-Well I’m fairly impressed. I would say things felt rushed and that there were some glaring plot holes (like Louise mysteriously being unable to use her magic), but overall I can’t complain because what was there was pretty well done, especially the battle and the really good animation quality during it – might be the best I’ve ever seen for the ZnT series. This certainly beat season 2’s final episode, and despite all my gripes, I’d say season 3 was overall better than season 2 as well.
-Of course Joseph is still out there and he laughs after the Jörmungant gets defeated, so he’ll definitely be back in season four – and I’m sure there will be a season four, sooner or later.


  1. nice ending,hope they do season 4 fast. i cant help but notice how tiffania and siesta are hugging each other and scarron embracing a petrified osman aswell as louise getting frozen when she saw tabitha holding on to saito.

  2. Nice ending, though Louise suddenly losing her magic to show how she draws her power from her emotions wasn’t really a good way to set it up. Still, I can’t wait for the next season.

  3. Man, Saito really likes ’em small & flat huh 🙂 Whatever, Tabitha is great though…joining Saito’s little harem & everything.

    I can’t help to notice that the poor ZnT plot is completely repetitive. If they stick with the novel its gonna still be funny but end up boring as hell. I was yawning through most of this series as it is. Oh well, I’ve seen much worser anime survive on comedy alone for over a hundred eps so keep it coming.

  4. why does the first poster said the end was shit…

    hmmm not starting a flame here…

    anyway YAY end of the third season…

    so saito and louise will have a serious relatioship nxt season??? xD

  5. Finally this excuse for series has ended. However if they will “develop” another…YET ANOTHER pointless season, a lot of facepalm-action will happen.

    I am certainly hope that company which makes this abomination will go bankrupt or something, we had enough of pointless loli fanservice already.

  6. So..I guess there making another season, some time next year or somthing. Over all i wasn’t too impressed or anoyed about this series. If they didn’t do so many filler/ fanservice episodes my opinion would of been different. Even with all the fillers it was worth watching, but i don’t see myself rewatching this season like i did with the first one.

  7. I dont know how you guys can say good things about the 3rd season and bad things about the 2nd.
    The 2nd season final was sooo much better than this one (the series was terrible but the final was awesome), perharps i like of this final i cant say good things about the 3rd season at all

  8. Agreed the ending was shit. there was almost no action and no fights where saito pwns everyone. Also no new attacks were revealed this season. Saito took almost no part in kill that golem.

    I like pie
  9. eh you got me they keep finding a lot of funny stuff in this world like the porn book, the sailor uniform, the M72 LAW, the zero plane and now they found an German 88mm gun.My guess of how that 88mm got there is that the time portal must have open up and sucked the whole crew in. I wander if they will find a Sherman tank next or a world war 1 blimp balloon but I think they should stop the series here because it not going to be good any more if they keep going.

  10. too much slut-fest. too many silly puppy love scenes. this would probably kick some major gay-shoujo-shit-dramas if most of those parts can be omitted.

    maybe i would’ve swoon at every bulging and flat-chested scene if it was 5-6 years ago. this is really what you would call teen-drama. anime with a plotted story aimed at teenagers with their love-angst. i may be wrong as i never fully watched the series.

    5 light novels, 4 episodes, recaps, and lots of snapshots (images) of each episode still failed to persuade me into its fantasy world. Or maybe I being here in america has made me lost touch with my language and I did not understand the story at all.

    i suppose this is another one of those story some people would die for and others would just pass it off.

  11. @Longwolf
    I’m guessing they’ll find either a legendary iron fish(submarine) or a legendary iron bow(P90 or whatever gun they find…)

    It’s just bad that a lot from the light novel was ommitted from the past three seasons (i.e. Saito getting hicky marks and giving Louise one in return).

  12. Not only am I (presumably) a dumb American, I also have no grasp of grammatical articles – be they phonetically based, which should be simple enough, or otherwise.
    Republicans FTW! – afterall, who really needs there to be any change?

    A Anime Loving Republican
  13. Nice – open ending and a new girl on saito’s site…whatever it was nice to see tabitha being attracted to saito (well, it was predictable).

    there will, for sure, a next season!
    i did always enjoy zero no BUT i don’t think this season is better than season 2 >.>

    story was very bad…only the romance scenes between the characters were nice to see 🙂

  14. Given the last season, i expected so little from this one. I was pleasantly satisfied.
    They succeeded in the miracle of lowering the fanservice weight, renewing the formula for the commedy and also well managing the plot.
    Asise from the of the last season plots remaining which were closed too way quickly without any explanation whatsoever, this time the subplots were well separated into nice arcs and felt not rushed. Well the final enemy was revealed but not defeated, but there are plenty of novels waiting to be animated. Take a look here.
    Now i long for a new season with no anger anymore

  15. I just finished watching S3. While it didn’t live up to S1, it was still worth a watch. The plot isn’t what makes Zero no Tsukaima a good show, its the comedy. S3 was pretty even with S2, which wasn’t nearly as good as the first. S3’s ending left little doubt in my mind that they plan on making a 4th if they think it’ll be profitable based on the performance of S3. As long as they can maintain a half-decent plot and find new ways to keep the relationship between Louise and Saito amusing, I want more. K-K-K-Kono baka inu!!

  16. I don’t think we saw enough of julio this season, and I’m kinda tired of all the girls falling in love with Saito, but it hasn’t been a too bad season. Can’t wait for the next one.

  17. Just finished watching the series up to season 3’s ending. I’m embarrassed to say that this is the first time for me to be completely mesmerized by an anime. I’m hoping for the writers of the ZnT team to let Saito concentrate on Louise. (Come on, they’re married already -.-…) I’m hoping to see the 4th season next year as there is a ton of unsolved mysteries yet and I’ll be waiting for the 5th season too! Don’t end this anime so soon!

  18. It was really good by season 2 I thought; especially the very touching ending. Season 1 was not bad either despite it was mostly introduction. But season 3… they simply turned it into a boobie anime with too much R rated stuff as if they cannot come up with something funny anymore other than boobs and Saito getting beaten… (they are funny at first, but not anymore after a while)

    I mean.. honestly that half elf was no use after the first few episode in explaining how Saito lived. Yeah, she knows one Memory Erasing spell but she used that in one full comedy episode (sad) and one that half-involved with the storyline (finally?). Other than that she was just a random addition that gives the anime more free boobies. It gets ridiculuous; I hope they get back to the main storyline more in Season 4 (if they are still making money off this, hopefully), and bring back more ecchi/love scene between Saito and Louise. Plus, I thought it was weird eventhough they were married (although unfinished), they didn’t even mention the marriage in season 3. Apparently there was too much boobs going on that it’s not worth mentioning? I thought they are the MAIN characters, why does their love life not emphasized anymore? And great, Saito gets even more chicks that like him, it’s turning into a typical harem anime. (it wasn’t like that before s3, eventhough there were lots of chicks already) Please I beg them… please make season 4 good, and please do make it. The storyline is awesome, don’t make it stop.

    P.S. Saito need to take off that sweaty hoodie. He freaking died in it, and.. it feels like he never ever washed it (how anyway? he is the one that does laundry, and I doubt he has a spare set of that exact hoodie, regardless). Just change it for once into armor or something, I don’t care if he changes back from time to time but please have a new look! Zomg.

  19. woaaaahhhhhhhh this is really one of the best anime I’ve watch so far… The story was very good no problems to the anime if u ask me.. But there’s still some questions not answered on hpw was Saito’s rune dissapeared, what will happen to Joseph and the other Void Mage they’re talking about… I hope there will be a season 4 because there is still to be answered here…. !!!

  20. I’m not sure if anyone noticed this, but every season of Zero no Tsukaima started in early July every year, whether it be season 1, 2, or 3. Plus, the final episode was always aired near the end of september, for season 1, 2, and 3. SO, if we allfollow the pattern here, we’ll see that Zero no Tsukaima season 4 will probably be aired july 2009, which is coming up! So it’s all a matter of who is going to sub the episodes first!!!

  21. well July ’09 has come and gone… no one is reading these posts anymore but i just randomly discovered the series and watched every episode made in one day off from work… It was pretty damn good.

    Sure there’s lots of boobies in s3 but whats wrong with lots of boobies, i thought the tension between Louise and Saito stayed pretty strong though. The marriage was cancelled out cause they kept maintaining it was simply because “she wanted to be remembered” when she was desperate thinkin she would fight 70k soldiers… so it was really just a love confession anyway… which i have to admit i like how this anime isnt lackin in confessions, its all out in the open which just makes it more comical.

    The rune disappeared cause he “died” and was brought back to life, hence dead=can’t have contract…

    Kudos to Tabitha for stealin the dude, thats hilarious right there.

  22. “This certainly beat season 2’s final episode, and despite all my gripes, I’d say season 3 was overall better than season 2 as well.”
    What the shit this is one of the worst ending that I have seen in my life the semi-inexistent plot, the evil guy laughing some where, sucking adaptation this anime series sucks.

  23. Hallos : )

    Forgive me if this is rather long XD

    I first visited Random Curiosity sometime after Zero no Tsukaima ended the third season. After reading all of the blogs of the various animes that took my interest, this blogging site became one of my favorites and I am usually a daily reader. As I look at the main banner of this site, I was always curious on who is that girl sleeping under the sunlight. Laugh at me for me stating that it took me about 5-6 months realizing that the answer was in the “About this site” link <.<

    After being curious about Zero no Tsukaima I tried to find a working torrent of the individual seasons or even a large bundle pack but with little luck. Last week I found a working torrent that included all of the seasons. With my primitive and cheapest DSL I have, I set my internet to full power in getting this package done; took three days to finish at an average speed 88kb/s XD

    As of this moment I finished watching the series and enjoyed it very much. In my opinion, the second season had more weight compared to the first and third (the emotional scene in S2Ep12 was well done). Despite the unusual ending of the third season, I still enjoyed watching Saito and Louise try and act like a couple with numerous obstacles testing their relationship.

    I highly doubt any of the Random Curiosity crew will read this comment since this series ended long ago, but I just wanted to say Thanks a bunch for making me interested in Zero no Tsukaima. I enjoyed watching the series very much!

    All thanks to that lovely banner =D

    I will see you guys later, keep up the good work and take it easy!


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