While Jil was gone, Henaro had demanded that Fatina and the others give up on their journey and hand her Kaaya. She revealed that she was a spy all along for Amina whose mission was to protect Gilgamesh and to recover the four Coffin Knights. Henaro controlled only Sword of Blood and Tear of Ice, but that was enough for her to stop Fatina, Utu, and Melt from opposing her. In Melt’s case in particular, Coopa took a hit in the back for him, and he ended up getting knocked out anyway. Henaro took Kaaya and Coopa along as she used a shortcut to Gilgamesh, and by the time Jil returns, they’re long gone. Kaaya heals Coopa when she regains consciousness, and when she’s brought before the other Gilgamesh, she tries to kill him with a knife. She fails, and he ends up breaking her finger. The other Gilgamesh then telepathically tells the real Gilgamesh that he’s gotten Ishara, and in a rage, Gilgamesh kills Amina. Believing now that his country needs a strong king, he then orders his men to violently put down the insurgency that’s being led by Ethana.

Jil and company meanwhile run into Uragon and Might the Fool, and Melt takes his anger over losing Coopa out on the only remaining member of the Golden Knights squad. They are then approached by Gremica who fills them in on how Neeba captured Ki and also has the Succubus with him. Those two will allow Neeba to interfere with the Tower’s system. She also knows about Henaro and the four Coffin Knights, and she wants to use Might the Fool to go after Neeba and Henaro. The goal now is to defeat Gilgamesh’s shadow and take control of the Tower so that they can return to the real world. Before they can act though, the world around them starts fluctuating. This is because the other Gilgamesh has gotten control over the real Gilgamesh, meaning that everything inside the Tower is disappearing because Gilgamesh feels that he doesn’t need those illusions anymore. With no time to waste, Jil’s group has Might the Fool open a door forward.


Well that was a decent episode – nothing too spectacular, but it did move the story forward quite a bit. I thought the fact that Henaro took Coopa instead of leaving her to die indicates that her character will help Jil again at the end of the series. There’s no point in showing signs of redemption (or in this case, signs that she’s not completely evil) unless something like that is going to happen. This episode also reaffirms that Kaaya has feelings for Jil, meaning that the chances of JilXFatina are dwindling unless Kaaya dies, but I felt the real winner of that scene was Coopa for the way she brought Kaaya out of her angst. Speaking of which, it’s good to see Melt serious again now that he’s lost Coopa instead of being an asshole all the time. Uragon’s in a similar boat thanks to his new pseudo-daughter, but I still don’t really care about his character.

I’m thinking now that maybe Kelb and Ethana will reach and kill real Gilgamesh at around the same time that Jil and company reach and kill the shadow Gilgamesh, putting an end to him for good. The parallel action certainly seems to be setting up for something like that, though there’s still the issue of Neeba and what he’s going to do. Along those lines, I wonder if that final showdown is going to be rather crowded with all these characters involved.


  1. It’s interesting how most scenes from the dream in episode one are actually happening, especially now the knights are confirmed to be Red, Blue, Mirror and Hyper. In any case, I love this show.

  2. I really like the king’s shadow the more we learn about him. He seems to be in top physical condition, so if the final showdown will be between regular people (no monsters), that would be awesome.

  3. I think Gil will be back to Kaaya doubtlessly. I don’t think Fatina is that into Gil anyway, just that she is constantly getting protection from him (both physically and mentally). Traditional adventure animes usually have happy ending for all, and this anime does have a traditional plot feel, with occassion randomness/fun moments. So.. Gil x Kaaya, Fatina x Neeba ftw in third season, if they have enough money for one.

    I wonder how many times have they counted the betrayal Gil will get. We all know the first, but… does this one from Henaro counts? If it does then maybe the chance for third season is slim (maybe someone knows more than I do and know how many seasons they will have, lol). Or maybe it doesn’t count, and there is a bigger betrayal to come like in the first episode. Can’t wait till ep 12.


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