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As word of what happened at Pendragon spreads among the Britannian ranks, Jeremiah tries to put a halt to what he thinks is a rumor, but Sayoko suddenly appears to confirm that it is probably true. At this moment, Nunnally is attributing her survival to Schneizel, so Suzaku wonders if she understands what Schneizel did. She indeed knows about him using a FLEIJA warhead on Pendragon, and she shuts Suzaku up by questioning if Geass is any better. Nunnally realizes that Suzaku and Lelouch have always been lying to her, and, knowing that her brother was Zero, she asks if he did it for her sake. Lelouch reacts by calling her impudent, and he scolds her for condemning others’ behavior when she doesn’t even get her own hands dirty. He accuses her of being part of the old nobility that he’s already denied, and he goes on to claim that he tried to take over the world for his own sake, not anyone else’s. Before cutting off the transmission, Lelouch makes it clear that if Nunnally cooperates with Schneizel and stands in his way, then he won’t hesitate to crush her. Afterwards, Schneizel reassures Nunnally that they evacuated everyone from Pendragon before using the FLEIJA and that he’s limiting damage to a minimum, but he still intends to use it on Lelouch next if Lelouch stands in the way of world peace. Nunnally in turn asks for the switch that fires the warhead because – since she can’t fight or protect – she wants to carry the sins.

Lelouch meanwhile is angry that C.C. didn’t know about Nunnally’s survival, but C.C. points out that she’s not god. Since Lelouch looks about ready to lose it, Suzaku grabs him and reminds him that their strategic objectives still haven’t changed – they can’t stop just because Nunnally is still alive. He wants Lelouch to remember their promise, and, after leaving the room with C.C., Suzaku calls himself Lelouch’s sword. Along those same lines, he tells C.C. to be Lelouch’s shield, and he also refers to her as Lelouch’s accomplice. Over on the Damocles, Schneizel explains to Cornelia that he had the citizens of Pendragon disappear, and he thinks that this is better for them than swearing loyalty to Lelouch. Lying is another means to accomplish that, and Schneizel is fine with taking out unnecessary information in order to get Nunnally against Lelouch. When Cornelia accuses him of manipulating people, Schneizel notes that although people want the problems overflowing in the world to be gone, they don’t try to understand each other. He then reveals his plan to achieve peace through system and power: the Damocles will rise up 300 kilometers above surface and shoot FLEIJA warheads at all countries that are fighting.

When Cornelia becomes alarmed that Schneizel’s goal isn’t to defeat Lelouch but is instead to subjugate people with fear, Schneizel calls peace an illusion. He knows that fighting is in the history of mankind, and to turn the illusion to reality, discipline is necessary. Cornelia thinks that something like this is only permitted to god, so Schneizel suggests that he’ll become god. He feels that a sacrifice of one or two billion people is okay for a permanent peace, but Cornelia disagrees and draws her sword. Before she can do anything though, Schneizel activates a hidden machine gun and mows her down. Back at Ashford, Sayoko reveals to Jeremiah that Schneizel had another aircraft used as a decoy, and that’s what was destroyed by the first FLEIJA. In wondering why Sayoko isn’t part of the Black Knights and is instead helping Lelouch, Jeremiah thinks that she’s giving her life for chivalry. Meanwhile, C.C. finds Lelouch by himself and compliments him on how well he kept a mask on while talking to Nunnally. Lelouch has been doing a lot of thinking and is sure that his conclusion after the struggle with his father was not mistaken. He thinks that C.C. understands the reason he has to do evil, and when she points out that everything he’s done up until now has been for Nunnally’s sake, he decides that he can’t treat Nunnally specially any longer. For all the lives that have been lost, he feels that they cannot stop, and after a moment, C.C. agrees with him.

With the wheels of destiny now in motion, both sides consolidate their forces and power. While Rakshata helps upgrade the Tristan for Gino, Kallen asks him if he’s okay fighting with them against Britannia. In response, Gino notes that he thinks that he understands Kallen’s feelings a little now. As the showdown at Mt. Fuji between Lelouch’s forces and Schneizel’s and the Black Knights’ forces draws near, both Lelouch and Schneizel give speeches to rally their troops. Afterwards, Lelouch broadcasts an open message to Schneizel to let him know that the captured representatives of the United Federation of Nations are on the Avalon. Li Xingke doesn’t want Schneizel to fire the FLEIJA at Lelouch’s forces for this reason, but Schneizel asks for command of everything in the battle in exchange for not doing so. To assuage Xingke’s worries since they’re up against Lelouch, Schneizel claims that he’s never lost to his little brother, and Xingke eventually decides to turn over control. The battle begins with much maneuvering by both sides until the Black Knights start surrounding Lelouch’s forces. Lelouch orders a counterattack with Suzaku pushing forward, but when the Black Knights break through the defensive line, he calls for his forces to move back. He is impressed by the Black Knights, however he knows his troops are all devoted to him thanks to the Geass on them.

After the Ikaruga inflicts heavy losses on Lelouch’s forces by using its heavy Hadron cannons, Lelouch is forced to use a trap he set inside Mt. Fuji. The mountain explodes in a giant fireball, and since the Black Knights are advancing right over it, they take the brunt of the damage. The Ikaruga is one of the ships hit, and as it sinks towards the ground, Ougi thinks about how he had Villetta stay back at Penglai Island because he didn’t want to get a new life – the one she is pregnant with – involved in all this. Lelouch’s move has caused a lot of damage to both sides, but both Suzaku and C.C. know that they now only have to defeat the Damocles to win. Schneizel, on the other hand, decides that now is a good time to use the FLEIJA, and Nunnally presses the button that fires the warhead. Lelouch immediately sends some of his forces to intercept it, but Schneizel had planned ahead and had fired a warhead that was already in its critical state. Regardless, Lelouch orders the rest of his forces to charge at the Damocles while the Avalon continues to retreat. He knows that he’s at a disadvantage given the number of FLEIJA warheads that Schneizel still has, and he feels that he now has to rely on Nina who is hard at work with Lloyd developing a counter. Schneizel meanwhile is confident that Lelouch can’t beat him, and he feels that people who cannot master their mask cannot achieve victory.


Well that ending was a bit lackluster. Considering all the good cliffhangers this series has had week in and week out, this one merely had Schneizel saying a nice line and looking a little evil, and it didn’t really carry much impact. What did have impact however, if only because of its suddenness, was the killing off of Cornelia. I’m not entirely sure that she’s dead, but with only two episodes left, I don’t see them having enough time to bring her back again. Perhaps the bigger question is what role her death even serves at this point. It could be that by eliminating people around Schneizel who have some semblance of a conscience, they can make him appear more evil. On the other hand, maybe they’re just trying to semi-randomly kill off characters for shock value.

That brings me to my next point. I might be overdue in saying this, but I’m at the point where nothing that happened this episode really got me excited. I suspect it’s at least partially because I’ve been convinced that this’ll end in a trainwreck. I say that not because director Taniguchi and his staff might not have been able to tell the story how they wanted, but because even the story they are telling is getting cut due to time. The montage in the middle of the episode was a blatant example of this, and it’s a sign that they’re going to have to skip over the details on most of the sideplots that haven’t already come to fruition. The one that is being developed is the Villetta’s apparent pregnancy, and since I’ve been waiting for more about her and Ougi, I can’t complain about that. I wonder if her baby will end up as the hope at the end of the series or something.

In any case, I’m still curious to see how this ends, regardless of if it’s good or bad. From the preview, it looks like one of the big scenes next week will be Lelouch coming face to face with the Guren, though I doubt that’s how he’ll die (assuming he even does die). Maybe C.C. will save him with the gratuitously pink Lancelot that reminds me a bit too much of a certain pink battleship. I actually didn’t mind the color so much though after seeing this amusing image after the episode ended.

September 14, 2008 at 5:14 am
  • September 16, 2008 at 11:34 amMarvin

    Nice little theory you got going there. Again, that is purely opinion. Whether that’s true or not really doesn’t matter as long as they get ratings; trainwreck or not. Like WingZero zxt asked, what views do you have that make the 2 seasons so dissimilar or unrelated?

    I did notice their little glance but it can also be that Lelouch sees how Diethard personality is (betrays to the more “interesting” side). Again, who knows. He MAY in fact be lelouch’s final wild card.

  • September 16, 2008 at 11:35 amdojikyo

    @Kaoshin Sama,

    If you get past the train wreck remark, the second season really is a different beast than the first one. During the first season the blood stained Euphie arc was a pleasant surprise, but I enjoyed it and thought the Mao arc left the storyline open for what occurred. It was twist that I didn’t see coming (I was expecting her to get assassinated and that would ignite a rebellion) that fit the story.
    In the second season, major events happen so frequently and with so little buildup that there really isn’t any impact.

    I enjoy it, but the second season reeks of a rushed story and excessive executive meddling. Lelouch taking over Britannia could have easily been the climax of the second season. With the subsequent post Lelouch Britannia versus the UN and Schneizel as the third season.

  • September 16, 2008 at 11:40 amWingZero zxt

    Whilst iREALLY wanted a 3rd season the only forseeable problem with a third season is that there would have to inevitably by the itroduction of new characters due to the massive character attrition rating this has!

  • September 16, 2008 at 1:26 pmmagixiii

    I agree that Anya might be used as a wild card. Apparently Kannon doesn’t trust her that much because they restored her memories so she might decide to join Lelouch at the last second because she wants to or because Lelouch asked her to during the one month time skip which would explain why she is with Schneizel and not Lelouch when he should have found her first.

  • September 16, 2008 at 3:24 pmKalessin

    What I don’t get is how Schneizel would be able to restore her memories. The alterations in her memory were Geass-induced. Jeremiah would be able to fix her and C.C. might be able to (we still don’t know exactly what her powers are and whether she was able to fix Lelouch only because she’d given him a Geass previously), but there’s no precedent in the show for any non-Geass-related person undoing anything done by a Geass. It seems to me that they wanted her to have her memories back but didn’t have a good way of doing so, so they simply declared that Schneizel’s people had done it.

    Actually, now that I think about it, maybe her memories were restored once Marianne had left. I recall them saying that Schneizel’s people had restored her memories, but I could have misinterpreted it or it could have been translated incorrectly. Still, it seems off to me that Anya would have her memories back at this point.

    And for that matter, how would Schneizel know? Even if he did carry Marianne’s body away, that doesn’t mean that he’d have any clue as to what really happened – let alone that Anya’s memories had been tweaked. It’s really rather odd.

    I certainly don’t think that R2 is worse than R1 and I definitely don’t think that it’s a trainwreck, but there are some annoying inconsistencies.

  • September 16, 2008 at 3:46 pmMidou

    I shall take my permanent leave, I get a headache from reading some of these comments. I’ll stick it to the end, the same way I’ve watched those really terrible movies where you only watch because its so over the top bad that its hilarious.

  • September 16, 2008 at 3:49 pmWingZero zxt

    What a random fellow…

  • September 16, 2008 at 5:09 pmMarvin

    *sigh* agreed with you WingZero zxt…

  • September 16, 2008 at 5:18 pmJordiBlau

    @ Kalessin

    As far as I understood they didn’t restore Anya’s memories as off yet. Cannon implies that Schneizel didn’t do it yet, because he still needed her for the upcoming battle. Which means that she is a reliability, but only when she gets her memories back. How Schneizel was supposed to get her memories back, I have no clue.

    Some people here, were commenting on that the Vincent appeared in the extended preview. As for whose flying it, I only see two possibilities. Which are either Cecile or Sayoko. I believe Cecile was willing to board the Lancelot a while ago and well for my motivations to nominate Sayoko, well the more important question is, what can’t she do?

    But I wonder what Lelouch will do against Schneizel next episode. There are two things that make Schneizel powerfull, first off he keeps himself from having any real emotions. (which explains why he’s always acting so damn cool) His second is order, every action he makes stems from order through carefull planning. But, from what we can tell from the preview, Lelouch is going to drop real-time tactics (he says it himself) next episode. Which means he’s probably going with an impulsive action. In other words, it will not be logical, which brings up the fact that he still has something up his sleeve that Schneizel probably hasn’t accounted for. Schneizel probably knows lelouch has Nina, so he will have something up his sleeve other then Freya. But what else has Lelouch up his sleeve to defeat Schneizel.

    Will he be playing with Schneizel’s mind, one way to do this is by making him loose his composure (in other words his emotionless self) and take away the order in his life. one thing that sprung my mind is that Schneizel depends a lot on Cannon. He is a lot smarter then his screentime makes us believe. He’s always giving Schneizel advice on what to do when we see him. And when that’s not the case, he is observing every one of Schneizel’s actions. I can certainly see Schneizel’s world come crashing down, when something happens to Cannon.

    Besides Schneizel is up against a guy with an immortal wingman and on top off that, another wingman with a live geass casted upon him. The round it all off, Nunnaly doesn’t affect his actions anymore. Lelouch has even accepted that he can’t win head on with tactics, so Schneizel certainly won’t get the better of him anymore.

  • September 16, 2008 at 5:54 pmH

    Lulu is such an awesome little napoleon. The highs of the show come from the miracles that lulu pulls off, but this whole schneizel having the upper hand thing is kind of killing the style. I’m still glued though. All hail Lulu!

  • September 16, 2008 at 6:20 pmWingZero zxt

    Regarding Anya and he memories the qway it was worded in Gg subs was better cos it said that he memories were restored! that merely sggests that schniziel knew was wasnt all there not that he knew a lot if anything about the happenings in the villa that day even though he moved marrianes body. that and the fact lelouch should have gotten to her first maybe the reason why cannon asks the question in the first place! (i wonder if cannon knows schniziels complete plan!? i think he does cos he looks morally complacent and wipped by schniziels pretty face although he pulled asad face when cornelia was gunned down! Why does everyone find the gun popping out of the wall random??? stuff has been shooting from walls randomly since the time of indiana jones and now suddenly its a media fopaa!???

  • September 16, 2008 at 7:26 pmKalessin

    You don’t think that it’s random for someone to have it set up in their planning room (or whatever kind of room it was) so that they can snap their fingers and have a gun pop out and kill someone? The gun just shoots straight, so the person would have to be right in front of it for it to even do any good. It would normally be pointless except that Cornelia just so happened to turn against Schneizel when she was right in front of it. It was totally there for the convenience of the plot.

    Now, in Indiana Jones, you expect random, weird traps because he’s sneaking around in ancient temples, looking for ancient treasures and the like. It’s the kind of place that’s supposed to have weird, random traps. Having weird random traps in your planning room on your fancy new, take-over-the-world ship isn’t quite so normal. It’s the kind of thing you expect in some cheesy, B-rated movie.

  • September 16, 2008 at 7:54 pmGeorge

    I’m guessing this will happen if Schneizel fires multiple FREIJA missiles on the whole world. Just ignore the part of Keanu Reeves being on a lie detector test until 0:54

    - btw, this is the trailer of 2008 movie version of The Day the Earth Stood Still which stars Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly

  • September 16, 2008 at 8:58 pmMao

    Even if he said he left… xD

    @What Midou said
    I don’t really see the point on the above comment. Like I said… Code Geass is far from perfect but it’s not like some of those plot twists (namely Anya) where just thrown out of the blue. The story HEAVILY suggested a relationship between Anya and Marianne numerous times (to the point where a lot of wacko theories made an appearance) and although a bit surprising, the idea of Marianne Geasing her way out of death isn’t all that exagerated given the nature of the Geass Universe.

    As for “coincidences”, the same could be said about most forms of general media and entertainment. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve seen some small coincidences appear here and there in an anime or even movie. Would it have been much different if the machine gun was on the roof and wasn’t conveniently aiming at Cornellia? Does that machine gun really break the story or something? At least this isn’t as bad as watching Light and his rival miraculously read each others mind through various process of scripted “deductions” like it’s overly seen in Death Note.

    Geass isn’t the epitome of entertainment but I simply find it refreshing because it does things considerably different than most overabused anime themes (ie. Gundam). Again, it’s not perfect and there are issues of story rushing, plot holes, and stupidity in the series but as a whole there is a lot to credit it for.

    I respect peoples opinion but acting “bigger” than others because one follows on a trend or has a different opinion is a rather childish, yet common, thing to do.

  • September 16, 2008 at 9:20 pmSilentveil

    Actually, maybe, the guns is set with a sound motion. Sch would have clapped if his enemy was to be shot from directly in front of him from the ceiling, whistle to shot them from below, and you know a finger snap to get them from behind like that.

    It could happen.

    I don’t know where all these talks of what ifs are coming from. I was sure the biggest plot hole would have come from the fact that Szh got ahold of Nunnelly at all. Sayoko was with her with her own troops, so are you telling me they couldn’t rig that thing to take another flight plan or that Szh had actually plan for them to be aboard it when he showed up or captured it.

    Anyway, thought I might want to point that part out ….as being a bit more mysterious.

    As for Anya’s memories, well, they did generate or make a Geass before. THey did that with Jermiah to give him his Geass cancelor, so why couldn’t they had done that again?

    Poor Suzaku be safe …your live geass will probably be next.

  • September 16, 2008 at 9:51 pmKalessin

    @Silentveil I don’t dispute that the gun thing could work. Certainly, it looked like he had it set up on the clapper something since it came out when he snapped his fingers. It’s just that it’s a silly thing to have set up – especially if making anything like a snapping sound makes it pop out. “Whoops. Sorry Kanon. I clapped my hands at the wrong moment and the gun popped out and killed you.”

    However, this isn’t the first time that this series has done things that seem a bit silly and out of place when you think about it but are there because they fit the plot. In fact, it’s a good sign that things like this haven’t happened more often.

    As for Sayoko not taking Nunnally to Lelouch, I totally agree with you point and I think that I said earlier that that was my main complaint about the situation. Sayoko would do whatever it took to protect Nunnally, so I don’t find it at all surprising that she stayed with her, but going to Schneizel is a bit odd. Maybe Nunnally insisted and Sayoko didn’t want to force her. Unfortunately, I don’t think that we’re going to get a better explanation than that within the show. There might be a better one in a commentary in the DVD’s or something like that, but I don’t think that there’s going to be much opportunity within the show to explain more than they did. If they really wanted to explain it well, they would have done it in this last episode (probably with flashbacks and the like). My guess is that they just didn’t have the time to do it properly.

    As for the Geass Canceler, it’s not completely out of the question that Schneizel had access to some of that tech, but the people who made it are now all dead thanks to Lelouch taking out the Geass cult and Schneizel had nothing to do with that research. In fact, as far as we know, he’d never even heard of Geass before he made Suzaku tell him about it. He might have known, but there’s really no evidence for it as far as I know. The only thing that I can think of that might explain it is that the last remaining Geass cult members were with the emperor just prior to him heading off to his death. They might have had the information necessary to enable Schneizel to fix Anya. But how did he even know that her memories were altered in the first place? Really, it’s not totally implausible that Schneizel would be able to get Anya’s memory fixed, but it sure seems unlikely.

  • September 16, 2008 at 10:41 pmQuikstryke

    Just me or anyone else think diethart is spy for lelouch. (or atleast betray schnizel) that little extended look between deithart and lelouch kinda hinted that to me. dunno about you guys. also the fact sayako is still allied with lelouch.

    on the plus note orange-kun is the man

  • September 16, 2008 at 11:05 pmAmin Hyo

    Schneizel is now a Gundam Meister of Celestial Being.

  • September 17, 2008 at 2:42 amKalessin

    Well, here’s another round of omake fun: http://finality.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/code-geass-r2-23-wut-o_o/ . I particularly like Lelouch’s line about why they have to kill off so many characters with names.

  • September 17, 2008 at 7:13 amWingZero zxt

    @Kalessin No not at all! This is Schniziel we are talking about!!! hes a genius! he does things like that!!! Would you think it was random if lelouch did it ofcourse not cos we know that he is clever like that and so is schniziel! even if he just had a guy hiding behind a wall with the order ‘when i snap my fingers kill cornelia’! i mean he didnt snap on then off so it might justt have been some random guy with no morals! and Anya wouldnt need Geass Canceling! as soon as marrianes gone her memories should be restored cos the geass effect was gone! its different to how lelouch permanently geasses someone and even if the order has been fulfilled they cant be regeassed because technically thier mind is still altered!

  • September 17, 2008 at 8:06 amWingZero zxt

    LOL have you ever read somthing written here and thought ‘thats a very good point’ then realise that you wrote it!!!? or better yet thought it was complete rubbish? ive done te first one!

  • September 17, 2008 at 8:32 amSilentveil

    WingZero zxt@

    Ummm..no normally people don’t do that, because it’s too much like patting yourself on the back. Kind of pointless and crazy. Also, if it is a person …than they are a really bad shot. WHy did they have to spray the area, instead of Szh getting himself a real sniper whom can take Cornelia down with one shot & why hid in the wall like that? Hell, the person could have just hidden off to the side, and got amuch clearer shot that way. I mean …it wasn’t like Cornelia had a gun right …she pulled a freaky sword. The entire series and she had drawn a gun, but the moment before her death she pulls out a sword.

    That was another WTF moment.


    Hmmm…you got a point there.Though, I can’t really see Sayoko doing all of that just to be told by Nunnelly …ummm… no thank you. I want to go to brother Szh and I expect you to respect my wishes and she goes ..okay.


    I find it hard to believe she would break into an enemy base and just let Nunnelly go, and let’s say she said …I am taking you to your brother. Her answer is …no I don’t care about him ..I am going to brother Szh? I just can’t find a good explanation for how she ended up with him & no one else noticed. Szh didn’t even bother to tell Suzaku and he was willing to make that dude his second in command …as his knight.

  • September 17, 2008 at 3:06 pmKalessin

    @WingZero zxt
    I do think that people would be less liable to complain about the snapping to make the gun come out move if Lelouch had done it, but it’s still stupid. As Silentveil points out, a sniper or something would have made a lot more sense. Of course, in most situations like that, if it were Lelouch, he simply would have Geassed the person (though that wouldn’t have worked on Cornelia).

    I think that it’s a case of just not wanting to have Schneizel pull a gun. It just doesn’t go with his image to actually pull a gun himself. Still, they should have had Kanon pull a gun instead. It would have been just as effective without being so stupid. The machine gun is just so random (why would you normally need one there?) and it just so happened happened to be in the perfect place to take out Cornelia.

    Really, for me the snapping isn’t all that big a deal – Lelouch has done similar things before – but the gun itself popping out in such a place is just so random and stupid.

  • September 17, 2008 at 3:20 pmKalessin

    I agree that it would be a bit off for Sayoko to take Nunnally to Schneizel just because she asked. Depending on how much Sayoko told Nunnally, Nunnally might not want to immediately run off to Lelouch (though you’d think that she would) and I’d certainly expect Sayoko to care about what Nunnally wanted, but she also cares about what Lelouch wants and would consider him to be the “good guy” so she’d definitely want to take Nunnally to Lelouch. That was the whole point of what she was up to after all.

    Really, I brought up the idea because it was about the only thing that I could think of that might have made it so that Sayoko would agree to take Nunnally to Schneizel. It would certainly seem odd for her to have been unable to get the craft to go elsewhere. Maybe Schneizel picked them up so fast that Sayoko didn’t really have time to get them away. I don’t know. It just seems odd.

    I think that they probably could come up with a reasonable explanation as to why Sayoko didn’t go straight to Lelouch, but unfortunately they didn’t choose to give one to us within the show. If we want it, they’re going to have to put it audio commentaries or something.

    Now, I can totally understand why Sayoko wouldn’t just run off with Nunnally once Schneizel had them (especially once Zero was declared dead), but a better explanation for why they ended up with him in the first place would be nice.

  • September 17, 2008 at 6:00 pmYuki no Kurogane

    *Gasp* OMG, Omni, I cannot believe you’d succumb to the use of that god-awful word as well….Well, I doubt anyone can enjoy this episode with “trainwreck” unjustly in their mind, when everything was directed pretty fluidly; it had that drumroll to battle feel to it….and I bet Cornelia is still alive and crawling (err, I mean kicking’).

    Just stay away from the trolls. They have nothing better to do than bash Code Geass, when there is no better anime they are watching.

  • September 17, 2008 at 10:22 pmMidou



  • September 17, 2008 at 10:34 pmMidou

    Also, to make a real post @Yuki, there is defiantly better anime to watch, I usually get them around the same time, Code geass and Macross Frontier, I have yet to be let down even for a moment in Macross, while all I get here is TRAIN WRECK.

  • September 17, 2008 at 11:03 pmkamui_atmyrealm

    OMG! WTH just happened?
    BTW, im wandering what the Last Card Lelouch is talking about in the preview…
    I hope it’s not getting C.C.’s code to be immort..

    No More Karen x Lelouch? Awwww

    Yeah, and I hope Cornelia is still alive.. Darn Schniz… :D

  • September 17, 2008 at 11:03 pmSilentveil


    Are you kidding me? Macross Frontier has gotten really stupid as well, and let’s not forget …they killed of one character by having him sucked through a hole after being fatally stabbed, but somehow …he glasses weren’t suck out as well.

    It was one of those sentimental pieces that was really overdone.

  • September 17, 2008 at 11:05 pmgeorge


    this is what really happened to cornelia :3 LOL

  • September 17, 2008 at 11:12 pmKalessin

    For a moment there, I thought that they were going to find a way in that gif to make it so that Cornelia transferred herself into Schneizel. Of course, that would have taken extra footage as opposed to rearranged footage, but it would have been funny.

  • September 17, 2008 at 11:23 pmgeorge

    @Kalessin: agree on that.

    Anyway, this is what i come up in both Lelouch’s and Schneizel’s sides

    *C.C. the immortal witch and the PHINK Lancelot
    *Spinzaku and Lancelot albion
    *Sayako, the ninja maid
    *Orange, the cyborg with Siegfied and Geass Cancellor
    *Nina, with anti-FREIJA bomb if she finish it

    *Gino and his upgraded Tristan
    *Kallen and her upgraded Guren
    *Anya with Mordred
    *The Black Knights

    that’s all I could think of. Just add more if there anything missing from them.

    BTW, I’m guessing this will happen if Schneizel fires multiple FREIJA missiles on the whole world. Just ignore the part of Keanu Reeves being on a lie detector test until 0:54

    - btw, this is the trailer of 2008 movie version of The Day the Earth Stood Still which stars Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly

  • September 17, 2008 at 11:40 pmMax

    To be quite honest, I must agree that a Milly x Lelouch relationship is very doubtful. However, I don’t believe that a C.C. x Lelouch relationship will happen either because C.C. doesn’t see Lelouch as a love interest. I could be wrong. The same with Rivalz x Milly pairing. Milly could fall in love with Rivalz the same way as Shirley wanted Lelouch to fall in love with her.

    With only 2 episodes left, anything could happen. I won’t speculate on Milly and Lelouch until the last episode. If Lelouch gets a satisfactory ending, it’s likely that he’ll either die or forever be isolated from his friends and family. I would be very surprised if C.C. gives him her immortality Code. If anything, C.C. might die in an upcoming FLEIJA blast protecting Lelouch. The FLEIJA blast might grant her the wish of death.

    As for Kallen, I don’t think that she’ll end up with Lelouch as a romantic partner. She’s likely to leave him after the hell he has put her through. The only reason why I think Lelouch might end up with Milly is because of the promise that he had made to her about coming to the fireworks festival. She might confide her feelings to him. But that’s up in the air right now.

    So far C.C. has kissed Lelouch twice; Kallen kissed him once,and Shirley got to kiss him once as well. Milly is due to get her chance to kiss Lelouch, if it ever gets to that moment. Perhaps Rivalz would do Milly the honor. Although I doubt that it would ever happen.

  • September 18, 2008 at 3:09 amRemmell

    Don’t Rule out KallenxLelouch Yet!

    The previews never really ruin anything so I knew it was safe to watch.
    It shows more of Kallen then the regular preview. Seems in the Guren she’s crying, or at least in tears.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Her actions here could say a lot. Seeing how it’s inside a KMF hanger I don’t see Suzaku come bursting in to stop her. Watching the preview it appears C.C. is nearby during this scene. In the shot of her smiling you can see her Lancelot behind her. I don’t see how Kallen could have a better chance to kill him. Really, I see this playing out in one of three ways.
    One: Kallen chooses not to kill him. (for whatever reason)
    Two: C.C. shows up in her Pink Lancelot and holds Kallen back to give Lelouch time to get into his Shinkirou and escape.
    Three: Someone else shows up just behind Kallen before she has the chance to make her choice and Lelouch slips away in the confusion to his Shinkirou. (I’m thinking this one is much more likely.)

    Later in the preview it looks like the Tristan Twin shows up in a hanger, if not the same one; and there is a small flash of the Shinkirou launching the chest crystal in the same kind of room we see the Tristan Twin in. I don’t really see the Guren in the shot of the Tristan so it’s hard to tell. The problem is that the purple glow of the room lights are more like Black Knights then Britannian technology.
    Notice near the end of the preview you can see the Shinkirou in it’s collapsed transport mode.
    In this better quality image of Kallen’s attack you can see the float system of the Shinkirou through the smoke.
    Knowing this we can see that for whatever reason Kallen doesn’t kill Lelouch and he gets enough time to get into the Shinkirou.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  • September 18, 2008 at 3:17 amWingZero zxt

    Just happened to be in the right place???? more like scniziel lead her there after cornelia said can i have a word! Also that WAS cornelias crazy gun/sword!!!! and the whole thing reading was purely because i read my own comment without the name LOL

    Midou seriously??? MF? a series where not having the biggest weapon but being able to SING your way out of trouble counts?!? REALLY dont get me wrong i like macross but individual storyline qualms aside (for instance the only romantic story remotely interesting wasKlanxMichael nad i hate alto as a character) the whole singing thing is a Really lame premise to base a space adventure on, excpet for in the first series because it was reasonably genius and made sense without using copius ammounts of technical jargon to justify it! its sortof how using THE FORCE was cool until qui gon(george lucas) attemted to justify it by saying it was crazy microscopic bacteria in your blood!
    For me Macross Frontier has been consistenly average! just as you can say with Gundam its JUST gundam after watching several of the macross series you can say its JUST macross the story designed NOT TO END (until the tengen toppa gurren lagaan rolls the galaxy thier in into giant ball and throws it at the antispiral)

  • September 18, 2008 at 4:06 amWingZero zxt

    @Remmell Jeremiah pushes her away its in one ofthe previews

  • September 18, 2008 at 4:16 amWingZero zxt

    Also @george it would ave been more fun if it were PINK

  • September 18, 2008 at 4:27 amRemmell

    @WingZero zxt
    I watched both previews and it never shows Jeremiah pushing Kallen away in the Guren. There are only two previews for an episode. The regular one and the extended. Jeremiah only appeared in the extended preview and he’s shown outside.
    How could Jeremiah even get in that room? Jeremiah’s KMF is huge in compared to all the others.
    Even if there was a preview showing Jeremiah stopping Kallen it still doesn’t counter all the rest of the things I said.
    She is obviously heartbroken that she has to face him as an enemy. She doesn’t look mad.

  • September 18, 2008 at 5:48 amWingZero zxt

    Its posible i imagined it in a dream i had but it was a little too vivid so i thought i had seen it somewhere

  • September 18, 2008 at 7:20 amSilentveil

    Okay, first off, from the preview I am going to make a really good guess. I think the BK are going to turn on Szh. WHy? Well in the extended preview it looked like Todou or is it the guy whom begged for some sort of a title moving to protect Jeremiah’s knightmare.

    Though I can’t be totally sure, so I could easily be wrong.

    As for Kallen, well, I think she is going to die next episode. Thank you everyone.

  • September 18, 2008 at 11:27 amJordiBlau


    It could very well be possible that the black knights turn on Schneizel.. But I have other reasons for thinking so. Think about it, Schneizel did exactly the same as when Lelouch was Zero, only he does it without geass. So maybe him firing another Freya could be a turning point off some sort, as him not firing Freya and therefore not endangering the representatives, was the reason he was given command of the whole army.

    Lelouch always failed when his plans where based on lies, or call it, not the telling the whole truth if you wish. It always backfired on lelouch and this is exactly what Schneizel is doing right now. Lelouch on the other hand is finally at a point where he is surrounded by staff that exactly knows what he wants to achieve. So there are no more lies on his side, well except for the people he doesn’t want to involve. But well they aren’t a part of his plan, so no harm done there.

  • September 18, 2008 at 2:21 pmWingZero zxt

    @SilentVeil thats tamaki toudou pilots the zangestu (The only mech with Hair and a Booster Sword

  • September 18, 2008 at 7:22 pmGeorge

    @JordiBlau: I also quite agree that the Black Knights will turn on Schneizel. I bet that they will find out about Schneizel’s plan in firing FREIJAs all over the world. Hence, in the OP, Todo’s knightmare is running and flying at Damocles. Or I could be wrong unless the Black Knights are totally blind to see what Schneizel is really doing and easily fall for his charisma.

    And also most interesting is that during the conversation between Schneizel and Lelouch, I notice that Lelouch is giving a look at Diethard who happens to be with Schneizel at that time, grinning. Do you think Diethard is not just there to film Schneizel’s “I will become God” plan but to help Lelouch expose Schneizel’s plan?

  • September 18, 2008 at 7:36 pmSilentveil


    Diethard isn’t really loyal to Lelouche or to Zero. He is loyal to the idea of choas in any shape and form, and if there is a Code Geass 2 …he will more than likely be the root of all evil in that series.

    In fact, he is happy that Szh is going down the path that Lelouche turned away from.

  • September 18, 2008 at 7:42 pmGeorge

    @Silentveil: That doesn’t explain the look that Lelouch gave to Diethard. So you’re saying that the look is “Oh, what a coincidence! You’re with Schneizel” look. And that smug in Diethard’s face is “That’s right. I’m with Schneizel” look.

  • September 18, 2008 at 8:14 pmWingZero zxt

    Lelouch was just probably noicing it is possible he is secretly working for lelouch but it might just be that lelouch knows what motivates diethardt and plans to use him later on!

  • September 18, 2008 at 9:08 pmSilentveil


    Actually I took it as more of ….[[I knew it you b@#*QW& ...you would switch sides in a moment, and I bet you are the real mastermind behind all that went wrong with the BK]]

    Diethard looks is [[Did you really think you had the balls to be my master ...you stupid punk?]]

    I am sure by now, Lelouche has probably figured out whom really betrayed him, so …cough* Diethard * cough it is more of a look of one whom knows what he really has to face. Though it was never mentioned, Diethard comes off as being as sneaky and as smart as Lelouche on varies levels. He afterall was never fooled about what happen to the Japanese boat incident. He wasn’t fooled about the path of destruction that Zero was treading, and actually started to get pissed off when thing started to change.

    In fact, he was so desperate to keep everything on it’s path that he made Ohgi his punk and that man still doesn’t mind working with him. Maybe he said, Zero made him do it.

    I would figure if someone figured out about Lelouche’s Geass it was him, and I have a feeling from the beginning that Diethard was never really with his group. IF you want to find out whom was the best one to play spy …it had to be Diethard whom had access to everything, and whom more than likely is the one whom looked up all the records that happen with Lelouche.

    I mean we all assume that Suzaku was followed to the shrine, but what if the information leak wasn’t on Suzaku’s side at all, but came from Lelouche. I do believe Diethard is good enough to do that, you know. It would also explain why he wasn’t so surprise at Lelouche’s true identity.

  • September 18, 2008 at 10:34 pmKalessin

    I always understood that Diethard wanted to film/record history in the making. Zero was on a path to seriously change the world and maybe even take it over. Following Zero, therefore, gave Diethard the opportunity to record history in the making. However, once Zero fell, there was no point in recording what Zero was up to anymore, so he went to the place where history was now likely to be made: Schneizel’s group.

    Diethard initially opposed the OotBK turning against Zero and even told Zero that he would have liked to record his actions up to the point that he took over the world (or something along those lines anyway. I’d have to rewatch the episode for the exact line). However, if the OotBK weren’t going to follow Zero, then Zero wasn’t going to make history anymore and so there was no point in supporting Zero any longer.

    If Diethard had known that Lelouch was going to return as emperor a month after Zero’s “death,” then he might have stayed loyal to him to be able to record what he was up to, but no one knew what Lelouch was up to or even whether he was alive. Obviously, give Schneizel’s reaction to Lelouch taking the throne, he suspected that Lelouch was alive and planned to take the throne, but no one knew for sure – and even if Schneizel suspected it, that doesn’t mean that Diethard knew anything about it or suspected anything like that himself.

    Really, Diethard is loyal to wherever he’s most likely to have the chance to record history in the making. If that’s Lelouch/Zero, then he’s with Lelouch/Zero. If that’s with Schneizel, then that’s with Schneizel. Lelouch understood that and I think that Silentveil’s interpretation of Lelouch’s reaction to seeing Diethard with Schneizel is the accurate one.

    Lelouch never had the opportunity to talk with Diethard prior to going after the emperor and Diethard went over to Schneizel during the month that Lelocuh was gone. So unless Lelouch thought that he could trust Diethard well enough to contact him during that month and send him over to Schneizel (which I find very unlikely), Diethard went to Schneizel on his own and has nothing to do with Lelouch at this point.

  • September 18, 2008 at 11:03 pmSilentveil

    Actually, Diethard is the one whom decided not to fire upon Szh when he landed on the ship that is what give me the spy in thier midst feeling about him.

  • September 19, 2008 at 5:32 amJordiBlau

    I thought Zero’s identity wasn’t a surprise because Diethardt got information from the intelligence agency (Viletta, rolo etc.)

    As for the look Lelouch gave Diethardt, I’m not sure what it was. They probably give him that look on purpose as it can be interpreted in more than just one way. But given Diethardt’s motives in the past, it isn’t unlikely for him to switch sides in an instant to get the story he so badly wants. Off course Lelouch knows this, so if takes the right acions.. I can see Diethardt switching sides again. Diethardt might be his gamble, but to be honest I’m not sure the guy is going to play a mayor role next episode. But it’s hard to be certain about anything that might happen right now.

  • September 19, 2008 at 6:51 amSilentveil


    Diethard had long sense cut his ties to them by the time that S1 ended, and had kind of managed to avoid death and being executed by taking a less important role in the news media again. He I believed was suppose to have been one to lose it all when Lelouche was captured, but wasn’t put on the chopping block because he is Britianna.

    It’s like what they told Kallen before, if she is captured …death isn’t assured, but for a Japanese there would be no hesitation. That was why they felt it was okay for Kallen to fight or even be captured at times in the beginning.

  • September 19, 2008 at 9:15 amWingZero zxt

    @silentVeil even if what you say is valid its unlikely to be properly touched on before the end of the series most likely it will end up as a picturebook or somthing (IF valid)
    Diethardt didnt escape because he was brittanian he fled to the Chinese Federation with sayako!
    Also diethardt not firing was purely because it was schniziel!i mean if an important figurehead from the opossition lands on your ship with no soldiers whatsoever you atleast A) wanna hear what he has to say
    B)Wait til leader decides what he wants to do with him
    Rather than just blowing him away straight away!

  • September 19, 2008 at 6:36 pmSilentveil

    Wingzero zxt@

    Hmmm…I thought he stayed. I will have to go back to check that one out.

    Umm…actually I would:

    a) Capture him, and let the leader decide his fate
    b) blow his brains out, because …you know that guy is the enemy afterall.

    I am not one for trying to figure out someone’s plot …if they come against me ..I believe in putting them down first and then ask questions later.

  • September 19, 2008 at 11:51 pmKalessin

    I think that I’m going to have to agree with WingZero zxt on this one. I really don’t think that Diethard was ever a spy for Schneizel. I think that his motives in season 1 were quite clear (we got to hear his thoughts, after all) and between seasons 1 and 2, he was hiding out in China with Sayoko and Rakshata.

    When Schneizel showed up at the Ikaruga, it made perfect sense to leave him alive. None of them had any idea why he was there. Killing him prematurely could have caused a big problem. (In fact, in this case, it almost certainly would have resulted in FLEIJA being set off on the Ikaruga). Also, none of them would have wanted to incur Zero’s wrath by killing Schneizel when Zero might not want them to. Really, it made the most sense to listen to Schneizel before killing him. After all, it’s not like he would have come over without insurance of some kind.

    So, I really don’t see any evidence for Diethard joining up with the OotBK for any reason other than to record Zero making history and I don’t see any evidence for him betraying the OotBK prior to Schneizel showing up. With Zero gone, he latched onto Schneizel, but I think that he was totally pro-Zero before that. He goes where the story is and so he’s with Schneizel now. I’d be very surprised if he was working for Schneizel previously or if he were working for Lelouch now. He might choose to turn on Schneizel if he thought that Lelouch was really where the story was now or if he secretly was totally appalled by what Schneizel is up to, but I think that he did indeed switch sides to Schneizel when Zero left and that he was never with Schneizel prior to that.

  • September 20, 2008 at 1:08 amSilentveil

    Actually, his entire joining was suspect to me. The fact that he would hold Villeta hostage against Ohgi seem to be more of a Szh move.

    The entire he hid out in china thing also seem a bit suspecious. Diethard unlike Sayoko had no tie to the chinese federation, and more so, less of a reason for her to take him with him or to allow him to hide out with her. It wasn’t like she was publically going around telling everyone she is a ninja nanny, and why would she even be on Diethard’s radar?

    THe records Schneizel might have gotten on Lelouche ..might have come fron Diethard, and for the hear Szh out scenio. It seems weird that they would sit down and talk to thier enemey captain without thier own leader being presence even if he is completely off his rocker. Most would have thrown him in the slamer and refused to speak until Lelouche was ready to be prescence, yet, this was done without Lelouche’s knowledge for the most part.

    He wasn’t even aware that Sch had gotten on the ship. That doesn’t exactly scream loyality there. The fact that Ohgi just seem to conviently be on thier side by that point doesn’t exactly come across to me as if …Diethard was on Lelouche’s side. He had Ohgi literally by the throat, and the man thought it was Zero’s fault.

  • September 20, 2008 at 7:21 amKalessin

    I thought that Diethard’s reasons for joining the OotBK were made pretty clear in season 1. He wants to record history in the making and Zero is busy making history. I thought that his actions in the beginning of R2 aligned completely with that. Certainly, Lelouch seemed to think that that was still what he was up to. As for Diethard hiding out in China, he was a known terrorist, so he couldn’t very well hang out in any territory controlled by Britannia without risking arrest. China was one of Britannia’s main enemies and it’s near Japan.

    As for Sayoko hanging out with him, she joined the OotBK near the end of season 1 and Diethard was more or less in charge of personnel, so he knew about her and talked with her in at least episode 21 if not more. There’s a decent chance that in joining the OotBK, she revealed her skills to them – which would explain why she was used in episode 21 of R1 in the backup plan to get Kallen out of the school if necessary, why she was used in the later plan to capture the Lancelot at the school, and why Diethard would want to use her in general. Also, I don’t think that Sayoko has any more connections with China than Diethard does. I don’t know where you got that. If anyone had such connections, it was Rakshata because India was controlled by China and she’s from there. I don’t see what Sayoko being with Diethard has to do with them hanging out in China.

    As for Diethard, holding Viletta over Ougi’s head (so to speak), he wanted Ougi to maintain his position in the OotBK. He appeared to want to maintain the status quo so that he could record Zero making history. If Ougi – the second in command of the OotBK – left, that could cause a lot of problems. As for Ougi thinking that this was Zero’s fault, I’ve seen no evidence for that. I’m pretty sure that the reason that Ougi was so unhappy with Zero was because he talked with Viletta and found out who Zero was and a lot of what he’d been up to. Diethard almost certainly found out about Lelouch being Zero in the same way. Certainly, when Ougi backed up Schneizel against Zero, he was saying that Lelouch was Zero and that he’d been using them, not that he’d used Viletta against him.

    And as for the leaders of the OotBK meeting with Schneizel without Zero, they did that because they couldn’t get ahold of him because he’d cloistered himself in his room and wasn’t answering anyone’s calls. They probably felt that they had to talk with Schneizel Zero or no Zero. I don’t see what that has to do with Diethard working for Schneizel though. If anything, Diethard was supporting Zero the most in that meeting. I could see how Diethard might have gotten some of the information that Schneizel had, but I don’t think that it’s out of the question that Schneizel could get it on his own. He was effectively in charge of Japan after all.

    When it comes down to it, I thought that Diethard’s reasons for following Zero in the first place were quite clear and that all his actions up to the betrayal of Zero are in line with that. He then betrayed Zero with the rest of them because they were all betraying Zero and Zero wasn’t going to continue to make history without the OotBK. With Zero gone, he then latched himself onto the person most likely to make history with Zero gone. That person just so happened to be Schneizel. I don’t think that he worked with Schneizel prior to that and I don’t think that he’s secretly working for Lelouch now. Both seem to me to be against what he’s generally shown his motivations to be.

  • September 20, 2008 at 8:10 amWingZero zxt

    Hmm… Prety much covered :P What gets me though is that Villeta STILL seems to think that Lelouch was still responsible for her memory loss and her amnesia! shes a bit slow aint she cos the only time geass was used on her was episode 2 and when shirley shot her she had bloodlss amnesia its amusing because even after sitting in an office full of geass controlled men she still seems to think it miraculously wore off on her!!!!

  • September 20, 2008 at 8:11 amWingZero zxt

    based on what she said and how she said it in the ousting of Zero episode!

  • September 20, 2008 at 11:18 pmKalessin

    You know, the more I think about it, the more likely it seems that either Diethard or Cornelia recorded Schneizel telling Cornelia his master plan. I just find it hard to believe that the OotBK are going to be fighting with Schneizel until the bitter end. They could be, but given that Toudoh is attacking Damacles in the opening and how little they actually like Schneizel, it seems to me that they’re going to turn on Schneizel. Plus, what’s the point of Diethard at this point? I think that it’s totally in his character to switch over to Schneizel when he did, but it seems to me to be a waste of screentime if they don’t actually do something with him. Right now, all we’ve gotten out of it, is him saying how great Schneizel is and Lelouch giving him a dirty look. Having him side with Schneizel just hasn’t done anything for the plot at this point. If he were to reveal Schneizel’s plans to the OotBK, then that would make his switching over actually relevant.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I just have a hard time believing that the OotBK are going to side with Schneizel until the bitter end. They may not really side with Lelouch, but if they knew what Schneizel’s plan was, there’s no way that they’d help him. The fact that he’s now used FLEIJA in the battle can’t sit well with them either. If his plans got leaked, they’d turn on him. If they do, I expect it’ll be very close to the end, but I expect that they’ll turn on Schneizel in order to stop his nefarious scheme and having Diethard or Cornelia tell them would make it so that they found it.

    We don’t know whether Cornelia is dead (she’s been injured at minimum and the character chart doesn’t say that she’s dead, but it’s shown itself to be somewhat unreliable), so we don’t know whether she could reveal it, but she obviously opposed it. Diethard didn’t seem to oppose it, but he seems like a waste of screentime to me at this point if he doesn’t do something that actually affects the plot, so he could certainly do it.

    In any case, I’d expect that towards the end of this next episode, the OotBK will turn on Schneizel.

    Show Spoiler ▼

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