After getting a magic love drug from Jessica, Siesta fantasizes about using it on Saito, but she feels that she shouldn’t manipulate his heart using magic. Instead, she persuades Louise to let her have Saito for an hour, and during this time, she gets Saito to pretend to be newlyweds with her. Things don’t quite go as planned though, so Jessica convinces Siesta to serve Saito dinner wearing only an apron. Unfortunately for Saito, Louise shows up outside the room’s window when Siesta isn’t looking and threatens to kill him if he gets any closer to Siesta. He eventually just excuses himself to the bathroom, and while he’s gone, Siesta starts fantasizing about using the love drug again. Because of this, when Saito returns, he startles her so much that she drops the love drug, and it falls on Montmorency’s head. Montmorency recognizes the drug, but before she can do anything else, the wind blows the magic powder into her face.

This results in her falling in love with every person she sees, and the first person happens to be Louise. The effect of the love drug spreads to Louise after Montmorency kisses her, and the two girls proceed to further spread the effect to Beatrice, Jessica, and even Scarron. After the girls try to latch onto Tiffania, Tiffania realizes that this is a magical effect, so she uses her own magic to wipe it from everyone. Since they’re all now confused about what was going on, Siesta reveals that it was the effect of a love drug she had and apologizes. In the aftermath, Tiffania explains to Saito and Louise that the magic she used – the only magic she can use – is forgetting magic that erases memories. Meanwhile, Tabitha receives a letter that prompts her to take a ride out on Sylphid in the middle of the night. While in flight, she is approached by Sheffield who wants her to do something in exchange for a chance to restore her mother’s mind.


Well I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. This first half was a bit slow, but things got fun once the love medicine effect started spreading. Much of it was pretty blatant fanservice (and some pretty blatant censoring), however they did a fairly good job with the pacing and with making it amusing. I thought it was odd though that after all that yuri and kissing, the episode makes a hard pivot at the very end back to the main story by having Tiffania reveal/use her forgetting magic and by having Sheffield offer Tabitha the chance to restore her mother’s mind. It all seemed rather sudden, but I can’t complain too much because I’ve been waiting for them to get back to the actual plot. Plus it involves Tabitha, and as I’ve mentioned before, she’s an interesting character who could use more development. The preview doesn’t seem to give any hints though and makes it seem like next week will be another LouiseXSaito episode.


  1. Is there any reason why you’re continuing to blog this? the story has just gone to shit since 3 episodes ago. All we’re getting is a bad rerun of season 2. Might as well stop before we get more of our lives waisted.

  2. i’ve been very patient watching the last episodes because the fan service had their moments but yeah, i am totally thankful that they’ll focus more on the actual plot next episode. I HOPE.

  3. Ok. the next episode decides it >_>

    if they go back to plot – ok.

    if they continue the bullshit which was continued in these fraken 6 episodes – I will fracking officially hate this show.

  4. @Hudson

    If you don’t like this anime, just don’t watch it. For me it’s a very good show. Why the author have to stop to bloggin this anime? For me that i can’t wait for the subs it’s a very useful things to know the raw episodes before they put online the subs. So, if you don’t like the show…just ignore it, it’s simple.

  5. @Hudson

    Dude, just because you don’t like it means you can ask the Author to stop blogging it. I mean there bound to be other people who like it and want it to be blog. Don’t be selfish -_-.

    Sora no Kaze
  6. this censoring is getting really on my nerves since the first time i saw it when louise started playing with tifa’s brests
    i mean.. hey where’s the meaning in a series with ecchi and so on as a genre when EVERYTHING (and i mean really EVERYTHING) gets censored this is like higurashi without blood or lelouch without siscon or strange but still working tactics
    if this censoring continues i’ll wait for the dvd version

  7. I actually really wanted to blog this series since 1.) Omni was on the fence about it and 2.) I thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons (despite how much some other people hated them), but having three Sunday shows already was a bit much. (Although, I somehow ended up with four Thursday shows…)

    Anyway, this episode was what I consider “stupid funny” and I enjoyed it a lot because of that. I mean, Louise got down right violated by Montmorency, which they didn’t show, but I’m sure we can use our imagination based on her opposition to it.

    Also, Horie Yui as the semi-unwilling Siesta? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another series where she plays a role like that. :X

  8. It is so funny when tabitha said: “I will protect your virginity,the rest is unrelated to me.” And it looks like we will get to see the human form of sylphy. That is one of main reasons I still watch this show xd.

  9. i didn’t really noticed the censoring when i watched the raw yesterday!!!

    well…i’ll wait for the dvd!

    anyways, i have a question: why do some guys like girl-to-girl action?

    ~ Eri ~

  10. Eri:
    My (inexperienced) psychological take on that is because guys would rather see an attractive girl with another girl rather than a guy, as they can’t really be jealous in such cases. Plus, an obvious reason is that they get to see another attractive girl rather than a guy.

    Also, girls are generally more comfortable with one another, so it’s “interesting” when one takes a dominant role over another. I suspect that this would make the latter question if she should be so comfortable around other girls all the time (e.g. in the bath, shower, while changing, etc.), much like Louise discovered here. Finally, lesbianism still has a sense of taboo around it, even though same sex relationships are more widely accepted today, making it kind of “kinky”.

  11. As Omni mentioned, the blatant censoring is here, as Siesta isn’t wearing anything else with that apron on—not even underwear. It’s a typical Japanese fantasy for men to come home to their wives with only an apron, asking them if they want dinner, a bath, or them. Quite amusing as this line was used two-thirds of the way by Siesta, with Saito knowing exactly where she was going with it. I believe the apron fetish comes from the fact that it covers just enough of the “essentials”, while exposing a bare back and butt.

  12. @ divine

    thanks for the explanation! my guy friend has the same opinion as you when i asked him 2 days ago. he said “he gets to see another girl”. i just want a second opinion just to be sure. haha. you explained it more clearly. i guess he was uncomfortable with me (a girl) asking him about it. lol.

    i quite appreciate saito “trying” to control himself despite his “excitement” over siesta’s bigger endowments and kinky attire. poor louise. having flat ones are the pits.


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