OP Sequence:

OP: “Happy☆Material Return” by MAHORA Junior High School 3-A
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「ネギま部(仮)増殖中」 (Negima-bu (Kari) Zoushokuchuu)
“Negima Club (Tentative) Expanding”

Episode at a Glance:
After defeating Chao, Negi is informed by Ku:Nel that his father is alive in the Magic World. With the door to that world back in Wales, Negi decides to go back home, so Asuna creates a new club to help him search for his father. She also manages to recruit Evangeline as an honorary advisor, after which the club trains in preparation for the trip. News of Asuna’s new club going overseas reaches the other girls though, who believe they’re being left out of a study trip. Hearing the ruckus between Asuna and Ayaka about this, Evangeline decides to have some fun by telling the others that they can join the club if they can snatch the white winged badges from the current members during the summer festival. Having received these badges from Evageline, the actual club members are unaware of her game and get pestered for them. Seeing as everyone’s failed to snatch one though, Ayaka takes things into her own hands, only to get inadvertently humiliated by Asuna. Realizing what Evangeline put them up to, Asuna manages to settle everything down when she explains that they’re going on a dangerous trip in search of Negi’s father. At Narita airport later on, Anya is wondering where Negi is after telling her to come along.


ED Sequence:

ED: “Kagayaku Kimi he” 「輝く君へ」 by Mahora Gakuen Chuutoubu 3-A (麻帆良学園中等部3-A)
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As much as I like Negima, its cast, and its music, I actually don’t follow the manga. With that said, OAD (Original Animation DVD) episodes such as this are oriented more towards fans of the manga, as there is no direct continuity between its preceeding series, Negima! and Negima!?, much like how there was none between School Rumble San Gakki and School Rumble Ni Gakki. Therefore, if you follow the manga, you’ll probably be pleased to see some of the later Negima chapters animated. If you don’t, you can still enjoy these episodes, but you’ll probably be somewhat confused as to exactly what’s going on.

In my case, I fall into the latter category, but I did have an idea of what was going on in the beginning when Negi was fighting Chao, as that part of the story was used in the live-action Negima drama, which I amazingly finished watching when it aired last fall. (I don’t recommend watching the drama though, as it isn’t particularly good in any way, but if you’re a die-hard fan, you may want to check it out for amusement sake. e.g. Seeing the Baka Rangers.) However, this episode showcases material beyond that arc of the manga, namely chapters 176 and 177, and features characters never before seen in the anime—Ku:Nel Sanders (i.e. Imma Albireo) and Inugami Kotarou, who are played by Ono Daisuke and Inoue Marina respectively. Given how this is an anime adaptation of the more recent parts of the manga, neither Ku:Nel nor Kotarou get any sort of proper introduction, so if you’re not familiar with the manga, you may find it beneficial to read about them instead.

As the three episodes of Shiroki Tsubasa are more of a treat to manga fans than anything else, I guess it’s pointless to analyze the plot in any sort of way, but I will say that the animation quality was pretty top-notch (for Negima standards). I also found Ayaka and Makie funny as usual, but it was a bit unusual seeing how powerful Asuna has become from her special training. This first episode actually featured most of the 31 students too, as the credits below indicate. As for the opening and ending sequences, they were overly simplistic, but it was nice hearing “Happy Material Return”, a remixed version of the original series’ opening song. Likewise with the ending song, “Kagayaku no Kimi he”, which was more or less a remixed version of “Kagayaku Kimi he ~ Peace”. I went through a phase awhile ago where I watched all the Negima live events and concerts featuring the seiyuus, so needless to say, I’m quite fond of both these songs.

Finally, I should mention that the next episode won’t be released until November 17th, but will feature material from chapters 178 to 180. The third and last episode will be released on February 17th of next year, and will feature material from chapters 182 and 183.


(Hidden due to the extensive length of Negima’s cast, which includes lots of well-known seiyuus)
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  1. fucken win.


    Well the same goes for TRC OVA (and the upcoming |holic|x|trc| OVAs). Nevertheless, this kind of thing makes a lot of people happy(including me). Its pretty much love to see something from manga animated CORRECTLY for first time and they really did a good job there.

  2. I saw that coming. Daisuke Ono as Albireo. After playing Itsuki from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, its obvious people would chooses him to VA for characters that have similar looks and personality

  3. @ petemossburing
    Its not Omni who is blogging, second if you have been suffering from amnesia you should have already relised that this ova was said month and months ago that this will cover chapters 176 and 177.

  4. STFU unless your being sarcastic.
    Have you read the manga no! I read it and its the same thing no difference except as I said before there is only minor differeces. They added a recap of the chao arc just so that they can build a story line from here.
    cool! And don’t call people fags who are not.

    I think somebody is blatantly spamming

  5. I’ve removed the comments from hudson, petemossburing, IHateThis, Glass-o-water, etc., as they’re all coming from the same IP address. While I encourage criticism (both good and bad), I can’t tolerate blatant trolling and won’t make people who actually want to discuss the episode put up with it.

    To whoever is posting these trolls, your IP will be blacklisted if you continue, so consider this an official warning.

  6. @RmX
    I hate resident troll too =D

    Since they got some material I was wondering if they might create a 3rd season. I did here Ken Akumatsu said that they might make a movie or a 3rd season if these ova episodes are good.

  7. falconx0101:
    Oh I know the feeling. I’ve been listening to my Negima music collection all morning after watching this last night.

    Thanks for noticing! I know there are others as well, namely the readers who comment on the shows I’m covering, but I’m just a bit surprised that people instantly assume I’m Omni, who actually changed the color of the author name in posts to make it more visible.

  8. Yep you got it. I wonder how well its going. Also the fact they have a lot of material on negima! already and they had the 2 minute scene from the chao arc does give me a bit of optimism of a 3rd series of a chao arc.

  9. I hope this gets subbed, I’m a big Negima fan. EPic harem is epic!


    You read the manga? I take it since you’re blogging this OVA you probably follow the manga also?

    I wonder how far this OVA will go since it’s just 3 episodes from what I remember.

    The last 10 or so manga chapters have been great! Asuna <3 btw.

  10. @shh227

    I think they’ll be better off just splitting up each arc in the manga and doing OVAs from now on. 3-6eps. Sure a new TV series would be nice but I dunno, I think they’ll just go the OVA route.

  11. GP:
    Actually, as mentioned in my post, I haven’t read the manga; however, that’s not because I don’t like it or anything. Lack of interest and time are the main reasons I generally don’t read any manga and I’m usually content just watching anime.

    I’m a fan of the Negima series though, much like School Rumble, so it was only natural for me to cover these OAVs and give them some exposure. Also, while we blog mainly because of personal interest, we also strive to cover the latest anime here at RC, so leaving Negima out didn’t feel quite right. (At least not to me.)

  12. Wut? Another one? Can’t people just leave dead horses lie? Every non-manga version of Nagima made has been pretty awful. But it’s DVD only you say? OK, but I shudder at the thought its success might bring another terrible TV adaption.

  13. YAY KOTARO!!!
    since he’s like my fave character I’m so happy to see him animated, and Sanders too. What I REALLY REALLY wish they could have done was do the fight between Sanders and Negi, that was such a good chapter!

    @Divine, I’m sure that he just thought you were Omni because Omni usually does Negima stuff, so don’t worry about it

  14. we r getting more and more manga based continuation of anime that had a different ending then the manga. lots of ppl(including me) hate the fact that companies are doing that.

    This better not come true for inuyasha since it finished couple of years back and the manga just finish. i don’t want that to happen

  15. @divine

    You should definetely give the manga a try. It’s actually one of the few shounen-oriented kind of manga that doesn’t get old and repetitive even after so many chapter came out. And as incredible as it may seem, despite having such a large cast each character gets some interesting development and focus from time to time.

  16. Just for the sake of accuracy (which we hardcore “Negima!” fans already know) — this OAD has no prequel. “Negima!?” is simply its own story using characters from the manga and thus cannot be considered the prequel to this OAD.

  17. Being a fan of the manga, I welcome this development and hope someone subs it. On a side note to the manga fans, without any spoilers, do you think that the recent revelation would indicate that the series is nearing its end?

  18. @draksig:
    It’s hard to really tell if an end is coming. Akamatsu is definitely looking at answering some lingering questions but how long he takes to do it is something else entirely.

  19. Damn, why did you delete Shinobu_lover’s comments? I wanted to laugh at them and then bring him up again on AQS… And no, I’m not on AQS, so I’m free to say his name as much as I want… Heh, I’m sure the AQS’er’s here will be groaning since they’re tired of me bringing up his name… But eh, I haven’t watched it yet, but thanks for the review and the screencaps…

    Looks like Murakami finally gets loyal colorings and Naba seems to have re-gotten her !? series’ colorings… And I’m assuming the seiyuu’s that were crossed out on the cast list didn’t voice in this OAD… Typical that Inokuchi, Yuka didn’t get to voice… (Can’t wait until she does…) BTW, why was Kobayashi, Misa crossed out? (Unless Naba appears without speaking…)

  20. @draksig

    I doubt it, it’s entering into the final stretch though. The newest revelations tie Negi and his what his dad did in the past, so after this current arc, and some more backstory about you know who, we’ll then get back to his dad. But this will be a long time away.

    Besides, imo, this won’t end until Negi falls victim to some magic mishap that makes him age so we can get a pairing at the end.

    There is no way he’ll stay a 10/11 yo forever!

  21. divine:

    Thanks… Eh, too bad too… Oh well, I know Murakami will eventually get lines soon considering her “snooping” around with Inugami… Heh, I’ll be sure to watch this blog incase SL shows up again…

  22. I’m actually really surprised that you don’t follow the Negima manga, Omni. It’s actually far better than the any of the adaptations in my opinion, and you always seemed to be quite the fan of this series. It’s actually making me curious as to how you watched the entire live-action drama and Negima! but still haven’t touched the manga yet(I’m a huge fan myself and I couldn’t stomach either).

  23. Disregard that, for some extremely odd reason I thought Omni was writing this, which blew my mind when I read the ‘didn’t read manga’ part. Regardless, you can take my exact words except replace Omni with Divine and I still can’t understand as to how you haven’t touched the manga yet.

  24. I hope the manga isn’t nearing it’s end. The majority of Negi’s class haven’t gotten a kiss yet, and I want to see all their potential powers. Ayaka with pactio powers I bet would be really funny/stupid. 😀

    nobody important
  25. @nobody important

    That’s a good point, I figure the rest of the class will get in on it also before we get close to the actual end. But the maybe not? If you’ve read to the newest chapters then you know he’s not in any need of more partners.

  26. i’m unsure about this series…
    negima goes way long history… i don’t like how they chop up the story in the previous season suddenly here and there make things blur…
    i hope they would make the series goes according like mange and not chopping and skipping here and there…
    to me its a waste not be able to see chao vs negima and the tournament battles… thats one of the most interesting part in the manga series continue by the upcoming battle with his mortal enemy.

  27. Yay it’s Ala Alba chapter….
    considering many have given up on matching anime to the manga by this time i wonder what’s the twist in this one….
    Anyone knows what happen to the purist Hudson?

    the moondoggiebuiscuit returns
  28. @nobody important

    Well, yeah, with those who are around in the newest chapters might be next. 😛

    I’m still waiting for some magic growth skip towards the end for him. The temp stuff we see now is just a teaser imo.

  29. IMO, the OVA is for those that have heard/read about Negima (manga) enough to know that the TWO seasons of it that were animated suck so bad. I can hardly get anyone to really read enough of a manga to convince them that it’s good if they’re strictly anime watchers, and Negima is definitely a case of “stay away from the anime seasons.”

    I feel like tha manga is definitely getting closer to the end (definitely past halfway? I can’t remember the quote that’s floating around), but we’re still a ways from it – as someone said, Akamatsu is slowly answering questions that have been begging for an answer since the beginning (i.e. – what’s the deal with Asuna and why she’s so speshul~ :3), but there’s still plenty of character interaction til the end, I’m sure. Hopefully this manga will (eventually) end nicely, unlike the reception I’ve heard with the endings of a lot of longtime running mangas lately.

  30. No!!! I want the Negi Tournament Animated…. well according to Ken Akamatsu himself. If they reach certain sales he would ask the rest of his manga animated with 24/26 episodes length.

    Oh on the other hand, the GAR Dark Negi I want it too animated.

  31. @Divine: The Mahou Sensei Negima rocks! You are missing out, man, believe me. I had also watched both series, and I just wasn’t satisfied with it. So I decided to read the manga, and man, it is really worth the read. If only the animes followed the manga, it would’ve been sooooo much better. I know it did for only a few volumes, but the next series should’ve continued into the story like this OVA. Oh well, at least they release these OVA, how many episodes are there in total?

  32. @ULTRA MAN

    It’s just another Negima OVA. This is the 3rd one actually, and it follows a part of the manga like the other 2 did. If I remember right this is marked for 3 episodes.

    Oh and for those who follow the manga, Asuna end all the way! 😛

  33. @Urgas

    It hasn’t really shown who Negi “likes”, and I use quotes cuz he likes and cares about all of them, but who more isn’t covered yet.

    As far as Eva goes, he respects her more than anything romantic if that’s what you mean. You gotta remember he’s still 10, probably 11 now in the manga.

    It’s only shown how a few of the girls feel about him, but he’s the same as always in regards to their feelings. I’m waiting for the magic growth twist so he ages a bit and we get some real romantic development going. Not like time hax is anything new at this point.

  34. as far as i know, somewhere at least 1/4 of his class has hots for him

    they should have animated the chapter were koutaro and negi dated negi’s students (ako and madoka) during the mahora festival using the adult pills – after chao gave him the within a day time travel…

    i didn’t watch the negima! and negima!? so i don’t know if they did

  35. It’s out at long last, I’ve been clawing at the walls waiting for this. I won’t be downloading it though, I’m going to wait for my copy from amazon jp to arrive.

    Monketh Ravenwing
  36. After waiting for 5 years, there is FINALLY a Negima Anime adaptation that is truly faithful to the manga. Not only is the story true to the manga, the artwork is even looks like from the manga! I very happy to know they finally did something right, after 2 anime series which were unfaithful to the source, and the infamous live TV series which we shall never speak again. For most of you who never read the manga, it may not seem important but for most of us diehard Negima fans, its a dream come true!

    And to continue that dream, there is something that we all can do. Ken Akamatsu has mention that if orders for the first of the OADs exceeds 50,000, the staff would consider a film adaptation and 100,000 for a third animated series!!!

    That’s right! A third series but which will be more faithful to the manga!!! If fact if you go the official website of Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa ALA ALBA~, there is a counter but it’s not for how many visitors are there but of how many orders! As of this posting, there are 82,581 orders. Now we need 18,000 to 20,00 orders & the series will become a reality!!!
    I don’t care if somebody said this isn’t necessary or it doesn’t deserved to be animated again or it has enough adaptations. I don’t care & so are the rest of the fans!! We want a faithful adaptation of Negima & we want it NOW!! And besides, if Gegege no Kitaro & Pretty Cure could be adapted many times, why can’t Negima? Plus the manga has already about 200+ chapters which is basically enough for more than one season.

    SO TO ALL NEGIMA FANS AROUND THE WORLD, it doesn’t matter if your an American, Canadian, British, France, Venezuelan, Colombian, Japanese, South Korean, Malaysian, Singaporean, Russian, Georgian, South African, Nigerian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Lebanese or any other Nationality. It doesn’t matter if your Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, Nationalist, Libertarian or any other political affliction. Lets us all put aside our differences & unite for we all share a common dream, and that dream is to see a TRUE faithful adaptation of the Negima manga into an anime Series. So, lets all order that OAD so that counter will reach 100,000!!! And when that happens, the world will cry, but their not crying tears of Sorrow. No, their crying Tears of Joy of a Dream Finally Coming True.

    A Anime Loving Republican
  37. @jeffing9
    Unfortunately, these 3 OAD’s won’t be enough to cover all the festival arc and show the Chao battle.
    But when the next series comes out, there’s a chance that they’ll cover the festival. But it’s more likely they’ll animate the ‘Mundus Magicus’ arc, which is not bad. Let’s just wait and see if they’ll reanimate or start from Mundus Magicus arc.

  38. @Maedhros

    Uhh, this OAD starts AFTER the festival arc. The opening part shows the end of the Chao battle. The title also says it’s the next arc after as well. It’s the going to Wales arc. Or it’ll end right as they leave for the magic world.

    The only way you’ll get the festival arc is if they do a new series.

  39. @GP
    Of course I know this. I was spamming this on the internets since the announce. I was just saying that animating the complete festival arc on these 3 OAD’s would be bad, because this arc is huge.

  40. I’m still waiting for there to be a perfect anime series… But of course, they don’t have the resources for that right now, and plus, I’d rather they wait until Ken has announced that Negima will end before they make it so they can reduce the amount of fillers that get into such a series…

  41. I don’t know if that opening’s visuals were disappointing, pure genius, or both. I liked them, but I sure hope they change them for the next two OVAS. Billiard balls rolling and rolling around aren’t exactly what I think when I think of Negima.

  42. @Overmaster
    I know what you mean, I said the same thing when I first saw sayonara zetsubou sensei op and I ended up liking the show! So just like what shaft did with sayonara zetsubou sensei I sure they will change the visuals of the opening on the next episode.

  43. @A Anime Loving Republican: Yes that’s good to hear! But by order, do you mean just one ova or all three ovas to be counted?

    I always thought that it was weird for the second series to not be adopted to the manga, but oh well there is another spin off manga called Negima?! which the second animated series stayed true from. It’s just the original or first animated series which didn’t, like the card system, but most was fine until the ending where it was anime original. I still think that they should’ve made that entire season to be up to the chao arc. Then they could’ve continued from there, and make another second season continuing to the Magicus Mundus arc.

  44. @Maedhros
    i don’t think they will reverse the story later on after this. i’m totally unsure of following this negima series myself… 1st series wasn’t good or should i say pretty bad 2nd series was good in front but bad when the rose baron guy/girl appear a plus for the art though . The summer vacation ova was really good though i have to admit they did a good job on that. Skipping the battle with chao part was a big thing to me because there is where everything starts and fall into place before searching for his father.

  45. “as much as I like Negima, its cast, and its music, I actually don’t follow the manga.”


    you prefer to watch a rated 6 anime compared to a manga that can arguably be rated a 8.9 out of 10?

  46. Fail. While I really love the manga, the animation is horrible. I do find the interaction between the characters funny, but their movements were too stiff. It’s even stiffer than the old Neon Genesis Evangelion. Background is even worst. There were absolute no people in some of the backgrounds, and they’re having the infamous “summer festival”. The few that I saw didn’t even move; like they were just cut-out boards simply put on a set. And Anya coming out of Narita? That place is a flood of people, yet there was only one person beside her? It becomes so obvious. Major Fail. Wish the animation was more like Bleach. Do hope it becomes better though, because I would hate for it to end up like the disaster of the first Negima animation.

  47. P.S. The only good scene was the last spell both Chao and Negi cast at each other. And even then I would give it a 7 in comparison to Bleach. With Bleach battle scene being a 10.

  48. 8ghosts:
    To each his own. As I mentioned above though, lack of time is the main reason why I don’t really read any manga. While I can use all my remaining free time reading manga, I’ve been quite content watching anime for the most part. If an adaptation isn’t as great as the manga, I could go and read the manga, or I could go watch a new show. With the commitment I at RC now, I’m already finding it a bit tough at times to do other things I want to do. With that said, I’ve wanted to check out the Negima manga before, but with a full-time job and a social life, I really don’t have the time to.

    Also, last time I checked, what I choose to do in my free time is up to me, so I don’t see why you’re in any position to criticize my decisions there; however, I’ve chosen to explain myself regardless.

  49. I very much doubt divine appreciates the incessant trolling.

    @shh227: The counter appears to have stopped at 82581 for the longest time.

    @divine: Although I second the notion that you should read the manga, I understand that it’s up to you to set your own priorities. And last time I checked, a full-time job and a social life were pretty damn important in comparison to picking up a new manga to read. Just get to it whenever you please.

  50. @petermossburning

    I loled, retard comments have a tendency to disappear. Take a hint. Course, with your intelligence quota I doubt you even know what a hint is.

    On topic

    Finally a manga accurate anime for Negima ^_^, hope we get the full tv series rather than just a film adapation.

    Loki of Midgard
  51. XD!!! YES!!! Thanks divine for keeping a Shinobu_Lover comment up… Now I can laugh at his utter phailure… Oh, and SL, if you’re reading this, Konado_skucs_31>27 wants to say hi… Heh, to think that he STILL hasn’t gotten the anagram makes me feel sad about his obliviousness…

    Hey, why don’t you call Ken up and ask him to re-draw the recent volumes of Negima because your precious Miyazaki didn’t get as much screentime as some other characters… Oh, and I’ll DEFINITELY be sure to post that on AQS so people can laugh more at you… But hey, you did good on one thing, you made my day…

  52. RmX:
    I kind of wish I had the actual mangas, because that way I could read it while I’m commuting to and from work. Anyway, I’ll bump it on my list of things to do, since everyone (much like yourself) continue to say good things about it.

  53. ^When he mentioned half-way, he meant that it was half-way, time-wise, of the storyline, not volume-wise… The manga could very well end in a couple of volumes (Not likely…) or be spread out for another thirty volumes for all we know… We just have to sit tight and see how it unravels…

  54. ^Just search for it on YouTube… A subbing group by the name “ala-alba” just got done with a speed sub… I assume someone will eventually upload it onto YT… But the RAW is up…

  55. “Mahou Sensei Negima!” (Xebex) — epic fail: not being faithful to the manga

    “Negima!?” (Shaft) — “PaniPoniDash!”-like version, showcasing excellent visuals while giving us pure random goodness we see from PaniPoniDash!

    “Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa ALA ALBA~” (Shaft) — result of the excellent visuals we saw from Negima?!, and this time, they’re now BEING FAITHFUL TO THE MANGA WHERE XEBEC SHOULD HAVE DONE BEFORE.

    BTW, I’m so glad they chose Marina Inoue to play the role as the voice of Kotarou. It’s much like I’m hearing the voice of Wataru Tachibana of Hayate no Gotoku, lol. 😀 Same thing to Daisuke Ono, much like we hear Itsuki from SHnY. 😀

  56. The summary intro before the OP sequence covered the chapters 159,162,163,167,169,170,172, & 173: (WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    After the OP sequence, the rest of the episode until the start of the ED sequence covers the chapters 176-177 of the manga.


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