As per the PV I posted a little under two weeks ago, here’s a live performance of the second Itazura na Kiss ending theme, “Jikan yo Tomare” (“Hey Time, Stop”). While this was originally in glorious HD, it obviously didn’t translate over nearly as well in streaming format, but it does showcase how well AZU and SEAMO can perform live. Unfortunately, this is only a short version of the song and doesn’t quite have the same effect as a pumped up crowd on Music Station, but is nice regardless.

On a related note, I’ve been slowly catching up on the series when I get a chance to and feel the urge to mention something about it given this opportunity. While refraining from mentioning any spoilers, I can understand that the series is trying to show us the “complete relationship” between Kotoko and Naoki from beginning to end (something that isn’t done in a lot of anime adaptations), but I couldn’t help but feel that the events in episode fourteen came across somewhat abruptly. If you’ve been following the series, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t, perhaps it’ll peek your interest enough to check it out yourself.

In any case, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome as always.


  1. hum. i swear to god i heard that guy’s song somewhere else before where was it… Lots of videos lately eh. but i like it, get to see something new that i usually don’t go around looking for.

  2. itazura na kiss is one of my best animes this season its got alot of elements, funny wit its comedy, emotional da scenes are just too touching and overall its an excellent anime in my opinion

  3. Chimasternmay:
    If you’re thinking anime, Seamo sang in the xxxHolic ED Honey Honey and Mata Aimashou for Tokyo Marble Chocolate. If you’re thinking Jpop, he has done a song with BoA and mihimaru GT.

  4. I watch the anime and I think that is the best animes of this seasons of series that I see in this blog ramdom curiosity, sorry that you don’t put the reviews en this blog

    my top 5 of animes of 2008

    1.- Code Geass
    2.- Gundam 00
    3.- Macross Zero
    4.- True Tears
    5.- Itazura na Kiss

  5. lol that list i predict will change dramatically if you planing on counting the fall releases…. oh god why couldnt they switch the summer and fall releases =.=, jigoku shoujo mitsuganae, clannad after story, kurogane no linebarrel, ToraDora, Kemeko deluxe, Ef ~ a tale of melodies, Nodame Cantabile Pari-Hen… oh god and the list keeps goin on and on T_T sooo awsome….

    anyways this song is pretty damn addicting right now, i keep replaying it 😛


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