Three months before Setsuna’s return, the Celestial Being crew had conducted a matching test on the 00 Gundam’s Twin Drive System. It had started out well, but there was an instability that led to a drop in the drives’ synchronization. All of their tests of GN Drive combinations had ended similarly, so their only remaining hope was that the Exia’s GN Drive would work. Back in the present, Setsuna tells Lyle about how Neil was a Gundam Meister who had died. Lyle thinks that Setsuna wants him to take on his brother’s dying wish, but Setsuna casts it instead as a question of if Lyle wants to change the world like his brother. He had also passed along information that the Federation’s security bureau would be embarking on counter-insurgency operations against Katharon’s Europe base soon. Over at the Federation’s military headquarters, Kathy reports for duty with A-LAWS and learns that their targets are Katharon and the Gundams. She also meets Soma there and thinks that Sergei let her come, but Andrei interrupts to say that the orders of the higher-ups are absolute. Also in the room is Graham who observes from the people gathered there that their commander Katagiri is quick at dealing with things.

Up in space, Ian and Tieria are going over how simulations show that the Exia’s GN Drive should have a high synchronization rate with the 0 Gundam’s GN Drive, but they won’t know for sure without actual testing. Tieria notes that the 00 Gundam’s Twin Drive System will square the particle production amount once the two drives are synchronized. Since they are having trouble getting higher than 70% on the synchronization, Tieria suggests forcing a start with the Trans-Am system, but Ian knows that an overload would lead to self-destruction. Mileina and Lasse meanwhile bring Saji some food and a red Haro with access to their database. Saji is growing frustrated that he’s locked up, but Lasse makes him realize that A-LAWS sees him as a member of Katharon. When Saji then questions if Celestial Being is going to be doing military interventions again, Lasse denies it and explains that they’ll be hitting A-LAWS instead. Tens of thousands have already died because of A-LAWS, and all information about those incidents has been covered up. Saji thinks that fighting will lead to more innocent people getting hurt, but Lasse points out that not fighting will mean people dying. After being left alone, Saji researches the attack in Spain and finds out about the Gundam Thrones. More specifically, he learns about the pseudo-GN-Drives and how particles generated by these drives have the possibility of adverse effects on the human body. This reminds him of how the nurse at the Spanish hospital had told him that Louise’s left hand could not be regenerated because of a cell disorder possibly caused by the Gundam’s beam weaponry. He’s further confused by the fact that the red Haro starts saying that the Gundam Thrones were enemies.

Back down on Earth, Billy tries to stop Sumeragi from drinking so much in his apartment, and she decides to leave after two years there. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Setsuna at the door, and he shocks Billy by identifying Sumeragi as Celestial Being’s tactical forecaster. Setsuna takes Sumeragi from Billy’s apartment and up one of the orbital elevators, but she remains depressed and thinks that Aeolia’s plan is meaningless. In response to this, Setsuna declares that they’ll fight, and he feels that if it is their sins that have brought change to the world, then they can only atone for those sins by changing the world again. This doesn’t convince Sumeragi though and she still wants to escape from all this since she feels she’s not as strong as Setsuna. When they arrive at the orbital station, Setsuna introduces her to the new Meister Lyle Dylandy, though even Lyle calls himself Lockon Stratos now. Lyle had earlier contacted his Katharon comrades, and Klaus thinks the Celestial Being understands that the current Federation is headed towards despotism. Right around this same time, Marina gets taken into custody by some Federation officers.

Meanwhile, at Wang Liu Mei’s seaside villa, Hong Long questions why she spoke to a certain someone about Celestial Being and what their preparations these past four years have been for. Wang Liu Mei’s response is that it’d be meaningless if they can’t get over such a crisis, and she believes that only after fighting does the world change. The person she gave the information to was Ribbons, and he passes it along to A-LAWS’s Homer Katagiri. Information on where the Ptolemaios is located reaches the Federation cruiser that had sent mobile suits to attack the Lagrange 4 Colony Proud, and its commander Arthur Goodman decides to launch a surprise attack against Celestial Being. Despite Goodman sending out his entire complement of mobile suits, Louise isn’t one of the pilots who gets to go on this mission. Fortunately, the Ptolemaios is warned of the attack by Wang Liu Mei, so Tieria is ready with the Seravee. On the shuttle headed towards the Ptolemaios, Setsuna, Sumeragi, and Lyle are alerted to what’s going on as well, and, unable to sit idly, Sumeragi transmits a tactical plan. The Ptolemaios ends up starting the battle with a barrage of special missiles that take out a couple of the GN-XIIIs, and Tieria tries to hold off the rest.

Given the situation, Setsuna radios Ian to tell him to send out the 00 Gundam. Setsuna then gets out of the shuttle and heads right into the Ptolemiao’s left catapult where the 00 Gundam is waiting. Despite Ian’s objections, he decides to use the Trans-Am system right away, and although it activates, the particle fusion rate tops out at only 73%. It is not until Setsuna calls for the 00 to awaken that it does, and the amount of particles it releases is astounding. Once he’s out on the battlefield, Setsuna quickly takes out an Ahead and then a GN-XIII, and he finishes the battle by declaring that this is their Gundam. Having watched the battle from his lair, Ribbons is surprised to see this new GN Drive and harbors a renewed disgust towards Aeolia Schenberg. In the aftermath, the crew of the Ptolemaios welcomes back Setsuna and Sumeragi, and they’re then shocked by the appearance of Lockon. Tieria has to tell himself that this new Lockon is not the same person. Meanwhile, in his prison, Allelujah opens his eyes and utters the name Marie.

ED Sequence

ED: 「Prototype」 by 石川智晶 (Ishikawa Chiaki)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Streaming

After having heard this song so much in the commercials, I can’t say I love the cut of it that they chose, but it’s still a good song. Not as good as Friends, but not bad either. There’s some very nice imagery too of all four pilots combined with flowers and references to their tragic pasts. Perhaps more importantly though, there seems to be several hints at what’s going to happen, including a Allelujah and Soma pairing, Lockon and someone (Feldt?), Saji and Louise, and more on Tieria’s past. There’s also the shot of Marina protecting children that reminds me of Lacus with those orphans in SEED Destiny, and that’s a comparison I’d rather not think about because it leads to Setsuna=Kira.


So, ignoring the fact that Lockon is technically a different person now, since Feldt is older, does that mean she can pursue a relationship with him? It’s not out of the realm of possibility and given her past attachment to Neil, it might even be probable that something would develop with Lyle. I’m a bit bothered though by the fact that the person embracing him in the ED has her body obscured. It makes me think that that person will die, and if it turns out to be Feldt, then that would be rather depressing.

Anyway, the focus this week was on Setsuna gathering Sumeragi and Lockon and then debuting the 00 Gundam. The 00 looked pretty cool while defeating some Aheads and GN-XIII, and although it seemed a tad overpowered, it’s still early, so the bad guys have time to develop new weapons to counter it. As I alluded to above when I was talking about the ED, I hope this generation of Gundams isn’t so supremely overpowered that I have to keep referencing the Strike Freedom like I did throughout GEASS R2. The first series certainly did a fairly good job of keeping things grounded, at least up until the Trans-Am system was introduced.

The other interesting thing out of this episode was that Wang Liu Mei is apparently playing both sides of the conflict in order to change the world. Something like that makes her at first seem like a bigger threat than Ribbons, but I’m not so sure it won’t backfire on her and Ribbons (or someone else) will get the upper hand again. I kind of wish they’d get away from the whole change-the-world theme though or at least the way they talk about it because it doesn’t feel like they’re breaking much new ground. The first series showed that just changing the world doesn’t necessarily create a sustainable peace, so they need a new approach or something.

For the time being, Celestial Being still needs one more person to complete the group of four Gundam Meisters, and it looks like that’ll be done next week when the guys go and rescue Allelujah. I wonder how much he’s changed now that he’s always got two eyes open. There’s also the fact that Billy doesn’t look too happy after Setsuna took Sumeragi away (and revealed who she was), and that could make for another interesting showdown if he pairs up with Graham/Masked Man again. The great thing about having a large established cast like this is that there are so many storylines that can be explored, and there’s a lot to look forward to.


  1. Twin drive gundam is called OO gundam; in the future, they might create triple drive gundam. So what should they call it? OOO gundam? Multiple driver? OOOOO gundam… Nice name sense.

  2. Woah 00 Gundam is cool it’s GN drive can even become as a shield, to anyone who don’t know thats ex-Lockon’s little brother hence the same last name. Wonder what Saji’s role will be since they show him quite often.

  3. BTW….did Lousie’s commanding officer from Episode 1 just get pwn3d by 00 Gundam? 0_o

    I guess its time to say BYE BYE Crew-Cut dude & Lousie say hello to Andrei’s Harem. 😆

  4. Now THAT’s one awsome gundam :). And dont worry about the “Freedom” syndrom, in the first season the gundams where over powerd aswell … that is until the skilled pilots got better suits and wtf pwnd them.

    They’ll meet plenty of resistance along the way. And 00 Gundam isn’t THAT strong compared to the Freedom, so it alone won’t be able to change entire battles. (look at Seravee getting pwnd on his own)

  5. Twin drive mmmhhh :> Gn-XIII are already out of the game :p

    Still he used trans-am didn’t he ? so it was full power, or maybe the true prupose of trans-am was to make possible the twin-drive 😀 (and it would be why ribbon was uppset)

  6. Judging from the pics alone and your summary tidbit, I’d say Gundam 00 is most definitely not going to be overpowered. They seem to have retained the fact that it is a melee-based Gundam, so no beam-spamming (and you can count out Seed mode or a sudden and unexplained Newtype transformation) at the very least. What makes me think that the Gundams should be more powerful more than ever is probably how quickly the A-Laws will adapt to having their presence here again.

    I was kinda sold to having a Setsuna/Felt pairing, though somehow I knew Lockon returning would probably change things. =P Anyway, pairings-wise Marina/Setsuna seems the most logical. Neena looks to remain just as a support character unless proven otherwise.

    Heck, I don’t know what the flowers each symbolise, but it was a nifty touch there.

    Owaranai Destiny
  7. What happened to Wang Liu Mei? Is she in cahoot with ribbons? Damn, I should’ve known not to trust a hot chick. Btw, I think the ending was awesome, enough emotion to make me feel sad.

  8. @Algent

    I don’t understand japanese but I think that what upsets Ribbons is that CB has one more GN Drive.

    About the Trans-Am, I think that they couldn’t get the gundam 00 to reach a normal level of power, so Setsuna used the Trans-Am to start at full power so that the suit could function normally (there was a big overload of GN Particles)…and he didn’t even reach the max level… he was only at about 60% for each GN Drive (that makes 80% for a normal GN)

    I think that in the future, the peace keeping force will have only A-HEAD mobile suits (see ending), it seems to be the nexgen suit compared to GN-XIII, their thrusters seems to be the same type as throne drei.

  9. haha, so the female cast finally see fit to spend the budget on boob reduction surgeries and some decent clothes. …so, someone tell me how did neo!lockon have similar ability as dead!lockon? it defies logic, lol

  10. @ Jayers: Well, I think it’s better than having a happy ending and having a crap series for practically the whole season.

    Somewhere along the line I think they might go for a ‘knight in shining armor’ scenario with Marina and Setsuna. That or the scene above will involve the Kataron.

    Owaranai Destiny
  11. Good episode. I think 00 Gundam just used Trans-Arm to get to normal function, so I can see some Trans-Arm action later in the series. Looks like 00 Gundam owns. 00 Gundam in trans-arm may be overpowered, but not in normal mode. Setsuna literally forced Sumeragi to come back to Celestral Being by telling Billy that she was their tactical forecaster. Allelejah is next and then CB will be complete. Marina is being arrested possibly for her former assistant involvement in Kataron. Setsuna’s knight-in-shining-armor scene here we come.:D

    From the ending, it looks like the A-Laws will go all out with CB in the future with a large group of Aheads, which makes Grahram having to pilot one more disappointing.:sad: Marina appears to be in the ending, but I can’t tell from either the poor quality of the video I watched or just the lack of lighting. The ending also indicated Allelejiah x Soma, which was indicated in the opening if you look closely at two scenes. The ending was just more obviously. I don’t see the sad ending some of you are indicating because this is just the first ending. The second ending in the latter part of the season will reveal more details about the end.

  12. I was wondering something… How are they able to put 2 GN Drives into the 00… GN Drives are huge… just seeing the hole in exia after the GN Drive was removed makes me wonder… (saw it the raw)

  13. @shunter307

    The ‘core’ of the GN-Drive is probably not that big. Remember at the end of last season when Tieria ejected Virtue/Nadleeh’s drive, several pieces detached, then the main core of the drive which was inside the frame ejected.

  14. @shunter307
    the GN drives are the cones seen on the shoulders of the 00 while the one your possibly thinking about is the main solar furnace’s which is inside the gundam as seen in ep25 1st season… (well i could be wrong bout this)

  15. Yeah, billy got ‘pwned’. And looks like she hasn’t lost that much bust. And once again, OVERPOWERED Gundam 00, that still was fun to watch. I’m sure Graham will give him a run for his money.

  16. Yay! Allelujah! I really want to see what’s happened with him since Hallelujah is dead and in the opening it shows both of his eyes uncovered. It makes me curious to see his personality now. So, good episode. Thanks for the blog!

  17. The hidden detail in this episode is that Sumeragi is now revealed as a member of CB. I am sure that A-Laws will find out very soon. I wonder if all the members of CB will be revealed to the general public. I am sure in the next episode that the A-Laws will be in mass because they know where Celestral Being is heading for next.(Allelejah’s prison) I wonder if Kataron will get involved since I am sure that some of their members are in the same prison as well.

  18. I’m picking up the name and title: Katagiri shirei (Commander Katagiri) being mentioned by the Masked man and the blonde haired commander onboard the A-LAWS cruiser.

    I think he mentions that the Ptolemaios 2 was pinpointed because of intel coming from him.

  19. Looks like they really are going to go through with the Obvious Saji ranodmly ends up fighting louise in mecha conflict! (id love to be wrong about this!) If it happens i wonder who will win after all Geass has re-written the stereotype about girls consistantly being less than guys equals when it comes to Mech conflict and Saji seems to still suck totally as a character! (I hate the whiny male leads/secondaries! Macross F was rtuined by having the worst lead ever!)

    WingZero zxt
  20. I just wonder whose the woman that is with Lockons at the ending!! is that Felt??? And Allelujah with soma (yes!)… I wonder if this mean that they had a relationship since he knows her really name.

  21. @shunter307

    Yeah, the more I see the episode the less I think there’s gonna be any feltxlockons this season. I don’t know why but I get the feeling that the woman hiding is the woman with black hair and glasses from Kataron.

  22. In reference to the ending, the person I think we see touching Lyle’s face might actually be Neil. Also, it looks like Marina is actually covering up the children that Setsuna fought with (maybe even child Setsuna as well). Perhaps it is a reference to the fact that she knows what Azadistan did to them.

  23. @Troy
    I seriously don’t think those are the childrens that Setsuna fought with… One of them seems to have red hair (and I don’t think they try to pass a red-haired boy/girl as a mid-eastern).

    About Setsuna’s shoot I have the impression that it could be a representation of him meeting the 0 Gundam pilot who saved him.

    I really hope that the arms touching Lyle face aren’t ftom Felt. Even when it makes no sense at all, the scene of Setsuna and her almost at the end of the 1st has been in my head since then… Setsuna x Felt go go go!

  24. “I hope this generation of Gundams isn’t so supremely overpowered that I have to keep referencing the Strike Freedom like I did throughout GEASS R2.”

    You mean throughout the last few episodes…the vast majority of R2 had little to no mech combat, especially if you consider that something comparable to Strike Freedom only showed up by Turn 18. Before that I don’t really see a point to that comparison.

  25. Why oh why is T-chan with the innovators in that ending shot? If he turns bad this season I am going to go fangirl!batshit. And whoever is touching Lyle’s face looks like a dead guy/gal to me. All that billowing white sheets can’t be good. (Don’t tell me that Felt grew up into a nice young lady just to die and make a plot point for the new Lockon.)

  26. Hopefully Lyle will be different from Neil. Lyle also seem to have loyalties elsewhere (with Kataron). I wonder if he’ll ever betray the Celestial Beings when the goals of Kataron and CB start diverging in the future. Right now they’re in agreement over the destruction of the A-Laws, but who knows what the future will bring.

  27. Kore ga oretachi no Gundam da, indeed!!

    It’s nice to see Setsuna grown up…. he’s miles from that self-conscious Setsuna we saw in season 1. Also, I couldn’t help but notice them mentioning there only being 2 Gundams with functioning GN drives (Seravee and 00). We’re also unsure of whether or not the GN drives in last season’s Kyrios and Dynames were able to be salvaged. Does that mean that Lockon and Allelujah’s Gundams will function without a GN drive? If you look at the pics for the new Cherudim and Arios Gundams, it’s hard to see whether a GN drive is actually installed.

  28. @deathparasite316

    It is called the 0 riser. I think it is on the offical site of Gundam. It will be a component of the 00 gundam and it even attaches to it. You will have to look on the offical site for more information.

  29. @Patrick
    She’s probably one of the engineers… did you think that a Gundam can only be built by five people ? Well actually CB has a huge network aroud the world and space (intel agents, engineers, bankers, higher-ups, etc…)
    BTW, the scene you show takes place at Lagrange 3 one of CB’s colonies, also I think it’s sort of CB’s HQ (gundams are being built there, etc…)

  30. Did anyone notice that Seravee has FEET now? I’m very interested with the whole face behind it concept. Besides some power ranger type of thing, I can imagine Seravee combining itself into a larger mobile armor.

    Tieria’s reaction to Lyle probably foreshadows conflict between the two.

  31. For how 00 Gundam is “overpowered” right now, if you remember correctly Alanderdos or whatever his name was had a mobile suit with (two or was it three) Solar Furnaces, and Exia was only able to defeat him with his sword that was design to cut thru a GN Field. And right now, the only “improvement” the Federation has seem to done with their mobile suit is “particle emissions” are spread out more, so in theory, the reason why 00 is so powerful is due to how the twin drives allow for propulsion in “different” ways as they can “move” themselves, also can share the energy necessary for particle weapons and the swirling gn field thing they got going on.

    Sure its only a matter of time before the Federation realizes that, and does a similar design or method.

  32. amazing ending because it shows so much:

    Setsuna in a field of guns with flowers blooming on them, signifying his past childhood filled with war and death

    Lyle standing in front of his living room where he once ate Christmas dinner with his family now all deceased

    Tieria obviously confronting Ribbons, whom must hold a large deficit over his past, since he can also access the veda system like Ribbons and the rest of his little creepy children seem capable of doing, (not to mention the tieria twin) two observations that I can make are that Tiera also has a twin just like Lockon, and he is a cyborg (obv).

    Also we can get a cute shot of Allelujah with his super soldier counterpart Lt. Parais (woo woo)

    Also we see Louise and Saji , Louise has a gun (and a wedding ring on her robotic hand), and we can also see saji with his ring around his wrist, to me this signifies that Saji will make a choice, and may even end up meeting his love on the battlefield, eventually meeting her.
    (I lol’d at the loss of her hand, kind of like Luke Skywalker getting his hand cut off and getting a cybernetic re-attached robot hand.)

    Curious as to who the girl behind the curtains is with Lyle :/

    Also I like how they’re new suits make them look like power rangers, curious to see the upgrades that Dynames and Kirios get, also I’m looking forward to all the gundams getting twin drives, and hopefully they don’t get decimated in the end of this season.

    The end of life
  33. @filphil
    They only had the design for the faked ones and the only one who was probably smart enough to build his own real GN drive was killed by the Trinty when they attacked the Union base back in season one.

  34. 00 Gundam Rocks but i still think that The WingZero Custom whilst a now outdated design is far superior ! Also im fairly certain that this was the first episode that Setsuna hit anything with that poxy little pistol of his!

    List of Gundams op ten

    WingZero Custom
    Strike Freedom
    Sandrock Custom

    WingZero zxt
  35. It is possibly that Lyle may act as a double agent for Kataron and try to steal the designs to the real GN drives later if Kataron wants it that badly. However, this is only a spectuation. In addition, Lyle is lowering his gun, not pointing it. Too little info to decide what is the case yet.

  36. Gundam 00 is pretty overpowered that because the particle output is squared the amount from before. I was reading that the particle output is so strong that it can deflect other nearby particles, no wonder it is called the Gundamnator…

  37. Yay for the twin drive. That would explain the double O gundam’s bulkiness. Either way, the ending’s nice, but they kinda look like some sort of boy band at the end now. Lol…

    the burnt shadow
  38. @MasterX25:
    It is. In this episode, 00 demonstrated the ability to use the GN Drive exhaust to deflect GN rifle beams.

    Interestingly enough, also shown in this episode is some kind of Smoke Grenade (from GN-XIII) that prevents beams from passing through, forcing melee combat.

    Also Trans-Am was used to jump start the particle count to get 00 working properly.

  39. Doesn’t Gundam 00’s design seem a little flawed to anybody? I mean the GN Drives are mounted on those revolving shoulder panels on its arms, which leads me to speculate: if one of 00’s arms gets cut off at the joint, that means half of its power just went good-bye right? Not very efficient. Exia would still have full power while being limbless because its GN Drive is attached to its back, at least hypothetically speaking.

  40. The first episode was okay, but after this one I’m finally getting psyched for the new season.

    Also didn’t think that they would win Saiji over to their side this quickly. Then there’s Wang Liu Mei giving Ribbons information, when she knows he’ll get owned by 00 Gundam, nice touch.

  41. Wow.. nice episode.

    – Saji looks like he’s lost a lot of his hatred against CB. So the Saji + O Riser pictures were true! (Setsuna + Saji: Oretachi wa Gundam da! o_O)
    – Wang is an evil double crossing whore, but she’s so cool!
    – Lyle is probably playing double agent, like the aforementioned whore.
    – Poor Libbons. It must really suck, getting pwnt by a dead guy.
    – Setsuna x Gundam Gattai! He’s the missing 7% synch!
    – Poor Billy. Putting up with an alcoholic for 2 years, then getting dumped by said alcoholic.

  42. i hear that Lyle will kiss Felt in next episode,then Felt slaps him on the face. I expact that scene….>3<~~~

    about the ED,anybody knows the meaning of those four flowers? Maybe they hint somthing, like the destiny of four meisters……

  43. just imagine though, the super powered twin drive double 0 gundam , AND THEN activate a FULL double trans am burst? jesus, even strike freedom would be like ?? ?? wait wtf man WTF??? not even I can kill this mofo!!! 🙁

    The end of life
  44. >> lawlmsp

    From what we have been discussion on the 00 forms we believe that the side codes are actually just the GN verniers, The real GN drives are build into the body.

    But on a side note, 00 Doesn’t look like a Gundam that should take a beating. It seems like with all it’s speed with the side boasting it’s made for speed and quick strikes.

  45. is it really just a jump start when setsuna use trans-am? to me it looks like gundam 00 normal mode is trans-am. by the way the ED scene was so sick, its good way to represent what’s comming.

  46. @relina
    Yep, trans-arm was just to get the gundam operational. Just imagine trans-arm 00. Absolute rapeage. Ownage. Pwnage. Simply, it would be just overkill. Interesting enough. Doesn’t trans-arm suppose to have the nasty side effect of reducing a gundam to mininum GN particle release after it expires? If that was mininum, I hate to see full power.

  47. @Blackapino

    Yes it’s true that the 00 doesn’t seem like it would take a beating, at least for now. Remember how Setsuna always got his ass handed to him by Ali even though he was in a far inferior mobile suit? He only managed to get Ali back through use of cheat codes (Trans-Am). Hell, even Smirnov came close to pulling off Exia’s head in a TIEREN of all things. So it is extremely likely that 00 will lose its aura of invincibility soon because we all know that Setsuna is no Amuro Ray in terms of piloting and relies on his technological superiority instead.

    Also, I really don’t think those are just verniers. If they were just verniers, why didn’t the 00 have both of them on its shoulders in the past? 00 was shown to have a huge hole in one of the panels before due to a GN Drive missing. If the real drives were built into the body, then shouldn’t the verniers be on at all times regardless?

  48. @lawlmsp

    GN drive on shoulder can be place behind (as GNpropulsion), in front (as GNshield), on the side as GNwing) and more….
    When someone may cut one GN drive, rest one to escape and save your life, that is a worth reason.

  49. @bobobololo

    Well if you watched the episode, you would know that it needs BOTH GN Drives to operate itself. So basically, if one GN Drive is lost, the Gundam itself would cease operation and it’s basically Game Over for Setsuna.

  50. “If the real drives were built into the body, then shouldn’t the verniers be on at all times regardless?”
    Not if removing them is required before installing the GN Drive. Besides, what’s the point of installing them in the first place, if there is no GN Drive to use/test?

    We don’t know enough about the GN Drives to be able to say for certain, but I’m sure no one would be stupid enough to put the GN Drives on the shoulders, where they would be so vulnerable. Not to mention the theory of the Twin Drive was developed by Aeolia Schenberg – the guy was a genius, so I’m sure he would’ve taken into account such a weakness in the Twin Drive. He did predict pretty much everything that happened…

  51. Hmmm…

    Setsuna: Dahlia:
    Dignity, elegance, instability. A treatment for epilepsy

    Allelujah: Foxglove (Digitalis):
    Grandness, youth, insincerity. Heals if taken correctly, else poisons.

    Teria: Daisy:
    Purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience, simplicity, modesty.

    Lockon: Aster:
    Afterthought, daintiness, love, “star”. Asters were laid on the graves of French soldiers to to symbolize the wish that things had turned out differently.


  52. I noticed in the OP that Graham Acker aka Masked Man has horns on his helmet. And BTW he seems to have a different mobile suit, looks like an AHEAD but is quite different, maybe he’s got one customized (he and his customization habit …)

  53. I loved episode 1 but episode just makes me excited even more about the series. I cant wait to see Graham and Setsuna fight. It looks like Wang Liu Mei is playing both sides and the crew of CB will have to get use to the new Lockon. Also from the previews of the next ep, it looks like Nena is going to fight, so i wonder what the Throne Drei will look like after all these years. I hope it has been upgraded since. Also Allelujah is going to be rescued, so we finally will have all four of the meisters together again. I CANT WAIT!

    ∞ Aries
  54. To: Fire Chick

    That’s the ladt part of the peisode when the crew of CB reunited after the battle and they got suprise when they saw Lockul Stratos but he is the little brother.

    Looking for Alleluja and its gundam 🙂
    Neena Too 🙂

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