In my ongoing efforts to find more PVs and live performances of anime-related music (which I hope to make a habit of doing so on a regular basis), I came across this live performance of FLOW’s WORLD END. While I realize that this is just under a month old now, I find that live performances are a lot more obscure than your run-of-the-mill PV, so I decided to share it here. I imagine that the number of fans who listen to anime music is noticeably less than that who watch it, with the number interested in PVs and live performances even less than that. This live version is a shorter version of the song, but I find live performances much more entertaining to watch, because you’re not simply listening to a prerecorded track you’ve heard many times before. The atmosphere is also quite different when you have a crowd of rabid fan girls. =P

In any case, I hope this is new to some of you, but if it’s not, you’re still more than welcome to share your thoughts about it. Expect some other PVs and performances to be posted soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the video.


  1. i love bands who can reproduce the sounds they did in their released track perfectly @_@ a lot of bands out there sadly sound different live than in their recorded music(maybe because of over-editing or something) but FLOW is awesome because they sound just like their recorded track. niiice

  2. Thanks for the update divine! It’s great when Music Station allows fans of a particular band/artist to participate and they really need to do it more often, because the average Music Station audience (all women in their 20’s ish), for me, appear horribly distant and unenthusiastic when certain musicians appear and perform. That’s probably why I prefer watching Hey!x3/Music Lovers/Our Music for the most part…

  3. there were flaws in the live………… turn up the volume and listen………. The entrance was screwed up, sounds different from the track, I’m actually little bit disappointed D:

    Gundam maniac
  4. I find FLOWS performances to be well done overall. I’ve seen bands who just lip sync *cough* johnny’s *cough* and other bands where…they can’t sing at all.

    Also, I agree with tau-tau that music stations should have the audience and band interact more cause most of the time it just ends up as them singing on a stage that looked like it was prerecorded or something.

  5. @kureejii

    I completely know what you mean! Ugh. Music station and Johnny’s are far too commercially tied-up together – you see a J&E band appear on the show every single week (sometimes the same group for 3 weeks in a row) when their spot can be given to underground/newly debuted artists. Music Station used to have the “young guns” section almost every week (Stephanie’s first appearance was one example)…now you barely see it happening.

  6. its really intresting you’re putting these pvs up. Im here in japan and it seems whenever a new anime comes out or op song it gets really popular that they are playing the whole song everywhere, convience stores especially, on the radio as well. I find it really odd that the anime songs are just as popular as the other stuff on the radio.

    american in japan
  7. Pretty good performance; FLOW has such a great energy and their sound was very close to their recorded track, which is awesome. The legions of screaming rabid fan girls is a plus too, ha. The camera gets knocked around once or twice while it was zooming around above their heads, lol. It’s always fun to see bands perform live in smaller settings. I’ve seen a few brand name bands at Madison Square Garden, but did have the pleasure of seeing Orange Range (pre Code Geass though) live at Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa a few years back. They did Asterik (of Bleach fame), which was pretty cool. And Asian Kung Fu Generation is another awesome band I managed to catch once too.

  8. they perform amazingly well live. but every time i watch this video and see the moment when the camera falters, i can’t help but to think that was due to a fan’s pumping fist.

    @america in japan: isn’t it the other way around? correct me if i’m wrong, but i’d always assumed that the songs used for anime (in most cases, with exceptions like Lucky Star, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Excel Saga, etc.) were ‘normal’ songs, as in ones recorded by the artist before it was decided to be used as an opening or ending for an anime. when an anime chooses to use that song, then it becomes popular. my two cents. :]

  9. Braeden:
    Yeah, most songs are just artist songs that are used in anime and not specifically produced for a series. From my understanding, a song is usually selected based on its lyrics (which should fit the series in some way). But as you mentioned, there are various songs that are produced for an anime, but these are usually sung by the seiyuus. Macross Frontier is an example of an exception though.

    Kinny Riddle:
    You also missed the fact that I’m not Omni. =P

  10. Whoa,FLOW is just plain awesome.~
    I love their song but seeing/hearing it in a Live video is even better. The energy is just overwhelming.
    The also like how the two lead singers’ voices compliment each other. They’re both so different.

  11. Flow’s songs are always fun and interesting to listen, especially WORLD END. I can’t decide which one I’d prefer most; colors or WORLD END… but I think I’ll choose the latter. Anyway, wow! They’re pretty decent when singing live… and look at all those fangirls LOL!

  12. wow they sound great live. many artists nowadays sound like shit live because their songs usually are altered in the recording studio to make it sound “better” but this one sounds just like the original song


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