment, Lloyd and Cecile are trying to convince Nina that she can’t pilot the Lancelot, and the issue is finally settled when Suzaku appears in his flight suit and questions if Nina has the resolve to not shoot the FLEIJA. After Suzaku launches, he quickly joins the battle and tries to convince Zero to end hostilities because the Lancelot is now equipped with a heavy tactical-class warhead. Lelouch doesn’t believe him though and orders Jeremiah in the Sutherland Sieg to attack. Suzaku is surprised to see Jeremiah there, and back on the Ikaruga, Rakshata is curious as well about why both Jeremiah and Guilford are on their side. Nina urges Suzaku to fire the FLEIJA after Guilford joins the battle against him, but Suzaku is determined not to use the weapon, and he gets some relief when Gino arrives piloting the Tristan.

Meanwhile, both Rolo and Sayoko are making their way through the Tokyo Government Building, and Rolo has plans to kill Nunnally because he feels that he alone should be Lelouch’s family. Miss Romeyer is at this moment trying to convince Nunnally to leave, but she resists until she hears Schneizel ordered it. Back outside, Suzaku thinks that Lelouch started this battle because of him, but Lelouch denies it and points out how Suzaku betrayed his parents, Japan, and their friendship. Lelouch’s thoughts are interrupted when his Shinkirou suddenly gets charged by the Mordred, and he’s forced to fight Anya on his own. Unfortunately, the tide of battle is turning all around him as Schneizel’s forces succeed in taking out some of the trains carrying Gefjun Disturbers, and power to the main government building is restored. Even after Anya drops out of the battle because she experiences another reaction, Lelouch has to deal with the arrival of Luciano. To make matters worse, he gets word that the Emperor’s flagship is coming, and he doesn’t have Schneizel’s confidence the Emperor won’t come to the battlefield.

The one thing working in the Black Knights’ favor is that Sayoko has now rescued Kallen and has taken her to the newly upgraded Guren. Using the Guren’s new speed, Kallen is able to come to Lelouch’s rescue, and since she can easily handle all of the Percival’s weapons, she soon destroys Luciano. Suzaku and Gino then rejoin the fight, and Gino observes that Kallen chose her Kouzuki name over her Stadtfeld one. When Kallen wonders aloud if she should be happy or sad that they’re meeting on the battlefield, Gino suggests that she enjoy it. Meanwhile, Toudou launches an attack on Schneizel’s ship, but it gets interrupted when Asahina sends him the testimonial data from the killed-in-action Kinoshita. Asahina thinks that this proves they can’t trust Zero, and he plans to enter the government building to capture Rolo. By now, Sayoko has located Nunnally, and Rolo is in the process of securing a Knightmare to guard the escape shuttle. Lelouch subsequently orders Kallen to take out Suzaku so that they’re rid of all obstacles, and Lloyd urges Suzaku to run because the Lancelot can’t stand up to the Guren.

Suzaku stays in the battle though, and the Guren starts shredding the Lancelot piece by piece. In this situation, Nina continues to yell for Suzaku to fire the FLEIJA, but Suzaku continues to refuse. He soon realizes that he can’t win and is ready to accept his death as atonement, but Lelouch’s Geass order to live then kicks in, and Suzaku does what he needs to survive: he escapes Kallen’s attack and fires the FLEIJA. Lelouch realizes too late what Suzaku has just done, and he can only yell out Nunnally’s name as the blast envelopes the main government building, killing everyone inside. His own life is saved only after Guilford uses his Vincent to push the Shinkirou out of the blast radius, though this claims Guilford’s life in the process. In the aftermath of the blast, Lelouch radios Rolo and asks to speak with Nunnally, but Rolo tells him that she’s dead. Lelouch thinks that this is a lie, and he begs Rolo to let him speak with Nunnally for just a little while.


RIP Nunnally? Color me at least a little skeptical. The fact that Sayoko was with her makes me suspicious that they could have somehow magically survived, and even if that’s not the case, I doubt that this is the last we’ll hear from her. She’s too much of a key of a character to leave completely dead, and I think one possible scenario could be that Nunnally ends up in Marianne’s world while her death acts as a catalyst for Lelouch to go insane and start to make some really stupid moves. I’m not very optimistic about his prospects because each additional death of someone dear to him decreases the chances that he’ll get some sort of happy ending, and it doesn’t help either that he appears to be losing his grip on the Black Knights now that Asahina might have finally convinced Toudou not to trust him.

Assuming that Nunnally is indeed dead, determining who’s at fault is rather complicated. Suzaku is the one who pulled the trigger, but the Geass to live from Lelouch is what led to it. You could also argue that this would have never happened if Nina hadn’t developed the FREIJA or if the Black Knights hadn’t attacked Tokyo while Nunnally was there or if Schneizel hadn’t interfered with Suzaku and Lelouch’s reconciliation….the list could go on. But what’s likely going to happen – as the preview indicates – is that Suzaku will blame himself and Lelouch will take his anger out on others. Suzaku in particular is in an interesting bind because he can’t atone for what he’s done by letting himself die because of the Geass effect forcing him to continue to live. The only ways I can see around that are if he gets killed in a situation that he has no control over (i.e. he’s not in the Lancelot) or if the Geass effect gets removed somehow. But even if Suzaku is able to die eventually, we’re still a ways away from that since he hasn’t even gotten his final Lancelot upgrade.

And on that note, I have to marvel at how overpowered the new Guren is. It’s completely untouchable right now with its speed, and that’s approaching Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice levels of ridiculousness. The only potential rivals are probably Bismarck in the Galahad or Suzaku in the upcoming Lancelot Albion, and as long as Kallen remains loyal to Zero/Lelouch, he’ll have a lot of power at his disposal. Of course, Kallen’s loyalty is far from guaranteed, and the preview suggests that Nunnally’s death will have an impact on her. Having said all that, I’m more curious at this point though to see what the Emperor is up to since he appears to be ready to get back into the action.


  1. Jesus Christ just when you thought Murphy was already mean enough to Lelouch this ends up happening. This really makes me hate Nina even more then I already did, and as if things werent bad enough it looks like the Black Knights betrayel will start next week.

    White Rebellion
  2. I have to give props (if you can call it that) to Taniguchi for the FLEIJA firing despite the fact that the atomic bomb memorial took place this week. But then again, FLEIJA didn’t really act like a nuke (no mush cloud)…and it was sort of like a dimension-vacuuming kinda thing. Still very destructive though.

    The 2ch thread of “RIP Luciano” is buzzing with activity thanks to Kallen ;D
    And of course, next week is probably going to mark the beginning of the BK deserting Zero (maybe), and a confirmed Lulu going nuts at Rolo. Rolo = filthy rag scene happening anytime soon?

    Some serious laughs at Tamaki’s “Zero is my buddy” statement. Hmm…

  3. Lelouch is going go batshit the next episode! D:

    Don’t worry because Lancelot will get an upgrade to combat the hax that is Guren. Those are the only two machines that matter in this show anyway!

  4. lolx.. Darn.. I hate Suzaku even further . When Season 1 aired. I categorised him as the worst and annoying villian ever. In 2nd season, he seems to be replaced by Rolo but now he is back in no1 in my list . Darn…

    Code Gease just love to kill our fav character right.. I miss Shirley alot.

  5. We could be looking at a ZZ Gundam style scenario like where Judau thought his sister was dead for 20+ episodes only for her to turn up rescued by Sayla Mass of all people. Though I don’t see how that will happen in this case. Even if she’s Sayoko, how do you survive a weapon that powerful.

  6. Even a knight of rounds shouldn’t be able to avoid charges for killing royalty and that much property damage. As soon as they announce a death sentence for Suzaku he’ll start his life on the run probably the same time as the Black Knights turn on lelouch.

    Team up now seems plausible and I the Gurren has officially turned into a gundam.

  7. 2 things I forgot to mention –

    1. Part of the Gurren upgrade Cecil did was inserting cute animal icons on its start-up

    2. One of the Valkyrie squad girls (all killed by a rampaging Kallen) mentioned Kewell. I thought I will never hear his name again, but nope.

  8. i don’t think Nunnally is dead as well sayako would have save her.
    in the previous episode there has been a lot of unexpected. i personally don’t think Nunnally die at this episode yet she will die but just not this episode yet…

    in another expect isn’t rollo in charge of kidnapping nunnally back to lelouch how come sayako is the one who came into the picture?

  9. Is it just me, or did Suzaku just wipe out the Britannian section of Tokyo? ^^ Poor guy, Lelouch screws him yet again with the “Live!” Geass.

    Oh, well… at least Lelouch is getting what he had coming all along for being such a mayor arse. 🙂

  10. NUNNALLYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Naa, she can’t be dead, you can kill every single character in the show except for her. I didn’t expect Guilford to die now, this episode clearly show us that they are lacking screentime to develop things properly (Valkyrie team was a waste, same goes for Luciano and the Gareth, and to some extend Guilford), almost everything in the episode was rushed.

  11. @Orange: Luciano was never going anywhere anyway. Too black (as in not shades of grey like most of the villains) a character and introduced too late. He was obvious fodder who just happened to be a Knight of Round sent to participate in the battle. Sometimes even the named characters don’t last long once the sh** hits the fan.

  12. mutio: yes, but is having them alive worth the cost of lives the two have taken? There’s no easy answer, but Euphemia and a bunch of others would probably still be alive.

    Silvering: She’s probably still alive – she’s too important a character to kill off w/o giving her an actual death scene.

  13. @Omni
    You can’t weigh life against life. And as this is war you can’t go through all this without sacrifices.
    I think the latter is one of the main aspects this show is emphasizing. The other one is, that Geass is a curse which only brings misery upon it’s user.

    All aside lets think practicaly: If Lulu would’ve died back then Code Geass would be over, point^^

  14. NUNNALLY DEAD??? OHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!! i bet she didnt see THAT coming!! thats what u get for living life with your eyes closed!!

    on another note= wouldnt it be hilarious if after all is said and done lelouch ends up being the only one left alive. straight twilight zone

    BROOKLYN otaku
  15. Jeez, guys, calm down a little…

    Like Omni said, there’s no way Nunally is dead. If she does die, which I doubt will happen, it will be in her brother’s arms or in a similarly dramatic scene. The only purpose of her supposed death is for Lelouch to go completely insane. Anyways, this will increase the tension even further…

  16. Rolo definitely had murderous intent but wow, did not see that coming. i’m gonna go with the Nunnaly being potentially alive crew for now. you never know with this show, and mainly cause i want sayako alive too! ninja dying to nukes is just too sad a fate =*/.

    nunnaly with the cranes reminded me of sadako sasaki

  17. @Omni

    It can be that if Suzaku and Lelouch were to die during that time, Emperror would have already advanced his plan forward enough to “change the world by destroying it”

    Sometimes greater sacrifices are needed for even greater count of people to survive.

    We can all go what if that and what if that. What if Lelouch was killed together with Marianne. What if Marianne was never killed. What if What if. For all we know it could be even worse than now, as no one would be left to stop Emperor and/or Schnitzel.

  18. Have you people never heard of Habeus Corpus? If there’s no body to be found, there’s no way to prove someone’s died. Show some bloody optomism >=o oh, and I’m so proud of Kallen =D

  19. Omni forgot to mention that Kinishita was also involve in the explosion so bye bye to him too, now it’s just hoping whether they will show that somehow Sayoko DID saved Nunnally or they REALLY DIED.

  20. seems like Nunnally + Sayoko did die. Well from that youtube vid of the nuke going on, everyone was like OMGWTFBBQ when Fleija was launched, and everyone near the building experienced the strange pinkish glow.

    Also judging from this pic ,

    it seems Rolo abandoned mission loooonnnnggg ago (as in he didn’t want to go save Nunnally) hence why it’s possible Lelouch is mad up the wazoo and has the locket in his hands.

  21. Forget to mention kallen must be pissed off now and gonna kick Suzaku’s arse. She’s gonna go all out on him to avenge Nunnally….

    but…. if Lelouch tells her it’s the Live Geass that’s responsible for Suzaku’s actions, she might feel sh!tty for being a rampaging lunatic killing off people in her super powered Infinitely L33t Justice XOXO Gundam suit.

  22. Anyone else also realize that Geass appears to be a curse? Bad things (not good things) seem to occur one way or the other to the Geass user. Reminds me of that Butterfly Effect movie. Try to change things for the better good but the changes only lead to worse things. From the way things are going, it really appears that Lelouch will have to follow the cold hearted objective thinker path that he mentioned 1-2 episodes ago.

  23. i still cant believe nunally died, i wonder how the remaining episodes’ll turn out since lelouch did all the zero stuff for nunally, and since she’s dead, what will lulu and the black knights’ll do for the rest of the series?.. :S

  24. …WTF? ZOMG?

    Whats going on here`? Susaku pwnz nunnaly with that nuke weapon?
    Kallen kicks ass with “Justice” Gundam?
    Lelouch makes faces like a Psycho – well thats not that new isnt it?


    All right this show is Über – EPIC…dont know how to watch it anymore O_O

  25. Nice episode…..DIE SUZAKU!!!how could you #$@%ingly shoot the FLEIJA???!!!!!Nice upgrade for the Guren,Lloyd and Cecil are smarter than i thought.Now,that’s the end for the Tokyo Settlement.What good will happen if they liberate Area 11 now?

  26. People compare the Guren to the Infinite Justice…

    But doesn’t the upgraded Guren look a whole lot like the Gurren? As in Gurren Lagann—check it out, the new Guren has two faces!

    That said, I’m glad it didn’t gattai with Mr. Vampire’s Drillbot.

  27. Most hated CG character
    No. 1 = NINA!! die bitch! she must die in the most brutal way – slowly but surely
    No. 2 = Schneizel! can manipulate people without geass! FTW!
    No. 3 = SUZAKU! before i totally feel indifferent to him, now, after blowing freya w/ nunnally on its blast point i fucking hate him. go die fucking suzaku!

  28. LOL. I find it so funny how people don’t want to blame Suzaku since he was geassed, yet they also don’t want to blame Lulu. So they turnn to Nina to blame. But hey i don’t don’t mind. xD

  29. Bah nunally is likely either immortal, with a hax geass power or able to interact with the living from the other side. Either way that’s not really dead.

    And I wonder what are the technological looking things Sayoko has on her back below her scarf.

    I liked how calm Lelouch was after the explosion when talking to Rolo, he’s definitely gone off the deep end. I wonder how Nina will react to the destruction of Tokyo, when Lelouch survived, and who will be the one to choke her and scheinzel.

    Next episode Rolo is made to feel like crap by Lelouch, will it lead him to desert or to prove his worth and die for it?

  30. @Dex: Suzaku killed nunally, in the same sense that the Enola Gay crew killed those people in Hiroshima. You can go up or down the causality chain if you feel like it, in which case it’s either the bomb, thus nina, or the ones who installed it on Lancelot, thus Nina, or the one who masterminded it all thus Schneizel, or the one who implanted the will to live at all cost in Suzaku thus Lelouch, or the one who triggered the live Geass, thus Karen, or Sayoko for freeing her, or Lloyd and Rakasha for making the Guren so fuckawesome. You could, ultimately, blame the emperor for creating this whole situation and not cleaning behind him too.

  31. Well, since suzaku did not fire it willingly and lulu geass suzaku without knowing this will happen therefore they blame nina who invented the weapon lol(and she got the intent to kill). Anyway i also believe that Nunnally could have survived(shes too important to die so early and easy without some talking to her brother). Well anyway code geass plot always twist here and there so i cant really thinking of what is going to happen next.

    AH He
  32. The show has pointed out time and again that geass is the cause for all the problems and things going wong. Blaming the geass for the bomb in tokyo is logical. Suzaku would never used that weapon period.

    But it’s easy to just blame the character you don’t like so w/e. Everyone on both sides had a hand in things leading up to this event. Blaming one person alone for everything is daft.

    As for Guren, making it so zomgfuckwin is the only way Kallen would be able to do something. That said, all that tech will just be rolled up into Lancelot later, by the end of the show they’ll look the same (but with different colors).

  33. WingZero zxt

    Plot device? I wouldn’t call it that, this might hurt the pride of all the kallen fans but she’s not the best pilot in the show imo. Suzaku dodging her attacks is pure skill.

  34. LOL AT suzakus “I CANT WIN!!” and “Im ALREADY AT MAXIMUM POTENTIAL!!!” AMUSING AS!!!!!!!!!
    and lelouchs cry to kill suzaku finally! also lol at nina wanting to pilot the lancelot into battle!

    WingZero zxt
  35. @GP
    More like pure haxx…

    Kallen is natural human 🙂
    And it was already implied that Suzaku is not (point-blank gunfire dodge and wallruns ftw) fully “normal” and that there’s another reason for his haxx skills than TRAINING.

  36. I CANT STOP WATCHING THAT! it was just TOO FUNNY!!!!! id like to blame suzaku (YOU ALL KNOW I DO!!!) but that really wasnt his fault!funny though!

    @GP Yeh and the five mins before that was all fluke right!!! LAME. it was a plot device particularly as kallen randomly stopped! plot device!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  37. lelouch almost broke down after he was “betrayed” by suzaku at the last episode. now after nunnaly “died” at frejya blast radius; we can safely argue that he’ll be doing worse than what he did to the cult.

  38. @UnknownVoice

    Sure sure, she’s ohhh so great *yawn*, gb2kitchen kthx.

    Where did you see that implied btw? Is it really such a new thing for a sunrise show to have characters that can dodge bullets and wallrun? Not that Wallruning is actually new to anime either.

    Nice try though, “natural” hahahaha. I got a good laugh for today.

  39. @WingZero

    Oh man, get a clue, she’s got this zomg overpowered haxed mech, and she still doesn’t blast him out of the sky? This is, what? the 3rd time she’s had the better mech, give me a break. You’re 5mins is flat, Did she win? No. All she showed was that she’s got a better mech yippe.

    And she randomly stopped eh? So why? Or does it just fit into your thinking as a plot device? I suppose her overconfidence in her skills plays no part in her actually NOT being able to shoot him down eh?

    Now blowing up lesser pawns is all fine and great in those 5mins btw.

  40. Also you could argue that aspects of Lelouch’ Genius are pure HAXX let alone Geass its ANIME FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Yeh i agree wit GP but then disagree cos it was still a plot device! For the time being that guren is purely overpowered also so im saying that it was still all a plot device! Bradley MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  41. @WingZero

    It’s all good man, it is just a show, and not a real life fight, so it’s plot device in the sense that it’s writen out to happen that way.

    I’d actually not get into any powerlevel type crap for this show, so forget it.

    I still don’t think Kallen is important 😛 (outside of fighting that is)

  42. If nunally and Sayako are still alive that would be the worst comebck fromth dead since Mu la Flag in GundamSeed/Destiny! (Forgodness sake people HE DIED IN A VACUUM! after being hit by the Lohengrin (the hadron cannon of its day) then came bck to life!)

    WingZero zxt
  43. Having finally seen the episode in its entirety, I have to say that Suzaku didn’t intend to use the Fleija at all. Nina insisted on him using it (oops spoilers forgot) and he said no. The only time he had to use it was because he was getting chopped up by Kallen’s super powered Gundam. During this time, the Geass kicked in, forcing him to use the Fleija. Still gonna blame Nina for her crazy psycho beotch mentality.

    I guess those people at Animesuki forums predicted it right when they said the live geass might trigger suzaku to use fleija.

  44. the amusing thing is also that if it had hit kallen at such close range the warhead would have
    A. Bin destroyed or
    B. Taken both of them out (kallen might of escaped) so yeh definate plot device!

    WingZero zxt
  45. @Gar

    That’d be the only way he would really. I’m just interested in how they’re going to tie up all the events into the final.

    Say she isn’t dead and somehow (in true sunrise style) lived through that, she’ll only showup in the final episode probably. But then if she isn’t dead, it’d deflate the events in this episode.

    It’s like those who think (and I still sorta do) that Lelouch mom is still alive. Say she is, and just pops up in the final episode or something, that’d basically make everything he’s done pointless (to him personally I mean). Even if it’s good for other people etc etc, that’s a different subject.

    I think Nunnaly dying had to actually happen, maybe now he’ll see how he’s actually NOT helping things overall.

  46. I am a BIG Suzaku hater. I was cursing him to death and yelling that I’d chop him to pieces and let him burn in hell last episode but… not this episode.
    Suzaku is not to blame for firing Freya or killing Nunnally, if she was really killed. It’s Lulu’s own fault (again) for this one. Suzaku actually had his mind set on not pulling the trigger even if he’d die. For once I think the “Suzaku die!!” posts here are mindless. Though I would’ve appreciated more last episode.

    I don’t think Nunnally really died. She was like Omni said, with Sayoko, who if anyone can save her it’s Sayoko. And well, it’ll be a really bad ending if Nunnally really died like this. So I think she’s going to pull a “Nanami”.

    Random thoughts:
    -What in the world was Rolo doing while Sayoko freed Kallen and he was supposed to go get Nunnally, but Sayoko got to Nunnally first while Rolo wasn’t even in range of Freya? Rolo oh Rolo.
    -Luciano got so many lines, it was annoying since everyone knows he’ll be killed by Kallen anyway.
    -Kallen was super cool!!! XD Yay! Go Kallen~! Seiten Guren kicked ass too! This episode rocked because of her.
    -So how is Anya connected to Geass now?
    -Sigh! Code Geass is just getting way too TRAGIC!
    -Lulu isn’t using Jeremiah properly is he? He should’ve told him to degeass Suzaku first.

  47. The so called “Knight of Seven” should’nt equip with FLEIJA in the first place,
    using FLEIJA is a part of Schnizel’s plan. This makes Suzaku become a pawn of Schnizel.
    This incicent will cause more ppl to hate Suzaku, especially Guilford’s, Nunnally’s, Sayako’s fans. Hence, hater[s] of Suzaku will increase rapidly.

  48. @GP: Blaming Geass? How can one blame a tool? It’s all about how you use it, and the reasons for it. Would a murderer blame his knife because he used it and ended up getting thrown in jail? That’s simply nonsensical.

    Anyway, was there any theory that the Mordred girl pilot is Nunally? that would tie with one of the manga and allow for her to die without die, as well as explain her heroic BSOD when staying near Lelouch too long.

  49. I loved how you took a cap of Luciano’s deformed face.XD Kallen was way beyond awesome in this episode. This and the combo in turn 16 made up for her inactivity recently.

    I mentally exclaimed “Yay!” both when Lelouch urged Kallen to kill Suzaku and when Nanaly died. I don’t feel bad about it. It means that finally, everything that has held Lelouch back is gone, if only he can overcome the shock of losing the one thing he couldn’t. His resolve will determine the outcome of the entire rebellion.

    That is, if the Black Knights don’t betray him.

    Kiryu Yurina
  50. @Zerooooooooo

    But Geass isn’t a simple tool, it’s not a knife or a gun or a bomb. It’s pure power, and power gets to your head. Everyone who’s had geass in the end had their life turn out messed up. Sure Charles is mister big bad emperor but he’s not exactly sound in the head is he?

    At the start of most of the episodes with CC talking she says repeatedly how geass will take away from you and leave you alone in the end. The show revolves around the geass power, and it’s categorized as such, a “power” not a tool.

  51. It’s pure power, but people still retain their free will. Some people from real world also have pure power, would the argument that what they do is not their fault but the power’s be recevable? Let’s say, religious/righteous extremists provoking wars through their manipulation of the media and/or people’s head?

  52. OMGsh! Nunnally Dead?! She would be like the last person I thought that would die in the series, and i kind of hope that she’s still alive since Sayako was with her but… this reminds me of the time when Riku from Blood+ died but I somehow kept believing that he would somehow still be alive and at a some point would show up or something but it didn’t happen, except from the part when Diva appeared in his image.

  53. Great episode. I am glad that Nunnally and some other unimportant characters are gone. I hope Ashford Acadamy got blown up too so we don’t have any more horrendous episodes there 🙂 Now there is space to progress the story further in what is left of this season.

  54. SERIOUSLY!!! THEY NEED AN INSANE FIREPOWER BALANCING MOD or patch or whatever you want to call it. I mean, except for the Rounds, the British army is no match for the OVER-CONFIDENT, big-faced,too proud black knight pilots like Todo, Kallen, Asahina and so forth. LOL, the British need a “” to kill Kallen along with Lelouch and company. Fixing this FIREPWAH issue will make the show a lot better…… 😛

    Anyways, its really irritating to see Lelouch’s face like this…

  55. @Zerooooo

    You can, because the power to do anything gets to your head. A gun or a knife also gives you power but it’s not anywhere near the same level of geass or of that that religious extremists have, which is in the end the power to get people to do what you want.

    Geass lets you control people, even more with the one lelouch has, and it strips their free will for that, they don’t retain it, hell they don’t even know they’ve been used till it’s too late. A weapon like a gun or a knife at the best can force someone to do something out of fear for their life, but say they aren’t afraid of you even if you do have a gun or a knife? That is the difference between a tool and something like Geass to me. Sure it’s his choice to use it but since he has the ability and is able to get what he wants he’ll use it more and more till the geass has control. It’s like a drug more so in this show, look at Mao in season 1, it made him crazy.

    What’s the saying, Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This show is showing that pretty well.

  56. @Zeroooooooooo

    I agreed on the theory that Anya could be the real “Nunnally”.
    Mabye it is the emperor’s plan on killing Lelouch’s mom but not hurting Nunnally.
    Hence, he used his geass on her to forget abt everything that she was actually Nunnally, then he replace another “Nunnally” for Lelouch, a handicaped one. This makes Lelouch’s desire on creating a new world by destroying Britannia.

    And mabye the emperor wanted Lelouch’s desires on his plan on killing the gods.
    But now, the Sword of Akasha is destroyed, and as u can see back in EP17, the emperor accessed to a geass-looking system. Mabye it is a weapon to destroy god, but according to wikipedia, it is called Ragnarok.

  57. @GP
    Do u think that Lelouch cast the “live Geass on Suzaku is actually right ?
    As Suzaku, wanted to save Japan from such status, if he dies then he wont be able to fulfill what he joined Britannia’s army for.
    Until now, he still desires to become the Knight of One. But now, he killed Nunnally (I’m not very sure she is the real Nunnuly anot cuz I have some theory abt Anya is Nunnally.) with FLEIJA, he will bring hate to the Japanese for killing the person who saved them from chaotic status. What is ur opinion on Suzaku in the end of the show ?

  58. Nina was absolutely insane here. Assuming Nunnally really did die, how would Nina react when she found out that her invention, the FLEIJA, indirectly killed her friend? She is honestly blind beyond redemption. Her hatred for Zero, who killed her dear Euphemia, has made her mad. Nina’s wish is for Zero to be dead, yet in the process of pursuing that goal, she has ended the lives of so many others, whether they were people she hated or not. Although the same could be said of Lelouch..Just that… >_.< He was the of the only really nice, handsome, responsible and ultimately loyal person -_-;;

  59. @GP

    I disagree that geass is so much more fuckawesomely powerful than weaponry or traditional manipulation. You’ll notice that in the show, some people are pulling ahead and manipulating better than zero without Geass at all.

    Now, if we talk about ultimate power, to make a parallel with Suzaku’s situation, let’s say you have a gun and KILL someone, then that person becomes unable to protect/say something vital, do you blame the gun or do you blame the gunner for that disaster that would not have happened if you hadn’t used your power of life and death?

    So what if it corrupts absolutely, it’s your fault for being corrupted. And even if it wasn’t, enraged dogs are put down, not commiserated because they are absolutely corrupted by a virus and it’s not their fault.

    Talking about blaming inanimate things or concepts is only useful to shift the blame and do nothing about it. It’s not the root.

  60. (Post got cut off~)
    And OMG, Guilford..NO!! >.< He was the of the only really nice, handsome, responsible and ultimately a loyal person.
    Also, hopefully, Lelouch will think deeply about what has happened, and decide properly what to do from there onwards.
    Schnizel is a bastard though, because he encouraged the development of FLEIJA (assuming he did – I haven’t really watched every episode yet.), and messes with people’s decisions by phrasing his words in a way that tap into people’s inner emotions. He portrays himself as a kind person (of somesort) when talking to other people in order to get information, but in actual fact toys with their feelings to get whatever details he needs/wants. I’m really interested in Schnizel’s role in all of this. What is his ultimate goal?

  61. @Tiff
    I agreed that Nina is totally insane. She is considered as a pawn of Schnizel for creating this kind of weapon, her desire to kill Zero lead her to a path of becoming Schnizel’s plan. She din’t knew abt that Euphiemia’s death is caused by an accident of the sudden activated geass (geass runaway).

    (Note: The way i talked abt Schnizel is abit cruel, but i’m not offending his, i too, admire him. But he will do anything to gain his goal.

  62. @Kilik
    Likewise, I hope Guilford survived, but it is highly unlikely…And to think he was extremely loyal to his Prinecss till the end. One rare jewel of a man lol. I really, really liked Guilford as a character. Speaking of Jeremiah, he is also very loyal xD
    When I first saw Schnizel, I knew straight away there was something off about the way he speaks. I really don’t uunderstand his character, is he truly kind or just too scheming?

  63. @Zeroooooooooo
    I agree that there are more people who can manipulate other people, Schnizel haf that abillity, and Zero too can manipulate ppl with activating his geass on them.

    I, too agree on the “gun” theory there, it makes sense. If the gun wasn’t there then there will be no disaster. Too, if geass wasn’t there, mabye that Suzaku will be dead by now and there will be alot of changes in the story, mabye Nunnally, Guilford, Sayaki and Asahina will live.

    But as we know, Code Geass has twisted parts, so we must prepare for what is gonna happen in the future, mabye the theory that Anya is Nunnallu is true…. I also would say that Lelouch will end up with a peaceful live in the end of the show. This will be decided once he knew abt his mom’s death and other things which get him discarded by his country. And also he will be end up dead after knowing everything and kill himself. But percentage for this to be happen is very low.

  64. Get real people, stop cursing Suzaku because he fired the nuke. He initially didn’t want to, but the “live” geass forced his hand. In any case, he makes the show more interesting to watch, for me anyway.

  65. @Tiff
    I’ve watched the Episode on youtube, it appears that the blast din reached Guilford’s cockpit but the Vincent’s leg and the signal juz lost.

    The percentage for him surviving this is low, but I hope that he will live to the end.

    As for Orange, I think he will become Lelouch’s knight (if lelouch survive in the end) and return to Britannia after knowing the truth abt Marianne’s death.

  66. O know for a fact that Nunnally is still alive. Sunrise would never go this far.

    Killing the main character’s GF’s i can see. Killing some of their relatives yes. But killing off the blind crippled girl, THAT’S just going too far!

    Listen people if Sunrise and have Kira survive a Nuclear explosion as point blank range, then they can have Nunnally survive this.

    But If they don’t, you can be sure Sunrise will be receiving ALOT of hate mail.

  67. With only around 6-7 episodes to go, I hope they reveal what Anya’s connection to Geass is, and leave enough time for some development of this interesting plot point. IMHO Anya has been chronically underused as a character.

    Lulu: Brittania killed my mother!
    Anya: No Lelouch…I am your mother
    Lulu: …erm…no you’re not.
    Anya: Join me and together we can rule the Empire as loli and son.

    nobody important
  68. @Kilik
    To me, if the signal is lost, it means that the guy’s gone for good haha. If Guilford doesn’t live through this, we all have to accept that fact. Without death, people will always drown in their old ideals/ideas/whatever. The story wouldn’t be good at all if there weren’t any significant deaths. The remaining characters wouldn’t be able to develop further.

  69. I blame Schneizel for Nunally’s died (dont know whether she is died)cuz he is smiling when Suzaku launch Freya…What is in earth is his thinking? Is killing Nunally in his one of his plan too? Or he wanted to make Lelouch insane and disappear as Zero so that the war will end?

  70. There is no problem, story-wise, with Nunally surviving the blast, for example: They were in a shuttle ready to launch, and we only saw the pinkish glow on her, they need only have taken off in that stolen shuttle.

    The problem is: Why don’t they contact Lelouch, Suzaku or the Emperor afterwards? Lelouch wouldn’t wangst if Sayoko just called saying “we’re fine in ninja land” or something.

    Nunally needs a good reason to be taken off the story, death is the best but I somehow doubt the director and sponsors would grow a pair and follow through with it. What we can hope in such circumstance is some bullshit excuse where the girl stays functionality dead for the rest of the show but turns out OK for the endings. Question is just how they will pull it off.

  71. I reckon theyve got the guts! (based on the Euphy experience! unless they got scared from the inevitable death threats they recieved from the Euphy incident they would do it! thats whats genius about code geass They dont care as long as it makes a well written and shocking story!

    WingZero zxt
  72. Damn Nina..creating such weapon..she’s freeking science mania…why she equip Lancelot with Freya since Suzaku dont like it…sometimes i think is she doing this for Euphemia or that the Freya she created kill Nunally, what will happen to her? Will she be crazy for killing a princess? If Euphemia is still alive, i think Nina will be hated by her…

  73. Also we are getting to th part in my prediction where by Schnizeil blames Lelouch for Suzaku firing freya due to geass Asahina backs his theory and the BKnights all go skitzo on lelouch!

    WingZero zxt
  74. @Kilik
    i dont really think Anya is the real “Nunally” cause if she is the real Nunally, why the Emperor wanna erase her memories?? Well i also somehow agree with your theory, not 100%…and when anya is connected to geass with C.C, why dont C.C. tell Lelouch whar really she saw during the period(when she is connected with anya)??

  75. @Kirihara
    Erm…. for the C.C case , i think that if she tells Lelouch that Anya is Nunnally, her plans will be ruined. If Lelouch knew that the Nunnally he cared for so long is a fake, he will become mad and turn everything around.

    For the emperor, i think he created a handicap Nunnally to makes Lelouch more angry againts Britannia,which will also leads him to accomplished his plans (still unknown).
    I think that the emperor needed Lelouch to complete what he wanted to.
    As we know, the emperor is a big bad boss, and the story in Geass is always very twisted.
    Also, the “Ragnarok” remains unknown.

    Everyone had their own theories…. and i hope that it will turn out what they expected. ^^
    I hope that Anya is somehow Nunnally cuz she looks cute !!

  76. I still think it’s weird…in code geass season 1, there’s a pic where Marianne, Lelouch and Nunally together(in the ed), if the emperor did erase anya’s or lelouch’s memories, why before Marianne died?He wont erase the memories of a child right?(although he is soooo cruel)and if he really did erase them, will it help him in his plan?if anya is nunally, she will also get a trauma when Marianne died in fromt of her..Well, this is only my thinking..
    @Kilik I agree that anya is cute too..although she has few expression.^^

  77. Man Britannia are idiots. Well in this episode at least. For once, they upgrade the Gurren and make it super powerful. I mean honestly defeating 2 Knight of Rounds in one episode shows how powerful the new Gurren is. Which begs the question is Rakshata going try copy and adapt some of the Britannia tech to other Black Knight Knightmares? Lastly, now that Britannia is the first one to fire a W.M.D. (Weapon of Mass-Destruction). Where does that leave the Black Knights and the U.F.N. Will they be creating an equally or more destructive weapon to be used on Britannia? I hate to say this, but just thinking about it, makes it sorta feel similar to Gundam Seed. Which isn’t to much of a surprise since both animes are created by Sunrise.

    Now onto a different topic. Am I the only one who thinks Lelouch should create his own Knight of Rounds of his own ace pilots. Thinking about possible members I’ve come up with 4: Karen, Tohdoh, Li Xingke, and Rolo. Jeremiah (Orange-kun) might also be a good choice, but I’m not totally sure on that. The whole reason I though Lelouch should was to point them these titles was so if need be the can go to other U.F.N. territories and be leaders and/or speak on Lelouch/Zero’s behalf. I mean they haven’t really stated how do the Black Knights whom are all stationed in China protect 20 or so countries from invasion?

  78. @Kirihara
    thx for support Anya !! ^^

    But i do think that the emperor had it all planned before killing Marianne.
    In the begining of the EP14, 20 yrs b4 the storyline , Charles and V.V seems to be talking about their contract near Marianne, mabye they forsee what will happen the future.

    I also had a few theories that Marianne is still alive too….

  79. I wanna ask some questions for years..what actually is Marianne and C.C.’s relationship??And how they met each other??And i Marianne also have Geass since she knows C.C.?

  80. Darn, Suzaku really did it! That idiot! @#$@!

    I have to wait for the subs to know if this is a legitimate hate …Suzaku moment.

    As for blaming Nina, I don’t. To be quite honest, once more I blame Lelouche for that weapon. If he hadn’t killed Eurphy, Nina wouldn’t have gone more psycho than she already was, and created that monster of a weapon anyway. It’s kind of ironic, that one death can trigger the death of millions.

    Oh wait, wasn’t this Suzaku’s entire reasoning for not following in Lelouche’s path? He recognized that by killing to solve a problem …it never truily solves it but cause more problems.

    Though, I guess …now Suzaku is going to be on suicide watch, with the ultimate protection …Geass. Well, wanting to die doesn’t mean you can’t hurt yourself right. Next episode will be interesting.

  81. @Kirihara
    Erm.. I’m not very sure abo that but I think that C.C had a contract with Marianne.
    And mabye Marianne’s geass will haf the power to ruin his plans. Therefore, the emperor killed her.
    But it still din makes sense that she asked Cornelia to turn off the sucurity. X.X”
    Or mabye the person who wanted to kill Marianne is someone close to Lelouch ?? Mabye.. Nunnaly ?? X.X””

    This case remains unknown.

  82. @Silentveil
    Nina is the person who pursuade Suzaku to equip Freya, and Suzaku had the right to refuse but he ended up piloting the Lancelot with the Freya. Mabye Nina’s desire to kill Zero killed Nunnaly, Asahina, Sayako, Guilford. And Freya is not fired by the origina; Suzaku, but the Geass command “live”. In order to survive the fatal blow, the geass-suzaku fires the Freya on Tokyo and destroyed everything.

    This episode will bring many ppl into the

    Anti-Nina Club.
    Do u agree ? XD

  83. My episode summary:

    Fighting, the usual stuff. Kallen gets out and pwns everyone in Guren Godly Awesome-Type, in a berserk killing rampage. She attacks Nukezaku, and nearly kills him. Nukezaku blows up Tokyo and kills a Holy Sword and Guilford. Nunnally probably got out with Otome-Maid. Lulu-hime goes crazy. For the preview, Lulu-hime goes PMS-psychob**ch on Rolo, and Nukezaku is a lameass.

    Loco Cookie
  84. Killk@

    Hmmm…I thought Nina decided to put in on Suzaku’s knightmare, and the Prince Szcheizel[sp?] back that up and had it done. Because, if memories serve me right, only the Earl used to work on his knightmare. I don’t remember it showing any scenes where Suzaku agreed with it. In fact, the Earl tried to explain how the weapon itself is bad especially equipping it on Suzaku’s knightmare to Nina. Suzaku even then seemed to be shaken by the weapon.

    Suzaku should have sat this one out, despite what was going to happen to him afterwards. He was close to being branded a traitor by the Britianna army, and should have used that time to flee or get Nunnelly out of there. His plans were shot after meeting with Lelouche that final time anyway. This is one of those times that I have to say that Suzaku is an idiot, how did he forget about that “Live” Geass?

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I am completely pissed at him right now. I had been arguing that he more than likely wasn’t going to use it. Too bad, it seems everyone else already knew he was. He is such a freaking idiot, but then again, he did tell Lelouche if he wanted to save Nunnelly not to continue the war didn’t he. That was one massive case of foreshadowing.

    Man, now those two will never be friends, though finally, they are on equal grounds. Lelouche killed Eurphy, and Suzaku killed Nunnelly.

  85. @Silentveil
    ops.. mabye i’ve misunderstant it . XD
    but still i still hate Nina for creating this monster.
    the reason this thing is borned is because her desire to kill Zero, yet she didn’t knew that Euphie’s death is caused by and accident.
    I agreed that Suzaku is an idiot, even if he goes into battlefield, he should’nt bring a monster there.
    I gtg already.. wanna sleep soon, tml still got school to attend. LoL.

    See you all in the next EP !!

    Good night everyone ^^

  86. My Theory about Anya. She is the Host for Nunnalys “Soul”.

    Well, that explains her “memory holes”. And from the beginning Nunnaly must been the successor of her mothers Geass. And that need to be that Marian got geass from C.C…

    I know, to much plot holes in the past. But nothing is impossible..

  87. im not looking forword to the blackknights betrayal. you know its coming with even raksharta wondering about orangekun and guilford and asahina’s evidence. just when it seems theres nothing now to hold back zero from making aggressive moves and with karen back. make matters worse i dont think C.C. can bail him out like she usually does in his tight spots with her current condition.

    btw trying to capture rollo is the dumbest move, he would just own all of them. unless his heart stops either way they wont get any info out of him.

  88. Take that Lelouch! You should have left Suzaku but NOOOOO your still piss off what he did to you. Because of you recklessness of wanting to kill him & your Live geass on Suzaku, your sister is dead(maybe). Lelouch haters rejoice!

    A Anime Loving Republican
  89. Kilik@

    Suzaku though he played the part isn’t a mechanic. He can’t take it off of his own knightmare, and then time wasn’t exactly on his side. Such a weapon probably requires a lot of time and precise to take it off, or else boom. Thus, why we haven’t seen Suzaku piloting his knightmare for quite some time. Though, one question:

    DID BRITIANNA seriously upgrade Kallen’s knightmare?

    Anyway, No, that idiot should have just sat it out, and dealt with the consequences later. Though, I have to wait for the subs to condemn Suzaku, because, I don’t have all the information. Though, for now, I have a really hate that idiot moment here.

  90. @silentveil

    Britania did the upgrade on the Guren as it was planed to be used by Suzaku

    but suzaku refused and go with his FREIJYA equiped lancelot

    But nooooo don’t tell me nunally is died ; ;
    she will somehow survive the blast … >.<;

  91. Seafarer@

    THat make the Britiania people idiots as well. WHy leave a powerful knightmare unattended during a full scale battle? Better yet, if Suzaku wasn’t going to use it …why didn’t they have someone else use it?

    Oh well, I have to watch the episode to understand, and thus, have to wait for subs.

    Also, in that case, Suzaku is a complete idiot, but then again, I seen someone write that Nina wanted to pilot the Lancelot. Which if true, now makes sense with your comment, why he is in it. Nina wouldn’t have hesitated to use the Freija, so Suzaku was trying to keep it out of her hands. Though he should have in that case, just ran away with it, and stay out of the battle completely.

    Also for Kallen’s theif, I guess, they don’t use passwords any more for the Knightmares, or, did Kallen steal the keys are something.

  92. @Zeroooooooo

    While others are doing well with traditional methods like Schniezel, I was more or less pointing out that Geass is not a simple tool/weapon/power that you can just brush off and blame on the user.

    It’s like Schniezel with FREYA or w/e, the Emperor with GEass+Ragnork etc, Lulu with Geass etc. What I’m just getting at is that sure you can blame the user for making the choice to use it, but it’s not a knife or a gun or something simple that anyone can stand up to if they wanted to. YOu can’t stand up to Geass (unless you have hax like Orange but that’s a different subject) and FREYA like nukes in rl are so overpowering that they fundamentally mess with whoever has control of them giving them a power trip. This then changes your personality, makes you greedy, arrogant or w/e else.

    But again, what I’m saying is that Geass and lower class stuff like knifes etc change the user more and thus can be directly blamed for events rally. When you think you have the power to do anything, you do anything and don’t care about it basically.


    I don’t think you can just “sit it out”, whatever the case may be, he is always in a lose lose situation you know. Nina being crazy like she is would’ve ran off and tried to use it on her own probably. Leaving it behind isn’t a good idea, and going out isn’t also a good idea, but then he didn’t expect that kallen would show up with her haxxed out mecha and try to kill him. Though he was ready to die insted of use it, which says alot. He also tells Lelouch about it and that they should stop fighting, but nope, Lelouch is in his rage mode and won’t listen to anyone etc etc, so you reap what you sow basically.

    IMO this had to happen to get both characters to realize some very important things though, so it’s not at all pointless/meaningless. And neither is Nunnalys death (if she really is, but I’ll hold off on that for now.)

    Anyways, after the events that happened in this ep, the BK calling it quits with Zero makes sense, they wanna free/save Japan, but it’s looking like nothing will be left if they keep fighting the way Zero is now. Add to that that they’ll find out his identity, and figure they’ve been used, which they have anyways. Because this “still” isn’t about freeing Japan or the world, specially not now.

  93. Ninja maid power, go! I highly doubt Nunnally nor Sayoko are dead. When it comes to major characters, no body = no death. And blaming Suzaku for firing the weapon because his geass (that Lulu placed on him in the first place) forced him to is just plain silly. That’s like saying Euphie really was an Eleven-hating mass murderer.

  94. @Reiter

    I agree, but then you can blame him for going out in the first place. But I don’t see it as him having a choice. Like I said, leaving it there isn’t smart either. He figured he’d try to get lelouch to stop once he told him about the weapon, but that didn’t work. Then he also didn’t expect super haxxed Guran to showup and put his life in danger, even though he was ready to die but the geass got in the way.

  95. Rolo used his GEASS and try to kill Nunnally and Sayoko but before he even get to them a huge light have appeared at the same time with the FLEIA’s effect so he escaped. He thought both of them are dead due to FLEIA’s effect but end up wrong.

    Asahina and Guilford are officially DEAD from FLEIA.

    Lelouch will kill his father (maybe in turn 21!?!) and become the EMPEROR according to spoiler of episode 22 of R2 (he would become the final boss in this series)
    The reason why his father wants Nunnally so Lelouch will remove every emotion left within him to succeed him as the EMPEROR.

    Lelouch and his GEASSED China troops and others and power obtained from his father vs Order of the Black Knights + Brittania

    Lelouch vs Suzaku

    Turn 22 Emperor Lelouch

    Turn 23 The Return of The Witch

    Turn 24 World’s End

    Turn 25 Code Geass

  96. @Kannie

    Learn to take a joke, it’s obviously Lelouch’s fault for the Fleija, we’re just saying Nina because she was freakin’ annoying the hell out of everyone this entire episode.

  97. GP@

    Darn, sounds like Suzaku had no choice, but until I see the episode for myself he is still an idiot. I don’t know if he had another way out of it, but maybe, he could have just taken the darn keys and then gone out in the super knightmare that Karen used. I know for sure that Suzaku’s lancelot uses a key.

  98. Nunally’s seeming death will sure keep the tension high. And Arigatou’s analysis seems to be it – the emperor was grooming a successor, who was to take the throne by force, which is part of the tradition. Sort of like the Golden Bough, if you know what that is.

    No matter that it’s Suzaku who fired the shot, and Nina made the bomb, it’s still the Emperor who’s the orchestrator of every tragedy, and he’s the final enemy.

    Boy, this episode really felt like a Tomino Gundam of old.

    Chino F
  99. There wouldn’t be a corpse left it’s a effing nuke.
    Super maid was to confused to do anything at the moment.
    My guess is that do to Lelouch throwing a emo fest next week he’ll get abandoned by the Black Knights.
    Suzaku on the other hand will leave Britania on his own will and so will Anya/Zino.
    Then an alliance will form between Lelouch & Suzaku and co.
    But I also think that Cornelia while maybe not joining them will still help them out.
    And when I say Lelouch I include Rolo and C.C.
    Now I’m confused what the Black Knights will become because I’m personally thinking they’ll revert back to being a resistance group without Zero.
    Also what will Kallen and Diethard do now.
    But at the end this is all just my speculation so take it for a grain of rice.

    Side note i posted this exact same comment on Kurogane and on Memento.
    Although the one on memento isn’t exactly the same….

  100. Nunally better not be dead, even though FREYA was literally right in front of her, I hope that somehow Sayoko managed to get her out of that, but from the looks of the Crater and the preview… *sigh* (next few eps better surprise me)

    Finally someone got rid of that vampire guy, he was so annoying.

    Anyway Nina should do us a favor and use FREYA on herself and Schneizel, since she enjoys using it so much. I hope Rolo does by his own geass, taking his little time walking around pretending that he wanted to save Nunally, ass.

    Nina should die not only because she was annoying, but she created this weapon (FREYA) because she wanted it to kill Elevens out of her racist anger, and doesn’t care who dies.

    Random Boy
  101. @GP

    Yeah, I know. But it’s not in a bad way though, Lelouch did do it to save his friend in the beginning, it’s just that he’s probably never expected it to bite him from behind like this. It’s just ironic how it ultimately still ended up as a result of what he did despite his good intentions.

  102. GP@

    Humph, I agree with Lux, and it’s not even a matter of the firing that put him at fault here. If he wouldn’t have killed Eurphy, Nina could have just continue her blind obsession and no one had to get nuked.


    Do us all a favor, and take a long walk off a short bridge. [joking]

    Really, GP & Sam, please don’t post up spoilers, without blocking them or something. There is no point of watching the series if you know what’s going to happen before hand, or at least not for me.

    Chino F@

    Even if the Emporeor set this all up, it didn’t have to go the way he planned it at all. It’s the choices made that set everything up, and like hell the Emporeor is planning all of this just to gain a successor. He is immortal, so he doesn’t need one.

  103. more and moree those korean blogger’s spoilers are coming true (well, most of it at least). Damn I knew Suzaku’s “Live” geass will end up doing this. Suzaku is pretty muched f@cked now. good bye nunnaly T_T

  104. I knew it. I knew someone HAD to kill off the Knight of Ten this episode…

    Man, both Suzaku’s and Lelouch’s reactions are going to be entertaining at least, if not outright epic. Suzaku at firing FL-ah, whatever; Lelouch at Nunally’s death. Talk about the final nail in the coffin for Lelouch’s old personality.

    radical anime fan
  105. anyone else tired of how overpowered kallen and gurren have been? i don’t have anything against her character but geesh it’s been so one sided in the battles she’s in it’s starting to remind me of gundam seed destiny and that wasn’t any fun. man sunrise really fails at mecha balance.

  106. @ anonnona

    nah , maybe something like “We have the power , we can kill anyone but in the end we have no leader” ———————————————> Lelouch kills everyone he sees

  107. I really doubt that Nina is dead… and at this rate Rollo will probably end up sacrificing himself for Nunnaly to make sure that Lelouch doesn’t despair so much again… further adding to Lelouch’s guilt.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  108. Sorry I meant FLEIJA ^^’ Freya was used in the english subs last time.

    I guess Lelou doesn’t plan for worse than worst case scenarios.

    The 1st was geassing suzaku to live no matter what, probably never thought that they would become enemies one day. (see 3rd scenario, I don’t blame him for geassing Suzaku though, they were friends)

    2nd, Allowing his jealous brother who tried to to kill him and secretly wants him for himself to live. Rolo hasn’t been that useful lately. (Shirley dies, Nunally doesn’t get saved)

    3rd, Not making Jeremiah de-geass Suzaku. (Nunally apparently dies, and Lelou goes crazy)

    Any more???

    Random Boy
  109. Euphemia, Shirley, Nunnally, Sayoko, and everyone else comes back Mai-Hime style. They all become one happy family with Kallen and C.C. after Roro, Suzaku, and Nina dies. TRUE HAREM END.

  110. Well if she is dead …. looks like we just blew 40 episodes ……… I mean really .. come on …. I’m tired of main characters dieing at the very end … cough Guren Lagan … cough cough …..

  111. @Rednights
    Agree, it just feels pointless as it’s totaly forced. Additionaly it seems to be a “trend” in that kind of anime lately. Always the same..
    I’m missing real jewels like Eureka Seven here which showed how it’s done right. Ah well, it’s not 100% sure, that she’s dead. They left a lot room for her to be still alive (no corpse, the mysterious technical equipmet our assasin maid had on her back i.e.)

  112. Just watched the sub. The end was sad, the preview upsetting and the next episodes title is “Betrayal”
    Means next episode the Black Knights will betray Lelouch/Zero? If that happens I wonder what Lelouch will do – if he’ll do anything at all that is. Anyways, next weeks episode will be very interesting and I think very important as well.

  113. Man with the upcoming episodes its going to get really hectic, chaotic whatever, but i am just gonna try to bare with everything they try to trow at me, Show me betrayals, show me Death, show me new people, ill bare with it lol…. till the last episode, hoping at least one of the main character gets satisfied…

  114. I dont think it could be possible but… maybe the Emperor saved Nunnally and will use this against Lelouch… I know it sounds crazy but I would do that if i was the Emperor…

  115. Man Lulu’s geass comes back to bite him in the ass AGAIN.
    It’s all his fault. Frist by casting the ‘kill the japanese’ order that caused Euphie to die and Nina to go revenge and Second the ‘live on’ order to Suzaku that made him pull the trigger.

    For a strategist, Lulu certainly does mess up badly.

    And there’s no way they’d kill off Nunally like that. Maybe in scene like Shirley’s death, but not like that.

  116. @ everyone

    This is just one of those epic WTF moments in anime. Yup

    Well Milly might or might not be dead. (50/50) right there as we saw her running from the blast.
    Sayako and Nunnaly…This is hard I say 50/50. As we saw the Emperor but do not know where we went or was going. he could have saved Nunnaly and maybe Sayako?? But the fact that lulu can not get in touch with her is…a little negative.
    Shogo is dead. Im almost 100% sure on that as he told Todou to take care of everything.
    Luciano Bradley is dead as he got WTF owned by the new KICKASS guren.
    and our lovley Gilbert is dead as we see his Knightmare get disintegrated in the blast while telling Cornellia (lulu) to be safe. Man how fucked of this that list.

    Ya know I seriously thought Lulu would have had jeremiah use his geass cancellar on Suzaku before all this happened. I was almost sure that is what they were going for. Well I was expecting Suzakus geass to activate which would mean he WOULDN’T use Freya but the exact opposite happened.

    And it looks like next episode. Lulu is going to go crazy on Rollo. <___<
    What is this series coming to…

  117. In a way, I find it out of character for Lelouch to not account for the geass he put on Suzaku. I think as the series progressed, we’ve lost touch with Lelouch’s “intelligence”, and the “wit” and “cleverness” that were more apparent in the first season. I feel in a way it’s kind of added as an afterthought, like yeah they did this, but oh no this was already planned-doesn’t really seem that intricate as before.

  118. @Rednights

    Not really, if there’s one thing I’ve learned its that the danger Nunally has been in during the run of this show always stems either from her being Lelouch’s sister and somebody retaliating at Lelouch through her, or from Lelouch’s attempts to ‘rescue’ her. He finally succeeded in getting her killed through his inceasent attempts to involve himself in her well being (the last straw being siccing Rolo on her to protect her and telling everybody to “Kill Whitey!” (lol) to keep her “safe”). There’s been a number of close calls. His luck ran out, and she didn’t survive his mistakes this time around. This could have happened twenty episodes ago. Thirty episodes ago. Ten episodes ago. It happenned now. The consequences are going to be an integral part of the story.

  119. Nina needs to die, doesnt matter by who as long as she dies

    .. I don’t see Lelouch or Suzaku making it alive in this series now actually

    and im wondering what set Anya off

  120. MY RANT@

    First off, you can’t Geass someone through a monitor …it requires you to meet face to face, which is why Orange couldn’t just cancel it. The frickin retard, he say he owe Suzaku …from when he saved him, but has no qualms with trying to kill him anyway. That is one of those times when blind loyality makes a stupid dog. Suzaku should have let the stray dog get hit by the car earlier. Stupid Orange, all signs of intelligences left that guy after the first upgrade.

    Second, I saw the episode, Suzaku is an idiot. His stupid pride made him go out in that thing, and I didn’t see it mention anywhere that the Guran was suppose to be for Suzaku. The frickin idiots, why fix up Kallen’s knightmare, and leave it just laying around with the instruction manuel where any idiot can find it. I actually thought he was going to die, and kind of wanted to see Lelouche’s face afterwards when he learns that Suzaku betrayed nothing. Also, Nina surprised me, she actually didn’t want Suzaku to die.

    Third, this episode was kind of stupid.
    First off Nunnelly is dead, why, because I am sure as hell that Rolo did something to keep thier ship from taking off. He already said, he was interesting in killing Nunnelly anyway at the very beginning. The ninja, girl saving them …hahahaha …she had no clue what was happening either. The emporeor stepping in with what? A frick’in tractor beam, he was there merely for the fireworks.

    His stake in this war was over after he ran into C.C again, and now, he is merely waiting to see whom his final opponent will be.

    Fourth, why can’t anyone under Lelouche think for thier selves? I mean, he tells Kellen to kill Suzaku, and she like …okay. He tells Orange to kill Suzaku, and he like, okay. And poor Guilford, I understood his problem …he is the only one that should be that stupidly loyal to him like that. I am surprise any members of the black knights have enough sense to recognize that Zero isn’t for them.

    FINAL, I kind of thought Nunnelly was going to die. Why? Because, they placed her in the a single shot …like what they did for Eurphy and Shirley before thier died in the opening song. A single shot, is like a death sentences.

  121. @Silentveil

    Oh Nina doesn’t care if Suzaku dies or not. She just wanted to have the thing fired and thought saying it would save him would help. Considering the live geass it actually did help in getting it fired. She will be the most upset that it didn’t manage to kill Zero.

    I’m not confident that Nunnally is dead yet. If that thing is fast enough could have gotten out of there. The light was so ridiculously bright that if you were anywhere close it would look like you were in it. Its just far to ambiguous for Nunnally’s death. But I guess anything is possible.

  122. I bet that Nunnally is alive,she was with Sayoko.. *hopes*
    I wish that Lelouch and Suzaku will just make up..
    If only Suzaku wasn’t on the Britannian side,that idiot.
    Hopefully Kallen stays strong with the Black Knights.
    Asahina pisses me off with her doubts and I just wish Nina would die.
    That psychotic “” needs to really die..she’s been a hindrance since season 1.
    One good highlight was that Kallen managed to kill Luciano.That guy was just..ugh.

  123. Jesus christ almighty, that was one hell of an episode. Nunally finally getting axed was probably the highlight of this entire series. Better than Euphemia, honest. Now with her out of the picture, Lelouch can finally go crazy and start acting like a real villain. My hands were shaking due to the sheer amount of epic contained in a 25 minute space.

    Oh yeah, did get a look at that crater? No way Nunally survived that, unless they were in some sort of bunker that was buried really deep. Nice impact from that “nuclear” weapon eh? Maybe this’ll shut up the idiots who seemed to think that Freya was a nuke. Do nukes cause spherical, glowing purple explosions, with a black hole-ish aftermath? Didn’t think so. Next time, pay attention when you’re learning how a nuclear bomb works.

  124. Oh yeah, is it just me, or does Lelouch’s facial expression after he sees the “nuclear” explosion remind anyone else of Beavis’ expression when acts surprised… or angry?

    Remember Beavis & Butthead? Good times man, good times.

  125. Lelouch still has a lot of important contacts who will help him. Kallen will probably stay with him because he is going to need a very strong pilot at his side. Gino and Anya will join up as well. So Lelouch might actually create a new army that might be much stronger than the Order of the Black Knights. And if Diethard leaves him, then I don’t need to tell you who will take up his position.

    Lelouch still has Kallen. And if possible, Milly Ashford. Especially if she learns that Lelouch is Zero. He still has two women left to turn to. Provided that he even bothers to contact her to see if she’s ok. I doubt it because he is going to be very angery with Rolo for not saving his sister. Serves him right for trusting Rolo to begin with.

    I wondered who told Milly to get out of Tokyo before the bomb was activated? Was it Sayoko or Nina? We’ll learn soon enough. Since the news station was destroyed in the attack, I wonder where Milly will turn to?

  126. JW17@

    Hmmm…you are right, though, if Orange had used it …it would have undid Guliford’s geass as well wouldn’t it? That is, if it went though knightmares.

    Ummm..Sayoko is dead too.


    You know, I want to believe that, because Nina is crazy, but the fact that she said that in seemingly a panic make me doubt it.

  127. Damn Suzaku hate galore!

    He only intended to use freija as a threat and never once wanted to use it willingly.

    When he gets his hax Lancelot everyone is going scream HAX HAX while Kallen gets praised for her piloting skills in a hax machine. Dude can’t catch a break.

  128. that’s an implosion – that why there’s a little damage at nearby area at its blast point
    if it was indeed an explosion then at least the towers near the crater should have been destroyed due to the strength of the shockwave prior to explosion

    if nina was to blame for creating a bomb, suzaku for riding the lancelot equip with a bomb and schnizel for asking nina to continue to create the bomb and lelouch for giving geass to suzaku which force him to live and using the bomb and for killing euphemia which made the perverted nina insane…

    then might as well as C.C. since she gave powers to lelouch as well as euphemia for coming to japan (without her nina wouldn’t masturbate thinking about euphie)

  129. That scene had too little information and was way too vague for a death scene of an important character such a Nunnally; I personally don’t believe Nunnally would die so easily.

    I actually stopped hating Suzaku since he forgave Lelouch and refused to fire the FREIJA no matter what, and I can’t find myself blaming Lelouch for it either because there was no way he could’ve predicted this. The only person I want to point my finger at would be Nina, who was urging Suzaku to fire the FREIJA in the middle of the Tokyo Settlement knowing what it could do. Now that Nina have seen the result of the weapon, I really do hope she show some kind of regret (and I don’t mean regret as in “if only I made the explosion larger so Zero would’ve been caught in the blast), otherwise she’d probably go down as my most hated character of all time next to Makoto from School Days or something.

  130. @Ungas

    Lulz why not carry on that! Blame the Nun for providing C.C. the powers. Blame whoever gave that Nun immortality. Hell just blame it on the existence on the geass itself! And blame Euphie’s mother for meeting Charles, etc., etc.

  131. Well, if you’re going to blame anyone, it should be the emperor. He has connections to nearly everyone on the list already. Without him= no Lulu, no Suzaku as a Knight of Rounds, no Schneizel, no Euphie, no Nina w/o Euphie or Schneizel, possibly no V.V (he might still exist, but his reason for being evil would be gone), and also possibly no Rolo if there’s no V.V. And without Clovis’s experiments, C.C wouldn’t have been in Japan, so everything is the Emperor’s fault. But of course, it could be the person that gave the Emperor geass, the Emperor’s father, the emperor’s mother, etc…XD

  132. Let’s sum up opinions, shall we?

    1. List of people who died in this episode, and good riddance.

    Luciano – definite yay. By Kallen’s new mech – FABULOUS.
    Grausam Valkyrie squad – yay, too many harem girls already. Besides, one of them is a sister of that turd Kewell from S1, double yay for her. Triple yay because they were instapwnt by Kallen.
    Remains of Glaston Knights – yay.
    That Black Knight captain guy – yay, he’s annoying.

    2. List of people who died, but shouldn’t have.

    Guilford – too bad for the guy, actually, he never saw real Cornelia come back.
    Asahina – his “Zero is a turd despite busting our behinds our arses out of the fire every second episode” is annoying, but he’s actually the most likeable of the FHS.

    3. List of people who didn’t die, but should have.

    Nina – that [censored][censored] makes Spinzaku look [censored] better than he is by being a [censored]xenophobic [censored] throughout the [censored] episode, is responsible for the best (worst) mindfuck Lulu ever had and is asking to [censored] die in the most [censored][censored][censored] way possible ever since she first [censored] appeared, but still [censored] hasn’t!
    Rolo – One big [CENSORED].

    Erratic Communist
  133. The only way Nunnally could be alive is if someone with a transport!geass saved her at the last second or something. O.O

    …Rolo’s gonna die next Turn. D: D: D: But Lelouch probably wants that at this point. DV anyone? >_>

    But I feel really bad for Suzkau. T^T The poor guy….

  134. well, I was kinda hoping for an episode where all those lies and scheming would come back on Mr. Zero 10xfold. I think hes gotten off too easy throughtout this series until now. this definitely makes the story more interesting.

    ps. the gurren IS overpowered

  135. …….

    I cant say anything hearing the news ’bout Nunnally & Guilford….

    and the most responsible person for this shit is of course that table-fetish girl!
    I REAAAAALLLLLLY Wwant to see her dead in agony! >_>
    for exp; stomped by Shinkirou or shot by Gurren’s radiation wave >.__>


    I would have to say this isn’t Suzaku’s fault (& I don’t like him). It was Lelouch’s mistake in using the “Live!” geass. If he had said “Live for today!” life would have been good…

    I actually think Nunnally is truly dead just like Shirley is really dead. I don’t think they’ll resurrect characters in this anime.

    From the beginning of this episode, I could tell that Nunnally was going to die just by the way everything was set up: she’s in the middle of a war zone, Rolo (that b***h) is trying to kill her, and then you have the Frieya. It was a situation for disaster.

    I feel bad that Nunnally is dead, but I was prepared… and now I think Lelouch will go crazy and simply try to destroy Britannia & Suzaku for revenge.

    And my final remark: DIE ROLO, DIE! He’s such a useless psychotic character.

    Happy watching!

  137. Sad thing is that Shinkirou showed itself as an inferior KMF. Seriously, Lelouch ain’t no bad pilot, he’s capable of kicking ass himself.

    By the way, I saw no Millay in this episode. Was she shown at all? Comments are confusing me.

    Erratic Communist
  138. I smirked when Rolo wanted to kill Nunally. He is straighforward, but needs counseling.
    Schneizel, you evil son of Charles. He might have calculated that Suzaku might use the bomb, if he knew of Suzaku’s life-geass.

    I think Ougi will be responsible for the escape of Cornelia: he seems to have thought it was Viletta/Chigusa, so he probably told people to ignore the break out.

    But oh..the big bang >.<
    I am happy that Guildford thought he was saving his princess.
    Tamaki’s loyalty is kind of cute and odd at the same time. Maybe he really believes that being able to have one-on-one talks with Zero, who seems to be taking what he says serious, is a indication of their “closeness”.
    And Zero, you reap what you sow. Things fell apart again, like the previous big battle.

    Zero should have made a small group of people close to him (who would follow him even when they would get to know some ugly truths) to keep tabs on the BK members and assist him overall as his eyes and ears. He only had C.C. and Kallen for that and both didn’t fulfill those roles. A organisation completely depending on your orders to be successful is fragile. The cracks show of BK members doing their own things and being able to get away with it.

    The next episode is called “Betrayal”..that can’t be any good, seen Asahina has already been trying to plant seeds of doubt. I like Asahina, but if the BK falls apart, Zero will have to go solo and discard them (how likely that is, I don’t know). But it might very well not be about the BK or about Britannia’s side as well.

  139. Guren… Gurren Lagann! with the semi-face looking main body 😀
    Hot episode, still doubt Nunally+Sayoko are dead, two episodes from now will tell. lol @ Tamaki alright. Suzaku will just blame himself again… the Black Knights might really now do a coup de ta against Lulu… And what happened to Mordred? 😛

  140. I’m pretty certain that probably only kallen and Jeremiah will stay by lelouch’s side.. Schneizel hast past on the recording to the black knights, which shows lelouch betrayal (at least in their eyes)..

    And well there’s still a change that Nunnaly is alive allthough it’s a small change. Why do I think this.. well when they showed us the flashback lelouch giving suzaku the live command, same time tey also showed us the island where they got transported to by V.V. Besides the emperor did show up and if I’m right he did inheritV.V. powers probably. So he might have saved Nunnaly.

    @t Kenaii.. you’re mentioning of the screendata from the bom shows us that it’s not certain the bom kills everything in its path. The last fase of the bom is space transfer, which could mean that all mass within the blastradious is transferred to another dimension. I think that Nina created a device that actually is similar to a black hole, so wo knows what’s on the other end of that.. Word of C maybe, who knows?.. Let’s just watch and see what happens next episode.

  141. @ Erratic Communist: Nope, no Milly this epi. Not that I have seen anyway.

    @ JordiBlau:
    The emperor might have teleported at least Nunally away..who knows. He has the sigil on his hand.

    The theory that Charles is playing “the survival of the fittest” game with his sons might be coming true after all.

    Wanted to add a few things more.
    Gurren way overpowered. Makes you wonder why most of the troops of Zero didn’t just stay at home. Zero is always getting into trouble if he is alone in a Knightmare with no extra forces around him (or C.C. as co-pilot).

    Nunally possibly quite dead (to me she looked like it), not much of a surprise. poor Sayoko though. Lelouch needs the people who know more about him than the average BK member and still want to serve him.

    I don’t blame Suzaku for this and just think this is a classic case of things done that are going to come back and bite Zero (and to be fair, Suzaku to a extend as well, for his choice to carry the bomb and so on) in the back. It had to happen (again) at some point.

    And Lelouch better not piss Rolo off, with throwing Rolo’s phone with the precious locket to it on the floor..

  142. Since most of Tokyo got nuke, i transfer to Russia instead….

    Anyway my thoughts about this episode:
    *Rolo is FAGGY character who wants to kill Nunnally so he can have Lelouch all be himself…. Faggot
    *I doubt that Nunnally is officially dead. I doubt that the staff would kill off Nunnally without her knowing Zero is Lelouch.
    *I also doubt that Sayoko is dead too. She’s a ninja and somehow she use her ninja powers to escape with Nunnally…. oh wait, that’s Naruto…wrong show….
    *Suzaku is emoooo soon…
    *Lelouch….he’s going crazy now….
    *Nina, the racist stalker bitch must die!!!!!!!
    *Luciano was looking too good until he got his dumb self killed
    -does he look like Grimmjaw (sorry for the spelling)
    * oh yeah in the extended preview, Suzaku is laughing like Lelouch

    George from Soviet Union
  143. @ Kenaii – Interesting theory. Could have been some teleportation implosion. But I don’t think the story should wander down that path and start reviving people.

    Daaaamn, whoever wrote this episode was one helluva son of a gun. I would be surprised if Sunrise didn’t get hate mail about the nuke. People will be offended. But I commend them for sticking through and doing it right. People dying, mourning, etc. Good to see they are showing the consequences.

    This episode brought forth the Suzaku fanboy in me. It was good to see him accept his “death” and try to atone for his wrongings. It’s quite a shame to see what he did, but this will only make Suzaku hate Lelouch even more. But I think he was feeling pissed off after what Kanon said to him. He let his pride get to him and tried to be the hero =/

    Now wtf happened to Anya? She’s unconscious, and probably within the blast radius. But since she is such a vital character for some reason, I bet you she will be back.

    And the 30 second preview showed Schneizel, followed by Cornelia. It’s the final battle between the Britannian siblings. Which will be really hard, seeing as how the BKs are gonna abandon Lelouch.

    RIP Nunnally :(, Guilford :(, Asahina :(, Glaston Knights (nothing compared to the Great Darlton!), Valkyries (you should have joined Zero’s harem, tsk tsk)

    Luciano the Vampire’s tombstone should be graffiti-ed. Yeah, screw him. Good to see him go out in a burning ball of fire, though I would have preferred a stake through what remained of his cold cold heart.

  144. I just have to ask why so many people love Lelouch and think he is a god or something like that. he is the worst character of all time, All the worst wars in history where started with good intentions, hitler wanted to make the world a good place but killing jews(was that a good idea, I think not). Sazaku and Nunally wanted to change the world the right way without all the death. Lelouch started all of the wars, he is the one who made alot of people die including Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  145. you might as well blame schnizel cause he was smiling while the thing went off while everyone else was watching it in horror.

    oh and removing the live geass would also remove guilford’s illuion geass which is still bad.

    and only a few key BK members will betray lulu, while the rest of his empire has no choice but to work for him or get conquered. They are pretty stuck

  146. Oh yeah! Nunnaly dead!!!! Finally something good came from this series! Shirley’s death was not enough for Lelouch to atone for his sins, but now he got stabbed in the heart!

    But knowing sunrise it wouldn’t be a surprise if she’s not dead, yet i hope she is. Lelouch must pay for all his sins, and his only weak spot is Nunnaly, since he doesn’t care for anyone else.

  147. Just a thought… But Anya might have saved Nunnaly…What happened to Anya on the battlefield appeared to be something geass related. It might have been Orange’s geass canceler, which made her remember her past (judging by her photo of loli-lelouch they are somehow related). I may be going overboard here, but I just can’t believe she’s dead…

  148. btw, for all the people who blame Lelouch, Suzaku or any other character who is involved in the nuke, you have to find WHAT really made this happen…

    …actually, it’s the Geass which cause all these problems….I mean look at those gain the Geass: Rolo, Mao, Charles, Lelouch and even C.C.

    ..and also look at those who got affected by it: Suzaku, Euphy, Cornelia, Guilford, Orange and Villeta….

    …now their lives are twisted and affected the innnocent, i’m saying that whoever gave the Geass in the first place, is probably responsible for the problems in the code geass world and history….

    …anyway, I hope the director will show us where the Geass really came from

    ….probably from Jupiter or planet Krypton (wait, that’s Superman), or from some alien civilization who came to earth million years ago..who knows

    George from Soviet Union
  149. I so was feeling that Nunally would die (even if i think she did not really) but i thought rolo would kill her seems like not… I was so hoping to see that coming, to see lelouch’s despair of losing her. Loved it! R.I.P Nunally (for now ;p) …tears for Suzaku and Lelouch …

  150. To the person who says every thing that has happend is all the Geass fault, Think of it this way in the real world is it the person who makes the bomb who kills people or is it the person who detonates the bomb that kills people. So it can be the Geass at fault now can it.

  151. I think what a lot of people forget is the whole series is a tragic string of events perpetuated with the death of marianne. Wether you like it or not lelouch is the protaganist of the series. And so is suzaku (but he plays more of a Asran role). Unless they intend to make this story into a tragedy (which a lot of mainstream animes dont) its gonna end favorably to lelouch. By no means does this mean to zero. Zero persona from day 1 was intended to take the fall for all the evil lelouch needed to do. He always had the intension of abandoning zero persona once he accomplished his goals. I think with nunnally dead or supposedly dead he might even abandon his zero persona. I will leave this at that.

    I dont really want to get into a huge discussion about this cuz i agree with what you wrote some of the best intensions ended up with the worst wars and results. i jsut want to point out that some of the most selfish reasons and intent ended with bettering the world. Nepolean and Octavian are just some examples. Its also hard to catagorize lelouch or the emperor into which category they belong in since they both arguably have both higher purposes and selfish purposes for their reasons. I can see lelouch falling into both categories.

    Side thoughts
    While its very highly likely that bk will betray zero nxt episode, i think the title “betrayal” might co-adapt on suzaku’s side as well. i dont think anyone has explored the option he will betray brittania. Also the entire bk could not possibly betray lelouch. Zero is such a major reason for why other countries join the alliance. I just get the feeling only the japanese faction betrays him, and this could explain why some of the spoilers state his hold onto power even after the betrayal. At the very least i dont see orange-kun, xingke and the chinese federation betraying him. I also dont see them betraying zero without something big to trade for. Betraying the main commander and strategist when so much weighs on a such a decisive battle just would be stupid. (if they win other countries join in or if they lose brittania launchs attacks into the rest of the united nations) Toudou knows better from experience. The part that doesnt really add up for me is that the original black knights know that zero is in the war for personal revenge. and if they know that then of course they should know they are are being used for his personal revenge. of course the four swords and toudou werent part of the bk back then but ougi, kallen and tamaki know better. Also the bk are as much using zero as he is using them. I think this whole thing is hugely grey.

    Its pretty easy to guess that nina will die at some point since lloyd kinda foreshadowed it couple episodes back.

    For the people who say lelouch will kill the emperor to take his place, the pitfall to that is ummmm he’s immortal. he would need sword of wutever to kill him but i dont see him getting anywhere near that thing anytime soon especially without proper support. One posibility though is the C.C. code was given to the emperor so she’s actually mortal, and he willing gives his code (which combined with C.C. part) to lelouch letting him kill him. but i highly doubt this.

    O and i think orange-kun totally redeemed himself from being a reoccuring annoying charcter to badass. Loved his composure during battle and how he embrasses the orange as his ties to lelouch. full 180.

  152. And also, Lelouch will surely die….I don’t see how they could fit Lelouch being alive in the end..but that sucks…really

    And noooooooo there’s only like 4 episodes left…

    Well I also wonder where will Charles Britannia go and what is he going to do?? I guess..I’m just pointing it out…

  153. O its pretty clear charles is going to activate his plot to rid the world of lies (which that one baron guy said would destory the world) and schneizel also seems to know the emperor is headed to something that has nothing to do with the battle. Im sure cornilia will tell him whats up. Who knows she might even scold him for nunnally’s death if we’re lucky.

    I just saw the extended preview though. And it seems suzaku also goes insane, he was laughing insanely atleast in the extended preview at the ruins of tokyo settlement. it would make sense that he would snap since no one can really carry as much weight as he did. try adding a couple thousand lives to that weight. Tamaki seems really hurt, prolly at the news about his best friend zero’s identity. Ougi seems pretty composed im sure he’s gonna use this opportunity to try to get favorable relations with the brits so he can start banging villeta again. I just wonder what kallen will choose. I also dont know about rollo since they showed him smashing rollos precious object. Lelouch may even reveal rollo doesnt mean anything to him, which would be really really bad under the circumstances.

    @10:32 the only reason i dont think lelouch will die though is they put too much effort into the whole C.C. talking with marianne thing about keeping lelouch alive. And im sure its all gonna come back to that when it is time for him to be about to get killed.

  154. I find it interesting that people think that the betrayal is only going to be on the BK side of things. I think there is a good chance that the betrayal’s will be on all sides of the table at least.

    1.) Suzaku just blew up his OWN base and killed god knows how many Britannian soldiers and civilians. I can’t imagine that there won’t be some sort of punishment for this or at least for him failing to kill Zero with it. How crappy of a shot do you have to be to miss killing someone with with a Nuke?

    2.) Anya is acting weird clearly suffering from some sort of Geass related affect like when C.C. was using her powers of Suzaku and having him relieve his memories back in season 1. Personally I’m expecting her to hook up with Zero at some point. Mainly because I get this feeling that Lulu and her may be of closer relation than we know.

    3.) BK oh yea some will be pissed about the whole slaughter thing with the Geass Cult. I expect some of them might try and break away or whatever. Todo won’t though, because lets face it Zero is the only good general they have. They need him badly.

    4.) The Emperor is coming we know he doesn’t give a crap about the war. In all likelihood his plan to kill the gods or whatever has reached a new stage which requires him to be in Japan. So chances are he might issue some orders that are not favorable to the Britannian side of things.

    5.) Maybe Lulu thinking his sister is dead just says fuck it and leaves.

    Also on a small side note why in the world would anyone issue a tactical nuke to be deployed in a battle ragging over your own city? I get why Nina would she’s just crazy. But for everyone else it makes no sense. If you use it you will blow up your OWN city, sure you might get some BKs but is that really worth it? Also PLEASE no more knightmare upgrades I’m getting sick of it. Like watching a freaking Power Ranger show, lets just bust out this new weapon we never bothered using before.

  155. @W.Wolf touche at what you said. regarding the nuke, it was more of a demonstration of power than actual battle use. Schneizel and nina just wanted to show its power, with it they can make very reliable threats of power. Its kinda the main reason USA nuked japan when they knew the emperor signed the seize fire but was being held hostage by his generals or whatever. to show the communists a show of power.

  156. wow, Kallen’s new Guren is designed more like a demon now. Somehow, I get the feeling that each time she gets an upgrade, it moves the unit closer up the rank of demons. silver-hand red demon —> “fairy winged” (LOL) silver hand red demon —> red winged silver hand red demon with a face on the stomache. ;P

    still, today’s losses were… idk how to say this, but they were… sudden and touching… (other than that Vampire Bradley’s –gj Kallen)… I think I would miss Guilford. And I really don’t know if Nunnaly is really dead… especially with 8 eps left.

    well, looking forward to next week’s

  157. Last Scorpion@

    I am with you to some extent. I do believe that Suzaku & Nunnelly’s goals were the most ideal, but as you can see, it’s quite easily derailed. Thus, you can’t blame Lelouche for thier plans failure …bad things do happen to good people. Though, that’s not to say that I agree with lelouche’s plan either …it’s funny how the things he wanted to protect are the things that he lose in his ambition.

    He should have listen to Suzaku, but then again, Suzaku should have followed his first mind and not gone out in that flying death trap.


    The interesting thing about it, is like Suzaku ….Zero can no longer go back to being Lelouche now. His life as Lelouche is ruin, kind of like Suzaku’s position as a Japanese is lost. He now has no choice anymore than to continue to play the role of Zero, because, everything that was Lelouche is dead or dying.

    If he kills Rolo, it’s the same as killing the last bits of normalacy for himself. Rolo is the last parts of that world of the past that he has left to cling to …him and Rival, but you know, we haven’t seen him in a long while. It’s sad, because, the path he choose is the stupidest of the one he had open to him.

    He didn’t even have to bother Japan, he had his foot in the doors already, and simply could have left Nunnelly alone, but Zero has his pride. The same thing goes for Suzaku and the stupid Freya. I don’t know why he thought he could threat Lelouche into submission. Stupid.

  158. I haven’t watched the ep yet, but from the way you people are talking about it, the ep seems to be an epic.

    On a side note, I admire the way that the Vanguard Lancer of the Empire died. He died for his princess (though it wasn’t really Cornelia, he was just made to believe). I also loved the face of Luciano as he got overdosed with radiation.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    This episode almost made me cry… NUNALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY….. T______T
    SAYOKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……. he was SO LOYAL to Lelouch and NUnally T_T!! i just feel so sad ( i ll feel even worse if Jeremiah dies, if that happens then no character loyal to lelouch will be alive)

    Lot of things to say about this episode. I sincerely hope Nunally is still alive, she can’t just die without seeing Lelouch again… CG keeps impyling that the way of the Geass User is Loneliness… and u can just get psyco like Lelouch or a f$cking world ruler asshole like Charles.

    If some1 is to blame is NINAAAA (yeah!, that b$tch must die!), and well.. its just the Geass Nature to cause death,destruction and pain on all the characters of CG.
    The one im starting to hate is SCHNEIZEL… HER SISTER JUST DIED AND HE WAS SMILING???!!! He was well aware of everything as well!!! when suzaku was going to be ultimately destroyed :), he wasnt worried because he REMEMBERED THE LIVE GEASS THAT SUZAKU HAS. Now that Schneizel knows about Geass and Zero’s identity he is the second more dangerous character on the series (being Charles the first just because he can’t die >.<). But also, LUCKILY he hasn’t been Geassed YET, i can’t wait to see what’ll Lelouch order him to do.
    New Guren!!!! OMOGMASDOGMADOGMDOGMDASKMFLKDAM PAWNED ALL… Enemies of Kallen, beware xD.
    Asahina died but no one mentioned xD. He just died to definitely guarantee that the OtBK will betray Zero… well… Lelouch wont really mind since his raison d’tre is already dead (APPARENTLY), jeremiah have sworn allegiance towards Lelouch so i Hope we ll be alive until the end of the series (he’s starting to be one of my fav characters now =) )
    Cornelia is missing… well, she won’t jump from the Ikaruga or who knows o.0. Wonder what she thinks of all this, and dunno what important role she has to play yet. There is no Knightmare for her as well… we’ll see.
    Also, one said something about “if u dont see the body, u cant confirm the death”. Has ANYone seen V.V’s body? If V.V’ is alive, and still got that teleporting power, maybe Nunally and Sayoko survival won’t look that unbeliveable. V.V still have a LOT of things to explain, most of them about Charles,C.C and Marianne (who is STILL the BIggest mistery of CG), now that C.C doesn’t remember anything and Charles doesn’t seems to be very talkative about his past, i think V.V or Anya’s memories are the only keys to reveal all.

    Well.. forgive my english, im really Spanish xD

    PS: Poor Guilford … T_T (i only liked him this episode)

  160. Wow, now you can even argue that Lelouch is at fault for everything too! if he hadn’t commanded Kallen to kill Suzaku, the geass would never have kicked in and Fleija never would’ve fired!

  161. its worth noting, that the destiny gundam is much stronger than strike freedom/infinite justice… and if anything infinite justice got a downgrade from the original justice…

  162. I’m betting that the use of freija saved Nunnally’s life, Rolo would’ve killed her had he been given the chance, one wonders why Lelouch decided to let him near her; it’s obvious why he killed Shirley. As a rule of thumb I don’t allow assassins and family members to mix. This is an old trope, with Rolo she faced death, but with explosions you never get body recovery and Rolo likely made his report based on wishful thinking rather than a throurogh search. She Might still be dead but it will have been some third party at work which did it. Of course none of this will stop Lelouch’s psyche from breaking down into a semisolid goo of depression.

  163. Just a note. I’ve seen a lot of people discussing whether Lelouch or Suzaku should be considered “at fault” for what happened to Nunnally. A lot of people are blaming Lelouch, asking if he forget about the “Live on” Geass he placed on Suzaku. Lelouch was probably fully aware of said Geass, but what he wasn’t aware of was the fact that FLEIJA was real and not just a bluff.

    Suzaku, by contrast, was fully aware of the Geass that had been placed on him, and nonetheless WILLINGLY chose to carry the FLEIJA into battle. He also refused to retreat when it became apparent he was outclassed, and deliberately placed himself in a situation where he was likely to die. Therefore, I think it’s pretty obvious that Suzaku created the conditions necessary for his Geass to activate and fire the FLEIJA.

    One way or another, Suzaku, Nina, Lloyd, Cecile, and Schneizel all need to die. Let it happen, Sunrise.

  164. @ Silentveil

    Hey don’t forget Milly, she’d probably get through to Lelouch since they have so much in common.

    To be honest, I can’t see who would be alive when the season ends, Lelouch, Suzaku, Nina, Rolo, Charles and others are really messed up and keep getting away with all this stuff not seeing the wrong they are doing. Suzaku and Nina love Euphy yet they are killing the people who she was trying to save. Lelouch probably could have saved Nunally without getting the entire world caught up in it. I think that’s a bit dramatic.

    Well as long as CC Kallen and Milly are alive that’s ok, they actually value to lives of the people around them. Although I seriously hope that its not too late for Lelouch, but he reminds me of Azula from avatar XD (I hope you know who that is) meaning they had everything but wanted more then lost what they had.

    Back to Anya, maybe she had a warning from Marianne that activated something O.O (teleporting geass, would be awesome… wishful thinking) or memory leak as usual.

    Random Boy
  165. Insane Suzaku and Insane Lelouch vs the world. I think the world will lose that battle. Suzaku’s insane face in the extended preview was priceless.

    on a side note wouldnt the use of the freya cause an extented area of emp outside the actual blast radius that would disable all communications and electronics for just about enough seconds to make everything thats floating in the air fall.

  166. Anonymous@

    Ummm…he didn’t exactly have the option of getting away. Kallen was on him like white on rice …literally. He even told Gino as much that running away wasn’t an option for him, because, she was gunning for him. The fact that Lelouche is yelling at her to kill him doesn’t exactly make me feel he is the one to blame. Kallen could have easily gotten Suzaku out of the fight without killing him, but no …lelouche wants Suzaku dead.

    It’s a matter of reap what you sow.

    Suzaku doesn’t even start the fight this time …as he implore Lelouche to not attack. I mean come on, Suzaku is faced by not one, but three different fighters all with the order to kill him.

  167. Randomboy@

    Milly is Britianna. I doubt she is going to be falling in love with the guy whom goes around killing a lot of Britiannia. Even if they had a past together, she isn’t exactly the violent type. Suzaku’s just finally killed people that Eurphy was trying to protect, and that is because of the “live” Geass. Nina …she is crazy …if you want to choose a representative for Azula ..that would be her. I see, Suzaku as Zuko’s Uncle & Lelouche as Jet.

    I think …memory leak is more suited for what happen, or maybe, she is the Emporeor’s little puppet. She didn’t start having problems until he came into the picture didn’t she.

  168. @ Anonymous – In Suzaku’s defense, he was willing to accept his death. And I don’t think he could realize, in the midst of battle, when his life was on the line, that Lelouch’s Geass command would stop him.

    But I would blame Suzaku’s pride on why he even decided to mobilize. After the Kanon and Schneizel talk, it would seem like that got to his head and pissed him off. He thought he could redeem himself by trying to be hero. And look where that got him.

    I’m actually more sympathetic towards Suzaku now than Lelouch. Probably cuz there are so many Suzaku haters =P

  169. @Silentveil gotta disagree man. I dont blame suzaku since a lot of things for the past 2 episodes were out of his hand. I can also see why he did take it out since nina was gonna take it out to launch the nuke herself. He probably thought it was safest in his hands. but its pretty cocky of him to think that he’s undefeatable. The part i disagree with is the fact he couldve retreated. Wether he knew kallen was gonna let him retreat or not was irrelavent considering lloyd and the chick told him he was no match (cmon who knows more about the lancelot and its capabilities than lloyd) and he clearly disobeyed the command cause he thought he could take her. which is why he was suprised when he started getting owned. even then he couldve attempted to run, but he was liek let me die (when he knows he cant). As for him trying to talk to lelouch when he didnt even bother to address teh whole betrayal issue was kinda stupid, of course he’s not gonna listen to you if you are still going on about him being wrong about the war after he said you betrayed him.

    my personal stance on this issue is it was neither suzaku or lelouch’s fault. there was no way lelouch couldve seen this when he saved his and suzaku’s lives by issuing the live command in season 1. nor could lelouch have thought (even if he considered the bomb was real) that it would be fired near nunnally, if anything it wouldve been used to fire at him or the ikuruga since its the command center. this situation was well beyond both of their hands. the fact that the nuke was placed on teh lancelot in the first place though i find it odd. it was a very bitchy move on nina’s part knowing suzaku was japanese and to have him kill his own people with the bomb.

    and please if the live command was never issued they both would be dead and code geass wouldve ended in episode 17 season 1. also you suzaku lovers owe it to lelouch for keeping suzaku alive till now. he wouldve died like 10 times over if it wasnt for that command (he has no will to live).

  170. Nunnally can not really die anyway but if she did die , I would be pleased , go to hell Lulu , you killed your own sister haha.

    Too bad Guilford dies for that jerk Lulu , I’m sick of people dying without even actually knowing who they are dying for:P.

  171. If Nunnally is dead, Lulu is partly responsible (not for the fact of geassing Suzaku, or killing Euphie (leading to Nina going nuts and making the Freya), he’s responsible because he left the geass on Suzaku. He should of had Jeremiah remove the geass, it’s his own damn fault.

  172. Suzaku is still vulnerable, Orange’s Anti-Geass would be the most probable way. While a situation where Suzaku’s survival is impossible also could work, the command would probably prevent it reaching that stage.

  173. I am hoping that this pushes Lulu over the edge, and he actually decides to kill Rolo now…instead of toying around with him. I’m sure Lulu knew that Rolo would try and make a move to kill Nunnally, just like he knew that Rolo killed Shirley. Just kill the bastard already!!!

  174. @Silentveil
    The fault should be of Schneizel.
    He was the higher commander on Tokyo Settlement right? Why did he approve Freya in first place?? And he was well aware of Suzaku’s Live geass… he even looked pleased when suzaku fired Freya (even though 90% of the killed were Britannian). So what commander for god’s sake would allow such an irreflexive move?

    PS: Suzaku was sure that he was going to die… how come he DIDN’t remember the geass he is so upset about? :S

  175. @JRyan2k: well lelouch didn’t know (or believe) suzaku had a bomb, thus ungeassing him would have no effect since he would try to live anyways, jeremiah’s more useful on the battlefield. If he did know/believe suzaku had a bomb he would have obviously ungeassed him at any cost, since anyone could predict this scenerio.

    HOWEVER suzaku did know about his live geass, and bringing a WMD to battle is just crazy even with intent not to use it, any accidents are ultimately on you. if he was just going to bluff, THEN WHY BRING IT AT ALL , how nieve must you be not to see this outcome.

  176. Nunally is NOT dead. Like Omni stated, shes too much a char for it to end. If she did indeed die you would’ve seen the explosion hit her instead of some pink light and she’d definitely get more episode time.

    I also want someone to roundhouse kick Nina. God, every episode I see Nina is every episode I feel she needs a punch in the FACE. She has to be THE most annoying/mentally insane char I’ve ever seen.

    Llednar Twem
  177. I’m in shock thinking Nunnally may be dead, that’s just almost the same as having Lelouch dead too, the real end. And I haven’t read all posts for situational reasons, but I still wonder how Rollo managed to get out uf there, and I’m thinking if he made it out of death, maybe Sayoko and Nunnally too, and who knows, maybe Rollo actually saved them/her and hides this fact just to test Lulu and try to have Lulu love him, now that’s just his “brother” the only thing left, yeah, low probability, but you know how is it with anime…
    Kallen with God-like Guren Rocks!!!
    Sb shoot Nina dead!!!
    I think the ones to blame for having Tokyo nuked are Schneizel for allowing to have such letal weapon within his own territory and ALSO, though polemic, Suzaku, for not actually refusing to have the Freya installed on the Lancelot knowing the power it possesses, I mean, he actually does NOT want to use into ANYONE, even not on Zero himself, he rather kills him with his own hands, so why did he went out there with it anyway?! Possible answer: Retardness. And I’m not feeling Suzaku-hater today though I dislike him.
    In the case Anya is the real Nunnally, it will simply suck and let’s just add now the fact the OoBK might betray Zero next week -well, I’m 99% sure of it- those traitor bstards…

    Black Prince
  178. @Black Prince

    You got a good point about Rollo, why was he fleeing? We can see him on a Sutherland just when Freya is fired, but he didnt know what was Freya, so it can’t be said that he LEFT nunally died, he didn’t know she’d die. Instead he left her with Sayoko and her squad… i personally don’t understand Rollo’s actions, there is an incredibly low prob. that Rollo is hiding the fact Nunally is alive but it looks like he was really confused, maybe he encountered Asahina? i dont seem that likely because with his Geass he could’ve killed him very easily… so what is hiding Rollo (if he is hiding something) what he did, and what he didn’t do…

  179. Milly was in the episode for a brief sec. shown trying to run away from the fighting towards the beginning. They’ll reveal if she lived or died in the next episode probably. For all you Lulu haters, Suzaku wouldn’t even be alive if Lulu hadn’t saved his stupid butt way back in season 1. Plus, this is what, the 4th time that Suzaku’s consigned himself to death only to be saved by Lulu in some way (when brittania wanted to execute him at the start of season 1, on the island, the japanese soldier trying to stab him from behind, kallen almost succeeding in killing him). Seems wanting to die is more his mission than wanting to help Japan, he kinda has to be alive to accomplish that. The writers are finally creating a protagonist that is realistic, showing us Lulu’s flaws, cu does to them, viewers may not be used to it, but its a welcome change. The BK’s who betray will get their comeuppance, without Lulu there is no BK’s. I’m looking forward to Cornelia being slapped with the truth, Schneizel and the Emperor are the big villians, they both in their own ways want the world.

    About the world war 2 thing, there was no deadline. After the second atomic bomb attack surrender negotiations began. Truman had already halted any more atomic bomb attacks while surrender negotiations were ongoing. There was still those willing to let their country get obliterated by the US and eventually the Soviets, because they didn’t believe in surrendering.

  180. To all those people who blame the “Live” Command for causing all the deaths>> You cannot blame the Geass for causing that. The Geass is just a command, in the first place, Suzaku SHOULDN’T have put himself in that situation that he COULD use the weapon. Like Lloyd said, it is madness to put a Strategic weapon (Nukes) on a Tactical Vehicle (Tanks etc). It would only cause unnessesary damage/death.

    To go to battle is to risk death. Suzaku could have easily gone to battle WITHOUT the Nuke. Hell, he could have easily NOT GONE to battle at all.

  181. The reason for having suzaku do it, is because it places him on level ground with Lelouch.

    Lelouch didnt want to geass Euphemia, but did so anyway, since it overpowered him
    Suzaku didnt want to use freya, but did so anyway, because again geass overpowered him

    both have as a result, caused massive scale damage, as a result of geass

    so hmmmm

  182. Well I personally only read to page 7 of the comments and I would just like to point out that it would seem that while the friendship between Lelouch and Suzaku is torn, stamped on, and burned to the ground, it would seem that their personalities are getting ever closer (meaning more similar). Support for this idea would be that while Lelouch drew his strength from his promise to Nunnaly to create a better world, and Suzaku drew strength from his feelings for Euphie. After Euphie’s death he still drew his strength from his memories of her and he became even more serious and his supposedly high code of ethics proceeded to become less important to himself, going so far as to betray Lelouch to the Emperor. Now Suzaku kills the source of Lelouch’s strength,and as Lelouch did when he subsequently geassed and killed Euphie, now he blames himself and he will harden his Heart.

    A thought-filled void
  183. Also another thought is that while Suzaku did not want to use Freya, because he was trained as a soldier he would have used it if absolutely necessary as warranted by basic tactics. Now if he really was opposed to the use of the tactical nuke then he would have resisted the geass just as Euphie resisted when the geass tried to force her to kill Suzaku on her death bed. This being so even if he still couldn’t stop himself he could have hesitated long enough for Kallen to kill him, again like Euphie did for a short time after being geassed by Lelouch, before going to kill Japanese people. This being so it was in fact Suzaku’s fault Nunnaly died although everyone had a hand in it he pulled the trigger

    A thought-filled void
  184. GUILFORD should not have died…in fact I hope he is still alive. I have been waiting for the CorneliaxGuilford reunion since the the first episode when we find out she is missing. Now it will never happen…especially right when she is able to escape. The 30 second preview on youtube shows Cornelia with Schneizel. That sucks b/c I was hoping she would join Lulu and get rid of Geass. I never thought I would say this b/c I love her character but I hope Cornelia dies soon so she wont be alone (no Euphy+Guilford)

    NUNALLY should die but I don’t think she did. They had long scenes for both the death of Euphy (saddest thing ever) and Shirley (greatest thing ever). Lulu would have no reason to continue fighting if she did die. After all he is doing this to make a better world for her…but at the same time to avenge his mother’s death (now maybe Nunally’s death too).

    JEREMIAH confuses the hell out of me. He could use his Geass Cancelor whenever. He needs to use it on Suzaku and C.C. I think that the emperor changed her memories or wiped them out. I think that is how she might come back but it needs to happen soon. I miss her character. I also think it needs to happen to ANYA. She obviously knows/knew something and the emperor changed her memories. There are also rumors that she has a connection to Marianne/Lulu.

    THE EMPEROR is such an ass. Schneizel is right in thinking that he wont come to the battlefield. He would rather watch the survival of the strongest happen. They need to get back to him and finish the whole “destory the gods” story. I was so interested in Geass and the…dead, nothing. However…

    SCHNEIZEL is an amazingly twisted, strange, mysterious and malipulative guy I have ever watched. I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Actions speak louder for him. I have no idea what to think of him.

    MILLY I wasn’t too concerned about. If she was still Llyod’s fiance then I would have been more pissed at Suzaku/Nina/Lulu/anybody to blame. I’m pretty sure she made it out alive b/c the 30 sec preview showed the Ashford Academy right on the border of the destruction from the bomb. Most likely she ran there for shelter…maybe that’s were Nunally went too?!?!?!? Who knows….

    B.T.W. Nina needs to die…when is that going to happen?!?!?!?!?

  185. I have a crazy theory: Nunnally also has a geass which allows her to teleport (including people around her). Right before the explosion, she senses danger (you know, blind people have super senses) and makes an emergency teleportation out of there. So they may be somewhere far far away.

    …sob, Nunnaly.

  186. well…that was an interesting ep to say the list..i was kinda expecting the nunnally thing to happen sooner or later..but it was still a bit shocking…

    i am glad that kallen is back with the black knights now, she has always been one of my fav characters, but i have to admit while i am on the subject of girls, what the heck is happening with c.c.? i mean this “i can’t remember anything” is bug me lol

    i mean really how long will it go on? if she and lelouch are potential lovers, she has got to get her memory back — in my opinion at least..

    i think this next ep will be REALLY key in how this show will end..what lelouch decides to do..if nunnally is really dead, and what all the other characters do…

  187. All I’m hoping for, is that these last 7 episodes, will answer all our questions and settle everything. I’m hoping for a peaceful resolution, but I know a tragic ending would only fit too perfectly.

    Don’t screw this up Sunrise ._.

  188. Guildern@

    Okay, even if he did remember that in the heat of the moment, how in the world was Suzaku to know that his Geass would do that? I mean, you don’t think firing a WMD as a way of surviving a fight …normally do you?


    Humph, even in that case, it was still stupid of Suzaku. All he had to do was get in it, afterthat, he could have flown the dumb thing anywhere he wanted. Seeing Lelouche had it out for him bad, away from the civilization would have been a nice place to flown it, and let them follow him out to sea.

    Suzaku reason for facing Kallen, she was P-owning everyone else. He could have just ran away, but she would have pretty much vaporized everyone whom got in her way and then got him in the back. That knightmare is wicked fast. I think, the reason he didn’t run away was because he had pulled her away from Gino, and if he left it would have been two on one. I am guessing, that Gino was battling Guilford at that time while he took on Kallen.

    Anyway, Suzaku is an complete idiot, and for once he deserves the mental anguish. Whom gets into a weapon of mass destruction without some sort of plan other than …let them kill me if it gets really bad.

    You know, the funny thing about the not listening to Suzaku story ….it was twisted around not too long ago. You would think Lelouche would learn from being in that position not too long ago, and then, his goal is to save his sister. Until she was safe, any idiot could have afforded to back down for a bit. Once Kallen joined the party, they pretty much had the entire area in the palm of thier hands. So, trying to find out if it was true …was something that would have come to mind. Hell, he could have tried and tricked Suzaku by requesting that he surrender and he would call off the attack until he could confirm that he was telling the truth or not.

    SHot him in pointblack range and took the Frieya to be used later …for himself.

    The goal afterall …was to capture Nunnelly. Something that really they only needed a distraction to accomplish.

    So no, it’s thier faults because they both were complete idiots this time around.

  189. A thought filled void@

    Maybe because, he wasn’t commanded to use Freya like Eurphy was commanded to kill Japanese. She was repulsed by that suggestion, but, Suzaku simply acted to live. Once in the Geass, the person loses complete control so once it had taken over he couldn’t exactly fight it. His mind was focus on surviving, and not on the how it was to be done. Though why firing the Freya, might have a lot to do with Nina’s rant, because Suzaku knew that was how he was to survive even though he didn’t want to use it. Though that kind of means that Suzaku isn’t as suicidal as everyone things he is. He hates himself, but he really doesn’t want to die.

    Otherwise, there would be a battle everytime the Geass tries to take hold.

  190. I saw this episode, and I am just amazed. The story, the battles, the foreshadowing, the drama, the tragedy, and so much more.

    I have also checked out the extended preview of turn 19, and I am quite confused near the end of the clip. This is the link:

    At near the end of the clip, does that hand belong to Charles or Lelouch? I know that Charles has became immortal and has that sigil in his right hand. Also his costume, uh I mean his clothes also matches, but I was just wondering why the hands look young similar to Lelouch’s or am I just imagining things?

    In any case, the preview doesn’t look too good for Lelouch, it clearly shows that the Black Knights will betray and sell him to Britannia (man Lelouch always gets frikin betrayed and sold – he was sold by his own father to Japan, he was sold by his very own best friend to his hated father, and finally he was even sold by his very own army to his enemies. Give him a break already)

    Also it looks like IMO Nunnally has indeed died, since Sayoko, Miss Romeyer, and Nunnally were all ingulfed by the light, even if they were underground, it was still affected by the blast, I mean even if Sayoko is awesome, she isn’t superhuman so there would be no way for her to save themselves in that situation – even if they already took off with the plane – it would still be too late. Remember even Guilford was caught up in it despite the fact that he was quite far from it.

    Though if anyone can save her in that situation the only possible candidate would be the missing in action – Anya or Marianne, if she is still alive. Though i think it would be possible for the former, since it is quite a mystery on why Anya’s memory triggered again, despite the fact that she wasn’t in contact this time with C.C. but with Lelouch’s. So it is very possible that she may have already remembered, and could possibly saved Nunnally, though it’s quite unlikely – since Anya’s Mordred is quite slow.

  191. to whoever said charles changed C.C.’s memory, if thats true then that means C.C. is now mortal. when she was immortal geass wouldnt affect her (just liek how lelouch’s geass didnt affect charles). But then where did her immortality go? also lelouch still has his geass, with what we know so far her immortality shouldve transfered to him as they show theres only a 1 to 1 relationship between a geass giver and user.

    i have a feeling more and more the emperor himself was responsible for marianne’s death. anya probably overheard him or something which caused him to change her memory. they havent really developed any of the other royalty enough for them to do it. Only other prominent royalty is schnizel but i doubt he was involved. he probably knows charles did it too when he did his research on her murder. probably means anya will approach lelouch at somepoint and probably orange-kun will cancel it. or maybe C.C. can kiss her to get her memory back like episode 1.

  192. Its On……Nuff Said

    Also why the hell is half of that extended preview wasted on panning shots, though the academy was unbelievably lucky, right on the edge of that nuke’s blast radius.

  193. I know there is many factors to consider who is at fault here, most people blame Lelouch for giving Suzaku that command in the first place, but what was wrong with that?

    IMO Lelouch at the moment he gave the command cared so much for Suzaku that he didn’t want him to die. In fact, he and Nunnally were the only people that he never wanted to use his geass on, he was even regretting on him geassing Suzaku because of it. So because the command was apparently still active (I geass Lelouch’s geass effect pretty much lasts forever then) then Suzaku “had no choice” but to fire the Freya. But did he really have no choice??? Suzaku couldve refused to pilot Lancelot and instead use Guren (was wat Loyd and Cecile intended for him) BUT NOOOO he just had to pilot it. He is an idiot, plain simple and lucid. He was resolved to join Lelouch, only to betray him quickly when that gay Kanon and Schnitzel made him guilty. Also it’s not just the idiot’s fault, but also the pyschotic bitch’s fault.

    In addition, I believe that the mastermind behind it all was Schnitzel, look at his smirk when Suzaku fired the thing, he was glad that the Government building got hit. Since losing Nunnally would make Lelouch lose his will to fight, and even adding more insult to the injury, he would then make the Black knights betray him. Basically, Schnitzel wanted Suzaku to fire Freya in order to kill Nunnally with it, which is one of the most important conditions to render Zero (Lelouch) useless. By taking away his very own purpose (not just in battle but his very own life), he can win against him completely. Making the black knights betray him would be the final step to take Lelouch out of the picture, since I believe Schnitzel wants to get rid of Lelouch cuz he is very much threatened by him (remember that he probably wants to usurp the throne). So that’s why he wants to kill Nunnally, using the fool Suzaku to do the dirty work.

    I think this is very very plausible, why? Just look at Schnitzel’s faces in the OP song, and his reaction to when Freya was fired. But most importantly, the fact that he didn’t order Nunnally to evacuate (even when the power was back on) and that Miss Romeyer was just making that up, deceiving Nunnally, for her own sake. So isnt that strange? Schnitzel should’ve ordered Nunally’s evacuation immediately after the Geifjun disturbers were taken out, but no he didn’t, instead he was worried on whether or not the Lancelot can be sortied. Quite suspicious, I had already suspected Schneizel together with the Emperor to tbe show’s villains. Though I had initially thought that one season with be taking down the emperor, another season would be taking down Schneizel, but man it seems taking down the emperor is pretty close to impossible now.

  194. Ohhhh, Kallen is finally back! Lelouch’s harem will be formed again, lost one (Shirley) though. I see some people arguing that C.C or Kallen is best for him, but why not both lol? Look at his father, the emperor, can you believe that he has 108 WIVES!!! Check it out on wikipedia. But man, that’s crazy lol, no wonder the guy doesn’t give a dam about one of his wives (like Marriane) and his children.

    So if his father can have so many wives, the least Lelouch could do is be with the ones he truly cared, loved, and intimate with. In this show, there was only three: C.C., Kallen, and Shirley. Now that Shirley died, it would then be only C.C. and Kallen. He promised that he would make C.C. smile and he promised that he would save Kallen by his own hands.

  195. Nagasumi@

    Lelouche also promised to make a peaceful world for Nunnelly, and now she is resting in peace. His promise aren’t worth anything, because, he has ego and anger management issues. Until they are sorted out, he will be unable to make any woman happy.

    He freaks out C.C in the next episode from the extended shot.

  196. again, for all the people who blame Lelouch, Suzaku or any other character who is involved in the nuke (except for Nina who is a racist bitch who FUCKS her table while fantansizing Euphy), you have to find WHAT really made this happen…

    …actually, it’s the Geass which cause all these problems….I mean look at those gain the Geass: Rolo, Mao, Charles, Lelouch and even C.C.

    ..and also look at those who got affected by it: Suzaku, Euphy, Cornelia, Guilford, Orange and Villeta….

    …now their lives are twisted and affected the innnocent, i’m saying that whoever gave the Geass in the first place, is probably responsible for the problems in the code geass world and history….

    ..and like Omni and others said, there is a doubt that Nunnally is dead…

    george from soviet union
  197. Arts that resembles shoujo and drawn by experiences bishie artist is best for scary expressions. Either way, you still get fucking scared of their bishie shitting face. There is just no way to escape the horrow. It makes you want to hurl like hell. Even the few episodes of code geass made my stomach churn.

    Stop illustration code geass, and start working on your stupid bishie chronicle manga series.

  198. I always wonder what will happen to Lelouch if something dear to him the most, like Nunnally shares the same fate like Euphmie and Shelly… Can’t wait to see his grieving face in the next episode 19.
    My guess is that Tomino’s anti-war messages sure ring louder this time than his old works.

  199. If indeed nunnaly is dead, Lelouch might still be able to get his wish to just speak with her. The geass users/givers have been shown to be able to converse with people that have died.
    CC with Marianne.
    the emperor stated that he spoke to clovis after lelouch killed him back in S1.
    So they can kill nunnaly off here and she could still be a part of the show if somehow lelouch is able to access the power.
    -about the anya is lelouchs real sister, i doubt it unless they throw genetics out the window.
    Nunnaly Purple Eyes, Golden Hair
    Lelouch Purple Eyes, Dark Hair
    Charles Purple Eyes, Golden Hair
    Marianne Purple Eyes, Dark Hair
    Anya Pink, Pink

  200. Rollo was shown standing outside of Nunally’s plane as Sayako told Lulu they had Nunally. Somehow he managed to survive. So, there’s a remote possibility Nunally and Sayako did as well…BUT, I can’t see Rollo telling Lulu Nunally is dead unless as far as Rollo could tell she really was dead. I’m almost certain she is dead. Geass is a curse. Something too many of you seem to forget when you spout your fantasies of happiness and bliss. Still Rollo DID survive…so there’s a chance for the optimists.

    One part of me keeps thinking Tamaki is going to surprise everyone and do a betrayal. They’ve worked hard this season to show the utter disrespect everyone in the organization has for him and his resentment for it. But, it also looks like the Black Knights themselves will end up rebelling against Lulu so maybe all that work on Tamaki was just for amusement’s sake?

    Lulu may not have Nunally left, but he’s going to have a burning desire for revenge etc. I’m hoping once he’s past the apeshit grief over her death that he morphs into super ruthless guy who actually manages to fucking succeed for once. I mean hell…he fails and fails and fails all the while projecting this aura to us viewers that he’s superman. I forsee evilness and ruthlessness as he goes after Brittania to avenge Nunally’s death and then in the end finds out Marianne isn’t really dead, regains some sanity, finds out what the hell is really going on behind the whole Geass thing, and teams with Suzaku to put and end to it while fighting off Schneizel who’s probably got his eyes on replacing Charles in whatever diabolical Geass related plot that hasn’t been revealed to us yet is.

  201. what will ANYAs role in this match be…=> Geass reaction? Anja = C.C alter ego? Anja = Marianne ? Anja = nunnaly r2?
    what is the imperator planing?
    what is schneizel scheming`?

    bet u bucks that he first tries to crumble the black Order within ( as done now – next Episode Betrayal) and then tries to kill his immortal father…oh schneizel – your so mean ^^

    ways for lelouch to end
    – become immortal himself through anja or through his ol man (he wouldnt – would he?)
    – become the godslayer (path of the dark imperator)
    – flew to nowhere land (with his little harem containing karen, c.c. and that loli princess kaguya…)
    – die by being stabbed from Rolo
    – die by being “freyad” by Suzaku/Schnizel
    – die by being bitchslapped form karen
    – die by unknown?
    – become solitute itself (HAIL ZEROTANIA)
    …damn – this shows gone from epic to über…how many times till they made us wait a half year again ^^

  202. You guys are still going on about the bomb? Has anyone pointed out that this was all Schniezels plan btw? Putting it on Lancelot and placing Suzaku in a lose lose situation. His odds of it not being used somehow are higher if he has it with him and goes out than if he leaves it behind where it can be taken by Nina or someone else and then used.

    Seriously guys, just calm down for a bit and try to be placed in his situation. If he doesn’t go out they’ll probably lock him up and kill him as a traitor or w/e, if he goes out he’s got a chance to end the fighting (if Lulu wasn’t in rage mode and still had a few unblown brain cells to think calmly with), or fight a bit and not force a situation where it’d be used.

    The fact is the reasoning is solid imo. He just didn’t count on overlly haxed Guren showing up and Kallen being the tool she is just attacking away even when the guy pointed out to everyone he’s got this superbomb on his mech. Take the “plot device” of Kallen showing up in ovrpowered Guren into the fight and the bomb doesn’t get used. The black knights attack gets repelled and everything ends well.

    Just keep in mind, the live geass, the canceler, the bomb, are all plot devices used at specific times to just move the plot along. They’re not used logically (orange getting rid of Suzakus geass). But even then, say he does take it out, Suzaku wasn’t going to run away, would he have stayed and died? That’s possible, but then maybe Kallen would screwup in the process and set the bomb off with her attack and then they both die. Yay!

    Whatever the case, the root problem with everything IS the Geass, it’s a power that has changed whoever uses it and just brings ruin to everyone around them and finally themselves. The shows says this repeatedly time and again, and the writers have also said that no one is going to get a happy ending in this show btw. I still laugh at all the harem shippers, *sigh*, you guys must not be watching the same show I guess. 😛

  203. I am going to so laugh if Tamaki is the lone Black Knight who stays with Lulu after all the teasing they’ve done this season to hint he might betray them all.

    Rollo is a ticking time bomb. How’s he going to handle Lulu raging at him and *gasp* throwing that beloved locket on the ground? I think Lulu had better kill him real soon.

    Cornelia escapes from her prison. What’s her plan? She doesn’t seem too sweet towards her father since he’s the focal point for Geass, but she certainly isn’t sweet to Lulu since he ultimately killed Euphie (though she showed far less hate than I had expected when she had that short talk with him in her prison). She might have shown an incestous lovey-lovey towards Schneizel last season, but apparently not enough to seek his help in her quest to destroy Geass. She’s kind of got nothing left really to keep her from tragically dying for plot device with Guilford dead now. Just wondering what effect she’ll have in the plot in the future.

    Also where in the world was Bismark during this entire episode. Mr. Superman who probably can put Suzaku to shame (though I’m sure plot device will have Suzaku be Mr. Supersuperman come the final few episodes) was completely absent. What gives. Though how Bismark can be good enough to be number one with only one eye and the somewhat impaired depth perception that brings about (insanely important for a combat pilot)…but it is an anime so that’s probably nitpicking too much.

    Anya having that reaction made me think C.C. somehow had “come back”, but she looks like her reverted self in the next episode preview. So, the big question is why did she have the reaction. C.C. had it with Suzaku as well, but Lulu hasn’t had it with Suzaku. So it’s hard to make any logical sense from it all.

  204. @ionartemis

    It’s NOT a nuke. It’s like a temp micro-black hole, the pink stuff expands out and then it all collapses back in on itself.


    I could argue that plot device made Kallen super pilot in this episode, though it was all the fancy Gurens doing. But then mecha upgrades are plot devices anyways.

  205. LOL looks like Lulu will finally snap.

    I’m also not convinced that Nunully’s gone. This looks like some sort of dimensional removal tool, so perhaps rather than being erased, they’re moved somewhere else – i.e. the other world. I don’t know how this works, but a ruthless Lelouch is always welcomed. I’ve been feeling that he’s been getting soft with the friendship and love stuff.

    The only person I feel kinda bad is Guilford.

    Next episode title is “Betrayal” so I guess either Lelouch will betray the Black Knights or the Black Knights will betray him.

  206. i think they should’ve made Jerimiah use his counter geass thing on suzaku, then he could just fking suicide himself, well at least thats what he inquires when he yells at lelouch why did he cast the live on geass on him, that he wants to die

  207. “Betrayal” in Turn 19. Any hints?

    I doubt Kallen will change sides. It was far from Lelouch’s fault. She definitely felt guilty though and she know how much worse Lelouch is feeling.

    The Order of Black Knights will start a mutiny!

  208. @Tan- Tan

    She’s too simple minded to change sides. She’s never thought farther then “pilot guren and kill Britannian soldiers” Even she even starts to think more about what’s going on and all the problems it’d be a first.

  209. Poor Rolo, getting a beating from Lulu! XD

    and CC is there to witness it :O

    The fact that Lulu threw the phone+locket done so harshly should be quite big on Rolo… he treasured that darn thing so much.

    i can’t help but sympathize with him a little bit :/

    Nina was always a crazy *ss b*tch. nuff said.

  210. @Drew

    You bring up a curious point!

    C.C. and Anya both had a reaction.
    Anya had a reaction but Lelouch did not.

    But the real question is why Lelouch was capable of giving Anya that reaction when he’s not an immortal, just a geass user.


  211. @t EY.. I guess my earlier hunch about a black hole might be true then.. So who knows where all the MIA characters end up then.

    Besides I have a few other suggestions I like to make.. First off I still can’t figure out what the broken or sometimes ticking clock from the many flashbacks signifies. Whe’ve seen it in c.c’s past and also in suzaku’s past.. and maybe in others but I can’t recall right know. Funny thing is that a broken clock saved suzaku’s life in the first episode. I personally think it’s important to understanding geass.

    Next to that I have a feeling that Marianne was somehow related to Suzaku’s father and C.C. visited the Kurugi Shrine in her past (you see can see this in the flashback in episode 25). Suzaku’s father has played a bigger role in this story then we know. But this will probably be revealed by Anya and C.c. in a later episode.

    Besides I’m pretty certain The emperor is heading towards Japan for the sakuradite, and nothing else. (It’s where 70% of the world supply lies). Fact is that the first sakuradite has been found at stonehenge and in episode 17 we are shown a worldmap with all the locations of the shrines and guess what. One of them is at stonehenge. Another one we see in Japan and is I already said 70% of all the sakuradite is at mount Fuiji in Japan. Besides Lloyd showed a great interest in C.c. in the first season when Bartley was trying to capture here. I believe Lloyd already knew it wasn’t poisongas, but something else. This can be supported by the fact that he researches sakuradite and he probably knows a lot more of its the origins then most. For one I’m almost certain that sakuradite is related to geass. It might also explain why Anya reacted to Lelouch while they were both in a knightmare frame driven by sakuradite. What the relation between these two is i don’t know.. But I think it’s related to the death of both Marianne and Suzaku’s father.

  212. At this point I think that’s even possible for Suzaku to switch sides and ‘betray’ Britannia.
    Futhermore I believe that before the end Anya will be on Lelouch’s side and that she is the key to unveil Marianne’s murder.

  213. This an episode that just makes me think all the characters are stupid as hell.

    Suzaku’s an idiot for going out in his WMD Knightmare. I mean what the hell man, after the first time he tries to kill you …why do you even stay in the fight with that thing? I guess it’s to keep psycho Nina from it, but, after seeing that Lelouche has pretty much lose it ….he should have gotten it the hell out of there. THe threat was over with when the opponent didn’t believe him in the first place. Suzaku should have just blown the trains, but maybe, he didn’t actually want Lelouche killed. I mean, they would have been overwhelmed.

    Lelouche, hasn’t had an intelligent thought since he killed Shirley’s father. I mean, there is a time and place for lies, and considering what happen …the fact Suzaku is blurting out I got a WMD doesn’t exactly hits you as a liar moment. Though, it wasn’t really all that serious either way, because, the goal was to get Nunnelly out. Something, that you would think …if he was smart enough to figure out to disrupt the cities electronics …you think he would have been smart enough to figure out how to actually get her out of there under those conditions. DId he expect them to steal a transporter that worked?

    You know, I mean seriously, Lelouche does things …that aren’t even logical & borders on …what the hell was the enemy doing? In other words, his opponent seems to get dumber instead of him being incredible smarter. I think someone else mention it before, all the Britianna forces seem to just become easily shredded by the Black Knight knightmares. It’s like, the idea of upgrading their own Knightmares to be on par with thier enemy doesn’t even seem to occur to a nation that owns half of the world.

    Then this entire fight, BLOW UP THE STUPID TRAINS! That really was all that needed to be done to get 50% of the army back into the fight, but, you know what they do …they engage the enemy for over half of the show and then finally someone thinks to do it. Though this didn’t have to be a bad thing. They could have simply sent in ground crews while the knightmares were fighting to blow the rails and crash the trains. Yet, no one thinks of this, and simply want the knightmares to fight it out.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.


    I have to agree …that knightmare is the ultimate Godmod. I mean even Lloyd said it, someone whom can use it only 60% would Pown all other knightmare. This is funny, Kallen doesn’t even have to be good at it …just below proficient and the thing is still a killing machine.


    That is the goal that everyone wants, but it’s not going to happen now. Lelouche sees Suzaku as his sister murderer, now, because, somehow I believe he forgot about his own “live” Geass. Unlike Suzaku, he won’t forgive for that …even though they are now one and the same in the death departments.

  214. @MaMia

    If Milly had married Lloyd, it would have been a loveless relationship. Milly was never in love with him to begin with. And the union between the two would have made it worse. It’s a good thing that Nina’s extra pissed off attitude snapped Milly out of it. This way, she was able to call off the arranged marriage.

  215. Wow, now Nina has to die now. If Sunrise does not give her a gruesome death deserving for a character like her instead dying with diginity like Meer is GSD, I’m really going to be turned off by any future Sunrise works in the future.

  216. @Mk
    a possible theory is Lelouch became immortal after C.C. lost her memory that’s why she’s no longer immortal from what I see at east like the cut on her finger did not heal thus needing a bandage.

  217. this episode is ridiculous!! lelouch of all people should know already the effect of asking Kallen to ‘Kill’ Suzaku. he casted that geass on him.. and lelouch.. as the mastermind he should be, would have calculated or at least used a geass canceller on suzaku first. or use a more realistic command of ‘disabling suzaku’ rather than ‘kill’ him! well.. im not a fan of this lelouch anymore.. somehow he has lost half of brain capacity in the second season!!!!!!

  218. @ Hei
    I’m with you; when Lelouch was with CC on the last episode of the first season; they shared C.C. memories when the tramp on the island activates; then when C.C. and Anya clashes on their battle on China, was Anya’s turn to have those flashback shared with C. C. Now, when she and Lelouch collide on their battle on Tokyo, it was just her who had some reaction. Now that I think about it, this time just her had visions or whatever you want to call it, not Lelouch. Maybe she indeed is reacting to some Geass on her (most likely the Emperor for what she said to Suzaku back on episode 16).

  219. Damn Suzaku… u_u”
    But it was also Lelouch fault…
    There is something bothering me =/
    Rolo stays with Lelouch because he promise him
    a new world … or something like that
    where they can be together blablabla…
    but now… he will blame him for letting Nunnaly being killed =/…
    so now… Rolo will think he was used…
    and that’s true n_nU
    I wonder if he’ll try to kill Lelouch ._.”
    with his Geass… cause now Lelouch is too angry…sad… to think with clarity…
    and if that happens…
    Orange will save him with his Geass Suppressor..

    wow… my mind is crazy…
    xDU …
    I hope that something like that happens…
    so I can go to Japan … and make animes :3 …



  220. @drew cornelia goes to schnezil its in the extended preview theyre talking. also bismark is the only one who is holding back xingke and his main forces. they are more or less equals. if bismark wasnt there xingke would be owning the rest of the army.

    however i really hope they show the xingke and bismark fight. it must be pretty epic, the most elite in the black knights vs the most elite in the brittanian army. i mean god can you imagine the damage xingke would do if he had kallen’s new guren. he would be a monster and a half.

  221. Two things I’d like to point out:
    1) In ep 16 Anya tells Suzaku that she possesses a diary she wrote NINE years ago but has no memory of it. HOWEVER Marianne was killed 8 years ago. That means Anya does not remember some things that happened BEFORE Marianne’s death. Which is certainly interesting…
    2) Watch the end of the OP again. Notice the colors of Sneizel, The Emperor, and Lelouch? The first two are half red and half blue, and as we know on the world map blue is for Brittania and red is for the UFN. Charles is blue and red while Schnizel is red and blue. Lelouch, however, is dressed as Zero at first, with his mask on, until the lights appear. On the next shot we still see the green light behind him, but he is no longer wearing a mask.

  222. while i dont really like schnezil mainly because he’s so cold and calculating and its mostly the dimension we see him in. i think he probably has the most benevolent agenda in terms of rest of the world and non main characters. we know he’s ploting against the emperor, and has constantly agreed to or backed peaceful endevors (euphie’s and nunnally’s ideas, he tryed to take over chinese federation through marriage, sure he’s taking advantage of a little girl through corrupt politicians but he was trying to avoid open war which wouldve cost a lot of lives). he was even willing to negotiate with the emperor on lelouch’s behalf.

    ya i know a lot of people are blaming for the nuke and nunnally and ya he is responsible, but i just also want to point out he was the one who commanded her evacuation. unfortunately she couldnt run hahahaha. k that was mean but she kinda resisted it a little bit and miss romaya did a horrible job of getting her out. she was more focused on killing kallen than securing nunnally. also the nuke was meant to be aimed at the enemy forces not targeted at the settlement

  223. @Quickstrike Unlikely to show Bismark and Xingke fight atleast unless a respite for a couple of days atleast ! The Shenhu and Xingke were damaged/injured and were relieved from combat whilst in semi retreat

    WingZero zxt
  224. Death in this episode:
    -Luicano Bradley
    -Gilbert G.P. Guilford
    -David T. Darlton(1)
    -Edgar N. Darlton(1)
    -Kewell Marika(2)
    -Shogo Asahina
    -Miss Romeyer(pending)
    -Milly Ashford(pending)
    -Nunnaly Lamperouge(pending)
    -Sayoko Shinozaki(pending)
    -Vice Captain of Team Zero
    -Supposed excutioner of Kallen

    (1) Both David and Edgar Darlton are the adopt sons of Andreas Darlton

    (2) Sister of Kewell Soresi

  225. Also on a side note Has anyone else noticed how much the guren is begining to look like a Ganmen! from Guren Lagann (With Destiny Wings and uber destiny palm blaster.
    i gotta tell you that when the Guren charged at suzaku it reminded me of when Shinn in /Gundam Seed Destiny charged athurun! and he (unlike suzaku) Managed to successfully land a decent kick on shinn (if you remeber way bck) ) Its funny how character profiles get reversed as time and anime continues to be made…

    Also its amusing how the only thing Cecile didnt modify was the legspiners/Wheels (those things were scraping along the ground (due to all the extra weight!) Also i feel sorry for the guy who was having a pleasant battle with Chiba before Kallen exploded out and he unfortunately got his right side blown off beofre being run through by chiba!
    POOR guy couldnt have seen it coming!

    WingZero zxt
  226. To all the guys who think Nunnally is dead, well, I check the official Code Geass and i found out this:


    The ones who are officially dead are Luciano and the two Glaston knights: David and Edgar


    And how the MIA got MIA, I guessed that Nina’s bomb must have transported them to another dimension, maybe the World of C, the Sword of akasha or i don’t know, you do the math.

    george from soviet union
  227. i think this is going to be one of those Shakespearean tragedies where everyone ends up loosing because there is no way that any one can end up with a happy ending but i hope they find a way =]

  228. @ MaMai

    A lot of people saw that and that’s why a lot of bullshit is being said around.

    Is impossible for Nina to develop something like that; how could she know? If SUNRISE is really pulling that bullshit like that on us, I’m quitting anime that day. Come on, think a little bit, Nina wanted to kill Zero, not transfer him no another place. She want him DEAD, is that clear?

    I’ll stop reading all this nonsense and wait for next week’s episode; maybe we can get a better theory of what that weapon can do, and not some wishful thinking crap.

  229. @Syaoran Li

    Its impossible for nina to think of something like that but considering how powerful it was it could of malfunctioned in a strange way… or perhaps something to do with Schneizel smirking at the end of it. Schneizel is still a wild card and a character we know nothing about.

  230. Wew. I finally read through all those comments. It feels like we’re going for a record here for the number of posts. Oh, and for the record, the fellow who posted under the name Kalessin at 9:25 am on August 10th, 2008 wasn’t me. I’ve been posting under this name since episode 8 or 9 and my posts tend to be rather lengthy – unlike his one post. Perhaps it’s the same fellow who I found had posted for episode 3 or so when I went looking through the earlier episodes. I guess that he’s an Earthsea fan as well (since that’s where the name comes from). Personally, I’m not glad at all about Nunnally’s demise (if she is in fact dead) and I certainly don’t hope that Ashford is gone – though I’m pretty sure it was in the extended preview which would mean that it isn’t.

    In any case, what surprises me about all this (and perhaps it shouldn’t) is that people keep trying to place blame on one character or another. I think that Omni said it right when he said that determining whose fault it was is rather complicated. In fact, I don’t think that it makes any sense at all to blame a particular person. The launching of FLEIJA is the result of a number of actions by various people – some of which were good intentions and some bad and some of which happened a long time before FLEIJA was even created, let alone used.

    Suzaku: He agreed to take FLEIJA on the Lancelot in the first place. Why is anyone’s guess I suppose. It seems to me that he was looking to have it in responsible hands. In this last episode, he obviously didn’t want to actually use it and didn’t want Nina to use it. He hoped to use the threat of it to discourage Lelouch from attacking, but Lelouch didn’t believe that Suzaku had such a weapon (after all, how many WMD are there in Code Geass? As such, it comes across as a crazy claim). So, while he was preventing anyone else from using it, it didn’t work as a deterrent like he’d hoped. So, he had good intentions at least, even though the results weren’t good.

    Suzaku may have been foolish to go out and fight equipped with FLEIJA, but if he’d left it behind when launching in the Lancelot, Nina probably would have used it. He was definitely foolish in thinking that he could let himself die (he knows fullwell that Lelouch Geassed him to live), but who expects that living is going to entail firing off a WMD? So, Suzaku likely screwed up on a few points, but overall, his actions were meant to prevent the firing of FLEIJA, not fire it.

    Lelouch: He Geassed Suzaku to live which is what made Suzaku fire FLEIJA. Well, it’s not like he intended Suzaku to fire a WMD when he Geassed him. He Geassed him over a year prior when Nina’s original attempt at FLEIJA hadn’t even been completed yet – let alone the working version. He wanted to survive back in episode 18 of R1, so he Geassed Suzaku to get them out of there. He could have simply Geassed Suzaku to get him out of there, but Suzaku was his best friend (enemy or not) and he didn’t want him to die, so he Geassed him to live. Lelouch had only the best of intentions. He could not have forseen the consequences that would follow more than a year later.

    Some have argued that he should have ordered Jeremiah to ungeass Suzaku, but

    1. Who expects having commanded someone to live to result in them using a WMD?
    2. He didn’t know about the WMD (Suzaku told him, but given the lack of WMD’s in the world of Code Geass and his total distrust of Suzaku after the events of episode 17, it’s not all
    that surprising that he didn’t believe him).
    3. If Jeremiah used his Geass Canceler, there was a good chance that he’d ungeass Guilford as well which would result in a good pilot suddenly turning against him.

    So, it really didn’t make much sense for Lelouch to command Jeremiah to ungeass Suzaku. And as for ordering Kallen to kill Suzaku, number 1 from above still applies and given how crazy well Kallen was doing, it’s not like you’d expect her to lose – regardless of whether Suzaku is compelled to live. It’s also not the first time that he’s ordered Kallen to kill him (but it might be the first time that he’s ordered it since he found out who was piloting the Lancelot). Really, Lelouch didn’t know about FLEIJA and had no way of knowing that his actions would lead to it being fired – especially when he Geassed Suzaku.

    Kallen: Sure, she’s the one that triggered Suzaku’s Geass command, but does she even know that he’s been Geassed? And even if she did, what I said about Lelouch ordering her to kill him still applies.

    Nina: Well, she definitely built the thing and she definitely wanted it to be used on Zero. She was even willing to blow herself up with the first version in R1 in an attempt to take out Zero. She’s crazy enough that you have to wonder whether she could go for the insanity plea if taken to court for anything. But as much as she wanted to have it fired, she didn’t fire it. She contributed to the events that lead up to FLEIJA being fired (more than most given all the time and effort that she put into building it), but she isn’t guilty in the sense that she pulled the trigger.

    Just the same, I think that she’s far more guilty than either Suzaku, Zero, or Kallen. They didn’t want FLEIJA to be fired and none of their actions were intended to result in the deaths of thousands of people. It’s just that they didn’t forsee the consequences of their actions and so they were unable to avoid the consequences that followed. Crazy Nina wanted FLEIJA to be fired. She doesn’t care about Elevens and she wants Zero dead. She’s also the builder of the bomb. She may not be directly responsible for FLEIJA being fired, but she had a major hand in it.

    Schneizel: Well, he sponsored FLEIJA’s development and construction. I’m not sure that he would have chosen to have it used in Tokyo, but he didn’t seem terribly unhappy about it when it was used in Tokyo. He’s probably happy about it because it shows his power and might convince the OotBK and the UFN to give in to him. Losing a portion of Tokyo was likely an acceptable sacrifice for that opportunity. But regardless of what he thinks of FLEIJA being fired, I’m unaware of him having anything to do with it being fired other than sponsoring it’s development. It was Nina that wanted to put it on the Lancelot, not Schneizel (not on screen at least). I don’t recall Schneizel even saying anything about FLEIJA after the initial successful test. Certainly, he didn’t say anything about it in this episode. He must have known that it was on the Lancelot (after all, he didn’t say anything when Nina was telling Suzaku to fire it), but there’s no evidence that I’m aware of that he intended for it to be used in that battle. Really, Schneizel’s role was sponsoring FLEIJA’s creation in the first place.

    Those strike me as the main candidates for potential guilt and I don’t think that you can pin the blame on any of them. You can blame them for making poor choices or – in the case of Nina and Schneizel – even choices that were meant to result in FLEIJA being used at some point – but none of them is directly responsible for FLEIJA being fired in this particular cse. If I’d blame anyone though, it’d have to be Nina since not only did she make it possible to be fired, but she wanted it to be fired and tried to get Suzaku to do it. Still, I don’t see much point in blaming anyone. The firing of FLEIJA was a conjunction of consequences from a number of choices from a number of people – most of whom didn’t want it fired – and those who did weren’t the one that pulled the trigger.

  231. As for Nunnally escaping, the last time that we saw the position of her escape craft, it was in the hangar, facing out into the city with Rolo behind it. There were Sutherlands sitting next to it. Presumably, Rolo took one of those. In either case, Rolo obviously had time to get into a knightmare and get into the air (supposedly to provide cover for them). That leaves plenty of time for the craft to have launched. When we see FLEIJA going off, we definitely see the pink light on the occupants of the craft – so they weren’t far away – but we don’t see where the craft is (unlike with Guilford and Asahina). You could argue against it on the theory that Sayoko wasn’t piloting the craft, but there were other people there to do that and her main concern was protecting Nunnally.

    The fact that Rolo said they were dead means nothing. He doesn’t want Lelouch to be with Nunnally, so if he even thinks that they even might be dead, he’s likely to say that they are – particularly after Lelouch told him that he couldn’t get ahold of Sayoko. If it turned out later that they were alive, he could just claim that he hadn’t seen them leave so he thought they were dead.

    Now, the fact that Lelouch couldn’t get ahold of Sayoko is certainly troubling and implies that they did indeed die, but it’s also quite possible that an EMP from that blast knocked out her radio, or that they escaped but they crashed nearby and weren’t in any position to respond, or…. It’s really not all that hard to come up with a reason that Sayoko couldn’t respond. What is harder to come up with is a reason that she doesn’t contact Lelouch soon. And after that blast, there’s no way that we’re seeing them in the next episode – regardless of whether they survived. It’s too big a cliffhanger. However, if the folks at Sunrise want Sayoko to be in hiding with Nunnally or somesuch for the next few episodes, I’m sure that they can come up with a semi-plausible reason that they were in hiding and didn’t contact Lelouch.

    I think that the fact that the official site lists everyone in that blast as MIA pretty much just means that they don’t want to tell us that they’re officially dead but want to leave us in suspense. By having them all listed as MIA, they don’t make it seem more likely that any particular person (or persons) from the group survived. If they’d listed Asahina and Guilford as dead (they being the most likely of the group to actually be dead), but Nunnally, Sayoko, and Miss Romeyer as MIA, then we’d all be thinking that that must indicate that Nunally, Sayoko, and Miss Romeyer did in fact survive but that Sunrise just didn’t want to tell us. By leaving them all as MIA, they actually do leave us in suspense.

    In addition, why bother putting Nunnally in the escape craft in the first place if they weren’t going to have her survive? They could just as easily had her die deep in the government building if they were really going to kill her. Of course, that would be less suspenseful since her demise would be more certain, but still, I find the fact that they specifically placed Nunnally in a position where she could have survived to indicate that there’s a good chance that she survived.

    Oh, and as for the teleportation idea (as in FLEIJA actually teleports matter to another dimension or something instead of destroying it), when Nina described it, she obviously thought that it destroyed things (and she is the one that came up with the theory for it and designed it after all). In fact, I believe that she said that it destroyed things totally. I know that in an interview with Lloyd’s VA, he said that FREIJA was supposed to destroy things on the atomic level. That on top of the fact that the stuff that we saw hit by FREIJA seemed to dissolve implies that it destroys – not teleports – whatever it hits. It is an interesting idea however. And certainly I find the idea that Sakuradite and Geass are related in some manner to be interesting. They are, after all, the main differences between the world of Code Geass and our own in terms of technology and what is inherently in the world. All the other differences are matter of history and thus the political situation, not in how the world actually works.

    Oh, and as for the comparison with Kira Yamato surviving the destruction of the Aegis and Strike, that explosion was not nuclear (the Freedom was the first nuclear-powered Gundam in Gundam Seed if you’ll recall), so the explosion itself doesn’t really compare. However, Kira basically had no time to escape and was hit nearly point-blank while Nunnally was in a craft that might have been flying away when the blast hit. That being the case, I still find Kira’s survival to be by far the more unbelievable of the two.

    In any case, I can certainly believe that Nunnally is dead (I certainly did when I first watched the episode). However, the more I look at it, the more it looks like Nunnally had every opportunity to survive. They very carefully did not show where Nunnally’s craft was just prior to the blast and the fact that Sayoko wasn’t piloting it doesn’t really mean much. There was likely already a pilot and she would have wanted to stay close to Nunnally to protect her. So, my current vote is that Nunnally is alive, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  232. As for the new Guren, I have to agree that it’s totally overpowered. Watching it be totally overpowered is very cool – at first anyway – but it’s totally overpowered just the same and things will get boring if it stays that way.

    In fact, it’s so totally overpowered that Lloyd didn’t think that anyone could pilot it. If you’ll recall, that is why Suzaku wasn’t piloting it. Lloyd had wanted him to (since that’s the machine that he was upgrading) but he and Cecile went a bit overboard in their tinkering and produced a knightmare that they didn’t think that anyone could pilot. That means that Lloyd didn’t think that Suzaku could pilot it, so Kallen is – at minimum – a better pilot than Lloyd thinks that Suzaku is. Whether Suzaku is actually better than Lloyd thinks that he is is another matter, but that does imply that Kallen is the better pilot. The fact that she pwns Suzaku, however, does not. That’s just plain because the new Guren is so much more powerful than the Lancelot. Any previous arguments of the comparative strengths of the Lancelot and the Guren in their various stages of development in the past pale in comparison. The new Guren is hands down more powerful than any other knightmare ever created.

    Now, as I understand it, Suzaku will be getting an upgraded Lancelot (presumably the one that we see in the OP), so he’ll likely be able to compete with Kallen then, but right now, no one can. She could probably take out just about the entire Britannian army at this point as long as she has enough power. It very much makes it seem like the Freedom or Strike Freedom from the Gundam Seed universe in its level of power when compared with your average mech – probably even more overpowered actually.

    I do, however, have to say that I prefer the look of the previous Guren better. As useful as some of the new toys are (like the arm being able to fly out on a cable or the new wings), they’re uglier than the previous version. But, oh well. Functionality over beauty I suppose.

    On a side note, the fact that Suzaku will get an upgraded Lancelot implies that we may have a fair amount of time passing soon. I have a hard time believing that Lloyd will be able to rebuild and upgrade the Lancelot overnight. This may mean that if the OotBK do indeed betray Zero, he may have some time before he makes his next major move. Otherwise, Suzaku can’t really participate because he doesn’t have a knightmare. Looking at the summaries for the next few episodes, I’d guess that if there is such a gap, it’ll be between episodes 20 and 21.

    In either case, seeing the new Guren was cool and for all those that don’t like Suzaku, seeing him totally pwned was probably a lot of fun.

  233. Oh, and as for Anya being the “real” Nunnally, what’s with that? Why would the point be? It’s the Nunnally who supposedly just got killed that Lelouch cares about. She‘s the one that he’s been living with and protecting ever since their mother died. Sure, Anya could very well be their sister (it’s probably one of the more likely explanations for who she is), but I can’t believe that she’s the “real” Nunnally.

    Besides, Nunnally can’t be Geassed. So, unless her being Geass by the emperor resulted in her being blind (her being blind is supposed to be psychological after all), then he couldn’t have Geassed her. And I think that she‘d know whether she was Nunnally if she hadn’t been Geassed. Also, I’d bet that when C.C. restored Lelouch’s memories at the beginning of R2, that would have fixed all of his memories – even if the emperor had managed to Geass him more than once (we still don’t know whether he could Geass people more than once) – and if that’s the case, then he’d remember that Nunnally wasn’t his real sister.

    Anya is probably related to Lelouch is some manner given that she looks like Marianne did when she was younger, but I think that it’s crazy to talk about Nunally not being his real sister. I think that the wild speculation from the beginning of R2 about how Rolo could be Lelouch’s brother has infected the Anya theories a tad too much. And as for her being Marianne, as one poster brought up earlier, Anya’s diary goes back nine years while Marianne was killed eight years ago. I think that she’d notice if he diary said anything about her having kids or indicated in any manner that she wasn’t a child of six or so.

  234. Some people have been suggesting that various things (particurly the firing of FREIJA) was Geass‘s fault. Personally, I think that holding Geass responsible for anything is complete nonsense (no offense to those who think otherwise). It’s not sentient. It doesn’t make decisions. It’s a tool. It’s a very powerful tool – and as some have pointed out, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely – but nonetheless, Geass is still just a tool.

    The problem with Geass is that the users have powers that some would describe as godlike but they do not have the knowledge or wisdom that a god would have. They cannot foresee all of the possible consequences of their actions. No one can. If you were to fire a gun and injure someone – even kill them – there are many potential consequences – some of which you can foresee and some of which you can’t. You’d probably go to jail. The family of that person might hate you. Perhaps even that persons son will find you years later and kill you. Perhaps the fact that you’re in jail on a particular date means that you’re not home when a hurricane destroys your home town, so your life is saved. Or perhaps being in jail at that time results in one of the other inmates killing you.

    You can easily see how using a gun – a fairly simple tool – can have far-reaching and non-obvious consequences. Geass – like a gun – is also a tool. However, it’s a far more powerful tool and so its consequences are potentially far more far-reaching. Lelouch has used his Geass to change all kinds of things. And in some cases we’ve seen that he’s had some pretty nasty consequences that he couldn’t have foreseen. If he’d simply ordered Suzaku to save him rather than to “Live” then Suzaku would not have been able to fire FLEIJA. Of course, if he hadn’t been ordered to live, Suzaku may very well have died much earlier and then someone else would have fired FLEIJA in his place. We really can’t say.

    In either case, while Geass is a powerful enough tool that few – if any – can really use it wisely without causing all kinds of problems, it’s still just a tool. Geass isn’t making any decisions and isn’t trying to influence events. It’s Geass users that make the decisions and use Geass to influence events. While Geass may very well be too powerful for any man (or woman) to reasonably use, it’s still just a tool and it’s not Geass’ fault when anything happens any more than it’s the guns fault when it kills someone or its FLEIJA’s fault that a large chunk of Tokyo was destroyed.

  235. Two more quick thoughts before I head off to bed (sorry about all the long posts in a row but I was holding off posting anything until I’d read all the previous posts).

    1. Jeremiah is actually cool now. I really didn’t like him in the beginning and he was even worse when he went looney later in R1. At the time, I definitely wished that he’d died. Now, however, he’s actually sane and in control and is acting pretty cool. I do have to wonder though whether his Geass Canceler will have much impact on the rest of the series. It’s only real purpose thus far was to make Shirley remember everything so that the tragedy of her death could be set up.

    2. This episode was the first time that I actually felt sorry for Tamaki. He’s too much of a clown and a bit of an idiot in general, but he really wanted to help out Zero and he never gets the chance to. Seeing him fail to help Zero and complaining about how he can never help his “best buddy” made me actually feel a bit sorry for him.

  236. Come on, it’s easy to survive a nuke direct hit. Just stuff yourself in a full lead fridge and you’re pretty safe :/ Indiana Jones did in the last movie and he’s al right and ready to kick asses, why couldn’t Nunnally do exactly the same 😛

  237. possible result why sayoko couldn’t reply on zero’s radio:
    1. it was destroyed by rolo! seriously! rolo has all the powers to make it possible… he could have even destroyed it before karen was saved by the otome-nin or during the airplane scene when rolo was thinking outside of it thus could’ve have hidden himself when sayoko came and activate his geass to break it. remember rolo was planning to “erase” nunnally from lelouch.

    2. it was destroyed on the struggle while saving nunnaly and karen. remember sayoko didn’t contact anyone during the mission! or rather couldn’t contact anyone because it was hit while she was avoiding speeding bullets. or was destroyed by romeyer when she tried to shoot the maid.

    3. this reason is wtf! she could have misplaced it anywhere! remember she’s a bit… careless that is.

    4. it was vaporized by freya! as simple as that.

    75% of it the maid and co. are still alive… but 25% is still a big percent to survive an implosion that could vaporize anything…


    the reason why no emp took place was because no EXPLOSION occured. therefore no shockwave was produced. that’s all there is to it…

    if a mini “black hole” did occured during the proccessed then then all those near the blast point be sucked as well due to the gravitational force a blackhole has: it didn’t occur therefore it was not indeed a blackhole

  238. Duck and Cover.

    Seriously though, why are people reading into a techno-babble viewscreen so much. I’ll just say right now if you are looking for a way in which some of the characters survive then you are looking at entirely the wrong scenes for clues.

    If one really wants to know the reality of the situation, pay special attention to all the scenes featuring Rohmeyer and/or Nunally and what Rohmeyer says is the plan for Nunally’s evacuation versus what happens. Look for the visual cues as well in those scenes and you’ll find the truth of the matter. I’ll say no more in this location because I want people to figure this out for themselves if they haven’t already.

  239. Nunnelly is dead. Get over it.

    She has a 10% chance of getting out of it, and a 90% chance of being blown up. I don’t know why being caught up in a WMD’s blast isn’t enough for people in turns of dramatic, but go figure!

    Unless, this show does a matrix or better yet a Macross 7 …yes that was the gayiest revival I have ever bother to look at. SHe is dead. Very ..Very dead, and if she comes back …I don’t really see a point to her character any more.

    I mean, I know people are going to hate me saying this, but she is a very minor character & her only worth comes in being Lelouche’s reason for the the mess he is in. IN all retrospects, she can die and no one will miss her for long. I mean, how many episodes have she been missing from entirely beforehand?

    So goodbye, Nunnelly.

  240. @Kalessin

    I just figured something out Anya and her diary. We find out in R2 (in the year 2018 a.t.b.) that the diary was written 9 years ago.

    However in episode 7 of the first season (in the year 2017 a.t.b.) it says that Marianne died 8 years ago(which would be the year 2009) .

    R2 is one year after the first season ended.

    So 9 years ago is really 2009, the same year Marianne died.
    So Anya’s diary makes sense to have been written then.

  241. @Silentveil
    I certainly won’t claim that Nunnally is definitively alive. There is every possibility that she’s dead. Her escape craft was close enough to the blast that the pink light shone quite brightly in it. We also never saw the craft take off. There was however, plenty of opportunity for it to do so. As such, I think that there is also every possibility that she’s alive. We really can’t know at this point. We’ll really just have to wait and see.

    However, as per the reasons that I stated previously, I think that she is alive. And here’s some food for thought: how many shows – Anime or otherwise – have you seen where they make it ambiguous as to whether a character died or not and it turns out in the end that the character did die? It’s generally the case that if we don’t know whether they’re alive or not, then they’re alive. I think that if she were dead, Sunrise would have said so. But instead, their character chart says MIA for everyone that was in the blast radius. I certainly don’t think that everyone survived, but the ambiguity implies that at least some of them did and those in the escape craft are the most likely to have done so. I mean, after such a blast that made it seem like no one could have survived, why mark them as MIA instead of dead if they’re actually all dead? They could do it just to keep the fans on their toes I suppose, but if they did die, how would they ever prove it now that the blast has wiped out everything in the area? They can, however, show if someone survived. So, it’s hard to show within the show that they’re dead instead of MIA, but it would be easy to show that they were alive instead of MIA if that turned out to be the case.

    We really don’t know whether Nunnally is alive or not. She could very well be dead. But given the fact that they left the opportunity wide open for her to be alive, I, personally, think that she is. We’ll just have to wait and see though I guess.

  242. Kalessin@

    No clue on the MIA thing, but the next episode, they simply confirm them as dead …kind of like with Shirley. Hold one big funeral and those characters simply do not show up anymore throughout the series. How to show they are dead isn’t that hard? It’s harder to figure out someway to bring everyone back from that one.

    Anyway, we will find out sooner or later. I still say they are dead, and things should get interesting from there.

  243. @Silentveil
    But that’s my point. How can you confirm that they’re dead? There’s no body. With Shirley, you not only clearly saw her die but they had her body. With everyone caught in FLEIJA’s blast, there wouldn’t be a body. There’s no way within the show to confirm that they’re dead. The closest that you could get to that is if they simply never showed up again. The only way to confirm their deaths at this point is for the folks at Sunrise to say that it’s official. If any of them are alive, on the other hand, when they return, we’ll see them and know that they’re alive.

    Really, at this point, about all we can say is that Sunrise made it look like Nunnally and company died but left the door open for them to not be. Without Sunrise saying anything (and if they put MIA on the character chart for everyone in the blast, then they’re not going to say anything at this point), all we can do is speculate.

  244. it was really weird that rolo survived the blast yet he was almost with them (he was outside the aircraft after all) before frejya imploded. if rolo survived, how can they cant survived? even villeta falling with ougi on the cliff that has a rocky bottom survived the fall which was almost impossible to live in that kind of situation. but since ougi and viletta didn’t die, it is quite possible that nunnaly and the rest survived the blast but still quiet farfetched.

    but for me it’ll be best if nunnally died, it’ll be bad for this episode if she indeed lived… (this might as well cure lelouch’s siscon but still he’s a lolicon!)

  245. Nunnally escaped with Sayoko, ‘Nuff said. She probably won’t reappear until a much later episode though. Maybe she’ll come back in the finale and single-handedly comfort & convince Lelouch into stopping the fighting. Bleh. Anyone think Britannia will punish Suzaku?

    Effe. Jaye.
  246. Early on in the episode nina says to fire freya and you can kill zero now. she is the head developer that developed the weapon, so … If its purpose was not to kill why did she insist that it would kill zero. Plus her sole purpose in life is to kill zero. If its not a weapon to kill then thats a flaw.
    Either way – people could have escaped because we didnt see them die.

  247. BIG QUESTION MARK regarding ROLO’s escape… i really wonder how he survived since the last time we saw him was when he stood near the spectacled britanian-women (forgot her name) who stood near Nunally before she went into the airship.. It was indicated that the women died (she even shouted ‘why would FLEIA be launched here!”).. Could Rolo’s miraculous escape indicated slight possibility of Nunally’s survival?

  248. Argh i posted before looking at the last thread.. (my comment is similar with Ungas’s above) sorry2..

    Anyway.. how could Sayako escaped since she was panic herself during the explosion.. if only she could blink out with Nunally in a second, then both of them could survived…

    or… could it be that the what happened to the knight of six (she suddenly got affected by ‘mental elevator’ (or their kind..) when she pushed Zero’s knightmare) brought up the possibility of Nunally’s survival…?

  249. @t Lithonite

    Actually Rolo wasn’t last seen next to ship.. he was last seen flying in a sutherland close to the Britannian forces, when of the Britannians asked him why he wasn’t retreating because of Fleija. So after at he got out as fast as he could..

    And if I’m correct I didn’t see Nunnaly’s ship anywhere near him at that time.. So, no his survival doesn’t mean Nunnaly is still alive.. But I won’t rule out that she isn’t anymore either.

  250. Suzaku Haters: Seriously wtf?!?! He purposely took the tactical weapon with him so it WOULD NOT be used. He knew as we all could see he wasnt going to use it as anymore than a threat even if it cost him his life. Most if not all of the other Knights would have lit that bad boy off.

    To date, the only truly shady thing suzaku has done, was turn Lelouch into the emp… I am going to have to say this sure as hell would not have happened if the Euphy accident/incident did not happen.

    Lelouch fanboys: Lelouch is a real piece of work. I like his char and all but HELLO! HE IS A BAD GUY!!!! With totally selfish motivations. He doesnt give a rats a** about liberating japan. What he wanted was for him and his now late sister, and revenge for his mother. It seems the emp was out to “remove deception” from the world. This guy has been so blinded by these motivations and lately an emotionally unstable. As a result he has been somewhat sloppy.

    Nunally is most likely dead,along with sayako: Just re-watch it a couple of time. So i have to retrack my last comment. Nunally was sitting while ship was grounded in the ship’s bay( now its possible but pretty thin, that the bay was several miles away via an underground escape tunnel.. but thats pretty thin ) Sayako already owned the personnel on board. Meaning as the light envelops the ship it was prob not off the ground. Sayako looks at both sides of the ship illuding to the fact the light was all around them. a.k.a. OWNED

  251. Kallesin@

    Really simply, the next episode they say they are dead. I know the FREYA, left no bodies behind, but really …the fact that everything was destroyed at the sub-atomic level would do that. I feel that it’s going to be harder to provide them with escape, as many others have mention they were caught in the blast, then it is to say that they are simply dead at this point.

    Though, I guess being positive in a show that doesn’t normally give room for those hopeful miracles is a bit delusional. I mean other than Orange & C.C, we don’t have any characters that was supposingly killed that keeps coming back over and over again. So, I don’t really see it happening.


    Okay, Lelouche’s character isn’t a bad guy either. He fits more of the Anti-hero perspective. He isn’t a bad guy by motives, but his actions aren’t the purest. Yet, they do get the most results, and he tries like Suzaku not to involve civilians in thier fight. THough, because, he is the anti-hero he isn’t above going through them to get what he wants.

    His character isn’t bad ….in fact to some degrees it’s more realistic. THere are few people in the world whom fight for others, and lots more that fight for themselves. This is Lelouche, and though I don’t agree with his methods …he is a good character and perfect rival for Suzaku. The only thing I don’t like about the guy …is the fact he is the ultimate God-mod.

    He has a immortal to protect him.
    A Geass that allows him to change people’s will.
    A army that is blindly loyal, and for some strange reason with no one more intelligent than a High School student.
    A insane Knightmare inventor
    A boardcaster whom can hack into any network.
    People that magically decides to back him and give him knightmares in exchange for …nothing promises of alliances are anything.

    [[Yup, these are reasons why I can’t really become anywhere near a Lelouche fan …too way out there for me]]

  252. @Silentveil
    But what does it matter if the characters say that Nunnally and company are dead? What does that change? They all think that they’re dead now. As we’ve both stated, there are no bodies and they’re won’t be if they died. As such, it is impossible to confirm their deaths within the show. It could very well be that they’re dead and that they never show up again, but that’s as close as you’re going to get to proving their death within the show. For absolute proof, it requires that the Sunrise staff officially say that they’re dead – which they haven’t done. They have, instead, left us in suspense with MIA labels for everyone caught in the blast. It is totally plausible – and even potentially likely – that’ they’re all dead, but there’s no way to know that within the context of the show.

    While Code Geass may not be generally positive and lots of nasty stuff happens, the writers love to pull twists on us. Things happen all the time that we didn’t expect. So, from that point of view, it makes perfect sense that they’d actually have Nunnally and Sayoko be alive. We won’t know until either they show up and are alive or Sunrise declares them officially dead.

    I would like to point out, however, that Nunnally’s craft was not obviously caught in the blast. They were obviously very close (we saw the pink light shining quite brightly on them after all), but we don’t know where the escape craft was at the time. The last time that we saw it, it was in the hanger pointing out into the city. Given that Rolo was still not in his knightmare at that point, they had plenty of time to take off. We didn’t see it, so we don’t know one way or the other, but it’s quite possible that they took off.

    We really can’t know at this point whether Nunnally survived or not and won’t know until either we find out she’s alive or Sunrise tells us she’s dead. They did a good job of making it look like she died while not only explicitly showing that she was dead but leaving her the opportunity to have escaped. I totally acknowledge that Nunnally could very well be dead, but I definitely disagree with anyone who thinks that there’s no way for her to have survived. Given the situation, I think that it would have been quite easy for Sunrise to have had her flying away from the blast, barely avoiding it – just like Lelouch did.

  253. @Silentveil
    “He has a immortal to protect him.” – Not any more, sadly.

    “People that magically decides to back him and give him knightmares in exchange for …nothing promises of alliances are anything.” – Wrong. India wanted to be free from the Chinese Federation, and that’s why the Black Knights received all those knightmares. Just because the deal was not made on-screen does not mean there was no deal

    “A boardcaster whom can hack into any network.” – As demonstrated in ep 16 by the Emperor that is not true.

    “A army that is blindly loyal, and for some strange reason with no one more intelligent than a High School student.
    A insane Knightmare inventor”
    Judging by the preview of ep 19 (as well as the spoilers) Lelouch is about to lose both of these. Also, not everyone is blindly loyal, but they follow him because he can bring the results they need.

    “A Geass that allows him to change people’s will.” – Which he accepted only because he had no other way to survive, and that power keeps bringing him more and more pain.

  254. Kallesin@

    Okay, you are right on that part mostly. Without bodies, they simply just vanish though I am sure there is a way to confirm death. 10 Million people, should be MIA as well, instead of being counted as dead.

    Ummm…no, she was caught. If you look at the scenes, only those caught in the blast end up with any kind of pinkish light around them. Even though lelouche was flying towards it …or kind of not trying to move away from it. You don’t see the pinkish look in his cockpit, so they were there.

    Rolo left before the rest of the group to try and find a safe path for the shuttle to escape. Remember, they didn’t want to take off, because of the Black Knights being there first …though with Sayoko’s introduction it probably changed to that of Britiannia force. They were trapped in the building, and with Sayoko’s interferences …the shuttle was delay a bit more.


    “He has a immortal to protect him.” – Not any more, sadly.

    [Actually, I am not totally sure about that one. I think the mark on the previews was on C.C’s hand, but that’s just me.]

    “People that magically decides to back him and give him knightmares in exchange for …nothing promises of alliances are anything.” – Wrong. India wanted to be free from the Chinese Federation, and that’s why the Black Knights received all those knightmares. Just because the deal was not made on-screen does not mean there was no deal

    [So, they backed a small resistances group, that wasn’t even interested in thier internal struggles even after getting the help, and had recently been smushed]]

    “A boardcaster whom can hack into any network.” – As demonstrated in ep 16 by the Emperor that is not true.

    [[No, he already had the hack working, but got hack back and couldn’t regain control. Still, an impressive thing considering he wasn’t in any control towers are anything, and even in China was able to pull this off from the ship.]]

    “A army that is blindly loyal, and for some strange reason with no one more intelligent than a High School student.
    A insane Knightmare inventor”
    Judging by the preview of ep 19 (as well as the spoilers) Lelouch is about to lose both of these. Also, not everyone is blindly loyal, but they follow him because he can bring the results they need.

    [[Actually, it takes quite a bit of time, even thier imprisonment wasn’t enough …to make them start doubting him. They had to be ordered to kill women and children, which they did, in order for them to start on the road of betrayal. That is blind loyality, that has to take quite a beating before it finally snaps.]]

    “A Geass that allows him to change people’s will.” – Which he accepted only because he had no other way to survive, and that power keeps bringing him more and more pain.

    [[I didn’t question how he got it, but he does have it, which is a huge power mod]]

  255. I don’t get all the discussions about good or bad.. there is no real good or bad in war. Both sides believe that they’re right, which is accompanied by certain ideals. This creates a giant grey area in which the line between right and wrong is very thin.

    To me code geass is more about order vs. chaos, in which lelouch obviously represents chaos. I’m not so much interested in these good or bad discussions. I’m actually more interested in how far the writers take connection with norse mythology. There are many connections with norse mythology, like the emperor talking to clovis, gods that can actually be killed, and some other stuff.

    A bomb called Freya, which creates fields that are called Folkvangr and next sessrumnir (a hall where fallen warriors will be entertained untill ragnarok happens, might explain the conversation with clovis). Then there’s the Ygdrassil drives in the knightmare frame’s made out of sakuradite. In the norse mythology ygdrassil connects two different worlds. Well code geass has it’s shrines that can connect to the world of c, in which sakuradite might or might not be involved as some sort of superconducter to make it happen. (oh yeah my guess is that sakuradite also ignites ragnarok in some way, just a hunch)

    To me there are just to many connections with Norse mythology to be ignored. Allthough the writers certainly changed it to make there own story, i believe it might reveal how ragnarok is going to play out. I just can’t put al the pieces together yet. Anyone out there who thinks he or she knows what ragnarok is going to be??

  256. Actually, for some, like Chiba, Zero’s betrayal and their consecutive imprisonment WAS enough – check the start of ep 5. However, in the end they still chose to follow him, because, as Ougi and Toudou pointed out, he can bring results. Now that the Black Knights are more powerful than ever and also closer than ever to liberating Japan things are different. But the doubts are not something that started now.

    “So, they backed a small resistances group, that wasn’t even interested in thier internal struggles even after getting the help, and had recently been smushed” – Rakshata is from India, so that no doubt influenced their decision, plus perhaps a few other things. In any case India supported the Black Knights expecting to gain something from it (and I’d say they did).

    Oh, and one thing I forgot last time:
    “A insane Knightmare inventor” – It wouldn’t be very fair if only Britannia had a crazy Knightmare inventor (Loyd), now would it?

  257. I kinda felt a little bad for Guildford, dying while thinking that he was protecting Cornelia when he actually wasn’t. No, I don’t think that Nunally’s dead, ten bucks says that she and Marianne and the writers whip something out the wazoo and kick us all in the head with some sort of big plot twist that we know is coming…

    Can’t wait to see what happens next episode with a crazy Lelouch + dishrag scene.

    On another note, anyone else get irritated while watching this episode? Every time Nina’s face came up and she started shrieking in the shrilly voice of hers for Suzaku to do this, do that, kill zero!! …got annoying after a little while.

  258. Jordiblac@

    I wish I could tell you, but from all I know about Ragnarok …it’s a end of the world type of thing.


    That wasn’t really doubting but more like being really pissed at thier being abandonament. Kind of like the ship thing, where they thought that maybe Zero blew up the Japanese boat, but didn’t decide to pursuit it. Once, Zero rescused them, the doubt kind of just went away.

    That is blind faith, because, I sure as hell would have wanted to know what Zero was doing during all that time.

    [[That still didn’t make any sense. Though the results came out well, why back someone that couldn’t really help themselves? This is the bases behind why Japan is so important, because, it’s hard to get Britianna conquered areas to take the risk of uprising if a Japanese started resistances group can’t even free thier own country. ]]

    True, but it would have been nice if she actually had a personality. For the most part, she really only shows up when you are comparing Lloyd’s knightmare with hers. She isn’t seem much other than that, but, I guess, they had to explain where Lelouche got all of his neat toys, huh!

  259. @Silentveil
    I think that we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on the Nunnally bit at this point. I don’t believe that the way they showed it was certain death for Nunnally and those with her. In all other cases, we see the person in question dissolve when hit with the actual energy from the bomb, so the pink light must precede it because Nunnally and company didn’t dissolve when the light shone on them. As such, I don’t think that they actually showed her death. They may very well have shown her right before her death, but they didn’t show her death. That being the case, they might have been on their way away from the site rather than just sitting there, waiting to take off.

  260. You know I just thought about something? How was Orange even able to operate in the city? Wasn’t that disrupter things on, and didn’t that cause him problems last time? So, how was he even able to be in the battle with those things on then? Are there people working on him in the Black Knights …if so …ewwwwwwww!