Things have returned to normal now that Taiga is back in school, but her teacher speaks with both her and Ryuuji about their future aspirations. Ryuuji’s mother wants him to attend a university, but Ryuuji knows that she already works too hard, and he doesn’t want to trouble her any further. Taiga, on the other hand, claims that she’s rich and doesn’t feel that she’ll need to work or study. Their teacher reminds them that they’ll have to live with their decision for the rest of their lives and wants them to think about this some more, pointing out particularly to Ryuuji that he hasn’t rebelled against his mother before. Ignoring the advice, Taiga turns her paper form into a paper airplane and throws it out the window. She feels that she doesn’t need it when she can’t think about the future and can’t even accept herself right now. The only thing she can think of that she wants to do is to fall in love normally, but she feels that it’s impossible because she’s not normal. This frustrates Ryuuji and causes him to question the meaning of normal and who decided these things. Taiga then goes home, and Ryuuji ultimately decides to select the finding employment option on his future aspirations form. When he goes to turn it in to his teacher though, he runs into Ami arguing with another teacher. Ami walks away from the argument, and that teacher makes Ryuuji go after her.

It turns out Ami turned down the teacher’s request for her to be the model for the school uniform, and she reveals to Ryuuji that she doesn’t even know how much longer she’ll stay at their school. She had been planning to quit and had stayed a while longer because of her friends. Ami had felt that she understood Taiga and wanted to help her, but she realized afterward that if she hadn’t been there, then things would probably have worked out fine. Ryuuji wants to ask her more, but he then gets a phone call informing him that his mother collapsed. At home, despite being sick, Yasuko is concerned about her part-time job, so Ryuuji decides to do something about it. Taiga chases after him and brings him wallet and keys and coat, but Ryuuji points out that she was in such a hurry that she’s wearing different shoes. In any case, he tells her to go home, and shortly after she refuses, the two almost get run over by a car. Ryuuji finally admits that he feels at fault for his mother collapsing, and he thinks that if he had been more reliable, then his mother would have had more faith in his ability to do things. Grabbing Ryuuji’s hand and refusing to let go, Taiga reassures him that things are okay, reminding him of how his mother had done the same in the past. Patting Taiga on the head, Ryuuji still feels that he has somewhere he has to go, and Taiga decides to follow him.

The place Ryuuji goes is to the bakery where his mother was working part-time, and since the owner still needs help, Taiga volunteers. She claims that she’s doing it for Yasuko’s sake, not Ryuuji’s, and it prompts Ryuuji to decide to help as well. At home, Ryuuji only tells his mother that she was fired. The following day, he and Taiga are tasked with selling chocolate outside the bakery, and while doing so, they are approached by Haruta and his girlfriend. The fact that Haruta has a girlfriend surprises both of them, and it bothers Noto as well when Noto comes up afterward. Taiga and Ryuuji have figured out that Noto has feelings for Maya, but he refuses to admit it and runs off. Since they’re having trouble making sales, Taiga calls Ami up and makes her come by to give a free endorsement. Ami initially refuses, but she does it anyway after people on the street start recognizing her. This draws the business that Taiga was looking for, and Ryuuji goes after Ami afterward to tell her that he doesn’t think that things would be better with her not around. He also points out that they would feel let down if she left since she’s liked by everyone. Ami redirects Ryuuji’s attention back to the bakery since Taiga has her hands full, and to herself, she thinks that it would have been better if it weren’t everyone. She also admits to herself that she doesn’t understand things either.

That evening, after finishing up with the job, Taiga buys some boxes of chocolate herself to take home. She plans to give some to Yuusaku, Minori, Ami, and Ryuuji, and she hopes to make everyone happy. After spending the night making her own chocolates and putting them in the wrapping from the bakery, she passes them out the next day after class. When she gives the chocolates to Yuusaku though, she mentions that it’s thanks for him saving her during the ski trip. This bothers Minori since she knows that it was Ryuuji who had done it, especially after Taiga mentions how she felt that she said some unthinkable things. Minori decides to ask Taiga about it, and when both Taiga refuses to say and Ryuuji insists that nobody heard anything, Minori confronts Ryuuji by calling him a liar. She reveals to Taiga that Ryuuji was the one who actually saved her and didn’t tell her because of whatever Taiga said. Taiga tries to escape from all this, but Yuusaku and Ami block the doors. Forced to face Minori, Taiga admits that her intent was so that Minori could be happy, but Minori feels that only she herself can attain that happiness – she doesn’t want anyone else deciding it for her. In tears, Taiga tries to escape the room again, and this time Yuusaku and Ami let her pass. Minori then declares to Ryuuji that she’s going to chase after Taiga because she’s not done talking, and she questions what Ryuuji is going to do. Ryuuji is unsure of that because he’s conflicted about hearing Taiga’s true feelings since she wanted to hide them.


Apologies for the late post. I watched Toradora when it aired on Wednesday, but I had midterms this week, and when I got a chance to write about things again, I went ahead with the more recent shows (mainly CLANNAD because it was a finale) before coming back to this one.

Well that certainly ended with a bang. I swear Minori’s fierce and angry side get scarier every time we see it. She did what she had to do for the truth to come out, but I wonder how Ryuuji feels about her now… I guess it doesn’t matter if the story is moving towards him and Taiga together, but that in turn makes me question again what happiness does mean for Minori. I’m still thinking that it’s something to do with money or softball since, after the explanation she gave last week, it’s not going to be a relationship with anyone. I assume we’ll get some closure on this before the series is over, so maybe it’s part of what she still has to tell Taiga.

Speaking of whom, I can’t help but feel sorry for Taiga since she’s been coming off as a lot nicer and reliable lately with how she’s supporting Ryuuji. Like I said, I thought what Minori did was necessary in order to move things forward, but I still feel sympathy for what Taiga has to go through. Conversely, I find myself caring less and less about what happens to Ami. Since she’s been taken out of the equation, any character development for her is off to the side of the main plot, and it’s just not as interesting anymore. Maybe she’ll still have a role to play though as we enter into the final stretch of the series. There are only two more episodes to go, and the title of next week’s episode suggests that there’ll be a confession next week.


  1. toradora girls power rankings:
    1. ami
    2. yurichan-sensei (tanaka rie ftw)
    3. yasuko
    4. meido taiga in twin tails
    4. pre-drama minori
    5. angel taiga
    6. normal taiga
    7. inko-chan
    15. that annoying girl that keeps saying ‘maruo! maruo!’ (would be lower if it wasn’t for her awesome voice actress)
    16. annoying maruo! maruo! girl’s friend
    35. other nameless classmates
    40. background schoolgirls that pass by in the hallways
    68. random ppl that pass by in the street
    1083. drama/emo minori

  2. Great episode, though it did have a little less impact for me since I was slightly frustrated throughout about the noticeable drop in animation quality. Especially when Minorin’s hair became a tentacle-ish blob..!/Toradora!%20-%2023%20-%20Large%2035.jpg
    Ugh.. ugliness…

    Well, it looks like Minorin is pulling out of the running. Ami’s been out for a while. It’s interesting to see the attitudes coming from both of them though. Ami stayed in school for the sole purpose of getting with Ryuuji, but always focused on Minorin and Taiga rather than making an effort herself. And Minorin says that she’ll get what she wants on her own terms and create her own happiness, something that she has been very reluctant to do in the past.

    Her and Taiga both have had a thing for putting each other’s happiness above their own ambitions, and since Minorin is more strong about it, Ryuuji goes to: Taiga. Congrats, Toradora, you did exactly what deep down everyone knew you would, even if they hated the idea.

  3. Great episode, but I feel sorry for Taiga, she went from very happy (apparently) to upset and afraid (if not terrified) in a matter of moments. Yuu’s and Ami’s actions looked planned, almost like an intervention.

    The thing is, the only one of the whole bunch that is taking Ryuuji’s feelings into account is Taiga. She knows that Ryuuji likes Minori and has seen nothing to indicate other wise. In fact, everything had re-enforced her belief of this. While the others know Taiga likes Ryuuji, they only believe that Ryuuji likes her back.

    I don’t really think he has made up his mind yet, in fact.

  4. damn, i really do not want Taiga and Ryuuji together. i was rooting for Minorin and Ryuuji. -.-;; Taiga and Ryuuji is more of a sibling relationship to me. argh..don’t like how this is going.

  5. “Congrats, Toradora, you did exactly what deep down everyone knew you would, even if they hated the idea.”

    Hear, hear.

    I would have wanted Toradora to end up in a very unpredictable manner as the anime of Shuffle and the Ichigo 100% manga series. I find the author’s plot-writing skills to be questionable. And besides, after all this time and the supposed “character development” of the whole bunch, everyone’s still either just hiding their feelings, or brushing them off for “the sake of my friend” (except for some of the side characters…Kitamura included), even as the inevitable ending approaches.

    Minori is mine
  6. “damn, i really do not want Taiga and Ryuuji together. i was rooting for Minorin and Ryuuji. -.-;; Taiga and Ryuuji is more of a sibling relationship to me. argh..don’t like how this is going.”

    I actually find TaigaxRyuuji to be more of a father-daugther relationship, with Taiga being dependent on Ryuuji and Ryuuji being protective of Taiga. I don’t believe the writer has put everything in place as to developing any sort of romantic attraction between Taiga and Ryuuji. With them being very good friends, the relationship seems natural. But since the author will go with them ending up as a couple, I feel like the feelings they have (especially Ryuuji) for each other are either forced into them or faked. It just doesn’t seem appropriate for them to be a couple. But that’s just me.

    Minori is mine
  7. For all the people disliking the direction of where it’s going – it’s not your story to tell. XD

    Honestly, you’re here for the ride, not your fantasy, haha. If you want you can run off draw your pictures and write your fan fictions.

    Other than that – enjoy.~ 😉

    Xineohp Erif
  8. Minori confessed to Taiga at the end!? j/k lol.

    Would have been a better episode if they spent the early parts building towards the end. And no more competition for Ryuji? That’s kinda disappointing…

  9. @Omni,

    Thank you for the post! It is very good! How is your mid-term? I hope you got the great grade :3

    BTW, in this episode, I hate it because I want to know what happen next… >_<

    OMG! Waiting is HELL!

  10. You guys are all doomed!!!

    I won’t spoil anything, I WON”T, I MEAN IT!!! But they did end it in the gayest way possible. Minori character is so overly protective when it comes to her friend’s ‘friendship’. She’s almost perfect in that territory. Its so sickening but I have to say that I admire her for being so constant. However, I had to hold back everything I had to keep myself from strangling her through my LCD. We all need to get together & PWN the hell out of her 😛

  11. Next episode Ryuuji finishes the sentence.

    Ryuuji: I…I wont go! I love you Minorin.

    They kiss…

    After the kiss…

    Minori: You know Ryuuji, I always dreamed of dating a girl and a boy together, and I’m so into Ami.
    Ryuuji: Sure, she’s hot, what d’ya think Ami, wanna join?
    Ami: Yeah… There’s no other way, is there?

    They three kiss together, END.
    Taiga died from falling from a precipice while he was running with her eyes closed.

  12. OKAY. I don’t care how much you “claim” that you’re here for the “journey/ride/whatever”, because you guys are more or less Taiga supporters/fans/shippers. Telling people to just enjoy the story/plot and stop shipping other characters; to me, is no more than a sly way of showing me which couple you support. Now, I don’t mean to stereotype/generalize everyone in this category–so don’t take any offense if this isn’t applicable to you.

    Other than that, most of you seem to treat other characters (besides Ryuuji and Taiga) like plot obstacles or conveniences, not really caring what happens to them as long as the plot advances (esp. towards a “Toradora” progression). It seems that as long as Ryuuji and Taiga are together, no one else really matters.

    …I mean come on, how can you not feel bad for Ami? Even Minorin!?

  13. @ Knil
    I don’t see a drop in animation quality in that particular scene. People complain about things that look a bit different from usual and call it bad although there are cases when the actual animation concerning dynamic movement is better than usual, like here.

  14. @harakiri

    Alright, maybe that particular scene was just a stylistic choice that I personally disliked. But it was hard to see it as anything other than messy after twenty minutes of choppy animation with badly proportioned characters.

    If that’s what they were going for, they sure accomplished it well. Watching the scene again, it’s even more sloppy than I first believed.

  15. “…I mean come on, how can you not feel bad for Ami? Even Minorin!?”
    Can’t, because Minori just gave a big FU to all the shippers. How are you to decide that her happiness is in hooking up with Ryuuji and what makes you thinks she loves him so much? I can’t feel bad for Ami because she never seemed that in love with Ryuuji either.

  16. True to be told I just don’t get this obsession over Ami. Minori I get it but Ami? She wasn’t in the equation to begging with. Aside of Ryuuji (sometimes) talking to her at school and thinking of her as only a friend and nothing more. Were do you people find it appropiate to suddenly fall in love with her?

  17. @Algent
    Ahh but you see, this is like watching a Harry Potter movie. It good, but the novel its so much better because there’s more detail in the inner feelings and thoughts. So I recommend reading the novels so you don’t feel the pairing forced.

  18. “Conversely, I find myself caring less and less about what happens to Ami”

    Meh, i somehow knew that she’s the kind that will get ignored from the beginning of her appearance. She doesn’t even fit in with the gang that i always wonder why the opening always shows the 5 of them. She’s an extra spice with no significance from the beginning.

    Not that i hate her, i just can’t have the feeling that she’s one of the main characters.

  19. I, for one support Ami. N I say just enjoy the show for the drama. Not for the pairings. Poor girl had a pretty bad first impression. And I can see her subtle hints for Ryuuji’s affection. She wants Ryuuji to not just fuss over Taiga, so that he can see her as well. She also said this episode that she will be happy not just because everyone would be sad to see her go, but she hinted that if it was just Ryuuji who will be sad of her going, she will be happy already. Just have to be attentive.

    Taiga has Ryuuji fussing her. Minori has Ryuuji having a crush on her, but poor Ami doesn’t even has his affection. So I say Ami is the pitiful one. I really really really wanna read e novel…

  20. God dammit. I wish Ryuuji would just lash out at Minori to get her to realize that she’s fcking annoying everyone, and that she’s hurting Taiga, I really wanted a MinoriXRyuuji but NOT ANYMORE. EMO MINORI HATERS GATHER!

    Emo Minori Hater
  21. i hope the dvd version of this has 3 endings which favors each girl and they’re relationship with ryuuji. btw this series is awesome leaving us with endings of each episode wanting it more. hope they make 2nd season.

    P.S. haruhi 2nd series sux so bad i just hope the good one comes out soon cus it sux so bad that it makes the zero no tsukaima ending like the best show ever

  22. @Ks I SECOND THAT!!! best ending ever!! when will people stop being sooo generic?? p.s- loli sex appeal is soo early 2000’s, incest pairings too!…WHAT?? I’m wrong??…of course i am

    BROOKLYN otaku
  23. Well, I thought Toradora was going to have other “new” ending, but nooo, it’s going to have the same and boring one. The main male character ends with the main female character, BORING, but it’s their story, not mine, so they do what they want with it XD… But it’s a pity :(, I really had high hopes in Toradoras end… but well, maybe next time *uff* x)

    Probably next time xD
  24. @Zer0zUNLTD: We’re not the ones who are shipping. You’re the one who’s shipping. Still. After all this time. Even when the show has ended up like this.


  25. D:!!!! i don’t like taigaxryuuji :S!!!

    they seem more like FRIENDS!! i love minorinxryuuji ;__;!!

    but the episodes are going to taiga and ryuuji as a couple D:!!

    i really love ryuuji!!! ♥__♥!!
    the famous confession is coming and i don’t what feelings does ryuuji is gonna express x__x

  26. Dear Toradora!,

    You had such great potential to be an awesome series. Too bad you succumbed to the LOL-TITLE HUMPING-LOLILOVE-SHIPPERS and ruined an excellent platonic relationship to the point where seeing Ryuuji and Taiga in the same frame becomes nauseas and unbearable to watch. It was great while it lasted. Good luck on the fail ending.

    With LOVE,
    tehjonel 🙂

  27. what else can you expect from something titled “Toradora!”? it’s not “Minodora!” or “Amidora!” in the first place anyway… ^^

    well at least the writers didn’t forget the one thing that “a must have” in an anime these days. maid form. haha…

  28. This is turning into a riot. I bet yall will ship even after episode 25. Hell, I think yall will even try to find Taiga & Ryuuji just to give them hell about it; they live near my hometown afterall. I just want to see the last few chaps of vol 10 animated already (should be eps 25) so I can gag on my laughing-curdling gutz 😛

  29. Well, you can’t make the entire world happy. So I guess the author rather go the ‘safe’ route.

    @draksig. You read my mind! Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Yasuko was abit too… hmm… lovey lovey(for lack of a better word) with her son?

    Somehow I have the feeling they will have an OVA with Ryuuji ending up her Ami or Minori. Juz to make fans happy. I mean, what r the chances? Clannad came out with alternate Tomoyo ending.

  30. “Well, you can’t make the entire world happy. So I guess the author rather go the ’safe’ route.”
    If you read the books, it’s obvious that the only thing Ryuuji will ever have on his mind is Taiga. The only way an Ami or Minori route will be possible is to reset his memory and change his personality. That’s what your PSP game is for.

  31. wow @ the shipper hate
    this is a blog, people are entitled to discuss their thoughts
    or did someone give you the right to decide that people’s subjective preferences and analysis are wrong?

  32. Because there isn’t really anyone/anything to ship for in this series. And if you start to consider “I hate guy A x girl A because I like girl B” as thoughts that are supposed to be discussed then there is something wrong with the way you perceive things. Those thoughts/posts are an eyesore to plenty of readers and could potentially start flame wars. If the show they’re watching isn’t going their way they don’t have the right to complain since it is NOT their show. Stop watching the show if it only fuels your rage and causes you to whine about things not going your way.

    It’s a good thing the novels are already done and the author had the guts to finish it. Because if she didn’t, this might just end up like Naruto/Bleach/insert overly-extended cash cow title here. *shudder*

  33. Teabag, you obviously don’t understand the point of a blog, comments, or having a discussion.
    This is a series about the relationships between guy A and girls A, B, C
    If people aren’t allowed to comment on what they like about girls A, B, C and what they think about the relationship combos, what is the point of posting?
    Obviously this thread would be so much more interesting if everyone just agreed “guy A gets girl A and that’s just how it is because thats how the author wrote it and its pointless to talk about girls B and C”

  34. What’s wrong with loli anyway? Taiga’s not really loli. She is loli-LOOKING. There’s a difference. She’s the same age as Ryuuji and the rest. She just not as developed as the others. N she’s very pretty in my opinion. She has stopped being a violent bitch, and that’s a good thing. Unlike some other show with the number 0. I can foresee her as a beauty when she gets older and the hormones kick in. Just don’t live in the present. Have hope in the future, while remembering the past.

    Discussions being held in a violent tone, isn’t a discussion. Its an argument.(or flaming in this case). Chill people.

  35. @squirrel

    Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear in my previous post, sorry for that.

    People post “I hate guy A x girl A because I like girl B” BUT they don’t give any good reason as to why; and the way they post their thoughts they are destroying the characters they don’t like. The way they convey their thoughts and feelings are just attracting the ire of other people and their comments become flamebait. Like what Raii said, “Discussions being held in a violent tone, isn’t a discussion. Its an argument.(or flaming in this case).” We can always be civil if we want to have a good discussion.

    To give you an example: If I post, “I want Ami to end up with Ryuuji because the other two girls are bitches and batshit insane! Come on Ami confess to Ryuuji!!!”, how do you think people would react compared to, “I would rather have Ami end up with Ryuuji because she seems to be the most mature of the bunch, she and Ryuuji see each other for what they really are it looks like they are really compatible. The only problem is that Ami didn’t give Ryuuji a good first impression that’s why he never noticed her subtle hints and passed it off as teasing.”?

  36. One thing that’s gotten to me with this series is that there is always a fight when you don’t want it, and when you do, it never happens. I think I’ve gotten a strong feel for Taiga’s character, but even with her shift in demenour and strong friendship with Minori, I honestly can’t believe that Taiga would stand the verbal lashing she got from Minori. I mean, maybe it wouldn’t be out of rage, but at the very least the Taiga I know would lash out in self defense.

    Secondly, I really was rooting for the initial parings of this series and even though I knew it was coming, the relationship between Taiga and Ryuuji seems kind of forced. I know Taiga loves Ryuuji and, from what I’ve seen, it looks like Ryuuji reterns the feelings, but since the christmas party it feels as if they’re being muscled together by every other character. What I think would make the series that much better:

    The situation between Minori and Taiga causes Taiga to flee to stay with her mother once more (but not before returning the favour of Minori’s little outburst in some way). In the mean time, Ryuuji contemplates his insensitivity and compares it to that of his father. There is a short period of angst in which Ryuuji and Ami and, more importantly, Ryuuji and Minori confront each other, in the latter of which where Ryuuji finally gets to admit that he had feelings for Minori (forcefully if necessary) but, in doing so, realizes that the feelings are now hollow.

    Meanwhile, Taiga remembers Ryuuji’s kind acts, flashbacks triggered by her mother’s kindness. It all reaches a breaking point which causes Ryuuji and Taiga to both leave to find each other, only to find that they’ve left their houses to look for each other. There’s a brief period of running around until they finally meet out front of the school and confess to each other. This, I feel, is the only way to shake this forced feeling and break the characters resistance. I can’t say what would happen to Kitamura, Minori, and Ami, but this is really the only way I’ll be able to full accept Taiga and Ryuuji’s relationship. If, after all this bloody pushing, they actually break down and let the rest of the cast crush them together, I’ll lose all respect I have for this series.

    Love is a freedom. To force it is a paradox of the highest caliber!

    IMPORTANT: This is NOT the plot of the episodes to come. This is MY opinion on what should happen. I repeat: THIS IS NOT A SPOILER!!!!

  37. What I what would happen: I wish that Minori and Taiga would stop this self sacrifice BS and admit that they both like the same guy. Then they together tell Ryuuji and ask him which one he likes and wants to be with. No one seems to be asking him what he wants. Minori assumes he likes Taiga, and he has done a lot to give that impression, and taiga knows he likes Minori because he told her this point blank.
    If he were to pick Minori, I believe that Taiga would be devastated while Minori would be able to bounce back quick if he picked taiga.

  38. All the main characters are the worst except the guy with the long hair he already has a girlfriend
    ryuuji might actually like minori and i think Taiga loves ryuuji but she is not in love with him I really pity Ami she is to busy pointing out everyone’s flaws when she is lying to her self minori must really be a lesbian not that theres anything wrong with that i just think it would be too bad to see this series ends with chracters not been with the right person cuz i watched a series similar to this and he ddn,t end up with any of the female charcters oh by the way one the characters was into sports just like minori.

    Peter Rice
  39. @draksig

    Too bad this won’t happen.

    Ryuuji: Can I be with you both instead? (with puppy dog eyes)
    Taiga: Well, he can’t help it since he’s a dog.
    Minori: Since I like Taiga and I like you, I like both of you YAY!
    Ami: Umm.. Can I join your harem?

    And they live happily ever after. Well not THAT happily.
    The End.

    (Don’t mind me. A delusion of mine. Wonder if the psp game has that option haha)

  40. contradiction city.

    I love how Minori is doing exactly what shes mad at Taiga for doing. How dare you push your own feelings aside to try and make your friend happy!? to teach you a lesson on life I will put my own feelings aside to try and make my friend happy to show you how thing should be done! Unlike this foolish attempt you are making!

  41. Jay, I think Minori is a lesbian. When she dumped Takasu on Christmas, was she depressed because she had to dump Takasu or was she depressed because Taiga cared more for Ryuuji than she cared for her?

  42. @ Joe

    “When she dumped Takasu on Christmas, was she depressed because she had to dump Takasu or was she depressed because Taiga cared more for Ryuuji than she cared for her?”

    mind orgasm…

  43. Omni, you don’t seem to like the way that Ami is being portrayed, but I like that she’s the most mysterious person on the show. We still don’t know why she started to like Ryuji, or how she really thinks about things. I think that for some characters in shows like this, he less attention is paid to the character, the MORE depth he or she gets. It would be like ruining the surprise if we knew everything about all the main characters.

  44. I forgot to mention that I liked the way this episode was done, especially the scene with Taiga supporting Ryuji when he blamed himself, and the “No! no! no! no! no! no! no!”s at the beginning and end.


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