「Legacy 決戦セイルーン!」 (Legacy. Kessen Seiruun!)
“Legacy. Decisive Battle at Seyruun!”

Episode at a Glance:
With Ducuris and Zanaffar beginning their attack on Seyruun, Lina, Amelia, and the others arrive just in time to rally the troops and help out. Surprisingly, Ducuris decides to retreat shortly afterwards, which Zanaffar is originally against since he doesn’t fear the Sword of Light, but agrees to do so. Seeing this, Pokota tells Lina and the others to go after them, but quickly finds out that everyone’s starving after rushing all the way here. After a long-winded introduction to Sylphiel, Weiser updates Prince Phil and the Seyruun council about Zanaffar’s impending attack on Seyruun.

Meanwhile, Lina and Gourry are stuffing themselves to recharge, but finally stop for a moment to inform Sylphiel that it’s the legendary evil beast Zanaffar that they’re up against. While she’s scared to hear this, the Seyruun council is blaming Ruvinagald for bringing the beast here and starts passing the blame around. Pokota then arrives, introduces himself to Phil and the others, and asks for their help on behalf of Taforashia. Naturally, everyone doubts his identity believing that Taforashia was annihilated long ago, but Pokota tells them otherwise, saying he’s living proof. Claiming he’s here to bear the responsibility for helping resurrect Zanaffar, Pokota stresses that they need to defeat the beast, but everyone questions if they can even do that. Having heard enough of his council’s refusal to help, Phil tells everyone that they need to defeat Zanaffar to protect the lives of everybody in the world. He then apologizes to Pokota for not helping Taforashia during the epidemic, but swears he’ll do whatever it takes to help defeat Zanaffar. Lina and the others then arrive, offering their services as well, before heading out to engage the beast.

Using the Sword of Light, they eventually locate Ducuris, who claims he’s doing this to see how the world has changed in regards to helping others. Zanaffar then appears from beneath the ground, shocking everyone with how large it’s grown. Surprisingly, the beast reveals that it’s interested in absorbing Lina, after taking notice to Gioconda’s memories of her spells. During this time, Phil continues to coordinate the evacuation of the civilians, while Lina and the others try to keep Zanaffar preoccupied. With Pokota unable to land a blow with the imitation Sword of Light, Lina suggests letting Gourry use it, so Pokota hands it over to him and supports him with magic. With the Sword of Light in hand, Gourry is able to inflict some damage on Zanaffar, but is still far from seriously injuring it. Seeing this, Zelgadis and Amelia also try to attack a wound that Gourry opened up, only to find out that it heals almost instantly. Off on the sidelines, Sylphiel suggests that Lina support them with ‘that’ spell, but Lina claims that she can’t because of the damage it causes. More importantly, Lina says there’s still Ducuris to deal with.


Next Episode:
「Misty 振り下ろされる刃!」 (Misty. Furiorosareru Yaiba!)
“Misty. The Blade Comes Swinging Down!”

Wow Pokota, lend Gourry the imitation Sword of Light earlier! That basically sums up the prominent thought running through my mind after watching this episode. Given how Lina and the others have decided to help Pokota stop Zanaffar, you’d think they’d give the swordsman a real weapon, but nope! Luckily, they did at the end of the episode, reminding us exactly how much Gourry can kick ass with a real sword. “HIKARI WO!” While I’m sure some people will find the opening song playing during that part kind of cheesy, I think it was just damn cool. That’s how we rolled back in the 90s—play the opening song while your protagonists are kicking butt! Seeing as this is Slayers, we have a Hayashibara Megumi song too, so you can’t really go wrong with that.

Anyway, this episode was minimal important talk (i.e. just updating Seyruun on what we already know) and a fair bit of action with Ducuris and Zanaffar attacking Seyruun. Since both Sylphiel and Phil made their first REVOLUTION appearances here, most of the talk revolved around them (…no pun intended), which was nice because it kept even the bickering scene in the council room entertaining. In any case, the next episode should be the last one before the scheduled break in the middle of the series, so it was nice to see the battle with Zanaffar heading right into the ending credits this week. I’m still uncertain whether or not they’ll conclude this season with Zanaffar’s complete defeat, but the preview does hint that something will happen to Durcuris, so it’ll be interesting to see how everything else unfolds. Also, it looks like Ozel is back. At this point, I’m suspecting that this is another doll of her though, because I can’t imagine her surviving a Ragna Blade impaling.

Finally, in light of what’s been going on, I guess it’s safe to assume that the whole issue with Rezo and Taforashia will be left for the second half of the series.


– Lina Inverse (リナ・インバース) / Hayashibara Megumi (林原 めぐみ)
– Gourry (ガウリイ) / Matsumoto Yasunori (松本 保典)
– Amelia (アメリア) / Suzuki Masami (鈴木 真仁)
– Zelgadis (ゼルガディス) / Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川 光)
– Pokota (ポコタ) / Kobayashi Yumiko (小林 由美子)
– Weiser (ワイザー) / Ootsuka Akio (大塚 明夫)
– Prince Phil (フィル王子) / Inaba Minoru (稲葉 実)
– Sylphiel (シルフィール) / Touma Yumi (冬馬 由美)
– Ducuris (デュクリス) / Matsuyama Takashi (松山 鷹志)
– Zanaffar (ザナッファー) / Ishii Kouji (石井 康嗣)
– Commander (指揮官) / Hoshino Mitsuaki (星野 充昭)
– Injured soldier (負傷兵) / Kumada Hironari (熊田 裕成)
– Parliament member A (議員A) / Katou Seizou (加藤 精三)
– Parliament member B (議員B) / Tatekabe Kazuya (たてかべ 和也)
– Parliament member C (議員C) / Muramatsu Yasuo (村松 康雄)
– Soldier A (兵士A) / Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木 裕斗)
– Mother (母親) / Okada Sachiko (岡田 幸子)
– Child (子供) / Shintani Ryouko (新谷 良子)


  1. I remember that Sylphiel appeared VERY VERY late both times in the original Slayers and Slayers Next – about 5 episodes from the end. So I’m glad she appears relatively early here, imho she is a underused character.

  2. The thing that bugged me the most during the episode was, “Just what on earth is Sylphiel holding?” Some weird looking wand/staff right there.

    drzero7, you’ve said the same thing in last episode’s comment section. Enough already. -,-
    Must I remind you it took an entire season for Lina&co. to defeat Valgaav in TRY? Sheesh…

    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Lina to Ragna Blade Ducuris’ Z-Armor off, followed by a double incantation of Dragu Slave by both Lina and Sylphiel. 😀

  3. This episode bugged me in so many ways.
    1) Phillionel’s Slayers Try VA did his voice again. I oculd understand why his original VA didn’t come back for Try, seeing as how he was there for 1 episode and had all of 5 lines…but to not come back in Revolution is disappointing.

    2) They drew Sairune completely wrong. It’s a while magic city, so why the hell did they draw a PENTAGRAM on it? It’s supposed to be a six poited star. Unless they had complaints from religious guys or something.

    3) What’s with this repeated theme of people not knowing who Zanaffar is? And why the hell does everyone act as though they’ve never faced him before and don’t know his weaknesses? He took up the entire climax of Slayers series 1. If you’re calling on such knowledge as Rezo the Red Priest, surely you’re expecting people to remember Zanaffar. If not, then make up a new beast for your purposes. They already changed him from a dragon to a wolf anyway.

    Loving the series so far, but certain things are really irking me…

    Dragon Nexus
  4. @divine: That’s news to me and I’ve watched the original 3 series in full. I’ve never noticed and I didn’t have the beast of a computer or cable connection that I do now, so net-surfing for info was slow and tedious.

    But I’m content with the majority of characters sans Phil having their original seiyuu. The moment I saw Sylphiel in the preview of the previous episode I was already hype and knowing that if Touma Yumi reprises her role as Sylphiel, then it’d be a wrap.

    So I’m happy.

    @kendoggs: I always thought that Sylphiel and Xellos could pass for brother and sister because of the bangs of similar color myself.

    But, yeah, she’s a character that’s been around since the original series and appeared the second, NEXT, as well, although she always appears late like Sashimi-san says.

    @Sashimi-san: I agree whole-heartily!!

    Sylphiel is actually my favorite character and it drives me nuts that she always appears late in the series or in the case of TRY not at all. I almost thought we wouldn’t see her like in TRY and that Pokota was her “fill-in” much like Filia did
    in TRY.

    I can understand her character being stationary story-wise i.e. wanting to help with her town and whatnot but shouldn’t have been taken care of by now. Plus Amelia manages to run around all the time. I don’t think Sairaag would suddenly just “die-out” without her.

    But, like you said, at least she appears like halfway in this series. I only hope this carries over into the second arc.


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