At a Federation detention facility, Marina is interrogated about how she came in contact with a member of Celestial Being four years ago. Elsewhere, a high-ranking Federation official is on the phone with Ribbons going over the details of the autonomous peace-keeping force’s size of forty million people. He attributes the establishment of this to Veda’s control of information, and Ribbons is honored to be of help. After the conversation, Ribbons says to himself that he’s faithfully executing Aeolia Schenberg’s plan and that this can only be done by him and his group, the Innovators. Regene then asks him about the change of heart concerning Marina who they had left alone up until now. Ribbons thinks that Celestial Being will come because there’s also a Gundam Meister there. Back at the detention facility, Soma and Andrei pay a visit to the restrained Allelujah. Although Allelujah responds to the sight of her, Soma notices that he’s not reacting to the interference of her quantum brain waves, and she remembers a report about the head injury that he had received. When he’s allowed to talk, Allelujah refers to Soma as Marie and is glad to finally see her again. He tries to remind her that he’s the person who spoke with her a lot when they were at the home, but Soma denies that she’s Marie.

Up in space, at Celestial Being’s asteroid base, Tieria asks about Lockon’s battle experience with mobile suits and realizes that the new Lockon might be a novice. Lockon uses the chance to call Tieria his cute instructor, but Tieria coldly tells Lockon not to make fun of him. During this time, Sumeragi has shut herself in her room because she insists that she didn’t come back to rejoin Celestial Being. Setsuna meanwhile tells Saji about how they and the Thrones approached military intervention differently and how they weren’t allies. Saji, however, points out that Setsuna and the other Meisters still killed people with Gundams in the same way and put other people in the same circumstances as him. He is still bitter about how the Meisters destroyed the peace he had, and this prompts Setsuna to question if peace for Saji alone is okay. Saji denies this and claims that he just doesn’t want anyone to be unhappy. Down on Earth, Sergei checks in with Soma, and she uses the chance to ask if the name Marie was in any of the data from the super-soldier organization. Sergei doesn’t know, and their conversation is cut short when Soma has to attend to the arrival of the ship captained by Kathy. From a distance, Nena scouts what’s going on at the detention facility and reports back to Wang Liu Mei. Wang Liu Mei in turn passes the news of Allelujah’s captivity along to the Celestial Being crew.

Over at an orbital station, Louise finds her commanding officer and questions why they stopped searching for the Gundams. The commander explains that it’s unnecessary now that headquarters has set some bait for Celestial Being. By now, Lasse and the others have gathered for a meeting to discuss saving Allelujah, and they request that Sumeragi come up with a tactical forecast. She’s reluctant to get involved again though and thinks that her forecasts will only endanger everyone. In response to this, Setsuna declares that he doesn’t regret it and won’t blame her if they fail, and he voices their desire to rescue Allelujah by whatever means necessary. This convinces Sumeragi to at least ask for the data on their current situation. The Ptolemaios ends up launching towards Earth, and while going through the list of the people being held at the detention facility, Feldt notices the name Marina Ismail. Setsuna finds out about this from Tieria right before launching in the 00 Gundam. Sumeragi meanwhile comes up with a bold mission plan that involves blitz tactics to be pulled off in 300 seconds. They start by plunging the Ptolemaios through the atmosphere and diving straight into the water beside the detention facility, knocking up such huge waves that several of the mobile suits guarding the facility are washed away.

The Seravee and the 00 Gundams arrive on the scene after the Ptolemaios, and Setsuna heads off into the facility while Tieria takes care of the defenses. Lockon has already taken up a position with the Cherudim Gundam in the surrounding mountains, and after adopting the same catchphrase that his brother said during battles, he starts sniping. At the same time that the Gundams attack, a Katharon force enters the facility in order to free their comrades, and from the Federation ship, Kathy realizes that Katharon was conspiring with Celestial Being. Separate from the Katharon forces, Setsuna frees Allelujah and gives him a rendezvous point where Allelujah’s new Gundam, the Arios, will appear. The Ptolemaios launches the Arios as soon as they get word that Allelujah is free, and it crashes into the facility at the exact point that Setsuna indicated, though Setsuna himself has already gone in another direction to free Marina. Before Allelujah can board the Arios though, he gets stopped by Soma with a gun. He calls her Marie again, and despite her denying having such a name, he insists that this is her real name: Marie Parfacy. Hearing the name in full triggers flashbacks in Soma, and she drops her gun as she struggles with the visions. Allelujah wants to help her, but Andrei and some reinforcements soon arrive and force him to back off.

Since time is up, Allelujah knows that he has to leave, but he’s reluctant to do so with Marie so close. He is forced to make the decision to go, and once in the Arios, he vows to eventually come get her. With Allelujah free, the other Gundam pilots make their escape as well, and Kathy chooses to secure the detention facility over pursuit. Lockon watches as boats carry away the freed Katharon prisoners, and at a Katharon base somewhere in the desert, reports of the successful mission arrives. Along with this news, Klaus informs Shirin of how Marina had been at the facility and how a member of Celestial Being had taken her away. Shirin remembers the Gundam pilot who had come to Azadistan four years ago, and just as she suspects, Marina is now with Setsuna. Sometime later, back onboard the Ptolemaios, Allelujah meets the new Lockon and is shocked just like everyone else was. Tieria thinks that Allelujah hasn’t changed, but he also feels that there’s no need to forcibly change, and he welcomes Allelujah home. Setsuna meanwhile apologizes to Marina for her having gotten into trouble because she was involved with him. Marina is more concerned with why Setsuna is fighting again, and when he claims that he has to, she points out that there’s a way of life without fighting. Setsuna feels that his wish can be granted only through fighting, but Marina finds this too sad and cries because Setsuna does not.


So this week puts Sumeragi back in action (though she’s not quite wearing the new Celestial Being uniform yet), Allelujah back in action, and it brought Setsuna and Marina back together. Allelujah and Soma’s relationship is interesting because it’s not clear how her realizing her past will affect her and how the two of them could end up together. Allelujah thinks of Soma as someone who needs to be saved, but she thinks of him as the enemy, and I imagine that Andrei will complicate things again in the near future. Incidentally, it might be a bad sign that after only two episodes of CHAOS;HEAD, I now associate Yoshino Hiroyuki‘s desperate/crazy voice more with Takumi than Allelujah. Regardless, it’s good to see him back. Setsuna and Marina, on the other hand, got reunited much easier than I thought they’d be, and I’m hoping that this means Marina will get involved in a more active way than in the first series. I still wonder if she’ll become more like Relena Peacecraft or Lacus Clyne.

As for Lyle, it was cool seeing him being able to do what his brother could and even adopt his brother’s catchphrase before firing at the enemy (Nerai utsu ze!), though the way he said it was kind of different. I’m actually still a little suspicious of him due to his Katharon connections – he seems like he would choose them over Celestial Being if it came down to it – and due to how he’s not the trustworthy mentor/older brother figure that his brother was. And of course it doesn’t help either that he’s shown kissing Feldt in the preview for next week. If nothing else though, that shot in the preview does a good job trumping any other momentum or storylines coming out of this episode.


  1. Finally we get some Mariana plot going on! I hope it doesnt become a GS Destiny/Seed or Wing pairing… they were so… boring and stupid, respectively. I mean, the Destiny/Seed pair was ok, but no “kill me Heero when you want to”

  2. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Marina will not become another Lacus. She is too naive, lacks the charisma, and lacks the organizational backing (except for CB, who could back her up I suppose).

    However, if they install her as world governor in the end, I’ll probably end up rolling on the floor laughing.

    For now, let’s enjoy the delicious Marina x Setsuna moments. I was expecting her to end up on the Ptolemaios II, but didn’t think it would happen this soon.

  3. Uuuuwaaaa! Maybe there’ll be romance steaming between Lyle and Felt!

    Marina will probably be more like Relena than Lacus…But I am hoping that she’ll be someone unique than the other two women.

  4. Yay, now the whole team’s complete. Wonder what Saji would do if he ever met Nena, a pilot of the trinity team and the one who actually ruined his life. Lyle has a catchphrase? Lolz, change it into RENKAI BEAM!

    the burnt shadow
  5. Awesome episode. Wiping the floor with CG so far.
    But seriously, there’s something horribly wrong with Lyle. He’s trying to act so cool and even attempts to impersonate his brother, it’s off. He’ll even make a move towards Feldt, something his brother never would dare to do, at least not that bluntly. Not to mention he’s actually as good (or even better?) at shooting than Neil, yet he’s just spamming random shots during the battle. He’s just claiming to have joined Celestial Being, but he’s just exploiting them for the sake of Katalon. He’s a double agent. I don’t like this guy, at all.

  6. Is Feldt handing this clothes to Sumeragi?

    Everyone in Celestial Being is starting to wear the same thing, except different colours and this colour coordination reminds me of Power Rangers. Well the gundam pilots have always been colour coordinated with the gundams and the flight suits but now even their standard Celestial Being uniform is colour coordinated judging from the opening

    Now we also have Feldt = Pink, Mileinia = Yellow and looks this Magenta uniform is for Sumeragi.

  7. Cant Wait looks good but my feeling is that Lockon will go against CB and felt will bring him back. Just Hope to God that it will be equal to that Gundam Wing or better.
    Another thing what going with Ali is he still there i mean will Lockon fight him lol bit to much thinking here.
    Cheer Omini for another great blog. Great Episode.

  8. @KNG

    Feldt, voiced by Ayahi Takagaki, has the power of the rooster!
    Setsuna, voiced by Mamoru Miyano, has the power of the wolf!
    Sumeragi, voiced by Youko Honna, with the power of mahou shoujo!
    Allelujah, voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino, with the power of the space harem!

  9. -Damned…I don’t watch Bleach so much, but that picture of Ribbons really looks as though he’s about to put on a Hollow mask anytime. XD
    -Neena’s suit? Looks interesting. She looks as cute as ever, though. 😛
    -I’m thinking Felt probably IS going to slap him and it looks as though as suspected, Lyle isn’t at all like his brother, not in the level of being frivolous…though that’s just from looking.

    Owaranai Destiny
  10. @Saber:

    I actually LIKE to see Lyle Dylandy being more morally ambiguous than Neil. One of my greatest fears was that Lyle would be shoehorned as Neil 2.0 and nothing else, and though this could be better handled in the writing department, I’m relieved to see Lyle is his own person and not a copy of Neil, even when they’rw twins. =)

  11. Lyle is playing double agent as expected. Celestral Being is now complete. Did A-Laws find out about Setsuna’s visits to Marina in season 1 and arrested her for that? Then, it is Setsuna’s fault that she got arrested in the first place and not her former assistant’s involvement in Kataron. Great episode. Some nice Setsuna X Marina and Marie x Allejulah moments, overall good gundam action, and the CB ship seemly firely a beam weapon. LOL at all the power ranger comments. Can’t wait for the power slap that Feldt is going to give to Lyle, who is nothing like his brother in skill or character.

    As for Allejulah dodgeing all those bullets, he is a super soldier and the A-Laws arm is horrible.

  12. Instead of arm it should be aim. Dodgeing should be dodging. That should fixed my grammatical errors.


    Lyle doesn’t deserve the codename Lockon Stratos until he actually hits something instead of randomly shotting his gun.

  13. @Justin43

    I think that Lockon Jr. is actually a pretty good sharpshooter but the thing is that here he was obviously missing to create a diversion and delay things a bit so that Cataron could evacutate their nakama from the facility by boat.

  14. justin43:

    Lyle isn’t necessarily a double agent. At first, I thought he was one too, since he made that ambiguous phone call back in episode 2 when he identified himself as Gene-1. But seeing as that’s what they call him back in Cataron, there are no surprises yet.

  15. the bear’s son killed the SomaxAlle scene!!!
    and It’s just me… or was Lyle hitting a bit TOO much on Tieria this episode? The stupid double-agent possibly looking for a way to break through someone’s heart so they can tell him Everything about CB…. fat chance with Tieria (and if the Spoilers are right fat chance with Feldt too XD)
    but I gotta give it to him,… not minding if his target is a man…. that shameless flirt! XD

    *even though is happy for more LockonxTieria XD*

  16. xD You can’t expect Lyle to have all the abilitities of his brother just ’cause he’s a twin. Lockon was that good because of training(+talent of course)… but if you miss the training then you can’t expect him to hit something from hearth to the space. But I think he’s gonna realize that he has a big shadown to cover in the next episode. He looked a bit stress out in the scene where his holding the riffle in the Gundam.

    Anyhow, I still love him just because he looks a lot like his brother. Lockon Stratos 4ever.

    >-< I just hope he doesn’t betray the other meistres once he gets closer to them.

    Allelujah back Woot, Woot!

  17. can anyone hazard a guess as to what happened to the GN-drive the federation took when they recovered the kyrios? since that’s a true solar furnace, won’t that mean that they can reverse-engineer one, and one with trans-am capability at that?

  18. @ Leon

    Fon Spaak from the Novels found Kyrios’ GN Drive in space after he was captured in battle and take it back to Fereshte. Wang Lu mei successfully negotiates the return of Kyrios and 0 Gundams GN Drives.

    Phantom Sinner
  19. It’s all funny this comment. Thanks for the review.

    I actually like that episode and the allelujah rescued but I mis Hallelujah he is a true killer Meinster. I hope more details about allelujah past and A-lwa (better Said A-LOLS) you will get your as kick.

    All hail Gundam

  20. Marina still bores me to tears, and it looks like they’re going to shoehorn her into the plot even more this season than they did in the first. I’m dreading the prospect of her being paired up with Setsuna.

  21. Is it just me, or is 00 taking the “V Fin” Gundam and making it “W Fin” instead?

    Looks like S2 just finished setting “what you need to know”…now time to see what happens.

  22. Lyle seems to be just an emotional replacement for Neil, he has no piloting skills, shifty personality and exploiting his role as replacement for neil. A meeting with Graham Aker, Soma peries and Ali Al Saachez it’s game over.

  23. I don’t see any other explanation for CB trying to replace Neil with Lyle beyond that of “this is an anime so we get away with stupid shit like that”. I’m glad they made Lyle so different, Neil has no equal and he’s irreplaceable.

    YAY! For the SetsunaxMarina reunion, I wasn’t expecting them to be reunited so quickly, I thought they’d only met again until half season.

  24. Saji is still a sulking school boy, why recruit someone like him onto celestrial being? He should be having a burning desire to set his crosshair on Ali al-saachez and nena trinity.

  25. nono, if you watch carefully especially during the scene where Sumeragi was brainstorming her tactical plans, she was surprised at Lyle’s skill results and when he shot some enemies down everyone was surprised and thought he was sure a rookie when it comes to piloting. Lyle’s got skills! OMG this is so good! Gundam Seed was my fav. gundam but it’s been replaced indefinitely by 00!!!!!!! Love this series~

  26. There is a reference of somaragi saying that lyle has high stats as a agent, he cauld be just roleplaying as a novice. Which cauld mean that he’s a Kataron agent first and gundam meister second.

  27. Alright. This is pretty good so far.

    But that’s what I said about CGR2, and man, was I ever disappointed.

    I’m interested in how Allelujah will be without Hallelujah. We can already see that because of losing Hallelujah, he only has one yellow eye. The other is grey. But things can happen, and maybe he’ll get a Lockon deja vu eyepatch thing going on.

    So far so good, next week’s silver haired dbag villain looks amusing. Hope he isn’t a main character and becomes the new Patrick Colasour lol.

  28. awesome episode again, this series is really beating out all the others. Either way, i think Celestial Being gave their gundams *massive* upgrades to keep them technologically superior, if barely, to their A-LOLs counterparts.

  29. love how they just slam things around. lol
    slamming the ship into the sea to create a tidal wave and slamming gundams into the building to rescue people. Guess things are sturdier than they appear.

    Well, the double team between Setsuna and Alleluja was awesome. It’s like, BAM-BAM-SLASH-“Oh Shit” and you are dead.

    I’m still suspicious of the new Lockon tho. Teria should knock some truth out of him later. =]

  30. The action in this episode was awesome 3 minutes 0_0 holy crap that was fast running to get the mission done I never knew he had two different color of eyes 0_0 lol I love this episode can’t wait to see how it will develop I love gundam

  31. I don’t know if you guys get it but Lyle never said he’d quit Kataron.

    He’s not a member of Celestial Being per se, CB is just borrowing him from Kataron.

    Setsuna already knew his background.

  32. first of all, Anonymous, it is 00bama. second, it is not like Lockon’s past with the rebels was a secret, Setsuna said it out loud when they first met, and i am sure, at this point at least, they would be able to figure out that he would be passing along info to them, if they didnt know already. i think the main suspicion would have to be his skills as a pilot (yes, people, he was missing on purpose, they told him to just shoot randomly but you could tell he was holding back).
    they would want to know where he attained these skills seeing as how it doesnt look like the rebels have a lot of suits or things of the like. what i want to know now is why Ribbons seemed to plan it so that Maria and Setsuna would meet up. he let her roam free for 4 years but when he knew that they were coming to get their comrade, he had her taken there. so whether she wants it or not, she is being forced into this developing story. it has been a great couple of episodes and looks to get better. i have been impressed so far, hope they can keep it up.

  33. Yeah, and I wouldn’t say that Lyle was hitting on Tieria when he told him “Cute instructor”… I think he’s just getting in Tieria’s nerves and making fun of him.

    Now, the kiss in next episode… that is suspicious… but I don’t think that CB doesn’t expect him to work for Kataron now.

  34. @ Anonymous at 11:54 pm on October 19th, 2008

    That was so funny Obama lol lol you racist lol. The president of the federation is a Obama recairnation. Still this episode is cool better than the other one.

    Arios & 00 Team kick A-LOLS ass 🙂

  35. In the flash back of Allelujah, was he able to detach his solar furnace before getting captured alongside with Kyrios? Hopefully Lyle is not a bad guy when it comes to secretly sending mission plans out to his Catalon team, maybe C.B will catch sight of what he is doing. Yay we saw Nena can’t wait for more of her.

  36. @dh19440113
    How did louise get her hands replaced? Didn’t she get her hands shot off?
    -I’d say she like Star Wars Status – Terminator Hand lol choke someone.

    Bad Blood on board Saji and Nena, Lyle and Feldt maybe more.

  37. I’ve to admit this gundam 00 is much more better than CGR2. Coz,the 00 had more cool,heart-throbbing stories,very secretive,closely to realistic,and the story about how earthlings are going to accept the existence of CBs as a human being rather than just a mere outsiders to them.2 thumbs up for this anime! =].

  38. lol at the alignment (in this blog) of the surpised pics of shirin and allelujah
    referring to these two( and )
    lmao at the “parfashi” surname…. HAHA
    lmao at the person who said A-LOLS… hahahah nice name
    ZOMG at the dual combo of 00 and arios
    ZOMG2 at the ptolemaios, so this carrier is ahead of its time
    about lyle and neil, all i can say is, whoa what a resemblance…. same hair, face, height(?), figure, facial expression, etc even fighting capabilities(referring to the fact that both of them are good with long range shooting)

  39. Allelujah was captured by the federation, correct? So does that mean his GN drive was captured as well? What are the odds Saji fighting alongside with the gundams or piloting one himself? There was a fighter jet thing in the opening song.

    Alpha A
  40. @Drex

    Yeah im the person who said A-LOLS i think that the real name thinking about without ahead or the others they are nothing GUNDAM kick they ass easily especially in this episode with the Arios & 00 Team. Go Go Power Gundam Ranger (Since of the rainbow and the suit each member have)

  41. @ Roddy

    She got surprise of the high % the Lyly have by shooting but people start thinking he was a rookie but we all realize the he is holding back to don’t get so suspicious. I want to see the kiss he will do to fleu (Whatever her name is). TO ALL PEOPLE IN PAGE 6 IN THE BOTTOM a person explain already how they recover the kyrios GN driver. PLEASE read before make a comment.

  42. yea it does look like a gunblade. 1st season we got 7 sword system and omnislash like moves of exia when in trans-am mode then this season we get a gunblade for 00, whats next, 00 using lionheart on his enemies in its trans-am mode? square enix should sue sunrise.(peace!) =))

  43. ive been thinking about that roddy since the 2nd episode, it seems that it is a gunblade and from 1 of the scene in ep 2 he can change the angle of the handle too.

    i think that marinaxsetsuna pair is not as good as the sajixlouise or somaxalleluja, but who knows maybe in the next episodes something will come out.

  44. It’s definit that Lyle is hiding his true skills, I wonder where he got them. It’s almost certain he’s going to mean trouble for Celestial Being. My guess is that his attachment to Kataron will probably bring CB in danger, it shouldn’t be to hard for A-laws to steal information from that group. I could also see Lyle abandoning the mission plan to save a comrade of Kataron.

    But I wonder what Livonze is going to do, it’s almost certain he’s a part of Aeolia`s plan, as he states that himself. Unless he’s been corrupted. But I have a feeling that Aeolia is playing both sides to get what he wanted. I just want to know what it is right now!

    Besides I still have a little hope that Hallujah might just still be in there. It’s just not the same without him, it should atleast mean something that Allelujah still has both eyes in a perfect condition.

  45. ZOMG!!! This episode also made me a bit curious about the “new” Lock On Stratos, because i thought they said he was a novice and Sumiragi noticed something about him… I wonder what and next to that i would like to know about what Lock On’s REAL plans are….. Can’t w8 for the next episode!! LOL!!!

    Nerai utsu ze!
  46. I think the different way Lyle said the catchphrase just symbolizes him as an imperfect copy of Neil. Since the fact is Lyle isn’t his brother. He doesn’t act the same and instead of being a unifying force, he may end up splitting things apart with feelings closer to Kataron. Just waiting for when the guy chooses the other side in a critical situation and puts everything at risk.

  47. I’d just like to state my opinion about whether Marina will be more like Relena or Lacus. I see her leaning more toward Relena.

    Setsuna and Marina have a discussion in which Setsuna is apologetic about dragging Marina into this mess. She wants him to stop fighting and claims he can live without it. He insists he has to fight. She starts crying. He asks her why. She replies with, “Because you aren’t.”

    I thought that was a very touching scene but I couldn’t help but compare it to a Heero/Relena scene from Gundam Wing episode 48. This script is taken from a fansub script available here:

    [Peacemillion’s Hangar]

    Relena is blocking the hatch so that Heero can’t close it.

    Relena: Wait Heero! Why must you go?

    Relena: The Libra’s going to sink. There’s no more reason to fight! Milliard Peacecraft, my brother, and the White Fangs have lost!

    Heero: Zechs thinks otherwise…. and it seems that Zechs and Treize have no intention of stopping this war… I must go.

    Relena: Are you saying that if you go out, the war will end?

    Heero: I’ll eliminate Zechs… then Treize… the war will end… and if you survive… peace will come…. this is the one single thing I can do for you.

    Relena: Heero….

    Heero: I promised I’d protect you. To protect you and the earth sphere… the only way I can is to fight.

    Relena: That’s-

    Heero: Let me go….

    Relena: No! No! You’re planning on dying aren’t you?

    Heero lowers Relena’s faceplate.

    Heero: Trust me….

    Heero pushes relena away from Wing 0.

    Relena: (floating away) Heero?!

    The Zero starts up and gets ready to launch. Relena grabs hold of the railing.

    Relena:Heero… I’ll trust you….

    Heero: Farewell… Relena.

    I just found the similarity funny, how both Marina and Relena don’t see the sense in Setsuna’s and Heero’s need to fight. Add to that the fact that both characters are essentially the first monarchs of their respective kingdoms. True, Relena is not the first Peacecraft monarch but she is the first one in a long time. Also, like Marina, she was an elected princess though her blood did play a part in her getting the title. I see Marina as a more mature Relena.

    I do wonder how Marina was elected to the throne though. She seemed to have ties with the religious leader from Season 1. Maybe she was educated in the temple? I see Azadistan as a bustling city but education doesn’t seem to be top priority so maybe she was elected because she was well-learned. I also noticed, in Season 1, one of her business outfits resembled that of Jackie Kennedy. The white suit with the hat. [spoiler]Also, in the beginning of Season 2, when she was arrested, the outfit she was wearing reminded me of one of Relena’s outfits. Specifically, the one she wears in the Endless Waltz Special Edition ending. Her Western garb suggests that she’s a well-travelled lady. Possibly educated abroad? In any case, I hypothesize that perhaps Marina was a child prodigy with deep religious ties and is now well-educated. All of these could be factors that put her on the throne. Just my two cents. I reflected a lot on why Marina became the First Princess of Azadistan. Surely, they wouldn’t put someone who didn’t know what she was doing on the throne.

  48. @ JordiBlau

    I would suggest that Hallelujah isn’t gone. I mean, how does a person just say they’re leaving(a personality like his) seemingly die off. I wasn’t sure but that was a woman’s voice calling out MARIE when Soma had her vision, correct? Maybe a similar thing happened to Soma like what happened to Allelujah.

  49. The whole Marina rescue thing reminded me of GW episode 46 (47?). <——– SOOO True!.
    is almost the same as when Relena was at (i don’t remember the name) spaceship and Heero went to rescue her, just earlier this time.

  50. @filphil
    It was actually Alleluja calling Marie. And most of the voice overs for children are usually performed by women so …

    I think you are right about how Marina rose to her position in Azadhistan. Maybe her parents were somehow Royalty in the country. Saudi Arabia is one good example of a country ruled by Royalty, a crappy one I may add.

  51. I just took a look at Lyle Dylandy’s stats screen in the episode. Something disturbing came up. Not sure if it’s a blooper or not but Lyle Dylandy is stated as his CODE NAME and his real name is censored out. Shouldn’t his code name be Lockon Stratos?

    The stats are in two categories and further split into two sub categories each.

    MS-Piloting in Clear and MS-Piloting in Rain

    Avg Clear: 3720
    Lyle: 9600

    Avg Rain: 2650
    Lyle: 8970

    Shooting Hit Rate Close Range and Long Range

    No numbers are given. Instead a bar chart is shown. Lyle’s close range rating is around 6.5 times higher than the average close range rating.

    His long range rating bar travels the length of the entire screen. It’s about 4.1 times longer than the average long range rating.

  52. I can’t help but compare Ptolemy with Archangel from GSD. A trans-atmospheric carrier slash submarine.

    so does that mean Lasse will perform a barrel roll with the Ptolemy against Kathy Mannequin [who’s character somewhat resembles Natarle Badgiruel from Seed]

  53. When did Tieria start being so sympathetic lol. Never expected him to suggest saving Marina…

    and speaking of which, how does EVERYONE seem to know about Marina’s “connection” with Setsuna?

  54. Why would Saiji be more inclined to get revenge on Nena than on any other Celestial Being member? She might have been the one that killed his girlfriends family, but the rest of CB are just as responsible (and maybe even more since they think themselves different than the Trinity siblings.) Saiji didn’t shoot Setsuna, a guy he must have really felt betrayed by. Nena simply hasn’t done anything personal enough for him to go bonkers. The only person he could feel that way about is Al-Sanches.
    Then again with all the crap Setsuna is feeding him about how the Thrones were so much more “evil” than the other meisters will probably make his easily impressionable mind believe that Nena had something to do with it.

  55. @Raymomofo
    Feldt must have told them. After she was the one to notice where Setsuna was before he went to visit Marina in the middle of the night (season 1, ep 14 or 15), and she was the one to recognize Marina’s name on the list of prisoners.

    The Thrones WERE a lot more evil – that’s why even Celestial Being attacked them. How are the rest of CB responsible for what happened to Louise?

  56. @ Shadowblack

    Although I do agree with you on the thrones being evil(not more evil), may I suggest that CB is somewhat responsible? It’s like they failed to establish The Thrones as threats to CB’s/ Aoelia’s plans. I’m only saying this out of what we know(I personally don’t feel CB is at fault for Louise’s accident) and more could possibly be revealed about The Thrones.

  57. On the topic of Marina being Relena or Lacus, Lacus was a mastermind of a secret military organization that produces gundams including Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice. She asked the soldiers to stop fighting and felt the pain when one was destroyed, but she realized that fighting is necessary. She is by no means a pacifist. Now, look at Relena from Gundam Wing. She is a pacifist who was a novice in the political arena and love peace to the point that she was blind to the evil forces that could only be stopped with the use of violence. I think it should be obvious who Marina is more like currently.

  58. now if im not mistaken i think 00 may be able to turn into a jet, if you freeze frame during the intro you can see it throw its shield away and then the shield whizzes in an arc and comes back to 00 when it does 00 transforms into a blue jet, no im not mistaking it with arios i swear 00 transforms….

    the code of 00
  59. and what the hell is this crap about it being CB’s fault about what happened to Louise? how the hell is that correct? NENA of the THRONES fired on innocent people because she felt bored and didn’t want people to enjoy life more than her. How is that CB’S fault? CB thought they were allies, until the Thrones pulled all that crazy crap at the military base and killed the doctor that was researching the origins of the GN drives from Jupiter. After CB saw the military attack and the news report about the thrones attacking the wedding, CB was like “lets go kick some ass baby”.

    the code of 00
  60. ok at the part in the intro where marina and setsuna are reaching out to each other, and then 00 clashes with ali al sarches, watch right when the explosion occurs YOU SEE A BLUE JET FLY OUT OF THE SMOKE! 00 transforms baby!

    the code of 00
  61. If youre watching closely you can see that while setsuna and ali are fighting, the je jet/aircraft is coming for behind (you can see a blue light… it has nothing to do with 00 for now… well maybe its just like GN Arms… we’ll see… Now the question is : Who will pe th epilot of this aircraft ?

  62. @the code of 00

    The only thing CB could have done was to prevent their technology from being stolen and used to create the Thrones. However, that was unlikely since a member of CB betrayed them. :P:

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  64. @the code of 00
    If you don’t know then you need to watch the first season again. It wasn’t a single person, but rather a group of people. Alejandro Corner thought he was the boss until he discovered that Ribbons was just using him, and we know that Ragna Harvy (or whatever his name was) also worked for the Corner guy (until he got killed because he outlived his usefulness). There were probably many other (less important) people who also were working for the Corner family and helping.

  65. If the O riser will be a jet that will be able to attach to 00 gundam later on, as stated earlier by someone in the comments, I won’t be surprised that it will be saji piloting it making a setsuna&saji team (as they are fated to each other from the beginning of season1)

  66. I love the MarinaxSetsuna pairring too. But although you sense that they are important to each other, the relationship itself hasn’t really progressed very far. I didn’t think CB would inform Setsuna that Marina was being held in the same facility and I was suprised at his decision to rescue her. A huge bonus for a fan like me but I think this will have a terrible backlash on Azadistan.

  67. @Xyane

    So you believe A-Laws or A-Lols will attack Azadistan because the princess was rescued by Celestral Being. I don’t know. You would think that they would just go after CB, but we are know what A-Lols do.

  68. I think that would be their most likely course of action. The First Princess of Azadistan escaped from their holding facility. Any “peacekeeping force” would view that as a refusal to…cooperate, for lack of a better word. If they has any doubts she was hiding something before they don’t anymore. What’s more, at this point we don’t even know if they will become aware it was CB that rescued her. Kataron also rescued a lot of their members. But even if they do, they aren’t able to strike back at either CB or Kataron just yet. Azadistan, however, is a sitting duck.

  69. They may not attack Azadistan with military force, but they will jail most of the political officers and anyone else that may support Marina Ismail in the area. This is assuming that Azadistan doesn’t want to get into a fight by trying to defend themselves in a hopeless battle.


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