It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Divine has informed me that he will be leaving this site for personal reasons. He’s been a great partner to work with, and I thank him for all the blogging he’s done in the past six months, especially with covering so many of the new fall shows these past few weeks.

Unfortunately, this comes at a bad time for me because I’m rather busy with my graduate studies, so I can’t write about as many series as I’d like to. For now, it looks like I’ll be covering SOUL EATER on Mondays, Bleach on Tuesdays, Toradora! on Wednesdays, CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ and CHAOS;HEAD on Thursdays, To Aru Majutsu no Index and Tales of the Abyss on Saturdays, and Gundam 00 on Sundays. I’d really like to do Vampire Knight Guilty, ef, and continue Xam’d, but I just don’t have time for them.

So what else does this mean? For starters, I’m looking for someone to help with blogging. If you have some knowledge of Japanese and want to write about a series or two, drop me a line with some sample writings. Alternatively, if you think you’re really good at finding cool anime-related things (Nico Nico videos, websites like Typing Mania 4, etc), I’d be interested in hearing from you as well. Also, for those of you who have emailed me about Daily Doses, I haven’t forgotten about them, and hopefully Daily Doses will start again shortly because I might have found someone to help with them.

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  1. it’s a shame. you were a good blogger, divine. hope you have a brighter future ahead of you.

    and i have a question about applications: do you need to watch and blog shows as soon as they come out or can you wait until the raw or even the subs are available? just wanted to make sure.

  2. I’ve been following this blog for a while and I like your writing style Omni, but I think you’re blogging choices have gotten poorer each new season. You’re more worried about pleasing the masses’ crappy taste in spite of what’s original, innovative and aimed at older audiences.

    Divine at least covered a big variety of shows, so decent ones like Mouryou no Hako, Kurozuka, Tytania & Michiko to Hacchin that are trying to offer a little more original and polished content had a chance.

    The shows you’ve chosen to blog are all the popular ones among fanboys of shows like Naruto, Bleach and Code Geass, who are easily pleased as long as they get their pretty character designs and good animation even if the script is bad, the characters aren’t well developed and the story is filled with plot holes changing direction every 4 episodes.

    I do however like all your miscellaneous posts, the daily doses are pretty good also, if only you’d blog more serious shows…

    Good luck finding someone.

  3. DIVINE!!!! 🙁 I’m so sad that you’re leaving the site. You were such a good blogger, it’s such a shame to see you go. I hope everything wrorks out for you, and good luck for the future

  4. We’re going to miss you Divine. I really appreciated the hard work you put into blogging each and every day. I wish you the best in life.

    Omni, i hope the site won’t suffer too much and that you’re able to find a few enthusiastic new bloggers, should we be so fortunate.

  5. Aww~ Well good luck Divine. Thanks for bloging the past few months. 🙂 But gosh, I can’t believe the turn over rate we’re having here on this blog. Hopefully the next person who’ll join the team will be able to stay on for an extended period of time.

  6. Nameless your comment isn’t fully correct. As for the show you mentioned that have plot hole which is Naruto , Bleach and Code Geass, i can’t agree with you for Code Geass, yes naruto and bleach do have plot hole but Code Geass? where is the hole you means for code geass, it is well made show that have great plot.Well bloggers need viewer to keep their block, Omni have had a hard time to take care both quantity and quality, quality(the serious show you mentioned) , quantity(to satisfied most of the viewer which is majority)

  7. @MagicaLideaL: You know, I actually haven’t watched Bleach and I dropped Naruto at 164 (I just hate them with passion cause anime otakus (especially teenagers) get too famboyish about them like they were the best anime has to offer making embarrassing displays of their fandom anywhere)

    I honestly only had Geass in mind when I mentioned the plot holes, but even if there aren’t (which I’m sure there have to be I just didn’t take it that seriously to notice that stuff)plot holes, the plot twists are too farfetched and the story never seemed to have a clear direction, this, even Omni wouldn’t disagree with.

    I watched it all the way through, but it was mostly for the drama it generated and because, well, I had seen the first season, I couldn’t manage to drop it, but I don’t think any intelligent, self-respecting anime fan could seriously aseverate that Geass was an excellent (well made) show. At the most it was entertaining (and not entirely for good reasons)

    I also would like to thank Divine for all his work and efforts in covering that many shows. I loved how you were able to appreciate and enjoy all different genres of anime. Good luck with whatever it is you have to do.

  8. This is a sad notice.

    Divine, thank a lot for all the blogging you have done. I highly enjoyed reading them, especially the Nabari no Ou’s ones (although I stopped readding them halfway because I didn’t have time to watch them anymore and I wanted to be totally fresh for anime original stuff)

  9. WELL, knew this would happen some day. the end of RANDOM CURIOSITY. DIVINE!! KEEP IT PIMPING,. . PIMPING! and remember “anime friends don’t die, they just fade into obscurity”. thanks for love…
    with that said, OMNI!!! alone again. WOW! u dat nigga dude.yes u is!. . the lone horseman who rides through the wasteland atop a steed of magnificent brilliance. bringing to us savages, clusters of oats and honey…”don’t mind me…eating cereal right now”..but fo real!! although it will probably never be revealed “or maybe it has and i missed it”, MY RANDOM CURIOSITY is ,what u be studying OMNI??? maybe I’m prying but all these years I’ve always wondered “just being honest”. u got my email hahahaha.
    but anyway wish i could help bro

    or is this the beginning of the end???

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Se va un grande, pero espero regreses pronto. Para mi fuiste el mejor blogger de random curiosity. Abrazos desde México. Gracias x todo y suerte en todo lo q hagas.
    ありがとう for everything.

  11. Aw man, no wonder the show Divine blogs was quite behind this week, like Akane-iro ni somaru saka, but oh well, I wish good you well and hope that some writers will take up the challenge and help Omni.

    PS. Man I never thought this would happen, before there were so many writers, now only Omni is left, Random C needs major recruiting.

  12. Alone again? Sheesh.

    I’d love to help, but I know nothing about the Japanese language. I could be someone doing NicoDouga stuff, but I’ll become like and just do Touhou-related stuff.

    Ah well. Best of wishes. I love watching this site grow with the different people coming through.

  13. Darn, Divine is one of my favorite bloggers:( Oh well, I will continue to keep checking back here for ideas on which shows to watch.:) (Hopefully I’ll like one of the shows your blogging.:))

  14. @nameless: It’s amusing to see more and more people are bashing shows not because they are really bad, but because they seem to be too popular, thinking that it has to be like Naruto, and it makes them look cool, like some professional critic because nobody else is doing so (well in fact I’ve seen more people complain about Code Geass that it’s become a phenomenon).
    Your definition of an unsatisfying plot is flawed and subjective. No direction huh? Let me tell you what the plot was: something you probably didn’t pay attention to, couldn’t cope with due to having seen too much old school stuff but try to criticize anyway.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Code Geass to anyone, as the show is exceptional in its kind of way and I experienced that feeling first-hand. Don’t worry, you can still look at yourself in the mirror and strike a cool pose though.
    And when I say Code Geass always seems to pull bs out of its ass every week, I mean it in a good way.

  15. Aww no Divine! Why are people leaving like flies? It sucks so bad that you’re leaving. Well I wish you the best. You did amazing, especially the mass amount of blogging you did. It’s devastating that you will be gone from us but you’ll never be forgotten! Cheers~

  16. Oh my..
    Thanks Divine for all your hard and excellent work! I wish you the best for your future!!

    I’d like to help, but I’m studying which means -> almost no time. Add to that my own visual novel site and yeah >.< However if you ever need some help server for images – just email me dude~

  17. We all respect you!!

    I knew someone would leaving but…. so soon??????

    Feel free to come back!! When you feel you want to come back, we’ll be waiting…. waiting to welcome you…. again.

    Take care!!

    PS~ If not possible to come back, just pop in and say hi sometime.

  18. Although I personally wasn’t “fond” of Divine’s blogging style, I still did enjoy it, and you shall be missed. I hope you find a new blogger soon Omni, best of luck.

  19. Hmm, thought he hadn’t posted in a few days, which was unusual for him. Still, it was quite astonishing the amount of work that guy did; I’m not surprised to see a little burnout from it. Good luck with your future endevours, sir.

    I would offer to take up the torch for a couple of shows, but of course, I still watch the subs rather than the raws. I only ever managed a basic Japanese primer before graduating… 😛

  20. @leoeyls
    Code Geass has plot holes. It has so many plot holes that you probably can’t count them. I don’t think Nameless is criticising popular shows because they are too popular. Nor do I think that his definition of a plot is wrong. If anything I think you are against him as he criticised code geass.

  21. DIVINE!!!!

    I really appreciate his works especially his dedication on blogging Allison and Lillia.

    Thanks Divine for all the blogging. You’ve been a terrific blogger last season and I’m very sorry to see you go. I hope you’ll be back at Random Curiosity in the future. (T_T)

    ~ Eri ~

  22. @elvadrieng : Last time I checked, there were 225 mistakes in LOTR:TROTK, and that doesn’t make it suck in the least. Please stop using copypasta words like +100000 other weaboos if you don’t even spend time proving your point (it doesn’t take 500 lines of text to do so), and probably don’t know what kind of mistake should be called a plot hole (stfw). If it takes only 1 second to accuse the show of having plot holes but more than 10 seconds to think of a good example, you were just copy/pasting. It it not my job to convince you the show’s a classic because it simply isn’t, but it irritates me that hardly anyone bashes it intelligently and gives credit where it’s due.

    About divine,it was rare to see a blogger who could blog the “lame” series so meticulously without first degrading the viewers and the genres themselves at the start of every entry. And Omni needs to have a full-time, committed team if you ask me.

  23. I hope Divine isn’t leaving cause of the recent happenings with Strike Witches and Code Geass. But even if that’s the case, i wish you all the best I.R.L., Divine.

    Kanokon 03, 10/23/200. Divine wrote>
    P.S. Thanks for the constructive discussion. Feedback and discussion like this is one of the main reasons why I decided to help blog in the first place.
    Your fair accurate and objective blogging brought me here and i really enjoyed your articles. That quote made me very happy back when we spoke about Kanokon six months ago. We held different opinions back then, but the short discussion arousing was very interesting and it showed that it is possible to exchange arguments and opinions in a very costructive way.
    I’d liked to discuss more with you and with all the other anime fan present, but this is not always quite easy to do, expecially in a public square such this “place” is…
    Well i spoke too much, but i feel i haven’t said it enough. Goodbye and thank you, Divine.

  24. Thanks Divine for all the great coverage and coherent and witty writing. Oldies like me will miss someone who can reminisce about references and times gone even in today’s anime.

    Farewell Divine. May the Goddess bless your way.

  25. I’m really sorry to hear that, I’d love to help out, but unfortunaletly I don’t speak japanese… and truthfully my writing sucks, but anyways I wish you gook luck with everything and I hope you find someone that is able to help you out!!!!!!!


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