To further make use of the Snapshots section, I thought it would be beneficial to showcase some of the second episodes for all the new series. Since neither Omni nor I have enough time to cover everything in full, I figured this slimmed-down format for the second week would be better than nothing. However, please note that I’m by no means planning to keep this up on a weekly basis after the second week, and it will likely only feature series that I’m continuing to watch, but don’t have the time to cover in our usual way. As such, this is more of an impressions type of post, which I may adopt in the future if it proves to be popular. So without further ado…


Casshern Sins – 02

Wow, if there’s one series that I wish I had time to cover properly, Casshern Sins would be it. I was simply blown away by how captivating this episode was, which was mainly due to the eye-opening portrayal of the hopelessness in their desolate world. While we’re only dealing with robots here, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the ones that embraced their impending deaths and tried to live their last days peacefully, rather than struggling against their fate until the very end. I find that there’s something very human about such a resolve, which coupled with the fear that they experience made me feel like I was watching a group of humans suffering from an epidemic. Seeing robotic limbs fall off and disintegrate only emphasized this notion more, as did the relationship between Root (Ishida Akira) and Wrench (Minaguchi Yuuko), whom I was sad to see eventually killed off (…by Casshern). Desperation was another prominent theme here, as they showed how even good robots will turn astray when it comes down to a matter of self preservation — another very human trait. I was so drawn into its depiction that I actually got goosebumps at some points, a reaction I consider to be extremely good for an anime. It doesn’t hurt that the production quality was top-notch this time around too, and actually looked a bit better than the first episode.

Story-wise, things revolved around Casshern’s ongoing attempt to discover his past and what he did to bring the world to ruin. They also revealed that there’s a rumour floating around claiming that those who “eat” Casshern will be saved, which explains why everyone’s been after him. This even caused all the death-accepting robots to turn on him after he saved them, which left us on a really nice cliffhanger when Casshern instinctively defended himself and wiped them all out. Judging by Casshern’s dismal reaction though, I get the feeling that his automatic defensive mode may be related to what happened in his past. Of course there’s only one way to find out, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of this one.


Rosario + Vampire CAPU2 – 02

OP: “DISCOTHEQUE” by Mizuki Nana (水樹 奈々)
Watch the OP!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Show Streaming ▼

ED: “Trinity Cross” by Mizuki Nana (水樹 奈々)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Show Streaming ▼

Is it just me or is Mizuki Nana switching her Moka voice to her Allison & Lillia one this season? It could just be me after hearing her as those characters for the past six months, but every time I heard one of Moka’s outbursts, a picture of Lillia popped into my head. Anyway, despite being one of the few fans of this anime adaptation, the second episode was admittedly kind of weak. As such, I don’t think it’s going to win over anyone who was on the fence about this series, which is a bit of a shame for a second showing. Visual-wise I had no complaints though, but the end of the episode where they revealed that Kokoa loves the vampire-released form of Moka only (to the point of masochism) was kind of anti-climactic. Tsukune and everyone else’s reactions pretty much sums up my thoughts on that turn of events, which made everything from the previous episode feel moot. That’s alright though, since Moka was adorable as hell when she was a kid and the opening sequence is still awesome, especially given how god damn catchy DISCOTHEQUE is. The new rainbow colored staff credits stood out a bit too much during the regular opening sequence (see above), but at least it’s something different. New this week is the ending theme, Trinity Cross, which is performed by Mizuki Nana as well. Having listened to her Trickster single for a while now, I was already a fan of the song, so the only real surprise was how bland the ending sequence is. It basically features a naked Moka in a vampire cloak and not a whole lot else, aside from some scenes of all the girls tearing up. Ah well, at least the song is still really good.


Hyakko – 02

Much like I was expecting, Torako (Orikasa Fumiko) really drives the comedy in this series and this episode was a prime example of that. In what was an escapade about joining new clubs, it comes as no surprise to me how much of a comedic pair Torako and Tatsuki (Neya Michiko) make. When you mix stupidity with logic only a huge headache results. Luckily for us though, we can just sit back and enjoy all the humour while Tatsuki’s patience is completely driven up the wall. With Torako’s knack for constantly disregarding other people’s opinions, it was hilarious to see Tatsuki finally snap and start going at her pace. Who the hell considers famous player names positions anyway? Torako apparently. As I mentioned before, Torako really reminds me of the stupidity found in Miu from Ichigo Mashimaro, whom Orikasa Fumiko also plays. The only thing missing in Hyakko is someone smashing Torako over the head for every stupid thing she does — which if happens, is going to floor me laughing. Production-wise, everything still continues to look sharp and lush in my eyes, so no complaints there. For a comedy, everything’s already visually better than needed to please me, so I’m only looking forward to more laughs from here on.


  1. Hyakko was awesome this week. The laughs kept racking up.

    @anon: Entire episode can be summed up easily in a two words: “hell yeah.” Wonderful start to a great-looking horror/suspense series.

  2. honestly i wouldnt mind these small kind of snapshots. i never read the summaries anyways and just read the impressions to see if i can relate to them. i think ill keep watchin casshern sins now. I never picked up those other two series due to lack of interest.

  3. Divine, your starting to think all azn xD

    compact ^^

    lol but doing the snapshots like this is smarter xD saving space and all that…

    thanks for the OP and ED ^__^ they’re greatly appreciated.

  4. CHAOS;HEAD will likely be blogged tomorrow, because Thursday has been just too hectic with all the other shows proceeding forward from last week. Neither Omni nor I have even gotten a chance to watch it yet. Omni has expressed interest in the show though, so I was going to leave it to him. Recall that Fridays are empty at the moment (sorry to break the news, but we don’t have plans to continue with Linebarrels of Iron), so it’s a good day to catch up on the plethora of Thursday shows. I’m hoping things will settle down within a week though, after which things should be back to normal with timelier updates.

    Today was also the start of the NHL season, so I was busy watching the hockey game on TV. :X

    Who says I’m not? 😛

    You’re welcome on the OP/ED though. As for saving space, it was just an issue with time (or lack thereof), but I feel the Snapshots for each of the series above were sufficient in giving people an idea of what each of them were about. All I hope to do now is help people decide if it’s worthwhile continuing a series.

  5. Casshern was great (as was starter episode of Tytania)

    Other two in this mix? meh, I say! meh! Two pointless comedy shows, one about cheesy ecchi vampires, other i do not even want to know :E

  6. >sorry to break the news, but we don’t have plans to continue with Linebarrels of Iron

    not really a surprise. This show is only worth watching if you’re going to make fun of it. v.v

    But I’d love for Yozakura to be continued a bit a least (not sure how it will develop) ^^ Chaos Head was so-so, really weird and will probably show its true colors next week …

  7. Thanks for the impressions! These are better than a plot summary for figuring out what to watch, I think. I may have to check out Casshern Sins. Looking more interesting than it first appeared.

  8. the more i see the opening the more i get addicted to it. ^^

    the whole dancing, singing is very catchy – i think i like it.

    as for the show, if it’s disappointing we all can still read the manga, thought i will try to avoid it at all cost.

  9. Hi! 🙂
    Would be really really amazing if you could cover: “Mouryou no Hako” and “Kuroshitsuji”…
    I really, really hope you cover these animes..
    could you think about it.. would be amazing.. 🙂

  10. @Divine

    Hey… haven’t commented seriously since last ep of Kure-nai…. how you been?

    I’ll definitely stick around and comment if you do pick up Hyakko and Casshern Sins…. Hyakko especially… since I loved the author’s 1-volume Yuuhi Romance manga.

    Still looking forward to Michiko to Hatchin… hope that doesn’t disappoint.


  11. I like this type of post, since I normally come here to see what you thought of an episode rather than the summary. By the way, whatever happened to your “columnist”? I thought his rants were quite entertaining.

  12. kat-tun kartoon:
    I’m quite human… unfortunately.

    I’ve been alright, but this fall premiere week has been hectic. In addition to watching a lot of new shows and writing a ton of posts, there was quite a bit of background research required for a lot of them, since I tried to give everyone a good idea of what each of them are about.

    To be honest, I was only planning to blog one or two series in depth this season (or even none), so I can’t really commit to Casshern Sins. The fact that it’s 24 episodes long is another reason I can’t, as I’d hate to start it only to have to drop it partway through. Gomen~

  13. i like reading both summaries and the impressions so I prefer your old format. It’s something i wouldn’t want you to change but if it’s easier or more convenient for you than you should go for it. i’ll still read your blogs.. hehe truly grateful that you write so many blogs =]

  14. Casshern does seem like the tastiest anime this season its refreshing to see someone take a step back, the blend of new and old styles each unique in their own way.
    Hope you pick up Casshern and hope someone nice subs it, not a fan of the biggest one doing it now. lol

  15. Casshern Sins needs to be blogged because the word needs to get out at how gorgeous it is. I mean, we finally got to see Friender! The story isn’t jumping around like in the first episode and everything is just so bleak and horrible that people just have to watch it.

    So, is the ruining (rusting) a result of whatever’s in the air that it rapidly deterioriates the robots’ parts? Or is it a result of lack of new materials to replace their old parts? Lack of human ingenuity?

  16. I think the ruining is something far beyond lack of material or ingenuity, I also think that the Boss sent Casshern after Luna (or whatever her name was) because they are connected somehow. Casshern is like a bio-something now and he used to be human, so my bets are that he and her were together until something happened and he got injured then put into a bio whatever and the Boss did something to him and sent him as an assassin to kill her. I always find it weird how he hurts after he kills all of the robots in an area. Well we’ll see what happens, but geez I hate cocky characters sometimes, that girl needs to get owned.
    Now I want to see how this ends.

  17. dont worry Kayne001, i am pretty sure she will come around and decide to stop being a bit of a jerk, she has to. either way, Casshern is a great show and i will definitely continue watching it. the animation is gorgeous and the atmosphere and story as a whole is perfect. cant wait to see this through

  18. Just going to jump in with everyone else and say that it’s a shame you’re not going to fully pick up Casshern Sins, but this is better than nothing, right? At any rate it’s my favourite show thus far.


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