Despite the FLEIJA warheads taking out more and more of his forces, Lelouch orders his men to keep attacking the Damocles and make it continue firing. Unfortunately, its defenses are nearly impenetrable. Lelouch eventually decides to gather his forces around the Avalon to make a charge – with the hostages still on board – because Lloyd and Nina have finally finished what they were working on. Schneizel’s actions against the Britannian forces meanwhile prompts Xingke to question if Schneizel is going to destroy the hostages, and Xingke insists that the Black Knights haven’t been defeated yet, so Schneizel gives them ten minutes to accomplish something. The Shenhu thus leads an assault aimed at punching a hole through the back side of Lelouch’s forces, and Xingke and Toudou both engage Suzaku. When Toudou questions what Suzaku wants, Suzaku claims that he merely hopes for the future, and he then destroys the Zangetsu, forcing Toudou to eject. While Suzaku is occupied, Xingke fires the Shenhu’s main cannon at the Avalon and manages to break through its shield. This damages the Avalon’s Float System, and to make matters worse, the Black Knights board the ship.

Because of these developments, Lelouch decides to let the Avalon land in the Pacific. He tells Lloyd, Cecile, Sayoko, and Arthur to go forward with Mission Apate Aletheia before thanking them and leaving the bridge. Meeting up with Nina, he acknowledges that what he’s doing is his own desire, and when Nina points out that it was Euphemia’s as well, Lelouch asserts that that’s why he has to do it. Nina explains that the final program for what she’s developed requires the input of environmental data or else it won’t work, and so she insists on going with him. Lelouch feels that she’s helped him enough even though he’s Euphemia’s murderer, and although Nina won’t forgive Zero, she has at the same time decided that she has to find her own answer. The two then part ways, and Lelouch proceeds to meet C.C. in the Knightmare hanger. He plans to go out personally with her as an escort, and when she notes that he might have to kill Nunnally, he claims that it can’t be helped if Nunnally is an obstacle to the Zero Requiem. C.C. then asks if he bears a grudge against her for giving him Geass and changing his destiny this much, so Lelouch explains that it was because of the Geass she gave him and because she was there that he was able to begin moving forward. Him taking responsibility for everything that happened from that point on prompts C.C. to say that this is the first time she’s been with a man like him.

The pair’s moment together is interrupted when the Guren suddenly bursts through the wall. Kallen is ready to kill Lelouch, but C.C. stops her using the pink Lancelot and gives Lelouch enough time to make it into the Shinkirou. Lelouch’s concern for her well-being makes C.C. happy, and she tells him to go and then return later and give her a smile. The Shinkirou heading towards the Damocles causes Schneizel to have Nunnally fire the next FLEIJA warhead at it, and Lelouch gets to work inputting environmental data in order to use the counter that Lloyd and Nina developed. He manages to succeed within the tiny window of time that he was given, and he has Suzaku throw the FLEIJA ELIMINATOR at the blast, nullifying it. What’s more, because the Damocles needed to lower part of its shield in order to fire the FLEIJA, Lelouch is able to keep that hole open with the Shinkirou and allow Suzaku and some of his men through. This forces Schneizel to use what he calls his last plan: keep Lelouch inside the Damocles, escape, and then destroy the Damocles with a FLEIJA warhead. Schneizel feels that the Damocles and FLEIJA are merely machines that can be rebuilt, and he’s going to abandon Nunnally because he feels that there’s no comparison between world peace and a single life.

Meanwhile, Lelouch and Suzaku are attacked by Gino in his upgraded Tristan while they are making their way through the Damocles. The Tristan disables the Shinkirou, so Lelouch has to proceed on foot while the Lancelot keeps the Tristan busy. The battle outside the Damocles also rages on, with Jeremiah facing Anya, and Kallen going up against C.C. Kallen feels that people who don’t have reason to fight should withdraw, but C.C. claims that she has a reason – a promise. Kallen thinks that this means she loves Lelouch, however C.C. just says that she wanted to bring an end to the accumulation of her experiences. The Guren ends up demolishing the pink Lancelot, and when C.C. gives Kallen the win, Kallen claims not to care about that. As she ejects in the cockpit and falls toward the ocean, C.C. is surprised that she herself still cares about winning or losing. Over on the Avalon, Xingke has found Kaguya and the young Empress along with all the other hostages. Sayoko, Lloyd, and Cecile are with this group and are pretending that they were only helping Lelouch because he threatened them. At around the same time, far away on Penglai Island, Cornelia is recovering and tells Guilford that Schneizel didn’t kill her. She feels that Schneizel doesn’t have any desires and would have made an excellent king if times had not changed, and she calls herself a fool for not figuring that out.

Back inside the Damocles, Nunnally had dropped the key to the fortress during an earlier explosion and is now on the ground trying to find it. She feels that she has to stop her brother, and she suddenly turns her head to exactly where the key lays on the ground. Elsewhere, Schneizel, Kanon, and Diethard board a shuttle to escape, but they are met by an image of Lelouch on the video screen. Schneizel immediately realizes that this is checkmate for him, and he wonders how Lelouch figured out his plan. Lelouch explains that it wasn’t Schneizel’s plan that he was able to read but rather Schneizel’s true nature. He had observed that Schneizel didn’t play to win but rather so that he couldn’t lose, and so he knew Schneizel would abandon the Damocles. Schneizel thinks that Lelouch is planning to kill him, but Lelouch first asks if Schneizel was going to use the Damocles to seize the world. Schneizel claims that he only wanted to create the peace that everyone wished for, and when Lelouch thinks that he’s ignoring the true nature of people, Schneizel calls it a difference of opinion. Lelouch then notes that Schneizel wanted to lock the world into the present, but he feels that an unchanging life is not living – it’s just an experience.

Lelouch goes on to assert that Charles wanted the past, Schneizel wants the present, and he personally wants the future. Schneizel points out that the future may be worse than the present, but Lelouch insists that it’ll be better because no matter how long it takes, people will continue to seek happiness. The two go back and forth a bit further about happiness and the will of the people before Schneizel has had enough and tells Lelouch to kill him. He knows that Lelouch will die as well via the FLEIJA warhead, and he thinks that peace will be achieved through their two lives, but Lelouch is already one step ahead of him. Despite being on the video screen, Lelouch is actually in the room with Schneizel, and he uses his Geass to make Schneizel serve Zero. He explains afterwards that Schneizel’s assumption that he’d be killed led to this defeat. Refusing to accept this, Diethard kills the guard holding him and tries to kill Lelouch as well, but Schneizel shoots Diethard first. As he lays dying, Diethard asks Lelouch to use Geass on him, but Lelouch feels that it’s not worth it. Lelouch then tells Schneizel to cancel the self-destruct of the Damocles, but Schneizel reveals that the control switch is in Nunnally’s hands.

Suzaku and Gino meanwhile have taken their battle outside the Damocles, and although the Lancelot slices apart the Tristan, Gino succeeds in first bringing down part of the Damocles’ shields. This allows Kallen and the Guren in, and Kallen feels that the time to settle things has come. As this is going on, Lelouch makes his way to Nunnally’s room and finds her back in her chair. She knows that he wants the Damocles’ key, and she feels that she can’t avert her eyes any more, so she opens them. This shocks Lelouch because he realizes that she used her own will to break the Geass on her, and Nunnally then asks him if he intends to use Geass on her as well.


Now that was an exciting way to end the episode – Schneizel Geass’d, Diethard dead, and Nunnally finally opening her eyes. What was interesting to me was that after all of that time spent on making Schneizel look like a villain, he turned out to not really be one at all – at best he’s just an obstacle who shares Lelouch’s goal of peace but has a different way of doing things. In fact, you could even say that Cornelia being alive is a sign that Schneizel wasn’t really evil since he (at least it’s so implied) got her to Penglai and out of harm’s way. If this series had a real villain, it’s still Charles in my mind, and part of me thinks Charles will appear again before this is all over, particularly since we’ve got some thought-to-be-dead characters showing back up.

As for Nunnally, her opening her eyes isn’t a surprise so much as it is an exciting development given that I’m sure many of us were anticipating that it’d eventually happen. It’s nice to see her acting on her own will and challenging Lelouch head-on, but I still don’t see her as a very big final obstacle – Lelouch probably has something up his sleeve that’ll convince her to let him do what he wants. Thus, the finale becomes less of a question of Lelouch going up against a “final boss” type character and more of a question of whether he and Suzaku can achieve their goal of Zero Requiem, whatever that is. In any case, although I’m not too keen on the fact that some of the cast have been magically brought back for the finale, I’m going to back away from calling this a trainwreck because there appears to be some direction to all this, and I can see how things could get wrapped up nicely next week. I’m sure we’re in for a few more surprises too, especially since the preview doesn’t really give any hints on what’ll happen.


  1. Damn it! I don’t know what to think anymore…

    What are you planning to do now SUNRISE? You keep me awake almost four hours to see this episode to know that Cornelia is still alive, Guilford is alive; Lelouch geassed Schneizel and Nunnally opened her eyes…

    better to be a good damn ending…

  2. Awesome. Waiting for the last few episodes have been like waiting for Christmas morning. Except you KNOW you might get coal.

    Still, never have I anticipated episodes in a series like the last few of R2. I’m waiting for the last one and holding out hope that the end will be an awesome one. <3

    CC. ;_;

    THE Tony
  3. Nunally opening her eyes and NOT having Geass underneath was a shock to me. But you never know! Also, I love the resemblence to Rolo.

    Also, Cornelia was never dead to me since the offical Geass chart never said so. Good to know her and Gilford are reunited. <3

    THE Tony
  4. one of greatest episodes. Loved how Cornelia survived, although I am not too sure if Guilford is really here or if he is just a figment of her imagination.

    Diethard got wahat he deserved. Lelouch’s “I never geassed you” phrase when Diethard died was effective end for /d/tard.

    Schneizel got what he deserved too, outwitted by Lelouch. Person who would always want to win and be at the top is now forced into submission by someone he used to beat in intelligence a lot of times.

    Romance Triangle is solved too – C.C gave up, saying that Kallen Loves Lelouch more than her. From their talking I understood that C.C had more of that “platonic, motherly, love” for Lelouch, while Kallen has chaotic, True Love for him.

    Now Nunnally opening her eyes – that was a king of all twists. I would not be surprised if there was another one of those twists, since preview is empty. Nunnally being Marianne, maybe?…

  5. talk about sh** hitting the roof, it seems they really want to damage the series
    in every way possible to prob. never even leave room to allow an OVA. oh well its
    sad, though most peeps just want to know how it all ends.

    I am pretty sure that Lelouch will kick the bucket, prob. by 1st choice CC, or 2nd choice

    I’m so happy he’s alive! Cornelia too, and that reunion.
    Now next should be an explanation with regards to Nunnally’s eyes.
    And did someone say C.C. gave up on the love triangle? Oh gawd, anything but that. I’m not a Kallen hater, but I always thought C.C. would be Lelouch’s final love. And that I’ve just been proven wrong just kills me, because I like C.C. better. Ahaha~

  7. That episode was touching…I had to stay up till 3 in the morning just to watch it. After all that craziness, I don’t even feel like sleeping now. Nunnally creepy ass eyes FTW. Good thing for Lelouch that the only person that can beat him is himself…

    After all of this, he should let Nunnally play queen just for fun. He can always pull the strings from behind anyway. I wonder what geass he will give her 🙂

  8. great episode, someone i disliked died, someone i disliked got geassed, someone im mad at Opened her Eyes… woa she is a dam good actor of the blind doing that hand touching thing. that was great. lol Oh Cornelia good to see u back alive, since i did not like ur death last week after saying some good stuff.

  9. @Tiff

    basically, during Pinkcelot and Gurren fight, they went on about their ideals and love, C.C implied that she was surprised that she, herself, could hold any sort of those feelings, but that Kallen’s feelings are stronger and more real. Then C.C, sort of gave up the fight, letting Kallen pwn her, because Kallen is worth Lelouch more.

  10. @Kaioshin Sama. Yeah I thought so too. But only on the last one, I saw obvious pixelization there. But it was still creepy.. Did I scare you? Lol. 🙂 So what about the other ones? They musy be photoshops too. What about the first one I posted by itself? That looked real to me. I’ll have to look at it again – with the blue eyes. Yeah its probably most likely photoshopped. Oh well. Scary. I refused to look at the one with the large red geass eyes. -_— 🙂

  11. @UnknownVoice

    I see I see. I wonder what Lelouch’s reaction would be though, when he does find out what happened between the two girls. Oh well. I’m quite devastated, but I suppose its better to please the Kallen-fans than the C.C.-fans.

  12. I don’t have any reason to watch this show anymore. My favorite character just bit the dust, and I don’t see Lelouch showing any kind of emotion at all. Jackass.

    …Unless she’s still immortal…One can hope 🙁

  13. CC gave up the fight? lulz what? Did we watch the same episode? Does the fact that Kallen has a super haxed 9th gen knightmare vs CC’s older 8th gen mean nothing now? CC didn’t like the fact she lost to Kallen in that fight but she didn’t have a chance anyways.

    And if anything Kallen was all butthurt that lulu still had CC with him even now.

    And the scene before with CC and lulu talking before kallen busted in with her cockblock was another indicator for lulu x CC. Are people still holding on to some “hope” that zomg lulu loves kallen or something?

  14. So Omni, did this episode renew your interest in the series or what?

    As for Guilford being alive, it was a long shot, but wasn’t the last scene we saw of him his Knightmare Frames legs getting disintegrated on the edge of the Freya blast followed by a signal lost screen? I’m just imagining a Vincent dropping out of the sky and him having gone into hiding or something.

    Need to see the episode, but if anything Guilford being alive just sounds like one more bit of irony to the whole scenario between 18-24 that started with the bombing of the Tokyo Settlement. I mean that had Lelouch known Nunally was alive and had Guilford been able to make it to Cornelia somehow earlier on then a lot of what has transpired may not have happened at all. We’re talking about a domino effect here if you follow the chain of events that followed episode 18….basically Schneizel wouldn’t have had Nunally, the BK and Cornelia as cards to use against Lelouch. Kind of too late for that now as what has happened has happened. At least it help set in motion the chain of events that got rid of Charles.

    Anyway, I’m getting too chatty so I’ll stop for now. It’s about time for the weekly roast of R2 to start anyway.

  15. *like an angel that has no sense of mercy…*
    God it feels like it became that nostalgic, psychotic old anime that has mechs, hard-to-understand plots(and pilots), minus that psychotic mastermind….

    oops my bad, there’s one…

  16. OMG those bishoujo eyes are scary ahahaha, WTH was that Guilford alive this reminds of of Mai-Hime/Otome… Charles wish to yesterday, Schneizel wish for today and Lelouch wish for tommorrow… huh what are they implying, Code Geass R2 is really crapping stuffs

  17. As much as I want to roast this giddy-fest, I found the same will to not to. This series is a done deal in terms of action. Sunrise managed to reinforce the unpredictable ending with this cliffer & that’s all that matters. The last 3 episodes were trash which is just retarded when the series gets so close to end. But given everything that HAD to happen did, they now get to waste an entire episode to tie it up.

    Hopefully, it won’t end exactly like it started. But even if it does, its still the best anime of the year. But that only tells you how everything else out there sucked. Sunrise couldn’t mess up this anime anymore even if they wanted to. GJ 🙂

  18. @UnknownVoice:
    “Romance Triangle is solved too – C.C gave up, saying that Kallen Loves Lelouch more than her. From their talking I understood that C.C had more of that “platonic, motherly, love” for Lelouch, while Kallen has chaotic, True Love for him.”
    What made you say that? Did C.C Say that in the episode? :0

  19. This episode looks so awesome!!
    I can’t wait for the subbed episode!

    @Omni: Maybe there’s a explanation for Guilford being alive and things.
    I really hope that YOU won’t be saying,’trainwreck!’.

  20. Woah, I hope CC is going to survive.

    -Some codes from Shinkiro (while he was activating the FREIYA ELIMINATOR)
    -I think he said something to just control him.

    Nah, Gino is alive, his mecha just has no legs.

  21. @UnknownVoice

    what? you’re spinning this far worse than Fox News

    here’s what’s really been said

    Kalen: You have no country to avenge. You have no desire for conquest. You have no reason to fight. People with no reason for fighting should stay away out of this

    CC: I too have my reasons. It’s a promise

    Kalen: It it because you love Lelouch?

    CC: … well, who knows. I just want to see what’s at the end of these emotions

    Kalen: That’s quite human of you…

    Kalen hacks CC

    CC: as expected, she’s quite good..

    Kalen destroys CC’s machine

    CC: Kalen, this is your win

    Kalen: I have no need for those words. Farewell

    CC: Heh, to win or to lose.. to think that I’m still capable of being upset of these things…

  22. I’m pretty sure Re: means Requiem, as in Zero’s Requiem.

    And just to fuck with people, wouldn’t it be crazy if the stuff in the preview for this episode that was from the pre title card sequence of the very first episode of R1 is somehow the end the series? Not as a reset or anything, but some sort of fake out. Don’t ask me how that could be, time loop or something or that the entire show has been some sort of flashback as well….

    Thinking about the very first episode, we see an eye open (presumably C.C’s) and then it’s Suzaku and Lelouch running. I don’t know, but I have an ominous feeling about next epiosde.

  23. @T_I

    Thank you, finally someone with some solid translation so people get an idea of what really went down in the scene.

    If anything it shows that CC has true emotions and not just some cold hearted “witch”.

  24. Next episode has Lelouch-Nunally dialog, Suzaku-Kallen fight and CC’s name has to be revealed. I am ready for some shocking revelations.

    Kallen destroyed her mecha. She’s immortal, so she’ll be alright.

  25. @jeffng9
    Damocles has a force field and it only deactivates if FREIYA is used. After they used FREIYA ELIMINATOR to deactivate the bomb, the force field would activate, but Lulu blocked the field with Shinkiro’s force field, so that Suzaku could get in.

  26. I certainly hope we might get to see Lelouch reuniting with his friends at Ashford Academy. In addition, I hope that Milly will finally confess her feelings for Lelouch directly, since the writers never resolved that matter in Turn 12.

  27. I dunno. I totally see a Gundam 00 last round fight for Kallen and Suzaku.

    Both slicing off each other’s mecha’s limbs, shouting about war and lelouch and all that other stuff. Then they add it with one last charge and impale each other.

    And then they explodes.

    But I’m dreaming if I want that to happen. =/ Meh, I’m glad Gino’s alive though. The only Knight of Round I liked really.

  28. Three things that caught my attention the most this episode:

    1. Lucky Star OVA commercial before the show started (laughs)
    2. The KMF fights. Especially C.C.’s pinky Lancelot losing to Kallen (not that I don’t like Kallen, but still). 🙁
    3. Kanon in the end of the episode. I really wished he was a girl. Haha.

    I was expecting more deaths, but that didn’t really happen, did it? Hmm… I do wonder how everything will end now, but I’m not even going to try guessing at this point.

  29. @WingZero zxt
    If Lelouch gets a satisfactory ending, I doubt that he’ll be with C.C. or Kallen. Even if Kallen and Lelouch meet again, it’s doubtful that they would be any romantic exchanges between them. Kaguya is out of the picture, and C.C. was a non issue. The only person left standing, as far as Lelouch love interest in concerned, is Milly Ashford. She is the only one who understands Lelouch better than Kallen every could. True love conquers all.

  30. @tau-tau

    To be expected. The only mech that can deal with Haxten is Haxelot Albion! GAR Suzaku vs. Psycho Kallen with Gino on the side!! D:

    It’s ok to have man crush feelings for Kanon. He looked vunerable didn’t he? : D

  31. Also, I could be very wrong. But it seems that everything is coming full circle:

    Guiford x Cornelia
    Kallen x Gino
    Turdoh x Chiba
    Orgi x Villena

    And Nunnally reuniting with her brother, which is a satisfactory ending as well.

  32. @sdds

    I am not sure if Lelouch would consider C.C. a love interest. I am only refering to mortal beings, which are Kallen and Milly. And the writers have not resolved Milly’s love for Lelouch. If Milly was not in love with him, then why did they even bother to bring that up in the first place? It would have been much better if she was in love with Rivalz. But she is not. Milly has known Lelouch long before Shirley or Kallen expressed an interest for him.

    It would be very upseting to me if the writers don’t resolve Milly’s feelings for Lelouch. As stated, Kaguya is out of the picture. We haven’t even seen Milly confronting Lelouch at all throughout this season. But then again, Lelouch is in a different world. He has already lost a lot in his life.

    The best thing that he needs right now is someone who is not mentally battle scared like C.C. or Kallen. Shirley was that person who could do so. But she is dead now. Milly is the only person left who is not directly affected in battle as Kallen has endured, as far as love interest is concerned.

    But that’s not my decision. The writers might just prove me wrong by giving a Kallen x Lelouch send off.

  33. Guess is “Never Underestimate ur enermies even if they keep losing to u” and “U got wad u deserve for lying to Nunally and trying to be evil!” to Schneizel. I hope the last episode will be the most epic among all,since it is the last episode.

  34. @Max

    Milly is Lelouch’s cousin. Only in the Bollywood version of Code Geass would Milly be Lelouch’s love interest. In fact, most sources point to a distinct but subtle hostility amidst the “cousinly-affection” due to the fact that the Lamperouge name was a key factor in the disgrace of the Ashford family.

  35. @Ragna whilst i agree that its unlikely to be milly i have to agree that Milly isnt Lelouch cousin anymore! With the help of Kalessin (it was entirely him) we came to the conclusion that The ashfords were merely the people that made marrianes KMF and went down when marriane died due to poor financial management and complete loss of the royal families backing!

    WingZero zxt
  36. schnizel’s defeat was just too stereotypical and anti climatic. We were all aware that Lulu had to geass him in order to truly defeat him, but come on that was just too easy, same trick he used on mao

  37. Ngg… wait. So all this time Nunnally is blind just because SHE DOESN’T WANT TO OPEN HER EYES!?!? I know this sounds a little cruel, but she is the MOST IDIOTIC PERSON I’ve ever seen in the anime!
    Code Geass really knows how to amaze everybody.. Even though it’s going crazy now, I still enjoy watching it. But better be prepared for un-satisfying ed. I have no idea how they’re gonna end this, except they make the last ep longer than usual… there’s too much to settle down.

  38. To be fair sdds thata what makes it Genius!!! he predicted the types of answers schniziel would give and beat him like that!!! the Chair spin round was epic as was the resulting tap on the shoulder!!! and Canon and Diethardt didnt cry out, ‘Schniziel HES BEHIND U!’

    WingZero zxt
  39. Dammit this shows way too random. I mean kill someone or make them live… not both. It feels like the story de-railed onto a sub sunrise plot that does a carnival mirror version of the Gundam seed universe…

    I mean Lelouch owning and Nunally opening her eyes are neat cliffhangers but serious, its small comfort to a show that initially had me wondering WTF can Lelouch do next. Sometimes popularity can be too much and when that happens the greed of the higher ups take over and the poor director and the writers with a vision have it clouded by someone else’s need to make more cash then tell a story worth telling…

  40. Milly Ashford in love with Lelouch, when did this happen? keep in mind i only been reading blogs since ep 10, i don’t mind spoilers. I thought originally milly should have been in the equation for Lelouchs love. I’m a kallen x lelouch supporter, but if this a alternative i wouldn’t mind a milly x lelouch pairing if he had to chose one girl, i usually hate harem endings but i wouldn’t mind it here for this series.

  41. Lolz there have been many wierd pics about Nunally with her eyes open and the actual one still is wierd. Probably because we’re so not used to it. Wut happened to C.C.? I’m really curious about the last ep. Lolz, Tamaki with his gay defeats. Suzaku didn’t even pay too much attention to him…

    the burnt shadow
  42. With nunally opening he eyes the geass on her should have worn off with the deletion of Charles! and shes only just tired to open them! LOL
    Nunally: I must hurry and find the switch to the WMDs everything depends on me…its a long shot but i might aswell try ‘that’ again… oh oooooh SCORE!!! HUH whats that? panting tired footsteps??? must be my brother i MUST MAKE IT… TO MY…CHAIR… made it PHEW!!!

    WingZero zxt
  43. Nunnally was geassed from His Dad (Emperor). So in Her Mind she think she is Blind. Perhaps her Hospital memories are all part of the geass.

    So her body is alright, and all this time is was only a “mind” trick from his Dad.
    But, i am impressed. After so long Years of closed Eyes, she can open her eyes without going blind of the light…

    Well, stay a long time in the Dark, and then get out in the Light… You get the Gist?

    ok, i know is a Anime-World and there have their Anime Rules.. but….

  44. @Germanguy
    “Well, stay a long time in the Dark, and then get out in the Light… You get the Gist?

    ok, i know is a Anime-World and there have their Anime Rules.. but….”

    LOL apparently the what you call as “Anime Rules” happens a lot lately: the surprising ‘still-alive’ Gilford, the ‘still-alive’ cornelia, etc

  45. The reason I liked Code Geass over the Gundam series was that characters stayed dead. Guess the writers gave in to the childishness of returning characters from the dead due to the show’s current timeslot

  46. I don’t think that Lelouch will carry out his plans for the Zero Requiem entirely. No doubt that his sister will bring back his humanity once again. To have Nunnally in the picture once again has certainly caused Lelouch plans to be clouded. I hope that Nannally is able to save Lelouch from himself before it’s too late by convincing him that there is a better altenative than his Zreo Requiem idea. If Nunnally was part of the reason why he started this conflict. Then it’s up to Nunnally to tell Lelouch about Euphemia’s ideology about the world and its imperfections. This might change his mind.

  47. The thing is with anime is that unless u see the characters die!!! literally see them EXPIRE thy’re probably not dead! basically they have to close thier eyes first! then thy’re dead. everyone seem to forget this simple fact about anime which maks it better than live -action

    @Germanguy i still think she cant walk!

    WingZero zxt
  48. It looks like Turn 26 is a flashback/recap episode. If by the grace of a miracle that Code Geass gets a 3rd season, it would certainly clear a lot of issues up because I doubt that the last episode will explain anything regarding it. Makes me wish that Sunrise should have kept Code Geass at its original timeslot. It’s making a lot of money for the company. I can’t why they would not want to extend it another season and give the creative staff greater control over the series. These is still the Sound CD Drama and Picture Drama, but that’s still not enough.

  49. @H

    It was said that Milly is in love with Lelouch. Although she has not made it known to him. There are a few evidence to support a Milly x Lelouch relationship. If there was anyone(excluding C.C.) who understands Lelouch’s motives it who have been Milly and Shirley. Since Shirley is now gone, Milly is the only other person who would have been his only other love interest. Unlike Kaguya and Kallen, who thinks that he is the world’s greatest threat, Milly would have understood Lelouch mask of deception.

    In Episode 12, Milly was to have reveal her feelings for Lelouch before she left to become a news anchor. Shirley was to have been Lelouch confidant because she realized that he was all alone before Rolo killed her. Had Shirley had lived, Lelouch’s Zero Requiem was never have happened. Although if Milly had gotten to him before he destroyed the Geass Cult, the events that has led to this moment would have been non-existant.

    But I must accept that a Milly x Lelouch relationship is unlikely to happen at this stage because he has united the world against him. And Kallen is out for blood. So I don’t think that a Kallen x Lelouch relationship will happen either because the unintended damage is done.

  50. @Max,

    Although there are some positivepoints in your shipping theory, I dont agree with some points. Although Milly would b a better choice right now, she would not be able to unmask Lelouch’s true face in the current situation. No one but Suzaku and CC know why Lelouch is doing what he is doing and without knowing the reason why Lelouch is following through with his Requiem, Milly can only understand and do so much at this point. I’m not saying that’s its entirely impossible though. Your past references to showing her romantic interest in Lelouch is indeed true. Unfortunately I have to agree though that the milly x lelouch pairing is highly unlikely at this point.

    I just wonder how CC will live through that after her fight with Kallen though. Her immortality may only go so far. The only girls I see lelouch with romantically are still Kallen and CC.

  51. wow O.O ok tooo much happening at once, this aint funny anymore. I had the feeling cornelia would live BUT GUILFORD?!!! I mean I do love the guy but that was totally unexpected. He died bravely and honorably and now he pops back and blind ?

    Nunnally opening her eyes was kinda expected and I’m sure all code geass fans were expecting such a thing or had it in their minds as in “what if..” situation.

    Finally yaaaay shinizi wizi is geassed. I HOPE HE DIES – _ -!!!

  52. As for Kallen and Lelouch relationship, I still think that it’s unlikely to happen. She certainly doesn’t understand Lelouch at all. And if they were officially a couple, it would fall apart because she would always question his intentions in the relationship.

    It would have been nice to have seen a Gino x Kallen relationship because this might have been the best option for both of them.

    But I wonder what the next episode “Re:” is all about. It seems like a resolution. It’s too bad that we may never get to see Milly confronting Lelouch and revealing her love for him.

  53. OMG, yet another retarded episode. Second season sucked from the very beggining but i was still hoping for satisfactory ending. But none of the characters make sense anymore. Dialogues in this episode didn´t make any sense and were just filling the void. Is there at least one character that has actually valid logical reason for its actions? No.

  54. Ungrateful bastards. Lelouch becomes the supposed enemy of the world by saving it from Charles’ & Schneizel’s BS. Too bad Lulu’s a sotfy. I would have killed all of the fools, especially the BKs. Even his own sister…I had enough of this. Lulu, just play with her for a while until she finds out the truth or just geass her & get it over with. I don’t think I could stand for another season of this twisted keem.

    [gg]:’Schneizel in a nutshell: Apathy. Ever fought a boss that like runs away after you get it to 70% HP?’ ROFLMAO 🙂

  55. wait seriously? so C.C. basivally said kallen deserves lelouch more?!?! I DONT THINK SO! i like C.C. so much better than kallen. plus doesnt lelouch like C.C> better too???
    ughhh i hope cc and lelouch can be together……..

  56. Wow Suzaku pwned everyone in this episode:

    1. Xingke ( if it wasn’t for Toudoh, Xingke would be DEAD or ejected XD )
    2. Toudoh ( his knightmare was in bad shape but still )
    3. Tamaki ( lol )
    4. Fleija ( awesome aiming skills )
    5. Gino ( his upgraded knightmare is useless against the “live on” geass

    and next week:

    6. Karen/Kallen ( she’ll die for interrupting CC and Lord Lelouch’s *ALMOST* kiss )

    It was a very entertaining episode for all you haters (if you hate this show so much…then stop watching you fucking hypocrites…) and for those of you who can’t comprehend what is going on, LOL @ YOU incompetence and just stick to fucking Hamtaro

  57. Damn after opening her eyes Nunnally definitely completed her transformation from useless IllGirl to awesome BadAss Lolita.

    I mean, she first breaks geass by sheer force of will, and then she taunts her brother about using geass on her again? That’s REALLY BadAss.

  58. So Lelouch is for the future, then that means he is against the past and the present. In other words Lelouch Requiem might simply be ridding the world of all of it’s baggage a.k.a Britanian empire and the royalty. Once he entered the empire into the U.N thing that the rest of the world was already a part of he effectively created a single world government. Now all he has to do is eliminate the monarchy of Britannia and mission accomplished he has arrived at the future, worldwide Democracy.

    This whole people not dying thing is starting to get really annoying. I mean when you kill someone in one episode and then in the very next episode you change your mind and say they’re alive it says, to me at least, that you’re just completely wasting screen time.

  59. @ LeDouche
    It was a very entertaining episode for all you haters (if you hate this show so much…then stop watching you fucking hypocrites…) and for those of you who can’t comprehend what is going on, LOL @ YOU incompetence and just stick to fucking Hamtaro”

    Yeah great!+1
    For those who hate this serie, just stop watching! It’s just an anime so don’t be so hatefull.

    I don’t think kallen will have a chance to conclue with Lelouch anymore, she is so bloody react compare to CC. Geass is about fate. CC is lelouch fate person love.
    CC :”i never met a man like you!”

  60. I agree with LeDouche, the last few episodes were kind of mediocre true, but this episode was great, and the serie is awesome nonetheless.

    The Mao trick was totally unexpected. I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement when Lelouch came behind him and made him his slave, it caught me totally by surprise.

    I hope Suzaku pwns Kallen, she’s annoying the hell out of me now.

    I wonder what Nunnaly is going to do now that she broke free of Charle’s geass. She better not do some dumb shit and ruin everything that’s happened up till now. She’s been a tool of Shneizel’s from the very beginning, she better start thinking for herself for once (and the BK needs to also).

    CCxLulu please end, thanks.

  61. The final episode called recap sounds like a recap of everythin that happened in code geass up to the final point in the series there might be answers to a lot of things that people are confused about i just hope they use the last episode as their last chance to explain things or shot for third season cuz the ending would unsatisfactory. this episode glued me to the sit i was suprised to see guilford alive but blind cornelia how she got to the hospital i don,t know maybe guilford had that dude talkin to villetta help him thats why i said they better explain everythin with the last episode maybe 2 hours long or one its their choice. then schenizel underestimated lelouch to much sometimes elder brother think they smarter than their younger one keep in mind he was willin to sacrifice his own sisters because he doesn,t have any desires and lelouch been the smart kid he is outsmarted him at his own game.A lot of people ejected in this episode so i was thinkin to myself this is all for charcter developement after the war is over ( c.c ejected thanks to kallen, tamaki,etc)looks like suzaku might or might not make it death flag on his head . nunally finally opens her eyes she should be grafeful at least the first person she sees is her brother so killin each other right now don,t make sense to me right now with the way things are now lelouch might sacrifice his life for his sister and resurface again somwhere with c.c livin a low key life or he would take nunally hostage and a new season begins either of these works for me.

    john memento
  62. That twist was so interesting when Nunally finally opened her eyes…so if she can defy the geass of Charles, wouldnt it be worthless if Lelouch cast his geass on Nunally! 0_0
    and speaking about lelouch….(Why does he always surprise me with his smart head strategies) *sigh…..
    But i did find Kanon so beautiful…*ahhhh!
    ANYWAYS! now its down to this
    LANCELOT ALBION AND GUREN (wtv the new name is)



  63. Wow.

    To think that this series couldn’t get any sh!ttier. Man, was I wrong. To think that Sunrise would turn this series from the dark side of the world, into happy rainbow island is just pathetic. I hope it’s just a quick sidestep, that will lead to everyone getting asploded somewhere. The only way for this to end, is to pretty much kill everyone. Or at least the protagonists to make it tragic. Fck happy go lucky.

    Well, I lost my passion for Geass a while ago. So where’s my Gundam 00 fix lol?

  64. I still can’t get over Nunnally, not about her opening her eyes which was unsurprising actually – I knew she’d open them the moment that stick fell out of her hands; but for blindly pressing buttons killing thousands almost including her own brother… and how she somewhat dared Lelouch to geass her.

    Lelouch should really learn to explain too. It could help get rid of so many annoyances. I’m sure Kallen would’ve listened if only he’d explained. Who doesn’t want a tomorrow? Who’d listen to Schneizel if they knew his goal was to destroy all hopes and desires? Maybe no one would believe it but isn’t it worth a try?

    Impressions in random order:
    – Shinkirou falling flat on its face = XD! XD XD! LOLed so hard!
    – Lelouch stumbling to catch one last glimpse of Shinkirou = XD! kawaii ne Lelouch…
    – Lelouch/Suzaku ultimate unbeatable combo PWNS FREIJA = HELL YEAH! XD!
    – Cornelia and Guilford reunited! Bravo!
    – Nunnally pressing buttons = OH please.. stop pissing me off already! Redeem yourself ASAP!
    – Lulu x C.C. moments = ALL HAIL LULU x C.C.!! It’s love! It’s gotta be love! Those eyes!
    – Kallen interrupting = HOW DARE YOU!?
    – Kallen going off to duel with C.C. without getting a proper scene with Lulu= Huh? No Lulu Kallen scene?
    – Random thought: Why is every B.K. and other guy so obsessed with killing Lulu? It’s getting so annoying!
    – Suzaku pwning everyone : Good job Suzaku!
    – Even Arthur acknowledges Lelouch! = cool!
    – Nina’s all better = Proof tablegirls can change
    – Schneizel geassed = OMG.. Kanon .. that face! SEXY?
    – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow = What a family.

    Happy Ending pls? pretty please?
    Zero requiem! Lelouch, please don’t die!
    Taniguchi … Please give us a satisfying ending..
    Please tie up all the ends…
    I’ll totally miss Lelouch and Code Geass T-T So atleast, can everyone live happily ever after?

  65. haha i think lulouch is going to make Schneizel king and disappear in the last episide whole reason he kept him alive !
    i guess they are setting up for a happy ending
    but then again it would be better if they set up a twist for the last episode and do a 3rd season.
    i dont think code geass has disappoint me at all. from season 1 to 2
    the 3rd season would kick ass =p

  66. @ my brother ,you might be right man but this episode was maginificent schneizel getting geassed i never expected that guilford is alive that is a suprise cornelia survived too man whats happening the people i thought were dead are alive someone should pls explain it to me and everyone like you said all of a sudden c.c, takami and dude in the bk know where the eject button is. i guess thehy don,t want to die even c.c ejected not quite sure if she is still immortal though or maybe because she realized he has feelings for lelouch any man i,m gonna watch next week’s finale i,m intersted to see what happens to schneizel and the others especially the main characters.

    james memento
  67. @derk hahaha this show is to smart for you.

    It sounds like you dont understand a thing.

    Rewatch the series when you get into the 6th grade and not watch it when your in the 1st grade.

    By the way I loved this episode.

  68. just finished watching and it does seem like lelouch may have something in stored for the black knights (scene with sayoko and others freeing the hostages). As for the pairings of kallen/cc/lulu, it seems cc is finaly realizing her feelings for lulu but kalen just got in the way and is blinded with the unintended search for bloodshed. we shall see what happens in the end for the pairing wars.

    So schniezel is defeated now that he was geassed by lelouch so now lelouch has the upper hand but now nunnaly stands in his way. I can’t wait too see what Lelouch will do in the final scene. Geass nunnally or something else? And it also seems nina maybe redeeming herself from being such a b!tch and finally realizing what needs to be done. I am still disappointed that they didn’t leave characters dead but oh well. My main thing is kallen. It did annoy me that she is hell bent on stopping lelouch that she regards them as not being human (particularly CC). I hope she comes to her senses.

    As for the next episode, I hope it wont be a wasted recap or something. Any news of it being a combination of episodes like last season? I still want to know more about Zero Requiem and what not.

  69. Just watched the subs, wtf. Too bad they rushed the last part of the season so bad, there could have been so much more story in Nunnaly opening her eyes, CC’s wish to die (maybe we’ll get it) but anyway I think there’s too much to finish off in this last ep to really be good.

  70. I like where they are going with this now, Lelouch started all of this for his sister, Nunnally, and now she is the final obstacle standing in his way. ingenious irony right there.

    I’m thinking that the the first half of the next episode will wrap up the fighting, and the second half will show the ‘happy’ ending and ‘tomorrow’ as Lelouch wished it. Although if I were to bet on it, I’d say Lelouch, Suzaku, and C.C. will be dead.

    Maybe even have Nunnally as the Empress. In a sense that would be fitting, but then again this is just my imagination running wild.

    + One other thought, if Lelouch does grant C.C.’s wish and kills her, what happens then? the two roots of the Geass power would be dead. Charles (and by extension V.V.) as well as C.C. would be no more – What happens? no more Geass power any where? = Back to the pathetic fueding of the artistocrats like before.

    Unless Lelouch does survive and he assumes C.C.’s role one of the Geass roots. I don’t know ~ I’m just thinking out loud.

  71. Also, I can count 4 or 5 different situations where this entire ‘War’ and fighting would have ended, if it wasn’t for the failure of the characters to at least try and explain their actions to others.

  72. heres what the next title means defination RE- is the class of decision problems for which a ‘yes’ answer can be verified by a Turing machine in a finite amount of time. (If the answer is ‘no,’ on the other hand, the machine might never halt.) Equivalently, RE is the class of decision problems for which a Turing machine can list all the ‘yes’ instances, one by one (this is what ‘enumerable’ means).

    For class of the ‘no’ answers, see Co-RE.

    Each member of RE is a recursively enumerable set and therefore a Diophantine set.

  73. I see two possible endings so far.

    Lelouch sets up everything for Nunally to rule. As a result, he will need to go into hiding or die. CC then continue her life in this world and observe.

    Nunally refuses to give the Fleja switch to Lelouche and kills him (maybe she is hiding a gun in that wheel chair of hers… I don’t know. Be imaginative). Suzaku loses to Kallen. and the world continues to face multiple conflicts and there is no real ending.

  74. Can someone help me build a list of all the mysteries (from season 1 and 2) that HAVE TO BE ANSWERED on the final episode or there would be serious rage upon sunrise?

    Here’s what I can come up with:

    1. What is C.C.’s real name?

    2. Why was it important NOT restore Anya’s memories (Yes, Schneizel needed her to fight on his side but what would happen if her memories came back?)

    3. What is the Zero Requiem?

    4(a). Is Suzaku’ ‘live on’ geass permanent? It was said on season 1 that the Geass will wear out given some time

    4(b). Perhaps Nunnally’s geass “expired” which makes it possible for Lelouche to Geass her again (making Nunally NOT invulnerable to the power of the Geass)

  75. hmm let me ponder upon this more…

    if Suzaku’s live on geass is permanent…he would never die
    if Lelouche takes C.C.’s code…Lelouche would never die
    and C.C.’s dying wish is to have a smile on her face (she wanted to die a long time but Lelouche promised her to give her AT LEAST a smile before killing her) That’s the promise C.C. was holding on to on this episode.

    and duh lol…who do you think will win..Karen with “I love you Zero” geass or Suzaku with the “kamikaze but never dying” geass?

  76. @LeDeouche, I can answer some of those questions.

    1. No clue, I want to know as well.

    2. It’s important because if her memories return she will remember her real past, a simple girl visiting a royal palace to learn manners and etiquette, she’ll also remember seeing Marianne die = Shock / Mental trauma.

    3. It isn’t properly defined – I assume it’s their will to create the world that Euphie and Nunnally wished for, even if by force.

    4(a). In season 1 the timer on Geass isn’t answered, the question is posed by Lelouch when he Geasses Nina (I think) to write on a wall every day, but the time limit isn’t answered (as far as I recall).

    4(b). It’s interesting that’d you say that, while that may be true. The way she was struggling to grab hold of the key and desperassion that she seemed to be suffering, leads me to think it’s matter of will that broke her out of it.

    (of course 4b creates a lot of loopholes and ‘what if’ future problems, but who knows.)

    One thing I’d like to point out to everyone calling this show a train wreck, I have never seen a show been put so much scrutiny and get so many people talking and discussing the on-going story, isn’t that alone proof that it is an excellent show?

  77. Kallen/Karen isn’t affected by any Geass. She simply had an affection for Zero out of her own will.

    If you recall in Season 1 Lelouch used Geass on her to ask what she was doing in X area where there were battles, only having to realise that he got only order her once. – It was one of his “first times” using his powers. So she couldn’t have been Geassed again.

  78. @Ashan
    lol oh yeah I know…I thought I was clearly making a joke…but not clear enough I think

    @Syaoran Li
    Isn’t it obvious enough that Nunally can walk since she up on her own and sat down (remember when she fell and dropped the trigger?) Maybe she wanted to trick brother lulu? and then open her eyes and brother lulu would be like “oh shitz god damnz” and they would live happily ever after?


    Wouldn’t that suck so hard if it really was. I know they wouldn’t do that but with the episode preview having nothing but scenes from previous episodes made me think of how much of a troll it would be if they just did a whole recap episode. Still, I kind of wish Code Geass could have an OVA done for it to clear up stuff that won’t be able to be cleared because of time constraints.

  80. @LeDouche
    I was thinking the exact same thing about Nunally since it’d be pretty effed up if she crawled her way back onto the chair.
    And hey maybe the chair’s just really comfortable who knows. And Syaron Li never said she couldn’t stand
    They also better fucking get with the program and tell us C.C.’s real name dude seriously half the shit this season doesn’t make sense if only they had more time :[

  81. Kallen doesn’t make any sense I bet she’s just on her period (no offense to females)
    She joined the ootbk and was Zero Squads leader and was infatuated with him
    later his identity is revealed her shatters
    season starts infatuated again lalala everyones happy
    then all of a sudden everyone decides to hate lelouch and kallen was still willing to be with him
    but now she’s taking orders from Schniezel? and wants to kill Lelouch……..

  82. @Hei

    haha i wouldn’ be surprised if she as on her period during all that but realistically, its just that Lelouch gave her a bad impression when he first became the emperor. Most likely this has all to do with the Zero Requiem, which has yet to be revealed.

    I seriously hope the next/last episode wont be a recap. If it does, then that would just be totally lame but who knows. maybe they did that to not spoil anything for the ending, which we may be in for a huge surprise or something. and I still ask if the last episode will be a special like last seasons.

  83. @ Ashan about anya its looks like she wil be duelin jeremiah has hinted he regarded her as been his

    worthy opponent been that she is knight or six or whatever but i thinkin deep into it that jeremiah

    would defeat her and give her back her memories or she would defeat him and jeremiah would use his

    geass as a last result and accidently restore her memories.

  84. @Marvin
    I was wondering something along that line since the plot of R2 is parallel to that of Season 1 generally
    So if they ended up with a cliff hanger again I’d have to kill myself.
    but if the season finale is anywhere near as good as the last one I’ll be a happy fanboy

  85. You know, I was a devout Kallen fan, but she has really grated my last nerve. I hope she dies for being so ridiculously stupid. Was I the only one wondering why the hell Nunally was rolling across the floor trying to find the switch when the cow could see all along? I have no clue how this series will, but I have a feeling that Nunally may be the real baddy who massively pawns all their arses. now that would be sweet!

  86. @Hei

    That’s why I’m wondering if the next episode will be just a regular episode or a special like last seasons but it doesn’t look like it will be special. I’m just hoping that those recap scenes in the preview are just there so they wont spoil anything in the ending.

  87. blind_kitty LOL Most probably you WERE the only one wondering wy she was rolling around the floor because she only opens her eyes in THIS episode and the end isnt the first time she does it!!! theres a bit where she ses ‘eh’ then looks over at the trigger! thats logically the first time she does it

    1. What is C.C.’s real name? A) DUNNO

    2. Why was it important NOT restore Anya’s memories (Yes, Schneizel needed her to fight on his side but what would happen if her memories came back?)
    A) Anyas memories HAVE been restored according to GG subs and that would make more sense since marrianes not there anymore therefore it would be the equivilant of having jeremiah removing a geass marriane removed herself (and therefore the geass) and therefore Anya would remember everything even the places marriane took her!

    3. What is the Zero Requiem? A) LAST EP MATE

    4(a). Is Suzaku’ ‘live on’ geass permanent? It was said on season 1 that the Geass will wear out given some time A) Damn straight it is and no it wasnt

    4(b). Perhaps Nunnally’s geass “expired” which makes it possible for Lelouche to Geass her again (making Nunally NOT invulnerable to the power of the Geass)
    A’ish)perhaps but my theory is it dissappeared when charles died (just like how the geass symbols in Maos eyes dissappeared when he died death f the user cancels all effects and it just took that long for her to realise she could open her eyes and a memory from that long ago would have faded anyway! perhaps or maybe she does remember! we find out next episode

    @LeDouche NUNALLY cant walk that wasnt aluded to at all people who cant walk get themselves into wheelchairs all the time!! Also i assume you were Joking with the suzaku cant die just because he was geassed not to! Shirley managed it LOL

    Awesome now Cornelia gets happy ending i feel sorry for her kinda cos she is just about one of the most sane out of all of them

    We have schniziel who thinks like the computer from IRobot
    Lelouch who thinks that everyone HAting him is a prerequisite for world peace
    Suzaku who doesnt care that everyone hates him and thinks that everyone hating lelouch is a prerequisite for world peace
    the emperor who thinks that if we were unable to lie to one another we would hate one another less (NONSENSE since lies are what hold society together)
    Nunally who thinks that vaporising a few million people (pendragon was a city not just a palace) is a good way to share in the family business
    AND IN BETWEEN ALL THIS you have Cornelia who doesnt understand why her family memebers are either insane or blissfully incompetent and she still manages to get on with it!!! lets have a round of applause for Cornelia

    WingZero zxt
  88. OH boy
    Nunnaly can see, seen it coming.

    But I agree wtf is up with Kallen, idiot!
    She now doesn’t deserve to kill Suzaku. Maybe She’ll get defeated and then righ twhen he goes for the final blow Gino commits suicide and gets them both, that’ll be good. Least CC is alive for, now.

    Next week is the last episode right? Or is it 26? (cause Gundam comes out Oct 5, they better not do the same thing as the first season. )

  89. i have to say that whilst kallen has been randomly shortsighted naieve and overall a really bad friend i have to say that im a mecha fan and as such i MUCH prefer the Guren SEITEN over the Lancelot Albion purely because the guren is a Tad more original and its weapons are cooler DEATH CLAW ATTACK BLUAHHHH compared suzakus standard gundam armanment of a special gunX2 and a special swordX2! The wings were just lame! Also Kallen tanking all those soldiers really did it for me ! the lancelots never done anything that cool! Also Omni in relation to your massive post! (<im not stupid) im fairly certain the Shinkirou definately exploded just after lelouch bailed!

    WingZero zxt
  90. i guess my problem is that after thinking about for a while, i just cant think of the reason why Kallen, Gino, and Nunnally are fighting. what exactly are they thinking. they want to stop Lelouch…..from doing what exactly. from taking over the world, …ummmmm if they succeed, that just means that Schneizel would take over the world, …and how is that any better. i guess they are going with the evil they know over the evil they dont comprehend (basically, afraid of Geass). On one hand, they have lelouch, a man who has deceived and murdered (a true the end justifies the means kinda guy), but no matter how you slice it, his whole sense of meaning was to destroy a government that had racist foundations and victimized the so called weak, he wanted to destroy this kind of government, on the other hand, you have a man who not only was a HUGE part of this kind of world, but also plans to subjugate the world through fear and death. MMMMMMM….tough choice there. but retarded Nunnally wants to stop her brother for some reason, Kallen doesnt seem to care anymore and just got all berserk, and Gino says some bullshit about what is in his heart, when plain and simple, he probably just feels like fighting alongside Kallen. these characters need to be straightened out next episode or i would feel greatly disappointed.

  91. when Lancelot owned the some of the knights of the round, I’d say that way cooler.
    Kallen use to be a cool character, but now all she has gotten captured then got (Albion) upgrades to her suit and now she is all “I’m big and bad”?
    She’s completely clueless,

    I hope she wins and Suzaku and Lelouch die, and when they see those bombs going to those populated places, I wanna see them crap their pants.

    however that won’t happen

    Though it’s stupid I’m glad Cornelia is alive with her “knight”.
    Ohgi should be fine, I hope. Viletta safe.
    CC safe, for now.
    I’m happy right now Code Geass END.
    I hope Nunnally dies now too, sorry girl but you gots to go now.

  92. To this point…the only people able to break or resist the geass is Euphie and Nunally

    *Euphie was too pure of heart and her wildest imaginations wouldn’t even reach killing the japanese…she wasn’t able to break the geass but she was able to resist it at some point (ie when talking to suzaku on her death bed)
    *In Nunally’s case, her will to destroy her brother (or look for the thing that makes things go BOOM) broke her geass? I don’t know but it seems like she really hates her 兄弟 (Oniisama)

  93. You know after seeing Omni’s comment I’m starting to wonder if Nunnally and Schnizel are related somehow……
    ehh probably not there’s not enough time to explain that without going into trainwreck mode

  94. Truthfully, regardless of whatever anyone says, it is gonna be hard to see Code Geass go. Deep down I want a third series, but deep down I know that also wont happen. Sucks the director didn’t get the allotted time he thought he should have had. Would have fleshed out some of the Rounds and side characters.

  95. OMG, just when I thought this show couldn’t, by ANY STRETCH of the imagination, surprise me anymore, IT DOES!!! OMG this is so awesome, too much awesome in fact.

    Let’s see, Cornelia and her boyfriend surviving. HAPPY!

    Lancelot doing the hax. COOL!

    Nunnally opening her eyes. YAY!!!

    Getting rid of that slob diethard. HORRAY!

    C.C. and Lelouch almost together. Great!

    Finally, Lelouch Geassing Schneizel is just, simply amazing. It’s like back during the first few episodes of geass, when Lelouch would pull off all these crazy strategies and always finishing things off one step above any of us could have imagined. That and he used the age old recording trick again. Simply classic.

    What an amazing episode. I’m now completely happy with this show, the ending could suck and I wouldn’t care, but I believe with all my heart that the ending will be AMAZING.

  96. nunally has euphie eyes. looks creepy on her for some reason that i dont know. im wishing schneizel was killed but this is ok too, i guess. (im a violent person sometimes. ^^)

    “we have a score to settle” *mutters under breath mocking kallen*

  97. for those that still confuse and dotn know why the Black Knight is so bent on killing Lulu, here 1 reason.

    Zero create teh Black Knight
    Zero give them power and leadership
    Zero created the Union of Nations
    Zero appointed teh Black Knight as teh Union true and only malitary force
    The Black Knight Malitary Commanders are all Japanese but 1
    Those very cammander that Zero trusted so much sell him out for Japan
    They betrade Zero to get Japan
    They betray the rest of the Union and destroy their one and only hope against Brittannia for Japan’s freedom


    imagine if zero defeat Schneizel and capture him and the recording of the meeting get to Lulus hand

    imagine if Lulu air the recording only those part such as when the told Schnezie that they will give Zero to him if he free Japan.

    Think of how the members nation in the union will feel when they see the public airing of the discussion of the betraying/selling out Zero and the excution of Zero.

    For the Black Knight, there is no turning back. Zero alive and kickign mean they’re finish.

    as for eps 24, great episode. Nanully opening her eye was epic, would have being even better if she stood up say Lulu’s name and then open her eye.

  98. The 3 trashy eps b4 this one still makes me wish they just kill everyone off. C’mon Lulu, make Nunnally push the button for the final time. Then they can all go together 🙂 I’m sure the rest of the forces are within range of the Damocles. OK, I’m joking, but if the last eps is going to be a recap for any length then just kill off most of everyone to make up for it…then Lelouch & Nunnally can have a ffa over the switch – then they both drop it & they go BOOM. Alright, I’m done 🙂

  99. Did anyone think it was weird for Sayoko to say that she, Lloyd, and CEcile was just afraid of Lulu so they followed him…? I wonder what they’re trying to do…
    Another thing I thought was weird was…..why did lulu tell Schneizel “serve Zero” and not “serve Lelouch”….just a bit of things I noticed….
    And lol @cecile and lloyd crawling through vents to get to the representatives and not get killed by the bks below…xD

  100. i find it kinda funny that for most of the second season, and the first season to be honest, they wanted to see Suzaku bite the dust, but now, with the way things have changed, they all want to see him kill off Kallen. it is funny because this all changed because Suzaku finally decided that at this point in world stage, with millions of people dying or at risk of death, the end does justify the means, that he cannot afford to take the long drawn out road to peace, and that regardless of his hatred for Lelouch’s actions earlier on in the series, what Lelouch was trying to accomplish was never a bad thing. Kallen on the other hand always seemed to know what she was fighting for and agreed long ago that as long as Britannia was destroyed, she could live with the path they take, but now all of a sudden, she seems fine with being used as a tool by the last remnant of the Britannia she swore to destroy and despite caring for lelouch and knowing the reason he had been fighting this whole time, she seems to have no problem trying to kill him. Nunnally, forget it. she has lost all sense of her surroundings, besides the fact that she has absolutely no qualms with firing off the nuke over and over again, she wants to kill her real brother for no other reason than feeling that he has been a bad boy. seriously, is their really an explanation as to why she fights alongside Schneizel. he has been the one that had set off these nukes killing thousands of people(in Tokyo and China) and she should know her brother as well as anyone. she is still probably swayed by the fact that Charles once let her govern over Area 11 thinking that meant anything, not knowing his NGE plan to merge everyone’s mind into a giant Borg collective. and please, she better not pull out this stupid, “i knew everything that was going on around me at all times” bullshit. because if she did, then what she is doing now REALLY doesn’t make any sense.

  101. in the end, i dont want an ending where everyone dies and the world just fixes itself somehow, at first Lelouch pretty much just wanted revenge against his father and by extension, the whole of Britannia. as the series has progressed, he has come to understand what he is truly fighting for and that regardless of the past, he actually does have a reason to stop first Charles and now Schneizel. he wanted to create a world not without fighting but without the oppressive Britannia government that made killing an easy thing to do. yes, Charles’ plan could have ended the fighting, but at the risk of our humanity, yes Schneizels plan, had it worked absolutely perfectly, had a chance to end the fighting, a la Celestial Being, but requires the entire world to live in fear, Lulu just wants the fighting, specifically this war, to stop, he doesnt believe he can put an end to fighting around the world, but he wants to give people the chance to live and choose for themselves how the world turns out in the future. i mean he said it when he killed off Charles, saying the Charles’ ‘good’ was something he was forcing on other people, so in turn it was the same as evil. Lulu doesnt want to force people to do anything, he wants to free them up to choose for themselves, which is why he is willing to kill Nunnally if she gets in his way, because if even after he explains why he is doing what he is doing, and she still stands against him, she has made a choice and he cannot treat her any differently than the rest of the people in the world.

  102. @Kannie

    I think Sayoko told Xing’ Ke that they were being threatened by Zero so that they could escape more easily. Perhaps, they are still loyal to Lelouch. (BTW, who knows what Lloyd and Cecile is thinking)

  103. @GGear0323
    Thank you for elaborating Lulu’s true intentions…I’ll be honest and admit I vaguely understood the conflict between his father’s intentions and Schneizel’s (all these stuff about yesterday, today, and tommorrow)…So I really appreciate your post =)

    Thanks again for clearing it all up

  104. @kabayongtao

    Remember Lelouch said mission Apate Aletheia to Sayoko, Llyod, and Cecil before leaving the room? That mission was to make it sound if Lelouch was the bad guy forcing everyone around. I think Lelouch wants the whole world to hate him and perhaps destroy Britannia altogether in this final battle to bring peace (Zero Requiem). I wouldn’t be surprised if Suzaku and Lelouch die in the end but I hope they live (according to the director it’s a happy ending… but who knows what “happy” means to him =|)

  105. Damn it! They actually revived the dead. And this is going definetly to a happy ending now.
    The Shinkirou destroyed…
    However I wonder what Ougi is planning now, he should have just go home, what a niusance.
    Diethard, o no! R.I.P.
    C.C.X Lulu! but that Kallen… C.C., will you tell us your name finally?
    With Schneizel geassed Lelouch will rule from the shadows, but why does he obey “Zero” and not “Lelouch”?
    Nunnally can see!, OMG we should have expected that long ago since there’s no Charles around…
    Then in the end is Sunrise planning on let Lelouch still being Zero using Schneizel, or will Nunnally be the 100th Empress with actual power?

    Epic phrase: Charles Emperor yearned for yesterday, you(Schneizel) want a today, but I wish for a Tomorrow!

    Black Prince
  106. @ Kannie:
    Maybe Lelouch tells Schneizel to serve Zero, because he will make it seem like Zero was still alive all this time and the UFN people will accept Zero. Lelouch could take the backseat or disappear, as long as Schneizel is doing what Zero would have wanted.

    When Lelouch tapped and Geassed Schneizel, all I can say is..owned.
    I snickered at Diethard getting hysterical. He probably was not used to getting the table turned on himself. He was probably in shock to find that not everything was going as he scripted and that his side did not have the advantage point anymore.

    I really dislike how the characters have frustrated me ever since the BK betrayed Zero. Everyone believed whatever they were told and reacted on that without much of a second thought. Lelouch never even tried to set right anything with anyone (though that is probably part of his plan) or tell his intentions and about the truth and lies.

    And what’s up with reviving the dead? I wasn’t surprised about Cornelia, but the Fleia is a ineffective weapon if it selective people survive by the will of the CG writers.

    Nunnally believed her brother who she barely knows (she lived with Lelouch for all those years). The BK believed their enemy. Schneizel has some sort of Geass himself, if he can convince everyone in such a short amount of time. The Geass of stupidity, probably.

    Could you read my pent-up frustration of the last couple of epi’s in this post? xD

  107. Because other than the leadership of the BK, the world does not know Zero for who he was. Thus, Zero could come back and be accepted, where as Lulu could never be accepted now. It sounds like if Lulu does live, it will be as Zero and Lelouch Vi Britannia will disappear.

  108. You know, when some people judge a show based on it’s death count (as in character death=Good, no character death=shit), which is what seems to be happening with Code Geass then I really have to wonder about their psyche. It says a LOT! Don’t worry, maybe if you folks who want every character dead beg Sunrise enough they’ll release a Nice Boat version for the rest of you. For me I think we’ve had enough depressing in this show for ages. Time to give it a satisfactory ending for the characters, just like Taniguchi claims will happen. An Ideon ending would resolve nothing.

  109. @Teeh:
    That’s probably true…but I still find it wierd if he says serve Zero…now, if that’s true, I’m wondering what will happen to the BK they know Lulu is Zero, since he can’t just really leave, and leave Schneicel there, since he will only obey Zero now…
    Haha….I loved the tap on the shoulder part! xD

  110. i think a lot of people have pent up frustration at the way the characters are acting, it seems outside of CC, Lulu, and Schneizel and co. no one is acting like themselves. it soes seem like Schneizel has some kind of Geass or something, i mean with ONE single meeting, he got the Black Knights to side with him, by pretty much imprisoning Nunnally, she believes everything he says. even Suzaku went crazy these last couple of episodes, but everyone wants to let him slide because he is finally siding with lelouch. Kallen is crazy, Gino is just stupid, Xing ke, well, somehow he is whipped by an 8 year old. Ohgi is just a pawn for everybody…….now that i think about it, what if somehow the world of Code Geass ends with Ohgi as its new ruler. hey…it could happen. BTW Milly was criminally underused in this season. i think everyone knows she liked lulu and i really liked her statement to Rivalz, that it was cool that the people that made up the student council were the main players in the battle over control of the world, lulu, suzaku, nunnally, kallen, nina, milly’s ex fiance Lloyd, indirectly shirley as well, hell even arthur!! ….talk about famous alumni!! wonder what school reunions would be like

  111. @GGear0323

    “BTW Milly was criminally underused in this season. i think everyone knows she liked lulu and i really liked her statement to Rivalz, that it was cool that the people that made up the student council were the main players in the battle over control of the world, lulu, suzaku, nunnally, kallen, nina, milly’s ex fiance Lloyd, indirectly shirley as well, hell even arthur!! ….talk about famous alumni!! wonder what school reunions would be like”

    I totally agree with that…I mean, Rivalz also tried to help Nina! Haha….

  112. Well I’ve gotten that the characters are thinking more with their raw emotions then with pure reason (kind of like the viewers of this show for the most part), but that’s kind of what happens when your pushed over the edge like a lot of these characters have been ever since episode 18. A lot of acts were committed out of desperation, fear, anxiety and a lack of trust over the course of the past few episodes and it’s lead to a lot of unfortunate circumstances for many other characters (One of the major themes of this show has been trust and that any time a character exhibits a lack of it they are met with misery). I don’t think it’s too late for the characters to finally come together and avert disaster in the last episode though. They’ll probably spin it as another Zero miracle I assume and perhaps that’s what Zero’s Requiem is meant to do. Whether it entails the death of the maestro that caused it all remains to be seen.

    What I find is funny that most people don’t seem to realize is that the one character they always support in Lelouch is mostly responsible for all the other characters current loss of self and reason. These are not mentally healthy characters anymore.

  113. @GGear0323
    The fact that the writers have underused Milly in R2 has been the greatest frustration that I had with this series. It would have been nice to have seen Milly and Lelouch together. Their chemistry has always brought out the best of their combined talents. It’s too bad that there was so little time to see a possible Milly x Lelouch pairing. If they had used Milly as much as Kallen and C.C., she would have outsold both of them, as far as fanservice is concerned. And Milly would have ranked very high on the popularity polls. She is certainly more than a match for Lelouch.

  114. @Max, i know what you mean. she always seemed to be able to talk to him about serious subjects and like Suzaku and Shirley(later in the series), she always could tell what Lulu always meant to say no matter the words that came out of his mouth. when Shirley dies, that was the perfect place to throw her back in, but nope, i guess the writers felt she was needed more for weather forecasts and news alerts. and i agree with you, popularity wise, she could have easily been on level ground with C.C. and definitely more popular than Kallen …especially at this point. CC will always get her share of the spotlight, especially back when she always wore the weird clothes and ……wait a minute…….when was the last time anything related to Pizza Hut showed up……i suspect this evil corporation will play some integral part in the finale!!!! anyway, at this point at the least i hope we get to know CC’s real name. i mean, if we dont even get that….what was the point of the show, seriously

  115. How about some listening to some old school R&B after this……because I’m Gilbert Guilford blind as a motherf***** by the FLEIA WMD’s hahahahaha. Well this was exciting wonder how it will all fall out and that plan Lelouch intiated with Sayoko and the rest. Lelouch kept that servant of Schneizel alive still he should have shot him in the head.

    Can’t wait to see what Lelouch does with Nunnally have a long talk? Kallen vs. Suzaku both better live don’t want any dying.

  116. “Angry Termonuclear Loli” mode ON! Go nunnaly…

    I don’t know what to expect…

    Charles apearing from nowhere, shooting lelouch and yelling “who’s your daddy”?

    termonuclear end?

    forget that you almost blow up everybody lets be friends end?

    for me, if Lelouch survive is ok

  117. Wow…so I have been really disappointed with the last couple of episodes (except when Lelouch became the emperor..that was a nice twist), but I am so hooked on what is going to happen with the last episode. I’m happy people are alive/dead/geassed/seeing/winning/losing…everything. My favorite is Cornelia and Guilford being back together. I was hoping so much that Guilford would come back to Cornelia. That was the ending I was waiting for and I’m not pissed off anymore(^-^) (The Stevie Wonder jokes are kinda funny but this sucks that he is blind…WTH!!)

    I agree with everyone who says that there are still so many questions left unanswered

    1) Are Charles and Marianne really dead?
    2) What will Lelouch do with Schnizel now that he is a little puppet? (haha…checkmate sucka)
    3) What is this Zero Requim?
    4) When is the Geass Cancellor gonna kick in?
    5) How the heck did Guilford/Cornelia survive?
    6) Can Nunnally walk now?
    7) C.C. real name? THE BIG ONE!!!

    I’m sure that no one is quite sure what will happen with the ending but here are some possiblities.
    – There was one mentioned earlier about how this whole show could possibly be a look into the future and now it is a REturn back to the day C.C. met Lelouch or even sooner. That would be tripy and amazing but I’m not sure what purpose it would give the show.
    – I like the idea that something is going to happen and the show will REwind back to the day Lelouch got geass and fill in the missing gaps along the way. I don’t see how Nunnally would fit into that (maybe she saw or heard things when she was with V.V. or with Schnizel) but I really don’t care what happens to Nunnally anymore.
    – The other possiblity is that it will explain the Zero REquiem. I know we are all curious to hear what kind of future Lelouch and Suzaku want. My guess at this point is to make things the way they were before the attack on Japan when they were young.
    – Of course, there is also the obvious (but rather dissapointing) REcap of the whole entire show without mentioning anything new and then it just ending as “…## years later…the world is now a better place”

    I can’t wait to find out what is gonna happen….

    C.C come back!!!!

  118. I believe that Zero Requirem ….is Lelouche setting everything back to zero. He is completely destroying anything he had a part of, and taking away the power of Britianna. Reducing it to the same as any of the other countries instead of letting it be a major power …that is my thought anyway.

    Anyway, I think Szh blinded Guilford. I don’t think it was done by Freya at all or even in the accident, because otherwise, any time he looked at Lelouche he would be a flight risk that Szh wouldn’t want to have. Besides, how best to keep him hidden and out of the way.

    As for the ending, well, I believe that Nunnelly will push the button, because, she is a self-rightous prick like Suzaku is. They both believe in doing the right thing, even if it means they themselves will have to travel down a path they don’t want to go. THat is why I like Suzaku as a character …though not so much now that he is the evil minion of Zero …I kind of perfer he didn’t end up underneath Lelouche.

    Also, I think Kallen is going to beat Suzaku’s behind. Suzaku since this battle started hasn’t been killing off anyone, in fact, he seems to almost be trying to spare the ones he is attacking. What was it that Lelouche said to him.

    To not kill the ones they plan to save or something like that? Because he cleave not one, but two knightmares in half, and in both cases he didn’t go for the pods on the back ..unlike a certain ..Kallen. Which means, that while Suzaku has the geass effect of live …he won’t be going in for the kill, but only to try and keep her from harming him. It’s hard to take down an opponent when all you plan if defense.

    Anyway, next Sunday …everything will be revealed.

  119. ok why i like this episode…

    1.Diethard is dead YAY… (i totally hate him since season 1)
    2.I was expecting C.C. will die but she didn’t… (oh i forgot she’s immortal ^^)

    3.OMGFTW NUNALLY IS SHOWS HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS… (Nunnaly make me your slave T_T)

  120. When I saw Lelouch on screen in the shuttle, the first thing I thought about was.. He’s going to f*ck with Schneizel like he did with Mao, hell yeah.

    Also nice touch to use Suzaku’s live on command to get the timing exactly right.

    What stuck with me this episode was Lelouch saying mission “apathe aletheia” (deception and truth). It’s probably a prelude about what the zero requiem might be.

    Simply calling Alethia truth is short sided though, a lot is lost in translation. It’s also about remembering and uncovering. Aletheia is referred to as: that which is ‘not hidden or forgotten’, or he who ‘does not hide or forget’. I’m not going deep into this because I barely have the time to fully understand the meaning of the word Aletheia myself. However it is defenitely tied to the outcome of Zero’s requiem and it explains a bit about Lelouch’s motives, but it’s not something we didn’t really know yet.

    Some people here where questioning if Loyd Cecile and Sayoko where still loyal to Lelouch. Well, my guess is that they still have a little role to play in the story. He did sent them on the mission Apate Alethia. The fact that they said they where held hostage is probably a part of the deception. The world still needs to think that Lelouch is evil, right. I don’t think Lelouch cut ties with them just because he wanted them to survive.

    Basicly Lelouch wants the same as Charles, he’s just going to do it without forcing it upon the world. He wants people to come the right conclusion themselves. But still I have no clue to how this Zero Requiem is going to play out. He wants a world were people are truthfull to each other and it has to come from the people themselves, but how? He knows people will keep striving for happiness, so in itself the future always holds a better world. Does he intend to speed up the proces by dominating the world for a short amount of time? Well, we’ll probably know next episode, that’s the least I demand from the writers.

    Which brings me to my next point wich is: that I honestly don’t think that the next episode will be a recap, there’s simply no time for it. I’m definit that it will explain what Lelouch wants to accomplish with his actions, what he still has to do to accomplish the Zero Requiem and what the outcome of the Zero Requiem will be. The recap from the preview was probably meant to explain a bit of Lelouch motives and set us up for the last episode without spoiling any possible ending.

  121. Still desperately wishing for my Lelouch/Kallen ending….at any rate, they’re both still alive and anything can happen (they brought Guilford and Cornelia back after all). I think everyone (those still alive anyway…) deserves a happy ending. And Lelouch/Kallen looks very happy together!!

  122. The episode was good in a few aspects, especially the the super-chaotic action and the strategy countering FLEIJA, but I felt like Diethart’s death was better than Schniezel’s loss…That scene tugged at my emotions more than the Schniezel scene which seemed so perfect it was just procedure… I mean does a pre-taped checkmate really take into account EXACTLY what the other person is gonna say or that that person will pause and reflect perfectly with the timed pre-recording? It was just too perfect to be taken seriously…At the very least they could have made Schnizzle’s end more dramatic (Something CG thrives on but was absent from that scene)… An epic scene of Schnizel atleast trying to fight the geass before it took him over couold have saved it, but it was really just lacking something…A bit anti-climatic for me, but I still liked alot about the ep itself even if they screwed the pooch on Schnizel’s end…Looks like double-eye geass still hasn’t done anything yet…

  123. i wonder if c.c. and lelouch planned to hug or even kiss giving the moment where they approached eachother BUT kallen had to burst in and destroy the mood – oh kallen jealousy can sometimes bring one forward, too late thought. =D

    lulu X c.c. don’t die on me.

    i hoped that the moment nunnaly opens her eyes is when lelouch rescue her but that won’t be possbile anymore…

  124. @anime_freaksg

    I too am hoping for a possibilty for LuluxKallen but I don’t know. Unless we see some kind of result of that in the end, its too hard to determine. Not giving up hope though but shipping isn’t my main concern for this series. ^_^

  125. @SilentVeil the only time suzaku does something which changes my opinion of him to bloody painful death to die crying and you say its a bad thing LOL its better when suzaku doesnt think for himself Kallen will beat him because throuought the series when on equal terms the guren is just overall a superior unit the only time suzaku beat kallen is when he could fly and she couldnt

    WingZero zxt
  126. Also lol at kallens list for good reasons to go to war she and lelouch on that basis are perfect for one another ambition, revenge, HAHAHAHAHA shes not as squeaky clean good soldier as we thought…

    WingZero zxt
  127. yeh i know i was being a tad sarcastic (only a tad) ive been watching anime for years… its NOT logical it almost never is and thats what makes it better in many was i feel then live action (especially brittish live action bleh)
    CANT GET ENOUGH pf the guren hulk-ing those more defensless nobodies i cracks me up each and every time i see it!

    WingZero zxt
  128. @Solari – S1 had a structure and a level of logic that R2 just kinda went bonkers…I mean by the end of S1 things pretty much made sense (There were logical progressions in characters and motivations for the most part), but looking at ep 25 of R2, Las Vegas isn’t even taking money on how many questions won’t be answered in this final episode…There’ll be a few…

  129. and the last episode will be next week, i don’t think he will die – thanks to the live on geass he will fight as long as possible to survive – i don’t mind if he survives.

    if lelouch and nunnaly die together with suzaku that would somehow be bittersweet, too.

  130. btw. the promise c.c and lelouch made was to let her die, right? lelouch has to take her immortality…so she will die and lelouch will live on with sad and bitter memories, forever. T_T

  131. I found the episode very entertaining, though the pre-recording bit was a bit too much… oh well, at least it’s made me damn excited about the final episode.

    I reckon C.C. will end up saving Lelouch, sacrificing herself in the process. I’ve a feeling that Lelouch’s geass will magically disappear as well, and as for Nunally – no idea.

  132. Wingzero Zxt@

    Ummm…that’s not true …Suzaku has beaten Kallen almost everytime they had battled. There was only two times that she was even a good match, and one of those times it was four on one and the other …well she had the super Guren. Every other time, Suzaku has taken out the Guren’s one radiating right hand and she has pretty much been put on the run.

    In other words, she couldn’t beat him once in season one and in season two …well they have only really fought once and that was with super up Guren so that doesn’t really count.

  133. I say that Suzaku rapes Kallen as in owning her ass
    then she’ll be all emo and then finally she’ll realize that she was actually the bad guy
    and hopefully jumps off a cliff and kills her self

  134. @Midou: Good, because the same old trolling got old and boring ages ago.

    Speaking of which, where is all the mass bitching and trolling this week? It seems like people are actually reacting reasonably to the show for a change. What, did the trolls and complainers forget to show up this episode or have they finally gotten bored and moved on to some other show. Gundam 00, which is most certainly the target for the next round hasn’t started yet so even I’m confused. I predicted the postive reaction would come back after the show finished or at least the complaining would subside then, but not following the penultimate episode……huh…….strange.

    Does that mean I get to enjoy the final episode without having to endure mass arguing afterward if I want to discuss on the internet…….naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….something will happen in the show like them killing Karen or C.C, or not enough genocide and then it will be the “worst show ever” again. If there’s one thing I’ve learned by watching Code Geass R2 it’s that anything it does can be made out to be “bad writing” if people really want to have something to complain about. This week though, a pleasant surprise from the internet community. We shall see in 6 days time if we can finish this show on a positive note.

  135. I just love when everything falls into place in favor of Lelouch lol! This is like a battle of wits between two people’s ideals—Lulu and Schneizel. Just when you think Schneizel’s a total villain, they’ll reveal that he didn’t kill Cornelia and that he really doesn’t have a real desire. Atleast Lulu did him a favor.

    I totally adored C.C. and Lelouch’s scene here. I liked Kallen for Lelouch too, but now I think I just want her to be paired with someone here since I never really expected her to get Lelouch from C.C. GinoxKallen looks cute. ^_^

  136. I was wondering how the hell Guilford survive the FREIJA blast since his knightmare was swallowed by the light unless the knightmare auto-ejects his cockpit. Also I was wondering how he got blind (he’s wearing shades) and crippled (notice the crotch beside Cornelia’s bedside table).

  137. LoL @George….
    Those are even freakier then the eye change ones….xD

    And about Guilford…I find him being blind really wierd…
    Either he put on REALLY thick black glasses and pretend he’s blind cause the geass still affects him, so he would think the real Cornelia is a fake since Lulu is supposed to be Cornelia.
    Or Scheinezel or someone blinded him so he cant’t see, so he can’t serve Lulu anymore, since he cna’t see and that cancels the geass effect?……

  138. the episode is nice and thanks for all comment and sharing everyone’s idea.
    persoanlly i hope the last turn “RE” is not a recap or something most, and hope it end well. seeing that they wont have season 3, i wish they can make the last episode more meaningfull and the timing duration about 1 hour to 1 30 minutes.
    ok tat for all, here is my theory :
    damaclus is on self destructed mode , lulu and nunnally taking their time to understand each other, but time is not enough, suzaku defeat kallen and gino, and rush into the scene to save lulu and nunanly with his geass “live on” and anya is ungeass mode .after tat lulu explain his intentions , everybody regard , the truth of zero and everything he done, and then lulu and cc use their geass and code to finalize the zero requiem and disappear into dust to join with the king/god like charles /marianne. before he disappear, u came out the last wish :
    kallen: pls live on , i have grant ur bro wish
    kaguya: pls forgive me for all the things i done , and continue to lead japan the way when u was with zero
    anya: is good to c u having back ur memory , thanks for remember me
    jeremiah: thanks a lot for ur service , ur loyalty stop here, u no longer need to serve me, find ur own path of live
    sayako:thanks for everything , toward the end us till follow me , i feel touch
    rival: sorry about the not recognizing u early dont want to put in danger
    nina: forgive me , tat all i can ask
    milly: if i able to reborn , i will be with u
    suzaku: remember our promise, pls take care nunnaly for me , we always be best friend 4ever
    nunnally: there a lot things i need to tell, but thime is not enought, now the world is peace , become the empress and lead the ppl to better life as the way u wish .
    then some final word with cc
    lulu: do u regard to stay with me and sorry i cant grant ur wish.
    cc: u oredi grant my wish , my wish to stay with u , and follow u whichever path u choose.
    lulu:thank you .
    then both of the disappear , and few years later , world has become a better place
    and some rumor stated lulu and cc living happily side by side secretly .
    the end

    i think tat will be a nice ending , so wat u all think about it ??

  139. Man, if Sunrise really wanted to piss off everybody…they would make the last episode a recap of everything that had happened…and at the end, they’d be like…”Please purchase our DVD coming out on so and so to see our final 15 minute special episode of CGR2″

    But Sunrise ain’t that evil…right?…..hopefully?

  140. ‘RE’ Doesn’t mean recap for crying out loud. Are you people thick? It’s the last episode of a show in great demand, they want the last episode to not have ANY spoilers, that’s why the preview you shows you Lelouches past, and the name is non-indicative of anything.

    It’s meant to be a damn surprise. Realise that already. I’m looking forward to it, the way this episode went, basically brought everything back on track, and creating Nunnally as the final obstacle creates a situation of pure irony, since Lelouch started all this for her.

  141. so wait Code is going to end in the second season right, it would seem correct
    otherwise they wouldn’t have rushed and also they usually give gundam two seasons.
    25 episodes is sort of weird but whatever.

    Gundam Oct 5 baby

  142. based on my another theory ,
    if i am not wrong , the next episode they some how use their geass and turn back time to where is was like magikano ending , then start up a new/ different plot story instead of lulu get geass power now nunnaly get 1 two same as the adaptation manga of code geass : knightmare of nunnaly .if they consider making season 3 , IF ONLY

  143. @LeDouche

    I don’t think Sunrise would do that. I don’t recall them doing something like that in the past so screwing with the audience like that is unlikely.

    I also agree that the scenes for the preview are probably there to not spoil anything in the season/series finale, which is a smart move and I’m guessing we will be in for a big surprise maybe. I highly doubt a Code Geass season 3 will happen unless Sunrise does pull a fast one on us at the last moment and gives an announcement.

  144. @SilentVeil thats not actually true! the first time they fought kallen fell of a cliff (not a suzaku victory)then a number of small skirmishes where the MVS was broken (i think) everytime (due to the superiority of the gurens righ arm) right before lelouch ordered retreats because it was when the blackKnights were a small millitary band of rebels then the only time suzaku wone outright (the time u mentioned) was when the lancelot could fly and the guren couldnt!

    @Midou If you cant back up your opinion its usually a false one! (but hey im not so vain as to expect u to admit that your opinion of this show was premature and childish on an internet blogging site)

    WingZero zxt
  145. Im just hoping that (for all my spouting about the guren being superior-which it is) that suzaku doesnt have to win for the sake of the story im a mech fan and lets just say that after watching gundam for several years (X,Seed,Destiny,Wing,ZZ halfway,and some of the random ovas in between aswell as evolve) i have to say that the gun sword combo has been done-redone and overdone! i yearned for somthing new and what do we have… THE GUREN also its superior cos it has the now super hax radiation arm which until recently i thought had lost some function just to gain other functions but no it now has all of them whereas unless theres a revelation about how his new advancedvaris works suzaku has lost the hardron cannon the only thing making the lancelot flight-type remotely special and the wings that shoot are LAME but yeh im a mekh fan

    WingZero zxt
  146. @Zubaireta

    The producer said that they won’t be a 3rd season for Code Geass. Considering that everything is unresolved, I am sure that it will happen someday. Code Geass is populat enough for Sunrise to consider that option. And there is still the possible Milly x Lelouch relationship, that would rival C.C. and Kallen, from a marketing perspective. The girl with the biggest cheats always get her man. In Milly’s case, she wants Lelouch.

  147. Max NO! stop confusing the issue! all enemies are defeated! and the prducer said thier wont be one can i ask you seriously why are u so bent on Milly Lelouch shes not even far enough up the character chain for that partnetrshp to work it doesnt make the SLIGHTEST bit of sense and on top of it all shes has palyed an almost completely unimportant roll in the show (i.e. she hasnt killed anyone :P)

    WingZero zxt
  148. @ wingZero zxt

    The writers did reveal that milly has a secret crush on lelouch. However that crush was not developed at all, with the development focusing on Kallen, CC and lelouch. Although a hint was given in R2 ep 12 when she wanted lelouch’s hat.

    Right now, i will be happy if lelouch ends up with any girl cause at least……he will be alive. Things dont look that good for him, zero requiem sounds like a self sacrificial type of plan(tho i could be wrong).

  149. @ WingZero zxt
    A satisfactory ending would mean a compromise on the Zero Requiem and Milly finally revealing her love for Lelouch. This was never resolved. If it was, I would not be talking about it, now would I? Shirley is dead. There was no time to place a Milly x Lelouch relationship in the mix. The did mention that she was in love with Lelouch. It would be their duty to pair them up or resolve that matter altogether, which they have not. The interactions between Milly and Lelouch was always a heartfelt moment, in my opinion. More than either C.C. or Kallen. I only wished that the writers had taken their time with the series by focusing on the Geass Cult for R2, instead of craming everything at once in the last 13 episodes. This way, there would have been a lot of time to focus on the resolution of Milly and Lelouch possible relationship.

  150. Wingzero zxt@

    Excuses …excuses …excuses …hell …he had Kallen on the run when they were on the Japanese boat as well after ummm…Lelouche’s little accident. This is without Suzaku really using the cannon/gun against her at any point any time. She really hasn’t won any battles against him except for the two you mention, and the fact that they were small doesn’t really compare to the fact that the only time they called Suzaku out was when things went bad.

    So, they weren’t all that small.

    As for physically we know she can’t beat him, and I don’t think she can take him as a pilot either but then we will get a chance to find out ..won’t we. Here is hoping.

  151. @WingZero zxt

    I agree yet disagree with what you are saying. Yes Milly isn’t an important enough character to develop a relationship with lelouch and thus it wasn’t focused on since Kallen and CC are pretty much the focus on the subject BUT like everyone else mentioned, the writers did confirm that she in fact had those kind of feelings for him.

    As for the Suzaku vs Kallen fight, I’m not putting any bets since its the last epsidoe and we may never know what will happen. Who knows? The “Live” geass may reach the point where it wears off last minute and may be the turning point of the whole thing. If anything, the two are pretty much on par with each other as KMF pilots.

  152. I think Suzaku and Kallen are fighting for Lelouche’s right hand (top bitch spot XD )…Kallen got all jealous when Emperor Lulz declared Suzaku is top knight or knight of zero…Kallen was like “OMG I totally thought I was his ace pilot!!!”

    well whoever wins, he/she is still Lulu’s bitch.


  153. I find it rather odd that anyone thinks that the next episode is a recap. It’s the last episode for crying out loud. What’s the point of a recap for the last episode? You do a recap in the middle of the season – particularly with longer shows – because you want to make sure that all the viewers are on the same page and/or because you just want to save money by doing less new stuff. It makes no sense whatsoever that the next episode would be a recap.

    Almost certainly, they showed clips from previous episodes for the preview because they don’t want to reveal anything about it. It’s supposed to be a surprise. It’s quite possible that you’ll get a bit of explaining from Lelouch (though that’s arguably a bit out of character) as to what happened and why he’s doing what he’s doing and you, therefore, get various images from past episodes reused as he’s explaining, but I certainly don’t expect a recap episode. That would just plain be stupid even if there was going to be a third season (which there isn’t).

    The “Re ;” name makes me think of the tag that’s usually put on the beginning of e-mails that are in response to other e-mails. It may or may not have anything to do with that idea, but it’s certainly not a recap.

    And, personally, I think that they have plenty of time to resolve everything in one episode and that they will do so. What they almost certainly won’t do, however, is answer ever last question that has been raised over the course of the show. For instance, at this point, I would not expect an explanation of what C.C. thought Suzaku might be when he was able to see her back in episode 22 of R1. I also don’t expect an explanation on what on earth an “SP” is. Both are Geass-related questions and we seem to be pretty much past all of the Geass stuff in the series.

    We’re going to see how things turn out and what does and doesn’t get resolved, but I don’t think that many major questions are likely to get answered. We’re bound to find out what Zero Requiem is and we might find out a few things that we’ve been wondering about (like what C.C.’s real name is), but then again, we might not. I think that at this point, it’s all about how the story gets resolved and a lot of the little details are going to – unfortunately – fall through the cracks.

    Regardless, how can anyone expect a recap episode is beyond me….

  154. As for Nunnally seeing, I think that it’s pretty clear that it’s simply a case of her being able to overcome the emperor’s Geass. Euphemia was able to resist Lelouch’s Geass initially (albeit not for long) and she was able to resist it enough in the end not to try and kill Suzaku. Suzaku has been able to resist the “Live” Geass effect on a few occasions as well. So, being able to resist a Geass is not new. It’s definitely new to outright overcome a Geass, however. It looks like Nunnally was so desperate to find the FLEIJA trigger and stop Lelouch that that force of will was enough to overcome the emperor’s Geass.

    I have to say, though, that those who seem to think that the Geass effect went away due to the emperor’s death, need to think things through a bit more. As far as we know, no one else who was Geassed by the emperor regained their memories with his death. More importantly, he’s been dead for well over a month and Nunnally didn’t regain her sight or the use of her legs until this last episode. I see no evidence whatsoever for any Geass effect ever wearing off. No one who has been Geassed by Lelouch has ever had that Geass effect wear off later. We know that having his Geass locked away didn’t unGeass anyone (Suzaku is still Geassed after all) and there’s no evidence that with the emperor’s death, anyone that he Geassed become unGeassed. Really, I think that it’s pretty clear that Nunnally overcame the emperor’s Geass through force of will rather it wearing off due to the emperor’s death.

    As for Nunnally’s actions… Yes, she’s being stupid, but she’s being stupid in much the same way that Lelouch is. She seems to think that she needs to take on the sins of others (specifically, Lelouch), by doing whatever nastiness is required to stop them and thus “save” them. She was convinced by Schneizel that Lelouch is being evil and she feels that she has a responsibility to stop him. And really, can you blame her? Lelouch has specifically been making himself out to be a villain and the one time that he’s talked to her since becoming that villain, he lies to her and tells her that he doesn’t care about her and that he is indeed a villain. Everything he’s doing right now paints him as a villain and she feels that she needs to stop him. Lelouch has felt the need to personally stop Suzaku in the past for similar reasons and Suzaku has certainly felt that way about Lelouch/Zero on many occasions.

    The one thing about what Nunnally’s up to that is stupid is that she’s shooting FLEIJA when she’s normally so peace-loving. But apparently, Lelouch is acting so evil and she’s feeling so useless, that she felt the need to do it. On the bright side, she’s just been killing soldiers, not civilians. As such, it’s not really all that different from Kallen or Suzaku obliterating the enemy knightmares. It’s only a matter of scale.

    In any case, hopefully by the end of this next and final episode, Lelouch and Nunnally will understand one another (and ever better, the OotBK, Kallen, and company will understand Lelouch), the world will become relatively stable (probably due to the collapse of Britannia which will probably occur due to Lelouch’s death or disappearance), and at least some of the characters will manage to live happily ever after.

  155. The thing is kalessin is that as you say theres no precident for outright overcoming a geass! a and so far as we know nunally was shot when marrianes body was on top of her which is wh she couldnt walk! the eyes thing only was the emperor she clambered bck into the chair using her arms why i that so har to beleive? because shes a little girl? no more harder o believe in that case than the idea of a girl whos been blind almost her whole life having incredible strngth of will to completely overcome previously thought unavoidable type of mind CONTROL! also it makes more sense that it was due to the emperors death that it wore off because when your blind for a while the thought to open your eyes takes a while to re-emerge! also how may people do we know were geassed BY THE EMPEROR i may have missed who else but since thier obviously not important enough to waste screen time on in the last 2 episodes its safe to say that the fact its not impossible for that to be the case!

    WingZero zxt
  156. @WingZero zxt
    Anya was Geassed to forget about witnessing Marianne’s death. Rivalz and Milly were Geassed to forget about Nunnally and anything that they might know about Lelouch being a prince or about him being Zero. Shirley was Geassed for the same thing, but not only did the Geass Conceler und that, but she’s dead now. Nina may or may not have been Geassed in a similar manner. I don’t recall there being any evidence as to whether or not she remembered Nunnally or anything else that might be a sign of her being Geassed by the emperor. Nunally was Geassed by the emperor to think that she witnessed her mother’s death. Part of that was that she become blind. It is unclear whether or not her being lame is also part of that. They haven’t exactly been clear on it, so it’s possible that they actually went and shot her in the legs in addition to having the emperor mess with her memory and make her blind. Lelouch was Geassed by the emperor to forget about Nunnally, his mother, his past as a prince, and that he was Zero. C.C. was able to undo that for him. Off the top of my head, that’s the whole list of people that we know for sure were Geassed by the emperor.

    As I said, Lelouch and Shirley were cured (though Shirley is dead now). We don’t know for sure whether Nina was Geassed, but there’s been no change in her behavior either way. From what we’ve see of Rivalz and Milly, there’s no evidence that their memories have returned. Of course, it’s not as if Rivalz knew much to begin with, so it’s hard to tell with him. About the only thing that he’d have to remember would be that Nunnally was Lelouch’s sister – which might lead him to figure out that Lelouch might be royalty – but it hasn’t come up, so we don’t know. Milly knew that Lelouch was royalty, but it hasn’t really come up with her either. She was certainly surprised to see Lelouch take the throne, but she’d probably be surprised even if she remembered everything.

    We’ve seen next to nothing about Anya and between the various subs and what people have said, it’s not at all clear to me whether her memory has returned. If it has, it sounded like it was because Schneizel did something (which makes little to no sense to me because he has no Geass related powers and very little knowledge about Geass).

    So, I suppose that you could argue that we don’t really know much about whether the people that the emperor Geassed regained their memories upon his death, but even if there’s little evidence to say that they haven’t, there certainly isn’t any to say that they have. It seems ludicrous to me to think that Nunnally would go well over a month before opening her eyes if the emperor’s death undid the Geass. While she may not be used to opening her eyes, whatever was holding her back from doing so would be gone. With the Geass Canceler, the effect was immediate. Also, if the death of the Geass user were to undo the effects of their Geass, I would have expected the loss of their Geass to do the same. So, Lelouch’s Geass being locked away or the Emperor losing his Geass by gaining V.V.’s code would likely have had the same effect. Lelouch’s Geass being locked away didn’t undo any of the effects of his Geass (otherwise, Suzaku wouldn’t still be affected) and if the effects went away when one gained a code, the effects of the emperor’s Gess would have gone away even sooner.

    I’ll grant you that it seems stupid for Nunnally to be able to overcome her Geass effect when no one else has managed it so far, but others have managed to fight Geass. There’s evidence for that at least. Taking it so far as to overcome the Geass is a bit of a stretch, but she is Zero’s sister and they are getting crazier and crazier with what they’re doing (e.g. the whole recorded conversation with Schneizel was way over the top. Schneizel was too smart for that to work and their were no pauses in the conversation like there were with Mao). I wouldn’t put it past them to say that the reason that she can open her eyes is because she overcame the Geass. Certainly, that’s what Lelouch thought.

    All of the evidence that I see – meagre as it may be – points to Nunnally overcoming the Geass by force of will in her desperation. I see no evidence for her Geass effect wearing off upon the emperor’s death. If that were the case, I’d have expected her to see a lot sooner than she did. I’ll grant you that it’s not completely certain what happened, but I think that your interpretation is stretching things. Mine – while arguably stupid (in that Nunnally really shouldn’t be able to overcome her Geass by herself) – at least matches with what Lelouch was thinking and seems somewhat plausible based on past events of people resisting Geass.

  157. Anya memories have returned and the only person the emperor ever admitted to geassing was nunally though we assumed/it as alluded to that shirley was geassed by the emperor because of the images that we saw when she got her memories back! i find it odd though that if that were the case she wouldnt have noticed oh lelouch is zero and hs wiped my minnd before… wait a minute the emperor has the same ability! Ive answered with anya already because in the gg subs cannon asked if anyas memories had been restored (i.e have they come bck! which means that when marriane left her body it was the same as having the geass affect removed which means that all of anyas memories maybe even marraines experiences inside her returned! which means anya currently may know more about this whole mess then anyone!

    As for it taking nunally so long to open her eyes ofcourse it would take a while after all she hasnt used them in several years!!!

    this is entirely conjecture and entirely up to the makers discretion!

    also the fact is that the only two accounts of people resisting geass were suzaku and Euphy! suzakus geass is vague and therefore open to interpretation by himself hence his ability to control it in his fight with bismark making what bismark saw as the future unclear!and euphys was insane and lets not forget… SHe still did it! also there is the slight possibility that the emperor lied! (he is lelouch father after all) and/or that nunally never really tried to open her recently ungeassed eyes til now! the fact her memories havent returned is possibly the result of the fact that the memories are REALLY old ones anyway IN Any case theres equal (LOW) amomounts of evidence to suuport any of these theories so dont discount any just yet!

    WingZero zxt
  158. @WingZero zxt
    Well, Lelouch thought that Nunnally had succeeding at overcoming the emperor’s Geass – not that that it had worn off due to the emperor’s demise. Regardless of whether he’s correct, however, I expect that that’s all the explanation that we’ll get. My personal assessment, is that he’s correct, but without further explanation, we’ll never know entirely for sure.

    As for folks other than Anya being Geassed by the emperor, I thought that it was quite clear that the other members of the student council had been Geassed by him. If they hadn’t been, they would have questioned Rolo’s presence, wondered where Nunnally was, and would have freaked out when Nunnally became governor of Japan. They did no such thing. They never showed any recognition of Nunnally and were surprised that Lelouch had talked to her (which they would not have been had they remembered Nunnally). It was clear with Shirley that she only remembered that Nunnally was Lelouch’s sister once Jeremiah had used the Geass Canceler on her. Also, as I recall, it was Lelouch’s assessment that the emperor had used his Geass on the other members of the student council and that that was why they didn’t remember Nunnally. I really don’t think that there’s much question about it. While the emperor himself never actually said that he Geassed the members of the Ashford student council, it’s clear that he had to have do so or they would have acted very differently than they have. And as far as we’ve seen, they’re still affected by that Geass (though we haven’t really seen enough of them to be sure).

  159. @Max it was resolved it got one episode! saying milly lelouch is unresolved is like saying Mia lelouch is unresolved! I know the writers mentioned it but i genuinely think is somthing that was mentioned in passing and wouldnt add anything to the story if it happens due to millys overall complete unimportance to the show (i.e Shes still alive and hasnt killed anyone!)

    @SilentVeil i dont remember kallen ever being on the run from suzaku she was always ordered to retreat before anything conclusive could occur! of the battles i remember there was:

    The battle of Narita: the ground broke so nothing conclusive

    Ambushing cornelia: Wich lead to a retreat order being given cos shirley was there and lelouch got knocked out by suzaku nothing conclusive

    The time when they freed toudou and then lynched suzaku with 4 on one harldy a fair fight

    The time when suzaku flew at the guren and punched to save euphy cos she was dying! not a fight and besides from this point on he had the flight pack! so i dont undersand where u got this suzaku had the guren on the run buisness cos it was just never there

    Also id like to point out at this stage that as ive repeatedly stated the Guren is a better unit then the lancelot not that kallen is physically superior to suzaku cos thats just not true no mattter ho u look at it but if u remember you realise that im not wrong about the guren because not one of suzakus weapons has ever worked against the gurens radiations shield and the only weapon which worked , the hardron cannon doesnt work and suzaku doesnt seem to have so unless his new varis or his new mvs is EVEN more hax then we realised then suzaku might loose the next time especially since hes not triyng to kill anyone and kallen doesnt seem to care! i beleive i had kallens death count at 26 whislt fighting C.C.!

    @Kalessin fair point but it still doesnt fit entirely no matter which way i look at it! just have to wait on the sheer genius of excuse that they wrote in for this one!

    WingZero zxt
  160. Continuing on my milly point how much of a pointless empty ending would it be if he ended up with her! i mean lelouch has Killed loads of people lost freinds and family alike betrayed a nation destroyed a nation created a group of nations all with a rare and mysterious power and his pure and unremittent power! even so far as to geass the Gods themselves… to end up with the WEATHER GIRL??? WTH????? how completely and UTTERLY under-nourished would that ending be! he doesnt end up with C.C. because she doesnt want him to suffer immortality, he doesnt end up with Kallen because she has randomly decided she prefers blonde men like Gino and Schniziel rather he ends up with Milly for reasons that are ultimately unimportant! he hanst even professed and interest in her i mean at leat with the other three it was possible that he sortof liked em!!!

    WingZero zxt
  161. @WingZero zxt

    I somewhat agree with how the LuluXMilly pairing doesn’t seem like it would get anywhere, especially at this point of the series. I still stand that the two most likely candidates to be paired with lulu in the end, if it were to happen, are still Kallen and CC. Your point about Milly’s position is true that it wouldn’t make sense that a weathergirl (or unimportant overall) would end up with pretty much a complex character such as lelouch but we may never know. I guess we should also take into account that it was Milly’s family that did support both Lelouch and Nunnally so they do have some background together. Who knows? But the way I see the series now, I highly doubt that pairing can happen.

    Again in regards to Suzaku vs Kallen, it would seem that Kallen is fighting for either her pride or her feelings for lelouch (being broken?). As for Suzaku, he is fighting for his ideals in seeing the Zero Requiem through til the end, thus he does have to let Lulu live, which causes the conflict. So in a way, Kallen maybe fighting because her pride may have taken a blow when Lulu announced that Suzaku was his Knight of Zero, which I think Kallen would’ve been the better choice. Unfortunately, the circumstances at the time didn’t allow that.

    Can’t sunday come any faster!!!

  162. Kallen has always been fighting to free Japan. She’s been fighting against the evil that is Britannia. Zero helped her and her friends tremendously in that struggle. He organized them into the OotBK, brought them victories, and all around helped them towards there goal of freeing Japan. Kallen basically hero-worshiped Zero as a result and started falling in love with him.

    Finding out that Lelouch was Zero was a major shock for her. She obviously did not feel the same way about Lelouch as she did about Zero and was not at all happy that he had not confided in her when she saw him so often at school. Finding out about Geass and the possibility of her being under its control didn’t help either. However, having the opportunity to talk with C.C. and then asking Lelouch himself about it, she was able to overcome her anger and other negative emotions about Lelouch being Zero.

    As R2 went along, Kallen quickly transferred all of her positive feelings about Zero to Lelouch as Zero. She clearly liked him. Apparently, according to an interview with her VA, she didn’t fully realize it until she kissed him a couple of episodes back, but I think that we could all see that she had feelings for Lelouch. She was able to accept Lelouch as Zero.

    The problem comes in when the OotBK turned against him. Obviously, the OotBK felt that they had very good reasons for doing so. Add in the fact that Lelouch explicitly acted like a villain in order to get Kallen to not get killed with him and Kallen becomes seriously confused about Lelouch. She was already wondering how he felt about her. Now, on top of that, add the fact that Lelouch becomes the ruler of the country that he declared he hates and chooses one of her worst enemies as his protector and she’s that much more confused. The OotBK are confused as well. Now, Lelouch muddies the waters even more by being a fairly good guy from the OotBK point of view, leaving them to wonder what he’s really up to.

    So, when Lelouch says that Britannia is going to join the OotBK, both Kallen and the OotBK are seriously wondering what Lelouch is up to and what his goals are. I think that it’s safe to say that Kallen wants to believe in him more than any of them (except perhaps for Tamaki), but they’re all wondering what he’s up to. Kallen tries to get Lelouch to open up to her, but as usual, he refuses. She even kisses him and he still won’t open up. So, she has absolutely no clue what he’s really up to and is feeling rather broken up about it.

    Now, when she’s already in a fairly confused state, Lelouch goes and does something that seems to be outright evil: he takes the leaders of the UFN hostage in order to force them to let him enter the UFN and effectively become its leader. Kallen – along with everyone else – is left to believe that he really was just in it for the power all along and he’s been manipulating everyone ever since the beginning. He never really did compeletely open up to Kallen, so while she thought that she understood what he was up to before, his recent actions lead her to believe that he’s been using her and the OotBK from the beginning.

    The result is that Kallen – like Nunnally – believes that she has to stop Lelouch. She cares for him and is heartbroken by his betrayal but believes that it’s her responsibility to deal with him. It’s similar to how Lelouch felt that he was the one that should kill Euphemia (albeit not exactly the same).

    While most of us don’t like how Kallen and the OotBK have been acting, I think that it’s quite understandable. One of their best friends and allies went from helping them to defeat the evil Britannian Empire to betraying them, taking over Britannia, and attempting to take over the rest of the world. While that’s not quite what Lelouch did or what he’s up to, it’s what it looks like he’s up to, so Kallen and the OotBK feel that they need to stop him. The fact that they feel betrayed makes them react from their emotions that much more and so that they are that much less able to see through Lelouch’s mask. But it’s not as if it’s really an easy mask to see through anyway. He really has been acting like a villain of late after all. Of course, the situation is that much worse for Kallen since she’s in love with him, but it’s not exactly easy for any of them. And Gino and Anya are feeling similarly towards Suzaku (and to some extent Lelouch). This has enabled Schneizel to lead them along by the nose and is why they’ve been acting in a manner that most of us aren’t particularly happy with.

    In any case, this rather long-winded post is basically my attempt to explain why it makes perfect sense that the OotBK, Kallen, Anya, and Gino have all sided with Schneizel against Lelouch even when we think that it’s stupid of them. In particular, a number of us have basically been calling Kallen a moron for going against Lelouch, but I think that it makes sense even if I don’t like it. Another thing to remember though, is that strong emotions can easily lead to other strong emotions. Kallen feels very strongly about Lelouch – she’s in love with him. So, when she feels betrayed, her feelings of betrayal are that much stronger.

    Hopefully, Kallen and the others will finally get a good explanation from Lelouch in the next episode, but for now, their emotions are running high and Lelouch has set himself up as their enemy, so they’re trying to defeat him.

  163. Although it’s unlikely that a Milly x Lelouch relationship will happen, unless we’re going to get another season of Code Geass. The whole issue with Milly x Lelouch is not resolved at all. I stand by my statement.There is so much to this series that could be exployed with a 3rd season. Sunrise could request for one more season, that could clear a lot of things up.

  164. Lol Max, Milly is just an appearence char… I don’t know how many erodoujinshi you could have seen with her as the main char, but poor Mily doesn’t really count in the Geass in the actual anime’s cast ^^;

    I bet Lulu ends up immortal, vanishing in a cloud of dust…
    uhm… still want to see how they put C.C on the Damocles, after she fell in the ocean. But giving recent sudden and unexplained plot twists, nothing is impossible now.

    btw… why does poor C.c always ends taking a bath in the ocean at the end of Geass? Mistery…

  165. betrayed by lelouch? by zero? don’t be silly, he was first betrayed to begin with. that guy hates to be betrayed *cough suzaku*. since he lost his army the only left with him was his bloodline. that’s why he went for his birthplace which he wretched. he took over brittania after he dissolved his parents. zero requiem wouldn’t happen in the first place if he didn’t lose his army. he would still be aiming to destroy brittania.

    nunnaly looks more beautiful than before.

    kaguya and tianzi still looks cute!

    i’m a lolicon lolz

  166. I agree. If Lelouch hadn’t lost his army and his Zero identity, the Zero Requiem would not have happened. But since Nunnally is alive, he will have to reset his plans. I think that he’ll return to Ashford Academy once again to be with his friends.

  167. if nunnally cant see through the lies of lelouch, then Rolo is a better sibling than her. its pretty ironic that she gain the ability to see again yet lose the talent to see someone’s heart most specially her brother.

    as for kallen butting in really pisses me off. at least now CC and kallen are tie when it comes to lelouch(i think).

  168. Code Geass R2 OST 2 is now out and the last song, Hitomi of course, is a bit ominous. Its called “Continued Story”, so my question is… Will stage 25 really be the end of Code Geass or is there something beyond this. BTW, the songs in the disc are amazing…
    As for my opinion on how episode 24 was… It was a good episode, Lelouch proves how well he can predict trains of thought, i did find the fact that Nunally opened her eyes a bit surprising, as for what may happen next its hard to predict. I simply hope that we get to see what Zero Requiem is, To see and excellent battle between 2 9th generation Knightmare Frames and finally hear C.C. real name while she and Lelouch have a moment to express themselves.
    Long live Emperor Lelouch and and Empress C.C.!!!

  169. Seriously max for milly to be an important character i stand by my statement that she would have to die or kill someone in the next 25 minutes of the program! in this regard the following are more important

    Heck theres more chance of him winding up Gay with suzaku then with Milly at this point! (I REALLY DONT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN)

    WingZero zxt
  170. @WingZero zxt

    You’re taking this wat too seriously. Didn’t I just said that the chances of Milly x Lelouch relationship is not likely to happen? Also, Shirley’s dead and C.C. doesn’t count. But let’s see how the last episode unfolds. The Ashfords are important in Lelouch’s life. To me, the World’s End arc was a story that had to be told. Thus, I’ll agree that Ashford Academy is not important in this arc. But I stand by the fact that Milly’s love for Lelouch is not finished. That is all.

  171. @Kalessin

    You pretty much explained in detail my thoughts about how Kallen and the Black Knights view of Lelouch. That’s why it is sad that he must put the face of a villain and turn his back on Kallen for the sake of the Zero Requiem. He made the people who followed him become his mortal enemy. I agree that I do hope things work out in the end for lelouch and Kallen, and maybe the Black Knights.

    Season 3? I don’t think that will happen unless we do get an ending that is unsatisfactory with a bunch of unanswered questions yet again but I don’t think that will happen. Who knows? We’ll have to wait until the last episode to find out.

  172. Okay, the Nunnelly seeing thing. I don’t believe that Nunnelly’s blindness had anything to do with her Geass. I believe her emotions were real about that moment, and she did in fact go blind because of the stress ..or refused to open her eyes. Maybe a part of her rememeber that open eyes equal bad things, but whatever …there is a high possiblity that Nunnelly’s Geass had nothing to do with her eyes at all.

    Wingzero zxt@

    All those excuses are because Kallen is too much of a twit to leave a battlefield before she is killed, duh? Her arm was fired and Lelouche had to order back on multiply occasions, because he didn’t want to lose his ace pilot.

    But as I said before, excuses, excuses.

  173. @reilina

    You had a nice point about Nunnally. However what I think about Rolo is that, Lelouch was really mad at Rolo when he said he hates him. Yet Rolo with his brotherly feelings, thought that he was lying about it but actually he wasn’t. But in the end, I think Lelouch was greatfull to Rolo for his heroic act.

    On the other hand, Nunally, whom knows Lelouch for years and knows sometimes when he does lie, how come she is unable figure out his mask? Well, there are factors to be considered about this situation but still, isn’t it ironic?

  174. @Max
    Out of curiousity, what are you looking to have resolved about Milly’s feelings for Lelouch? Do you want her and Lelouch to get together? Do you want her to tell him how she feels and have him tell her that he doesn’t feel the same? What is there really to resolve? It was established that she’s had feelings for Lelouch but hasn’t gone after him because she wanted Shirley to be with him. Given time, she might have gone after him after Shirley died (I can’t believe that she’d go after him right away – it would seem too callous), but she was never given that opportunity. Given what’s happened, I’m not sure she’d do it right now. Sure, she cares about him, but almost everyone – including his little sister – think that he’s actually a villain because he’s done such a good just of presenting himself as one.

    For Lelouch and Milly to get together would require a lot more time than we have (which you have certainly acknowledged), but given that Lelouch X Milly isn’t going to happen, what are looking to have happen that would actually resolve it? It seems to me that it’s plenty resolved if they’re not going to have them actually get together. She semi-admitted to herself that she liked Lelouch but decided that Shirley would have him and she moved on. I just don’t see anything else that would make it more resolved other than actually putting the two of them together.

    And as for a third season, there just isn’t the material for it. Even if Milly were the perfect person for Lelouch and they wanted to get them together, they screwed it up if that’s what they wanted. Plot-wise, Code Geass is almost completely resolved. All of the villains have been dealt with. The only enemies left are good guys who think that Lelouch is a bad guy. In all likelihood, with his death or disappearance, Britannia would crumble. He completely dissolved the nobility and governmental structure and made it rely entirely upon him. With him gone, Britannia is easy prey for the UFN and the world stands a real chance at being united. With that done, what’s there left to do?

    There are a number of questions that will likely be left unresolved – such as what SP’s are, why Suzaku was able to see the glowing image of C.C. outside the Gawain in episode 23 of R1, and maybe even what C.C.’s name is – but there’s no story left to explain them in. The only “evil” character left is Lelouch himself. Once he’s gone, there’s no story left to tell. Even if he stayed around and acted evil a bit longer, what would they do for a third season? Have him continually fight the OotBK and the UFN? He’s only fighting them because they turned on him and his current plan to better the world apparently includes making himself out to be an utter villain. With Schneizel gone, I don’t see how you’re going to have more than an episode or two’s worth of material left to tell – let alone an entire season. In any case, it’s a mute point because the head writer confirmed that season 2 is the end ( ).

    Really, my question is what it would take for you to consider Milly’s situation to be resolved? I just don’t see anything that would make it any more resolved unless they actually decided to put the two of the together – which won’t happen in the little time remaining.

  175. Man am I disappointed with Kallen, no, in fact I can’t believe that I’m starting to hate her! I was such a big fan of Kallen, plus the Kallen X Lulu pairing I supported, but now with one last episode to go. It doesnt seem that Kallen will change her mind and switch back to Lelouch. Frankly I’m disgusted with the thought of Kallen and Gino getting together, I mean WTFBBQ! I mean WTH! It’s like watching frikin Gundam Seed Destiny having Lunamaria and Shinn!

    So at this point of the series, I don’t give a dam anymore, I hope Kallen dies the final episode, dying together with Gino, and after regretting how an idiot she was when she finally realizes the truth for Lelouch’s actions.

    I at least am hoping that Lelouch and C.C. will live in the end, since I just switched lol! I’m now a fan of C.C. X Lelouch, I mean WOW! The development between the two was awesome this second season! I had initially thought that it would be the same with Kallen but well screw her, it’s all about C.C.!!! I’m not worried about C.C. since she’s immortal, but I do hope that Lelouch will live and fulfill his promise to C.C. – grant her the wish for TRUE LOVE!!!

    Man I can’t believe I changed my mind in like the end of the series, but I did support C.C. X Lelouch as my second favorite before; now it’s all about these two!

  176. @Ungas
    The OotBK and Kallen believe that they were betrayed by Zero. They leaders of the OotBK believed it enough to turn on him. And assuming that what they thought was indeed true, then it wasn’t really a betrayal on their part since he’d already betrayed them. And, of course, no matter how much they might have wondered whether they had done the right thing and whether or not Zero had betrayed them, once he attempted to force the leaders of the UFN to vote him in and holding them hostage, then even Kallen felt that he had indeed turned on them. Lelouch is totally portraying himself as the bad guy at this point.

    Now, did Zero actually betray them? Not really – at least not when they turned on him. He had never been entirely honest with them and had done things that they wouldn’t have approved of, but he hadn’t betrayed them. Of course, you could definitely argue that he’s betrayed them now since he took the leaders of the UFN hostage. But everything he’s doing at this point appears to intended to be for their own good in the long run, so in a way he still has betrayed him.

    The point, however, is that they believe that Zero/Lelouch betrayed them. The fact that he didn’t might make it so that he could eventually convince them otherwise, but they believe that he did, and everything he’s been doing since then has only reinforced it for them.

  177. Man I loved this episode! I mean despite the dead coming back to life and the rest of the ootbk still being idiots, I loved the Lelouch VS Schneizel Battle!!!

    FINALLY! This episode, Schneizel got WHIPPED! I mean the bastard has been sooo dam arrogant and that he thinks no one in the world can outsmart him, not even Lelouch, well he just bite the dust this episode!!!

    I mean in the last episode, Schneizel kept bragging to Xing Ke (who is frankly quite afraid of Lelouch) that he has never lost once against Lelouch. LOL just like Lelouch said before in their chess match, that was a talk 8 frikin years ago! I mean Schneizel should be ashamed of himself for being proud of beating a 10 year old kid, why? Schneizel at that time is probably around 15-16 years old, even older. My logic is that at that time, even Cornelia was already assigned to managing the royal guards (particularly in Marriane’s personal guards) and she was shown (I think this was one of the pics in the drama or maybe something I just saw in the net) as a teenager, seeing as Schneizel is older than her and him being the second prince while Lelouch is the 11th prince, surely Schneizel is far more older at least from what IMO about 5 years or more.

    So he kept beating a 10 year old kid in chess, and now he’s bragging about that and is quite overconfident. Dam serves him right this episode! I know that Lelouch used a recycled idea, but come on! It worked on Mao, whom he said that predicting his responses was simple, because his way of thinking was simple. So who would’ve thought that such a strategy would work against a cunning man like Schneizel, but it did! That’s cuz it’s Lulu! Dam, even I was fooled lol! He could even accurately predict the type of response and even the timing! Quite a feat! I mean, Lelouch even did the turning of the chair trick like a true villain!!! He’s the only villain who could make it look sooooo dammm cool! Especially the tapping part with Schneizel who was so engrossed in answering Lelouch’s recorded video that he didnt even notice that his gay attendant Kanon and that crazy Diethard was already subjugated. When he realized it, BOOM! CHECKMATE! I loved his shock expression! That all along he was outsmarted by Lelouch, not only predicting his escape, but also predicting his thoughts.

    BRAVO! LELOUCH, BRAVO! You’re officially the smartest guy in the world of CG!

    Also since I loved this episode sooo much I replayed it so many times that I got some details that I initially was confused about:

    1) About the Mission Apate Aletheia:

    This isn’t some kind of secret mission that he assigned for Sayoko, Cecile, and Loyd. It’s simply an evacuation order! Just as the meaning implied, those three will pretend that they were threatened and forced by Lelouch, and now that he’s gone, they can be free and that they can now release the hostages. Why am I sure of this? It was because of Sayoko’s look of concern when Lelouch ordered it, and also of Lelouch’s response: thanking Sayoko for serving him well all this time and thanking them for their bravery. This was basically a farewell for them, since Avalon was going down and was intruded.

    Also notice that Nina isn’t part of the mission, why? Simple because she was still wanted for creating the FREIYA warhead, so she cannot simply pretend that she was forced by Lelouch seeing as she will still be convicted. This was the reason why she was hiding in that room.

    (This reason also pisses me off for what the OOTBK is now doing, I mean they are hunting down Nina who is the creator of FREIYA, but they are perfectly fine for Schneizel to be happily shooting off FREIYA everywhere, in fact they frikin ignore it!!!)

    2. Did anyone wonder why Diethard and Kanon couldn’t tell Schneizel beforehand that Lelouch was behind him and outsmarted him?

    The reason was because they were both injected with the REFRAIN DRUG, notice the injection that both soldiers had along with their guns when they were holding them down. This explains why Diethard’s vision was blurry and why his hands were shaking that he couldn’t aim the gun properly – thus resulting to Schneizel killing him easily.

    – He said that he doesn’t approve of Lelouch’s Britannia: why?
    Cuz he is a dam noble, and the fact that Lelouch demolished nobility means he isn’t one anymore
    – He said he was fighting for what’s in his heart: wtf?
    WTH does that suppose to mean? He’s all joking around, that’s why i frikin hate him since the beginning. He was ignorant to begin with and he will be ignorant to the end, oh why didn’t you kill him SUZAKU! You had two chances to do so!!!
    – What was his reason to fight against Lelouch and Suzaku to begin with?
    Because of what’s in his heart? A wtf moment again! He even questioned Suzaku about what he’s protecting for without even clearly knowing what he’s doing. He said that he was loyal to britannia, but why join the black knights? He even frikin said to Kallen that he was starting to understand her feelings, understand what? Knowing his character, he’s just going with dam flow, I want him dead sooo much lol!

    – She’s now officially an idiot, no wonder her intelligence rating according to Lelouch was soooooo low! Why couldn’t she figure out what Lelouch meant at the time when he told her to live! Does the guy need to spell it out for her! I mean what a dumb bitch!
    – She’s now officially a hypocrite! Why? She was telling off C.C. that she should back off cuz she isn’t fighting for revenge or for her country, then what is Kallen fighting for to begin with? First of all it’s not revenge. Second for Japan? Why? She was fighting for her country’s liberation, and that happened already!!! Lelouch liberated Japan!
    – She wants to kill Lelouch now, wtf did the guy do to her deserve that? Even shirley whom her very own father was killed by Lelouch forgave him! So WTH does she want him dead! At this point I don’t give a dam about Kallen, she could go with Gino and die for all I care!

    5. Guilford’s Survival:

    Though I can’t really explain that well, it could be possible since he was near the very limit of the blast zone. Also it seems like he was blinded as an effect of the FREIYA, since it looks like there was a cane beside him and he was wearing sunglasses. Though this is just my theory.

    According to a lot of magazines, it seems to be a farewell for both Lelouch, Suzaku, and to war itself. I do hope that those two will live, seeing as the director said that this would be a happy ending, i mean he might as well let those two live cuz it would be quite stupid to kill of such major characters in the end of the series, especially because the dam series had been magically resurrecting people back to life, can anyone give me count lol?

    Let’s see: Cornelia, Guilford, Nunnally, Sayoko, and Jeremiah. 5 in total in my count.

  178. but the very least, nunnally got wish granted , remember the season 1 , she say if she able to open her eyes – the first person she want to c is lelouch , but appear in the wrong timing. hope rolo resurrected, by some geass and help lelouch, who lelouch, rolo, and nunnally as a family .


    – Her own brother who was practically the only one who truly loved and cared for her, more than her parents could! The very own brother who was her only family and was the one who took care and protected her. The one who fought for her own sake. Now just after some lies of Schneizel, she turns on him without even confirming this from him?! WTF! You can’t say she did, believe me, cuz when she did the video feed, she already declared herself to be Suzaku and her brother’s enemy!

    – She is taking out her brother’s sin by nuking everyone, umm nice way of thinking for atonement Nunnally, bravo! You’re worst than Nina now! Seeing as Nina could’ve never done that to someone she admired (like Euphie), but Nunnaly could! She is resolved to killing her own brother, seeing as she fired the FREIYA when Schneizel said that it would end it. She was even soo desperate in finding the control and even asking for it in the first place, so congrats you just made Hitler look like some noob.

    8. Nunnally overcame the Geass casted on her:
    – Just as Lelouch said, she was finally able to overcome the Geass placed on her just by her own will. Some people said that it maybe because Charles already died and it could also be because the geass effects are weaking because of that and well it was casted quite a long time ago (8 years).

    – So can she walk? Yes, she most likely can now, seeing as the moment that she overcame the geass, meant that she overcame all of its effects. So she can most likely walk now.

  180. Even if the creators say that there won’t be another season, Sunrise could still allow them to do so. Code Geass is pretty much a franchise that is doing very well, unless someone in the know says otherwise. Their needs to be another season of Code Geass.

  181. @Max
    More Code Geass would be great and it’s probably popular enough for them to make a sequel if they really want to. However, what on earth would they do with it? The story is nearly done. If they said at this point that there was going to be a third season, I’d be seriously wondering what on earth they’d be doing with it. The story will be finished with the next episode. More would be nice, but with the story done, there’s nothing to tell. If they really wanted to, they could probably come up with something, but I can’t imagine what, and I’m not generally a fan of sequels. They can turn out well, but generally speaking, if you add on to a completed story it feels like an add-on and is never as good as the original story. I’d hate to see that with Code Geass.

  182. A 3rd season could be another saga, like World’s End, which could deal with the origins of the Geass and the Code. Or a prequel that might deal with the Lelouch childhood, from the time he and Nunnally were exiled to Japan up to the time he stayed with the Ashfords.

    Another alternative could be the original planned 2nd season, which could be an alternate timeline that talks about the stuff that the writers originally planned. I certainly would have loved to have seen all of the Knight of the Round members.

    There is so much potential for Code Geass. And it has proven to be a cashcow for Sunrise. I can’t see why they could not create more interesting stories for the series. But that’s up to Sunrise. If they could make money off of the series, they should be able to do it.

  183. @SilentVeil Seriously what your saying is beginning not to even make any sense

    @Max Alternate timelines do nothing but invalidate the original story and make mboth storys average the great story that you watched is turned into a story which you are only watching because the original was good! Starwars was great startrek was great and gundam is great but at the end of the day your not expecting anthing new from them its still gonna be same old same old gundam same old startrek and same onld starwars which ofcourse you will watch but it wont suprise you in anyway also most/all of what you mentioned will be taken care of in the picture books!

    WingZero zxt
  184. If sunrise wants to do another season or series of Code Geass, that would be Sunrise’s decision. Regardless is it’s pointless or not. I am tired of being talked down about my opinions. I am through posting and speculating. I am sick of it!!!

  185. Max does have a point. If Sunrise does want to have another season, why not? Given the idea that some people would be still looking for Code Geass after the current season, they could still rip-off some money.

    But maybe it doesn’t need to be another season, maybe an OVA is enough to cover all the unanswered questions left by the two season.

  186. I do like the idea of a Code Geass OVA, provided that it is integated into the series and it is around an hour long, instead of 30 minutes. But I consider OVA as specials. I would not want to wait an entire year for one or 2 episodes to come out. The good thing about an OVA is that they could show sex scenes and nudity. Not to mention graphic violence. I am not sure if that’s going to happen. Another season of Code Geass might be a good idea, considering that the last 13 episodes were cramed together, as opposed to the first 12 episodes for this season. They certainly rushed through everything in the second half, in my opinion. Not enough time for some fun episodes at Ashford Academy. But this is World’s End. So I doubt that fun moments would take a back seat.

    Too bad that Diethard is dead. Quite unexpected. But that serves him right for switching sides. He would have gotten his big story if he hadn’t ended the Zero saga. I have a feeling that Lelouch’s Zero persona will return. The last few episodes appears that everything is coming full circle. C.C. is back in her first outfit. Nunnally is back, which complicates Lelouch’s plans. I would not be too surprise if Emperor Charles and Marianne returns. It seems that what Lelouch is doing was the sort of plan that Charles was hoping for: to create a new world where everyone is united.

  187. So, is next episode the last one for the entire series? It’s kind of hard to believe… I can’t picture a happy ending for Lelouch. And what the hell, all the major bad guys have all been killed or, in Schneizel’s case, been Geassed. I’ll really be upset if Lelouch dies at the end… >.<

    On a side note, I’ve watched the Ragnarok Junction episode over 20 times in 7 days. So epic. 😛

  188. @WingZero zxt
    They never said what SP’s were. I believe that the first time that they were mentioned was in episode 12 of R2. Rolo called Sayoko a Kunoichi and she said that she was an SP. She did not explain what an SP was at all. At the end of that same episode, when V.V. was talking to Jeremiah (when he used the Geass Canceler on Shirley), V.V. was looking to find out whether everyone who had been Geassed were SP’s. Neither of those cases sound like “Secret Police” or “Special Police” or anything like that.

    I think that SP was mentioned again at some point since Lelouch took the throne, but I’m not 100% sure and I’m not sure where. It hasn’t been mentioned very often. In either case, they have not explained at all what an SP is and nothing that they’ve said about them made them sound like any kind of police. When Sayako says that she’s an SP, that makes it sound like they’re secret ninja or something and when V.V. is looking to find out whether everyone who’s been Geassed is an SP, that makes it sound very much Geass-related. But I can’t believe that everyone who is Geassed becomes a ninja or anything like that.

    They’ve never really given any explanation as to what an SP is, so I have no idea what it is. Several people around here have claimed them to be “Secret Police” or “Special Police” or somesuch, but about the only evidence I’ve seen for that is that it fits the abbreviation.

  189. @Kalessin the reason why i say that is because its not just in geass its been used! ive also heard the term or similar used in Hayate no Gotoku for Nagi’s (if you watch/ed it!) proffessional generic guards! and the constant here is that with the exception of sayako they’re always ‘suits’ which fill some kind of bodyguard position! maybe it means special protection! the bottom line is it just seems like leouch geassed people to be his sps earlier in the series and V.V. was trying to find out. bottom line (next paragraph LOL) is: Thier JUST guards nothing special about them excpet sayako who received her training in konoha! (Yes i watch naruto! judge me not, for watching the cheap willneverlastaslongasDragonballZ imitation knockoff!)

    WingZero zxt
  190. I was wondering who will survive and who will not in the next episode. I’m guessing Lelouch will die since there is a high probability he will. You guys think it’s unlikely that a main character will die. Well, look at Death Note: Light, the protagonist, died in the last episode (Actually, I really don’t Lelouch to end up like him), and Gundam 00 1st season, Lockon aka Neil is one of the main characters and he died. And do you know the movie, Sweetney Todd? Johnny Depp played as the title character and he died. So, Lelouch may die unless he fulfill CC’s wish and become immortal.

    Also, I want to have HAPPY ending of this show not some crappy ending. Also, I want to know C.C.’s real name unless Sunrise will not show it and will let us (the audience) wonder what her real name is.

  191. At this point im genuinely speculated out i know what i want and what im frightened of happening! but one things for sure a happy ending definately involves lelouch being genuinely happy! theres nothing which annoys me more (purely because itsbin done so many times) then when the main character fights for 25/52+ episodes only to then wonder off damn near aimlessly and completely gormlessly into the distance or end up with some mediocre lifestyle after fighting so hard it sorta makes you think, ‘ you faught that hard just to end up camping (Guren lagann)/ Dead (death note which i havent seen) on the moon?!?!?!? (eureka 7 :P) ihate that! the main character upon saving the world should settle down start a family grow old and die not end up repeating life like in the end of Dragonball GT (yeah it annoyed me aswell) Bottom line : PLEASE SUNRISE let not the main character of this title be so emotionally and/or physically/mentally damaged to lead a normal life free of the clich’e dissapearing behind the scenes parameter

    WingZero zxt
  192. Bottom Line: I want Lelouch dead
    I just like it when the main character dies at the end it makes the story more satisfying in a way it’s like a absolute finale.

    Like George said C.C.’s real name is a must know if they don’t tell us I will be absolutely furious but then again I don’t see any meaning behind it anymore, I don’t care what Kallens dad does anymore, and anything else the creators wanted to do because hell they didn’t do it stupid Sunrise they better not screw up my gundam

  193. It’s quite pathetic to see posts with the statement ‘First’ when in reality, it’s not even in the first 3 posts.

    Episode 24 was great. I enjoyed the plot twists, especially when Nunally opened her eyes in that crucial moment. Does this mean that she will continue firing the warheads?

    I mean, c’me on, do you really think Kallen can be Lelouch’s Empress?? No, she’s a knight, and that she will stay. Besides, they have already said farewell to eachother; their ‘Sayounara’ was definitive.
    CC is the only one who can be Empress, Lelouch’s Empress. And look at his face when she said ‘I was really happy you were worried about me’!!! THAT’S the face of a man in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CCxLulu 4Ever

    Blessing my a**

  195. @X
    roflamo I just noticed your huge little entry
    my theory of the Zero Requiem is simply Lelouch dead once again
    but simply because He was Zero and Requiem means rest so Lelouch’s Rest
    and after all the shit he’s been through it’d be nice if he lived but in the effed up world of CG
    I think he’d do better passing on the baton to Nunally or who ever succeeds him as the world’s leader

  196. @White-Snow-Queen whilst on the grounds that being a guy i feel completely underqualified to discuss this with you (presumably a girl) if C.C. ends up with lelouch she will die! and that was lelouchs promise to her to leave the world with a smile on her face or somthing like that whether kallen lelouch happens is a diferent issue bt the fact remains is that if C.C. loves lelouch she wont give him immortality but then she’d be trapped alive forever!

    WingZero zxt
  197. From what I’ve read, one of the head writers said that Code Geass was done. Finish. No contiuation or partial end. It seems to me that such an announcement was meant to keep the audience in suspense. However, one of the recent Sound Drama CD has Lelouch and C.C. sleeping. That makes me assume that both C.C. and Lelouch will die. Thus Suzaku will survive. Some would say that Lelouch’s death will be a fitting satisfactory end to Code Geass, and ensure that it says that way. Considering that Sunrise and CLAMP are known for having tragic ending to their series, Code Geass is no exception.

    But those are just my opinions. So who knows what will happen after episode 25.

  198. Well, regardless of how this ends, it looks like we can guarantee that there are going to be a number of people happy. We have people insisting that Lelouch and various other main characters must live for the ending to be good, and we have others insisting that those same characters must die for the ending to be good. Some insist that the ending must be a happy one to be good while others insist that it must be tragic for it to be good. Some people insist that a particular romantic pairing must occur while others insist that a different romantic pairing must occur. So on and so forth.

    Really, it seems like everyone has their own idea of what will make the ending good or bad and those ideas frequently differ and are sometimes diametrically opposite of one another. It seems to me that with so many firm ideas of what a good ending is, most people are going to be unhappy with it no matter how well it’s done. I suppose that there’s no real avoiding that, but I find it to be rather sad that that’s the case.

  199. You know, I meant to say that “regardless of how this ends, it looks like we can guarantee that there are going to be a number of people unhappy,” but I guess that it works with happy too….

  200. “Producer Kawaguchi’s column in official newsletter.

    Good night. It’s me Kawaguchi.
    We’ve reached the last episode. I’d like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who’s been sticking with Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion and Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. This is also the last time for me to write this column.

    This time I’ll talk about the secret behind preview of last week.

    We didn’t use any footage from Turn 25, but used footage from Stage 1 of previous season instead. It is Director Taniguchi’s wish to clearify Lelouch’s position and the starting point of his actions for fans to recognize again. Hence the composition of the preview.

    The director and I have been thinking over on whether to release at least one screenshot of turn 25. But rejected this idea because it’ll mess up the original meaning this preview tries to carry.

    While we’re at it, it’ll be nice if you can watch the first episode again before watching the last episode, and feel Lelouch’s path.

    Maybe I’m doing unnecessary things, but I made some screenshots of Turn 25, just in case.
    (Translation note: I think he’s referring to the 4 screenshots included in the newsletter.)

    Well, to everyone of the fans, thank you for accompanying this column, as well as watching the show. We thank you with all our hearts.”

    -well, this clarifies that Code Geass will end

    Also, I found some pics of turn 25. Look at them at your own risk if you don’t want to be spoiled
    Show Spoiler ▼

  201. @ Redlinekid
    I think ‘tragic’ is too strong a word. It’ll be more appropriate to say ‘bittersweet’. I thought the ending of Mai-Otome was pretty good (Nina gets to have another chance with Sergay, who has lost his memory…interestingly Nina is also voiced by Koshimizu…hmmm). I wouldn’t mind if Code Geass had a similar ending (Lelouch loses his memory and Kallen takes care of him…LOL). Though admittedly I am a rabid Lulu/Kallen shipper, I am realistic enough to realise that Lulu might die at the end, which I agree with you that it would make a satisfactory ending to the series.
    Perhaps ‘Zero Requiem’ refers to a kind of soft reset of events that has already happened, Geass (and Lelouch?) not existing, everyone leads normal lives etc…

  202. @He it is possible but no one wants that!

    ACCORDING TO MY COUNT WE ARE EXACTLY 24 HOURS FROM THE LAST EPISODE OF CODE GEASS (song ‘The Master’ from soundtrack one plays in background)

    WingZero zxt
  203. @WingZero zxt
    Not at all. The only connection I see between “Security Police” and Sayoko is that she’s protecting Lelouch and per the wikipedia article, the Security Police protects VP’s. I see even less connection between that and Geass. V.V. was trying to find out whether everyone who had been Geassed was an SP. I don’t think that it makes any sense at all for everyone who’s been Geassed to become a member of the Security Police. Now, it would make more sense if what he was really saying (and it wasn’t translated quite correctly in the subs I watched) was that he was wondering whether all of the SP’s had been Geassed. In that case, he might be talking about the Secret Intelligence Service. But the Secret Intelligence Service isn’t exactly a protection agency of any kind, and even if you can count it as one, I still think that that doesn’t explain Sayoko because she’s not a member of any kind of security organization.

    If you rearrange what V.V. was saying to be wondering whether all of the SP’s had been Geassed, then “Security Police” does make some sense, and Sayoko does protect, but really it’s seems to me like it’s stretching things. The explanation just seems wrong to me. At this point, I expect that I’ll have to wait to see how it gets translated in the dub. If SP really means “Security Police” and the subbers expect us to know that, then I expect that the dub will not make that assumption and they’ll it clear that they mean “Security Police.” If SP’s means something else, then it’ll probably be left as SP.

  204. @Kalessin i really dont beleive its that complicated. Also the thing is when it is that complicated you usually have some convoluted idea (usually genius) of whats going on but this time you got nothing! Also consider this; SP is a japanese acronym (i think is the right word) so if it meant somthing other than security police then it would have to be explained in the series just as much for the japanese demographic as for the american one but the fact that no extra alternative explenation has been given for such an almost trivial matter (considering schniziel tried to kill a few billion people for the last 2 weeks) i doubt its anything huge probably just a misinterpretation on your part or at best a mistranslation on the part of whichever fansub group you watch! i usually use GG subs but i sometimes watch all to get a rounded view of whats going on! It was in episode 12 that acording to gg subs Jeremiah asked’ “Are the people who are under the affect of geass really deployed as SP’s” , to which V.V. replied ,”I dont know for sure thats why we’re doing all of this”. So really i think its pretty open and shut in this instance.

    WingZero zxt
  205. @WingZero zxt
    Well, that that particular translation makes the “Security Police” interpretation more likely (I watch Eclipse at it said something about everyone who was Geassed being SP’s which has a similar meaning but is more open to interpretation). I still think that it’s odd to call Sayoko an SP if it means Security Police, but then again, I’m American and Security Police seems to be a Japanese concept. If SP does indeed stand for “Security Police,” then I’m guessing that the fansubbers thought that it was a concept that we should understand and so didn’t feel the need to elaborate on the acronym (yes that’s the correct word). In such a case, the dub will probably choose to explain it properly. Certainly, the fact that they haven’t bothered to explain the term within the show would imply that it’s something that we’re already supposed to understand.

    In any case, at least you were able to give some good reasons as to why SP should be “Security Police.” Everyone else who has brought it up thought that it was obviously so and gave no explanation for it. Maybe it’s because I almost exclusively watch dubs (who would clarify the term or use a different one), but it’s not one that I’ve run into in other Anime before. About the only Japanese-related acronym that I can think of off the top of my head that I’ve run into before and know what it means is SDF (as in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces).

    I can’t say that I’m 100% convinced that SP stands for Security Police (primarily because it just seems so weird to me), but I think that you’re probably right.

  206. I’m still on episode 17. Waiting for the last episode first to come out so I can finish the show, I can’t stand waiting but I can wait when their are a few episodes a head of me. weird huh?


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