Many years ago, Ranka had been singing Aimo when a swarm of Vajra suddenly defolded and decimated the 117th research fleet. Brera was the one who put her in an escape pod, and back in the present, Ranka remembers everything to be her fault. An image of Grace appears to confirm that, and she claims that Ranka needs to open her heart and body in order to atone for it. Meanwhile, the Macross Quarter fleet has arrived at the ruins of the 117th research fleet, and Ozma and Cathy are exploring the wreck. As the two discuss how the 117th research fleet managed to capture a Vajra and had started studying it, they find a draft of a paper with Grace’s name on it about the possibility of a super space-time network by means of Fold Quartz and implant technology. Canaria then contacts them with news that she’s found Ranshe Mei’s medical records, and from it, they learn that Ranshe was the first V-Type infection patient. She gave birth to Ranka in that state, and they guess that this is the origin of Ranka’s power.

Once they return back to the Macross Quarter, they analyze Grace’s paper and figure out that it talks about a galactic-scale perfect real time implant network. The theory is to use Fold Quartz as the core of the implant so that there would be no time lag between the corners of the galaxy. This in turn would become a super parallel thought network, but due to the predominance of terminals, it would lead to one superior node over all the others, effectively allowing someone to rule the galaxy. When Cathy points out that it’s impossible to implant all of mankind, Jeffrey realizes that this is what the Vajra are for. The Vajra mean death for those people who oppose the implants and slavery for those who accept it. The key to all this is the person who can communicate with the Vajra – Ranka. They decide to transmit this information back to the Frontier government, but they know that given the transmission time lag and the amount of time it takes to pass a legislative resolution, it’ll be too late. Thus, Jeffrey feels that they have to act.

A short while later, Cathy finds a letter in Dr. Mao’s file that confirmed that she had a granddaughter, and it revealed that a certain pair of earrings were given to this child. The letter causes Cathy to marvel at how the activity of people doesn’t change even in space: people go from love to marriage to childbirth, and the next generation inherits the songs and culture and then passes them on. Ozma suggests that that’s what living is, and he feels that they don’t need a super time-space network. Around this time, the Macross Frontier fleet finally arrives at the Vajra planet, and they prepare for battle. The plan is to break through the Vajra defenses, defeat the Vajra queen, land Island 1 on the planet, and then make that planet their new home, all while Sheryl sings. Kuran is taking part in the assault, and even though she knows Mikhail wouldn’t be happy about it, she feels that as a Zentradi, she can’t be silent and leave after losing the man she loved. Luca, on the other hand, spends his time before the battle at Nanase’s bedside, and despite her still being unconscious, he confesses his feelings for her and promises to protect her even at the cost of his life.

Alto meanwhile pays a visit to Sheryl and vows to her that he’ll survive and return. After Alto explains how he had realized that people can’t fly alone, Sheryl comments on how he’s thickheaded, and she surprises him by saying that they should stop pretending to be lovers. When Alto tries to protest, she kisses him and asks him not to say anything. She knows that if he did, regardless of what he says, then she wouldn’t be able to sing. Sheryl promises to hear him out once everything is over, but for now, she wants him to go save Ranka. As she says this, she gives him her remaining earring and reminds him that such a good woman is rare. After the two part ways, Sheryl tells herself that she has no regrets. She instead puts herself in the mindset to sing and then makes the leap onto the Battle Frontier’s stage. The battle begins with Sheryl singing Iteza*Gogo Kyuuji Don’t be late, and despite heavy losses, the Frontier fleet is able to use the MDE warheads to break through the Vajra defenses.

While the battle continues, Ranka watches from her place of captivity, and Grace tells her that the Frontier fleet is the enemy. Brera convinces her to protect the planet so that she can atone and because that’s what their mother would have wanted. As a result, Ranka starts singing Ai Oboeteimasu ka and rallies the Vajra right after Leon had ordered Island 1 to descend onto the planet. The focused Vajra counterattack devastates the Frontier fleet, and as the battle drags on, Grace secretly descends toward a certain object, declaring that the queen’s throne is hers and commanding a path to be opened. Back above, Alto flies around Ranka’s image and tries to figure out why she’s trying to destroy them. The earring that Sheryl gave him reacts, and he briefly sees an image of Ranka in captivity, but Brera then appears and orders Alto to get away from his sister. Brera declares that his and Ranka’s mission is to defend this planet from invaders, and before Alto can say otherwise, his Valkyrie gets shot. Kuran tries to take Alto’s place, but Brera disables her Queadluun-Rea, and Alto re-enters the scene right as Brera fires his Valkyrie’s rifle. The shot hits the center of Alto’s Valkyrie, and it explodes soon after, right in front of the image of Ranka. Seeing this causes Sheryl to stop singing, and she cries out for Alto.


Is it bad that my initial reaction to Alto’s death was happiness? I don’t hate him, but as I’ve talked about before, I haven’t been a big fan of his indecisiveness throughout the series. Plus, if he really died, then my suspicions that he’d end up with no one would come true. Having said that though, despite his Valkyrie exploding, I doubt that Alto is actually dead, if for no other reason than the second earring that Sheryl gave him – it could literally save him since it’s made of Fold Quartz, or it could symbolize the fact that he has to survive so that he can give the earring back to her since he already lost the other one. Regardless, I’m sure there’s some convenient explanation for his survival, and his Valkyrie exploding makes for a very nice cliffhanger right before the finale.

As for the rest of this episode, I loved the dueling songstresses part, even more so since it occurred in the midst of a heated battle. I enjoyed the sensory overload, and I think it’s pretty clear that Ranka won this round, though I wouldn’t count Sheryl out just yet. The bigger question is how Grace is going to be stopped now that she’s got access to what appears to be the real Vajra queen. How exactly do you kill Grace anyway? Maybe all it takes is a song. 😀 Now that I think about it, since Ranka is the key to controlling the Vajra, I can imagine a scenario where Ranka gets knocked out of the half-dead state she’s in (probably by Alto) and joins Sheryl in singing a song that saves the day, kind of like in the OP.

There’s some other miscellaneous questions that need to be answered as well, including who Richard Birla is referring to in the scene before the battle when he talks to himself about being able to see someone soon. I had originally expected him to play a bigger part in all this, and it looks like he may yet do so. In any case, this all adds up to be a lot to cover in the final episode, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens (the preview provides no clues unfortunately). And given all that Sheryl has gone through, I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that she at least gets a happy ending.


  1. Having in mind that Alto was flying the VF-171X is no wonder that he was powned, but as the “hero Valkyrie” of the series is the Messiah, the guy have to be alive. Otherwise, the reason d’tre of the EX-Gears would be lost. Final ep will be Alto vs Brera Round 2: VF-25 vs VF-27.

    As for the reaction of his appearent death… if it was Ranka instead of Alto…

    So, the Nome in Sheryl’s name wasn’t only for being a test subject. If she’s really Mao’s granddaughter, more reason for her to end up with Alto. Both of them are way separated from their respective families. Kawamori can’t be so heartless with them at this point (he’s not Tomino)

  2. Alto’s not dead. The earring probably saved him or something else. He’ll be back next episode. The love triangle is pretty much over. Alto came to Sheryl to tell her he’ll be back. If he wanted Ranka, why did he do that?

  3. ‘The love triangle is pretty much over. Alto came to Sheryl to tell her he’ll be back. If he wanted Ranka, why did he do that?’

    The triangle was over since the las episode. “Protecting someone” is not the same as “love someone”, and while Alto harbors some feelings for Ranka, with her memories back she don’t him anymore.

    BTW: The photo of Mao seems to be drawned by Haruhiko Mikimoto. Is there a way to confirm this?

  4. This is the best anime this year for sure! it is so intense!
    Loved it!
    What’s wrong with men in this anime? all of them die!
    mmm better yet, what’s wrong with women? all men they fall in love die!
    what ouch Ranka is coming! and sheryl too!
    hehehe :Op

  5. I think it is not yet over for Alto, and that Ranka may actually be the one to save him, instead of the other way around. As for Sheryl, she knows that Alto loves Ranka, and trying to get what she can before Alto rescues or being rescued by Ranka. Sheryl was vindictive from the start, and do not deserve to be loved. She is basically going to be the one left out in the cold….yet, again! Way to to RANKAXALTO!

  6. Earth to Ranka! Earth to Ranka! Your god’s VF just exploded. Copy. Earth to Ranka! Earth to Ranka! *falls* I didn’t think Kawamori would do this to us. Alto’s VF exploded? Why? How? I-I don’t get it! Alto’s really dead? No! Nooo…. *ahem* Moving on.

    What was I gonna say? Ah!

    Anata no Otoooo! Dokun dokun dokun XD I can hear it coming! Dokun dokun dokun!

  7. Hey, diva, will you do that after next weeks episode also, when Ranka has moved on and Alto ( still alive, duh ) will be together with Sheryl? ^^

    Well, that said, awesome episode. Good to see that they stopped pretending that there still was some sort of competition for Altos heart going on, besides in Sheryls head. Obvious fake-out in the end, but better to be trolled in that way than with any nonsensical triangle stuff.

  8. No dreaming here. Just mature enough to know what emotions are, and Sheryl is only a sympathy case, if that is your presumption. He would be better not to have any of the two, however, if it had to be one….it would be Ranka. Only a child would not understand the affairs of the heart.

  9. Well that seemed pretty final. Alto-hime loves Ranka literally to death, so much so that hime wanted “love” her to bits.

    Ranka will not save the day, not while Grace yet lives and Ranka “Fleet Killer” Lee is Sharon Apple. Now that Alto-hime has Sheryl’s earring we must prepare for a yakk deculture end where it will be Alto-hime’s performance of Sakura-hime Azuma Bunsho that will over power Ranka’s song. Sakura-himexFleet end FTW!

  10. @Diva
    It’s kinda hard to really realize somoene you care just blow up when you’re, you know, being mind controlled by some “Mind Raping” villain and shit. Damned Grace and Damned Leon, today you proved one of the “Just as Planned” character facts, when they get emotional, they sure over do it with their facial expressions.

    Honestly Both Leon and Grace seems to be getting closer to achieve their respective goals, something i’m really not liking, as much Leon got a “Not as Planned” when Grace countered with Mind Controlled Ranka, i was the only one that thought that sending the Islands ships to charge foward in the middle of the battle, even if the Vajra Queen was still alive and faraway of any strong weapon range, as the most retarded course of action ever?

    As an “Anti Just as Planned Character” I really hope that we get to see the utter defeat of Leon and Grace.

    Final note: Unlike the shippers, i won’t take any ending granted no matter how much they say it is confirmed, hell i lately had being getting this “Solo End” for Alto lately, like, overcoming his “Following the mood of the moment” mindset and finally aiming for his dream, even if he doesn’t end up with any chick. People had being poking on Alto’s indecisiveness too much on the last few episodes and it makes me wonder that maybe the real good end for Alto won’t necessarily being a Romantic one, but one on which he stops being indecisive in general and strive for his real dream.

    Za Third
  11. Watch Sheryl’s earring be a tool for Ranka to hear Alto’s voice. Just like how their voices got transmitted in episode 7 LOL!


    Blah blah blah. Why can’t Sheryl shippers get a clue? Even Sheryl gave up on Alto. Let-it-rest ahaha

  12. Diva….

    I never really thought of that, and it could very well be a significant supposition. Throughout the series, they have been reflecting on the earring that Sheryl wears. How ironic it would be to have that tool be used to save Ranka.

  13. Alto isn’t dead. But if he was, that would be awesome. I really don’t like him much at all. I think there were major Sheryl points in this episode, but the problem is she is still sick and there is still no sight of a cure…

  14. i doubt alto is dead. if he is, then that will be pretty crazy.

    So it looks like from the translation musouka provided a link to, sheryl held off in hearing alto out. so still nothing concrete yet.

  15. @Marvin:

    Yes, Sheryl hasn’t heard Alto’s “answer” yet, but the point is that he has an answer to give her afterwards. You think everything will finish and he’ll run off to Sheryl…only to tell her that his answer is he loves Ranka? If that was the case, we would have had a “I’m sorry…” before Sheryl cut him off.

  16. Seems like there can only be 2 happy endings for Ranka:

    1. She snaps out of it, calms down the queen and convinces the Vajra to leave the planet for humans (human side will never back down)

    2. She does the above, and Alto+Brera+Ozma+Nan or any of the above goes with her.

    Alto *might* love her, but Ranka doesnt seem to care less. And I am happy about that. I am also switching to Sheryl’s side for the love triangle. She clearly loves Alto and wants love, while Ranka wants happiness for everyone.

    P.S. who else is extremely tired of Alto sucking? I dont need him to be a Kira Yamato, but … win once in a while… he hasnt won 1 fight in the entire series.

  17. @musuoka
    How about you translate Sheryl’s monologue while she go up the bridge to sing?

    Yousei lyrics and from the interview:
    Casting her feelings for Alto aside, Sheryl is determined to sing to the very end.

    The excuse that she’ll listen when Alto gets back is obviously a less painful way to say goodbye because she knows Alto will not go back to her once he gets Ranka back. (And they go dokun dokun XD)

  18. @diva
    Casting her feelings for Alto aside, Sheryl is determined to sing to the very end.

    That’s probably because she thinks he is dead. If Alto wanted Ranka, he could have said so by now. He did not. Not once did he think about her here. Yousei lyrics do not work anymore, because it’s in no way secret love any longer.

  19. @diva
    “Casting her feelings for Alto aside, Sheryl is determined to sing to the very end. ”

    That can work both ways, so we wont know until the end most likely. looks like the writers are doing a good job making the audience keep on guessing who ends up with who.

  20. Sharon Apple (Ranka) and her drone fighter (Brera) actually pwned the hero this time…what delicious pineapple cake!

    Luca pulled a Shinji Ikari…minus the fapping
    The woman in this picture is Sheryl’s mom (Mao’s daughter)…in that scene Kathy reads a letter in saying something like “Mother, I’m going to give your earings to my daughter Sheryl”

    Patiently waiting on the subs…I miss KEI and their not-so-good quiksubs lol

  21. Somehow, not visibly caring when the person you say you love is dead or trying to kill said person… I think that the Alto x Ranka pairing just took another hit, given that they’d be the most dysfunctional couple ever. They just tried to kill one another, without any looks of regret or remorse… something that even Millia managed when she got angry at herself for feeling odd about Max.

  22. linkin: That big, beefy guy looks like cannonfodder Hayao from SDF Macross. The rest are unrecognizeable as tributes, if that’s what they are.

    zalem: She went from talking about getting peace between the Vajra and Humans to being their Minmei in one episode. She’s definitely going the Queen of Blades route, which does not bode well for anyone. Except Grace.

  23. Awesome episode. Alto isn’t dead. Ranka will snap out of it and save Alto. Sheryl’s earring is the key to do that. Ranka will probably end up saving Sheryl too. All three are connected to one another and will survive to see a better tomorrow. And Grace & Leon will perish together in one big bang…that will make me happy :p

  24. I don’t believe for a second she is going to stay like that. Alto survived and will probably do something to snap her out of it. It’s your typical scenario in that type of situation. But the question is when all that saving the galaxy stuff is over and done with who will Alto choose? I do hope it’s Sheryl, but I’m not positive it will be. And even if it is, there is her sickness to deal with.

  25. On the positive side I actually think Sheryl trying to push Alto aside for the moment to sing is a point in SherylxAlto’s favor. As is her doubt about his feelings for her….it gives her more Misa vibes.

  26. Wooohoooh, Alto died. This show rocks if he stay day …what can I say …the side characters are pretty much more interesting than him. And as for his none existanting piloting skills well that makes sense you know ….he isn’t an official pilot, but a actor playing pilot.

  27. Alto’s stoic face regained emotions when he heard Ranka’s voice again. I pay attention to little details heh but it’s hard to miss because he’s been wearing that tough mask all throughout. Ranka’s DYRL voice sounded too much like Minmei. It sounded more mature. It’s hard to ignore. Megumi-kun > May’n!

    I think it’s over between Sheryl and Alto because Sheryl said this.

    Sheryl: No matter what you say, I’m sure I won’t be able to sing.

    Alto can tell her he loves her, she’ll get hurt because she knows it’s a lie. Alto can tell her he doesn’t love her, truth hurts that’s why whatever he says will still hurt. Alto looked like he knew what she was talking about. He’s no dense cookietoid. And then afterwards Sheryl said ‘this is fine. i don’t have any regrets’. It really is goodbye. 🙁 Wah, Sheryl is still coo. It’s fine this way for me too.

  28. I dont know if Alto is dead. I havent seen the episode yet but I have a strong feeling its going to be like what happened to Gamlin in Macross 7 in episode 44. Somehow Alto ejected in the last second before his valkyrie exploded. That anime magic that bends any rules of reality. watch!!!

  29. Love trianle is over and one had to die, sorry vf 171 you were never altos real love as will show when he’s reunited with the vf 25.

    oh yeah ranka gave up on alto in 21, hasn’t thought of alto since, got her brother back and when she sees alto next he’ll be wearing sherl’s earring. klan has had more “moments” with alto in the second half let alone sheryl, lol @ ranka shippers.

  30. Hey Omni,
    When are we going to get another poll?

    Man, I cant believe Macross has gotten so much better… thats what happens when I stopped watching this series cuz I’m backed up right now…

  31. Mmmm…Something tells me it’s going to be a solo end for Alto. Maybe its because I like both sheryl and ranka both too much, or that they will all die some how in some form of some way. Alto dies when killing ranka in a suicide run then sheryl will die due to her illness. Overall I’ll be happy with the plot ending…but just not who he ends up with.

  32. @Luna

    Alto obviously cares for Ranka. Seeing someone you care about like that would make anyone feeling emotional. Not that I actually saw much emotion there.

    If Alto tells her he loves her she won’t be able to put her whole life on the line like she is now. If Alto tells her he doesn’t love her it would crush her. If it was a lie Alto had plenty of chances already to correct the lie and tell her the truth. He hasn’t. Even after the “love confession” from 23, he still came up to Sheryl and told her he would be back.

    It might be a goodbye, as in she has no regrets. She can die now if it happens because she finally got her feelings across to Alto. Hopefully it won’t come to that though.

  33. Hell no! A main character died! Alto will probably be saved by some protoculture or Vajra black magic. He can’t die such a meaningless death. And as ever, Brera is overpowered in piloting skills.

    And Ranka’s song empowers the Vajra rather than disrupting them!

    My favourite song was interrupted by Ranka!

    But this is a very good episode, well played…

  34. Wow. There is less than 7 days left until the end. I have to give it to Sheryl for acting very mature in this episode. She reminded me of Misa when she was willing to give up what she wants which is her own happiness in order to let the person she loves be truly happy. I am happy that Sheryl has not lost that which makes her character so appealing which is her independence, strength and maturity. In Macross terms, this is usually a flag that states the person who sacrifices the most for their loved one, gets their loved one.
    This episode also shows that Alto truly cares for Sheryl and that it is definetely beyond what naysayers call “pity love.” Sheryl also shows that what she feels toward Alto is truly love and not an outlet or substitute for her want of companionship or family. This makes me support SherylxAlto until the end. To me, Ranka has only shown admiration and child-like feelings of liking someone and that her relationship has not matured or come into fruition like that of Minmei in the original series.
    If Ranka does end up with Alto, it would be the dumbest decision Alto has ever made and that this love reversal would equal the likes of those made by stupid visual novel protagonists who either pick the obviously wrong girl or cause the main characters’ relationship with each other to be forever strained.
    If this is the sad fate that will befall Alto, I will not blame Shoji Kawamori but I will blame the writing and direction the staff decided for Alto. I am thankful for Kawamori-sensei for making the Macross series which has given me so much pleasure and joy. I am also thankful for the creation of Sheryl Nome. I truly wish that Sheryl will find true happiness whether or not that involves being in a relationship with Alto. I truly hope that Alto will pick the right girl.

  35. Well Alto’s dead. I hope this won’t end like eva. where it was all a dream and everyone’s ok.
    Isn’t there another song… the one that was sung in macross zero? Maybe that would counteract Ranka’s song, and bring back BIRD man and kadun the vajra to death
    sounds like something from CS lewis
    To beat deep magic beyond time… you must use Deeper magic beyond time.

    I guess all I am saying is that THIS SERIES BETTER HAVE a good ending, it doesn’t have to be happy, it doesn’t have to be sad… just good. Or else, I might have to write an angry letter to the UN. Hans Blix .. oh No!!!

  36. Maybe Alto will come back to Sheryl and says: “Thanks, Sheryl, for supporting me in the search for my soul. I won’t get lost again…”
    Sheryl: “It’s nothing, I’m a big supporter of human rights anyway. From now on don’t hide your true self, be a proud GAY, Alto!”
    Alto: “Yes, Sheryl!! I AM A GAYYYYY!!”
    Sheryl: “Good! That’s what I was waiting to hear since I’ve met you that day!! Be confident, folk! There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual!”
    Alto: “But how can I tell Ranka…”
    Sheryl: “If she really loves you, she will understand you somehow, dun worry.”

    Sheryl had always known that Alto was a gay and she kissed Alto because she had wanted to help him realize that he didn’t like women. In the end, Alto ends up with no one but the trio still hangs out together like good friends. Once in a while they will sing together and release singles for charities, supporting human rights. Happy ending.

    /me run away

    Jellyfish Marine
  37. I don’t care anymore about the triangle, I’m actually more interested in the Protoculture(are the Vajra the protoculture?!) more than anything now. What the hell WAS that thing Grace wanted?
    The fight scene was awesome. It brought back memories of the 1st episode’s amazing fight scene, but then added a DYRL? twist. When “Iteza 9PM DON’T BE LATE” came on and then “Do You Remmember Love?” It was like some wierd mesh of DYRL’s final battle and MFrontier’s perfect battle animation.
    Alto may have not chosen anyone. His father said the same thing that Klan did when he saw his fleet flying off. Is his love flying? If not then totally Ranka. But he did say if she was being used as a weapon by the Vajra he would kill her, but I think he may turn around because he, like us don’t REALLY know what is exactly going on yet. Except that Grace is crazy, Leon is power hungry, and Bilrer wants to “see” someone. o_O; maybe he wants to find Minmay! ^0^

  38. Naru, I do agree that it is getting monotonous….and we keep falling into the triangle arguments.
    I am curious…if the wreckage that Ozuma found was that of the ship that Grace was on? And, how is it that in the first scene in this episode, Ranka was singing and that is when the Vajra showed up??? And, what about Grace and Leon??? How did they meet and they started out together, so, does that mean he knew about this whole Grace plot, or was part of it???…..Too many questions left unsolved, and surely the next episode will not be the end???

  39. AMAZING episode.
    Wow… I don’t manage to find my words…

    Macross F likes to play with my heart. Shimatta xD

    And for the xth time… I love sheryl’s voice when she sings most and most, and most, and most than Ranka’s one.

  40. @Masina, shipping wars have no meaning to me. I just want a good story. Which I am getting so far with MFrontier, which I haven’t’ with Kawamore since Escaflowne.
    I was wondering where Ozma was too. I thought that the 117th Research Fleet got blown up! Unless they the Galaxy Space Fleet somehow and are at Mao Nome’s house? Highly doubtful…Grace and Leon I really really want to know too. I think that Grace only used Leon to find Ranka though. I think it all comes down to the protoculture for some reason.
    What was that THING, that sorta looks like an Angel outta Evangelion?!
    >_ I’ll have to go online and watch it again but I’m pretty sure he said “ai”. If he had said “mai” what would that mean?

  41. Like always I *still* have to watch the subs but from the screenshots, some translations and posts, I guess I have a pretty good general idea of what’s going on…

    I can only say that Alto dying at this point and ep25 turning into a battle between the 2 girls is pretty low, since the end would be too predictable: Ranka’s voice is more powerful then Sheryl’s, as it was proven in this episode, so it’s pretty much humanity being screwed up and the vajra winning…So the one element I see that could make the outcome of the battle be a win for Frontier would be either Alto ‘coming back from the death’ or Ranka snapping out of her brainwashing but, since it’s obvious she can’t do it by herself, we *also* need Alto for it.

    For Sheryl, while no cure was found yet, I am not too worried about her life either since in this episode they showed up her relationship with Mao Nome, and I don’t think they would have randomly showed up this information if not to be used later one, in a way or another. But I’m not saying she couldn’t die in the middle of the fight, just that ‘dying from sickness’ is not really how I imagine her life to end in this Macross series ^^;;

    Now, the ‘triangle’: I still am on AltoXSheryl side and I think that even the most rabid and enraged RankaXAlto fans will concede that it’s not going too bad and that whatever feelings Alto has for her, this is not mere ‘pity’.
    About Sheryl ‘casting aside her feelings for Alto’, hard to take it seriously either: Ranka did the exact same thing in ep21 and in both girls sides, it was a misunderstanding, both believing that Alto cared for their rival, and left him aside for a ‘greater cause’. Though, in Sheryl’s case, we would have to add that the fact she knows she would die soon (=got no future with Alto) would push her to reject him and send him to Ranka: if she was healthy, would she have acted the same way?

    As for the ending…well, I still keep in mind that Alto’s seiyuu was ‘mobbed’ by how the triangle was resolved: Alto dying? Ranka dying? Sheryl dying? None dying? Everyone or a couple of them dying (in this case, who would be the unfortunate one left while 2 others dies)? o__O My worst scenario: everyone forget everything and we are back to square one, if they do that, I am rioting their studio!

    Aside from that, the earring thing was sweet, independently from how it may ‘help Alto’ in ep25, like many posters guessed, it reminded me of my favorite AltoxSheryl picture: Alto ep6

  42. I dont know who is worse. Ranka or Hitler. Did you see how many humans died after Ranka started singing. I love Minmays songs, I cant believe now forever ill think of this song that caused the destruction of two islands, fighter space(air) wings, battle groups.

    I like Alto, he is probably one of the greatest anime characters that had skill but wasnt crazy emo hot shot like those in typical anime.

    At this point I feel that he needs to be sacrifised so everyone can see how big of a bitch Ranka is. She doesnt care about Vajra, or humans. She is the devil in green hair.

  43. @Luke
    LOL, Hitler? Goodness, with posts like these, it makes me wonder why I even bother to read comments down here anymore.

    Speaking of Ranka’s song, this episode’s newly-arranged DYRL was rather pretty. Ranka’s vocals really do shine during her ballads.

  44. I re-read the spoiler of eps 25 and

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I watched the few last minutes (with Alto ‘dying’) and it looks…bad ^^;; But again, he is certainly alright, as to know how, this will be the great final!

  45. 20:42—->Aww lol I missed his favorite line—“Rankaaaa!” Alto looks so good wearing that earring. I also think Sheryl’s earring will just be another plot device so that Ranka will be able to hear Alto. It always is used like that—an amplifier. I love that Sheryl broke up with Alto, you know this was coming. Alto does look like he wasn’t playing dense this time. He looked sad when Sheryl was giving him her earring, like he wanted to say something more but chose to be quiet. I thought that was cute. Bittersweet.

    It’s not like Alto’s only staying with Sheryl ‘purely’ out of pity. It’s more like ‘pity’ played a huge part in swaying Alto’s emotions for her instead of real love. If this is not so, the interviews will not question this, Sheryl will not let Alto go, and Alto would not act the way he did last episode. The underlying message behind their pretend-relationship is pretty strong. It’s lacking something.

    Oh and, I think the interview pertaining to Alto’s seiyuu getting mobbed was for the way he delivered, “I will *inhales* kill Ranka.” in 23. It’s a very suprising conclusion to the love triangle.

    Despite Anata no Oto’s happy message, I still have this nagging feeling that Ranka might die. She’s doing another damage to the fleet again, I can’t think of a proper atonement for all this but to go down with the Vajra and self-destruct, just to let everyone live, including Alto. Unless of course some princess charming ropes her back in and say don’t leave him alone lol

    Number of misunderstandings between Ranka and Alto before their inevitable confrontation:

    1. Alto thinks Ranka is trying to kill them.
    2. Alto thinks Ranka is a tool being used by the Vajra.
    3. Ranka, back to her traumatized state, thinks Alto and co. are the enemy.
    4. Ranka thinks Alto never heard her.
    5. Ranka doesn’t know that Alto joined to SMS for her.
    6. Alto doesn’t know that Ranka wants to stop the war thus she left.
    7. Ranka and Alto BOTH don’t know they’re being used. Ranka by Grace. Alto by Leon/Bilrer.

    Now this is really messed up. Both sides think they’re out to kill each other. It’s going to be cool seeing how they wrap up the episode. Here’s to a happy ending. ^_^ I can’t wait for the subs. The mysteries that I’ve been trying to guess forever has finally been revealed and I can only understand a little. ^^

  46. Ani_d, why so delusional? Seriously you would still be in denial if Ranka is singing Anato no Oto at Alto and Sheryl’s wedding in 25 ffs…. take the goggles off ffs, klan’s had way more meaningful interaction with alto in the last 10 episodes than ranka… and easily…

  47. Thanks ani_d ^__^

    Well, it might sound biased from some one supporting SherylxAlto, but Ranka’s life is indeed in *great* danger: even considering she was brainwashed/controlled/misunderstood etc…her singing killed too many people to expect a 100% happy ending for her, still, I wouldn’t despair at this point, this won’t be the first *nor last* time an enormous twist in the plot story occurs at the most unexpected moment.
    After all, Sheryl is pretty much condemned too with her sickness and Alto was just blown off…all three got red flags on them ^^;;
    In the end, ‘Your sound’ might really be Alto’s sound ;D (see what I wrote previously under the spoiler tag)

  48. I don’t think we’ll see Sheryl die here, but if she doesn’t get a realistic cure, they’ll more likely give her a medicine that will extend her life for many years. The former is always better, though the second one is more realistic since there haven’t been any clues for a cure from anywhere.

    So basically, any info about episode 25, other than the title, is nonexistent because the spoiler is nothing but a cliffhanger of episode 24’s ending. Or maybe the Newtype image where Alto’s hair comes untied will be from ep 25. Cool. 🙂

  49. I don’t think he’s dead…. just a feeling… though I’d laugh if he comes back in a “Messiah Freedom” with beam spam. (Unlikely but still…); and it’s not as if he had pineapple salad!

    Ah that explains things… Sheryl.

  50. When Alto came into the room, he promised her that he will come back to her This is why Sheryl was so visibly affected by this, because she thought he had left already, when she was under the mistaken assumption that Alto loved Ranka. When Alto says he realized he shouldn’t fly alone, that it takes two people to, he was referring to Sheryl supporting his wings to fly, and that he’ll fly back to her.

    Sheryl: “You finally figured that out? You really are slow!”
    Alto: I don’t know how to counter that.”

    Here, Sheryl quickly stops him before he goes on further, because she realized where the conversation was going, and throws him off with,”Shall we stop pretending to be lovers? (Playing house)” Here, she purposely misunderstands, to break the flow of the conversation.

    However, when Alto tried to finish what he was saying, Sheryl cut him off immediately with her kiss. It’s saying, This kiss holds all of my feelings for you. Answer to me once everything is over. She knew that if he says anymore, no matter what he says, he will shake her resolve to sing, that’s why she tells him that she’ll listen to what he has to say after everything is over. Their conclusion to their story will have to wait, because right now, they are putting their entire lives on the line.

    Even if she dies in the battlefield, Sheryl is at least content, because she has finally told Alto her love.

    This scene is a direct parallel to Episode 6. The exact same music is playing as both of them separated to fulfill their responsibilities as pilot and singer. He lost the earring in Episode 6, but this time, when Sheryl gives him the other earring, make no mistake, he will come back to her, and Sheryl will no longer be plagued by insecurities, because he will give her the answer she is *waiting* for.

    “You better come back, Alto. Remember this, a woman like me is quite rare.”

    I’m sorry, but it is as straightforward as it can get.

  51. @cheese

    Really like your take on the Alto & Sheryl scene. 🙂 I love their playful banter and the strong, emotional undercurrents between them. The kiss Sheryl gave him was so passionate.

    I truly do hope Alto gets to fulfil his promise to return to Sheryl. T_T

  52. Haha. How ironic, I always thought only Sheryl and Alto had the love/hate relationship in MF. Now, we get a bit of love/hate relationship from Ranka and Alto, with Alto literally wanting to kill Ranka. XD

    But I wonder how he will be able to manage to kill her…? I can’t wait for the finale. Definitely, the love triangle is back to 50-50 chances. Ranka wins if Alto saves her from being brainwashed, which is most probably by confessing to her? Or something of the sorts. But then again, there’s the part where Alto promised Sheryl he’ll be back. He’ll be back for what? For another round of loving? To take care of her? The look on Alto’s face wasn’t actually filled with love but somehow I can see some remorse. Is Alto feeling guilty that he couldn’t return Sheryl’s feelings? Or is Alto thinking about the little time he has with Sheryl? Both Sheryl and Ranka had given up, thinking they had lost to their rival… I wonder who will emerge victorious.

    Let’s find out in… Anata no Oto, shall we? ^^

  53. I’m speculating Bilra is Shin, trying to look for Sarah. Then Sarah is the Vajra queen, which Grace found deep deep in that hole. XD Crazy but I hope it has some truth in it. Macross Zero wasn’t tied closely to this series for nothing. And weren’t we told that Shin and Sarah might come back, just not in the forms we expect them to be?

    And lol at Ranka being just like Rei Ayanami in the Evangelion Movie: Death and Rebirth. (Someone mentioned it and I thought I was the only one who noticed! Lol) Also kind of reminds me of one shot of Ranka in Triangular video. Hope we get a blasting end to this epic series!

  54. @Chimasternmay

    If Alto pulled the stunt of jumping out of the VF before it exploded, wouldn’t he just be floating in space. Waiting for a stray missile or light beam hit him? It’s like extending your life for a few seconds. XD

    Sheryl screaming Alto’s name in the end was so sweet. Oh wait, wrong shipping. XD Jk. But it really was sweet. If only Ranka wasn’t so busy being brainwashed, she would have screamed too. Oh well.

    Alto screams: Raaaaaankaaaaaa!!!
    Sheryl screams: Altoooooo!!!!!
    And Ranka looks deadpan, eyes glazy with fog and sings as fireworks I mean battleships explode around her. Being brainwashed has some merit.

  55. @Cheese

    BINGO! You got it! How can anyone be any clearer than that!? “Wait, Sheryl I love you” is what I’m guessing he was going to say.

    Have no fear, Alto will reappear!

    He abandoned his fighter as he swung around the damaged carrier. If you watch his ‘tail smoke’ (burning fighter), he flies toward the other side of the carrier and disappears, BUT does NOT immediately reappear – at the speed he was travelling at you would assume he would reappear quickly but he does not. Guess he stops, gets out – remote activates his fighter by his Ex-Gear and sends his craft on it’s merry deceptive way. I bet he’ll pick up another fighter from the damaged carrier or gets picked up.

    As his damaged fighter gets destroyed, do we even see anyone in the cockpit? Nope.


    Alto X Sheryl!!!!

    Kudos to Kawamori – you almost had me going there for a bit!

    Barbwire Wings
  56. The thing is, even though Alto’s VF exploded, his “death” didn’t elicit any reaction from Ranka at all. :/ Even if the earring could amplify his voice screaming her name, it definitely did not work at all.

    Would raw grief make Sheryl’s fold waves more potent? Would her singing now be the key to snapping Ranka out of her trance?

  57. yukime: “Sheryl screaming Alto’s name in the end was so sweet. Oh wait, wrong shipping. XD Jk. “

    It’ll be all sorts of awesome if you could join aboard H.M.S Skull Fairy! 😀

    Alto screams: Raaaaaankaaaaaa!!!

    Alto: “Why are you trying to destroy us?! RANKA!!!!!”

    That is no cry of love. That is a cry of rage. 🙂

  58. @cheese

    H.M.S. Skull Fairy seems fully loaded so I’ll just go stay in my little AltoxRanka sailboat. ^^; But thanks for the offer.

    I do think Sheryl here is such an endearing character. Being able to say those stuff to Alto, having the courage to face even if her heart is breaking (because she thinks Alto loves Ranka). She was so lovely when she said, “A woman this good doesn’t come around often.”

    Alto did cry in rage but it was also a cry of frustration, wanting an answer syraight from her. (Ranka should have put up a sign on her neck, “Can’t answer right now. Brain is too occupied being brainwashed.”)

    But if Ranka will be snapped back to her senses, I’m sure the rage Alto is feeling will slowly disappear, as soon as he hears out Ranka and Ranka hears out Alto.

    I wonder thought, the look on Alto’s face after Sheryl kissed him, why did he look sorry? I mean, if you are kissed by someone you love as well, wouldn’t remorse be one that should never cross your face after kissing her?

  59. What can I say? I’m brimming with hate for this stupid greenhaired girl once again.
    I really never wanted to hate her. Or hate anybody. My hate for her has nothing to do with my loving Sheryl.
    But I just hate her.
    Does she realize how many deaths she’s caused?
    Both to Vajra, now humans, not to mention it was her who caused everyone on the 117th fleet to die?
    Accidents are aceptable, but being controlled is just downright stupid. Add it to the toll and I can’t accept it any longer.
    Ranka doesn’t even have the same contract that Brera has, how can she get controlled by Grace?
    Just a plot device? To get her to wake up stupidly next ep after she saw Alto’s plane exploding?
    Her eyes are all blank yet she can sing such a beautiful song.. unbelievable. (Yet I loved the song.)
    But WTF with the giant hologram? This is so trying to be too dramatic.

    The episode was lovely though. Loved all the Sheryl & Alto moments.
    I seriously have the feeling all three mains are going to die in the end.
    Ranka is now responsible for too many deaths to live, Sheryl looks like she’s not getting a cure and Alto might as well die too for the sake of dramaticness.
    The photo album might as well symbolize a memorial for those who died for universal peace and a new world.

  60. STOP with the speculation of the non-existent triangle! Aren’t you all a least bit curious about why the Vajra’s suddenly appeared, and how are they significantly connected with Grace?? Or is there even a connection? Grace was busy using Ranka to distract the Vajras, while she dove straight in to where the Queen was located. She also wiped out Brera’s memory of Ranka being his sister. Therefore, he is back to the numbless cyborg from the earlier episodes. On top of that, where is other fleet that Ozuma was on? Why did it show them near a wreckage???? ARRRGGHHHH! Surely, the next episode is not the final…..

  61. So… Brera and Ranka thinks Alto and the whole Frontier fleet are out to invade the Vajra planet that’s why they got to protect it.

    “It is our mission, us brother and sister, to protect this planet from your invasion!” -Brera

    And Alto goes and says, “You’re wrong! We’re–” We’re what? Just visiting and was hoping you could share the planet with us since we need a place to live in. ^^; Basically, they are really invading it, since they greeted the vajra planet with Reflex weapons. ^^; Jeez, Alto… Haven’t you read Leon’s briefing before riding your VF.

    The only thing is, Brera and Ranka are protecting the Vajra planet under Grace’s control. Which means there is an ulterior motive for that, and that can’t be good… since it is Grace after all.

  62. yukime: “Being able to say those stuff to Alto, having the courage to face even if her heart is breaking (because she thinks Alto loves Ranka). She was so lovely when she said, “A woman this good doesn’t come around often.””

    Yukime, the sentence loses all meaning if taken out of context. Sheryl is essentially saying, as she fastens her last precious earring on him, that Alto should be grateful that he has a fine woman like her waiting for him.

    “You better come back, Alto. Remember this, a woman like me is quite rare.”

    Everything is on hold, until after the battle is over. The reason why Luca confesses to the comatose Nanase and steals a kiss from her before he leaves, is the same reason why Sheryl hushed Alto. All of them are throwing their lives on the line, not knowing whether they’ll survive the battlefield. The kiss from Sheryl to Alto is an unspoken confession, also a reminder for Alto to live, so he’ll have to answer to her once everything is over. For now, they are no longer just Sheryl and Alto, but people who separated to fulfill their responsibilities as pilot and singer.

    The grave difference between Sheryl’s confession and Ranka’s confession is that Ranka has given up hope with her words that are laced with sadness and resignation. Sheryl’s is brimming with hope.

    While it’s clear that the we can finally see the faintest of light in the end of the tunnel, you are right in that there is unfinished business between Ranka and Alto. What they need most, out of everything, is closure, to clear up the misunderstanding, that Alto needs to reassure her that he doesn’t think of her as a tool, and that Ranka was finding her own way after shrugging off the stifling shackles of her worship-love for Alto. Both of them needs to come to an understanding, much like Alto and Sheryl did when they intend to come back to each other, in many ways, in this episode.

  63. @cheese

    Right, Sheryl did say, “You better come back, Alto. Remember this, a woman like me is quite rare.” But that wasn’t all she said. Her whole speech did involve a confession but somehow it seemed to me that deep inside it was also her goodbye, knowing that Alto will go once he is reunited with Ranka. Didn’t she say, “I have no regrets anymore.”? Don’t people who usually confess (but isn’t hoping for a positive outcome) say this often? I’m not sure whether Alto will be coming back to Sheryl as a lover or just a friend but Alto saying he will definitely come back for her is a thing he could have said just to console her worries, knowing Sheryl is worrying for him. It isn’t a sure thing that it was a confession from Alto. Like you said, everything is on hold until the battle is over and before the battle is over, Ranka and Alto HAVE TO meet. What takes place from there will definitely impact the conclusion of the LT. So we can never say it is sure that Alto will come back to Sheryl and say, “I love you.” For all we know, we might get Alto coming back to Sheryl only to say, “Sheryl, I can’t be with you anymore. My wings are for Ranka.”

    Alto from 23 has realized that he will not run away anymore. Not ignore or pretend that he doesn’t notice things such as Sheryl or Ranka’s feelings. Maybe he came there to break everything with Sheryl? Sure the “I will come back for you.” line makes it inconsistent. But… if Sheryl had let Alto finish his speech, maybe he’d have said, “I will be by your side but I can’t let Ranka be alone too.” (Sounds like a threesome brewing..) Then he might have said, “That’s why, I’m going to be beside you but only as a friend.” Or something like that.

    Sheryl is a woman who was portrayed as someone who had an eye for seeing things. She saw through Alto’s pretense in episode 10. Saw the potential in Ranka in ep. 3. And always knew Alto’s feelings for Ranka as stated in ep. 23. What are the chances of her being wrong? She isn’t one brimming with hope when she told Alto she’ll listen to him when he returns. She is trying to be strong while she knew in herself that it is time to give up and return Alto to Ranka.

  64. @Lucia

    OMG! You too!!! Yes, definitely a tribute to Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami!!! Whoot! XD


    In addition, Sheryl DID hear Alto’s speech of killing Ranka. I’m not sure if she heard about the part Alto said he joined SMS for Ranka or the part where he wanted to protect Frontier. But she and Klan had the same interpretation. She also interpreted it as Alto loving Ranka, or Alto choosing Ranka over her. Hence the line, “I knew it all along. I only wanted it somehow… Just a little longer…” And I’m speculating she was thinking, “Just a little longer, let me borrow Alto as my strength and I’ll return him to you, Ranka-chan..”

  65. @sherry
    Same here ^.^

    “I wonder thought, the look on Alto’s face after Sheryl kissed him, why did he look sorry? I mean, if you are kissed by someone you love as well, wouldn’t remorse be one that should never cross your face after kissing her?”

    Are you talking about 13:30 when Sheryl said “Iwanaide” (sp?) and Alto’s surprised face suddenly turned bland? Yukime…you know why ^_^ I think this is the best way Alto and Sheryl could have parted given by what happened in 22. It shows how good of a sport sheryl is with her ‘remember this, good women like me don’t come often’. Sheryl finally pushed him to Ranka. I was expecting her to bring up Ranka in 22, but apparently, they just want to create more drama before they set things right.

    I think when Sheryl kissed Alto, gave him her earring despite saying she’ll listen to what he has to say later—Sheryl meant to say goodbye to him. She’s letting go. Later on she said “Kore de ii” or “It’s fine this way.” This very much coincides with how Fairy was written with letting Sheryl’s “unrequited love turn into dust” without protest.

    And yes, together with the rest of the fleet, the Macross Quarter, Grace etc….RankaxAlto has a truckload of misunderstanding to clear. Plus, with Brera interrupting them almost all the time, it just goes to show that in the end, they’ll let the two reach other. (Much like how they featured Ranka and Alto’s hands in Lion OP)

    So, I say the ball has finally left Sheryl’s court with one episode to go. For once, I want to see why Kawamori spent so much focus on Ranka’s character and why they even called this Macross “a super galactic love story where destiny of the planets intersect.”

    Oh, and just a thought…

    Mao= Sheryl’s grandmother.
    Bilrer = Ranka’s grandfather. Her quarter zentran genes have to come from somewhere lol

  66. I just sped through the raw a while ago, but don’t have time to sit down and watch it closely right now.

    Just hasty speculation on my part is that perhaps the last episode’s title “Anata no oto’ refers not to Alto, but Ranka’s sound.

    In this episode, she’s very obviously lost herself to the machinations of Grace, who’s playing her like a pro musician and enslaved her power to turn it against the Frontier fleet. The question is whether Ranka will eventually regain her consciousness and fight off Grace by holding on to what is truly hers – her own voice, her own sound, her own will. This theme has been a recurring thing that Brera has said to her, that no matter what her song is hers alone, and just maybe that will be eventually a pivot point in the next episode. I have a feeling Sheryl herself will be instrumental in turning things around for Ranka somehow. Add this to the missing factor of the Quarter and their findings, who I’m sure will turn up in the middle of the fight next episode, hopefully it’ll make for an exciting end to the series.

  67. Grace is using everyone to become a ruler of the world. Leon is just a puppet for her. Therefore, I assume she will be the “last boss” and everyone of all sides except for Grace will get to together to beat her vicious ambition down.

  68. @ani_d

    Yup yup. After Sheriru says, “Iwanai de.” Alto’s face just fell… Well, I have my speculations *cough*HechoseRanka*cough* but I will just wait for 25. Sheryl DID turn out to push Alto to Ranka herself. Sheryl didn’t bring Ranka up in 22 because she needed Alto. (Remember her “Give me courage to continue singing.”?) But in 23, she realizes she can’t keep holding Alto forever because there is a place he’d rather be or he HAS to be. And that is by Ranka’s side. ^^ (See, Sheryl even had a flashback of Alto saying that he will kill Ranka IF she will be destroying them.)

  69. @yukime
    I know which made more sense given Klan’s reaction and Sheryl’s tears. Alto has chosen. When Alto told Sheryl that he’ll come back after everything’s over, he sounded like a foot soldier reporting to her lol

    And when Alto said that he finally realized that people can’t fly alone, he had that sad smile on his face after Sheryl told him he was dense. I think Sheryl caught on. That’s why she quickly said something like “so let’s stop ‘pretending’ to be lovers now”. When Alto resisted, I’m thinking he probably was going to say he didn’t mean it that way even if it was so apparent that Sheryl can see through him.

    My favorite scene was when Alto was asking why Ranka was doing this. I loved his “tellmeitsnottrue” face =( I can just imagine the drama next episode. Also, it looks like Alto got semi-connected to a fold network through the earring too, if it weren’t for big bro. ^^ With Sheryl’s earring on him, I think it’s possible to connect with Ranka now much like how Sheryland Ranka were in ep 7. Ranka vs Alto round 2 lol

  70. are you sure alto dies in this episode ? it looks like micheals gf thats getting crushed and is going to die D:.

    O well if alto dies, so be it. Atleast none of the girls get to be with him. I’m not a fan of love triangles 😛 hehe

  71. If it’s true that music has a big part on Macross then maybe the song Ranka sang is a hint on Ranka and Alto (just me thinking 😀 ) I’ve been reading the translation of the lyrics and if the song has signicance then I would think Alto and Rankas’ meeting would be rather romantic (unless of course the song is about Sheryl and Alto 😀 )

  72. Yes people, they have portrayed Sheryl’s love for Alto to be selfless, had Alto promise to come back to Sheryl, had Sheryl watch Alto die all so Alto can come back and go, Sorry Sheryl I love Ranka not you.

    Also I’m throughly convinced that most people arguing that Alto’s “WAIT SHERYL! I” is bad for that pairing are either stupid and/or haven’t actually watched the scene. You only have to hear the emotion in his voice and see the movement of Alto as he reaches to Sheryl to realize he was genuine.

    I’m utterly astounded that people think that a couple who have had… one episode of decent interaction in the last ten episodes are actually even a chance of happening let alone assured of. Ranka has thought of Alto only once since she gave up Alto in episode 21 and that was an indirect comment of “it still hurts” and that was it. They are not pining for each other, all the development in the second half has shifted to Alto and Sheryl and it’s not like Ranka was ahead in the first half anyway…

    @ Ani_d

    Are you related to Baghdad Bob in any way?

    @ Druid

    DYRL is a famous song in the Macross universe (and one of “the” anime songs of the 80’s) and was already used for a Sheryl and Alto scene in episode 18. Also note the everyone who has sung the song in the Macross franchise hasn’t been successful in love 😉

  73. @ani_d

    “And when Alto said that he finally realized that people can’t fly alone, he had that sad smile on his face after Sheryl told him he was dense.”

    I noticed the sad smile too. I think it was him thinking, “If only I realized sooner, I wouldn’t have lost Ranka like this… I could have protected her better.” =(

    Or… It can also mean, “Yeah, I only realized now… Too bad, now you’re dying and I can’t do anything about it…”

    Wow, I’m giving A/S more ammo! ^^;

    But also, I noticed that Alto didn’t close his eyes when Sheryl kissed him. Sure he was shocked but it was a long kiss! He couldn’t have been shocked the whole time! I think it was him clearly not returning the feelings. His eyes were so wide open and quivering. XD

    Oh, and I also noticed that Sheryl’s face was still somehow expectant when he found Alto at her door. But when Alto said, “I will surely come back, after this battle is done. That’s ALL I have to say (to you).”, Sheryl’s face saddened, knowing Alto really would never confess to her. Alto had lots of time but he DIDN’T say anything. He KNOWS he is gonna lose Sheryl soon, why not tell her “Daisuki” or “Aishiteru” as many times as possible why she can still hear him…?

    But then again… I just realized the possibility of Anata no Oto as A/S song. The line, “We won’t have to doubt each other anymore” applies to Sheryl now since he always doubted Alto’s feelings for her. But then again, it’s stronger for Alto/Ranka since BOTH are doubting each other at the moment. So yeah, AltoxRanka ftw! Can’t wait!

  74. “Oh, and I also noticed that Sheryl’s face was still somehow expectant when he found Alto at her door”

    She was bracing herself for the worst but her emotions took over….. a few times in that scene.

    Also it’s nice to see Yukihime you’re actually realizing the possibility of AxS now unlike certain other fans, I guess you can see the writing on the wall 😉

  75. Well the ending is already clear to me… Alto going back to his ‘acting career’, Sheryl going to be cured of her illness(somehow) and continue with her singing, and Ranka, well she’ll probably end up living with her brother in some house full of VajraS…

  76. yukime: “Wow, I’m giving A/S more ammo! ^^;”

    There is no ammo. It is just flat-out simple storytelling, with the characters concepts of all three as clear as day. Each of them have left their respective points from the beginning with their own stories to tell, and ended up being woven with one another along the journey of their growth. I’m not naming names, but some speculations here are starting to push aggressively against the boundaries of the story to the extent where it’s starting to blur the line between accurate storytelling and fanfiction, and as a result, the original points are lost, one of the most important one being Sheryl’s character arc, for I have never encountered so many posts that have misunderstood the concept of her story so much than I have here.

    Your entire post gives off the air that it’s intentionally trying to fight against the direction some scenes are flowing towards, and that’s fine. I’ll be sure to engage in a discussion with you once the series is over, and perhaps we can resume where we left off. 😉 (Yes, I am that confident in my ship xD, for it has taken twenty three episodes for the series to convince me it knows exactly what it’s doing, and to give the resolution to Alto and Sheryl most fans are hoping for.)

  77. Am I right that almost all loose ends are fixed now?

    The only question I have after seeing ep. 24 is the same as “harby’s”: ‘if Sheryl is Mao Nome’s grandchild, how did she end up as an oprhan (I assume) on the streets?’

    Besides knowing who Alto will choose (assuming he’s still alive), that’s about it right?
    We know everything there is to know about Alto, Ranka, Brera and everyone else, don’t we?

    Just post any unsolved plot issues and questions!

  78. I have mixed feelings about this episode. Action wise, it rocked I loved it. I loved that Alto was in a cannon fodder VF and literally became cannon fodder. I love Berera revealing his connection with Ranka to Alto. I love them defending the planet against human aggression. Talk about a Macross reversal. I loved Ranka singing Ai Oboetimasuka and using it as a weapon against humans, again lovely reversal and irony by SK.

    I can’t wait for the Quarter pirates to get in on this action. Ozuma needs to protect his sister!!

    What frustrated me was that the triangle is still written inconclusively. Even with the kiss (which to me had echoes of Hikaru/Minmay kiss before Hikaru fights in the big battle in SDFM), and Alto’s lukewarm reaction, I get the sense that things are still up in the air. I do hope the series ends with a definitive answer to the triangle, especially with all of this build up.

    I hope we get more Ranka/Alto face time. I think he’s the only one who will be able to reach her right now. She needs to think of other emotions, beyond guilt, and Alto’s presence will help her think of love and why she wanted to sing in the first place.

  79. hi ppl,

    spent some time warded in hospital. a good 2 weeks. beautiful nurses. pretty doctors. wonderful patients.

    any how, ‘Ai, Oboeteimasuka’ was what got Nakajima Megumi her part. but i’m almost certain, be prepared for a “Macross F Destiny” soon… while the disappearance of Hayase Ichijo Misa’s MegaRoad 01 Fleet remains unanswered…

    gonna enrol in Animation and Effects… old and new school stuff. as for Macross F, the real fun just started.

  80. I think Sheryl will be the one to reach Ranka.
    She’ll either attempt to fight Ranka in a fit of rage over Alto’s supposed death or she will continue Alto’s plan and try to rescue her. I suspect she will continue to try to save Ranka. This of course is thru song. They’ll somehow meet on the battlefield of the ‘fold waves’ – Sheryl will give Ranka the courage and strength to break away from Grace. My fear is that Sheryl will continue to think Alto is dead and may also make an ultimate sacrifice. I am not sure think that will happen. Hopefully Alto will make a reappearance soon.

    Alto is not dead. He is simply doing what he does better than anything, performing. Remember the conversation between Yasaburo and Sheryl? About having the almost omnipotent power over the crowd? Same thing here, he’s performing a death scene to let people think he’s dead. He ditched his damaged fighter on the other side of the carrier and remote piloted to save Klan. Yes we know that in episode 6 that he controlled Luca’s fighter with a plugin connection – but that was Luca’s fighter and not Alto’s. I suspect that pilots cannot control other fighter wireless. However this was Alto’s fighter and he probably has the security rights to control his plane wirelessly.
    Alto will either get another fighter on the damaged carrier or he will get picked up by the quick arrival of SMS forces. Pirate forces. Hey! Today is talk like a Pirate Day!! ARRRR!!

    Barbwire Wings
  81. Possible up and coming (crazy) conclusions..
    3)Alto dies. (Without him, i suppose a catfight gonna start soon)
    4)Sheyrl and Ranka dies.
    5)All dies.
    6)SECOND SEASON… shi-


  82. JustinStrife!!!:
    First of all, anybody is allowed to DREAM!!! Second, even though I did not care, who Alto ends up with, I definetly have a favorite now, and it is not Sheryl.
    How tiring her tries to get Alto are by now!!! She heard and saw sooo many things already and she just keeps throwing herself on him. Or have you ever seen HIM KISS HER?!
    And to all the people who think that she is such a strong female character: Every single character developed in a mature way. She is the only one that didn’t. She is lower than what she was in the beginning! So low that she has to keep telling herself, that she is “SHERYL NOME”.It is soooooo annoying.
    I would be very disappointed in Alto if he ends up with Sheryl.

  83. 0_0 so, alto is dead…. maybe. My most likely conclusion is a) he ejected and we didn’t see it… or (this is more likely considering how crazy the story is by now) b) the laser reacted with the fold quartz earring, teleporting him away to some random location.

    Still, it was amazing how he lost all of his skill once he climbed into the VF-171, and how he deteriorated even further once he saw the giant ranka hologram…

    Kinda sad to see him go, especially so close to the end of the season, but his shinn asuka-like stubborn attitude and indecision made me hate him just a little.

  84. Jeez! So many Ranka fans complaining of the kisses between Alto and Sheryl! Yes, the pural of kissES between Alto & Sheryl. She kisses him and he kissed her and he kisses back.
    It’s not she kisses him and he pulls away. These two have kissed and kissed and kissed. What more do you want to see?
    Then it’s the argument of he doesn’t close his eyes when he kisses her or he doesn’t have a giant $h1t faced grin on after he kisses her. Give me a break! Haven’t you kissed anyone with open eyes? Try it! It’s fun and passionate. 🙂
    Sheryl gets Alto and that’s her happy ending.
    Ranka gets Brera and her memories and Ozma that’s her happy ending.

    Peace baby!

    Barbwire Wings
  85. Hello,

    I just loved episode 24. Good action. Somewhat heartbreaking. I like Alto, but… Sheryl might just turn me into a lesbian. LOL. Just kidding… mostly.

    A few things…

    * The song Ranka sings is “Ai Oboetemasu ka?” (translated to: “Do you remember love?”), which is used in the Macross Movie (also titled “Ai Oboetemasu ka”) It is the song Minmay (or is it spelled Minmei?) sang to distract and confuse the Zentraedi fleet that threatened to wipe out all of humanity.

    Note that this is a different song from what occurred in the original Macross TV series. In the TV series, I believe Minmay sang several songs, most prominently “Watashi no Kare wa Pilot” (translated to “My Boyfriend is a pilot”). Ranka sings this song too, in her Miss Macross Frontier competition.

    (There are alot of homages to Macross, the Macross Movie, Macross 7, etc)

    * VF-171-EX: I don’t think Alto’s flying skills suddenly sucked when he boarded the VF-171-EX. Remember, he piloted the VF-25 decently, but not without having had his wing clipped before, and taken damage in fights, etc…. and that was with him in 1 of the latest and greatest valkyries. In episode 24, he is flying a VF-171, an upgrade of a mainstay fighter, which in and of itself is an upgrade of an older VF-17 design used back in Macross 7. We cannot necessarily expect the VF-171-EX to perform as well as the VF-25 does… yet alone the VF-27…. At best, I see the VF-171-EX as reducing the gap in performance between the VF-25 and the original VF-171. (Just my opinion anyways).

    You know, I wonder if the VF-171-EX is called that because perhaps it has been equipped to handle pilots wearing EX-Gears the way the VF-25s do.

    * I noticed that there was a Macross Galaxy escort ship amongst the Vajra fleet. It makes me wonder how many other of ships from the Galaxy fleet are on the Vajra side. I wonder… could the Galaxy’s Island 1 still be around and perhaps even on the planet’s surface? Will we see Battle Galaxy on the Vajra’s side?


    In terms of how I think the series will end, I imagine this…

    * Alto is alive. He probably ejected from the VF-171-EX right after Klan was taking fire from the VF-27. He set his damaged VF-171-EX flying towards the enemy, as a distraction, and ejected.

    * I am rooting for an Alto x Sheryl pairing. Sheryl has been so strong and selfless (granted, with understandable moments of weakness) that I cannot help but want her to be happy.

    * However, I do think Sheryl will die. Not immediately, but maybe in a few months. But, I can imagine Sheryl and Alto being a couple for as short a time as she has remaining.

    * I see the photo album as being Alto’s…. something he will look upon to remember his time with Sheryl, as well as his friends Michel, Klan, Ranka, etc.

    Considering the album has autographs of both Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee in it, it is almost certainly Alto’s.

    Just my 2 bits.

    Junko Tamiya
  86. First time I post here and 1 episode to go. Haha!

    Anyway, on the “lighter side”, why is it every time ALTO has one of SHERYL’s earrings, his plane explodes? Did someone point that out in this thread?

    Going back to that episode where the 1st plane exploded, Alto was able to control Luca’s VF with his suit. I know it was plugged in, but couldn’t Alto bail out then somehow control the current plane via remote control somehow? It’s possible right since these planes are supposed to be newer versions.

    I’m sure he survived somehow and I think his “death” was either a distraction so he can get to Ranka OR a way to stop Ranka from singing and react to the explosion like the way Sheryl did (looks like a backfire of some sort. :p)

    I’m sad that this is ending. I was hoping for this to go on another 25 episodes at least since I enjoyed the story a lot. Oh well! Just have to cross my fingers! 😉

  87. WOW! You are right! It is “the curse of Sheryl’s earring”!

    Personally, I am glad it is 25 episodes. Sometimes if a series is too long, it loses focus. In the case of Macross Frontier, I ‘overall’ like the pacing, action, drama, and story.

    While a part of me would like to see more episodes, a part of me likes to see nice closure. And, well… since I have been getting the Blu-Ray discs of Macross Frontier, I would not mind saving some cash.

    Junko Tamiya
    If Im right, then damn, Kawamori is one twisted bastard. Killing off the main character in the heat of battle,though, gives Alto the Kamina-ending that he needs.

  89. You have a point, Junko. Frontier did have a good pace and hopefully an awesome ending. I’m just wondering what to look forward to after next week. :p

    My guess for the ending is that Alto ejected in time to pursue Ranka in that rock thingy in the bottom of Ranka’s image. He’ll probably confront Grace and maybe defeat her with the help of Ranka and/or Ozma and/or Luca. The fleet will somehow survive, with the help of the SMS pirates and live happily ever after on that planet. The dream of flying on a real sky will come try again for Alto. Brera and Klan may die (maybe from battling each other). Ozma might also be the one to kill Brera.

    It might be an AltoxRanka ending. I agree with a post here that Sheryl may die too, whether it will be in the next episode or in “a few months”… unless a cure is found (um… Ranka?). There is a chance that this love triangle will be left hanging if they all survive and leave it to the imagination of the viewer as to who ends up with who (RankaxSheryl? haha!).

    BTW, I apologize for saying “somehow” a million times in that last post. I have to perfect the art of proof-reading a post before clicking “enter”… somehow. 😉

  90. I’m the only one that remembers Leon as a Bad guy that must be stopped too?

    Honestly it won’t be a good End with only Grace’s defeat, >_> you need to kill mister “Just as Planned ver Lame” too so we can achieve a good ending, the least i want is leaving that aspect loose and give some apologetic lame ass excuse about how his coup was needed for the sake of Frontier’s survival, even though it was his and Grace’s fault that Frontier ended in such a ruined state after that massive internal battle with the hidden Vajra Nest, after all, i doubt that he wasn’t aware of it existing, with all the info that Grace dropped on him.

    Za Third
  91. Heh, another realization…

    Of course Macross Frontier will end on episode 25.
    It is a show honoring the 25th anniversary of Macross. It features the 25th New Macross colonization fleet, and the VF-25.

    Junko Tamiya
  92. Sheryl is in her dressing room, flashing back to Alto’s words that he’d kill Ranka if she becomes a threat to the people of Frontier.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Barbwire Wings
  93. So since Alto was pretending – playing the role of a pilot. Do you think he was acting the role of Ozma character?
    I see the logic there since Ozma essentially gave him the option of ‘protecting’ Ranka.
    So following that line of thinking, Alto see’s Ranka like a sister.

    Barbwire Wings
    Next episode, Grace must DIE, Leon must DEFINITLY DIIIIIIE!!!!! Alto must live and end up with… hey!!, if he survived that explosion i think he should get both girls.
    I do fear they left too many lose ends for the last episode, 24 minutes won’t be enough to finish this as it should. Give us a special 50 minute long episode, Mr. Kawamori, that will put a smile on everyone’s face, no matter how it ends.
    I will weep next week, an excelent series comes to a close. Macross Frontier ROCKED BIG TIME!

  95. Westlo: LOL!

    Everybody who believes Alto is dead: Please excercise your imagination a bit more. Alto made a loop behind that wreckage after getting hit in the wing. He stayed there conspiciously long, while Klan distracted Brera. And afterwards we didn´t see inside the cockpit again, until the VF-171EX was destroyed. He clearly left with his EX-Gear and remote controlled the plane. It´s not even an out-of-nowhere move, we know since episode 7 that the Valkyries can be remote controlled with an EX-Gear.

  96. I don’t like Alto anymore either and yes it is for what someone already said for he is an indecisive bastard but the other part that he didn’t pick Sheryl,I don’t know!I believe that if he were to pick Ranka that would be just to unrealistic.Which were the moments they shared together except a few,which dreams do they share together,what does Ranka know about Alto,she didn’t have time to find out more because she was too occupied to cry and to lament herself.
    Masina :Sheryl was vindictive from the start….where,when,are you sure?Now really look again,she acted like a true star and that doesn’t mean to be vindictive to me.But what is worse to be vindictive(Sheryl) or vengeful(Ranka)?I mean have you seen Ranka’s face when she sees Alto with Sheryl?Or does she even have the right to get the love of Alto in the first place:what did she do for him,when did she helped him,when did she stopped whining and started to listen to his problems too,what special moments did she share with him?
    Well you know what gets me the most annoyed is the fact that if Ranka and Sheryl were guys and Alto the girl,things would stand differently…I mean look at the so many animes where a character as Sheryl is judged so much and the other one liked so much but the other way round the guy with this sort of attitude is so loved.I mean it happens with series as Vampire Knight or better like Fruits Basket,in Vampire Knight I know of more people liking Zero who has a nasty attitude than the other one and in Furuba it was obvious from the beginning,most of the people liked him and rooted for him.Yes the stories aren’t near of Macross Frontier,but it was a sort of example for who saw the series.Anyway my point is that in animes the weak male character isn’t liked so much as the stronger one or the one with a bad attitude or like you said “vindictive” but when it comes to girls look at all the people as strangely as it seems it gets the other way round….and that leads me to the idea that men and women aren’t equal yet,not from the point of view of jobs but from the point of view of mentality.I mean it so bothers me from a time that all the mangas and animes are somehow typical,the leading girl has no real appeal,at least if the show was funny it would have looked differently.I mean currently we have a too big number of animes and mangas where the unattractive,stupid etc etc gets to be the saviour of the world and by her character all guys fall her her and the problem is that she doesn’t even seem to have a character usually but maybe a big mouth,a lot of stupidity and that idea that she needs all the time help…I mean come on wake up would a normal guy want to marry someone who needs a father,a brother,someone who needs to have all the time near her someone to whom to show how unhappy she is,what sad past she had,what problem she has…I am telling you a normal guy would get bored in only a few days and he would choose someone else who has some little consideration for him and listens to his problems and needs too.
    Lately animes and manga want to reflect real situations no matter if they are told in a fantastic way but they do things only by half to be honest!


    and.. c’mon Ranka didn’t lost in the triangle… since she pulled the “If I can’t have him… NO ONE CAN!!” move. in a Way She ended up winning (by default?)XD

  98. @Mira-Chan
    Ranka does know a lot about Alto, the only real difference she had with Sheryl in the knowledge aspect about him, is that she didn’t know about his past or anything beyond the basic idea we were given for a long time, yet she still knows about his dreams, that he wanted to follow his own path and not just follow “The Family’s Path” and how important was flying for him. Ranka did as much for Alto as Sheryl, the truth is that at the end Ranka and Alto shared something that Sheryl didn’t have, they were both 2 people who had dreams that they hadn’t achieved yet, and supported each other to finally fullfill them. I personally don’t think that’s makes an assured “romantic” scenario or anything, but it’s easily good enough to say that both did have something.

    And i laugh at your accusation of Ranka being Vengeful, the girl is too shy and reprimed like to be that, she’s the kind of girl that would think “I’m probably not that good for him” and just remain there staring shyly, all of this was like that until she realized 100% her feelings and had some degree of hope, before it being crushed by the same kind of situation that before, because if you didn’t have hope before it may not affect you that much, but when you have hope and it get’s crushed, then you sure are affected. A real Vengeful character would be shown having a notorious grudge towards someone, something we neve saw on Ranka, in fact, Ranka Idolized Sheryl as much as the Sheryltards and keep on doing so even when she finally hit stardom a few episodes back, if there was any negative feeling between them, it would probably be a inferiority complex, just a “i’m really nothing compared to Sheryl Nome”.

    At the end, the Love Triangle on Frontier or what had being happening aren’t the real issues here. Nor Ranka, Alto or Sheryl are the problem, or anything, only the shippertards or hatetards childishly wishing the death of someone just for being annoying, naive, bitchy, stupid, etc. Not for being “evil” or for “on Purpose” and “willingly” harm others, kill them etc.

    At this point, the only people deserving death in Frontier are Leon and Grace, who did brought harm to others and are the main reasons of all the suffering in Frontier, not Ranka, not Brera, not Alto, not Sheryl, not SMS, not President Glass or any other character. Hell, even the Miss Macross winner which i do hate her guts for her arrogant and bitchy attitude doesn’t deserve death.

    This episode pretty much showed how at the end, everything is going along Grace’s and Leon’s respective plans, how Ranka’s wishes for peace are just being stomped by Grace’s intervention and mind control, how she can’t overpower Grace until someone saves her for real, we also saw how this conflict left Frontier in shambles from being one of the richest fleets to be barely surviving.

    My wish for Frontier End’s is simple, i want the real villains to face punishment, i want peace for Frontier and even for the Vajra, i want Alto, Ranka, Sheryl and the others to achieve happiness…….and my little selfish side dish which would be to have that ending make the shippertards and hatetards boild in anger and stupidly accuse Frontier of being a lame series for not getting the ending they wanted and the character they hated killed and hated by everyone.

    Mira-Chan, you’re part of one of the reasons tha make people tend to hate popular series, not because of lack of quality or anything, but because of childish and pathetic fandom bickering and doing hate flame wars that really ruin the fun of watching something like Macross Frontier. Enjoy having a childish and pathetic hate…

    Za Third
  99. I honestly dont get it. Hw can sm people still not see an Alto/Sheryl end after ep 23 & 24? Even ignoring the Alto/Sheryl scene in ep 24 or if you want every other episode, there is still one thing that stands out.

    The fact that Alto went to see Sheryl & told her he’ll come back to her After saying he’s not going to run away or pretend anymore in the previous (23)episode. Why are people forgetting this? This makes it clear that he meant every single damn thing he said or did in this episode! He is not acting anymore!

    If you Look at the episodes as a whole, taking everthing into context, then you’ll clearly see it. If not, well, you’re a lost cause & atleast the source of some bit of amusment for me.:D

  100. *wheezes* HAHAHahaha *rolls around* HAHAHAHAHAHAH XD

    Whoo boy! Tell me these people are kidding. Someone tell me they are XDXD

    It was rather obvious that Alto was about to confess in that scene.

    Confess is right. Confess that he hooked up with her because according to Ozma and Animedia he was SWEPT away by his emotions due to PITY and not LOVE! XD

    I believe that if he were to pick Ranka that would be just to unrealistic.Which were the moments they shared together except a few,which dreams do they share together,what does Ranka know about Alto

    Episode 21, honey. Don’t erase the most beautifuleSt romantic sky scene made especially for a boy and a girl ever showed in the history of Macross universe out of your brain. Please. You’d think they’d let it end like that?

    Ranka’s the only girl Alto chatted with regarding his beloved momma and the TRUE reason why he wants to fly XD Both Klan and Sheryl fail already RIGHT THERE.

    Then it’s the argument of he doesn’t close his eyes when he kisses her or he doesn’t have a giant $h1t faced grin on after he kisses her. Give me a break! Haven’t you kissed anyone with open eyes? Try it! It’s fun and passionate.

    Well well well. It’s not that Alto didn’t close his eyes so he doesn’t love Sheryl. The INTERVIEWS said that Alto hooked up with Sheryl because she was dying. It’s NOT love.

    Yousei. Sheryl is wailing something about an UNREQUITED LOVE. NortherN Cross is another unrequited love. Episode 23 has everyone throwing PITY at Sheryl and that’s coming from her own mouth. Alto does NOT feel the same way as Sheryl no matter how much care he shows for her. His heart doesn’t reciprocate because the REASON HE JOINED SMS FOR is still alive and breathing.

    Sheryl already dumped Alto. She has NO REGRETS. Heard that? Alto and Ranka are going to go dokun dokun next episode, yet Sheryl shippers still feel like they’ve won. LMAO Your rooster has already given up and pushed him to Ranka so that they can continue where they left off in 21. She even gave him an earring so that he can reach Ranka for sure. It’s over. RankaxAlto will happen next episode. Let-it-rest XDXD

    Sheryl songs are filled with heartbreaks, Ranka songs are filled with rabu rabu. You know exactly which girl will get the guy just through their songs.

  101. @Westlo
    I admit the possibility of AxS but I’m not giving up AxR ending. Let’s say, they have 50/50 per cent. Sheryl being expectant when she heard, “It’s me, Sheryl.” is because she is hoping that Alto would somehow go tell her something that doesn’t only seem to her like kindness because she was sick (others call it pity but I think Alto is not pitying Sheryl but he does care for her. How much? That I don’t know.).

    Well, shipping fans always don’t seem to know the border of fact and speculation/opinion. We can always bend the facts to fit our shipping. Like how someone (I forgot who) mentioned that Alto joined SMS because of Sheryl’s make your own destiny speech. Then, it is revealed in 23 that Alto joined FOR Ranka. So there we go, we can’t help but speculate and just wait for it to be supported by the anime itself or refuted. I’d be more than happy to discuss the ending of Macross Frontier with you! ^^ Whether Ranka or Sheryl wins Alto in the end, I think the anime had done enough proof to tell us that Alto cared for BOTH Ranka and Sheryl. And so the only question that remains is who does he want to protect and love more? I’m not really going to say I’m confident with my shipping but ever since episode 1, I just have to say that AxR has been my bet, so I’m sticking with them all the way! May the best girl for Alto win.

    I agree! SherylxAlto kisses doesn’t just seal the deal for me because Alto seems to be lingering around still. Especially the kiss in 24, I kind of felt weird that Alto didn’t close his eyes. I hate it when people don’t close their eyes when kissing. <__< Oh by the way, please don’t wish someone to die when you obviously can’t characterize her properly. I second Za Third.

    And here’s the continuation of another discussion. ^^
    Some people (like me) don’t see a SURE AxS (I see AxS happening but not SURELY happening) because there are holes in their moments. Alto’s expression bugs me. It’s not someone who is going to confess but was stopped. It looked (to me at least) like someone who regrets not being able to say the words Sheryl wanted to say. Like the way Alto looked when he saw Ranka cry in ep 19/20.

    The fact that Alto went and told that he’d come back to Sheryl AND still Sheryl looked unhappy is what’s bothering me. Sheryl can sense that Alto is just treating her kindly as a friend who comforts a friend in need. Let’s also not forget that Alto had many times before to say that he loved Sheryl. He could have told her that, instead of just saying he’ll definitely come back. Let’s face it. They’re in a war and any minute they can die. Wouldn’t it be better if Alto had told Sheryl just once that he loved her? Sheryl was even expecting this (when Alto went to Sheriru’s dressing room) but Alto didn’t say it. Instead he said something about not being able to fly alone. And Sheryl looks even more upset, thinking he is not referring to her. Sheryl had always had a keen sense for things. What are the chances that she is wrong this time around? That Alto really loves Ranka and not her? I’m betting on Sheryl’s suspicions. Alto loves Ranka. Both Klan and Sheryl think of it as that way. And they’re both women who are… shall we say, expert in seeing things?

  102. Why are people still fighting over this tupid love triangle? I kind of stopped caring about it about 10 episodes ago, since it’s completely stupid and irrational.

    Anyhow, HORRAY for killing off Alto! Just when he FINALLY shows some manly tendencies, he gets killed, sounds good to me. XD

    Anyhow, the finale better be a good one, I’m looking forward to see what stupid plot twist the show still has in store, if it weren’t for SHeryl, I would’ve given up on this show a longggg time ago.

    I’m placing bets now, who thinks Alto will start off floating around in this white mist, and then he’ll have a transcendental conversation with Ranka’s subconcious which in turn causes her to awake from her emo killing spree and turn on grace to kill her? lol cliche lol. It’s so sad that I can actually see this happening.

    The only thing that can kind of garner some points with me that this show has left now is if SHeryl dies in an amazingly awesome and godly way in which she ascends to the heavens and uses her newfound mighty powers to bring peace to the universe; all while a disfigured Alto and a tramp-like Ranka look on in awe, with Alto wondering why he didn’t pick SHeryl after 25 episodes. XD

  103. @AJackBoy
    The message for you isn’t actually that one. Here it is:
    I agree! SherylxAlto kisses doesn’t just seal the deal for me because Alto seems to be lingering around still. Especially the kiss in 24, I kind of felt weird that Alto didn’t close his eyes. I hate it when people don’t close their eyes when kissing. -_- AltoxRanka time will definitely be in next episode. I’m thinking, Alto will be the one to snap Ranka out of her brainwashed state, then sing Anata no Oto and be rabu-rabu with Alto-hime. X3

    I am open to the possibility of AruSheri BUT I definitely still prefer AxR and still think that there is 50% chance for each event to occur. I got to admit though, Sheryl’s last move in this episode was pretty good. If Alto isn’t resolute, he’d be swayed once again for sure. But we’ll just wait and see in 25…

    @Barbwire Wings
    What more do I want from the AruSheri kissu? Well, for starters, Alto shouldn’t have looked so shocked all throughout the kiss. I mean, it was more than 10 seconds and he still hasn’t gotten over the shock. Haven’t I kissed with my eyes open? Sorry but no. I think it’s rude. Plus, shutting down visual and letting your sense of touch do the talking is much more magical.

    To me, Sheryl gets to live a long life and continue singing with her songs, that’s her happy ending.
    Ranka gets Alto, Brera (if he doesn’t sacrifice his life for Ranka-imouto) and Ozma and her memories and they all go singing dokun dokun, that’s her happy ending.

    And just so you remember, Alto had always wanted to protect Ranka and always had. Ozma asked Alto to protect Ranka in ep 18. And Alto reflects on this saying, “Protect huh?” I think he’s contemplating whether he is fit to protect Ranka OR should he let Brera protect her, seeing as Brera is more capable. He isn’t acting Ozma’s role because long ago before Ozma even asked him, he had been protecting Ranka.

    Ranka has her death flag raised during this episode. But I don’t think it will happen, unless she commits suicide while taking all the vajras with her. ^^; Oh by the way, please don’t wish someone to die when you obviously can’t characterize her properly. I second Za Third.

  104. “And just so you remember, Alto had always wanted to protect Ranka and always had. Ozma asked Alto to protect Ranka in ep 18. And Alto reflects on this saying, “Protect huh?” I think he’s contemplating whether he is fit to protect Ranka OR should he let Brera protect her, seeing as Brera is more capable. He isn’t acting Ozma’s role because long ago before Ozma even asked him, he had been protecting Ranka.”

    Please Yukime think logically since you actually seem a lot more open minded than the rest of the bunch. Please note that Ozma goes from saying in episode 18 “Protect Ranka” to in episode 22 saying “Find your own path”. Also remember he asks Alto who is his wings now in this episode Alto makes it pretty damn clear it’s Sheryl. Also remember right after he goes “protect huh” he looks at the sky and goes “I…” and than gets distracted by the girls laughing at Sheryl’s bargin bin cds.

    Use logic please, this argument is not a positive one for Ranka.

  105. @westlo’s “Also remember he asks Alto who is his wings now in this episode Alto makes it pretty damn clear it’s Sheryl.”

    LMFAO. Alto said that people can’t fly alone so he’ll come back to Sheryl and Sheryl dumped his head off XD

  106. @Kenshen
    If Sheryl had such an ending, i would officially call it a Bad End, maybe not for the over zealous fans that tends to overglorify her, but for her character development, she would evolve in the worst kind of character ever “And overglorified and forced holiness type of Character”, i can believe in character becoming divine at some point and stuff, but, you tend to see it coming for a long mile since they are meant to become like that, Sheryl isn’t, only fans that tend to overglorifying her went that far, and are only ruining her image, Sheryl is an awesome character on her own, but it isn’t that “divine like” and being honest, i still prefer Minmei and Basara as the “Legendary types” and leave Sheryl as the great type, aside there are far more epic characters in fiction than her. I want Sheryl to have a good end without unnecessarily overglorifing her, why? because if we see how bad it makes to her image how the fans react to her, i don’t want to think how much her image would crumble if that level of overglorifing was done in the anime in a fanservice like way.

    Za Third
  107. @yukime
    So you’re still being humble by saying both sides have 50/50 chance? I won’t stop you even if it’s obvious Sheryl’s chances with Alto now is zilch unless Ranka gets a bad ending and dies. Not gonna happen. Kawamori’s in love with Ranka and has been taking Sheryl for granted all throughout the story so that Ranka can flourish. I even felt bad for Sheryl at one point. I’m serious. XP

  108. Ah! Forgot to mention this…..when Ranka is saved from Grace’s Control i want her to use that system that let her project herself and start performing “Seikan Hikou” just to change the whole battle mood to some highly Awkard yet light mood, getting everything ready for the next and final song of the battle which would be a duet performing “Lion” that would take place while that Galaxy Ship with Grace and the Macross Quarter fight each other. Ah, and someone stabs something on Leon’s eye and let him bleed to death, after all we don’t want Battle Frontier to be blasted, just because one of the “Must be killed” Bad guys is on it, uh? ;P

    If that takes place i would be grinning broadly since i love that kind of Awkard yet Funny Twists 😀

    Za Third
  109. @yukime
    I wasnt referring to you when I wrote that post, I’ve always said you were more open-minded than most other ranka fans.

    I’ll reply to the rest of your post tom, sleeping early today, Gdnite.

  110. Oh come on Diva you aren’t even trying any more, I really am starting to think you’re a Sheryl fan trying to make Ranka fanatics look even more delusional than they are.

    “Not gonna happen. Kawamori’s in love with Ranka and has been taking Sheryl for granted all throughout the story so that Ranka can flourish. I even felt bad for Sheryl at one point. I’m serious. XP”

    Which is why when was Kawamori in last month’s newtype when asked who has become a good women between Sheryl and Ranka he answered Sheryl right lolololol.

  111. Well the reason she stopped trolling was because I posted as “RankaFan” in the ep 22 blog and called her out as being a Sheryl fan making Ranka fans look bad XD Since she was boring as fuck in 23 I said I was RankaFan so she would start up again.

  112. Yukime: To me, Sheryl gets to live a long life and continue singing with her songs, that’s her happy ending.
    Ranka gets Alto, Brera (if he doesn’t sacrifice his life for Ranka-imouto) and Ozma and her memories and they all go singing dokun dokun, that’s her happy ending.

    You have got to be kidding me. Nobody but a troll could think this would be a happy ending for both girls. Sheryl ends up alone(But she’s alive and can sing!), while Ranka gets her brother, adopted brother, her best friend, AND Alto? Give me a fucking break. You are as delusional as anybody I have ever had the displeasure of reading. You’re either trolling us hard like Kawamori, or you really are stupid.

  113. @marvin
    See how much of an insult it is being compared to someone like *points up to justinstrife’s post* that? There’s no other vomit-worthy compliment than being labeled a Sheryl fanatic from animesuki. *goosebumps*

    Say, Westlo XD Why did Yoshino and not Kawamori insisted to give Sheryl a bigger role than just a random idol? Why is Ranka the main character in Kawamori’s original notes and not Sheryl? Why did the finished storyline still centered around Ranka more than your Sheryl? Why?? I want to hear your accurate scoops even if you always cut off the most important stuffs. XD

  114. @diva:
    Well, Misa wasn’t originally the main character for the first Macross, you know? :3 And Minmay had a great role even at the very end…
    It’s not that the original Macross is exactly like frontier but you can guess the rest…

  115. Misa was meant to be the Admiral Global of Macross but since the producers didn’t want a female in charge Global was made and Misa’s character got shifted to where it became. You really think she was intended to be the love interest of Hikaru’s if she was the admiral lol? It really doesn’t matter what people initially think of you know… I mean DBZ stopped after Freeza saga and there was only one legendary super saiyan right? In Ichigo 100% it stopped when Aya and Junpei made it into high school and became a couple right? Fllay piloting the Strike Rogue in Gundam SEED right? Cecile and Suzaku had a relationship in Code Geass Season 2 right?

    Also Diva.. episode 24 credits XD Alto, Sheryl Ranka, episode 25 preview line goes Alto, Sheryl, Ranka XD

  116. all the songs played were prefect at differnt scene i personally felt ranka’s song at the battlefield was the best so far.
    And for alto and sheryl, other than the love triangle, i kinda liked that they are having roles like comrades as they both know that they have a battle to fight. ( the scene where sheryl starts her stage song and alto preparing to take off)

    Brera didnt exactly hit the cockpit did he ? it was more to the back o.o

  117. Anyone realised or it is just me that the story goes with the relationship development with Alto has moments with Ranka, Sheryl, Ranka and then Sheryl (continue so on and so fore until this point in episode 24) in each of the episode? (If you get what i mean)
    For example, Episode 1, first circulating between Ranka and Alto, then Sheryl and Alto. Episode 2 was between Ranka and Alto. Episode 3 between Sheryl and Alto.
    So imma guessing Episode 25 might involve Ranka and Alto, if a plot twist should happen, then the very last will be Sheryl and Alto.
    Just a mere observation, but i am still rooting for Alto x Ranka ^___^

    As Macross Frontier is a love triangle, i suppose if Alto is to be someone(Either sheryl or Ranka) either fans from each side won’t be satisfied (Vice versa) So, i thought of some endings that MIGHT happened to all the main characters…

    1) Ranka – Lost her memories and voice (Lives with Ozma).In order not to remember all the killings she had doen again and lost her voice to prevent her from singing.
    Alto – Since Ranka had lost her voice and memories, he decided to continue searching for the longlasting sky.
    Sheryl – Knowing that she will be dying soon, she continues singing as long as she could.(Unless there is a cure for her)

    2) Ranka – Dies in order to defeat Grace and get over with the guilt that she had killed so many people that she wanted to protect.
    Alto – Felt extremely sad that he wasn’t able to protect Ranka continue to search for the sky..
    Sheryl – Willing to wait for Alto to come back while she’s still alive and singing, hoping that Alto will hear her voice.

    After watching episode 24, i have a feeling that Kulan would die, hopefully not ><
    I loved making up endings lol, pardon me. Anyways, we wouldn’t know what will happened until we watch episode 25, right? =P

  118. @diva the lolololol childish troll:

    Oh sure ranka has love songs, so that makes her a real winner of this love pairing, and sheryl who mostly has heart breaking love song will lose, some logic you got there.

    What happened to minmay? My boyfriend is a pilot (clear reference to hikaru), do you remember love, etc, and what did befall her? a single life.

    seriously stop with the lololol, lmao, whatever that is and start to point out your argument like yukime with a clear unchildlike manner

  119. @westlo
    Source? 😀 No, nevermind. Who cares. Since Westlo said that Misa wasn’t supposed to be the love interest if she became the admiral. It’s probably accurate! And since Misa was not supposed to be the lo–Er–was supposed to be the admiral, that means that Kawamori will make Shery win because Misa was supposed to be an admiral. LOL!! We don’t need any links since Westlo’s enough.

    Yes! Sheryl is second in credits for ep 24, 25 and etc! Yes! Nevermind that Ranka/Alto/Michael RIP (why not sheryl?!?!) have their own WEEKLY radio show, nevermind that Kawamori snipped Sheryl’s important scenes with Alto in the deculture and not Ranka, nevermind that Kawamori originally wanted a Alto/RANKA/Brera CODE GEASS, SDF, DBZ has a lot to do with Macross Frontier, nevermind that Ranka HAS MORE screentime than Sheryl all throughout, nevermind that Kawamori always makes Sheryl look like the other girl so that Ranka can get sympathy points, I’m deaf and I can’t hear Shery singing about her UNREQUITED LOVE because the song is not about her, it’s about BOBBY, I’m ignoring the rest of the magazines images who always has RANKA on it whoever she’s with XD NT, Animedia, Animage images and interviews don’t mean a thing except for September issue! The reason the interviews questioned Alto’s love for Sheryl was because…because….because…*brainwash mode* Ah where was I??

    Right! Kawamori loves Sheryl more because he said that Sheryl is more mature than Ranka. Lyke omggg! SherylxAlto ending!! FTW! Kawamori will make them go to dokun dokun next episode as Ranka sings!! YAY! Sheryl hasn’t let go of Alto yet even the interviews said she did and she said she had no regrets and said it was fine this way because….because… *brainwash mode* What was I saying again? SherylxAlto ftw!

    XD Yaaaay!

  120. I’ve got my Ranka hat on…
    Let’s see … how will this end?
    Ah. Sheryl gets Alto.
    Ozma, shocked at the loss of life, disowns Ranka and decides to adopt Sheryl – becoming her new big brother. He flies down and gets a cure for her disease from the Vajra queen, saving Sheryl’s life.
    Brera – dishearted that Ranka’s song could kill so many, leaves Ranka side and decides to join SMS.
    Klan – not being able to forgive Ranka for killing Michael, she blasts her off the planet, ending the conflict between humans and Vajra.

  121. @Diva

    “Kawamori’s in love with Ranka”

    Are you taking my comments about Kawamori liking Ranka better or being Ranka fan for Granted? I meant it to be a joke… Oh well… Some people don’t understand joke.

    But anyway, Westlo clarified it. It really was in the previous month magazine.

  122. @diva
    “The reason the interviews questioned Alto’s love for Sheryl was because…because….because…”

    ^^ You may sound like a troll but some of your comedic sheryl parodies have points in them. I don’t know how to answer this in any way other than because it wasn’t really *true* Love. Episode 23 made this clear following Sheryl’s goodbye to Alto as a set up for Ranka and Alto’s thrilling reunion.

    I want Ranka to make a difference next episode. The lack of her input in this episode is no doubt going to be compensated next time. Anata no Oto, come already. 😛

    Nyan Tora track list is out.

  123. @diva

    “Kawamori originally wanted a Alto/RANKA/Brera”

    WRONG. Two men and one woman/girl. No name given, no character database given. Note that this is actually a really early planning/draft, in which Kawamori must have changed the overall draft.

    “Kawamori always makes Sheryl look like the other girl so that Ranka can get sympathy points”

    It’s your Personal opinion. If he were, then he must have failed a lot, since not much people in Japan or the world for that matter seems to buy Ranka’s sympathy points. *shrugs*

    Se-ri-ous-ly. You really are making fun of yourself a lot. I don’t want to sound rude or snide, but you really need to cool down. Biased view even have its own limit, but you are in delusion right now. Are you actually quite afraid that your AxR ending might not be there? Since your total posts have exceeded your usual number…

  124. Interesting notes: (IMO) heh 🙂
    Alto takes the time to tell Sheryl he will be back. Does he need to do so in person? Why not a voicemail like Ozma did with Ranka? For Ozma it was too difficult to do in person. For Alto, he found the strength and courage.

    Ep 24 – The Kiss. After the kiss, Alto takes a step forward to Sheryl. He doesn’t turn away or step away from her. Why the step forward? 😉

    Barbwire Wings
  125. @kagami
    You’re pretty decent so I’ll be decent. 😀

    “WRONG. Two men and one woman/girl. No name given, no character database given. Note that this is actually a really early planning/draft, in which Kawamori must have changed the overall draft.”

    Wrong. It’s two men and RANKA. Alto and Brera are the most likely candidates so I put them there and they had this rivalry going on even in the final storyline.

    “It’s your Personal opinion. If he were, then he must have failed a lot, since not much people in Japan or the world for that matter seems to buy Ranka’s sympathy points. *shrugs*”

    Ranka fans are majority in Japan. 😀 There’s no need to count the number of their fans to see that episodes 5,6, 8, 10, 11, and episode 19 to see that the episodes made Sheryl as the other girl by having Ranka witness AltoxSheryl from her perspective.

    It’s the way the episodes got arranged in favor of Ranka, not the audience Personal opinion. 😀 Nevermind still? I’m just having fun. Didn’t notice the number of my posts XP


    Kawamori must be EVIL if it’s true 🙁

    I won’t point it out. You probably already seen it. 🙁

    It could just be something that was going to happen and perhaps has already changed in the story line … but … but.. NO! It better not be true!!!
    If it is, I’m going to punch Kawamori in the head!

  127. Kawamori is a genius at frelling with people’s minds for putting that in there to mislead people into thinking what the outcome will be…

    IF it’s a mistake and it is true, then his editing team needs to be taken out and executed Taliban style!


  128. @diva

    “Wrong. It’s two men and RANKA. Alto and Brera are the most likely candidates so I put them there and they had this rivalry going on even in the final storyline.”

    Oops, yes. Checked again and Ranka’s name is there. But basically, no two men name given and since the draft was very long ago before the series start, I would say don’t base the ending just by that pre-project draft. It’s just like Misa/Hikaru/Minmei Triangle, where again, as Westlo and Kouryuu said, Misa is not counted as the main member of the triangle.

    “Ranka fans are majority in Japan. 😀 There’s no need to count the number of their fans to see that episodes 5,6, 8, 10, 11, and episode 19 to see that the episodes made Sheryl as the other girl by having Ranka witness AltoxSheryl from her perspective.”

    *Cough* Allow me to clear something up. Ranka fans in Japan have been dropping lately. Once the episode has hit Mark Episode 5 & 13, the wave is slowly changing to Sheryl, and on Episode 20 and upper, Sheryl’s fan can be counted more than Ranka’s fan from all the poll, seeing the neutral fans may have shifted side to Sheryl.

    And if you said Ranka’s sympathy point, it should have affect most of the audience, you know. but according to BBS and every Board in Japan (sans 2ch, because I don’t have Japan IP), not much people complain about Ranka other than Ranka fans. Some (probably Mikhail fans) were even in a tantrum for Ranka’s “selfishness” in episode 20, where I think Kawamori is setting up sympathy point^^;

    “It’s the way the episodes got arranged in favor of Ranka, not the audience Personal opinion.”

    In Ranka’s perspective, dear, does not mean in Ranka’s favour. ^^;

  129. Ok, so now I’ve seen the subs and it’s clear: Ranka’s deeds, conscious or not, are beyond forgiveness, too many people died at this point. I can imagine redemption but not salvation for her: no human society would ever tolerate hre existence by their side after seeing what she’s done.

    Alto’s feelings for Sheryl are not pity: he lost his actor’s mask in the previous episode so everything he said or did is sincere. They made a parallel between Lucas and Alto: each one instinctively went to see the one most important to them before going off. And Alto actions in the kissing ‘scene’ and the fact in itself he came by his own free will to specifically tell her he would be back tells bucks, together with his reaction when she said “let’s stop this lover’s game” and how he suddenly reached out for her. If that wasn’t enough, they cleared out Klan meaning about his ‘Love’ by having his father repeat the same thing. The ‘Love’ part is not about being ‘in love’ with Ranka.
    ‘Alto’s Love’ is something else, I wouldn’t know how to define it exactly with words but it is directly related to Frontier and him flying.

    In the battle: the way he called out to Ranka asking her why she was exterminating them was not a ‘lover’s desperate cry to his beloved’: he saw his friends dying and all the people and machines being destroyed and slaughtered and he was sincerely upset by this.
    But it’s also true is sort of ‘connected’ with Ranka during one instant, before being interrupted by Brera.

    Now, I have NO INTENTION at all to enter in ‘shippers war’: most of you guys, from both ‘sides’, get agresive far too easily…What I described above is how I truly viewed and understood this episode.
    Now, how the triangle will finish, this is still unknown.

  130. The ship wank annoys me, and yet I can’t stop looking through the comments! Anyway, let’s just take a page from “What a Deculture!” and end with a threesome. 8Db

    I love the ironic use of “Do You Remember Love?” in this episode. The song that saved mankind is doing the opposite in Macross F. Sheryl’s songs seem to always have suited a battle-like atmosphere compared to Ranka’s, and it really shows here. I think now that it’s really appropriate that the girls have different styles. Ranka’s slower songs are soothing in a haunting kind of way, reflecting the disturbing potential of Ranka’s power in its destructiveness. Brera claims that his and Ranka’s duty is to defend themselves against aggressors and the music just plays into that. Sheryl’s songs are definitely aggressive in comparison! Still, the slight creepiness present in Ranka’s songs may suggest otherwise…

  131. Za Third: I agree with you totally, Leon is the bad guy, and he must die.

    I see a lot of people blaming Ranka for the deaths during the battle. I just don’t see it that way. Remember episode 20 when Michel is crying over some guard who died? He says something like, soldiers know when they sign up that they could die. To me, that means that every single soldier knows that when they go off to battle they might not come back, AND the Frontier fleet decided to take on the Vajira, and bring the battle to them in an act of invasion. So, if you’re an invading force, you have to expect that the people whose planet you know see as your “right” will defend it. What are they supposed to do? Roll out the red carpet when your bombing them?

    Also, I think Alto needs to come to the realization that the universe needs all kinds of species to survive. He’s been on this us or them kick (see ep 12 fight with Zentradi and the dialogue), which he also repeated to Ranka in 21. That’s why he couldn’t go with her. He’s closed off to the possibility of peaceful co-existence. I will say that the Vajira haven’t given any indication that that is possible, since no one tried to communicate with them, but I think this will have to be addressed in the end.

    At this point, there’s so much to cover in the last episode, I just don’t know how they will get to it all. I hope the show is super sized.

    As far as shipping goes, I think SK has done a good job of overturning our expectations in this series. We expected Ozuma to die because of the pineapple salad curse of Macross, yet he lives. So, I don’t take anything for granted, especially any kind of ending of the triangle.

    But I will jump into the fray re: Ranka giving up on Alto. I think the end of 21, with her saying “sayonara” was definitely goodbye from her. She confessed, and she thought that she didn’t have a chance with him. So, that left him free and clear for Sheryl, so why hasn’t he confessed to her? We’ve had three episodes of them either shacking up, sharing romantic dinners, having implied kisses, Sheryl doing everything but saying “I love you” so what is holding him back? Even the dressing room scene in 24 was the perfect time to say “I’m going into battle, and I will come back to you because I love you,” but he doesn’t do it.

    Hell, even Hikaru told Minmay that he loved her before he went to battle, thinking that this was a confession that would get shot down. Kawamori can have his characters reveal their romantic interests before the end, so why hasn’t he done so with Alto? I am a HUGE Minmay fan, but I could see the writing on the wall at the end. I didn’t need Hikaru to leave her to know that he didn’t want to be with her, and that his heart was now somewhere else.

  132. @Eri

    Show Spoiler ▼

  133. Well it certainly was a great episode. Gotta love how the Ai Obete Imasuka gets used against humanity this time around. While I certainly like Ranka.. I don’t want to see Sheryl loose this song battle. I certainly loved how well that was executed. Here’s to hoping that whichever company licenses this will make the supreme effort of not botching it up.

    Macross Frontier deserves a far batter treatment than the shit that the original franchise ran into with the US butchering it to death and such.

    Is it just me who gets the feeling Sheryl is gonna get a new song as her battle song 😀 Something as unforgettable as the Ai Oebete Imasuka one?

  134. At this point I honestly don’t care about what happens to the main characters, as long as the ending is conclusive and makes sense. Alto being dead would be nice (not because I hate his indecisiveness, but rather because he is not very integral to the story and killing off characters in dramatic fashion never gets old 🙂 ), but unfortunately there is a chance in a million he really is.

    What I am most concerned about is the direction the story is taking: it seems that the only chance left to Frontier is to land on the planet, and while Leon is clearly evil, I doubt they writers will end up killing millions of innocent people. At the same time, I also doubt the Vajra will be exterminated, so I smell a very cheesy ending where Ranka will solve the situation (perhaps sacrificing herself) making the two species live together in armony. Urgh. I surely hope the writers prove me wrong.

  135. Well, first thing: Alto isn’t dead, i can beat on it. I don’t have any fact, but i am pretty sure he wasn’t there on that time. How? no idea, i can only believe that he jumped off the aircraft while Klan was fighting with Brera and then Alto send his aircraft in a kamikaze way. Now, what can Alto do in middle of the war without a ship, no idea. I bet Klan will pick him up and grab him to the hangar, most probably the SMS will just warp off and pick them, so Alto could pick his VF27 and kick brera ass. Or mabe Ozma, who knows.

    About the triagle, what Sheryl did was the best she could do. She doesn’t want a fake love, as Sheryl think that Alto likes Ranka and he is with her because of her sickness (that why she said “let’s end with this lover game”). Looks like Alto realized something and for the first time he decided something on his own. The thing is, We don’t know what did Alto Choosed. I am pretty sure he was going to accept Sheryl’s love, and i think if sheryl wouldn’t have speaked so fast, Alto could have said it. In the other hand, even if Alto would have said that he love Sheryl, Sheryl won’t believe it, and since Sheryl aims for a true love, she confese to alto with a kiss, also ask him to bring Ranka back here, and THEN give his anwer: To be with Ranka or stay with her. This way, if Alto choose her, it really means love (in the assumption that they are colonize that planet, Ranka is there, Sheryl is there and Alto is there, no more Vjara and everything is fine). That’s why i think Sheryl said, before performing, that she has no regreats. She loves him so much that let him pick the girl he wants to be with without presion (like, i am going to die). If Alto pick her or not, is up to Alto, but at least Sheryl did all she could… and as the anime goes on, whoever who confesse her/his love in battle and doesn’t replay then bite the dust sonner or later.

    Now, Sheryl saw Alto aircraft blow up. I am pretty sure Sheryl will put everything on the next song, all her love, all her passion and will make the counter to ranka’s song. Sheryl will go “berserking” on her next song… and witch one she will sing? Infinity most probably i could say. Remember, if she doesn’t keep singing is over for all Frontier ppl. And also she is a PRO, and she knows well the situation. Sheryl will sing and with the feeling that Sheryl will put on it that Ranka will realize and will wake up:

    Ranka: “… what is this song?… Where it does come from?”
    Ranka: “…Sheryl? It is you Sheryl?”
    Ranka: ” …What? what are you saying? that i did what?”
    Ranka: “… What? Alto is dead?”
    Ranka wake’s up from Grace’s brainwash.

    Then both Girl sing together to counter Grace mind hive controling, and beat her.

    Sound good right? the only problem is that if this all happens, then i can only think that Alto is really death, because with his death is the only way to trigger Sheryl so she can wake up Ranka via song. Sad thing, that in the end, if Alto is death, both girl leave with nothing. This will be the first time in all the macross triangle stuff, when 1 of the principal actor just dissapear. I hope this WON’T happen.

    Go go SherylXAlto!!! keep your finger crossed…

  136. What is so wrong about a cheesy happy ending? -_- I actually I need a break from all the hard drama that’s been revolving around Alto and everybody. A very touching fluffy scene with Anata no Oto playing will do lol I want to see everyone settle down the Vajra planet and live under a real sky with smile plastered on their faces.

    Even more, I want to see the conclusion to Ranka and Alto’s conversation in 21, which was “Everyone just wants to live freely, don’t they?” That seems to be the running theme lately as to why they can’t coexist, and I want it solved next episode. ^_^ I have a pretty good vibe that Ranka and Alto will fix this conflict especially since they made Alto wear the fold earring instead. It’s going to be a long week.

    I’m copy/pasting this from Macrossworld by Kresphy.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    This sounds like my ideal happy ending to me 😛

    Hmm…I don’t think so. Japan went crazy over her KIRA! phenomenon after 13, and you can see it from NT, Animedia, Animage polls and the fanarts. First her Nyan Nyan dance, then the \m/ meme. The show did try to paint Ranka in a likable light, and it worked a lot. Not much here outside Japan, but there it did. Ranka’s more popular than Sheryl in Japan, (even if they’re both popular) and this continues even now. Want official proof? I can show you. 😉

  137. @ Sia, she stopped him from whatever he was going to say in 24 in the middle of their scene. Before that, they had two episodes in which again, Alto could have made his feelings clear. I admire Ranka more for telling him exactly how she feels, even though she believed that he didn’t feel the same way about her.

  138. @noracalo and al people who thinks Alto is dead

    If you are so sure about that… Then mind you, one song for the next battle kill that possibility. Completely. *rolleyes*


    Kira! Craziness was just like some sort of meme, and possibly only popular in the teenager/fanartists part. I can show you a lot of other series fanarts in which the fanartists don’t know what is Kira! other than it is from Macross and Ranka Lee. But you’re right, it is kinda elevate Ranka’s popularity too. However, overall poll shown in Blog Websites at that time… Well, both girls are in the same level of popularity, with 1 or 2 vote difference. 😛

    NT, Animage, Animedia… These all actually are quite popular only in teenagers. But I think, if I remember correctly, most of the adult or main Macross fans audience don’t seem to be the target. You should take into account that Japanese Poll Websites, who have 1000 voters total, have Sheryl winning in a large margin. 😉

    And refresh me… Didn’t all 3 magazines don’t allow multiple votes? It is possible that Sheryl fans have someone other that they liked, so they voted for the more favourited character in other series (C.C., Lulu, Kallen)… Don’t count my thoughts on this, since it has been a long time since I last voted in those magazines.

    Also… One problem is in which month do the voters vote for the month’s magazine result. I’ve been told that it was actually votes from 2 months before… So counting them, it was the Kira! Time period.

  139. I have no doubt that SK cares about humanity, but I think what he’s showing is the arrogance of humanity, which is also its downfall. The belief that humans are entitled to things, i.e. the Vajira planet. I thought that came across really well during the fight scenes, when they showed random fighters yelling, this is our planet. Um, no it’s not. Humans have to take responsibility for their own destructive and aggressive nature too.

    I loved how the scene with Ranka/Vajira attack on the big NUNS ship (I don’t know what it was called) paralleled the scene in DYRL where Bodolza is watching Minmay sing the same song, and he gets it from Hikaru.

    SK is clearly showing that the shoe is on the other foot now, and that the power of song, or culture of PC isn’t something that humans can use as a weapon without consequences.

    As far as shipping goes, we’ll find out next week who wins and who loses and who has to eat crow. So I’m more than happy to wait until then. Good luck to all teams!

    I can’t wait for Macross Quarter to join the fray. I wonder whose side they will be on. I hope protecting the innocents on Frontier who have been endangered not by Ranka but by Leon’s meglomania.

  140. @kagami
    Ranka has just advanced in 2ch’s Saimoe recently while Sheryl didn’t make it. I really doubt Ranka’s popularity is taking a beating on her. Anyway, NT, Animage, Animedia are mainstream magazines so I think they’re good sample of how popular a character is overall in Japan, not just between Macross Fans. For one, it’s more accurate than polls who have an anonymous voting style. All 3 magazines seem to agree with each other. One thing I noticed though is that, Sheryl’s popularity increased. This much is true. That might be from what happened in episode 18 and onwards. 🙂

    Excuse me for asking, but where did you get the idea that the votes were from 2 months ago? ^^ I thought it was only from a month before—August—around episode 18-21. It’s only September now, and they have October issue out already.

  141. **edit

    “Does the othello theory refer to the LT? I doubt it, since Frontier is kinda in danger with Vajras attack… And you know our Director-san still cares about humanity. ^^;”

    lol but I wasn’t referring to the LT. I was referring to the coexistence theory where both Vajra and humanity will be living under a real sky. It’s cliche, but for how things piled up in this anime, I want a cliche ending. 😛

  142. @ani_d
    I read a lot of 2ch threads. Here’s what you have to keep in mind. The polling size is much, much larger on 2ch, so you’re going to get more data. In the magazines, you’ll see the Macross F characters get around a hundred votes or so because they are spread out between other characters. In polls done with just the Macross characters, I haven’t seen a single one that Sheryl hasn’t won recently.

    Most of the online polls are adjusted with voter fraud takes place–that Saimoe you just mentioned is an online poll. Also, keep in mind what Saimoe is about. It’s not a popularity poll, it’s picking the most “moe” anime character. Sheryl, not being as moe as Ranka, will obviously be outstripped by her. Doesn’t mean she isn’t more popular for other reasons.

    Finally, sentiment is running negative when it comes to Ranka. Her anti threads on 2ch are extremely well populated and grow at a rate that is faster than any other character’s anti threads. They outnumber her support threads. You have many people in those threads talking about how they started the series as one of her fans and ended up disliking her over the course of the show. Sheryl is the opposite. Her support threads are the fastest moving of the character threads and you have more and more people talking about how much they’ve come to love her.

    So, basically, as far as popularity goes, Ranka is still quite popular, but her detractors are about fifty-fifty with her supporters. The “mood” in general in regards to shipping is that Japanese fans hope for a Sheryl/Alto ending, but are expecting an Alto/Ranka ending. But even that “expectation” has shifted to about 50-50 with this episode.

  143. Are you serious!? Alto dies!? D:

    Nooooo ranka doesn’t know what’s she’s doing!! And Brera WAS an awesome character to me. Now he’s just a meanie D:

    I feel bad for Sheryl though, Come on Sheryl!

  144. @ Ani_D

    “Ranka has just advanced in 2ch’s Saimoe recently while Sheryl didn’t make it. ”

    You know why this comment is retarded Ani_d? Because Sheryl got knocked out by Tomoyo Sakamagi from Clannad who is an absolute powerhouse while Ranka beat two no name randoms. Oh btw Sheryl’s in the final 32 in BestMoe while Ranka couldn’t make it out of the group stage XD

    Also you do realize in Animage which I’ve heard is aimed at females that Ranka only has a 3 vote lead in the latest issue? Do people want to know what Ranka’s lead over Sheryl was 2 issues back? It was 67 votes, so Sheryl made up a massive difference. You can brag about Newtype but the fact is that Sheryl was higher than Ranka for every poll Frontier was in except the last 2. And with the increasing hatred of Ranka on 2ch after ep 21 (that’s when I heard her anti-threads on 2ch exploded) I doubt she’ll be above Sheryl next month in either mag.

    @ musouka

    “Finally, sentiment is running negative when it comes to Ranka. Her anti threads on 2ch are extremely well populated and grow at a rate that is faster than any other character’s anti threads. They outnumber her support threads. You have many people in those threads talking about how they started the series as one of her fans and ended up disliking her over the course of the show.”

    I remember you told me that one of the comments after episode 21 was that someone said “I haven’t seen an anti-thread move this fast since Suzaku” XD

  145. @ani_d

    Ah, yes. I forgot the “Next month print” for every Japanese Magazine Issue. ^^; I was thinking along the line “August poll”->”October month” than “August Poll”->”September Issue” lol. ^^;

    And as for the second one, sorry that I jumped into conclusion immediately. My mind was a little clouded. ^^;

  146. I wonder why there are alot of Alto haters out there. Alto seems on the good dignified side. He is a respectable character. He is nothing like Michael. His indecisiveness I can’t really blame him since both the girls are good characters except for a few differences like one is more strong willed the other is more sensitive to the feelings of the people around her. If I were in his position I would feel the same way.

  147. probably because they made alto a moderate – he’s not a hax pilot, he isn’t emo but he isn’t happy-go-lucky either. he’s very much a good-natured guy, if somewhat hot-headed. indecisiveness is just a plot factor to fuel the love triangle, IMO, and it wasn’t even that bad, seeing as he only recently began to show romantic affection, for sheryl. i consider him a more stoic/dense, girly version of hikaru from the original.

  148. Seriously,if Alto doesn’t pick Sheryl…Ugh.
    I like Alto but he’s indecisiveness/unclarity is frustrating! You either love someone or you don’t!It’s not that not be able to pick between two people shows that you really love neither. I mean,I’m female,and I cannot see how you can’t like Sheryl!
    She has a wonderful personality and changes from when we first see her. She’s thoughtful,charismatic,beautiful,and talented.
    Ranka is I never even liked her name for pete’s sake.

  149. @Barbwire
    ‘Alto takes the time to tell Sheryl he will be back.’

    The significance of this scene is because of what Klan and Michael each told Alto before. Don’t leave things left unsaid. ‘You never know when a person’s gonna die.’

    I believe Alto doesn’t come out saying ‘Hey baby, I love you, I wanna rock your world when I get back from puttin’ caps in the Vajra!’ is because Alto is very formal, very polite, he’s been raised with a great deal of etiquette. In Japanese culture one typically does not just blurt out, “I love you” but love is usually expressed with manners. Yes, we all know that Michael told Klan he loves her, but he knew he was a dead man and that was his last chance (and it was a great way to make it a very dramatic scene).

    Alto telling Sheryl specifically that he will return is an expression of his feelings toward her. He had already made the decision to stop pretending.

  150. To tell you the truth I will be pissed too if Alto doesn’t end up picking Sheryl in the end. From what I can see Alto and Ranka are more like brother and sister most of the time and Sheryl and Alto are more like a couple. That could explain why Brera (Ranka’s biological brother) doesnt really get along with Alto.

  151. makes me think how pointless the entire battle is.

    it all started with grace trying to prove something stupid.
    wow. she should go through hell then shot. twice.

    and. screw ranka. she should be shot too.
    in everyday sheryl deserves something better than another cold shoulder from the script writer. if she does get another cold shoulder… i’ll shoot the script writer myself.

    gg. hahaha

  152. I don’t think Ranka will reunite with Frontier. Here is why.

    She has aided and abetted the Vajra forces. While she did not intentionally join them, she went to them willingly – instigating the situation which resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands military personnel and even possibly hundreds if not a few thousands civilian deaths when the islands were attacked. That’s women and children, killed.

    Her 1000ft (or more) image was projected into space, encouraging, leading, and unifying the Vajra effectiveness to kill people.

    Brera fought against Frontier too. While we didn’t see him shoot down other fighters other than Klan and Alto, its safe to assume he probably killed other people as well. AND how many times has he tried to kill Alto with a smile on his face – while not even being a ‘slave’ to Grace? This time he took the shot in order to kill Alto, other times he was called away at the last moment. IMO Brera is more machine than person.

    While undoubtedly Ranka will snap out of her prison and help Frontier survive, is that enough to allow her to return? I doubt if the surviving military forces will be willing to allow that, they saw their comrades in arms get slaughtered. Will it be acceptable to allow someone so dangerous to humanity live? Once the civilian population hears of what she did and even the reasons behind it, do you think they’ll welcome her back with open arms, even if she finally helped them? Doubtful. Do you think any survivors will be like, ‘Yeah, it’s ok, you killed my two kids, but I like your singing.’ She poses to great of a threat to humans.

    Two possible outcomes for Ranka.

    1) She sacrifices herself and the Vajra to save humanity
    2) After saving Frontier – then leaves with the remaining Vajra and Brera for another part of the Galaxy to live in peace.

    Either way, I don’t see how she can return to Frontier.

    Barbwire Wings
  153. @ Barbwire wings

    “Two possible outcomes for Ranka.

    1) She sacrifices herself and the Vajra to save humanity
    2) After saving Frontier – then leaves with the remaining Vajra and Brera for another part of the Galaxy to live in peace. ”

    I think it will be Number ONE.
    Sheryl obviously it’s staying with Alto, sickness or not.

  154. @musuoka
    I’m sure you’re aware that we only need a random sample from the mainstream audience to be able to tell popularity over a certain area. =) All 3 magazines in October issue said that Ranka didn’t really become less popular despite the ridiculous accusations against her in 20. If all 3 are saying the opposite, I would’ve believed this notion that “Japan now hates Ranka”. Apparently not. =/ That’s what I’ve been getting at.

    And like I said, an anonymous messageboards where people can basically post once, twice, one trillion times as a different person in hate threads is not really a solid indication that Japan views Ranka negatively. You brought up Saimoe with the fraud thing so I agree with you there, but there is no way those votes are all fake especially with how Ranka has always been really popular. This even wouldn’t happen if Macross Frontier wasn’t featuring her episode by episode with her antics. It’s as expected.

    By the way, going back to our topic. I’ve just seen the subs, and I feel everything is more clearer now regarding the whole VajraxGrace plot.

    Sheryl: This is for the best. I have no regrets. I’ll just burn ablaze. All I have now are my songs and myself.

    I hope this makes it clear that Sheryl meant to say goodbye to Alto. ^^ The scene is about her, coming to conclusion with her feelings for Alto, accepting her music and herself as her true stand. It’s how Sheryl was portrayed in Yousei, and how she was portrayed in Northern Cross. And frankly, she’s cooler this way. She’s not about to die in solace just because Alto is gone. She has her songs and herself. She’s the Galactic fairy when it all began, and she’ll still be the fairy once everything ends.

    @barbwire wings
    Ranka will live in planet Vajra together with Alto and everyone in Frontier. She’s not going to die because Alto won’t let her. He better not let her die lol =P We’ll have a happy ending.

  155. Alto’s call sign is Sagittarius-1 ! ! !
    Now doesn’t that say something about Alto’s feelings for Sheryl? It is no longer Skull 4, and it’s not “Greenie-1”. Don’t be late for your Star Date Alto! Hurry up so Sheryl will know you’re coming back to her!

    Yes, I think you’re right about how Sheryl will be the one to reach Ranka thru the fold waves. They’ll both combine their powers and defeat grace.

    I think SMS possibly found a cure/treatment for Sheryl on Grace’s wrecked science ship. I hope so. She’s putting so much effort into helping everyone (she’s not killing people!) she deserves a happy ending (meaning she should get to be with her love, Alto!).

  156. WOO-HOO!!! Alto’s call sign is *Sagittarius-1* !!! YEAH!!!

    Can’t deny that Ranka is responsible for killing tens of thousands military personnel. Now how will she make up for the FIRST time when she was a kid and now this? She’s making atonement by killing tens of thousands more people to make up for killing the first thousand people!?

    What can she possibly do to make up for what she is doing now!?

  157. @ani_d
    While I respect your viewpoint, I beg to differ. 🙂

    Sheryl isn’t saying goodbye to Alto. She told him that she will wait for what he has to say to her when it is all over. She told him not to tell her now because no matter what he has to say, good or bad, she won’t be able to perform. She needs to be a professional now because so much is riding on it and she can’t do that while having Alto running thru her head. 🙂 So, knowing that she is dying and believing that there is no cure, and knowing what is at stake (everyone’s lives), Sheryl wills herself to be strong like she always has “By force of will, I’m going to get better.” – so here by force of will she will be as professional as possible.
    Alto knows that, he decided to obey her request to not tell her how he feels so she CAN perform.

    Sheryl: “Let’s end our lover’s game here.”
    Alto: *rushes forward* “Wait! Sheryl, I..” – remember Alto is no longer pretending not to notice things, he is no longer pretending at all. If he was not pretending about NOT having feelings for her, he would not have rushed forward to contradict Sheryl statement about ending their lover’s game. Right?
    So, while Alto being truthful, he rushes forward to tell her how he feels about their lover’s game.

    Your scenario:
    Sheryl: “Let’s end our lover’s game here.”
    Alto: *standing still* “Alright Sheryl, if that is what you want. Please sing for all our sake.” – Alto not pretending right?

    @ woof
    “WOO-HOO!!! Alto’s call sign is *Sagittarius-1* !!! YEAH!!!”
    Hahaha! I can see you jumping up and down in joy with a fist in the air. You crack me up. 🙂
    Yes, it’s definitely a sign of Alto’s feelings for Sheryl. Him choosing his call sign from one of Sheryl’s songs because she flies with him.

    Barbwire Wings
  158. @Barbwire wings

    ^^ I think you’re taking their words too literally. Sheryl might have said that they’ll continue their conversation later on, but following her afterwards, she doesn’t mean that. That was a confirmation scene. “All I have now are my songs and myself.” She has let go of Alto and let him go to Ranka.

    About Alto, he didn’t say anything to Sheryl, right? He just looked at her with his oh so stoic expression like he understood what she was saying. They both are aware. This was inevitable if Alto and Ranka were to conclude what happened in ep 21.

    I don’t see how this episode became a point for AltoxSheryl because they parted in good terms with Sheryl even letting Alto go and finding her stand, I see it as the opposite. Plus with what’s gonna happen next…

    1. Alto and Ranka will definitely reunite in ep 25
    2. Fix the untangled mess they both caught themselves in
    3. And this is everyone’s favorite, Ranka’s love song “Anata no Oto” will definitely play next episode.

    Seriously, the idea that AltoxRanka won’t work with Ranka’s song talking about a reunion with the person she loves (and loves her back) is really less likely.


    Ranka = Embrace me to the ends of the galaxy
    Brera = Scatter to the ends of the galaxy


  159. Alto changing his call sign is a metaphor that he’s flying with Sheryl? So what does it mean when Sagittarius 1 gets shot down? It flew about as well as Sheryl’s paper airplane. What about when he returns to being Skull 4 as we all know will happen in the finale? What’s that a metaphor of? His determination to protect Ranka?

    And, why should Ranka and the Vagira leave their own planet in the end (assuming Ranka survives). It’s their planet. If the humans want it, they should be open to the idea of peaceful co-existence.

    I love Brera, he so owned Alto!

    Was Sheryl at all effective against the Vagira? They didn’t really concentrate on the power of her song. No fold wave analysis, no showing that the Vagira were changing their behavior, as with Ranka. It seemed more like the MDE’s were just doing their job. Seems like she stopped taking her pills for no reason.

    As for Ranka being responsible for the disaster of the 117, I don’t think we can take Grace’s manipulation of facts as being the truth, same goes for the words of chibi-Brera. And Ranka’s own recollections, are that of a child who is being plagued by guilt and loss. We’ll find out the true reason by the end, I hope.

    And Ranka causing the deaths of everyone in the current battle? I don’t think that’s true. 1. She’s being mind controlled, and 2. Leon made the choice to fold to the Vagira planet with civilians in tow. For the soldiers, they all know there is a chance they will die. That’s a choice they make. For everyone else, the responsibility of their lives is in the hands of those chosen to lead and protect them. I think SK has presented us with a very difficult moral quandry in terms of assigning blame.

  160. @Ani_d
    While most of your posts are thoughtful and well structured, I’m sorry to hear that is how your logic is in this case.
    I can use the same logic like so:

    I think you’re taking Sheryl’s words too literally, “All I have now are my songs and myself.” Sheryl doesn’t mean that. She’s asking Alto to go rescue Ranka. Rescuing Ranka does not mean go love Ranka. Alto also risked his life to save Luca in ep 7, “LUCA!!!!!” – he even defied orders to do so. He must really want Luca. Does Alto wanna knock boots with Luca? Of course not. Saving or protecting does not equal romantic love. Sheryl cares about Ranka, she wants her to be saved.

    The reason for his stoic look is, yes he understands what she is doing. She is setting her feelings aside for the moment. Only the moment. That duty comes first. Reoccurring theme in Japanese media: duty, responsibility, and sacrifice. This does not equate to giving up on Alto. If she gave up on Alto, why the kiss? Why tell him to come back so they can finish their conversation? Sheryl is a woman of HOPE, not giving up. If she gave up, she wouldn’t have song or herself.

    Sheryl: “Make sure to come back, you hear me, Alto?” – oh that’s right. She doesn’t mean it. Your reason is that Sheryl is lying? She doesn’t mean that? So she doesn’t want Alto to come back? How has Sheryl behaved in the past? She deflects with banter and teasing but she doesn’t lie.

    Let’s look at the facts here.
    After the mission briefing – where does Alto go? Straight to Sheryl. He doesn’t stick around to talk to the men under his command or inspect his fighter before a major battle. Why does he go to Sheryl? I’m sure it’s because of what Michel and Klan both told him, don’t leave things unsaid, “You never know when a person’s gonna die.”

    Pilot: “Leader?”
    Alto: “Go ahead. I’ll follow right after you.” [This is the most important thing for Alto right now, to see Sheryl.]

    Right after this scene we have Klan’s scene, contemplating what is to come, that she’s thinking of Michel and her love for him. That’s right she’s thinking about the man she loves. The same as Alto, but in his case it’s Sheryl. He’s got Sheryl on the brain.
    What does this mean? Before a great battle characters will think of the people they love for they may die at any moment. This is a theme that runs in a lot of action themed movies/TV shows and we clearly see this here.

    He goes to Sheryl – to tell her he will survive and come back. That he does not fly alone. We now know who flies with him. Who he has CHOSEN to fly with him and that’s Sheryl. Call sign Sagittarius-1. Although we don’t know at this point in the episode if Sheryl knows what his call sign is. At the end, she hears what his call sign is “Sagittarius-1 hit!”, and perhaps at that moment she knew without a doubt where his heart belongs and that he has chosen her to fly with him so he is not alone.
    Her reaction to his plane being destroyed is not one of ‘letting go’ right?

    Please look at this closely:
    Alto: “One cannot fly alone. He mustn’t fly. I understand that now so…”
    Sheryl: “You finally realized that? You’re really slow.”
    Alto: “I don’t know what to say.” [doesn’t come out and says ‘I love you’]
    Sheryl: “Then it’s okay. Let’s end the lover’s game here.” [pressing the issue of wanting a confession from Alto]
    *rushes forward*
    Alto: “Wait! Sheryl, I…”
    *kiss* [Her playful banter backfires and he is about to confess his love for her – Sheryl did not think he would do it, so she stops him with a kiss]
    **post kiss – while Alto is already very close to her – steps toward her to be closer to her – note he does not back away or turn away**
    Sheryl: Don’t say anything. If you say it now, no matter what you say, I … won’t be able to sing. That’s why… Don’t say anything. When everything is over, you can tell me the rest. That’s why. That’s why Alto, save Ranka-Chan.
    *removes her earring*
    Sheryl: “Once you’ve done that, I’ll hear out the rest.”
    *places earring on Alto*
    Sheryl: “Make sure to come back, you hear me, Alto?”
    Alto: [whispers] “Sheryl”
    *Sheryl steps back and winks*
    Sheryl: “Remember… You’ll rarely find as wonderful a woman as me.”
    *Alto hakes head and smiles, earring sparkling*
    Alto: “Yeah”
    Alto does not confess his love for her because that is what Sheryl has requested. Being thoughtful and polite, Alto agrees to tell her when he gets back.

    Let’s look at the fact that she gives him her most important object. Her earring. Her luck. All of her luck is with him now, so he can come home to her. It worked the first time. It will work here. How is this giving up on Alto? How is this letting Alto go?
    Sheryl: “Once you’ve done that, I’ll hear out the rest.” – did I take this too literally?

    And how convenient of you to not address that Alto is no longer pretending? He’s being honest with her. Rushing forward to not end their lover’s game. If he doesn’t love her, why rush forward to tell her otherwise? Is it because I’m taking it too literally? Should I just make something up instead? He actually said “Wait! Sheryl I need to borrow $10 bucks!” – sorry, I was the only person to hear him say that. Sorry Sheryl fans, Alto wasn’t confessing his love for her. And his call sign, that’s just coincidence. Heh

    Alto is not pretending to be a pilot. Even his father knows that flying is something he loves and Alto must fly if they are all to live. He must fight.
    Do you think Alto rushed forward to say, “Wait! Sheryl I don’t love you.” I don’t know what show you’re watching, but certainly it’s not Macross Frontier.

    Call Sign Sagittarius-1 : Go listen to Sheryl’s song “Don’t Be Late” – do you think it’s all coincidence?

    Peaceful Co-existence? Possible. But I think unlikely.

    Was Sheryl at all effective against the Vajra? – did you not watch the sub version? They talked about how Sheryl’s singing was affective against them, which is why they were winning at the beginning. BUT when Ranka started singing, her power was AMPLIPHIED by the Vajra network. It was too strong for Sheryl alone which is why the tide of battle turned against Frontier.

    117 Fleet – Ranka remembered that young Brera told her to not tell anyone that her song called them. What this means? Uncertain, but from what we know, it was Ranka who caused/initiated that fight.

    Current battle – is Ranka responsible. OK, yes. Imagine the battle taking place and Ranka is now where to be found? Let’s say she’s at Walmart buying some shoes to match her hair. Would the Vajra been able to inflict the massive casualties they did? No. Ranka is essential to their side to win.

    Even if she’s being controlled, how do you think Ranka will interpret it? She sang her song and she saw who she was fighting, she did it for atonement and ‘it’s what her mother would have wanted’ – so she did it! She sang against Frontier.

    Barbwire Wings
  161. if you said sheryl’s line “this is for the best, i have no regrets, let me burn ablaze” as a good bye to alto

    how about ranka “daisuki deshita” or ” i LOVED you” remember past tense..

    geezz people

  162. @Barbwire wings
    Well, as some people here as already pointed out, informations from the staff pointed to Sheryl letting go of Alto and questioned Alto’s feelings for Sheryl as real love. They tied in perfectly with what I’ve seen just happened.

    It would be good if, instead of meticulously analyzing the scene here, you can rewatch episode 21-23 with the mindset that Alto chose to join SMS just to protect Ranka. Starting from Ozma’s insulting him about “protecting” and asking him “who does he fly for”, Alto’s grave reaction to that, Alto’s behaviour while he was with Sheryl in 23, Alto’s confession at the roof, Sheryl’s tears.

    With how things happened there, it IS inevitable that things will come to this. It was short-lived, but their game of pretend lovers has to end. Alto had a bone to pick with Ranka and he couldn’t really commit with Sheryl as long as the matter with Ranka isn’t resolved. I’d like to note that Alto and Ranka are trapped in a bag of misunderstanding. That’s why things between them has become so twisted.

    Also I don’t expect Sheryl to just sit there and not scream Alto’s name when he was clearly shot down. 🙂 Just because Sheryl has let go of Alto doesn’t mean her feelings for him disappeared.

  163. @Joachim
    The difference between Sheryl and Ranka is that, Ranka said goodbye to Alto 4 episodes before the last. Sheryl said goodbye at the second to the LAST episode and pushed him to Ranka, and what good timing, Alto and Ranka gets to meet at the final episode bearing Ranka’s song as its title. ^_^

  164. LMAO XD Ranka and Vajra are going to leave their planet for atonement? That makes more sense than the pr0ofz0rs that Sagittarius is the bond between Sheryl and Alto!


  165. @Barbwire Wings
    There is one problem with your interpretation: Sheryl is still in misunderstanding state since Episode 23. She doesn’t expect Alto to return her feelings-rather she expect Alto to reject her. Somehow the context does not fit if we try to apply “Sheryl know Alto loves her”.

    However, at the same time, I too, think that she is not letting him go. By far, I would say she is afraid of him giving the “rejection” answer, while I say for now (even if I am Sheryl’s supporter and confirmed Alto’s feeling in Ep. 24) that for us the audience, Alto’s feeling is not clear yet. But she still want to do her job-to sing for protecting Frontier, and she think that if Alto is going to give her the answer she is afraid the most, she might not be able to continue to sing for Frontier. As far as the dialogue goes, I think we can safely interpret that both have decided to do their duty first (as a singer-Sheryl and as a pilot-Alto)-their feeling can be resolved later.

    The key point for this scene is to understand the mood and the situation first-both literally or emotionally. Understand that Sheryl is misunderstanding Alto-that she expect Alto to “reject” her (while we are not sure about this) in the end. That’s why she said the words that ani_d mentioned after the scene- because she doesn’t have anymore courage to believe in her love being fulfilled. But is she letting go? Seeing the end of episode 24, I really doubt that. She still loves him and cannot let him go, after all.

    Pretty much I will say that the girls would battle for his heart next week… If my prediction is correct. 😀

  166. @ Barbwire

    Don’t bother, take it from someone who’s been sparring with ani_d for the last 15 weeks.

    @ Ani_D

    Ani_d you’re twisting things yet again, the mag said Sheryl will “seal” her feelings and perform which is exactly what she did. Also you conveniently ignore Sheryl’s line when she’s thinking to herself before her awesome stage dive.

    “I have no regrets, I’ll just burn ablaze.”

    Did you forget she’s dying?

    It’s kinda sad you’re twisting lines left to open interpretation from magazines while ignoring what takes place in the show and insulting Alto’s character so you can fit scenes into your deluded shipping perspective. Pity you don’t live as close to me as Cheesie/Crissis does or I would make a $1000 bet with you on the outcome of this triangle.

  167. @ Barbwire Wings, Thanks for the update re: Sheryl’s song and its effect, in the raws I couldn’t make it out, and the subbed does make it clear that it affects them. At least that was going for her, or else not taking the pills would have been a total wash.

    Re: Sagittarius 1, if that is a metaphor for A/S love, again I ask, what does it mean that it gets shot down? After all, we’re reading meaning into everything here.

  168. One Question, if Sheryl is mis-interpreting the feeling of Alto then what is that mis-interpretation? She remembered Alto saying that she will kill Ranka but I don’t think she hears the part where he said that Ranka is the reason why Alto joined SMS and that is to protect her. That’s why I don’t think Sheryl is sad because she mis-interpreted the feelings of Alto choosing Ranka over her.

  169. This is by far the better of the top 2 series this season. Code Geass kinda waned in the past few episodes, but Macross has been pretty consistent in its main plot, Alto is a piss off person, but there are just as many indecisive people out there as him which is probably why we get so irritated because it hits so close to home there. The music is amazing, Kanno is AMAZING when it comes to music. Sheer genius. To have Ranka sing that song to a backdrop of such an intense battle, hearing it sent chills down my spine with the way she re-arranged it. Macross’s sensory overload with its steel laden plot with the vajra compared to Geass’s randomness of random death and miracle survivals…

  170. IMO, Ranka shouldn’t be blamed for the initial caused of the whole situation which led Vajras to attack humanity (Maybe to a certain extend that she had killed thousands of people). We know that Ranka loved singing since she was young and so how the hell she know that her song/voice could call upon Vajras, neither do we know .. as this still remains a question. Well,probably the Vajras were irritated by her voice/song. -__-“”

    Unfortunately, she just wanted to send Ai-kun back to its planet which is the planet of the Vajra(Sorry, can’t remember what that place is called) but they were detected by the Vajra. Furthermore, Grace forcefully and cruelly activated the slavery mode(i called it slavery mode as he somehow still remembers his mother and Ranka her sister)of Brera. In the end, both of them… Ranka and Brera were controlled/brainwashed by Grace.

    After remembering that it was herself, Ranka who caused the death of so many people, she fall into the state of guilt, loss and sad. She didn’t know that she killed so many people because of her song. No one knows as well except for maybe Grace and Brera. Which was why Grace finally found her to be the key in order to control the Vajra. In a such cases, where you knew that you were the caused of thousand people’s death, i suppose you’re weak. Thus, allowing Grace to mind control her and thought that through singing she could attone and she sang. Without knowing that people are dying during the process of being brainwashed, she continue to sing.

    Therefore, i don’t think Ranka should be blame. Others, including Alto might not understand (or even forgives her) why she did that because they didn’t know that Ranka was being brainwashed. If they’d know, they’d believe that Ranka didn’t did it on purpose and i don’t think Ranka wanted anymore people to die because of her. Misunderstandings has yet to be understand. Hopefully she regain her consiouness with the lovely song from sheryl and the strenght from Alto.

    Personally, i am supporting Ranka,even now. From what i have watched , a major character development is ocurring in Sheryl. I didn’t really like her at first but i am now, slowly. Her strong will is what i can see in her. Even though if she knew that Alto is going out to the battle probably wouldn’t come back or to Ranka and probably will choose Ranka, she’s strong enough to listen to what Alto has to say (assuming Alto really goes for Ranka). Moreover, she’s ill..without a cure, up till now. I believe from what she said to Alto “Save Ranka-chan”, had showed that she’d matured alot and showing concern towards her friend without wanting to find out the reason why Ranka is doing all this or blaming her.

    As for Alto, i have always like him from the start of the series. It was probably the kind and uniqueness of both girls had shown making him being indecisive, otherwise, he is still likeable (especially in SAKURA HIME AZUMA BUNSHO! lol). Probably afraid to hurt either of them if he was to make a choice. The love triangle is still 50/50. Same for him, he wants to save Ranka as well, but from what i observed, he looks like he was blaming Ranka for what happened ..unlike sheryl >< so i am saying it in my own point of view.

    Anyhow, i like the three of them. Oh, oh and not forgetting Michel and Kulan kulan ^^ and of course, Grace and Leon should just burn in hell!

    *Sorry for my bad english too =P

  171. o.o i think my comment was cut off a little because of its lenght, lol sorry about that.

    As for the interpretation of sheryl…..

    In my point of view, i don’t think Sheryl had mis-interpreted Alto’s feeling neither is Alto. For a soldier to fight in a war, you wouldn’t know whether he is coming back or not, so sheryl took this last chance to confess and kiss Alto. Alto, knowing that sheryl had always liked him, he stopped being thickheaded and allow sheryl to kiss him for the last time (surpossingly they will not meet again if Alto dies). I remembered one of you guys something similar here, i am sorry that i can’t remember who was it >< so i am saying it in my own point of view.

  172. Up until now I don’t think the triangle has already ended it could still go both ways. But on the part where Sheryl has given up on Alto I would agree with Ani_d since she said “All I have now is my song and myself” (I think that’s pretty much a resignation for her) but it doesn’t mean that it’s already a RankaXAlto ending since Alto himself hasn’t chosen anyone yet. He may have chosen to stay with Sheryl until her last day but it’s not confirmed yet if he does for love for a friend or for a love deeper than that.

    Alto may have understood that he needs to fly for someone but I don’t really think he knows for whom. He may have chosen to fly for Sheryl as you’ve said but he’s not really showing a determined face but one of confusion.

    I think this episode has two endings for Sheryl if what she feels is right then Alto will end with Ranka if it turns out that she is wrong then she will definitely end up with Alto.

    What’s really bugging me is that if Alto does have feelings for Sheryl he had 3 episodes to show and tell her, then why didn’t he do?

  173. Please don’t mind my MDE bombs. 🙂

    By your own admission, ‘questioned Alto’s feelings’ – does not equate to a statement of ‘not true love’. And let’s be honest here, what the staff states is heresay.

    ‘Instead of meticulously analyzing the scene here’ – how should I analyze it? Carelessly and subjectively like you have? Choosing to see only what I wish to see and ignoring major facts? Bah. I’ll try to be more objective thank you.
    While he wants to protect Ranka, does that itself equal romatic love? While Ozma chooses to protect Ranka (because he could not protect/save her family) he loves her, but not romatically. Alto protected rescued Luca, does that equal love? AND let’s also confirm – at these points in time – Alto was pretending – playing the role of a pilot. Reacting to the needs of the moment. Stated as fact – even by Alto’s admission on the rooftop.

    Let’s look at the rooftop ‘confession’ – did he say – ‘Hey, I love Ranka. I want her to have my baby.’ – No such thing was said AND Sheryl only heard part of it. While I saw/heard the entire thing, I don’t see that as a confession of ‘true love’ as you wish to see. I see it as a confession of the reasons for his portrayal as a pilot – acting from the heart to provide the best performance – which is what he told to Ranka on how to act in her movie. Act from the heart and not your head. So my interpretation is what he was using her as a reason to be a pilot, needing someone to protect. Now I’m not saying he doesn’t care about Ranka. I think he does. But I don’t see that as a romantic love.

    Yes, who does Alto fly for? At this point, I don’t think it’s for a SINGLE reason or person. He flies because that is what he desires. He flies to protect, everyone, not just Ranka, he flies to protect his home, the people of Frontier, and yes even Luca. 😉 We have seen this. How conveniently of you to ignore these FACTS. AND who flies with Alto? SHERYL. Not Ranka, but SHERYL. Another thing you conveniently forget to mention.

    There is so much you choose not to see – is this wishful thinking that we also will not see it? Alto’s promise to Sheryl to stay by her side. Alto’s need to tell Sheryl that he will return to her after what probably is the most dangerous mission Alto has faced yet. The way Alto moves her with his words. Sheryl giving Alto all of her luck so he will return. The fact that Alto let’s Ranka go without a confession of love even after she admits that she lovED him and has given up? If he loves Ranka, at that point it would have been pivitol for him to confirm/return her love before she leaves possibly forever, but he doesn’t. Why? Uh because he doesn’t love her romatically. Also, why dont’ you address why Alto rushes up to Sheryl? “Wait! Sheryl, I..” – ? hmm?
    It makes little or no sense for him to rush forward with “Wait! Sheryl, I don’t want you to think I love YOU, but I love Ranka.”
    Sheryl already gave Alto a way out when with “Let’s end our lover’s game here.” He would have stood still and said what he wanted. There is no need for a passionate response with a denial/rejection of love. That’s a theatrical contradiction and it would come off as just being cruel and emotionless.

    @ Kagami
    I agree with some of your points – and thank you for stating them.
    I’m not sure if Sheryl continues to have a misunderstanding of the rooftop scene. I think Alto cleared MOST of that up when he chose to tell her he will return to her? I think Sheryl has doubts as to who he will choose – her or Ranka. I also think part of her hesitation is due to fear. Fear of not knowing what love feels like, losing her dream of love, and or hurting Alto because she believes she will die soon. She did not want him to know of her impending death in fear of hurting him.
    But for some people to believe this scene was a scene where Alto and Sheryl both decide to give up on each other? That’s reaching. (not that you said that)

    haha – yeah I’ve seen your dueling with ani_d – but you must admit dueling with ani_d is far more interesting than other trolls (not that ani_d is a troll) you know who you are d**a
    and yes, no more from me on this subject matter. I’ve said all that can be said and nothing remotely objectively has been said to convince me otherwise. I would welcome some interesting convincing arguments, but from what I’ve read I don’t believe any will come. However Kagami has presented some interesting statements which make me reevaluate of my interpretations.

    Alto does not get shot down. As stated earlier – Alto flies around a damaged carrier and does not immediately reappear (watch that scene again and you can see he most likely stops at the backside of the carrier). It is safe to assume that he chooses to abandon his heavily damaged fighter and remotely pilots it. He carries out an impressive death act to mislead Brera into thinking he has undone Alto, allowing Hime to move about freely. Unfortunately Sheryl at this point believes he is dead. I hope she will find her strength and her ‘faith’ that Alto will not go down without a fight so easily. And no I don’t think this is Alto pretending to be a pilot while he is ‘acting out a death scene’ as an actor, I interpret this is Alto utilizing his performance skills as a strategy to gain advantage over his enemy.

    So while Sagittarius-1 is a symbol for the feelings Alto has for Sheryl, Alto’s ‘death act’ is just that, simply an act.

    ‘What’s really bugging me is that if Alto does have feelings for Sheryl he had 3 episodes to show and tell her, then why didn’t he do?’

    I think Alto has. There are some cultural views that the Japanese typically don’t always choose to say the words ‘I love you’ but is expressed in manners and politeness, that’s far more sophisticated way of expression – an act of love (but this is an interpretation of Alto).
    I think he has shown her. He’s already told her that he will stay by her side until the end and so far he has been a man of his word. No doubt about that. He has taken care of her during her illness. And on the eve of a great battle he goes to tell her that he will return to her. Now, how is that not romantic? We have seen that portrayed in movies, theatre (written or portrayed), and TV. Has that kind of romance been acted out between people who are just friends? No. Only between lovers. Could this be the first time? Possibly but that would just be weird. 😉
    Yes, I realize that while this is not a ‘true’ confession of a verbal statement of ‘I love you’ – Alto is raised to be very proper, and traditional. Did you think he always dressed this way? I’m sure he used dressed like Yasaburo all the time as in his flashbacks and photos. 🙂

    Okay. I’m out of MDE bombs. Peace!

    Barbwire Wings
  174. @diva

    I’m gonna be bias if I said Ranka but then again I like Ranka more than Sheryl so I would want Ranka to be with Alto. But in truth, I really don’t know since I think the writer are giving equal points to both of the girls. In this episode I think that Sheryl thinks that Alto likes Ranka possibly loves her, that’s why I think she’s giving up on Alto but the problem is he’s not really confirming or denying it. When Sheryl said to continue their conversation after Alto saves Ranka, I could be wrong but I think Sheryl knows that Alto is setting aside how he feels about Ranka to protect the people from frontier thus saying he would kill her himself if the need arises. Sheryl knows how big a sacrifice for Alto to even say it since she saw how determined he is to protect Ranka in the previous episodes. But again, the problem is we don’t know if that’s what Alto really feels. If Sheryl turns out to be wrong then Alto loves her :D.

    But on the other hand, they’re showing us how important Ranka is to Alto. He’s getting frustrated again 😀 at first he was so serious but upon hearing and seeing Ranka he kepts on screaming her name and the stoic composure is gone in an instant (I guess she’s the only one who could do that to him). But I’m crossing my fingers for an AltoXRanka ending and I hope they’ll make it classic :D.

  175. @Barbwire Wings
    I think he has shown her. He’s already told her that he will stay by her side until the end and so far he has been a man of his word. No doubt about that. He has taken care of her during her illness.
    He is a man of his word I don’t doubt that. But saying he will stay by her side until the end and taking care of her is not really a declaration of undying love.

    And on the eve of a great battle he goes to tell her that he will return to her.
    I still don’t see that as a declaration of love. As you’ve said he is a man of his word and he told her that he would stay with her until the end, I think it is fitting for him to tell her that he would return to her.

    Now, how is that not romantic?
    We have different views on the scene between Alto and Sheryl but for me I find the entire scene between them sad not really romantic.

  176. @druid
    “But saying he will stay by her side until the end and taking care of her is not really a declaration of undying love.”
    In most western cultures and other cultures around the world, when a man states this to a woman (or visa versa) – it’s usually a statement of devotion. Look at some oaths of marriage. How often do you see platonic men saying these things to each other? But yes you are correct, this isn’t necessarily a statement of love. Oh well, lowly alto!

    @Barbwire & druid
    “And on the eve of a great battle he goes to tell her that he will return to her.”
    It’s kinda a stretch to think that this statement is a declaration of love. But I do see that when taken into account all of the other factors it does kinda point to romance.

    “Now, how is that not romantic?”
    wow. Are you serious? You don’t see that scene as romantic? It’s laced with romance but with an added spice of immanent danger.

    don’t bomb me!

  177. wow. Are you serious? You don’t see that scene as romantic? It’s laced with romance but with an added spice of immanent danger.

    On a different situation I would find it romantic. But you have to put on account on how Sheryl is feeling right now. The sadness that Sheryl is feeling is not entirely about Alto going to battle but about letting Alto go.

  178. She wasn’t letting Alto go. She was telling them basically to start their relationship over again as a kind of reset when he came back.

    If she had let him go, she’d have told him goodbye, etc, like Ranka did. Ranka let Alto go, Sheryl did not.

  179. @ Barbed wire, whether or not Alto ditched the plane (and I agree with you that he did) if the call sign, Sagittarius 1 is a sign of Alto/Sheryl, that plane, was still hit and got shot down. No escaping that right? But still, I admire the mental gymnastics you performed in defense of your position. Brava.

    JustinStrife: Ranka dis say “sayonara” to Alto. She did let him go, but it’s another mater of whether or not he wanted to be let go. His RANKA scream at the end of 21 suggested that he didn’t, as have all of Alto’s flashbacks of Ranka taking off in Brera’s plane.

    On a non-triangular note, I wonder how they are going to answer everything in the finale. It will b a jam packed 30 minutes. I need Ozuma to kick some ass and take names, and I need Alto back in Skull 4. I want Luca, Grace, and Leon to die. And who does Birler want to meet? So many things need to be tied up still! Eeek!!

  180. @AJackBoy
    Good point, however traditionally call signs are assigned to pilots and not planes. At least that’s what I know of call signs. BUT it may be different in Macross. Call signs may be related to the squardron names.
    When Alto first lost his original plane he was still called Skull 4 when he got a new plane because he was still a part of Skull Squadron. In any case, I believe Alto has been promoted anyway and has his own squardron or unit since he now has men assigned to him. And if its the case of naming call signs after squadrons/units, Alto is still Sagittarius-1.

    “all I have now are my songs and myself”
    One possible interpretation is that she wants to focus on being a professional, the galactic fairy. That’s how she was before she met and fell in love with Alto, when she was at the height of her career. If this is the case, then logically asking Alto to not tell her how he feels about her would make sense which may explain why Sheryl says:
    “Don’t say anything. If you say it now, no matter what you say, I … won’t be able to sing.”

    @dokun dokun
    Ranka fans, please feel free to reference my original posts above for this answer. LOL 🙂

    Barbwire Wings
  181. @barbwire
    I’d also like to say that it’s not the plane got shot down that is important here, but that its the significance that Alto named the Squadron after Sheryls song and when combined with what Alto told Sheryl about not flying alone – well 2+2=4 right?
    in this case that is not reaching at all…

  182. @druid
    Alto’s stoic face crumbled when Ranka came into his view. I also saw that! If Ranka and Alto’s reunion goes well next episode, that’s pretty much IT. Any person has to be in denial if he can’t see that Ranka and Alto are going to make up after how they parted in episode 21. It’s hella obvious they’re fated to go dokun dokun and save each other, everyone else for the finale. The only thing that’s barring this from being called a fact is because it still has to happen yet.

    @dokun dokun
    XD *dokun dokun salutes at you*

    Here’s your explanation.


    Alto promised to stay beside Sheryl, but is it TRUE love?

    Now go in peace and brainwash yourself that this doesn’t mean squat. >) hahaha

  183. Alto…finally you got a Ranka’s slipper (an earing) from Fairly Godmother (Sheryl). Good!
    It seems that Kawamori’s Cinderella story has similarity to the story “EVER AFTER”, which starring by Drew Barrymore.

    I am not sure but I guess Mao is Ranka’s grandmother from her father (young Mao’s picture) and not from Ranshe.

    So Ranka…saves Alto hime. I can’t wait for AltoXRanka together @ finale ep.! To me, Alto looked idiot when he stayed for Leon and Co-Frontier.

  184. umm llie: Sheryl is Mao’s grandmother. Didn’t you see the picture? The earings?

    No wonder you guys think it’s a Ranka x Alto ending. You can’t even connect the dots to the other sub-plots! lmao

    Alto was pissed at Ranka. Read what he said when he was still in his fighter. Asking her if she was going to destroy humanity. Given the chance, he would have killed her right there. Hell he watched two more of the Frontier Islands crashing and burning and that just fueled more of his anger.

    There will be no dokun dokun dokun next episode.

  185. Believe me, friend! Next episode will answer all our questions. I don’t think, Sheryl is Mao’s grandchild. To me, Grace is behind of all of the picture and the earings. Well…I hope I am right.

  186. llie: You’re new around these parts. Sheryl’s earings showed up in the blu ray edition of Macross Zero(belonging to the Nome family on the island). Sheryl said her mother gave her her earings. The picture in episode 24 has “Your Grand-daughter Sheryl” written on it with a purple haired mother and a baby Sheryl in her arms. Then there’s the letter that Cathy read, that mentioned the earings being given.

    Can you not connect the dots? Is 2+2=4 too hard a math equation for you to understand?

    No wonder you guys believe Ranka still has a chance with Alto… Honestly.

  187. llie: you’re wrong. and [b]”A short while later, Cathy finds a letter in Dr. Mao’s file that confirmed that she had a granddaughter, and it revealed that a certain pair of earrings were given to this child.”[/b]

    If you can’t accept the fact that Sheryl is Mao’s grandaughter, then to put it nicely, you pretty much are watching a show that isn’t Macross F. Honestly, it seems you can’t read/understand English (both text above and in the picture), you don’t know Sheryl’s last name, and you can’t put two and two together (similarities in picture with Mao and daughter).

    Since you believe that Grace has something to do with everything… you have to understand that Sheryl hasn’t even SEEN her mother. So why would Grace go through the trouble of sifting through the wreckage of the 117th fleet to find a picture and write “Your Grand Daughter, Sheryl” on a picture of Mao’s daughter and child that no one will ever see? Also, why would she go through the trouble of falsifying documents no one would have seen if not for Macross Quarter.

    Not to mention, the 117th SDF had lain decrypt long before Grace found Sheryl on Galaxy.

  188. I have no clue why you are so intent on believing that Sheryl is not Mao’s grand daughter. What does that threaten Ranka somehow? Does it make her less special or something? No, it doesn’t. Ranka is still Ranka. So just accept the proof about Sheryl’s lineage and move on.

  189. llie: Did you forget that Ranka’s mom and Mao worked together on the 117th research fleet? Whenever you see Ranka as a child, she’s with Brera and Ranshe. Then there’s a picture of Ranshe with Mao. Then in 24, you get a picture of a woman who looks a lot like Mao(Same color hair and everything) holding a pink haired baby and “your grand daughter sheryl”, and the earrings given to Sheryl. Earrings that showed up in Macross Zero and belonged to the Nome family.

    This isn’t rocket science… This is easy stuff!

  190. Justin…This is easy stuff for you….without thinking! you should analyze everything. Mao with a blond haired..could be Ranka’s father….if a pink haired baby is Sheryl…that mean….she is daughter of Mao….not grand daughter.

    Thinking! Thinking….!

  191. Sorry…I have to go home! Like I said before…I am not going to debate the Mao’s earings and picture. Next episode will answer alls. Maybe I am wrong. I will accept that!

    Anyway….ALTOXRANKA… my final answer @ episode 25!

    Peace to Sheryl fans!

  192. Sheryl’s bloodline may end up being her trump card against Ranka. By establishing her bloodline as that of Mao’s, it opens up the possibility that her blood as a descendant of the “bird-human” will awaken and give Sheryl a much needed power-up.

  193. @Cain
    “I really fail to see how Alto could survive that.”

    Well if you look closely, as Alto’s fighter veers behind the damaged carrier, he does not reappear. It’s safe to assume he flew back there. Stopped, abandoned his fighter. Activated a emote control from his EX-Gear and flew his empty fighter at Brera, letting him think he had undone Alto. It was a great performance from the Hime!

    I think it’s safe to assume Ranka will not be joining Frontier again. What redemption is there for her? She’s helping kill thousands of people. Frontier has seen what she can do in the wrong hands. She’s no longer just a girl, but a weapon of mass destruction.
    Would Alto hook up with such a person? Why would the writers put him with a mass murderer? Regardless of what you may think, she’s got some responsibility in the deaths of all of those soldiers. If you think she’s totally innocent of that, then you’re smoking some really bad stuff.

    There will be no dokun dokun dokun next episode.

  194. So I have been lurking here for a while now, and I have decided to make a post because I’ve been holding back for a while. Why do I want to make a post? I don’t really have a good reason, other than the fact that I was bored, this is a beautiful Sunday, and because I can.

    So what is my post about? Ah ha! You guessed it, the triangle, of course!

    It seems to me that discussions regarding the triangle, or shipping (why is it called such, where that term came about, I will never understand), are significantly more intense than anywhere else. Moreover, some of the comments amuse me to no end, particularly those from the so-called Ranka shippers.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not wish to be tagged as a Sheryl-shipper either, because they already have way too much momentum worldwide, in Japan and the rest of Asia. Feeding wood to an engulfing firestorm is the last thing I want to do. In fact, I will make an effort to talk as little about Sheryl as possible.

    Yet, even with Sheryl out of the picture, I still am unable to comprehend how Ranka’s relationship with Alto would work. Now, they did have a relationship, but it was far from being a romantic one. Had this been a moe show, it might lead to romantic developments, but this is Macross, and Kawamori-san is not Mr. Moe.

    Although before I start, let me just declare that the biggest victim in this triangle is neither Sheryl nor Ranka, but Alto. Why? Because not only does he have the lives of millions on his shoulders, but at the end, he must become the manwhore trophy, and he has no way out of it! So much for his desire for freedom in the eternal blue sky!

    In any case, I have noticed that throughout this entire series, Alto had never been particularly considerate of Ranka’s wellbeing (during times of peace). He had always taken a passive responsive stance towards Ranka’s needs and problems, yet never seeking her out himself. In short, Alto completely ignored Ranka’s feelings. Certainly, he responds to her cries for help whenever Ranka played her role as the damsel in distress, but that is hardly a basis for love. After all, Macross is not a child’s bedtime story. To Alto, Ranka’s role as a damsel in distress only fueled his excuse to fly, which gave him justifiable cause to ignore his other problems in life, or his inner struggles, such as the reconciliation with his family.

    On the other hand, Ranka was acting in a similar fashion, using Alto as an additional excuse for her ventures just as Alto was using her as an additional excuse for flying. Gradually, her career went from wishing for others to recognize her existence to singing for Alto exclusively. Suddenly, Alto became her personal bubble, and she imagined herself as being in a relationship with Alto. This, as we have witnessed later on, led to dire consequences.

    Ranka’s later endeavors certainly did little to improve her standing with Alto. Fast forwarding a few episodes, she suffered an emotional setback in what is now that infamous roof scene. She collapsed, jealousy overwhelmed her and she wanted to die. While I understood her feelings, I had to pause and think: Wait a minute; did she really believe that she was in a relationship to begin with? Please note that the two had done very little that couples would do. They had very little understanding of each other’s needs and wants. They had nothing in common, and their characteristics were incompatible. They were not dating, not going out, and most certainly not challenging each other on an intellectual level. Given all that, it was obvious to me that she had taken Alto for granted and became slightly delusional. Yes, Ranka has feelings too, she was hurt, but her feelings stemmed from something completely baseless.

    She of course, refused to sing after witnessing what had transpired on the roof, citing that she does not wish to become a mere tool, but if that was the case, why volunteer previously for the cause? While she enjoyed the fame people granted her, she exercised no responsibly to those who adored her. Clearly, she did everything for Alto. She was happy in her personal bubble, in a world where everyone else mattered no more. In a sense, she voluntarily bonded herself to Alto and hoping Alto would do the same. In her little world, she would sing, and Alto would listen while no one else interfered. That was simply not to be, as being enclosed in a bubble was a taboo in everyway to Alto.

    In conclusion, everything about these two had been one-sided from the start, and both parties used each other as a compensation for their emotional shortcomings, although only Ranka mistook it as love. I must note though, there was a spark to this relationship in the form of an oft cited episode 12 by a certain group of ‘shippers’, it failed to ignite a fire at the end. Why? While both sides exchanged suggestive ‘winks’, neither side pressed on. If Ranka desired Alto so much, she certainly failed to capitalize on her victory and allowed her gains to lapse. In the end, as both parties dwelled in wishful thinking, there were no signs of improvement upon the progress of their respective character development. Their abnormal relationship remained in stasis, and was doomed from the very start.

    You know what Alto owes Ranka? Perhaps an explanation or an apology or better yet, both. But not love, no. It would have been baseless and forceful.

    Lastly, allow me to briefly look at the possible ending in regards to Sheryl. She has two paths. One is to end the series with Alto by her side, or die a glorious death. There are no other alternatives. Pumpkins who had been suggesting that her happy end is to get her career back and sing until the end of her days should just go back and watch the first 4 episodes again while pretending Grace is non-existent. If Ranka shippers do not wish for her to end up with Alto, then by all means just wish her dead. You know what I consider to be the ultimate cruelty in life? That is to grant hope in face of hopelessness and then take it away. Sheryl desires understanding and warmth, which Alto provided her. After meeting Alto, she can no longer live as she used to. Should she live on, taking those away from her would be a fate worse than death itself, so she might as well just die. As she said in 23, if you want to be callous, be callous until the very end. At least I can respect that.

    So here is my first and probably final post. Agree with it or not is up to you, but as an advice, I suggest we all take a deep breath and calm down. This show is not made for us, not aimed at us and definitely won’t be broadcasted in the United States. We can argue ourselves to death and nothing good will ever come out of it. The only thing you will ever have is bragging rights, and with all the time I imagine you all have wasted on this discussion, I honestly don’t think it is worth it.

    So sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and have a Klondike bar.

  195. Well, i am agree. This is a show, a really good show.

    But i can’t relax. I do believe is so so good, that even after 24 ep, there still a 50/50 chance for Alto to pick any of the 2 girls.

    I just want to believe Sheryl will keep with Alto. Why? because she deserve it. Sheryl is way better than Ranka any day. Everyone can agree with that.

    one more thing, as Alto sad: one can’t fly alone… his new call sign: Sagittarius-1 that is the answer for Sheryl, he is flying WITH her. Can someone tell how could Sheryl know that on that screen that aircraft was from Alto? Alto had always the Skull-4 tag, but this time, Sagittarius-1. And i think that why Sheryl stoped singing as soon as she heard that “sagittarius-1 hit!”. She realized Alto feeling that he loves her. Sad thing to see the aircraft exploting right after ; ;

    Anyway, i do believe Alto is still alive. And when he pick up on his VF-27 i am pretty sure he will keep his Sagittarius-1 call sign. I can BET on that ^^, so Sheryl could see him back alive on that screen.

    Iteza Gogo Kuji Don’t be late —> Sagittarius 9pm. Don’t be late

    Gogo Alto, don’t be late 😉 she is waiting for you.

    And ranka… go play with Vajra to another planet onegai.

    let the MDE blow them away!!!!

  196. @Muchado: First off, excellent post. Good job in not being drowned by the delusional.

    On your one quote here: “She of course, refused to sing after witnessing what had transpired on the roof, citing that she does not wish to become a mere tool, but if that was the case, why volunteer previously for the cause?”

    The answer is Alto again. Earlier she asked his advice if she should continue along this path. Alto said whatever helps humanity is a good thing and encouraged her to continue singing as a weapon. That swayed her to continue even though deep down she had doubt that what she was doing was right. In other words she didn’t like what she was doing at all. She was doing it only because she thought Alto wanted her to do it. It was all for Alto. When she saw her sole reason to do any of this with another woman, her world of delusion, unicorns and fairy princesses collapsed around her. She suddenly found the real real world was not as nice as she thought it was. It was her first real life lesson since she was rather sheltered most of her life except for during and after the destruction of the 117th Fleet.

    Once again good post Muchado. Wish there were more good posts like that here.


    Yeah – I’d risk my life on this guys say so… Maybe they should call it the Macross North Korea.

    It’s quite interesting, if Alto had seen past his blind hatred and gone with Ranka would she be in the daze she is at the moment, what with the only voices around her blaiming her for the destruction of 117th fleet and that she must repay that debt by destroying Macross Frontier. Also – the information wouldn’t have reached Grace – wouldn’t have reached Frontier – Ranka would have had time/opportunity to communicate with the Vajra without the influence of the AI collective.

    As an aside – I don’t want Ranka to end up with Alto, why? Becouse he doesn’t deserve her. He’s an actor with no real sense of self, floating on the wings of events and actions of those around him. I generally see nothing positive in his character portrayal, he hasn’t evolved much at all from the dandy in the first episode.

    I look forward to finding out about the Vajra and a final unwinding of all the plots and schemes, we can all be quite certain that the Vajra attacks (the ones that led to the destruction of 117th fleet) were the results of Graces meddling.

    I also look forward to the flame war that shall erupt after the series is finished.

    Despite what either side says about their girl, I still think it’s more or less 33/33/33 a random 1% between they all die. AltoxRanka AltoxSheryl or Altoxnobody. Both sides of shippers seem pretty delusional (having recently rewatched the whole series).

    Anyway here’s hoping Alto gets killed.

  198. @Muchado
    Lastly, allow me to briefly look at the possible ending in regards to Sheryl. She has two paths. One is to end the series with Alto by her side, or die a glorious death.

    I think on the first part that could be a possible ending for Sheryl but on the latter I doubt they would let Sheryl die. Eventually she will because of her disease (if she can’t get a cure) but I don’t think they will show it in this series unless of course they’ll show an after ten years or so. I think you’re forgetting one last option for her ending and that is if she will let go of Alto but if you’re a Sheryl bias then I doubt you would even see that as even a possible ending for her. And that goes for Ranka as well, she could either let Alto go to Sheryl, sacrifice herself or be with Alto. But I’m hoping for the last of course :D.

  199. @JustinStrife
    Alto was pissed at Ranka. Read what he said when he was still in his fighter. Asking her if she was going to destroy humanity. Given the chance, he would have killed her right there. Hell he watched two more of the Frontier Islands crashing and burning and that just fueled more of his anger.

    Do you really think he would kill her? I think they only used “I would kill Ranka” for dramatic purpose the expressions on Altos’ face when she saw Ranka wasn’t really of a person bent on killing someone other than the vajras of course. I think when he said “Why do you make Ranka do all this?” he’s still showing genuine concern for her.

    No wonder you guys believe Ranka still has a chance with Alto… Honestly.

    And I wonder why you believe that Ranka has no chance with Alto when I think nothing is confirmed yet not an AltoXSheryl nor an AltoXRanka ending.

  200. @Woof
    What redemption is there for her? She’s helping kill thousands of people. Frontier has seen what she can do in the wrong hands. She’s no longer just a girl, but a weapon of mass destruction. Would Alto hook up with such a person? Why would the writers put him with a mass murderer? Regardless of what you may think, she’s got some responsibility in the deaths of all of those soldiers. If you think she’s totally innocent of that, then you’re smoking some really bad stuff.

    I don’t really want to argue with you but I don’t agree with you. Everything you said is not right (just my opinion) but I don’t doubt that some of Sheryl fans would agree with you. If Alto has the same mindset as you then I would gladly say that he could just stay with Sheryl. But I don’t really think you and the writer are thinking the same thing. Calling Ranka a mass murderer is really cute.

    I think it’s safe to assume Ranka will not be joining Frontier again.
    Maybe Ranka will not be joining Frontier but don’t dump the possibility that Alto will go with her and I hope that happens.

  201. @druid
    Well what would you call what Ranka is doing? A Girl Scout Cookie Bake Sale?
    Thousands of people lost their lives in about five seconds flat. They snuffed it. Bit the big one. Gone to see the maker. Dead! Croaked.

    Yeah, I think mass murderer is a fairly accurate description.

    Barbwire Wings
  202. @druid:
    Maybe Ranka will not be joining Frontier but don’t dump the possibility that Alto will go with her and I hope that happens.

    Yeah, let’s just go ahead and throw Alto’s character arc away so that he can become Brera 2.0! Brilliant!

  203. Matt_D: Alto has a responsibility to the fleet, as well as just witnessed his best friend die infront of him in the previous episode. There was absolutely no reason for Alto to go joy-riding with Ranka, the end of episode 21.

    Someone has to stay behind and defend the millions of innocent colonists. 30% of SMS, Nuns, Alto, Klan, and Luca decided they would do the right thing. Regardless of Dictator Leon, there’s still the millions of people who deserve a chance at living. Alto couldn’t afford to go gallivanting across the galaxy with Ranka and Brera. And even if he had tagged a long with them, do you really know for a fact, that Ranka wouldn’t have still gotten captured by the Vajra and mind fucked by Grace? Alto doesn’t have the best track-record of protecting Ranka(episode 13 anyone?).

    Sheryl surviving the series, and giving up on Alto, is a complete cop-out on her history and character development. It is not comparable at all to if Ranka survived, and gave up on Alto. The two had vastly different pasts and character growths. Ranka has friends and family(and Vajra) to support her. Sheryl has Alto. Don’t give me that crap about fame and fans. We’ve all seen how quickly that can turn on you. Fans can leave you on a drop of the hat, but friends and family can stick with you through it all. Something Sheryl doesn’t have anything of. How you guys can ignore this simple to understand truth, boggles my mind.

  204. @druid
    “And I wonder why you believe that Ranka has no chance with Alto when I think nothing is confirmed yet not an AltoXSheryl nor an AltoXRanka ending.”

    This is true, but lets look at the odds and a possible realistic ending.

    Ranka is killing people
    Sheryl is trying to save people.

    While Ranka is killing thousands of people, albeit as a weapon of mass destruction, who do you think the writers would want Alto to end up with? A tool of destruction or a source of hope and salvation?

    Yes it is sad that Ranka is being used as a tool to kill people. But it’s happening nonetheless.
    She was trying to save lives. She wasn’t able to stop Ranka because Ranka’s power was so great.

    Lets look at some current events. Alto & Sheryl have only gotten closer. Alto staying by her side. Alto taking care of Sheryl. Alto telling Sheryl he will return. Alto declaring that he does not fly alone – naming his new squadron Sagittarius-1 – reaffirming that he flies with Sheryl.
    What can Ranka say? What was the most recent session between Alto and Ranka? Ranka telling Alto she no longer loves him – ‘loved’ – being past tense. Saying good bye to Alto. Leaving Alto behind. Did Alto stop her? No. Did Alto declare a love for Ranka in order to get her to stay? No.

    What did Alto say he was going to do if Ranka was going to be used against humanity, to destroy humanity? He said he was going to kill Ranka. That’s a HUGE decision. Alto grew a pair when he made that choice. That’s not a boy’s decision. It’s a TOUGH call to make. Why? Because he cares about Ranka. Alto doesn’t want to kill her, but to save the lives of thousands of civilians, to save humanity, which do you choose? You choose the needs of the many over the needs of the few (yea you know what that’s from). Even Sheryl doesn’t want Ranka to die, she doesn’t want Alto to kill her because she knows how unbelievably difficult and painful that would be for Alto.
    Do you see the differences between the two? Do you see the differences between both sides? Alto & Sheryl on one side and Ranka & Brera on the other. If you had a choice to being on one side, which side would you choose? You would choose Alto & Sheryl side – not just because you may are an AxS supporter, but you would choose the side trying to save lives.

    Logically the writers would choose the happier ending for AxS – probably – but not guaranteed, and will grant a way out or some kind of redemption for Ranka. But will Ranka get the guy at the end? Unlikely. Kill thousands of people, attempt to destroy humanity, and then get the guy at the end? Unlikely. That is realistic.

    AxS absolute? Not absolute. Sheryl may still die, but that is still uncertain and I think that possibility is shrinking. She has Mao’s blood in her and I’m not sure the writers would want to end that part of the story line and also they may simply want to give Sheryl a happy ending. But again, it’s not absolute.

    Good points on the fame, fans, and family. Bravo.

    Barbwire Wings
  205. @Druid
    I think you’re forgetting one last option for her ending and that is if she will let go of Alto but if you’re a Sheryl bias then I doubt you would even see that as even a possible ending for her.

    I promised I won’t talk too much about Sheryl, but I felt obligated to explain a few things. I also do not wish to look as if I am taking a stance on the shipping, but if some of you take it the wrong way, I guess it is inevitable.

    The reality is Sheryl already had in mind to let Alto go ever since she found out about her disease. In fact, she encouraged Alto to stay away through administering negative reinforcement, constantly pushing him away and trying to make him hate her. Even by the end of 24 she laid it out in the open with Alto stating that she’d prefer they stop pretending to be lovers.

    But, it was Alto who opted to stay, and it was him who promised to return to her. Regardless of your stance on the shipping, and regardless of how you interpret Alto’s decision, that is a fact.

    In contrast, Ranka was not one willing to let Alto go. Even at the end of 21 she attempted to lure Alto into going with her. Yes, she love(d) him, but she was trying to bind him with her, trying to tie Alto into her personal bubble again. As I said in my previous post, binding Alto to anything is a huge taboo to Alto’s psychology. Again, the fact is that Alto decided not to go with her, and regardless of your ‘shipping’ stance, that is also a fact.

    On the other hand, I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out in 24, that Ozma & crew did not foolhardily follow Ranka into what was obviously a trap. Instead, they exercised good logic, and paused to investigate. Ozma and the crew’s decision made me admire the SMS crews even more.

    With all that said, allow me to paraphrase a quote:

    “Thou hast chosen this path of the shipping. What will happen I know not, only Kawamori knows”

    Lastly, sit back, enjoy the show, and have a Klondike bar.

  206. Looking at the Alto & Sheryl scene in 24, I have to admit Alto’s stock went up in my book. His past indecisiveness drove most of us crazy.

    Muchado has provided much clarity into the relationships between Ranka & Alto and Sheryl & Alto. One lady is clingy and the other is not, not his words, but that’s how I see it. 🙂

    I greatly appreciate the neutrality of the analysis – something even I could not do. I did not want to believe Sheryl gave up on Alto, but Muchado has convinced me otherwise. When Sheryl found out about her disease, clearly she pushed him away. I see that now. But I was glad to agree that Alto had already chosen to stay with her and to me that choice was not and has never been due to pity. These past few episodes support that.

    Alto grew out of his indecisiveness quickly. It only took the death of Michel, Ranka joining the Vajra, and Sheryl’s terminal illness to snap him out of his immature behavior.

    I was impressed when Alto went to go see Sheryl before the battle. He took the time and made the effort for a personal visit. I remember in the early part of the series how Ozma did not tell Ranka face to face he was going off to battle, that it was too difficult for him so he left Ranka a voicemail (coward!). But Alto, he found that he could not do otherwise. I guess that Michel and Klan’s advice to him stuck: don’t leave things unsaid. 🙂 Have I said this before? Hehe

    The way the scene played out was impressive. His decisiveness to come back to Sheryl. There was no doubt in him that he will return to her and he wanted her to know that. Her teary eyed response was touching.

    However, I’m not sure how much pushing away or giving up on Alto Sheryl is actually doing right now. I would refer it to ‘keeping Alto at arms length’. Why, because she keeps kissing him. 🙂 Very good kisses by the way. Why? Because Alto keeps sticking around and coming back for more.

    Has anyone else noticed that Sheryl has stopped passing out and her illness symptoms have all but virtually disappeared? She isn’t taking her meds either. I know she said she was ‘getting stronger’ w/o the meds, but was that a statement of her health or singing fold wave strength? But what does it mean? Does it mean she is getting better or closer to the end?

    To me, Alto has made his choice in the triangle and he has chosen Sheryl. She compliments him in many ways, especially her strength and courage to keep going against all odds, and that she puts the needs of Frontier before her own needs (very selfless and noble). Also the fact the Ranka is now a tool for destruction against humanity. Even with a likely outcome Ranka will be freed from Grace and help save humanity, that has all but sealed her future from Alto.

    All that remains is how will it all end? Will Sheryl survive? Will Alto survive?
    I estimate that Alto & Sheryl outcome is at 90%+ with a possibility Sheryl or Alto or both will die at the end, but that outcome is shrinking.

    Barbwire Wings
  207. I…I feel like singing.

    ANATA NO OTOOOOO DOKUN DOKUN DOKUN XD I CAN HEAR IT COMING DOKUN DOKUN DOKUN! A living sound. A gentle sound. Therefore the sound of pain. The sound I hear!

    Love goesssss DOKUN DOKUN DOKUN! I can hear it waking me up DOKUN DOKUN DOKUN With this hand of mind. I wish to touch you behind your solitude we firmly closed our eyes togetherrrr

    *squeals* XDDDD

  208. @diva

    Alto promised to stay beside Sheryl, but is it TRUE love?

    Is it? is a question. Meaning there is a chance the answer it yes. Again, you still didn’t explain why he ran after her.

    You are also a troll.

    dokun dokun
  209. @druid
    “Everything you said is not right (just my opinion)”
    Please explain why ‘is not right’? Is Ranka singing helping people die? Answer is yes.
    I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say only 15% of all of the deaths Ranka is responsible for. Let’s assume 10,000 were killed in the attack. That is 1,500 NUNS killed. Is that better? 🙂
    I know, I’m being kinda over the top. I’m just trying to express a point and I’m not all that serious about it. 🙂
    But you have to admit, there is some truth to it. How much truth? I’ll leave that to each person to decide.

    I too also think:
    There will be no dokun dokun dokun next episode. 🙂

    I hope everyone had a good Monday!

  210. only Kawamori knows+++ Solo Kawamori Sabe++++ Seulement Monsieur Kawamori sait/ connaît++++

    Why guys… you surely like to talk A lot, why won’t you wait ’till the next episode???.
    Im sure ALL of you will get your answers (Better for ones, worse for others).

    Even myself…

  211. @Barbwire Wings
    I greatly appreciate the neutrality of the analysis – something even I could not do.

    I fail to see how you can say that Muchados’ analysis is neutral since I think it’s basically all about Sheryl but then again you are a Sheryl fan so you would think that it is perfect.

    Yeah, let’s just go ahead and throw Alto’s character arc away so that he can become Brera 2.0! Brilliant!

    And that would be bad? Why?

  212. SHUT THE HELL UP, already!!! WTF!!! Can you stop being so freakin juvenile and get to the core of the storyline? Surely this whole story is not about who is going to be end up with who….damn!!!

    I want to know….All about the Vajra….. and what the heck is up with GRACE, and her alien self? Seems like the other pirate crew knows what the low down is with the whole Grace thing….so… Where are they??? I thought they were much closer to Ranka…, how did they get so off course???? Also, if this last episode is not long enough to cover the finale…..will there be another Macross series to branch off of this one?

    So tired of this constant battle about who the hell is going to end up with Alto….the little green haired innocent, naive girl…..or the porno, nearly nude (which is why so many horn dogs are on her side) pink haired playboy wannabe. And PUHLEEZ…spare me the sob story about her not so fortunate background….We might as well admit it….Alto is GAY!

  213. “only Kawamori knows+++ Solo Kawamori Sabe++++ Seulement Monsieur Kawamori sait/ connaît++++”

    And the animators, voice actors, yoko kanno and may’n and going by their comments some people are going to be going “but but dokun dokun song!!” after 25 airs. *roll eyes*

    @ Druid

    You’re kidding about how Alto becoming Brera mark 2 isn’t a bad thing right? I notice that Ranka fans don’t give a fuck about Alto’s character, his development and would rather have him be a lying asshole from 22-24 just so they can get their pairing.

  214. @Westlo
    You’re kidding about how Alto becoming Brera mark 2 isn’t a bad thing right? I notice that Ranka fans don’t give a fuck about Alto’s character, his development and would rather have him be a lying asshole from 22-24 just so they can get their pairing.

    It isn’t for me since I think Brera’s character is more developed than Altos’. And what development? All we see is his frustration and confusion and at the last two episodes we get to at least see some determination but after he heard what Brera said he’s back to his confusion.I agree with Matt_D when he said that Alto’s floating on the wings of events and actions of those around him. His character development is not entirely focused on the pairing.

  215. You know, Druid, I thought you are a logical and perceptive Ranka fans, but you really disappoint me. If you can’t see that Brera is one of the static character and Alto actually develop more than him, then I suggest you re-watch all the episodes of Macross F.

    And I really don’t want to say this, but it seems your camp and thinking is that as long as Ranka can get what she wants, any character be damned. Really, I am very disappointed in that kind of thinking.

  216. @Kagami
    You know, Druid, I thought you are a logical and perceptive Ranka fans, but you really disappoint me. If you can’t see that Brera is one of the static character and Alto actually develop more than him, then I suggest you re-watch all the episodes of Macross F.

    I agree with you that Breras’ character has “become” not “is” static but I think Altos’ character is still developing (big question about the development though). I see all characters has each made their stand Ozma wants to protect the women in his lives, Luca wants to protect Nanase, Klan wants to get revenge on Michel (I’m not really sure if that is her reason), Ranka wants to stop the fighting (this episode doesn’t count since she’s not herself 😀 ), Sheryl wants to sing. Brera wants to protect Ranka and maybe the vajras but what about Alto? He has a lot of reason but not one of them shows his full determination. Even in his serious face bits of confusion is still showing. I want to see him do something without doubts clouding his mind. I want to see an Ichigo, Allen, Luffy kind of determination on him. Brera has that, he’s determined to fight and die for her sister (I don’t know if he is determined to die for the vajras though). That’s why I said he’s more developed than Alto. I think that’s what Ozma wants from him as well.

    And I really don’t want to say this, but it seems your camp and thinking is that as long as Ranka can get what she wants, any character be damned. Really, I am very disappointed in that kind of thinking.

    I would say this again I don’t know who Alto would end up with but I’m ok whoever. Of course I’m rooting for Ranka but I wouldn’t say anything bad about Sheryl either. Her character portrayal was good in this episode.

  217. These shipping arguments are getting tiresome. You’re trying to analyze anime characters, for god’s sake. If people spent as much time trying to make society better as they did trying to make sense of the motivations of what are basically pixels on your screen, the world would be a better place…

    The smug pro-AxS posts and the inane pro-AxR posts are making both camps look childish. The show will be ending in a couple of days. Sit back, enjoy, refrain from making any comments that’ll make you look like an ass when the finale’s credits roll. It’s pointless calling other people stupid. The fact that people are more interested in a pink-haired, playboybunny-esque with cliche sob-story background, ersatz dominatrix, and a green-haired, loli-weapon-of-mass-destruction than in the actual story behind the Vajra, Macross Galaxy, and what happened 11 yrs ago is just sad.

    It would be nice if Alto ended-up not choosing anyone just to avoid the no doubt massive amount of gloating from the winning camp. In the end, regardless of how much you read into the hidden thoughts and feelings in each scene featuring your chosen one, if they want Alto to suck face with mushroomhead Leon, they can do so. Past-scenes be damned.

  218. @fallenazazel
    The fact that people are more interested in a pink-haired, playboybunny-esque with cliche sob-story background, ersatz dominatrix, and a green-haired, loli-weapon-of-mass-destruction than in the actual story behind the Vajra, Macross Galaxy, and what happened 11 yrs ago is just sad.

    Well, to be honest, why should anyone care? The show itself is much more focused on the romantic triangle than the plot, so most people are just content to let the actual plot unfold at its own pace. I really hate it when people come in and lecture other people on what they “should” be focusing on–like a bunch of poorly developed bugs, a gigantic pink plot device, and something the show has already explained. Are worth so much more time and energy than the characters people have come to care about.

    Tell you what, you can sit there and ponder the mystery of space bees all you want, and I’ll watch the show for what I’m interested in, and we can both live happily ever after. Especially if you refrain from reading those dastardly posts that annoy you so much.

  219. @Woof
    Please explain why ‘is not right’?

    Would Alto hook up with such a person? Why would the writers put him with a mass murderer? Regardless of what you may think, she’s got some responsibility in the deaths of all of those soldiers. If you think she’s totally innocent of that, then you’re smoking some really bad stuff.

    That’s what’s not right.
    I think she will take it upon herself to take the responsibility of all the deaths in her hands. But would you really blame her for that knowing what’s really happening. Even in court a person not in his right mind can’t be condemned a murderer.

  220. @lyn
    “Why guys… you surely like to talk A lot, why won’t you wait ’till the next episode???.
    Im sure ALL of you will get your answers (Better for ones, worse for others).”

    The walls of text are their way of brainwashing themselves that there won’t be any dokun dokun next episode AHAHAHAH!

    *pat pat* If they did play Anata no Oto during Ranka and Alto’s big scene next episode, we’ve proven our point. XD After that, they can pull another episode 15 sing off on us out of the blue or on a timeskip or something to please the loser’s fans, and it won’t matter because RankaxAlto will be confirmed by the dokun dokun song lololll


  221. Anata no Oto.
    Your Sound.

    I wonder who shall it be for?
    Definitely, it will be Ranka singing it. But for whom?

    For Alto? A perfect song for their reunion. Especially now that Ranka’s consciousness is sleeping… I can hear it coming, dokun dokun dokun. X3

    For the Vajra? Why not? Ranka sang Ai oboete imasu ka to strengthen them so what’s stopping her from using another song to pacify them now?

    For Alto AND Sheryl? A reunion song after the battle perhaps? (oh and just because that fan art got stuck in my head XD) It may even be Sheryl telling Alto, “You’re gonna be a daddy!!”

    But who are we kidding? Anata no Oto is definitely going to be a song from Ranka and who else would she dedicate that song? For the whole series, she wanted to sing for Alto but she thought he never heard her. Well, this time, he’ll be hearing it loud and clear (with Sheryl’s earring to amplify it to boot!) and they have a wonderful rabu rabu life from then on!

    And that’s my take on Anata no Oto’s purpose, Sheryl’s earring’s purpose and the conclusion to the LT.

    Sheryl fans will absolutely disagree but you can’t change my opinion. Sure there is a chance that Alto’ll return to Sheryl but the return doesn’t always mean he’ll confess to her. So… let’s wait about 34 more hours before you bite my head off.

    Ranka fans, let’s all wait for the cue of the deciding song. I’m definitely seeing it played when Alto and Ranka meet. Or if not, in the end, after the battle. After Alto tells Ranka never to leave his side again! Wheeee~ Dokun dokun!!!

  222. @Kagami

    “You know, Druid, I thought you are a logical and perceptive Ranka fans, but you really disappoint me. If you can’t see that Brera is one of the static character and Alto actually develop more than him, then I suggest you re-watch all the episodes of Macross F.”

    Whaa? Brera ISN’T a static character! O_O Why would you say that? Being a cyborg which has no memories nor feelings, I think him having a strong desire to protect Ranka even without orders tells me that he has developed. After meeting Ranka, he learned how to decide for himself and that is why he decided to help Ranka on her wish. Alto on the other hand, has been wishy-washy all throughout the series and only managed to get a grip of himself starting in 23. I think it’s unfair to undermine Brera’s character. Sure he had returned to his cyborg slave mode but his decision to disobey orders from Grace, help Ranka and protect her, without even realizing she’s his sister… I don’t know what you’d call that but for me, it’s development: a step forward from being the usual passive cyborg that he was.

  223. I’m not interested in MF anymore, I’m more interested in the reaction of shippers after the show.

    It will be a long and amusing read. What’s more fun to read people who are 100% sure and gets owned in the end but tries to justify it while in self denial mode.

  224. Personally I don’t see how Ranka can be forgiven for all the casualties that have been tallied up.
    Too many people have died. Now if Ranka some how brought back to life all the people who have died as the result of the encounter with the Vajra, then sure. But that would be an incredible cheap cop out. That would be too much like Evangelion, it’s just a dream! Lol
    Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to see Ranka have a good ending, but I’m not sure if it can be done. Does anyone foresee what she can do to make that happen?

    Is this out of the possible? The old Enigmatic Zentradi dude said how the fold waves transcend time, space and causality. So, is this an indication of what is to happen or just that he’s going to see the person he wants to see? I dunno. But transcending time, space and especially causality, that sounds like a cheap cop out. I hope they don’t do that. If they do, it better blow my mind much it will melt into goo.

    Barbwire Wings
  225. @Barbwire Wings
    Personally I don’t see how Ranka can be forgiven for all the casualties that have been tallied up.

    That would be obvious if you’re one of the Sheryl fan that thinks Ranka is evil. Forget to see the obvious that she’s not really the one doing the killings maybe to all the people in frontier including Alto it looks like she’s helping the vajras but you get to watch the real event how many times has it been shown that she’s being CONTROLLED.

    Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to see Ranka have a good ending, but I’m not sure if it can be done. Does anyone foresee what she can do to make that happen?

    I think you would have two since the last possible ending is impossible for you.One is to sacrifice herself and another is to leave Frontier and let Sheryl and Alto be together. I’m guessing you’re one who thinks that an Alto and Ranka ending is impossible

  226. @druid
    “been shown that she’s being CONTROLLED.”
    Yes, I know. Thank you. 🙂
    I’m splitting hairs, I know, but I see it is more manipulation than being controlled. Controlled would be Ranka does not having any choice at all, but yet we see her talking, asking questions, and answers being given to her – directing her to make a decision on what to do. In this case, to attack Frontier.
    That’s manipulation. Ranka still has a choice and because of that, we will see Ranka being freed because she WILL make the choice to do so. At least I hope we see her break free and not someone knocking out a control panel to free her (that would be cheap). It would be better and more dramatic and earn Ranka some kudos points to free herself.

    “I’m guessing you’re one who thinks that an Alto and Ranka ending is impossible”
    I’m not saying it’s impossible, just highly improbable. Improbable because of all that has happened recently. Now if the roles were reversed and Sheryl was being held by Grace and killing people and Ranka was trying to save people and getting closer to Alto, then of course AltoxRanka ending more likely. Would I still hope for AxS ending? Sure, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if the situation was reversed for Sheryl.
    Peace druid!

    Barbwire Wings
  227. Just some things I really want to point out to those Ranka fans who are already going DOKUN DOKUN.

    To those who are using the title of the next and last episode “Anata no Oto” as evidence to support their ship:

    The title of the Macross movie is SDF Macross: Do You Remember Love? This title is a reference to the song just like the last episode’s title is a reference to another song. DYRL is Minmei’s song just as Anata no Oto is Ranka’s song. What happened in the movie which is Minmei sings the song though she lost her chance with Hikaru could very well happen to Ranka as well. Ranka Shippers, please do not go DOKUN DOKUN. Minmei shippers in the past have been scarred uttering the name or lyrics of their song.

    To those who are using official art in magazines or other printed or web-based material as evidence:

    The official theatrical poster and cover of the DVD of the same movie DYRL had a very convincing image. Minmei was in Hikaru’s arms looking very happy and it seems as if they were officially a couple in love. This ended up not being the case. This was a bait-and-switch tactic.

    The last episode is definitely going to be exciting and there will be some fans who would love or hate it (mostly depending on which shippers get what they want). Please do not use evidence that has not been backed up by the actual show in scenes or actions taken by the characters. Titles of upcoming episodes are not very reliable. Lastly, please do not put other people’s opinions down because they do not serve any purpose other than to put the flamer down. Each person is entitled to their own opinion and the director, Shoji Kawamori, has shown in the past that it could go either or any way.

  228. Yeah it’s everything Ranka’s fault, she’s a mass murderer, etc……oh wait……maybe Grace had a hand on all this, not only mind controlling her using which ever implant she put on her, which she did awknoledge since the only way to control the Vajra Network is connecting to it, and i doubt that just asking Ranka to do the work would be enough, but Grace needed to fuse her collective conscience to it using Ranka as a bypass. Maybe there is more than we had being shown, like the fact that even before Ranka sang back on her original fleet, humans had already made contact with the Vajra and were experimenting on them, and maybe they showed an animalistic like race like the vajra, a not so friendly attitud making them be at defensive always and killing in the spot because of this not “so trusthy” race and since they couldn’t communicate properly nobody could show them otherwise.

    Hey! We can also blame Leon, before someone go “The Dictator Card” isn’t valid here, sorry, but with a colony fleet in the state Frontier was, not asking for help to the headquarters and try to repair damage on a friendly sector aside of resuppliying and gathering new forces, and instead going into a Genocidal and Suicidal charge into the closest habitable planet that is highly protected by the enemy because it’s their home planet where their queen is at, i would say that not only it’s a retarded course of action, but a proof that it was main Leon’s way ot preventing that his unrightfully taken power be taken away by the higher ranks of the HQ NUNS, he didn’t care about the people in Frontier alone, just for his power and position, a good leader knows when to retreat to a safer position and repair the damage of his/her force when it’s possible and without restriction. A opressor in disguise like Leon will just use whatever he have left, no matter how many die or how much damage they get, to fulfill his objective as long as he isn’t affected directly (Aka killed or being deprived of power) anything is AOK for him.

    The shippertards are so focused on one of the small traditional aspects of Macross (the love triangle) and in their biased hates and arrogante, that they’ll forget all the other aspects of Macross and remember something important.


    You think that Frontier can’t coexist with the Vajra if both “El Comandante” Leon and Grace are defeated and their plans revealed?

    Then you really are just some “average viewer” that can’t be called a Macross Fan or someone that at least understands the Macross Logic.

    On the Original Macross, the Zentraedi forces nearly wiped out mankind, yet at the end a great deal of them changed sides and fought alongside the Macross against the real enemy, Bodolza, on Macross 7 the Protodeviln had a great kill count on their own and that didn’t stop Basara of making them change for good and make Macross 7 be in good terms with them.

    So the people that think that Ranka and the Vajra can’t coexist with Frontier, even when all the real manipulators and evil characters are purged, it only proves that you don’t know shit of Macross, and if you care more about “Who Alto ends up with?” than about Frontier and the Vajra coexisting regardless of their difference, it’s also a prove of how shallow and pathetic you’re.

    For me, Alto can get a Sky end and no chick, while Ranka and Sheryl find happiness on their own, mainly because i bet shippertards will boil in anger and i’ll enjoy it after having to bear with their retarded comments and attitudes, that sure killed a great deal of the Fun that Macross Frontier could had being.

    My ideal ending is one on which the Evil and Machinations of Grace and Leon are made public, that both reacieve their rightful punishment and that peace and love prevails over hate and war.

    Vajra leaving their homeplanet as a way to make peace with the humans? Not a good end, i want them to keep living there, with the Frontier people, protecting each other and aiding each other, like what happened with the Humans and Zentraedies. Besides, we don’t know if that weird Hive like Ring surrounding the planet is the only place the Vajra live at, and the planet itself lacks of any “Vajra Home”, i bet they could share a planet easily like that. In Macross, for the sake of peace and coexistance, one need to learn to forgive and get a humble attitude. This isn’t like the STMC of Gunbuster that only brought destruction, even to solar systems and it was only destroying them or being destroyed, the Vajra are easily like saying space animals, like the space whales, not monsters, you don’t see them breeding or expanding while destroying habitats or planets, they seem to be as habitat friendly as humans, and as long as a developed race have both the capacity to create and destroy, and not only destroy without remplacing what was destroyed or repairing what was destroyed, they deserve the chance of coexistance.

    Za Third
  229. @nycs
    Uh…erm…so…Uh…what does DYRL have to do with MACROSS FRONTIER again? Lyke omg, Minmei’s DYRL didn’t get the guy, RANKA WILL SOOO NOT GET THE GUY TOO! Because because…*brainwash self*….SHE…IS…MINMEI. MINMEI…LOSER… MINMEI…LOSER…RR.

    AHAHAH *ahem*

    Please don’t tell Ranka fans to stop going dokun dokun because they’ve wrote enough essays trying to point out strong evidences that Alto and Ranka will hella work starting from the first deculture episode up to here and it never got through to their broad heads. The only thing left to say to sum everything up IN A NUTSHELL is Ranka’s song Anata no Oto that will be inserted next episode. 😀

    That’s why Ranka fans, don’t waste your breath defending RankaxAlto and just sing dokun dokun with me and AruRan. You can say you think it’s 50/50 or whatever, but you know you’re just dying to see them insert dokun dokun song once Alto and Ranka reunite again. XD Don’t lieeeee to yourselvesss!


  230. @diva
    My post was not directed at all Ranka fans going DOKUN DOKUN. Notice the different headings. I only find it annoying that those who did not back up their theories or posts with credible evidence to go DOKUN DOKUN.

    as to “what does DYRL have to do with MACROSS FRONTIER again?”
    well lets see:
    It is a popular song used in the series and by Ranka as well.
    It is the name of the movie which was a crticial success to the company and the staff and made Macross somewhat of a household name.
    The song became a top-10 single for six straight weeks as well as a top-40 song for all of 1984.
    The movie cemented the importance of having a singing idol, an exceptional soundtrack and a love triangle. (Note: This is why Macross II was not as good as the original movie and was not considered canon)

    I find it hard to believe that when one talks about the Macross series, one would completely disregard the merits and importance of the first and the most critically acclaimed movie in the series. My post was not an attack or a put-down. It was an opinion based on history was about using history. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  231. @nycs
    Ok, DYRL is all those things you mentioned. Now what? Is Macross Frontier going to end up the same way as DYRL now? They’re two different stories last time I checked. From the songs up to the character arts, it has nothing to do with past Macross stuff. Kawamori fails you because he doesn’t repeat history.

    Credible evidences? Credible evidences have been presented over and over in this episode thread and before that by yukime, kei, me, ani_d, druid and others that I forgot but it’s a waste of time because no amount of texts will convince noone in a shipping war. Noone. If you want credible evidence why I’m singing dokun dokun, reread back to our older posts and know that they exist. I ain’t going to repeat myself.:D Unless I’m singing Anata no Oto. XD

  232. @diva
    Why am I even replying? I will spell it out for you. I am talking to those who go DOKUN DOKUN by mentioning either the title of the next episode as an indication of their victory or some pictur or image people see in magazines such as Newtype.

    I find it ironic that I am arguing with the one person who could type my name correctly. I do not hate you diva. In fact, I believe I even praised one of your previous posts. I give credit where credit is due.

  233. @druid
    “Maybe Ranka will not be joining Frontier but don’t dump the possibility that Alto will go with her and I hope that happens.”

    There’s no way Alto will leave Frontier, because that would flush out all of the character development he has achieved so far. Alto went from hating Frontier to willing to go to any lengths to defend his home. His character arc has been abt him learning to value & love Frontier despite its lack of a real sky,to stop running away from his past & his feelings, to drop his actor’s mask.

    All of which he has managed to achieve as of ep 23 onwards. He has chosen Frontier over Ranka twice before in ep 21 & in ep 23; there’s no reason why he wont choose Frontier again. He has made it clear that Frontier is very important to him, so if you’re expecting Alto to leave frontier for ranka….dont see that happening.

    But I do agree with you that calling Ranka a mass murderer & condemning her chances with alto because of this is unfair. There are plenty of other reasons Why she & alto would never have worked out without adding this to the fray.(Muchado’s post explains it well)

    While her actions are irredeemable & cannot be forgotten, they can still be forgiven, atleast by her close friends. It still hasnt been confirmed if she is being mind-controlled or manipulated, so I am going to reserve judgement here.It does seem like she isnt seeing the same thing everyone else is seeing, so I dont think she knows what she’s doing. But it would have been nice if she had resisted a bit.

  234. Hmm, well “Anata no Oto” could play on the next episode as a image song.

    After all, the first time it was played some of the Vajra hatchlings were waving their anthenas cheerfully, maybe it will be the “Peacemaking” song that will stop the battle between the Vajra and the Humans, and then we Get the Duet Lion for the Battle between the new coalition vs Grace’s forces (At this point Leon would be under jail, fusilated or something)

    It doesn’t necessarily have to do with Alto and Rankas Relationship, Northen Cross is supposedly a song about Sheryl’s feelings for Alto, but it played on a battle that left Alto in a very bad state and with Ozma stating a valid critique against him, aka “you don’t follow your own path, you just follow the emotional wave of the moment” and not in a moment that really reinforced his relationship with Sheryl, that’s one of the things i do critique about him, aside of him accepting the whole “this universe is too small for 2 races, etc.” which was retarded since he uses it for the vajra, but the Zentran he learned it from used it for the human, making the whole idea stupid and intolerant.

    Don’t expect the songs to affect relationships because they are put on the title, first expect it to affect the rhytmn of the story and then see if it possibly did affect the relationship.

    Za Third
  235. @Za Third
    Ranka’s Blue Ether affected the rhythm of the story while describing Ranka’s feelings to Alto. The same with Interstellar Flight(for Alto only) and Neko Nikki (for Alto only) that mirrored Ranka’s sentiments at the moment, although Blue Ether’s words were made to be more parallel with the parting scene and was inserted with purpose. Ranka’s songs have everything to do with Alto, not the Vajra, or AltoxSheryl (ahaha who are we kidding?).

    It’s Sheryl’s songs that are always used in General situations like Diamond Crevasse and Northern Cross and Don’t be Late. But Ranka’s original songs always have to do with what is happening to her at that moment of time. We still have to hear Sheryl sing Yousei and her unrequited love sometime….or never LOL

  236. My heart broke when I saw Ranka and Alto part 3 episodes ago. Their feelings were real and they left their relationship broken like that for 3 episodes. Ranka wishes for the best. Alto wishes for the best but why are they killing each other? Leon & Grace shuld be the one suffering.

    I’m praying things go right between Alto and Ranka this time. 🙁 I’m not trying to be a part of the shipping war. I’m only saying what I think. Pls Kawamori. Make everyone happy nxt episode!

  237. I loved the fact that the song sang by Ranka is the same one from the movie “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross ~Do you remember love~”, specially given the fact that I saw it for first time just yesterday hehe 😀

  238. Brera in his hot manlicious voice “Saa Ranka Mamorunda!”

    Kyaaaa ^.^^^^!!! Fangirl sense tingling. Kyaaaa! He killed Alto! Yay!
    It’s because you tried to disrupt him and his sister! RIP ALTO. Know your place! You belong to that V-infected Sheryl. Don’t try to get to Ranka. You don’t deserve her. You don’t understand her, only Brera does. I hope you don’t come back next week and I hope you don’t get to go near Ranka anymore. Brera ftw!

  239. Well, I get what nycs is saying. Basically saying “Ranka will win the LT because Anata no oto is the name of the last episode” is silly and just not a very good argument for your ship, especially considering DYRL. Argue for your ship by pointing to evidence in the actual anime. Just because that’s the name of the last episode and could very well be the big song of the episode, doesn’t mean Ranka will win the LT.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Alto is bound to reunite with Ranka and be the one to snap her out of it. A definite AltoxRanka moment could (and probably will) come from that. But at the end of the episode we’ll see who Alto is standing with and that will be the thing to decide the LT.

  240. I get a real headache from reading all the ‘dokun dokun dokuns’ from children. -shakes his head- Either that, or they’re downloading completely different episodes from the rest of us. I’ve said it before on IRC, AS, MW, THAT, etc, the only way to do a Ranka and Alto ending now, is to kill Sheryl, and flash forward a minimum of 10 years into the future. Barring that, it’s just not realistically possible considering the character development that has been shown in this series.

    37 hours until the hammer falls. Enjoy your dokun dokun dokun. Reality isn’t so kind to fangirls.

  241. @zalem
    Triangular from Nyan Tra might be played at the very end as credits go up. Maybe a timeskip after the big holy war with the Vajra gets concluded.

    My prediction next episode, songwise:
    Anata no Oto
    Nyan service medley

    I might just be smoking weed with the above order, but I’m sure they’ll be playing anata no oto next episode.

  242. All this ‘To dokun dokun or Not To dokun dokun’ debate is making my head ache already… No matter how many posts we waste, we will still not know for sure who’s camp is winning. Well, even I as a Ranka fan is feeling apprehensive with the ending of the LT but I still hope it’s going to be good for both Ranka and Sheryl. For Sheryl, if she doesn’t get Alto, I hope her career flourishes even more and she gets cured too. For Ranka, if she doesn’t get Alto, I hope she can stay with Brera onii-chan so she’ll have lots of time to make new memories with her family. <3 And of course, for Macross F, I hope peace and love prevails! XD

    Less than 24 hours to wait now. I don’t know why but I also see Alto cutting his hair somewhere in this episode… Maybe in the end? As a sign that he’s over the past and looking forward to the future.

    @Za Third

    “You think that Frontier can’t coexist with the Vajra if both “El Comandante” Leon and Grace are defeated and their plans revealed?

    Then you really are just some “average viewer” that can’t be called a Macross Fan or someone that at least understands the Macross Logic.

    On the Original Macross, the Zentraedi forces nearly wiped out mankind, yet at the end a great deal of them changed sides and fought alongside the Macross against the real enemy, Bodolza, on Macross 7 the Protodeviln had a great kill count on their own and that didn’t stop Basara of making them change for good and make Macross 7 be in good terms with them.

    So the people that think that Ranka and the Vajra can’t coexist with Frontier, even when all the real manipulators and evil characters are purged, it only proves that you don’t know shit of Macross, and if you care more about “Who Alto ends up with?” than about Frontier and the Vajra coexisting regardless of their difference, it’s also a prove of how shallow and pathetic you’re.”

    Omg… You just so made my day. I really didn’t like it when people just put all the blame on Ranka, disregarding the FACT that there was a higher EVIL causing the damage. They just saw Ranka and wanted HER to be punished. Thanks for that nice speech! If anything, Ranka should be pitied here. Being used for evil plans just because she was the little Queen. She never asked to be the little Queen.

    Sheryl’s being used as a replacement for Ranka, trying her best to amplify fold waves to fight off the Vajra just like Ranka did in episode 16, where the Vajra became disoriented. I don’t see people blaming Sheryl that her fold waves aren’t protecting Frontier as much as it should be. I mean, people have blamed Ranka for killing Michel and all those people because she refused to sing. Jeez. Then when she sang, they still blamed her for making the Vajras go berserk. Then they call her useless for running away TO find out the truth about her past. Haha, some people are so biased…

  243. Every episode that’s been named after a song end up playing the song, so unfortunately (for me cause I hate it) that means Anata no oto will be playing at some point. Probably when Ranka snaps out of her zombie mode due to Alto chatting/knocking some sense into her.

  244. @ yukime
    Hello ^_^ late reply cos I couldnt access RC in the beginning & all the mountain of new posts made me hesitant to bring it up again but oh well *shrugs* I wanted to clear up a few things with you.
    Even if you wont say my name,I have this feeling that you were referring to me when you said, ” Like how someone (I forgot who) mentioned that Alto joined SMS because of Sheryl’s make your own destiny speech.” because I did say something to that effect & I wanted to explain what I meant.

    I dont believe I specifically said alto joined SMS because of Sheryl’s speech, though I did say that she spurred him on to grab his own destiny & hastened his decision-making process when joining SMS is all. And I still stand by that. It ties in with alto running away & wanting to protect ranka. Nothing in the series so far disproves that for me. Watch episode one again & see; the scenes play out like this:

    -alto wanting to join SMS even before his aimo meeting with ranka
    -alto parrots part of sheryl’s destiny speech(sick of leaving his destiny in others hands) to Ozma & asks for info on the Vajra.
    -Ozma says there’s no going back & Alto says that he doesnt care.
    -Ozma gives alto 24 hrs to think it over: What you want to do, Why you want to fight & What you’re willing to risk.
    -Michael accuses alto of running away from his father & home.
    -A frustrated alto, remembering Michael’s tries to convince himself he’s not running away.
    -alto meets ranka & voila, he gets his readymade reason & consciously makes the decision of protecting her forever as his reason for joining SMS instead of the more truthful original reason that he was in fact running away from his father & home.

    Since the real reason for alto joining SMS has been established as his tendency to run away from his past, what does that make ‘protecting ranka’? IMO, she’s a pseudo reason; purpose is to make alto feel better abt himself & gives him the opportunity to continue ignoring his problems.

    The thing is alto, too, desperately wants to believe that his pseudo reason is real, that he really wants to join SMS because of ranka & that he isnt actually running away. Its why he tries so hard & immerses himself in the role of her protector when she’s in danger. But he’s been fighting a losing battle & deep down, he’s always been aware that he’s been lying to himself through almost the entire series.

    I digress, what I was trying to get at, was that even if ranka was suposedly his reason for joining SMS, it doesnt negate the influence sheryl has had on alto’s decisions. Alto credits her for this in ep 19, & basically says that she inspired him & ranka to grab hold of their dreams.

    Three things-
    1)Sheryl isnt the same woman she was at the beginning of the series. Her current frame of mind is different from before. She is first & foremost a dying woman who is vulnerable & riddled with insecurities. Is it so hard to believe that sheryl is as human as the rest of the cast? The fact that she’s dying has brought out all of the uncertainty & fears she’s always masked behind her I Am Sheryl Nome mask.

    Now that she’s dying, any act of kindness towards her feels like pity to her; it isnt just abt alto. Its why she tells luca that kindness is a sin & to not be kind to her lest she take advantage of it. She doubts(alto) because she is dying just like rest of the ranka shippers who think alto is with her because she’s dying. To take the feelings of an insecure dying woman as absolute & as a measure of alto’s feelings is not sound reasoning.

    2)You cannot presume to know what klan understood alto to mean in episode 23. I believe she was referring to his love for Frontier. I think episode 24 should have made it clear that she was referring to Frontier because alto’s father in ep 24, asks the same question klan did in ep 23. Note, both klan & alto’s father say ai & not koi. Whereas klan always uses koi when referring to her relationship with Michael.

    3) We only need to look at alto to get a measure of his feelings especially since we now have some insight into his mind. Using Alto’s expressions as a basis is very subjective reasoning as they can be interpreted in multiple ways. Still, unlike you, I loved all of his expressions in ep 24; felt they fit perfectly in the context of the scene with sheryl. You’ll have to remember that at the end of ep 23, alto stated that he was no longer running away or pretending, so I dont see any reason for alto to go back on his word. Ep 24 was the real Alto.

    As soon as the soldiers begin to disperse, alto with an air of determination & resolution abt him makes a beeline to Sheryl’s dressing room. You must have noticed that this occurs in tandem with klan thinking abt Michael & luca thinking abt nanase.
    Alto goes to sheryl with the intention of confessing.

    Despite sheryl’s less than lukewarm reception of him, with his brows furrowed, he still resolutely presses on(Sheryl’s rude, ‘what did you come here for?’ reminded me of her response to alto in ep 19 when he comes to visit her at the saotome mansion)& says he came to tell her that he’s coming back to her. When she finally responds to him, he continues on with his flying analogy.

    That to me, was alto’s confession & just like alto somehow. It makes no sense for him to tell sheryl this if he was thinking abt ranka here. And he’s looking directly at her when he’s saying all this. Sheryl is the one thinks alto doesnt really mean what he’s saying & purposefully misunderstands him, giving him a way out.

    But Alto doesnt take it, instead his feet & hands instinctively move forward afer her, reaching out & grabbing her,”Wait, Sheryl, I…” (This is the kind of instinctive reaction I was looking for in ep 19,20, when ranka misunderstands & walks/runs away, but didnt get from him then. Remember, I told you then, that when the woman you love misunderstands & walks away, your body, feet, hands just instinctively move & reach for her just like they did with sheryl this time. Also, ep 20 damns ranka’s chances with alto further because we now know that alto was aware of her feelings & he still purposely lets her misunderstand, not even bothering to try & set her right. )

    Anyway, He doesnt get a chance to finish. He even takes a step forward & tries to continue saying what he started to earlier after the sudden long emotional kiss but she stops him by placing her finger on his lips.I saw no confusion, regret or hesitation in his actions until after she places her finger on his lips.

    This confusion after the kiss is understandable because he obviously doesnt know that she overheard his conversation with Klan, so he has no idea why sheryl doesnt want to hear his confession. Instead he opts to respect her wishes & not say anything to her, since she says she wont be able to sing no matter what he says & he did promise her that he would give her the courage to sing forever. I loved the earing scene after that & hw they both knew they had a job to do & had their priorities straight, reminded me so much of my one of my fav alto/sheryl scenes(ep 6).
    So, that’s my take on that scene,hope I addressed everything that was bugging you abt the scene, though my version of the scene might end up bugging you even more since it pretty much shoots down any chance of an alto/ranka end. ^_~ Feel free to nitpick my post.

  245. @ yukime
    I feel stupid writing such a long post when the topic has all but died now, u can just ignore it if you want to, we’ll know the result soon anyway. Its just that i take so long to write & by the time I’m ready to post, the topic has moved on already. ^_^

    I think alto cutting his hair is a possibility but I really dont think either sheryl or ranka will like it if he does & neither will I. I like alto with his long hair;though judging by the fanarts, he looks just as hot & pretty with short hair.^_^

    I’m predicting he’ll go back to acting after the war, that’s the impression I got, though I really really like him as a pilot.* sigh *

  246. @aneeshadc

    alto goes to sheryl with the intention of confessing…

    no way!!!! he only went there to say his goodbye and you know what if he truly loves her he can just cut sheryl statement and kiss her instead but he didn’t. That scene wasn’t really convincing as you thought it was. Especially when alto hears ranka’s voice he was confused, shocked with dibelief but there wasn’t any intention of killing so i thought there was still feeling left for ranka and i hope that alto really does love ranka and save her… it will become a dokun dokun ending….

  247. dokun dokun dokun ^__^

    And no diva, I’m not tolerating you. Tone down honey. I do agree with you, but really tone down haha 😉

    I think all this ddebate is pointless so let’s just wait for the final episode shall we? Aside from being sure that Anata no Oto will play I’m not going to expect an uber cheesy Ranka/Alto finale since I still have a nagging feeling that it might be not go well regardless of the dokun dokun song. “Go well” as in Ranka might still die or get sacrificed. No matter how high of a chance that Ranka will get her happy ending, the fact that it still have yet to be seen will not always guarantee that it’s a sure thing. As long as it didn’t happen, it’s not official, and it’ll always be an assumption.

    Sooo…. ^_^ One more day guys. I’m going to miss this show, Ranka and Alto’s antics especially.

  248. @aneeshadc
    Actually I was only citing possible endings I haven’t really chosen a single one since in all honesty I don’t know what will happen at the final episode but I’m still rooting for Ranka and I don’t really mind now if she didn’t end up with Alto (but I hope that she does though 😀 ).

    @Barbwire Wings
    Sorry wrong choice of word then 😀 . Manipulation it is but that’s not really my point. My point is, may it be control or manipulation what’s she’s doing is not of her freewill. Personally, I don’t think it’s right to put all the blame on her but then again we have different opinions so let’s keep it at that 😀

  249. @aneeshadc

    Who cares if your post was late? I still enjoy reading your posts since it has sense at least. And it doesn’t go picking fights with opposing side. It argues but with meaning and respect, so I will reply to it no matter how late it is. Unfortunately, I can’t write a long one since I have limited time, but rest assured we can still discuss at the end of episode 25, whether Ranka or Sheryl wins. ^^

    First of all, it was definitely not you for the one who I was addressing for the part of Alto joining SMS because of Sheryl. I’m sure it’s not you because I remember all of our discussions but you didn’t SPECIFICALLY tell in your argument that Alto joined BECAUSE of Sheryl. Someone else did though. And even pointed out that it was NOT Ranka who made Alto join SMS but Sheryl ALONE. Ugh, if only my memory was better with all other posters. T_T

    Anyway, I also still think Ranka is not a pseudo reason but actually THE reason which made Alto’s decision for joining SMS positively sure. I mean, Michel commented on him trying to run away AND Ozma gave him 24 hours to think because they know AT that time that Alto blurted out, “Tell me about the Vajra!” It’s just like impulse, being carried away by his emotions. But when he met up with Ranka at the park and heard her song AND speech, he finally understood why he wanted to join SMS and know about the Vajra. It wasn’t because he remembered SHeryl nor was it because he wanted to run away AND use Ranka as an excuse BUT it was because he WANTED to protect Ranka. Let’s not put colorings or other meanings on Alto’s words. He’d been honest when he said that: he wanted to protect Ranka.

    This brings us back to the argument about musouka’s post about Alto’s speech back in ep 23 and I still stick with my arguments last episode.

    Now, let’s just wait 14 more hours and pray for the victory of our shiipings. X3 Here’s to watching a nice ending of Macross F. Cheers!

    See you next episode discussion~

  250. I sympathize very badly with Ranka. 🙁 She found out that she can communicate with the Vajra in 21. She left Frontier in order to tell the Vajra that they didn’t want to fight. She wanted to bring Alto but Alto didn’t understand her. She just didn’t want [b]anyone[/b] to fight and to die anymore.

    Once she got there, the Vajra didn’t listen to her and held her captive. Then she remembered everything. She remembered that she was the reason why her family died. She was the one to blame for everything. She started blaming everything on herself, and Grace took advantage of this and told her to atone. Now, she is trap in the dark and is now trying her best to atone. If Grace told her to die for atonement, she will more likely do it. The girl who was once filled dreams, ambitions, love, and ideals was back to her hollow self. And noone from Frontier knew what really happened.

    Ranka reminds me of Euphemia. 🙁 She wanted nothing but coexistence but circumstance blew up on her face like bad luck and she died being hated by the people whom she wanted to save. Never understood by everyone.

    What would Alto do once he finds out all of this?

  251. “She found out that she can communicate with the Vajra in 21”

    No she found out in 14 but was too busy going gaga for Alto that she only remembered in 21 because she thought Alto loved Sheryl 🙁

  252. Today!! it’s the final battle between the Shippers!!

    Who will win??