With the Zanbani having arrived at a port, Akiyuki has to work as a scribe of letters for the locals as part of his Xam’d training. He notices that all of the letters being sent are addressed towards the Northern Government – which should be their enemy – but Akushiba thinks nothing of it and points out that the refugee children from the north would be their enemies as well using that logic. Anchored next to the Zanbani is the Tessik ship, and some of the Zanbani crew worry what they’ll do if Nakiami returns to Tessik with that group. Nakiami actually stays in her room for a while before eventually walking across the dock to the Tessik ship and meeting with its captain Zeygend. He had already heard that she had picked up something interesting from Sentan Island, and he thinks that it’s in accordance with what’s written in the Ruikon scriptures. In response to this, Nakiami wonders if Sannova is alive, and Zeygend answers that they believe she is. He goes on to reveal that the one controlling Tessik right now is a young woman known as the Sun-Maned, and she is convinced that the chaos in the world is guidance from Sannova. Zeygend feels that Sun-Maned’s plan to recapture the Holy Land is suicide for their people, and he urges Nakiami to return to Tessik Village since their homeland will be gone if nothing is done and since she should be Chief. When Nakiami feels that there’s nothing she can do, Zeygend pulls out a walnut-shaped Ututu seed and offers it to her.

Meanwhile, Haru and Furuichi are helping with the cleanup that’s still taking place on Sentan Island despite the rain. Finding a ragged teddy bear only serves to remind Haru of how many people died, and she feels that they must not forget. Furuichi, however, thinks that not forgetting means always suffering. Elsewhere on the island, Dr. Kanba shows Kakisu the result of an experiment on the first volunteer – Haru’s classmate Shidara – who has been administered a re-sampled Hiruko gotten from the giant Xam’d. Kakisu is angry at what Kanba did, but Kanba feels that they’re already going to be war criminals, so they should do what they can to end the war. Back at the port where the Zanbani is docked, Akiyuki sends Akushiba running after a mail collection truck so that his letter to Haru can be sent. While Akushiba is away, Akiyuki finds Ishu watching over the Tessik ship, and, in talking about her relationship with Nakiami, Ishu reveals that she originally gave Nakiami her name because of how Nakiami used to cry all the time. Nakiami doesn’t emerge from the Tessik ship until later that night, and she’s accompanied by Zeygend who warns Ishu that Nakiami will leave the Zanbani one day. For now, he releases Nakiami and tells her not to come again, but he does let her have the Ututu seed. The Tessik ship then takes off for the north, and Nakiami reboards to the Zanbani. Upon her return, Akiyuki gives her some advice he learned from his parents: the more time passes by, the harder it is to apologize.

Over on Sentan Island, Furuichi surprises Haru by admitting that he’s considering taking the military’s Mainsoul Exam so that he can pilot an ASP Suit. On their way home, the two encounter Shidara on the street, and when Haru tries to approach her, Shidara transforms into a Humanform weapon. She goes after Furuichi, and he’s saved only after a pair of ASP Suits appear. The ASP Suits take Shidara out, and Kakisu himself arrives on the scene to finish her off. The Zanbani meanwhile leaves port after Akushiba returns from having successfully brought Akiyuki’s letter to the mail collection truck. Sometime later, thanks to Akiyuki’s advice, Nakiami leaves Ishu a letter, but since she can’t write, she simply encloses a sunflower.


Well, this episode didn’t exactly answer as many questions as I had hoped, but at the same time, it didn’t raise too many new ones, so I feel better about the series as a whole than I did after last week. The first half of the episode was a little slow, and I generally wasn’t very keen on the Ishu/Nakiami quarrel, but I did find the Nakiami’s conversation with Zeygend rather interesting. Nakiami being the rightful leader of their people gave me Return of the King vibes, but perhaps more importantly, it led me to notice that each of the Tessik have different body markings/tattoos, yet the ones on Nakiami’s face closely resemble those on Sannova’s – there might be an important connection between the two. More of this will probably come to light when Nakiami returns to Tessik Village or when she gets involved in this plan to recapture the Holy Land (whatever that entails).

I have to say though that I currently prefer the Sentan Island half of the story. Even ignoring the fact that all the action this week took place on Sentan, Kakisu is turning out to be a much more interesting character than I would have thought, and I liked the imagery and contrast with the rainbow in the background when he was shooting Shidara’s Humanform weapon. Haru and Furuichi potentially joining the military also raises the possibility that the two halves of the story might reconverge with them being on the opposite side of Akiyuki. That could make for some good drama if it happens, but even if it doesn’t, it’ll mean that Haru gets more screen time, and I wouldn’t mind that since I rather like her character (second only to Akushiba). I just hope Haru won’t meet the same fate as Shirley


  1. The animation style still gives me the “Eureka SeveN” vibes… For one, two of the characters look like Dewey and another one of the captains in some random episode. But I have to admit, this series is very interesting.

  2. When i see people comparing this to Eureka 7, I just hope it doesn’t turn out that way. I hated the pathetic hero design/personality of Eureka 7(the heroine wasn’t much better either). But in Xam’d i like Akiyuki’s design/personality. He doesn’t seem like a wimp and even if he complains about something he is very reasonable not at all whiny. When he was talking to the lady captain of the ship and she just punches him out of the blue. My reaction was the same as his WTF is this b***h’s problem?! Overall i see a lot of potential in the story and the characters and I hope it doesn’t get ruined. I really like Code Geass and Macross but now im just not interested in them anymore i just watch them if i am really bored.

  3. @banana*2: it’s like XBLN or the Wii Shopping Channel, go online(using the console system) and buying stuff.

    @hawkeye: I don’t see how Renton could be considered a wimp. Sure at first, being a 14 yr old kid being thrown into the situation he was, its understandable that he was scared, childish, and weak. But after after the halfway point, clearly he wasn’t the same person as he was before. At least Renton showed he loved Eureka and made an effort to protect her just before the halfway point, instead of waiting to the end of the series to show such affection, like every other male protaganist in animes of this type.

  4. man when i saw the preview for next week i was surprised and exited, now we finally get to see Haru more in action and actually doing something for her cause to bring Akiyuki back , seems like Akiyuki may be upset at first, cause like what if he cant control him self in fight … whatever it was all cool, like the episode, and will wait for the next…

  5. It would seriously spoil this anime for me if Haru met the same fate as Shirley.. I can barely get over what happened to her as it is. Haru being one of my favorite characters in this anime, I hope she can get through the whole series without having to die. Also, although I think it’s best if she joins the military, I wish she wouldn’t have to cut of her hair (which I think is what she’s going to do, by army regulations no doubt).

  6. @frubam: What i mean is look at Akiyuki and compare him with Renton’s action? If it was Renton he would probably be freaking out over his power’s uptil the halfway point in the series, at least that how i think he would behave based on what i saw. Renton couldn’t even pull his own weight when he joined the crew and was basically so pathetic that i felt digusted. And the episode where he gets so depressed he stuffs himself with potato chips… I don’t even want to think about that. I felt myself asking why did they even bother on making this guy the main character if he is going to be so disgustingly pathetic.

  7. Furthermore, The female leads for this series seem to be a lot more interesting then Eureka 7. Eureka was so annoying being jealous all the time. I understand her jealousy somewhat, but i think she was just overdoing it. And the way Renton handled it was… (you know what i am talking about).

  8. This show constantly shows flashes of Hayao Miyazaki influence- like the ship guardians. It’s an intriguing blend with the character designs (which I think are great). It’s also nice that people are getting E7 vibes without the weaknesses that E7 showed at some points. I look forward to seeing all the plot strands come together. 🙂

  9. The whole backstory with Nakiami just got a whole lot more interesting. The thing with the Holy Land reminds me of the Middle East, in a way. E7 based their religion on the culture/region of Tibet, so I’m wondering who/what they’re going for this time around. And Haru joining the military to search for Akiyuki is a step in the right direction. 🙂 I guess Akushiba isn’t totally useless. The guy can run, at least. The letter with the flower at the end was a nice touch too and very subtle of Akiyuki; odd but interesting fact that Nakiami (not even her real name too) can’t read or write, so her joining a postal ship is a strange decision, to say the least.

  10. I still don’t really get the plot but it is getting mroe interesting. I think Haru is special in a way since she seems to be able to hear the humanform’s voice like Nakiami.

  11. Didn’t Nakiami speak of giving one soul to Haru in the first episode? I was never too sure of what happened back then, but Haru’s gift could come from there. After all, if she is related to the head priestess woman (considering their similar tatoos), it’s not far-fetched that she could give people some powers over the haruko things.

    Overall, I like how it is developping, no whining except for the insufferable brat on the ship, no drive to save the world, some conflicted characters, and no neat good guys versus bad guys so far, it has potential.


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