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Summary and Thoughts
A shortish ep this week, with nothing too out of the ordinary: Churuya dons her iconic meido fuku and rolls out the timeless quote that spawned this whole series, Kyon introduces the 1:1 scale figure, Ashakura confesses and gets (brutally) shot down, Churuya tries to help, and Churuya goes out for a walk.

I’m wondering how much CG is being used as opposed to traditional animation – and how much of that is being done as a choice or as necessity. It’s my understanding that CG productions are much cheaper to do than hand-drawn ones – even with something so simple as this (Kyon and Taniguchi’s faces consist literally of 6 lines…), but it’s nice to see that it’s done in such a way that doesn’t look too unnatural or contrived, so we can focus on what’s actually going on as opposed to continuously bitching about the animation quality (cough minamike cough). I’m sure KyoAni and Kadokawa have been hit pretty hard by the economic crisis too, and this is quite a clever way at keeping audiences in tune while keeping costs at a minimum. I wonder how K-ON will look?


  1. Dunno, the Haruhi-chan skits are so over the top that their ridiculousness makes them funny, but the Churuya san ones really feel like an insult to my intelligence if you ask me. As in, the whole thing is a visual facepalm.

  2. Ah, this episode really made me laugh. xD It’s getting better with the animation too.

    Yes, Kadokawa has been hit by the economy. They’re not as worse as Studio Gonzo although, I heard that they fired over 100 employees. Good thing I hate Gonzo’s works. It isn’t they’re recent anime I hate. I’ve always been more of a KyoAni, BONES, and Madhouse fan.

    I’m a President Obama supporter for nothing. x3

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