Preparations are underway for the Christmas party, but Minori still isn’t planning on attending and is avoiding Ryuuji. Despite this, his spirits remain high, and the preparations bring him to the gym storeroom where Ami and the others are working on ornaments. Ryuuji ends up alone with Ami after Noto pairs off Yuusaku and Taiga to do other work, and when he starts talking about how Taiga and Yuusaku are being brought together by everyone, Ami wonders if he’s jealous. He denies it, but that leads Ami to suggest that he’s like a father who is giving his daughter away as a bride. She knows that he’s not Taiga’s father, but she thinks that he treasures the woman he decided not to lay a hand on. Ami goes as far as to suggest that he’s playing house with the wife set in his heart and with Taiga as the child, but she also notes how unnatural that relationship is. She thinks that he should stop, start over, and include her this time, but he doesn’t hear that last part and she doesn’t repeat it. She ultimately decides to tell him to forget everything she just said, and before walking off, she notes how everyone understands themselves the least.

On the last day of final exams, Taiga tries to invite Minori out to lunch so that she can help bring her and Ryuuji together again, but Minori claims to have softball practice to go to. Taiga actually has something she needs to do as well at the post office – something that she doesn’t want Ryuuji tagging along on – but he goes with her anyway in order to avoid having to have lunch with Maya who wants to talk with him. It turns out that Taiga needs to go to the post office because she has a huge pile of presents to send out, including ones addressed to her father and step-mother. She’s not sending them presents though because she wants to start over with them – she’s doing it because it’s Christmas and they’re her parents. As for the rest of the presents, they all have Santa Claus written as the sender, and the reason behind those goes back to Taiga’s days in Catholic school.

That school required volunteer work, and Taiga is now sending presents to the less fortunate children she used to work with. More specifically, she wants to let them know that, even if they don’t have parents or don’t believe in God, someone is watching over them and cares about them. Taiga wants to believe this herself, and for her, that someone is Santa Claus. She explains to Ryuuji that she really loves Christmas and all the happiness everywhere, and she wants to be part of that. Taiga also claims to have actually met Santa Claus once when she was young and had slept under the Christmas tree. Back then, Santa Claus had given her a present and had promised to come again if she was a good girl. Taiga knows that it might have been just a dream, but it was a really happy dream, and that’s why she wants to be a good girl now. She’s okay with it because she feels that this is a dream that isn’t real, and she’s not relying on someone real.

All this remains on Ryuuji’s mind later as he and the rest of the class are assembling their giant Christmas tree. Watching Taiga in the middle of everything, he thinks to himself that, unlike her life up until now, she now has friends plus himself and his mother. Taiga meanwhile gives Yuusaku a crystal star she brought from home to put on the top of the tree, and when they finally light the tree up, it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, a ball comes crashing through the window moments later and knocks over the tree. Taiga can only watch in shock as her crystal star falls onto the gym floor and shatters. It turns out that the ball was hit by Minori during her practice, and although Taiga doesn’t blame her, Minori shoulders all the responsibility of breaking something important to her best friend. Thus, while everyone else works on putting the tree back up, Minori gathers the shattered pieces and desperately tries to put them back together again.

Minori doesn’t want Ryuuji’s help in doing this, however he insists on it – he claims that he’s not helping her but is rather doing this for his own sake. This leaves Minori in tears, and Ryuuji answers her each time she calls out his name while crying. He is eventually able to put back together most of the shattered star, and he uses it as proof to Minori that broken things can be fixed. When she points out that it won’t be the same as it was originally, he counters by noting how it’s still shining. In the end, the reassembled star goes back on top of the tree, and Minori and her teammates apologize to the class before leaving. Ryuuji runs after her to tell her to come to the party and to say that he wants to spend his time there with her, but Minori still feels that she can’t. Despite this, Ryuuji vows to wait for her.


There was a surprisingly even amount of coverage this week for each of the main girls. If nothing else, that suggests that all three of them will have equally big roles to play in the finale of this arc (which I assume will be next week). For Ami, I found her suggestion that Ryuuji is acting as the role of father to Taiga really interesting. Despite initially sounding odd, the way she framed it makes a lot of sense in that it explains why Ryuuji would care about Taiga so much yet not be romantically interested in her, thereby answering the questions of if there could be a RyuujiXTaiga ending. It’s a shame though that Ami herself isn’t more forward with her feelings towards him. She can’t stay this way forever however, and something’s eventually going to have to give.

Taiga’s belief in Santa meanwhile wasn’t exactly due to her misplaced hope in her parents like I suspected but rather it turned out to be more centered around a complex belief about the importance of knowing that someone is watching you. Even though she still claims to have met Santa once, the explanation made her seem relatable and kind, which was a contrast to how weird and awkward it was to see her just smiling all the time. Minori, on the other hand, is becoming kind of a depressing character to watch, especially when considering how she used to be such a fun character. I liked though how the whole shattered star thing was like a metaphor for what Minori is afraid of if she hooks up with Ryuuji (i.e. breaking something that Taiga treasures) and how Ryuuji approached the issue by showing that it can be repaired. Too bad Minori didn’t get the message (or refuses to accept it) and still won’t go to the party.

Finally, on a somewhat different note, after criticizing Clannad for its choice of ED last week, it’s only fair that I comment on how the lead-in to the new ending song here is also a bit too upbeat for the serious episode finishes that this series tends to have. It starts appropriately low-key, but it was jarring to hear the song reach its first high point right as Ryuuji says that he’ll wait for Minori. I think the reason they did it this way was because the actual episode went a little long and thus cut into the ED’s time, so they had to start the main part of the song while the episode was still going (yes, I realize I think about this stuff way too much).


  1. I liked how in the pass episode where everyone was commenting on Ami being mature but Ryuji at the end says that she’s a like a child instead. It plays well with her character and what she wants the say but is not good at showing them straight out.

  2. in the preview (far right frame) ryuji looks neat with the neck tie and glossy hair LoL….well in my opinion this show is the best school’s drama comedy anime, no more harem shit…there’s platonic relationship beetwen a loli and her ‘dog’ (no love interest between ’em so far), a ‘genki’ chick with mixed feeling,a drama queen in love and a stupid ‘seto kaicoo’…yupp more unpredictable plot is gonna coming…..

  3. who is doing what in the preview middle pic?..

    anyway.. i even wonder if ami will one day say out loud suddenly and say she got a crush on ryuuji herself lol… cos she might be happy on one thing… both she and ryuuji a dog…
    baka chi(huahua) and baka dog…

    thought i was laughing out loud on the point that she was lick by a dog somewhere in the series XS


    SHOW ME MY RYUJI X TAIGA NOW NOW NOW! Come on people this is getting ridiculous!
    If anyone knows something about who Ryuji will end up with please send me a message or something! Post it here in a spoiler thingy!

    PLEASE PLEASE! I just cant take it anymore! If Ryuji does not end up with Taiga i am gonna get so pissed that i will fly to Japan and kick some ass and take some names just like Reggie Fils Aim!

  5. I’ve got it!! this is just a set up :3… Ami will prevail by taking the Final Arc :D… aye…

    and the whole thing about Ryuuji being Taiga’s dad… o_o didn’t you notice that way earlier lol… also you could even say Minorin is like the first Mom who got a divorce with Ryuuji who then married Ami, thus making her like the step Mom who Taiga doesn’t get a long with as much… all perfect… everyone wins… RyuujiXMinorin supporters get their little time to shine, while us AmixRyuuji get the end


    Ryuuji x Minorin = good end

    Ryuuji x Ami = alternate good end

    Ryuuji x Ami x Minorin = BEST END

    Ryuuji and Taiga should stay friends. It’s way cooler that they care for each other so much without having romantic feelings.

  7. I felt the previous ED could fall both ways, but the out sequence didn’t flow into this one very well. Vanilla Salt was mild, where Orange adds complexity and seems more uppity, but something about it rings sentimental memories, just not from the start with those peaking synths or w/e.

    Also, I liked Ami’s view of it, because I just don’t see Taiga and Ryuuji in that romantic type of relationship, but it’s not really a simple matter because they have a great friendship atm (possibly better than either would have with their wishful partners).

    Ryan A
  8. Good episode is good.
    I really liked this episode! But I was going crazy here screaming “Say to her, Ryuuji motha fucka, say that you love her, scream so the hole school can hear it” and this gay ass only said “wait”. FFFFFFFFFFF I raged.

  9. Oh good shit, the amount of Ami that they’re cutting out of this is retarded. They’re almost trying to make her into a background character. Why do they have to cut so much of Ami’s bitchiness out of this. Vol 7 would be much better with it than w/o.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I must say that mixed up Minori is extremely moe & her emotions destorying the tree was just too epic…but this GD Taiga X Yuu needs to end. Not only is it completely forced but its forced by a bunch of idiots. Its kinda sad that another Maya plot was foiled again. Its about time that we get a male lead who isn’t so damn slow about girls’ feelings but that also makes him susceptible to everyone that is around him, whether the feelings be romantic or not…that includes Ami, Taiga, Minori, Yuu, Maya, Ya-chan, & another mother that will show up in the coming episodes. GD Ryuuji has his hands full doesn’t he 😛

  10. The whole thing with Taiga X Kitamura is being way forced. Show Spoiler ▼

    And regarding Ami’s comment on Ryuuji feeling like a “Father” to Taiga, I think this is more how she views a relationship based more strongly on bonds, rather than attraction, and how something like that cannot be the building blocks of a romantic connection. At the same time she wonders if having an emotional bond with someone could happen for her. When so much of her interactions with others are based on physicality. Just look at how she would tease Ryuuji, because she knew she could. When he doesn’t react the way she expects, she’s intrigued more than anything.

  11. OH JAM!! Minori hacks, just look at the combat log on that one!!

    Minori Casts Aimed shot.
    Minori’s aimed shot crits christmas for 6100 damage.
    Christmas Dies.
    Ryuji begins casting redemtion on christmas.
    Christmas is revived.
    Ryuji begins casting heal on Minori
    Ryuji heals minori for 300
    Ryuji begins catsing soul link on Minori
    Ryuji’s Soul link is resisted by Minori!

    WTF PWNED AIM SHOT CRIT FROM ACROSS THE ZONE!! now if only ryuji can get past minori’s high evasion huh

  12. @ LinkSoul

    if you want to know more, then go browse the animesuki forums for volume 9 spoilers. the novels aren’t over yet for sure, there’s going to be a vol 10, and some hopeful folk are wishing for a vol 11. however, it almost looks like a done deal =/

    i personally am hoping for a non RyuujixTaiga ending as well, as frankly i was finding their platonic relationship to be rather poignant in the face of conventional harem stories where the main character is pre-determined to get with the first girl he meets. while a similar non conventional ending occurred with ichigo 100%, i felt the final pairing was kinda boring.

    while angst ridden Minorin isn’t fun, i think it is an interesting development and highly similar to Orihime from Bleach.

  13. “MY GOD would you GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!

    SHOW ME MY RYUJI X TAIGA NOW NOW NOW! Come on people this is getting ridiculous!
    If anyone knows something about who Ryuji will end up with please send me a message or something! Post it here in a spoiler thingy!”
    Though I really like thi show I have to agree – we need some quicker development or it’ll either come too rushed in the end (not good) or we’ll get an open end (would suck)~

  14. Yah, this was a very enjoyable episode .
    Taiga’s explanation was very interesting, kinda reminds me what they said at the beginning of the first episode about finding the kind and sweet thing the world hid. haha

    You think there is only going to be only 10? I don’t know i just started reading the first volume, since I was told it was told it was better than the anime.

    Shin Zero
  15. @ Shin Zero

    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Sankaku complex confirmed today that the 10th novel would be the final one (except for spinoffs of course) and would coincide with the end of the anime. I don’t have the link but just check animenano.

  17. RickyMack, that spoiler was too ambiguous – like ending a relationship with a handshake 😛

    Read only if you don’t care about knowing what will happen in the next episodes:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Actually there might be a real Santa in the series. In the original story on the novel, there was magic involved at the beginning where Ryuji actually could teleport but only once in the life time; which he used saving Taiga falling on the stairs when delivering the baked cookies to Kitamura.

  19. I also have a feeling that Ami held back on her feelings due to the picture she saw of Taiga’s, that no one else got to see. I think it was probably of her and Ryuuji, but who knows.

  20. i cant watch this show no more, i find myself stockpiling the eps with no interest to watch…must be my gut feeling telling me “whats the point? probably gonna be dissatisfied with the ending” oh well

    BROOKLYN otaku
  21. If you read the novels, even just the early ones without spoiling yourself up to vol 9, there is only one pairing that really makes sense. I think they’ve been dropping hints in the anime too but I guess without Ryuuji’s inner monologues – like when he feels truly happy when Taiga screams “Ryuuji is mine!” in the swimming episode and gets his hopes up when he thinks she’s going to say she likes him at the restaurant etc – it isn’t as obvious? I don’t think it’s cliche either, because the characters are all so unique.

    I’m frankly surprised so many people think Ami is a viable love interest. There might be some wistful feelings on her side that they didn’t meet earlier, but I think the relationship btw Ryuuji and Ami is the most interesting purely platonic relationship in the show.

  22. >> Despite initially sounding odd, the way she framed it makes a lot of sense in that explains why Ryuuji would care about Taiga so much yet not be romantically interested in her.

    This can be interpreted in a lot of different ways but I think what Ami was really trying to get at was that there’s something wrong with a relationship where you’re expecting not to get anything in return.

  23. Finally watched the subbed version. Minori is trying too hard to stay away from Ryuuji, too bad she doesn’t understand how much she is also hurting him. I still don’t understand why she is staying away from Ryuuji Show Spoiler ▼

    when everyone is aware that Taiga like Yuu. Show Spoiler ▼

  24. Bah, Minori is one of the dumber characters out of the group. She’s easily influenced by the ppl around her while Ami & Ryuuji are stones in that department. Taiga is somewhere in the middle. Minori not only tries to cover up her emotions with a superlative personality but when she finally breaks down, she goes emo as hell…& makes everyone miserable around her in the process.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Minori’s fake persona got on my nerves, but her emo-mode desperately needs a restart. She’s so pitiful that she doesn’t even deserve such good friends.

  25. If Ryuuji ends up with Taiga I’m never watching anime ever again. Talk about awful…

    He has the choice of an athletic cutie that shares his love for the culinary arts vs a seductive teen model. That’s the real challenge. NAHHHH lets defy all logic and choose an undersized, poor mannered rat: sounds like the best move.

  26. Despite what people are saying about vol.9, I still believe that Taiga and Ryuuji should just stay with that “family love”, not fall into that “romantic love”. I think it’s a mistaken love if taiga feel she is in love with ryuuji. For the reason of just because somebody cares about you deeply doesn’t always mean they’re in love with you, they just love you. And if Taiga and Ryuuji do end up together then that would just kill the story in the sense of what was the point of building up minori and saying that she is like the sun and he is like the moon(I know they meant that they are opposites, but don’t opposites attract?), does that mean that he forever to roam in darkness or will minori be his light, his sun. Ami also mentions that if taiga is like a daughter to ryuuji, doesn’t that mean that minoiri is like her mother? They both deeply care for taiga… As for Ami, she is the wild card of the group. I don’t know if they have her there to just be the voice of reasoning or have her there to be a real potential candidate for ryuuji. They say that admiration is the first step to love, but then again she is always getting toss into the backburner. It looks like every character just needs to be honest with themselves. Personally I feel he should end up with Ami, since I like Ami character. Then again the story would feel more complete with minori, which I have no problem with that. Well… We’ll see soon enough, how it’s all going to end.

  27. Whats going on with this series? It used to be upbeat and funny, now its become kinda sad.
    The whole happy non violent Taiga and the depressed Minori is kinda killing the show. Also it seems that Ami is trying to get Ryuuji again. (It could be that she hasn’t stopped, but since she’s unable to express her feelings. *except at certain moments*) Shows that something big is gonna happen.

    I just hope this series doesn’t turn into so many other School animes before it.

  28. its obvious ryuuji likes taiga, and its obvious she likes him back ( as seen when ryuji tried to help her swim and her breast cups fell out in the pool), also we know minorin likes ryuuji but doesnt want to get in the way of taigaxryuuji, also ami likes ryuuji as well but rather than the dumbass ryuuji seeing that she is forced to conceal her feelings and talk to ryuuji through metaphors.

  29. This episode moved REALLY slow. I was kind of disappointed throughout. And is it me or has the characters really changed? I know Aisaika loves Xmas, but her anger has really toned down, Ami has gotten really nice and less confrontational, and Minorin has gotten mad serious. I dunno, things just feel off.

  30. >> And if Taiga and Ryuuji do end up together then that would just kill the story in the sense of what was the point of building up minori and saying that she is like the sun and he is like the moon(I know they meant that they are opposites, but don’t opposites attract?), does that mean that he forever to roam in darkness or will minori be his light, his sun.

    You’re adding too much of a romantic spin to this, because there hasn’t been that much development with Minori to begin with in perspective of the whole show.

    The real point in the novels was to show that Ryuuji and Taiga were walking in different directions.

  31. I’m getting tired of this. You ppl keep on saying that Taiga & Ryuuji doesn’t seem right for each other although they were pretty much hitched for most of the series (& they still are now). Some of yall really need tio get married to see what I mean. Ah, this is really a useless statement isn’t it.

    Minori is just too messed up to end up with anyone & its the same with Yuu. Ppl that hide their emotions too long in an anime just blow up & those two are already gone. But Minori has much more explosive power so she just keeps on going off over & over again. A mindcase like that is no love interest. Sure she likes Ryuuji but her inner battle is already lost since she decided not to fight.

    Ami, Ami, Ami. Show Spoiler ▼

    Not to drive the bolt home or anything, but do yall really friggin think that couples (girl-boy, husband-wife) are alway lovey-dovey. Geez, married life isn’t all hugging, kissing, & sex. But really, Taiga & Ryuuji seem like a couple that would stand off on each other for a week then go at it like wildcats. That sort of feeling never gets boring. This anime is already different than most by the way they’re setting up the characters. Sure, Minori going emo & Taiga losing her tsuntsun are bashing the show to death, but that’s the course of the show. That’s why its interesting.

  32. One of the things that can make all anime boring is how predictable it is. Personally, I don’t want Ryuuji and Taiga to end up together, despite how several people are saying what a great couple they make, etc. When I first watched ToraDora! I figured Taiga and Ryuuji were bound to end up together simply because in nearly EVERY anime that’s exactly how it turns out, but if ToraDora! surprises us and takes a different route, then I would consider it one of the best series ever.

    Ryuuji and Taiga are better off being close friends because it’s so much more fun watching a boy and girl, who are so close, become like a family rather than a romantic couple. Isn’t that … erm, you know, somewhat ORIGINAL?

    It’s painful watching how Taiga is so sweet now and Minori is depressed, but people go through phases their entire life and deal with certain situations differently. If Minori was the happy airhead and Taiga was the angry chick all throughout the series, that would be absolutely BORING. Of course, I hope they return to their normal selves again, but change is essential.

  33. You have to remember Kaisos that otaku are obsessed with tsundere – especially the tsuntsun side. I can’t figure that out for the life of me. Why would anyone want a girlfriend that beats them & WHY would you even take the beating. I just wanted to pummel her every time she went tsuntsun on Ryuuji. IMO, Taiga’s tsuntsun side going bye-bye was the best thing that happened to this show. I guess we’re in the minority when it comes to that.

  34. Dang nabbit. Zoinks. Gee wizz. Darn it. When he was yelling to her i almost said something aloud like “SAY YOU LOVE HER DAMNIT!!!!!”
    My expectations were shattered, however great episode nonetheless.

  35. I’m so tempted to click the novel spoilers but I won’t this time. :p My only paranoia about TaigaxRyuuji is that the ‘intangible’ thing other people don’t have(something like that) that Ryuuji was talking about in the very beginning might not really equate to romantic love between him and Taiga, but more like something that surpasses that. The two might end up favoring their bond with each other over their actual loves. Well, I guess if it comes to that then it’s really no different from them falling for each other lol

    I also don’t get why lots of people are saying Taiga and Ryuuji doesn’t seem right for each other. The show is named after them. Plus, I think anyone who shows affection to a non-relative of the same age be it brotherly, fatherly, or whatever is always prone to the love bug. =/ Anyway, I’m a fan of TaigaxRyuuji ever since ep. 3 so I expect a good ending for them.:p And really sorry Minori fans, but I find her very annoying. She’s more annoying than Ami. I think she’s beating herself up for nothing. Taiga’s practically pushing Ryuuji to her as planned. She should just go for Ryuuji already.

  36. really good episode, really good series, i think we all know how the series is going to end to a certain point, but hey, it is just as much, if not more so, about the journey as it is the destination.

    @Megas, i dont think people actually mean it when they say that TaigaxRyuuji are not right for each other in a romantic sense, they obviously are, i just think that the majority of people just absolutely love the kind of relationship they have had up until now, so much so that they would kind of like it to continue like it has been up until now.

    and as for the AmixRyuuji pairing, you also have to understand that while this show has its fair share of anime comedic moments and such, the characterization and relationships between the characters has seemed more down to earth and ‘realistic’ than most of the anime of this genre. taking this into account, people would like to think about Ami in terms of a more realistic POV in that for the most part, people usually dont fall in love with someone before they actually go out with them and start a relationship (as is the case with almost every anime relationships i usually see). it usually starts out as a sense of interest, wonder, curiosity, concern, physical attraction, etc….. so in a sense, it is not hard at all to imagine that she likes him to a degree. i mean, i know i could go out right now and show this anime to large amount of people who have never seen an anime before and i would say 99% would be positive that she does like Ryuuji. now i dont know if that is because she comes off differently in the anime as opposed to the novel, but in any case, regardless of how she turns out in the novel, even you have to admit that her ‘concern’, sprinkled with her one-liners about AmixRyuuji that are shown throughout the anime to this point make it hard for people to say that this relationship isnt possible.

  37. That’s a nv way of putting it GGear0323, but ppl don’t seem to know what’s the definition of a relationship in this anime. Romance in this anime IS non-existent, it just won’t happen. However, Ryuuji’s & Taiga’s relationship up until now has been the perfect definition of what you would call ‘kids going out’ in the real world, minus all the beatings & dependability issues. Its that simple. The realism in their relationship is what most enjoyed, but they don’t equate that to typical romance…but this series is anything but typical. Don’t get me wrong, I even said Ami liked him at one point & she probably does, but that route closes pretty darn fast when things start to hit the fan. The possibility was there but that’s all it ever was.

  38. now i love too see people using their logical minds to see the relationship between the characters. i just don’t get why people complain when it they see a change in a person. why don’t you appreciate taiga’s change in character. she’s trying her best to be a good/acceptable person yet some of you want her to go back to her tsun- side.

  39. @Megas, i agree with you pretty much, i didnt really think AmixRyuuji was a tangible possibility, i mean we have to look at this in the scope of this anime, in the real world, anything is a possibility, but in this anime, even if we are right and she does like him even in the slightest, it never really was a possibility, seeing as how she was never going to be above Taiga and Minorin on the list for Ryuuji. anyway, you are also right when you say RyuujixTaiga is the perfect definition of ‘kids going out’, but they dont ever think about it like that. thing is, we all know that if they did want to think about it like that, then the shit HAS to hit the fan in order for those prophetic words from Ami in this episode to come true. in other words, if RyuujixTaiga is going to happen, and most sensible people know it will, then, like Ami said about starting over from scratch and etc…, they are going to have to reevaluate how they have been acting towards each other up until now and how it would affect their relationship and those of the people around them (aka, shit hitting the fan).

  40. Well… this series has been so pleasantly refreshing for me, after the shit end of School Rumble i thought i could never follow another romantic comedy/slice of life work
    I’m glad to know i was wrong. In another topic Show Spoiler ▼

  41. Woooottt Ryuji x Minorin all the way!! the “i’ll wait for you” scene was sooo cute! Ryuji and Taiga don’t seem like father x daughter to me, more like bro and sis. i think the anime avoids a stereotype if the anime doesn’t end up ryuji and taiga. does every anime have to end up with the “main chars” hooking up? blah, i’m a ryuji x minorin fanboy

  42. The novel will come to an end on March 10th 2009, with the release of its 10th volume. It’s confirmed:

    The anime will end about 2 weeks later, on March 26th 2009.

    Oh boy, I do hope they won’t screw it up! (speaking of the notorious “manga/novel anime-diversion”).


    Episode 18 was such a great one! I want more of those “shattered star” scenes. It felt similiar to the scene, when Ryuuji was pressing Taiga against the door, scolding her about her father, only to realize, that he was projecting his feelings on her. Strong scenes. Best moments in Toradora!

  43. well, i smell a second season to this drama/comedy anime. It seems Minorin will definetely confess her feelings to Ryuji. Taiga, on the other hand, will fear to loose Ryuji and realize she also has feelings for him. This definetely won´t finish with a pretty ending for the TaigaxRyuji fans althought it might be a little too soon to predict since it’s the 18th episode. BTW, i’m really starting to hate minorin.

  44. Ryuji MUST be with ami. She’s way better than the other two. But my bet is that he’ll probably end with Taiga. Anyways, the anime producers could make some ova, just like in Clannad.

  45. This episode made me doubt a Taiga X Ryuji ending for the first time. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It feels kind of like the show is pushing Taiga away from Ryuji intentionally, like it isn’t happening quite as naturally as it could, but this was still a very nice episode. Toradora seems to have a way of resolving things to my satisfaction, so I’ll just wait for more episodes and see how it plays out.


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