In protest of diminishing episode quality, no captions this week

Part 1: Ask nicely, bitch
Touma gets hit with a cold shower right as she’s heading over to the Minami house, and arrives cold and soaked. Haruka being Haruka, sets her up (it’s still hard for me to call Touma a her) with a hot bath and some nice tea… the Minami full spa treatment, if you will. Touma gets a little too comfortable and orders Chiaki to let her borrow some clothes… oh hoh, Chiaki isn’t having any of that attitude. Word has it that Fujioka (a guy!) is coming over, so Touma gets all docile and asks nicely… and gets her clothes. Gee, that was easy…

Part 2: I like hearing Uchida moan
Apologies for this part, cuz I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe that’s the point. Uchida is about to down a delectable piece of candy as Chiaki comments on bugs in the artificial coloring, ergo Uchida’s dilemma – enjoy sweet (bug infested) sensation, or take the safe route? Chiaki then lays out some more tidbits of randomness, which includes some talk about Spring, but Uchida doesn’t wanna hear it. Chiaki then inexplicably lays down and looks disturbingly sexy. Then Fujioka shows up, Chiaki latches on, and Uchida gets jealous of them looking at the trails left by planes in the sky. Yea, no clue…

Part 3: Crotch capers
Touma gets curious as to why Chiaki likes Fujioka’s crotch so much, so she tries it out too. Oh Fujioka, you pedo lucky guy. It’s kind of weird, considering they’re talking about soccer. At any rate, Chiaki keeps trying to get Touma to move, but it ends up in some girly fight. Which ends up with Fujioka thinking Touma is actually a guy and takes “him” out for special training. Guess Fujioka doesn’t discriminate, what a swell guy.

Part 4: Natsuki negotiation skills
Touma walks into the room carrying a Kyou no 5 no 2 manga, and hears a conversation between her brothers about how Natsuki’s attitude sucks when he’s asking for something. Use the right words, and smile! Oh, and if asking help from Haruka, be mindful of her guard dog Chiaki.

So, Natsuki gets to work. First, he hands Haruka a box of manjuu. Then, he busts his smile to Kana. When pressured further by Kana, he turns away. When Chiaki starts getting suspicious, Natsuki starts roaring at her. He makes a wonderful mess of things, all according to Touma’s dossiers… but then it turns out Touma was there all along.

Next on Minami-ke Okaeri – Another Fujioka love triangle struggle?!

Wow, am I a few days late on this one? Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. The Natsuki part was the only funny part of this week’s episode… there were some other moments, like Uchida moaning with her mouth wide open, or Chiaki showing some major lolipedophin potential, but uh… is it bad that the characters that now carry the show (Hosaka, Natsuki) aren’t, you know, the main characters? Perhaps the writers are running out of material to work with, like the animators. Oh studio that does Minami-ke, why do you do this to one of my favorite series. I can’t believe this is the same show that gave us teruterubouzu Chiaki…

Luckily there’s only a few episodes left?


  1. Actually, Sturmwind, I’d say this is better than Okawari randomly inserting Fuyuki the killjoy into every second episode… but that’s a bit like saying that one method of dying’s better than the other – the fact you’re dead still sucks.

  2. C’mon folk, yall can’t expect this stuff tio stay funny as hell forever. But it has remained constant over the 3 seasons…they’re just beating it to hell & back. That’s right, we’re just getting tired of it. Its totally normal. Its happened to me with every anime with more that 26 episodes.

  3. Never fails, with each episode someone is always complaining that their favorite character didn’t appear. It’s not like Hosaka Makoto/Mako-chan appeared in every episode of the first season. I agree that the comedy is weak this season. It’s a real shame.

  4. you would think that now that they back to their old format they would squeeze in more characters, specially the favorite ones, but no they just keep repeating the same thing over and over, heck hardly see hosaka now…season 2 sure focused more on the favorite ones which was a nice thing.


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