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Toradora! – OVA

「弁当の極意」 (Bentou no Gokui)
“Secret of Bento”

Even though it’s not the sequel OVA that everyone hoped for, this unaired episode of Toradora! was nevertheless a great reminder why this series is one of my favorites.

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January 18, 2012 at 10:14 pm Comments (33)

Toradora! – 25 (END)

Yasuko rushes to her parents’ house under the impression that Ryuuji was involved in an accident that put his life in danger, but she finds him perfectly healthy and waiting for her.

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March 25, 2009 at 1:52 pm Comments (181)

Toradora OP in Kinetic Typography


Here’s a cool video Patrik just showed me: Pre-Parade as done in Kinetic Typography. Some of you may remember that this guy did a video in the same style about two months ago for Suzumiya Haruhi’s introduction monologue, and this is even more impressive than that. Kinetic Typography, and YouTube videos depicting stuff done this way, have been around for a while, but it’s still great to see it being applied to an anime context and done in such a cool way.

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Toradora! – 24

Ryuuji decides to chase after Taiga with Minori, but they aren’t able to find her immediately.

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Toradora! – 23

Things have returned to normal now that Taiga is back in school, but her teacher speaks with both her and Ryuuji about their future aspirations.

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Toradora! – 22

Having arrived back from the ski trip, Ryuuji can’t get Taiga’s confession out of his mind, and he accidentally yells out her name in the middle of class.

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Toradora! – 21

The class has arrived at the ski resort, and while everyone else is having fun, Ryuuji struggles to figure out how to ski.

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Toradora! – 20

During her New Years shrine visit, Taiga runs into Yuusaku and reveals to him that Ryuuji is sick at home.

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Toradora! – 19

On the day of the party, Ryuuji makes one more call to Minori to ask her to come and leaves a message.

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Toradora! – 18

Preparations are underway for the Christmas party, but Minori still isn’t planning on attending and is avoiding Ryuuji.

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Toradora! – 17

With Christmas approaching, Taiga has started acting like a good girl because she thinks Santa Claus is watching.

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Toradora! – 16

Despite the pressure from everyone to get Yuusaku to run for student council president in order to prevent the evil Taiga from winning, he doesn’t change his mind.

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Toradora! – 15

Yuusaku has been acting weird lately, and it all comes to a head during the discussion about the upcoming student council president elections.

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Toradora! – 14

In the aftermath of the culture festival, a rumor has been spreading through the school that touching Taiga brings happiness, and that causes everyone to want to touch her.

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Toradora! – 13

Taiga enters the beauty contest wearing a dress worked on by Ryuuji, and although she thinks her father is late to come see her because of his job, she goes ahead with what she wants Ami to say for her introduction onto the stage.

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