This is a little over a week old now, but I neglected to post a Gundam 00 commercial that aired with Macross Frontier ep. 21. For the sake of completion, here it is. This one is essentially an extended version of the third commercial, so it doesn’t show too much new stuff, and the biggest thing that stood out to me was the brief shot of Saji and Setsuna together – it makes Saji look a lot less plain/boring than he does in the other shot. And since it features more of the ED, this commercial also gave me a more favorable view of Ishikawa Chiaki‘s Prototype.

Incidentally, on the topic of new series, the reason there’s been no Daily Doses lately is because I’ve been working on the next season preview. There are thirty-something new series this time around…


  1. Hot damn, 30 series? i definitely wont have the time to follow a lot of series and vampire knight and gundam are already guarantees so i’ll have to make a sacrifice and decide to stream the ones that arent that important.

  2. even tho its like 30 series, its still like only 1 or 2 episode a day, usually 1, and rarely 3, if u watch them as they come… well it works for me cause usually i have 2 hours of total free time for sure even during classes and work…

  3. I really hope Lockon is alive, chances are he’s not T_T. Lets see what his brother can do :P. Chimasternmay LOL, Definitely Setsuna should say “I AM GUNDAM” but first he should say: You distortion, Exia Trans-Arm, I AM GUNDAM :P.

  4. @mdong, im pretty sure we will find that out in one of those episode, but that part look cool with out pausing cause it seemed like he had a cape with that HUGE rag cloth… hum maybe was trying to play hide and seek with it so arrows don’t find it, but got caught and was fired at…

    Also it seems like Saji is saying soemthing like That doesnt mean shit to me, or that doesnt solve my problems, or dont try to regain ur self with just that… idk just trying to lip read a anime character lol

  5. In the part with Exia, there was half a face (eye on the left red, when it supposed to be green) and it seemed like the part with the cloth was covering up missing parts. From a distance, it looked like it only had 1 leg.

    So far Saji has been pretty irrelevant in the story. Either he’s a character who has a major role in the end or just another character who does nothing and is killed off like many others.

  6. @mdong, I think thats the original Exia that got busted up last season. looks like it got repaired enough to fight again, though not completely hence the broken eye and the cloth that is probably covering up its injuries

  7. The first mech we can see looks like those from Front Mission 3.
    And… OMG is it the… Mercurius ? (the red one, cfr Gundam Wing) XD

    Now that it’s “legal”, I hope for some Setsuna X Marina.

    le nuage
  8. Saji can have a bigger role if he dies first.
    Then Sunrise will resurrect him even if it doesn’t make sense and give him his Gundam Epyon or something like that just to die a second time.

    le nuage
  9. @momo
    There’s no “New Exia”. The gundam, who supposedly will have two GN drives is 00. And even though magazines state its “two drives”, we do not yet know if its really “two gn drives” or is it “two gn thrusters”(aka the cone things)

    And this Exia is the old one – hence why we see the damage it took from Gn-flag(beam saber, to the head, etc). It seems to be repaired just to be functional.

  10. The Question though for the Exia, the GN-Drive is supposed to be with the 00 (end of 25 said they are testing Exia’s GN-Drive with the 00 for compatibility).

    Does that mean it’s running on a Tau Drive?


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