「嬉しかったです…」 (Ureshikatta Desu…)
“It Made Me Happy…”

Episode at a Glance:
After Shiina and Yuuto take suggestions for the school festival, the class decides on a cosplay cafe, which Nobunaga suggested even though he’s not in their class. With Yuuto and Shiina spending a lot more time together as class representatives, Haruka finds herself a bit uneasy about it, so she decides to make a cosplay cafe trends guidebook for Yuuto. Mika, Nanami, and Hazuki on the other hand tell her that she needs to be more assertive than that, and start drafting up ideas on how she can win Yuuto over. At school the next day, Haruka is overjoyed that Yuuto asked her for help with costume designs, so they agree to go to a store in Akihabara on Sunday.

On Sunday, Yuuto notices that Haruka is unusually happy on their way to the cosplay store. There, Haruka ends up trying on an outfit, which surprises Yuuto with how good she looks in it. He then hears Nobunaga coming by, so he forces himself into the changing room with Haruka to avoid him, but inadvertently gets Haruka all hot and bothered by rubbing up against her. As they leave the store, Yuuto thanks Haruka for the invaluable help and gives her a Dojikko-chan figurine that he picked up earlier. Yuuto then gets a call from Mika, telling him that her father’s on the way because Haruka skipped out on plans to meet a famous pianist today. Despite being told to run away, Yuuto and Haruka find them surrounded by Gentou and his Hell Hounds soon after, so Yuuto tries to take the blame for Haruka. Hearing this, Gentou is about to strike Yuuto, but Hazuki and Nanami show up and get in the way, in accordance to Akiho’s instructions.

Stepping out of the limousine, Akiho suggests hearing Yuuto and Haruka out first and quickly silences Gentou when he insists that it’s not necessary. Akiho then reminds Haruka that they acknowledged her hobby provided that she keep up with her studies, so Haruka explains that this is the first time Yuuto’s ever asked her for help and that she wanted to help him no matter what because it made her happy. Surprised to hear this, Yuuto insists that it was his fault, so Akiho stops them both by saying she understands how dearly they feel for one another. However, she adds that Haruka caused a lot of trouble for everyone and asks that she not do it again, before finally saying she’ll overlook it this time. Overjoyed, Yuuto decides to do something for Haruka in return, so after some hestitation, she asks him to dance with her during the folk dance at the end of the festival. Yuuto agrees to if she’s okay with him, prompting Haruka to say she doesn’t want it to be anyone else but him.

Back at school, Yuuto and Haruka show Shiina the custome design book that they picked up, after which everyone gets started on preparations. At home, Mika, Nanami, and Hazuki find Haruka baking some homemade cookies for Yuuto like they suggested. Haruka then rushes back to school hoping to catch Yuuto in time, but is shocked to find him on top of Shiina with his hand on her chest.


Next Episode:
「一緒に,いたいです…」 (Issho ni, Itai Desu)
“I Want to Be… Together”

After a very good animal cosplay cafe episode in To LOVE-Ru, I was quite happy to hear that Yuuto’s class would be putting on a cosplay cafe for their school festival. Credit goes to Nobunaga for coming to Yuuto’s class and suggesting the idea after he failed to get his own class to put one together. He was good in selling it too, by stating how it combines everyone’s ideas of a crêpe store, yakitori store, haunted house, and a play, much like what Saruyama did with his class. Given the otaku element in this series though, we’re in store for an anime cosplay cafe here, which should be fun because we get to try and recognize characters from other series again.

Comedy-wise, I found this episode pretty funny partly due to Mika and Nanami’s meddling when Haruka is so clueless. Other than that, listening to Yuuto’s reaction when he found his call display picture for Mika changed to “sexy Mika-chan” was amusing, as was watching Akiho drop Gentou in one punch. (That’s one dangerous left hook!) As for the actual ecchi fan-service this week, it came from Yuuto stuffing himself into the changing room with Haruka when he heard Nobunaga coming by. While I could understand why he had to press up against her chest to fit in, he didn’t have to put his leg inbetween hers and get her all hot and bothered, except for some good ‘ol fan-service sake.

Anyway, I find it a bit strange how Yuuto already calls Haruka’s parents by their first names, but I guess with four Nogizakas around, he didn’t really have much of a choice. Plot-wise, it looks like they finally showed us the hint of jealousy I was hoping for, with the last scene being the most prominent. At this point, I don’t even care if Yuuto just fell on Shiina and happened to grope her breast, because he’ll probably need a little more than a simple explanation to get out of this one. I think this is just the perfect kind of misunderstanding to help stir things up, because it really didn’t look like Yuuto could do any wrong this week either.


– Nogizaka Haruka (乃木坂 春香) / Noto Mamiko (能登 麻美子)
– Ayase Yuuto (綾瀬 裕人) / Hatano Wataru (羽多野 渉)
– Nogizaka Mika (乃木坂 美夏) / Gotou Mai (後藤 麻衣)
– Sakurazaka Hadzuki (桜坂 葉月) / Shimizu Kaori (清水 香里)
– Nanashiro Nanami (七城 那波) / Ueda Kana (植田 佳奈)
– Amamiya Shiina (天宮 椎菜) / Satou Rina (佐藤 利奈)
– Asakura Nobunaga (朝倉 信長) / Takagi Reiko (高木 礼子)
– Kamishiro Yukari (上代 由香里) / Matsuki Miyu (松来 未祐)
– Nagai (永井) / Miyashita Eiji (宮下 栄治)
– Ogawa (小川) / Oosuka Jun (大須 賀純)
– Takenami (竹浪) / Yasumoto Hiroki (安元 洋貴)
– Asahina Mai (朝比奈 麻衣) / Toyosaki Aki (豊崎 愛生)
– Sawamura Yoshika (澤村 良子) / Kitamura Eri (喜多村 英梨)
– Nogizaka Gentou (乃木坂 玄冬) / Tachiki Fumihiko (立木 文彦)
– Nogizaka Akiho (乃木坂 秋穂) / Hisakawa Aya (久川 綾)


  1. About time it happened. Though I’m still dazzled by the physics involved that somehow causes the hand to always squeeze a boob. Is it a natural tendency for males in anime to home in towards the softest landing spot or something?

    Whatever. Can’t wait to see how Yuuto gets himself out of this one.

  2. ahh lol it was all going well at the beginning for our couple , but the end happened lol… that was every ones fear of what would cause a little stir jealousy… hope Haruka is still Slow, if not oh o.

  3. Wow. Didn’t see that coming. I’m surprised they went for the “it’s just a isunderstanding” bit. Hope things along in the relationship rather than spend another episode were yuuto checks out the rest of the harem. It would set this show back, I think. This show has got to go a 2nd season. The manga material hasn’t even been touched.

  4. @ Ties: RAGE DESU

    … lol pardon my jokes. But seriously if that happens I’ll scream out “NIGHTMARE!”

    In a second thought, no way School Day’s going to happen…

    Irie: Exactly, we need a second season. There’s a few more characters we haven’t seen yet, have we?

  5. I just read somewhere the show is based on the light novels and not the manga. It’s up to 7 volumes. Looks like they have 9 maids in total. This show could go in so many directions. Almost feels like a parody. If it goes School Day’s, what a disappointment that would be. That has to be the worst ending ever.

  6. @Ties

    LOL! Hope the NICE BOAT isn’t a yatch floating somewhere on the Sea of Japan again…

    To those who have read the novel and manga: Please don’t spoil. It hurts ya know?

  7. Wow I saw it coming when they prolonged that scene where she running through the school looking for Yuuto. I actually paused it when she was about to open the door lol…

    btw is this supposed to be 12 episodes? =/

  8. nooooo…. 🙁 but there’s so much left to the story..and the novel’s still going on… haruka’s rival hasn’t still shown up… few maids too… hope they’ll think of doing a second season.. i just love this show.. it’s so relaxed then others…
    i’m just whining, coz i’m a huge fan of this show… xoxo

  9. Haruka get’s Hazuki’s chainsaw and does what the masked man in Resident Evil 4 and beheads Yuuto. Then Shiina Stabs Haruka to death with her Naginata. We wouldn’t get the NICE BOAT ending but a NICE HOUSE…

    Verbatim EX
  10. Oooh man you guys and your school days lololol. You really think when you see some big dilemma + a cliffhanger you expect any girl (even the most shyest of them) to go “OMG YOU’RE CHEATING ON ME” *STABS YOU 6 TIMES WITH A KNIFE”. Come on now, Haruka people IT’S HER. I can expect some crying and her dad going at him but thats about it D;. Btw I looooved that change room bit, especially Haruka looking hot in that costume and then looking at the animation quality of her lips. It looked like she was about to kiss Yuuto…damn another opportunity cancelled D:

  11. love this anime..a lot!!! love the couple!! evrybody’s sayin’ how there should be more drama in this series to make it interestin’… well i think we didn;t have such down to earth anime for a while… with no complication(except this episode ofcourse) all new anime are so complicated with so much going on ( talkin’ about romantic animes)
    this is the first series after “oh!my goddess” that i genuinely like


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