「あかね色のアプローチ」 (Akane Iro no Apuroochi)
“Madder-Red Approach”

Episode at a Glance:
As per her father’s instruction, Yuuhi moves in with Junichi and Minato in order to assess this new fiancé of hers. Off in a photo booth somewhere, a strange pinked-haired girl (Shiraishi Nagomi) reports Yuuhi’s kiss with Junichi and her arrival to another party. Back at the Nagase household, Junichi and Minato are surprised to find out that Yuuhi’s family runs the Katagiri Group, who’s famous for its influence in commodities, computers, communications, architecture, and even the military. Yuuhi however is still pissed off about how Junichi stole her first kiss. Only after she arrives does Junichi get a phone call from his father, informing him that he’s picked a fiancée for him — much to his disbelief. Exhausted, Yuuhi decides to unwind with a shower, where she learns from Minato that she and Junichi don’t know what their father’s thinking. Reassured that they’ll figure out what’s going on, Yuuhi later falls asleep on the couch, only to wake up in the morning with huge bags under her eyes because she couldn’t sleep with Junichi’s kiss on her mind.

At school the next day, Junichi is teased by Tsukasa and Fuyuhiko about his bold act the other day, with the former emphasizing that taking care of a girl after the fact is important. Karen on the other hand offers to guide Yuuhi around if she still needs help, and is surprised to see her so solemn and polite. After school, Yuuhi can’t find her way home and waits for Minato, after which they go grocery shopping together. Experiencing a supermarket for the very first time, Yuuhi is amazed by instant curry and Minato’s know-how when it comes to selecting ingredients and saving money. Back at home, Yuuhi’s curiosity continues in the kitchen where she starts playing with all the appliances. Unbeknownst to them, Junichi and Minato’s parents are handling a dangerous job elsewhere where they recover a briefcase from a train before fleeing in a helicopter. Over dinner, Junichi is annoyed that preparing curry took so long, but finds out that it actually tastes good, much to Yuuhi’s relief after having helped prepare it. Afterwards, the power breaker suddenly blows from all of Yuuhi’s tampering in the kitchen, leading to an incriminating situation for Junichi when Yuuhi runs into him. This leads to Yuuhi putting Junichi in an armbar, which inadvertently allows him to assess her breasts when he gets an indirect feel for them.

Getting ready for bed, Yuuhi wonders how a guy like Junichi can have such a wonderful younger sister, so Minato explains that her brother’s not that bad of a person and that she feels sorry for him having been separated from his family when he was a kid. Minato adds that she lived in the jungle with her parents during that time, and shows Yuuhi the only picture she has of them then, prompting Yuuhi to joke that they’re not really siblings. The next morning, Yuuhi is sleepwalking and mumbling random things, making Junichi feel that he’s found an unexpected weakness of hers.


Next Episode:
「怪奇色のスクリーム」 (Kaiki Iro no Sukuriimu)
“Bizarre-colored Scream”

As some people already expected, the action-filled opening seen in the first episode involved Junichi and Yuuhi’s parents, with the former’s father saving the latter’s. As explained in this episode, this led to the arranged marriage they decided for their kids, bringing us to where we are now. As such, I found this to be a rather strange way of establishing the premise here, but was happy to see this series strive to be different from the norm. It’s not everyday I see semi-serious explosions in a romance comedy after all.

So what started off as a very different Kugimiya Rie for this series ended up becoming the more typical tsundere Rie this time around (for better or worse, depending on your take on it). I would’ve preferred it if she continued using her more lady-like voice for Yuuhi simply because it’s something new, but I imagine it’s hard to do so for comedic outbursts. I still find it a bit strange hearing Hirano Aya play a prestigous character like Minato for a change, but she actually does a really good job of it. Junichi on the the hand is proving to be more of an imperfect male lead (in a good way), who’s still sensible for the most part but provides the teasing-type of comedy I would’ve liked to see in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.

Story-wise, it caught my eye when Minato seemed surprised by Yuuhi’s joke about Junichi and her not being real siblings, making me wonder if we’re in store for something along the lines of Canvas 2 and Da Capo. Judging from the opening sequence, I sort of figure that Minato is going to be the only formidable rival for Junichi’s interest, but I’m still hoping we don’t have some siscon type of series here. Even if it turns out that they’re not blood-related, I still find it strange when a male lead chooses a person who he’s only seen as a sister up until now over the alternative. Despite this, I get the feeling we’re already headed that way, but I hope to be disproven when more characters show up and mix things up. I don’t feel that there needs to be an “official” love triangle to make this a fun romance comedy anyway.

Out of the huge slew of shows this season, I think it was pretty apparent from my Snapshot that this is one I would’ve likely blogged. As such, I’m happy to see my personal interest coincide with a lot of others, based on the feedback that ranked Akane Iro in 6th by my last count, behind Toradora!, Gundam 00, CLANNAD, To Aru Majutsu no Index, and Tales of the Abyss (in that order). While I have a complete post here, I rather enjoyed the writing format I used in my experimental Snapshot yesterday, which allowed me to focus on saying things that I felt inclined to. Call it writer’s inspiration if you will. However, I realize that there are benefits to our readers for comprehensive coverage (e.g. a summary), so I’ll try and make time for at least a couple of shows this season. One thing I decided to remove from my posts though is the cast section, but I’ll probably still point out any notable names as they show up. While writing up the cast list didn’t take too long, updating ANN usually did, so I’d rather not contribute there as well when I don’t have to. 🙂


  1. “I’m still hoping we don’t have some siscon type of series here”

    Yeah, me too. It almost sounds like she said they aren’t blood related after all, but in any case, I really hope that isn’t the case. Man, this show really makes me wish my Japanese were better, it’s so much harder to decipher than Clannad was, lol.
    Anyway, I dunno what Minato and Yuuhi said after the power came on and they looked at each other, but the evil grins on both their faces make me think poor Junichi is going to get double teamed D: Oh and the lack of Tsukasa screen time made me sad 🙁

  2. Didn’t like it as much as the first episode. Maybe because I saw it just after Toradora, and the tsundere thing just wasn’t nearly as amusing. Otherwise, great episode.

    On a side note, I noticed that the male leads in these type of harem/dating-sim shows never does any housework, while the imouto character always works her butt off cooking,cleaning, and do all the other stuff.

    Is this really Japanese society? Or just an idealized version of it? If it really reflects society in some manner, then I feel that (A)It’s quite unfair and (B)makes me want to learn Japanese and go find myself a Japanese wife. 4-course meal for breakfast FTW! 😀

  3. Definately the most interesting romantic/comedy of the group. Seems like we are getting alot of these siscon animes lately. Clannad to name the most recent. I think the first episode gives the impression there are a few more love interest. Hope they explore that a bit. Unfortunately, I think someone mentioned Minoto is an option in the sim game so it’s likely they aren’t blood-related. Just guessing.

  4. Am I the only one who can’t help seeing Nanoha’s twin sister when he looks at Minato?

    Very much liking the show so far, though—like the rest of you—I hope they don’t go take the oft-used siscon path. Still, considering that the show is sourced from an H-game, and given the implications in the OP, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  5. I think the close rivalry would be Yuuhi and Minato XD but of course we all know Junichi will end up with Yuuhi let’s just all stay tune and know their hardships. The hardships of fiancees XD Thank you for this! <3

  6. no way … you’re picking Akane-iro over Casshern XD too bad really, I’ve seen way too many of these shows and to me Akane-iro was like the worst show this season, even Linebarrels was funnier ^^; Well, I just hope one of you will stick with Magical Index … since so far you’re only blogging shows I’m not following. But have fun with this one anywas =)

  7. The original PC version game does have “Minato route” and amazingly enough, they didn’t make any clear description if they are or are not real blood-related brother and sister. But I guess they wanted to make some clearer discription that they are NOT blood-related in this TV anime version, and highly likely in PS2 version game. Both format have more strict rating than PC H-game, so their decision here is very understandable.
    I suppose this show will be mainly based on “Yuuhi route” of the game.

  8. Oh boy, here comes the moe (rhyming not really intentional). Although I suppose that tsundere are supposed to be moe by definition.

    Oh well, it’s still not a bad series. I am rather partial to series that in some way resemble my own stories (in this case the unwilling relationship theme), so I’m definitely planning on watching this.

  9. boring episode. a whole lot about the insecurities of a spoiled girl. Learning stuff about supermarkets. The whole feels pretty boring and generic to me. The forced marriage, the d.c. siscon

  10. @outcast: I am with you. Pretty cliched and absolutely nothing new. I was constantly rolling my eyes at Loui..I mean Yuuhi in her princess role. I am still hoping that there’s some kind of special event which will happen in the future which will make the show more interesting. For example Shuffle had the Kaede madness and the devil/god theme with all the mysterious powers.

    Oh, and anyone else who noticed the small change in the OP? This time we see Minato (“Dame Yo” lyrics) pointing her finger instead of Yuuhi.

  11. Hmn, as much as I dont want to spoil good peoples’ hope that this is not heading towards the usual harem genre it seems that either the story will head that way; or minato and junichi will end up together. o_0
    Judging on the on the current story plot it seems that junichi and minato arent really siblings. Reference the events on the ep 4 you’ll know what I mean. So sad. T_T

  12. I actually hate characters like Yuuhi… when they are completely at fault for something but yell at the guy for being a pervert. So annoying. I really hope that doesn’t go on throughout the series, since it usually does. Blargh.


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