Once she figures out what time it is from Komoe, Index gets up and uses her own blood to draw a pentagram on the table. She asks Komoe to follow her instructions, but Komoe’s initial reaction is that they should wait for an ambulance and put some bandages on the injury. Index knows that this won’t work, and she instead has Komoe assemble a miniature model of the room using random items found around it. She then has Komoe follow her lead in singing until the contents of the table are linked to contents of the room so that what happens with one also happens with the other. The next step is to have Komoe visualize a golden angel, and on the second try, they succeed, and Index returns to her normal self. The wound on her back is now gone, but Index still needs to recover on her own. She’s glad that it worked because if she had died, then Touma might have been burdened.

The next day, things are back to normal as Index continues to recover in Komoe’s apartment. Touma initially tells Komoe that Index is his sister, but she knows that this is a lie and calls him on it. Instead of immediately telling her the truth, Touma instead asks his teacher if she wants to know about their situation in order to tell the city’s board of directors. Komoe explains that it’s teacher’s duty to resolve problems students have, but Touma doesn’t want to get her involved in all this. For the time being, Komoe decides to go out to the supermarket to buy some food, and she hints that she might forget everything if she gets too engrossed in shopping. Once Komoe is gone, Index reveals that they can’t let Komoe use magic anymore because a person of this world learning knowledge of another world will lead to their brain being destroyed. Since Touma is curious about magic, Index questions if he really wants to know about the burden she’s carrying.

Index starts by explaining that Christianity split because politics got mixed with religion, and she belongs to an English church. Because England is a country of magic, an anti-magic culture developed, and a part of her church researches magic in order to defeat mages. She calls this the church of necessary evil, Necessarius. Their way of thinking is that understanding an impure enemy means their hearts become impure, and touching an impure enemy means their bodies become impure. The most impure is the 103,000 volumes that she holds in her head, but they need to know it all in order to neutralize all the magic. Having all those volumes would allow someone to pervert the world. Touma is angry that Index didn’t tell him all this sooner, and she admits that she didn’t think he’d believe her and didn’t want him to hate her. He doesn’t want her to underestimate him when it comes to things like this, and since Index is on the verge of crying, he flicks her across the forehead and reminds her that he still has his right hand.

Index, however, points out how Touma had rushed off to supplementary lessons back when they first met, and she correctly guesses that he’d been uncomfortable with her back then. He refuses to answer, so she bites him. Unbeknownst to them, the two are being watched from a distance by Stiyl and the sword-carrying girl who subsequently discuss Touma’s right hand and the existence of other magic societies. Observing how happy Index is, Stiyl wonders how long they’ll have to continue tearing that happiness up. Komoe meanwhile returns from the supermarket and lets Touma and Index stay with her without any further questions. One night a few days later, Touma and Index are on their way to the public bath, and in talking about England, Index reveals that she doesn’t have any memories of before she was in Japan. She thinks she came here a year ago, but she’s not sure because she doesn’t have her memories. The two of them then get into an argument because Index thinks Touma is angry, and Index ends up declaring that she hates him before biting him and running away.

While looking for Index, Touma suddenly realizes that he’s at a busy intersection, but there’s no one actually around. Just as he’s wondering what’s going on, the sword-carrying girl suddenly appears. She explains that the current situation is due to a rune that clears people out, and she introduces herself as Kanzaki Kaori.


Well this episode had a lot of cute Komoe and Index moments (and even the two of them together) if nothing else. Most of it, however, was made up of explanations about Index and Necessarius, so it turned out to be a fairly slow episode with no action. And that’s a little disappointing given how great things looked last week. I hope that this is either the end of the majority of the background explanations (though I doubt it given how relatively little we know about the church) or that the pacing will be better in the future. Fortunately, with all that out of the way, at least the path is clear for the Kaori vs. Touma fight next week, and I’m sure that’ll be exciting if the preview is any indicator.

Incidentally, in another Shana similarity, right when the world went gray before Kaori appeared, all I could think of was “fuuzetsu.” Given that the animation style is unlikely to change, I suspect similarities like that are bound to continue cropping up, and it’s not a bad thing since the quality overall is quite high.


  1. third episode in a row with great animation quality I keep waiting for J.C. to start disappointing. So far they thankfully haven’t.

    Would have been really funny if Index had died while they kept messing up that ritual XD

    I wonder if girls with the face consistency of a manjuu who bite others instead of doing the good old Narusegawa punch will become a new fad.

  2. Hey i really like the first two eps of this show, hope this doesnt break the rules but who provides good subs for this? like well trans,easy to read (pref. white subs)?
    love this show!!

  3. From the preview, it looks like he’s going to lose his right hand. Or at least, it’s going to end up like Shiki’s arm when she was battling Asagami Fujino in Kara No Kyoukai.

    AFAIK, there are only a few volumes of the manga out, but a whole lot of novels. Watching the first 3 episode is enough to make me want to follow this till the end (story-wise). Hope that they’ll animate as many volumes of the novel as they can… or hopefully someone’ll translate the novels… or at worst, someone please get me a japanese to english dictionary.

  4. Given the first novel arc should finish at ep 5-6 at this rate, I guess we can only cover up to novel 3 with the main story arc, and with some side story, or with JC staff more like “new story”.

    Eagerly waits Ep 4

  5. From what i can understand from the current materials that i know (the manga’s and the anime) Necessarius was started by English Puritans of The Church of England who were anti-magic due to their beliefs. But in order to defeat the mages, they also use magic thus explains their name the Church of Necessary evil. In order to fight fire, they had to use fire.

    If this is correct this will explain a lot of things including
    Show Spoiler ▼

    A Anime Loving Republican
  6. lol, the church and their usual labeling everything different from them as evil. I am sure they dont need to become impure to defeat those they call “impure” cause as far as I know they are already evil enough to scare away satan himself.
    But go back to Index, she is just so cute and that loli teacher too xd. Come on Index just leave that church already, you are too cute to stay in those place!

  7. by checking the pics, u could think “hey, are they just saying ‘ah’ and ‘oh’ the whole time?” 😀

    mhm,.. i did think they are a bit too fast now, i hoped to get to see another fight agains the fire magician… in this episode, there even was a hidden spoiler for a future episode, it seemed. well… for the dramatic aspect, it surely gonna happen…


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