With Chrona still bawling, Maka is reluctant to leave her alone until Ragnarok appears and starts bullying her. Chrona gets Ragnarok to stop by punching him, but this only causes Ragnarok to turn his bullying back on Chrona. Since Chrona is handling Ragnarok, Maka and Soul are content with going on ahead. Much further down the tunnel, Kid is close enough to the Kishin that he can now feel its soul wavelength, and it nearly overwhelms him at first. He’s okay though and explains to Liz and Patty how his father had sealed Ashura in a bag made of Ashura’s own skin. Shinigami-sama had extracted all of Ashura’s blood before doing that, so Ashura’s body is starved for blood. Shortly after this explanation, Patty suddenly senses a heat source coming at them, and Kid just barely manages to get out of the way of the blast. The person responsible is Free, and Kid is forced to face off against the werewolf. However, even his Death Cannon attack has no effect on Free, and to make matters worse, Kid finds himself unable to concentrate on the task at hand.

Fortunately, Black*Star catches up and literally knocks some sense into Kid. Black*Star quickly engages Free in close quarters combat, and while this is going on, Kid notices something strange: Free is trying to avoid Black*Star’s attacks whereas he didn’t make that effort moments ago. When Kid figures it out, he steps in between Black*Star and Free and proceeds to walk right through Free. Since the secret is out, Free reveals that this is a magic he’s using called Forwarding Vision which allows his image to be projected to a different place. The real Free is still with Eruka moving further down the tunnel towards the Kishin. Because of this, Black*Star and Kid continue their pursuit, but by this point, Eruka and Free have reached the shrine where the Kishin is being held. The inside of it creeps Eruka out, and she keeps thinking that there’s something moving behind her. It unnerves her, and when she turns around again, she finds Ashura in front of her. He rips off and consumes her face, and Free hears Eruka screaming behind him. When Free goes back to check on her, her face changes, and she drives her arm through Free’s chest before ripping the skin off Free’s neck and face.

Free and Eruka regain control of themselves a moment later and realize that it was all an illusion, but at the same time, Eruka had almost driven a nail through her own neck,and Free was in the process of cutting off his own head. This is the Kishin’s madness at work, and they’re very close to the bag holding Ashura.


Well the Kid and Black*Star vs. Free fight was cool at first, but a bit of a letdown once they realized that Free wasn’t actually there. Heck, I don’t even consider it a real fight. I suspect though that we won’t get to see an actual fight between them because the Free and Eruka will likely succeed in awakening the Kishin, and that would give Kid and Black*Star bigger problems to deal with. Fortunately, the BONES team did a good job with the tension in the last segment of the episode and how creepy it was (especially with all the ripping off of faces). It’ll be interesting to see what kind of chaos the Kishin can create if he’s successfully awakened, and who’ll be able to stop him. Speaking of which, shouldn’t the hour limit be close to over by now? I think it’d be fun to see Shinigami-sama save the day, though given that the focus is on Maka, Black*Star, and Kid, I doubt that’ll end up happening. The preview, however, has no hints about what happens in that regard and shows mainly Stein and Medusa duking it out again.


  1. kids face in dat dudes chest?? HAHAHAHAHA dat some weird shiat! wanna see bad. too bad the subber i trust “TA****I” started slowing down his releases, takes like 5 days. ohh well its still appreciated

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. So Medusa and Stein’s fight is next. Just curious though Show Spoiler ▼

    Shinn Agami
  3. Alright I know why Eruka is trying to revive the Kishin, but why is Free participating as well. After the illusions, I think I’d rather die by Medusa’s snakes than by the Kishin. Free doesn’t seem all that evil and can’t he just live his life as a runaway convict?

  4. Do agree that Kid and BlackStar vs Free did end on a letdown. It really didn’t feel like they had done damage during that fight so wasn’t a shock something was up. I really hope that they don’t get shafted during this arc with little action.

    Still the next episode looks good.

  5. Oh my god. That was so creepy. Way to go BONES! You know, ever since Fullmetal Alchemist waaay back in 2004, I’ve never doubted a BONES show, and it seems like it was right not to!


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