After fighting over Saito one night, Siesta goads Louise into a competition over which of them Saito will choose. The deal is that if Saito can find Louise during the Sleipnir Ball, then Siesta will give up on him. Otherwise, she can basically do what she wants. Saito doesn’t learn until the next day that the Sleipnir Ball is of the masquerade variety with the attendees disguised by using a magic mirror. Louise orders him to find her, but she also promises to let him continue what they started previously. That night, Louise stands in front of the magic mirror that can transform her into her ideal appearance, and for her, that turns out to be her sister Cattleya. Saito meanwhile is late for the party and is delayed even further when he sees something large fly over the school. Based on the rumors he’s heard, he thinks that it might be after Louise, so he rushes into the party to tell her. Everyone is in disguise, but Saito thinks he finds Louise on the balcony. Not realizing who it really is, Saito gets tempted by Louise’s lips, and the two kiss after she gets scared by a spider. While the two are kissing, Sheffield crashes the party and breaks the magic mirror. This results in everyone transforming back to their normal appearances, and the person Saito thinks is Louise is actually none other than Henrietta.

Saito apologizes when he realizes that he kissed Henrietta, but she doesn’t mind since she was disguised as her ideal person. That person was Louise because Henrietta thinks that Louise possesses a pure heart and a lot of courage. When Saito tries to cheer her up, Henrietta clings to him and wants to kiss him again. Before the two can though, they are discovered by Louise, and she runs out crying at the sight of them. Saito chases Louise to try to explain, but she disappears into the woods, and he’s prevented from going after her by Tabitha. What shocks Saito is that Tabitha actually attacks him, and while he’s busy dodging Tabitha’s spells, Sheffield captures Louise. Sheffield returns to the school gates in time to see Tabitha launch a massive ice attack on Saito, but he’s able to make it out alive and leaps at her, knocking her down. Saito doesn’t kill Tabitha though because he can’t think of hurting her, and his kindness convinces her to stop obeying Sheffield. That leaves Saito to try to get Louise back, and although his cries to her pull her out of the spell Sheffield has on her, she remains pissed off at him and refuses to return. In struggling with Sheffield though, Louise falls off Sheffield’s ride, and Saito has to catch her. Even in his arms, Louise continues to resist until Saito finally just decides to kiss her. This – along with him telling her that she’s the most important person to him in the world – convinces Louise to believe him again.

Not willing to give up so easily, Sheffield summons an army of demons in order to take Louise by force. These demons, however, get blown up just as quickly as they appeared, and the two people responsible are aboard a giant aircraft now hovering above the school. They force Sheffield to retreat, and to Saito and Louise’s surprise, the two turn out to be Kirche and Colbert.


Holy crap that was probably one of the best episodes of Zero no Tsukaima I’ve ever seen – that says as much about this episode as it does the episodes prior. I was really happy with the first twenty or so minutes of it because there was some hilarious comedy thanks to transformation gender-bending (Saito with boobs for example) along with plenty of drama stemming from love and betrayal with Tabitha and Louise. I was disappointed, however, when it looked like towards the end that everything would be wrapped up nicely all in one episode. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of serial storytelling rather than episodic, and I’ve been hoping for something here that stretched for more than one episode. But then came the big surprise at the very end that made me forget all that and just go wtf: Colbert’s back. I have no idea how he survived unless Kirche somehow brought him back to Germania and revived him there. The problem – which I’ll probably touch on again next week – is that having him alive cheapens his death from last season, especially when he just reappears out of the blue to save Saito and Louise like he did here.


  1. yup this seems like it be a great episode, that last shot is crazy – humm a resurrection spell maybe, or did he even die the first place, and/or is he evil… one more week to know.

  2. now this looks so interesting. Surely, it is different from the prior episodes. Glad to see the old sensei still not dead yet. And Tabitha looks like she really wants to kill saito in this episode. Wondering what happening.

  3. He? Colbert died definitely. This series continues to show no logic at all..
    And one good episode won’t makemup for the crappy rest. Of course all those fan boys/ girls will still watch it. Ah, isn’t marketing nice..

  4. As for Colbert, in the novel he looked like definitely dead, but actually barely survived, and came back with large sky ship later. I expected he would come back sooner or later also in the anime version so that’s not biggie for me.

  5. Colbert is back alright just like the novel! For those of you who don’t know, in the novels, Colbert faked his death to appease the knight he wanted revenge against him.

    A Anime Loving Republican
  6. He was never dead in the first place. The novel has a good explantion, but not sure how the anime is gonna explain it. In the novel, Kirche lied saying he was dead so Agnes wouldn’t kill him. He was actually unconscious and Louise and Saito were somewhere else. Since they were with Colbert in the anime, they might have a slightly different explanation on how Colbert survived.
    Kirche is now in love with Colbert, so I guess she leaves the “Saito Harem”.

  7. That big plane… Don’t tell me Colbert built it using the designs from the Zero fighter. On a side note, if a WWII japanese fighter aircraft in so powerful, then imagin a modern day jet fighter complete with missles. Which presses another question: which world is stronger? Earth or Louise’s world?

  8. @Andy
    For now, I think Earth is stronger. If Zero alone can defeat several dragon cavalry, imagine what supersonic fighter can accomplish. Not to mention for firearms, Earth too have advantage.
    Unless there’s magic that can cause uber mass destruction…


    wtf?!?, 1st a modern day airplane, then Colbert-sensei who is suppose to be dead comes back…, this show suddenly got back from its wasted past episodes. The aircraft seems to look like a military transport plane or even a strategic bomber, LOL imagine it in Saito’s hands…, he’s gonna be carpet bombing his enemies.

  10. The Plane is not a biggy to me, i mean they already had those before , remember the Flying pirate ship, how hard is it for them to remodel it a little make it a little slimmer, and make it look like the one we just saw…

  11. replying to several said stuff above, ya i guess i can guess why Kirche would like Colbert now, i mean during that hostage incident she has a bad experience and looks like she was pretty scared and that Teacher helped out so probably saw him as a stong man or something… but then i got get the incident after his supposed death, where in the last episode when Saito comes back , she stills says my honey u know.. watever

  12. @ Hudson

    Please… for the love of GOD please stop telling people to stop blogging when it’s not your blog. You don’t even need to read it since nobody is forcing you so just shut up and read something else that you want.

  13. @Hudson

    Damn, I thought Divine had finally IP-banned you. Seriously, just leave, and you won’t have to subject yourself to these awful shows.
    Not that you will, of course, since you’re really just a pathetic troll.

    Bet Saito’s going to be happy, seeing as it was only an episode or two ago he was wishing Colbert was still around.

  14. Nice..Nice earth or dis world stronger in Zero..Hmm lol..That is such a good question man..But ive got a better one..ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND IT SUBBED..PLZ REPLY :(..I NEEDZ TO SEES IT..IF IT HASNT BE SUBBED DONT BE ALL WEIRD AND MAKE ME SOUND LIKE A NOOB -_-..:p..Why is it so wrong to ask for sites here?

  15. Hehehe… I knew it, Colbert can’t die that easily. I thought, “man… what a bummer, he’s gone” while holding back my tears (yep, that scene was so emotional).

    I don’t know how they explain it in the novel on how colbert managed to survive from Aniesse’s wrath (well, thanks to Louise & Kirche for holding her back from finishing him off), but I hope in the next ep they’ll explain it just like in the novel.

  16. i just saw it subbed it was awesome and i didnt read the light novels but colbert always wanted to go to earth maybe he found a way to and at the end if the series after a war louise and saito go to saitos world and stufff…idk my imagination going wild lol
    watch Zero no tsukaima princesses no rondo ep 7 subbed at

  17. YES. COLBEEEEEEERRT. So, did anyone actually see Colbert die in the last season? Because he might’ve just fallen asleep. I wouldn’t’ve been surprised if he came back as a man in a mask, WITH HAIR (LolMwu)

    Amin Hyo

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