「円月輪」 (Engetsurin)

Episode at a Glance:
Filled with anger and sorrow at the sight of Raikou’s lifeless body, Gau and Raimei attack Hattori head on, but are quickly defeated. With Hattori blaming Miharu for everyone’s suffering, saying that those who hold power have duties and responsibilities, Miharu ends up believing that none of this would’ve happened if he desired the Shinrabanshou’s powers. Acting on Miharu’s desires, the Shinrabanshou awakens, prompting Ichiki to comment how things are going according to plan. Kumohira and Shijima then arrive to see a pillar of light emanating off in the distance, but Shijima points out that the awakening isn’t complete yet. They soon find themselves surrounded by Kairoushuu ninjas and are forced to take them on.

Meanwhile, Kouichi is unable to approach Miharu, so he tells Raimei to retreat with Gau and think of a countermeasure plan. Elsewhere, Hyou and Shigure stop their fight with Sourou and the others and head back in light of what’s happening. Yae, Saraba, and Sourou decide to follow suit, thinking there’s still something they can do. After making some distance from ground zero, Kouichi comments on how Gau losing consciousness at a time like this might be for the best, after which Kumohira arrives. Still torn about the loss of Raikou, Raimei angrily questions where he’s been all this time.

The Kairoushuu soon catch up, but Shijima backs Kouichi up, wondering if he’s happy about possibly being released from their immortality soon. Sensing his hesitation, Shijima figures Kouichi might have grown accustomed to living with humans, but tells him to let her do as she pleases. After a sudden landslide, Kouichi asks Kumohira to stop Miharu and questions for who and for what reason won’t he use the Engetsurin. Watching from the sidelines, Kotarou notices Kumohira being told off by his student, but figures that Kouichi has more life experiences anyway. Nearing Miharu, Kumohira attempts to use a separation jutsu, but quickly finds out that it’s ineffective. With no other choice, he asks for forgiveness from Asahi and uses the Engetsurin on Miharu, while Kotarou looks on with much anticipation.

Using the Engetsurin’s powers, Kumohira restores everyone’s memories of that night (and bestows them on those who weren’t even there), revealing the forgotten events ten years ago. As it turns out, the previous owner of the Shinrabanshou was Miharu’s mother, Asahi. While being pursued by the Hattori-led Kairoushuu, Miharu’s parents and Kumohira’s grandfather fell victim to their attack, with Asahi using her last ounce of strength to heal Miharu’s wound. Using a technique developed by his grandfather, Kumohira attempted to separate the Shinrabanshou from Asahi when she was wounded, thinking that it was trying to take her life away while leaving her body. His attempt failed though, causing the Shinrabanshou to transfer itself to Miharu, who spontaneously wiped everyone’s memories of that night (except Kumohira’s) in accordance to her mother’s last words. Looking on that night was Kotarou, Kouichi and Shijima, who all had their memories erased as well.

Back in the present, Miharu’s rampage halts after he learns of his past. While Kotarou is pleased to finally learn the secret behind all the kinjutsu, Shigure and Hyou are left wondering who the hell’s memories these are. Yae on the other hand figures that this is the Engetsurin and continue to hurry along. Hattori and Ichiki however are overjoyed about remembering everything that happened. Gathering himself a bit, Miharu questions why Kumohira hid all this from him, and why he’s telling him now, so he uses his Shinrabanshou powers to find out. After Miharu learns that Kumohira wanted to hide his past so that he would listen to him and not desire the hijutsu, the Shinrabanshou reaffrims this, but says that Miharu wants her powers now.

Hattori then takes the opportunity to thank Kumohira for triggering the Shrinrabanshou’s complete awakening and helping him remember his Tensha jutsu, a technique that Kumohira’s grandfather, Black Durandal, didn’t complete, nor could the Kairoushuu without the forgotten information. With his memory restored, Hattori explains that he’s recovered this forbidden “transcribing” technique and intends to extract the Shinrabanshou from Miharu with it, taking the hijutsu for himself. Hearing this, Kumohira tries to stop Hattori, but is easily brushed aside, so Yoite stalls Hattori with his weakened Kira. Ridiculing Yoite about still not being able to attack him with his full Kira, Hattori questions what Yoite’s trying to do by opposing him now.

The Kairoushuu leader reminds Yoite of his past, how he saved him after he jumped off a roof and how his own father wished he died, before suggesting that he might be the one to grant his wish of being erased. Hattori then tells Yoite to lower his hand or he and the samurai (Raikou?) might end up hating him, which causes Yoite to recall how his father didn’t want him and attack Hattori with his Kira. Suffering a direct hit from point-blank range, Hattori collapses face forward in a pool of his own blood while Yoite screams out in agony at the sight of it.


Next Episode:
「二人」 (Futari)
“Two People”

HOLY CRAP this episode was nuts! It’s like everything that’s been built up so far unfolded at once with the awakening of the Shinrabanshou and the use of the Engetsurin, the latter of which has the ability to recover memories. The Shinrabanshou’s awakening was so ridiculously powerful that the entire galaxy trembled when it happened. Add in the DNA-like double helix structure wrapping around the tower of light emanating from Miharu and you have one truly crazy spectacle. Wow. Just… wow. I guess this is the impact a scene such as this makes in a series that has spent the last 23 episodes building it up. While I’m sure everyone’s been waiting for the Shinrabanshou to appear in full force (much like myself), I don’t think anything could’ve prepared me for this sight. Throw in the cliffhanger with Yoite killing Hattori with a point-blank Kira and it looks like we’re in store for quite an epic ending.

It was interesting to learn that Hattori and Ichiki’s backup plan was to agitate Miharu into awakening the Shinrabanshou, which worked as they’ve shown us. While I can’t say for sure what Kumohira was trying to accomplish by recovery everyone’s memories, I suspect he was hoping that Miharu wouldn’t side with the Kairoushuu after learning that they killed his parents. Instead, it seemed to anger Miharu more though, after being deceived all this time, so it’s hard to say whether it helped or not. The preview narration indicates that Miharu has gone back to his apathetic attitude, except this time, it sounds like he doesn’t care if everything was destroyed. That comes off as a pretty volatile individual to have to handle, especially given how Miharu can probably kill anyone in a split second now.

Aside from aggravating Miharu with the memories of ten years ago, Kumohira also inadvertently helped Hattori recall his forgotten Tensha kinjutsu (there were more forbidden techniques…?). However, the possibility of seeing it used disappeared as quickly as it was introduced since Yoite’s already finished Hattori off, which makes me wonder if it was even necessary to reveal this new kinjutsu. Granted, it did give some urgency when Hattori approached Miharu near the end, forcing Yoite to step in for him, but I imagine they could’ve accomplished the same effect in some other way.

So as it turns out, Yoite did try to commit suicide by jumping off a roof, but it wasn’t really anything new. They have already shown us that both of his parents wished he died, so this was probably just to reiterate the fact that Yoite grew up feeling unwanted. Next time, Yoite seems to have completely lost it though. I gather that this is because he still saw Hattori as the person who saved him and gave him a place to belong, so inadvertently killing the Kairoushuu leader is probably quite traumatic for him. Through all this, I’m still wondering what Kotarou is up to since he was just watching happily from the sidelines the entire episode. In the preview, he seems to be the only one happy about what’s going on too, so I’m really starting to question what his true motives are.


– Rokujou Miharu (六条 壬晴) / Kugimiya Rie (釘宮 理恵)
– Yoite (宵風) / Saiga Mitsuki (斎賀 みつき)
– Kumohira Thobari Durandal (雲平・帷・デュランダル) / Namikawa Daisuke (浪川 大輔)
– Aizawa Kouichi (相澤 虹一) / Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)
– Shimizu Raimei (清水 雷鳴) / Fujimura Ayumi (藤村 歩)
– Yukimi Kazuhiko (雪見 和彦) / Tsuda Kenjirou (津田 健次郎)
– Oda Yae (織田 八重) / Yukino Satsuki (雪野 五月)
– Fuuma Kotarou (風魔 小太郎) / Okiayu Ryoutarou (置鮎 龍太郎)
– Saraba (サラバ) / Watanabe Akeno (渡辺 明乃)
– Katou Sourou (加藤 候) / Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原 徹也)
– Shinrabanshou (森羅万象) / Tamura Yukari (田村 ゆかり)
– Hattori Toujuurou (服部 柊十郎) / Nakata Jouji (中田 譲治)
– Ichiki (一季) / Amano Yuri (天野 由梨)
– Meguro Gau (目黒 俄雨) / Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本 信彦)
– Hyou (雹) / Suyama Akio (陶山 章央)
– Shigure (時雨) / Mizuno Risa (水野 理沙)
– Kurookano Shijima (黒岡野 しじま) / Shindou Kei (真堂 圭)
– Rokujou Asahi (六条 旭日) / Okamoto Maya (岡本 麻弥)
– Rokujou Akatsuki (六条 暁) / Iokamaru Atsushi (伊岡丸 篤)
– Black Durandal (ブラック・デュランダル) / Hori Katsunosuke (堀 勝之祐)
– Yoite’s father (宵風の父) / Koyatsu Hisanori (小谷津 央典)


  1. Thank you for typing up a summary so fast. I was waiting all night for it. ;D

    This episode blew my mind. I was not expecting so much to unfold all at once, though my opinion is kind of moot seeing as I have no idea what they’re saying. The only thing I’m angry about is the fact we have to wait another week to see where this is all going.

    I’m still extremely interested to see how they’re going to finish it in just 2 episodes. :0

    I look forward to the rest of your summary. Keep up the good work!

  2. akuma:
    I think Hei was cheering for Yoite after he killed Hattori.

    Full write-up is up, but I was proofreading it after I posted it, so if you noticed typos, grammar mistakes, etc. earlier, that’s probably why. It *should* be okay now though.

  3. I don’t remember where I read it but the Manga-ka of Nabari no Ou said to take the anime end as an alternate [end in the] world of Nabari,
    Show Spoiler ▼

    and so far I’m loving it, it is not tearjerker as the chapter 50 of the manga

  4. Was upset they kill Raikou last week. Glad Hattori got his comeuppance. Oh nooo, Yoite…it looks like he’s gonna off himself. I’m always suspicious of Kotarou…there’s something not quite right about him. Really anticipating the next episode.

  5. Awesome ep…my faith in the animators is restored….not I hope they keep the awesomeness up for the next two eps…

    I don’t know how popular the anime is, but the manga is incredibly popular. Something tells me whether or not either of them continue is up to the creators.

    I really wish I could have another season of this show though….think of the surreal fun they could have if the hijutsu stayed beserk.

  6. thanks to ur summary i could watch the 4 episodes, that weren’t subbed!

    man, i don’t regret following this anime – thought, most of the time i felt nothing while watching =]

    now that hattori died – i wonder who will be the evil villain =O maybe the fuuma captain OR miharu himself? i guess not, after all that happened miharu can’t abandon his friends – nooo don’t let him die, fulfill yoite’s last wish and keep living happily with ya classmates playing lil devil again. >.<

  7. Yeeeeahhh! That was awesome! The giant double helix DNA thing was certainly unusual, but this episode was just… wow. o_o I really like how the animators are going about this so far, and I’m really excited for the final two episodes. All the developments this episode were just jaw-dropping.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to summarize the episode, and for getting it up so fast!

    Please don’t click the spoiler open if you don’t know what I’m talking about. >>;;

    Show Spoiler ▼

    In summary, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t a continuity error, and was, instead, intentional on the part of the animators, though I doubt that they’ll have time to show why, with only two episodes left.

  8. Wow, wow, wow. So much stuff happened in such a short space of time. I’m glad Hattori got what he deserved, but this has only messed up an already messed up Yoite. That preview shot had me going, “Nooo!” at the screen.

    I’ve had my own suspicions about the Fuuma leader for quite a while now. Didn’t he say something early on suggesting that perhaps he’s not a just person. The Fuuma ninja’s looked up in surprise. Hattori was a clear enemy in this series but I think it’s the enemies who dress up as friends that you really have to watch out for. Be careful Miharu! It’s all heading towards a kick ass ending – I hope it can keep its pace up.

    @divine – Thank you once again. We’ve probably turned you into an insomniac, updating in the early hours of the morning, but we are eternally grateful!

  9. MangaGirls:
    I think I’ve always been a bit of an insomniac, but I can attest that blogging nine series in a timely and comprehensive manner does take a toll on you when you have a full-time job. Luckily, this season is almost over though, so I’m going to have to re-think about what to do for the next one.

    As for your comment about Kotarou, I believe you’re thinking of episode four, where the Fuuma leader suggested that they just take the kinjutsu if the other clans won’t hand them over. There’s definitely something fishy about him. Hattori and Ichiki called him a “sly fox” at the beginning of episode twenty-one too.

  10. There are still parts of the manga that will never be animated that I miss…but this ep just amazed me with it’s awesomeness…I want another freaking season of this darnit.

    divine-I just hope you blog Kurushitsuji (or however it’s spelled)

  11. @divine:
    Now that’s what I call dedication! I hope you get a little break before the next season starts. 🙂

    Yes, that’s the one! I was surprised when he said that, but it was spoken like a true ninja (not that I approve or anything!) He’s always smiling, so it’s a bit hard to picture him as a bad guy, he’s fooled even me. What he’s plotting, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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