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Haruhi takes ideas for a new production the SOS is planning – she pretty much likes them all, so lumps them into one clusterf**k of epic proportions. Naturally, Kyon gets the short stick of it all, but nobody cares about him. Yuki is so badass.

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Another day in the life of Yuki and Achakura. Achakura is so nice and responsible, always trying her best, but she’s… y’know… short. And has a gigantic head that isn’t very maneuverable. At least that means she can fit more brain into it?

I’m actually liking these Achakura bits better than the Haruhi ones now. Maybe the writers realize that Yuki is a much more intriguing character than everybody else, cuz if a girl doesn’t talk at all you can make her do whatever you want and it’ll be out of the ordinary. After all, what did we learn about her in these two eps? We knew she was a huge otaku, but now we find out that she’s some closet kung-fu master and a huge badass, and her head isn’t as hard has I thought it was. Or maybe Achakura is better at data manipulating skulls?

The appearance of the red umbrella like the one we saw in the Churuya ep was some unintentional humor too… well, I’m probably the only one that thinks it’s funny.


  1. @Luuke

    I was thinking the same thing, maybe it was a slight reference? Either way, it’s cool how they go to realistic to chibi when it gets serious or gets to comedy bits.


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