Touya and Misaki have managed to complete all the costumes and props, but when Misaki brings them in to school to show the members of the drama club, their leader Tamaru insists on monotone colors. That doesn’t give Misaki much time to change things, and both Touya – who is already so exhausted that he fell asleep while tutoring Mana – and Touya’s father have to help. They manage to get things done on time though, and Misaki delivers the stuff by herself because she wants to let Touya sleep. While he’s out of commission, he misses both Mana and Yuki at the festival. Mana runs into Haruka – who she still thinks is Yuki – and cheers on the real Yuki who makes an appearance on stage. When Touya does finally get to school, he first runs into Akira who’s in costume and asks about Misaki. Touya then finds out that Yuki at the festival, and he remembers how she had asked him what he was doing on Saturday. Given that he’s missed her, he goes to watch the rehearsal of the drama club members instead, and he calls up Misaki afterward to give her an update. What Touya doesn’t realize is that Yuki is trying to reach him from the TV studio via his apartment phone, and he instead goes to her apartment building and yells from the ground floor to no avail.

The following day is the day of the play, but Tamaru refuses to let Misaki have seats. Touya wants to just go buy a ticket, but Misaki doesn’t think that’d be possible for the two of them because of Tamaru. Instead, she leads him around a passage through the auditorium warehouse to a spot where they can watch the play, but it starts before they can get there. Given this, they take a break for some drinks and reminisce about the past, and Touya eventually says that he thought that she’d be with him and Yuki forever. He uses this to start talking about Akira’s feelings for her, but Misaki doesn’t want to hear it and moves further down the dark hall. She accidentally loses her footing though and falls, in the process causing a bunch of metal rods to fall on top of her. Realizing that Misaki hurt herself, Touya wants to go get help, but she stops him and insists on him staying there. Misaki admits all the jealousy she’s gone through over him and nearly confesses her feelings, but he stops her by kissing her. Eventually pushing him away, Misaki reminds him that he has Yuki, and she takes responsibility for everything by claiming that it was all a lie. She calls herself tainted and evil, and when Touya tells her that he loves her, she claims that she doesn’t return those feelings.

Misaki yells for him to leave, so Touya does, but he sends someone back in his place: Akira. Akira chooses this moment to confess to Misaki, and he accompanies her as the paramedics eventually carry her away. With his own emotions still in turmoil, Touya wonders what to do and thinks about Yuki.


So as I watched the end of this episode, particularly towards the end, I could sense that Something Big was happening. However it all transpired without evoking a single emotion from me other than maybe some confusion. I mean, it’s clear that Misaki had some feelings for Touya and perhaps him for her, but I didn’t think it was nearly to this level yet, and even if this was a reflection on Touya’s state of mind with regard to his relationship with Yuki, the entire scene just felt so very forced and artificial. And I’m not even going to go into the inclusion of Akira at the end. My view is basically that they tried too hard for a big climactic scene for a girl who’s not either of the female leads.

Of course, it doesn’t help either that, as I’ve said a couple of times in the past few weeks, I’m not a fan of Misaki’s character. I still think should have just given her screentime to Rina, who along with Mana are probably the only two characters I care about at this point (the Mana scene this week was cute). As that implies, I’m hoping they don’t go for a TouyaXYuki ending, There are still four episodes left though, so it’s probably too early to be talking about that.


  1. Misaki is a total waste of screentime.

    There was something important character development wise with Misaki giving Touya the plot synopsis of her play, but I really didn’t care enough to actually pay attention. The best part of this episode aside from the scene with Mana is that we likely won’t have to see Misaki again.

  2. ……What a mess.

    I don’t put Makoto on the same level as him, though, but Touya definitely has a weak will. I was sympathetic towards his ‘plight’, but this was…I don’t know, the producers shooting themselves in the foot?

    Gotta get some Rina time soon, hopefully.

  3. TouyaXRina ending would be nice, out of all the female characters i find Misaki the most uninteresting one, I would rather the anime focus more on Haruka isntead of Misaki.

  4. Do you guys think that Yuki might actually break up with the guy, just as he dreamt of it in the beginning of the series? She seems to be really showing some signs of getting weary or tired from their relationship, since she kept calling him, but the guy’s always not home. Also last ep. they didnt even talk properly, I’d say that this might lead to her mentally or emotionally breaking down, especially when she finds out what the guy has been doing.

  5. there is no way, that touya will end up with the same girl he started with in the first epsiode, imo !

    acutally, i thought after watching this anime, that there is the possiblity that he will end up alone (which i don’t like but he deserves it, somehow.), because he isn’t able to make a desicion, which girl he prefers and wants to treasure…really lame.

    btw. in the first screencap, misae looks cute in her costume… ^^
    and finally, rina ftw

  6. If this guy keeps on jumping on different girls like that…I really hope he ends up with nothing in the end, but I think Yuki is that “very forgiving” type of girl, no matter how much damage he has done, she will somehow forgive him. Well, can’t wait for next episode!

  7. I’m really disappointed at this series.

    I started it because the drawing style resembles True Tears, which I think has an excellent story that touches my emotions.

    This series however, sucked so bad. Just like the owner said, the whole thing is forced and artificial; it’s so fake that I don’t feel a thing when watching it at all. The twists they are trying to make doesn’t make a single sense to me. Maybe it’s some weird Japanese cultural thing?

    It’s a waste of talents for having so many famous VAs.

  8. i think yuki is to blame for all this clearly it isnt working out.
    u have to pick 1 work or relationship i guess yuki picks work over touya its easy to understand touya.
    he is pist of course

  9. Ugh…so many School Days comparisons.

    She is not going to stab him, people, get over it.

    The worst thing that can happen to him is breaking up with her in the end, which will probably happen and is what he deserves.

    Murder is not an option – it never is!

  10. first I well beat that Akira for doning nothing for the girl he loves. Second I’ll kick that pick Tamaru’s tail for treating her like shit just becuse she turn him down. Last I’ll slip Misaki for cuising so much trouble. god

  11. The show is not that bad imo. Perhaps it’s just the 20-year-ago-Japanese-culture that makes it hard for us to understand.

    Touya was an OK character but now he’s just turning not quite likable since he kissed the manager and Misaki, saying he loves her but has not officially broken up with Yuki.

    I don’t quite understand why ppl don’t like the Misaki character. She’s just quite the typical passive Japanese girl who’s frustrated over being able to hang around her love interest but not as his girl friend.

  12. Bah, I like Misaki but knew it would end this way. These sort of anime always are set up like this, and 13 eps is too short for the amount of girls. He’ll end with Yuki for sure. The only anime to have surprised me with its pairing in the end as of late was True Tears.

  13. i’m rooting for Haruka and Mana. The others have gone past my radar. They’re long gone for me as I have not an ounce of hope nor affection for the others. As I had hoped from the beginning, Haruka still has a chance!

    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. My assumtion is I think it will be either Misaki or Haruka. Distance between Yuki is growing more and more and they don’t really seem to be connecting. Now they are basically in completely different worlds. He seems to connect to Misaki the most and has a soft corner for Haruka.

  15. Just watched the last episode of this series. Seems like there is going to be a Season 2. From how that episode ended it seems like Rumbling Hearts (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) twist. It might knock out Yuki from the picture. My guess is the highest probability will be Misaki and 2nd is probably Haruka.


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