Having arrived back from the ski trip, Ryuuji can’t get Taiga’s confession out of his mind, and he accidentally yells out her name in the middle of class. Taiga has been absent because she’s with her real mother, and Ryuuji hasn’t talked with her since. He does, however, ask Yuusaku to pretend that it was Yuusaku who saved her, and Yuusaku realizes that this has something to do with how Taiga prayed to him back during New Years. Ryuuji later goes out with Noto and Haruta to eat, and they talk about the form they have to fill out about their future aspirations; Ryuuji still isn’t sure if he’ll be going on to a university. The three of them find Minori working at the ramen shop they decide to eat at, and she’s her usual cheery self. Ryuuji’s thoughts, however, remain on Taiga and why she hasn’t come back yet, including the possibility that she realized what she had said to him. At home, Yasuko insists that Ryuuji continue studying and not worry about the money it’ll take to send him to a university. She doesn’t want him working instead of studying and believes that things will work out somehow. All this reminds Ryuuji of how his mother had similarly reassured him back when he was young that it was okay that he didn’t have a father because she’d take care of him.

The next day at school, Minori tells Ryuuji that Taiga is doing fine since she gets along with her real mother. Ryuuji also learns that Minori has taken on the responsibility of being captain of both the boys and girls softball teams in addition to her new job. He worries that this means that she won’t be able to do her best at each of the tasks, but Minori insists that she’s working hard so that that doesn’t happen since it’s something that can be seen. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Ami, who’s still cold towards both of them, and Minori decides to leave Ryuuji behind to go after her. Minori breaks the ice with Ami by suggesting that Ami’s favorite spot between the vending machines is haunted, and she transitions from that to explaining how she thought she saw a ghost. Minori, however, claims that she doesn’t want to be preoccupied with what she can’t see and lose sight of what she can see. For that reason, she’s facing forward without hesitation and heading towards what she can see. Ami doesn’t want to hear any of this.

Ryuuji meanwhile has a talk with his teacher about his future plans, and she wonders how he personally feels about it. Thinking about this when he gets home, Ryuuji finds a note from his mother saying that she’s starting a new part-time job. He has a hard time studying afterward, and his attention is drawn towards the hair clip that Minori had lost and he had retrieved while searching for Taiga. Since he can’t give it to her now, he places it in the box of things he made for the girl he likes, and he realizes that liking someone isn’t shameful. Just as he’s feeling troubled by Taiga’s feelings for him, he hears a knock on the door. The person at the door is none other than Taiga, and Ryuuji starts freaking out at the sight of her. She knocks some sense into him and shows him the bandage on her head to indicate that she’s fine. Taiga has been skipping school to spend time with her real mother, and she’s here now because she lost her keys and needs to enter through the window.

Ryuuji tries to get her to stay as long as possible, but she eventually moves toward his balcony. That’s when she notices the box of things and asks if he heard Minori’s true feelings yet. This causes Ryuuji to wonder to himself why she’s worrying about him given her true feelings, but Taiga doesn’t realize this and insists that things will turn out well between him and Minori. Before she heads over to her own apartment, she thanks him for searching for her with Yuusaku and Minori. She admits that she wasn’t conscious, but she feels like she had a dream where Yuusaku was carrying her and she said some stupid things to him while half-awake. Seeing that Taiga wants to believe that this was just a dream and that nothing happened, Ryuuji tells her that it was indeed a dream and that he had heard that she hadn’t said anything. Taiga is relieved about this and jumps through the window into her own apartment. After she crashes into it and bids him good night, Ryuuji reflects on how she really is clumsy.


After all that happened in last week’s episode, this week was fairly tame in comparison. We had Ryuuji’s feelings for Taiga coming out more as he comes to terms with her confession interspersed with a semi-explanation of why Minori rejected him and with talk of what Ryuuji is going to do after high school (which seemed to highlight the fact that the series is nearing its end). Minori went back to the ghost analogy, and while I had to refresh my memory on that, I think her point was that she’s got something more important to her than a relationship with Ryuuji and that’s what she’s pursuing – something to do with money, softball, and/or school I would guess. Regardless, this all shows that the series is slowly but surely moving towards RyuujiXTaiga, and because that’s so obvious, it was frustrating to see Ryuuji delay things by telling Taiga that what she remembers was a dream. It’s clearly not a secret that he’s going to be able to keep forever.

This episode also put some focus on the mothers, first on Yasuko for wanting Ryuuji to continue studying and working a part-time job because of it, and then on Taiga’s own mother even though she remained off-screen. It made me wonder if Taiga’s mother will eventually make an appearance and if she has any quirks like Taiga’s father does. There’s only a few episodes left though, so maybe that’s not important enough to show.


  1. NOOOOOOO please don’t do a Taiga ending. I liked this series because of its unpredictability and the fact that the main characters didn’t have romantic type of love. But that seems to all be gone now. >_<

  2. Why can’t the guy and girl in an anime just be friends for once? I mean this show had a uniqe thing going when they hand Ryuuji and Taiga being just good friends with nothing romaticaly linking them each fighting for the affections of the ones they liked and then they go and ruin it by making it extremely cliche… well I might be alone on this one but yeah.

  3. Looks like the ending is ALMOST set in stone. The last novel will be coming out by next week.

    Sucks for all the shippers. Try watching shows for their story rather than for the pairings next time.

  4. Although I knew this was going to happen it still hit me pretty hard. Taiga and Ryuuji from reading the comments seem to be confirmed. Will I never see an anime with my prefered ending? I couldn’t even get myself to watch from episode 18 and onward.

  5. Oh my god, there’s STILL people who think it won’t be a Taiga end? You people are hopeless. It’s like you never watched an actual romantic comedy before.

    Here’s a tip: Minorin and Ami “ships” or “routes” never even existed in the first place. It’s your own fault for being so blind.

  6. its not necessarily a taiga and ryuuji ending. even though taiga developed romantic feelings for ryuuji, it doesnt seem like he feels the same. ami was probably right about the whole father and daughter feeling that ryuuji has. it is pretty clear that ryuuji still has pretty strong feelings for minorin from this episode. with great regret, ami is probably out of the picture already unless the jc staff decides to pull a canvas 2, which i really don’t mind seeing.

  7. It was always meant to be TaigaxRyuuji, and it may be a cliche ending, but the series has a whole leading up to that point has been very good. If you don’t think so, you’ve been watching 22 episodes of an anime you don’t like.

  8. This is the series that disappoints me, less then Gundam 00 and Macross Frontier which are both just bad.

    Rie Kagamya is not even trying anymore. The animation is the same crap that J.C. Staff is always using. And it’s a crappy romance series overall. =/

    It’s not like Soul Eater for me, which kicks ASS.

  9. Meh, I don’t really like Ryuuji and Taiga ending up together, but I guess it was still fun to watch those two help each other out to get with the ones they like. Funny series.

  10. *SPOILERS DONT READ if you still havent’ seen ep22

    It seems there was not spl stuff goin on this week but it does finalise/pin-point the fact out (at the end) that riyuji n’ tiger will endup as lovers. – ToraLuv
    Ep 22 FACt’s
    * Minori does her best to keep herself busy so that she’ could forget bout him. n’ ami exactly seems to know tat minori’s trying’ to keep herself busy.
    * Tiger’s mom came in site (at the ski when she’ heard bout tiger met with accident) so she was absent for a day as she’ was celebrating’ their reunion whole day -.-
    Riyuji’ was worried bout tiger bout her absence whether is was due to her bad daught-mother relationship like pops “(p.s. actually not)”/or realized that she’ was actually saved by riyuji

    Main Plot:
    Accident actually did happen n’ fell in to pit – later saved by resue (team or guy) – scene at school – mets kitamura at roof request him to says it was him who carried her n’ she’s havn’t spoke a thing IF tiger asks. Ramen scene, when his friend aska about minori n’ their relation, she breaks their conversation. Working on Part time “minori” (i think she’s trying to keeps herself busy to keep him out of her mind) – Riyuji stops in front of tiger’s room, worries if she’ was absent as she’s fallen seriously ill since that accident or due to bad mom-daughter relation like her pop or by realizing that she’ had spoken those word of proposal actually in front of riyuji – next scene; he chats with his mom about submitting his future carrier form (it’ have to be discussed with parents be4 turin them in). “Later therez a scene that she’ leaves a paper sayin that she’ took a late part time job. (worrying about her son’s future for further educational support)” – chat scene with minori-takasu-kitamura ; seems that she’s too part of student council,
    Takasu: asks if she’ was part of StudCouncil y’ have she taken extra part time.
    Minori:replys that it’s jus her wish
    T: even if u’ do that u’ll do it half heartly
    M: im working hard jus because i’ dont want be half heartly ….
    as it’s because it can be seen
    (I thinks it’s her personal feeling for takasu/or her feeling’ might be revealled/develop if she stays idle)

    Ami, Minori scene
    Mimori:mentions (witha scary BG) that a ghost might appear behind where ami’s sitted at.
    Ami: jumps up scared
    M: dont mind dont mind:) theres no ghost out here but actually
    therez a jinx/belief that if you keep believing that u’ wanna c a ghost or believe in it’s existence.. it might actually appear….
    even i had a feeling that i’ too have seen it… (think she indirectly speaks bout her luv for takasu)
    but realising by the fact that it cant be actually seen, i lost all the hope for believing it
    so …. so jus because i’ dont what to lose sight of what i can (ami breaks out begins to ignore her before she could complete the sentence)
    A: aaa ~ a it’s so boring that i’ dont wanna listen to the rest of the story
    M: you’ll understand if you listen till the last part!
    A: ” “oh ya? if i properly look over and dont necessary butt in, everything it turnout well”; is that what u’ wanna tell?”
    M: Haaa?
    A: ….aa forgot bout it. it think i’l get more pissed if v’ continue on like this

    scene with teacher (blablabla about his future “as he’s gonna graduate soon”) – gets back home “mom’s gone for part time” packs the MInori’s pin; recalls the scene with tiger that he’ said “wats wrong with luv letter; ha ha~ c how disgusting it is; even if u dont have the courage, u can convey your feeling only like this; even thou it’s pathetic; but i’ dont think it’s shameful at all…”
    thinks “ya it’s not shameful at all, to say that u luv”
    “!ah! HOW COULD I SAY THAT to the person who said she luvs me; even if i want too, i cant!”
    (Door bangs, expects to be his mom but) “Ta ta ta ta tiGER !!!!!!”
    “What the hacks wrong with you!, suddenly strangling me, looking me with those strange eyes”
    “I was really surprised of you suddenly coming back; not picking up the calls, you got me worried”
    “Aaaw, I c’ my mob battery’s dead all this time”
    LOL at this part ->”Aaa!!! WTH is that! Frankly tell out the truth!, the reason you wasnt able to return was that you actually (luv) Aaaa!!!!!!!!!!!.” (FLMAO funny scream)
    “See” ->shows her forehead
    “the injuries r not so bad, the reason of being ill too was a lie so i’ perfectly fine, just that i’ wanted to skip class”
    “Oh i c, Ah???”
    “Coz it’s been a while (meetin mom), stayin’ at luxious hotel, went to resturant, theater, blablbla”

    – she need to get thought his room to reach her room as she lost her keys, LOL ingo’s one funny stupid bird, he really enjoys/miss the moment when they pass time like this – she take notice of the box realise that he missed the chance to feel out minori’s true feeling due that incident
    “did u really found out her true feeling out?” “did you missed out the chance to ask minori?”
    Takasu (y’ r u asking that? y’ r u worried about me (on minori’s relationship)? cause i thouught u’ were luv with…)
    “It’s all right.
    It’s all right, i’m sure that riyuji and minori will get together well”

    “oh forgot to tell u this…
    Thanks for coming”
    “I heard Kitamura, minora n’ u have came Lookin for me.”
    “but u’ dont remember coz u’ were unconcious”
    “ya but I had a feelin that I ‘d a dream where kitamura came carrying me on his back…
    and while continue dreaming,
    i’ have spoken stupid things, mindlessly
    “that is…… a dream right?”

    Takasu: (stupid things ha…, she actually didnt wanted it to happened, then….)
    “it was a dream”
    “but the fact that kitamura came to rescue was true but you ‘havent spkoen a word; and u’ were contently in unconscious state.. Is what i heard”
    “Really!? thank god, i’ was worried if it really happened (real)”
    “Good” Jumps n’ lands on her head 🙂 “naaaanight~~~”
    “Goodnight once again”
    “Tiger you are really careless (think clumsy’s the right word)”

  11. lol guys, this is like when titanic sank: not enough lifeboats. You better learn to enjoy the story of a series instead of the pairings, and btw all the other pairings seemed rather weak to me, AmiXRyuuji was ok but MinoriXRyuuji was bland and weak overall. Read the title of the anime next time, it could save you some rage and shipping tears

  12. Hate to be a downer, but IMO, there is no more “running” at this point. Both Ryuuji and Taiga have pretty much abandoned their respective crushes and Ami isn’t really a factor (and probably wasn’t much of a factor to begin with) anymore apart from being the observer/”adviser” that she always was. Pretty clear that, unfortunately for you Ami/Minori fans, there’s pretty much a single clear ending in sight.

  13. Woulda loved for a AmixRyuuji ending, I mean, anime sticks too much to novels and games *coughclannadcough*

    And seriously guys, TigerxDragon (Toradora)…really, what ending did you expect?

  14. Hey, even if Taiga and Ryuuji’s story is gonna be over, Kitamura’s built up quite a harem for himself.

    Not like the author can’t write more books with the same characters. And then have JC Staff animate it.

    Maybe then someone can end up with Ami to please you people.

  15. good episode, can’t wait for it to get subbed. For those who really want to see Ryuuji with one of the other girls, you will have to settle for Dojin, and even most of them still have him paired with taiga (and at least one where the girls all get together).

  16. I dunno why many people dislike the Ryuuji x Taiga ending ‘coz I think it’s totally fine. In fact, I prefer clear endings, so I dont object to such ending with Ryuuji and Taiga as a couple. This anime is unpredictable, I agree, but I also think that if they let Ryuuji chooses Taiga, it’ll be the matter of how he expresses his love that’s unpredictable. And to conclude, a Ryuuji x Taiga ending is acceptable and totally perfect.

  17. All the bitchin’ about this show needs to end. Just what is with yall. The original nature of this show has WIN all over it. What other anime have the main characters with a crush on the other’s best friends then they end up together. Not only that but they just have to get into a ridiculous amount of shit along the way. Don’t worry, I will find your shipwrecks in another life & give your families some closure 😛

  18. there wasn’t any “running” from the beginning, only in the mind of hopeless shippers
    @Ash_Ka_Chan: then why did you start watching Toradora!? you sound like fail to me but i will recall some clever words you may have heard before: “Not everything goes smoothly in life”
    sorry about your ship sinking into the sea, here, have a lifeboat

  19. More spoilers! Give me More!

    The only questions left are exactly will Ryuuji make his move and what relaly will Minori’s reaction to the two of them getting together be (or will it even be shown).

    @Manu, what is the original source of that spoiler?

  20. @draksig: animesuki forums, toradora novel discussion thread, the pic is actually from volume 10 and was posted originally by a member who had read the last volume and took pics of the book with his cellphone

  21. hey hey what’s with all of you saying it sucks the taiga ryuuji ending it’s the best !!! and we already knew it was gonna be like this it’s not called toradora i mean tora=tiger dora is when japanese say dragon it sounds doragon so therefore dora and ryuu=dragon well you can’t say taiga ending this is not a harem around ryuuji damn it!!!!!! Anyway it’s getting realllllllllyyyyyyyy gooooood now ! GO TORADORA

  22. It’s looking like a TaigaxRyuuji or Ryuuji will be single.
    I’m hoping for the latter; cliches annoy me (especially in animes).
    ToraDora! has been a great series so far.
    It has really impressed me and I’m definitely not a romance anime sort of guy.

  23. Go back to Episode 1 and watch that shared monologue between Ryuuji and Taiga at the beginning of the episode.
    I am convinced that this monologue is basically the author’s (or at least the scriptwriter’s) way of setting up the entire story as “the story of how Ryuuji and Taiga got together”. Especially if you consider their words in the context of the entire series.

  24. I’ll be so disappointed if it’s a TaigaxRyuuji ending. Why can’t Ryuuji end up with Ami?! I want the super-hot teen model with the banging body to end up with the scary, but gentle guy. Why can’t it be like real life?!

  25. otto at 12:53 am on March 6th, 2009

    I’ll be so disappointed if it’s a TaigaxRyuuji ending. Why can’t Ryuuji end up with Ami?! I want the super-hot teen model with the banging body to end up with the scary, but gentle guy. Why can’t it be like real life?!

    lol, what makes you think a supermodel would end up with such a person in real life
    your shipping makes me sad, since you refuse to accept the ultimate truth, so please, just go on and drown like the rest

  26. *throws life boats right and left to ship jumpers and Ship wreck victims*

    Awww. . .So happy that the story is coming along to well. I saw it coming from 2000 miles that My Taiga ship is gonna pull a turbo on the other two. But I just couldn’t see how shippers could have bet on the other two, I mean Minorin’s ship was like a clipper running on wind and Ami’s ship (more like row boat) had to be hand row while Taiga’s ship ran on modern gas and technology. . .Nothings gonna stop that ending from happening unless she was clueless throughout the series and the producers or writers pull a 360 like canvas 2.

    All the characters are so real to me, their feelings are reactions are all very relative to real life circumstances.

  27. AHHHH well first of all people this was never a harem to start with, it’s not the writer fault that people this days think romantic comedy= harem, which is sad, this is more like a lite version of H&C mix up with some love*com but not a harem, as a novel reader i tell you taiga and Ryuuji has being set in stone, and like other people has said it before me, Ami was NEVER!!! in the run to begging with, but i guess people like to believe what they want even if the true or facts are in from of them, just because they thought this was a harem or an ero game with pick a girl theme.
    this is the history of how to people searching for love somewhere else came to find each other.

    luckyhuh ?
  28. Taiga knows it was Ryuuji that carried her. Pretty sure. It seems pretty obvious that she knows. Well it seems like it anyways. We now see that Ryuuji is now thinking about Taiga a lot more. Since that one bit when he put the hair pin into the box he said something along the lines of (I can’t find the right english words to describe it) “There’s no way I can say that to someone that likes me! Actually even if I wanted to say it there’s no way I could!”. Obviously he’s probably going to confess to Taiga (seems like he already knows some what that he had feelings for Taiga and that he knows her so much already that it’d be weird if he didn’t). He was also most likely referring the whole “not being able to give the hair pin” thing to Taiga. I hope next weeks isn’t a filler type of thing where nothing much happens in the relationship.

  29. I would have loved a Ryuuji-Ami pairing, simply because I’ve always like Ami because she was simply the most real out of all the three “potential” female girls, because you see funny, sad, angry, and even super frustrated sides of her that really fleshes her character out. However leave it to the creators to make Ryuuji be a senseless idiot who can seemingly identify her feelings.

    Anyhow, I’m content with the Ryuuji and Taiga pairing, that was expected for quite sometime and it really solidified for me when the episode that they went to Ami’s resort place or w/e and Ryuuji and Taiga had that alone time that got Taiga expressing herself quite a bit.

    Ryuuji’s the main male and Taiga’s the main female…this is about relationships and stuff…and almost usually the two mains end up with one another. So I’m really not surprised…still in my book, if I was in Ryuuji’s place I would’ve taken Ami a long time ago, just me though.

    So yes, I’ll be looking forward to the remaining Toradora episodes, I mean, there’s only like 3 left right? Or was it two? 24 episodes only right??? O_o Can’t remember, oh well, let’s see if there’s going to be a kiss scene :P.

    Anyhow, Yasuko’s one hot mama! Rawr!

  30. Is that twin tails in e preview Taiga? If so I must say it definitely doesn’t suit her. Ponytails are better.

    How do you know Taiga knows that Ryuuji knows the stupid thing she’s talking about? She thought it was a dream, n thought it was Kitamura who carried her coz she touched the snow goggles that Ryuuji wore. And Ryuuji lied by confirming it for her. As far as I know, she only realized that Ryuuji found the hairclip, n didn’t give it back to Minori. Was there something I missed?

    Btw, anyone noticed that Ami was hoping that Ryuuji was the one who went to her at e vending machines? But her face changed when she saw Minori instead? Is there some loving on her end after all? Could the reason she fought with Minori last ep be jealousy? Seems Ami n Ryuuji have a one to one talk next week in the preview.

    Lastly, i noticed Minori faced changed when Ryuuji n gang left the noodle shop she’s part timing in. But when she said she wouldn’t hesitate anymore to Ami at the vending machines, what does she mean? Won’t hesitate to confess to Ryuuji? Or reject him totally? Rather than leave him dangling.

    Hopefully some kind soul can answer these questions left in my head.

  31. I think this episode, while seemingly uneventful, was actually full of interesting things. Ryuuji basically confirms that he shares Taiga feelings, or at least knows that being with Taiga is what he always wants and what makes him happy. I think he just feels that Taiga has had to suffer a lot because of the situation with Minori, and that if she prefers to believe her confession was a dream, then that’s what he’ll pretend as well,( that’s just stupid logic, but anyway). And as for Minori her resolve is sweet but I agree with other people that it’s toward something other than Love right now.Show Spoiler ▼

  32. So yeah, I don’t think Minori is “out of the running”. She said that she will press forward and try hard to get what she wants.

    If Takasu is one of the things she wants…well then!

  33. @Raii

    Is say that because before she goes to her own house from Ryuuji’s she asks Ryuuji if it really WAS a dream. Then Ryuuji (in his mind) says “So she want’s to make it as though it never happened”. That’s the part that got me. Makes it seem as though Taiga knew it was Ryuuji (or Ryuuji believed that she knew). I don’t know why she wouldn’t want Kitamura to know about her liking Ryuuji since she already “dumped” Yuusaku at the shrine. Just thinking it over it seems like she does know it’s Ryuuji but SAID (to Ryuuji) that in her dream she was being carried by Yuusaku so that she’s not spilling the beans and making things complicated because you have to remember that Taiga doesn’t know about the feelings Ryuuji has for her and still wants Ryuuji and Minori to go together.

  34. “all right, anyone who has read vol 10 of the novel, do a spoiler thingy and spill the beans…”

    Ryuji and Taiga ends up together. They even had sex.

    Also, Snapes killed Dumbledoor.

  35. @Kamwa

    Ryuuji isn’t a “senseless idiot” just because he doesn’t think like you. And the novels do a better job in developing him; we get to see his inner thoughts and how he thinks. So yeah.

  36. If it’s going to be a TaigaXRyuuji pair in the end, then just take it for what it is. You can tell that the development between both of them were the strongest throughout the whole series, WHO COULDN’T TELL this could happen in the end.

    By all means, I want Minorin to be with Ryuuji, but damn you Ryuuji for having SECOND THOUGHTS just when Taiga confessed unconsciously to you. I mean, Taiga might have confessed, but I guess I can see why since he was rejected from Minorin already.

    Ami, well who the hell knows what’s happening to her, looks like the writers who are making this show won’t have her a happy ending for her in my perspective.

    Anyways, good episode, too much switches when it comes to love.

    Overall, I bet all the flaming when it comes to who Ryuuji chooses would be just better to say if he became like Makoto from “School Days”.


    And yes, this is a School Day reference.

  37. This anime shouldn’t be in the ‘romantic comedy’ genre. Really. I am no longer able to spot the comedy elements in this show. Instead, viewers are simply “rewarded” with a plethora of angst-driven situations and clichéd occurrences.

    The oh so predictable Taiga x Ryuuji end certainly seems set in stone now. What a pity that Ami has left the stage to become little more than (a fucking amazing) supporting character.

    Even Minorin whom I used to like quite a bit has been ensnared into this black abyss of angst and lugubriousness. Why hath thou failed me?

    Well, I’m glad the show is ending. My muck limit has nearly been exceeded. And this is coming from someone who watches J-Doramas.


  38. Haha well there is still some comedy to this anime, and if you guys did see the Net a DVD Special of Toradora! came by as subs, and in 5 mins was funny, though seems pretty under the influence of Shakugan lah…

    Episode 22 wasn’t bad, but next week would be plenty of confessions, who knows maybe Ami would also join in the ‘saying three-words’ fun!…


    Somehow you seem to be making sense, altho I’m still fuzzy. So Taiga sorta knows it was Ryuuji who carried her, and she wanted to reinforce that it didn’t happen(as in she confessed) so that she won’t ruin Ryuuji n Minori together? Was that what ur trying to say?

    Crap. I kinda spoiled myself to e end from a forum. Oh well. It’s almost e end of their love story.

  40. En realidad me gustaría que al final terminara con Ami. Sinceramente no creo que la pareja de Taiga y Ryuji lleváse aun final de “y vivieron felices para siempre”, sería una bonita ,pero al final del día, relación efímera.

  41. come on lah i dont get it how ppl can imagine other ending then ryuuji+taiga, thats like the heart of the story. minori is weird, n she’ll be fine without ryuuji. ami wants his attention, she strikes me as the loner type thou. ryuuji definitely likes taiga. its sweet to think back how much time taiga n ryuuji spend together, so definitely makes sense that they actually like each other. i like yukari hashimoto’s lost my pieces that is really beautiful…

  42. Ending was set in stone from the get go. I think the problem is that, with lack of true character development of Minori, Ami, Kitamura and almost everyone, it seems like you can make this series end with 6 episodes or so. Definitely not 2 season series material.

  43. Omg…At the start I already knew that Taiga is gonna be with Ryuuji simce they are so close to each other Episode 20 might help your way…TAIGA AND RYUUJI!!! WEET!!! =]

    ToraDora Fan

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