Another week, another new Gundam 00 commercial. I can’t say I’m surprised at how many commercials there have been since there were a ton of Geass R2 ones back in the spring as well, and they probably want to get as many Geass fans as possible to watch the next show in the Sunday timeslot. As for this commercial, it brings back the UVERworld song (Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi) and the rapidly-flashing-by of images. It’s a little more mecha oriented than the previous ones due to all the new Gundams plus the Ahead and the GN-XIII types being shown, but there are some character shots in there too, including Soma, Kathy, and more Saji. Heck, I almost didn’t recognize Kathy because her uniform, short hair, and face made her look like a man.

This commercial also prompted me to visit the official site again, and I noticed that they’ve updated with a lot of characters since I last checked (don’t click the link if you don’t want to be spoiled). The masked character in particular is kind of amusing because it’s pretty obvious who that is, yet the official site makes it seem like a mystery. I’m curious to see how they develop him into a villain (assuming they do so) and if he’ll be a bigger threat than Ribbons.


  1. Zomg so SAji really is with CB now (or atleast their prisonner?) seeing as he’s working on Haro in a room that looks like a holding cell onboard Ptolemaeus 2.

    Still glad that we can finally see the other suits in action 🙂

  2. Can’t wait for Gundam 00. I suppose its highly possible that Saji works with CB in some way. I can really imagine him on the opposite side of Louis and getting together right at the end of the series. I have to wonder how he’ll react at first though…seeing the tragedies he’s suffered because of the Gundams.

  3. 20 more days XD, i hope that the first episode would be awesome but seriously the new Dynames( i forgot what that mobile is called XD) looks pretty ugly XD, i hope it gets new accessories or equipments soon XD

    Gudam maniac
  4. hurry up with gundam 00 i need to watch it, stupid code geass r2 nothing can compare to gundam. but i would be interested to see a fight between the new lancelot and the double “o” gundam, an as invAZN said sunrise ” Don’t fck up another anime “

  5. Code Geass needs to hurry up and get the fuck over so we can get a true, actually decent show back on the air.

    I’m still kind of pissed at the role Sunrise has shoehorned Graham into, but maybe he’ll be redeemed.

  6. Wow. Sumeragi got a Murrue haircut. And her breasts deflated too. AND she’s wearing a Toko shirt! Too much change ><

    R2 was a disappointment starting from episode one btw. Aside from the very end with the quote “If being powerless is evil, then is there justice in power? If revenge is evil, then is there justice in friendship?”, which is pretty cool, it just was egh.

    Aozaki Aoko
  7. Whoa again at the trailer and Saji has his very own Haro 😀
    BTW, i check the official website and boy, there are new characters
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. @Kaioshin Sama
    That’s honestly with any anime, people will whine about certain things. It doesn’t matter to me though. I personally think it’s gonna be a good series and regardless of the turn-out, I’ll watch till the very end


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