After being taken down by Mifune, Black*Star finds himself being pulled under by monsters in a desolate world. He gets visions of Tsubaki’s brother before getting completely pulled down, and he wakes back up in front of the giant deer Nakatsukasa. It tells him that it’s here to say goodbye since he was defeated and swallowed up by the souls of the warriors who were defeated before fulfilling their life ambitions. To the deer’s surprise, tears roll down Black*Star’s cheeks, but he claims that these are the tears spread by those with regrets, and he vows to shoulder responsibility for all of it to clear those regrets away. Black*Star doesn’t believe that he’s been defeated and refuses to give up – it’s not defeat for him until he acknowledges it. He calls for Nakatsukasa to come with him so that he can show it the world that no one has seen, and Tsubaki then reappears, vowing that the souls will stick with him.

Back in the real world, Black*Star has gotten back up, and he tells Mifune that the path he’s going down is neither the path of the sword nor the path of the demon – he’s going down his own unexplored path. This sets the two up for one final clash, and this time, it’s Mifune who collapses afterward. Black*Star doesn’t finish Mifune off though and instead reminds him that there’s someone he has to protect. He also goes back to what Tsubaki had said a long time ago about Mifune possibly becoming a teacher, but for now, he helps Mifune up so that they can go get Angela. Back at Shibusen, the unlocked BREW morphs into its true form, but Kid still doesn’t understand what it can do, so Shinigami-same reveals that it has the power to realize its user’s desire. Because of this great power, Eibon made a key with his own soul, and he joins with it now to finish the process.

With the battle against Arachnophobia not going as planned, Shinigami-sama decides to use BREW to make Death City into a giant robot. He drives it towards the jungle and arrives just in time to save Sid. Arachne and Mosquito respond by transforming their castle into a giant robot as well, and the battle between the two consists of the Death City robot trying to swat the Baba Yaga’s Castle robot. After Shinigami-sama eventually succeeds in catching the castle and flips it on its back, Azusa then uses her ability that allows her to map out an area so that she can find where Ashura is. With this information, Shinigami-sama has the Death City robot pluck Ashura right out of Arachne’s arms, and the robot proceeds to swallow Ashura.


I’m somewhere between dumbfounded and laughing uncontrollably at the giant robot part of this episode. I can stomach the fact that BREW realizes desires, even though that’s about as generic a plot device power as you could ask for, but seeing Death City duke it out against Baba Yaga’s Castle was a new level of absurdity. Granted, they didn’t appear to be taking themselves very seriously with all this, so they were probably intentionally going for something over-the-top. I suspect the writers realized at some point that the only person who could realistically take on Ashura would be Shinigami-sama, so they devised this as a way to get the two back together. I can’t complain about that too much because it did end up being pretty funny, and I’ve been wanting a rematch between the two, which looks like what next week will have.

As for Black*Star, they went with a modified version of what happened in the manga, and it turned out okay. Given the constraints, I thought they did a good job presenting it, though I do wish the final clash between the revived Black*Star and Mifune lasted a little longer. Letting Mifune live and potentially become a teacher is certainly a different conclusion, and I’m not against him and Angela getting a happy ending. The question is if Black*Star or Mifune have any further role in this or if it’s all Shinigami-sama and maybe Maka from now on.


  1. I’m impressed with how the anime is going so far. I just hope for two things for the future. First, I hope this anime ends with a BANG the same way the Fullmetal Alchemist anime did. And second, they don’t get the idea of re-creating the Soul Eater show. I mean, Fullmetal Alchemist already did an anime, it was beautiful, but now they’re going to start over again? It’ll be as bad as the re-make of Negima! (you know, Negima!?).

  2. I kinda liked the whole tie-in with BREW granting your deepest desire and how Kid explains that his fathers (Shinigami-sama) greatest desire is to go into battle himself but couldn’t because of the whole “Soul trapped in Death City” bit. Well not really trapped, more like sealed. Though I think they could have come up with a better idea then the Death City Robot, or even Arachnes Spiderbot, which was really unnecessary. Either way it was a great episode. Loved the Black Star bit. Seems like he really grew in character which makes him even more badass. Hope they really do a second season/extend this current ep count so that they can show his Youtous true ability (that little glimpse of its true form makes me want more).

    Here’s hoping next weeks fight is awesome, because the preview doesn’t seem to show off much in terms to the quality of the fight.

  3. i guess they’re just going to finish the series off for the season, since it’s not following the manga anymore. 3 more weeks til the spring anime season starts.

  4. @Keroro21:
    You best be trolling.
    “I mean, Fullmetal Alchemist already did an anime, it was beautiful,”
    No it wasn’t, well I mean it was nice till the moment the anime and manga part, then it was down the hill for the anime all the way till the end.

  5. lol at Death City actually growing legs. And its nice to see Mifune having a happy ending rather than the one with the manga. I liked the manga too, but I’ve always been a sucker for happy endings.

  6. >>Someguy123465435
    >>I just wished this series was fan subbed, looks extremely good. Guess I’ll have to wait for it to be released on DVD.

    facepalm.jpg / 0

    does not compute

  7. @Sadmask: He didn’t die at all in the anime.

    @Zenzen: Believe it or not some people enjoyed the FMA anime all the way through.

    @yourfriend-not: Nothing wrong with buying a series on DVD.

  8. Well that was a complete mind f*ck, but in a good way. I was a little surprised to see a Gurren Lagann reference in this. (the Epic zoom out scene of Death City, for those who didn’t pick up on it.) Anyway i found myself laughing during the robot spider battle. Though i thought that Sikigami guy would of desired to be separated from death city, not to turn it into a giant robot. Then again it still was pretty entertaining.

  9. @Kerero21: The reason they’re making another FMA series is because the first series came out when the manga was still really short. In other words, the second half of it was basically made up. This time around, I think they’re staying true to the manga (which is still going on and is getting increasingly intense). Soul Eater manga still isn’t long enough for me to have an opinion on whether a remake would be a good or bad thing, though.

    And all Negima adaptations (from original anime to live-action show, with Chamo as a stitching in Negi’s jacket) have ranged from not very good to downright shitty in my opinion, so I don’t think that comparison is valid xD.

  10. @Kira-chan: Buying dvds is not the point, it’s the amount of groups that sub Soul Eater each week, all of which he managed to miss. Unless it was good old trolling, which was my first assumption.

  11. gotta say this ep had everything, giant robo castles, kishin being eaten by a giant city, a lightsabre battle between BS and mifune, everyone yelling “what?” at some stage…though i dont think i saw a shinigami -death city style- chop =[

    im interested how they go with this now, having shinigami enter the battle has certainly spiced it up, how all the other characters aim up from now will be interesting, there was no character development with Ox, kilik and co. and i dont think we’ll see kid’s tri-band hairstyle, not sure on BS, proly unlikely we’ll see his new katar-thing, and Maka’s Demon hunter is mooted as too weak…

  12. @Zenzen:
    “No it wasn’t, well I mean it was nice till the moment the anime and manga part, then it was down the hill for the anime all the way till the end.”
    You are a twisted man who doesn’t know a good show when he see’s one. Who cares if the anime and manga are different, the anime story was great, and the manga was just, well, grim and the art was all bent, broken, and it was like watching a rated R movie! Fullmetal Alchemist should be something as famous, intelligent, and mysterious as Final Fantasy, or the DC Universe, it shouldn’t be a blood bath, gothic, freakshow.

  13. @Notoriety:
    So, what your saying is that the first FMA anime was just a preview? I feel kind of let down, I really loved that show. I’m sorry, I just don’t like it when something replaces something else, especially something I grew up with.

  14. @Keroro21
    More like an “alternative retelling”.

    I must say I enjoyed almost entire anime version of FMA… excluding the conclusion.
    Now I can enjoy FMA manga as well, as it’s a slightly different story.

    Yes, the Shibusen Chop or something would be awesome… still we got an eye poker. 😀

  15. I dont know how u could like this episode. The fight with Mifune vs. Black Star sucked. It was mediocore compared to other fights we’ve seen in the show. For them to waste so much time on BS coming back from the dead to finishing Mifune off in one strike is ridiculous.I know it cant be like the manga but this could have been done way better. The shibusen robo fight was garbage. The producers of the show are childish for coming up with this idea. This episode took alot of credibility away from the show, Severely disapponited, but hopefully the last 4 eps will be better

  16. I thought it was ending on ep47 but I guess I was wrong…:s anyways I love the anime n I hope that shinigami sama will kick the kishin’s ass with the SHINIGAMI CHOP!!!


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