Locked inside the Independent Cube, a student named Kilik asks about countering the witches’ Soul Protect, so Shinigami-sama explains that – in their centuries-old conflict – witches always come up with new magic that Meisters and Weapons have to find counters to. Shinigami-sama goes on to reveal to all the students that there is a Kishin under Shibusen. It all happened back before Shibusen was established, and it involved a man named Ashura who was a very suspicious and cautious person. Ashura was a very strong Meister, but he was also very afraid, and when he started to take human souls, a Kishin was born. Shinigami-sama had managed to seal him away using his own skin, but Shinigami-sama had to root his own body and soul into the ground to suppress the Kishin. Back in the present, the Mizune family is wreaking havoc all over Death City while Blair is taking a walk. Blair remains oblivious to what’s going on until she sees the fish merchant buried under rubble, but once that happens, she responds by leap kicking one of the Mizune flying around and preparing to fight.

By now, Stein, Maka, Black*Star, and Kid have met up with Maka’s father who had also managed to escape. The entire group progresses down the dark hallway until they find Medusa in front of them, so Stein decides that it’s time to go over their strategy. He expects that Chrona and Ragnarok are waiting down the hall past Medusa whereas Eruka and Free are heading further down towards the Kishin, and so the plan is to have Maka, Black*Star, and Kid rush past Medusa while Stein keeps her busy. From there on, Black*Star will handle Chrona while Kid and Maka go after Eruka and Free. Their plan is put into action when Medusa launches a massive Vector Arrow attack, and Kid, Black*Star, and Maka all find a way to get past the deadly wave of arrows. Maka is the last one to make it through, and Stein follows her by nailing Medusa in the back with a special attack. Although she recovers from it, Medusa finds that her feet are now bound to the ground. This is one of Stein’s techniques, and it comes into play again after he smashes her into the wall.

Stein rushes to finish Medusa off while she’s still restrained, but she counters by activating a Vector Plate spell on the ground in front of her. It spawns a giant arrow pointing away from her, and when Stein crosses over it, it pushes him in that direction. Medusa then frees herself with her snake magic and propels herself towards Stein using the same Vector Plate. While in mid-air, she conjures up three more Vector Plates and use them to quickly get behind Stein so that she can deliver a kick to his back. Needing to counter her use of the Vector Plates, Stein binds himself to the ground until he can find an opening, and he then releases the stitches, allowing himself to be shot forward right at Medusa. Unfortunately, she protects herself with a Vector Storm spell, and Stein is left reeling. Medusa then reiterates that she wants Stein and that he should be interested in the world she desires. To this end, she surrounds them with Vector Plates, all pointed towards her so that he can’t escape. Meanwhile, after letting Kid race past them, Chrona comes face to face with Black*Star. The two are ready to fight each other, but Maka interrupts them and wants Chrona for herself. Although this isn’t in line with their original plan, Maka wants revenge, and Black*Star decides to let her have this battle.


Well the episode started out a little slowly, but it sure ended on an exciting note. Stein vs. Medusa was everything I’d hoped it’d be (fast-paced with a hint of sexual tension), and I really liked how they gave extra dramatic effect to Black*Star’s final line. I’m actually less interested in Maka vs. Chrona though since they’ve already fought once (though I’m sure Maka or Soul will awaken a new power in order to match up this time) and am more curious to see Blair fight the Mizune family for the cuteness factor or see Kid and Black*Star go up against Eruka, Free, and/or Ashura. On second thought, it’d be cooler to see Shinigami-sama himself get in on the action, so I hope the rest of that hour of confinement passes quickly. If the preview is any indicator, however, next week will be almost entirely Maka vs. Chrona, and it seems like Maka will tap into a darker side of herself.


  1. This episode and the episode that are to come are gonna ROCK LIKE HELL!
    ALso Soul Eater is coming to the NIntendo Wii from Square Enix! I am so getting this game!

    Cant wait until its subbed!
    Stein and Medusa have such a sexual aura around them when they fight or talk to each other. Its like they if the conditions were different they would be such an extreme couple!

  2. MAN that KISHIN got some GREAT TEETH! maybe i should become an evil death god to fix my grill?? SOUL EATER GAME??!?! what style? rpg, action/adventure? can’t wait to see this ep, looks super juicy. there’s one Move in particular that maka does on chrona that I’m dieing to see Animated!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. I want a good Maka battle. (IMHO) Everyone else’s battles pale in comparison with hers in the manga. Hers was probably the craziest, and also the most emotional one.

    Maka FTW!


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