Inside Gallia, Kirche uses her charm to entice some information out of a drunk soldier concerning where Tabitha is. This information brings them to a place called Alhambra, and in order to take out the garrison there guarding Tabitha and her mother, they decide to use alcohol and sleeping drugs. The plan is to get all the men drinking while the girls dance, and everyone is given tasks to do to prepare for the big night – except for Louise and Saito. This offends Louise, but Kirche explains that she’s acknowledging that they’ll be depending on Louise to use her legendary power against whatever enemy they have to go up against. Kirche goes as far as to show respect to Louise in a formal way, and this causes Louise to blush and point out that she’s abandoned her nobility. Saito later walks in on Louise trying on a skimpy dance outfit, and although she’s initially embarrassed, she likes the feeling and tries to get him to look at her. He ends up unable to control himself and forcing her onto the bed, but before the two can do anything, they’re interrupted by Guiche.

Meanwhile, in Tristain, Agnès frees Colbert from prison and lets him return to the Ostland where the students are waiting. Agnès explains that she can’t forgive him, but she also knows that if she killed him, then his students would hate her, and that would continue the chain of hatred. She is thus taking the opportunity to break that chain. Back in Alhambra, Kirche tries to convince the baron in charge of the garrison to let her group entertain the troops, and the baron only agrees after stating a certain condition. Kirche agrees to the condition, and though the plan to get everyone drinking starts without a hitch, it soon comes time to fulfill that condition: send Louise to the baron’s room. Louise insists on doing it, so Kirche gives her a small vial of the sleeping drug to use on the baron. Louise puts the vial in her bra, but after she gets to the baron’s room, she realizes that she doesn’t have it anymore – it had dropped out of her bra almost as soon as she put it in. This leaves her in a bad situation because the baron is now trying to come on to her.

Saito ends up finding the vial, and Tiffania realizes what happened when she sees it. The two save Louise right as the baron is trying to kiss her, and when the baron threatens Louise’s life, Tiffania uses her magic to make him forget. With the baron knocked out and most of the guards accounted for, the group is free to proceed with their plan. However, Bidashal finds them before they can do anything, and he proves too powerful for their magic. Since Bidashal is using a Counter magic, Louise prepares a Dispel while Saito protects her. She then casts it on Derflinger, and this allows Saito to break through Bidashal’s shield, but Tiffania stops him short of killing his opponent. Tiffania believes that Bidashal must have some reason for doing what he did because she remembers how her mother had told her that elves aren’t a race who likes war. Bidashal doesn’t resist and reveals where Tabitha is, but he also warns the group that Joseph is a cruel man, so things aren’t over yet. Nevertheless, the group finds and is reunited with Tabitha who is quickly reduced to tears. Sheffield later reports to Joseph about what happened, but he doesn’t care and wants instead to play with his new toy, the Jörmungant.


So I was under the impression that this series was going to be thirteen episodes. That would have meant three episodes (including this one) to rescue Tabitha and fight Joseph and whatnot. As it turns out however, Tabitha got saved in the last five minutes of this episode after the gang spends most of the time getting rid of all the regular guards, and that included an entire battle with Bidashal. I’m not going to say that they wasted time because taking out those guards was an important step in the plan, but the fight with Bidashal and the actual rescue turned out to be fairly anticlimactic. On the bright side, my fears about a redux of Agnès angst were unfounded. In fact, that entire scene ended so uneventfully that I wonder why they even bothered to revisit the conflict – maybe it was just to give Agnès closure and to completely wrap up that subplot. In any case, next week will be the finale that should have some sort of showdown with Joseph and the Jörmungant. I suspect there’s too much stuff for one episode since they have to give everything a conclusion as well, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see it.


  1. hmmm, this season was rather … plain xD season 2 was the best so far imo, made me tear up a bit at the end. but hopefully season 4 makes up for season 3’s bleh xD
    (if there is gonna b a season 4 o_O)

  2. Im disapointed with this series. The more things change the more they stay the same. There isn’t much difference between where Saito/Louise’s relationship is now and where it was back in season 1 episode 1. I mean really! They seem to be in love and working towards that. Then he looks at a girls boobs and she calls him a water flea and punishes him so they are back to square 1 all over again. At least lets have some sort of character development that moves their relationship forward.

  3. seems like the elf who kidnapped tabitha recognizes who saito is. lol, did guiche barged in when saito and louise are gonna get it on?!? irukukwu and tiffania in a Ms Busty Beauty Contest? and the preview kinda hints that tabitha chances of joining “saito’s lovers group” is high,this season is like what they said, more boobs,more fanservices,more ecchi. banzai! 😀

  4. Woa Saito actually won against the elf.. kool… well ya next will be the last episode on tv, and then 13 later on… i just hope 13 is not like episode 5.5 or 6.5 and is actaully a 13th episode.

  5. I think this season has been good, that is enough has been very interesting, the series most of all focused on the Fan Service.
    clear that I will wait for an epic final similar to the second season.
    I hope to continue this good season series.
    I hope to watch a very good final

  6. The second season was horrid, and was the worst season out of the 3 seasons. Season 3, on the other hand, is lacking in a lot of areas, but still better than the 2nd season. First is still the best.

  7. I still remember back in Season 1 I was really pumped up about the Zero no Tsukaima anime adaptation. Sadly, these are the episodes that make me regret I ever started watching. Don’t get me wrong, ZnT has been enjoyable for the fanservice, love triangle (pentagon?), and romantic comedy. However, as with 50% or more of all novel/manga to anime adaptations, its true potential remains untapped and utterly wasted.
    *face palm at the direction this season is heading*

    I wonder if it is too early to hope for a ZnT remake by Kyoto Ani, haha. Sorry, I’m just ranting.

  8. why is the fat kid even part of the group? they added him a couple episodes back as a semi not really important character and i just dont feel it adds to the story. imean is he more comic relief? is it just so they can have all the types of magic in the group? because he is certainly not a character who should be playing a role this size and not have a real background. it would have been better if he went with siesta colbert and the other 2 unimportant friends because besides an extra cart pusher he isnt useful. i dont like him, he is like that guy in your group of friends that always does what the leader says and follows people around and pretends your his friend all the while you whising that he would go away and try to find some friends who care….

    sorry about that….. heres to a better fourth season

  9. The bonus episode on the DVDs will not be episode 13, since it’s on DVD 4 of 7 — the same disc as episode 6. So it might be “episode 6.5” or something, but next week’s episode will be the season finale.


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