As word of what happened at Pendragon spreads among the Britannian ranks, Jeremiah tries to put a halt to what he thinks is a rumor, but Sayoko suddenly appears to confirm that it is probably true. At this moment, Nunnally is attributing her survival to Schneizel, so Suzaku wonders if she understands what Schneizel did. She indeed knows about him using a FLEIJA warhead on Pendragon, and she shuts Suzaku up by questioning if Geass is any better. Nunnally realizes that Suzaku and Lelouch have always been lying to her, and, knowing that her brother was Zero, she asks if he did it for her sake. Lelouch reacts by calling her impudent, and he scolds her for condemning others’ behavior when she doesn’t even get her own hands dirty. He accuses her of being part of the old nobility that he’s already denied, and he goes on to claim that he tried to take over the world for his own sake, not anyone else’s. Before cutting off the transmission, Lelouch makes it clear that if Nunnally cooperates with Schneizel and stands in his way, then he won’t hesitate to crush her. Afterwards, Schneizel reassures Nunnally that they evacuated everyone from Pendragon before using the FLEIJA and that he’s limiting damage to a minimum, but he still intends to use it on Lelouch next if Lelouch stands in the way of world peace. Nunnally in turn asks for the switch that fires the warhead because – since she can’t fight or protect – she wants to carry the sins.

Lelouch meanwhile is angry that C.C. didn’t know about Nunnally’s survival, but C.C. points out that she’s not god. Since Lelouch looks about ready to lose it, Suzaku grabs him and reminds him that their strategic objectives still haven’t changed – they can’t stop just because Nunnally is still alive. He wants Lelouch to remember their promise, and, after leaving the room with C.C., Suzaku calls himself Lelouch’s sword. Along those same lines, he tells C.C. to be Lelouch’s shield, and he also refers to her as Lelouch’s accomplice. Over on the Damocles, Schneizel explains to Cornelia that he had the citizens of Pendragon disappear, and he thinks that this is better for them than swearing loyalty to Lelouch. Lying is another means to accomplish that, and Schneizel is fine with taking out unnecessary information in order to get Nunnally against Lelouch. When Cornelia accuses him of manipulating people, Schneizel notes that although people want the problems overflowing in the world to be gone, they don’t try to understand each other. He then reveals his plan to achieve peace through system and power: the Damocles will rise up 300 kilometers above surface and shoot FLEIJA warheads at all countries that are fighting.

When Cornelia becomes alarmed that Schneizel’s goal isn’t to defeat Lelouch but is instead to subjugate people with fear, Schneizel calls peace an illusion. He knows that fighting is in the history of mankind, and to turn the illusion to reality, discipline is necessary. Cornelia thinks that something like this is only permitted to god, so Schneizel suggests that he’ll become god. He feels that a sacrifice of one or two billion people is okay for a permanent peace, but Cornelia disagrees and draws her sword. Before she can do anything though, Schneizel activates a hidden machine gun and mows her down. Back at Ashford, Sayoko reveals to Jeremiah that Schneizel had another aircraft used as a decoy, and that’s what was destroyed by the first FLEIJA. In wondering why Sayoko isn’t part of the Black Knights and is instead helping Lelouch, Jeremiah thinks that she’s giving her life for chivalry. Meanwhile, C.C. finds Lelouch by himself and compliments him on how well he kept a mask on while talking to Nunnally. Lelouch has been doing a lot of thinking and is sure that his conclusion after the struggle with his father was not mistaken. He thinks that C.C. understands the reason he has to do evil, and when she points out that everything he’s done up until now has been for Nunnally’s sake, he decides that he can’t treat Nunnally specially any longer. For all the lives that have been lost, he feels that they cannot stop, and after a moment, C.C. agrees with him.

With the wheels of destiny now in motion, both sides consolidate their forces and power. While Rakshata helps upgrade the Tristan for Gino, Kallen asks him if he’s okay fighting with them against Britannia. In response, Gino notes that he thinks that he understands Kallen’s feelings a little now. As the showdown at Mt. Fuji between Lelouch’s forces and Schneizel’s and the Black Knights’ forces draws near, both Lelouch and Schneizel give speeches to rally their troops. Afterwards, Lelouch broadcasts an open message to Schneizel to let him know that the captured representatives of the United Federation of Nations are on the Avalon. Li Xingke doesn’t want Schneizel to fire the FLEIJA at Lelouch’s forces for this reason, but Schneizel asks for command of everything in the battle in exchange for not doing so. To assuage Xingke’s worries since they’re up against Lelouch, Schneizel claims that he’s never lost to his little brother, and Xingke eventually decides to turn over control. The battle begins with much maneuvering by both sides until the Black Knights start surrounding Lelouch’s forces. Lelouch orders a counterattack with Suzaku pushing forward, but when the Black Knights break through the defensive line, he calls for his forces to move back. He is impressed by the Black Knights, however he knows his troops are all devoted to him thanks to the Geass on them.

After the Ikaruga inflicts heavy losses on Lelouch’s forces by using its heavy Hadron cannons, Lelouch is forced to use a trap he set inside Mt. Fuji. The mountain explodes in a giant fireball, and since the Black Knights are advancing right over it, they take the brunt of the damage. The Ikaruga is one of the ships hit, and as it sinks towards the ground, Ougi thinks about how he had Villetta stay back at Penglai Island because he didn’t want to get a new life – the one she is pregnant with – involved in all this. Lelouch’s move has caused a lot of damage to both sides, but both Suzaku and C.C. know that they now only have to defeat the Damocles to win. Schneizel, on the other hand, decides that now is a good time to use the FLEIJA, and Nunnally presses the button that fires the warhead. Lelouch immediately sends some of his forces to intercept it, but Schneizel had planned ahead and had fired a warhead that was already in its critical state. Regardless, Lelouch orders the rest of his forces to charge at the Damocles while the Avalon continues to retreat. He knows that he’s at a disadvantage given the number of FLEIJA warheads that Schneizel still has, and he feels that he now has to rely on Nina who is hard at work with Lloyd developing a counter. Schneizel meanwhile is confident that Lelouch can’t beat him, and he feels that people who cannot master their mask cannot achieve victory.


Well that ending was a bit lackluster. Considering all the good cliffhangers this series has had week in and week out, this one merely had Schneizel saying a nice line and looking a little evil, and it didn’t really carry much impact. What did have impact however, if only because of its suddenness, was the killing off of Cornelia. I’m not entirely sure that she’s dead, but with only two episodes left, I don’t see them having enough time to bring her back again. Perhaps the bigger question is what role her death even serves at this point. It could be that by eliminating people around Schneizel who have some semblance of a conscience, they can make him appear more evil. On the other hand, maybe they’re just trying to semi-randomly kill off characters for shock value.

That brings me to my next point. I might be overdue in saying this, but I’m at the point where nothing that happened this episode really got me excited. I suspect it’s at least partially because I’ve been convinced that this’ll end in a trainwreck. I say that not because director Taniguchi and his staff might not have been able to tell the story how they wanted, but because even the story they are telling is getting cut due to time. The montage in the middle of the episode was a blatant example of this, and it’s a sign that they’re going to have to skip over the details on most of the sideplots that haven’t already come to fruition. The one that is being developed is the Villetta’s apparent pregnancy, and since I’ve been waiting for more about her and Ougi, I can’t complain about that. I wonder if her baby will end up as the hope at the end of the series or something.

In any case, I’m still curious to see how this ends, regardless of if it’s good or bad. From the preview, it looks like one of the big scenes next week will be Lelouch coming face to face with the Guren, though I doubt that’s how he’ll die (assuming he even does die). Maybe C.C. will save him with the gratuitously pink Lancelot that reminds me a bit too much of a certain pink battleship. I actually didn’t mind the color so much though after seeing this amusing image after the episode ended.


  1. oo i like lulu and cc leaning on each other part…
    and oh my Kallen would u really Claw lulu, no plz dont
    well if there is any episode to like and put ur fate in to its the last one, so far its still good for me though… what else can u expect near the end, besides betrayals, death, and evil.

  2. I actually was fairly satisfied by this episode, some details aside that I’m too tired to list, even though it may be a case of too little too late.

    “Erm, that montage in middle of the episode made it feel like a ton of story got skipped over because they ran out of time.”

    That applies to the entire season, Omni.

    But still…I guess there’s not stopping the bandwagon.

    Not that you can’t criticize, and maybe the show doesn’t have the “magic” or “spark” or whatever you want to call it, but I found this episode a success in terms of entertaining me and didn’t feel bored at all.

  3. Oh jeezzz

    CC x Lulu is set now, sorry kallen fangirls, but to make you feel better it’s looking like Kallen will get Gino (if they both live anyways). So you should be happy with that much.

  4. @Camario: Well if anything sucked the magic out of the show it was all the trolling going on among the fanbase and for me “the magic” pretty much disappeared around episode 17 as a result. Kind of hard to enjoy a show that’s current claim to fame is making it’s fanbase fight amongst itself. Even I’m guilty of falling prey to this, but what can I say. I should have waited until after it was finished to watch it. Shows this popular just can’t be viewed comfortably while they are airing.

  5. Kaioshin Sama: I don’t even understand how selling out applies to this. I’m just confirming something that I’ve been feeling the past few episodes, except this week was particularly unsatisfying.

    Camario: Early in the season, it’s not so apparent because they have so much room to explain things, and there are so many directions for the story to go. It’s much easier to stay excited because of those possibilities. It’s not until late in the series as things start to wrap up that you realize that everything they were developing led to a somewhat disappointing climax, and at that point, there’s only so many things that can still happen. Plus, I didn’t call this boring or not entertaining – it merely just does not evoke the same emotions that it used to.

  6. “Shows this popular just can’t be viewed comfortably while they are airing.”

    Only if you actually care about what people think about a show. Even Anonymous on /a/ can understand this simple concept – watch the goddamn show and form your own opinion.

    Also: Popular shows nearly always have terrible fanbases. Guess which shows this rule can be applied to.

  7. @Omni: Well at least you did the respectable thing and waited until near the end to express your sentiment AND you’ve shown that you haven’t just made up your mind already. It adds a heck of a lot more weight and impact to the announcement. I guess I’m just surprised is all. Selling out wasn’t really what I mean, I just never expected to see you using the word “trainwreck”, which I’ve always felt was part of a sort of lower tier vocabulary.

    To me if there’s one and only area that R2 has significantly disappointed me as of late then it’s the battles. There’s just not as much emphasis put on mecha action anymore and I thought I was cool with it for a while because there was the excuse of their being more powerful KF’s, but now even the KF’s aren’t getting their due. It’s all about the leader’s sleight of hand maneuvers that change the flow of battle with one super trump card instead of the full house house type gambit it used to be. Usually a terrain effect. It was always like that with R2, but before we got to see it all play out Mission Impossible style. Now it’s just sort of over and done with in an instant and it’s always kind of samey. The story and characters still interest me though even if the combat has lost it’s flair.

  8. Cry some moar, Kaioshin. “At least you’re waiting until near the end” LOL. You’re the worst fanboy that you’re actually referring to. Everyone else can see that this show is trainwreck in the making except you and some hardcore fans. Ever wonder where the word ‘fan’ comes from? It’s “Fanatic”.

  9. Whats wrong with the color pink, its just a color common… and just think of lulu as a mage if u can stand him in a dress, i mean don’t all mage in games(WOW) look like that while people still play them don’t they…

  10. I agree this episode is not all that exiting, only the part where Cornelia got shot was “eye-opening”. Now everyone is lying, Lelouch to Nunnally, Schneizel also lied to her. Somehow i feel Lelouch will win since Schneizel showed his evil smile again in this episode.

  11. @Kaioshin Sama

    I just posted your comment in 4chan. Besides the comments about how they’re ACTUALLY excited about how Geass will end, I got one particular comment:

    “I’m not as fond of R2 as the first season, but I still like it. As far as the trolling or whatever goes…you really gotta learn to rise above those things. ”

    Think about it.

  12. Well, I feel R2 became a bit fast paced and scattered these fast few episodes. I dunno but maybe if they added a few more episodes things may have flowed a bit smoother. Excuse my analogy but its like having a water pipe and letting an excessive volume of water flow into it. But still, R2 is a good watch this season and imo it’s a bit better than Macross F.

    And I hope C.C. and lelouch get a lot of screen time for the last 2 eps since Lelouch said he’s gonna make her happy…just had to let that out.

  13. Omni: If I were to view R2 solely in terms of what I originally expected it would be difficult to disagree with you,..but right now I’m essentially waiting to see how it ends, and in the meanwhile at least I can say there’s not much that bothered me in this episode, compared to the previous one for example.

    Kaioshin: Maybe, but the content of the show itself and its staff aren’t blameless though…which is why I can see why some critics and even a few of the trolls, their language aside, can have a point (or more). Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the show, doesn’t mean I have to agree with all complaints.

  14. Once again, Geass gets everyone fired up.

    Really sad I have to say…really sad. Trolls only exist when people respond or discuss them though I guess people can’t seem to come to grasps with this.

    Dan Graham
  15. Do you even know what trolling means? It’s the act of intentionally inciting a flame war or to annoy other users.

    People have different opinions and apparently the vast majority are disappointed with R2. When such a large portion of people are disappointed, it isn’t trolling, they just don’t like it.

  16. @Anonymous
    Majority of people love shonen shows like bleach and naruto. Does that mean that these shows are “omg great”? No.

    Saying that “its bad because majority says so” is ignorant, to say, at least. One has to have his own opinion, instead of being influences by the waves of people who name anything that is not spoon-fed to him in story, as a plothole.

  17. I enjoyed the ep quite a lot, the Lulu X CC scene in particular had my fan’s heart pumping quite a bit ^_^

    But as I wrote in a Danny Choo news blurb a few days ago ( ), the show doesn’t utterly enthrall me like the first season did, but I still think it’s a excellent show, even if it didn’t live up to Season 1.

    Kaioshin – AFAIK we love a ton of the same shows, so a fellow otaku salute+ manly hug to you, but really a lot of what you’re talking about with regards to mean-spirited trolling/negativity does apply to you and your Lucky Star comments a while back. But Chin up and enjoy Code Geass bud

  18. @UnknownVoice

    “Saying that “its bad because majority says so” is ignorant, to say, at least.”

    He never said that, reread his comment. He simply said when such a large portion of people are disappointed, it isn’t trolling, they just don’t like it. Nothing about whether the show is good or bad, but people have formed an opinion that they dislike the show.

    Dan Graham
  19. Just wanted to add that I was never really a big fan of Cornelia so I’m not really all that upset about her rather unceremonius looking death. Actually, that gets me thinking. If there’s one area where this show can surprise and excel it’s that people don’t always get the death you expect them to, much like Zeta Gundam. So often in anime you can see a characters death coming a mile away, but not Code Geass. It’ll throw up false death flags, or have a characters death happen in a flash, but you’ll rarely see it coming or get the expected result.

    For example, Cornelia the Warrior Princess, after all of her victories and in her reasonably large role in much of what has happened in the series, doesn’t get the uber-dramatic death in a Knightmare Frame after killing 20 people that one would expect. Instead she apparently gets taken down by her own brother in a an act that was mostly in vain. On the other hand characters like Rolo who never did anything really heroic for most of their lives and are really quite loathsome get to die reasonably satisfying deaths with a hint of redemption and lament, for themselves and the viewers.

    I know this drives a lot of people insane and causes them to “rage” and say it’s bad writing (and I guess if every show absolutely has to give the character exit that is expected then that would mean it’s “doing it wrong”), but I like that the show rarely plays by convention. That part of it is definitely strong for me.

  20. “Well it’s a shame to learn that even Omni’s sold out to the “trainwreck” crowd. Guess there’s just two more weeks until the shows over.”

    Seriously. Congratulations on catching the 4chan/GG aids, Omni.

  21. For all the ass-hattery that Ougi’s done, the only honorable thing he could do now is die. Why is the original Lancelot pink!? CC’s colors were never pink, I’m assuming she’s going to be the pilot.

  22. episode looks interesting enough. wow about the whole cornelia thing. looks liek the final battle has started. I winder what will happen next. seems like kallen is going in for the kill, which I doubt will happen. only a few moar episodes left!

  23. What ass-hattery has Ougi done?

    What Kaoshin says is kinda true though. On one hand we have the danger of CG being too cliche, while on the other, the twists are so surprising that people resort to calling it trainwreck. Same thing happened with 00. Taking the Zeta Gundam example, I wouldn’t be surprised that nowadays people would think it is a trainwreck, with all the disappearing characters and stuff.

    I also like Cornelia. Strange that I dislike Kallen (*ducks*) even though she is basically the same archetype.

  24. I certainly hope that Nunnally x Lelouch are reunited before the series is over. Also, it appears that Kallen x Lelouch are now enemies. How I miss the intrique of R1. I enjoyed the pace of the first season because everything was not rushed. I feel that for this season, they left a lot of issues out. I was hoping to see the resolution between Milly and Lelouch, as well as Cornelia and Lelouch teaming up. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

  25. I wondered how things would have turned if Schniezel had not revealed the identity of Zero to the members of the Black Knights? It might have been an interesting turn to have him still leading the Black Knight and the UFN.

  26. I think people are disappointed because of Code Geass was handled. Isn’t it because the creator wasn’t given the green light for a third season, and the fact the original story for the second season was scrapped?

    In an interview, the creator said things didn’t go his way. Honestly, I still wait on each episode for R2, but the fact I know it HAS TO END makes me disappointed, along with the fact the rushing pace is due to the guys behind Geass getting short-changed with what they wanted to do.

    Also, it’s “not a vast majority” that’s disappointed. That’s also blown out of proportion, like the Diablo III ranbid fanbase which yells louder and more obnoxiously. In addition, this is perfect bait for trolls to feed and amplify and disguise themselves.

  27. >I might be overdue in saying this, but I’m at the point where nothing that happened this >episode really got me excited. I suspect it’s at least partially because I’ve been >convinced that this’ll end in a trainwreck. Basically, I’m still curious to see what will >happen, but the magic just isn’t there anymore.


    The magic isn’t there anymore: you just summed up the episode (that’s enough for this ep)

  28. I always simply try to enjoy any movie, episode, or book as it is without comaparing or criticizing since few things are perfect in everything. Though I am a tad worried of what happened near the end of Gundam SEED Destiny is gonna happen with Code Geass R2.

    I wonder why CC was given back her psycho ward uniform instead of either her past outfits or a possible million other choices out there.

  29. Plan303e are you yet again talking about the same interview or is this a different one if its the same one it was done at a time where it werent finished!

    Gundam will Never Own Code Geass!!! ive been a gundam fan my entire anime-related life and its precisely because of that reason that Gundam doesnt own Code Geass whilst its true that i will always be a gundam fan i will always think back to the time when the Greatest anime of all time aired knocking Dragonball Z from top spot! because with gunda after all is sed and done it is still ONLY GUNDAM!!!! it will follow more or less the same formula it has done since the time of our ancestors- ripping of and revamping aspects of its predecessors to make it JUSt new enough to watch again for another year

    For all of you who didnt know gundam has been going on since the dawn of time

    @Omni The magics not there anymore because most if not all questions have been answered! Thats how magic works! they do the trick- you find the secret!- its no longer entertaining or like rollercoasters you go up-around-side to side and back down again

    Trainwreck??? naaaah a trainwrek is FMA a trainwreck is Dragonaut would you reallly HONESTLY compare CODE GEASS to Dragonaut??!?!?!?!

    WingZero zxt
  30. I’m with omni on this one. However, this has deus ex machina written all over it – which is the worst case scenario, imo. Sunrise should just stick to Gundam, atleast we know that it will ALWAYS end with the deus ex machina bs. I’ll just call it a trainwreck after the last eps, but its definitely wrecking now 😉

  31. @ Max:
    I agree ^^
    I don’t think the second season is all that bad. It wasn’t until about halfway through R2 that I started to loose interest. It is possible that when R2 is over, that I might think better of it. There are still 2 epi’s to go and who knows what will happen.

    The emperor with his pink sword o’ justice:


    Maybe the pink Knightmare was created so that they can squeeze money out of the fangirls who buy CG franchise? The pink works for Barbie to appeal to girls, so maybe a pink Knightmare will also..? Just a wild guess ^^

  32. BTW lets be honest KallenxLelouch fans unfortunately its prob not gonna happen! Dont get me wrong ive kept faith for as long as possible but if C.C. gets he wish then one way or another kallen will end up with Gino/Alone DAMN i dont want that to happen though hopefully the point made about Gino being to low down the packing order still holds some merit atleast hopefully suzaku will kill him to make up for him Outdressing Lelouch!! he freaking looks more like an emperor then lelouch does!!!

    WingZero zxt
  33. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got an ending that will probably knock our socks off.

    As for pairings, I don’t see anything set as of yet. Anyone make out what happened between lulu/cc and kallen/gino?

    and for the montage in the middle, how much time was actually “skipped?”

  34. Everything feels too rushed ever since Lelouch killed the emperor. I think that entire episode should’ve been the final episode, since at the moment it was clearly the climax point of the story. Let’s hope the writers can make up for it these next two episodes.

  35. This show has definitely trainwreck!!! nobody ask questions or uses their own thoughts in this show anymore. From nunnlly betraying to the black knights joining shitzel its all one big joke!!! The writers have said screw everyone we will make no sense at all in this story telling and you all will like it. Im only watching to find out where the train goes off the tracks from this point.

  36. Once the fleja counter is complete schniziel will be left ith a practically undefendable mobile assault Fortress! then all lelouch has to do is Capture nunally and the blacknights will end up being disbanded for siding with Schniziel Cannon will shoot schniziel in a Patrick zala (Gundam Seed) sorta way and Lelouch will finally grant C.C. wish ! Suzaku andKallen will take geass from lelouch to continue the worlds new found order and Lelouch (and Nunally maybe) will eventually be able to disappear into obscurity

    Final Deaths


    WingZero zxt
  37. Sigh, When I watched the first season out of whim, the first impression I got was, Wow that guy can really use his brain to help him in difficult situations. I really liked guys who uses strategy instead of strength alone. I was really excited when they announced Code Geass will have a second season, but seeing things now, it really just disappoints me. I guess it’s true that a sequel is inferior to the first. This holds true to most Movies,TV series and animes. But just to be a real fan of anime, I’ll finish what I have started watching.

  38. I haven’t watched this episode. But looking at the preview screencaps for turn 24, I can’t believe I will ever say this, but: I hope Lelouch will kill Kallen. I liked the girl, but her lack of a brain really wastes her knightmare talents.

  39. Before saying it’s a trainwreck, let it end.

    Why did CC put on her prisoner suit again? Nothing else to wear (after being out of the Black Knights)

    Wow, Infinite Justice Lancelotte. Very… kinky.

    Chino F
  40. Do I have to finish watching this…It has become way too predictable. That’s able the only thing this has over all the other cookie-cutter amine that sunrise pushed out. The fool that wants to blow up every major city on earth dies in a blaze of glory while the supposed hero disappears into the night. I’m tired on this bs. This junk was unpredictable for 46 eps. Why in the hell did they lose it in the final 4. Its unforgiveable. Now I will disappear into the night…

  41. I swear I think they’ve given up on Geass… I mean if the whole Strike Freedom/Infinite Justice tribute wasn’t bad enough, to toss in the Pink Lancelot aka Pink Zaku in…

    I mean that’s pretty much admitting that the series is a cash in now and story be damned.

  42. Let me put it this way, if you have a brother and someone told you your brother was evil. But to you this brother has always been there for you and has raised you up and gave you nothing but love.Wouldnt you wait to see your brother before you pass judgement on him. Nunnllys view makes no sense since she herself idolizes her brother and suzaku. But now she is killing millions and even trying to kill her brother and suzaku and for what?
    Same goes to the black knights except theya are far worse than nunnlly. They have betrayed their core values by joining shitzel. A person who has tried to kill them beofre on the battlefield ,and a person who has shown no respect for life by building a weapon of mass destruction using it agaisnt them!!! Killing millions something lulu has never done, but lulu is more evil for having a power he used many times to save them. Does that really make any sense to you Wingzero??
    Thats a trainwreck!!!

  43. OMG a pink Lancelot! Now all we need is a Pink Gurren and I can die laughing. OMFG Villeta’s pregnant?! I completely unexpected that in a series like Code Geass. Tristan looks a bit like a monstew with that new head and the wings remind me a bit of the wings of the Impulse. Is it me, or does Schnizel somewhat look a bit like Lelouch in the preview? Either way, everyone’s gonna be in the air again. I’m kinda getting annoyed with all the flying. Doesn’t anyone miss the old fights, when they kept their feet on the ground? Like the first fight with Gurren and Lancelot?

    the burnt shadow
  44. There was only one part i liked about this episode, and that was when lulu said something that looked like he lied to nunally then hung up on the bitch!! She deserves what ever happens to her from this point on. Im really disappointed in her character.
    They better not have a r3 with the crap the writers are putting out now, i cant even imagine what tragedy would await that anime.

  45. LOL can you HONESTLY say Darkloco that any of thier actions make sense??? calling somthing a trainwreck just because most of the characters are sociopath/retards is like saying Shounen anime shouldnt exist!!!! i define a trainwrecxk assomthing that ends (and is written) badly!!!!! We know that in Code Geass some people are idiots some are insane and some will laugh even when its…no no ESPECIALLY when its inappropriate to do so! Suzakus retardedness distracted a great many of us from the fact that lelouch was bordering on the clinicly Joker-like insane! the emperors one track mind distracted us from the fact that schniziel was more than just a pretty (annoying) face and C.C. distracted us from the fact that Lelouch might like Normal Girls (well as normal is this show gets anyway)

    Nunally is quite literally blind to whats going on around her! the black knights are frightened and confused by Geass and to top it off, of the only two people who know schniziel end game 2 of them are morally complacent one of them might be gay (LOL) and ones bin shot! so yeah you could say that schniziel has never needed geass because EVEN better then lelouch could, can he infact manipulate people to do his bidding e.g.

    Nunally: Schniziel is [*monotone voice*] a great man who has never inappropriately touched me
    :p lol

    WingZero zxt
  46. @Darkloco
    If Sunrise decides to produce a R3, I hope that they would allow the creators the freedom to to the series the way that they intended to be, and back to its original latenight timeslot. I am hoping that it might clears things up because R2 is nothing like R1. It’s so out of place to make Nunnally evil, as well as having Lelouch kill off Charles to take on the role of Emperor.

    Emperor Charles warned Lelouch that once he returns to the real world, all that awaits him is Schneizel’s world. And he might be right about that. The first half of R2 wasn’t so bad. But once Shirley died, it became more of a lock and load gun that was ready to shoot in the wrong direction. And the news that R2 was the final season depressed me a lot because there was too many unresolved issues. I am very surprised that there will not a R3 because there needs to be. The second half of R2 doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

  47. @WingZero zxt

    The only normal girls on the show where Milly and Shirley. Lelouch was definately comfortable around the normal girls. The only normal girl left is Milly Ashford. I could see Lelouch happy with her.

  48. Wow, code GAY ASS was my idea.
    Anyways why does everyone use the same fckin kind of remotes to blow things up, are they copying lelouch. Even Nunnally uses those chess shaped buttons.

    Oh and the next episodes might be delayed.

  49. I do think that it is too early to say that the unresolved issues will remain so, despite there being only 2 remaining episodes. Maybe they are trying to resolve everything with one big epic finale, who knows? Though, I must agree that that seems particularly remote as a possibility.

  50. I’d say that R2 is really to fast-paced….a very excellent series but the fact that they concretly state that the last episode is episode 25 of R2 and the last season is R2 really saddens all those geass maniac..They should bring up R3 maybe until R5…ending such a long story in just 2 seasons is not enough….with 2 more episodes,bye-bye Code Geass hallo Gundam 00 Season 2….I’d miss this series alot…DAMN SUNRISE!!!!BRING US R3->R5!!!


    I have a plan…..



    here they are….

    mmm…. drugs….




    sorry I couldn’t resist, the screen caps were too good to pass up XD

    but what the hell are the writers thinking? Code geass was such a good show… now Im watching it just for comedy by watching it screw up every episode..

  52. @ Darkloco:
    I agree with your sentiments about how odd some actions from characters seem. I was quite surprised when the BK decided to believe “the nice Britannian enemy who is probably quite biased in what kind of picture he wants to sketch of his opponent, his brother, and might very well have been tweaking some of his info and probably wants to achieve something for himself by doing this”. I don’t blame them for doubting and be suspicious of Zero, but to trust Britannia without discussing it, questioning Zero and let him come with evidence, is a bit silly.

    Right after that, they decided to go execute their leader, because a smooth bishie convinced them. Ougi seemed quite fine with that, even though he had only Schneizel’s word that they would get Japan in return. I also find it strange that they accepted Viletta that easily, just because of Ougi.

    Another flaw is that no one seems to stop to explain anything or wonder if what they see and/or hear isn’t necessary the whole story.

    I wouldn’t call the show a “trainwreck” though. It has it’s flaws, but I reserve my opinion of R2 after all epi’s have aired and I have a complete story to look back on.

  53. Nunally: Schniziel is [*monotone voice*] a great man who has never inappropriately touched me
    :p lol

    I dont agree with everything you said wingzero, but that part was funny. I can see your point that just about everyone was over the top. But things truly dont make since!! Shitzel nukes them killing millions on japan soil. And they love him even more for it!!! While the man that kept them alive who they knew had secrets, thus the mask! Well he cant be trusted. Even Kallen who was the most loyal, has turned into a mindless drone! Its pathetic. But nunally needs to be raped then nuked or something. She makes the least amount of sense now to me. I will kill millions to stop you i will become you oniisama. I hate you for being zero who i did want to forgive before.

  54. I think that 2nd season should end with Lulu ascending the throne, and they shouldn’t skip that 1 month before that happened….It would make a LOT more sense…but oh well, this shows that there wont be a 3rd season for sure ;p

  55. im irritable now because the mere thought that in 3-4 weeks ill have to SETTLE for Gundam 00 part 2 its a tiny bit like going bakc nad watching old episodes of the ORIGINAL battlestar galactica after watching the starwars movies or should i say its more like playing Red Alert once youve played Supreme commander you can and you will but only because you lent supcomm to a friend and hes since left the country with it and you cant rebuy it til next month!

    WingZero zxt
  56. I’m really curious now to what the original vision of this series was… Seeing as how S2 seems to be going down hill, I really want to know what would’ve happened if the series went as originally planned…

  57. Why it’s a train wreck.

    Overpowered gundams (errr nightmares)…
    Character shields
    Overuse of the same clothing on lesser characters (Viletta, Sayako, Diethard)
    Fan based popularity outcomes (Lelouch teaming up with Suzaku just feels like a concession to fans)
    PINK GUNDAM errr nightmare
    Use of the Princess of Peace aka Nunally

    This just feels like some big production company wanted to place their tried tested and true formula onto a series that had so much potential to be more than that.

  58. While many have expressed their dislike for this episode, I rather liked it. It didn’t push forward any radical changes, or create the suspension that usually follows regular Code Geass episodes, however, it set the board (quite literally) for the next episode.

    Highlights of this episode was the brief conversation between C.C. and Lelouch, as well as Lelouch having to lie to Nunnaly, my interpretation was that Lelouch didn’t want to say the truth and have Nunnaly become a hostage to Shneizel. Another explanation could be the ‘Zero Requiem’ which I interpret as Lelouch’ and Suzaku’s will to create a greater evil, one that overshadows Euphie’s sin, and eventually even if by evil means creates the world that Euphie and Nunnaly both wanted.

    One thing that I look forward to, and am hopeful they include near the end of the series, is C.C.’s real name. In season 1 I recall Lelouch over-hearing C.C. mumble it in her sleep, and then she asked him to say it out loud once. The audience never hear, I’m intrigued as to what it is, if they don’t include it in the ending then it’ll be a horrible waste of a mystory introduced quite early on and is key to the story – Who really is C.C.?

  59. Pink Lancelot?!The hell,someone please explain that to me.
    Code Geass R2 has so much potential that it really should’ve extended to an R3..
    Why won’t they have a 3rd season?*sighs*
    Anyways,I’m looking forward to this episode. To think that CG will be short lived..D’:
    Ugh,C.C X Lulu doesn’t look good at all.

  60. also fan consession???? i wanted Suzaku to die as did most of us at one point! and what do u mean by chracter shields? (i still want suzaku to die) elaborate cos seriously you not making total sense

    WingZero zxt
  61. I shivered during the Lelouch x C.C. scene. It was very well executed, and the way they said each other’s names really got to me. Oh, and Innocent Days helps. A LOT. Very nice R1 Episode 23 parallel right there.

  62. I really liked Code Geass Season 1. But I have to say for R2, since episode 14, I was getting the feeling that it’s just getting boring. But I am still hoping for the ending to be good, just like my faith I had with G00 Season 1 back then…

  63. It’s kinda funny reading some of the people defending R2, claiming it’s not a “trainwreck” and trying to make any sense of it. I’ll admit there are still a few things here and there in the series that I still want to see answered and all that though. It’s an enjoyable series in the sense of wanting to see how much more ridiculous and silly it can really get. But for the most part, the writing has been pretty mediocre all around this season especially with the ridiculous twists at the end of each episodes just to keep viewers interested.

    For example, we all saw Nunally surviving the explosion from a mile away, but was there any real decent explanation behind how she got out and everything? Don’t give me that Sayoko was there so she somehow got out BS, the development of her character into some combat ninja maid was a joke in the first place. There’s also the abundance of useless characters at this point that we don’t even need to see/care about and aren’t getting fully developed to a point where we can. Milly? Diedhart? Xing-ke? Everyone from that whole Chinese Federation? All the Knights of Rounds? The list goes on and on. If you still aren’t convinced, go read some other blogs out there and see what they’re saying or go watch the hell that was Gundam Seed Destiny and maybe you’ll see the similarities.

  64. At this point im really quite tired so this should be my last post for a while but after rewatching nunallys fake death are you serious!!!! since she ended up with schniziel isnt it basic logic to fill in the blanks!!!??? Honestly considering (the picture book specials the osund episdoes and all the extras we are bound to GET just incase you arent quite quick enogh on the uptake to make sense of any of it would you really compare this to the TRUE trainwreck that was Gundam Seed/Destiny would you really compare not seeing nunally being hit by the explosion to Mwe surviving being blown up in Strike after the direct hit from the lohengrin? Its a friggin MECH show towards the end there will ALWAYS BE over powered mechs how could anyone not see that coming!!! even the great WingZero itself survived right until the last 15 minutes of the endless waltz movie after battling ANOTHER gundam! an HOUR left of good TV and everyones whinning just because things didnt turn out the way THEY wanted the only problem i had/have with this series is that if anything to much behind the scenes/spoilers info was released! usually i go looking for spoilers because they are difficult to find but instead spoilers for every episode were neatly arranged plus Korean blog plus random snippet release and we have to much

    WingZero zxt
  65. Sigh, I’m barely interested in this show anymore. Only thing keeping me watching anymore is that fact that it’s almost over so I might as well watch it. Just another giant mech show with two many invincible secondary characters that are for some reason to dumb to realize that both sides suck and they’d be better off forming their own side.

  66. I don’t like the overpoweredness of some suits.

    I didn’t like the Neon Evagelion esque episode they had that seem to confuse me more. I’m not otally sure where the show is headed. Will it be a trainwreck? Will it be SUPREMELY EPIC?!

    Honestly though, I don’t you will like every single thing about a show y’know? Point is, will the goods outweigh the flaws? Something I wanna see

  67. I don’t really care about it being boring or not. Its more like the reason for it being boring, i.e. predictable. The writers just lost it. They gave us 30 or so good eps, 15 ok eps of fillers & stupidity, & 1 eps of nonsense. The last 2 eps just continued the nonsense & they gonna have pull some serious keem to end the nonsense.

    Schniziel’s plan is just too dumb. Its full of holes & lulu wins instantly if he pulls the immortal card. He’s just insane & he will die. Lulu’s zero-req bs world is just a more down-to-earth version charles. This crap is just another tale of war, peace, & revolution. Its just too sad that it had to fall to the sunrise disease.

    Its funny as hell how yall keep on talking about these silly relationships. In the end, all of those supposed relationships will be broken due to death…& my the dead stay dead plz – I’m talking about you, dear sister, hahaha 😉

  68. NO! I hate the kallen x gino idea which I saw in this ep starting. Although c.c & lelouch look very close in this ep. Found the episode to be rather good, I just want to know how they’ll end it, I hope it isn’t like neon genesis…heaven forbid!


  69. What is all this talk on trainwrecks?=_=’
    Don’t we all love Code Geass?
    Aren’t we all happy such an exciting / mindfucking series with super complex and interesting characters exists?

    This was a slow episode for the 3rd last episode though. All these time-consuming parts: Euphy’s song.. Lelouch v.s. Schneizel commanding.. too many shots of troops advancing.. not typical Code Geass at all. If I had written the script, I’d have put the part where Schneizel reveals his mask and kills Cornelia near the end of the episode.

    I’m still hoping Nunnally will somehow help Lelouch in the end and tell him that she’s always believed in him.
    Poor Cornelia. She didn’t even get to say Euphy’s name before she died.

    No new costume for C.C. because her funds were saved for this new pink Knightmare?

  70. WingZero@

    Give it a rest, you can’t win an arguement against an opinion. Also, I did say earlier that if they bring Nunnelly back the show would become ridculous and stupid, and guess what …it did. Though, I don’t think it’s a trainwreck …I do think it has gotten to the point where I am one with the idea that it should have ended with the cliffhanger in the first season.

    Sometimes it’s better not to know, and the whole Suzaku should die …is getting kind of old man. If he dies now or even later, it will just be a WTF moment, and then …we are going to get a insane Lelouche or a broken Nunnelly. Either way, it won’t be good ending or one that will make you feel that the series was worth watching.

    If it’s an I am okay this is the way he wanted it type of manner …it would be a hundred times worst. Kind of like the Cornelia shooting, why in the hell keep her in the series for so long just to shoot her. It doesn’t even make sense, but then again, neither did the entire disappearing father and mother thing either. [Cough –Emporeor–Cough]

    Though this is not to say I am going to stop watching this, but I am more than a little miffed at the direction of things. There is a lot of things hinted upon on the first season that I am a little disappointed never got flushed out. Like the super-human project, they only mention it once, but I thought maybe that explain what the hell is up with Suzaku’s abilities. I mean he shattered metal blades with his foot …can you say extreme? Also, the entire thing with Orange, why in the world did they keep resurrecting that guy. I mean, he wasn’t exactly all that grand to be the one that they pretty much fashion into the billon dollar man. Also, I want to find out how …and if they can reasonable explain Nunnelly’s survival. I mean now she is the one behind frieya …her hands are being bloody through the death of millions and she is okay with it. So, they had to tell her some mess up stuff, especially considering that she is going against both lelouche and Suzaku.

    Maybe she was told that Lelouche geassed Suzaku to follow his commands?


    Really, you like bleach better …I am so pissed at that show …I am just glad it’s a manga, too. They just did a rift jump in the middle of one of the show’s biggest show down just not to lose fan support, and you are like …I love them.

    Right now, I hate bleach’s guts ..what does that little girl have to do with anything. It’s just a filler and probably one of the worst placed fillers I have every seen now there.

    Why don’t you try Higurashi …that is a much better anime, but I warn you …it’s crazy as hell.

  71. Though I liked Kallen before, I never was a fan of Kallen x Lelouch, why? It’s simple, it’s because it’s not true love or romance. Kallen simply adores or idolizes Lelouch AS Zero, nothing more! She never loved Lelouch for who he truly is, let alone know Lelouch’s true self.

    It’s really like for example in contemporary society, it’s like a smart guy named Lelouch who let’s say wasn’t popular at school and that a girl named Kallen didn’t even take notice of him. So when Kallen finds out Lelouch became popular at school, only then did she fell in love him, is that really true love?

    It’s somewhat the same here, the only reason why Kallen would love Lelouch is because he is Zero, I knew that once Lelouch stopped being one, then she would end it as well (thus the goodbyes last episode). I really hated Kallen from that point on, it somewhat shows how shallow her feelings for him; I mean come on! She would rather side with Schneizel who she doesn’t even know a single thing about, than Lelouch whom she’s gotten to know a lot better. The preview even makes me more mad to see Kallen truly wanting to kill Lelouch, without even confirming the truth or without even believing in him.

    It truly shows how different she is compared to C.C. and Shirley. IMO, the only two women who has the biggest chance of winning over Lelouch are C.C. and Shirley. Which was why C.C. was shown or implied to be jealous at Shirley (from Marianne’s constant teasing in the first season), since Shirley truly cared about him (enough to even forgive him despite Lelouch killing her own father – now that alone shows the difference in level to Kallen and Shirley) Shirley forgave Lelouch despite all that, while Kallen couldn’t do so just because Lelouch stopped being Zero. So it truly was a tragedy that Shirley couldn’t be with Lelouch and be his support, so the remaining one is only C.C.

    Looking at this pic shows it all:
    Despite almost everyone betraying Lelouch (his parents, his sister, his best friend, his so called “loyal” bodyguard – Kallen, his army), only C.C. stayed by his side. It’s quite obvious from the very beginning that C.C. was the only one who could truly understand Lelouch, thus she was the only one who was capable of remaining by his side.

    So I hope that these two will have proper closure together, I mean after all, Lelouch still needs to keep his promise: to make C.C. smile! Lelouch X C.C. FTW!

  72. X@

    I hope C.C dies next episode. Lelouche ending up with any of these girls just seem dumb, this isn’t some romance novel, but a full out battle for the world. The idea of him finding a lover is kind of crazy, besides, if C.C makes a move on Lelouche someone really should call child protection service.

    WHat is C.C? A thousand years old, and you want Lelouche to fall in love and marry a thousand year old woman? There is no telling how many men she slept with, and I have some subtle feeling htat not only is she immortal, but she can’t reproduce either.

    Thus, yes, that is the true path for Lelouche …a ageless hag that can’t have children. Then again, a girl whom will turn her back on her mother & on the one that saved her life countless times at the drop of a hat doesn’t seem all that great a pick either.

    I wonder if Kallen’s mother & father were killed when Freya went off, but hell whom am I kidding ..we don’t even care about the side story rip offs. Though that would have added some more depths to her character to have us find out.

  73. If there is a trainwreck going on here it’s this massive anti-Geass campaign mashing up against the show itself. I never thought the trend would go this far, but it’s seriously beyond ludicrous at this point. More so then Code Geass could ever be. No wonder nobody likes the show anymore.

  74. “He then reveals his plan to achieve peace through system and power: the Damocles will rise up 300 kilometers above surface and shoot FLEIJA warheads at all countries that are fighting.”

    What a Bush-like strategy for world peace.

  75. At this point, it seems like pretty much everyone are in the ‘wrong’ ^^;;
    But as far as it seems, it looks like the best guy is Lelouch, even when he goes around using his men like pawns and kill them off for his plans…
    I think i might actually like an end with Lelouch being *more or less* a ‘good guy’.

  76. Well, a lot of people seemed “meh” with this episode and I can’t blame them. I thought it was okay, but the direction of the show is choppy now. I understood why they killed off Cornelia (considering she is dead. Can’t count on sunrise she might just pop up again.) I found that after she came back in season 2 she was…useless. :/ Not much for her to do, but pop up… and then with Guilford gone, well Cornelia just seemed a bit useless on my part.

    As for Nunnally, well I figured that would be the case. I said last week, shes either siding with Shneizeil because she doesn’t know everything or because of her pacifist ideology and apparently its both. I don’t even know what to say about her anymore. Well frankly at this point everyone’s on that misunderstood ideology including the Black Knights considering they do not know what Shneizeil’s plan is.

    I do not know if Lelouch and Nunnally will ever be what they were before…well of course they won’t but…I do not think sunrise will attempt to kill of Nunnally yet again so wonder how it will go down with her. As for Villeta being preggorz well what can I say, no ones really surprised about that.
    All I can say Is I don’t want Gino to die, I like his character too much but then again…we’ll see how that goes. Hope Nina finishes what she has to in time, which she most likely will.

    Well I feel like making some Icons from this episode so think that is what I will do.

  77. @ SonyCybershot:

    Consider it cosplay then 😉

    CG has it’s moments when it comes with exaggerated stuff. Like the Tsubasa inspired clothes (maybe Lelouch and Suzaku are fanboys?) or Zero’s speeches and his theatrical gestures that came with it (only in CG people would take him serious when someone would go over the top like that).

    Schneizel has set himself up quite well for Lelouch to villanize him (and Nunnally), with the FLEIA stuff. If Lelouch would defeat Schneizel and still be emperor and everything would be rainbows and sunshine, he could have a broadcast and use all that Schneizel has done to his advantage. He could out him as a scheming Britannian bend on world destruction and even use Zero (if he really wants and knows of a way to make people believe that the person they see on tv is really Zero). Make it seem like Schneizel (and even the BK top, if he wants to punish them) captured Zero and made it seem like he was dead.

    That would complicate matters probably too much though. Unless he says he is Zero.. Bah. Nevermind that. Too complicated to work properly. Besides, I’m not sure if there is going to be a rainbows-and-sunshine scenario as I mentioned.

  78. “Li Xingke doesn’t want Schneizel to fire the FLEIJA at Lelouch’s forces for this reason, but Schneizel asks for command of everything in the battle in exchange for not doing so.”
    – Command transfered to Schneizel

    “Schneizel, on the other hand, decides that now is a good time to use the FLEIJA, and Nunnally presses the button that fires the warhead.”
    – Schneizel Have the command trusted to him but yet he use FLEIJA
    therefore he ain’t stand for his promises …. why did black knight still follow his order d’oh
    maybe next episode the black knight realized it or the author forgot about that small promises between Xing He and Scnhzl

  79. i love code geass i wish it didnt have to end so soon. (This is wishfull thinking) What if they come out with season 3 you know like a new enemy comes and tries to take over? That would sweeeeeet!!!

  80. “Sayoko reveals to Jeremiah that Schneizel had another aircraft used as a decoy”

    BOOYAH! Who called it?! Huh? HUH?! And thus with that all theories about teleportation by Fleia and/or resurrection from the dead should be dismissed. Or at least they would be in a fact based community, which Code Geass’ fanbase has unfortunately long since ceased to be for the most part.

    In any case, I get to be right for the nth time, and all because I did a little something called paying attention to episode 18 instead of just following a trend and doing nothing but look for reasons to complain. And that my dear dear friends is but one of the many reasons why I still enjoy Code Geass and insist it is decently written while others can’t or won’t. Moments like these. 😀 Oh and it looks like Okuchi did just outwit people with this one as there were many clues in episode 18 that just about nobody noticed that pointed to a decoy ship…..including an actual ship identical to the make of Nunally’s seen in the hangar. I wonder if that still makes him a “bad writer”.

  81. @x I agree ,cc deserve better then kallen..anyway this show starting to felt rush too much..this episode kinda dissapoint me i thought it would live up to its title “Scheizel mask” but all i see is what schneizel plan is …not seeing him lose cool and snap ,im really curious what makes him wants to kill people just to take over the world

    p/s: I dont really know why people like lelouch hat and his emperor clothes….looks gay to me and so does the sword

  82. After watching the episode, I find that teh Black knights are just really stupid for follwing and being used by Schniezel. If anything, they are digging their own graves. It is saddening that Lulu and Suzaku’s true intentions must be hidden and by doing that, they are viewed as the villains. Schniezel is indeed the true villain here, even by going to links as using the FLEIJA warheads against pretty much the whole world and subjugating the world thru fear. Pretty much he is the splitting image of his father. Lelouch is still pretty much the “good guy” in this one.

    Trainwreck or not, I am still enjoying this series as much as any other good series I have watched thus far. Code Geass is still an awesome series! Pne a few moar episodes left until the finale, which I would expect will probably be a big one!

  83. Why do I have this bad feeling that C.C. is going to die next episode…

    The last frame of the preview has her smiling with Lulu saying he’s going to have to use his final gambit, and didn’t he say that C.C. should be smiling when she dies…?

  84. Unless said decoy ship has an FTL I fail to see how it would be any better at escaping from a nuclear blast. The writers are just hammer pieces together regardless of if they fit so they can get whatever their desired ending for the show is.

    Not that any other show is done differently it’s just that usually you spread this stuff out. This is more like me cramming for an exam and hour before I take it. I’ll pass but I won’t get better than a C.

  85. Well, this episode was interesting! Just pissed at the fact that stupid Schneizel snapped his fingers to kill Cornelia! The Royal family is such a mess!
    When Lelouch became the ruler of Britannia..all the following episode threw me off balance because its different from before.
    Well, i still enjoyed this episode^^ But im interested in Kanon…(pfft…why am i interested in a random maniac guy who’s standing….evil blondie!!>_<)

  86. W.Wolf@

    Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same. The decoy ship was used to distract …what …Sayoko found her ship anyway right, so how did the decoy ship thing work?

    Though, don’t think too deeply about it …they are hoping no one else will.

    As for the whole promise thing …well …who gives a crap. Szh has completely control, so really, who even knew about the promise other than himself and Xinge? He is pretty much just going to kill the guy or let him die of his own disease and call it the end …this is after ..of course the death of the little Japanense Princess and her equally as stupid counterpart from China.

    When in the hell did Lelouche stop to capture them anyway? You would have thought they were willing to join in on the fight as a rescue plan, but no, it’s screw this we are going to get Lelouche.

    This series is starting to burn itself apart.

  87. muchan@

    C.C cant die! She’s immortal!

    I agree with what most people said about how retarded people are in this show who cant seem to think for themselves. And Nunnaly is pissing me off a lot in this episode, always teh tool and cant think for herself either. Wish she stayed dead.

    I still love CG, and Im looking forward to the ending. Hopefully it wont go Gundam Seed/Destiny on us.

  88. At this point I’m utterly convinced Kaioshin-sama is just making comments so that he’ll stand out, ppl will scroll over to his link, and click on his anime blog. Utter statements of contempt and sarcasm for Kyo-ani related shows/VA’s involved in Haruhi, while sci-fi receives praise. Whatever, Kaioshin “sama.”

    On another note – Tamaki finally did something helpful!

  89. Diethardt is such a sensation seeker. He pimps himself to whoever does the most destruction and seems interesting. Still, I give him credit for being able to live through all this because he is able to keep of the target radar of everyone around him. I wonder if his luck will change.

    I’m not sure if Cornelia will stay dead. She might be able to get to Nunnally before dieing.

    Cecile and her bad food inventions >.<

    Hats off to another pinnacle of BK: yet again they picked out the worst case scenario to follow. Sure Schneizel never lost from Lelouch…in chess that is *smirks* And yet again they are oblivious to the incomplete lies and truths they have been fed and keep feeding on. They are so bend on taking Lelouch down, that they are blind to all else.

    And lol at Tamaki: The Chinese are talking to a angry crowd of UNF people (I think) and Tamaki can hold a speech out in the rain against some kindergarten/elementary school kids xD

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Schneizel’s boy-toy Kanon will go against Schneizel. The gave him just enough screen presence to make me believe that he will change his mind or maybe he was ordered long ahead to stay by Schneizel and go against him if he would go too far.

    The pink Knightmare is for Arthur. Suzaku stood there with Arthur to show him what mecha he will pilot 😛 And if Lelouch would die, he seems to have set his sights on the throne (he is already sitting on the armchair..I think that reeks of ambition).

  90. I’ll bet anything that Cornelia had the conversation with Schneizel recorded, and will put it on the loud speakers so everyone on Schneizel’s side turns on him… That is if Cornelia is still alive.

  91. Well I’ve found te last episodes of CG pretty funny. Sometimes they don’t make much sense (well a lot of), but it feels as if everything is now being driven to a more or less Happy Ending, so I don’t think it is a complete Trainwreck. However I’m a little worried for C.C….Well, anyway, though some may think a thousand-year-old hag is not suited for Lelouche, I think she’s the one he can now be with, since she is the only one who appears not to let herself be manipulated by his deeds and also understand his feelings, perhaps is the little more experience she’s got in life, right?
    Please let Cornelia come back!!!

    Black Prince
  92. Omni, I actually think the reason you aren’t as excited is because maybe your expecting too much out of Code Geass…

    As for me, I thought the episode was a pretty good build up for the last episodes. (I think 24 and 25 will be a hour long one)

    But compared to season one (with the whole Euphie + Geass thing) season 2 wasn’t as exciting, but I still think it has that old charm. xD

  93. @W. Wolf: Considering the decoy ship left much early then the one Rohmeyer was on I don’t see how the writers are making shit up. There were plenty of clues in episode 18 that foreshadowed, no practically confirmed this result. Maybe instead of just making excuses that the writers are bullshitting you should actually go back and watch the episode for yourself, and then you’ll see what’s going on.

    Or if you want you can read about it here where I copy/pasted my assesment of episode 18. It works perfectly fine, you just have to…you know, actually try to understand instead of just rejecting what is presented.

  94. *Viletta pregnant? WTF?!
    *Schneizel, first you became Near and now you became Light Yagami?! Srsly, next you know, Schneizel laughs like Light/Kira and then…you know what’s next….:)
    *Congrats Todo, Ougi and Xingke for being the biggest idiots of the show and for siding a Light Yagami poser who happens to nuke his own country…

  95. R2 has generally been pretty bad, but ever since the whole Shirley thing it’s been particularly awful.

    That said, I DID like this episode better than the last one. You know, with everyone acting out of character and nothing happening and all.

    That Guy
  96. yeah…i was a bit disapointed with this ep, i def thought that nunnaly would have a greater impact on lelouch, but apparently with a good throw from suzaku he is just fine again lol
    i thought that one line was quite poignant though, when suzaku said that he was lelouch’s sword and c.c. would be his shield…maybe means something? idk just a thought

    anyway still anticipating next week and i really hope that this series ends well, and if they can’t end it nicely at least make a 3rd season or something, it really would be a shame and a disapointment if such a great series ends like…well a trainwreck lol

  97. Shirley was the start of this show’s free fall to hell. What else could we expect from a serie that didn’t close any sub plot till then? Too many zombies (poor Shirley, Orange and Cornelia included), too many unresolved fillers to bear with them all without using some cheap plot devices and unreasoble killings. And so clearing of the chars began… Uselsee to say that there are still too many chars to clear. It will be a hell of a massacre next turn!

    Season one was quite linear. Whe had this Britannia Empire and Black Knight fighting it. Leoluche was a strong man with good tactichal skill, being able to successfully fight such an overwhelming enemy.
    What we gain in season 2? A weak leader that’s unable to lead. Wrong moves one after the other. Leoluche is a pale imitation of himself from the previous season imho. And what about the continuous turns of the alliances? I lost track of it. What about Chinese? Enemies, than allies, now yet enemies… And Suzaku? he sided and betrayed everybody he could. Fist Britannnia, then Schneizel, last Leoluche… I don’t anymore know who sides with who… @_@ My head is spinning…

  98. @Tau Tau: And no I’m making these comments because I think people are grossly exagerrating the degree to which this series falls short on it’s presentation and are not even giving it a hint of fair chance to tell it’s story. It’s nothing short of painful to see this self-created chaos and faux-outrage among the “fanbase” and all things considered it still takes the cake on the ridiculous scale despite the fact people think it’s Code Geass R2 that does.

    Because of this I tend to disagree more often then not with the “trainwreck” crowd since they frequently show they don’t actually pay attention to what is going on in the show and I know I do. Thus I frequently come to the table with reasons why I see a stronger series then most do.

    I’m also terribly terribly sorry that I have to have the gall to say anything positive about this show. I mean I know the trend is to just bash and bash until there’s nothing left and the criticism loses all meaning, but other people can mind that business while I mind mine.

    My business is trying to have a reasonable discussion about this show (a borderline impossibility I know and if there’s anything I’m doing here that I know is probably foolish it’s expecting something like a reasonable discussion from the average R2 commentator) that isn’t just the same old “it’s a trainwreck” and “lol” comments everyone else seems so intent on trying to force across.

    Anyway, here’s the link I forgot to offer to folks if they have any interest in seeing the whole decoy ship thing analyzed:

    Yeah I know, a huge crime, in-depth look at something from Code Geass, SRSS BSSNS, blah blah blah, whatever. I’ve had my fill of this trolling and bandwagon jumping on for the day. Take it or leave it. I just hope people wake up after this show is over and the trainwreck trend has died down to realize they squandered any enjoyment and appreciation they could have had of this imperfect and flawed, but also fairly complex series for the sake of a meme/trend. Shows what’s important to anime fans these days.

    And half the things I say in this brutally honest manner I’ve adopted are more likely to drive people away from my site then draw them in so the idea I’m up to some attention seeking is a load of bunk. I don’t care about what people think of me, I just want to get my thoughts out there. If that means having to be equally as brutish and obstinate as some of the trainwreck campers from time to time then it’s a sacrifice of character I’m willing to make.

  99. Ah man.. Cornelia, just like that! There’s still a bit of hope as she was shot in the upper right part of body. It’s not uncommon to survive several shots there, but I won’t count on it.

    @Seafarer, that statue would be the goddes Freya

    @Silentveil, well he pretty much captured them last episode. Knightmares and soldiers in the room full with UFN representatives. BK not able to attack and you even see them withdrawing from Japan on the radar screen, them declaring that Lelouch reconcurred Japan. That pretty much explains the capture.

    Just some random thoughts……

    C.C., I have a bad feeling about this one. Her smiling like that. Shame she can only die happy by saving Lelouch’s life. Also, this episode C.C. finally comes to realize what her true wish was, up to know only lelouch knew her true wish, you could see it in her scene with Lelouch.. This kind off sets her up for her own death.

    They finally literally called out the chaos vs. order theory, which means Lelouch wins, no suprises here anymore. Was waiting for that one.. If you’d like to disagree I suggest you brush up on your Nore mythology or even the chaos theory. Code geass has always been about chaos vs order and never about good vs bad.

    Cannon will be the one to put Schneizel down man o man, he’s been following and doubting Schneizel’s actions ever since Suzaku revealed his ambitions to become knight of one. A guy that sneaky must have his own agenda. Is he really going to take down the love of his life?

    Jeremiah on a mission to degeass Nunnaly?

    As for the people who believe Sunrise screwed up the story the writers made. I advise you to rewatch the OP of the VERY FIRSTH EPISODE. I just saw it as I got the first dvd’s recently and in the last part of the OP you first see Schneizel with a background of a sky at dusk, then Lelouch with the same sky as a background. In between a few characters are flashed in a mere second. Take this out and what you’re basically getting is Schneizel and Lelouch back to back, then looking to each other from their eye corners. Coincidence, I strongly believe it isn’t. In that episode Schneizel didn’t even appear on screen, unlike the emperor. The guy didn’t even appear onscreen untill the sixth episode and back then he hardly played an important role in the story, except for him maybe knowing something of Marianne’s murder. So why but him back to back with Lelouch from the beginning, as supposed to Lelouch and the emperor.

    You guys may have a point when saying that along the way they changed minor things, that allways happens in any story, hence that’s why the writers only finish writing close to the end of the show.. but the bottomline is that the outcome of most shows has long been decided from the beginning, as that provides a structure for the whole story. Lelouch defeating the emperor was never meant to be te end of the story, this isn’t something they decided on just two months ago or something.

    Besides I still enjoy the show. Maybe it doesn’t live up to the hype most made it out to be, but that comes true for most hypes as expectations are just to high. The show is still entertaining und puts your mind to wander what might happen more then most shows. But if you dislike it I won’t disagree with you, that’s your opinion.

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  102. “BOOYAH! Who called it?!

    /a/ssholes literally right after the episode aired – they even threw around the Jupiter eye thing ages before the actual episode aired, considering Sunrise’s hard on for that planet. I know you have a phobia for anything 4chan, but you that you’re quite similar in attitude with most of the people who post there, only they’re more blunt with their language.

    But sorry, you weren’t the only person, nor the first to throw it around. You seriously underestimate them /a/ssholes.

    Dan Graham
  103. yeah I also agree that kaoshinasama is just a trolling geass fanboy who thinks because he has a different opinion then everyone he thinks he is better than those who dont agree with him. . .such an e-thug @_@

    pocari man
  104. YanDaman@

    But isn’t Lulu’s Geass at a point where she could transfer her immortality to him and thus die in the process? An immortal Lulu would definitely change things, I think…

    Or not, considering there are only 2 episodes left 😉

  105. lelouch has lots of hidden cards!
    1. suzaku still hasnt used his live-hax! (gotta pwn ’em all)
    2. jeremiah’s counter geass!
    3. nina’s counter fleija!
    4. lelouch’s two eyed geass!
    5. c.c.’s immortality!

  106. Everyone will say I’m crazy for this, but even if he died on episode 19, Rolo, why do I feel he will misteriously reapear again on his Vincent, even if it was destroyed on episode 14, since he told Lelouch, “I will not let anyone kill you, never…” why does that comes to my mind, and he will be the one to save Lelouch at the end instead of Suzaku on the Damocles, because, then why would be a reason to present him as one of R2’s new characters since he died very soon, a well dead sure, since his dead scene is the best of all characters that has died, and has been the first one to die of the main ones of R2. And If I recall, the Vincent is the only Knightmare that appears on the new opening World’s End, and wont appear anymore, to bad, the Vincent Prototype was of my fav knightmares.




  108. I read the turn summaries and it looks like it’s confirmed that Lelouch and Suzaku will still be alive in the next turn. However, Show Spoiler ▼

    Though I do hope C.C. will be still alive with Lelouch (I’m quite a big fan of this pairing XP ) seeing as from Koishimizu’s blog, her character’s quote still didn’t happen. so I guess that’s the scene she has with Lelouch as he boarded the Shinkirou.

    Also this battle is just choosing which world would be better? Lelouch’s world or Schneizel’s world? Schneizel is pretty smooth for using Lelouch as a pretext to hide his true intentions and motives, and also to use the Black Knights and even Nunnally against him. Poor Cornelia, I do hope she will reveal Schneizel’s plan to all the idiotic black knights.

  109. lol, it’s kinda funny how, when Code Geass was starting, people worried that this anime would suffer from the typical “sunrise ending” (in which all the bad guys die and, save for MAYBE one or two, all the good guys stay alive). A few characters die and people go “OMG! -insert favorite character- DIED! This is so trainwrekc!!1! lolol”.

    Seriously, Code Geass is far from perfect but it offers a far more entertaining experience than a LOT of anime out there. I guess that, regardless of whatever people say, they just enjoy linear and repetitive stuff. I, for one, am actually glad that the show keeps surprising me until the end and am looking forward to the ending (even if its not a everyone lives happily ever after ending).

    Schneizel just used a decoy plan to get Nunnally out without Lelouch knowing, what’s so hard about that? Cornellia? BAAAAAAAAW, her character-story was finalized when she finally let everyone know about Geass and Euphy. If she had stayed alive she would have had no significance on the story anyway.

    Although, I’m not entirely surprised to see some people just following on the trend simply because they where unable to understand

  110. I think Lelouch’s plan is looking bleak,

    You know why?
    Cos his main source of defense is PINK!

    Even Mordred n Guren are red, For Gods Sake!

    Who would take that Pink thing seriously on the battlefield?

  111. …(sorry hit enter by accident)… what the events on episode 21 meant (not that it was anything complex) and just because he didn’t end up being the last boss, like EVERYONE seem to have wanted. It is true that there are flaws in a lot of plot points and character reasoning but there is a lot to credit the show for.

    Also, who wanted to spend an episode hearing about Villetta being pregnant anyway?

  112. You know what? During that episode I highly enjoyed the movements of battle, it really felt like a chess game. I honestly thought after C.C holding Lulu’s hand was going to lead to a kiss, I was sadly mistaken D:. 2 Episodes, I honestly feel sad though that this great show ended up making people feel a little “WTF is going on” emotion. I thought it was well done even if it didn’t go according to plan. Like this is plan B of the show and I think it’s going great. Good recovery at least o:

  113. @X
    Aside from Shirley, Milly Ashford is the only other person who is in love with Lelouch. She is one of the few people who understands him. And would accept him for who he is. It’s not just C.C. who cares for him as her partner. A lot of people are pretty much against this pair, even though there is enough evidence to support a Milly x Lelouch relationship. If the circumstances were different, Milly and Lelouch would have been a couple a long time ago.

  114. u guys can put ur opinion on here and kill yourself ill a garb a drink a finish watchin this series it aint over till its over one the best series i have ever watched compare to many other series trainwreck or no trainwreck i will watch it till the end. most of people makin comments here were too excited they went in search of spoilers for each episode they would admit to it but its true sommeone said they knew nunally would leave throught the explosion i bet u didn,t know whether or not she would they didn,t discolse any of that but people leaked it out therefore the excitment in watching the next episode is useless and therefore becomes predictable just like an album gets leaked and u hear it before others do it takes out the fun in listening it the first time and then spoil it for others who can,t wait to hear the album u praised thats why i don,t read spoilers i watch the show and let it suprise me not knin what might happen next sometimes i feel they should stop showin us the preview to next episode which is why i don,t watch the previws anymore.

    Cancao Cargo
  115. I see the explanation of the duo ships, but still …it’s a WTF moment. If the light was to her back …why did her face and ship light up like that? A Nunnelly clone? Anyway, you can explain the whole duo ship theory, but it’s still kind of retarded. I mean, are you seriously telling me that Nunnelly ship shot out first, and their was a second decoy ship just sitting there waiting to be shot off second.

    I mean what purpose is a decoy to serve if it’s fired second? A decoy is suppose to lead the enemy away. So what is the point of the second ship at all really … it wasn’t like anyone saw either ships take off?

    THough that is another plot hole that isn’t easily explain away.


    Are you seriously telling me that Lelouche stopped and loaded up those people into his ship before going to battle? WHy even do that, he could have asked for complete surrender by holding them hostage in an undisclosed location?

    That would have made a whole lot more sense, and possibly could have divided thier forces.

  116. Personally the story was good first half in the second season then went to hell near the end. The end feels too rushed afterwards and ever since episode 21 its been WTF. The story would actually be okay in my opinion if Schneizel was defeated first before Charles goes geass god killing mode because his Schneizel’s plan is pretty anticlimatic. Another alternative I see that would be a improvement is if Schnieizel instead used some sort of ancient geass weapon or God weapon with the Fleija bombs since he was researching what his dad was doing in Season 1 that would have made him a more imposing enemy but it didn’t happen. The story itself would actually be okay if it followed the current plot but explained everything more and wasnt as rushed. If they added maybe 5-10 more episodes in between for the last few episodes to sort of fill all the holes and build up to how things are it would be more understandable instead of super jumps.

  117. I think Lelouch will take CC code so he becomes immortal and uses this chance to get “back in the game baby”. There are 3 more to go !!! YAY Celestial Being will interrupt the battle between the two kill them. HAHA October 5 !!!

  118. 2 more episodes. Until then good riddance!! I hate CGR2 now since it resort to cheap climatic ending to each episodes to cover-up for the lack of proper storyline, annoying characters and plot holes.

  119. in the extended preview, i saw tamaki flew to protect avalon , tat mean he is on lulu side?, and shinkiro and tristan landed on some aircrft with pink lighting izzit the damacous o avalon? and finally sumthing unexpected show in the preview tat only show for 2sec, shinkirow together few purple vincent flying through to damacus and follow by rolo;s proto vincent?? can some one explain this

  120. “Taniguchi **cough I mean Lelouch** has become the enemy of the world.” RETREAT! lol

    Oh yeah, and CC getting the pink Lancelot is a last minute sell to the female fan base. So girls can have a pink Lancelot to sit next to their pink DS 🙂

    Series End:
    Everyone dies (by some means or another) with the exception of Roofzaku, Lelouch, CC and Nunally. Lelouch takes CC’s code (and she dies randomly), Nunally gets to enjoy the world that was made for her…and Roofzaku…well, he gets murdered by an explosive that was carefully placed by Lelouch in some random scene that was never shown. Lelouch reveals his final chess piece and says to Suzaku something along the lines of “What a tool”, and presses the button. After Suzaku explodes, Lelouch disappears into the night…

  121. hey peeps, we have seen that in the intro and endings there are alot of hidden clues as to the direction the show might go in, so here is what im wondering, anyone reckon they can guess what the beginning of the ending scence portrays? in terms of the ending of CG. Im talking about the scence where C.C has white wings ( and there seems to be tears in her eyes) and Lulu is leaning on her, he is wearing a black cloak and there are chains all over his body and crows in the background.

    I’ll admit it, im abit of a C.C x lulu person, but to me C.C has suffered alot through the ages, just dont want to see her given a bad end.

  122. I like this Anime alot and I’m always eager to watch the next episode but I’m really not seeing a good ending here.


    He’s probably going to end up saving the world from the evil tyrant Schneizel and become a hero loved by the people! What I liked about this anime is how he manipulated everyone and used every possible method to do it all for his evil cause, but it’s not like that anymore and I feel it’s screwing up.

    I’ll keep on watching to see the end of it but I already have a vision of what its going to be.

    Llednar Twem
  123. @camario
    i wasn’t satisfied with this episode, i’m more or less disturb by the reason some are going in this battle.

    since lulu is the main-chara i, of course, support him more than schneizel (his intentions are at the moment even more evil)
    i don’t think lulu really plans to destroy the world, his ambition is to unit the nations by giving them the same social&public enemy, therefore he had to be cruel towards nunnaly (thought i think it did hurt him more, than nunnaly).

    i don’t like the thought, that lulu has to suffer till the end of the anime, he always suffered from his actions for nunnaly. it’s not his fault it’S the staff’s fault !!! *grrr*

    he lost everything he ever appreciated and treasured, so many turning their back on him- yeah yeah, they can’t read his thoughts nor does he tell anyone…but it’s just to fucking depressing – i hope the anime ends, if he should die, with him being with someone togther ( NO – not suzaku OR nunnaly) more like C.C. Well, she is the only one left for him.
    BUT i hav a bad feeling that c.c will die and leave him behind T.T nooooo!!
    please don’t make my thoughts come true – let them go on- i don’t want a immortal lulu, who will live alone the rest of his live suffering, while the other characters are happy !!! that IS not CORRECT!

  124. @tommykn
    I think that Nunnally is being manipulated by Schneizel. She has no choice in the matter. Lelouch has suffered long enough. I certainly that he does get a satisfactory ending.

    C.C. could seal off his geass powers. Thus he would have no memories of what he did prior to meeting up with C.C. and obtaining those powers.

  125. Honestly, I am actually still hoping for my LelouchXKallen ending, despite how unlikely its going to be…
    The preview actually gives me hope that they’ll end up together (clearly, I am grasping at straws here but hey, who knows…)

    And, yes. I think C.C. will die somehow. It’s likely she’ll sacrifice herself for the greater cause (if there’s any?), probably to protect Lelouch from certain death, and handing over her role of protecting Lelouch to Kallen….thats my best case scenario….LOL

  126. @SilentVeil it becomes rather pointless when you start questioning the actions of a character in a story Why didnt lelouch do this, Why didnt Darth vader do that, why didnt Captain Kirk do the other’??? is very hollow to question in that manner! the point is this is anime and what makes it great is the fact that the character have unique abilities and therefore do things which none of us would consider ondinary or logical! looking back on the actions of a television character with 20/20 hindsight is at best a complete waste of your mental capacity

    Also i didnt see nunallys death/fake death coming i stopped trying to guess about things like that so i just let the story take me wherever but seens as we didnt Actually see her get vaporised the decoy ship is a perfectly reasonable explenation! Why did her face light up??? IT WAS FLEJA a giant GLOWY BOMB THINGY! its really not that confusing

    WingZero zxt
  127. have u all watch the extended preview??
    1) tamaki seem protecting avalon
    2) when shinkiro flew to damaclus along with few vincent, one of them is rolo ‘s vincent
    3) tristan and shinkiro battle inside the aircraft( maybe avalon or damaclus )
    4) ohgi and xing-ke seem ‘shock’
    5) kallen prepare to use guren’s clam to pawn down lulu
    6) cc seem to have a evil smile – what does it mean ??

    mind we discuss about this ??

  128. tamaki might have been righteously fooled by lelouchinto helping him again rolos vincent is just being used cos rolo is dead and they need all the force the can get (might be sayako though no precident for it)

    WingZero zxt
  129. @WingZero zxt
    ic, thanks for the theory, how about the battle place of shinkiro and tristan izzit in avalon or damaclus?? and the ‘shoch ‘ between xingke and ohgi?? izzzit posible they they relize the true intention of schinzel , or they have relize that they had done wrong and went to aid lulu??

  130. Choo choo! All aboard the Train Wreck Express! 😛

    Ougi must die; he betrays Zero, takes advantage of Viletta while she was amnesiatic, knocks her up, and has the nerve to be a self righteous asshat. Doom, says I.

    Kallen, what are we gonna do with you? Despite Lulu’s final words to her, she still wants to go along with the other traitos and fight against him? Nani?!

    Cornelia, why?! It would serve Schniezel right if she helps bring him down.

    Nunnally, wth. It’s one thing to be lied to by your brother and pulling the hapless victim act, but nuking the planet is another.

    Lulu does have a lot of trump cards he hasn’t used yet. The fact that C.C. smiles in the preview probably means he’ll pull at least one of them.

    Oh, and while we’re shipping, Orange x Sayoko ftw, ha!

  131. this episode was good give a 7out of 10 cornelia gettin killed shows that people like schneizel would do anythin for power besides if someone comes at you with sword won,t you protect yourself? and that was what he did. who knows she probably isn,t dead maybe he missed her vital parts because by the time u see the next episode on sunday she might be alive but wounded cuz Code Geass is full of suprises as for kallen she is a soldier u can,t really blame her for wantin to kill her former leader besides he is guilty of betrayal and murder people don,t like been used by other people its only makes more sense for the black knights to side with schneizel against lelouch both of the main characters have different personalities . nunally who has been kept in the dark all this time finally realizes what her brother had done but we all know schneizel didn,t tell her the whole truth it is now left for nunally to uncover the truth about her family lies, no one likes been lied to.i just hope the zero requeim is for a good cause last comment , pls to those that believe this series has gone sour for u pls stop watchin , and makin yurself feel bad there other series to watch right ,trainwreck or no trainwreck the series has been a blast whether it was rushed or not they did a good job sometimes things don,t go has you plan it maybe this was the case with this series but overall its good important characters get killed pff numerous times even if they were important if they wanted any important character to die(cornelia, shirley, euphy, charles , rolo, and the list goes on) they have very right to do so just like they have the right to bring back any character that was thought to be dead so don,t be suprised if u see a character that comes back . so pls watch sumthin else if the show is that disappointin.

    john memento
  132. @WingZero zxt
    at the time , where shinkiro flew together with few vincent to damaclus , at the end u will c rolo vincent ‘s golden arm or leg, it only happen less than a second , u muz try seeing it many time , because, so i assumed it rolo’s vincent

  133. X : Though I liked Kallen before, I never was a fan of Kallen x Lelouch, why? It’s simple, it’s because it’s not true love or romance. Kallen simply adores or idolizes Lelouch AS Zero, nothing more! She never loved Lelouch for who he truly is, let alone know Lelouch’s true self.

    Wrong. Taniguchi said, about Turn 22 “Kallen, who thought her feelings for lelouch were filled with her loyalty, respect or everything, realize, after the kiss, that she loves him.”

    Taniguchi’s words, lady. She is in love with him. And Kallen isn’t going to accompagny him in a suicide path, this is not true love, she needs to save him, and to this, to face him.
    All her devellopment in R2 ‘and after lelouch, she had the more screentime) were about her learning more and more about lelouch; Dont worry she will choose her path before the end.

  134. Well, I find it rather sad that so many people think that this show is going downhill, becoming a trainwreck, etc. But everyone has different expectations and different things that they think are good. There have been a lot of episodes this season where a number of people thought that the episode was horrible and others thought that it was the best one ever. However, what’s really sad about the situation (though it probably shouldn’t be all that surprising I suppose) is how so many of us seem to be just shouting at each other and calling each idiots and insulting others for their opinions and then the ones who were insulted insult those who insulted them, etc.

    Code Geass certainly isn’t perfect and we all have different opinions about what’s good and bad about it, but I certainly wish that we could be more civil when discussing it.

  135. Now, with regards to Code Geass rushing things…

    I think that it’s quite typical for a story which has a lot of buildup to resolve itself very quickly (frequently without an entirely satisfying conclusion). And when it’s the slow build up that you like, then having things resolve themselves quickly is never completely satisfying, but I think that it’s fairly rare for things to end slowly in a story. You build up to the conclusion and then boom, you have the climax followed by the denouement which is hopefully long enough to wrap things up and answer the remaining questions, but frequently it doesn’t.

    This is especially true with a TV show because they have to have the climax in the final episode or there’s no suspense or drama or whatnot. And in order to have a final episode that doesn’t simply begin with the climax and then sit around explaining things for the rest of the episode, you typically end up with the actual climax somewhere in the latter portion of the episode followed by a rather short denouement. Gundam shows are a prime example of this. Even when they have relatively good endings, there’s almost no denouement.

    Now, in the case of Code Geass, things are likely to be worse than normal because of its complexity. There’s just so much going on in Code Geass and they’re so fond of plot twists and surprises (it just wouldn’t be Code Geass without them) that getting to the climax is a very complicated thing – even when you’re nearly there. Complexity combined with the typical rush to the climax can leave people confused and feeling that the show has changed for the worse – even if it’s very normal for this sort of thing to happen at the end of even the best of shows. In fact, as fast as Code Geass is going, it’s still doing a fair amount of buildup to to its conclusion and so while things are going quickly, it’

  136. Blast it. I accidently hit tab and then enter. Continued….

    …In fact, as fast as Code Geass is going, it’s still doing a fair amount of buildup to to its conclusion and so while things are going quickly, it’s still managing to do more than simply rush to the end.

  137. Also, while a number of people seem to think that Charles should have been the last boss, I don’t think that it ever would have worked. Charles vs Lelouch was always fairly personal. Charles was, for the most part, staying out of the spotlight and letting his children run things. His policies were causing problems for Lelouch and the world (with the whole survival of the fittest philosophy and the like), but the emperor himself wasn’t doing all that much. And when you take into account what his plan was, it just didn’t lend itself to a huge conflict at the end. It lends itself better to a one on one confrontation between Lelouch and the emperor – like we got.

    I suppose that you could have had Lelouch confronting the emperor while a major battle was going on outside, but then Lelouch would have had little to nothing to do with that battle and it would have divided our attention between the conflict of Lelouch vs Charles and the OotBK vs the Britannian army. By having the emperor and then Schneizel, we could have a major confrontation between Lelouch and the emperor without many distractions and now we get the big battle with Lelouch in charge without all the distractions of him having to deal with the emperor.

    Doing things in this order also has the advantage of allowing them to deal with the rule of Britannia a bit better. If Lelouch had simply defeated the emperor, that would have left Schneizel or Odysseus or some other member of the royal family in charge with little having changed. Having Lelouch deal with the emperor first allows them to make Lelouch emperor and have him fix many of the problems in Britannia. As things stand now, if he were to die (assuming that Schneizel is killed off as well), then either Nunnally would probably be put in charge (being the only non-Geassed member of the royal family alive) or Britannia would fall to the UFN. So, by having Lelouch deal with the emperor and becoming emperor prior to taking care of Schneizel, we actually get to have Britannia reformed and/or destroyed.

    Of course, this basically leads to having two major, evil plans to stop at the end – the emperor’s and Schneizel’s – but since the emperor and Schneizel weren’t working together, it was kind of hard to do otherwise I think.

    In any case, I think that the way things are going make sense. To some extent, the writers are getting bitten by plot choices that they made in R1 and earlier in this season, but I think that given the earlier events, the way things are going makes sense. It’s somewhat frustrating to have things blown through so quickly, but I wouldn’t call it a trainwreck. Obviously there are others who think that it is, but you can’t please everyone.

    Regardless, the point of this post and the preceding one (well two, due my accident with the enter key) is that there are good reasons for why the show is going the way it is and it’s really not all that out of the ordinary that it’s going the way it is. The result is not entirely pleasing, but it’s not totally unexpected and, personally, I think that it’s going quite well overall in spite of the problems.

  138. @ furinyue

    1) tamaki seem protecting avalon
    – I did notice this but wasn’t too sure why he would do that unless his actions are meant for something else.

    2) when shinkiro flew to damaclus along with few vincent, one of them is rolo ’s vincent
    – I barely noticed it but it did looked like the Vincent. Like others mentioned, Everyone will need everythign they can muster for this final battle. I jsut wonder who was piloting it.

    3) tristan and shinkiro battle inside the aircraft( maybe avalon or damaclus )
    – Same as reason above. Shinkiro was sortied to fight, and Tristan was the first KMF it encountered.

    4) ohgi and xing-ke seem ’shock’
    – Unsure what they would be surprised about. Maybe the card Lelouch will play in the episode shocks them? That’s something we will have to wait and see next week.

    5) kallen prepare to use guren’s clam to pawn down lulu
    – This was pretty much inevitable. I’m thinking that this may settle things between the two but who knows. It did show Kallen crying, so the thought of having to kill lelouch most likely breaks her heart. I would really like to know what Lelouch says to her though. Could probably settle the Lulu X so-and-so pairings.

    6) cc seem to have a evil smile – what does it mean ??
    – She and Lelouch have something up their sleeve, as Lelouch stated in the preview that he has a card to play, which apparently may involve CC.

  139. Well, regardless of what you may think of Kaioshin Sama (be it good or ill), I have to say that his write up on how Nunnally survived is quite good ( ). He seems to have caught just about every little detail (and then some) from episode 18 that might help solve the mystery and has come up with a fairly detailed explanation.

    Now, I still think that it’s odd that Sayoko didn’t force the craft to head for the OotBK and that explanation within the show is definitely lacking, but I doubt that we’ll get any more of an explanation than we did in this episode. They have too many other things to take care of before the end and I expect that there are a number of small things that will either never be fully explained or will only be explained outside the show in interviews and episode commentaries and the like.

  140. I think the main issue my opinion differed so much from (apparently) everyone elses bar you (kalesin) kaoshin and mayb a few others is the differences in how i define a trainwreck to everyone else! basically for me to deem somthing a trainwreck it has to be a series or program which has never met or exceeded my expectations (in otherwords ifa series is amazing for 98 percent of it it wont fail on the basis of the remaining 2 or even 1 percent!) or it has to go down hill from a way earlier landmark (Which is why Gundam seed was brilliant but Seed destiny was dissapoointing because it started going down hill from as soon as shin got the destiny!) but the most important criteria for somthing to be a trainwreck is that i have to have seen ALL of it!

    After all the geek hatred a calm and collected kalessin quels it all with a smooth internet typing voice and a peaceful demeanor. hmmm who does that remind me of… CRAP SCHNIZIEL lol im kidding 😛

    I think lelouch will somehow play the C.C. is immortal card and im also thinking (hoping) that the final war dead count will be decided next episode cos im genuinely hoping that the last episode will be spent entirely on after story (though it destroys movie chance!)im also desperately hoping that when taniguchi or whatever his name is is less depressed he will figure out a way to make a season 3 WITHOUT the obvious MAI HIME/Aquarion alternate universe stories because in my mind theres nothing which totally invalidates the ammount of time you spent watching somthing more then a remake or alternate retelling and i just dont think it would be wise to do with Code Geass what theyve done with Gundam for the past.. lifetime

    Ideal Ending (the futherest my imagination will stretch)

    Suzaku/ C.C.: dead
    Lelouch=not emperor
    Nunally: somewhere else
    Ougi: Not dead
    Xingke: dead (aint gonna play out any other way is it!)
    Gino: Somewhere else
    Nina: Not dead (its wierd for me but for some reason i feel sorry for her probably because unlike suzaku and lelouch shes the only ones whos taken an action that obvious and opposite to her past wrongdoing though you could argue that it was easier for her)
    Cornelia: in wheelchair but not dead
    Tamaki: Minister of finance for Japan (someone has to get what they want!)
    Lloyd/Rakshata=science teams: Doing some decent researcxh for the sake of humanity
    Kaguya: I dont cae much more at this point!

    WingZero zxt
  141. an example for real a trainwreck = saint seiya chapter inferno+elysion
    animation zero, budjet cut to zero, wasting time(Blablabla).

    So CG r2 end is far better to be a real trainwreck. Time is rushing to end this serie but the quality of animation is quite good (maybe the last 2 will be more better). Time to explain and to let us understood is short but sufficient and pertinant. Maybe some person would like the ending goes as they like but let it be as it will.

    Cornelia is dead for being enough stupid to show her intentions to SHNEIZL. Her death serve to clear Shneizl malice.
    So if she is alive, that could be seen as fanservice. thiking shneizel (as some someone could say) not to care of what she is really dead is so stupid to think. OK Schneizl, if she is not, just finish her with your boots combo? Shneizl was sufficient calm (snap his fingers) and clever to kill her definitly (not in his way anymore).
    And the real story doesn’t need her to come life. Nobody in CG don’t care of her anymore.
    Her knight was all died so.

    The BK are simply humans so they make mistakes in judgment, why to know how stupid they are NOW, cause they ALWAYS be since the start(following a masked man but who save their lives many times- knowing that ). What people want them to do? To be more clever than Lelouch? So don’t need Lelouch anymore for the story. So in my opinion they decide to take the wrong way, but they choosed that’s all clear.

    Nunally is in the dark, we all know. A person who was protected all her life can hardly pick up the malice from what she is not used to confront (not as lelouch, a fighting leader). The time of war is radically different from the time of peace and love. So some people could react radically as well. Not knowing all what happen about geass, she can only as she said “take a little burden”. She feel bad but she take the wrong way to.

    what all the characters do in CG is a question of choice, they sure have the choice with as little as they know. Some made just the wrong. That is the reason of the plot in CG.
    1-suzaku with Lelouch
    2-suzaku VS Zero(Lelouch)
    3-suzaku VS Lelouch
    4-suzaku with lelouch

    By knowing a little more and more about the geass, suzaku finally team with Lelouch.
    By knowing a little more and more about Lelouch, CC finally team with Lelouch by rejecting Charles-marianne plan.
    I thinks the 2 last ep will make every body in the wrong to change their choice.
    So for me there is no “trainwreck”.

  142. I just found out in the official website that Cornelia is not listed dead (yet)….so, she’s probably injured and held in captive by Schneizel…..only change made in the chart is Sayako joining Lelouch’s faction but her picture is shaded dark probably because she’s injured or the guy who updated the website is lazy to fix it…..

    btw, when will they show Nonette Enneagram, the knight of nine? I mean, we have two episodes left and they didn’t even bother let her have some action before this show ends? And if they tried to kill her like what they did to the knight of four, I swear I’ll officially declare this show, TRAINWRECK with TM

  143. I love how a show can now be declared a trainwreck at the drop of the hat based on some utterly insignificant element. Shows how much weight the term actually holds. The future of anime looks bleak indeed if this is how unpleasable people can be once they get in a certain state of mind.

  144. haha…wow, people now a days sure can be stirred by opinions…I mean, you don’t like what you see? Stop watching. You don’t like what you read, then don’t read comments by those people. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show and make some intellectual or some nice comments here and there. I mean, bashing the show until people are annoyed by you isn’t going to help. Once someone likes something, they like it. They think it’s a trainwreck, that’s their opinion. Though, people now a days are so quick to judge, watch it until the end and then if you still REALLY dislike, say its trainwreck.
    Don’t get soo pissy and really, calm posts are a lot better then the ones that go “lol, you’re stupid” or “ur an idiot, this is obvious trainwreck”.
    Well, people might agree with me or not, but hey. At least I’m not going to ruin my days of anime by getting too involved in pointless arguments.

    Lastly, Go Lelouch and everyone who sides with him! xD (Afterall, I’m still a fan! xD)

  145. oh yeah, in China, they banned Code Geass because it didn’t passed the censorship regulations. It’s pretty obvious, right? since China is a communist country or ………….China found out that Sunrise is trainwrecking their country in the series IMO 😉

  146. All I know anymore is that I’ve lost track of how many how ways I’ve seen the word trainwreck used. Not many words can boast having upwards of 10 entirely seperate definitions, having both positive and negative connotations at the same time, being usable as a verb, adjective, noun and adverb and still mean absolutely nothing in the long run. The word itself is it’s very essence, it’s own definition, and that’s why I’m nominating for Word of The Year 2008.

  147. You know, I think that there are a number of characters who we can probably now say will survive the series. It’s not 100% sure, but it’s highly likely. That is, we’ve reached the point where they put anyone in a situation where they’re likely to die and they survive, then they’re almost certainly going to continue to do so. I think that this is truer the less important the character. For instance, if they really wanted to kill Ougi off, they probably would have done so when the Ikuraga went down. It was the perfect time to do so. Granted, he’s important enough that they might give him multiple chances at it, but they have so little time left and so much to do that I really don’t think that they’re going to spend the time to almost kill someone just to kill them later.

    That being the case, whoever in the Ikuraga will almost certainly survive the series. Again, no guarantee, but I think that it’s very likely. The two most important characters in that group are Ougi and Rakshata. I can’t remember the names of the rest of them, but I think that they’re all going to survive since they didn’t bother killing them off when they had such a prime opportunity to do so. Viletta will probably also survive since she’s nowhere near the fighting.

    So, I think I’m going to add Ougi, Rakshata, and Viletta to the list of characters with a very high probability of surviving the series.

  148. Although there are certainly issues with the story I am still pretty sure that most people just say “trainwreck” for the sake of following a trend and as a result of simple prejudice (not everyone though), the anime still has 2 more episodes so why not let it end BEFORE saying that nothing makes sense? It’s pretty obvious that quite a few details being kept away from the public (ie. The Zero Requiem).

    My theory? I think that what Lelouch wants to do is to destroy Britania ideologically (not just physically). Even if he where to become emperor and do the world good, there is nothing that would ensure people that the 100th emperor (or anyone down the line) will just try their hand at playing god. As things are right now, in the world of Geass, there just isn’t enough hate within Britania to really forever destroy the nobility. If Lelouch, however, makes the world hate him and see him as a god of destruction then it wouldn’t be a surprise if people would start to reject the notion of nobility (even within Britannia). I just think that Lelouch, apart from stopping Schneizel, wants the world to see how horrible one man in absolute power can be. In a way teach it a lesson in order to avoid giving one man too much power and, hopefully, make the future a better place. Think back on how he made the Chinese people revolt back in episode 11 (leading to the downfall of the Chinese Federation), I think the idea is rather similar with his current plan. The only uncertain factor, IMO, is what the Zero Requiem might be.

    Some would consider this extreme, and it is, but when one takes into consideration how the world has evolved in the alternate timeline of Code Geass then I can almost agree with Lelouch that the world NEEDS to understand how one man with too much power is a danger to the world. If you think about it like this then it makes sense that Lelouch mentioned to Susaku that he would make the people forget the massacre princess with an even greater Demon.

    As for the pairings… It all boils down to Lelouch. He still has a strong chance with Kallen but I think that, if you consider what I’ve just said, he would rather not tell Kallen about his suicidal mission and have her hate him rather than have her go down with him once everything is over. I’m not sure if to label it as love (since Lelouch has been vague) but I think that’s obviously a sign that he CARES about Kallen; since, similar to when he lied to Kallen in Ep 19 (Betrayal) to save her, he’s just sacrificing himself for the sake of those he cares about.

    I’m actually 100% behind Lelouch on this one but, like everyone else, I have a hard time seeing a happy ending after all that Lelouch has done. Unless the ending involves Lelouch going to live (maybe with his love interest) away from the worlds eye after dissapearing after the final battle, then I doubt that he will live.

    Perhaps C.C. will be the one to tell Kallen the truth? Also, about Rolo’s KNF, keep in mind that its a mass produced model. Takami protecting Lelouch? I wouldn’t jump into a conclusion there. For all we know he could be simply in an aerial battle and not trying to protect, it can be quite misleading.

    As for next episode, I just see some serious Schneizel Pwning Lelouch until episode 25 when the ever mysterious Zero Requiem will turn the battle against Schneizel.

  149. @Mao,

    I agree with pretty much all that you said. Although I don’t think that destroying Britannia’s image is the main concern, he did make it clear that he wants to make a worse image than Euphy’s as a mass murderer in order for him to “atone” for the things he done and the lives he has “taken”. However, in order to do achieve this, he must make himself look like the villain, which is sad since he can’t really say his intentions unless he wants to blow his plan (if that is the Zero Requiem).

    I also agree whole-heartedly about the pairing situation. I’m pretty sure deep-down his heart, Lelouch has something for Kallen, as he showed earlier in the series that he was willing to not go by his strategies by attempting to saver her ASAP. However, like mentioned above, he must maintain his “cold” posture and image to achieve his goal and I’m pretty sure he would not want kallen to get involved since it may involve her losing her life. I’m still keeping in mind what Lelouch said to Kallen when the OotBK betrayed him. That’s why I think maybe next episode will somewhat clear-up and settle the pairings.

    As for the upcoming episodes, Schniezel will most likely show that he has the upper hand since he never lost to his brother in the past but we are still in for something since Lelouch has still one unknown card to play, which looks like it involves CC.

  150. @Mao

    Your right about people saying “train wreck” in more of a group mentality kind of way. I kind of doubt that anyone who takes the time to watch a show, then come to a forum about the show and says it’s a total train wreck means it in the literal way we’re reading it as (I read it as meaning everything has fallen apart and there is no hope of putting it back together again). It’s more likely that they’re just following the time honored tradition of forum talk of stating their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the most extreme word/position they can think of. It’s a microcosm of politics your 100% on one side or the other, even though 9 times out of 10 the middle road is the most logical way to go.

  151. Is anyone else a little skeptical about the entire anya situation? Doesn’t it seem some what strange that suddenly she’s involved with schneizel in cambodia without much intermediate connection? Could she be geassed and left as a wild card?

  152. @H

    I am unsure of Anya’s role in this series now after seeing this episode. Her reasoning for siding with Schniezel is still uncertain but it seems that she is going to try and eliminate Lelouch and Suzaku. As for her being a wild card, I doubt it as I see no realy use for her even after being geassed but who knows.

  153. @Marvin

    I agree with what you said about clearing Euphy’s name by creating a bigger demon but I kinda disagree that his main concern is to just atone about Euphy. Lelouch has committed numerous crimes as Zero and he probably intends to atone for them with his life as Emperor. If you think about it, I feel that the idea of blurring Euphy’s name is more of a “bonus” that will be attained if he does go through with his plans. Because, if you ask me, the idea of killing hundreds of people to blur the name of ONE person is rather Childish and I doubt that Euphy would want that just for HER sake (and I’m sure that both Susaku and Lelouch are aware of that).

    @W. Wolf
    I agree but I think it’s also due to the non-linear nature of the show. People cry for something new and when it happens, a lot have a hard time swallowing. For example, I recall people saying “I hope this doesn’t get a typical Sunrise ending.” and now it IS getting a rather unique ending, people don’t feel at ease with it. Of course there is also the issue of those that simply follow into a trend just like a LOT of people do in everyday life.

    Anya will play a role, I think, but I don’t think it’s going to be that “huge” when compared to the roles of other characters.

    Also, if Lelouch screws up the reunion with Kallen next episode then i’ll be 100% sure about KallenXLelouch being impossible. Let’s wait and see! D:

  154. # W. Wolf: Actually it’s just a Sunrise mecha series trend for the most part. Happens every time without fail to the point that I hardly give it much credence.

    I just wonder if it they’ll follow through with the whole, “Wow, this was actually pretty good” thing once it all dies down afterward. Every show since Gundam Seed Destiny has had basically the same thing as we’re witnessing with Code Geass R2 happen during there run only to become generally accepted as good a couple months after they went off the air with the sole exception of Destiny, which it was all but impossible to deny was actually a really poorly made series.

  155. I’ve never made a comment but I’ve been reading for a while, this trainwreck is in full force, episodes 1-13 were some of the most boring of any anime, 14-19 were awesome, 20 until now is probably some of the worst episodes I’ve ever seen in any anime with a budget above $10, and I can’t stop watching, Lelouche’s main goals didn’t change for over a season and a half, and now they’ve changed like 4 times in 3 episodes, no matter how they end, it won’t be good.

  156. *I just read some more comments*

    @Mao, I’m suprised someone can enjoy it so much, to justify all this crap, from Anya being his mom to a gun turrent that was positioned directly behind cornelia at a specific moment in time that conviniently went off to a finger snap, to Diethart appearing beaten up in one scene when he was perfectly fine in another, and NOT EVEN MENTIONING IT, there is so much wrong, I swear they must be doing this on purpose, its not logical in the slightest. The way CC regained her memories too, was complete crap, hey sup, I’m Lelouche’s mom, are you on our side CC? … well I guess I’ll gain my memories back now.

  157. @WingZero, probably tied somewhat, between Baccano, Gurren Lagann Code Geass S1, GetBackers still holds a special place in my heart too.

    @Marvin, and that’s the trap people fall into, they purposely made it bad since they coulden’t follow the director’s plans for the series, because they knew they could still bring in views and the general public would see nothing wrong, but this has no relation to season 1, its almost like season 1 isn’t even canon anymore, minus a few specific facts, the first season of geass was amazing, this has no relation to it, in the slightest.

  158. Please explain your thoughts as to why you think S1 and R2 of Code Geass are so dissimilar?? also its been fairly ashed to deathnow but i thought we were all agreed to the general consensous that R2s problems didnt stem from an altered story line but from other issues!

    WingZero zxt
  159. @wing, I don’t see how theres any other issues… Season 2 was supposed to start where 24/25(i think those were the last ones) left off, Suzaku having a bigger relation to geass, CC’s civilization, and all that, if they went with the initial plan, I don’t see the problem, if at the very beginning they told you how lelouche got his geass, and how euphy died, the whole 1st season would be unnecessary for the events of R2.

    I don’t read these comments so I don’t know the other issues, but I still believe its the altered storyline, if season 2 went completely off of season 1, it could have been just as good, like how you have lets say a gundam Series from episode 1 to 52, its generally one main plot, while here, thats not true in the slightest.

  160. Well lets just say that the only episodes that were significantly altered were the 1st 1 or two i think if i remember correctly and it was osmthing to do with the altered time slot but since the interview (the misreading of which lead to the changed story opinion) was made before R2 was even finished the problems mentioned in it were more to do with the emding of S1 then with r2 and if i remember correctly the director thanks the famns for letting him make the story he originally intended! Basically the story itself didnt have an Original! This is the way the story was always meant to be (even if it turns out there were other pacing issues etc…)

    WingZero zxt
  161. @Midou
    Nice little theory you got going there. Again, that is purely opinion. Whether that’s true or not really doesn’t matter as long as they get ratings; trainwreck or not. Like WingZero zxt asked, what views do you have that make the 2 seasons so dissimilar or unrelated?

    I did notice their little glance but it can also be that Lelouch sees how Diethard personality is (betrays to the more “interesting” side). Again, who knows. He MAY in fact be lelouch’s final wild card.

  162. @Kaoshin Sama,

    If you get past the train wreck remark, the second season really is a different beast than the first one. During the first season the blood stained Euphie arc was a pleasant surprise, but I enjoyed it and thought the Mao arc left the storyline open for what occurred. It was twist that I didn’t see coming (I was expecting her to get assassinated and that would ignite a rebellion) that fit the story.
    In the second season, major events happen so frequently and with so little buildup that there really isn’t any impact.

    I enjoy it, but the second season reeks of a rushed story and excessive executive meddling. Lelouch taking over Britannia could have easily been the climax of the second season. With the subsequent post Lelouch Britannia versus the UN and Schneizel as the third season.

  163. Whilst iREALLY wanted a 3rd season the only forseeable problem with a third season is that there would have to inevitably by the itroduction of new characters due to the massive character attrition rating this has!

    WingZero zxt
  164. @H
    I agree that Anya might be used as a wild card. Apparently Kannon doesn’t trust her that much because they restored her memories so she might decide to join Lelouch at the last second because she wants to or because Lelouch asked her to during the one month time skip which would explain why she is with Schneizel and not Lelouch when he should have found her first.

  165. What I don’t get is how Schneizel would be able to restore her memories. The alterations in her memory were Geass-induced. Jeremiah would be able to fix her and C.C. might be able to (we still don’t know exactly what her powers are and whether she was able to fix Lelouch only because she’d given him a Geass previously), but there’s no precedent in the show for any non-Geass-related person undoing anything done by a Geass. It seems to me that they wanted her to have her memories back but didn’t have a good way of doing so, so they simply declared that Schneizel’s people had done it.

    Actually, now that I think about it, maybe her memories were restored once Marianne had left. I recall them saying that Schneizel’s people had restored her memories, but I could have misinterpreted it or it could have been translated incorrectly. Still, it seems off to me that Anya would have her memories back at this point.

    And for that matter, how would Schneizel know? Even if he did carry Marianne’s body away, that doesn’t mean that he’d have any clue as to what really happened – let alone that Anya’s memories had been tweaked. It’s really rather odd.

    I certainly don’t think that R2 is worse than R1 and I definitely don’t think that it’s a trainwreck, but there are some annoying inconsistencies.

  166. I shall take my permanent leave, I get a headache from reading some of these comments. I’ll stick it to the end, the same way I’ve watched those really terrible movies where you only watch because its so over the top bad that its hilarious.

  167. @ Kalessin

    As far as I understood they didn’t restore Anya’s memories as off yet. Cannon implies that Schneizel didn’t do it yet, because he still needed her for the upcoming battle. Which means that she is a reliability, but only when she gets her memories back. How Schneizel was supposed to get her memories back, I have no clue.

    Some people here, were commenting on that the Vincent appeared in the extended preview. As for whose flying it, I only see two possibilities. Which are either Cecile or Sayoko. I believe Cecile was willing to board the Lancelot a while ago and well for my motivations to nominate Sayoko, well the more important question is, what can’t she do?

    But I wonder what Lelouch will do against Schneizel next episode. There are two things that make Schneizel powerfull, first off he keeps himself from having any real emotions. (which explains why he’s always acting so damn cool) His second is order, every action he makes stems from order through carefull planning. But, from what we can tell from the preview, Lelouch is going to drop real-time tactics (he says it himself) next episode. Which means he’s probably going with an impulsive action. In other words, it will not be logical, which brings up the fact that he still has something up his sleeve that Schneizel probably hasn’t accounted for. Schneizel probably knows lelouch has Nina, so he will have something up his sleeve other then Freya. But what else has Lelouch up his sleeve to defeat Schneizel.

    Will he be playing with Schneizel’s mind, one way to do this is by making him loose his composure (in other words his emotionless self) and take away the order in his life. one thing that sprung my mind is that Schneizel depends a lot on Cannon. He is a lot smarter then his screentime makes us believe. He’s always giving Schneizel advice on what to do when we see him. And when that’s not the case, he is observing every one of Schneizel’s actions. I can certainly see Schneizel’s world come crashing down, when something happens to Cannon.

    Besides Schneizel is up against a guy with an immortal wingman and on top off that, another wingman with a live geass casted upon him. The round it all off, Nunnaly doesn’t affect his actions anymore. Lelouch has even accepted that he can’t win head on with tactics, so Schneizel certainly won’t get the better of him anymore.

  168. Lulu is such an awesome little napoleon. The highs of the show come from the miracles that lulu pulls off, but this whole schneizel having the upper hand thing is kind of killing the style. I’m still glued though. All hail Lulu!

  169. Regarding Anya and he memories the qway it was worded in Gg subs was better cos it said that he memories were restored! that merely sggests that schniziel knew was wasnt all there not that he knew a lot if anything about the happenings in the villa that day even though he moved marrianes body. that and the fact lelouch should have gotten to her first maybe the reason why cannon asks the question in the first place! (i wonder if cannon knows schniziels complete plan!? i think he does cos he looks morally complacent and wipped by schniziels pretty face although he pulled asad face when cornelia was gunned down! Why does everyone find the gun popping out of the wall random??? stuff has been shooting from walls randomly since the time of indiana jones and now suddenly its a media fopaa!???

    WingZero zxt
  170. You don’t think that it’s random for someone to have it set up in their planning room (or whatever kind of room it was) so that they can snap their fingers and have a gun pop out and kill someone? The gun just shoots straight, so the person would have to be right in front of it for it to even do any good. It would normally be pointless except that Cornelia just so happened to turn against Schneizel when she was right in front of it. It was totally there for the convenience of the plot.

    Now, in Indiana Jones, you expect random, weird traps because he’s sneaking around in ancient temples, looking for ancient treasures and the like. It’s the kind of place that’s supposed to have weird, random traps. Having weird random traps in your planning room on your fancy new, take-over-the-world ship isn’t quite so normal. It’s the kind of thing you expect in some cheesy, B-rated movie.

  171. Even if he said he left… xD

    @What Midou said
    I don’t really see the point on the above comment. Like I said… Code Geass is far from perfect but it’s not like some of those plot twists (namely Anya) where just thrown out of the blue. The story HEAVILY suggested a relationship between Anya and Marianne numerous times (to the point where a lot of wacko theories made an appearance) and although a bit surprising, the idea of Marianne Geasing her way out of death isn’t all that exagerated given the nature of the Geass Universe.

    As for “coincidences”, the same could be said about most forms of general media and entertainment. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve seen some small coincidences appear here and there in an anime or even movie. Would it have been much different if the machine gun was on the roof and wasn’t conveniently aiming at Cornellia? Does that machine gun really break the story or something? At least this isn’t as bad as watching Light and his rival miraculously read each others mind through various process of scripted “deductions” like it’s overly seen in Death Note.

    Geass isn’t the epitome of entertainment but I simply find it refreshing because it does things considerably different than most overabused anime themes (ie. Gundam). Again, it’s not perfect and there are issues of story rushing, plot holes, and stupidity in the series but as a whole there is a lot to credit it for.

    I respect peoples opinion but acting “bigger” than others because one follows on a trend or has a different opinion is a rather childish, yet common, thing to do.

  172. Actually, maybe, the guns is set with a sound motion. Sch would have clapped if his enemy was to be shot from directly in front of him from the ceiling, whistle to shot them from below, and you know a finger snap to get them from behind like that.

    It could happen.

    I don’t know where all these talks of what ifs are coming from. I was sure the biggest plot hole would have come from the fact that Szh got ahold of Nunnelly at all. Sayoko was with her with her own troops, so are you telling me they couldn’t rig that thing to take another flight plan or that Szh had actually plan for them to be aboard it when he showed up or captured it.

    Anyway, thought I might want to point that part out ….as being a bit more mysterious.

    As for Anya’s memories, well, they did generate or make a Geass before. THey did that with Jermiah to give him his Geass cancelor, so why couldn’t they had done that again?

    Poor Suzaku be safe …your live geass will probably be next.

  173. @Silentveil I don’t dispute that the gun thing could work. Certainly, it looked like he had it set up on the clapper something since it came out when he snapped his fingers. It’s just that it’s a silly thing to have set up – especially if making anything like a snapping sound makes it pop out. “Whoops. Sorry Kanon. I clapped my hands at the wrong moment and the gun popped out and killed you.”

    However, this isn’t the first time that this series has done things that seem a bit silly and out of place when you think about it but are there because they fit the plot. In fact, it’s a good sign that things like this haven’t happened more often.

    As for Sayoko not taking Nunnally to Lelouch, I totally agree with you point and I think that I said earlier that that was my main complaint about the situation. Sayoko would do whatever it took to protect Nunnally, so I don’t find it at all surprising that she stayed with her, but going to Schneizel is a bit odd. Maybe Nunnally insisted and Sayoko didn’t want to force her. Unfortunately, I don’t think that we’re going to get a better explanation than that within the show. There might be a better one in a commentary in the DVD’s or something like that, but I don’t think that there’s going to be much opportunity within the show to explain more than they did. If they really wanted to explain it well, they would have done it in this last episode (probably with flashbacks and the like). My guess is that they just didn’t have the time to do it properly.

    As for the Geass Canceler, it’s not completely out of the question that Schneizel had access to some of that tech, but the people who made it are now all dead thanks to Lelouch taking out the Geass cult and Schneizel had nothing to do with that research. In fact, as far as we know, he’d never even heard of Geass before he made Suzaku tell him about it. He might have known, but there’s really no evidence for it as far as I know. The only thing that I can think of that might explain it is that the last remaining Geass cult members were with the emperor just prior to him heading off to his death. They might have had the information necessary to enable Schneizel to fix Anya. But how did he even know that her memories were altered in the first place? Really, it’s not totally implausible that Schneizel would be able to get Anya’s memory fixed, but it sure seems unlikely.

  174. Just me or anyone else think diethart is spy for lelouch. (or atleast betray schnizel) that little extended look between deithart and lelouch kinda hinted that to me. dunno about you guys. also the fact sayako is still allied with lelouch.

    on the plus note orange-kun is the man

  175. @Kalessin No not at all! This is Schniziel we are talking about!!! hes a genius! he does things like that!!! Would you think it was random if lelouch did it ofcourse not cos we know that he is clever like that and so is schniziel! even if he just had a guy hiding behind a wall with the order ‘when i snap my fingers kill cornelia’! i mean he didnt snap on then off so it might justt have been some random guy with no morals! and Anya wouldnt need Geass Canceling! as soon as marrianes gone her memories should be restored cos the geass effect was gone! its different to how lelouch permanently geasses someone and even if the order has been fulfilled they cant be regeassed because technically thier mind is still altered!

    WingZero zxt
  176. LOL have you ever read somthing written here and thought ‘thats a very good point’ then realise that you wrote it!!!? or better yet thought it was complete rubbish? ive done te first one!

    WingZero zxt
  177. WingZero zxt@ normally people don’t do that, because it’s too much like patting yourself on the back. Kind of pointless and crazy. Also, if it is a person …than they are a really bad shot. WHy did they have to spray the area, instead of Szh getting himself a real sniper whom can take Cornelia down with one shot & why hid in the wall like that? Hell, the person could have just hidden off to the side, and got amuch clearer shot that way. I mean …it wasn’t like Cornelia had a gun right …she pulled a freaky sword. The entire series and she had drawn a gun, but the moment before her death she pulls out a sword.

    That was another WTF moment.


    Hmmm…you got a point there.Though, I can’t really see Sayoko doing all of that just to be told by Nunnelly …ummm… no thank you. I want to go to brother Szh and I expect you to respect my wishes and she goes ..okay.


    I find it hard to believe she would break into an enemy base and just let Nunnelly go, and let’s say she said …I am taking you to your brother. Her answer is …no I don’t care about him ..I am going to brother Szh? I just can’t find a good explanation for how she ended up with him & no one else noticed. Szh didn’t even bother to tell Suzaku and he was willing to make that dude his second in command …as his knight.

  178. @WingZero zxt
    I do think that people would be less liable to complain about the snapping to make the gun come out move if Lelouch had done it, but it’s still stupid. As Silentveil points out, a sniper or something would have made a lot more sense. Of course, in most situations like that, if it were Lelouch, he simply would have Geassed the person (though that wouldn’t have worked on Cornelia).

    I think that it’s a case of just not wanting to have Schneizel pull a gun. It just doesn’t go with his image to actually pull a gun himself. Still, they should have had Kanon pull a gun instead. It would have been just as effective without being so stupid. The machine gun is just so random (why would you normally need one there?) and it just so happened happened to be in the perfect place to take out Cornelia.

    Really, for me the snapping isn’t all that big a deal – Lelouch has done similar things before – but the gun itself popping out in such a place is just so random and stupid.

  179. @Silentveil
    I agree that it would be a bit off for Sayoko to take Nunnally to Schneizel just because she asked. Depending on how much Sayoko told Nunnally, Nunnally might not want to immediately run off to Lelouch (though you’d think that she would) and I’d certainly expect Sayoko to care about what Nunnally wanted, but she also cares about what Lelouch wants and would consider him to be the “good guy” so she’d definitely want to take Nunnally to Lelouch. That was the whole point of what she was up to after all.

    Really, I brought up the idea because it was about the only thing that I could think of that might have made it so that Sayoko would agree to take Nunnally to Schneizel. It would certainly seem odd for her to have been unable to get the craft to go elsewhere. Maybe Schneizel picked them up so fast that Sayoko didn’t really have time to get them away. I don’t know. It just seems odd.

    I think that they probably could come up with a reasonable explanation as to why Sayoko didn’t go straight to Lelouch, but unfortunately they didn’t choose to give one to us within the show. If we want it, they’re going to have to put it audio commentaries or something.

    Now, I can totally understand why Sayoko wouldn’t just run off with Nunnally once Schneizel had them (especially once Zero was declared dead), but a better explanation for why they ended up with him in the first place would be nice.

  180. *Gasp* OMG, Omni, I cannot believe you’d succumb to the use of that god-awful word as well….Well, I doubt anyone can enjoy this episode with “trainwreck” unjustly in their mind, when everything was directed pretty fluidly; it had that drumroll to battle feel to it….and I bet Cornelia is still alive and crawling (err, I mean kicking’).

    Just stay away from the trolls. They have nothing better to do than bash Code Geass, when there is no better anime they are watching.

    Yuki no Kurogane
  181. Also, to make a real post @Yuki, there is defiantly better anime to watch, I usually get them around the same time, Code geass and Macross Frontier, I have yet to be let down even for a moment in Macross, while all I get here is TRAIN WRECK.

  182. OMG! WTH just happened?
    BTW, im wandering what the Last Card Lelouch is talking about in the preview…
    I hope it’s not getting C.C.’s code to be immort..

    No More Karen x Lelouch? Awwww

    Yeah, and I hope Cornelia is still alive.. Darn Schniz… 😀

  183. Midou@

    Are you kidding me? Macross Frontier has gotten really stupid as well, and let’s not forget …they killed of one character by having him sucked through a hole after being fatally stabbed, but somehow …he glasses weren’t suck out as well.

    It was one of those sentimental pieces that was really overdone.

  184. @george
    For a moment there, I thought that they were going to find a way in that gif to make it so that Cornelia transferred herself into Schneizel. Of course, that would have taken extra footage as opposed to rearranged footage, but it would have been funny.

  185. @Kalessin: agree on that.

    Anyway, this is what i come up in both Lelouch’s and Schneizel’s sides

    *C.C. the immortal witch and the PHINK Lancelot
    *Spinzaku and Lancelot albion
    *Sayako, the ninja maid
    *Orange, the cyborg with Siegfied and Geass Cancellor
    *Nina, with anti-FREIJA bomb if she finish it

    *Gino and his upgraded Tristan
    *Kallen and her upgraded Guren
    *Anya with Mordred
    *The Black Knights

    that’s all I could think of. Just add more if there anything missing from them.

    BTW, I’m guessing this will happen if Schneizel fires multiple FREIJA missiles on the whole world. Just ignore the part of Keanu Reeves being on a lie detector test until 0:54
    – btw, this is the trailer of 2008 movie version of The Day the Earth Stood Still which stars Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly

  186. To be quite honest, I must agree that a Milly x Lelouch relationship is very doubtful. However, I don’t believe that a C.C. x Lelouch relationship will happen either because C.C. doesn’t see Lelouch as a love interest. I could be wrong. The same with Rivalz x Milly pairing. Milly could fall in love with Rivalz the same way as Shirley wanted Lelouch to fall in love with her.

    With only 2 episodes left, anything could happen. I won’t speculate on Milly and Lelouch until the last episode. If Lelouch gets a satisfactory ending, it’s likely that he’ll either die or forever be isolated from his friends and family. I would be very surprised if C.C. gives him her immortality Code. If anything, C.C. might die in an upcoming FLEIJA blast protecting Lelouch. The FLEIJA blast might grant her the wish of death.

    As for Kallen, I don’t think that she’ll end up with Lelouch as a romantic partner. She’s likely to leave him after the hell he has put her through. The only reason why I think Lelouch might end up with Milly is because of the promise that he had made to her about coming to the fireworks festival. She might confide her feelings to him. But that’s up in the air right now.

    So far C.C. has kissed Lelouch twice; Kallen kissed him once,and Shirley got to kiss him once as well. Milly is due to get her chance to kiss Lelouch, if it ever gets to that moment. Perhaps Rivalz would do Milly the honor. Although I doubt that it would ever happen.

  187. Don’t Rule out KallenxLelouch Yet!

    The previews never really ruin anything so I knew it was safe to watch.
    It shows more of Kallen then the regular preview. Seems in the Guren she’s crying, or at least in tears.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Her actions here could say a lot. Seeing how it’s inside a KMF hanger I don’t see Suzaku come bursting in to stop her. Watching the preview it appears C.C. is nearby during this scene. In the shot of her smiling you can see her Lancelot behind her. I don’t see how Kallen could have a better chance to kill him. Really, I see this playing out in one of three ways.
    One: Kallen chooses not to kill him. (for whatever reason)
    Two: C.C. shows up in her Pink Lancelot and holds Kallen back to give Lelouch time to get into his Shinkirou and escape.
    Three: Someone else shows up just behind Kallen before she has the chance to make her choice and Lelouch slips away in the confusion to his Shinkirou. (I’m thinking this one is much more likely.)

    Later in the preview it looks like the Tristan Twin shows up in a hanger, if not the same one; and there is a small flash of the Shinkirou launching the chest crystal in the same kind of room we see the Tristan Twin in. I don’t really see the Guren in the shot of the Tristan so it’s hard to tell. The problem is that the purple glow of the room lights are more like Black Knights then Britannian technology.
    Notice near the end of the preview you can see the Shinkirou in it’s collapsed transport mode.
    In this better quality image of Kallen’s attack you can see the float system of the Shinkirou through the smoke.
    Knowing this we can see that for whatever reason Kallen doesn’t kill Lelouch and he gets enough time to get into the Shinkirou.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  188. Just happened to be in the right place???? more like scniziel lead her there after cornelia said can i have a word! Also that WAS cornelias crazy gun/sword!!!! and the whole thing reading was purely because i read my own comment without the name LOL

    Midou seriously??? MF? a series where not having the biggest weapon but being able to SING your way out of trouble counts?!? REALLY dont get me wrong i like macross but individual storyline qualms aside (for instance the only romantic story remotely interesting wasKlanxMichael nad i hate alto as a character) the whole singing thing is a Really lame premise to base a space adventure on, excpet for in the first series because it was reasonably genius and made sense without using copius ammounts of technical jargon to justify it! its sortof how using THE FORCE was cool until qui gon(george lucas) attemted to justify it by saying it was crazy microscopic bacteria in your blood!
    For me Macross Frontier has been consistenly average! just as you can say with Gundam its JUST gundam after watching several of the macross series you can say its JUST macross the story designed NOT TO END (until the tengen toppa gurren lagaan rolls the galaxy thier in into giant ball and throws it at the antispiral)

    WingZero zxt
  189. @WingZero zxt
    I watched both previews and it never shows Jeremiah pushing Kallen away in the Guren. There are only two previews for an episode. The regular one and the extended. Jeremiah only appeared in the extended preview and he’s shown outside.
    How could Jeremiah even get in that room? Jeremiah’s KMF is huge in compared to all the others.
    Even if there was a preview showing Jeremiah stopping Kallen it still doesn’t counter all the rest of the things I said.
    She is obviously heartbroken that she has to face him as an enemy. She doesn’t look mad.

  190. Okay, first off, from the preview I am going to make a really good guess. I think the BK are going to turn on Szh. WHy? Well in the extended preview it looked like Todou or is it the guy whom begged for some sort of a title moving to protect Jeremiah’s knightmare.

    Though I can’t be totally sure, so I could easily be wrong.

    As for Kallen, well, I think she is going to die next episode. Thank you everyone.

  191. @Silentveil

    It could very well be possible that the black knights turn on Schneizel.. But I have other reasons for thinking so. Think about it, Schneizel did exactly the same as when Lelouch was Zero, only he does it without geass. So maybe him firing another Freya could be a turning point off some sort, as him not firing Freya and therefore not endangering the representatives, was the reason he was given command of the whole army.

    Lelouch always failed when his plans where based on lies, or call it, not the telling the whole truth if you wish. It always backfired on lelouch and this is exactly what Schneizel is doing right now. Lelouch on the other hand is finally at a point where he is surrounded by staff that exactly knows what he wants to achieve. So there are no more lies on his side, well except for the people he doesn’t want to involve. But well they aren’t a part of his plan, so no harm done there.

  192. @JordiBlau: I also quite agree that the Black Knights will turn on Schneizel. I bet that they will find out about Schneizel’s plan in firing FREIJAs all over the world. Hence, in the OP, Todo’s knightmare is running and flying at Damocles. Or I could be wrong unless the Black Knights are totally blind to see what Schneizel is really doing and easily fall for his charisma.

    And also most interesting is that during the conversation between Schneizel and Lelouch, I notice that Lelouch is giving a look at Diethard who happens to be with Schneizel at that time, grinning. Do you think Diethard is not just there to film Schneizel’s “I will become God” plan but to help Lelouch expose Schneizel’s plan?

  193. George@

    Diethard isn’t really loyal to Lelouche or to Zero. He is loyal to the idea of choas in any shape and form, and if there is a Code Geass 2 …he will more than likely be the root of all evil in that series.

    In fact, he is happy that Szh is going down the path that Lelouche turned away from.

  194. @Silentveil: That doesn’t explain the look that Lelouch gave to Diethard. So you’re saying that the look is “Oh, what a coincidence! You’re with Schneizel” look. And that smug in Diethard’s face is “That’s right. I’m with Schneizel” look.

  195. George@

    Actually I took it as more of ….[[I knew it you b@#*QW& …you would switch sides in a moment, and I bet you are the real mastermind behind all that went wrong with the BK]]

    Diethard looks is [[Did you really think you had the balls to be my master …you stupid punk?]]

    I am sure by now, Lelouche has probably figured out whom really betrayed him, so …cough* Diethard * cough it is more of a look of one whom knows what he really has to face. Though it was never mentioned, Diethard comes off as being as sneaky and as smart as Lelouche on varies levels. He afterall was never fooled about what happen to the Japanese boat incident. He wasn’t fooled about the path of destruction that Zero was treading, and actually started to get pissed off when thing started to change.

    In fact, he was so desperate to keep everything on it’s path that he made Ohgi his punk and that man still doesn’t mind working with him. Maybe he said, Zero made him do it.

    I would figure if someone figured out about Lelouche’s Geass it was him, and I have a feeling from the beginning that Diethard was never really with his group. IF you want to find out whom was the best one to play spy …it had to be Diethard whom had access to everything, and whom more than likely is the one whom looked up all the records that happen with Lelouche.

    I mean we all assume that Suzaku was followed to the shrine, but what if the information leak wasn’t on Suzaku’s side at all, but came from Lelouche. I do believe Diethard is good enough to do that, you know. It would also explain why he wasn’t so surprise at Lelouche’s true identity.

  196. I always understood that Diethard wanted to film/record history in the making. Zero was on a path to seriously change the world and maybe even take it over. Following Zero, therefore, gave Diethard the opportunity to record history in the making. However, once Zero fell, there was no point in recording what Zero was up to anymore, so he went to the place where history was now likely to be made: Schneizel’s group.

    Diethard initially opposed the OotBK turning against Zero and even told Zero that he would have liked to record his actions up to the point that he took over the world (or something along those lines anyway. I’d have to rewatch the episode for the exact line). However, if the OotBK weren’t going to follow Zero, then Zero wasn’t going to make history anymore and so there was no point in supporting Zero any longer.

    If Diethard had known that Lelouch was going to return as emperor a month after Zero’s “death,” then he might have stayed loyal to him to be able to record what he was up to, but no one knew what Lelouch was up to or even whether he was alive. Obviously, give Schneizel’s reaction to Lelouch taking the throne, he suspected that Lelouch was alive and planned to take the throne, but no one knew for sure – and even if Schneizel suspected it, that doesn’t mean that Diethard knew anything about it or suspected anything like that himself.

    Really, Diethard is loyal to wherever he’s most likely to have the chance to record history in the making. If that’s Lelouch/Zero, then he’s with Lelouch/Zero. If that’s with Schneizel, then that’s with Schneizel. Lelouch understood that and I think that Silentveil’s interpretation of Lelouch’s reaction to seeing Diethard with Schneizel is the accurate one.

    Lelouch never had the opportunity to talk with Diethard prior to going after the emperor and Diethard went over to Schneizel during the month that Lelocuh was gone. So unless Lelouch thought that he could trust Diethard well enough to contact him during that month and send him over to Schneizel (which I find very unlikely), Diethard went to Schneizel on his own and has nothing to do with Lelouch at this point.

  197. I thought Zero’s identity wasn’t a surprise because Diethardt got information from the intelligence agency (Viletta, rolo etc.)

    As for the look Lelouch gave Diethardt, I’m not sure what it was. They probably give him that look on purpose as it can be interpreted in more than just one way. But given Diethardt’s motives in the past, it isn’t unlikely for him to switch sides in an instant to get the story he so badly wants. Off course Lelouch knows this, so if takes the right acions.. I can see Diethardt switching sides again. Diethardt might be his gamble, but to be honest I’m not sure the guy is going to play a mayor role next episode. But it’s hard to be certain about anything that might happen right now.

  198. JordiBlau@

    Diethard had long sense cut his ties to them by the time that S1 ended, and had kind of managed to avoid death and being executed by taking a less important role in the news media again. He I believed was suppose to have been one to lose it all when Lelouche was captured, but wasn’t put on the chopping block because he is Britianna.

    It’s like what they told Kallen before, if she is captured …death isn’t assured, but for a Japanese there would be no hesitation. That was why they felt it was okay for Kallen to fight or even be captured at times in the beginning.

  199. @silentVeil even if what you say is valid its unlikely to be properly touched on before the end of the series most likely it will end up as a picturebook or somthing (IF valid)
    Diethardt didnt escape because he was brittanian he fled to the Chinese Federation with sayako!
    Also diethardt not firing was purely because it was schniziel!i mean if an important figurehead from the opossition lands on your ship with no soldiers whatsoever you atleast A) wanna hear what he has to say
    B)Wait til leader decides what he wants to do with him
    Rather than just blowing him away straight away!

    WingZero zxt
  200. Wingzero zxt@

    Hmmm…I thought he stayed. I will have to go back to check that one out.

    Umm…actually I would:

    a) Capture him, and let the leader decide his fate
    b) blow his brains out, because …you know that guy is the enemy afterall.

    I am not one for trying to figure out someone’s plot …if they come against me ..I believe in putting them down first and then ask questions later.

  201. I think that I’m going to have to agree with WingZero zxt on this one. I really don’t think that Diethard was ever a spy for Schneizel. I think that his motives in season 1 were quite clear (we got to hear his thoughts, after all) and between seasons 1 and 2, he was hiding out in China with Sayoko and Rakshata.

    When Schneizel showed up at the Ikaruga, it made perfect sense to leave him alive. None of them had any idea why he was there. Killing him prematurely could have caused a big problem. (In fact, in this case, it almost certainly would have resulted in FLEIJA being set off on the Ikaruga). Also, none of them would have wanted to incur Zero’s wrath by killing Schneizel when Zero might not want them to. Really, it made the most sense to listen to Schneizel before killing him. After all, it’s not like he would have come over without insurance of some kind.

    So, I really don’t see any evidence for Diethard joining up with the OotBK for any reason other than to record Zero making history and I don’t see any evidence for him betraying the OotBK prior to Schneizel showing up. With Zero gone, he latched onto Schneizel, but I think that he was totally pro-Zero before that. He goes where the story is and so he’s with Schneizel now. I’d be very surprised if he was working for Schneizel previously or if he were working for Lelouch now. He might choose to turn on Schneizel if he thought that Lelouch was really where the story was now or if he secretly was totally appalled by what Schneizel is up to, but I think that he did indeed switch sides to Schneizel when Zero left and that he was never with Schneizel prior to that.

  202. Actually, his entire joining was suspect to me. The fact that he would hold Villeta hostage against Ohgi seem to be more of a Szh move.

    The entire he hid out in china thing also seem a bit suspecious. Diethard unlike Sayoko had no tie to the chinese federation, and more so, less of a reason for her to take him with him or to allow him to hide out with her. It wasn’t like she was publically going around telling everyone she is a ninja nanny, and why would she even be on Diethard’s radar?

    THe records Schneizel might have gotten on Lelouche ..might have come fron Diethard, and for the hear Szh out scenio. It seems weird that they would sit down and talk to thier enemey captain without thier own leader being presence even if he is completely off his rocker. Most would have thrown him in the slamer and refused to speak until Lelouche was ready to be prescence, yet, this was done without Lelouche’s knowledge for the most part.

    He wasn’t even aware that Sch had gotten on the ship. That doesn’t exactly scream loyality there. The fact that Ohgi just seem to conviently be on thier side by that point doesn’t exactly come across to me as if …Diethard was on Lelouche’s side. He had Ohgi literally by the throat, and the man thought it was Zero’s fault.

  203. I thought that Diethard’s reasons for joining the OotBK were made pretty clear in season 1. He wants to record history in the making and Zero is busy making history. I thought that his actions in the beginning of R2 aligned completely with that. Certainly, Lelouch seemed to think that that was still what he was up to. As for Diethard hiding out in China, he was a known terrorist, so he couldn’t very well hang out in any territory controlled by Britannia without risking arrest. China was one of Britannia’s main enemies and it’s near Japan.

    As for Sayoko hanging out with him, she joined the OotBK near the end of season 1 and Diethard was more or less in charge of personnel, so he knew about her and talked with her in at least episode 21 if not more. There’s a decent chance that in joining the OotBK, she revealed her skills to them – which would explain why she was used in episode 21 of R1 in the backup plan to get Kallen out of the school if necessary, why she was used in the later plan to capture the Lancelot at the school, and why Diethard would want to use her in general. Also, I don’t think that Sayoko has any more connections with China than Diethard does. I don’t know where you got that. If anyone had such connections, it was Rakshata because India was controlled by China and she’s from there. I don’t see what Sayoko being with Diethard has to do with them hanging out in China.

    As for Diethard, holding Viletta over Ougi’s head (so to speak), he wanted Ougi to maintain his position in the OotBK. He appeared to want to maintain the status quo so that he could record Zero making history. If Ougi – the second in command of the OotBK – left, that could cause a lot of problems. As for Ougi thinking that this was Zero’s fault, I’ve seen no evidence for that. I’m pretty sure that the reason that Ougi was so unhappy with Zero was because he talked with Viletta and found out who Zero was and a lot of what he’d been up to. Diethard almost certainly found out about Lelouch being Zero in the same way. Certainly, when Ougi backed up Schneizel against Zero, he was saying that Lelouch was Zero and that he’d been using them, not that he’d used Viletta against him.

    And as for the leaders of the OotBK meeting with Schneizel without Zero, they did that because they couldn’t get ahold of him because he’d cloistered himself in his room and wasn’t answering anyone’s calls. They probably felt that they had to talk with Schneizel Zero or no Zero. I don’t see what that has to do with Diethard working for Schneizel though. If anything, Diethard was supporting Zero the most in that meeting. I could see how Diethard might have gotten some of the information that Schneizel had, but I don’t think that it’s out of the question that Schneizel could get it on his own. He was effectively in charge of Japan after all.

    When it comes down to it, I thought that Diethard’s reasons for following Zero in the first place were quite clear and that all his actions up to the betrayal of Zero are in line with that. He then betrayed Zero with the rest of them because they were all betraying Zero and Zero wasn’t going to continue to make history without the OotBK. With Zero gone, he then latched himself onto the person most likely to make history with Zero gone. That person just so happened to be Schneizel. I don’t think that he worked with Schneizel prior to that and I don’t think that he’s secretly working for Lelouch now. Both seem to me to be against what he’s generally shown his motivations to be.

  204. Hmm… Prety much covered 😛 What gets me though is that Villeta STILL seems to think that Lelouch was still responsible for her memory loss and her amnesia! shes a bit slow aint she cos the only time geass was used on her was episode 2 and when shirley shot her she had bloodlss amnesia its amusing because even after sitting in an office full of geass controlled men she still seems to think it miraculously wore off on her!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  205. You know, the more I think about it, the more likely it seems that either Diethard or Cornelia recorded Schneizel telling Cornelia his master plan. I just find it hard to believe that the OotBK are going to be fighting with Schneizel until the bitter end. They could be, but given that Toudoh is attacking Damacles in the opening and how little they actually like Schneizel, it seems to me that they’re going to turn on Schneizel. Plus, what’s the point of Diethard at this point? I think that it’s totally in his character to switch over to Schneizel when he did, but it seems to me to be a waste of screentime if they don’t actually do something with him. Right now, all we’ve gotten out of it, is him saying how great Schneizel is and Lelouch giving him a dirty look. Having him side with Schneizel just hasn’t done anything for the plot at this point. If he were to reveal Schneizel’s plans to the OotBK, then that would make his switching over actually relevant.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I just have a hard time believing that the OotBK are going to side with Schneizel until the bitter end. They may not really side with Lelouch, but if they knew what Schneizel’s plan was, there’s no way that they’d help him. The fact that he’s now used FLEIJA in the battle can’t sit well with them either. If his plans got leaked, they’d turn on him. If they do, I expect it’ll be very close to the end, but I expect that they’ll turn on Schneizel in order to stop his nefarious scheme and having Diethard or Cornelia tell them would make it so that they found it.

    We don’t know whether Cornelia is dead (she’s been injured at minimum and the character chart doesn’t say that she’s dead, but it’s shown itself to be somewhat unreliable), so we don’t know whether she could reveal it, but she obviously opposed it. Diethard didn’t seem to oppose it, but he seems like a waste of screentime to me at this point if he doesn’t do something that actually affects the plot, so he could certainly do it.

    In any case, I’d expect that towards the end of this next episode, the OotBK will turn on Schneizel.

    Show Spoiler ▼


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