Despite the FLEIJA detonation in Tokyo that has caused over 10 million deaths and 25 million total casualties, the Emperor of Britannia decides to leave things entirely to Schneizel. On the other side of the conflict, Diethard tries to stop Cornelia from escaping the Ikaruga, but before he can recapture her, a special Britannian diplomatic envoy arrives carrying Schneizel himself. Lelouch is at this moment desperately trying to get his men to find Nunnally, but Toudou ignores him and orders a retreat instead. Rolo eventually brings Lelouch back to his room on the Ikaruga and tries to comfort Lelouch by saying that Lelouch still has him. Although initially calm, Lelouch becomes enraged when he sees the heart-shaped locket on Rolo’s cell phone, and he questions why Rolo has it since he had originally intended to give it to Nunnally. He accuses Rolo of trying to be an replacement for her and goes on to admit that he both despises Rolo and has tried to kill him many times. Lelouch then kicks Rolo out, telling him not to show himself again. Meanwhile, over on the Avalon, Nina is finally realizing that she didn’t understand what kind of damage her weapon would cause. This prompts Lloyd to tell her that she has to decide whether to abandon science to protect her heart or to break her heart and sacrifice herself for science. When Nina wonders what choice Lloyd made, he claims that he was broken from the very beginning.

Inside the giant crater that makes up what’s left of the Tokyo Settlement, Jeremiah finds Suzaku just standing there, so he takes the chance to thank Suzaku for saving him a long time ago. Jeremiah also comments on how they’re probably destined to be enemies before returning to searching for Nunnally. Without Zero around, the Black Knights’ leadership meanwhile decides to meet with Schneizel by themselves. It is during this meeting that Schneizel reveals – much to everyone’s shock – that Zero is his younger brother Lelouch Vi Britannia. Diethard attempts to dismiss this as nonsense designed to confuse them, and he brings up all the miracles that Zero has performed for them, but Schneizel calls the miracles fake and proceeds to tell them all about Geass. Tamaki still refuses to believe anything without proof, and it is at this point that Ougi appears and declares that there is proof. Ougi feels that Zero has always been deceiving them and using them as pawns, and he reveals that Zero didn’t just use Geass against their enemies. Schneizel then plays the recording of Suzaku confronting Lelouch at the Kururugi shrine in which Lelouch admits to giving a Geass order to Euphemia to massacre the Japanese. As further proof, Kanon presents a set of documents of all the people and events where they suspect Geass was used. He also reveals that they had told Zero about the FREIJA beforehand in order to avoid unnecessary conflict, and the Black Knight leaders feel betrayed because Zero never informed them. Now that the Black Knights have lost faith in Zero, Schneizel asks them to hand him over, but to everyone’s surprise, Ougi asks for Japan in return.

Shortly after all this, Kallen pays a visit to Lelouch’s room with a message from Ougi to come to the fourth warehouse. When she hears C.C. tell Lelouch to take off his clothes – so that C.C. can apply a band-aid to wherever he’s hurt – Kallen overreacts, so Lelouch explains that C.C. has lost her memories. This makes Kallen realize that Lelouch has lost both C.C. and Nunnally now. On the elevator ride down, Lelouch tells Kallen that he’s glad she’s safe, and he apologizes for not rescuing her earlier. In response, she reveals that she had gotten to speak with Nunnally and that Nunnally had helped her. Kallen then starts to talk about how she also had a brother, but she’s interrupted by the Black Knights confronting Lelouch. They are all heavily armed and have brought Knightmares, and Diethard intends to make it look like Zero died in action. Kallen initially tries to protect Lelouch and in the process asks him what she is to him because she’s willing to die with him. Before answering, Lelouch notices that Schneizel is here as well, and this causes him to realize that there’s no way out. He thus decides to remove his mask and laughs about how it took this long for everyone to figure out they were being used. Lelouch calls Kallen his most excellent pawn and claims that this was all a game, but as she leaves his side, he says quietly that she must live on.

Before the Black Knights can execute Lelouch, Rolo bursts onto the scene onboard the Shinkirou. Determined to protect his brother, Rolo grabs Lelouch and uses his Geass power to escape from the Ikaruga. Even Anya in the Mordred is unable to stop the Shinkirou when it’s augmented by Rolo’s repeated use of his Geass power. Getting into the Shinkirou’s cockpit, Lelouch tries to stop Rolo because he knows that Rolo’s heart won’t be able to handle such Geass usage, but Rolo refuses. He knows that he’s always been someone’s tool, whether it was the religious cult or Lelouch, but he also knows that the time he spent with Lelouch was genuine, and thanks to those memories, he feels that he was able to become human. In short, he believes that what he’s doing now is not due to him being used as a tool but rather due to his own free will. Rolo’s abilities are enough to let them escape from all their pursuers, and he eventually lands the Shinkirou in a forest away from Tokyo. When Lelouch asks why Rolo saved him, Rolo asserts that Lelouch was lying earlier when he said he wanted to kill Rolo and hated him. Lelouch claims that Rolo saw through him and calls Rolo his little brother moments before Rolo passes away, his final words saying that he knows everything about his older brother. Putting the cell phone and locket in Rolo’s limp hand, Lelouch agrees that he’s a liar.

In the aftermath, Lelouch reflects on how he’s lost everything, but he thanks Rolo for keeping him alive since there’s still something he has to do. With the Emperor ready to destroy the old world and create a new one, Lelouch declares that he’ll take his father with him down the road to Hell.


For all the bad things that Rolo did, I thought he got a rather honorable and redeeming ending with a nice accompanying song (Boku wa, Tori ni Naru by Hitomi). My problem here is that I don’t think he deserved something like this after what he did to Shirley. In fact, I’m still fairly convinced that Lelouch would have been better off all along without him. It does make me I wonder though if the writers are going to push redemption storylines for all the characters, whether it be in death or whatever. Nina for example now seems to regret her weapon and the toll it took, so she might try to do something to right her wrongs. And despite Suzaku’s apparent madness (if you could call it that), I have a hard time seeing him ending that way.

As for the story itself, something about it all feels odd. I suspect it’s because, with Schneizel revealing everything, the Black Knights turning on Lelouch, and Lelouch basically losing everything all in one episode, it feels like the story’s moving almost too quickly, yet there’s still about a quarter of the series left. A lot can happen in that time – I’m still waiting for everyone to go to space – but the only thing I can think of is that they’ve given Lelouch his fall from greatness so that he can rise up again, maybe redeeming himself along the way. That rise will probably come against the Emperor and his plan to destroy the old world and create a new one, and at the pace they’re going, it could happen as soon as next week. It might not be the only thing of note next week though since it’ll also be interesting to see what Suzaku does and what Gino is up to.


  1. … Rolo… did what? He SAVED Lulu?

    Well, that was unexpected. At least SOMEONE got a happy ending… although the previews for Ep 20 makes it look like Kaguya’s about to join Rena with a cleaver, with THAT expression on her face.

  2. even though i’ve read only this spoiler, im still unsure whether or not rolo deserved that kind of death. for all what it’s worth, for shirley and his attempt on nunnally, it really is hard to forgive him. still im glad that lelouch wasnt able to “use him like a rag cloth” as what he promised on ep 5. that unless i have watched the subbed anime tomorrow and have finally weighed rolo’s actions.

  3. @baka

    Ironically, he DID use him like a rag cloth, without even knowing that. Rollo died saving him, believing in him. Lelouch did use him, but is in no way happy about it.

    If anything, Lelouch will know more about how life works now and will stop clinging onto lies.

    Suzaku on other hand is well on his way into becoming Darth Vader.

    Role reversal – here we come. Lelouch redeeming himself and becoming angel from demon, while suzaku, falls from angels and goes down the path of demons.

  4. yeah, in what way did rolo deserve such a nice ending? he killed shirley in cold blood adn was completely prepared to do the same to nunnally (like, LAST EPISODE, GUYS). i was kind of hoping for a darker ending, but ridiculousrolodeath was necessary to keep lelouch back on track.

  5. Aaaaand, here we go….so it’s finally happened. The BK has turned on Zero. Thanks to Schneizel, they now know Zero was a prince of Britannia, that he has been using Geass to control people, and now they really [i]do[/i] want to kill him. But you know what? My first thought about this is….


    Do they honestly not realize that they are [i]so[/i] playing into Schneizel’s hands by turning on Zero? What, are they thinking that Schneizel is doing this out of the kindness of his heart or something? Or are they not even considering what his intentions might be at all? As much as Lelouch needs it handed to him via b*tch-slap to the face, the BK members are being pretty freaking stupid by overthrowing him and trying to kill him like this. *siiiiiiiiigh*

  6. Wow whats with this episode, all the things Lelouch have done from season 1 all gone, now with only the determination to kill his father?! Hows he’s going to do that alone? Now I really have no idea how this series will end. Suzaku gone crazy, Nunnally
    (and Sayoko) is quite confirm dead, Lelouch have nothing OMG. Is there still a chance the Schneizel will help Lelouch kill his father too?

  7. People are still butthurt over Shirley? PLEASE. She should have died in the first season, and she was nothing but a plague holding back the plot. If anyone really felt Lelouch had a shot with her, watch more anime please!

  8. Anonymous: I’m sorry, but seeing as how Lelouch and Shirely were already everything but /officially/ a couple, I think he had a /tad/ more than “a shot” with her. Now please stop throwing around the Shirely hate. It is /so/ annoying.

  9. they were never a couple. seemed like it was mostly a one-sided romance, with lelouch only acting nice to her out of friendship. and he is right that from the beginning it was obvious shirley would have to die. i didnt hate shirley but according to the rules of anime characters she was marked for dead since early season 1.

  10. I have a question, was C.C.’s name already revealed?

    Was it confirmed that Nunnally’s dead?

    I’ve have been waiting for this season to be completed before watching it. Thus, I’m only relying from this blog for summaries.

  11. blowjob: Again I’m sorry, but did episode 12 not register for you at all? I’m sure that Lelouch being so hesitant with Shirely, in contradiction to his usually manipulative self, was no indication that he had feelings for her. I’m also sure that the fact that he let /her/ have his hat rather than Viletta as he had planned was no indication either. And all the emotion and caring he has undeniably shown for her over the two seasons as well.

    The Shirely-haters can spout “they weren’t a couple” until they’re blue in the face, but they’ll never change the fact that the only thing we /don’t/ have is a verbal statement from Lelouch saying he loved her.

    Now please, let’s get on with things, eh?

  12. Ok, I understand that everyone still hates Rolo for what he did to Shirley, but is it really his fault? It seems everyone conveniently “forgotten” all that has been revealed of his past. It was his upbringing, or lack there of, that made him into what he was. Lelouch was the the first one to “show” him any compassion (I use it in quotations because Lelouch was really just toying with him). To Rolo, that apparently meant more than anything–including his life. He’s been accustomed to killing since he was a child so killing Shirley probably didn’t mean much to him in comparison to protecting himself and Lelouch, if it meant anything at all. Same applies to Nunally.

  13. So let’s see.. The OotBK gets to know the truth about Lelouch and turns on him because of that.

    Lelouch tells Kallen a lie to prevent her from being killed together with him, but then apperently whisper/tells her “to live”.

    rolo died and got his redemption.

    Nina seems to be about to lose her fightning spirit as far as her hated for Lelocuh/Zero is concerned as she realizes that others amy get caupght up into it.

    Now, where is Suzaku heading…? <_<. And what is happening to Gino? O_o

  14. Gino is most likley being arrested for staying loyal to the Emperor Wakamoto after finding out Schenizels plan, remember, now Schenizel is also rebelling against the Emperor (for his position of course).

    Lelouch is now in the same mindset as his father as seen by the end of this episode and his speech, having lost everything, his plan is now the same, destroy the world through genocide and create a new one.

  15. “I don’t think he deserved to get such a good/honorable/perhaps-even-touching ending.”

    I sure did. Not only did it make CGR2 better, but for me i thought it was consistent. Him killing people important to Lelouch and him desperately saving Lelouch were both aspects of the same love for Lelouch.

  16. Well, with zero no longer the CEO, the black knights is pretty much ganna collapse and maybe so will the U.F.N or perhaps the chinese will take over it. Other than that Zero still has kallen and C.C and Orange-kun and has a clear concious on wut needs to be done.

  17. Erratic Communist: What the heck are you talking about? How is the Lulu x C.C. ending lost to us?

    Though I do worry about C.C.’s fate now that she’s in “enemy” hands. I hope Lulu get’s her back soon, but it will be difficult and doesn’t seem to be on his agenda.

  18. hmm, seems like the black knight will agree to join britannia later to fight lelouch haha. something is no good in this, how come they cant see it clearly? I mean, lelouch sure manipulate and kill and stuffs, but hey, it is not like britannian empire does not manipulate them, kill them, etc, they might do even worse than lelouch; now they even work together with schneizel; schneizel can surely make everything work to his way huh?

  19. @ Shinji103:
    Agreeing so very badly.

    BK, you morons! Without Zero the resistance against Britannia would have never become anything big. They would still be in Japan in all their loose and ineffective factions. Without Zero there is no BK. Thanks to Zero, many countries were willing to join them. Thanks to Zero they won battles. Without Zero as brains, symbol and hope of the people (and his Geass), they will fall apart sooner or later. Or at least be much less effective.

    I do get that they are angry, but seriously, going execution style? Don’t they realize that this is what Schneizel wanted? He did not only make sure that Lelouch is pretty much a (hunted) fugitive with no place to be (without minions he is less of a threat, even with his Geass) but also broke apart the large scale resistance by that?

    But I think that they in the next episodes they will probably find out that it is hard to run BK without Zero on their side. By then they have the time to really think about it and might also feel uncomfortable with the idea that they played right into the hands of the enemy. They should have reacted less impulsive and locked Zero up for a undefined time until they reached a agreement.

    But Lelouch had it coming. Sooner or later the BK would turn on him. It’s better it happens right now then in the last 3 episodes.

    I am actually happy that Rolo died in happiness. It doesn’t make his killing okay, but he had a twisted upbringing and noone learned him what is right from wrong and such.

    Kaguya looks pretty sad in the preview. I am not used to that >.<

  20. There are very good reason why the Black Knights betray Zero. You have to remember that Tohdoh & Chiba were members of the JLF & Zero was responsible for the destruction of the organization. (He blew their ship up instead of helping them.). Furthermore, he was really the instigator(even though it was an accident) of the SAJ Massacre when he geass Euphemia to order the killings, lie claiming it was a trick of hers & abandon them during the first Black Rebellion. To add more fuel to the fire, he kept more secrets to his subordinates when he return, had Orange & Rolo join them without any good reason, order a genocide against the innocent people of the Geass Directorate under a pretense of destroying an Britannian Secret lab and finally learning it was his Geass that cause Suzaku to fire the bomb was the final straw that made them betray him.

    Beside, if you find out that the person you admire was the one responsible for the current mess in the first place & was pulling the strings right behind your back, you will feel betrayed of what he did.

    A Anime Loving Republican
  21. Suzaku doesnt hold a candle to lelouch on the Evil laugh side of things !!!! If noly lelouch had ACtually told the Truth to suzaku when at the shrine things wouldnt have been so bad!!!

    WingZero zxt
  22. Black Knights must burn for what they did to Lelouch… and poor Rolo, he got a good ending even though he was a crazy murdering bastard. It was really, really sad…

    Black Knights are finished now that Zero is gone 😛 I hope Lelouch screws them over really bad ^^ (Especially Ougi and Diethard, damn idiots…)

    1. Hear hear… even Kallen let me down, needing assurance that she mattered more to him than the others then basically giving him up once he refused it. Damn, how does the fact that he had magical powers mean he’s a phony?? They all ungrateful..

  23. I do think that Euphemia’s death was unfair, but that was the whole point of it, wasn’t it? It was supposed to be unfair.
    I think Rolo’s was more than fitting. He deserved that kind of relatively happy ending, because as long as he could be useful to “nii-san” he was happy, and that was the whole point of his character. It’s kinda sad, really. 🙁

  24. woah, this looks like a nice episode, though i dont really like sunrise rushing the thing. I’ve got a really bad feeling on whats gonna happen in the end since it’s turning out almost like what the spoiler said…

    And is still orange-kun with lulu? then why is he standing beside suzaku in one of the ss??

    And shirley really should be done with in season 1 since I find it really ‘extra’ for her to be in season 2 and dying such a horrible death.

    And no, Rolo should be given at least some sympathy, since he did die saving our hero.

  25. Rolo is “crazy” because of his poor upbringing. He was brought up that way, if you’re going to blame someone, it’s those who made him into a crazy killing machine.

    If Rolo didn’t kill Shirley there would be no plot advancement for Lelouch and the entire Code Geass. Shirly is just a pawn in the hands of CLAMP.

  26. Great episode! I am glad we have so much plot advancement this week and they aren’t going to rush everything in the last 1-2 episodes (or leave it for S3).

    And I agree with some people that Shirley (and most of Ashford for that matter) was a character that just filled (wasted) episode time. She was boring and after a season and a half she was still boring. There is no way the protagonist will end up with her. Rollo on the other hand, was a great part of this season making things interesting, even though he was a little twisted.

  27. Plot advancement? THe BK turned on him, and Kallen is a idiot. How in the hell is that much in the effort of plot advancement. Everything has seriously gone back to Zero, but maybe now, Lelouche can actually stop hidding an do the dumb stuff himself. Also, how could Kellen whom help bring Zero back even for a second thought to betray Lelouche? Half of his suffering comes from her as far as I am concern, because, there was times when Zero wanted to quit and she kept him right there in the game.

    Rolo’s death was actually fitting.

    He died saving his Nii-chan, and I am not one of those that blame Rolo all that much. IF Lelouche would have given the guy the time of day, he wouldn’t have felt the need to protect what little part of Lelouche’s feelings that he felt he got. The man treated him like a step-child after he got his memory back, unless, he was using him. This came back to bite him in the tail twice, once with Shirley and possibly a second time with Nunnelly.

    Also, Suzaku got a lot of issues to work out.

    The fact that he is laughing wildly might mean he is going to go over to Lelouche’s side in a few episodes, or just do a Kamikaze. Which every one is fine at this point, because, I would love to see Suzaku playing the part of martyr or going undercover. Though he will have to use something else other than Lancelot if he plans of doing that. Also, someone help Gino. Man if he dies …I might just give up on this show entirely. I kind of like that guy.

  28. I haven’t seen the episode yet but i can’t wait for it. I love this Code Geass season. This series is the best one ever and if it is not number one in rating is because not enough people are watching it.

  29. If you think about it, Rolo had a very messed up childhood. Who was there to guide him, and tell him what is right or wrong?? Killing “Obstacle” targets is how Rolo was raised, thus what happened to Shirley. He was raised to have no emotion and kill people like sheep, you really can’t blame him on his actions. It was his first time to experience having family, or atleast having a brother, and does not know how to go about that relationship. I have no doubt he will kill “Nunally” if the situation arrives. Bottomline, there’s always two sides of the coin, in his eyes, his actions are normal, since he was brought up this way. On the otherhand, thru our eyes, what he did was messed up. By this episode, it really shows how Rolo cared about his Brother, to a point on sacrificing his own life. You gotta give it to the guy, atleast he experienced a connection with someone where he wouldn’t have in the first place, if he hadn’t met Lulouche.

  30. I don’t get it. What’s so important about revealing who Lelouch is? Basically anyone that matters already knows who Zero really is. The only people that I can think of that don’t are people like Anya and Gino, along with the Chinese Federation. And some of the Japanese like Kaguya. I mean; Kallen knows, Suzaku knows, Schniezel knows, the King knows, Nunnally knows (not dead), and a lot of the Black Knights know right? At the beginning of the season they were talking about how they don’t care that Zero’s a Britannia kid. That’s like every one important right? So what if his school life is ruined? Not like he’s goes to school anyway. I kind of get why his unmask is a problem but not really. Whatever, good episode. Don’t like Rolo. ^_^

  31. You’re so right!! *sniffs* It’s not his fault that he didn’t grow up in a normal family… He didn’t choose, to be exact, he didn’t have a choice… Like he said, he was a tool to everyone superior to him…

  32. In the end Lelouch finally realize and recognise Rolo as his brother.

    Lelouch says Rolo may not be sibiling of Lelouch Vi Britannia like Nunally but he was sibiling of Lelouch Lamperouge.

    I think Rolo’s ending was more touching then Shirley’s.

    Now Lelouch’s fighting for Rolo, Nunally and Shirley’s sake.

    Even though he lost everything, it looks like he can finally starover.

    As story goes now, it looks like there won’t be 3rd season T_T

  33. Hana@

    Everyone might have known that Zero was Lelouche, but only Suzaku, the Emporeor, and Scheziel knew that Lelouche is a Britianna Prince. That’s the big kicker, they now feel they were just pawns in a Britianna power struggle, which, to a certain extent …they are are. Though with everything that happen, a chance to switch sides and go for the winning team is what kind of happen. Can you see, fighting a group whom has Freya, and will use it. Not might, but will use it against you …whether it was becuase of the Geass or not …that isn’t exactly something you want to be worried about on the battlefield.

    Then the whole:
    Give us Zero and you get back Japan ….who would skip a deal like that?

    Anyone with a brain, but, Lelouche needed idiots inorder to get them to blindly follow orders.

  34. Kallen will be back with Lelouch, soon enough— she realized that Lelouch lied to her to save her life.

    I surmise that Orange-kun will follow him swiftly as well. And possibly Rakshad—she wasn’t shown as part of the mutiny. And besides, Rakshad will need to be available to tune up Anya’s and Gino’s frames when they join Lelouch, per the OP.

    The wild card is probably Xingke. If Kaguya convinces Tianzi to support Lelouch rather than Toudou and Ougi, then Xingke is sure to follow.

    Lulu will lack for an full size army, but he might end up with a small force of some of the world’s greatest pilots and their frames.

  35. Well everyone has their opinion. I think that it was a great ending for Rolo. I know he did extremely wrong killing Shirley but it was part of Lulu’s consequence of picking Rolo. I did not like the way Lulu lied all the way to recruit Rolo and this kind of ending for Rolo kind of even things out. I mean it also really seemed to help Lulu to come to the right path.

  36. @Lilu

    You had said the following:
    “Milly is still almost in all episodes. Sooner or later Milly will show whay she is still important. She is connected to Lelouch and Nina.”

    I agree with you on this outcome. I have always believed that Milly Ashford is Lelouches’ real love interest. Especially if Kallen, Shirley, and C.C. leave his side. I believe that they have kept her character hidden because the writers were quietly developing Milly in way that will be quite important to the story later. Now that Lelouch has lost his army, he’ll have to rebuild. And if Milly and Lelouch ever meet up with each other again, she is not going to let him get away. We might finally begin to see the REAL side of Milly Ashford that she had kept hidden for so long.

    To me, a Milly x Lelouch relationship would provide some very interesting results. They work well together on the Student Council before she left. Her intellect clearly rival his. If Lelouch was going to have a love interest, if would have to be someone who knows him very well, but is under the radar. I don’t believe that Lelouch is aware that Milly is in love with him. In that Cupid’s Day episode, Lelouch wanted to avoid being captured by Milly because he thought that she might make him dress up like a girl/stripper for her bachelorette party. But as we have seen, Milly really wanted to reveal her love for him before Shirley got to him first. But at least Milly had put to an end of his playboy lifestyle that was caused by Sayoko’s false assumption that he was the lady’s man.

    Here is hoping that we get to see more of Milly Ashford finally meeting up with Lelouch once again!!!

  37. Imo, Xingke will only do what’s best for China, and his Empress. So this can go either way, by betraying “Zero” Luluouche or Try to convince OoBK that Lolouche is not as bad they think he is. Since geass is what motivated them to betray Lulouche, and rightfully so…

    If Xingke is as smart as we think he is, he should think back to when Deithard suggested The empress to marry a japanese man to make a bigger bond to both countries(eps. 11). Instead Zero told her “Tianzi, Your future belongs to you”. This contradicts the power of geass, which is so obvious that Zero can implement this power anytime to them when they were most “vulnerable”. If you also remember what Xingke said to Zero after that… “Zero, I feel I’m starting to understand the kind of person you are.” That can be a big clue. Thank goodness for Shirley on helping Lulouche out that time.

    We shall see what Xingke decides to do, soon enough ^^

  38. Of all the people, Rolo proved to actually be one of the most loyal. Going that far, even though Lelouch told him to stop. I’m rather impressed. Insane Suzaku pwns Emo Suzaku. Lelouch has already shown that mental side of him several times, it’s time for Suzaku to shine, lolz. Either way, I heard several more spoilers including that Anya is actually Lelouch’s REAL sister…

    the burnt shadow
  39. @Finix
    There is indeed a possibility of Anya joining with Lelouch as they seem to have some kind of connection. Gino might join with Lelouch because of what happens in the next episode (whatever that is, but it looks really serious)…

  40. i hate to say this to you wishers of the suzaku and lulu team-up but suzaku may not come around at all till maybe the final episode last scene. he just has a lot of similarities to shinn from seed destiny, and they’re decent seems very similar. I just remember the whole time in seed destiny i was like so is shinn gonna redeem himself or what but never did. off topic i thought it would be better if they sent him into madness even more and let him have a movie liek char’s counterattack as i thought his redemtion into the good side was too quick and weak. I just hope something like that doesnt happen here. if suzaku’s gonna be redeemed they better do a good job with it, or if there is to be a long waited team up better make it happen right. if theyre gonna wait till the last panel of the last episode with no real development towards how he gets redeemed or why they team up i think theyre better off just really sending him into madness then make a movie out of it a yr from now.

  41. wait its seriously moving too fast… whats gonna happen to him being alone?
    secondly what about kallen? third and lastly what about our cute innocent c.c?
    Diethard is betraying the zero he has been saluting as god as well?
    man that was one hell of a chaos

  42. @Shinji103: So true, I know what you mean, they are idiots. I’m disappointed that no one (besides Kallen but she’s excempted cuz she already knew Zero’s identity) would understand Lelouch, I would at least hope that Todou or Kaguya would understand, seeing as they both know Lelouch and his situation. So those two should’ve understand his reasons for doing so. BUT NOOOO, only some smooth sweet talk from Schneizel and they are all convince from betraying their very own leader. Man, so get this, the black knights would rather believe in the enemy than their very own leader, IDIOTS! This just shows how much the Black Knights doesn’t give a dam about Zero.

    I hope Lulu would make them regret their decision to betray him, like in the future when Lulu is fighting again, and the Black Knights realize that they had been screwed around by Schneizel when they’re like crawling back to Lulu; I hope Lulu would just shun them.

  43. Give Rolo a break. It really was Lelouch’s fault if Shirley died. If he really spent more time, helping Rolo become something else other than just a weapon, this would never have happened. And despite using Rolo as a disposable asset, he ought to be grateful that the latter gave up his life to save his.

  44. @Cain
    It was Suzaku’s fault that Rolo killed Shirley actually… he didn’t take properly care off her when Lelouch activated the smoke, but just rushed off…

    Even though I hate Suzaku, I feel kinda bad for him now… he probably gave up on the “die to save everyone else” plan that he had since he killed his father because whenever he tries to die, something bad happens…

  45. What is actually Ragnarok ?
    Is it a kind of superweapon or a super-geass weapon ?

    Anyway, Rollo had done an amazing role, i’m respected his actions in this episode.
    Also, i respected him as he died….

    It’s quite sad actually . (T.T)

  46. I’ve seen the 30seconds preview of Episode 20, it appears that Anya’s eyes were red (meaning geass is casted on her) but I’m not sure either it is ther emperor’s or Lelouch’s……
    Mabye Anya is the key to all mysteries.

  47. I was wondering, what would the OOBK have told the Union after getting Japan back by giving Zero to Britania??
    “Sorry guys, but our country is free now, we ain’t fighting for your sake anymore, you’re screwed but hey, that’s the way things go!”

  48. Come to think about it.. I somehow felt Rolo’s death more than of Shirley. I mean.. I barely miss her.. but in the case of Rolo, I might miss him and remember his heroic deed in this episode for a couple of weeks.

    He is something.. at least for this episode.

  49. Suzaku should have ask Jeremiah to cancel his Geass.

    Anyways Code geass will probably end like gundam seed where the best pilots are on lulu chan’s side, but suzaku dies and lelouch will become king with C2. A lonely ending… Schniezel will probably die, the emperor will lose his code and lulu will lose his geass

    Omega Knighx
  50. i feel bad about rolo death, even he kinda twisted but is still prove usefull in land combat which can give absulote victory but in the very end he give up tat to save his brother life, only if lulu admit tat he was a good bro in the end, then he would die happliy- well i think rolo deserve it. as for anya, i think she will start to relize lelouch is the prince inside her blog and try to find turth and reason to join him- hopefully orange activated the geass canceller to ‘cure’ her. gino, by seeing the preview , he maybe think that his loyaty is no longer needed in britania, there will be higher chance to join lulu.suzaku,maybe he heard orange’s tetsti,learn his mistake and try to make for it and decide to join lulu.Kallen- hope tat she will come to her sense that lulu lie to protect her and help to conviece kaguya and tianxi to join lulu, at the same time take care of cc. milly, her feeling for lelouch is true, she give out her engagement for it and step down for shirly to make move.there will be chance for them to be with each other. onther other hand, origanally milly’s familly is the one who create knight frame for marianne, maybe she can provide some finacial to lulu. lakshata, she only after the data not intrest about politic, but maybe some intrest to lulu. and finally orange , i think he still follow lulu
    Show Spoiler ▼

  51. I may be flamed for this, but RIP Rolo Lamperouge. For a boy who wanted something so simple and little in life, someone with so much mental and emotional trauma, he really dedicated himself to pursuing it and even gave his life in the search. All you wanted was a single drop of affection from someone, a notion that you were loved. Though people may disapprove of your methods, nobody can deny your noble goal. Rest in peace, Rolo Lamperouge.

    Jekyll18 on page 5 also spoke true of this young lad.

    I don’t know what Lelouch said during Rolo’s final moments (since I don’t know Japanese), but I doubt Lelouch ever really cared for Rolo. His eyes were always on Nunally. Rolo was just an easily-controlled pawn to him. Pat him on the head and call him “brother” and you could tell him to do practically anything. What a shame.

  52. Well this episode was crazy. If anything about suzaku’s betrayal (on accident both the meeting AND KILLING NUNNALY), he is always about redemption and the only thing he can do now to protect japan is to save it. That Kallen Suzaku duo seems very probable. Sad to see Lulu get betrayed by the BK’S cuz of big bro. It can only get more interesting now.

  53. It looks like Schneizel revealed the key figures Zero used his Geass on, then went on to explain the massacre and other events. I think Ougi wanted Japan back for the sake of giving up or executing Lelouch. Well negotiated on Schneizel’s part, stop war pretty much, give up Zero Japan is free, peace is pretty much achieved but the war between Charles and Lelouch is heating up.

  54. I’ve just thought of the best possible soundtrack for the last few episodes…. Metallica’s first album, Kill em All…. Go Lulu!! You’ve got nothing left to protect, nothing left to lose….

    Now that the shit’s hit the fan, MDK!!…. Murder, Death, Kill

  55. I’m going to go with the deus ex machina ending: in the seemingly end of the line scene for Lelouch with him getting shot all over, it is revealed that CC actually passed on her powers to him (but somehow not entirely) so really, he has become immortal. Flashback happens and we see Zero knew about this as he was in the forest bandaging himself and had discovered the Geass mark on his body (like his father does on his hands).

  56. That’s disappointing…I was actually kind of fond of Rolo. I mean, I wanted him to die, but in the final episode. It would’ve been nice to see what other kinds of shenanigans he could get himself into. Too late now, I guess 🙁

  57. I dunno why, but I have a feeling that nunnally is still alive or maybe I’m still shocked :/.

    As for rolo I feel sorry for him :s , I hated him at first but now just feel sorry for him but like lelouch I don’t think I’d forgive him for killing shirley (although i did not like her that much except in the last 2 episodes where she lived). Rolo was just selfish but his geass ability was useful xD

  58. I’m going to assume that the Bk’s just shot themselves in the foot in a big way. Judging by the world map we see briefly in the preview it looks like Britannia is sending multiple object towards Japan. Since arrows on maps usually mean armies, I’m going to guess Schneizel gave them back Japan and now he is just going to simply reinvade it. Sticking with chess metaphors sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn to win.

    I’m sad that the only betrayal was on the BK side, I was really hoping for a bigger all around betrayal. This is seemed so one sided, almost forced really. I’m going to guess the shows pace is going to pick up substantially now. Lulu will get close to the Emperor and the BKs will probably fall apart with his “control.”

    Suzaka is crazy now, that should be fun. Is anyone going to charge him with mass murder though?

  59. I for one felt that ending was appropriate for Rolo. Sure, he killed Shirley and many others on top of that, but I never felt angry at him. He was a built killing machine from the start; for him to actually care for someone-enough to save them, says a lot of how his character has developed and in his own words (or at least the subs I’ve seen), Lelouch “taught him how to be human”.

    About people wondering what will happen to C.C., I think Kallen will step in at that point. Now the main thing I’m wondering about, is where will Lelouch go from here. I have a feeling Suzaku is going to find him somehow. I guess happy ending-ish for Lelouch?

  60. Okat, that was pretty extreme. I was a little disappointed when I watched the RAW. After reading this I had no idea that Kallen was willing to die with Lelouch or that he apologized for not saving her sooner.
    That’s all rather romantic for him. He couldn’t think of a way out so he played the villain to save her life. Passing on his last words to her.
    That kind of reminds me of Harrison Fords like in Star Wars. When Princess Leia told him she loved him and he was just like, “I know”. Not cheesy, right to the point, and cool.

  61. Zero has became… a zero!

    However, it would be obvious that the episodes will reveal more history. We don’t know yet what Marianne actually did to warrant an assassination, what they and CC worked on together, and what the hell everything has to do with everything else. I even suspect Nunnally had something to do with the assassination (she had the killing weapon?).

    Wow, Rolo had access to the Shinkiro? At least Lulu maintained his personal knightmare frame.

    BTW, I wonder what Kaguya is thinking in the preview? Might she be sympathizing with Lelouch?

    Chino F
  62. @ W. Wolf
    That is a pretty good idea for Schneizel to do. It wouldn’t surprise me. After all, Schneizel has no reason to give up Japan to a bunch of Japanese people who betrayed his own brother and couldn’t take Japan by themselves.

    I hate to admit it, but Schneizel did a really smart move. Then again, he always keeps a cool head, unlike Lelouch who has times that he just loses it.

    I just thought of that the BK, despite being furious (I would be and don’t blame them), let themselves get easily manipulated. Diethard should have at least thought of that Schneizel could have been manipulation the information and recording. Like taking a conversation out of context, cutting and pasting sound, images, etc. You can find plenty of that stuff on the internet, so Schneizel could have just used his awesome Youtube skills or something.

    Zero did screw them all over, but the point is that they forgot that, while Schneizel may be a smooth bishie (Zero is too..), that he is about as trustworthy as their own leader. But Ougi did come with a pretty good deal..even though I am sure it won’t work. I will laugh if Britannia’s forces (re)conquer every country that followed Zero’s lead and would return the state of the world back to how it was before Zero. That would teach the BK a important lesson, whether they would join Britannia or try to remain as the BK.

    Btw, Ougi has a big chunk of my wrath. Even when Viletta lost her memory, he was curious about Zero and hid any info about her from everyone. He never was much of a leader of his own resistance and he makes one of the most fragile deals he could ever make with his enemy. So much for playing Mr. Nice Guy.

    I am quite happy that Lelouch is free from everyone. Now he has no obligation to anyone and has no reason to save anyone or anything. Except maybe C.C.

  63. intense much?
    wow. im still shocked. half the way through the ep i’m thinkign wow schneizel whatta bastard (but a smart one).

    Personally, i doubt Suzaku is gonna team up with Lelouch for a while. I definitely think Lelouch probably has a hidden trick (but he doesn’t know it yet) up his sleeve.

    I feel bad for Rolo. No offence but Shirley’s death got a ‘awww’ out of me. And to be honest, Rolo had a far bigger impact on the plot and storyline than shirley ever did.
    Come on. All you Shirley x Rolo shippers get over it.

    🙂 Rolo will be missed as a devoted brother.

    But ultimately I do think that Lelouch cared for Rolo albeit it was at the end of his life. Because Lelouch says ‘I always realize things too late’ (meaning he realizes that Rolo is actually pretty darn important to him, not as a weapon, but as a brother)
    Check out subs if you don’t believe me. 🙂

  64. Why everyone hates Rolo, it isnt his fautl being what he is, all his life he has been an assasin, and then he has someone he cares about… I know many hate him because he killed Shirley, I get it, but It was neccesary for the plot, altough good for his ending, but i really hoped he could last longer for the story… now that Rolo is dead, I prefer that even the victims of the FREIJA blast as well, I love Nunally as well, but if Rolo died I prefer that Nunnaly dies too as well, since she is in an unknown status, making Lelouch lonely, many will hate me for saying that, hope all the Black Knights too as well, Kallen and C.C. will still be on Lelouch’s side, and another question, what is C.C.’s true name?

    For Rolo that was one of my favorite characters at least his human side was shown as he said in his last words, and finaly something for the locket was revealed, that it happened to be a music box, to bad now Lelouch is alone, truly his destiny is to die, for all characters, my guess the ending will be a Wolf’sRain like ending, because all die, and make you belive in the end everyone revives in a new world, perhaps that might be a fitting endind for the show, and all characters will appear in the last one, leaving a better life.

  65. All Schneizel needs is a trade agreement that Japan will continue to sell Britannia sakuradite and there’s no reason at all for Britannia to renege. They just lost 10 million administrators, functionaries, colonists, and collaboraters. Having the Black Knights turn on the UFN and murder the CinC in the bargain to boot is an amazingly good deal, win-win all the way.

  66. wow…what an episode…easily one of the most emotional eps of the season…
    i have to admitt i am really suprised at lelouch’s character change over this season so far…he really has gone from a kinda crazy maniac ruler who will do anything to accomplish his goals…to a very honorable guy..that scene where he lied to kallen and the others and was ready to die was very touching for me…its almost as if suzaku and lelouch have changed places…i have no idea what will happen now that lelouch has lost everything and all his allies, but one thing is for sure he and the emperor are bound to have some sort of showdown…i think nunnally is really dead, and rolo def grew on me with this ep..okay ill shut up now, really i should just get my own blog lol

  67. I cried like a bitch. :/ Damn. Emotional episodes for people who are pro-lelouch and love Rollo. Those spoilers keep coming true. I regret ever laying eyes on them.

    I felt so bad for Rollo. I mean lelouch practically disowned him and yet he stayed by his side. Nina is a fucking tool. She makes the weapon then when its launched realizes how much damage it can really do.

    So my thing is…Nunally really is dead. :/ Can we say that after this episode? Is it still too soon?

    I like how you say that Lulu may have fallen but he will come back and rise again. I just hope so. I don’t care who else dies I just do not want to lelouch to die. >____> Don’t kill lelouch off.

    Suzaku seems to have lost all rationality Indeed. What has he come to conclusion in that brain of his. My whole thing is, Zero really has no one to depend on anymore. Lelouch has no one he can depend on anymore.

    Man, It is true there are still many episodes left but honestly I hope this turns for the better. :/ This episode was the first to make me cry.:/

    As for previews I want to know whats up with Gino. Looks as if he is being punished for something. I def. want to know whats up there.

  68. Another awesome episode. This was seriously season ending material, it was like they took a normally kickass episode of CGeass and seriously pumped it up with a huge fucking dose of aweseome-sauce. I think the best thing to happen in this episode was definitely Rolo finally getting axed. I never liked that needy little bastard the moment I first saw him, he’s the kind of person who strikes me as the really sensitive freak who’d go on a school shooting rampage the moment somebody made fun of him.

    Oh yeah, and Suzie-Q? I think he’s gone batshit insanse, awesome. I’ve always wanted to see Suzie become a brutal asshole, maybe this’ll make it come true. Where’s your ideals now, eh? Gone along with 10 million people, way to fail.

  69. – How will Lelouch work his way back up to the top though? >_> They don’t have Rakshata!!! <_< “You must construct additional Pylons”.
    – I kinda think Xingke will be unaligned and have a chance to team up with Lelouch because he was only allied with the Black Knights because of Zero.
    – Rolo really didn’t deserve a heroic death after what he did to Shirley…then again there’s no one else that’d bust Lelouch out other than Kallen.
    – Kallen x Lelouch ftw! My second pref. would’ve been Shirley…but…yeah.
    – We’re definitely not going to see Lelouch kick the bucket before Orange-kun could do something about it, the way they set Jeremiah’s story, they wouldn’t make him fail to “carry out his loyalty” for the 2nd time.
    – So…what’s up with Suzaku now? Have he tasted blood and liked it? or did one of his screws pop out after having killed so many people?
    – I liked Urabe, and hell, I even liked Senba over Asahina…I’m glad he got nuked.
    – lol @ Tamaki <_< He’ll probably be the one character that has the least impact on the series.
    – I never actually thought the absolute defense thing on the Shinkirou was so hard to control…always thought Lelouch was text messaging while fighting seeing the way he types.
    – Everyone seems to be forgetting that Britannia’s the greater evil and the whole point of Zero was to become evil in order to defeat the greater evil…What will the Black Knights accomplish by chasing out the only hope they’ve got at winning?



  71. Lulu probably isn’t as out of allies as he thinks. While the only ones who are still firmly on his side are Orange, Kaguya, and C.C. (though I’m not sure she should count in her super moe yet super useless state) the number of people who could flip over to his side is immense. I fully expect Kallen to join him (even if I’m still rooting for Lulu x C.C.). If Suzaku hasn’t gone batshit crazy, and probably even if he had, I could see him helping Lulu. Xingke is a strong possibility. Cornelia is a possibility, though it is ore doubtful now that she knows it was Lelouch who geassed her into killing the Japanese. Anya, with her mysterious locked memory, could go over. I could even see Schneizel, if he decided to use Lelouch against their father, bringing his whole force over. Lelouch may have lost his family and the Black Knights, but he’s far from out of it. Especially once the Emperor’s dastardly plot is revealed and the whole world unites to stop him. Or something like that.

  72. That was impressive! Toudou and freinds were to blinded by rage and really didnt think it through!! eventually they will realised that Schnizeil is also a liar and a scum (lelouch is only a liar!) and when Schniziel starts pwning them on the battlefield (especially after xingke dies) Kallen will convince them that they cant win without lelouch!!!) Theyll go crying bck and lelouch will win The end! BTW how many episdoes left?? 6???

    WingZero zxt
  73. Ougi is a bit too much in this episode…. lol trying to impress Villeta.

    – I hope Lelouch gets a fair ending… as the earlier post stated that Britania is the greater evil t will be so unfair for them to be victorious…

    – six more episodes I hope they shed some light to Anya’s character…

    – I really felt bad the way the Oobk acted especially Diethart and Ougi…

    – I’m relieve the way Rolo dies

    – Does anyone think that Nunally is still alive…. since she’s the reason of Leleoch to be Zero her death is somewhat abrupt

  74. I’ve got a question, so it was televised LIVE when Zero revealed himself??? So that means Rival, Milly, Nina, Anya, and Gino now knows that Lelouch is Zero. These are the only party which I want to see their reactions will be, since they know Lelouch.

  75. Code Geass R2 never fails to leave me speechless as to what is going to happen. Seems like this is the BK’s betrayal episode and next week is the Brit version. I know I can’t wait to see how this “dethrone Charles” scheme is going to work out and what the battle field will look like. I imagine that Charles’s 6 remaining knights aren’t going to roll over and let him be dethroned without giving Schnizeil something to scratch. Won’t say Schnizeil isn’t prepared but with 4 loyal knights hardly far away (maybe more) and a nutcase Suzaku with the BK in chaos… shaping up to look like a good formula for a memorable episode.

    As for Lulu pairings, I’m still hoping for LuluxC.C with possible GinoxKallen. Still getting that “this could be a tragedy” vibe though as this series drags on. Happy Rolo got some type of happy ending. As far as Milly goes… 10 dollars says she actually had feelings for Nina and will be Nina’s road to closer/inner peace before she either dies or settles down to give up her revenge craving madness. The main thing I want to see though is what is Anya and is Lulu still able to use his Geass (hasn’t used it since his encounter with the Emperor which might hint at him being immortal too now or something)

    Its kinda funny though with Ougi… the deal was “Hand over Zero to me and you get Japan”. Only problem is they didn’t hand over crap, they were going to kill him which technically would give him a deal-breaker situation, and last… he’s Schnizeil… like hell he’s going to do anything predictable. God do I hate that guy. *sigh*

  76. If anyone could tell the upcoming plots, we wouldn’t watch this series. It’s the sporadic, spontaneous turns and twists that we feel that keeps the viewers. Rooting for the clichéd lovey-dovey relationship between Shirley and Lelouch only shows how superficial one is. They probably put Shirley there just to have comic relief, eechi moments, and to show that Lelouch has a relaxing life out of resenting his father thus showing us that he still has human qualities.

  77. @jeff667: Ya, that’s more like what those idiots will do. I mean come on, Ougi and Todou are not fit to lead, they plain suck. Especially Ougi, just some talk between Villetta and he’s already convinced. What happened to him saying that only they can lead the other areas to being free from Britannia’s grasp? So now I guess they dont care about others, so long as they are safe and have their country back. Unlike Lelouch who’s goal originally was to create a peaceful world, the black knights goal was simply to free their own country, heck I think they were planning to abandon Zero either way. Those ungrateful Bastards!

  78. My prediction: Zero is dead, they will make it look like he is dead. The only way Lelouch can use this to his advantage is to become Lelouch vi Brittania. Come forth as the long lost prince of Britannia and stand against his own kingdom. That way those who want to be loyal to Britannia still can but loyal to Lelouch, not to the homicidal Emperor who is planning on destroying all of them, including his own people.

    I didn’t really like Rolo as a character. He switched over to Lelouch’s side way too fast and now he has redeemed him self too fast. Still I do like the way he got redemption.

    I hate seeing Kallen against Lelouch. Even though he is the son of the Emperor he was honestly trying to liberate Japan. True he was only doing it for Nunnally but still he wasn’t totally using Japan either.

    suzaku needs to be shot in the head in an upcoming episode. I don’t even want to see him go to heaven and into Euphemia’s arms, I just want to see him dead. For an insufferable, moral know it all he will easily kill his father(who was not evil)and 10million or so people. In fact I hope the bullet goes through his head and goes and kills Nina too, botha re probably the most annoying characters on Code Geass.

  79. ROLO!!!!No,I loved Rolo!This sucks.. ;____;
    In regards to Shirley,he really was doing everything with Lelouch’s best interest in mind..sorry.

    In short,this episode is really indescribable. What do the writers have in mind,seriously?
    I don’t want Lelouch to die like a tragic Shakespearean hero..
    Why did they have him say such lies like using everyone as pawns,in a way it was true but this just makes him seem pathetic and ruthless to the others.
    That’s just really stupid,enough with the lies already!You just dig yourself into a deeper hole by doing that!

    Kallen really loves Lulu by the way~

    With R2, the writers have seemed to have been ‘unsure’ in which direction they should take. This whole second season has been overall awkward in progression. *sighs*

  80. Oh God, so far the spoilers had been right.

    Nina killed almost 35 million people with her nuke, well done girl, welcome to the pantheon of genocide-people-of-mankind; Hitler will be proud of you. With this, the Tokyo Setlement is gone, innocent people paid the price of Zero’s and Charles’s battle of power. Lelouch lost Nunnally, and eventually lost everything else because of his actions. He’s all alone now.

    Damn it…

  81. Dude the BK are really stupid. They havent even considered why Schneizel told them everything in the first place. It is obvious he wants the OoBK to dissolve, starting with Zero. I still can’t believe that they believe the enemy more than Zero. They did not even listen to him or make him confess. Even if Schneizel offers to trade Japan for Zero, that still doesn’t make any sense. Zero is the only person who brings the Black Knights to the point where they are now negotigating with Sch. If Zero had not saved them back from the beginning, they would be long dead. If the Black Knights considered themselves would be long lost, why wouldn’t they fight and sacrifice themselves with Zero to the end. In the end they might survive after all. It is not like they do not have the army or anything. Their power is currently as same as the Britainnia. Even the Tokyo Settlement is destroyed. That makes them easier to take back Japan. Diethard knew everything before the negotiation. He knew the Lelouch was the prince. He knew Lelouch used the BK as pawns. He even knew that Lelouch was the one behind the deaths of General Katase. He just didn’t know that he had the power of Geass. He betrays Zero mainly because he doesn’t want to go against the BK. After all, he is just a powerless reporter. And for Kallen. If Lelouch had not said he used her and the Bk as pawns, she would be considerd as Lelouch’s allie. They would eventually come after them.

  82. I think rolo is one heck of a character but he did not get redemption he just shortened his life span in other words commited suicide for lelouch keep it in mind that without zero or lelouch the series is useless and someone always serves as lelouch bodyguard when he is about to be kill i think personally its a sign that he needs to atone for his past sins and become person he is suppose to be
    plus there still unanswered questions like whether nunally is dead or really blind if she is a friend or foe then Anya seems to have memory loss almost as if someone suppressed her memories of the past because she was a threat becuase she found out something abut the imperial family then suzaku will he continue to serve under britannia or bail out and gino too why is he being interrogated

  83. OMG, what a turn of events.


    In the OPENING THEME, you know how Lelouch puts his contact lens back at the end of it and he does it during the day time (look at episode 18 for example). In Ep 19, he puts the contact lens back on during the night time!
    Could this be some kind of metaphor?
    Maybe it could just mean that the series is approaching the end, or Lelouch will do something big before the dawn? xD

  84. What was that ship that Rolo blew up to smithereens before finally landing? Was that Schneizel’s flagship? If so, isn’t that where Nina and that crazy scientist guy were? Are they dead now?

    Or was that simply some random big ship that got in his way?

  85. @IMissShirley

    Nice call man. I didn’t even realize that. =]

    @ Match: At this point Sunrise is pretty much being a Noob. I mean, We all thought they were going to use Jeremiahs geass canceler on Suzaku a long time ago. Yup, seems like they totally forgot.

  86. @Match

    dude yea. when they were together, and especially after that last episode, I was sure that Jeremiah was gonna use the geass canceller on suzaku…

    lol who knows? maybe he did, and they just didn’t show us. (just like how they didn’t reveal Cornelia’s knight being geassed until it was needed.)

  87. Just some thoughts…

    Those lines pointing to Japan in the preview, those aren’t warships or anything like that as was pointed by someone earlier here.. That’s Ragnarok, i’m still certain it’s Japan where ragnarok starts. My theory on why all the lines head to Japan, it’s because 70% of all sakuradite on earth is there.. so there’s a big enough energy source there to cause the world to collapse. Sakuradite was used in Nina’s bom so it can certainly be used to ignite ragnarok and destroy the entire world in some way.

    Nunnaly being alive, maybe I have no idea.. But it’s certain know that she isn’t needed to advance the plot anymore. Lelouch maybe unknowingly has abonded the whole fighting for Nunnaly a long time ago. The writers gave hints of that when shirley died.. now with rollo dead it’s certain. He continues to fight, to honor those who died because of him. The only reason i could think of for her to still be alive, would be to welcome the new and peacefull world and to see it with her own eyes.

    As for C.C. she will probably be taken for a ride by Kallen, when she decides to leave the bk’s. And there’s still a chance she might regain her memories. She didn’t store them in the thought elevator for nothing right.

    Suzaku will go on rampage, that’s for sure.. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that on his next battle he will try to kill every soldier in his sight. Regardless of what side their on.

    Gino will be really pissed at schneizel for using freya, he might even act against schneizel for that in some way.. that might explain why we see him detained in the preview.

    As for Xingke, he’ll probably realise that there’s no future for the BK’s without zero. He is smart after all.

    Milly and rivalz are probably kept in the show to help lelouch become sane to some extend when neccesary.

    The title not fit to be emperor might refer to two things. First, Schneizel rebelling against his father now that lelouch is out of the way. Also very likely because Schneizel already mentioned many times before that his father is unfit to be emperor. It probably also implies lelouch stopping the emperor from using ragnarok.

  88. @lily

    Well I’d say its still far from official. Even after all she talked about with Nunnally Kallen couldn’t see through Lelouch’s lie and was actually going to walk away and let him be executed. Seems like only a few can see through it with the prime example would be Suzaku a few episodes ago. Thankfully she heard that last comment by Lelouch or the hope for that pairing would be in serious trouble. He certainly cares about Kallen, but I don’t think its to the romantic level yet.

    On the Rolo front he got a better death than I would have given for him. But beggars can’t be choosers and he finally bit it in the way you would have expected.

  89. Okay, first off people.

    Jeremiah has no reason to undo …Suzaku’s Geass. He owes the guy for one thing! Another, I am not entire sure if he even knows Suzaku has a Geass on him. He didn’t know Shirley had one, and was doing it area by area if I remember right.

    Second, the reason for the defect …is because they don’t know how much of what happen was thier will or the will of Zero.

    How would you feel knowing that one of the best chances for peace between the Japanese and Britianna was killed off by your leader literally, and that she was ordered to massacre Japanese. That he actually knew about the bomb that Lancelot carried, and actually target the knightmare in the fight. That the pilot was Geass. It comes out in the end as being, he don’t give a crap about you guys, and will kill as many as necassary to get what he wants.

    These guys are terrorist, but they are terrorist with honor. I guess.

    Third, Kallen isn’t all that sane anyway. She dropped him not because she believe any of that, but he spur her affection. Did anyone else get how she acted when she saw C.C. in his room half dress.

    She was willing to kill his best friend, and felt pity for him. Yet, she turned her back on him the moment he doesn’t fall into his arms. Yeah, Lelouche did the right thing ..I wouldn’t wanted to die with her either. Yeah …I kind of hate her right now. STUPID!

  90. Now… I’m sure that Lelouche will gather his Band of Heroes (Just about anyone with special Knightmare that was on friendly terms with him or Suzaku in the past) and shine through the darkness to bring a cliched happy ending…

    Five Boxes
  91. Man that was pretty epic, Rolo using his Geass, and the whole world instantly turning on Lelouch. No Doubt Zero’s true identity will be reveled to the world with the attrocities he has done.

    The very last scene was by-far my favourite Lelouch standing on that cliff near Rolo’s grave vowing to take Charles to hell with him. Spoken like a true Anti-Hero! I friggen love ya man!

  92. after paying really close attention to the op..i can see how a few things might be true

    A) gino and anya might end up siding with lelouche

    B) schniezel might be making a play for himself (against both lelouche and the emperor)

    C) suzaku doesn’t seem likely to end up siding with lelouche..but it also doesn’t seem likely that he’ll stick with the it’s possible he might end up siding with no one

    also, after some more thought..i don’t think it really makes a difference that no one can confirm nunnaly’s death…wasn’t the freya ep released sometime around the same time as the nuke bombing anniversary? the whole point of it is that countless people are killed and it’d be practically impossible to confirm the death of a single individual among millions in the short term to medium term all those nay-sayers about nunnaly’s death should consider the reality of things

  93. Well after watching the episode I think that the Black Knights are dead…not sure about Zero though. Even if Schneizel did “agree” to their demands there is no way he is just going to let them have Japan. Really studpid of them to trust Britania…especially Schneizel.

    LELOUCH: Poor guy just lost sooo much more. I hope that Kallen tries to find him and help him. After all she knows how much he has really lost b/c of all of this. He still has Jeremiah. I wonder if there is any importance and hints as to why Lulu said he would “take the emperor to hell with him”??

    C.C.: I can’t believe she got left behind on the ship. I wonder how she and Lelouch will meet again. I was really going for the whole LuluxC.C. relationship. I hope Kallen takes care of her.

    JERIMIAH: I agree about why he won’t use his GEASS cancellor on Suzaku. Maybe he really doesn’t know about it.

    SUZAKU: Going CRAZY??? I might like this new Suzaku and his new nightmare coming up. Maybe he realizes that he is becoming somewhat like Lelouch. (lulu killed Euphie, Suzaku killed Nunnally).

    CORNELIA: Well I wasn’t expecting her to reunit with Schneizel b/c I thought she would join Lelouch but nnow I see that probably won’t happen. She seems satified that she has cleared Euphie’s name by blaming Lelouch and GEASS. I can see her fighting the emperor though so maybe she is still important.

    SCHNEIZEL: I just don’t know what to think of this guy. Everytime I watch him I want to believe he is really nice but then at the end they show him doing something (slight smile) or he says something that makes him all evil again. With this episode he played the “I really care for my younger brother Lelouch” card. However, he just destored Zero and took over the Black Knights (aka…tore them apart).

    And last but not least…
    ROLO: I never really hated his character or maybe it was that I didn’t care to much about his character (the Shirley thing wasn’t that interesting). Last episode though when he said he was going to kill Nunnally I freaked and knew this guy was crazy. Lelouch yelling at him was worth it and I guess it’s good that he died so now there won’t be any problems with dealing with Rolo as an enemy. HOWEVER, I never really understood how much Lelouch meant to Rolo as a brother. So Rolo dying for Lelouch was soooo sad T_T.
    R.I.P. Rolo

  94. I think that in the next few episodes Lelouch will somehow take out the emperor after that, the remaining forces will be split and at the end comes the showdown between Schneizel and him.

    Gino is likely to follow Lelouch because he seems to despise Schneizel after the deployment of FLEIJA and if the emperor is taken out it’s the only course he can take.

    Kallen and maybe Diethard are likely to abandon the Black Knights, after all has Kallen heard his last words that she ‘must live on’ and Diethard has only followed the others because he didn’t have any other alternative.

    Anya will probably not until the last battle join Lelouch, although the extended preview shows her Show Spoiler ▼

    Tianzi and Xing-ke are somewhat of a wild card. They could blindly follow the other Black Knights or Xing-ke is able to see through Schneizels plot, and even than it’s not certain that they will join a side. I think that they will wait till one makes a move.

    At the end of the series I have the feeling that Lelouch is gonna be reunited with everyone again, meaning that they all somehow ‘die’ to be reunited some other world again (Charls and C.C. were able to speak with Clovis and Marianne respectively, and thats the world were they are likely all end up…….my guess.

  95. Even though I didn’t really like him because of what he did to Shirley, his bond with Lelouch, his determination to believe in him no matter what Lelouch may say to him, his naivity and his arrogance, and his struggle to identify himself as a human made him far more interesting then Shirley or Euphemia. As I watched Rolo’s death, it gripped me far more then Euphemia’s or Shirley’s. Rolo’s death was much more powerful in my opinion.

    Now I kind of wish he didn’t die.

  96. @ AngelMonster
    – Interesting prediction. Didn’t Lelouch say that he did not want to be Zero anymore a couple of episodes ago? This episode pretty much granted his wish at the cost of pretty much everything.

    Well, so far, those spoilers have ruined my anticipation of each episode. I hope something unexpectedly awesome happens *cough* Gino and Anya *cough*

  97. aaaaaaaah crap i just bought the first 2 soundtracks…………………well it was a good purchase tho, so no regrets will wait for the next ost to buy it, some people should understand why rollo killed shirley, he was always used by people , never had really anyone to show him that someone really cared about him until lelouch, thats why he didn’t wanted to “share” that, its normal like when a child has something he really loves and cares for he doesnt want to share it at all.

  98. – Nunally and Sayoko were saved from the blast by Charles. Saving Nunally was intentional, Sayoko just happened to be there.

    – Suzaku goes insane after he realizes what he has done. He prepares a strike against Britannia with the Lancelot and eliminates many of the lesser-important Knights. He is stopped by a mysterious Knightmare who identifies themselves as Knight of Zero. He is then captured and brought to Charles.

    – Anya confronts Jeremiah and says that she believes she is under the influence of a Geass. Jeremiah takes her to Lelouch who confines her and then permits Jeremiah to use his Geass Canceler. It is then revealed that Anya is Lelouch’s true sister, and not Nunally. Lelouch does not believe it, but Jeremiah attempts to focus on Charles’ type of Geass within Lelouch’s mind, and finds it deeply hidden. He now remembers – he, Anya, Jeremiah and many others are all under the influence of Charles’ Geass. His true past memories have no knowledge of Nunally.

    – Nunally is the Knight of Zero, a special-ops Knight. She was (willingly) under Charles’ Geass to help advance his plans. She also has a Geass, identical to the one in the Nightmare of Nunally manga.

    – The Black Knights initially betray Lelouch, after they see him going insane after the “death” of Nunally. After it is revealed that they are all key pawns in Charles’ plans, they agree to fight alongside Lelouch again.

    – Every major character, aside from Charles and Nunally, ally themselves with Lelouch to take down Britannia. They willingly accept Geass from Lelouch, to help him launch a sneak attack against Charles, which ends up in failure, and the death of C.C. at the hands of Nunally.

    – Before her death, C.C.’s inner soul speaks to Lelouch – with the mentality of her previous self. She encourages Lelouch to continue on, and grants him her Code (immortality) and through a loophole, allows him to retain his Geass.

    – Lelouch launches an immediate second attack on Britannia, and begins to be defeated again. However, his Geass overloads, and the effects of his Geass spread across the entire planet, affecting everyone he has never Geassed, telling them to “Destroy Britannia” – the world begins a full frontal assault on Charles and Nunally.

    – Charles and Nunally’s primary goal is to “kill the gods”, by using a powerful cannon known as Loginus, to break through the dimensional barrier separating the two realms of life and afterlife. The Loginus is powered by human souls, and the power of Geass is able to amplify the charge for each soul. Those who die by the power of Geass, only further Charles’ plan.

    – By killing the gods, Charles will be able to reform the world in a way that he sees fit. His vision of a new world? A world where no one has to suffer, and he can keep Nunally safe and happy, the same dream Lelouch had.

    – The climax of the series ends with a battle between Lelouch, Anya, Suzaku and Kallen VS Charles and Nunally. Anya kills Nunally (with Suzaku and Kallen’s aid) and Lelouch forces Charles into the ray of the Loginus, utterly destroying him.

    – After the series, Lelouch shuts himself off from the world, so he can no longer hurt anyone or see anyone be hurt. Suzaku, Anya and Kallen help reform the new world.

    Huge spoiler
  99. @DMO:
    “- I never actually thought the absolute defense thing on the Shinkirou was so hard to control…always thought Lelouch was text messaging while fighting seeing the way he types.”

    Lol, me too.

    Lulu should had left clear to BK(at least to the commanding group) that his main objective was to take down Brittania not freeing Japan.

    Anya said she had memory blanks probably because of the emperor’s memory erasing geass. Maybe she will she will play an important part in the episodes to come. Then again, probably most Knights are being manipulated with geass. If Lulu realizes Orange can remove the Emperror Geass, I’m sure he’ll get CC memory back and a bunch of super ace allies against Brittania.

  100. lelouch lamperouge has died… all hail lelouch vi brittania

    what the heck. i guess setting up the defense of shinkirou while piloting it is much harder than the knightmare of xingke. it’s like playing mechwarrior on keyboard lolz

    give rolo a break. he deserves it. that, at least, we can do for him for what he did to lelouch. you will be remembered rolo lamperouge…

    lastly if the OotBK realize they made a huge mistake for falling in schneizel’s hand by betraying zero and begs zero for their help “rescue” japan, lelouch should thrown them out for betraying him.

  101. since every1 feel bad for every1 else and million of 11s are dead, now what about the rest of the world??? b4 jealous Ougi betray our favor Prince, our prince kind of made thsi little Coalation of nation and ahve them all dissolve their military force and leaving only the Black Knights as their protector. now that teh black night is in a power struggle for leadership, it seem like its deer huntign season for Brits in their quest to take over the world.

    from what i seen in teh past few episode, i know tha tuogi was gonna betray Zero but to think that the rest of them was in it too, it make me starting ot think that Charles was the only hero in the serie. he truely believe that the world was build on lies and betrayal and he will destroy it and rebuild it. now i start to hope that he be sucessfull at it as long as CC live.

  102. lol i watch some old episodes im pretty sure anya is lulu’s real sister and charles took that memory away. and the red robe in ED2 on nannully made her look like a knight. i think that much is true rest ill leave it up to our weekly bloggers 🙂

  103. @Huge Spoiler

    T_T thank you sooooo much for that…. no seriously….. the suspense was killing me… and i dont care if thats true or not but atleast its something that seems true and now i feel at peace with myself hahaha


    And what Lulu had done also beyond redemption , the right thing he deserves is to die at the end, accomplish his goal or not, I don’t care :{.

  105. Not MIA anymore? I can’t read Japanese, but looking at the characters for Euphy/Clovis they are the same for Nunnally and Co. Wow… that makes me really sad. I hope there’s more development on the show’s part.

  106. Kallen is merely a means to end for Lelouch. Lelouch is essentially on the verge of isolation and Kallen is his last bastion of support. The relationship between the two is simply that of comradery. If you guys seriously believe that translates to love, either you’re ill-informed or the directors have a pretty twisted sense of intimacy.

  107. Hey, I’m just passing along theories that I heard, It may or may not be right, until the episodes air, these guess are as good as anyone else’s. It depends on sunrise…..

    Huge spoiler
  108. Hey! At least 35 million people were killed here, is normal that Nina went nuts after the realization her weapon was so destructive. Her hatred for Zero numbed her mind and this was the outcome; not only she stained her hands with innocent people’s blood but she pushed Suzaku into the abyss of insanity. Maybe Suzaku won’t become a madman, but surely he’s not the same person he used to be and believe in.

    I believe Lelouch will change or save the world from his father’s hands, but he won’t be part of it. If he’s going to paid for his crimes, he’ll make sure Charles and Schneizel follow him to HELL.

  109. Spoilers are FUN!
    Episode 20:
    -Lelouch questions himself the reason he is fighting for, the memories of CC haunt his mind.
    -Kallen decides to follow her heart and follows Lelouch in Guren. The ensuing conversation makes her realize Lelouch will never love her, but she decides to do whatever to make him truly happy.
    -Suzaku is confronted by Lloyd about his true will. Lancelot Albion is introduced.
    -Schneizel declares a coup d’etat against Charles. The nobles attach to him and while Ragnarok soars the sky he forcefully declares himself Holy Emperor by ordering the massacre of the entire royal family to his special forces. He declares his empire the New Holy Republic Of Britannia.
    -Plans an assault on Ragnarok, to stop Charles’ plans
    -Charles orders his closer knights to fight against Schneizel. Knights of Round fly to his aid.
    -The episode ends with Suzaku’s choice of bringing down Britannia. He declares that a massacre is now inevitable.
    -The Order of the Black Knights becomes Schneizel new group of dogs.

    Episode 21:
    -Anya is an important part of the Emperor’s plans, she is the one that carries “Marianne’s Memories”.
    -Gino allies himself with Schneizel forces
    -CC recovers her memories thanks to Lelouch’s passion. CC talks to Lelouch about Marianne’s demise, Charles’ true objectives and the reality behind Geass.
    -Lelouch decides to stop Charles, but to first defeat Schneizel and use Britannia’s army against his father.
    -Lancelot Albion flies toward the Ragnarok, is encountered by Galahad

    Episode 22:
    -Narration is now by CC and Lelouch together
    -Lancelot Albion is at first on a completely different level when compared to the Galahand, Ko1 unveils his closed eye to reveal a Geass.
    -Ko1’s Geass allows the user to see the future. However, all it predicts is despair. Ko1 seals his own eye since he isn’t sure if the Geass itself only predicts or if it causes the tragedy to happen. He is now unstoppable and Suzaku can’t touch him since he now predicts his movement.
    -Orange arrives to help Suzaku. He talks to him about loyalty, not to your ideals but to those you love. He ungeasses him and Anya, and tells him to run away. To look in his heart for the answer. Orange is ultimately killed by the Galahand.
    -Kallen must fight the Black Knights.
    -Episode ends with Lelouch killing Schneizel, becoming the new Emperor of Britannia as he is the only living member of the Royal Family.

    Episode 23
    -Narration is still by Lelouch and CC
    -Cornelia confronts Lelouch about Euphie.
    -At the end of the episode, Lelouch and CC are nowhere to be found.

    Episode 24
    -Narration is by Suzaku
    -Suzaku’s past is detailed in this episode. His ancient lover is revealed.
    .-Nunally is still alive, teleported by the Charles alongside Sayoko and Rosenmeyer
    -At the end of the episode, Lelouch and CC appear behind the Charles. “Check”, he says.

    Episode 25
    -Narration is by Nunally
    -Anya confronts Charles.
    -Suzaku inherits Charles code. Brings Ragnarok to the bottom of the ocean, thinks to himself that he will remain there dormant in Lancelot only to awaken when a new catastrophe surfaces.
    -Lelouch and CC
    -Nunally becomes Empress of Britannia as the only living heir.

  110. I think that Xing Ke will definitely side with Lelouch, even if he heard about Lelouch’s geass, his identity, and all his sins. Why? He can sympathize with him, more than anyone in the Black Knights. Xing Ke will do anything to fulfill his empress’ dreams. So him knowing about Lelouch and seeing as how smart the guy is, would figure out that he has been fighting for his sister’s sake, not just his sake. Also Xing Ke is very smart, that he can see through Zero’s moves, he can definitely see through Zero’s lies as well.

    Though it’s still unclear, I believe he will join, because he knows that their United Nations are doomed without Zero, even if the Black Knights are still intact. I think the reason why Xing Ke joined in the first place was because of Lelouch.

    His number one reason, why he won’t join the black knight’s mutiny against Zero/Lelouch? XING KE HATES SCHNEIZEL!!!!!!

    Look back in the episode, when he was soo pised off that the Munich Generals sold the Empress to britannia, and he even stressed that they are fools because they were dealing with Schneizel. He also knows that Schneizel was the man who made the deal to marry the first prince and the empress for the so called “peace”, but in reality it was because the Munich Generals were offered the position of nobility and land.

    So In conclusion, Xing Ke will definitely side with Zero/Lelouch.

  111. I doubt anyone will agree with me but I feel Rolo got the ending he deserved, but it was wasted because prior to it the writers turned him into a complete psycho, as opposed to leaving him as the tragic figure he was before killing shirley. lol the rape the dog link really seems appropriate for the whole thing.

    I personally don’t buy the whole lelouch didn’t care for Rolo bit. I think he did, lelouch has no problem using people he doesn’t care about, the second thing he did when he got his Geass was Kill his brother Clovis. But Lelouch wouldn’t allow rolo to fight or kill until rolo killed shirley, even at his lowest point when he was ready to pack it all in and start using refrain, he didnt throw away “the rag” rolo. Even lelouch’s thoughts at the end of the episode showed he cared more for rolo than he realized or cared to admit to himself.

    The writers are really teasing us with the anya/lelouch relationship thing. She was chasing him while he has no mask while being held in shinichiro arms in plain view except shes behind so she cant see that its lelouch and no one has bothered to inform her yet, even worse she seems like the kind of character that would use freya just cos itll get the job done quicker.

    How do the black Knights suddenly go from a by any means necessary mentality in following Zero to suddenly being outraged that zero was in fact getting things done by any means necessary, then Ohgi has the balls to say that getting japan back in exchange for zero will make him feel better about betraying the guy that has brought them to the position where they can actually sit down and talk with the brittanian prime minister and “negotiate” the return of japan. But damn Zero doesn’t even get a trial from the black knights?? not that his answeres would have been different from the ones he gave suzaku but still…

    It’s amazing how Schneizel doesn’t come off as evil, yet seems (to me anyway) all the more chillingly evil for it.

    Diethard didn’t betray zero, he betrayed lelouch.

    Lol @ the real spoiler it’s interesting but if its true wouldn’t that mean that Charles had been lying too?? Or will that be defined as being economical with the truth??

    What the huge spoiler fails to clear up is what happened to Marianne which is the basis for the whole show, if she’s still alive then lelouch becomes schneizel / charles part 2

  112. nunally being alive still has a good chance i think somehow i can doubt she is evil(even knight of 0 has a maybe). and plus about anya’s pictures and memories on the chinese fed battle has high expectitioon of anya being lulu’s sister. i mean why is it so important of a secret that he had to use geass on anya to block those memories.

    anyways we will find out everything soon i hope. when cc recovers her memories when she goes to britianna. probolly in 2-3 weeks -_-

  113. ariesboy @

    Go to hell. I Hope that those spoilers aren’t true, because if so, you just ruin the entire series for me. IF he is right, than this week will be the last time …that I bother to post here or even watch the show.

    Thanks a lot.

  114. I am SO disappointed at Kallen. =_= She always leave Lelouch in times he needs help the most. I feel bad for Rolo now too. C.C. needs to regain her memories. Everything about this series is getting so stressful. Suzaku has finally snapped. Did I say I feel really bad for Lelouch? This is why the thought of even comparing Lelouch to Light Yagami is a crime.

  115. The ones caught in FLEIA seems to be presumed dead, based on the official site update. The Black Knights got too angry too quick. If we look back at Turn 02, even Kallen had a similar – but calmer – reaction. But in the end she still worked with Lelouch/Zero.

  116. Hate Schneizel, passing off on the surface as gentleman yet using people without any consideration. He used Nina to create FLEIJA, not considering how it would affect her mentality. HE smiled when FLEIJA is fired, he aftermath is 10 million deaths. He says how he loved and feared Lelouch and tell BK to hand him over yet he does not stop the BK from executing Lelouch, if not for Rolo, Lelouch is as good as dead. In my opinion, Schneizel passed off as the worst antagonist because if the world has a hypocritical character like himself, Charles should just as well destroy it.

  117. @Anonymous

    Well… I’m starting to think so.. after they released spoilers for our Gundam 00 Season 2. Anyways… never expected Rolo to act that way in the end. I’m starting to believe they like shock factor a lot. I wouldn’t be damn suprise if they pull a wtf they’re a live plot hole.

    Lelouche though… you lie to keep the burden to yourself. God damn, you’re really a despicable to the people who care about you @@. What sucks though is that Suzaku seems to have gone crazy =.=… which isn’t going to look good.

    Sora no Kaze
  118. @ ariesboy: How is Lelouch the last remaining member of the royal family in 22, but is confronted by Cornelia in 23? Having said that, this seems more plausible than the “knight of zero” spoilers.

    Personally, I’m guessing in the next episode Anya finds Lelouch and tries to confront him about her lost memories. When she does, Lelouch geasses her into using Freija on Mordred against the Emperor at Kameshima island.

  119. well i though it was good. Rolo redems some of what hes done. Nina gets hit in the face with the obsanity she has created. Schenizel sceming and ploting and being totaly manipulative. the black knights fall for it and act like hurt children-they don’t even let him explay the just shoot at him. they take his enemies word over his or is japan’s liberation worth throwing away your loyalty to some one who has saved your lives a dozen times. Kallen and Lelouch have another moment-and he has to make her cry to save her because he doesn’t want her to die. And suzaku goes mad. this is way i like this series

  120. @Huge Spoiler
    Soilers are everywhere.

    -Lelouch will walk further down the path of the Demon King. He will go on a rampage when he learns of Nunally’s death and attack Charles directly

    -Anya meets Orange-kun and in some crazy way (yes, this is exactly like the joking Geass thing with Euphie) he erases the Geass Charles put on her, and she remembers back and sees the truth.

    -Anya was actually really Nunally, and the Nunally who Lelouch came to love and know was a spy from Charles. She joins Lelouch afterward, but does not give him the info, yet.

    -Gino gets infatuated with Kallen, and he falls in love with her. He joins Lelouch’s side because he sees some pureness in her. He turns against Suzaku after the Freya incident.

    -Kallen joins back with Lelouch and watches him as he crumbles under his weight of revenge and anger. At first, she wants to use Gino just like Lelouch used people, but she also becomes locked in his determination and heart

    -C.C’s memories continue to stay gone. She thinks the band-aid that was given to her was a marriage ring.

    -Nunally actually doesn’t die. She goes to Charles, like the spy she is, and stays close to him. This sets up for the two episode finale.

    -Suzaku goes crazy over killing millions, and he seeks for his own life to end. He doesn’t die because of the Geass, so he seeks Lelouch to have his best friend to kill him

    -A new knight? It seems Suzaku is taken out of the knights, is banished, and they bring in a new knight. Seems to be a young genius that interacts with the Lancelot.

    -Ougi and Villeta die under Lelouch’s wake

  121. Hmmm, those spoilers from ariesboy contradict themselves. Says lulu becomes emperor since he’s the only living royal family member left, but then next episode it says Cornelia confronts him. Isn’t Cornelia higher up in line for the throne? Last episode spoiler says Nunally becomes empress as last living heir, that would happen only if Cornelia died, so the spoilers left that out? Doesn’t say a word why Charles would save Nunally anyway, she’s the weakest of all his children. I wouldn’t rate the spoilers very highly since there’s good parts that don’t even correlate with itself.

  122. Well, it appears that someone once again posted under the name that I’ve been using ( ). Oh well. Maybe I should change my name. In either case, I don’t agree with him about Shirley at all.

    I’d also like to point out that the only people within the OotBK who definitively knew who Zero was were Kallen, C.C., Rolo, and Jeremiah. No one else definitively knew that he was Lelouch Lamperouge or that Lelouch Lamperouge was Lelouch vi Britannia. From Diethard’s reaction, either he figured that Lelouch Lamperouge might be Zero from his investigations on behalf of Viletta and Jeremiah in season 1, or he found out from Viletta. Certainly, that’s how Ougi found out. The only question is whether he found out in this episode or after Sayoko captured Viletta. If it was when Viletta was captured, then that’s probably when Diethard found out. I don’t know why some folks here seem to think that a bunch of the OotBK knew who Zero was. He’s been keeping that secret from as many people as he can.

  123. whoa, this episode is like DEATH NOTE!!!!!!

    Schneizel is acting like Near

    Lelouch is acting like Light….

    I’m seriously thinking that Lelouch will end up like Light….I hope not….since C.C. is still a moe slave girl….

    And Suzaku, ugh……..i hope he doesn’t say “Let’s put a smile on that face” or “Why so serious”…

  124. btw this is from Village Idiot @ Animesuki but it needs to be reposted here because its LOL-worthy and sums up my thoughts on the idiocy of the Black Knights:

    OotBKs: Screw Zero! Who needs him anyways? We have Xingke, Zero’s strategic equal!

    Xingke: Screw you guys, not only did you make a peace treaty on your own without even discussing it with the Supreme Council, but you expect me to stick around sitting on my ass while Britannia attacks not just the UoNs, but my homeland?! *leaves along with all Chinese personel*

    OotBKs: …Well at least we’ve got our advanced technology!

    Lakashta: Well, actually you see, I want to free my homeland and if you guys aren’t going to fight Britannia (and actually believe they’ll respect the treaty) I’m going to take my toys to someone whom will. *all Indian personel & Knightmares leaves*

    OotBKs: …Well at least we’ve got our allies in the Union of Nations! Come help defend our freed Japan!

    UoN Supreme Council: WTF do you think you’re doing?! Staging a mutiny on your leader, and making a peace treaty without even consulting us?! What do you mean he’s trying to take over the world using the UoNs? The governing body are all a senate with no central leader! We can’t trust you anymore and you’re of no use to us now that you won’t fight Britannia. *leaves and pulls out all funding*

    OotBKs: …Well at least we’ve got our star ace along with her h4x Knightmare!

    Kallen: Lelouch was lying! He does care about me! And now that damn witch reverted to a mind of a child, his little sister and wannabe girlfriend’s out of the way, the conditions for victory have all been aligned! He’s all mine! All mine! *takes C.C. & Gurrenh4x with her and leaves*

    OotBKs: ….Wtf do we do now?

    Tamaki: Don’t worry, you have me!

    OotBKs: Zero! We need Zero!

  125. That one poster on 2ch who did the spoiler about Lulu losing everything i.e.

    Lelouch, who tries to return to humanity from his path as a demon king, loses his precious things because of it.
    1. “Lover”: Shirely
    2. Partner: C.C.
    3. Sister: Nunnally
    4. “Rag”: Rolo
    5. Believer: Diethard
    6. Organization: OoBK
    7. Friend: Suzaku
    8. Identity: Zero

    was right on, any other news from him?

  126. Fear and grief will lead people to do foolish things. While, the leaders of the OotBK may have been foolish to turn against Zero, I think that it’s quite understandable. They learn that Zero is a member of the royal family – the family that is their greatest enemy. They learn that he has not only been keeping secrets from him, but terrible secrets such as what actually happened to Euphemia (specifically that he ordered her to slaughter the Japanese). They learn that he a has a power which can force anyone to do what he pleases – be they enemy or friend. They are handed every reason to believe that he’s been manipulating them this whole time and using them as pawns. Because of the nature of Zero’s Geass, they don’t even know if they’ve been following him of their free will. Their fear and grief at the betrayal on top of whatever previous misgivings that they had of Zero lead them to believe Schneizel. It also didn’t help Zero’s cause that both Schneizel and Ougi had evidence against him.

    So, in their fear and grief, they lash out at Zero and don’t give him the opportunity to explain. They might have done so had Schneizel been the only one with evidence, but with Ougi and Viletta also testifying against him…. Well, it was enough to make them turn on him – and at least somewhat understandably so. Kallen reacted rather similarly at the end of season 1 and was only able to overcome her doubts by thinking over it for a year and confronting Lelouch about his Geass and motives when she met up with him again. The other members of the OotBK basically just had their chance to deal with what Kallen had to deal with at the end of season 1, only they didn’t really have the opportunity to run away to deal with their feelings on the matter or and I don’t think that any of them – even Tamaki – has the same level of fanatic loyalty that Kallen did when it happened to her.

    On the bright side, at least Ougi was smart enough to make Schneizel give them what they’d been working so hard to achieve in exchange for betraying the person who gave them the best chance of achieving it on their own. Of course, without actually handing over Zero, Ougi’s demand doesn’t really do much for them, but at least he wasn’t going to just turn him over.

    Assuming that they declare Zero dead (and it appeared that they originally intended to say that he died in battle), then that would explain the reactions (in the preview) of those (such as Kaguya) that weren’t part of the betrayal, but they might publicly reveal Zero’s identity and what he supposedly did which would achieve similar reactions. However, revealing that the man who set up your organization and put half the world in a position to take on Britannia betrayed them all isn’t exactly going to help their position. In fact, it would likely destroy it. It would be very bad PR indeeed and given that Diethard’s an expert at PR, I wouldn’t expect them to be that stupid. So, they’ll probably declare him dead, but we’ll have to see.

    In either case, I think that the members of the OotBK who betrayed Zero are going to regret their actions soon. From the preview, they’re at minimum very depressed about the whole thing. I think that there’s at least a decent chance that they’ll realize that they acted hastily and let themselves be manipulated by Schneizel, but even if not, they’re bound to soon realize how much they relied on Zero and how much they still need him.

    I do have to wonder, however, whether they’ll realize that Zero lied in the end to save Kallen. It’s doubtful given that aside from Kallen, they don’t really know him that deeply and even Kallen thought that he was telling the truth when he called her the best of his pawns. The fact that Kallen heard him say that she must live might make it so that she can help them realize what he was doing, but given how fanatic she is about Zero, I’m not sure that they’d really believe her anyway.

    As for Lelouch, he once again lied in order to try and save someone else, making himself look horrible in the process and this time it’s pretty much managed to make him completely alone as C.C. warned in the beginning that the power of Geass would do. Certainly, for the moment, he’s on his own. No one knows where he is, so not even the likes of Jeremiah or Kallen will be able to join up with him unless he contacts them. And while he’d probably contact Jeremiah, I find it hard to believe that he’d contact Kallen after doing his best to keep her alive by making her turn on him. She’s probably going to have to track him down later if she wants to join him. In either case, it appears that his resources are going to be quite limited in the near future.

    Still, I think that this will be the opportunity for Lelouch to really get things done and prove himself. He can let the OotBK worry about Schneizel while he concentrates on dealing with his father and his crazy plan – which looks like it’s the real danger at the moment. And if he succeeds well enough and has any opportunity to explain himself (or have someone like Kallen explain for him), then he may get the OotBK to “un”betray him in the end. Certainly, it gives him an opportunity to rebuild things without all the lies that he was forced to maintain as Zero. Then maybe they’ll really trust him.

    And as for those that think that Zero has lost his reason to live, I don’t agree. Yes, with the betrayal of the OotBK on top of the loss of Nunnally, he was ready to pull a Suzaku and let himself get killed for his sins, but after having Rolo sacrifice himself for him, Lelouch realized that he needs to use the life that Rolo gave him to deal with the emperor. That purpose – if nothing else – is now his reason to live. Besides, unlike Suzaku, I don’t think that Lelouch really has a death wish. He’s just depressed and shaken by Nunnally’s death and needs to get over it. Once he’s done that (or at least channeled his grief into something positive), then he’s back on the job (so to speak) – even if the board of directors and his old company just ousted him as CEO. He’s good at startups. While I don’t think that he’s going to start up a whole new organization, it’s not like he’s going to need to use an army against his father. He needs to deal with the emperor himself and as long as he can come up with plan to stop the emperor’s plans from working and/or kill him, I don’t think that an army will be necessary. His intellect and Geass – and perhaps the help of a few key allies – will likely be enough.

  127. @Kalessin
    well, many people seems to misunderstand about many BK members seeing Lelouch’s face seeing how in season 1 when Urabe talks about Zero is a student. Until Turn 1 of R2, only Clovis, Euphy, C.C., V.V., Cornelia, Kallen, Suzaku know Zeor is Lelouch. Remember at the end of Turn 1, only Urabe’s and Kallen’s Knightmares show up in front of Lelouch so those two are the only members know Lelouch’s face, the other members tagging along do not know, they only know that they have to wait for 1 year and rescue Zero from Babel Tower, that is all. I think that is why people thought that many members of BK know Zero Lelouch seeing how many members coming to his rescue, but only 2 or 3 including C.C. appear right in front of Lelouch then know he is Zero, the others are kept in the dark. And even if they saw his face, they did not know he is a former prince. Remember Urabe said that he does not expect Zero is a student.

  128. @EliteF22
    Those are from the so-called “Korean spoilers” ( ). The blog that they originate from (belonging to a Korean animator who was fired) has been taken down. Basically all of those spoilers have now either come true or are obviously misinterpretations of vents that have now occurred (for instance, they seem to have thought that C.C.’s bandaid was a ring. The fact that the animator in question got his info from storyboards probably explains the few discrepancies). In either case, they’ve all come true now and there won’t be any more spoilers from that source.

    If you want to look at episode summaries through episode 22, then look here: . That’s the only place that I’m aware of that has definitively, legitimate spoilers at this point (they’re taken from anime magazines and the like in Japan).

  129. @Zero
    I suppose that that explains it. I thought that they were quite clear later in episode 5 when Lelouch, C.C., and Kallen are discussing the pilot of the knightmare that saved Lelouch and how they should keep it that only the 3 of them knew who Zero was, but I guess that some folks didn’t catch that or forgot.

  130. I just remembered that in R2 episode 2, the emperor takes Suzaku to the temple and tells him what it is for. So he must know the emperors true plan.

    Do yall think Suzaku will help the emperor now that he has killed millions of people and has always know about the weapon to destroy the gods…

    …or do you think he will help Lelouch destroy the weapon b/c now he feels guilty for killing millions of people (they’ll be friends, maybe die while doing it..something like that)???

  131. @kalessin you make some great points in that essay of yours.

    Can anyone really explain to me what Ragnorok is? I am still shacky about this. And I have a theory bobbling in my head right now, but I need a clear understanding of what Ragnorok is.

  132. @Kalessin: to sum up that serious brain of yours, read this blog because it’s full of ROFLness in it….

    btw this is from Village Idiot @ Animesuki but it needs to be reposted here because its LOL-worthy and sums up my thoughts on the idiocy of the Black Knights:

    OotBKs: Screw Zero! Who needs him anyways? We have Xingke, Zero’s strategic equal!

    Xingke: Screw you guys, not only did you make a peace treaty on your own without even discussing it with the Supreme Council, but you expect me to stick around sitting on my ass while Britannia attacks not just the UoNs, but my homeland?! *leaves along with all Chinese personel*

    OotBKs: …Well at least we’ve got our advanced technology!

    Lakashta: Well, actually you see, I want to free my homeland and if you guys aren’t going to fight Britannia (and actually believe they’ll respect the treaty) I’m going to take my toys to someone whom will. *all Indian personel & Knightmares leaves*

    OotBKs: …Well at least we’ve got our allies in the Union of Nations! Come help defend our freed Japan!

    UoN Supreme Council: WTF do you think you’re doing?! Staging a mutiny on your leader, and making a peace treaty without even consulting us?! What do you mean he’s trying to take over the world using the UoNs? The governing body are all a senate with no central leader! We can’t trust you anymore and you’re of no use to us now that you won’t fight Britannia. *leaves and pulls out all funding*

    OotBKs: …Well at least we’ve got our star ace along with her h4x Knightmare!

    Kallen: Lelouch was lying! He does care about me! And now that damn witch reverted to a mind of a child, his little sister and wannabe girlfriend’s out of the way, the conditions for victory have all been aligned! He’s all mine! All mine! *takes C.C. & Gurrenh4x with her and leaves*

    OotBKs: ….Wtf do we do now?

    Tamaki: Don’t worry, you have me!

    OotBKs: Zero! We need Zero!

    BTW, Schneizel=Near? srsly

  133. By, the way, I have to recommend the DVD’s for season 1. I mean, of course, you should be buying the DVD’s if you’re watching the show, but in this case, I have to recommend the limited edition DVD’s. The first two came out recently (they include episodes 1-9).

    The DVD’s themselves – which are presumably the same whether limited or not – include amoung their extras both the first few picture dramas and a commentary from the original Japanese creators and actors for about every other episode. However, on top of that, you get

    1. Booklets with extra information about the episodes and the world of Code Geass – including Sayoko’s infamous journal.
    2. The first volume of the manga adaptation of Code Geass.
    3. The first soundtrack for Code Geass.
    4. A drama CD redone by the dub actors!

    I’ve never even heard of a drama CD being translated before (though I suppose that it could have happened and I just don’t know about it). I think that that is a huge opportunity and that Bandai should be encouraged to continue to release translated drama CD’s. Even if you’re not a fan of the dub (be it dubs in general or Code Geass specifically), it’s not like you’re going to get a subtitled version of a drama CD (though I suppose that you could probably find a site with a translation). I think that this a great opportunity.

    In either case, given that Bandai appears to have released Code Geass with one of the better set of extras that I’ve ever seen, I’d encourage you to spend the extra bucks on the limited edition. Personally, I think that it’s well worth it (especially if you can find it at a discounted price).

  134. @ariesboy

    you merely contradicted yourself using those spoilers

    previous page your spoiler said this:
    -Gino allies himself with Schneizel forces

    the second spoiler, you said this:
    -Gino gets infatuated with Kallen, and he falls in love with her. He joins Lelouch’s side because he sees some pureness in her. He turns against Suzaku after the Freya incident.

    which one do you believe now?

  135. As always Kalessin talks sense!

    I do however think that once lelouch defeats his father his hatred fr britannia will be less pronounced! if theres any after story it will involve lelouch not being Zero living with C.C and Kallen and suzaku being dead (now that hes gone crazy or should i say his insanity is totally on the surface!)
    It would be cool if all the remaining romance couplings manage to stay together but i reckon that as soon as Schniziel Starts on them again Toudou will lose Chiba and miraculously they will all be saying ‘i miss Zero i miss Zero’ especially as Xingke has not long to live!!! (everyone seems to have forgotten that hes quite ill just because he managed to get through his entire screen time during the battle without coffing up blood!)
    5 maybe six episdoes and we have yet to see hide nor hair of anyas back story! Well provded they dont do a seed destiny with it and attempt to cram a whole load of poorly organised plot material into the last 3 eps than it will be fine!

    Couple pf things i dont want to happen (unless it results in a sequel some years down the line!)

    1. Lelouch to end up immortal
    2. Suzaku to get geass power
    3. suzaku to live passed episode 24
    4. Kallen to die
    5. Villeta to end up with Jeremiah
    6. Schnizeil to outlive suzaku by more than an episiode (though the chances are he will prob end up as emperor
    7. Bismark to die without fighting one HELLUVA battle in the Galahad
    8. C.C. to get her memories bck! (might mean lelouch becoming immortal!!)
    9. Gino to end up with Kallen! Not a fan of Gino hes like a tall blonde Rival (and i dont like Rival either!!!

    WingZero zxt
  136. It’s funny how such an anime like Code Geass can make us rile our feelings towards each character. Got to hand it to Sunrise production to make many of us engrossed in such complex but deep storyline and plots.

    Well like always can’t wait until what happens next and hopefully the ending of this series will finished with us as the audience satisfied that we stayed loyal in watching it.

  137. @ariesboy
    Lol, your first spoiler seem more convincing. Im starting to wonder whether the spoiler you type is waht you think out lol. If it really come from you, i have to congrats you on having a good imgination. The first spoiler is really good.
    I personally think and hope that suzaku will join lelouch. I wanted to see the pair fight!

    AH He
  138. Oh and whoever asked about Ragnarok: (taken from Wikipedia)

    The Old Norse word “ragnarök” is a compound of two words. The first part is ragna, which is the genitive plural of regin (“gods” or “ruling powers”), of the reconstructed Proto-Germanic term *ragenō. The second part is rök, which has several meanings, such as “development, origin, cause, relation, fate, end”, the last two of these words create the base of the word ragnarök; “Final destiny of the gods.”

    In Norse mythology, Ragnarök refers to a series of major events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Freyr [coincidental naming anyone?], Heimdall, and the jötunn Loki), the occurrence of various natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. Afterwards, the world resurfaces anew and fertile, the surviving gods meet, and the world is repopulated by two human survivors. Ragnarök is an important event in the Norse canon, and has been the subject of an amount of scholarly discourse and theory.

  139. Sunrise will prob end up doing a sequel (even though they say this is it) or you never know it could end up like gundam doing mulitple universes over and over and over again !!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  140. whether nunnally is lelouch sister or not, the fact that is he spend his time with her, his bond to her cannot be broken that easily. what lelouch wants is his time with her not with someone(not nunnaly) suddenly pops up claiming to be the real…

    rolo really liked(loved) his brother whether they weren’t related by blood. it was first time for him to be treated kindly other than just an assassin. he was always told by lelouch that killing is bad and life should be treasured or something like that. but because of his jealousy for shirley – it was hinted on the few episode prior to her death that made him kill her. maybe it was lack of lelouch teaching rolo about life and love (maybe because lelouch is zero at the same time) that ended her. if you ask me she was killed not because of nunnally but because of the jealousy of lelouch affection that will be spread upon her if she indeed successfully joined.

    his character development was getting better. he was no longer treated as rags until shirley’s death. and suddenly all of lelouch teaching to him contradicted and is asked to kill someone which turned him a “rag” in lelouch view point. inspite of it, he continue to believe him. he knew lelouch was terribly hurt on shirley’s death that’s why he rode a knightmare and continue to become a pilot and was meant to die with v.v. which failed because cornelia suddenly showed up. he then accepted a mission to save nunnally but in his view point he wanted to kill her to solo lelouch but the mission failed because of the annihilation of nunnally which was a success to him…

    lelouch broke down, realizing all of his mistake he rode the shinkirou which was definitely made for lelouch and fled with him. he knew it was not good for his health he did because he realized the mask which was zero is the proof of all his lies. he realised his brother was kind and was the best. he became a “rag” which he chose to save his beloved brother and which was his redemption from his mistake.

    a lot of you preferred his death to be brutal but to me it was already is, his heart was being crushed everytime he uses the curse. which is way he deserves a rest. it was really a heartbreaking scene which literally was and emotionally. he gained my respect which was lost due to shirley’s death… kudos to you rolo

  141. uhh, guys, spoilers are spoilers. >.>

    and unless there’s physical evidence, it’s just some words of a person. If it comes true, awesome, good for them. (I like huge spoiler’s spoiler xD sounds epic)

    but until the actual episode airs, we’ll just believe what we want.

    @george, omg, that made me lol (irl)

  142. someone on the first page sed that they hated how everyone up until sunday morning was hating Rolo but i personally didnt care that Rolo was a bit of a LOSER i was far more concerned with the fact that suzaku was/IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Suzaku has finally gone off the deep end and more suprisinngly he managed to OUT-CRAZY Nina both in a single episdoe and all round!!! Weldone Suzaku you have filled my thoughts for you with more than just hatred. Now you are also mildly entertaining (The crowd give hearty applause)

    Also how truly and… Deeply FUNNY would it be if Suzaku ended up with Nina after all this
    !!!!!! THAT WOULD BE THE FUNNIET THING IN ALL ANIME!!!! imagine thier kids!!!! LOL and imagine how messed up thier kids would be! Atleast lelouch’s kids have the potential to end up basically normal if lelouch ends up wit Kallen but Suzaku and nina NO CHANCE!!!

    WingZero zxt
  143. I believed that a person once said that Kallen could not see through Lelouch’s lies. The only other person who could see right through him is Milly Ashford. Her intellect could just as well rival his own. They work well together. A Milly x Lelouch relationship might provide some surprises that might interest the viewers. Together, they might not only be a great team, but great companions with deep sense of love and respect for each other.

  144. @EliteF22
    1: Shirely and Lulu was never lover, classmate, yes, good friend yes, close friend yes, lover never!

    2: Partner CC: well lulu never had CC to start out with and they were never partner: CC see lulu and charles as a tool to accomplish her goal which is her death! to CC lulu and charles are chest pieces on a gameboard and winners get immortality and losers die.

    3: Sister Nunnaly: from what flying out there, Nun might not even be his sister.

    4: Rag: Rolo….Rolos not a rag. Lulu dotn have control over him. he do what he want, not what Zero ask of him. he killed those close to Zero right and left. he even plan to kill nun as well…..those r not what ur rag dogs do.

    5: Believers: Diehard. well Diehard is a entertainer/filmer maker. if anythings he manupilating the background to make his grand movie on Zero a blockbuster hit, record breaking on the first weekend. i’m pretty sure he don t give a fuk about Zero or the BO. he only care about what makes his film a blockbuster hit.when teh jealous back stabign Ougi was gona left the BK, he convince him to stay and act like b4 as if nothing happen to keep watch on Zero.

    6: Organazation: OoBK…although he lead it, it was never really his. his men never really trust him. if anything they were just using him as a symble, as a figurehead to gain support.

    7: Friend: Suzaku…..Friend??? i doubt Suzaku was ever his friend. Suzaku killed his father probably to gain favortism from the Brits and it did him good. he even try to cut down the japan liberation army as well. if anything, hes keeping Lulu as a bargaining or trump card in his lust to gain higher position within the brits empire.

    8: Ididenty: Zero. well Zero was not lul is id. his id is teh 11th prince of brits empire. Zero is nohting more then a mask he use for hiding.

    Really think about it, lulu never really ahve anything to start out with thus so far he hasnt really lose anything.

  145. This was a very good development between Kallen and Lelouch. I hope she would join him soon, hoping it is the next episode, since according to the turn 20 summary, the keywords seemed like it was from Kallen.

    Although Shirley is dead, Kallen and C.C. are still there for Lelouch. For those people who roots for one of them to be with Lelouch, and no the other. Don’t worry, he will end up with both lol!

    I mean come on, look at his frikin father, he has 108 CONSORTS!!! That’s why the frikin royal family is sooo huge. Though his father probably doesn’t give a dam about his wives, Lelouch cares about his loved ones. So Lelouch can definitely take care of both Kallen and C.C., such hilarious parings none the less though. Even with Shirley, it’s still hilarious, cuz it’s always Lelouch who is being bossed around by them.

  146. @WingZero zxt: LOL! I never thought about that. Man their kids would be soooo insane, but the scariest thought is that their kids would be both insanely powerful, in both physically and mentally – kinda of a scary thought. Still it would be hilarious to see their messed up behaviour.

  147. Well since this episode I don’t see the point in keeping Lelouch alive after his purpose is fullfilled.. It would actually be cruel to let him die from old age, let alone stand letting him becoming immortal. It’s nearly impossible to live a normal life with all that he has been through. He already bears a lot of guild on his shoulders and I could see the writers giving him peace one way or another at the end of the show. Maybe he will lose his memories in the end or something like that.

  148. I am sooooooo very glad that Rolo died. But I am very disappointed about how he died. He died….from exhaustion?! WTF?! I wanted someone to personally kill Rolo and see his cold, filthy blood spill all over his body and flood the floor. I wanted to see his blood and look back on all the terrible and unnecessary things he did. I never liked that brat from the very beginning and I will never forgive him for murdering Shirley. And you’re right, Lelouch would’ve literally been better off without Rolo.

    Now, I strongly fear Lulu is going to die later on. I just know it. It is a strong possibility…..

  149. Nunally along all the characters that where on the FLEIJA blast are officialy death, the CODE GEASS official site confirms it, soo is no use to include Nunally, she is a dead end too, wow, for that, now that Rolo died too, LElouch has lost his family…

  150. Lol…Milly ashford? no. Srry
    And imagine Suzaku ends up with his cousin/kaguya, then cheats on her with Nina but kills Nina when Kaguya finds out and tries to cover up his tracks. And then some how makes C.C and Kallen fall in love with him. Whew. No, that didn’t make sense. brb.

  151. Lelouch has lost everything. The only person still loyal to him is Orange / Jeremiah, Kallen (possibly, you’ll know what I mean once you watch this episode), and C.C (of course, althought she lost her memories and still inside enemy territory).
    Gino is arrested possibly because he is against using weapon like the FLEIA / FLEIJA / whatever is its name (once again, you’ll understand once you watch this ep, it’s right in the beginning of this ep).

  152. Poor Rolo, hated by many. At least he does one final good deed: saving Lelouch.
    It seemes Lelouch wants to drag the emperor with him should he die.
    Now, after all this what wil that Suzaku do? Stay at Britannia or try to join Lelouch and beg for his forgiveness perhaps (thought I doubt the latter).
    Anyway, this episode of code geass R2 is a must see! As for Gino, it seems next episode will determine he’ll join Lelouch or not.
    So much event for one episode.

  153. It’s amazing that almost everyone ignores Milly Ashford because they don’t want to see any sort of development between her and Lelouch. Everyone is so narrowly focused on Kallen or C.C. with considering that Milly might just surprise everyone as Lelouch’s real love interest and partner. And she is NOT a cousin of Lelouch, nor a sister. If she wasn’t that important, then why did she escape the area before the bomb destroyed that area? Someone must have told her to leave the area. Perhaps it was Nina who told her about it.

  154. Nope, Milly only manages to run from tokyo because she has already run since shinkirou was fighting mordred, watch episode 18 when there are people running, you’ll find milly among them

  155. @Max
    With regards to Milly getting out of there, she was with the news crew early in episode 18. They ran away after the fighting got hot. Apparently, they ran far enough away to be outside the blast radius of FLEIJA.

    As for Milly, as a love interest…. I know that you love the idea – and I agree that given the chance it could work out – but I just don’t think that there’s really any screentime development to support it. Really, prior to episode 12 of R2, I don’t think that there was any really indication that Milly liked Lelouch. She was always trying to get Shirley to go after Lelouch, not try and get him herself. But while episode 12 seriously implied that Milly had some feelings for Lelouch and Shirley is no longer there for Milly to try and get together with Lelouch, Lelouch hasn’t even spoken to Milly since she left Ashford. And while Milly may like Lelouch, there’s never been any indication that he’s ever felt more for her than the love of a friend.

    I agree that given the chance, Milly X Lelouch could work, but there’s been no real development for it and we’re almost out of time. If they were really going to develop Milly X Lelouch, they would almost certainly have done it by now. Some folks are already complaining that the plot is moving forward too quickly. Adding a new love interest for Lelouch would only crowd things that much more. There just isn’t the time for it.

  156. @Kalessin
    I do agree that there wasn’t enough screen time between Milly x Lelouch. However, for a person who only likes Lelouch as a friend, how come Milly wanted Lelouch’s hat on that Cupid’s Day episode? There was the time when Authur the cat was stuck in his Zero mask and Milly was desperate to know what he was hiding. Where it not for her obligations to marry a Noble in order for her family’s status to be restored, Milly and Lelouch would have been a couple a long time ago. She is secretly in love with Lelouch. A love that Lelouch is unaware that she has for him

    Had Marianne not been murdered, Milly might have met Lelouch a lot sooner. As for Kallen and Shirley, Prince Lelouch would not have met either of them.

    You’re right that the plot has taken over much of the season. As a result, less time for character development throughout the entire R2. I guess that the writers wanted to tell their story as quickly as possible. It’s surprising that there will not be a R3 for Code Geass because it could have balanced everything together. I do feel that things are moving much too quickly with R2.

  157. @Max
    I wasn’t trying to claim that Milly only thought of Lelouch as a friend. I was saying that Lelouch only thought of Milly as a friend. Episode 12 of R2 does indeed imply that Milly has a secret crush on Lelouch, but – as you said – he’s unaware of it. And prior to Shirley’s death, Milly was always trying to get Shirley to go after Lelouch, so she’s never really gone after him herself. In fact, the cupid’s hat bit was really the only place that she showed any interest at all – and Lelouch does not appear to have picked up on the fact that Milly was having everyone chase him for anything other than the fun of it. Regardless of how Milly or Lelouch feels, however, without the screentime for developing their relationship, it’ll never go anywhere.

    People even argue over whether there’s enough romantic development between Lelouch and Kallen and Lelouch and C.C. for him to ever get together with either of them and there’s a lot more romantic development between Lelouch and those two girls than there is for Milly.

    If the writers had done things differently, then Milly and Lelouch could certainly have been together, but they didn’t. Personally, I don’t think that Milly was really ever in the running or that she ever will be. She had the potential to be (and perhaps could have been had there been a 3rd season), but that’s not the direction that the writers went.

  158. @ Max
    Theres almost n romantic involvment between lelouch and Milly!!! the first i heard of even the remotest possibility is that ONE time when sayakon asks her and she ses somthing along the lines of , ‘it would of been nice’ It seems that the only reason you think the series is moving to quickly is because there isnt enough time to support a milly lelouch relationship!
    ( i would however be quite annoyed if Kallen dies and slightly less annoyed if it goes no where between them! And whats this about Lelouch and Milly making a good team? I cant beleive youd base this on just the one episode of school (the jokes episode) where shes trying to catch lelouch aswell as the one with his Zero helmet going missing! please explain further
    (Does seem like all conjecture on your part otherwise though Max!)

    As much as everyone now hates schniziel i honestly think they were trying to save lelouch (from himself)in this ep! Consider this

    1. Schniziel and Cornelia are relative new comers to the geass Scene
    2. Schniziel and Cornelia were both shocked when Ougi asked for Japan in return for lelouch but couldnt do it in the end and so let the BlakcKnights handle him!
    3. Schniziel and Cornelia genuinely seem to have no idea about all the surrounding information regarding Lelouch geass orders like we do

    So whilst its true that i find Schniziel ReALLly Annoying!!! (Like a sitting behind a tractor on the way to work!) Hes notihng more than an ABsolute pain! (with the standard moral decadence that being a Brittanian royal implies ofcourse!) He played it well but in the end it seems that (providing im right about him genuinely caring for lelouch) he lost
    Its a bit annoying also that the OotBK listened to Schiniziel based primarily on HIS WORD! (and a whole heap of CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence!)

    LOL at the emperor

    Knight:Should we really stay here at Kamine island?
    Emperor: It allright leave everytihng to schiniziel
    Knight: Are you sure?? you did spend the entire trip here monologing about how schniziel is nothing more than a pretty face, a puppet ,a tool of the empire, your pet , your cute blonde little play thing, your favourite doll, your tasty piece of a…
    Emperor: ENOUGH!!! i know full well my monolog IT WAS MY MONOLOG!!! now QUIET DOWN or youll become the subject of my NEXT ONE, GET OUT!!!!!
    Knight: y..yes your majesty!
    Emperor: Ah so where was i? Ahyess… “Who couldve imagined… that i would have to use this system? The Ragnarok Connection

    WingZero zxt
  159. Lol at the millyxlulu they havnt even spoken to each other in HOW MANY ep
    like the only 2 possible ppl it could be is cc or kallen since they’ve had the longest
    interaction with lulu. But really in the end he will most likely be alone cc will most likely be dead and kallen will be running from gino

  160. @Persona0
    Every since Turn 13, Lelouch has faced nothing but action all the way until he was betrayed by the Black Knights. Unless Lelouch goes back to Ashford Academy, it is unlike that we’ll see a Milly x Lelouch moment, due to the lack of screentime between them. I only wish that Shirley never came in the way between Milly and Lelouch because I think that the writers created Shirley to distract the viewers from knowing the real chemistry between Milly and Lelouch.

  161. I actually thought Rolo was cool. I even have a model of the Vincent Knightmare. (not the point) Until Rolo killed Shirley I wanted Rolo in a bad ending but after watching this episode Im happy for him. The whole senario almost made me actually cry (because of the music added in there)

    I so wanna find the spoilers of this show

  162. Leaving the rolo issue a side i need to say:
    All hail Brittania!!All hail Brittania!!
    All hail Brittania!!All hail Brittania!!

    The OoBk is dead without Zero and I am sure Xing Ke wont support the rebels xD

  163. I really want nina to die she’s such a retard didn’t she realize that if she creates a weapon of mass destruction and then sets it off in tokyo one of the most densley populated areas in the world lots of people will die + I still hate Rolo for killing Shirley and has Suzaku really gone off the deep end

  164. It seems like everything is back to square one for Lelouch. Well, maybe square two.

    But still, this opened up a variety of paths Lelouch could take. Kill the emperor (likely), live life alone, kill himself, etc… This actually makes me curious on what he’ll do next.

    About the Milly x Lelouch, though… I don’t really see it happening. They had too much time apart to just suddenly explode into romance. Rivalz x Milly? ;p

  165. It’s hard to call it narrowly focus on any character when this season has been filled with a great deal of scenes involving Kallen. Lelouch has had one kiss with Shirley, two from her perspective; he’s had two with C.C., though the second one was in the act of returning his memories; then there have been two “almost” kisses with Kallen. It makes me wonder why do they keep teasing that?
    Even in the latest episode Kallen was willing to die with Lelouch, though I noticed that she called him Lelouch. Normally, when she was in front of others she’s always said Zero. The Black Knights never really even acknowledged that they knew who he really was. Just about his Geass. All Kallen wanted to know was what she was to him. Lelouch was looking for a way out, but when he saw his brother he saw no other way. Lelouch played the hero by acting the villain. He got Kallen to walk away and saved her, but once she was out of the line of fire he whispered his final words to her. He had no idea Rolo was going to show up and block the fire. He told her to live on. If he really felt nothing for her, why did he tell her anything rather then letting her hate him? Seems he at least wanted her to understand the truth.
    Kallen still had that dream of a Japan with her mother, but she was willing to die with him. That’s pretty powerful.
    I just wouldn’t see the point of making these incredibly emotional scenes if they never led anywhere. It would feel like a waste of time and drama. For there to be such moments that led to nothing at all. A good chunk of this season would be meaningless.
    Looks like my thoughts were right on about the spoilers. Though I was off about his final word moment. I thought that was going to happen after the death of Rolo and Betrayal. While she has remained, so far, with the Black Knights she doesn’t hate Lelouch.
    Though the spoiler said that his last word would be key to understanding his feelings. That last word was to Kallen. No comment about Nunnally, like he did last episode when he thought he could die; or nothing about taking care of C.C. He wanted her to live on.
    Despite that whole scene where Kallen tried to guard him. What surprised me more was he told her that he was pleased she was alright, and apologized for not coming sooner. He actually apologized to someone openly and honestly!
    I did notice that line Kallen used misunderstood C.C.’s comment. “What have you to been doing while I’ve been captive?” Sounds like the idea that they might have been enjoying themselves intimately while she was in jail hurt her feelings.
    With lelouch gone I’m guessing it’s up to Kallen to care for and protect C.C. I look forward to a scene with those two. I wonder. If she called Lelouch “Master”, how will she address “Kallen” at first. Also, Kallen doesn’t know her real name. How will Kallen address her? MAYBE we will get to hear her real name. Providing some scene doesn’t go like, “Wait, what is your real name?” (scene is cut and we don’t hear it, but Kallen does.) This show seems to LOVE to cut Kallen off.
    Shouls also be interesting to see if Kallen stays with the Black Knights. Aren’t they going to be hunting Lelouch to fulfill that deal? IF Kallen leaves I think Rakshata will help. I noticed how she wasn’t at the meeting or the ambush. She was busy with the Guren.

  166. You know. I think that we now know why Kallen was crying in the first OP. If anything would make her cry, it would be the events of episode 19. In fact, we did see her cry. However, I don’t think that we’ll ever again see her cry for the same reason (that is, thinking that Lelouch doesn’t care for her and that he’s used her). If she cries again, it’s because the OotBK betrayed Zero, so she can’t be with him right now (at least and stay in the OotBK) and he’s not leading the OotBK, so they’re likely to be in sore shape for a bit.

    In any case, I just remembered that Kallen had been crying in the first OP and that we’d all been wondering why. I think that we pretty much know why now.

  167. Man, maybe I should just not watch any more eps for 4 weeks and then watch the last lot all in one sitting cos I can’t take the suspense between episodes anymore.

    Things have really gone downhill for Lelouch and I seriously have no idea what he’s gonna do now and with Kallen possibly convinced that his words were merely a feint, could she still be willing to help him achieve his goals.

    On a another note, with all this talk about from the emperor about obtaining the power of a god / killing a god, I was starting to wonder whether if there could be one one of those incredibly unexpected endings where everything reverts back to the way it was before and everyone’s alive and all? I know the chances are next to nil and many people hate when this sort of stuff happens (I myself am mixed, depends on the situation). Sure I’d like some of the dead characters to return, but I want the story to be plausible.


    WingZero zxt
  169. Upon reflection, I have now come to the conclusion that the OotBK’s betrayal has a very good chance of being an incredibly good thing in the long run. This show has a long history of having nasty things happen and yet having them help lead to very positive things. I think that this situation will definitely fall in that category.

    Some Bad Things:
    1. Lelouch no longer has the OotBK. This means that he cannot use them to meet his goals.

    2. Lelouch is separated from pretty much everyone. He has no allies (with him) at present.

    3. Lelouch must come up with an entirely different strategy to defeat the emperor and Britannia.

    4 The OotBK no longer has Zero. They’re going to have to fend for themselves now.

    5. The OotBK lost the Shinkirou. They’re done one of their most powerful Knightmares.

    6. Rolo is dead. He had a really useful Geass.

    Possible Good Things:
    1. Rolo is dead. He can’t screw up Lelouch’s plans anymore due to his instability and misunderstanding of what he should and shouldn’t do.

    2. The OotBK must now learn to function on their own, without Zero. If they’re really going to be the military arm of one of the most powerful group of nations in the world, they really need to be able to function without relying on one man.

    3. Lelouch must come up with an entirely different strategy to defeat the emperor and Britannia. His previous strategy would only have resulted in Japan’s independence and possibly general instability in Britannia if some of the other Areas rebelled after Japan’s success. He wasn’t really dealing with the emperor’s wacko plan about Ragnarok (though to be fair, he doesn’t really know about it). Now he’ll be taking on the emperor directly and stands a chance of stopping the emperor from destroying the world.

    4. Lelouch now has chance to develop on his own without much in the way of allies. How positive this is, I don’t know, but it means that he probably won’t be manipulating any of his friends or allies anymore (if nothing else, they’re not with him to be manipulated).

    5. If you’re a Kallen X Lelouch fan, I think that it’s safe to say that that relationship just got a major shot in the arm. Lelouch not only apologized (which as Remmell points out, he basically never does) to Kallen, but he basically threw away his life to save her. She’s got to know that he cares a great deal about her now (as a close friend at minimum, if not a potential love interest).

    6. For Ougi X Viletta fans, it looks like Ougi and Viletta may be hanging out together now. That relationship stands a decent chance of becoming stable now. Whether she’ll be helping the OotBK or not, I don’t know, but I think that it’s fairly safe to say that she has feelings for Ougi and wants to be with him. The real question there (as always, I suppose) is how she’ll deal with the fact that that means not going against Britannia (or at least not stopping Ougi and his friends from going against it).

    I’m sure that other positive things (and probably more negative things as well) could be found about the situation, but I think that that’s the main ones. Basically, by losing Zero (who will likely be declared dead by the OotBK), the OotBK stands a chance of becoming a self-sustaining organization that will outlast the current conflict and be able to continue to function as the military arm of the UFN far into the future. So, the OotBK will – in the long run at least – be better off without Zero. In the short they’re likely to be hurting, but in the long term, it’s probably for the best. As you’ll notice, they’ve gradually been becoming more autonomous. Zero wasn’t leading all of the last battle and the OotBK were able to more or less cope without him when they lost contact with him when he was fighting Anya. They won’t have his miracles anymore, but they should be able to function without him.

    As for Lelouch, this gives him the chance to really get away from all the lies and achieve his main objective of dealing with the emperor. If he’d stayed with the OotBK, he would have been tied down in dealing with Schneizel and the war to retake Japan. Now he has the opportunity to move on his own and take care of the emperor (thus dealing with the far larger threat of Ragnarok). This path may even allow him to become emperor and thus be able to reform Britannia as he pleases (depending on what happens to the emperor and what his public position is). While becoming emperor may turn out to be out of his reach (and I’m not sure that he’ll really want to anyway), it’s his opportunity to deal with the threat that no one’s been dealing with: Ragnarok.

    So, as bad as the situation is, I think that it will actually turn out for the best in the end. My main hope is that Lelouch will be able to reconcile with the members of the OotBK who knew who he was and betrayed him. Certainly, it’s looking like given the opportunity, Kallen would return to him, so I’m not terribly worried about that (though it would be nice if it were sooner rather than later), but it’s definitely a question as to whether Ougi, Toudoh, and the rest will ever be his allies again.

    By the way, what’s Lelouch going to wear now? 😉 I really don’t think that he’s going to wear the Zero mask again any time soon – if ever – and wearing his current clothes would probably give him away as being Zero. But he’s now out in the boonies without support and probably without a change of clothes. Given the opportunity to choose, he’d probably choose the casual clothes that he usually wears (I certainly wouldn’t expect him to be running around in his school uniform since he probably won’t be returing to Ashford anytime soon). But still, it means a wardrobe change for him. LOL.

  170. Man, this is one of those times that I wish that I could read Japanese. I just noticed that on the character chart ( ) Viletta is listed as one of the OotBK now. Perhaps that means that she’s actually going to work as one of them now (or maybe it just means that she’s going to stick around with Ougi). There’s also no longer really an Ashford block anymore. Rivalz and Milly are the same color, but they’re in separate blocks and not grouped with anyone.

    What I’d really like to know what it says, however, is the big red arrow from the OoTBK to Zero/Lelouch – who, if you’ll notice, has his own block now with Lelouch, Zero, and Rolo (dead) in it. There’s also a big red arrow from Suzaku to the OotBK (I don’t recall if that was ever there before) and I really don’t know what that could say (arch nemesis?). In any case, being able to read what everything says on that chart would be really nice. But tough luck, I guess.

  171. The big RED arrows represent that the Black Knights now consider Zero as their enemy. In addition, Suzaku’s big arrow represents that he’ll be fighting the Black Knights. The grey around Lelouch’s box would indicate that he is now isolated, while Rivalz and Milly’s box would reveal that they are at Ashford Academy. Looks like Lelouch will be making a house call to Rivalz in the next episode.

  172. @Kalessin
    The arrow from the OotBK to Lulu essentially says “sold to Britannia”, while the one from Suzaku to the OotBK says “fired FLEIJA in area 11”. Nothing new to be learned from them.

  173. the main plot points of Code Geass are very similar to the movie Braveheart. Throw in some Authurian legend, Gundam mecha’s, and supernatural abilities and you got a good show. I hope they end it in a similar sad fashion; It would make Geass epic.

    -It would be amusing to see lelouch by himself offing head members of the black knights for betraying him.
    -It was a very bad trade the black knights made:
    lose the captive britannian princess, cornelia
    lose xingke, and the chinese (from the immediate question of what are zero’s orders in this episode)
    -looks like they give deithart a beating
    -And probably make the mistake of not being the blackknights anymore which will isolate them from the united nations leaving they newly reacquired japan an easy picking for anyone.
    -we’ll have to see what kaguya does


  174. @Kalessin
    About Lelouch’s clothes. Remember that Lelouch didn’t make all that himself either. He had someone make everything and then Geassed him to forget. He can probably go to a store, get some clothes, and Geass the clerk. The Geass card. Better then the Visa Reward Card.

    You should notice that when Villetta was talking about the Geass is how Lelouch got Jeremiah and Guilford to join “our” side. Though she should know by now that Jeremiah is immune to Geass.
    OKAY, with my near horrible ability to read Japanese, along with my phrase books and kanji guide I was able to answer those big red marks. The mark from the Black Knights, starting from Ougi, to the Lelouch. That says Britannian “urareru” I can’t find a specific definition for this one in my books. I found “ureru”. That means ‘to sell, to be well known. I think it may be saying, “Sold out to Brittannia”. Meaning they are after him.
    The big red mark from Suzaku to the Black Knights says “Area 11 FREIJA wo hanatsu”. I believe it means he fired FREIJA at Area 11. Between Lelouch and Suzaku it says “old friends”.
    The thin line leading to Rival says “yuujin” or “friend”. I think Milly if off there since she’s not in school anymore.
    I can try and translate the rest if you’d like. It’s a bit hard with as small as the kanji is. I think this is more about broad relationships. As you see there are lines from Ougi to Toudo and Diethard, but no line to Villetta. There is also no line from Suzaku to Euphiemia. Not even aline from Nunnally to Lelouch. I’ve seen that chart in the past and it hasn’t shown them connected all season.
    I would think after the next episode, if Zero is exposed to the public, Zero should be labeled dead.

    Sucks for Kallen always being in the Bunny suit. I like it though.

  175. The story must continue…..
    Lelouch shall become petty thief!
    Good episode though, i wonder whats going to happen C.C, I’m thinking that kallen might return to his side after realizing zero saved her life. Maybe he will side with the Chinese…

  176. Rolo is just damn stupid, he had chosen the worst way to save Lelouch by killing himself, when he could just kill everyone in the storage room, especially Schneizel, or at least disarm them. That what I hate in supernatural guys — they are idiots. AAaarhg!
    However Code Geass rules in comparison with Heroes Tv series, where every single character is brain-damaged.

  177. I wonder if a video was captured at all of Euphemia and Lelouch talking back in the coliseum room. Whoever will see that may have a change of mind about Lelouch.

    The next episode may focus less on Lelouch and more on what’s happening on both sides (Britannia and Black Knights) in his absence. Perhaps they’ll announce to the world that Zero is Lelouch? Then when Milly and Rivalz see it, they’ll look for him?

    Lelouch might die ultimately at the end for a real tragedy… and Suzaku becomes emperor of Britannia! LOL

    Chino F
  178. Well, thanks everyone who was able to figure out what the red arrows said. The Zero one isn’t all that surprising but I find it a little odd to put an arrow from Suzaku to the OotBK saying that he used FREIJA. I guess that they just wanted to put that on there somewhere since it was a big event and it made the most sense to tie it to the OotBK since most of the notes on there are between people or groups of people.

  179. @Remmell
    I’m pretty sure that it was Chiba who commented that the Geass explained how Jeremiah and Guilford joined “our” side. I don’t think that Viletta’s mouth was moving at that point.

    That’s a good point as to how he’ll get the clothes – though it doesn’t really answer what he’s going to be wearing. He’s still going to have to get to somewhere where he has a change of clothes in either case (maybe he’s actually hiding his school uniform in the Shinkirou given how many times he seems to have changed while in it). In either case, it was more of an idle thought than something particularly important. Whatever he ends up dressing as (presumably not any part of the Zero outfit), they probably won’t even explain how he got it unless they’re going to have him hiding out in the woods for a bit.

  180. @Chino F
    Euphemia had all the cameras turned off before she talked with Zero. I wouldn’t expect her to lie about such a thing (or much of anything really) and even if someone had managed to keep a camera on contrary to her orders, I would have expected Cornelia to find out about Lelouch being Zero sooner as a result. No one appears to have learned Zero’s identity from that encounter.

    Really, if Lelouch wants people to trust him again, he’s going to need to do two things:

    1. Cause more miracles that really help defeat Britannia and thus show that he still supports the cause of the OotBK. This would be even more effective if what he does directly supports the OotBK in spite of them having betrayed him.

    2. Explain what really happened. This is really iffy given his disposition to just lie about it and take the blame, but he’s going to need to explain what really happened with Euphemia, that he wasn’t Geassing the members of the OotBK, etc. It might be enough (given that #1 occurs) if he were able to explain this to Kallen in depth – thus filling in any holes in her knowledge on the matter (I doubt that she knows what happened with Euphemia, for instance) and she was able to explain it to those in the OotBK who betrayed him. Without any explanations, they’re bound to still think that he used them and thus likely won’t reconcile with him.

    So, really, Zero is almost certainly going to need to prove himself and explain himself if the OotBK is ever going to reconcile with him.

  181. About Milly x Lelouch;
    there had be hints about Milly having some crush on Lelouch in season 1. In episode 15 she asked Lelouch seriously what to do about the marriage proposal with Lloyd. So far she had rejected all proposals, probably because she liked Lelouch. Now I was under the impression that now they were alone, she wanted to see Lelouch reaction to her possible engagement. I guess she was hoping that he would give her a reaction that might give her hope that she might still have a shot at him.

    The picture drama in which the school does a gender reversal dress up, has Milly (and Shirley) tell Lelouch that they have liked him for a long time. It was probably more meant as a joke from Milly’s side, with a hint of the truth.

    I agree that the Lelouch x Milly pairing just has not gotten enough screen time for any development. There was so much more emphasis at Shirley and Milly’s secret affections for Lelouch were just too subtle and too little. With the Ashford-centric episodes, they could have tried to push the Lelouch x Milly pairing if they wanted to.

    In any case, maybe Milly will come into play (with or without Rivalz), to help out Lelouch in some small way. The Ashford’s have always looked after Lelouch and have no reason not to aid him in some way. Maybe shelter again, or giving him a old Ganymede. But the last two seems very unlikely.

  182. …omgosh….out of all the deaths of main characters, I have to still say that Euphies death was the saddest…to me.
    The ones (Nunally, Sayoko) who died in the FREYA explosion was way to abrupt to be sad.
    Rolos was alright, I don’t know, but it tied with the Shirley death for me.
    I still think that Euphies death was just…..*cries*….xD
    And I liked all those characters the same, I didn’t favor any of them more then the other.

  183. i would pretty much prefer lulu allow himself to be capture, put on trail and as a last word to the world on live international TV on his execution day, give 1 last command, “KILL URSELF” and fullfill his fathers wish for him as a good son that lulu is. then Lulu X CC (Adam and Eve) repopulate the world and Charles gets to be Kain, immortality as punish for the sins of killing ones brother….Bamm a mythical ending!

  184. I am slightly surprised with the whole Milly x Lelouch thing, where exactly does Milly show AFFECTION for Lulu? If you have seen R1 and the picture books you ought to understand that Milly LOVES teasing ALL her friends (Like commenting on Kallen’s and Shirley’s Seductiveness) and the only reason she was so “interested” in Lulu was simply because of his reserved nature. If she had feelings for Lulu she wouldn’t have supported the Lulu x Shirley relationship as much as she did and would have actually tried to get Lulu’s valentine hat PERSONALLY. If you ask me, all she did was FORCE the relationship between Lulu and Shirley to hit off by forcing them into a relationship via the event. I honestly don’t think that she has any real romantic interest in any of her Ashford friends but rather views them as her family. As for her asking Lulu about her marriage, I just think it was her playing around since she is a rather self-assured woman (considering her physical appeal).

    IF there is going to be a pairing in Code Geass then I do think that the strongest possibility is Kallen X Lulu because although C.C. has feelings for Lelouch I think that she views the idea of relationship in a more “spiritual” form than any of the other characters. This is, most likely, due to her living as an immortal and being unable to know what “love” truly is (due to the fake love generated by her geass) until she met Lelouch, who genuinely cared about her. C.C. recognized the contrast behind Zero’s cold nature and Lelouch’s warmer heart (reason why she said that Lulu was too kind before loosing her memories), which have started to heavily conflict with one another after the incident with Euphemia, and probably cares for him more in line like a mother (of course she kissed him but she never seems to care when he’s around other women) because I THINK that all she wants is to feel loved and look after Lelouch. Also keep in mind that this could be related with C.C.’s still undisclosed past with Marianne (maybe she promised her?). So although she cares about Lulu I doubt that she really worries much about the idea of having to become intimate with him (as in lovers).

    Kallen, on the other hand, has shown that she’s willing to die for Lelouch and (like a poster already stated) would even turn her back on Japan (to a slight degree) if it meant saving Lulu. The anime also LOVES teasing about Kallen X Lulu (like with Shirley before she died) and I think it would be somewhat ridiculous to tease so much about them if the relationship weren’t going anywhere. Of course that doesn’t mean that there HAS to be a pairing (for all we know they could just leave the anime with no official pair and leave it to the fans to decide) but they have shown that there some strong affection between them. Even from the perspective of Lulu to Kallen, like when she was captured, Zero attacked the Chinesse out even against Diethard’s advice (which was the most logical) much to everyone’s surprise and delight and the whole, “Come with me to Ashford when this is all over.” and “Genuine” apologize between them. Of course I can understand how some people dislike the idea of Kallen X Lulu but eh… I think that most of us don’t watch Code Geass because of the “intriguing” love story.

    As for the events of these episodes… has anyone considered the standing of the Chinese on this? (mostly Xingke) because, from their perspective, they have no reason to dislike Zero, at all, considering that he saved their queen, exposed their corrupt ex-leaders, and did not try to force any marriages into the queen. There’s always the possibility that the Black Knights could end up splitting into a Pro-Zero faction and a Anti-Zero faction and outside of Xingke the Black Knights do not have any remarkable leaders (Tohdoh is good but he isn’t exactly on par with Zero or Xingke). So the possibilities are everywhere.

    It’s also worth noting how Suzaku has pretty much become like Zero (when he killed Euphemia), in which he decides to forcefully accept his destiny after the Geass takes away something important from both of them (and kills a few thousand people). Perhaps this could be the catalyst that could serve for Suzaku to finally understand Lelouch? Although, I see bad things happening with Suzaku in the short-term now that he seems somewhat unstable. I just hope he doesn’t get his upgraded Lancelot too soon or he might do something he will regret now that he’s so… like he is.

    Also it’s pretty obvious that Kallen will want to have a final reunion with Zero before things get any worst (if they can get) because she will want to know if his last words were simply out of pitty or if he really cares about her. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she helps C.C. escape and take her to Lulu as she searches for him. There is a lot Lulu can do with a Knight of Round level pilot like Kallen (and with a knightmare like the new Guren).

    Also about Schneizel, I don’t like him. Not because he had the Black Knights turn on Zero, but because of how he smiled on the previous episode when Suzaku fired FLEIA, which resulted in the death of HIS sister. I think it shows that there is a MUCH darker side to Schneizel that has not been explored yet. I doubt that he wanted to save Lulu because his efforts to stop Zero’s failed execution where non-existant.

  185. LOL at a few thousand!!! 10 million dead 25 mil casualties! i hope nunally really is dead! nothing against her i just ind that she ties lelouch to the past a bit to much and he needs to let go of his troubled past if he is to form any kind of half decent future! (Which will hopefully be told in the after story )

    As for the end of Code Geass as its so close (providing they dont Royally botch the ending like they did with FMA and Guren Lagann which i hated because it was a story where being the hero meant losing EVERYTHING RIGHT UP UNTIL THE VERY LAST FRAME! ) i will say that this is the greatest anime of all time and i certainly hope that they re release and retell this story over over and over not in a terrible way (obv.) but in a good way never letting it die like they have done with Dragonball/Z (1980’s til now)

    the reason why im posting like this so early is that since i found out after ep 13 that this was last series im preparing my self for the brutal blow of boredom that will result from the lack of code geass! usually i dont find out somthigs over til the episode before last and as a result i cry out NOOOOOOOOOO e.g. the last line by the narrator of gundam wing in english ended, “…And weapons known as mobile suits including the gundams […time froze in my mind…] were never seen again” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ofcourse this was before i knew that gundam as a franchise was one of the longest running franchises and i would see gundams again!

    my predictions
    Suzakus gonna go crazy and start acting like Bradley on Steroids (he was funny to watch cos Everyone knew from the second he appaeared he was just there to die magnificently!) Kallen might just figure ou a way to take out a crazy Suzaku (she will say somthing that will make him re-evaluate) Kallen will talk to Suzaku personally after he stops being crazy they go and find lelouch in some coincidence orientated discovery! the three will go after emperor, beat him down and use ragnarok to help restore peace! Schniziel will end up on throne or dead (depending on how deep the facade of him beeing a good guy really goes) Japanese willget japan bck (after a series of defeats under Toudous leadership and Xingke pulling out!
    the UFN will crumble brittania will grind to a halt and we will be left with a fractal world remarkably resembling our own! Lelouch will shack-up with kallen in the middle of nowhere hide the guren and the remnants of the shinkirou in a mountain-like cave or somthing and Sunrise lied and there will be a series 3 (IM GENUINELY HOPING !)

    final death listr prediction
    Ikaruga bridge girls
    suzaku: dies in final confrontation with emperor
    Schniziel:if really is a bad guy/super bad not just marginally worse then lelouch
    Gino:Doing somthing noble though i do hate him
    Jeremiah: Hes to wierd to warrant him surviving

    WingZero zxt
  186. My ‘rents have watched Code Geass up until 18th episode. They blame Brittania’s poor handling of it’s subordinates and the “impending decadence of an Empire”. Haha. Like I care!….

    Totaly addicting this one…. More than the previous Code Geass. And kinda leaves you in a cliffhanger everytime.

  187. @Drop,
    The writers did mentioned that Milly was secretly in love with Lelouch, which means that she doesn’t want it to be known by anyone else. I believe that the real Milly Ashford is a very private person who only allows a few people in her social circle. I feel that one of the reasons why the writers didn’t want to pair her up with Lelouch was because they had bigger plans for her character. In order for a Milly x Lelouch relationship to happen, Kallen, C.C., and Shirley must be eliminated from the list of potential love interest. I also believe that there is a side to Milly that might provide some interesting revelations into Lelouch’s past. I am certainly glad that the writers didn’t kill off her character. I certainly hope that she and Lelouch will meet again before the series ends.

  188. Hmm, I just wondered, everyone likes Marianne, according to some characters… did she have the same Geass of CC which is “to be loved”?

    Haha, Order of the Black Penguins! Then Suzaku becomes the Dark Knight! :))

    Chino F
  189. I think Lelouch is going to become more of a hero now, and suzaku will become a bit like an anti hero, the ending also shows lulu in white and suzaku in black so it’s very possible.

  190. @Miki

    Lelouch in the ending is in white, because he is Lelouch vi Britannia(The true Lelouch(not Zero, not Lamperouge – the false personalities)). He said this in this episode at the end.

  191. If you were the rater of Suzaku as a Knight of Rounds, wouldn’t you give him a poor mark with all his mistakes and failures (losing the BK sub, blasting Tokyo w/ the governor, etc.)? lol

    Chino F
  192. Well luckily I haven’t read any spoilers that go further than this episode.. and I don’t intend to do so, I don’t want to ruin the end for myself!.. And I hope people will finally stop putting spoilers up on here without actually using the spoilertags!!

  193. Its sad that no one else but Lelouch himself will know that he DOES have a heart, because all the ‘miracles’ he did back in S1, I strongly believe, weren’t done because just to fuel his future ambitions. I’d like to believe that whatever Lelouch confessed to Suzaku back in episode 17 were only part of the truth, and that in fact, he really wanted to save people. I think that alot of characters in the story have misunderstood his motives in some part because Lelouch has never told anyone else what he really felt during those miracles. And the way he confessed to Suzaku, which was recorded, ultimately led to BK’s betrayal. Kallen will never know why Lelouch said such harh words to her, unless she questions herself in the future why she’s still alive.

  194. Predictions: for last episode (thats 25) ahahahaha… Lelouch = emperor + immortal + has geass both eyes and he can control it now (just like his father and remember what did V.V. told charles that lelouch is just like him), Schneizel = dead, charles = dead, they discovered that the FLEIA warhead is a “TELEPORTER” lol… why? look at the area of the explosion and what did you observed? its clean just dig a hole like a bowl and look at the surroundings they are ok and doesn’t have a scratch at all not like an atomic bomb that will destroy all not just the place where it explodes but it will destroy all around it… BK = reclaimed Japan, the true identity of ZERO revealed to the World, Suzaku = Alive + Knight of One + friendship with Lelouch still remains (your best friend is your worst enemy right?)… many more…. busy right now can’t say it all…

  195. Anyways how will Lulu kill the emperor now? He lost the BK, Kallen, Nunally, all of his allies, China, even Japan?

    I also thought that in the end he’ll take his father’s place and end up with Geass on both eyes. He resembles his father in mentality(i.e. killed his wife, fanatic patriotism, wanting world dominance, etc.)

  196. indeed its amusing how they seem to have the same overall objective! Destroy and recreate the world!!! Lelouch with double geass would be cool and i dont reckon lelopuch will end up happy and in love (though wold also be cool) i reckon he will end up like C.C.!!! (immortal and roaming the earth!!!!)

    WingZero zxt
  197. At this point I only see a happy ending for this show if ragnarok really does happen.. at which they might show a new world some 100 years later or so where most characters will be reborn.. I mean the death toll can only go up from now on, right..? On the other hand that’s a bit to cliché.

  198. Anonymous

    First off, if you are immortal …you lose the power of the Geass. It’s kind of the trade off, and you have to be powerful enough to become immortal, which Lelouche isn’t currently. IF that doesn’t change than he can’t become it …even less than Suzaku can gain immortality. He needs to have his geass grow strong enough.

    As for friendships, well that actually depends on Lelouche now, so, I don’t know.

  199. This is really interesting. I wonder what will happen to him now since he was abandoned and is now all alone. I bet the Black Nights will bed to be forgiven for what they have done to him and will want to restore the Black Nights as they were before. Or maybe Lelouch will just go on his own way and head toward The King of the Britanian nation and kill him. All I can do now is wait and see what he will do. all I’m doing right now is making up things cause they all could be possible ways for the next episode of
    Code Geass R2

  200. Kallen is not going to let this go. She’s going to brood, I can assure you. She knows that Lelouch lied to protect her and what she does now will in some way end up helping Lelouch in his quest. She might actually get her brother to understand why betraying Zero was not a good move. Of course, she might just escape with the Guren and search out Lelouch or something. Who knows what she’ll do?

    C.C., well, unless something drastic happens I don’t think she’ll be the woman we all know and love any time soon.

    Poor Lelouch.

    Poor Nunnally.

    Poor Rolo.

    Poor Suzaku.

    Poor Nina.

    Poor everyone, basicalu.

  201. Wow. I think that I may actually understand how C.C. was talking to Marianne now. What if when she’s talking to people that have died, she’s talking to people in the World of C? From what little we’ve seen of the World of C of what little C.C. said about it, it looked like anyone from her past who is dead is there. There’s already another version of her floating around in there. Perhaps she can talk to the version of Marianne that’s in there along within anyone else she once knew who has since died.

    Of course, that probably wouldn’t explain how she seemed to be able to talk to V.V. since he wasn’t dead back in episode 19 of R1 when she seemed to be talking to him, but V.V. had special powers like C.C., so maybe that’s what allowed them to talk to each other.

    In either case, it seems like a plausible explanation to me. I got the idea from the latest updates here: . It looks like we’ll probably find out what the deal with Marianne is/was within the next few episodes (but then again, there’s so few left that it can’t be far off regardless).

  202. Upon rereading my last post, I’m not sure that I was 100% clear I feel that I should probably clarify that the idea about how C.C. talks to Marianne came to me after reading the aforementioned page but that the page itself doesn’t claim anything of the sort. It just gives enough more information that it occurred to me after reading it. I’m unaware of any actual spoilers explaining anything about how C.C. was able to talk to Marianne.

    What I really should have said was that “I got the idea after reading the latest updates….”

  203. Rolo deserve a worse death for killing Shirley and Suzaku deserve an even worse death for being a crazy bastard. Killing his father, friends and over 10million people in one shot. Blaming Lelouch for putting Geass in him when in actual fact, Lelouch was trying to save his life.

  204. I think hes going to tell them hes not a prince and that he is Lelouch Lamperouge. Which is the truth, he was outcasted as a prince a long time ago.

    Kallen also knows he lied about them all being pawns so she would turn on him and it in turn saved her life by doing so. She will tell the rest of the black knights he said that to save her.

    The knights will talk it out and eventually be smart and want to hear Lulus side of the story. I also think he will prove he didnt use geass on them and they will realize what they are doing is what they wanted to do all along.

    Once they realize Toudou in particular that he went a little crazy because he lost Nunnaly and once he realizes Zero isnt perfect and can make mistakes. I think they’ll all be back on the same side again.

    I just thought of something Orange can just hit them all with his guass canceller and then say Hey do you feel different now? If they say no, then there you go, Zero didnt use them, case closed everything is back on track.


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